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See this image Fallschirmjager Regt. 3: A Pictorial History: Volume 2 Covering the later war years this completes a comprehensive pictorial history of the unit.
Medical ID Disc Marked as SS-San. Ers. Komp. - SS-Sanitäts-Ersatz-Kompanie (SS-medic replacement company). This is an original disc with the SS runes added post war. Blood group O and roll number 1105.
Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland A pictorial history of the Panzer Korps from 1942 to 1945 with over 500 pictures and covers all the knights cross holders of the unit. Second hand hardback in excellent condition
Police Officers M43 Field Cap more pictures.
Police Officers M43 Field Cap M43 Police Officer's field cap. Excellent in fact minty condition outside; it has been worn so inside is very good condition . This is a has a grey leather half sweatband and unusually the buttons are wooden rather than the grey metal variety. This cap is also a published piece in two separate books on WW2 German headgear . Hard to upgrade this one a quality made item.
Waffen SS Oakleaf B Smock. More pictures available on request.
Waffen SS Oakleaf B Smock. Made from original material but possibly after 1945. This is an exceptionally well made example of the M38 pattern being sold as a post war made smock.
1916 Postcard showing a Group of Medics A postcard with writing on back but never posted. Dated 24 March 1916 showing four medical soldiers from a Saxon Regiment wearing m1910 tunics. Interesting headgear as one wears the pork pie cap whilst the others have the 1908 pattern cap for medics with a peak and chinstrap. As per 1915 regs the middle soldier has a cloth masking band round his cap.
1917 Einheitsfeldmutze Other Ranks Cap Really nice condition example of the 1917 pattern field cap for other ranks. It has the Prussian cockade and national cockade metal version on the front rather than the standard sow on button style. The cap is stamped inside for issue to JR11. Further stamps indicate it was given to the 3rd battalion of the Infantry Regt and a soldier in company 9 was the owner. This appears to have survived so well because the other crossed out markings show it had been in storage for a theatre costumes department..
1944 Army Rennumeration Tables Very interesting publication showing the Army pay scales from General to Private for all branches of service including the Waffen-SS. The tables also show the allowance a soldier would receive for being married and for how many children he had to support.
1944 Dated Medical Satchel Leather medics satchel that was carried instead of the two front pouches. This example is dated 1944 and maker marked dny. It has a stamp of "S" on the front flap noting it was used by qualified medics. The contents label is still attached and it is in excellent condition. All leather straps and closing points in working order.
7000 KM in a Sturmgeschutz Written by Knights Cross holder Heinrich Engel this is his story and is well supported with his own personal photos. Cracking account of an assault gunner and his unit actions in WW2. soft cover in excellent condition.
7th SS Girbirgs-Division Im Bild Pictorial history of the Prinz Eugen SS Division. Hard back cover. As new.
A Bridge to Far by Cornelius Ryan Classic book this copy published 1974 in hard back with nice embossed Insignia on cover. Dust jacket missing but nice display piece on any bookshelf.
A Narrative and Pictoral History of Rommel Cracking book on the career of Erwin Rommel. Fabulous pictures support the informative text of the Field Marshalls life with particular emphasis on his WW2 exploits.
Above the Lines: German Fighter Aces 1914-18 A complete record of the fighter aces of the German Air Service, Naval Air aces and Flanders Marine Corps. Includes lists of confirmed kills alongside biographic details of each pilot. Hardback as new condition.
Administration Officers Transitional Service Cap more pictures
Administration Officers Transitional Service Cap further pictures
Administration Officers Transitional Service Cap Erel made cap for an administration Officer circa 1934/35. This has been bought through the Officers kleider kasse (catalogue) system and is duly marked as such under the celluloid inside the cap. made form high quality doeskin material the crown is in very good condition with mothing. The green piping has also has some moth nibbles but nothing to serious. Lovely rayon made yellow lining and nicely maker marked. Sweatband remains in great condition. First pattern wreath and the officers chin cord is made from German Silver and oxidised effect is clear. Comes with first pattern eagle but displayed here as the pre 34/1935 version with a national and state cockade. Rare cap to find.
Ambulance First Aid Satchel This piece of kit was issued to be kept in the ambulance or medical transport wagons and was called the combined bag. It could be used by medics or stretcher bearers and was to be kept in their vehicle. It is made from a rigid canvas and is edged with leather to protect the ends. It has a leather carrying strap on the rear that enabled it to be worn over the shoulder when away from the vehicle. The contents label is still attached and it comes with approx.75% of the original contents. Items include splints and metal/canvas ties, tourniquet, wound packs, two burn bandages, bandage cutters, safety pin box, bandages in paper packet, arm sling and roll of cotton wool. One of the leather tabs at the front has been re-stitched otherwise it is an all original piece in excellent condition.
Ardennes 1944 by Anthony Beevor Good solid factual account of the battle and event during December 44/January 45. Well respected author dealing with an interesting part of WW2. hard back. A1 condition
Armour Battles of the Waffen SS by Will Fey Original 1990 publication of the book in hardback. This is the out of print Fedorowicz publication and much superior to the paperback version.
Army Personnel Medical Records Book First book is the health records for a member of II Bttl IR 601. It dates from June 1941 till April 1942 but offers little info other than his height, weight etc. The second book for Obergefreiter martin of Gren. Res. Btl. 208 is more informative and includes a report in the back from the senior medical staff of the Regiment diagnosing him with Typhus fever (Fleckfieber) on 16.3.43. Here his records end and the final page at the back of the book, which has perforated slip and is entitled "discharged from active service", has been removed. So we have to draw our own conclusions as to his fate.
Army Tactical Signs Instruction Sheet Very handy original folding card instruction sheet showing the tactical signs used by the various parts of the Army. Covers all branches of the Army and is in very good condition.
Artillery Officers Service Cap circa 1880 Further pictures.
Artillery Officers Service Cap circa 1880 Further Pictures.
Artillery Officers Service Cap circa 1880 Made from a blue twill material with a black velvet band and red piping identifies this as either an Artillery or Engineer Officers cap. It is in the style prescribed in the 1867 regulations and the cap band measures approx. half the size of the cap. Has had some storage issues with some moth damage to the top of the cap on the crown. The piping has also been eaten by moths in places and a previous owner has repaired some of the piping with red cord. Prussian cockade and makers details still embossed on the liner. very rare cap to find in any condition. Displays well.
At the Front : Two Soldiers circa 1916/17 Identified as either stretcher bearers or drivers by their 1908 peaked field caps these two happy chaps seem somewhat relaxed in the photograph. One wears the 1910 bluse the other the 1916 pattern.
Australian Army Slouch Hat Post 2002 Aussie Army Slouch hat. Insignia 2002 rising sun style. size 57
Austro-Hungarian KuK Officers Cap circa 1917 further pictures.
Austro-Hungarian KuK Officers Cap circa 1917 Come with medal and Card de viste. Further pictures
Austro-Hungarian KuK Officers Cap circa 1917 This cap has the cockade with "K" in the centre for the Emperor karl, making it possible to date the cap as being made between 1916 and 1918. The cap is in excellent condition and remains a superb example of the style found in pre-war Imperial uniforms.
Badges and Insignia of WW2 Covers airforce, naval and marine. Another trip down nostalgia lane.1983 reprint, hard back.
Bavarian Reserve Artillery Officer's Cap circa 1900 Fine example of the style of cap worn at the turn of the 20th Century by German Officers. This one is for a reserve officer in the Bavarian Army of either an Artillery or Engineer Unit. Superb quality of manufacturing with dark blue ribbed type material for the crown, black velvet cap band for Officers and a lovely silk lining inside. Bavarian state cockade and national cockade all original to the cap. Cap is maker marked on the brown leather sweatband.
Bavarian Reserve Artillery Officer's Cap circa 1900 Further pictures.
Bavarian Reserve Artillery Officer's Cap circa 1900 More pictures
Bavarian War merit Cross (3rd class) Boxed Very nice Bavarian war merit cross with swords for combatants. Still in original box.
Bavarian War merit Cross (3rd class) Boxed further pictures
Bridgehead Kurland by Franz Kurowski The six epic battles of Heeresgruppe Kurland. 330 pages with 80 pages of photos and 15 pages of maps covers all the battles of this embattled German Army trapped in the Baltic during the final stages of WW2. hardback book as new.
Came the Dawn. 50 Years an Army Officer Written by Brigadier Paul Crook this book charts a soldiers view of events which concerned him all over the world during his service from pre-ww2 regimental soldiering in India to today's Territorial Army. Published 1989, hard back as new.
Carte De Visite Two very clear pictures of Infantry soldiers in field grey uniforms. Loads of detail on the rear as to the studio alongside the name and infantry regiment of the aptly named Jakob Kreig.
Carte De Visite circa 1890 Prussian one year volunteer from Infantry Regt 28. Nicely marked on the back with the studio details.
Chronicle of 7th PZ Kompanie LAH by Ralf Tiemann Hardback copy, like new, of the Schiffer Publication. Written by the company commander it covers the personal reflections and tactical deployment of this unit during WW2.
Citizen Soldiers. Stephen E. Ambrose Soft back copy of this must read book. Excellent first hand accounts from the soldiers who served.
Combat History of Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 654 Monster book for this monster tank buster. Covers actions of the unit in the East and West. Hard back in as new condition.
Complete Medic Satchel All contents in situ, superb example of the medics bag. Dated 1944 and maker stamped the leather bag is in first rate condition. It has also been originally stamped K for stretcher bearer and overstamped with an S for medical orderly. The contents are for a santitas. The sum of all the contents if bought individually far out weigh the cost of this piece of kit.
Complete Vehicle First Aid Kit Contained in a wooden version of the vehicle first aid box this kit is 95% complete. The box retains most of its original tan paint but the top paint work showing the letters and first aid cross have faded some what. It is sadly missing the contents label. The contents however are in excellent condition and all original.
Complete Wound Tag Book with Pencil Complete book of 25 wound tags along with the seldom found pencil attached. Nice original piece of history
Construction Replacement Battalion ID Disc Clearly stamped disc with neck cord for a member of the 13th construction battalion. His company number was 4899 and blood group is A. Rear of disc is blank.
Cossacks in the German Army 1941-1945 Rather good and well researched book by Samuel j. Newland looking at all aspects of the Cossack involvement with the Germans fight against Communism. Well balanced impartial view of a complex story.
Cross of Honour with Swords, Button Hole Ribbon Made for wear on civilian clothes the award was for combatants in WW1.
Das Reich volume 1 - 4: Otto Weidinger History of the division from 1934 - 1944. All books hardback and as new.
Death Card for an Infantry Unteroffizier Eduard Kirchmair was an unteroffizier with an Infantry Regiment in Russia when killed on 30 July 1944.He was holder of the Iron Class II class.
Death Card for an Infantryman. This card remembers Martin Holzansel who was an Obergefreiter with the Army. He was awarded the Russian Front medal and The War Merit Service Cross 2nd class. He was killed on 28/4/1944 on the Eastern Front and he was 32 years old.
Death Card For Franz Dornstauder Killed on 30th January 1943. he was 34 years old and appears to have been serving in the Balkans.
Death Card for Franz Schürz, Grenadier Regt Serving in a Grenadier Regiment, he was 23 years old when killed on 11 Oct 1943. An experienced and decorated soldier he was awarded the EK2, Infantry Assault Badge, wound badge and Eastern front medal.
Death Card for Gefreiter Martin Fellner Killed in Russia on 2nd January 1944, Gefreiter Fellner was serving with a Grenadier Regiment. He was the holder of the Russian Front medal.
Death Card for Grenadier Feichtenschlager A member of a Grenadier Regiment, Grenadier Johann Feichtenschlager was killed on 26 August 1944 in Russia. He was thirty years old.
Death Card For Josef Greineder KIA whilst serving in a Füsilier Battalion on the Western Front. He was 19 years old when killed on 2nd February 1945
Decision in the Ukraine by George Nipe Decision in the Ukraine: German Tank Operations on the Eastern Front, Summer 1943. The II and III SS Panzerkorps in action. hardback first edition.
Deutsche Yungvolk / Hitler Youth Dagger Private purchase example of the DJ/HJ knife, This was a commercially produced knife that was smaller than the HJ blade and is attributed to the DJ side of the Hitler Youth . No motto on the blade as standard with these and the HJ diamond has been affixed to the scabbard rather than the handle. Superb condition. 18+
Dictionary of WW1 and WW2 Pocket size dictionary of the two conflicts. Useful for those beginning to explore the conflicts.
Downfall and Battle for Warsaw DVD's. Two very good films on DVD format.
Dust Goggles in Original Cloth Carry Case Four sets of dust goggles in their original cloth case. They are cleverly held into the case by a cloth tie and the case is waffenampt stamped.
Early Pioneer Other Ranks Service Cap Jaunty looking service cap for a member of Pioneer battalion 24. Made by the firm Otto Dittman of Dresden and nicely unit stamped with both regiment and company stamps, this has the early field grey cap band and first pattern insignia. The unit it is marked to, Pioneer battalion 24, was raised in October 1935 making the cap probably an original issue for that time. It is stamped for the 4th Kompanie, 1st group. The cap is a contract issue for other ranks and has had the celluloid removed and the steel spring in the crown to give it the crushed look. The cap is size stamped 57. Overall condition is good, please note : it is a worn service cap with the spring removed to give the crusher look, as a result the paste board at the back is cracked. The first pattern eagle has one prong broken but still sits on the cap without issue.
Early SA Dagger by E. Packe and Sohn with Partial Röhm Inscription Early SA Dagger by E. Packe and Sohn with Partial Röhm Inscription- all of the characteristics associated with an early production piece, the handle is a lighter brown colour. The reverse of the lower cross guard is marked with the SA group initials which appear as Wf. The anodizing on the scabbard is minimal and brown paint about 80% intact. The blade on this example would easily rate very good with the makers logo on the reverse of the blade. An example of a partial Röhm presentation piece where only the name was eradicated. Complete with short brown leather strap. UK sales 18+
Early SA Dagger by E. Packe and Sohn with Partial Röhm Inscription pictures
Early SA Dagger by E. Packe and Sohn with Partial Röhm Inscription Further Pictures
European Volunteers. The 5th SS wiking Division Hard back first edition of this in depth and well written history of the Wiking Division by Peter Strassner. Like new.
Eye shields in paper case Unissued pack of clear dust goggles.
Fallschirmjager Regt. 3: A Pictorial History: Volume 1: From Storm Battalion To Regiment 1916/1941 1st Edition hardback copy of this sought after pictorial history of one of the elite combat units of WW2.
Feld post card dated 1916 1916 dated card sent from the front line by a member of the Bavarian 11th Infantry Division. Nice post mark stamp to verify this.
Feldpost Book The title suggests that this is full of funny stories from the prankster magazine for the heavy artillery.
Feldzug 1914. Infantry Section Group Picture Group portrait of a feldzug (platoon) for the 43rd landstrum (reserves) regiment. All in their field grey uniform with metal 43 on their collars and wearing Prussian cockades on their field caps. The rear of the postcard has been used to tally numbers or scores from a card game ?
Field Made Rplacement ID Disc Marked: 1. Pi. 50 - 1. Kompanie Pionier-Bataillon 50 (1st company, combat engineer battalion 50). This is a field made replacement and the aluminiun used has been salvaged from a vehicle as the rear of the disc shows the original piece identified lubrication point on the vehicle chassis. The two parts have come away and it is fixed together with a little help from cellotape but.... a very unusual and rare original piece.
Field Post Card from a unit based in Beverloo Nice humour post card from the front sent 1916 circa. Unit marked to 9/VI. B.Inft Ers Trupp based in Beverloo. card is written in ink and dated 29/3/1916.
FIELD TRIAGE BY HANS KÄFER 5TH AND 6TH EDITION FIELD TRIAGE BYHANS KÄFER 5TH AND 6TH EDITION DRESDEN AND LEIPZIG PUBLISHED BY THEODOR STEINKOPFF This field manual is unlike many others in that it deals with the rather dangerous aspect of field surgery and triage, rather than simply being instructions on how to carry the wounded. Ranging across very different topics, from equipment to surgical techniques – this book would have been indispensable for any field surgeon or doctor at the front.
Flags and Banners of the Third Reich Almark publication from 1973. Covers all you need to know as an introduction to the subject. Great photos and text throughout. soft back in used condition.
For the Homeland ! History of the 31st Waffen SS Division Written by Rudolf Pencz whose two uncles served in the division. Composed of ethnic Germans living in Hungary the division was formed in 1944 and was thrown into the last battles of the war as the Soviets advanced. Hard back as new in English.
From Normandy to the Ruhr: 116th Panzer Division Written by former officer Heinz Gunther Guderian, he served with this unit during the battles in the west and went onto be a General in the post war Army. Mega detail in the text and supported by photographs and tactical maps. Hard back cover in as new condition.
Further pictures of the HJ Knife As above.
Further pictures of the NPEA Hanger. Further photographs of the hanger.
Gebirgsjaeger Im Bild 6th ss Division Nord Pictorial history of the 6th SS Mountain troops division 1940 to 1945. 350 pictures of the war in Finland and the artic circle. Hardback. Condition : as new
German Army Visors 1871 - 1945 The work is a photographic study of the development of the Army visor cap from 1871 right through the First World War, looking closely at the period between the wars, a subject that is very much over-looked until now and then a detailed over-view of the Third Reich period and finally, a look in to the Veteran associations. The book informs the reader on the changes in shape using graphic drawings and of course the changes in insignia, colours and styles.
German Heroes’ Stories By Ludwig Uhland Multicoloured Books for Our Soldiers 104 German Heroes’ Stories By Ludwig Uhland Published by W. Kohlhammer, Stuttgart/Berlin Synopsis This collection of short stories (with a special section at the rear of the book for the famous Nibelungen) bears much similarity to the tales of Hans Andersen or the Grimm brothers, and was obviously intended to both comfort and inspire German troops both on the front lines and on leave. Part of the Multicouloured Books for Our Soldiers series, it was easily distributed via the Feldpost,
German Identity Discs of WW2 Soft back book on what to look for when collecting identity discs. Quality book for a low price.
German Lancers and Dragoons 1900 -1914 Uniforms of the Imperial German Cavalry 1900-1914. useful reference from RJ Marrion published in 1975 but still very relevant for collectors today. Old library book, retro info, like in the good old days before the internet.
German Paratroopers: Robert Kurtz The uniforms and equipment of the elite German Fallschirmjager is the subject of this detailed, illustrated study. Authentic items smocks, dress tunics, boots, insignia, helmets, visor caps, gloves, knee pads and more are shown in superb color photos, in both multiple full-view, and detail shots. Unpublished World War II era photos show uniforms and equipment being worn on a variety of war fronts. Also included is a short chapter covering other Axis airborne including Italian and Japanese gear.
German Rifle Association Cutlass with Frog and Portapee Further pictures
German Rifle Association Cutlass with Frog and Portapee This Eickhorn Cutlass is a nice example, having all aluminum hilt mounts with a fine nickel-plated surface. The pommel retains most of the plating. It features an umbrella-like flare at the top with a screw device that acts as a pommel and line decorations along the edges; the ferrule below has a similar pattern of lines. The crossguard is smooth, having two branch-like quillon arms in an opposed configuration. The quillons end in fine acorns with hand-enhanced caps. Below the crossguard is a fine clamshell. This clamshell features a wreath of oak leaves on the left and laurel leaves on the right. In the center is the insignia of the German Shooting Association. The grip of this cutlass is in great condition. Pinned to the center of the grip is a brass insignia in the shape of crossed set of hunting rifles. The scabbard shell is a fine leather example, showing a little mild age in the surfaces but remaining in good, supple condition. This scabbard has been sewn up the rear. The scabbard mounts are of nickel-plated steel and have scalloped edges where they meet the leather. These mounts are retained by staples and in in pristine condition. The long blade of this cutlass measures 16 inches. This blade is double etched and is in nice condition. The obverse etch begins with a floral pattern and moves to a target with crossed rifles. We then see a hunting scene, complete with dogs, and then more floral patterns. The reverse blade has floral designs with a center panel that depicts a stag leaping over a fence. This blade is stamped with the Eickhorn squirrel trademark. The cutlass still has its black leather frog and original portapee.
German Rifle Association Cutlass with Frog and Portapee more pictures
Germany Awake ! Field post book designed to be sent to the soldiers at the front by their family for a morale boost.....the first page strap line translates literally as "the colourful today for our soldiers"....... bet they couldn't wait for the post to arrive!
Germanys Battle for Freedom Written by Oberst Ritter Von Xylander in 1941 and marked "only for the use within the Armed Forces", this booklet explains the battles and campaigns of WW2 prior to 1941. Set obviously from the German point of view it expands on righting the wrongs of the ww1 peace treaty, Mainly text with some maps to explain campaign objectives.
Grenadiers. Kurt Meyer Hardback copy of the first edition in English from 1994. Kurt Meyer's uncompromising memoir of his war as he saw it. Waffen SS unit history by a highly decorated soldier who served in an elite unit.
Handbook for Troop Doctors 1940 1940 publication of medical guidance to Doctors. Standard textbook with pen drawings on anatomy and basic first aid procedures for dealing with injuries.
Headgear of Hitler's Germany volume 3 Covers caps worn by Hitler, Political leaders, NS-Frauenschaft, DAF and the SA. All covered in detail.
Herman Goring: From Regiment to FallschirmpanzerKorps Written by RJ Bender and George Petersen this classic hard back book dates from 1975 (1st edition) and is in excellent condition. Still useful reference book with nice pictures and detailed information.
Hitlers Field Marshalls and their Battles Excellent biographies of all the Field Marshalls who served in the Second World War.
Hitlers Spannish Legion The Blue Division in Russia. Unit history of the fighting during the Russian campaign and the political analysis of the deployment of these troops. Soft back cover 2005 edition, great condition
HUMOUR AND FUN REPORTS FROM BAVARIA THE MULTICOLOURED BOOKS FOR OUR SOLDIERS 31 HUMOUR AND FUN REPORTS FROM BAVARIA BY PETER PODDEL PUBLISHED BY W. KOHLHAMMER/STUTTGART Part of the “Multi-coloured Books for Our Soldiers” series, this collection of short stories and essays provides an often hilarious insight into the Bavarian way of life as seen from outside – think of a Nazi Bill Bryson. Sold to be sent via field post to the soldiers at the front.
Id Disc For a Kraftfahr (transport) Unit Nice condition disc marked 2/Kf. Ers Ab. 23 for 2nd squadren, motor transport replacement detachment 23. Blood group O and owners roll number was 530. Rear of the disc is unmarked.
ID Disc for Motorcycle troops Marked 3/Krad.schütz.Ers.Batl.1 for 3rd company motorcycle troops, replacement battalion 1. Blood group A and roll number 306. Rear of disc is blank. Rare unit disc to find.
In Good faith. History of 4th SS Division volume 1 Volume one of the history covering 1939-1943.
In Good faith. History of 4th SS Division volume 2 Volume 2 of the divisional history covering 1943 - 1945. As new.
In the Firestorm of the Last Year of the War. II SS Panzer Korps Gritty and detailed covers the combat history of the 9th and 10th SS Divisions. Fighting in East and West Hardback as new.
Infantry Instruction Manual for Rifle Companies Titled a "Development Pamphlet for the Infantry" and published in 1936 this manual covers the tactical deployment of a rifle company. Sections of the booklet include, march order, tactical signs and deployment in combat situations. Also includes section on gas warfare and anti-tank tactics.
Infantry Officers ID Disc and Shoulder Board Id disc for Grenadier Regt 278, Staff Command II battalion. Includes an Infantry Captain's Shoulder strap and two photo's taken in Russia during the Autumn of possibly 1941 or 1942? This unit was part of the 95th Infantry Division and fought all the way through the Russian campaign including at Kursk and ended being pushed back towards Koingsberg and Memel in 1945.
Infantrymen from a Saxon Regiment Posing on logs for this portrait these two are from Regt 231 looking at the shoulder boards. Postcard with clear unwritten reverse.
Instruction book for medical NCO's and Soldiers 1940 publication for use by medical personnel as a guide to basic medical procedures required to assist casualties in the field. also covers the usual practical info on how the body works and other necessary info to effect first aid. paper cover but in good condition.
Instruction Book for medical personnel 1940 publication for use by medical personnel as a guide to basic medical procedures required to assist casualties in the field. also covers the usual practical info on how the body works and other necessary info to effect first aid. paper cover but in good condition. This copy belonged to San.Soldat Ullrich Schmolz.
Instruction for Servicemen Reprints of the books issued to US soldiers in the UK and British soldiers heading for France. The for runners of the "how it works" lady book series seen in today's books shops ! Looking back it seems hard to imagine that the lads needed to know this stuff but some one in authority obviously thought so.
Instruction Manual for Medics. 1938 Re issue of the 1934 medical manual demonstrating basic first aid techniques and how to use equipment in the field. Contains instructional photos and drawings. Good condition.
INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR STRETCHER BEARERS AND MEDICAL COMPANIES ARMY DIVISION 100/1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR STRETCHER BEARERS AND MEDICAL COMPANIES BOOK 1 STRETCHER BEARER TRAINING BERLIN 1938 Published by S.G. Mittler and Son A handy instruction manual for stretcher bearers, detailing exhaustive ways of putting soldiers on a stretcher depending on the extent of their injuries and how many stretcher bearers are available. Several line diagrams are used to illustrate exactly how to position the stretcher to place a soldier on it – no expenses were spared in this manual.
Kavallerie-Divisionen der Waffen SS Pictorial history of the three cavalry divisions of the waffen ss. Second hand copy in hard back. It has suffered some water damage at some point and the pages are slightly stiff when turned but it has not affected the overall viewing quality of the pictures.
Kharkov 1942. David M. Glantz Book written from the Russian point of view. Excellent piece of historical analysis from the view point of the Russian Army documents. hard back. excellent condition
Knights Cross Holders of the Fallschirmjager English edition of this biographical book of all the KC winners of the paratroopers during WW2. Written by Franz Kurowski and published by Schiffer. hard back in as new condition
Knights Cross with Diamonds Recepients. Ukrainian Armies 1914-55 Osprey publications with loads of info, good reference pictures and diagrams.
Kreigsmarine Dagger made by WKC Superb and quality made WKC dagger with the hammered scabbard, deep orange handle and the bonus of the sailing ship etch on the blade. This is a fine example of the mid 1930's production with the early style Eagle. The blade remains in excellent condition. 18+
Kreigsmarine Dagger made by WKC Further pictures of the blade upon request.
Kreigsmarine Deep Sea Divers Knife Further pictures.
Kreigsmarine Deep Sea Divers Knife Brass tubual scabbard and handle. This heavy duty knife is stamped "property of the Navy !" along the scabbard and has a number "9" on the blade and a corresponding one on the top of the handle. No other maker marks or acceptance stamps present. Blade is in good condition. UK Sales 18+.
Kreigsmarine Deep Sea Divers Knife Further pictures
Land Customs Official's Dagger with Knot - Carl Eickhorn This Land Customs Dagger is in excellent condition. The hilt mounts of the dagger are constructed from aluminum. The pommel cap shows traces of use and features twelve standing oak leaves. They are the pointed leaves associated with Customs pieces, as opposed to the style used on the Army dagger. The crossguard depicts a very fine, open-winged eagle, with upswept wing tips. The bird looks to the viewer's left and has extremely fine hand enhancing to the breast and wing feathering, talons, and wreathed mobile swastika. The grip is constructed of wood and has 11 ribs, a trait unique to the Customs dagger. This grip is covered in dark green leather and remains in perfect condition throughout. It is tightly wrapped with twisted silver wire. The scabbard shell is steel and completely straight. It too is covered in green leather which matches the grip. The scabbard mounts are nickel-plated steel. The plating shows some wear. The blade is in very good condition and is needle-like tip. The reverse has a darkly etched 1935-41 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark, and the original small brown leather blade washer is in excellent condition. The dagger comes with it's original green and silver knot. UK sales 18+
Land Customs Official's Dagger with Knot - Carl Eickhorn more pictures
Land Customs Official's Dagger with Knot - Carl Eickhorn Pictures
Last Laurels Covers the German defence of Upper Silesia January to May 1945. Some really interesting late war photos of German units in action alongside some depressing and quite harrowing personal accounts of the actions in this late stage of the war. hardback cover, as new.
LATVIAN LEGION Latviesu Legionari Legionnaires Pictorial history of Waffen SS Fantastic book. Pictorial history of the Latvian volunteers. As new with the  CD of their marching songs still in the back.   
Luftwaffe Personnel Gefundheitsbuch Two books used for recording personal information about individuals health. Literally translated as health book this contains the height, weight, inoculations any health issues or hospital visits etc. The book for Flieger Baum shows he was a member of Flak Reserve battalion 51 in 1941 and was born in 1909 making him 32 years old....the front of the book is marked KV meaning he was deemed fit for active service. The other book is an early marked Luftwaffe and has initial dates of 1936/37 for health checks. Flieger Becker by 1940 was a member of 3/flak abt. Regt 82.
M16 Helmet with Liner M16 Combat helmet still retaining about 30% of its original paint but with complete leather liner. Maker marked ET 64. The right hand side retains most paint but it can be still seen on rear and in patches on the left. Liner in excellent condition with all pads and horse hair cushions in situ.
M16/17 Trench Helmet Shell Further pictures of helmet.
M16/17 Trench Helmet Shell Still retaining most of it's original early Apple Green paint this shell looked liked it previously had a steel liner band in place. This has been removed at some point but the original studs remain, although one has one broken prong. Inside the paint work remains good and the early "apple green"colour can be clearly seen. Stamped W66 for Herman Weeissenburger & Co with batch number in dome of a low B 149. Displays really nicely and would benefit from the addition of a liner if so desired.
M17/18 Austrian Helmet Liner Liner for a model M1918 trench helmet. Metal steel band with three pads still with their cushions in. Bales on side for fixing the chin strap in place. Drawstring are-placement but otherwise looks all complete. One repair to one of the tongues. Note metal washers in leather tongues as found in Austrian made liners. Will fit shell size 66.
M18 Commercially Produced Helmet
M18 Trench Helmet Liner. Further Pictures.
M1908 Peaked Service Cap for Troops This example is dated 1915 with acceptance stamps for the Bavarian Army Korps. It is piped red with a black wool cap band indicating either a pioneer unit or specialist troops. The cap has an oilskin sweatband and a cardboard peak. It is also unusual in the fact that it has been manufactured with a steel stiffener in the crown. Condition is good with some moth damage to the crown and sides.
M1916 Pattern Helmet Liner (Reproduction). Good quality reproduction liner for an M16 Helmet. well made with attention to detail including a 1917 maker mark. Will fit size shell 66. Even got the hessian filling for the cushions.
m1919 cap to js
M38 Infantry Officers Side Cap Officers side cap with bullion insignia and made with pre war quality materials. It has the half leather sweat band in the front and is in excellent condition,
Maker marked button for epaulettes Button for 10th company. Marked m5/249 as the maker. Field grey paint. RZM stamp not shown although there is a mark were it should have been pressed in.
Medical Officer Instructions for Nice bit of social history showing how the chief medical officer for the Paris environs has tried to guide the troops on safe recreational visits to certain establishments. The back of the document lists the brothel's address and which metro to alight...........
MP 40 magazine Dated 1942 and maker marked "bte" Has two identical numbered waffenamt stamps.
MP 40 magazine dated 41 and maker marked 98E. Two identical waffenamt stamps.
MP 40 magazine dated 41 and maker marked 98E. two identical waffenamt stamps. Markings not as crisp on this magazine but still very readable.
National Hunting Association Cutlass - Clemen & Jung This Hunting Association Cutlass is a top end production piece, as are most of the products of the Clemen & Jung firm. The pommel has umbrella-like "stages" around the upper surface and the edges are decorated with lines. The top button is round and not the usual acorn. The ferrule has a pair of raised accent lines running all the way around. The crossguard arms end in simulated deer legs with hooves in an opposed configuration. The fur on these legs is rendered directly from the metal. Below is a conventional clamshell. The grip is made from antler with a rich brown color. Pinned to the center obverse is a very fine National Hunting "DJ" insignia. The scabbard shell is an early brown leather version. The matching silvered scabbard mounts have scalloped edges and the lower mount has two sets of twin accent lines which only appear on the surface of the mount. The reverse of both mounts are plain. These mounts are retained by staples in the usual manner, with visible numbers below each staple. The triple etched blade of this cutlass shows a fair bit of use and the etching is faint but can be seen. The blade measures 14 inches long and the obverse has three different etched scenes: a dog attacking a boar, a stag and doe loving up under a pair of fir trees, and a two game birds lurking in some grass. The reverse has only two scenes. The first is stag bounding through a glen and the second is a fox savaging a rabbit. The reverse is stamped with the Crown trademark of the prestigious Clemen & Jung firm, and the original brown leather blade washer is in place. The dagger will still strip down very nicely.
National Hunting Association Cutlass - Clemen & Jung More pictures
National Hunting Association Cutlass - Clemen & Jung More pictures
Nazi Regalia by jack Pia First edition from 1971 of this ground breaking book on Nazi Regalia. Colour pictures help illustrate pretty much all areas of the collecting sphere. Great intro level book. used condition
NPEA Dagger Hanger An original brown leather NPEA hanger. The hanger shows some age and wear, and is the type with a lot cut into the side so that it could be used on a standard dagger with carrying rings. It is stamped on the rear NPEA and has the maker code still showing albeit very faintly. This one has a RBnr Kernstuck marking, L2/441/38, and a lot of collectors also attribute this type of hanger to the SA Feldherrnhalle daggers., The National Political Educational Institute (Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt) was an SS-run organization established for the purpose of training future leaders.
NSFK Dagger with Hanger Blade in excellent condition and maker marked F&A Helbig this NSFK dagger is unusual because of the toned gold swastika on the cross guard. UK sales 18+
NSFK Dagger with Hanger further pictures
NSFK Dagger with Hanger Pictures.
Officers Regimental Numbers Four Officer Regimental numbers for shoulder boards. WW2 pattern. Two "2" and two "7" numbers on gold coloured metal.
Officers Regimental Numbers. Two Gold coloured flat number "5" for WW1 Officer shoulder boards. Both in excellent condition with prongs all attached.
Operation Bagration by Ian Baxter A pictorial history of the destruction of Army Group Centre in June 1944 by the Red Army.
Operation Zitadelle: July 1943 The Decisive battle of WW2 written by Franz Kurowski 442 pages with 44 pages of photos 22 full page maps and 18 pages of appendices. Cracking account of the battle of Kursk from the German point of view. hard back as new. In English
Ostfront: The German Defensive Battles on the Russian Front 1944 Gritty accounts of the main battles fought in 1944 by the Germans as they tried to stop the Russian advance. hard back as new.
Pair of RZM marked button for epaulettes Company 20 buttons for epaulettes. RZM stamp plus makers code of M5/71. Painted field grey
Pair of Shoulder Boards Numbers For Regiment 17 Small size number "1" and "7" for NCO shoulder boards. Repair work to one of the "1" but all prongs still complete.
Panzer. A Pictoral Documentation Loads of pictures of every tank the Germans deployed in WW 2. Another Schiffer publication and text written by Horst Scheibert.
Panzergrenadiere Division Wiking Im Bild Veteran produced pictorial history of the 5thh SS Division Wiking. Superb pictures throughout. Hardback in excellent condition.
Period Michelen Maps of France 25 assorted regional maps of France. Sorry none of Normandy.
Personal Effects Of Bavarian Officer : 22 Infantry Regiment Oberleutant Meixner was a pre-war professional officer, he was born 19/6/1887 in Landau and was based in the barracks at Zweibrücken. Includes: Two ID discs; pair of shoulder boards, black wound badge, medal bar, set of postcards and album, prinz nez, regimental stick pins, cummerbund in Bavarian colours, Gold for steel medallion, plus other as shown in the photographs.
Personal Effects Of Bavarian Officer : 22 Infantry Regiment During the first world war, the 22 infantry regiment had heavy losses to complain about. They were specified: Deaths: 73 officers, 2 doctors, 412 non-commissioned officers and 3.593 men. Missing: 73 non-commissioned officers and 835 men by disease/accident dead: 2 officers, 12 non-commissioned officers and 127 men At the end of the war, 50 officers, 2 doctors, 291 non-commissioned officers and 1,894 men were in captivity. The regiment and the regimental Association issued an own cross of honour of the World War 1914-18. A wartime photo of Oblt. Meixner showing the award if the iron cross 2nd class, still with his glasses on. He survived the war a remarkable feat seeing he was in from the start and also given the casualty rates suffered by the unit. I can confirm he was awarded the EK2 and the wound badge in black. His medal bar shows the cross of honour, bavarian cross of honour ? and the regt cross of honour. He was also active with the veterans association after the war and the badges that came with the set include regt pins and a day badge for the 1928 stalhelmtag in Würzburg. A religious man and Catholic the personal effects also had some badges and medals of a religious nature plus a pendant of the Vatican and picture of the pope.
Personal Effects Of Bavarian Officer : 22 Infantry Regiment Oberleutant Meixner was a pre-war professional officer, he was born 19/6/1887 in Landau and was based in the barracks at Zweibrücken. The 22 Bavarian infantry regiment was formed in 1897. His ID disc shows his Regt was part of II Bavarian Army korps and his command was the MG Kompanie. Fortunately the info on some of the postcards, which have a postmark of Zweibrücken allowing us to date them pre war, were written to his mother and father who lived in Würzberg. Also his wife, I assume was based at the barracks with him. He was called Ernst, she was Diane. During the first world war, the 22 infantry regiment had heavy losses to complain about. They were specified: Deaths: 73 officers, 2 doctors, 412 non-commissioned officers and 3.593 teams Missing: 73 non-commissioned officers and 835 men by disease/accident dead: 2 officers, 12 non-commissioned officers and 127 men At the end of the war, 50 officers, 2 doctors, 291 non-commissioned officers and 1,894 men were in captivity. The regiment and the regimental Association issued an own cross of honour of the World War 1914-18. A wartime photo of Oblt. Meixner showing the award if the iron cross 2nd class, still with his glasses on. He survived the war a remarkable feat seeing he was in from the start and also given the casualty rates suffered by the unit. I can confirm he was awarded the EK2 and the wound badge in black. His medal bar shows the cross of honour, bavarian cross of honour and the Regt cross of honour. He also later in the war he served in the Bavarian 27 Infantry Regt as a company adjutant and has another ID disc to this effect.
Platz der leibstandarte The SS panzer Grenadier Division LSSAH and the battle of Kharkov 1943. Lots of info on the personalities and very clear pictures of the action. Hardback and out of print.
Portapee for the Water Protection Dagger The Wasserschutzpolizei or Water Protection Police were the sole police branch to wear a dress dagger. Their function was to patrol the many rivers, canals, and lakes prevalent throughout Germany. This knot has been removed from the dagger at some time and the wear and tear are consistent with the tying of it upon the hilt. The slide and stem have bullion covering in a “V” weave, and the lower ball is of gold bullion thread which remains nice and tight.
Portraits of Policemen circa 1930's Two original photographs and three postcard portraits showing German Police Officers from the 1930's.
Post Card from Berlin Post card of three Prussian soldiers, one a musician, in the old joke format of sitting in a "Zepplin" ....posted in Berlin with written message in pencil.
Post Cards showing Der Stahlhelm Organisation. Three postcards and one original picture of members of the pre war para military organisation. Funeral of a former member with clear shot of uniforms and headdress of the coffin bearers, plus shot of a parade/march of the group. Third postcard of dignitaries in various uniforms saluting a march past. Photograph dated 12/03/1933 on rear and shows young members of a para military organisation with WW1 vets from the Reichkeigsbund.
Postcard dated 14th march 1918 Cracking picture of an NCO who is the veteran of fighting for the Karpatenkorps in the East against the Russians. he wears the traditions badge on his cap showing him to be a member of either the 1st or 200th Infantry Division.
Postcard of an NCO France 1918 Clear picture of a veteran NCO pictured in France 1918.
Postcard version of a carte de visite for a soldier of the train A bit battered and it has been taken out of an album at some point. However the detail in the uniform is nice showing his blue band for soldiers of the train. he carries an NCO rank and wears the special issue high boots for drivers of wagons.
Pre War Hessian Infantry Officers Service Cap circs 1900-1910. Superb pre-war quality made cap for an Officer of a line regiment in the Army of Hesse. Crafted from blue doeskin material with a red cotton cap band and post 1897 cockades for the state of Hesse. The peak of fibre shows crazing consistent with age and has a dark tan crosshatch pattern underneath. The inside of the cap is line with cream silk and is fraying in places with age. The leather sweatband is marked with the logo " German Officers Association" and is cream coloured to match the interior.
Pre War Hessian Infantry Officers Service Cap circs 1900-1910. Further pictures.
Pre War Hessian Infantry Officers Service Cap circs 1900-1910. More pictures
Pre WW1 Bank Notes Two German bank notes.100 marks note from1910 and 50 marks note also 1910 print.
Prinz Eugen. by Otto Kumm History of the 7thh SS Mountain Division by their unit commander. hardback as new.
Private Purchase Artillery Service Cap High quality, top end private purchase Service cap for an Artillery NCO/other ranks. Made by the firm HPC (Herman Potthoff) this cap has the crown made from a doeskin material with a lovely saddle shape and sports this firms unique "frischluft" system of a 5 vents cockade with an inside flap to enable the air vent to be closed if required. The cap is in very good condition throughout, just a couple of moth nips and some tracking on the crown alongside some sweat staining inside, as shown on the photos. The leather sweatband has a velvet insert between the band and crown for a better fit plus a perforated pattern on the front. The celluloid is intact with the firms logo in red printed underneath. HPC caps are hard to find.
RAD Hewer made by Alcoso plus Hanger RAD hewer for other ranks (with hanger) in excellent condition. Made by Alcoso. Hanger is dated 1938 with maker mark and RAD acceptance stamp. Some mothing to the cloth on the rear of hanger. Blade with inscription in very nice condition as is the scabbard. Over 18+.
re pz abwehr to hugh
Red Cross Leaders Dagger with Knot Red Cross Leaders Dagger with knot in excellent condition. 18+.
Red Cross Leaders Dagger with Knot Further Pictures of above dagger.
Red Cross Other Ranks Dagger with Frog and Knot Complete dagger with knot and frog made by Robert Klass. Maker mark on rear handle blade tang. Frog is maker marked Paul Klopper Berlin and dated 1938. 18+
Red Cross Other Ranks Dagger with Frog and Knot extra pictures of above dagger.
Reflectors for WW2 Army Bike Pedals Unusual bit of kit.
REICHSWEHR INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR INFANTRY BOOK II ARMY DIVISION 130 INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR INFANTRY BOOK II 1. Basic instructions 2. Protective groups 3. The IMG group 4. The infantry parade 5. The infantry company Unchanged Edition Berlin, 1925 Printed and Published by the Reich’s Publishing House This manual, dating from the days of the Weimar Republic, explains virtually everything an infantryman of the period was expected to know, from weapons cleaning and maintenance to basic and advanced parade formations. It also shares a common feature with many WWII manuals – a handy pullout showing map symbols and what they mean.
Reichswehr Pictures circa 1928 Two postcard portraits of the same soldier, Hans Furke from 12th MG Kompanie, Infantry Rgt 18 of the Reichswehr, plus a group picture of him and his comrades on trip out.
Reproduction? Recognition! of Third Reich Daggers Written in 1976 by Frederick Stephens this book helps the collector identify fakes and gives a what to look for guide when buying daggers of all the main branches of the Nazi era. This book is now 40 years old and still, if not more so, relevant today. Hard back first edition in used condition.
Riding East by Mark C Yerger The SS Cavalry Brigade in Poland and Russia 1939-1942. As with any of his books, Mark Yerger approaches everything in fine detail plus superb well researched and captioned pictures accompany the text.
rw officers cap to hugh
RZM marked button for epaulettes Button for the 5th Company, painted field grey and marked with M5/71 as the maker plus an RZM stamp. Nice for any epaulettes needing a button to complete the display.
Saxon Infantryman cira 1917 Postcard version of a carte de visite for an Infantryman showing his late war tunic and m1917 field cap to advantage. He has bayonet with knot and a medal ribbon to complete his portrait.
Schirmmutzen. Imperial German Cavalry Field Caps Good pictorial guide to the many caps worn by the Imperial German Cavalry during WW1. hard back as new.
Second Pattern Cap Insignia Original set of cap eagle, wreath and cockade for the Army service cap. All pins attached.
Selection of Cigarette Cards showing the Reichswehr 1930's 13 pictures from the Trumpf brand of cigarette cards. Showing the Army on manoeuvres all nice clear pictures. Three of the cards cover parade and inspection themes with Hindenburg making an appearance.
Service Book Records for Wilhelm Schmitz Wilhelm Schmitz was born in 1923, joined the HJ in 1933 and did his RAD service in 1941 till 1/9/42. His Army record starts in 1941 and he was administered in Koblenz Military District. He was posted to Infantry reserve Bttl. 80 from 16.10.42 and in 1944 is shown in 1 General Komp Res. Bttl. 105.
Signals Officer Crusher An outstanding example of the feldmütze alter Art or crusher cap for a signals officer. The crown is made of a high quality doeskin material and the interior lining is a golden yellow silk. The cap has the correct leather peak for this style of cap and is flexible to "crush" in hand without ruining the shape of the cap. A few moth nips as shown on the crown and the lining is frayed in places as age catches up with the materials but this is none the less a very rare cap and one that displays very nicely. Piped lemon yellow for signals.
Sniper on the Eastern Front The memoirs of Knights Cross Holder Sepp Allerberger. soft cover, A1 condition.
Soldatenbund Visor for Infantry Veterans Absolutely mint example of a visor worn by a member of the Soldatenbund. Piped white for Infantry. This organisation lasted only four years, 1936 to 1939 before it was merged with the NSRKB. The membership was restricted to those who had joined the Army after 1921 and was effectively a military reserve. One of the rarer veteran organisation caps to find.
Stahlhelm Watch Chain Fob for WW1 Veterans Fob hanger made from silver with national flag and Der Stahlhelm emblem on middle bar. Rear has inscription "Treu bis zum schluss"
Stretcher Bearer Instruction Booklet 1934 first edition Manual designed to give clear instruction to medics in how to bind wounds, carry casualties from the field and give initial first aid. It also has a make your own stretcher section along with loads of illustrations on how to apply the techniques briefed in the chapters.
Stretcher Bearer Instruction Booklet 1938 second edition Manual designed to give clear instruction to medics in how to bind wounds, carry casualties from the field and give initial first aid. It also has a make your own stretcher section along with loads of illustrations on how to apply the techniques briefed in the chapters.
Stretcher Bearer Pouches A pair of stretcher bearer pouches, marked with a "K". A left and right pouch, not matching but with 95% of their contents. The left hand side pouch is 1940 dated and maker marked EF Leuner Gmbh from Bautzen with waffenamt stamp. The paper contents label is inside as are all the contents, 1x compress bandage , 3 x 1st aid packs, 1 x roll of plaster, 1x sling, pair of pincers, scissors and leather pouch (replacement) with 20 safety pins. The right side pouch is dated 1936 and made by paul Klopfer Berlin. It has the reichswehr waffenamt stamp. Contents paper label inside. Water proof bandage is missing but everything else is there. 2 x slings, 3 x wound packs, 1x tourniquet.
Tactical Booklet for Rifle Section Commanders Instruction manual for section commanders showing tactical deployment of the rifle section. mainly text with line drawings to illustrate the tactical deployment of the rifle group.
Tactical Symbols of the Army Manual showing the tactical signs used by the Army alongside their meaning. Issued to Wehrkreiss VI with nice stamp inside front cover.
Tank Killers. History of the Tank Destruction Badge. Published and co written by Roger James Bender this is a detailed and well researched book on the soldiers who won these coveted awards. Also covers the tactics used to knock out tanks with hand held weapons. Soft back cover in as new condition.
The Causes of the World War 1936 publication on the causes of the First World War, its aftermath and consequences for Germany from the perspective of the NSDAP. Not exactly in line with Hugh Trevor Roper et al.......Interesting historically or hysterically depending on your political view.
The Combat History of Schwere Panzer Abteilung 503 In action in the East ad West with Tiger I and Tiger II. hardback cover as new condition.
The Combat History of Schwere Panzer Abteilung 507 Unit history and actions in both the East and West using the Tiger I and Tiger II. Hard back in as new condition
The Combat History of Schwere Panzer Abteilung 508 In action in Italy with the Tiger I.
The Combat History of Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 653 Awesome book covering the history of the unit and it's change of weapons during the war, starting out as an assault gun battalion in 1941 and finishing with it's deployment equipped with the Jagdtiger in 1944/45. Hardback in as new condition. Rare book to acquire these days.
The Estonian Legion in words and picrtures Fantastic book. Pictorial history of the Estonian volunteers. As new with the  CD of their marching songs still in the back.   
The Field Kitchen Officer : published 1943. This book was written by the senior administrative officer or Stabszahlmeister to guide the NCO/officer in charge of rations and supply along the complicated path of not only feeding the men but on how to grow your own food and improvise when cooking was difficult in combat conditions. Shows how to grow your own veg, which herbs etc are in season to pick and when to use certain local produce. Also demonstrates the field kitchen equipment available to the Army and how to use old wheels and petrol barrels to cook food in an emergency. Cracking book, designed as a vocational training aid for the supply troops in the field.
The First Aid Practioner The First Aid Primer By Dr Walter Ralies Surgeon attached to Medical Division 23 For Trainee Stretcher Bearers (H.Dv.100) Revised Edition With 123 Pictures and Illustrations in Text 1939 “Open Words” Publishers, Berlin, W35 Reprinting forbidden   CONTENTS Introduction Organisation Organisation of army medical corps I Corpsman…………………………………………………………. II Orderlies…………………………………………………………… III. Stretcher bearers Book written as an introduction of the roles and responsibilities of medics and deals with each level of medical attendant and what basics they should know.
The History of the 12th SS Panzerdivision Hitlerjugend Definitive book on the subject written by Hubert Meyer. Comes with the map book and in A1 condition. Out of print Hardback first edition.
The Iron cross. A History 1813-1957 Written by Gordon Williamson this is a classic collectors book. Covering all the issues of the Cross and a great beginners guide to collecting. Surpassed by the more expensive and glossy books of today but still holds it own on any book shelf. Hard back version, very good condition.
THE NEW SOLDIER’S SONGBOOK THE NEW SOLDIER’S SONGBOOK THE BEST-KNOWN AND MOST SUNG ARMY SONGS By Fr. J. Breuer BAND III LYRIC SHEETS WITH MELODIES Arranged by W. Draths Accompanying works: For piano with lyric sheets: RM 2.50 For violin with lyric sheets: RM 2.50 For accordion with lyric sheets: RM 1.80 Published by B.Schott and Sons, Mainz This predecessor to the revised editions of the New Soldier’s Songbook features the “classic” songs such as “Bomben auf Engelland” and the Horst Wessel Song, and was widely used by both army choirs and individual soldiers for marching songs.
THE NEW SOLDIER’S SONGBOOK – BOOK 3 THE NEW SOLDIER’S SONGBOOK – BOOK 3 WORDS AND SHEET MUSIC INCLUDED 2nd edition This songbook would have been used in one of the many German army choirs used as a popular pastime for both the common soldiers and officers alike, and as such the content of some songs is noticeably anti-English (for example, “Bombs on England” or “We March against England”). Some of the more well-known German marching songs (such as “The Soldier’s Life” or “The Whole Company”) are also included in this edition
THE NIGHT WATCH : A FARCE BY THEODOR KÖRNER THE COLOURFUL BOOKS FOR OUR SOLDIERS No:63 THE NIGHT WATCH : A FARCE BY THEODOR KÖRNER PUBLISHED BY W.KOHLHAMMER, STUTTGART Summary A short farce in four acts written by the highly successful German playwright Theodor Körner, meant to amuse and comfort the German soldier through themes of mistaken identity, several improbable situations, and crude jokes. All text.
The Pictoral History of the 12th SS Panzerdivision Hitlerjugend vol 2 Supporting book to the written history by Meyer. This is superb addition to the set with plenty of maps and colour diagrams alongside the plentiful pictures of the division in action. Hardback. A1 condition
THE SECOND NEW SOLDIER’S SONGBOOK THE SECOND NEW SOLDIER’S SONGBOOK LYRIC SHEETS WITH MELODIES 2ND EDITION At a cost of 0.30 Reichsmarks... The Second Soldier’s Songbook continues where the first left off, detailing both army choir pieces and marching songs in an easy-to-read format. With such classics as “Soldiers Will Always Find Soldiers” and “O Germany, High In Honour”, the book would certainly have been more popular among the more nationalistic soldiers.
THE WEATHER SERVICE BOOK 2 :GAUGING ON THE GROUND ARMY DIVISION 142/2 THE WEATHER SERVICE BOOK 2 GAUGING ON THE GROUND Unchanged Edition Berlin 1941 Published in the Reich’s Publishing House This training manual details how to take air pressure readings, air and ground temperature readings and gauge wind speed – everything you needed to serve in what amounted to the German Weatherman Service. It also features useful fold-out charts detailing how to read thermometers and pressure gauges, and what those readings mean. Book is unit stamped to Infantry (ersatz) Btl. 87
The White Swan and other stories. Book published by NSDAP for soldiers to buy as leisure reading. The series was called soldiers - comrades and this is book 2. All text. In excellent condition.
Three packs of eyeshields in black case Unissued eye shields in a black paper case.
Three Postcards from the Front Selection of headgear in group photo in the woods showing field cap version of the all the issued headgear . Second group shot in a rather well kept trench. Third is a "funny" latrine picture.
Tragedy of the Faithful History of the III SS Panzer Panzer Korps by Wilhelm Tieke. 482 pages and 150 photos some previously in published. 1943 to 1945 where it was destroyed in the fighting for Berlin. Hard back as new. in English
Twelve years with Hitler. The history of 1 Kompanie LAH Published by the veterans association of the LAH this has packs of pictures and the memories of the veteran's wh served in the kompanie.
Two Documents from Soldiers Personal File. Dated 5th Aug 1935 these two documents confirm the award of the Cross of Honour (WW1) to Reservist August Krause. Signed by the Oberbürgmeister.
Two Infantrymen circs 1915/16 From a Saxon Infantry unit these two soldiers show the field cap with masking band introduced 1915. Postcard taken by Oscar Kohler studio based in Bad Elster-Asch.
Two Officer Regimental Number Gold flat WW1 variant Regimental Numbers. Pins all in place.
Two Postcards Unused postcards depicting Army life via cartoons and humorous captions. All original period pieces.
Two Prussian Engineer Reservisits M1910 field grey uniforms alongside marksman lanyards and high marching boots make a nice study of the German soldier in 1914/15.
Uniforms and Insignia of the Cossacks Good quality Schiffer publication containing lots of original pictures, detailed text and photographs of original pieced from various private and museum collections. A1 condition.
Uniforms of the NSDAP by Jeff Clark Schiffer publication of the best quality. Superb items from established collections are presented in detail. Covers just about everything. Hard back as new condition
URGENT WAR SURGERY URGENT WAR SURGERY BY H.F.O HABERLAND J.F. LEHMANN PUBLISHERS, MUNICH-BERLIN This painstakingly-illustrated training manual for field surgeons and medics spares no expense in its production; its explanations of eye surgery and operating techniques on different types of injury are both well illustrated with both photographs and hand-drawn pictures. The book was meant to be used by more advanced field medics – it does not rely on illustration as heavily as other manuals of the time.
Vehicle First Aid Box Original tan painted metal first aid box as used in vehicles. This is a well used example as the photos indicate but the catches still work and it has the paper label still intact dated 1943 with the waffenamt stamp still clear.
Victoria's Cross by Gary Mead Different look at the award of this gallantry medal focusing not just on the deeds of the recipient but also the political rational and timing of certain awards that may be controversial to some. Good read and though provoking. Hard back A1 condition.
Vintage Tour Guides to WW2 Jersey Really interesting booklets on the German fortifications in Jersey. Very useful if your planning on going as well. 1970's classics......
War on the Eastern Front. James Lucas Excellent and detailed accounts of actions during the battles of WW2. Hard back version.
Wartime Postcard of a German Prussian NCO Mid war postcard portrait of a Prussian NCO sitting next to a bunker in relaxed pose having a smoke. He wears the M1910 tunic with NCO braid plus an EKII ribbon. His field cap sports an officers style chinstrap.
WEATHER FORECAST SERVICE BOOK 2 ARMY DIVISION 141/2 WEATHER FORECAST SERVICE BOOK 2 1. Useful explanations 2. Explanations with diagrams Berlin 1936 Published by Bernard & Gräfe, Berlin SW68 This training manual from before the start of WW2 details how to take air pressure readings, air and ground temperature readings and gauge wind speed – everything you needed to serve in what amounted to the German Weatherman Service. It also features useful fold-out charts detailing how to read thermometers and pressure gauges, and what those readings mean.
Who's Who in Nazi Germany Useful reference for the library of any enthusiast of WW2/Germany under the Third Reich.
World Uniforms since 1939 Published in 1973 when this was all we had to go on to learn about uniforms and equipment. Classic from the past full of nostalgia !
WW 1 Bavarian Infantry Officers Shoulderboards 1916 pattern slip on officer shoulder boards with a name and date on the reverse.
WW1 French Regimental Ceramic Pipe Decorated Ceramic pipe with a painted figure depicting the uniform and regiment for 1. Trompette de Hussards 1914. The white porcelain top is in excellent condition, small hair line crack on it...the Bakelite stem is also in very good condition.
WW1 Picture/Postcard Album Patriotic post card/picture album made of card with a German and Prussian battle flag on the front, the cord used to bind the pages together is twisted with the black red and white colours of Germany. Never been used all pages intact. Approx size A4