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"FORMAN'S GUIDE TO THIRD REICH GERMAN AWARDS..AND THEIR VALUES", 2nd. Edition. Published by Bender in 1993. 288 pages. Mint like new.
BEVO 'LANDSTORM NEDERLAND' CUFF TITLE. 17 1/4" long with unfolded ends. Typical salt & pepper construction. Excellent condition.
"Arbeits=manner des Fuhrers". Hard cover book with cloth covers & title in red.Published in 1939. 94 un-numbered pages with approx. 93 great photos. Fore-word by RAD Leader Hierl. Shows parades, boxing, work, exercising, camps, washing up, eating, menu, bee keeping, farming, with model gliders, dancing & much more. Small ding at bottom of spine.
"Das Finnische Freiwilligen-Bataillon der Waffen-SS", by Wilhelm Tieke. The official German language history of the Finnish III "Nordland". A first edition of 1979 with 290 pages & approx. 44 nice photos, including a color plate of the units colors. This book was published by Munin-Verlag-the official publisher of the the SS unit histories. It was written by a vet. In like new condition including the dust cover.
"DAS GESICHT DES DEUTSCHEN SOLDATEN" (The Face of the German Soldier) This Hoffmann style picture book was published by the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht in July 1943. Pages un-numbered but there are approx. 94 pages of which 86 are full page single plate photos of the highest quality. The navy, army, SS & Luftwaffe are all covered. U. Boat men are shown wearing the special unit insignias on their side caps. Knight's Cross holders are shown. Grossdeutschland personnel are shown with great detail to their shoulder boards & cuff titles, Afrika Korps & paratroops are shown. A great book. Size 10 1/2" X 7 1/2". Complete with dust cover. Excellent.
"DAS REICH ADOLF HITLER, Ein Bildbuch vom Werden Grossdeutschland". A great picture book with 126 pages with nearly full page photos on every page. Covers everything happening in the Third Reich. Hitler on board the "Deutschland", army recruits taking the oath to Hitler, the Olympics flag being flown, sculptures by Thorak, Koelbe, Klimsch, Breker, Wehrmacht parades, U boat crews, Hitler with Mussolini, tanks, aircraft, RAD women saluting the flag, views of the Reichskanzlei, Koniglicher Platz, Zeppelinfeld, etc. close-ups of Mothers Crosses being put into evelopes at the factory,
"Der Arbeitsdienst, Ein Bildberichtbuch" A great picture book on the RAD. Published in 1935. 120 pages with a photo section of 70 mostly full page photos. Shows parades, work, making toys for kids, nice portrait of Konstantin Hierl, huge RAD emblem at Nurnberg, RAD trompet banners, Hierl with his RAD Leaders Command flag & much more.
"Der SS-Totenkopfring, Seine illustrierte Geschichte 1933-1945" by Patzwall German language reference on the SS Totenkopf ring. 36 pages with 19 excellent photos. Shows close up of the rings, both original & reproduction, examples of the Totenkopf Award Document, and an example of the rare box. Published 1988
"DIE 1.SS-PANZERDIVISION LEIBSTANDARTE" This is the German language history of the LSSAH in words & pictures.Published in 1987, it has 120 pages of great photos. First edition in like new condition, complete with perfect dust cover.
"Die Hitlerjugend im Spiegel ihrer Dokuments 1932-1945" German language reference book on the documents of the HJ. 97 pages with 83 full page photos of various HJ documents, including Lebenslauf, Dienstkarte, Gefundheitspass, Feldscher-Ausweis, Landjahr, Sparmartenheft fur die HJ, Lagerausweis, Ehrenblatt, Lehrschein, K-Schein der HJ, Seeport-Ausweis, Schiessbuch, Besitzzeugnis, HJ Fuhrerausweis, Sportbuch des HJ-Fuhrers etc.
"Die SS-Panzer-Division "Wiking" by Jean Mabire. Excellent German language history of the "Wiking" Division. A first edition published in 1983. 432 pages with approx. 109 photos, including cuff titles & recruitment posters.
"Die Uniformen der HJ" This is an extremly rare publication published in 1933. Fore-word by Balder von Shirach with a facsimile of his signature. All color illustrations are by the famous artists Herbert Knotel, von Paul Pietsch & Claus Becker. 16 beautiful color plates illustrating uniforms & insignia of the Hitler Youth & BDM. Shows uniforms, shoulder boards, cloth insignia, belt buckles, badges, the Hitler Youth knife, band instruments, caps, flags & pennants all in color. I only know of a few of these booklets. 2 in England, (I think the Imperial War Museum has one too) 1 in Australia, and a couple in the US. The cover shows age and the spine is missing, however the contents are excellent.
"Die Waffen-SS, eine Dokumentation" by Dr. Klietmann. Another first edition German language history of the Waffen-SS. Published in 1965. 519 pages with approx 47 nice photos.Covers every division of the Waffen-SS, and sub units. Gives the date they were formed, a brief history and in many cases their Field Post number. It also includes the famous SS photo showing all the different volunteer shields & the map of Europe showing the countries the shields were worn in. Book is in like new condition including dust cover.
"EIN VOLK EHRT SEINEN FUHRER" HEINRICH HOFFMAN PICTURE BOOK. "A People Honor their Leader". Another great Hoffmann picture book with 62 pages of great photos. Good condition.
"EUROPAISCHE FREIWILLIGE, DIE 5.SS PANZERDIVISION WIKING", by Peter Strasser. Hard cover German language history of the 5th. SS Panzer Division "Wiking". Published in 1968. 448 pages with 110 great photos. A first edition like new with dust cover.
"GEBIRGSJAEGER IM BILD, 6. SS Gebirgsdivision Nord, 1940-1945" German language history of the 6th. SS Gebirgsjaeger Division "Nord". 1st. printing of 1976., and long out of print. 198 pages with hundreds of photos. Book & dust cover like new.
"HITLER BAUT GROSSDEUTSCHLAND" BY HOFFMANN "Hitler Builds a Greater Germany". Another great Hoffmann picture book with 62 pages of great photos. Dust cover has a small piece missing at bottom left & some monor scuffing. Contents excellent.
"HITLER HOLT DIE SAAR HEIM". "Hitler brings the Saar Home". Another great Hoffmann picture book with 62 pages of great photos. Repaired tear in dust cover.
"HITLER IN SEINER HEIMAT". "Hitler in his Homeland", Another great photo book by Hoffmann with 62 pages of great photos. Great shots of Hitler visiting his parent's grave, the entry in Austria & much more. Cover a little scuffed.
"HITLER'S BENEFICIARIES, Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State". Very interesting book by Gotz Aly. Published in 2005 with 431 pages.A great read. Complete with dust cover in like new condition.
"Hitler's Girls, Guns & Gangsters" by Felix Gross. This book was published in England by Hurst & Blackett. There is no publication date however I believe it to be war-time. The author is named as Felix Gross, however I believe this to be a nom de plume and the real author to be Ernst Hanfstaengel. 320 pages with 17 quality photos. Gives a lot of information about Hitler & his inner circle, long before anybody knew much about him. Hard covers. Excellent condition.
"KAMPF UNTER DEM NORDLICHT, DEUTSCH-FINNOSCHE WAFFENBRUDERSCHAFT AM POLARKREIS", BY FRANZ SCHREIBER. The official German language history of the 6. SS=Gebirgs=Division Nord. Published in 1969 this is a first edition of 448 pages, approx. 126 nice photos & 5 fold out maps of various campains the Division was involved in. The last page includes an illustration of the Lapplandschild which most members of the division received. This book was published by Munin-Verlag. This was the official publisher of the SS vets.
"Kriegsgeschichte der 12. SS-Panzerdivision "Hitlerjugend". Superb German language 2 volume history of the "Hitlerjugend" Division by Hubert Meyer. Published in 1982 & long out of print. Book one has 388 pages. All text with some maps. Book 2 has 345 pages plus a large supplement. Also 255 large quality photos. Condition: used like new except for a ding on bottom right corner. Both complete with dust covers.
"LAH Gefahrten unsrer Jugend, Die Flak-Abteilung der Leibstandarte Geschichte und Geschichten". The German language history of the Leibstandarte's flak battalion. 1st. printing in 1984 and long out of print. 272 pages with hundreds of great photos. Both book & dust cover like new.
"Landdienst der HJ" cuff title Full length with silver grey cotton woven Gothic lettering embroidered on a black band. Full length but unsewn ends. The back of the cuff title has a full length strip of black gauze material re-enforcing the band & protecting the lettering. Excellent.
"MIT HITLER IM WESTERN" BY HOFFMANN One of the thickest of the famous Hoffmann books at 130 pages of nothing but great photos.A great book. Excellent condition
"PANZER KAMPF im BILD, Panzerkommandanten berichten". German language history of tank combat as reported by the commanders. 1st. printing in 1987 & long out of print. 415 pages with hundreds of photos. Book & dust cover like new.
"POSTCARDS OF HITLER'S GERMANY", vol. 1 BY ROGER BENDER. First edition of 1995 in used like new condition. 368 pages showing hundreds of cards in black & white & color.
"POSTCARDS OF HITLER'S GERMANY", vol. 3 BY ROGER BENDER. First edition in used like new condition. Published in 2003 with 300 pages showing hundreds of cards in black & white & full color.
"POSTCARDS OF HITLER'S GERMANY". Vol. 2 BY ROGER BENDER First edition of 1998 in used like new condition. 360 pages showing hundreds of cards in black & white & full color.
"Reichsarbeitsdienst im Ordensland". Another great pictorial book on the RAD. 64 pages of great photos.Published in 1939 & covers the work of the RAD in East Prussia.Covers the life of the RAD in this region. Shows parades, building small guage railway, work, excercise, building models, inspections, marching, farming, bringing in crops, boat trips, dancing, etc.
"So wurde Grossdeutschland", Ein Bildbericht aus den entscheidungsvollen Tagen der Jahre 1938-1939". Published by Martin Bochow in 1939. This is another great photo book with 32 pages of text & then 117 pages of great photos. Covers the occupation of Austria. There is a beautiful photo of the Totenkopf Standarte grreting Hitler at the airport in Vienna. Another great shot of a Totenkopf staff car entering Salzburg, another great shot of the NSKK unit "hilfszug Bayern" with man wearing the rare cuff title, Hard covers. Excellent
"Tragodie um die Treue, Kampf und Untergang des III. (Germ) SS-Panzer-Korps." by Wilhelm Tieke. Hard cover German language history of the Third SS Panzer-Korps. 244 pages with 68 great photos. Like new with dust cover. Published by Munin-Verlag which was the official publisher for the SS vets. Written by the men who were in combat. This is a first edition of 1968.
"Verordnungsblatt der Waffen-SS" announces the institution of the Bandenkampf-Abzeichen. Rare Waffen-SS publication of all orders, and regulations pertaining to the Waffen-SS. This issue announces the institution of the Bandenkampf-Abzeichen. Details the criteria for award & how it was to be worn as well as also illustrating an award document/Urkunde.Issue number 7 of 1944. Has been professionally preserved. Exc.
"Von der SdP zur NSDAP, eine dokumentarischer Bildbericht" by Franz Holler. Published in 1939 & covers the occupation of the Sudatenland. 12 pages of text and then 109 pages of photos. Approx. 188 photos. Includes a great shot of a Hitler funeral sash, and a super shot of Totenkopf Hundred schaft 1 manning a WW1 machine gun. uch more. Cloth covers. Excellent.
"Vorwarts Prinz Eugen, Geschichte der 7. SS-Freiwilligen-Gebirgs-Division "Prinz Eugen". German language history of the Prinz Eugen Division, published in 1978. 405 pages with 148 high quality photos, including some in color. A first edition like new & complete with dust cover.
'A SHORT GUIDE TO THE IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM' Museum is located in London. 64 page booklet plus cover. 15 photos plus Gallery Plan. Published in 1956. Like New. Size 7" X 4 3/4". This is one of the finest military museums in the world.
'Abzeichen und Uniformen des Heeres'. Published by Heinz Denckler in Berlin. 28 pages plus cover. Dozens of line illustrations showing rank insignia, shoulder straps, Goring's Reichsmarschall's insignia, collar patches, uniforms, trade insignia, flagbearers patches, shooting cords, badges & the following cuff titles, 'Grossdeutschland', 'Fuhrer-Hauptquartier', 'Propagandakompanie', 'Unteroffiervorschule', & 'Heermusikschule'. Also shows a 'Heeresbergfuhrer' badge. A neat little booklet in excellent condition. Size 6 1/2" X 4 3/4".
'CAMOUFLAGED UNIFORMS OF THE WAFFEN SS', PART ONE, BY J. BORSARELLO & D. LASSUS. Soft covered book printed in 1986 in England. 32 pages plus cover, with dozens of black & white & color pictures. Like new. Size 12" X 8".
'DAMALS'-THE TOTENKOPF DIVISION IN FRANCE 1940 Period W/SS book. "Damals".Erinnerungen an Grosse Tage der Totenkopf Division im Franzosischen Feldzug. (A book in remembrance of the Great Days of the Death's Head Division Fought in the French Campaign.) Pictorial unit history on Totenkopf smashing its way through France in 1940. See them come up against the first British troops, & start taking casualities & the stage is set for Fritz Knoechlein and Private Pooley to meet at La Paradis.. 120 pages. 100 B/W photos. One photo per page. Excellent condition.. No photos available at the present time as I do not yet have a digital camera, however I think the description is adequate.
'DER DEUTSCHE FALLSCHIRM- JAGER'. The Post war magazine for the German Paratrooper. Published in May 1960. 16 pages with photos. Size 8 1/2" X 12" Excellent. I have never seen any other issues of this magazine. Contains much information & news on various reunions. A great research tool.
'Deutschland' SS OFFICERS CUFF TITLE IN SILVER FLATWIRE. Full length with silver flatwire Roman/block lettering & silver wire borders. Cloth protective strip behind lettering. One end folded & sewn, the other rough. Excellent example.
'Die Reichsparteitage der NSDAP, Zeitgeschichte im Bild'. German language publication of the history of the party rallies in Nurnberg. Published by Druffel in 1981. 184 pages with many many pictures. Like new with dust cover.
'DIE RITTERKREUZTRAGER DER WAFFEN-SS'-1956 Collector book, "DIE RITTERKREUZTRAGER DER WAFFEN SS". Second edition of 1957. Excellent. Size 8 1/4" X 6". with 440 pages. Each recipient of the Knight's Cross is listed, together with their photo & description in German on how they won this prestigious decoration. Back when this book came out, it was mind blowing (for me at least) to see some of the rare SS foreign volunteer collar patches being worn. A total of 426 W-SS men of all ranks won the Knight's Cross (2 Brillanten, 24 Schwerter, 70 Eichenlaub) and 24 foreign volunteers received it.
'Die Siegreichen Fahnen und Standarten der Deutschen Wehrmacht'. COMPLETE SET OF 21 CARDS PLUS FOLDER We are pleased to offer the complete set of 21 cards plus wrapper of the postcard series 'Die Siegreichen Fahnen und Standarten der Deutschen Wehrmacht'. This set was published by Zentralverlag der NSDAP Franz Eher Nachf. Munchen, and printed in Wien. All cards in exc. plus condition. I'm sure most collectors have seen some of this series and know how nice they are. The wrapper is quite rare.
'FROM BEACHHEAD TO BERLIN IN PICTURES'. Scarce period book "FROM BEACH-HEAD TO BERLIN IN PICTURES, DES GREVES DE NORMANDIE A BERLIN", Published by H. O. LOESCHER LIMITED, London W.1. Published in both English & French. Pages not numbered but approx. 128 pages. This is a great pictorial, shows American paratroopers riding horses, the first English girl in Normandy-Corporal India Alford of Hampshire, a mud covered Lt. Gen Walter von Schlieben, Americans march through the Arc de Triomphe, Eisenhower rides down the Champs Elysees on the running board of his staff car, 200,000 Germans surrender to 24 Americans under Sam Magill, German steel helmets are piled up in rows, an american officers inspects 50,000 500 il. Bombs, many of which contain cynagon chloride-a gas which paralyses the nerves, Josef Kramer & SS Dr. Klein at Belsen, & much more. Exc.
'GENERAL ARTICLE & PRICE LIST #3 FOR CLOTHING & EQUIPMENT OF THE SCHUTZSTAFFELN DER NSDAP. English translation of a very rare SS catalog. Lists all sleevebands & car pennants in use at that time. Published in 1970 by Jack Angolia & Hugh Brock. Long out of print. Personally signed by Jack Angolia. 48 pages.Size 5 1/2" X 8". A wonderful reference.
'German Belt Buckles 1919-1945' by Thomas Reid. Soft covered book published in 1974. 82 pages with many fine line illustrations of German belt buckles. Size 8 1/2" X 11". A fine reference at the time.
'JERSEY UNDER THE JACKBOOT'. 160 page soft cover book with a first hand account of the Island's ordeal in the grip of Nazi occupation. Published in 1980. Size 4 1/4" X 7". Excellent condition. No photos.
'mit SCHWERTERN und BRILLANTEN', BY GUNTER FRASCHKA. The stories of the 27 men awarded Germany's highest decoration, the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords & Diamonds. 240 pages with 1 nice photo of each recipient. Published by Erich Pabel Verlag in 1958. Size 8 1/2" X 6". Complete with dust cover. Very slight water staining at the bottom.
'ORDEN UND EHRENZEICHEN IM DRITTE REICH'. 1940, 1941 & 1942 Period books, "ORDEN UND EHRENZEICHEN IM DRITTE REICH". Editions 1940, 1941 & 1943. Excellent.
'Prinz Eugen' SS OFFICERS CUFF TITLE IN SILVER FLATWIRE. Beautiful example. Full length with sewn & folded ends. Protective cloth behind lettering on reverse. Complete with paper 'B' series SS tag.
'Reinhard Heydrich' SS OFFICERS CUFF TITLE IN SILVER FLATWIRE. Full length with silver flatwire Roman/block lettering & silver wire borders. Cloth protective strip behind lettering. Folded & sewn ends. No SS tag. Excellent example.
'SLOWAKEI' BEVO VOLUNTEER SHIELD. 'SLOWAKEI' BEVO VOLUNTEER SHIELD Near mint except for a couple of minor flaws in the white cross. ...
'STALINGRAD IS NOT OURS' ALLIED PRESS RELEASE PHOTO. Allied press release photo showing an unprecedented double issue of the 'Wiener Illustrierte' for 30. September 1942. The first issue claims that Stalingrad has fallen into German hands. The second issue put out later that day is marked with a II, & the sentence announcing it's capture has been deleted. Original press release tag on the back fully explains all this. Dated 21.10.42. Excellent. Size 8" X 6 1/2".
'SWASTIKA OVER JERSEY'. 36 page soft-cover booklet published in 1958 by Leslie Sinel. Printed & published in Guensey. An outline of the German occupation & the liberation of the Island. 4 photos, plus a map of Jersey on the back cover. Size 5" X 7 1/4".
'TEREK' BEVO VOLUNTEER SHIELD. 'TEREK' BEVO VOLUNTEER SHIELD. Mint example with small round glue stain on reverse....
'THE GERMAN OCCUPATION OF JERSEY, 1940-1945'. NOTES ON THE GENERAL POPULATION, HOW THE POPULATION FARED. 32 page booklet published by Societe Jersiaise. Shows a plan of a Underground shelter that became a War Museum after the war. 9 photos, plus an illustration of the Jersey Liberation Penny minted in 1945. Published in 1954. May now be out of print.
'The Sky my Kingdom' BY HANNA REITSCH. The life story of the most famous woman pilot of WW2. Published by Dodley Head of London in 1955. 222 pages with 14 photographs. Size 8" X 5 1/2" with dust cover. Very slight water staining on bottom edge.
'TURKISTAN' BEVO VOLUNTEER SHIELD. 'TURKISTAN' BEVO VOLUNTEER SHIELD. Excellent example with small glue stain on reverse....
'Vorwarts voran, voran!, Das Panzerbuch der Waffen SS, Zeitgeschichte im Bild'. Picture book on the armored formations of the W-SS. Published by Druffel. Undated. 168 pages with many photos. Like new with dust cover. Size 10 1/2" X 8".
'WAFFEN-SS IM WESTERN' Period W/SS book, "Waffen SS im Western". Pictorial report on Regiments Deutschland & Germania during their assault on France & Holland. Published 1941. These are the cream of the SS VT & look very professional. 144 pages. 142 B/W photos, one photo to a page. 10 1/2" x 15". Excellent condition. No photos available as of now.
'WEAPONS & ARMAMENTS OF THE MODERN GERMAN ARMY-FULLY ILLUSTRATED. Printed in England during the war. Pages un-numbered but aprox. 46 pages plus cover. Covers how to field strip & operate machine guns & pistols. Each weapon illustrated. Also covers aircraft machine guns, anti-tank rifles, rifles, mortars, grenades, gliders, tanks, anti-tank guns, artillery. Briefly mentions the Tiger tank but has no picture so it must have been just introduced. Size 7" X 4 1/2". Excellent condition but has some rusting from staples.
1931 TREFFEN/BRAUNSWEIG BADGE. Excellent condition. Solid back. Marked RZM M1/63
1936 PATTERN KREISLEITER TRIANGULAR PENNANT. KREISLEITER pennant. Triangular First pattern used around 1936 with Gothic ‘KL’. there is some very slight color run from being wet/damp at one time. Encased in its original leather & plastic foul weather container, & complete with pole attachments. No closure snaps remain.Crack to plastic on one side. Still very collectible. Good condition. Size 14” X 10”. hand embroidered silver wire eagle & swastika. Some slight mothing on both sides with a little color run.
1937 PATTERN DRL SPORTS BADGE IN BRONZE. Marked on the left side "DRGM 35269" and on the right side "ERNST MULLER PFORSHEIM".Excellent condition.
1943 NSKK PISTOL SHOOTING BADGE. For Motorgruppe Oberdonau. Unmarked. White enamel undamaged. Gold finish nice. Angolia's NSKK/NSFK book shows a similar example for 1941 on page 255.
1944 PATTERN ARMY NCO/OFFICERS EAGLE & SWASTIKA. Machine woven flat aluminum on green. 3 1/2" wingspan. Excellent example.
1976 HIAG SS KALENDER. Spiral bound with 1 nice black & white picture per page. Mint/unused.
1977 SS KALENDER PUBLISHED BY HIAG. Nice black & white & color photos on every page. Mint/unused.
1978 SS KALENDER PUBLISHED BY HIAG. 1 nice black & white picture per page. Mint/unused.
1979 SS KALENDER PUBLISHED BY HIAG. 1 nice black & white picture on each page. The famous 'Viking' painting with Felix Steiner is reproduced on the cover. Mint/unused.
1983 SS KALENDER PUBLISHED BY HIAG. Spiral bound with 1 nice picture per page. Mint/unused.
1984 SS KALENDER PUBLISHED BY HIAG. Spiral bound with 1 nice black & white picture per page. Cover has nice reproduced SS painting of mountain troopers. Mint/unused.
1985 SS KALENDER PUBLISHED BY HIAG. Spiral bound with 1 nice black & white picture per page. Cover has nice reproduced painting of SS trooper. Mint/unused.
2 CAPTURED LSSAH ASSAULT GUN CREWMEN. Nice clear copy of an original photo from the archives of the Imperial War Museum.They are wearing the green assault gun combo. One has either ripped off his rank insignia, or some American G.I. has already liberated it. They are being watched by an American M.P. I.W.M. negative # on back. Size 8 1/2" X 6 1/2". Exc.
2 VOLUME SET OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR BY CHURCHILL. Large 2 Volume set of "The Second World War" by Winston S. Churchill & the Editors of Life. De-Luxe set in Slipcase. Volume one with pages from 1-311. Volume two with pages from 312 to 615. Many black & white photos, & a large number of color pictures and many maps to show all the various battles & campaigns. They also have a number of nice paintings showing for example, lines of British soldiers, queuing up on the sands of Dunkirk to get taken off by the armada of little ships. That is something you don't often see. Excellent condition. Size 14" x 10 1/2"
2ND PATTERN NSKK DRIVER'S DIAMOND. Machine woven aluminum wire on black silk. Exc. Blue RZM tag on back.
3 CAPTURED SS MEN SITTING ON BRITISH JEEP. Nice clear copy of an original photo from the Imperial War Museum files. They are being guarded by a British army sergeant holding a revolver. Exc. Size 8 1/2" X 6 1/2".
50 GENERAL ASSAULT BADGE BY "RK". Wide flared pin. Excellent condition.
6 SETS OF W-SS PHOTOS Six sets of small but exc. Photos put out by HIAG-Nurnberg. These are approx.. 3 ¾” X 2 ¾” and entitled ’12 Bilder vom Einsatz der Waffen-SS”. Series I is called “Vormarsch” Series II is called “Einsatz” Series !V is called “Russland-Feldzug I” Series V is called Russland-Feldzug II” Series VI is called “Finnland”. Series VII is called “Westfeldzug” These were produced post-war by the veterans organisation itsself. After the war, SS vets did not qualify for any kind of pension. The SS vets set up an organisation to help each other. This was called HIAG. Each set is $45
ADOLF HITLER FORMAL PATTERN DEMITASSE FORK. This is the small sized version of the Adolf Hitler formal pattern silverware. Fork is 5 3/4" long in fine condition but uncleaned. On the back it is marked with a crescent, crown, 800 & an Imperial looking eagle.
ADOLF HITLER FORMAL PATTERN DEMITASSE KNIFE. This is the small sized version of the formal pattern Adolf Hitler silverware. Knife is 6 5/8" long. In fine condition but uncleaned. Marked with a crescent, crown, 800 & Imperial looking eagle where the blade meets the handle.
ADOLF HITLER FORMAL PATTERN LUNCHEON FORK. 7 1/4" long. Marked on the back with a crescent, crown, 800 & an Imperial looking eagle.
ADOLF HITLER FORMAL PATTERN LUNCHEON KNIFE. length 8 3/8" long. The knife is in fine condition but uncleaned. Where the blade meets the handle, it is marked with a crescent, crown, 800 & an Imperial looking eagle.
ADOLF HITLER FORMAL PATTERN TABLE SPOON. 7 1/4" long. In fine condition but uncleaned. Marked on the back with a crescent, crown, 800 & an Imperial looking eagle.
ADOLF HITLER FORMAL PATTERN TEA SPOON. 5 3/4" long. Uncleaned but fine condition. Marked on back with a crescent, crown, 800 & an Imperial looking eagle.
ALSO ANOTHER GLASS SLIDE PHOTO SHOWING THE HISTORY OF THE SWASTIKA. Has 3 photos. One shows the swastika on an English armored vehicle, another shows the swastika behind a Chinese General. The third shows the swastika on some currency. The glass slide is marked exactly the same as the previous slide, except that it says H8, Nr. 25, and the top says 25. 80 852 Das Hakenkreuz in der engl.u.chines Armee und auf dem Kerenski Rubel. Excellent
AND YET YOU HAVE CONQUERED, NOTABLE RECIPIENTS OF THE BLOOD ORDER. Large black hardcover book.119 pages. Volume 1. It is what it says, giving detailed information on many of the participients involved in the Putsch on 9th. November 1923. Lists birthdates, Nazi Party number, SS number, dates of promotions etc. and whether they were awarded the SS sword or Totenkopf ring etc. Mint like new
ANOTHER SS SPONSORED BOOK ON THE REPATRIATION OF ETHNIC GERMANS BACK TO THE GREATER GERMAN REICH JUST BEFORE THE INVASION OF RUSSIA. This one titled 'Der Treck DER VOLKSDEUTSCHEN AUS WOLHYNIEN, GALIZIEN UND DEM NAREWGEBIET'. Pages not numbered but approx. 88 pages with many, many photos. Published in 1941. Soft covers. Fore-word by SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Lorenz. Covered wagons are seen heading towards the west, just like the settlers going west in the US. Himmler greets arriving families. SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Lorenz visits Lager Waldhorst. Reichsleiter Bouhler visits Lager Kirschberg. The Reichsfrauenfuhrerin Frau Scholtz-Klink visits families. Gauleiter Greiser visits a farm. Gauleiter Greiser reads a welcome from the Fuhrer. Not many people know about this whole effort to relocate them. I believe it was to, 1. Get them out of harms way. 2. Set them up in farms in Poland. 3. Use them as a source of intelligence for Operation Barbarossa. Size 8 1/2" X 9".
ARMY BOAT PILOT BADGE-HAND EMBROIDERED BULLION ON GREEN. Excellent example with a couple of tiny moth nips on left edge. This was a private purchase option.
ARMY BOAT PILOT'S BADGE. Silver grey thread embroidered on green for peacetime. 2 tiny moth nips on bottom, otherwise mint.
ARMY CAREER TRADE SPECIALIST BADGE FOR UNTERWAFFENMEISTER. (WEAPON MAINTENANCE) Gold/yellow embroidered crossed rifles on bluish-dark green. Type with no border and has mothing, so is priced at just...
ARMY ENLISTED/NCO NATIONAL TRICOLOR. Basic form machine woven insignia.
ARMY HELMET DECAL/TRANSFER. Mint & unissued. Made by Ed Strache, of Warnsdorf.
ARMY NEBELTRUPPE FLAG TINNIE. Swallow tail flag made out of plastic. Excellent condition.
ARMY SIGNAL BLITZ FOR PANZER/ARMORED TROOPS. Pink waffenfarben on a dark green oval badge cloth base. 1 small moth nip at right middle, 1 larger one at left bottom. Cloth re-enforced back with maker stamp.
ARMY SIGNAL BLITZ TRADE PATCHES Nice selection, black, light blue, lemon yellow, golden yellow, wine red & pink.
ARMY SIGNAL MECHANICS TRADE SPECIALIST BADGE. Yellow embroidered 'M' with a horizontal lightning blitz for Nachrichtenmechaniker. On a field grey backing. This was authorized by an order dated 10 May 1944. Excellent condition.
ARMY TRADE SPECIALIST PATCH FOR ARTIFICIER/FEUERWERKER. Round patch with Gothic 'F' embroidered in gold/yellow on green with no border.
ARMY TRADE SPECIALIST PATCH FOR ARTILLERY GUNNER/RICHTKANONIER. Oval with shell having 5 flames surrounded by full oakleaf wreath all embroidered in gold/yellow on dark bluish-green cloth. The ealier pattern had 7 flames, so this is the pattern introduced in December 1936. Near mint with white cloth backing.
ARMY TRADE SPECIALIST PATCH FOR EQUIPMENT ADMINISTRATION NCO/GERATEVERWALTUNGSUNTEROFFIZIERE-FUR INFANTERIE UND ARTILLERIEGERAT. Round with yellow/gold Gothic 'G' embroidered on dark bluish-green cloth & with hand embroidered silver bullion border. 2 large moth nips to top.
ARMY TRADE SPECIALIST PATCH FOR FUNKMEISTER/SIGNAL SERGEANT. Round with gold/yellow blitz arrows embroidered on dark bluish-green cloth. Type with no border. Near mint.
ARMY TRADE SPECIALIST PATCH FOR QUALIFIED FARRIER/GEPRUFTES HUFBESCHLAGPERSONAL. Round with gold/yellow horseshoe embroidered on dark bluish-green. Some mothing towards the open end of the shoe.
ARMY TRADE SPECIALIST PATCH FOR SANITATSPERSONAL/MEDICAL PERSONNEL. Round with yellow/gold caduceus embroidered on dark bluish-green cloth and does not have the red eye or tongue. Mint
ARMY TRADE SPECIALIST PATCH FOR SANITATSUNTERPERSONAL/MEDICAL PERSONNEL. Round with gold/yellow caduceus embroidered on dark bluish-green cloth. This example with silver grey border & without the red eye or tongue. Near mint.
ARMY TRADE SPECIALIST PATCH FOR SCHIRRMEISTER NCO/EQUIPMENT ADMINISTRATION PERSONNEL. Round with yellow gold Gothic 'S' embroidered on dark bluish-green cloth, & with silver bullion border. Excellent with 1 tiny moth nip.
ARMY TRADE SPECIALIST PATCH FOR SCHIRRMEISTER/EQUIPMENT ADMINISTRATION PERSONNEL. Round with Gothic 'S' embroidered in yellow/gold on dark bluish-green cloth.
ARMY TRADE SPECIALIST PATCH FOR SIGNAL MECHANICS/NACHRICHTENMECHANIKER. Round with gold yellow 'M' & horizontal lightning blitz embroidered on field grey as per the May 1944 regulations. One of the scarcer patches.
ARMY TRADE SPECIALIST PATCH FOR UNTERWAFFENMEISTER/WEAPON MAINTENANCE SERGEANTS. Round with crossed rifles embroidered in gold/yellow on dark bluish-green cloth. Type with no border. Near mint.
ARMY TRADE SPECIALIST PATCH FOR WALLMEISTER/FORTRESS MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL. Round with Gothic 'W' embroidered in yellow/gold on dark bluish-green cloth. According to volume 2 of Bender's German Army, this is believed to be only authorized for NCO wear & thus no piping is required. White cloth backing. 2 tiny moth nips. Excellent. One of the rarer trade patches.
ARMY TRADE/SPECIAL CAREER INSIGNIA FOR CHEMICAL DEFENCE NCO. Type with large 'GU' and no band as specified on 26 February 1944. Yellow embroidery appears dirty otherwise excellent.
BADGE FOR THE LUFTWAFFE MARKSMANSHIP LANYARD. Stamped aluminium. All prongs present. I believe this is the gold version. Excellent condition.
BADGE FOR THE MILITARY ADMINISTRATION OF BELGIUM & NORTHERN FRANCE.. This is the small sized oval badge measuring 4.7 cm wide by 3 cm high. The wording in the black enamel section of the badge reads 'Militar Verwaltung' at the top with 'Belgien und N. Frankreich' below. The badge was introduced around 1941. The back features a needle pin with the impressed serial number '4198'. The enamel is perfect. Excellent. Very hard to find.
BATTLE OF BRITAIN AIRCRAFT SPOTTER BOOKLET PERIOD BOOKLET, "German & Italian Aircraft-how to spot them" Published in England during the war. 96 pages with 164 drawings & photos. Probably issued to spotters during the "Battle of Britain" Shows photos & front, side & top silhouettes. Originally cost one shilling. Scotch taped on cover. Exc. Rare.
BDM PICTURE BOOK "So waren wir, Bildband zue Geschichte des BDM". A reprint of the original. 240 pages with many photos. Includes pages showing BDM songs. Used like new.
BEAUTIFUL PORTRAIT OF HITLER. Beautiful portrait of Hitler in civilian clothes & wearing a tie, all done in wood veneers. There are probably 6 different shades of wood all perfectly inlaid together. Back is marked OKA, DRGM, together with a rubber stamp mark from the manufacturer. Hook on back for hanging. Size 12 3/4" X 9 1/2". Very nice.
BEVO 'DER FUHRER' SS CUFF TITLE. 19 1/4" long with folded & sewn ends, with Bevo Wuppertal trademark. Typical salt & pepper construction. Excellent condition.
BEVO 'FLORIAN GEYER' SS CUFF TITLE. Full 19 1/4" length with folded ends & Bevo Wuppertal trademark on the end. Typical salt & pepper construction. Excellent except for fault or minor cut 2" from the end of Geyer.
BEVO 'HORST WESSEL' SS CUFF TITLE. 17 1/4" long with folded ends. Typical salt & pepper construction. Excellent condition.
BEVO 'MICHAEL GAISSMAIR' SS CUFF TITLE. Full 19 1/4" length with folded ends & Bevo Wuppertal trademark. Typical salt & pepper construction. Excellent.
BEVO 'NEDERLAND' SS CUFF TITLE. 14 1/2" long with folded ends. Typical salt & pepper construction. Excellent condition.
BEVO 'REICHSFUHRER-SS' CUFF TITLE. 18 1/4" long with the right end folded & sewn. This probably came off a tunic as it has seen some wear, but is still in nice condition. Typical salt & pepper construction. Excellent condition.
BEVO 'REINHARD HEYDRICH' SS CUFF TITLE. 19 1/4" long with folded & sewn ends & Bevo Wuppertal trademark visible. Typical salt & pepper construction. Excellent condition.
BEVO 'SS-POLIZEI-DIVISION' CUFF TITLE. Full 19 1/4" length with folded ends & Bevo Wuppertal trademark. Typical salt & pepper construction. Excellent.
BEVO 'THEODOR EICKE' CUFF TITLE IN WHITE THREAD FOR OFFICERS? Full 19 1/4" long with folded & sewn ends. No Bevo trademark visible. Typical salt & pepper construction. The edging & lettering are woven in a white thread/flat silver look-a-like. I believe this is an officers version. Excellent condition.
BeVo ARMY STANDARD BEARER ARM SHIELD IN RED FOR ARTILLERY. Trimmed down to wear on uniform-probably came off a uniform. Near mint.
BeVo ARMY STANDARD BEARER ARM SHIELD IN WHITE FOR INFANTRY. In white Waffenfarbe for Infantry, the Queen of All Arms. This is one of the more desirable & scarcer colors.This one is trimmed down to shape & may have come off a uniform. Near mint. And that folks concludes my offering of BeVo Army Fahnentrager Arm Shields. I believe this selection of material is probably the most comprehensive offering on the market at the present time.
BeVo JAEGER ARM PATCH A dark green background with a ropelike border running around. Inside are three green oak leaves and an acorn, attached to a brown branch. leaves with nice detail to the veins. Machine woven in the BeVo style. Exc.
BEVO LIKE 'PRINZ EUGEN' SS CUFF TITLE. Cut down to 11 1/2" long. 5 1/2" long from the 'n' in Eugen, 2" from the 'P' in Prinz. When folded over for display, it does not show. Excellent condition.
BEVO LIKE 'SKANDERBEG' SS CUFF TITLE. 17 1/4" long with folded ends. Excellent condition.
BEVO LIKE 'SS-FELDGENDARMERIE' CUFF TITLE. 18 1/4" long with unfolded ends. Excellent condition.
BEVO WOVEN TENO ARMBAND. Very nice example. Most Teno armbands you see are the printed variety. This was woven by BeVo and has their trademark in black lettering on the back. A rare piece.
BOOK ON THE HISTORY OF THE SS BY Gunter d'Alquen. Very nice book on the history of the SS and its organisation by Gunter d'Alquen. 31 page book, published in Berlin in 1939. No photos, but with 2 charts showing the organisation of the SS. Like new condition.
BOOK ON WEAPONS & WARFARE. 112 pages with many pictures. This was part of a series & starts with A subjects. WW1 & WW2 aircraft, destroyers, artillery, machine guns etc. Packed with stuff.
BOOK ON WEAPONS & WARFARE.. This is the next volume in the series & finishes up the A subjects & gets into B material. WW1 & WW2 German, Japanese, American, British etc. aircraft, artillery, submarines, guns, etc. Packed with material.
BOOKLET ON THE GERMAN UNDERGROUND HOSPITAL IN JERSEY. 12 pages with 5 nice black & white photos. Diagram of entire complex on last page. Nice color photo on front cover. Size 5" X 7" Excellent condition.
BOXED BRONZE NSDAP LONG SERVICE MEDAL. Brown box with gold eagle. Thin type medal. Not maker marked.. Comes with matching stickpin, which is RZM marked. Medal exc. Box exc.
BOXED LUFTSCHUTZ MEDAL. Lid titled "Luftschutz Ehrenzeichen 2. Stufe". Original ribbon. Medal exc. condition. Box good.
BOXED NSDAP 15 YEAR LONG SERVICE MEDAL. Blue lid with gold eagle. Bottom of box marked RZM M1/170. Medal like new with perfect blue enamel. Ring stamped with '2'. Complete with matching stickpin.marked M 11/1. Medal mint. Case exc.
BOXED NSFK PLAQUE. This example for 5 years honorary unpaid service in Group 4. Reverse serial numbered 073 with the signature of the Group Leader. Dark blue cardboard box with very nice silver embossed NSFK man. Excellent
BRITISH OFFICER QUESTIONING SS OFFICER WHILE ANOTHER SOLDIER STANDS GUARD WITH A STEN GUN. Nice sharp picture. Post war photo reproduced from the original negative or print from the files of the Imperial War Museum & marked on the back with their archive number. Excellent. 5" X 7"
BRONZE BDM PROFICIENCY CLASP. Beautiful piece in near mint condition. Back with stamped serial number & RZM M1/15 code number for the firm of Ferdinand Hoffstatter of Bonn a. Rhein. A beauty & very hard to find.
BRONZE MOTHER'S CROSS Complete with full length original ribbon. Excellent condition with just one tiny chip in the white enamel on the bottom left arm of the cross.
BRONZE NSDAP LONG SERVICE MEDAL. Thin version. The bronze finish has faded. This example is the two piece type with the wreath & national emblem being added to the basic cross
CAPTURED SS MEN TAKEN PRISONER IN THE ARDENNES. Official US Signal Corps photo. I believe this is unpublished. Exc. Size 8" X 6". Long descriptive tag on back.
CAPTURED/WOUNDED W-SS MAN. Nice clear original Associated Press photo. He wears an M-44 camo jacket. Taken on the outskirts of Caen. Not dated. Long printed descriptive tag on back. Exc. Size 8" X 6".
CASE FOR VERDIENSTKREUZ 111. STUFE DES ORDENS VOM DEUTSCHEN ADLER MIT SCHWERTERN. CASE FOR VERDIENSTKREUZ 111. STUFE DES ORDENS VOM DEUTSCHEN ADLER MIT SCHWERTERN. Top is like new but bottom shows some scuffing. Nice gold eagle & swastika with gold border on red leathette. Exc
CASED 1939 Deutsche Verdienstmedaille mit Schwerten. Rim of medal correctly marked "835 PR. MUNZE BERLIN", Title on back of medal in upper & lower case Gothic script. Swords are finished on both sides. Gold eagle embossed on the lid. Title printed in gold on inside white satin lid. Case shows some wear.
CASED 1943 "Deutscher Adlerorden V. Klasse". Enamel perfect. Ring marked 900 21 indicating that it was made by Godet of Berlin. Ribbon complete with pin. Lid of case embossed with nice gold eagle.Case in very good condition, with just one small piece of the leatherette missing from near the ring wing of the eagle.
CASED ENTRY INTO AUSTRIA MEDAL 13. Marz 1938. Red leatherette case with gold eagle. Correct original ribbon with pin attachment device on the back. Case exc. Medal exc.
CASED ENTRY INTO PRAGUE MEDAL 1. OCTOBER 1938. Burgundy leatherette case with gold eagle. Case exc. Medal mint. Comes complete with the Prague ribbon bar.
CASED PINBACK 1943 "Verdienstkreuz II. Stufe des Ordens Vom Deutschen Adler mit Schwertern". Marked 900 21 on the pin indicating it was made by Godet of Berlin. Perfect enamel, & case is also in very good condition. The class indication is printed in gold on the inside white satin lid. Very nice piece.
CASED WAR SERVICE CROSS 1st CLASS WITHOUT SWORDS. Case is mint with outline of War Service Cross in silver on the lid. Beautiful finish on pinback cross. Maker marked 4 which indicates Steinhauer & Luck in Ludenscheid. Beautiful finish. Hard to upgrade.
CERTIFICATE (URKUNDE) FOR THE COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL OF 1 OCTOBER 1938 DINA4 in size. Issued to Gefreiter Hermann Ramme of 13. (J.G.) Kompanie-Inf. Regt. 5 on 10. January 1940. Issued under the authority of Generalleutnant Feige and signed by a Oberst u. Regt.-Kommandeur, and numbered 66. Excellent with slight separations along two folds.
CERTIFICATE (URKUNDE) FOR THE COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL OF 1 OCTOBER 1938 FOR THE ENTRY INTO CZECHOSLOVAKIA. DINA4 size. Nice Luftwaffe example to Mechaniker Paul Marzinkowski in Luftgaukommando VI, which was awarded 6.10.1939 under the authority of Generalmajor Schmidt & signed by a Oberst. Certificate numbered 5573. Good condition with slight separation on bottom and top of center fold.
CLOTH EMBROIDERED LUFTWAFFE AIR GUNNER'S BADGE. Silver grey embroidered oak leaf & laurel wreaths with darker grey eagle & swastika. Excellent.
CLOTH LUFTWAFFE PARATROOPER BADGE. Cotton embroidered. Excellent condition.
COLOR LUFTWAFFE POSTCARD DEPICTING AN ARTIST'S PORTRAYAL OF A He 111 BOMBING RAID AGAINST AN INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. Very nice artist's painting by Hans Friedrich in 1939. Back titled 'Wehrmachts=Postkarten Serie 2. Bild 1: 'Schwere Bomber greifen Industrie=Zentrum an' & at the bottom, 'Mit Genehmigung des Oberkammandos der Wehrmacht'. Excellent. Postaly unused.
COMPLETE COLLECTION OF 'SIGNAL' MAGAZINES. We are pleased to offer a complete collection of 'Signal' magazines. All are in good condition & go from #1 1940 to #5 1945. They are mostly Dutch, German & some Danish. There are approx. 111 issues. It is rare that complete collections come onto the market.
CONCENTRATION CAMP GUARD BEING SEARCHED BY BRITISH ARMY PERSONNEL. Copy of an original photo in Imperial War Museum files. Nice clear photo.. He is wearing a horizontal totenkopf tab. Size 8 1/2" X 6 1/2 " I.W.M. negative # on back.
DAF EM BUCKLE. One piece aluminium with attachments. Marked RZM M4/39 & the 'A' indicating Assmann. Excellent condition.
DAF GAU LEVEL WOMAN'S LEADER MEMBERSHIP PIN. Triangular. Silver cog wheel & swastika on black enamel with thin silver border, then a thicker red enamel border & another thin silver border. Back with RZM M1/13 (L. Christian Lauer, Nurnberg) Pin assembly. Exc.3cm X 3 cm. (just over 1") See 'Labor Organizations of the Reich', page 193.
DAF TRIANGULAR PENNANT. Nicely woven black cogwheel with white outline, white embroidered circle with black swastika, all on red background. Has rope & clip ties. Red leather re-enforcement to edge. Size 11” X 6 ½”. Near mint. A high quality piece.
DAS NS-FLIEGERKORPS, Die Vorschule der deutschen Flieger, by ARNO KEHRBERG. Superb German language book on all aspects of the NSFK. Published in 1942. 227 pages with six wonderful color plates of uniforms, flags, badges & insignia, and 108 black & white photos of gliders, NSFK schools etc. Exc. condition.
DEAD W-SS MAN, PART OF A MACHINE GUN TEAM. Original press release photo dated July 19th, 1944. Official US photo. He is lying on his back & was carrying the spare machine gun barrel container. Exc. Size 8" X 6".
DEPRESSED SS MAN IN POW CAMP-NORMANDY. Original press release photo. Not dated but with descriptive tag. Exc. Size 8" X 6".
DER LANDSER SPECIAL EDITION ON TANK ACE MICHAEL WITTMANN. Soft covered post war publication on SS-Untersturmfuhrer Michael Wittmann. 90 pages with 11 nice pictures. Inside front cover has a nice illustration of the inside of a Tiger tank. Size 6" X 9".German language. Excellent.
DEUTSCHE BUCHAUSSTELLUNG IN ROM. Nice original Atlantic press release photo taken 5.5.1939. Shows SS-Oberfuhrer & Ministerialdirigent Berndt. Berndt is wearing his SS officers sword & the common Gau honor badge with big swastika. Size 5" X 7". Long descriptive tag in German.
DEUTSCHER LUFTFAHRT=KALENDER FOR 1940. Published by the Leadership Korps of the NSFK in Berlin. Each page covers one week and has a full page photo to go with it. Covers the NSFK, gliders and aviation of various types including the Stuka. Approx. 58 photos. Kalender is in good condition & undamaged. No pages have been torn out. The back is thick cardboard with an attachment so that it can be hung from a wall.
Deutsches Schutzwall=Ehrenzeichen IN ORIGINAL ENVELOPE. Unissued piece that shows some age/fading. Comes complete with original ribbon, & envelope which is made by Carl Poellath of Schrobeuhausen. Medal ring appears unmarked. Approx 622,064 medals were awarded, or including the second issue-over 800,000.
DEUTSCHES SOLDATENJAHBUCH 1974. The 22nd. Soldatenkalender. Hard Covers. 432 pages covering the realm of German military activities. This includes an excellent article on the Balloon badge with a nice picture. There is also an excellent article on Generalfeldmarschall Ewald v. Kleist. Exc.
DEUTSCHES SOLDATENJAHRBUCH 1972. The 20th. Soldatenkalender. Hard Covers. 352 pages covering all aspects of German military history with many pictures & color plates. Nice article on the Historische Sammlung der Marineschule Flensburg-Murwik. Nice article on stamps for Nederland, Wallonie, SS Feldpost & French Legion. Exc.
DEUTSCHES SOLDATENJAHRBUCH 1973. The 21st. Soldatenkalender. Hard Covers. 432 pages with many pictures covering all aspects of German military history. Nice article on KATYN with pictures. Nice article on Marine-Luftschiffe im 1. Weltkrieg. Exc.
DEUTSCHES SOLDATENJAHRBUCH 1975. The 23rd. Soldatenkalender. Hard Covers. 432 pages covering all aspects of German military history with many pictures & color plates. Nice article on the last SS battle in Hungary-1945. Exc.
DEUTSCHES SOLDATENJAHRBUCH 1976. The 24th. Soldatenkalender. Hard Covers. 440 pages covering all aspects of German military history. Exc. Nice article on Kalmuckische-Verbande in der Deutschen Wehrmacht with pictures. Another article on Meissner Porzellan Regimental plates.
DEUTSCHES SOLDATENJAHRBUCH 1977. The 25th. Soldatenkalender. Hard Covers. 484 pages covering all aspects of German military history-with many photos & color plates. Nice color plate showing naval rank & trade insignia, and another showing uniforms. Nice article with picture of Estland Oberst Alfons Rebane. Nice article on the tank museum at Munster. Exc.
DEUTSCHES SOLDATENJAHRBUCH 1978. The 26th. Soldatenkalender. Hard Covers. 472 pages covering all aspects of German military history with many pictures & color plates. Nice color plate on Feldgraue Marineuniform. Another nice plate on shoulder straps & sleeve insignia of the navy. Another nice article on Oberst Alois Podhajsky of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Exc.
DEUTSCHES SOLDATENJAHRBUCH 1979. The 27th. Soldatenkalender. Hard Covers. 472 pages covering all aspects of German military history.Nice article on the SS-Junkerschulen. Article on the Metz cuff title. Exc. Many pictures.
Dienstalterliste der Schutzstaffel der NSDAP. 2 original issues for the years 1936, & 1937. Both in excellent condition. Take your choice. $2,000 each.
DJ/HJ/NSFK/LUFTWAFFE GROUPING TO ONE MAN. Nice grouping of material to Herbert Gimber. This starts out as;- 1. The Deutsche Jungvolk Ausweis to ten year old Herbert Gimber from Neidenstein showing him in civilian clothes. Nice photo with rubber overstamp of HJ Bann 404. Document dated 1933. Printed Schirach signature. Cover shows wear from use. 2. Versicherungskarte. I believe this was issued to insure him against injury. Front has purple ink stamp of Bann 110 (Heidelberg) & back has NSDAP dues stamps for 1936 & 1937. Exc. 2. Erganzung zu Mitglieds=Ausweis. (Supplement to the Membership card) Also with Bann 404 purple rubber stamp. Shows a handwritten date of 1. Mai 1940. indicating date of transfer to the HJ proper. Last page has NSDAP donation stamps from 1937-1940. Exc. 3. NSFK oilcloth Ausweis #472 issued to Gimber while a member of Sturm 2/80 Mosbach (Baden) Nice photo of Gimber as an NSFK Rottenfuhrer.Document dated 1942 with colored NSFK donation stamps for October, November & December of 1941, with one for Marz 1942. Wear to outside edge. 4. Nice large letter from the Headquarters of the NSFK in Berlin, dated 7 April 1941. States that Gimber has passed this proficiency examinations at the Technischen Rehme b/Bad Oeynhausen on 27.1.1941, & was now qualified to pack the Fallschirm-Baumuster R.Z.1. Signed by his NSFK examiner & a NSFK-Sturmbannfuhrer & up the chain to the next highest level-an NSFK -Obersturmbannfuhrer. Scotch tape re-enforced. 5. Very nice NSFK 'Leistungsbuch des NS-Fliegerkorps'. school training document. Blue cover with large NSFK flying man printed on it. 32 pages. Contained in a similiar blue colored slip cover with the same information. Documents alll the NSFK training courses he went through. Excellent. 6. Marschbefehl for Flieger Gimber to travel to Dusseldorf while stationed at Fliegerhorstkompanie Achmer. Dated 1942 7. Diary for 1944. Imation red leather cover. It shows an address in the back as 5. Fallschirmjager Division, 13. Regiment. 1 Batalion. Not many entries. It mostly seems to indicate when he was paid money. However the entry for 6 June 1944 says 'BEGINN d. INVASION'. 8. 10 50g BROT STAMPS for die Wehrmacht. 9. Small booklet mainly dated 1943 while a member of the Luftwaffe. Contains some handwritten poems & a listing of all letters/packages sent & received during the year. 10. Taschenbuch (pocket book) Dated mostly 1944. Could use reasearch. Mostly seems to be a listing of when he sent or received letters & packages, & addresses of friends in the Luftwaffe & paratroops. 11. Large black covered booklet detailing hand written recipes used by Gimber while working in the Field Kitchens at Fliegerhorst Dusseldorf.
DR. GOEBBEL'S GREETS ARMY FELDGENDARMERIE MAN WITH GOLD PARTY BADGE. Nice original Atlantic/Wien-Bild press release photo shows Dr. Goebbel's greeting members of the alten Garde on 28.10.41 at the Opera House in Berlin. At the time Goebbel's was celebrating 15 years as Gauleiter of Berlin. Injured man shown using crutches & wearing Gold Party badge & 'Feldgendarmerie' cuff title. Also has rubber stamps for both agencies. Size 5" X 7".
DUAL LANGUAGE LATVIAN SS SOLDBUCH. Very nice example to a Waffen-Sturmmann, who was in the first medical company of the Lett. SS-Freiw. Division. Nice photo of owner on inside front cover with 2 stamps running across photo & cover. Photo shows the owner bare-headed with a single stripe on his rank tab. The volunteer tab is interesting. It almost looks like a Galazian lion that has been marked over. I don't think it is a defect in the photo. Picture is stapled in two places to the cover. Entries on 18 pages. Page 2. Red rubber stamp reads 1. SS San- kp. 15. Unit written in ink reads SS-San.-Kp (b) 1/15 Page 3. Written in ink: SS-San. Kp 1/15 3. Gen./SS-Gren. Ausb. u. Erz. Btl 15 (lett. Nr.1) No documents in inside back flap. Soldbuch issued in October 1944 to a man from Pale, near Wolmar who was born on 3.1. 1919. He was awarded the black wound badge on 14. 11.43. Inoculated for Typhus & Cholera on 11.12. 44. He spent much time in hospitals. Entries here show dates as late as 24.12.45. Shows no leave time. Really nice condition.
EARLY 1936 PATTERN GAULEITER PENNANT. Beautiful early silver bullion hand embroidered eagle & swastika with Gothic "GL".. on a red/white background. Used by Stellvertr. Gauleiter u. Amtsleiter. (Deputy Regional Leader & Department Leader in a Gauleitung.) Mounted in original chrome frame & complete with pole. Some light mothing on both sides. Very collectible. Size 15 �� X 10�.
EARLY PRE 1940 RAD ENLISTED VISORLESS FIELD CAP. Another excellent scarce RAD cap. Coarse material as to be expected. Scooped front with black piping around the scoop & going to the back of the cap. Turn up is real & can be folded down. Factory applied RAD BeVo insignia/ 2 metal vents each side, finished in RAD brown. Brown cotton lining, marked'1037 RADBAF' & size 55, & marked to the maker 'Franz Stadie,Uniform-Mutzenfabrik Koln a. Rh' No mothing. Another excellent scarce RAD cap.
ENVELOPE ADDRESSED TO HIMMLER-REICHSFUHRER SS ENVELOPE ADDRESSED TO HIMMLER/REICHSFUHRER SS, handwritten SS in runic form, sent to his Berlin office. Two Hitler head stamps. File hole punched. Exc.
EXTREMELY RARE NSFK LEADERS CAPE CLASP. This is not in any reference books and I have NEVER SEEN OR HEARD OF ANOTHER ONE. Due to the extremely small size of the NSFK Leadership I very much doubt that many of these were made, and even fewer would have bought the cape. It's made of alumimum in wonderful detail & in excellent condition.
FEMALE FLUGMELDEDIENST MEMBERSHIP BADGE. Second type that was introduced in June 1936. The badge was an official issue from the Ministry of Aviation & serial numbered 46867 on the reverse, together with the maker J. Preissler of Pforzheim & Ges. Gesch. Excellent
FINAL PATTERN SQUARE GAULEITER PENNANT. GAULEITER pennant .SQUARE. Single sided. Final pattern with Latin/Roman "GL" and exquisite hand embroidered eagle & swastika of the highest quality-all done in gold bullion with dark brown highlights on a red & white background with a wine red border. MINT. Size 14� X 9�. No ties as this is the type meant to be enclosed in Triangular a rigid plastic cover.
FINE QUALITY BULLION IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS This is the finest quality bullion Iron Cross first class that I have ever seen. It came out of the famous Dick Deeter collection many years ago & has been in one collection ever since. The hand sewn bullion is tight & impeccable. It was obviously made using a cardboard template, a technique commonly used. Two small moth nips on right arm of cross. Makes other bullion Iron Crosses pale in comparison.
FINNISCHER FREIHEITSORDEN FUR DEUTSCHE SOLDATEN. Nice Atlantic press release photo with tag/caption on back that reads;- An der Swirfront. General Heinrich, der Oberbefehlshaber der finnischen Truppen in Ostkareilien, verleiht diese hohe Auszeichnung an bewahrte deutsche Offiziere und Soldaten der Division. Tag dated 6.11.41. Also has Atlantic rubber stamps. Size 7 1/4" X 5 1/4".
FIRST DAY REGISTERED COVER COMMEMORATING THE ISSUE OF THE WELL KNOWN SET OF MILITARY STAMPS. All 13 stamps on one envelope that was obviously mailed to a stamp collector on the first day of issue.
FOLD OUT SET OF PHOTOS FOR REGIMENT GENERAL GORING KASERN IN BERLIN. Nice fold out set of 12 photos showing all aspects of this building. This includes Eingang, Kasernstrasse, Mannschaftsstube, Schwimmhalle, Sportanlage, Lazarett, Kantine etc. Size approx. 4" X 3".
FRENCH BOOK ON GERMAN BUCKLES 1870-1945 Very nice French book on German Buckles from 1870-1945. Hard covers. 288 pages. Hundreds of photos including many full color plates. This is the only reference work I know that pictures a prototype Field Marschall's brocaded belt, and all 3 versions of the R.M.B.O/Eastern Peoples buckles for the higher ranking officials. Printed 1991-long out of print
GAU LEVEL NSDAP COLLAR TAB. Second lowest rank, Politischer-Leiter, Anwarter. Eagle with no pip. Near mint with 1 small pinhole mark at right bottom. Complete with blue RZM tag.
GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD, HOLDERS OF THE SS AND POLICE, VOLUME 1, BY MARK YERGER A high quality Bender publication. First edition of 2003. 432 pages with many photos. Like new.
GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD, HOLDERS OF THE SS AND POLICE, VOLUME 2 BY MARK YEAGER. A high quality Bender publication. First edition of 2005.432 pages with many photos. Like new condition
GERMAN CROSS IN SILVER, HOLDERS OF THE SS AND POLICE, BY MARK YERGER. 1st. Edition, 2002. 208 pages. Many photos. Condition like new A Bender high quality publication.
GI'S EXAMINE DESK OF NAZI OFFICIAL IN HAROT, GERMANY. BIG EAGLE ON WALL BEHIND DESK. Original press release photo, dated March 5th, 1945. Official US Army photo with tag on back. Exc. Size 8" X 6".
GILT ALUMINIUM SA STANDARTE FELDHERRNHALLE SHOULDER BOARD METAL DEVICES. RZM coded M1/52 & made by one of the Third Reich's premier manufacturers-the firm of Deschler & Sohn of Munchen. These are not the pot metal type you usually see for the army Infantry Standarte 'Feldherrnhalle'. These are quality early pre-war pieces for use by the SA's most elite unit.
GROUP OF TOTENKOPF MEN CELEBRATING IN RUSSIA. Nice copy of an original photo from the archives of the Imperial War Museum. Exc. Size 8 1/2" X 6 1/2". I.W.M. negative # on back.
GUIDE TO 'THE GERMAN MILITARY UNDERGROUND HOSPITAL' IN JERSEY. 8 page brochure with 4 photos. Last page shows a diagram of the entire complex. Published in Jersey. Size 5 1/2" X 8 1/2". Excellent.
HAND EMBROIDERED NATIONAL EMBLEM FOR THE LUFTWAFFE GENERAL'S WHITE TOP PEAKED CAP. Identical to the example shown on page 464 of Volume 1 of Bender's 'Uniforms & Traditions of the Luftwaffe'. 2 5/8" wingspan. Fine gold bullion hand embroidery as befitting a Luftwaffe general. Metal backplate with 3 prongs. This piece was originally attributed to Herman Goring, but as there is no documentation, it is sold as just a Luftwaffe general's cap insignia. Fine condition.
HIMMLER PAYS TRIBUTE TO GERMAN WAR DEAD IN NORWAY. Shows Himmler laying a wreath in front of the German war flag, at the Ehrenfriedhof at Ekeberg near Oslo. The photo was taken during Himmler's visit to Norway & is dated 1-2-41. Size 6" X 4 1/2". Caption in German by Presse-Hoffman & also has a rubber stamp undernearth.
HITLER ELECTION FLAG/PENNANT. Printed Hitler election flag, with his portrait in an oval frame surrounded by small swastikas, with a large swastika on each side. All on a red background. Excellent piece. Size 9" X 13 1/2".
HITLER YOUTH LEADERS BUCKLE. Near mint example. Marked RZM 4/119. None magnetic, and I believe it is zinc alloy. . This company is not listed in the Clyde Davis book on RZM codes as the M4 series ends at 106, so I believe this is a later war buckle. However the piece is very nicely made & of high quality.
HJ BUCKLE. One piece construction. Marked RZM M4/27 for the firm of Overhoff & Cie, Ludenscheid. Some slight wear to plating on front right. Exc.
HJ CLOTH DIAMOND, LARGE SIZE. 4" HJ diamond woven on white backing. 'Ges. Gesch. woven in red. Exc.
HJ HOCHLAND LAGER PLAQUE. LARGE 80mm SILVER COLORED HITLER YOUTH HOCHLAND LAGER PLAQUE-1934. Shows mountain scene with Hitler Youth tent encampment, with enamelled red & white background with black swastika HJ diamond affixed. Plaque is round with wheat sheaths around the edge. Back marked DESCHLER U. SOHN MUNCHEN. Front a little dark with age. Back shows some wear to finish. Exc.
HJ LEADER'S BROCADED BELT & BUCKLE. Silver brocaded belt with two black stripes.Complete with 2 HJ RZM tags. Excellent condition but has some mothing to the HJ brown backing. Buckle retains 85% frosting with some darkening. Buckle marked RZM M4/22 which relates to the firm of C. Th. Dicke in Ludenscheid.
HJ PHOTO ALBUM THAT BELONGED TO AN AHS PUPIL THAT ATTENDED BOTH ORDENSBURGEN 'SONTHOFEN' & ORDENSBURGEN 'VOGELSANG'. Really quite a unique combination. I have heard of pupils rotating through the different 'Order' castles but here is an album documenting it. Album is 12" X 8" with simulated leather covers. Approx 101 photos. The very first photo is an excellent portrait of the owner? wearing the black uniform with 'AHS' shoulder boards. There is also another excellent photo of one of his friends also wearing 'AHS' shoulder boards. On another page are 3 excellent pictures showing well known views of 'Sonthofen'. Another shot shows the Austrian border station. There are bus outings, camping trips. One HJ boy is shown from the back hiking & carrying a French helmet on his pack. There is a shot of the Feldherrnhalle. a couple of some German women (girlfriends?) There are some more showing the 'Adolf Hitler' march to Nurnberg for the party day rally-parts of the old city, the camps, a shot showing motorized army troops during the party day, aerial demonstrations, another page showing 2 well known shots of Vogelsang, HJ in the mountains, skiing, a picture of a friend in the Luftwaffe, another shot of the Feldherrnhalle, some war-time shots of fortifications in the Maginot Line. etc. A nice album.
HJ SHOULDER STRAP FOR THE MOTOR SECTION OF BANN 205. 1938 pattern shoulder strap with pink piping & numbers for the motor section of Bann 205, which was located in Witten/Ruhr. Back has red HJ tag on it. exc.
HJ SS MAN BEING INTERROGATED BY BRITISH OFFICER IN NORMANDY. Nice clear copy of an original photo in Imperial War Museum files. A member of the Hitler Youth division, he is wearing the reed green assault gun uniform. I.W.M. negative # on back. Exc. 8 1/2" X 6 1/2".
HOFFMANN PICTURE BOOK ON DR. ROBERT LEY. 'Dr. Robert Ley, mit dem deutschen Arbeiterzum FUHRER', by Heinrich Hoffmann. 96 page photo book published in 1940. Great great photos in here. Pictures of WW1 Leutnant Robert Ley with his mother & as a soldier in field uniform, the boyhood home he lived in, the class room where he learned his ABC's, his printing press in Koln-shut down by the police, Goring sitting in the back seat of one of the first Volkswagens delivered, Hitler inspecting a small model of the Volkswagen, Hitler sitting in the back seat of one of the first Volkswagens off the line in Fallersleben, Ley with his Luftwaffe pilot, Flugkapitan Gundlfinger, Ley visits the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler & their commander, Sepp Dietrich, Hitler inspects a large scale model of the Volkswagen factory area during the Internationalen Automobilausstellung 1938, a wonderful picture of Ley's staff car showing both the DAF Leader pennant & the REICHSLEITER pennant, a number of pictures showing Hitler & Ley visiting the KdF-Flaggschiff 'Robert Ley', great pictures of Hitler & Ley visiting Ordensburgs Sonthofen, Crossinsee & Vogelsang, Printed cover quite badly marked but interior in excellent plus condition.
HOFFMANN'S 'PARTEITAG GROSSDEUTSCHLAND'. 60 pages with 79 photos from Reichsparteitag 1938. Many excellent photos. Printed dust cover a bit tattered but contents are fine. There are several shots of the cathedral of lights, Hermann Goring salutes Hitler at the head of the 'Feldherrnhalle', Porsche, Heinkel & Todt receive the National Prize, Reichfrauenfuhrerein Scholtz-Klink speaks at the Fuhrer podium, etc.
HONOR BADGE FOR SENATE OF CULTURE BEING WORN. Nice original Atlantic press agency photo shows Reichskriegerfuhrer General d. Inf. Reinhard greeting Commodore Ahrens in Sendesaal, during the Bremen-Abordnung im Wunschkonzert. Photo taken 17.12.1939. Standing between them is Reichssendeleiter & SS-Brigadefuhrer Hadamovsky wearing his Senate of Culture Honor Badge. Descriptive tag in German.
HOUSE OF GERMAN ART POSTCARD. HOUSE OF GERMAN ART POSTCARD. Titled_"Durch Russische Steppe" by Rudolf Lipus. Shows infantry wearing ponchos marching across rain soaked ground. HDK card #429. Excellent condition.
HOUSE OF GERMAN ART-BATTLE SCENE HOUSE OF GERMAN ART POSTCARD, Black & white card showing battle scene with infantry attacking & an 88mm firing over open sights. Card is numbered HDK 492 & titled "Angriff auf die Maginotlinie" by Eduard v. Handel-Mazetti. Exc.
IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM PHOTO OF AN M.P. 40 IN THEIR GUN COLLECTION. Nice clear photo from the Imperial War Museum showing an M.P. 40 in their gun collection. I.W.M. negative # on back. Exc. Size 8 1/2" X 6 1/2".
INVITATION TO A MID-DAY MEAL WITH THE FUHRER. This invitation card was never used. It has a nice embossed/raised eagle & swastika plus the wording 'Der Fuhrer und Kanzler des Deutschen Reiches' all in gold. The rest of the type is in black. Excellent but has two small scuffs. Size 7" X 4 1/2".
ITALIAN BOOK ON THE ITALIAN WAFFEN-SS. Here is a great/little known well illustrated book on the Italian SS. "Sentire-Pensare-Volere, Storia della Legione SS italiana" by Sergio Corbatti & Marco Nava. 423 plus pages with hundreds of black & white photos, plus some in color. The two pictures on the cover were both printed as postcards & posters & were by the famous Italian artist Boccasile. Like new.
Kriegs=Verdienstkreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwerten IN ORIGINAL ENVELOPE. Still in original tissue paper , with original ribbon & with issue envelope which was made by Rudolf Souval of Vienna. There is some fading to the original bronze finish. Medal ring appears unmarked.
KRIEGSBERICHTER FRANZ ROTH. HEAVILY ILLUSTRATED BOOK ON THE LSSAH. Nice hardcover book. 191 heavily illustrated pages showing the Leibstandarte in Greece & Russia, taken by SS-Kriegsberichter Franz Roth, who was embedded with them. New
LARGE AWARD DOCUMENT FOR THE EMSLAND CUFF TITLE. Large award document/Urkunde for the award of the Emslandbandes (the Emsland cuff title) Printed in black & red on cream with beautiful RAD emblem in black in the middle. Awarded on 26. Marz 1936 & signed by the unit commander, an Oberfeldmeister & by his superior, an Arbeitsfuhrer. Size 13” X 9”. Excellent.
Large beautiful NSKK EMBLEM, Large beautiful NSKK EMBLEM, chrome with 5 ¼” wingspan. 6" tall from top of curved wreath to bottom of threaded screw. NSKK in black in ribbon above eagle. Swastika filled in with red. Beautiful detail. Back marked RZM & DRGM. Under the swastika wreath is a 1 ¼” bolt that screws into??? I’m not sure if it’s a flag pole top or what its for. Really nice.
LARGE CASED NSFK PLAQUE Given/awarded for "GROSSFLUGTAG FRANKFURT a.M. 1939. Blue leatherette case. white imitation silk lining under lid with no gold imprinted inscription. Plaque is recessed into a blue base. Reverse of plaque plain except for the maker's mar-Bremer Markneu, Kirchen. Beautiful looking piece. Similiar to the piece shown on page 435 of Bender's NSKK/NSFK book.
LARGE CASED NSFK PLAQUE FOR 5 YEARS UNPAID SERVICE. Same as specimen on page 438 of Bender's NSFK book,, but this one serial numbered 221. No gold lettering on inside lid. Very nice condition. Black leatherette case.
LARGE CASED NSFK PLAQUE FOR DEUTSCHLANDFLUG 1937. Very nice plaque. Inside top lid has gold inscription "Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps-Der Korpsfuhrer" Back of plaque has quote from head of the NSFK. Inside lid is a Besitz-Urkunde awarded to NSFK Untersturmfuhrer Saacke of Kiel. Lovely piece.
LARGE DOUBLE SIDED LEAFLET FOR DUTCH VOLUNTEER TO ENLIST IN THE SS-STANDARTE "WESTLAND". Printed in Holland at Den 1942 Back side lists conditions for entry. Very rare. Only one I've ever seen. Excellent condition
LARGE RAD HONARY SERVICE BOOKLET FROM ARBEITSGAU XXV, HESSEN-SUD LARGE RAD HONARY SERVICE BOOKLET FROM ARBEITSGAU XXV, HESSEN-SUD, for RAD member to put together during his service. This is blank/never used. Has huge RAD emblem on the cover in red, silver & black. Inside has space for RAD member's photo & personal info. Tipped in photos of Hitler & RAD Leader Konstantin Hierl. Plus special pages to write/put photo on camp life, sports etc. mint.
LARGE ROUND CASED NSFK PLAQUE. Awarded for "Reichswettkampfe des NS-Fliegerkorps at Kassel on 12-14.8. 1938. Plaque has a plain back. Gold lettering on inside top reads "Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps-Der Korpsfuhrer." No award document inside lid. Black leatherette case. Very nice condition.
LEON DEGRELLE SWEARS AN OATH TO ADOLF HITLER. Original Associated Press press release photo, showing private Leon Degrelle & his unit in German army uniform swearing an oath to Adolf Hitler. Picture has been cut down & has a crease through the middle & a tear at the bottom right, but it's a very rare/interesting photo. No tag on back. Size 6" X 3 1/2".
LETTER FROM TOTENKOPFSTANDARTEN Letter from an SS-Untersturmfuhrer, Der Chef des Kraftfahrwesen der SS-Totenkopfstandarten, replying to an engineer who is inquiring about joining the unit. Written on 'Der Fuhrer der SS=Totenkopfstandarten' letterhead & dated 29. Juli 1939. Excellent.
LIST OF SS RECRUITMENT CENTERS IN BELGIUM. One page flyer listing in Flemish all 10 W-SS recruitment centers in Belgium & their addresses, exc.
LUFTWAFFE 2ND PATTERN FLAK ARTILLERY INSIGNIA. Nice embroidery but shows some roughness along the bottom edge.
LUFTWAFFE AIR COMMANDER'S VEHICLE PENNANT Used by Divisional level Commanders & officers with equivalent rank. Introduced in 1937 & used until the end of the war. Double sided triangular cotton pennant, approx 16 3/4" X 9 1/4" tall at base end. Pennant features 3 horizontal bars in the national colors with black on top, white in the middle & red at the bottom.The 2nd. pattern Luftwaffe eagle is chain stitched in golden yellow threads with dark brown accents. Eagle is nicely formed with a wingspan of 7 1/4" from tip to tip. Pennant is mounted on an internal wire frame, with extended screwed on metal loops to each base corner to secure it to a vehicle. It is completely enclosed in it's original plastic container/outer covering. Covering shows very slight yellowing & has a slight bow to it from age. Very nice & scarce General Officers vehicle pennant. Excellent.
LUFTWAFFE BEVO WOVEN BREAST EAGLE. Light grey BeVo woven eagle on bluish background. 3 1/4" wingspan. Near mint.
LUFTWAFFE ENLISTED MAN'S BREAST EAGLE. Nice piece, silver grey embroidered on Luftwaffe blue backing. 3 1/2" wingspan.
LUFTWAFFE OFFICERS METAL SUMMER PIN ON BREAST EMBLEM. Near mint condition, Aluminum of high quality & showing great detail. 3 1/4" wingspan. Eagle's wing 1/4" thick at the widest point. Back has needle pin with high quality fittings. Unmarked. A quality piece.
LUFTWAFFE POSTCARD DEPICTING AN ARTIST'S PORTRAYAL OF A BOMBING RAID AGAINST ENGLAND. Postcard shows 2 He 111's flying low. Titled 'Deutsche Kampfflugseuge starten gegen England', by PK Kriegsberichter Tenius'. Postaly unused. Excellent.
LUFTWAFFE RECONNAISSANCE CLASP WITH STARBURST PENDANT. Fine quality piece with a beautiful dark grey burnished finish to the eagle's head. Outstanding detail. Back has tapered pin with the widest section in the middle. Eagle's head attached by one round headed rivet. Maker marked to JMME & SOHN, BERLIN. Pin & pin retaining catch still bright gold, the rest of the badge has reverted to a silver finish. A really nice piece.
MACHINE WOVEN RLB LEADERS ARMBAND. Beautiful piece. It was made by Erma of Wuppertal and has theire trademark woven on the back.
MAGNIFICENT JAPANESE NON-FIRING REPLICA OF THE FAMED FG-42 This is the most amazing non firing replica I have ever seen. The man that made this was a master craftsman. This is the type 2 with straighter grip. Has a moveable bolt, folding/adjustable front & rear sights & can be field stripped. It has a muzzle brake, folding bipod & even a spike bayonet that can be reversed into thrusting position. The detachable magazine has perfect dummy rounds which can be cycled through the action. Amazing piece. Like new. I have no photos now but when upload them when I can.
MATCHED PAIR OF KREIS LEVEL NSDAP TABS FOR OBERGEMEINSCHAFTSLEITER. Nice matched pair with 4 pips & 2 stripes on dark brown with white piping. One eagle has a slightly faded finish compared to the other. All pips show fading otherwise the tabs are near mint. No RZM tags.
MATCHED SET OF GAU LEVEL COLLAR TABS FOR OBER-BEREICHSLEITER. Gau level Senior Zone Leader with 2 oak leaves & one bar. No RZM tag. Near mint.
MATCHED SET OF HJ SHOULDER BOARDS FOR THE SIGNALS SECTION OF BANN 663. 1938 pattern shoulder boards with yellow piping & numbers for the signals section of Bann 663, which was located in Litzmannstadt. The reverse of one board has the red HJ tag on it. Exc.
MILITARY ADMINISTRATION OF FRANCE BADGE. This is the large version being 6.5 cm wide. Perfect enamel with 'Militar-Verwaltung Frankreich'. Needle pin with stamped serial number of '2619'. A rare badge.
MINT 'Unteroffiziervorschule' CUFF TITLE. Mint cuff title with flat silver Gothic lettering woven on bluish-dark green, with aluminium top & bottom borders. Full 17 3/4" length. Fine piece.
MINT 'Werkfrauengruppe' MACHINE WOVEN CUFF TITLE WITH LETTERING IN SILVER FLATWIRE GOTHIC. Lettering protected by blue cloth strip. Full length with folded & sewn ends.
MINT ALUMINIUM TENO EAGLE & SWASTIKA FOR THE PEAKED CAP. Beautiful piece in sharp detail. Marked 'A' for ASSMANN, & GES. GESCH. Never applied as the prongs as still the same way they came from the factory.
MINT BEVO HUNGARIAN VOLUNTEER SHIELD. BeVo HUNGARIAN SHIELD Near mint specimen as cut from roll. The company name BEVO-WUPPERTAL is woven into the fabric at the bottom. 2 slight glue stains on reverse. .
MINT BeVo RAD UNIT ARMSHIELD $60 including postage.
MINT BeVo RAD UNIT ARMSHIELD. 60 including postage
MINT BOXED 25 YEAR CIVILIAN LONG SERVICE MEDALS Made by Wachler & Lange, Mittweida i.SA. Proper ribbon suspension on back of ribbon. Mint
MINT CASED 1937 "Deutsche Verdienstmedaille" Rim of medal inscribed correctly "835 PR. MUNZE BERLIN" Back of medal with "Deutsche Verdienst Medaille in upper & lower case Gothic script. Ribbon complete with pin. Nice gold eagle embossed on lid. Photos to come.
MINT MATCHED PAIR OF GAU LEVEL COLLAR TABS FOR OBER-ARBEITSLEITER. Rank of Senior Work Director. Nice bright eagles & pips. No RZM tags. Slight damage to the tip of one eagle's wing. Really nice.
MINT MATCHED PAIR OF NSDAP KREIS LEVEL COLLAR PATCHES FOR HAUPT-BEREICHSLEITER. Rank of Head Zone Leader. All metal nice & bright. One blue RZM tag. Outstanding set.
MINT NSDAP COLLAR TAB EAGLE & SWASTIKA METAL DEVICE. Near mint with one arm of the swastika not as bright. RZM coded M1/72 for the firm of Fritz Zimmermann of Stuttgart. 3 wide pins on back with angled points. Almost like it came out of his factory yesterday.
MINT NSDAP ORTGRUPPE ARMBAND FOR BLOCKLEITER. Mint specimen. Sewn together & complete with blue RZM tag. Hard to find a better one. A beautiful piece.
MINT NSFK Deutschlandflug 1938 PLAQUE. Mint bronze colored plaque in original presentation case. Back with quote from NSFK Korpsfuhrer Christiansen & stamped issue number of 6681. Inside lid has 'Nationsoziallistisches Fliegerkorps Der Korpsfuhrer' printed in gold. Mint but no certificate inside lid.
MINT SS RUNIC COLLAR TAB. SS runes embroidered in a silver grey. Runes are also vaulted. Mint. Beautiful tab.
MINT W-SS ARM EAGLE Perfect texbook example
MINT/UNISSUED TENO OVERSEAS HAT. Near mint with factory applied flat silver eagle & swastika with backing exactly matching the cap material. The black, flat silver & red roundel also has the same matching backing material. Inside of cap is lined in black rayon & has a white inked size 57 stamp, plus a white ink Teno 'T.1. designation. The side flaps can be folded down & are secured by black metal clips into rivets. Super hat.
MOTHER'S CROSS IN GOLD. Excellent condition.
NATIONAL FORESTRY OFFICIAL. 2-piece buckle in bright aluminium as worn with the 'B' tunic.Pebbled background behind eagle. Marked with the 'A' for Assmann trademark. Complete with one belt keeper. Identical to that shown on page 519 of Angolia's book. Exc. plus.
NAVAL COASTAL ARTILLERY BADGE BY SCHWERIN OF BERLIN. Most of the gold has gone from the eagle & wreath. The back is still very bright gold. Good condition.
NAZI BOOK ON OPERATION 'WESERBUNG'. Period Publication."Dokumente zur englisch-franzosischen Politik der Kriegsausweitung". Published in Berlin in 1940 by Franz Eher. This is the German justification for Operation ‘Weserbung-the German invasion & occupation of Norway, & includes captured British documents proving their case. Soft covers. 8.5"x 12". Pages un-numbered, but approx. 138 pages. No maps but a mass of captured British military documents which are reproduced & then translated into German. There are also signals from the British Admiralty to the British Konsul in Narvik, & papieren to the Franzosischen Marineattaches in Oslo, & documents from the Norwegian Aussenministeriums. Not mint but in good condition & contains much valuable information. Exc.
NEAR MINT LAND CUSTOMS BROCADED BELT & ALUMINUM BUCKEL. Silver brocaded belt with two central green stripes & green backing. Buckle unmarked. Complete with both keepers. Introduced 22 December 1938.
NICE BLANK SS PHOTO ALBUM. SS PHOTO ALBUM-BLANK, Approx 12.5" x 9". 24 pages with spider leaf dividers. 3.5" circle with 2.25" SS Runes silver embossed on cover with 'Meine Dienstzeit' at lower right. It's all ready for your pictures. Excellent condition.
NICE BOOKLET ON UNIFORMS & INSIGNIA. Titled "Die Deutsche Uniform, Rangabzeichen, Fahnen und Standarten". Published in Austria, it is very similiar to the Moritz Ruhl booklets. 30 pages with 24 color plates illustrating the flags, uniforms & insignia of the Wehrmacht and para-military origanizations. Covers the SS, SA, HJ, NSKK, NSFK, Police, Teno, NSDAP, RAD, RLB, , road signs and of course the flags.
NICE COLOR CARD SHOWING THE KRIM SCHILD From the "KAMPFABZEICHEN DES HEERS" series. # 12 in the set. Exc. but shows some age spots. Postally unused. This series is much scarcer than the more famous orange series.
NICE COLOR CARD SHOWING THE TANK DESTRUCTION ARM PATCH. From the "KAMPFABZEICHEN DES HEERS" series. #9 in the series. Exc. Postally unused. This series is much scarcer than the more famous orange series.
NICE COLOR POSTCARD SHOWING THE ARMY FLAK BADGE. From the "KAMPFABZEICHEN DES HEERS" series. #8 in the set. Exc. but shows some age spots. This series is much scarcer than the more famous orange series.
NICE COLOR POSTCARDS SHOWING THE INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE IN SILVER. From the "KAMPFABZEICHEN DES HEERS" series. #1 in the set. Postally unused. Excellent. This series is much scarcer than the more famous orange series.
NICE ORIGINAL SNAPSHOT OF HITLER AND MUSSOLINI. Size 3 1/2" x 2 1/2". Black & white. On the back, written in pencil is "Duce 1937". Photo is deckle edged. Excellent
NICE PICTURE BOOK ON THE GERMAN POLICE. “Tag der deutschen Polizei”. Really nice book on the German police, published by the party printing company Franz Eher in 1934. 142 pages printed on a high quality coated paper stock so the photos are very sharp. Hardbound with green cloth covers. Title printed in white with a silver embossed police eagle which is just beautiful. Many, many photos including beautiful portraits of Hermann Goring in an army generals uniform wearing a wide sash order, Prussian Minister of the Interior Dr. Frick, Staatssekretar Grauert, Reichsfuhrer-SS Himmler & Oberprasident und Staatsrat Kube. Shows photos of the police doing many activities including marching, fundraising, little children riding on police horses, 100 police dogs are shown off to the public. Complete with original dust jacket which shows a little wear. Otherwise very good condition. Size 9” X 6”.
NICE POSTCARD PHOTO PORTRAIT OF REICHSMARSCALL GORING Shown at his desk studying a book. Nice uniform/insignia details. Card is entitled 'DER REICHSMARSCHALL' and taken by a woman-Rosemarie Clausen. Numbered R 117, Published by Ross-Verlag in Berlin. Postally unused.
NICE PRESS RELEASE PHOTO OF DUTCH SS MAN TAKING THE OATH OF ALLEGIANCE. Nice 5" x 7" press release photo dated 24 Januari 1944. Tag is in Dutch with extensive information. Excellent
NSDAP KREISLEITER ARMBAND. Mint & nicely sewn together. Complete with blue RZM tag. A beautiful specimen. Eagle & swastika pip in center as bright as new. Cannot be upgraded.
NSDAP OFFICIALS BUCKLE 2 piece alumium buckle complete with both belt keepers which have an oak leaf pattern running up their length. Buckle is marked RZM M4/39 which indicates it was made by F. W. Assmann & Sohne of Ludenscheid. One keeper is also marked RZM M4/39 matching the buckle. Front of the buckle is silver colored as are the oak leaf parts of the keeper. The back of the buckle is gold, as are the rest of the keepers. Looks as if somebody may have painted it silver at one time, although Angolia's book does mention silver colored buckles.
NSDAP ORTSGROUP LEVEL COLLAR TAB. 2 matching eagle & swastika pips. All 3 pieces still bright. Back complete with blue RZM tag. Really nice piece.
NSDAP PARTY LEADERS GOLD BROCADED BELT & BUCKLE. Excellent condition. Buckle marked RZM M4/24, the RZM code for Friedrich Linden of Ludenscheid. Leather belt adjistment tab stamped 105. Blue RZM tab mostly present. A really nice piece.
NSKK ARM EAGLE, SILVER FLATWIRE WOVEN ON BLACK. Eagle with 2 3/4" wingspan. Blue RZM tag on back. Mint/unused.
NSKK ARM EAGLE. Silver flatwire machine woven on light brown. I believe this is for the brown shirt. 3 1/4" wingspan. 2 glue marks on back.
NSKK GORGET Very nice NSKK gorget. Numbers afixed separately. Correct NSKK chain. Correct original green backing. . Nice condition with only minor black flecks missing from black faceplate.
OBERGRUPPENFUHRER HEISSMEYER PHOTO. I believe this is an original war-time Allied photo that was copied from 'Das Schwarze Korps'. It shows Obergruppenfuhrer Heissmeyer collecting a donation from a woman. In red pencil on the back is marked 'Ger Pers. 'H'. Excellent. Size 8" X 6 1/2".
OLYMPIC GAMES MEDAL, Complete with original ribbon. Nice condition. A total of 54,915 were awarded. I will try & take better photos. The medal does not have rust on it.I think this was caused by a reflection.
Ordensburg Vogelsang POSTCARD Nice black & white postcard of Ordensburg Vogelsang, showing 4 different views. Card was never mailed. Near mint
ORIGINAL ALLIED PRESS RELEASE PHOTO-SNOW PARTIALLY COVERS A DEAD SS MAN. Photo taken near Schillersdorf, west of the Haguenau Forest, in northern Alsace, France. U.S. Signal Corps photo complete with descriptive tag. I believe this photo is unpublished. Exc. Size 8" X 6".
ORIGINAL ALLIED PRESS RELEASE PHOTO-SS MEN CAPTURED BY US ARMY. They are wearing greatcoats & the censor has opaqued out their cap badges but their belt buckles & arm eagles are clearly visible. Photo taken somewhere in Germany. I believe this photo is unpublished. Nice clear US Signal Corps photo. Descriptive tag on back. Size 9" X 7"
ORIGINAL ALLIED PRESS RELEASE PHOTO-SURRENDERING GERMANS CARRY WOUNDED COMRADE TO THE REAR. ONE IS WEARING THE DEATH'S HEAD CUFF TITLE. . They were captured by the Third Armored Division, First US Army, around Marburg Germany, about 15 miles north of Giessen. Date approx March 29, 1945. I believe this photo is unpublished. Exc. Size 8" X 6". US Signal Corps photo with descriptive tag.
ORIGINAL ALLIED PRESS RELEASE PHOTO-SURRENDERING GERMANS WALK PAST DESTROYED SS VEHICLE. After their capture by troops of the 102nd Division, Ninth US army, prisoners assist wounded comrades to the rear. They are walking past a destroyed SS vehicle. US Signal Corps photo with descriptive tag on back. Size 8" X 6".
ORIGINAL ALLIED PRESS RELEASE PHOTO-THE FIRST SS MEN ARE CAPTURED IN ARNHEM. Shows about 8 German POW's being marched away with a British motor-cycle combo guarding them. At least 3 of them are SS men, & one is wearing a M-44 Camo jacket. They were captured by men of the 49th (West Riding) Division who were fighting under Canadian command. I believe this photo has never been published before. Associated press rubber stamp & complete with descriptive tag. Exc. Size 8" X 6".
ORIGINAL ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTO-ERICH HILGENFELDT IN SS GENERAL'S OVERCOAT. Nice clear photo showing him standing behind a podium with a huge Red Cross emblem mounted on the wall. I believe this is unpublished. Associated Press rubber stamp & typewritten tag. Size 8" X 6".
ORIGINAL ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTO-KONRAD HENLEIN IN SS GRUPPENFUHRER UNIFORM. Associated Press rubber stamp on back plus typewritten tag. Size 8" X 6".
ORIGINAL SNAPSHOT OF NSDAP PARADE. Original snapshot showing NSDAP parade, 2.5"x 3.25". Shows NSDAP section leading followed by DAF unit & then a veterans detachment. Sign above street reads "Dem Schopfer GroBdeutschlands unsere Gruhs". NSDAP wearing early style uniforms. Nice detail. Exc.
ORIGINAL WAFFEN-SS PRESS RELEASE PHOTO SHOWING THEM RESTING IN A VEHICLE DURING THE INVASION OF RUSSIA. This photo is actually taken of men of the "SS Kavallerie" unit under Herman Fegelein as it is reproduced in the famous but rare book "SS Kavallerie im Osten". Photo has a blue rubber stamp from the Scherl-Bilderdienst Agency, and is dated 2.10.1941. Excellent. 5" X 7"
ORTS LEVEL NSDAP COLLAR TAB FOR OBEREINSATZLEITER. Three pips & one stripe. Beautiful condition.
PAIR OF MATCHED HJ SHOULDER STRAPS FOR THE FLIEGER SECTION OF BANN 663. 1938 pattern shoulder straps with blue piping & numbers for the Flieger section of Bann 662 which was located in Litzmannstadt. Exc.
PAIR OF NSDAP GAU LEVEL COLLAR PATCHES FOR ABSCHNITTSLEITER. Near mint condition. Eagles & oak leafs still very bright. Blue RZM tag on the back of one tab. Really nice examples.
PAIR OF NSDAP GAU LEVEL COLLAR TABS FOR GEMEINSCHAFTSLEITER. Nice matched pair. Pips & eagles still bright. Blue RZM tag on back of one. One edge of piping a little loose. Excellent.
PAIR OF NSDAP GAU LEVEL COLLAR TABS FOR OBER-ARBEITSLEITER. Light red body with darker red piping. One eagle is still bright gilt. The other & the two pips have faded somewhat. One tab with RZM tag. Excellent.
PARIS IN THE THIRD REICH, A History of the German Occupation, 1940-1944. Large book with hundreds of black & white & color photos. Many full page photos. Published in 1981 with 294 pages. Great book. Used-like new with mint dust cover.
PARTY KALENDER FOR 1940. Very nice kalender with full page photos of various Party & Military personalities, along with a brief description of their career, as well as their birthday. Each page has from one to seven days on it, so there are approx.76 fine portraits in this kalender.
PERIOD BOOK Scarce period book 'Auf dem Weg zur Feldherrnhalle'. (The Road to the Feldherrnhalle) by General Ludendorff. Hard cover book with black printed title. Published in 1937. 156 pages. This German language book describes the events leading up to 9th. November 1923 & Ludendorff's involvement. When the police opened fire at the Feldherrnhalle, only Ludendorff & his aid continued marching unscathed through the police fire & up to the forward skirmish line. The rest of the leaders in the forward ranks wilted under the hail of bullets. An interesting account of the times for my German language readers. No photos. No dust cover. Excellent condition. Printed in Gothic type.
PERIOD BOOK BY BLOOD ORDER HOLDER #97-HANS ZOBERLEIN. Period Book 'Der Befehl des Gewissens' by Hans Zoberlein. Zoberlein was the Commander of 9th. Company SA Regiment Munich during the attempted Putsch on 9th. November 1923. As such he was awarded Blood Order # 97. Book details his experiences as a Stosstrupp soldier in WW1, & his involvement on 9th. November. Book was published in 1938 by the official Party publisher Franz Eher of Munich. 990 pages. Printed in Gothic. No photos except for a very nice front-piece portait of Zoberlein. However there are a number of National Socialist line drawings throughout the book. THE BOOK IS ALSO PERSONALLY SIGNED BY HIM IN INK. Size 7 1/2" X 5" with dust cover, which shows the Feldherrnhalle. Excellent with just a slight stain on dust cover. Another really good book to read for the German language reader.
PERIOD DUTCH BOOK PRINTED UNDER GERMAN OCCUPATION. "Die Niederlande im Umbruch der Zeiten. ALTE UND NEUE BEZIEHUNGEN ZUM REICH'. by du Prel/Janke. Printed 1941 in Wurzburg. 395 pages. Excellent condition with blue cover with gold embossed title. Very interesting book with some nice pictures. Fore-word by Reichsminister Dr. Seyss-Inquart. About 110 nice photos. A nice overview of Dutch history, art, culture & people. Some of the nice pictures include: a portrait of Admiral de Ruyter-who had an SS cuff title named after him, SS graves at Grebbeberg, General der Flieger Christiansen saluting a march past of German troops-with his Chief of the General Staff Command flag beside him, old dutch police uniforms & the new uniforms under the Nazis, a Niederlandischer Arbeitsdienstfuhrer with his unique collar tabs, & NSB, & Nazi posters including one for Vrijwilligers-Legioen "NEDERLAND" showing a soldier in his Dutch uniform. Size 9 1/2" X 6 1/2".
PERIOD ENGLISH BOOKLET Prepared by the General Staff, War Office under the supervision of M.I. 14 in November 1941. A box on the top of the front cover says this is not be be published. A rubber stamp on the cover shows it to be the former property of Colonel Dodkins-one of the early leading figures in collecting. 48 pages covering every aspect of the German army. One picture on every page. Shows uniforms, tanks, assault guns, armored cars, assault boats,gliders, paratroopers etc. Excellent. Size 5" X 7"
PERIOD INSIGNIA BOOKLET Small period black & white booklet. 31 pages illustrating flags, army insignia, navy, Luftwaffe, police, NSDAP insignia, SA insignia, SS & NSKK collar patches, HJ shoulder straps, NSFK collar patches, RAD collar patches & shoulder straps, and lastly German road signs. This booklet appears to have been printed for the Red Cross as the first six pages show all Red Cross, medals, insignia, flags etc.
PHOTO OF 'HANDSCHAR' TROOPER WITH LOCAL WOMEN. Man is shown wearing fez & camo. smock. This is a reproduced photo from the files of the Imperial War Museum, London, & has their file number on the back. I do not know what has been published in relation to this division & offer this solely to help anybody studying this unit. Size 6 1/2" X 4 1/2". Exc.
PHOTO OF AN LSSAH AWARD CEREMONY. This was taken during the same ceremony as another I just listed & shows the same two soldiers getting their medals. The "Adolf Hitler" cuff title can be seen being worn. It is marked on the back "LSSAH 1941" in pencil. From the famous Dodkins collection & rubber stamped in red as being produced by Shape Pictorial Section, while Dodkins was serving with NATO. Excellent. 5" X 7"
PHOTO OF OBERSTURMBANNFUHRER SYLVESTER STADLER. This was taken after Sept. 26th, 1941 when he was presented with the Oak Leaves by Hitler. Photo appears to have been copied from a German newspaper as the screen pattern is readily apparent. Back of photo has "Colonel Stadler" written in pencil and written in red pencil is "Germ. Pers. Most likely done by WW2 British intelligence to keep track of German personnel. Excellent. Size 5" X 7"
PHOTO OF SS POLICE DIVISION HEAVY MACHINE GUN READY FOR ACTION. Post war photo reproduced from the original negative or print from the files of the Imperial War Museum, & marked with their archive number on the back. 5" X 7". Excellent.
PHOTO OF SS SNIPER IN US MARINE CORPS CAMO? BEING MARCHED OFF INTO CAPTIVITY BY TWO BRITISH SOLDIERS. This was part of a series taken during the same encounter. This one shows one of the British soldiers now has the SS helmet hanging from his shoulder. A nice clear/sharp post war produced by the Imperial War Museum from the original negative or print, & has their file number on the back. Excellent. 5" X 7"
PHOTO OF SS-OBERSTURMFUHRER FROM THE LSSAH TALKING TO HIS MEN. He is wearing the "Adolf Hitler" cuff title. Back of photo marked LSSAH 1941" in pencil. This was from the famous Dodkins collection & was produced by Shape Pictorial Section while he was serving in NATO. Excellent. 5" X 7"
PHOTO OF TWO SS=UNTERSCHARFUHRER FROM THE LEIBSTANDARTE DURING AN AWARD CEREMONY. They are wearing helmets with camo covers, & have just been awarded the Iron Cross, 2nd class. Both are wearing the "Adolf Hitler" cuff title. Back of photo marked LSSAH 1941" in pencil,This came from the famous British collector Dodkins, & was produced by Shape Pictorial Section while he was serving with NATO. Excellent. 5" X 7"
PHOTO SHOWING 3 OFFICERS FROM 'HANDSCHAR'. Nice photo. This is a reproduced photo from the files of the Imperial War Museum, London, & has their file number on the back. I do not know what has been published in relation to this division & offer this solely to help anybody studying this unit. Size 6 1/2" X 4 1/2". Exc.
PHOTO SHOWING 6 WAFFEN-SS MEN BEING MARCHED INTO CAPTIVITY. Post war photo reproduced by the Imperial War Museum using the original negative or print and marked with their archive number on the back. Nice clear sharp photo. At least four of the men are wearing the smocks. 3 are wearing helmets with camo covers, one is wearing an overseas hat, & one is wearing an M-44
PHOTO SHOWING GROUPOF 4 OR 5 MEN OF THE LSSAH BEING MARCHED INTO CAPTIVITY. Post war reproduced photo from the original negative or print from the files of the Imperial War Museum, & marked with their archive number on the back.Nice sharp clear photo. Three are wearing smocks, and one man can be seen wearing the "Adolf Hitler" cuff title. Excellent. 5" X 7"
PHOTO SHOWING SS GENERAL SAUBERZWEIG IN HIS KUBELWAGEN. This is a reproduced photo from the files of the Imperial War Museum, London, & has their file number on the back. I do not know what has been published in relation to this division & offer this solely to help anybody studying this unit. Size 6 1/2" X 4 1/2". Exc.
PHOTO-CAPTURED W-SS OFFICER. Photo taken shortly after capture. He has already been partially de-Nazified as his medals and badges are gone, however he is still wearing his SS runic tabs. This is a reproduced photo from the files of the Imperial War Museum, London, & has their file number on the back. Size 6 1/2" X 4 1/2". Exc.
PICTURE BOOK ON THE LEIBSTANDARTE ADOLF HITLER Collector Book. "Die 1. SS PANZER DIVISION" by Herbert Walther. Published by Podzun Pallas Verlag. 1987. 120 pages packed with photos. Like new with dust cover.
POLICE LONG SERVICE MEDAL FOR 8 YEARS. Nice condition & complete with original ribbon & pin attachment.
POLICE SPORTS VEST INSIGNIA. Large machine woven police insignia for the sports vest. 8" wing span. One of the scarcer police insignias. Exc.
PORTFOLIO OF SITUATION/BATTLE MAPS ALL RELATED TO THE 16TH. SS-PANZERGRENADIERDIVISION 'REICHSFUHRER-SS'. Beautiful set in like new condition. Most maps are in full 4 color & fold out to 12" X 16 1/2" size.
POST 1940 RAD ENLISTED RANKS FIELD CAP. Beautiful piece. Appears un-issued. Factory applied BeVo RAD insignia. Single metal vent hole each side finished in RAD brown. False turn up being completely stitched, and no longer having the black piping. (done in order to speed up production) Whitish cloth lining. Marked "Fu 3 40 (1940) "Franz Ritter-Dettingen, 939. Size 57. As expected it's made of a coarser material. Another very hard to find hat.
POST-WAR SET OF FOLD-OUT COLOR POSTCARDS FEATURING THE EAGLE'S NEST (KEHLSTEINHAUS) Nice set of 10 color photo postcards showing different views of this famous structure located 1834 meters high in the Bavarian mountains. No cards were ever torn off & postally used. Cards are contained in a gold framed folder which has torn in two places. These cards were personally bought by me c. 1969 when I was a serving member of the US army in Germany & stationed in Bayreuth. My unit strood astride the famous Fulda Gap & we were placed to slow down/blunt an expected Blitzkrieg assault by the East German army & the Soviets. Fortunately that never happened.
POSTCARD, NICE COLOR PHOTO OF HEINKEL 111 IN FLIGHT. Titled on front, 'Kampfflugzeug Heinkel He 111, color photo taken by P.K. Dr. Rummler. Back has nice grey printing showing the He 111 in 3 silhouettes. Excellent, Postaly unused.
POSTCARD: NICE BLACK & WHITE ARTIST'S PORTRAYAL OF GENERALOBERST VON BRAUCHITSCH. Back titled 'Generaloberst von Brauchitsch, Oberbefehlshaber der Wehrmacht'. Postally unused, excellent
PRE 1942 RAD OFFICERS VISORLESS FIELD CAP (OVERSEAS HAT) This is a really nice hat. Made of officers quality material. Bullion RAD officers hand embroidered insignia. Scooped front with silver bullion piping around the scoop & around the crown. Single metal vent hole each side finished in RAD brown. Lined in a brownish satin material. Cap is unmarked. Turn up is stitched to body so that it cannot be rolled down. Leather sweat band around front of cap. No mothin. A beautiful piece. RAD officers hats in this condition are extremely hard to find.
PRINZEN SIZE SPANGE/BAR TO THE IRON CROSS, 2nd CLASS 1939. wing span 7/8" by 15/16". Nice condition with nearly all of the frosting remaining. Unmarked back with both prongs. Very nice. Identical to that shown on page 35 of "Forman's Guide to Third Reich German Awards..And Their Value". 2nd .Edition.
RACE & SETTLEMENT CUFF TITLE BEING WORN. Nice original press release photo from agency in Brussels shows the Italian Minister for Landwirtschaft Carlo Pareschi meeting Schwatz. Photo dated 19 Oct. 1942. In the middle of the group stands an SS-Gruppenfuhrer wearing the Race & Settlement cuff title. Descriptive tag in German. Size 5" X 7".
RAD CONSTRUCTION IN WAR ZONE. RAD POSTCARD, from the series "Unsere Arbeitsmanner im Kriegseinsatz". & titled RAD im Osten". Shows RAD men building a log road in Russia. This was published by EAS in Berlin, the same publishing company that issued the SS cards. Exc.
RAD Postcard . RAD POSTCARD FROM THE RAD ART SHOW IN PRAG, black & white card from a series published in 1944. #1019 & entitled "Arbeitpause" from the original by Otto Engelhardt-Kyffhauser. Shows an Rad man sitting down & playing his harmonica. It is amazing to me that in 1944 when the German's were getting their asses kicked on all sides, they found time to mount a major art exhibition in Prague.Exc.
RAD SPORT SHIRT EAGLE Nice BeVo woven RAD Sport Shirt Emblem, trademarked 'RAD & GES. GESCH'.
RAD VEHICLE PENNANT POLE TOP. Black swastika on white shield with red border & wheat sheaves inside a circular outer border. Chrome. Back unmarked. Rare. Threaded base appears somewhat bent.
RAD VEHICLE RADIATOR EMBLEM. 3" tall. Chrome with wheat sheaves & spade. Spade has a black swastika in the center of a silver pebbled background. The edge of the spade has a red border from which some of the paint is missing. It has 2 small nuts on the bottom bracket to fasten it to the vehicle. Back plain. Quite scarce.
RAD WOMAN'S 18 YEAR SERVICE AWARD IN SILVER. A fairly scarce award. Medal is in very nice condition but uncleaned, & with the ribbon in the more common bow configuration.
RARE 'Nationalsozialistilches Jahrbuch 1932' Small rare yearly supplement to the Organisation book, this was printed yearly to reflect changes & events not covered in the larger volume. Small red covered cloth book with white printed eagle & swastika & title. Size 4 1/4" X 6 1/2". 320 pages. Printed by the official party publisher-Franz Eher. Pages 3 & 4 honor the SA & SS dead of the movement who died during the period 1930-31. This is followed by a calendar which also lists important events that occurred during the year. One page shows special lists of uniforms & equipment for the SA, HJ, SS, NSKK & party formations. Pages 136-139 lists all the Gauleiter's for each region. Pages 147-154 lists all the party press publications for all of Germany. Pages 155-156 lists the SA Leadership for Greater Germany. Page 159 lists 7 Reichszeugmeisterei outlets for Greater Germany. Pages 168-171 lists the entire HJ Leadership. Pages 172-179 lists all Nazis in the Government. NS Teachers are also covered as well as the Studentenbund Leadership. Another section covers license plates of Greater Germany. There are ads for NS books. Another section lists guest houses/hotels all over Germany run by fellow Nazis. There are nice little ads for Nazi badge makers. This is a rare book. Excellent condition.
RARE AND UNUSUAL ITEM, GLASS SLIDE PHOTO SHOWING AN SA MAN'S GRAVE RIGHT NEXT TO A SS MAN'S. Shows the grave of SS man Fritz Schulz on the right. This has a huge swastika at the top. He died on 3.8.1932 & was born 26.1.1893. On the left is the grave of SA Scharfuhrer Hans Steinberg. His grave has a tilted swastika on the top. He had been in Sturm 102 (Wedding) in Berlin when he was killed. Born 1.3.1906. Died 1.7.1932. This slide was probably used in a film projector, most likely for Hitler Youth. At the top, it is marked 23. 80 851 N.S.-Grabsteine. At the bottom marked Dr. Franz Stoediner, Berlin 54 On the right marked Kreisbildstelle Eupen. Reihe H8 Nr. 23 On the left marked Schul-Auswahlreihe Nr. 20/1938 v. b. Reichstelle f. b. Unterrichtfilm empfohlen. Neat item. Size 3 1/4" x 3 3/4". Photo to come
RARE ANTI-ENGLAND CARD DEPICTING GERMAN & ITALIAN BOMBERS ATTACKING ENGLAND. When I first saw this card, I was transfixed by the image showing Italian bombers alongside German bombers attacking England. I had never heard of any mention of Italian bombers joining in the assault on England. So I googled it. Indeed there were 2 squadrons of Italian bombers based in Belgium for about 6 months. They were ineffectual playing a secondary role & were quickly withdrawn for the Italian assault on Greece. Card is actually an Italian card & was postaly used. It has the 'ARMA AERONAUTICA" emblem in the top left hand corner, & was mailed to a female in Bologna. Excellent.
RARE ARMY NCO SHOULDER STRAP FOR NEBELTRUPPEN (SMOKE TROOPS)-SINGLE Subdued NCO stress. Edging in Bordeaux red. Narrow 1/2" tongue. Any Smoke Troop insignia is rare. Exc.
RARE BeVo WOVEN 'NSDAP Reichsautozug Rare BeVo woven insignia from a little known organization. Back with B series RZM tag. exc.
Rare book on the UKRAINIAN DIVISION "GALICIA", IN UKRAINIAN. Rare book on the UKRAINIAN DIVISION "GALICIA", The History of its Formation and Military Operations (1943-1945) by Wolf-Dietrich Heike. Published in 1970 by the Brotherhood of Former Soldiers of the 1st. Ukrainian Division. Printed by Kiev Printers in Ontario, Canada. 278 pages with the majority in Ukrainian, but sections in both German & English. Black cover with gold Galazien lion & gold lettering. 49 photos many of them excellent. Exc. Photos of the Galazien lion collar patch being worn. Like new & rare.
RARE BRONZE 50 TANK BADGE BY GB. Very nice condition. Bronze on wreath is nearly perfect, with the bronze on the tank a little less so. The 50 tank emblem at the bottom is separately attached by means of split attachments. It is the pattern with no rivets as shown or mentioned in some of the books. Apparently the factory ran out of rivets at some point & improvised. This is a very rare badge.
RARE BULLION NSFK SPONSORING MEMBERS ARM BADGE. 3" bullion arm badge with metal NSFK insignia set in the middle. As shown on page 400 of Bender's NSFK book. Mine is most similar to the example on the left. Bullion still nice & bright although the metal NSFK insignia has turned dark.
RARE CASED SMALL PLAQUE FOR MODEL AIRCRAFT 1938. Plaque was awarded for "Reichswettbewerb fur Motorflugmodelle 1938" Back serial numbered 129 with quote & signature of the NSFK Leader. White satin inside top has gold lettering "Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps-Der Korpsfuhrer". Besitz-Urkunde inside lid named to Erwin Goldhan with matching serial number-129. Excellent. The smaller plaques are always rarer than the larger versions.
RARE DACHAU BOOKLET-PUBLISHED BY THE US ARMY Scarce Allied publication "SS DACHAU". 68 pages plus cover. Published by the Americans within weeks of over-running the Dachau Camp. There is a hand written note inside the front cover from an American soldier who was there. Many pictures & much information. It even mentions that Sister Pia (of Blood Order fame) was assisting in the camp christmas of 1942. Exc.
RARE DAF STAFF CUFF TITLE FOR ENLISTED MEMBERS. Near mint condition with silver grey lettering & cog wheel woven on blue. Full length with unsewn ends & with the makers name partially visible.
RARE DAGGER ACCESSARY-RZM MARKED SS, SA, NSKK DAGGER SPANNER/TOOL. 2" long, steel, & marked "DOLCH SCHRAUBENSCHLUSSEL M 7/66, which indicates it was made by the firm of Karl Eickhorn in Solingen. RARE. I do not remember the last one up for sale..
RARE DANZIG LAPEL PIN. Red enamel flag with silver cross & two Danzig Crosses. Reverse unmarked. Excellent condition.
RARE DUTCH BOOK ON THE HISTORY OF "LANDSTORM NEDERLAND". "Nederlandse vrijwillers in Europese krijgsdienst 1940-1945", Hard cover with 410 pages and 175 rare photos. Complete with dust cover. Both dust cover & book are like new. Long out of print.
RARE GAU HESSEN-NASSAU ERINNERUNGSMEDAILLE. This is Gau Hessen- Nassau's own version of the Blood Order for Alter Kampfer. Front shows a man holding a swastika shield & sword with the words "RHEIN-MAIN". Back is inscribed "DAS ALTE FUHRERKORPS DER NSDAP" with around the circumference of the medal "TREFFEN HESSEN-NASSAU 1936". Ribbon complete with pinback attachment. Very rare. I have only seen one other for sale in recent years.
RARE GAU LEVEL NSDAP COLLAR TAB FOR BEFEHLSLEITER. Command Leader at Gau level is only 2 tabs below Gauleiter. 4 oakleaves & no bars. Near mint with blue RZM tag on reverse. One small darker spot on left eagle's wing.
RARE GOLD NAVAL NARVIK SHIELD. This piece is a fine strike in very good condition, & finished in a lighter more subdued shade of gold. According to a new reference book on naval badges, this is the subdued version. It is backed with a thick very high quality navy cloth backing. One of the photos shows it next to a silver shield so you can see the difference. Angolia's book says that a total of 8,577 were awarded, but this includes the silver version.
RARE HJ PLAQUE RARE HITLER YOUTH PLAQUE/MEDALLION "FOR THE FURTHERING OF HITLER YOUTH HOSTEL BUILDING PROGRAMME". On 1st December 1936, service in the Hitler Youth was made obligatory for all aryan German boys between the ages of 15 & 18. The consequent expansion of the Hitler Youth led to a shortage of suitable accommodation (hostels, huts, parade halls etc) and to reward those who energetically assisted in the Hitler Youth hostel building programme, a silver (actually aluminium) medallion was instituted by Hitler in 1937. 70mm in diameter. On the obvserse is the HJ emblem surmounted by a scroll with the words "Heim der Hitlerjugend", (Home of the Hitler Youth) and on the reverse the inscription "Fur die Forderung der Heimbeschaffung der Hitler-Jugend". (For the furthering or sponsoring of the Hitler Youth hostel building programme). Eagle highly detailed & stands out proudly. Some wear to silver finish but highly collectible. A RARE, RARE PLAQUE.
RARE LARGE NSKK DECAL Only one I've ever seen. Gold eagle with black highlights on red background with gold edging. I'm not sure if this is for a vehicle or a helmet, although it might be a little big for the latter.Instructions in German for use on back. Size 4" x 3 1/4". Beautiful looking piece. RARE, RARE, RARE
RARE LUFTWAFFE COLOR POSTCARD Shows large Luftwaffe eagle ready to swoop down on England. Titled 'Im neuen Jahr dem Endsieg entgegen', by which the Luftwaffe is boasting that it will secure victory in the coming year. Card is undated & was never mailed. On the back it is titled 'Herausgegeben vom Luftaukommando VI, artwork by Uffz. Grunwald. Excellent.
RARE LUFTWAFFE GENERAL'S CAPE CLASPS. Near mint pair in fine fire gilted aluminum. Beautiful example but missing the backing plates.
RARE METAL GAULEITER CAR PENNANT. GAULEITER CAR PENNANT, square, painted/printed version with ‘GL’ letting in Roman fount. Gold eagle with highlights on a red/white background. Maroon edging shows slight wear on both sides. Pole attachments are stamped RZM 3/61-which is the code for the firm Max Knobloch G.m.b.H., in Dobeln.
RARE MODEL 1938 SS STANDARD BEARERS GORGET. Fine quality piece with chain. The center stability tang is slightly bent & marked RZM M1/128 for the firm of Eugen Schmidhaussler of Pforzheim. The green backing cloth is original to the piece & has an SS ink stamping. It is complete with the chain which may not be original. Many Model 1938 gorgets are missing the chains because they detach easily & get lost or misplaced. Many years ago, during the 1960's, Andrew Mollo was one of the leading collectors in the hobby. He obtained a few links of original chain & had them duplicated. This may be one of those chains. It is extremely well made but unmarked & includes the special circular center link.
RARE NSDAP REICHSAUTOZUG CLOTH PATCH Made in the machine woven BeVo syle with cloth tag on the back.
RARE POST-WAR FRENCH BOOK ON THE SS. Soft covers, 224 pages with many pictures. Excellent. Undated but long out of print.
RARE POST-WAR FRENCH BOOK ON THE SS. Soft covers, 192 pages with many illustrations. Published in 1973. Excellent.
RARE PRESS RELEASE PHOTO SHOWING SS BRIGADEFUHRER VON SCHOLZ AWARDING AN IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS TO A LETTISH VOLUNTEER. Nice 5" x 7" photo that was taken by SS-Kriegsberichter Vermeer on 9.3.1943. A Weltbild press agency photo.
RARE REICH LEVEL MATCHED SET OF COLLAR TABS FOR HAUPT-DIENSTLEITER. Reich level collar tabs for Reich Service Leader with 3 oak leaves & 2 bars. Near mint with no RZM tag.
RARE SA LEADERS HOLSTER FOR THE PP PISTOL, MADE BY THE FAMOUS NURNBERG COMPANY OF AKAH. Large 1 1/2" SA logo boldly embossed/stamped into the flap. Under the pull strap is the AKAH trademark, an oak wreath with crossed shotguns across it, & 2 pistols at the top above the open wreath. Their sales catalog is reproduced in 'Walther Volume III 1908-1980' by James Rankin. on page 205 & 206. They made holsters for various guns but specialized in producing 4 holsters for Party organizations. They made the special holster for the Party Leaders honor PPK, an NSFK holster, an NSKK holster & an SA holster, the last 3 all for the PP. The holster is in good condition with light wear.
RARE SA NEWSPAPER "DER SA-MANN". Special edition for Hochland. Printed in Munich and dated 26. Februar 1938. 9. Folge/7. Jahrgang. Cartoon on cover shows German & Austrian hands clasped together celebrating re-union and underneath the rest of the world screams blue murder. Comprises two sections of 16 pages. Excellent condition for its age. Large RZM ad on inside back page.100
RARE SA PENNANT ON WHITE BACKGROUND Triangular SA pennant. Most unusual type as it has a large 4 ¼” red chainstitched SA emblem on a white background. This is the only one I've ever seen. I think that it could have been made for SA use during the Olympic Games in 1936, but that's just a guess. Stitch re-enforced tip, Rope & clip ties. Near mint. Size 13 ¼” X 8 ½”.
RARE SINGLE NSDAP COLLAR TAB FOR GAU LEVEL OBER-BEFEHLSLEITER. Rank of Senior Command Leader with 4 oakleaves & one bar. No RZM tag. Near mint & beautiful. Highest rank below Gauleiter.
RARE SPECIAL CLOTH INSIGNIA FOR THE IMMEDIATE STAFF OF THE STABCHEF DER SA. Small patch approx 2" X 2 1/4". Gold metallic flatwire on brown. showing eagle with furled wings with large SA emblem in the center surrounded by oak leaves. Has snaps on the back so it can be transferred to different persons as needed. One of only 2 known. The other is in a large SA collection in California. I believe this patch was issued to either Lutze's adjutant or the man who carried his personal Command Flag. Near mint.
RARE SPECIAL GOLD COLORED ALUMINIUM EAGLE & SWASTIKA HOLSTER HANGER FOR THE PARTY LEADERS HONOR PISTOL. These are shown on plate 28b of the Assmann catalog. Two types are shown. The top one has 4cm openings for the hanger. The bottom one has 3 1/2 cm openings. One is for the service rig & the other is for the dress parade brocaded belt. Both are for the second pattern holster rig introduced in 1940. This specimen has the 3 1/2cm opening. It is RZMed M5/8 which is the code for Assmann. Excellent condition. I also show a scan from the Assmann factory catalog showing this exact piece.
RARE SS 'OST' CUFF TITLE BEING WORN. Allegeime SS Sturm-mann, wearing the rare 'Ost' cuff title. Back marked to a photography studio in Plagwitz. Nice sharp photo. Size 5 1/2" X 3 1/2". Postcard sized format with lined address blocks on the back. Postally unused.
RARE STAATLICHE KRIMINALPOLIZEI DISC. Textbook. Exactly how it should be. Very nice patina. # 3859. Non magnetic. Very nice condition. Complete with non standard gold chain.
RARE VOLKSSTURM ARMBAND, WOVEN IN THE BEVO STYLE. This is rare. For every 1,000 printed ones you see, you might come across a woven one. Full length & unsewn.
RARE WAFFEN-SS PUBLICATION This is titled "LAUFBAHNBESTIMMUNGEN fur Fuhrer und Unterfuhrer der Waffen-SS fur die Dauer des Krieges". Published by Der Reichsfuhrer-SS, Feld-Kommandostelle, den 21. Juni 1943. Cover also states that it is "Nur fur den Dienstgebrauch". Soft covered 40 page booklet covering all the different branches of the W-SS. Rare. I've never seen another one.
REGIMENT GENERAL GORING FLAG TINNIE. Green plastic pin back badge. Excellent condition.
REICH LEVEL NSDAP SINGLE COLLAR TAB FOR BEREICHSLEITER. Reich level collar tab for Zone Leader with 2 oak leaves. Shows some discolorization to wine field & piping coming loose at top. It also looks like this might have been a probe piece at one time as there is a small hole at bottom right. Complete with blue RZM tag.
REICHS LEVEL NSDAP SINGLE COLLAR TAB FOR HAUPT-ABSCHNITTSLEITER. Reich level tab for Head Section Leader with 1 oak leaf & 2 bars. Near mint with no RZM tab.
REICHSPRESSECHEF DR. DIETRICH SPRACH IN PRAG. Nice original press release photo from agency in Budapest shows Dr. Dietrich wearing his SS generals tunic. Size 5" X 7" with tag in German.
RLB LEADERS ARMBAND Beautiful condition with blue RLB and swastika woven on to a white star burst.Professionally sewn together at back with the trade mark "ERHA-WUPPERTAL GES GESCH."
RUSSIAN PHOTO-DEAD SS MOTORCYCLIST IN RUSSIA. Copy of a photo from the archives of the Imperial War Museum. Exc. Size 8 1/2" X 6 1/2". I.W.M. negative # on back.
RUSSIAN PRESS RELEASE PHOTO OF SS POW'S. This is a copy of an original photo from the archives of the Imperial War Museum. It is a propaganda photo set up by the Russians to show the world how well they are treating German prisoners. It shows an SS man seated at a table & reading a newspaper called 'Das Freie Wort' (the Free Word) It was bought from the photographic department of the museum & has their archive number written on the back. exc. Size 8 1/2" X 6 1/2".
RUSSIAN PRESS RELEASE PHOTO-CAPTURED SS MEN. This is a copy of a Russian photo from Imperial War Museum files. Size 8 1/2" X 6 1/2". Museum negative # on back. Exc.
RUSSIAN PRESS RELEASE PHOTO-CAPTURED SS MEN. Copy of an original photo from Imperial War Museum files. Shows a captured army EM lighting the cigarette of an SS man. The SS man has an injured arm. I.W.M. negative number written on back. Exc. 8 1/2" X 6 1/2".
RZM SHOP SIGN Early version with the first pattern eagle. Excellent condition with no chipping or rust.
SA CUFFBAND, SA CUFFBAND, "Sturmbann z. b. V. V/Wf", silver grey lettering on wine. Very nice embroidery. 19" long. No RZM tags. Exc.
SA HONOR CUFF TITLE 'Hans von Manteuffel'. White silver grey lettering embroidered on black, worn by Group Warthe, Standarte Posen. Folded & sewn ends with blue RZM tag. excellent.
SA LEADERS VEHICLE FENDER POLE & TOP-COMPLETE. Pole is complete with the special SA emblem screw on top. Entire piece is chromed & 17" long. SA emblem is marked RZM at the top & DRGM at the bottom. It is complete with both pennant attachment clips & has the nut & lock washer at the bottom to attach to the underside of the vehicle. It is in excellent condition.
SA PENNANT. SA pennant, triangular, with large black woven SA emblem on white circle, on red background. Extra stitching for reenforcement. 3 tie rings. Near mint. Size 14” X 8 ½”. Double sided with blue RZM tag.
SA STANDARTENFUHRER MEDICAL DOCTOR GIVES MEDICAL EVALUATIONS TO FELDHERRNHALLE RECRUITS. Nice original Wien press agency photo dated 11. Mai 1938. Descriptive tag in German on the back. Size 8 1/2" X 6 1/4".
SCARCE ANTI-ENGLAND POSTCARD. Black & white card showing the British lion defending the island while hoards of German bombers fly overhead dropping bombs, and U Boats lie off the coast. At the bottom is the wording "Wir fahren gegen Engeland". Excellect condition. Unused.
SCARCE ANTI-ENGLAND POSTCARD. Following the fall of France in 1940, Infantry Regiment Blau sat on the coast of France staring over the channel at England. With this specially printed card, I.R. Blau (and indeed the rest of the Wehrmacht) boast that England will be conquered in 1941. Card is postally used & dated 1941.
SCARCE CLOTH DESTROYER BADGE Scarce cloth Destroyer badge, near mint
SCARCE HOFFMANN PICTURE BOOK 'MUSSOLINI erlebt DEUTSCHLAND'. Scarce photo book on Mussolini's Official visit to Germany in 1937. Cover slightly scuffed but contents excellent. 100 pages with full page photos on each. Great photo of the Fuhrer Mercedes with Mussolini's car pennant on the fender. Another great shot shows Mussolini's Command flag being held next to the Fuhrer Command Pennant. Another great shot shows Mussolini wearing his newly awarded Luftwaffe pilot's badge with diamonds during his visit to Goring at Karinhall.
SCARCE MOTHER'S CROSS CLASP/BROSCHE IN BRONZE. The clasp is 2 3/8: wide., with the Mothers Cross being 7/8" long by 11/16" wide. The back has a 1 3/4" pin mounted on the bar & the miniature Mothers Cross is mounted to that. On the back of the Mothers Cross can just be seen the same inscription that is on the regular full size Mothers Crosses. This is the only one I've seen in person. However if you go to the web site ", under Miniatures, you will see versions in bronze, silver & gold. Excellent condition.
SCARCE NSFK COLOR CARD. Shows bi-plane with swastika on it's tail doing aerobatics over countryside. Glider soaring behind it. At the bottom is the NSFK winged man emblem. Card was printed for Flugtag Hannover, 25. September 1938. Card was postally used & has 2 lovely special cancellations that say 'Hannover-Flugtag 1938, & dated 25.9.38 with NSFK bi-plane in the middle. Excellent.
SCARCE NSFK PLAQUE. NSFK PLAQUE, 3 ¼” in diameter. 3/16” thick. Front shows large NSFK flag (with the flying man) near a bridge with the date 30.6-2.7. 1939. Around the edge is the wording ‘Reichswettkampf des NS-Fliegerkorps Dusseldorf’. Each tip of wing has very slight damage. Reverse has a deeply impressed scene showing NSFK men during war games. They wear the beret, carry rifles, shovels & water bottles & wear the NSFK dagger & a backpack. In the background is an NSFK glider. The whole piece is dark with age. Exc.
SCARCE NSKK PLAQUE. Silver colored NSKK octagonal Plaque. (8 sides) 3" side to side. Has large nice looking NSKK eagle with the wreath surrounded by oak leaves. At the top above the eagle is the wording "SUD-WEST ORIENTIERUNGSFAHRT 1938" & at the bottom "MOTORGRUPPE SUD-WEST". Back is blank. Finish shows a little wear, but still highly collectible.
SCARCE PARTY COURT CUFF-TITLE FOR KREIS LEVEL COURTS. Scarce 'Kreisgericht' cuff title. Full length with folded & sewn ends. Brown cloth strip on back of back to protect lettering. Blue RZM Tag. Near mint.
Schleswig-Holsteinischer SA & SS SONGBUCH. Printed in 1933, this 36 page booklet contains the words to many of the Third Reich's most important songs including, the SS Song 'Wenn alle untreu werden', and of course the required 'Deutschland uber alles' & 'Das horst=Wessel=Lied' & other favorites like 'hitlerlied', 'Hitler=Jugend=Lied', 'Marschlied der SS', 'Deutschland erwache', & 'Wir sind das heer vom hakenkreuz'. Also features a nice ad for SS & SA clothing. Excellent condition. Size 6" X 4 1/2".
SET OF 10 POST-WAR PHOTOS IN FOLDER FEATURING THE 'Obersalzberg'. Nice set of 10 cards taken before it's destruction. Produced by the firm M. Bauer in Munchen. Nice sharp pictures. These were bought by me personally while I was serving in Germany & holding the line against the Bolshevik hoards.
SET OF COLORED WEHRMACHT CARDS IN FOLDER. Titled "Unsere deutsche Wehrmacht". Fold out contains an equal amount of cards on each side. The complete set was originally 40 cards.Whoever put this together never obtained the complete set as they are now 29 cards which also contain a few duplicates.
SILVER 1929 NURNBERG BADGE. Excellent condition. Pin back. Maker marked "HOFFSTATER BONN, GES. GESCHUTZT".
SILVER 25 TANK ASSAULT BADGE. Excellent condition.Wide pin. I believe it is marked GB but its very hard to make out.
SILVER HJ POTSDAM BADGE. Originally introduced as a participation badge for the approx. 100,000 young people who attended the huge HJ Rally at Portsdam in 1932. It was later made a Commemorative badge in silver Badge is in excellent condition but is missing much of the silver wash. Back is marked GES. GESCH, however for some reason the makers mark has been machined off.
SINGLE ARMY CAVALRY OFFICERS COLLAR TAB FOR THE DRESS TUNIC. Collar tab is for the right collar. It's in exceptional condition with perfect hand embroidered bullion on a base of golden yellow.
SINGLE ARMY OFFICERS MEDICAL COLLAR PATCH. Beautiful example in very good condition with exceptional hand embroidery. The blue medical Litzen are in the regulation 'V' pattern. This is a left collar tab.
SINGLE LUFTWAFFE NCO SHOULDER BOARD Piped in light brown for Signals. Excellent
SINGLE LUFTWAFFE NCO SHOULDER STRAP FOR FLAK. Piped in red for Flak with nice metal cypher for Flak Regiment 5, plus 1 pip. Excellent
SINGLE NSDAP KREIS LEVEL COLLAR TAB FOR BEREICHSLEITER. Rank of Zone Leader. Would be mint but the eagle has faded. Double oak leaves still nice & bright. Complete with blue RZM tag.
SINGLE NSDAP KREIS LEVEL COLLAR TAB FOR BEREITSCHAFTSLEITER. Rank of Sub- Division Leader. Mint with bright gold eagle & pips. No RZM tag.
SINGLE NSDAP ORTSGRUPPE LEVEL COLLAR TAB FOR HAUPT-BEREITSCHSLEITER. Rank of Head Sub-Division Leader with 2 6mm gold bars. Eagle & 1 pip still nice & bright. The other pip showing some verdigris. No RZM tag. Good condition.
SINGLE ORTS LEVEL COLLAR TAB FOR ANWARTER. Mint piece like new with bright eagle. Outstanding piece.
SKORZENY'S SPECIAL MISSIONS. Hardcover with dust jacket. Original British first edition of 1957. 221 pages with 14 black & white photos. Slight water staining at bottom. Good condition.
SMALL PERSONAL SNAPSHOT OF RAD MAN. Some cracks & creases to picture.
SMALL SIZE CASED NSFK PLAQUE. Awarded to a winner of a motorized model aircraft competition held by Gruppe 10 Westfalen at Borkenberge, 27-28-7-1940. Plaque is silver colored, plain on the back & measures 2 3/4" X 2". It is contained in a black leatherette case with the makers sticker on the bottom. Small NSFK plaques are much rarer than the larger ones. Nice condition.
Special Pennant for Reichsparteitag 1933. Triangular pennant for Reichsparteitag Nurnberg 1933. Central 8 sided emblem has a woven light brown eagle with a black swastika. Under the eagle is depicted the City of Nurnberg. Wording says ‘Ein Fuhrer, NSDAP REICHSPARTEITAG NURNBERG 1933 & EIN VOLK”. All on red background. White cord edging/ Rope & clip ties. Double sided with same insignia both sides. Size 12” X 7”.
SPECIAL PENNANT FOR REICHSPARTEITAG 1934. Triangular with red body. Woven BeVo type central piece shows Knight with sword & swastika shield on golden yellow background. Around the edges are green oak leaves with the wording 'TREU, STARK, EINIG & FREI' in black. Ring ties. Other side has a white roundel with black tape swastika. Size 9 1/2" X 6". Excellent. Having described, priced & illustrated this piece, I should say that I am not enthusiastic about selling this as a single piece at this time. This is because I have the complete set of these pennants from 1933-1939, a total of 7 pieces. Each pennant illustrates the Party theme for that year. These took me many years to put together. In this day & age, it may be now nearly impossible to do this again. I would like to try & sell them as a set before I consider splitting them up. Please contact me if you would like more details on the other 6 pieces.
SPECIAL PENNANT FOR REICHSPARTEITAG 1935. Triangular pennant for Reichsparteitag Nurnberg 1935. Central emblem shows brown woven eagle & swastika over Hitler, stormtrooper & soldier heads. Around this are green oakleaves with the black wording ‘DER GOTT DER EISEN WACHSEN LIESS DER WOLLTE KEINE KNECHTE”. Red background. Size 9 ½” X 5 ½”. One ring tie, other missing. Other side has white woven roundel/circle with black woven swastika. Excellent.
SPECIAL PENNANT FOR REICHSPARTEITAG 1936. . Triangular pennant for Reichsparteitag Nurnberg 1936. Bevo woven center showing 3 kneeling knights with swords. Above them is a black eagle & swastika with the date ‘1936 & REICHSPARTEI TAG’ in highlighted gold. Green oakleaf border on white circle, all on red. Heavy cord edging. Rope & clip ties. Excellent. Size 12” X 6 ½”. Other side shows Bevo woven picture of the old city of Nurnberg. Near mint, no moth.
SPECIAL PENNANT FOR REICHSPARTEITAG 1937. Triangular pennant for REICHSPARTEITAG NURNBERG 1937. Shows 3 naked men holding up plinth with eagle & swastika. Green oak leaf border on white circle, on red blackground. Cord border. Has clip & rope ties. Other side has BeVo woven center showing the old city of Nurnberg. Near mint. No moth. Size 12 ½” X 7 ½”.
SPECIAL PENNANT FOR REICHSPARTEITAG 1938. Triangular pennant for Reichsparteitag Nurnberg 1938. Woven central insignia shows 2 naked figures. One holds the swastika flag, the other has just broken free of his chains. They are standing on a block that has a silver eagle & swastika. Greyish/black stylizied oak leaves around the edge.Red background. Other side has white roundel with black tape swastika. Rope & ring ties.Size9” X 6 ½”. Excellent.
SPECIAL POSTCARD COMMEMORATING THE GROUNDLAYING CEREMONY OF THE ADOLF HITLER SCHOOL AT WALDBROL ON 15.1.1939. Card is postally unused but has a stamp & special cancellation which reads 'WALDBROL 15.1.1938, Grundsteinl Adolf Hitler Schule'. A rare piece. Only the second I've seen in 50 years.
SQUARE 1938 PATTERN KREISLEITER PENNANT. KREISLEITER CAR PENNANT, SQUARE 1938 pattern with beautiful hand embroidered silver bullion eagle & swastika on brown & white background with black border. Gothic KL’ lettering. No internal wire stiffening as this was the type meant for a rigid plastic cover. Small hole & stain in the white section on one side. Just beautiful.
SS ANNOUNCEMENT CARD. This is an SS announcement card which says that on Monday, 23rd. February 1942, SS=Unterscharfuhrer & Kreisleiter Walther will talk at 8pm in the City Theater Glauchau on the Waffen SS at the front. At 7.30pm the Music section of SA Standarte 183 will play music. Card is 3 1/2" X 5" & in good condition.
SS ARMBAND FOR BROWN SHIRT. 7" wide with white roundel & black swastika machine woven in a BeVo like style on a red cotton base. A quality piece. Excellent condition.
SS ART CATALOG FOR SS EXHIBITION. Rare softcover catalog profiling the SS Art Exhibition of 1944. 70 pages with one black & white plate per page. Published by the SS Hauptamtes in Berlin, 1 January 1944. Starts out with a nice portrait of Himmler by Conrad Hommel, Then a nice painting of W-SS in action by Willi Tschech, A nice portrait of Theodor Eicke by Hermann Otto Hoyer, SS-Pioniere by Ottomar Anton, HJ-Streifendienst patrol by Richard Heymann, SS-Panzergrenadiere by Ernst Krause, Waffen-SS Vorkampfer gegen den Weltfeind by Hans Schweitzer-Mjolnir, Malachowsky-Husar by Theodor Karner-manufactured by Allach of Munich, along with landscapes, studies of horses heads, & much else. I have had two of these in 40 years, & during that time, I only remember one other for sale on the internet. RARE. Exc. condition
SS BOOK ON THE REPATRIATION OF ETHNIC GERMANS BACK TO THE GREATER GERMAN REICH JUST BEFORE THE INVASION OF RUSSIA. This SS sponsored book is titled 'DIE RUCKKEHR DER VOLKSDEUTSCHEN aus der Dobrudscha und dem Sud Buchenland'. Soft covers. Published in 1943. Fore-word by SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Lorenz. Pages un-numbered but approx. 88 pages with many, many photos. There are some great SS pictures here. SS photographers can be seen taking photos. SS men help with the paperwork. SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Lorenz & SS-Oberfuhrer Siekmeier inspect vegetables. An SS reporter records conversations with families. SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Lorenz says 'Bon Voyage' to departing families. SS & police officials greet the families arriving in Germany. An SS man is wearing a rare sleeveband which I cannot read. Himmler awards Diplomas to families. Speeches are given in front of high SS & police leaders. Size 8 1/2" X 9". Excellent.
SS BUILDING HIGH UP IN THE MOUNTAINS ANOTHER VIEW OF THE SAME LOCATION, showing the Aufenthaltsraum, (Day Room) unused, exc. $50
SS BUILDING IN THE MOUNTAINS SS BERGHAUS BAYRISCHZELL POSTCARD, black & white. Shows the swimming pool with a mountain view. Unused. Exc.. I collect period postcards of SS buildings & installations & these are duplicates. Anybody else out there collect the same thing?
SS BUTTONS & BELT CATCHES. If you need an SS button to complete a uniform, contact me as I have a few SS buttons of different kinds, plus some belt ramp attachments.
SS FELDPOST POSTCARD-ARTWORK BY KRAUSE Titled "Kradmeider der W-SS". Shows an SS man on his motorcycle, with camouflaged helmet cover & smock, rifle on his back, gas mask across his chest, "Adolf Hitler" cuff title visible above his rolled up sleeve. LAH key/shield devise in top left corner. Artwork by SS=Kriegsberichter Krause. This same card is illustrated on page 9 of "Die 1. SS Panzer Division". by Herbert Walther, published in 1987. Exc.
SS FELDPOST POSTCARD-ARTWORK BY KRAUSE. Titled "Fundberichter der W-SS". Shows a NCO of the LAH lying on the ground with a microphone. He is wearing a steel helmet & in addition to the LAH cuff title is also wearing another for "SS-Kriegsberichter". Artwork by SS-Kriegsberichter Krause. Postally unused, but some minor writing/figures on back.Exc.
SS FM PIN. Nice SS FM pin. Enamel perfect. A couple of minor spots show up on the picture & are not on the badge itself. It has the scarcer broach type fastener, which I believe indicates that it is for a woman. Back stamped with an E series 5 digit serial number and the maker-Deschler. A really nice piece.
SS LEADERSHIP SCHOOL GRADUATE TYR-RUNE ARROW. Beautiful high quality piece. 4 piece construction. Black arrow sewn on to white outline, sewn on to red outline, sewn on to SS tricot uniform material. Excellent.
SS MAN HAS HIS SOCK MENDED BY RUSSIAN PEASANT WOMAN. Nice clear original photo. Descriptive tag on back in English. This photo seems to have been from an Allied source. Perhaps the Germans released it to the International Press. Back also has handwritten 'Russia' & H.U 955. Exc. Size 9 1/2" X 7".
SS MEN & PARATROOPERS CAPTURED BY US ARMY. The Luftwaffe paratroop officer wears an SS belt buckle. Original Keystone Press agency stamp on back. Not dated & no tag. Exc. Size 8" X 6".
SS MEN CAPTURED AT CAEN. Official British Newspaper pool photo dated July 11, 1944. Descriptive tag on back. Exc. Size 8" X 6"
SS MEN CAPTURED BY US ARMY. Original US Signal Corps photo shows SS men captured by the 10th Armored Division, Third US Army. Dated March 18, 1945. Exc. Size 8" X 6". I believe this is unpublished.
SS OBERFUHRER KASPER SPEAKS IN FREIBURG. Nice original Wien press agency photo shows Kasper speaking at a Volksdeutschen Arbeitsfront meeting on 5. Mai in Freiburg. The back of the photo describes his rank in pencil as an SS-Obergruppenfuhrer but he is only wearing single leaf collar tabs. He is also wearing a 'SS-Hauptamt' sleeve band & the common Gau honor badge with big swastika. Size 5" X 7".
SS OFFICER SURRENDERS IN NORMANDY. Nice clear photo from the archives of the Imperial War Museum. Shows 2 SS men being taken into captivity in Normandy. One is an officer. They are being escorted by a British infantryman. Exc. 8 1/2" X 6 1/2" I.W.M. negative # on back.
SS OFFICERS FLATWIRE 'ADOLF HITLER' CUFF TITLE. Excellent piece with cloth protective strip on back & 'B' series paper SS tag. Both ends folded & sewn.
SS PRISONERS FROM THE LSSAH HAVING THEIR BELONGINGS SEARCHED BY BRITISH SOLDIERS. Post war reproduced photo from the original negative or print from the files of the Imperial War Museum & marked with their file number on the back. The "Adolf hitler" cuff title can be seen being worn. Nice sharp clear picture. Excellent. 5" X 7"
SS SOLDBUCH TO A MAN WHO SERVED IN MANY SS UNITS. To SS Funker Ernst Klamt who was in 'Nord', RF-SS, RH, Deutschland, Entries on 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-17-20-21-22-23-26-28-31-32--33 Inside Front Cover: Nice picture showing him wearing the SS runic tab with 2 overlapping rubber stamps. No signature. Page 1. Missing Page 3. Shows him assigned to RF- SS 22.2.43 & SS-Geb. Div. Nord on 1.11.43 Page 4. B section-assigned to Stabkompanie SS-Dachau, Assigned to SS-Geb. Jag. Rgt "RH" 16. Komp. (Staff). In C section assigned to Deutschland M.Z. & then Musikkorps Begl. Battl. RF-SS. Page 5. Married Page 6. Shows assignment to 3/.SS-Totenkopf Inf. E. Battl. 1 in 1941, SS Deutschland in 22.2.43 Page 13. Issued 2 different 98s, a bayonet & a 7.65 pistol on 8.1.45 Page 14. Issued gask mask in 1942 & 1944 Page 17. Inoculated against pocken, typhus, Ruhr & cholera Page 20. In SS hospital Munchen-Dachau in 1941 Page 23. SS-Pz-Gren. Ers. Btl. Deutschland Btl-Stab 1943 & issued Fuhrer packet 1943 Page 26. Pay Group 15-8.4.41, Pay Group 14-1.11.45 Page 28. Issued 2 lotos of payments while away from his unit, including one where he is in the SS Lazarett Dachau. Page 31. 9 leaves over 5 days.
SS SOLDBUCH TO TOTENKOPF SS FUNKER WILHELM RECKRUHM. To SS-Funker Wilhelm Reckruhm in SS Nachr. Ers. Abtl, dated 1943. Photo wearing Totenkopf collar tab. Entries on 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-17-20-21-23-26-28-29- Inside Front Cover. Nice picture of reckruhm wearing the Totenkopf collar tab, was riveted in at one time. 4 security stamps overlapping photo with his signature undernearth. Page 1. Blood Group O, Rank Oberfunker 1.7.44 Page 2. Born 3.7.26 in Strenz-Naundorf. , height 176, oval face, hair blond, eyes blue-gray, shoe size 43 Page 4. Was at the SS Signals Kaserne Nurnberg. Page 12. Issued winter clothing & equipment. Page 13. Issued 98k & bayonet in 1944, turned them in & re-issued in 1945 Page 14. Issued gas mask 29.11.44 Page 17. Inoculated against Typhus, Ruhr & Cholera. Page 20. Bullet wounds 6.5.44, also nice stamping to 3. SS-Pz Division Totenkopf Feldlazarett. Page 21. Extensive time in hospitals Page 26. Pay Group 16 1.11.43, Pay Group 15 1.5.45 Page 38. Black Wound Badge 17.5.44, Tank Assault Badge 16.4.44
SS STANDARTENFUHRER COLLAR PATCH, SINGLE. Second pattern collar tab worn from 1934-1942. This is the type with no acorns. Removeable type with extra backing cloth & 4 studs & nuts on the back. Magnificent tab in beautiful condition.
SS WEDDING PERIOD PHOTO. Allegeime SS Rottenfuhrer from Standarte 12 Hannover on his wedding day. Back marked to a photography company in Hannover. Sharp picture. Size 5 1/2" X 3 1/2". Postcard sized format with lined address blocks on the back. Postaly unused.
SS/ARMY PUBLICATION Period publication "Was uns bewegt, Fragen der Weltanschauung, Politik. Geschichte und Kultur". Tornisterschift des Oberkommando der Wehrmacht fur Offiziere, 9. HEFT. Soft covered publication published in 1943. 64 pages. Back cover has a beautiful SS eagle in white on a grey background. Some of the subjects include, Gau Niederdonau by Gauleiter Hugo Jury, a memorial article on Kurt Eggers who by then had died on the Russian Front. There is also a photo section showing statues by Josef Thorak, Fritz Klimsch, and 2 nice paintings, one by Rudolf Lipus showing a machine gun crew, the other the famous painting of Felix Steiner entitled �Waffen-SS im Einsatz�. Exc.
STORM SS, THE OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER FOR THE DUTCH SS. I have a few issues of Storm SS, the official newspaper for the Dutch SS. Most are 10 pages with a number of great photos. The example shown here has an excellent photo article on the Arab volunteers on page 3. Most examples have death notices for the Dutch volunteers killed on the eastern front. All are in fairly good condition with some showing weakness along the fold & some with separations at the spine.
SUBDUED ARMY EAGLE & SWASTIKA. Basic form enlisted/NCO machine woven grey on grey green. Exc. 3 3/4" wingspan.
SUMMER HJ OVERSEAS HAT MARKED TO AN ADOLF HITLER SCHOOL. Hat is in near mint condition with red piping & machine woven red, white & black HJ insignia cleanly sewn to front. It has a very nice brown oilcloth RZM label to the inside crown with a manufacturers number & an RZM control number of 475, 637 & the designation 'SOMMER-MUTZE'. Size 53, & marked in white letters is 'AHS' for the Adolf Hitler School system. As I listed this, I was thinking about the last time I saw one of these for sale. The fact is, I cannot remember. This hat is out of my personal collection & I guarantee it to the end of time.
T SHAPED ARMY NATIONAL EMBLEM FOR MOUNTAIN CAP. Mint example machine woven in grey on grey green. 2" wingspan.
TENO HONOR BADGE FOR 1921. Teno Honor Badge for 1921. Multi-piece badge in beautiful condition. Numbered 2991 & marked ges.Gesch. Pin marked Wilhelm Fuhner, Pforzheim. Outstanding piece. These badges were first awarded on 1 October 1935 & discontinued after 20 April 1936.
THE GREAT PICTURE BOOK OF THE WAFFEN-SS. "Wenn alle Bruder schweigen" (When all the Brothers are Silent". Published by Munic Verlag-the official publisher for the SS vets in 1973. A magnificent book, 560 pages with hundreds of black & white and some color photos illustrating all aspects of the Waffen-SS. Excellent condition with the original dust cover. For those not that fluent in German, this is the version with dual English & German captions.
THE MARSHALL CAVENDISH ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF WORLD WAR TWO. 25 volumes with 3500 pages & thousands of photos. Entire set in like new condition. Covers every aspect of WW2.
TOTENKOPF STURMBANN 6 STUDIO PORTRAIT. Allegeime SS Sturmmann from 'Totenkopf Sturmbann 6. Nice sharp picture. Back marked to a photographer in the Tirol. Size 5 1/2" X 3 1/2". Postcard sized format with lined address blocks on the back. Postally unused.
TRIANGULAR LUFTSCHUTZ PENNANT. Black swastika on beautiful flat silver woven sunburst, on a red background. Edging around swastika is woven in a flat silver highlight. Black stripe around the edges with a white inner border. Has the wire internal stiffener, but it has been cut off where it attaches to the frame. Some slight fraying to the red background on one side. Size 12” X 8”. Nice piece. No rope ties & no provision for any, so this is meant for a rigid plastic container. A couple of light separations in the red cloth field on the backside.
TRIANGULAR NSFK PENNANT. NSFK pennant, triangular, with large BeVo woven flying man in silver/white with large black swastika, all on red background. Extra reenforcement stitching. Rope ends cut off. Size 14” X 9”. Some slight mothing. Very collectible.
TRIANGULAR STATE SERVICE PENNANT. White woven central circle with black swastika. Eagle & swastika at top left one side, top right other side. All on red background.. Extra stitching for reenforcement. Rope & clip ties. Near mint. Size 12” X 7”.
TROPICAL LUFTWAFFE EM/NCO OVERSEAS HAT. Mint un-issued piece. Luftwaffe eagle patch & roundel both have tropical backing. Both factory applied. Inside with tropical colored canvas lining which is marked by the maker "WALTHER C. TOBBENSKE WARSCHAU" & size stamped 56 1/2
TYR-RUNE ARROW. Silver grey Bevo like weave on white background. I do not know what organization this is for. Exc.
UNIQUE DOUBLE FOLD-OUT REICHSPARTEITAG POSTCARD. UNIQUE DOUBLE FOLD-OUT REICHSPARTEITAG POSTCARD. Double sized postcard showing huge party assembly at Nurnberg with massed flags at the front. Back of card says "Appell der SA, SS und NSKK am Reichsparteitag in Nurnberg. Gesamtansicht der Luitpold=Arena mit den angetretenen Formationen wahrend des Appells Der Fuhrer spricht. Photo by Kurt Grimm & printed in Nurnberg. Back of card has some slight marks from being glued in album & has a very slight separation to part of fold. Exc.
UNIQUE EMBROIDERED BREAST EAGLE FOR THE LUFTWAFFE SUMMER FLIGHT SUIT/COMBO. This is the most unusual Luftwaffe breast eagle that I've ever seen. 3 1/4" wingspan with off white/tan eagle embroidered on tan /light brown. Back with tan colored paper backing. This is rarer that the camo eagles for the smock. These sell in the $1,000 to $1,200 range so I think it is fairly priced.
UNIQUE FIELD MADE EXAMPLE OF THE AIR GUNNERS & FLIGHT ENGINEER'S BADGE Somebody during the war took a metal version of this badge & separated the eagle from the wreath. This was then nicely sewn onto a bullion base using loops around the tips of the eagle's wings & the tail.The back of the badge has a nice cloth backing. This badge came from the Cracked Pot during the glory days when they were one of the premier dealers in the United States. It has been in one collection since then. I doubt you will ever seen another one of these.
Unter den Sturmstandern des NSKK. Rare pictorial book on the NSKK. Published in 1936 by the Party publisher Franz Eher in Munchen. Covers the history of the NSKK. 280 pages with large pictorial section in the back. The normal editions used a soft cardboard cover. This is a special edition with an SA brown cover with large black NSKK eagle. Very impressive looking. Near mint condition. Approx 206 photos.
Unusual Eagle & Swastika Button. gilt stylized military eagle & swastika with folded wings, unmarked, exc.
UNUSUAL WOVEN HITLER IMAGE. Really nice image of Hitler woven in brown threads on white background. Hitler shown in brown shirt with eagle & swastika tie pin. Below his image is his signature & 'Ges. Gesch'. Size 3 3/4" X 2". I have no idea what this piece was used for, possibly it's part of a bookmark. Exc. Some glue marks on back.
US TROOPS CAPTURE UNUSUAL NAZI BANNER. Original US Signal Corps photo. An officer of the 65th Infantry Division points to it with a captured sword. Taken at Buss, Germany, near the meeting point of the Third & Seventh US Armies. Dated March 20, 1945. Size 8" X 6". I believe this is unpublished.Descriptive tag on back.
VCR TAPE ON THE HISTORY OF THE GERMAN OCCUPIED CHANNEL ISLANDS. This is a very interesting VCR tape on the German occupation of Jersey, Guensey & Sark, 3 British islands just off the coast of France. This was the only British territory occupied by the Germans in WW2. Black & white & color. 50 minutes long. Like new.
VCR TAPE SHOWING THE FAMOUS ANGOLIA COLLECTION Great tape showing all of his collection before it was sold. Only played a couple of times. Condition like new. For those unaware of the scope of his collection-it was a million $ collection. I think he had the full set of Eagle Orders.
VERY INTERESTING SS SOLDBUCH ISSUED ON 9TH. APRIL 1945. The Soldbuch has the late war ersatz covers which you don't see that much. It was issued to SS-Funker Martin Bethke. There are entries on pages 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-17-26-27 Two things stand out in this unique SS Soldbuch. On the inside front cover where the photo usually is-is a sticker stating that a photograph is not possible as of this date. The sticker is stamped with an SS rubber stamp & dated 30.4.1945-4 days before the end of hostilities in Europe. #2: Bethke was never issued any equipment or weapons. Either they had none or the writing was on the wall. Page 1: He was issued an identity disc, but no gas mask or blood group listed. Bethke was born on 29.12.1906 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, height 169m, blond hair & blue gray eyes. Soldbuch issued 9. April 1945 Page 4: Bethke placed in 3./SS-Nach.Ausb. Abt.5 Page 17: vaccinated for pocken, typhus Page 26: Pay group 16 Inside back pocket are Soviet/German POW capture/release papers dated 2. August 1946
VERY NICE ARTIST'S COLOR PORTRAIT POSTCARD OF HITLER Nice portrait of Hitler wearing his brownshirt. Artist unknown. Card titled 'Adolf Hitler' and numbered 51. Printed in Frankfurt. Slight crease on right side.
Very Nice NAVY BREAST EAGLE. BeVo woven eagle with 4 1/2" wingspan, gold/yellow on blue backing & further re-enforced onto additional thicker Navy blue background. Excellent
VERY NICE NSDAP FLAGBEARER GORGET. Beautiful NSDAP flagbearer gorget. Complete with original chain & original green backing cloth. Chain is marked M 1/17 for the firm of F. W. Assmann & Sohne of Ludenschied. The gorget tang is marked M 1/128 for the firm of Eugen Schmidhaussler of Pforzheim. Hard to upgrade.
VERY NICE PHOTO SHOWING THE ENTRANCE TO A BUNKER/DOGOUT OF THE LSSAH. On the left, it is decorated with the LSSAH Logo, & on the right-the SS Runics in a triangle. Back of photo is marked "LSSAH 1941" in pencil. This is from the famous Dodkins collection & was produced by Shape Pictorial Section while he was serving in Nato. Excellent. %" X 7"
VERY RARE POSTCARD COMMEMORATING THE JOURNEY OF THE ALTEN GARDE DES GAUES BAYERISCHE OFTMARK, vom 15.17. Oktober 1937. This is an absolutely beautiful card depicting a large NSDAP Gold Party Badge approx. 3" big. Each year the Alten Garde of Gau Bayerische Ostmark made their way to the rally at Nurnberg. This card is for the year 1937. I also have the one for 1939. The badge is printed in real gold, black & red. Card is postaly used. This is only the second one I have owned in over forty years. Exc. Photo to follow.
VHS VIDEO CASSETTE "DER MARSCH ZUM FUHRER" Black & white. 50 minutes, English subtitles. Like new. Perhaps played 2-3 times.
VOLKSSTURM ARMBAND Excellent example of the printed Volkssturm armband. Sewn together at back. I have owned this armband longer than many collectors have been alive.
W-SS ARM EAGLE, RZM EMBROIDERED. W-SS arm eagle, RZM embroidered. 2 glue spots on back. Nice.
W-SS FELDPOST POSTCARD, W-SS FELDPOST POSTCARD, very good black & white drawing of an SS-Unterscharfuhrer (one pip) of the LAH pulling the release on a stick grenade. He wears a steel helmet & has a bandage on his cheek. And has the special LAH slip tabs. Card entitled "Gruppenfuhrer der W-SS". Magnificent artwork by SS Kriegsberichter Krause. Published by the SS=Hauptamt. Postally unused. Exc
W-SS MEN CAPTURED BY BRITISH PARATROOPERS. They are walking past a dead SS man who has already had his boots taken. Original Canadian Military photograph taken near the Seine. Not dated. Canadian rubber stamp on back. Exc. I believe this is unpublished. Size 8" X 6".
W-SS MEN SURRENDER IN NORMANDY, ONE IS AN OFFICER. Nice clear copy of an original photo from the archives of the Imperial War Museum. Exc. Size 8 1/2" X 6 1/2". I.W.M. negative # on back.
W-SS SOLDBUCH TO SCHUTZEN ANDREAS MEIXNER IN MOUNTAIN REGIMENT "REINHARD HEYDRICH". To SS Schutzen Andress Meisener in III./SS-Geb Jager Rgt. 'RH', dated 1942 Entries on 1--2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-17-20-21-22-26-28-29-31 Inside Front cover. No picture or anything else. Page 1. 1.5.44 Promoted To SS Rottenfuhrer. Unit # 68, Identity # 121, Blood Group A, Gas Mark size 2. Page 2. Born 3.9.1916 in Ragendorf. Height 174, face oval, hair Blond, Eyes Blue, Shoe Size 42, Unit SS-Geb. Jag Rgt 2 Page 3. Unit SS-Geb. Jag Rgt. 11 “Reinhard Heydrich’ Page 5. Listed as single. Page 13. Issued Mountain Carbine 33/40 3 different guns as well as a bayonet, & a spade. Page 17. Inoculated against Typhus & Cholera. Page 22. Nice Reinhard Heydrich rubber stamps. Page 26. Pay Group 16 4.7.42, Pay Group 15 1.12.42 Page 31. 2 leaves over 5 days
W-SS STUDIO PHOTO. 2 W-SS men wearing the overseas hat. Back marked in handwritten German. English translation;- Kroatia 28. Nov. 43. To Stefen, I send you a rememberance with this picture. Werner. Nice sharp picture.
WAFFEN-SS ARMBAND Black BeVo like lettering woven on gold/yellow. A beautiful piece you won't be disappointed with. Exc. plus.
WAFFEN-SS STURMANN FROM THE LSSAH BEING QUESTIONED BY BRITISH MILITARY POLICE OVER WHY HE HAS SO MUCH RUSSIAN MONEY. Nice clear sharp post war photo produced by the Imperial War Museum from the original negative or print from their files & marked with their archive number on the back. Very nice shot of the "Adolf Hitler" cuff title & the LAH on the shoulder boards. Excellent. 5" X 7"
WAR SERVICE CROSS, 2nd CLASS.WITHOUT SWORDS. Complete with original ribbon. Nice condition.
WOMEN'S BOOKLET-REICHSPARTEITAG 1938 PERIOD PUBLICATION, "Tradition heisst nicht Stillstand sondern Verpflichtung". Frauenkundgebung Reichsparteitag GroBdeutschland, 1938. 16 page publication concerning the NS woman's convention at the 1938 Reichsparteitag. 6 photos & nice signature of Gertrud Schotz Kink.. Exc.
WOUNDED SS TROOPER BEING GIVEN FIRST AID BY AMERICAN MEDIC. SS man is smoking a cigarette. Nice original U.S. Signal Corps Photo taken somewhere in France. Undated, but even names the U.S. soldier. Size 7" X 5". Exc.