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19th Century Powder Flask. A 19th century powder flask. Of European style possibly French. Has no maker marks. A high quality horn and brass flask. Has one small crack but overall condition is very good. A fine example.
6th Lancashire Artillery Volunteers Helmet. 6th Lancashire Artillery Volunteers Blue cloth Helmet, Liverpool. Used circa 1880's. Outside of helmet in fine condition, inside dirty and worn. Badge and strap in good condition. Also comes with its weather proof cover. A scarce helmet with its cover in fine condition.
A Pair of Japanese Daggers. A pair of Associated Akuchies (daggers). Made in the Meiji export style. Rare to find two items from the same workshop and signed by laquer artist. Blade unsigned. Overall length 10.5". The overall condition is very good especially the laquer work. A very fine example of Meiji export work and rare to find an associated pair. U.K SALES ONLY.
British Light Infantry Officers Side Cap. British Light Infantry Officers Side Cap, Victorian period. Has London Tailors label, Hobson & Sons. Also has the remains of what looks like the owners name inside. In very good condition.
British WW1 Mercantile Marine Pair. British WW1 Mercantile Marine pair of medals. These were awarded to Henry Seymour West 5th Engineer officer of the hospital ship H.M.H.S Asturias. He was killed on the 21/3/17 when the ship was torpedoed by a German U-boat. Comes with extensive research, paperwork and photographs. A very interesting pair of medals.
English Flintlock Pistol. English Flintlock Pistol by Barber of London circa 1780's. A good quality pistol in fine condition. Has all its original parts. Cocks full and half cock. A fine piece. U.K SALES ONLY.
English Pistol Flask. A small English pistol flask. Made by Sykes. No other marking. 3" in length. Is missing a small lever from the top. But overall condition is fine.
Firearm Loading Tool. Loading tool for 12 bore cartridge firearm. Maker marked James Dixon & sons Sheffield. Made of hard wood and gilt brass. In nice condition for its age.
French Army Shako Helmet. French Army Shako Helmet. Crimean War period circa 1855. Badge to the 61st regiment. Has one air hole cover missing and has some moth damage but otherwise in good condition. A rare helmet.
German Spear Point Bowie Knife. German Spear point Bowie knife. Made circa 1900. Maker marked ENGLISH STEEL A.FEIST & CO SOLINGEN. Blade is 9" in length. Has a horn grip and a leather nickel sheath. Overall condition good. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japaanese Tsuba. Japanese Tsuba. A Tsukashi (pierced) tsuba from the Echizen Kinai school. Has gold inlaid Aoi leaves. The tsuba is signed Echizen Noju Kinai Saki. There are eight generations of this smith, this one is late 17th century. A fine quality tsuba.
Japanese Kenjo Iron Tsuba. A Shoami Kenjo (gift) Iron Tsuba. A big katana sized tsuba made as a gift for a wealthy man, has been of the highest quality. But is missing some gold inlay and has some rusting. Made circa 1700-1750. A very fine piece nonetheless.
Japanese Aikuchi Dagger. Japanese Aikuchi Dagger in quality Meiji (export) mounts. Mounts are made of Boxwood with Bone and Nacre inlays. Blade is signed Bishu Osafune Suke Sada. Blade length is 9". The blade is circa 1600. The blade is in very fine condition as is the rest of the dagger. A fine example. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Aikuchi. Japanese Aikuchi (dagger), 19th century period. The blade is unsigned and is 7.75" in length. The blade is in old polish and has a couple of rust spots. The shira saya is in black laquer. The fittings are all contemporary and of good quality. Overall a nice dagger. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Army Officers Sword. Japanese Army Officers Sword {shin gunto}, has an antique family blade early Shinto period {17thC}. Signed Bushu Ju Fujiwara Masa Shige. Five smiths working from 1570s-1736, part of the Shitahara school, see Markus Sesko's book for ref. Blade is 26" in length and has some small chips but is in untouched condition. A good quality sword. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Fuchi Kashira. Japanese Tanto Fuchi Kashira set in Shakudo. Has fine Nanako work. Has a small Dragonfly design. Has been mounted still has its Shita Dome. Looks late 19th century. In fine condition. Also has its NBTHK papers to Nezumi Kaghumushi.
Japanese Fuchi. Japanese wakizashi fuchi. 19th century period. Is inlaid with gold leaf and copper dots. In good condition.
Japanese Habaki. Japanese habaki for a tanto. Made circa 20th century. In fine condition.
Japanese Kashira. Japanese kashira for the top of a civilian sword hilt. Made of copper and is a 20th century period piece. Nice patina.
Japanese Katana Tsuba. Japanese Katana Tsuba, made of iron. From the showa period and in mokko form with abstract patterns. In good condition.
Japanese Katana Tsuba. Japanese Katana Tsuba, made of cast iron. Tsuba is tsukashi and in Kinae style. Tsuba circa 1900. Has some wear and old rust.
Japanese Katana. Japanese Katana, unsigned, looks Shin Shinto period and from the Bizen Yokoyama school judging by the hamon. This is a big sword with a 29.5" length blade. The blade is in untouched condition except for a patch inset on back edge of blade. Mounts in good condition , the laquer on the saya is damaged in places. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Katana. Japanese Katana with Shinto blade circa 1670's, from the Mishina school. The blade is signed Tam Bam Kami Kane Michi. The blade has some rust spots and the edge has some small chips, in need of restoration. The saya has bands of laquer and is fine condition. A good quality sword,if restored and papered would be an excellent sword. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Katana. Japanese Katana, a high grade Showa-to arsenal blade (no stamps). Is signed Ishido Teru Hide, who worked out of Tokyo. He is listed working meiji into showa period. The blade is 24" in length. Has a gunome midare hamon. Has officer's rank knot. Overall condition good , has been over polished by original owner of some 70 years. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Katana. Japanese Shin Gunto Katana. An unsigned Gendiato hand forged circa 1920's. Blade length is 26". Has three peg holes in tang. In untouched condition, has rust spots on various parts of the blade. Handle and saya also in untouched condition. Would benefit from some restoration. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Katana. Japanese Shin Gunto Katana. Has a family mon badge on hilt. Blade is signed Gashu Ju Fujiwara Iye Hira. 1st gen from 1688-1704, in total 5 generations. See Seko for ref. The handle needs a rebind and the scabbard has been repainted. The blade is 26.5" in length. There are some old stains on the blade. The hamon is full nie. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Katana. Japanese Katana, a big unsigned Gendaito circa 1850-1900. The blade is 27.25" in length and in polish. In crude 20th century mounts which are in good condition. The blade is big and heavy. This would make a fine training sword. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Katana. Japanese katana, Shin Gunto (war time) post 1940. Signed Noshu Seki Kenetsugu Saku, also has showa blossom stamp on tang. Smith is listed as working in Seki area in 1944, see Yoshiara & Kapp for ref. Is missing leather jungle cover. In clean untouched condition, some small nicks to edge of blade. A good sword. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Katana. Japanese made on campaign Katana. This sword has been made in Burma using local craftsmen and materials. Typically made to replace damaged swords. Has a leather jungle cover. The mounts and blade have been chromed by previous owner. An unusual example of this style of sword. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Katana. Japanese katana, a gendaito. Signed Bishu Ju Kuni Yasu, lived in Aichi, circa 1943-44. The blade is 25" in length. The sword has been fully restored , polish and new shira saya. Also comes with its gunto mounts resting on a tsunage. The mounts are in fine condition, the hilt has a mon on it. A very fine sword. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Katana. Japanese Katana in untouched condition. The blade is signed Kiyo Mitsu, several smiths used this name circa 1750-1850. The blade is 27" in length and in old polish. The hilt needs restoring, but has a nice old iron tsuba. There are two original packing labels on the saya . Once restored this would make a fine sword.
Japanese Ko-Gatana in Shirasaya. Japanese Ko-Gatana (knife blade) in Shira saya. Blade signed Minamoto Tane Hiro, Shirasaya has its saya gaki label. This is from mid Edo period. Comes with an Aoi-Art appraisal. Overall length is 7.20". This is in fine condition. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Ko-Gatana. Japanese Ko-Gatana with a19th century Kodjuka (hilt) in shakudo. The blade is signed Sagami Kami Masa Tsune, this smith worked circa 1596-1615 and is highly rated. Overall condition for age is very good has one small dent on the back of the kodjuka. A fine piece.
Japanese Ko-Wakizashi. Japanese Ko-Wakizashi from the Shinto period, 19th century. An unsigned blade. Has soft metal mounts. Blade has Notare Hamon and is 13" in length. The saya has a bamboo and grass motif. The blade has recently been polished. A fine sword. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Ko-Wakizashi. Japanese Ko-Wakizashi in the style of the Bungo Takada school. This an unsigned blade. The blade is 15.5" in length. Tang has two mekugi holes ,one plugged. A high quality blade in fine polish and with no flaws. This would make a high quality sword when remounted. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Kodjuka and Kashira. Japanese Kodjuka and Kashira. Both have gold inlaid description's of Peacocks. Both late 19th century. Kashira is in fine condition, the Kodjka has some wear. Overall a nice pair of fitting's.
Japanese Kodjuka. Japanese Kodjuka in Iron. Looks 18th century. Has a cherry blossom and temple design in silver and brass. Good condition for age , a nice example.
Japanese Kodjuka. Japanese Kodjuka circa 19th century. Has a gold horse with a nanako background. Has one small patch of wear on back otherwise in good condition.
Japanese Kogai. Japanese Kogai, mid 19th century. 8.5" in length. Lots of its original gilding left. In very good condition.
Japanese Menuki. Japanese Menuki. Look late 19th century. In Shakudo with some gilding. An unusual design. Have been mounted on a sword at some point. Some dirt in parts but overall condition good.
Japanese Menuki. Japanese soft metal Menuki. Katana or large Tachi size. Has a ducks and boat paddles design. Some slight ware but otherwise is good condition.
Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks book. Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks book by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory. A fine reference book on swords between 1890's to 1945. Book published in 1996 and is now out of print. In excellent condition, a fine book.
Japanese N.C.O's Knot. A leather N.C.O's rank knot. Another variation, this one looks like it is fitted around the kashira. A piece of leather is missing. Has small metal rank star on strap. Some damage to the loop but overall condition good.
Japanese Naginata. Japanese Naginata cut down to a wakizashi. The work looks Keicho era pre 1600. In excellent polish and in Ho-wood shira saya. Has a couple of old rust holes but overall condition is very good. The blade length is 18.75". U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Shin Gunto Sword. Japanese Shin Gunto Officers Sword. Blade signed Toshi Hide. Smith made medium quality blades out of Seki Arsenal, the blade has a typical Seki hamon. Blade is 25" in length. Mounts and leather cover in good condition. Blade in bright condition with some rust marks. Once restored it would be a fine sword.
Japanese Soshu Uchi-Katana. Japanese Soshu Uchi-Katana. Blade is circa 1500's. . The blade has a hamon based on suguha with fine wood grain. This a light grooved blade in old polish, there are some tiny flaws. Handle needs a rebind but has fine 19thC mounts and a Shakudo tsuba. The top of the saya needs repair, once fully restored this is a very fine sword.
Japanese Su-Yari. A Japanese Su-Yari. The blade is triangular in shape and is 18.5" in length. The blade is signed Kana Bo Saemonjo Masa Sada. From the Yamato school circa 1550's. The blade is in polish. The pole has been cut down to 5 feet in length. It has iron parrying bars. The top half of the pole is covered in fish skin, there is no blade cover. A rare item. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Sword Suspension Ring. Japanese sword suspension ring, an Ashi. 19th century , made from soft metal, has a Karakusa vine engraving. A good quality piece.
Japanese Sword. Japanese Shin Gunto Army Officers sword. Has a hand forged Gendiato blade, length is 25". Blade is signed Suke Mitsu but is difficult to read. The hamon is based on Suguha with Gunome peaks with Sunagashi nie crystals. Condition is as found, has some old finger rust and some chips to edge. This is still a fine sword. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Sword. Japanese Sword, a shin gunto (wartime). A medium grade Showato blade. Signed by Take Hisa , dated spring 1943. Has a small W stamp on tang. Sword is similar to blades made by Koa Isshin, a Mantetsu smith working for railway company. Blade is 26" in length, blade has a Suguha Hamon. Some staining to blade. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Sword. A Japanese Shin Gunto sword circa 1940. Has an oil tempered Seki arsenal stamped blade 26" in length. Blade has Gunome midare. Has some staining and old finger rust on the blade. No paint on scabbard, but does have a Captains rank tassel. Condition is untouched, this was brought back by merchant navy veteran.
Japanese Sword. A Japanese Koto Tachi blade mounted as a Katana. Signed Fujiwara Hiro Yuki. Blade length is 27.5" . There are some small chips to blade and the point tip has slight bend, but overall condition is good. The mounts are made of iron in a samurai's taste. The saya is in good condition. Would benefit from restoration, then would be a very fine sword. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Tanto Dagger. Japanese Tanto dagger. Blade is signed Kane Tsuki, worked around 1504-73. Blade length is 11" and in very good polish. The tsuba is an 18th century namban style. Needs a rebind, and the blade in the ko-gatana is new. This tanto would benefit from restoration. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Tanto. A Japanese tanto with an unsigned blade, circa 1860's. The hamon is O notare with nie. Blade is 8.5" in length. Has silver mounts in the meiji style. Has a red crackle laquer and black ribbed saya. Has a fitted Ko-Gatana (byknife) which is signed Hyo Shin Shi, has a hamon. Overall condition good. A nice piece.
Japanese Tanto. Japanese Meiji period export tanto, circa 1890's. Unsigned 6.25" forged blade. Clear lacquered wooden mounts, bone tsuba. Is carved with sages in forest and blossoms. Has a mother of pearl menuki. The hamon looks midare, bright blade but some scratches. In good condition, a nice example of export work. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Tanto. Japanese Meiji (export) Tanto. The blade is old Shinto and is 12.25" in length. This is an unsigned blade, it is in polish but has a few scratches. The mounts are covered in leather and lots of Menuki as well . A nice piece. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Tanto. Japanese Meiji period export tanto , circa 1885-1900. Has an oil tempered 8.75" blade, has two horimono of male dragons. All metal mounts, copper and brass. Is covered in line engraving of trees, blossoms and birds, some gilt remains. Has a stylised elephant head kashirsa. Is signed in Kaisho kanji, Riki or Kyu. An unusual tanto . U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Tsuba Japanese Tsuba. A 17th century Iron Tsuba. Looks like Saitome school. Tsuba design in shape of Crysanthamum. Nice patina. A good quality Tsuba.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Tsuba. From the Jakushi school. It is an iron tsuba with a gold wash over a dragon motif, also has an impressed rim. The tsuba is signed. This school worked over three generations, 1690-1799. In very good condition. A quality tsuba.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Wakizashi Tsuba, made circa 1890's. Made from cast iron. Made in the style of an earlier period. In worn condition.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Tsuba. An iron Tsukashi (pierced) tsuba, has a boat and sails in waves design. Mid Edo period. Has old black patination and a touch of old rust on rim. A good quality tsuba.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Tsuba, looks like it could be Choshu work. Tsuba is signed Masa Sada, smith worked in late Edo period. The tsuba is Ju Mokko (ten lobed) with gold inlaid Ginko leaves. In excellent condition, a quality tsuba.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Tsuba. A circular Iron tsuba with some Taka Zogan brass inlay in the Yoshiro style. But probably Shoami work. Has large Hitsu Ana, this denotes possible early date, early Edo period. A fine tsuba in good condition.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Tsuba in the Namban or Canton style. Made of iron with some remaining gold highlights. Looks mid Edo period. In good condition.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Tanto Tsuba. Made in the early 19th century. Made of iron and has a silver rim. In good condition.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Katana Tsuba. Made circa 1800. Looks like it was made in the Kinae school style. Made of iron and has some gold inlay left. In worn condition with some rust. A good quality Tsuba.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Wakizashi Tsuba. Made circa 1800. In the style of the Jakushi school, unsigned. Made of iron with traces of gilt left. In worn condition.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese 19th century Wakizashi Tsuba. Made in a Tachi style. Made of iron. In worn condition.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Tsuba in soft metal from the late Meiji period. Styled in a double dragon design. There is some damage to the ends of the dragon tails. This tsuba came off a katana that had been carried in WW2. An unusual tsuba.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Tsuba in Iron, from the later Edo period. Has a theatre mask motif, has some of its original gold inlay left. Has a nice old black patina.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Tanto Tsuba. Made in the early 19th century. Made of iron with silver inlaid rim. In good condition.
Japanese Tsuba. Japanese Wakizashi Tsuba in iron and is Tsukashi (pierced). Looks 19th Century, has some rust on rim. Still a nice style and design.
Japanese Wakizashi Japanese Wakizashi in shin gunto mounts. Blade is unsigned but looks Bungo Takeda work. Blade length 21". Blade has some old rust marks and chips to edge. There is a silver Mon badge on the hilt. Needs a polish and would be a good restoration project. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Wakizashi Tsuba. Japanese Wakizashi Tsuba. In a Mokko shape, looks Edo period work. Made from soft metal and has gold inlays. In good condition.
Japanese Wakizashi Tsuba. Japanese Wakazashi Tsuba. Late Edo , Meiji period. Soft metal with Kiri mon leaves, overlaid with gold. There are three missing on rim, but overall condition is excellent. A fine quality tsuba.
Japanese Wakizashi Tsuba. Japanese Wakizashi Tsuba. From the Shoami school, looks Edo work. Unsigned , in good condition some traces of gold left on tsuba.
Japanese Wakizashi Tsuba. Japanese Wakizashi Tsuba, made of cast iron. Circa 1900-1920's. Has a leaf pattern. In nice condition.
Japanese Wakizashi. Japanese Wakizashi, an old shin shinto unsigned blade. Looks Mino work, has typical hamon of the style. Blade is 22.5" in length. Has gunto leather covered saya. Has an iron plate tsuba, looks Awa school circa 1800. The fuchi kashira looks meiji period work. The blade is in old polish and has some light scratches. A nice sword . U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Wakizashi. Japanese Wakizashi circa 1580's -1650. Blade is signed Bishu Osafune Suke Sada. The blade is 19.75" in length and in excellent polish. All mounts are leather covered due to its service during the war, the Kashira is the mount of a Burmese Dha. The chain is period but not Japanese made. A fine example. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Wakizashi. Japanese Wakizashi. The blade is signed Masa Sada Saku. Due to rust on the tang this may be open to question. There is reference to bishu mihara ju masa sada 1573-92. This could be a later generation. Blade is in fine condition. Mounts are 19th century. Sword would benefit from better quality mounts. Overall a nice wakizashi. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Wakizashi. Japanese Wakizashi made circa 1590's. Blade is signed Echizen Kuni Ju Kane Hiro. Blade length is 20". The blade has old black finger rust and a few small edge chips. Has a good notare hamon. Has a large black Iron tsuba circa 1800-50's. The saya needs repair at top. This would be a good restoration project. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Wakizashi. Japanese Wakizashi from the Shinto period. Blade is unsigned and is 14" in length. The blade is in fine polished condition. Has Handachi mounts and tsuba, all 19th century. The saya needs a Kurikata and Ko Gatana knife to complete it. Overall sword is in fine condition and with some restoration would make a fine wakizashi. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Wakizashi. Japanese Wakizashi signed Shinano Nodaijo Fujiwara Tadakuni. There were 7 generations of this smith, this looks 3rd or 4th circa 1716-1772. The blade is 18.5" in length and in original polish. Saya in good condition. Iron tsuba and quality mounts, Fuchi Kashira signed Omori Teruhide. A quality sword which would benefit from being papered in Japan. U.K SALES ONLY.
Japanese Wakizashi. Japanese wakizashi , mid Edo period 1700-50. Unsigned 19.5" length blade. Blade in good condition, has gunome midare hamon with some togariba (pointing). Has soft metal mounts. Iron tsuba is 19C nara school work, tree bough on river bank motif. Blade in bright condition with some small flaws and scratches. A nice sword.
Japanese Wakizashi. Japanese Wakizashi with signed 21" blade in good polish. The blade is signed Shinnano Daijo Fujiwara Tada Kuni, second generation. All the mounts are 19th century and of fine quality. The saya is lacquered in red and gold and is fine condition. This sword would benefit from papering in Japan and would increase its value, a recommended sword.
Japanese Wakizashi. A Japanese Wakizashi, has 19th century unsigned blade. Blade is 21" in length. Has a Ko-Suguha (thin) Hamon with tight grain. Some grain opening on back edge but condition bright and untouched. Has a leather cover on scabbard. Some damage to binding on handle. A good sword in need of some restoration.
Japanese WW2 1000 Stitch Belt. Japanese WW2 1000 Stitch belt. Has its coin and various blessings on it. This was given to ward off bullets and keep its owner safe. A nice clean example of one.
Japanese WW2 Naval Flag. Japanese WW2 Naval Flag. This type of small scale flag would have been used by a ships tender craft/supply vessel. In good condition.
Japanese WW2 Winter Cap. Japanese WW2 Winter Cap. Used during the occupation of Mancuria , winter use. Issued during the 1930's. Cloth with a wool lining. Has a single star on front and inside on the liner there is the remains of two characters (kanji) ,possibly the owners name. Has wear and tear appropriate to its age and use.
Miniature Khukri. A miniature Khukri with Indian silver mounts. Presented by Ghurka Artillery to W.W.B to J.A.B S.G BESI 1955-57. A good quality piece in fine condition, blade in clean state, has no small knives. An unusual piece. U.K SALES ONLY.
Miniature Khukri. A miniature Khukri in Indian silver mounts. Has presentation inscription, 68 Ghurka F.D Squadron TAN. 1958. Some wear and tear and slight damage to scabbard , but blade clean. Small knives missing. A nice item. U.K SALES ONLY.
Miniature Tachi. Miniature Tachi for boys festival. 19th century period . Blade in fine condition with straight hamon. Laquer saya and silk knot, a fine example of the style. U.K SALES ONLY.
U.S Army .45 Auto Holster. U.S Army .45 Auto Holster, leather. Date marked 1941 on reverse. Has remains of name scratched on flap. Overall condition good.
Victorian Officers Dress Belt. Victorian Officers Dress belt. This is a full dress belt. The buckle looks like royal engineers but unsure. In fine condition.
Victorian Pistol Flask. Victorian pistol flask 3.5" in length. Maker marked Sykes. A few marks and dirty but the brass would clean up nicely. Scarce in this size.
Victorian Powder Flask. Victorian powder flask. Maker marked James Dixon & Sons Sheffield. Also has gauge markings of 2-2 3/4 drams. Has broken spring and the brass is dirty but would clean up.
Victorian Powder Flask. Victorian powder flask, bag shaped. 7.5" in length. Spring is okay and the brass would clean up fine. There are no splits in flask . A nice example.
Victorian Powder Flask. Victorian powder flask. Marked 2-2.5 dram. The brass is in fine condition as is the spring, and has no splits. Nice style and patina. A fine example.