28/LXI A varied selection of Military Related Antiques, Militaria, Memorabilia & Collectibles
A & C Militaria Military items from WW1 and WW2, as well as most other major conflicts, from badges, patches and buttons to headdress, bayonets, equipment and curios.
A. Burgess Antique Arms Antique, Deactivated and Replica Firearms and Bladed Weapons
A1 Militaria Quality British and Scottish militaria, particularly Badges, Helmet Plates and Plaid Brooches but also other interesting miscellaneous item
A2Z Military Collectables Offering a wide and diverse selection of Militaria in all areas including awards to Women and to Suffolk and East Anglian Regiments, Telescopes and Instruments and every otherMilitary Collectable, all found at competitive prices.
Aberdeen Medals British and World, Orders, Decorations & Medals. Specialist stocks of medals to; Scottish Regiments, Gurkha Rifles, Indian Army & Colonial France
AC Militaria We deal in Military Reference Books and German Militaria, specialising in German Army militaria from 1871 to 1945. Our main areas of interest are headdress, military manuals and Third Reich edged weapons.
ADF Militaria Dealing in Bayonets, Medals, Daggers, Swords & Headgear.
AG Militaria We deal in quality, original 19th and 20th Century military artifacts, specialising in German, British, Japanese and American items. Deactivated weapons a specialty
Air Ministry Militaria Wartime aviation items and equipment accompanied by a range of wartime Military Collectables
Allied & Axis Militaria Scottish Regimental items especially badges and headgear. British and Commonwealth badges. German Third Reich and Great War items specialising in helmets and headgear.
Alligator Militaria A purely random selection of interesting militaria and collectables from ephemera to battlefield relics.
Alsace Direct Militaria Various militaria, mostly German, buy direct in familys or houses. Items in found condition!
Antique War Booty Specializing in WW1 and WW2 Military. Main area will be German, Imperial and Third Reich but always finding interesting British/French/American/Russian Militaria.
Antiquities Of The Reich A good cross section of genuine Third Reich militaria; uniforms, helmets,caps, insignia and weapons etc., Why not step in and browse on what's on offer.
APG Militaria We sell Badges, Uniforms, Headgear, Medals, Trench Art, Equipment, Uniforms, Buttons, Patches, Photos, Armbands, Brassards, Home Front items, Scouts and Guides items
Arnhem44 I sell mostly German US and British items like equipment,helmets, insignia,uniforms, headgear, photographic, documents from WW1/WW2
Aubrey Military Antiques Specialising in militaria from WW1 & WW2 through to the present day, we offer a large array of deactivated guns, weapon equipment, binoculars, field gear and many other items from all nations and conflicts
AVK Militaria AVK Militaria is a webshop from the Dutch city of Nieuwegein and offer you a wide range of Original, genuine military equipment from the Second World War
AW Militaria WW1 and WW2 Militaria, Uniforms, Headgear and Equipment
AWC Militaria Dealing principally in 20th Century militaria from around the world concentrating on medals, insignia, uniforms and accoutrements.
Battle Military Badges Specialists in original British Cap and Head-Dress badges. All items are stringently vetted for quality and authenticity before being posted onto site.
Battleflag Militaria Specialising in WW1, WW2, Vietnam War Militaria and Deactivated Weapons
Bayonet Man Bayonets, Edged Weapons and German WW1/WW2 Helmets.
Bexley Medals & Militaria We offer a varied selection of militaria , From WW1, WW2 & Victorian eras for sale including Medals, Helmets, Bayonets, Swords, Badges, Uniforms, Deacs and many other large and small items.
Bill Friar Medals British medals Victorian to modern
Blighty Militaria Blighty Militaria specialise in British Army and RAF items from 1900-1960. We also have a selection of US items and more!
Blunderbuss Antiques Weapons & Militaria of all periods & countries. Excellent range of English Victorian headgear. Large selection of WW2 British & US equipment items.
BOAS Militaria Specialiseing mainly in collectable Edged Weapons, Swords, Knives, Dress Daggers and Accessories from Boer War to WW2
Bob Sims Militaria British Collector/Dealer, Specialising in WWII - Vietnam, U.S. Airborne, RAF, Medals, Special Forces, Military Watches, Insignia and Aircrew collectables
Bombphoons Vintage Aviation Vintage Aviation Headgear, Clothing and Memorabilia from WWI through to the early Jet Age
Bordon Military & Police Collectables badge medal bayonet field gear belt helmet beret cap home front books sword trophy armour fied glasses telescopes air raid
British Army Badges An excellent selection of GENUINE British army insignia Including Helmet Plates, Glengarry Badges, Cap Badges, Collar Badges and Shoulder Titles.
British Army Cap Badges And Militaria British Cap Badges, Colonial Cap Badges, Trench Art, Anodised Cap Badges
British Empire Militaria I specialise in United Kingdom, Commonwealth, the Colonies and Dependencies. Mainly Cap Badges, Cloth Insignia, Shoulder Titles, Helmet Plates And Sweetheart Brooches/ Homefront.
Britton at War A good mixture of WWII items from the British and Commonwealth forces as well as Axis items from time to time
Brittons Badges A good interesting mixture of original British Commonwealth badges from about 1850 to 1980's with a selection from the Allied forces from 1914 to 1945 from time to time
Broadsword Antiques We offer for sale original items from the Georgian and Victorian period covering both WW1 and WW2. Here you will find German and British uniforms, headgear, edged weapons and equipment, with a strong emphasis on Scottish militaria.
Brokenarrow Militaria Militaria from ww2 to present day conflicts & wars
Bulldog Militaria For some of the best of British militaria through the 19th & 20th centuries .Together with a small amount of other nationalities and periods.
BuyWyze Huge selection of guaranteed genuine badges, shoulder titles, shako and helmet plates, formation signs, buttons ,medals, aviation, uniforms, head-dress, uniform, police & civil defence
Canvas of War WW1 & WW2 Medals and badges, Artwork from the First & Second world wars, Trench Art & Books
Castle Militaria Military insignia badges, helmet plates etc no restrikes or modern cast items all original. All items sold on money back guarantee if not satisfied.
Centurion Military Collectables Broad range of WW2 military items, including edged weapons, clothing, equipment, firearms, headgear, helmets..…
Chairborne Militaria Specialising in original WW2 British Airborne related militaria, but also offer an assortment of other interesting items. You will find a good selection of badges, uniforms, headwear and equipment.
Chris Johnsons Antique and de-activated guns, swords, uniforms , accessories- for re-enactors , collectors, educators, theatre.
Classics Mainly Deactivated Pistols and Rifles also German ww2 Militaria.and are branching out into shooting accessories.
Clements Militaria Clements Militaria is the one-stop shop for military collectibles both axis and allied.
Coldstream Military Antiques Fine Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian military antiques. Shakos, helmets, orders and medals, helmet and shoulder belt plates, uniforms, swords and curiosities
Combat Militaria Aviation equipment. Army, Navy equipment. Tin Plate Diecast. Toy Soldiers. etc
Crow Valley Militaria A mix of Original Militaria from all Major Conflicts, Victorian to Modern. WW1 and WW2 being my main interest both Allied and Axis.
CS Militaria Pre 1945 militaria from all nations including Uniforms, Head-Dress, Equipment, Edged Weapons, Paperwork, Medals, Insignia & Personal Kit as well as many other interesting Military Miscellaneous items.
Dead Spartan Militaria Dealer of original high quaility British & Commonwealth badges, Headgear & Helmets.
Dear Old Blighty Original Military items, from the campaigns of Queen Victoria to the Gulf. Specialist in Aviation Collectables & WW1 Great War Militaria.
Die Wehrmacht German militaria Army, SS and Luftwaffe from the Second World War period collected from around the world.
Dragoon Militaria Dragoon militaria is focusing on Finnish and Allied and Axis militaria from WW2
DS Militaria Spare parts and ancillary items for Lee Enfield - SMLE and Bren Guns we also cover a selection of US WWII parts. Quality Deacts and Militaria items.
DWG Militaria Buying and selling WW2 German militaria including Cloth & Metal Insignia, Medals & Badges, Cuff Titles, Belt Buckles & Brocaded Belts, Gorgets, Cased Plaques, Pennants & a variety of Paper Related material.
Endici Militaria We sell genuine Military Cap Badges, Helmet Plates, Accoutrements and Rare Military Buttons & Livery Buttons
Erelmilitaria We are selling mostly WWI and WWII German Militaria
Ersatz Militaria All sort of things from WW2, mainly German, and some from WW1.
Falco Militaria I specialise mainly in Third Reich item`s but you will also find many items of WW1, WW2 and the Victorian era
First Pattern Militaria Edged weapons,with an emphasis on Fairbairn Sykes Knives, Bayonets, Fighting Knives from around the world. Denison Smocks and Airborne items
Fortress Militaria We offer a wide range of Collectable WW1 and WW2 Axis and Allied militaria : Uniforms, Headgear, Field/Personal equipment, Weapons and military collectables etc.
Franz Fruth Militaria Specialising in original German WWII items Medals, Caps, Helmets, Field Equipment and Daggers etc . I also offer a large range of War Toys from Hauser & Elastolin
FYC Militaria We offer you a large range of military items, mainly from the WWII (1940-1945) period. You can also find militaria of other eras.
Gary Brown Medals A varied range of mainly British- Medals, Orders and Decorations, Victorian to Modern. A good stock of items at reasonable prices, aimed at the collector.
General Service Militaria Dealing mainly in British and commonwealth militaria from 1914-1945. Items from other periods and nationalities are also to be found from time to time.
Geoff Newman Militaria Guaranteed original metal and cloth insignia from British, Colonial & Commonwealth Forces
germanycalling Vintage Aviation & Militaria mostly from a private museum.
Gordons Medals British Campaign Medals,Gallantry,Foreign Medals,German Collectables Documents, Uniforms, Headgear, Cloth & Metal Insignia, Porcelain, Bronzes, Photographs, Autographs, Ephemera.
Gradia Militaria A friendly family run business specialising in British, Australian, Canadian, Commonwealth, Allied, American and Polish cap badges, medals and patches
Grandad's Kitbag Original british and commonwealth uniforms , equipment , medals , small kit items , cloth insignia photos and paperwork from 1850 -1950
Great Scott Antiques Purveyors of all types of Antique Arms, Militaria, Antiques and Collectables, specialising in Edged Weapons.
Hannahs Reich WW2 & WW1 Militaria with a main interest in the Third Reich and SS
Harris Militaria Specialising in American and British militaria from WW1 and WW2 to present day.
Hibernia Militaria British items mostly from the Boer War, WW1 and WW2 period with a focus on insignia, medals, paperwork and regimental histories.
Hiscoll Military Antiques Original WWII militaria, specifically German
Holland Patch With more than 20 years of experience, first as a collector and many years as a dealer I specialise in British and Commonwealth WWII badges and insignia.
Home Front Collection Offering a range of items from the British Home Front 1939-45
Ian Foster Militaria My stock comprises of mainly,WW2 British and German Medals, badges, Insignia and Ephemera.
IMCS Militaria Original military collectibles in very good condition and with a 100% Guarantee!
JC Militaria Pre 1945 collectable militaria. Including badges, medals, uniform, head wear, ordnance, edged weapons, deactivated and antique firearms and a wide range of general military collectables.
Jemswords Antique Swords, Bayonets and other Militaria.
Joes Military Collectibles We deal in all aspects of militaria throughout the twentieth century. With original military items both personal and issued, including uniforms, insignia, headgear, medals, pictures, books and knives
JS Militaria A wide range of British, American, French and Commonwealth Military equipment, uniforms and insignia. Something for everyone, come and have a look!
JZ Militaria Covering a broad range of British, German and home front militaria.
Kanzler Guns & Militaria Militaria Dealer and Licensed Firearms Dealer. Licensed Firearms Exporter. Buying, Selling, Trading Millitaria, Firearms and Antique Firearms of all eras and countries
Khaki Colonel Predominantly from the two world wars, though also selected pieces from other conflicts. The majority of items being combat related, uniforms, helmets, equipment etc
Kurland Docs The web-site for authentic German WWII award-, documents, 'Solbücher'- and/or 'Wehrpässe'. Posters and period books
Les Martin Militaria Fine Arms & Militaria for the Investor and Collector.
Liverpool Militaria We sell a variety of genuine military antique's and collectible's. We specialise in Japanese Sword's and fitting's.
M & A Collectables We have for sale all types of WW1/WW2 military collectables – medals, plaques, sweethearts, badges, insignia etc., as well as a vast selection of other interesting curios.
Marway Militaria Offering a large selection of Canadian, British and German Militaria. We carry a large selection of Police Badges as well.
McCarthy Medals British and Commonwealth Orders, Medals, Decorations and Militaria
Meyer Militaria Third Reich specialising in SS and Waffen SS militaria
Militaria X We offer a selection of military and related items from around the world. . Insignia and medals, clothing or uniforms to field gear and other collectibles
Militariarelics Original WW2 German material which mostly comes in directly from sources in Germany. A strong focus on documents such as convoluts, Soldbuchs and Wehrpasses
Military And Collectables A wide variety of military and related items including bayonets, knives, swords, deactivated weapons, medals, badges, uniforms, webbing, watches, whistles, police items and much more
Military Antiques & Curios Buying and selling all types of militaria, badges, medals, weapons, antiques, curious and interesting items.
Military Antiques Toronto Uniforms, Insignia, Medals, Badges, Equipment, Edged Weapons, Swords, Antique Firearms, Patches, German. Canadian. British, French, American
Military Chest Top quality, new to the market, rare, unusual, and original military collectables covering most areas of major conflict and fashion worldwide
Military Mode Publishing The UK's leading pioneers in the field of militaria books.
Militiques Mainly Selling badges/Insignia/Medals. Dating From The 17th Century To The Present. Mainly British Commonwealth/Colonial And a Good Stock of South African Badges & Medals
Millais Antiques Antique rifles and pistols especially English & American, including cased pistols. De-activated weapons, bayonets, edged weapons. Military binoculars, [German & English], telescopes, compasses, etc
Minden Militaria Insignia [Badges, Titles, Collars, etc], Headdress, Uniform, Medals, Accoutrements and possibly some edged weapons
Mons Military Antiques Untouched, 20th Century 1914-45 Allied and Axis militaria. WW1 British Army items and Pre-war British Fascist / Communist items a speciality.
Montgomery Militaria Original military collectables from the Georgian period through to the end of WW2 including Badges, Helmets, Swords and Bayonets.
Officers Colours Specialising in British & Foreign Campaign medals, Badges, Ephemera and Military Antiques.
Past Glories Militaria WW1 and WW2 German and British items plus a selection of militaria and weapons dating back to the 18th century
Pembroke Fine Arms Specialist dealer in fine British and American military and sporting firearms in both Section 1 and obsolete calibres. "Wants" lists accepted in confidence
Quartermaster's Store Dealing in British & Commonwealth medals, militaria, toy soldiers and models. Guaranteed to be original
Raids Militaria We sell two distinct areas; Militaria ranging from WW1, WW2, British, American and German pieces, Gun Parts including Lee, Enfield, Garand, M1 Carbine, Mauser K98 and Bren
Regimental Brooches Large selection of fine military brooches from the reign of Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth including many rarities also RN, RNAS, RFC and RAF
Regimentals We have a vast stock of WW1 & WW2 items in all categories and from all countries. You will also find a good selection of older militaria going back to the Crimean War and a good stock of Vietnam War items.
Sally Bosley's Badge Shop Large selection of unusual military and civil badges including airline, shipping, civil defence, war service, Butlins, Scouts, Nursing, Boys Brigade, Cycling, Trade Unions ,Horse Racing
Sargent Militaria A mix of small, genuine militaria items posting worldwide
SB Militaria Militaria from WW1 through to Vietnam, specialising in all things relating to Axis and Allied powers during and after the Normandy landings of WWII
Scotmint British & Foreign Military Medals, Cap Badges Cross Belts & Buckles, Helmets & Head Gear, Sholder Titles buttons, Militaria & Uniforms, Military Books, Coins & Banknotes
Seaforth Military Collectables Located in Inverness we offer a diverse selection of Original Scottish Regimental Memorabilia and Allied & Axis Militaria
SMI Militaria We offer a selection of British, American, French, German & Soviet Medals/Bages/Insignia from the 1900's to date specialising in German parade medal bars.
SSBW Militaria Primarily WW2 German, specialising in Pre-war SS Material, Ephemera, Research Material and also some Victorian English Militaria.
Strachan Militaria 20th Century Militaria from around the world, but specialising in German, British and American items
Surrey Militaria We sell items predominately from WWI and WWII, tending to specialise in military photographs from both periods. We are always interested in buying all types of militaria.
Tel's Insignia World Badges & Insignia including British Cap & Collar Badges, Shoulder Badges, Unit Patches, Special Forces Insignia, Commando Badges, Parachute Wings , Airborne Patches, Rank & Trade Badges plus much more.
The Badge Shop Military and other Collectable Badges and Curios
The Canadian Soldier Original pre-1945 militaria from Canada, US, Great Britian and Europe. Antique and deactivated arms and related items. Modern and surplus militaria
The Lanes Armoury Original ancient, antique and modern weapons, arms, armour, medals, samurai swords and books from 8000 b.c. to the current day from all countries.
The Militaria Dealers Aeronautica including Airships and Zeppelins, Combat Uniforms and Equipment, Helmets and Headgear, Home Front, Military Binoculars, Clocks and Watches and items of Historic Military Significance.
The Old Brigade Specialising in Third Reich and Imperial German military and political collectors items.
The Treasure Bunker We specialise in German and British Militaria from Waterloo to WW2.
Tommys Militaria Main focus is WW1 British Army & RFC uniform & equipment
Trench Rat Militaria Canadian militaria from WW1, WW2 and earlier periods. Also, some allied and axis items
Victorian Militaria Quality British and Colonial military antiques of all periods but specialise in Victorian and WW1
War Years Collection We specialise in WW2 Home Front and Aviation collectables
War Years Ephemera An on-line shop devoted to selling military ephemera and printed collectables from WW1 to present day.
Watling Militaria I sell different types of military insignia, collar badges, cap and arm badges, helmet plates, shoulder titles etc.
WD Militaria Uniforms, Helmets & Head-dress, Equipment, Badges & Insignia, Edged Weapons, Small Arms & Ordnance, Reference Books & Military Manuals. From the English Civil Wars to WWII
World Military Collectables Offering a broad range of miltaria from the Age of Empire to the Third Reich
World Waugh Militaria For collectors, by collectors: Primarily Third Reich artifacts with an emphasis on Edged Weapons and accoutrements.
WorldWarCollectibles WorldWar Collectibles the place for original German WW2 collectibles!
WW1 Medals Specialising in World War One British, Commonwealth & Foreign Medals,Medallions, world war one Militaria, Badges & Documents
WW2 German Daggers I Specialise in edged weapons, swords dress daggers and accessories from WW2 and WW1 Germany.
ZMW Militaria Vintage & Antique Timepieces, Clocks & Watches used by the Military and Professional Persons. Including Firearms, Whistles and other Accoutrements.