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1941 Dated Norwegian German Diary - Inc SS Photographs This is German military diary (year book) issued to forces serving in Norway during 1941. The inside sleeve contains two photographs of German SS troops. Along with maps, portrait of Hitler etc, there are some entries, the last being written on the 24th February.
2 x RAF PAT 25 Ammo Pouches with PAT 37 Belt - 1943 1942 Two PAT 25 RAF pouches dated 1942 & 1943 with RAF PAT 37 belt. Nice belt with good brasswork but unable to make out the date on back, could 'possibly' be post WW2.
Additional Photographs for 51546 R Helmet Above
Additional Photographs for 51551 SA Helmet Above
Additional Photographs for 51553 SA Helmet Above
Additional Photographs for Item 51477 Canteen Above
Additional Photographs for Item 51520 Above
Additional Photographs for Item 51544
Additional Photographs for Item 51545
Additional Photographs for Item 51548
Additional Photographs for Item 51549
Additional Photographs for Item 51550 SA with Cover
Additional Photographs for Item 51552 RAMC
Additional Photographs for Item 51554 Scotts Guards
Additional Photographs for Item 51555 Kings
Additional Photographs for Item 51557 Somerset
Additional Photographs for Item 51559 Rescue
Additional Photographs for Item 51560 Manchester
Additional Photographs for Item 51561 SA
Additional Photographs for Item 51562 SA Green
Additional Photographs for Item 51574 OPS 4 HELMET
Additional Photographs for Item 51576 Helmet LNER
Additional Photographs for Item 51578 Helmet - AFS
Additional Photographs for Item 51580 - RASC Helmet
Additional Photographs for Item 51583 Rescue Above
Additional Photographs for Item 51590 - Wessex
Additional Photographs for Item 51600 - Essex
Additional Photographs for Item 51602 - Police Insp
Additional Photographs for Item 51604 - FFI
Additional Photos & Description For Item 51429 Hate Belt Worcestershire shoulder badge, Sargent Major wrist badge, Royal Engineers, Cheshire, Labour Corps, Royal Warwickshire, Rank pip, Tank Corps, Royal Artillery (swivel wheel), General Service button, Royal Military Police, Royal Engineers shoulder title and two Royal Artillery collar badges.
Additional Photos for 51543 - Mk.II Helmet Above WW2 British Mk.II Helmet - Untouched Condition 1939
Additional Photos For Item 51376 - Factory Paint
Additional Photos For Item 51378 - Seaforth Helmet
Additional Photos For Item 51380 - AFS Helmet
Additional Photos For Item 51389 - Rescue Helmet
Additional Photos for Item 51412 - SOE Demo Pencil
Additional Photos for Item 51435 SS Visor Cap Insignia
Additional Photos for item 51458 Paratrooper Badge
Additional Photos for item 51459 Observer Badge
Additional Photos for Item 51521 CL/C 1942 Above I have not seen or come across such a helmet before. This is 'possibly' a helmet belonging to a member of the RCAF ground crew trained under the Commonwealth Air Training Program (BCAPT) established in 1940. Many of the RCAF units serving in the UK embarked for France within a month or two of Normandy landings, setting up and operating bases within France.
Additional Photos for Item 51524 Above Canadian Helmet
Additional Photos for Item 51539 Above - Middlesex Helmet
Additional Photos for Item 51571 above SA Helmet
Additional Photos of Item 51422 above Thumb Knife
Additional Phots for Item 51528 Above - Heavy Water Made famous by the 1965 film The Heroes of Telemark. Operation Grouse, SOE successfully placed an advance team of four Norwegians on the Hardanger Plateau above the plant in October 1942 In February 1943, a team of SOE-trained Norwegian commandos destroyed the production facility in Operation Gunnerside; this was followed by Allied bombing raids. The Germans ceased operations, and attempted to move the remaining heavy water to Germany. Norwegian resistance forces then sank the ferry carrying the heavy water, the SF Hydro, on Lake Tinn. Note: The Secret message is a copy used for the display.
Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf Dated 1940 - Wedding Edition A nice copy of Adolf Hitlers Mein Kampf (German). This is a Wedding Edition dated 1940, with presentation page intact and dedicated. A copy of the book was presented to newlyweds serving in the armed forces by the Nazi regime on their wedding day, yet another devious propaganda initiative.
AFS Lapel Badge - Numbered 41606 A standard AFS (Auxiliary Fire Service) lapel badge numbers to recipient 41605.
Behind Enemy Lines - 1990-91 Gulf War Gold Sovereign During WW2 gold sovereigns were included in the survival kit of SOE agents. This concept was reintroduced for the first Gulf war. Sovereigns were issued to British personnel deemed as at risk of being stranded 'behind enemy lines' i.e. SAS or RAF pilots, the coins could be used as bargaining power. After the war all uncaptured coins were returned to the MOD. This collection includes an actual issued coin with certificate of authenticity signed by General Sir Peter de la Billiere, as well as copy miniature medals and booklet. This is a great investment opportunity.
British Army Infantry Warrant Class II Sword Belt
British Cigarette Packets - Players & Woodbine Two original empty packets of 10 x cigarettes. Players Navy Cut, in great condition. Wild Woodbine in great condition, with writing on 'inside' flap. Ideal for reenactment or display purposes. (Will be shipped flat)
British LIA2 Magazine - Clamshell Sterling SMG One of the features of the Sterling submachine gun that contributed to its excellence and popularity in the post-WW2 world was the innovative magazine. Previous magazines for 9-mm submachine guns were straight, although the cartridge itself has a slight taper that makes it want to lie in a curved shape in line with other cartridges. The magazines designed for the Sterling recognized this and were made in a curved shape. In addition, it featured a double-column feed and a unique dual-roller follower, eliminating sources of jamming common to other submachine gun magazines. ** UK sales only **
British Round Tin - Navy Cut Cigarettes A round tin of Player Navy Cut cigarettes, manufactured by John Players & Sons. This tin is in beautiful condition with no damage to paper label. In addition it still contains both cardboard inserts. Getting harder to obtain as competing with cigarette tin collectors. Measures approx 80 x 65 mm.
British Round Tin Gold FlaKe Cigarettes A round tin of Gold Flake cigarettes, manufactured by W.D. & H.O. Wills. This tin is in great condition for age. Getting harder to obtain as competing with cigarette tin collectors. Measures approx 80 x 65 mm.
Coastal Artillery Badge by K&Q Measuring 52 (h) x 39 (w) mm. Weight 22.7 g. Marked K&Q on pin.
Cold War - German Respirator in Original Canister Unusual post war (Cold War) German respirator in original canvass covered canister. Marked with maker PLS on the bottom of the canister and to the spare lens compartment lid.
COPY - WW2 Luftwaffe Belt & Buckle - JFS
Dead Japs
eBay Reenactment Job Lot 1 - German Patches
ESSEX YEOMANRY BMB 1939 ? J.C.S & W Ltd 6 3/4 Appears to be BMB 1938 or 39 - remove paint.
Flemish Volunteers - Rexit Party Measuring 48 (h) x 39 (w) mm. Weight 16.1 g. Bravoure Honneur Fidelite.
French Liberation - Forces Françaises Libres A French liberation booklet measuring 18x24 cm, dedicated to the French Liberating Forces. "La Flame de la resistance franchise ne doit pas s'éteindre et ne s'éteindra pas" "Tout Francais a le devoir absolu de continuer la resistance." General de Gaulle, 18 19 1940. Approx 26 pages of photographs and depictions all in French. Please note the staples have rusted due to age.
French Liberation - Free Paris Libere Photographs This is an original souvenir pack of 20 individual (6x9 cm) photographs depicting the liberation of Paris. Including photos of De Gaulle, General Bradley & Koenig, American military parade, German prisoners etc.
French Postcard - Liberation de Bapaume 1944 Carte Postale - Liberation de BAPAUME 1st September 1944 - Captured German soldier being paraded for the civilian population by Free French / French Resistance Fighters .
Further Information on item 51161 Towards the end of the war and as German casualties mounted, it became clear to officials in the Nazi government that Landsers in the field needed all the inspiration they could get to go on fighting. Using a similar strategy to that found in the SS booklet Sieg der Waffen - Sieg des Kindes (Victory of Weapons - Victory of the Children),
GEC Dynamo Exploder No 5144c Obtained from a flea market in Rennes this is a 1 Shot Low Tension Exploder made by GEC. Serial No 5284 Cat No 5144c Approved by MIN of F&P (Ministry of Fuel & Power) the latter being established in June 1942. The key is inserted at the top of the dynamo and sharply twisted to produce an electrical current that would set off the attached explosive charge. Note: one of the terminals has been bent causing a chip in the black bakelite insulator. No provenance for this particular item, however this 'type' of exploder would have been used by resistance cells to perform sabotage activities. (Heavy item 2Kg)
GEC Exploder - SOE / FFI - Additional Photos
Gordon Clan Badge or Pipers Badge - Gordon Highlanders A silver coloured (chromed brass) Gordon Clan badge stamped made in Great Britain on the back. The front bears a stags head with the motto Bydand (steadfast) above, which is the motto for the Gordon Hylander's. I believe these are sometimes referred to as a pipers badge.
Home Front - Civil Nursing Reserve Badge A sterling silver 'Civil Nursing Reserve' badge inlaid with red and blue enamel, the reverse stamped in "Sterling Silver" and with maker's details "M & B B'HAM (Marples & Beasley). Fair condition showing signs of service wear
Home Front - St Johns Ambulance Association Badge This badge appears to have been field made or modified. I believe this to predate the Second World War. Size approx 3cm in diameter. Unusual item.
Home Front - St Johns Ambulance Association Triangle Bandage A St Johns Ambulance Association linen printed triangular bandage. The bandage is adorned with illustrations denoting various techniques for its application. This bandage may pre-date the Second World War.
J.C.S. & W Ltd 1939 7 - D.M. CRANN J.C.S. & W Ltd 1939 7 - D.M. Crann scratched
KINGS HELMET Lugs 1938 Shell UB WD 1938 Quality stamp 37 Vero 1938 7 Beautifully clean liner - excellent con Net shadow
Kriegsmarine Blockade Runner Badge by Schwerin Measuring 46 (h) x 46 (w) mm. Weight 23.7 g. Maker Schwerin. Marked FEC OTTO PLACZEK BERLIN AUSF.SCHWERIN BERLIN.
Lord Seaforth Killed 1942 - Studio Photograph Photograph of Francis (Brodrick) Stewart who was tragically killed in Italy in 1942 and his brother died the day before him also in Italy.
Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager Badge by G.H.Osang Measuring 50 (h) x 37 (w) mm. Weight 33.9 g. Marked G.H.Osang on back.
Luftwaffe Flying Clasp Air to Ground Bronze Cased
Luftwaffe Flying Clasp Bomber Gold Measuring 25 (h) x 76 (w) mm. Weight 16.4 g. No makers marks.
Luftwaffe Flying Clasp Glider Gold & Mission Hanger Measuring 25 (h) x 76 (w) mm. Weight 22.1 g. No makers mark.
Luftwaffe Flying Clasp Night Fighter Gold Measuring 25 (h) x 76 (w) mm. Weight 16 g. No maker marks
Luftwaffe Flying Clasp Night Fighter Gold & Mission Hanger Measuring 24 (h) x 72 (w) mm. Weight 21.1 g inc. hanger. No makers mark.
Luftwaffe Flying Clasp Reconnaissance Bronze Measuring 24 (h) 76 (w) mm. Weight 14.5 g. No makers mark
Luftwaffe Flying Clasp Reconnaissance Silver A nice example of a silver Luftwaffe Reconnaissance / Air Sea Rescue / Meteorologist. The silver grade was awarded for sixty operational flights. The darker centre piece depicts an eagle's head with a wide open eye facing left. The wreath and oak-leaves retain nearly all of the silver wash.
Luftwaffe Flying Clasp Transport / Glider - Silver Nice example of the Luftwaffe Operation Flying Clasp for Transport & Glider Squadrons in silver. Awarded for the completion of 60 missions. This is a non maker marked clasp.
Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge Measuring 58 (h) x 41 (w) mm. Weight 32.2 g.
Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge Measuring 54 (h) x 42 (w) mm. Weight 37 g, No makers marks.
Luftwaffe Observer Badge by Assman Measuring 51 (h) x 50 (w) mm. Weight 34.7 g. Marked with Assman logo on back.
Luftwaffe Observer Badge by OSG Measuring 52 x 51 mm weight 41.7 g
Luftwaffe Observer Badge Cased
Luftwaffe Pilot Badge by Junker Cased
Luftwaffe Pilot Badge by Junker Cased
Luftwaffe Pilot Observer Badge by GWL Measuring 50 (h) x 60 (w) mm. Weight 40.3 g
Luftwaffe Pilot Observer Badge Cased
Luftwaffe Pilots Badge by Junker Measuring 49 (h) x 64 (w) mm. Weight 36.7 g. Marked G.E. JUNKER BERLIN S.W.
Luftwaffe Pilots Compass AK39 FL23235
Luftwaffe Pilots Compass AK39 Model
Luftwaffe Retired Pilot 900 Measuring 53 (h) x 42 (w) mm. Weight 32.5 g. Marked 900 on back.
Luftwaffe Wireless Operator / Air Gunner Badge by B&NL Nicely detailed Luftwaffe combined wireless operator / air gunner badge, maker marked B&NL (Berg & Knolt). This was awarded after training and having two months service in a non operation squadron or on participation of five operational flights.
McKenzie Clan Badge or Pipers Badge - Seaforth Highlanders A silver coloured (chromed brass) Mackenzie Clan badge stamped Scotland and numbered 65B on the back. The front bears a stags head with the motto Guidich'n High (Help the King) above, which is the motto for the Seaforth Highlanders. I believe these are sometimes referred to as a pipers badge.
Mein Kampf - 1935 German - Standard Edition This is a standard standard edition of Adolf Hitlers 'Mein Kampf' (My Struggle or My Fight) dated 1935. The covers are blue with gold gilding which remains nice and bright. This is Adolf Hitlers autobiographical manifesto. The work describes the process by which Hitler became antisemitic and outlines his political ideology and future plans for Germany.
Mein Kampf - 1941 German - Wedding Edition Nice example of Adolph Hitlers 'Mein Kampf' German wedding edition dated 1941.
More Photographs for item 51518 Flying Helmet Above
More Photos fo C Type Flying Helmet Above
More Photos for Item 51493 Helmet Above
New Items for 21st October 22 Apologies but I have been away travelling for a while, so lots being uploaded this week, including items from some private cased collections.
New Items Uploaded for 18-Nov-22 Lots more items uploaded including items recently brought back from France.
Original Can Olive Drab BSC 298 Paint This is an original 1 pint can of BSC 298 (Olive Drab) paint made by the Godless, Wall Ltd for the War Department. The batch is numbered 4000 and dated Sep 1959. Not the contents are still present solidified.
Pair of Essex Shoulder Titles A pair of white embroidered on red felt background, shoulder titles for the Essex Regiment. Previously worn but no moth damage to the felt.
Pair of HQ BAOR Idenfification Patches A pair of printed unused HQ British Army on the Rhine arm patches.
Pair of North-Western District Patches A good air of printed identification patches for the North-Western District..
Pair of RAF Regiment Shoulder Titles A good pair of RAF Regiment shoulder titles. Removed from uniform but in great conditon.
Pair of Rhine Army Troops Patches A good pair of German embroidered identification patches for the Rhine Army Troops.
Pair of Royal Engineers Shoulder Titles A good pair of printed Royal Engineers shoulder titles. Although previously worn they are in great condition.
Pair of Southern Command Headquarters Patches Good pair of printed Souther Command HQ identification patches.
Pair of V Commando Shoulder Titles A great pair of yellow embroidered on green felt shoulder titles for V Commando. Although removed from uniform they are in good condition with no moth damage tot he felt.
Para Helmet 1
Para Helmet 2
Para Scrim
Para Smock 1
Para Smock 2
Para Toggle
Polish Para - Pennant
Post War Parachute Wings Qualification Patch This is a post war Parachute qualification wing circa 1980's.
Post WW2 MK II Helmet
Post WW2 Polish Air Force Hat Badge
RAF Benevolant Fund Victory Bell with Original Label A cast aluminium bell, decorated with the three heads of the Wartime leaders (Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt) cast onto the sides of the bell. The handle of the bell has a raised 'V' on each side. I have had a few of these bells in my possession but this is the first I have had the contains the original paper sticker/label inside saying: RAF BENEVOLENT FUND, CAST IN METAL FROM GERMAN AIRCRAFT SHOT DOWN OVER BRITAIN 1939-1945, Measures approx 150 x 115 mm. Weight 436g
RAF Escape Swinger Compass - Petrol Lighter A typical cylindrical brass petrol lighter with concealed swinger escape compass. The swinger compass is concealed under the cotton wadding.
RAF First Aid Kit Burn Cream Tin Dark blue/green painted empty cylindrical metal tube marked 'ANTI-BURN CREAM ANTI-SUNBURN PROTECTIVE'' along with user instructions and Air Ministry markings. These were issued inside the individual First Aid Outfits For Aircrews and also in some of the larger First Aid Kits. Seldom found loose. Great if you need to make your kit complete.
RAF Headphones AM 10A/12401 - Replica
RAF Heavy Duty Flashlight - Oldham & Son Ltd Heavy TD3A torch / flashlight as carried on WW2 RAF bombers, although no military marks present. Made by Oldham & Son Ltd Denton. The torch retains its painted grey/blue colour with very minor wear. The internal parts of the torch are clean and show no signs of corrosion. The torch is untested but requires 3 x D cell batteries. Measures approx 26cm long and 8cm at its head. Weight 665g.
RAF Tubunic Ampoule Tin In better condition than most that I have come across. Gilt metal tin approximately 8.5 x 3 x 1.5mm. Transfer printed A.M. crown and 'TUBUNIC AMPOULES'. These tins were included in wartime aircraft first aid kits and the individual aircrew first aid outfits.
RAF Type D Straight Morse Key Ref 10A/7373 An RAF Air Ministry Radio Operators' Morse Key Type D, as used in the Battle of Britain and for the duration of the Second World War. This Ground Station Key is one of the most under-valued keys of the collecting world and was made by the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company for Air Ministry use and carries the Stores Reference Number 10A/7373. The back of the case has been cracked an period repaired.
SAS Qualification Wing A really good example of the distinctive dark blue and light blue padded SAS parachute qualification wing. The badge was designed by Jock Lewes who had rowed for Oxford, hence the colours.. This example appears to have been removed from its original uniform but is in overall great condition.
Seaforth Highlanders Glengarry A Seaforth Highlanders Glengarry complete with cap badge. This type of Glengarry has the smaller pompom and longer ribbon tails. The inside is marked but worn so hard to make out exactly, however looks to be W (crows foot) D with the letter M above. The hat is in great condition with little wear & no moth damage.
Ships Lifeboat Matches with Original Box A complete example of these Ships Lifeboat matches with original box. These windproof matches are house in a ribbed bakelite container, which retains its round piece of tinder and cardboard spacer stamped 0602. The open flap of the box is stamped 1941.
SOE Clandestine Concealed Assassin Blade - Pen An SOE concealed assassins blade. The blade is constructed of blued steel with a sharp pointed, the fluted blade measuring 13 cm. The top has a small hole threaded with cotton or twine bound around the top of the shaft. The dark 'treen' or wooden capsule takes on the appearance of a pen. Assassins blades were designed to be thrust just behind or in the ear of a victim. *** Apologies but no shipping outside the UK & buyers must be 18 or over ***
SOE Concealed Assassins Spike - Pencil Demo An SOE assassins spike concealed within a wooden pencil. The pencil is marked War Drawing Pencils Ltd. The shaft has five neat grooves that reveal the hidden assassins spike and would have been used for training/demo purposes ** Royal Mail ** Over 18 roof of age required **
SOE Dip Pen - Concealed Assassin Spike On the surface this appears to be a standard wooden dip pen, however upon removing the brass pen nib collar a fluted assassins blade is revealed neatly concealed within the wooden shaft.
SOE Mini Telescope
SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY Lugs Mk Shell FL 1/1940 - retains factory paint inside. Quality stamp 37 Vero 1939 - Size covers by oval pad Beautifully clean liner Jellabad - I believe the decal has been over painted with some kind of clear varnish to preserve it.
South Atlantic Medal - Welsh Guards - Sir Galahad A mounted South Atlantic Medal with rosette awarded to 24513943 Guardsman J A Hughes of the Welsh Guards. J A Hughes was purported to have been on the RFA Sir Galahad when it was bombed on the 8th June 1982 off Port Pleasant, Falklands. The attack by three Argentinian Skyhawks resulted in 48 deaths and many more badly burnt and wounded.
Star B Pistol Holster Leather Holster A Third Reich German Nazi or later Star B Leather Holster. This is a lovely hard shell leather holster with a beautiful patina. This holster is in perfect condition with pull tag undamaged. The numbers 153 stamped on the back refers to the German ordering code.
Third Reich 1939 Bar to 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class (Prinzen) A nice highly detailed example of this second class bar with all four prongs in place. With the reconstitution of the Iron Cross in 1939, this bar was worn on the black & white ribbon.
Third Reich 1939 Clasp to Iron Cross 1st Class Measuring 30 (h) x 46 (w) mm. Weight 10.4 g. No makers marks
Third Reich 1939 Clasp to Iron Cross 1st Class by L/22 Measuring 30 (h) x 45 (w) mm. Weight 11.9 g. Marked L/22 on back for Rudolf Souval, Wien.
Third Reich 1939 Clasp to Iron Cross 1st Class Cased
Third Reich Falschirmjager Gravity Knife 2nd Patt Nice example of a second pattern - take down type. Falschirmjager gravity knife. Spike marked with R.B.N.R. number. Release catch marked 974. The blade looks to have been 'field' sharpened & and cleaned with abrasive material erasing any original makers mark. Weight 284 g.
Third Reich Falschirmjager Gravity Knife 2nd Patt Nice example of a second pattern (take down type) Falschirmjager gravity knife. Blade marked with makers logo for Solingen (squirrel). Weight 274 g.
Third Reich General Assault Badge - Silver A great example of a Silver General Assault Badge. Nice solid construction. Measuring 52 (h) x 40 (w) mm. Weight 28.8 g. No makers mark.
Third Reich General Assault Badge by Frank Reif Measuring 52 (h) 42 (w) mm. Weight 29.2 g. Marked Frank Reif Stuttgart.
Third Reich Glider Pilot Badge by BSW Measuring 55 (h) x 50 (w) mm. Weight 24 g. Marked BSW within clover leaf on back.
Third Reich Heer Cloth Cap Badge
Third Reich Identification Document
Third Reich Infantry Assault - Bronze by GWL Measuring 63 (h) x 48 (w) mm. Weight 32.4 g. Marked GWL on back.
Third Reich Infantry Assault - Bronze by JFS Measuring 60 (h) x 46 (w) mm. Weight 38.3 g. Marked JFS on back.
Third Reich Iron Cross Case - LDO ?
Third Reich Kuban Shield
Third Reich Legion of French Volunteers Sleeve Badge This badge is in great condition constructed of brass/copper alloy with enamel filled lettering and is hard to come by. The LVF was a collaborationist militia of Vichy France prior to the establishment of the SS Charlemagne Division in September 1944. Made up primarily of right wing & French prisoners of war. The badge was worn on the sleeve of the French army style khaki whilst in France. (Posters for illustration purposes only)
Third Reich Mothers Cross Bronze Early Issue First example of the Cross of Honour of the German Mother. A limited number of these were enscribed with "Das Kind adelt die Mutter" Adolf Hitler. Weight 13.9 g.
Third Reich Panzer Assault - Bronze Measuring 59 (h) x 40 (w) mm. Weight 29.7 g. Makers mark but unable to make out.
Third Reich Panzer Assault - Bronze by Frank Reif Measuring 60 (h) x 41 (w) mm. Weight 35 g. Marked Frank Reif Stuttgart on back.
Third Reich Panzer Assault - Silver by Frank & Reif Measuring 59 (h) x 40 (w) mm. Weight 41.4 g. Marked Frank & Reif on back.
Third Reich Panzer M-43 Cloth Cap Badge One-piece SS-Panzer eagle and skull M-43 cap machine embroidered BeVo weave in silvery-grey thread on black rayon backing. The latter crudely sewn to a piece of thick wool backing.
Third Reich Paratrooper Badge by Junker Measuring 53 (h) x 39 (w) mm. Weight 28.4 g. Marked C.E. JUNKER BERLIN S W
Third Reich SS 8 Year Long Service Medal Cased
Third Reich SS Skull & Eagle Cap Badges - Marked Eagle marked M1/17 & Skull 499/41. Both stamped with 800 (silver mark)
Third Reich SS Unterscharfuhrer Camouflage Rank Insignia SS camouflage uniform rank arm insignia, printed on green, for SS Unterscharfuhrer (Snr Corporal)
Third Reich SS/Heer Epaulette
USA Hershey\'s Chocolate Box An empty cardboard box for Hershey's milk chocolate bars, manufactured by the Hershey chocolate corporation, Hershey, Pa. This box would have contained 12 x 10 cents bars and was used for shop displays. The box measures 23 x 150 x 40 mm.
USA M4 Bayonet & Scabbard This is an Italian made version of the USA M4 bayonet, scabbard and webbing loop. The dark brown grooved bakelite handle is in great condition as is the parkerised steel blade. The the locking mechanism is fully functional. The back of the webbing has, what appears to be, the original owners serial number written in pen. ** UK & Over 18's sales only - ID required **
USA Tin for Polish Wadding - Never-Dul A rare tin of Never-Dull Magic Wadding. Manufactured by The George Basch Co, Freeport, N.Y. USA - copywriter 1941. Ideas for reenactment or display purposes. Measure approx 90 x 80 mm.
USA Unopened Tobacco Packet - Ascot American Shag An unopened 2oz packet of tobacco - Ascot Shag for pipe and cigarettes. Manufactured in Holland by Theodora's Niemeijer Ltd Groningen. Great for reenactment or display purposes.
WW1 Brass Wheel Hub Nut - Army Transport This is a heavy solid brass wheel nut used to secure a cart wheel. The nut is marked H. Hornshaw & Sons Builders, Dunnington. This company used to special is farm machinery until the outbreak of WW1 - so as found in France I presume this would have come from some form of British army transport. The nut measures approx 8 x 7.5 cm and is heavy weighing 533g.
WW1 Canadian 1910 Pattern Bayonet Mk II Marked Ross Rifle Company Quebec Patented 1907. This bayonet is not too bad a shape overall, with the blade retaining its profile i.e. it has not been over sharpened. Selling as semi-relic as the the locking bolt is missing from the back of the press stud. Priced to reflect this and lack of scabbard. Proof of age required - sorry only shipping within UK
WW1 German Cabinet Card Photo Photo of handsome German couple, soldier and his wife, presumably recently married as both are keen to show their wedding rings, all be it discreetly. As per usual of this period the photograph is mounted on stiff card with the name of the photo studio.
WW1 Home Front - On War Service 1914 Badge
WW1 Inter-Allied French Victory Medal French commemorative medal established on 20 July 1922. It was the French version of a common allied campaign medal where each allied nation issued a Victory Medal to their own nationals.
WW1 National Savings Card & Owners Photograph National War Savings Card along with photo of owner and colleagues who appear to be Munitions Workers. There were several different types of national saving books designed to encourage the civilian population to fund the war. This book is interesting as the back cover states "Postage Stamps only must be used". This is perhaps the only instance of British postage stamps being officially used for a purpose other than "Postage" or "Revenue". The scheme operated between 1916 & 1918. This was replaced by the issue of National War Issue savings stamps late in 1918. Interestingly the last stamp being an actual National War Savings one.
WW1 Portrait of Young Solder & Wife Photo of German soldier and his wife, presumably recently married as both are keen to show their wedding rings, all be it discreetly. As per usual of period the photograph is mounted on stiff card with the name of the photo studio.
WW1 Princess Mary - Pencil & Card Retainer The ‘Sailors & Soldiers Christmas Fund’ was created by Princess Mary, the 17 year old daughter of King George V and Queen Mary, with the purpose of providing everyone wearing the King’s uniform and serving overseas on Christmas Day 1914 with a ‘gift from the nation’. I have owned a few of these pencils with original 'retaining card'.
WW1 Princess Mary Gift Card Dated 1915 A Christmas card from Princess Mary dated 1915 that formed part of the Princess Mary Gift Fund Box.
WW1 Princess Mary Tin & Contents 1915 A good example of the Princess Mary Tin with contents including; 1915 dated Christmas card, unopened packet of tobacco and opened packet of cigarettes, with eighteen monogramed cigarettes remaining. . The tin is in good original condition but has cracks to the back two corners.
WW1 Princess Mary Tin with Contents A good example of the Princess Mary Tin with contents including; 1914 dated Christmas card & envelope, Unopened packet of tobacco and opened packet of cigarettes, with seventeen monogramed cigarettes remaining. There appears to be someone name written in pencil on the yell tobacco lable. The tin is in original condition, perfectly working lid with no dents or cracks.
WW1 Royal Flying Corps Cap Badge - Firmin Stamped Firman London, this is a blackened brass RFC cap badge, with double prongs.
WW1 USA 1917 Pattern Remington Bayonet Being sold as a 'semi relic' a 1917 pattern Remington bayonet, no scabbard. The blade retains a good profile with some degree of pitting. The remains of the Remington logo and stamping are partly visible on both sides of the ricasso. Bayonet catch does not depress. The wooden handle grips show signs weathering. *** Apologies but no shipping outside the UK & buyers must be 18 or over ***
WW2 - 1941 Taylor Hobson Binoculars & Pat 37 Case 1941 A pair of Taylor Hobson binoculars with canvas case both in excellent condition with clear optics.Stamped Taylor Hobson Bino Prism No 2 Mk.II x 6 - dated 1941. The Pat 37 canvass case stamped M.E.C.o 1941
WW2 - Arial Bombing Targets - French propaganda photographs - Libya. Two arial photographs of RAF bombing raids on Libya. The back is stamped in French, roughly translated as "Photographic section RAF staff propaganda service" One photograph is dated 29-12-42 Mourzouch which is Fezzan - Libya. I am unable to make out the annotations of the second photo but presume the same area.
WW2 - British Military issued Water Purification Tablets This is a complete unused tin of purification tablets used to treat and purify water for drinking. Would form part of RAF survival kit but also issued to the British Army.
WW2 - Docklands Shrapnel Souvenir
WW2 - MK II Helmet - Free French Was messanger
WW2 - Prince Albert Tobacco Tin Fairly hard to find in the UK an empty tin of Prince Albert pipe and cigarette tobacco tin. Manufactured by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Winston - Salem N. C, USA. The tin shows some surface rust in places and I have not attempted to force the lid open. Ideal for USA reenact or or display.
WW2 - RAF Cotton Parachute - Drogue This is a small eight sectioned cotton parachute, measuring approximately 32" in diameter. It has several ink stamps including the Air Ministry crown. This is possibly a 'drogue chute' for deploying a main canopy or possibly a small supply drop chute.
WW2 10 x Photographs of German Troops in Norway Ten photographs depicting German troops in Norway. Some of these appear to be Gebirgsjager troops (Mountain Troops) One photograph shows soldiers in front of a signpost for Stavanger 84k, whilst another grisly photograph shows a deceased British soldier (possibly a commando from one of the combined operations raids) amongst debris. Each photograph measures approx 14x9cm.
WW2 101 Airborne Screaming Eagle Patch This is a heavily embroidered and elaborately made 'Screaming Eagle Patch' - perceived to be theatre made, shows signs of wear having been removed from it original uniform. During World War II, the 101 was renowned for its role in Operation Overlord (the D-Day landings and airborne landings on 6 June 1944, in Normandy, France), Operation Market Garden, the liberation of the Netherlands and its action during the Battle of the Bulge around the city of Bastogne, Belgium.
WW2 1938 No.4 Respirator & 1939 MkI Haversack A good early example of a 1938 dated No.4 general service respirator complete with 1939 dated MkI haversack. The respirator is in good condition for age and comes with a 1939 dated No.4 canister. The MkI haversack is maker marked and dated 1939 being manufactured and of rubber impregnated canvas. Also comes with original contents which have deteriorate over time.
WW2 1939 Letter From France - BEF
WW2 1941 Dated Officers Valise with Signals Satchel Strap A 1941 dated Officers Valise with comes with a signals satchel strap. This item has certainly seen service and comes in an uncleaned grubby state.
WW2 1st Belgian SAS Shoulder Title
WW2 2 Medical Commando Shoulder Titles
WW2 3 x BEF Censored Envelopes - May 1940 France WW2 Three BEF Censored Evelopes - May 1940 Three 'field post' envelopes passed by the same censor No. 1528. All posted to a Mrs L. Williams, Cheshire, England. These would presumably have been posted from France during the retreat to Dunkirk as post dates are: 18-Apr, 28-Apr, 14-May 1940.
WW2 3 x French Liberation - Victory Tin Pennants Three French liberation bicycle / vehicle flag pennants. USA, Britain & France with French Cross of Lorraine. Constructed from tin and litho printed, each flag measures approx 70mm x 90mm excluding the fixing wire. I have seen these flags for sale before but never a set of three. These flags were used by the civilian population to celebrate and welcome their liberators.
WW2 3 x Official Photographs 11th Hussars - Tobruk Three 24 x 18 cm British Official photographs issued Feb 17, 1943 - showing first Troops (Major J. Lawson) to enter Tobruk, Benghazi and Tripoli on Jan 22, 1943. Rescued from scrap book, photos are creased down the middle and have had the typed annotations re-applied.
WW2 30 Commando Combined Operations This unit was formed in September 1942, known as the Special Engineering Unit and became the 30th Assault Unit in 1943.
WW2 4 x Luftpost (airmail) Propaganda 1941 Propaganda played a huge part during the WW2 with propaganda leaflets being dropped by both sides upon civilians as well as military personal. Here are four examples of leaflets dropped on German cities by the RAF, dated 09-Jul-41, 26-Aug-41, 07-Oct-41, 14-Oct-41 - these make interesting reading once translated.
WW2 4 x Propaganda Leaflets
WW2 5 Corps Orchestral Concert - Klagenfurt An original concert program of the Klagenfurt Symphony Orchestra directed under the supervision of the British 5 Corps. Soldiers bring back souvenir. 5 Corps where the allied occupation troops in Austria up until 1955.
WW2 64th Anti-Tank Regiment Patch
WW2 Active Service Letter - Malta 1941 This has been opened & passed by Censor No. 107. The letter consists of two pages sent to a Miss Gwen Bernett, Cheshire, England from H. Whitlow 15 Platoon, 1st Cheshire's stationed in Malta. Dated 27-11-41.
WW2 Additional Photos for Item 561524 CL/C 1943 Above
WW2 Admiralty Phone MK XVAP13231 A TELE MFG CO LONDON
WW2 Aerial Bombing Photographs - Behen, Merville & Boulogne - 1944 Three RAF aerial photographs of bombing targets in France. 1. Behen V1 launch site Feuerstellung Nr. 666 2. Merville - Merville gun battery. 3. Port of Boulogne. No annotations to back.
WW2 AFS Decals
WW2 AFS Peaked Hat Badge A standard AFS (Auxiliary Fire Service) visor hat badge.
WW2 Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Haversack & Contents A large canvass haversack 12 x 12 x 6" with brass fittings marked ARP. The inside is divided into three compartments and is maker marked and dated 1943. Original contents include 1x Shell Dressing dated 1938 2 x Medium First Aid Dressings dated 1939 1 x Mine Dressing, 1 x small bottle Tincture of Iodine BP 1 x tube of Tannic Acid Jelly in box.
WW2 Air Raid Wardens Post - Door Plaque WW2 Air Raid Wardens AIR RAID WARDENS POST sign or door plaque Original standard brown bakelite. Size 21 cm x 6.5 cm approx
WW2 Airborne Dress Badge - Embroidered
WW2 Army Book 155 - Message Form C2128
WW2 ARP Poole Warden Pass An ARP Air Raid Wardens identity certification card, issues to a J.C. Jones of Poole. The card was issues on the 11th of September 1940 as part of the Joint Scheme for Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch districts. Poole harbour providing moorings to both Fleet Air Arm Sunderland Flying Boats (HMS Daedalus II) and RAF 'fast launches' (RAF Hamworthy). Due to the latter Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch were targeted several times during WW2.
WW2 Bakelite Wall Telephone
WW2 Battledress Blouse 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse 1940 Pattern. Size No. 10. Height 5.9-5.10". Breast 36-37" Waist 31-32" Made by Clarence Clothing Co. Ltd Belfast 1944. Insignia present; pair of commando titles, combined operations patch & Polish shoulder titles. Officers epaulette in the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Arm brasard & whistle chain. 185th Infantry Brigade ?
WW2 Belgain Army in Exile Cap Badge British version of the Belgium troops army in exile 'rampant lion' brass cap badge with two lugs. The head and tongue of the lion has some oxidisation but I have not attempted to clean it, i will leave that to the prospective buyer.
WW2 British Airborne Jump Smock 1942 Pat Worn over the Dennison Jacket & equipment in order to reduce the possibility of fouling the parachute's lines during a jump. Jackets Parachutist 1942 Pattern dated Nov 1943. This is a larger size (5) Height 5-11" to 6', Breast 38-43". The outside back has the number 304 stencilled. You would have trouble finding one in better condition, no rips or tears, fully working zipper, complete with all its brass Newey poppers that all function perfectly.
WW2 British Airborne or RAF Escape Vest 2nd Pat These vests were used for multiple purposes, primarily to preserve heat, forming part of a layered clothing system. It was designed to be worn against the skin with other clothing on top - the warmth created by the body remained trapped in the 'baffles'. It was also issued to some aircrews as an escape aid as the vest could be unravelled and plaited to from a strong rope. One side of the vest is a little dirty - but I would not recommend washing it as it would lose its integrity.
WW2 British Army Signal Flag - Lewis Falk Ltd A rare original linen multi construction square British Army signal flag, as used with the 'single' flag signalling method. Consists of a white background with a blue horizontal stripe (Fess). The halyard has two cotton loops and one leather loop and is marked Lewis Falk Ltd 1940 MK II. Size approx 23 x 23". "There were two sizes of flag used by the army, the larger for greater distances or during lower visibility approx 3 ft square and a smaller 2 ft square flag. For each size they were available in two colours - white with a blue horizontal stripe, for use against a dark background, dark blue, for use against a light background".
WW2 British B.S.A Motorcycle Tool or Spares Kit Items This is a ROMAC tyre & tube repair Outfit tin together with two motorcycle cargo securing straps & feeler gauge, the latter with cross foot Moore & Wright dated 1955. The straps both have leather tabs and have multiple stamps with one dated 1942. These would have formed part of the B.S.A WDM20 tool or spares kit that would have been carried by WW2 British Army Dispatch Riders.
WW2 British Bakelite Shaving Set
WW2 British Bren Spare Parts Tin & Contents This tin is in great condition and stamped Francis & Sons Ltd, London 1943. The tin formed part of the Bren spare parts & cleaning kit. This tin comes with 3 x 'pull through's' and an oiler bottle marked DCP on the top.
WW2 British Dispatch Riders Helmet Royal Signals A BMB dated 1944 dispatch riders helmet size 6 1/4. The helmet has a textured finish and has the decal associated with the Royal Signals. The liner, and leather work are all in fantastic condition - although the felt/wool fabric is slightly grubby as would be expected.
WW2 British Emergency Ration Tin - 1942 Gilt metal tin approx. 11 x 8 x 2.5cm. (empty) The packaging date on the label is 6/42. Text on the lid reads 'Emergency Ration - Purpose of Contents - To be consumed only when no other rations of any kind are procurable. To Open - Strip off band. Insert coin in corner groove and turn. Notice - not to be opened except on order of an officer'.
WW2 British Emergency Ration Tin - Unopened Emergency Ration Tin . This consists of a small tin box about the size of a 2-oz. tobacco tin, and contains a solid mixture of a chocolate type of food, concentrated to give the maximum amount of food value for weight carried. It is intended only to be used in EMERGENCY when all other sources of supply fail. It is issued on the scale of ONE to every officer and man and MUST NOT BE EATEN EXCEPT ON THE ORDERS OF AN OFFICER. It can be either chewed in small pieces or ground up and mixed with hot water to make a sustaining drink.
WW2 British Field Service Cap - 1941
WW2 British Helmet Camouflage Net
WW2 British Helmet Camouflage Net
WW2 British Home Front Mk.II Helmet - Essex A Mk.II helmet painted white although yellowed with age and appears to have originally been painted red. The shell is stamped BMB H03 but I am unable to see the date The Vero Mk.I liner is dated 1938 size 7. The two black stripes denote that this helmet belonged to someone with a 'senior' rank. The front of the helmet has an Essex decal applied but any lettering to the front has been painted over.. to see a date. Fitted with a Mk.1 Vero liner stamped 1938 7
WW2 British Issued Jack Knife This is a rather 'salty' British issued jack knife that has been subject to the elements. Despite the latter the springs work perfectly and the business ends remain sharp. Priced as semi-relic.
WW2 British MK 2 Cased Field Telephone
WW2 British Mk.II Helmet J.C.S. & W ltd 7 1939 - Lovely Liner
WW2 British Mk.II Helmet - Police Inspector A Mk.II Helmet, fitted with a large Mk.I Vero size 7 1/4 liner dated 1938. The helmet is painted white and has a POLICE decal as well as two insignia pips, denoting a Police Inspector. The inside of the helmet shows some signs of its original paint but has a fair amount of surface rust.
WW2 British Mk.II Helmet - 1939 VERO 1939 7 - No 4 Stenciled
WW2 British Mk.II Helmet - 1939 Rescue Civill Defence An early untouched example of a blue Civil Service Rescue helmet. The shell is stamped J.S.S. 1939 and is painted blue externally. Internally it retains its factory finish apart from the rim. The Mk.i liner is marked VERO 7 1938 and is in great condition.
WW2 British Mk.II Helmet - FFI British Mk.II ROCO stamped helmet fitted with a Mk.I liner stamped Helmets Ltd 1939 size 6 3/4. The helmet has been painted a green/khaki colour and has a diamond shaped flash painted blue/white/red which is believed to be associated with the FFI forces.
WW2 British Mk.II Helmet - Manchester Possibly home guard Lugs 1938 Shell UB WD 1938 Quality stamp 37 Vero 1938 7 Beautifully clean liner
WW2 British MK.II Helmet - Royal Army Service Corp Date faint under paint Liner J.C.S & W Ltd 6 1/4 - 1939 or 1938
WW2 British Mk.II Helmet - Untouched Condition 1939 This is a great example of an untouched Mk.II helmet complete with its original factory paint inside and out. The shell makers stamp and date is covered by the paint. The Mk.1 liner is a stamped J.C.S. & W Ltd 1939 7 and is in great condition.
WW2 British Mk.II Helmet - Wessex Lugs 1938 Shell VP WD 1938 Quality stamp 37 Vero 1938 6 3/4 Beautifully clean liner Beautiful rough texture - black olive
WW2 British Mk.II Relic - Scotts Guards
WW2 British MkII - Painted Insignia - Bullet Hole This is a British MkII helmet stamped HBH-41 that looks to have been painted with a S.European theatre of war type camouflage? There is also a painted division or insignia to 'looks like' a red number four (4) within a white circular background (possibly 4th infantry!). There is a projectile entry hole near the top left side which passes through what little remains of the liner. I will leave it to future prospective buyers to decide to remove paint and better reveal the insignia. .This would make a great display piece and certainly a talking point for any collection.
WW2 British MkII Helmet - Blue AFS Decal I good addition to any collection, a MkII No.2C grey helmet by manufacturer Joseph Sankey & Sons - the helmet lugs have been fitted over the last two digits of the date stamp. The helmet is fitted with a MkII liner stamped TTC (Teddy Toy Co) 1940 - size 71/4. Inside 100% of its grey paint remains, whilst the majority of the paint remains to the outside but has obvious signs of use. The original 'blue' London AFS decal remains. Painted above is a black square with 37 and a white triangle. (note sure what 37 signifies) As with the majority of helmets the liner is slightly crispy.
WW2 British MkII Helmet - Lieutenant Royal Navy A MkII black helmet with painted insignia for a RN Lieutenant. The helmet is marked F96 BMB 1938 or 39. Fitted with MkII l size 7 liner by BMB and dated 1939.
WW2 British MkII Helmet - Seaforth Highlanders Decal A Seaforth Highlanders MkII British helmet manufactured by Rubery Owen & Co Ltd dated 1939 with 1938 dated lugs. The Mk1. liner is stamped Helmets Ltd 1939 - size 7. The outside of the helmet is has been painted a dark green/brown and would have been rough textured, although now smooth due to usage. The Seaforth Highlanders decal remains but appears to have been painted over at some point.
WW2 British MKII Helmet 1939 - Factory Paint A fantastic example of a British MkII helmet stamped F&L (Fisher & Ludlow) 810 1/1939. The MkI liner is in near mint condition marked Vero 1939 size 7. The majority of its factory paint remains. It would appear this helmet was unissued and without doubt is the best condition helmet I have come across.
WW2 British MkII Rescue Helmet & Head Torch A nice example of a British MkII helmet manufactured by Joseph Sankey & Sons Ltd stamped 85 1939. It is fitted with a MkII liner stamped Helmets Limited I 1939 - size 71/4. The helmet is painted black outside and along the inside rim with the rest of the factory issued paint. The inside of the helmet including liner is in great condition (has not been stored upside down). The outside has the letter R (Rescue) stencilled in white. The outside paint is if pretty good condition but shows obvious signs of use. The helmet comes with the body of the original searchlight (torch) .
WW2 British Pat 25 RAF Ammo Pouch
WW2 British Pat 37 Ammo Pouch
WW2 British Pat 37 Ammo Pouch - White
WW2 British Pat 37 Ammo Pouch - White
WW2 British Pat 37 Map Case - Extended An extended Pat 37 map case with strap. Appears to be unissued and has no makers marks or date stamp.
WW2 British Pat 37 Officers Valise - 1943 CP. Ltd 1943
WW2 British Pat 37 Shell Dressing Haversack - 1942 Stamped M.E.C.o 1942, A simple design with a pair of wether flaps and a box type top flap to protect the shell dressings from the elements. The lid itself is secured with two web straps and a pair of brass buckles. Although the main body of the bag is made of woven cotton webbing, the carry strap is of a lighter weave, sewn to the rear of the haversack. The designation “Shell Dressings” is stencilled on the front.
WW2 British Pat 37 Shell Dressing Haversack - 1942 A Pap 37 NCO Shell Dressing haversack stamped M&Co 1942.
WW2 British Pat 37 Shell Dressing Haversack - 1955 MECO 1955
WW2 British Pat 37 Signals Satchel A WW2 Satchel Signals. These were carried along side the wireless sets and contained the head set, and other auxiliary communication equipment. I am unable to make out the date a maker stamp - the bag is very grubby - been there seen it done ! Ideal for the reenactor that wants that battle worn look.
WW2 British Phantom Patch Nice example of an embroidered GHQ Liaison Regiment (Phantom Force) shoulder patch. Being a special reconnaissance unit setup in 1939 and then absorbed along with the Reconnaissance Corps into the Royal Armoured Corps in January 1944 in preparation for the Normandy landings. Disbanded in 1945.
WW2 British Raiding Support Regiment Beret Patch Formed in 1943, the regiment was made of men from the SBS, LRDG as well as members of the Greek Sacred Squadron. Its roll was to support raiding forces and bring heavy weapons to partisan groups. Heavily machined embroidered / stitched, this patch is in great condition with minimal signs of wear.
WW2 British Red Cross Society Medal - L.C.Stroud A really nice looking medal, complete with ribbon and bars. The medal and bars are beautifully enamelled and each bar is dated 1934, 1937, 1938, 1939 - Proficiency in First Aid. The rear of the medal is engraved with the recipients name and service number; 16104 L.C.Stroud. The medal comes with an unused official Red Cross Society Christmas & New Year Greeting card dated 1939 with message from the Queen.
WW2 British Senior Service Cigarette Tin An empty round tin of 50 Senior Service cigarettes, manufactured by J.A.Pattreiouex Ltd. This tin is in good condition for age. Ideal for display or reenactment. Getting harder to source as competing with cigarette tin collectors. Measures approx 80 x 65 mm.
WW2 British Soldier - Personal Effects Five items all in great condition, includes military issued LENG hair brush & shaving brush both dated 1943. An unopened bar of Palm Olive soap and unused tin of Vaseline.
WW2 British Syringe Set
WW2 Burma Star - Embroidered Blazer Badge
WW2 Canadian Battledress Blouse 1944 Canadian Serge Battledress Blouse. Size 9. Height 6'-7 " to 6'-8". Breast 39-40". Made by Workman Uniform Co. Ltd Montreal 1944. Comes with Queens shoulder titles and epaulette insignia in the rank of Lieutenant.
WW2 Canadian Italian Souvenir - Sorrento 1944 Being made of olive wood and inlaid with darker veneers, these jewellry boxes are commonly sort after by collectors of this craftsmanship, typically known as Sorrento-wear. This is marked Sorrento 1944 and is inlaid with CA (Canadian Army) although I am sure similar boxes would have been produced as souvenirs for the Germans. The Canadians landed in Taranto and made their way to Salerno not for from Sorrento.
WW2 Canadian MkII Helmet CL/C 1943 An great example of an untouched Canadian MkII helmet stamped CL/C 1943 103, complete with liner VMC 6 7/ 1942. Both helmet and liner in good condition. The helmet retains the majority of its factory finish paint. Comes with a knotted mesh net.
WW2 Casualty Clearing Post (CCP) Haversack & Contents A large canvass haversack 12 x 12 x 6" with brass fittings marked CCP. The inside is divided into three compartments and is faintly maker marked and dated 1941. Original contents include 1x Shell Dressing dated 1938 6 x HM Government Medium Mines Dressings 1 x Compressed Triangular Bandage, 2 x small bandages and 1 x Tourniquet.
WW2 Chess Set With Concealed Escape Compass This is a \'complete\' set of wooden chess pieces contained within a wooden box. One of the chess pieces \"black knight\' contains an escape compass that is revealed by removing the base. There are no labels on the box but this type of chess set would have been supplied to POW\'s by the Red Cross organisation (without their knowledge of the compass) - Unusual to come across a complete set as typically I have only ever seen single pieces for sale in the past.
WW2 Cholm Shield - Trench Art Dish An octagonal metal dish, originally part of a German Officers place setting, modified and mounted with a Cholm 1942 Shield. Between 21-Jan and 5-May 1942 the Cholm fortress (less than one mile square) was encircled and defended by 5,500 men form miscellaneous formations. I purchased this in 1991 off of an old man selling all sorts of 'brick-a-brac' in a sub-way in Moscow, my first business trip to Russia.
WW2 Civil Defence Patches - Bournemouth Dorset An uncommon pair of Civil Defence breast and shoulder patch for Bournemouth, Dorset UK. These have clearly been removed from their original uniform. On 23-May-1943 Bournemouth suffered its worst attack of the war. RAF Bournemouth No 3 Reception Centre for Dominion aircrew. The Metropole Hotel was full of Canadian airmen and the Central Hotel housed Australian airmen. In just over one minute 26 Focke-Wulf 190's wreaked havoc in revenge of the Dambuster Raid the week before. Over 131 people were killed, many of those were airmen billeted in the two hotels mentioned above.
WW2 Clandestine Bolt - Strychnine WW2 SOE / Resistance cell message bolt. Although typically used to hide and conceal messages, this particular bolt has an 'empty' Strychnine phial.
WW2 Combined Operations Patches - Embroidered pair V.Commando shoulder titles - Printed Commando dagger shoulder badge - Embroidered combined operations badge
WW2 Commando Patches VI Commando Pair 2nd Medical Commando No 8 Commando 4 Commando Commando SBS 3 X Dagger Badges
WW2 Commando Shoulder Patches No 7 & No 8
WW2 Concealed Escape Compass - Matchbox What appears to be an un-assuming matchbox, actually conceals an escape compass. This is a standard box of matches by make Bryant & Mays - the compass is hidden (within a cork base) underneath a layer of 'glued' matches which in turn are covered with a layer of loose matches.
WW2 Concealed Escape Compass - Shaving Brush A really good example of a rare black faced cartwheel escape and evade compass concealed within the base of the shaving brush. These brushes were manufactured by LENC with this particular brush dated 1945. The compass is in perfect working order and fits snuggly into the base of the brush.
WW2 Coronet Sub Miniature Spy Camera A Coronet Midget / Miniature 16MM camera black bakelite case. Circa 1930. Made in Birmingham - UK. Measures approx 63 x 30 mm. Matchbox used for size reference only.
WW2 Dated Wooden RAF Clothes Hanger - 1939
WW2 Dip Pens x 3
WW2 Early Canvas Respirator with Haversack This is an earlier 1939 dated canvas covered respirator & hose, steel front plate dated 1938. The hose is longer that the standard issue. The canister is dated 1941 as is the canvas haversack. Comes with tin containing lens dimmer cloth, cardboard visor sleeve as well as full tin of unused gas ointments.
WW2 Enamel Sign - Polish Warning Landscape
WW2 Enamel Sign - Polish Warning Portrait
WW2 Era Beech-Nut Peppermint Chewing Gum Tin This is a rare tin even amongst the vintage litho collectors community. A 1930-40s Beech-Nut Peppermint Flavour Chewing Gum Tin that would have contained numerous individual chewing gum packets. A favourite with the GIs billeted in Britain during WW2. The tin measures approx 13 x 12 x 9 cm.
WW2 Era USA Lucky Strike Cigarette Tin – Square An early example of an empty litho printed 8oz Lucky Strike Tobacco Tin, produced by R.A. Patterson Tobacco Co. Richmond, Virginia. Factory No 60 2nd District. The tin measures approx. 11 x 8 x 6 cm. Becoming harder to find in the UK.
WW2 Escape Compass - Fountain Pen A lovely looking green marbled effect fountain pen by maker Mentmore with 14ct gold nib. Secreted within the top cap is one of the, if not the smallest), escape compasses produced by MI9. For size comparison, I have photographed the compass against a regular button type compass (not included). The small compass would have been covered in some way so that it would not been seen during a cursory search. Note: these type of compasses where so small they could be hidden within a single cigarette.
WW2 Evacuee Letter from Queen Elizabeth 1939 Every household across the country, who accommodated evacuees, during the WW2 was sent a thank you note from Queen Elizabeth (wife of King George VI). This one was sent to resident Mrs H Bosworth of Leamington Spa & dated 1939. First I have had with original envelope, worth further research.
WW2 FFI Collaborators Coffin
WW2 FFI Converted German Buckle
WW2 Free French Parachutists Wing A good example of an embroidered Free French Parachutist Wing, depicting a parachute with wings and a shield with the Cross of Lorraine. The badge has been worn showing signs of removal from its original uniform.
WW2 French Adrian Helmet - FFI French Adrian helmet adapted for use by a member of the French Forces of the Interior (FFI). The helmet has been painted with FFI identification marks. The original liner has been replaced with, what looks like, an old leather belt and German shoulder board. Note, the helmet is being left in the same condition as found.
WW2 French FFI Badge
WW2 French FFI Badge
WW2 French FFI Badge A.V.F
WW2 French FFI Patches A good example of two Free French Commando patches worn on the sleeve - France at the top, followed by Commando (not available) and finally the Cross of Lorraine. Both patches a embroidered and in good condition. No. 10 Commando was formed in 1940 but could not raise enough volunteers. It was reformed in January 1942 as No. 10 (Interallied) Commando with the French forming No. 1 Troop.
WW2 French Magazine - Cadran 1944 - No 4 Early copy (No4) of the French magazine for liberated Europe featuring famous photograph stills of French resistance petrol bombing a German lorry in Paris. Main feature 'Winston Churchill on the Italian Front". Condition as would be expected for age, some great photographs that I have not seen before.
WW2 French Magazine - Voir No 20 French magazine including photographs and articles related to French Forces of the Interior (FFI). Condition as would be expected for age, some great photographs that I have not seen before.
WW2 French Medical Scissors
WW2 French Medical Supplies
WW2 French Newspapers - London FFI
WW2 French Open Weave Jute Sacks x 2
WW2 French Razor Blade Packets x 4
WW2 French Troops in America Patch A standard woven patch worn by French troops in America. This one has 4 'Depose' eyelets so that it could be easily removed when required.
WW2 French Water Canteen - Patriotically Painted A wonderful unique artefact being a standard French Army canteen (Gourd) having been patriotically painted, with the tricolour & French fighting cock astride a broken Swastika on the back. There is the remnants of a typed paper label to the front, which roughly translated is toasting the hero's and freedom of France. I would presume this would have been painted during or just after the liberation of France.
WW2 Gas Ointment Tin - Full Contents You would be hard pushed to find a better example. These gas ointment kits were typically issued as part of the standard gas mask equipment which also included anti-dimming kit and replacement eye shields.
WW2 General Knowledge for Home Guards Published November 1941 by Williams, Lea & Co Ltd. Consists of 78 pages of general knowledge, questions as well as an answer section.
WW2 German Africa Corp Jacket Reenactment
WW2 German Africa Corp Photo
WW2 German Ammo Box - Desert Camo
WW2 German Ammo Box - Olive
WW2 German Belt & Buckle - Modified for FFI Use A modified standard Wehrmacht belt & buckle that has been modified with the addition of a copper or brass cross of Lorraine. Approx length of belt 97cm.
WW2 German Certificate - War Merit Cross with Swords War merit cross 2nd class with swords, certificate awarded to Unteroffizier Wilhelm Block. Dated 30 January 1944.
WW2 German Escape Compass In perfect working order, an early WW2 Luftwaffe miniature escape compass. This is a German issued compass as illustrated on page 124 of Phil From's reference book 'Evasion and Escape Devices'. The compass is very similar to the early British double sided type, but has the correct compass bearings in German.N,NO,O,SO,S,SW,W,NW
WW2 German Gluhzunder Demolition Fuses
WW2 German High Seas Fleet Award - Shwerin A good example of the High Seas Fleet War Badge by maker Schwerin. Good heavy solid construction, later war example slightly convex with tapered pin. Some surface rubbing to guilt. In my opinion one of the better-looking Kriegsmarine badges. This badge was awarded to crews of battleships and cruisers who served for more than twelve weeks active service at sea.
WW2 German Mess Tin - 1939 Base marked ESB 39 - Lid marked HWSD 41
WW2 German Reich Maintenance Manual 1943 WW II-Lehrbuch für Kraftfahrer-Führerscheinprüfung-Edition 1943 German Maintanance Manual.
WW2 German Stick Grenade Box Inf. Ers. Btl 322. Bromberg. A German stick grenade case Maker G.S. 1940 German stick grenade carrier box with internal storage rack. Case retains its factory applied stenciling to include count, contents, along with maker and date of production. Exterior of the case retains over 85% of its factory applied green paint. Wooden handle is present and fully functional closing system operates. On the top left some small area of battle damage holes can be seen. The bottom is void of any active rust and has one small hole from prolonged storage. Internal storage rack is present and in very good condition. Most of these examples are typically ground-found and due to the cheaper quality metal used in production these tend to rust quicker. This particular rack retains is factory paint along with its maker marked and Waffenampt. Overall condition of the rack is in very good shape and can still be used. A harder to find set in very good condition and scarce accessory.
WW2 German Tank Destruction Badge & Packet This award was authorised on 9th March 1942 and was awarded for 'single-handed' destruction of a tank or armoured vehicle. One silver emblem was awarded for each tank and worn on the right upper arm.
WW2 German Teler Mine
WW2 German Tunic Field Bandage 1939
WW2 German Wound Badge Black German wound badge in black. This is a standard hollow back back painted black. This award was awarded to troops who received their first injury.
WW2 German Wound Badge Certificate - Black German award certificate for the wound badge in black. This particular certificate was awarded to Erich Witkowski, Unteroffizier - Stab / Kdr.d.Div, - Nachschubtrupen 126. Dated 18 Feb 1943.
WW2 GQ Parachute Badge - Irvin Parachute Seal This badge was worn in the early days by members of the Polish army who were trained in preparation to be dropped within occupied Poland. The troops were trained at Ringway and the early graduates, both from the British Army as well as the Polish army adopted this GQ badge (Irvin Parachute Seal). Its 'unofficial' use stopped with the introduction of the parachute badge. However, troops who already received this badge continued to were it. Ref: Page 103 Piotr Witkowski - Operation Market Garden Paratroopers Vol. 1.
WW2 Greman Reenactment SS Jacket
WW2 Helmet - ARP Bournemouth Gas & Water
WW2 Helmet - Spare Nut & Bolts
WW2 Home Front - 1939 Anti-Gas Protection of Babies
WW2 Home Front - AEC Badge
WW2 Home Front - ARP Helmet Torch - Lamp & Parts
WW2 Home Front - ARP Practical Guide (Copy)
WW2 Home Front - ARP Rattle
WW2 Home Front - ARP Rattle St Albans
WW2 Home Front - ARP Solid Silver Vickers ARP Badge A scarce original wartime issue 'Vickers-Armstrong Air Raid Precautions pin badge', depicting the companies "VA" logo surmounted by "A.R.P.", the reverse impressed with Birmingham silver hallmarks for 1941 and maker's details "JRG&S" (J.R.Gaunt & Son). Uncleaned but in very good condition.
WW2 Home Front - ARP Whistle The ARP whistle was standard issue to air raid wardens prior and during WW2. The whistle is constructed of nickel-plated brass and engraved with “A.R.P.” and manufacturing details for J. Hudson and Co.
WW2 Home Front - ARP Wills Badge
WW2 Home Front - Avro Pin
WW2 Home Front - Casualty Tags
WW2 Home Front - Ephemera Fire Guard - Romford Sidney Smith - Fire Guard Officer - Fire Guard Department Romford Nov-1943 - Fire Guard Department
WW2 Home Front - Evacuation Nursery & Hospital Service Badges 1. WW2 Home Front - Evacuation Nursery Ministry of Health Badge One of the rarer type Ministry of Health badges, 26 mm in diameter nickel plated with blue enamel bearing 'Evacuation Nursery' the reverse is marked 'H.W.M' (H.W.Miller Ltd, Birmingham). Very good condition, no damage to the enamel. Evacuation was voluntary, but the fear of bombing, the closure of many urban schools and the organised transportation of school groups helped persuade families to send their children away to live with strangers. Many stately homes in the English countryside were commandeered for use as nursery schools or homes for young children evacuated from cities across the country. 2. WW2 Home Front - Ministry of Health Hospital Service Badge A Ministry of Health Hospital Service Badge. The back is impressed with maker's details in relief 'H.W.M' (H.W.Miller Ltd, Birmingham). The badge is in 'fair' condition with some marks to enamel and nickel. At the outbreak of war, The Ministry of Health formulated, the Emergency Hospitals Scheme some 2,378 hospitals were included in the scheme. The Ministry planned for large numbers of air-raid casualties. Up to 67,000 nurses were thought to be needed to care for the expected air-raid casualties.
WW2 Home Front - Fire Guard Items - Ferring Three items of ephemera related to Sector 6 - Ferring (near Goring South Coast). Two original typed letters issued by H. Jackson Sir Fire Guard and later Fire Guard Staff officer & an ordnance survey map of Chichester & Worthing (Inc Ferring) sheet 133 1940. First letter 'Reorganisation of Group 6. The second letter is a note related to the I.B.E.N 2Kg incendiary bomb and safe disposal.
WW2 Home Front - Fire Guard Items - Romford Fire Guard ephemera & arm band related to the Borough of Romford. Both typed letters (Fire Guard Plan & Duty Card) issued by Sidney H. Smith - Fire Guard Officer. All items show age from storage.
WW2 Home Front - Full Set Wills ARP Cigarette Cards
WW2 Home Front - ICI Brass Alarm Bell Brass Bell
WW2 Home Front - ICI First Aid Badge
WW2 Home Front - Kelly Lamp A really nice example of a 'self-righting' Kelly oil lamp typically used by civilians within Air Raid shelters i.e. Anderson Shelters. This is a green example complete with its original white opaque glass shade. Measures approx 80 x 130 mm. Weight 209g.
WW2 Home Front - LNER ARP Complete First Aid Kit A rare London & North Eastern Railway ARP first aid packet. Labelled, Minor Ambulance Equipment. Contents 2 Triangular Bandages, 1 Tourniquet, 1 Medium Size First Aid Dressing. There are two separate envelopes housing the linen bandages that are stamped LNER. Although the packet is a little tatty all contents are there.
WW2 Home Front - LNER Emergency Time Table 1939 A scarce London & North Eastern Railway Emergency time table dated 1939.
WW2 Home Front - LNER Workers Lapel Badge In order to confirm the identify of railway staff a badge was approved by the Home Office for each of the railway companies. Each lapel badge was oval in design, constructed of brass with a locomotive facing left and the company name below. The back of each badge was inscribed with the employees service number. This LNER badge is numbered 63090.
WW2 Home Front - Matching Pair of Warden\'s Shoulder Titles Pair Matching pair of used Warden shoulder titles. The titles are embroidered with a gold/mustard colour thread on a black wool background. There is a patch of mothing to each.
WW2 Home Front - Pair Home Guard Shoulder Titles A good pair of British Home Guard cloth shoulder patches. These have clearly been removed from their original uniform. One still retains its brown paper backing.
WW2 Home Front - Pair of WI Badges Welsh & English A nice pair of Women's Institute (WI) badge. To include the standard English badge, maker W.O.Lewis (Badges) Ltd and the rarer Welsh version (fy ngwlad am cartref) by maker Fattorini & Sons. Both badges are in great condition with no damage to the enamel.
WW2 Home Front - Plasfort Helmet for Benjamin Products Plasfort private purchase civilian helmet (size 6 1/3) with Benjamin Products decal to front. Benjamin products was famous for the manufacture of industrial lighting and had a factory located in Islington London. The hemet is in good condition with no chips to the bakelite.
WW2 Home Front - S.R. Workers Lapel Badge In order to confirm the identify of railway staff a badge was approved by the Home Office for each of the railway companies. Each lapel badge was oval in design, constructed of brass with a locomotive facing left and the company name below. The back of each badge was inscribed with the employees service number. This SR badge is numbered 9984.
WW2 Home Front - Silver ARP Badge 1939 This is a solid silver ladies ARP broach type badge. The badge measures approximately 39 x 26 mm, weighs 9 grams and is hallmarked for London 1939 (D) These badges were issued to the following services; first aid, medical, rescue, demolition as well as air raid wardens, decontamination and gas detection officers.
WW2 Home Front - Spitfire Fund Badge Royal Air Force RAF WW2 Home Front RAF Spitfire Fund War Effort Fundraising Battle of Britain Lapel Badge. Purchased to raise funds.
WW2 Home Front - Wills ARP Album
WW2 Home Front Mk.II Helmet - AFS A British Mk.II helmet painted red with Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) on the front. Each side has three white dots painted which I presume denotes some form of seniority, however I am unfamiliar with the latter so worth some further investigation. I am unable to identify any date on the shell, however the Mk.1 liner is marked BH&G 7 1939 and has been fitted with a Mk.III chin strap. This helmet has obviously seen service as the oval Mk.I pad appears to have been melted and the shell itself is rusty. Some would class this as a semi- relic, whatever you call it, its seen action and so a great item for display purposes.
WW2 Home Front Mk.II Helmet - Rescue Double decal Shell - Date faint under paint VERO 39 - LARGE SIZE 7 1/2 - GOOD CONDITON Majority of factory paint present internally Label = Bristol
WW2 Home Front Mk.II Helmet LNER Helmet date covered by paint C.C.L 1940 7 Several name tags L.N.E.R. 86556 G A K 3 holes so amend MK to ??
WW2 Home Front Mk.II Helmet Rescue Lugs Shell FL 160 1939 Quality stamp visible Vero 1938 7 Good condition liner
WW2 Home Paragon First Aid Case with Contents A home front Paragon First Aid Case complete with the 'majority' of its unopened contents, especially unusual to still have its 1937 Factories Act label as well as the Home Office instruction sheet (Form 923 dated March 1943) Note: the label states that "Owing to supply difficulties this case may not contain every item on the list" etc.
WW2 Incendiary Device Concealed as French Matchbox
WW2 Inert British No 69. Grenade - Breaks Down The No. 69 grenade was developed and used during WW2 and was made of Bakelite unlike the No. 36 Mills bomb which had a much greater destructive area. The No. 69 enabled the use without the thrower having much in the way of cover. This grenade is great condition and breaks down into its coponnents.
WW2 Lot of Commando Patches Lovat Scouts 1 x V Comando First Commando Brigade 5 A/T RCA Royal Marines etc
WW2 Luftwaffe Cased Pilots Badge By Juncker A beautifully detailed example of a cased Luftwaffe Pilots Badge as would be expected by desirable maker Juncker, marked C.E.JUNCKER BERLIN SW68. Introduced by Goering on 26-Mar-36 and was awarded to pilots on successful completion of flying training.
WW2 Luftwaffe Death Card - Lieutenant Hugo Huber. A card dedicated to Hugo Huber of the Luftwaffe, killed in aerial combat on 7th May 1944. These cards were issued to family and friends as part of the German tradition
WW2 Luftwaffe Fieldmutz M43 EM Field Cap A wonderful example of a single button M43 EM field cap. The cap is in outstanding condition being constructed of grey/blue wool with a cotton lining. It has a factory applied machine stitched heavily embroidered Luftwaffe eagle and cockade. The button is marked with the Assmann logo and marked Extra Fein 17mm. There are no longer any ink marks on the lining but it measures approximately 53cm in circumference.
WW2 Luftwaffe Flak Badge - Commrades United A great example of a Luftwaffe Flake Badge with fine detail. although no makers marks, from its construction and fixings it has all the hallmarks of being attributed to maker Frank Reif or Gustav Bremer. This badge was awarded on a points basis, 20 being the requisite. Example, two points awarded to gun crew for destroying an aircraft in operation with other gun crews or four points to a crew single handily destroying aircraft. Acquired with an 1961 dated old comrades program with a death card a-fixed for Obgefr. Luftwaffen-Regiment who died on 12-Aug-43 at Medjes el Bab (Tunisia). Note advert cut out of back cover.
WW2 Luftwaffe Flying Clasp Bomber Silver A nice example of the Luftwaffe bomber clasp or spang in silver. This was awarded to heavy, medium or dive bomber crews who completed sixty operational flights. This is a detailed but non-maker marked badge.
WW2 Luftwaffe Flying Clasp Day Fighter – Silver Nicely detailed Luftwaffe Day Fighter Clasp in silver, . This clasp was awarded to pilots who successfully carried out 60 operational flights. The badge depicts a winged arrow pointing upwards. The badge is in great condition and retains the majority of its silver wash.
WW2 Luftwaffe Flying Clasp Reconnaisance Clasp Silver Luftwaffe silver reconnaissance, air sea rescue & meteorological clasp. (Frontfugspange fur Aufklarer) Awarded for 60 missions. Measuring 25 (h) x 75 (w) mm. Weight 17.4 g. Non maker marked.
WW2 Luftwaffe Flying Clasp Short Range Day Fighter – Silver Nicely detailed Luftwaffe Day Fighter Spang or Clasp in silver, none maker marked. This clasp was awarded to pilots who successfully carried out 60 operational flights.
WW2 Luftwaffe Observer Badge Cased A good quality tombak Observers Badge with beautifully detailed although non-maker marked. This badge was awarded for two months flying service with a non-operational unit or after taking part in five operational sorties.
WW2 Luftwaffe Paratroopers Badge by G.H.Osang - Cased A nice example of a Parachute Troopers badge (Fallschirmschutzenabzeichen) for the Luftwaffe. The badge consists of a blackened wreath with a gilt eagle. The badge was awarded on completion of training. Good quality badge marked G.H.Osang to reverse.
WW2 Luftwaffe Pilots Compass AK39 FL23235-1 WW2 Luftwaffe AK39 FL23235-1 wrist compass. These were made by the Czechoslovakian company Kadlec. The compass is in working order, however the fastening buckle has been ripped from the leather strap - hence the price.
WW2 Luftwaffe Trade Badge - NCO Ordnance Tech Machine embroidered Luftwaffe NCO Ordnance Technician patch with silver/grey bullion piped edging.
WW2 Luftwaffe Transport & Glider Squadron Clasp - Silver A good example of the Luftwaffe Transport & Glider Squadron Clasp (Frontflugspange fur Transportflieger) This was awarded for 60 missions. No makers mark.
WW2 MAP - Poperinghe (Wormhout) This map which includes the small helmet of Wormhout is synonymous with a now well known German atrocity that happened during the BEF retreat to Dunkirk. On the 28th May 1940 members of the Waffen-SS from the 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler carried out the massacre of eighty British & French POW's during the Battle of France. This map is an official British War Office1937, Fourth Edition dated 1943.
WW2 Map Magnifier with Concealed Light. This is a large lighted military map magnifier. Constructed of black painted brass and bakelite. This would be typically used to view maps whilst observing blackout conditions. This is in great working condition, with a rotary on/off switch on the base. Will be shipped without batteries (Two x D cell required)
WW2 Merlin Sub Miniature Spy Camera Merlin Sub Miniature Spy Camera c1936, A rare example of a miniature spy camera as used by British S.O.E (Special Operations Executive) agents behind enemy lines during WW2.
WW2 Miniature Escape Compass - Razor A brass razor that comes apart to reveal a hidden compass. The compass is revealed by pulling the handle from the body - and not revealed by unscrewing the handle which is normal with this style of hidden compass that I have previously owned. The compass itself is one of the smallest type of escape compasses produced by SOE.
WW2 MK II Helmet - ARP Wills
WW2 MK II Helmet - Auxiliary Fire Service H007
WW2 MK II Helmet - BEF Unfinished
WW2 MK II Helmet - Black Civil Defence
WW2 MK II Helmet - Brackley Black - turn to BEF
WW2 MK II Helmet - Control Essex
WW2 MK II Helmet - Controller
WW2 MK II Helmet - Electrician
WW2 MK II Helmet - First Aid Party White helmet
WW2 MK II Helmet - First Aid Party Black Helmet
WW2 MK II Helmet - Gas Inspection Service
WW2 MK II Helmet - K
WW2 MK II Helmet - Medical Corp
WW2 MK II Helmet - Police Black
WW2 MK II Helmet - Police Officer
WW2 MK II Helmet - Polish Division
WW2 MK II Helmet - Queens Regiment
WW2 MK II Helmet - Reconnaissance Corp
WW2 MK II Helmet - Rescue
WW2 MK II Helmet - Royal Artillery Cheshire
WW2 MK II Helmet - Royal Artillery Malta
WW2 MK II Helmet - Royal Engineers
WW2 MK II Helmet - Rushton Honrsby
WW2 MK II Helmet - Scottish Highland Division
WW2 MK II Helmet - Sniper Shot
WW2 MK II Helmet - Welch Regiment
WW2 MK II Helmet - Welsh 53rd Division
WW2 MK.II British Helmet RAOC Decal Shell J.S.S. H E Y 1939, BMB 1939 7 liner in great conditionRough grit/sand finish with disruptive paint pattern. RAOC decal still visible
WW2 MkII Helmet Middlesex Regiment - 1940 As found a British MkII helmet marked F&L 1940 fitted with a MkII liner stamped J.C.S Ltd 1940 7. Inside the shell there is some surface rust in parts but still it retains the majority of its factory paint. The liner is complete and in good condition as is the chin strap. Outside the shell has surface rust over the original factory paint. The decal of the Middlesex regiment has been painted to one side with minimum damage.
WW2 MkII No 2c Grey LNER Helmet A British MkII 2C grey helmet that appears to be marked for Ruby Owen Co and is dated 1940. The shell retains the majority of its factory paint. The MkII liner is in good condition and marked Vero 1940 size 7. Nice example of a stencilled London North Easter Railway (LNER) helmet.
WW2 MkII RCAF Deckled Helmet CL/C 1942 A Canadian MkII CL/C 1942 dated helmet complete with liner marked VMC 1941 size 7 3/4. The helmet appears to be a very dark blue/green colour with an RCAF decal applied to the front.
WW2 Mobile Voluntary Aid Detachment Badges Voluntary Aid Detachments (VAD) were made up of British Red Cross & St Johns Ambulance members. They provided trained people to act as reserves to the medical services of the armed forces, both home and abroad. These badges have been removed from their uniforms / armbands.
WW2 Mounted Shrapnel - London Docks 1940 A piece of shrapnel mounted on a block of wood (possibly oak) measuring approximately 14 x 7 x 3 cm. A bronze plaque has been nailed to the wood and crudely stamped R ALBERT DOCK 1940. The wood has old woodworm holes and has suffered burn damage. The London Docks & East End suffered heavy bombing during the Blitz - especially during 1940.
WW2 Nazi Allgemeine-SS Officers Standarte 8 Cuff Title Allgemeine-SS Officers Standarte 8 hand-embroidered '8' on black band with silver-aluminium seven strand edging, removed from uniform. The 8 is a little duller than the edging being more prominent and subject to wear. Measuring 49 cm in length with part of the makers label still in applied.
WW2 Nederland Patch - Dutch Army in Exile Patch as worn by the Dutch Free Forces whilst in exile.
WW2 No 50/51/52 Middle East Commando Beret Badge – Official A rare example of the 50th / 51st & 52nd Commando brass cap badge complete with shank lugs, the latter being correct for 1940. The badge measures the correct 40 mm in length (Reference Taylor pages 67-68)
WW2 No.36 Mills Bomb with Gas Check A No.36 grenade in semi-relic condition. I purchased this from a dealer in France, 'reportedly' it was found half burred in a hedgerow near Tracy-sur-Mer (Normandy). It is fitted with a gas-check disk base plug, designed to be fired from a cup attachment for the Lee Enfield rifle. ** UK sales only **
WW2 Norsk Hydro Heavy Water Container with Wooden Case Originally part of a small collection, an empty Norsk Hydro steel capsule used to transport ampoules containing Heavy Water (Deuterium Oxyd HD20). Until now I have only ever seen a these in museums i.e. the Norwegian Industrial Workers museum and the International Spy Museum in the USA. The metal tube measures approximatly 14.5cm x 2cm in diameter. This tube comes with its original wooden transport case.
WW2 Norwegian Quisling Party Hat Badge Norwegian "Quisling" Socialist Party Hat Badge known as Nasjonal Samling.The use of the name Quisling became a term used by the British for collaborators or traitors in general
WW2 Numbered Free French \'Forces Navales Francaise Libres\' A good original post 1940 ww2 period English made Free French Navy badge – small diamond shaped gilded bras enamel badge bearing the cross of Lorraine and France Llibre. The revers impressed with Regd no 83830 a registered design and patent date for 1939.
WW2 Pair Command Shoulder Titles
WW2 Pair of RAF Identity Tags - Thomas This is a pair of identify tags, sometimes referred to as 'dog tags' issued to a member of the RAF - Thomas 1442080 CE (Church of England). Marked A for blood group. The tags are made of highly compressed cardboard threaded on the original white lace.
WW2 Paratrooper - 1st - 6th Airborne Patch
WW2 Paris-soir Dimanche Newspaper 1939
WW2 PAT 37 Ammo Pouch 1939 A used PAT 37 ammo pouch. Although feint it appears to be stamped M.E.C.o 1939. Retains its original fibre board divider.
WW2 Pat 37 Surgical Haversack - Air Ministry 1938 Surgical Haversack, made by MECO 1938. Often mistakenly described as a shell dressing bag. It has different flap, additional dividers inside and the sling is attached to the sides of the haversack. This is unusual as its stamped AM (Air Ministry) but has not been Blanco'd RAF blue/grey.
WW2 Pat 40 Battlerdress Blouse - Third Infantry Division A Pat 40 Battle Dress Blouse Size No 1 in great condition - there is no date on the actual makers label (R.S.D.) however there is a stamp G 1941 V cancelled out. Insignia for the 3rd Division Infantry with Bren Gun qualification patch and wearing a black lanyard around the left shoulder. Height 5' 3" to 5' 4" Breast 32" to 33" Waist 28" to 29"
WW2 Photo FFI - Liberation Collaborator Shaved Head Two photographs depicting the liberation of a French city. One photo shows a girl being paraded on a car with a shaved head. The other photograph of crowds cheering a American troops on what looks like a self propelled gun mounted on a Whites armoured half track.
WW2 Photographic Evidence - War Crimes & Atrocities - Pawaik, Poland WARNING! very graphic but of great historical importance. Remains of Polish (probably political prisoners & not members of the Jewish community) not Jews) prisoners exhumed from mass grave by captured Russian or German guards. It would appear these victims were executed or died as part of the last transport from Pawiak prison and their remains burnt. Translation suggests these were part of last shipment either to Ravensbruck (Females) or Gross Rosen (Males). I will enclose what research I have to date by working with an ex-college of mine based in Warsaw.
WW2 Picture Post Magazine - P/O Keith Gillman Picture Post magazine dated 31, August 1941. Featuring one of the most iconic photographs taken at the time of the Battle of Britain. Front cover, Pilot Officer K.R. Gillman of 32 Squadron. Sadly P/O Gillman was killed in action on the 25th August 1940, a week before his photograph appeared on the cover of the magazine.
WW2 Polish Adrian Helmet - Reenactment Reenactment
WW2 Polish Air Force Shoulder Patches A pair of Polish Air Force shoulder titles in great condition, no mothing. This pair is constructed of a light blue woven thread mounted on a dark blue wool background. The reverse of the titles are finished with the standard black woven cotton material. There are no signs of these having been worn.
WW2 Polish Army Collar Badge Screw Badge A small Polish Army collar back with screw back with maker mark MENNICA PANSTOWA.
WW2 Polish Enamel Air Force Emblem Badge
WW2 Polish PPA Badge - No 1 Demolition Squadron Formed in 1942 by a Russian refugee Vladimir Peniakoff, nicknamed Popski after training with the LRDG. Known as Popski's Private Army - this shoulder patch is machine embroidered and in great condition.
WW2 RAF Air Gunner Brevet
WW2 RAF Air Gunner\'s Brevet A Royal Airforce flat type silk embroidered Air Gunners brevet in great condition.
WW2 RAF Bomb Split Pin & Instruction Tag WW2 RAF Bomb Split Pin Key. This example retaining original tin tag with instructions. GC.
WW2 RAF C Type Flying Helmet The chamois is good condition including the internal donuts although a little grubby as expected. The outer leather is in good supple condition as is all the stitching. The popper studs are made of brass rather than steel. Although fading, the pilot has painted his name in yellow on the top (Alderwick) and has also sewn in additional chamois to cover some of the internal popper studs for comfort.
WW2 RAF C Type Flying Helmet Stores reference 22c/879 - a good example of a C-type flying helmet, fitted to the back with two wire retaining leather loops with working popper fasteners. The chamois is in good condition although a little grubby, especially the donuts as expected. The outer leather is in great supple condition with all stitching intact. There are no size marks visible, it is on the smaller side so ideally suited for display purposes.
WW2 RAF Canvas Kit Bag
WW2 RAF Communication Jack Plug 10/H9466652 Communication jack plug as used in conjunction with wired headphones.
WW2 RAF Concealed Escape Compass - Bottle Cork An escape compass ingeniously hidden within, what appears to be an ordinary cork. The compass is accessed by twisting the cork which is held in place by by two small 'dowels' - similar mechanism as light bulb bayonet fitting. The cavity that houses the compass has enough space to conceal other objects (i.e. paper maps)
WW2 RAF Concealed Escape Compass - Shaving Brush
WW2 RAF Early B Type Flying Helmet – Unissued Mint Condition Stores reference 22c/65 non-wired flying helmet. Having been produced during the mid 1930's and in relatively small numbers, this early B-type type helmet is in mint condition with clearly embossed AM stores reference as well as a sewn in AM stores label (size 2) and Bennett buckle. This helmet would have been fitted with the large ear cups for use by the RAF. The none adapted helmets were typically favoured by agents dropped behind enemy lines.
WW2 RAF Ensign Flag
WW2 RAF Escape Compass - Hair Brush dated 1941 A 1941 dated military issued hairbrush with ingeniously concealed compass. The brush is manufactured by C. Leng & Sons, also makers of military shaving brushes used to concealed escape compasses. The escape compass is revealed by removing a small central section of bristles held in place by a rubber type grommet.
WW2 RAF Escape Compass in Waterproof Pouch Good example of an RAF compass held within a water proof plastic pouch. These compasses would have been worn around members of an aircrews necks.
WW2 RAF Escape Survival Pascaw These steel wire saws were carried by RAF aircrew as part of their escape and evasion equipment. SOE also used these, adapting them to be used as a lethal 'garrot'. Typically manufactured by the firm Hallands, the saw is in perfect condition and comes in its original oil sealed packet.
WW2 RAF Forage Cap & Badge - 1943
WW2 RAF Forage Cap & Badge - Stamped D Black buttons
WW2 RAF Helmet Receivers - Copies A pair of 'dummy' Air Ministry 10A/12401 helmet receivers as used in conjunction with the Type C helmet. This is a pair of good quality copies that I previously used for a helmet display. Ideal for keeping the rubber c type helmet cups in shape.
WW2 RAF Horlicks Ration Tin - Some Contents Metal box approximately 11 x 8 x 2.5cm. Litho printed on the "Horlicks Tablets - A Complete Food - 24 Hour Ration - As Supplied To The Air Ministry". Some contents remain.
WW2 RAF Horlicks Tablets - 24 Hour Ration Tin Metal box approximately 11 x 8 x 2.5cm. Litho printed on the "Horlicks Tablets - A Complete Food - 24 Hour Ration - As Supplied To The Air Ministry". Shows use and wear but in good overall condition. Empty.
WW2 RAF Hurricane Model 96 Squadron RAF CHURCH FENTON
WW2 RAF Kings Crown Officers Bullion Hat Badge A good example of an uncleaned WW2 RAF Officers bullion cap badge, intricately detailed. This has been worn, most obviously seen on the red felt that forms the internal backing of the crown. The rear of the badge still retains some of its paper backing. Great piece for display or renovating an original hat.
WW2 RAF Miniature Escape Compass - Capstan Cigarettes A unique pack of 20 W.D.& H.O.Wills Capstan Navy Cut Cigarettes, complete with all contents & collectors card. One of the cigarettes has been split to reveal a miniature escape compass (the smallest made) neatly concealed within the cigarette itself. Until now I have only ever seen these in books or museums.
WW2 RAF Mk.II Goggles - 22c/44 Although in 1935 the RAF stopped issuing Mk. II goggles, many pilots continued to wear them due to their lightweight design. Many pilots. The Mk. II goggles are edged with simulated fur around the eye pieces. Interestingly, the elasticated strap is is marked 1938/
WW2 RAF Mk.II Helmet - OP 4 ROCO 1939 Lugs 1938 J.C.S & W Ltd 7 1939 or 1938 Liner in great condition
WW2 RAF Navigators Parallel Rule - Air Ministry 1943 A WW2 RAF Air MInistry parallel ruler. Marked 'Captain Field's Improved with the Air Ministry stamp and dated 1943. As used by RAF navigators and bomber aircrew. Made by Aston & Mander of London, who supplied navigational and other instruments to the British armed forces in both world wars. Made of boxwood with brass fittings, the ruler show signs of use with a small nick to one edge.
WW2 RAF Officers Cap Badge for Forage Cap. Brass RAF Officers forage cap badge. The badge is in good condition retaining backing plate and all three fixing nuts.
WW2 RAF Officers Side Cap Hat Badge
WW2 RAF Pilot Brevet
WW2 RAF Pilot Officer Photo
WW2 RAF Silk Escape Map 43/A 43/B (43 Series) An earlier 1943 series double sided stitched edge silk escape map, 43/A France, Belgium & Holland 43/B France, Spain & German Swiss Frontier. These maps were issued to Allied pilots of the US, RAF, and RCAF. Printed by the company of John Waddington, Ltd,
WW2 RAF Silk Escape Map 43/C 43/D (43 Series) An earlier 1943 series double sided raw edge silk escape map, 43/C Holland, Belgium France & Germany. 43/D Belgium & Germany. These maps were issued to Allied pilots of the US, RAF, and RCAF. Printed by the company of John Waddington, Ltd, Measures 68 x 72 cm.
WW2 RAF Silk Escape Map 43/D 43/F (43 Series) A 1943 series double sided raw edge silk escape map, 43/D Belgium & Germany. 43/F Croatia, Montenegro, Hungry, Slovakia, Germany, Italy & Switzerland. These maps were issued to Allied pilots of the US, RAF, and RCAF. Printed by the company of John Waddington, Ltd. Measures 77 x 87 cm.
WW2 RAOC Chip Hat
WW2 Rare Nazi Propaganda Book - Wofür Kämpfen Wir? One of hardest and rarest Nazi Internal Propaganda propaganda booklets out there. Wofür Kämpfen Wir? (What we fight for?) First Edition January 1944. A substantial document intended for the German officer class to boost moral. It starts with 'facsimile' of a letter signed by Adolph Hitler, dated 8 January, 1944. Next is a two-page contribution by Alfred Rosenberg. Followed by propaganda against Judaism, Bolshevism, England & America. Due to the time of print, these were crudely printed or poor quality paper and therefore are prone to be poor condition unlike earlier Nazi books and documentation.
WW2 Rare Norsk Hydro Heavy Water Container & WD Box A Chemical Inspectorate, War Department box containing an empty Norsk Hydro steel capsule used to transport ampoules containing Heavy Water (Deuterium Oxyd HD20). Until now I have only ever seen a these in museums i.e. the Norwegian Industrial Workers museum and the International Spy Museum in the USA. The steel tube measures approx 16cm long x 3cm in diameter. This item formed part of a small collection, so please note that the Top Secret message is a copy used for the display.
WW2 RCAF USED Forage Cap Royal Air Force forage cap with brass RCAF slider badge. The buttons appear to be standard RAF type the inside is stamp does not appear to be Canadian so suspect this is an RAF issued cap used by RCAF personal. Note there is some moth nips as shown in the photographs, so not pristine condition.
WW2 Reconnaissance Shoulder Titles
WW2 S.O. Book 135 1940
WW2 S.O. Book 136 (Indexed) Mint
WW2 S.O. Book 136 (Indexed) Written On
WW2 SAS Embroidered Beret Badge White A nice example of the larger Special Air Service Beret Badge that has been removed from its original beret. This is a heavily embroidered all white example, although the white thread has now yellowed with age.
WW2 SAS Parachute Qualification Wing A really good example of a padded SAS parachute qualification wing. This example appears to have been removed from its original uniform and the edge of each wing shows signs of rubbing to the thread.
WW2 SAS Qualification Wings A really good example of the distinctive dark blue and light blue padded SAS parachute qualification wing. The badge was designed by Jock Lewes who had rowed for Oxford, hence the colours.. This example appears to have been removed from its original uniform but is in overall great condition.
WW2 SAS Shoulder Titles x 4
WW2 Seaforth Highlanders - Officers Helmet Decal Pair Unbelievably rare pair of original Gale & Polden helmet decals with instructions to back. Unused WW2 Gale & Polden decals are rare to find but a 'pair' of 'officers' decals for such a prestigious regiment is really rare and probably should be in the regimental museum.
WW2 Set of Royal Air Force Dog Tags
WW2 SOE Brass Handled Garrot This appears to be a field manufacture garrotte. The handles are made of solid brass connected by a length of steel multi-stranded wire. ** Royal Mail ** Over 18 roof of age required **
WW2 SOE Concealed Spike - Smokers Pipe French smokers pipe 'Racine De Bruyere' with concealed hollow spike
WW2 SOE Message Key On initial inspection this would appear to be a simple chunky French key, the kind used for barn doors or such likei. The end of they can be removed by unscrewing it 'clockwise' to reveal a hidden cavity approximately 65mm deep. These keys were just one of the ingenious was resistance cells hid messages etc.
WW2 SOE No.9 MkI Time Delay Switch Switch No. 9. aka Lead Break or L-Delay. This switch is made up of a percussion cap and a spring-loaded striker held under tension by a thin strip of lead, contained within a metal tube. The striker would be held in place by a safety pin until the switch was ready to be used. A detonator or length of detonating cord would then be attached to the tube next to the percussion cap and the safety pin removed. Over time the lead strip would stretch and finally break, releasing the striker.
WW2 SOE Number No.10 Mk.I Delay Switch A British Number Ten Delay Switch (official name, "Switch, No. 10, Delay" and often referred to as a "timing pencil"), was made of a brass (or in later versions aluminium) tube, with a copper section at one end which contained a glass vial of cupric chloride (the liquid was widely and erroneously reported to be sulfuric acid), while beneath the vial was a spring-loaded striker under tension and held in place by a thin metal wire. The timer was started by crushing the copper section of the tube to break the vial of cupric chloride, which then began to slowly erode the wire holding back the striker. When the wire eventually parted, the striker was propelled down the hollow centre of the detonator, hitting the percussion cap at the other end of the detonator.
WW2 SOE Push Dagger - Rams Head Sometimes know as a 'rams head' dagger due to the design of the handle. These daggers would normally be concealed about a person body and sometimes contained within an improvised sheath. The handle is designed so that the user puts this/her middle finger through the loop and makes a fist so that the two adjacent fingers fitting snugly within the two protruding ends. The blade measures 9.5cm and is fluted. The overall length is 14 cm.** Royal Mail ** Over 18 roof of age required **
WW2 SOE Resistance Tyre Slasher
WW2 SOE Resistance \'Take-Down\' Calltrop
WW2 SOE School Patch Special Operations Executive Formation Sign. A nice example of this rare badge.
WW2 SOE Self Soldering Joints - French Matchbox Sleeves, Jointing, Self-soldering, No 3. Each sleeve is made up of two tubes, flared at the ends to enable the easy insertion/positioning of wires and joined at the centre with solder covered with a flammable was. A small pink 'blob' of striking material is at the the centre of each unit. These were used by OSS, SOE as well as Resistance Cells for joining wires during sabotage and demolition work. An interesting item disguised as an ordinary match box, although the box is slightly larger in depth.
WW2 SOE Spine Dagger - Hat Pin A solid steel thrust dagger or spine dagger measuring 23 cm in length with spike at one end and solid ball on the other with a length of string tightly wound around the shaft. Sometimes referred to as a 'hat pin' dagger due to its resemblance to a ladies hat pin. .** Royal Mail **resemlanceOver 18 roof of age required **
WW2 SOE Thumb Knife & Leather Sheath A rare WW2 SOE agents clandestine thumb dagger with leather sheath. The dagger is in excellent condition and has an excellent blued blade. The sheath appears to be 'hand or field made' with four 'male' popper fasteners to the back, ** Royal Mail ** Over 18 roof of age required **
WW2 SOE Trip Wire Spool with Instructions A rare unused spot of trip wire issued to SOE and resistance cells. This spool is complete and unused and remarkably retains its original cardboard instruction label.
WW2 Solid Silver SS Officers Visor Cap Insignia The SS cap set was usually issued in white metal or aluminium. This set however, is made of solid silver and clearly marked 800. These silver versions were quite rare and were not issued. The egotistical SS officer proud of his membership in the ‘Elite of the Elite’ would privately purchase these items individually as they were clearly more detailed and stood out as being silver. Both items test positive for silver & have been confirmed by a local jeweller. Both eagle and skull are RZM marked with the 800 silver designation. There were various companies that handled silver insignia this particular pieces made by Zimmerman (Skull) and Assmann (Eagle)
WW2 South African Helmet - Brown A nice example of a brown South African helmet in great untouched condition. The helmet is fitted with a CCL liner is fairly stamped (the date 194? & size 6 1/?). Both shell and liner in good condition.
WW2 South African Helmet - Jager Rand Jager Rand 7 1/4 Beautiful helmet
WW2 South African Helmet - Jager Rand 1942 A fantastic example of a survivor from the Western Desert. This South African helmet has a great patina and has been painted for the latter campaign and possibly the Souther Italian campaign. The helmet retains its original Jager Rand 1942 liner, the felt pad is in good condition but the oil cloth is brittle & broken in places. Ideal for display purposes.
WW2 South African Helmet - Jager Rand 1943 A great example of an untouched South African Mk.II helmet complete with Jager Rand 1943 7 3/4 liner. The shell retains its factory finish paint both inside and out with 'very light' surface rust. The liner is in great condition.
WW2 South African Helmet - North Africa
WW2 South African Helmet with Cover Improvised - diamond red / black or dark blue
WW2 Special Forces Jedburgh Wings Named after guerrillas who operated in Scotland during the twelfth century. They comprised of teams of three who joined up with local resistance groups, to help organise and equip them.The badge is heavily machine embroidered, it is in overall good condition showing signs of wear.
WW2 Special Forces Jedburgh Wings Named after guerrillas who had operated in Scotland in the twelfth century. They comprised of teams of three who joined up with local resistance groups, to help organise and equip them.The badge is heavily machine embroidered, it is in overall good condition showing signs of wear.
WW2 SS High Command Pennant - Remnant This emblem is part of an SS high command vehicle pennant. The eagle is of very high quality being machine woven with silver bullion and black rayon thread on a finely woven cloth backing. This section measures approx. 10 x 12 cm, having been removed from its original frame in which it was displayed. The backing stained and has yellowed over.
WW2 SS Peak Hat Reenactment
WW2 ST Johns Ambulance Association Helmet - J. Neil A nice example of a St Johns Ambulance Association MkII Helmet with no major wear. One of the lugs has been fitted over the date stamp but appears to be either 1938 or 1939, the maker stamp includes the letter B. The liner is in fantastic condition and marked Vero 1938 71/4. The owner has sewn their name tag to the chin strap. Came with item No\'s 51437 & 51438.
WW2 St Johns Ambulance First Aid Tin with Contents The tin retains the majority of its cream coloured paint and is adorned with The St Johns Ambulance Association decal. The tin comes with a viraty of contents including some St Johns labled items. Fantastic for reenactor or home front display purposes. The tin measures approx 23 x 17 x 5 cm - weight 663g. Came with item No\'s 51437 & 51439.
WW2 St Johns First Aid Manual 1938 & Medal J. Neil A 1938 dated St Johns Ambulance Association Manual with Medal to J. Neil. Came with item No\'s 51438 & 51439.
WW2 Stainless Steel Medical Kidney Dishes
WW2 SWB Officers Manuals & Field Message Book Lt Hurt S.W.B. - Army Book 153 Field Message Book - Fieldcraft & Battle Drill 12-Nov-1942 - A.A. Battle Drill 1943 - Small Arms Training Light Machine Gun 1942 - Small Arms Training Anti-Aircraft 1942 - Malaria 1943
WW2 Tabakgasse - Additional Photos & Information The city of Klagenfurt is in southern Austria, near the border with Slovenia. On 4/5th April Hitler visited Klagenfurt soon after the Anschluss (Annex) of Austria. There he addressed the crowds from the balcony of the Sandwirth Hotel which is just a few minute’s walk from Tabakgasse. Klagenfurt was a hotbed for the Nazi regime during WW2. A sub camp for the Mauthausen (concentration camp) was also established as well as the Gestapo HQ on for the region complete with with interrogation cells, the latter being on Burggasse, again just a few minutes away from Tabakgasse. On 8 May 1945, members of the 8th Army entered Klagenfurt accepting the surrender of the 438th German Division. A short time later members of the regular Yugoslav forces as well as members of Tito’s partisans arrived to claim Klagenfurt for themselves. After a few tense days and under political pressure from the US the Yugoslav forces left. Klagenfurt remained part of British occupation zone until 1955.
WW2 Tabakgasse Street Sign (Klagenfurt) This is battle damaged sign for Tabakgasse (Klagenfurt, Austria). The sign is typical of this period measuring 16 x 80 cm, constructed of enamelled steel and slightly convex. Presume this was liberated by a member of the 8th Army (5 Corps) as it came with a Klagenfurt Orchestral Concert Program (see item 51374) Last photo shows Tabakgasse today. Please see the additional photos and historical background.
WW2 The Daily Telegraph 16-10-1941 - Paddy Finucane Awarded D.F.C. A six page 'full scap' Daily Telegraph dated 16-10-1941. Includes photo and article on the D.F.C award to Irish born fighter ace Flt Lt Paddy Finucane. In June 1942, Finucane became the RAF's youngest Wing Commander in its history at the age of 21. Sadly on 15 July 1942 his Spitfire ditched in the English Channel after receiving ground fire over France - he was never recovered
WW2 The Light Artillery Shoulder Patches - Pair These have been removed from their original uniform and pretty grubby, however the 458th Independent Light Artillery only wore this example of badge for fourteen months. So quite rare but rarer to come across a matching pair.
WW2 Third Reich Heer / HJ Bakelite Whistle & Lanyard Small black Bakelite whistle as used by Heer or HJ. In perfect working condition.
WW2 Third Reich Iron Cross – Demuer A really nice example of the Iron Cross 1st Class marked L/11 (Wilhem Demuer, Ludenscheid). All black paint remains with no signs of rust to iron core. Catch and hook all intact.
WW2 Third Reich Leather Luftwaffe Map Case A fantastic M35 type German map case. Constructed of smooth leather with a wonderful patina. The map case consists of two main internal map compartments with compartments to the front for 5 pens/pencils, eraser and ruler. The pull tab for the eraser is also intact. The rear of the case is fitted with belt attachments. It would appear that the retaining buckle and strap on the front have been field modified for some reason.
WW2 Third Reich Narvik Shield
WW2 Third Reich Silver Wound Badge A good solid example of a Wound Badge in silver. The badge retains its original \'integral\' hook (usually broken and replaced on many) although not marked it is typical of the maker Gebruder Wegerhoff. The silver has been rubbed on the higher extremities. The silver badge was awarded to combatants wounded three or four times.
WW2 Third Reich SS Hate Belt Buckle - RZM 36/42 SS Buckle known as the SS Koppelschloss stamped RZM 36/42 SS for maker Overhoff & Cie Ludenscheid. The belt is stamped 38 and has a total of 14 British cap badges and buttons. It would appear that these have been re-applied over time as the wearer increased his collection. Unfortunately i have no other information other than the seller found the belt under whilst renewing loft insulation for a customer in Tooting.Badges from left to right: - Worcestershire, Sgt Major, Royal Engineers, Cheshire, Pioneer, Royal Warwickshire, Officer pip, Tank Corps, Royal Artilery, General Service button, Royal Military Police, RE, 2 x RA Collar.
WW2 Times of Malta Newspaper x 2 1942
WW2 Union Jack Newspaper x 2 1944
WW2 USA - Half and Half Tobacco Tin A Half and Half tobacco tin - Burley and Bright Tobacco manufactured by The American Tobacco Company Virginia. Ideal for reenactor or display purposes.
WW2 USA 1st Armoured Corps Decal An original helmet / hemet liner decal for the US 1st Armoured Corps. Without backing paper it measures 7cm - there is visible cracking to the ink due to age.The Corps landed as part of Operation Torch (Morocco) in Nov 1942 commanded by Major General George S. Patton being the first all-American force to enter the war against the Germans. Armored Corps was redesignated as the Seventh Army on 10 July 1943 while at sea en route to the Allied invasion of Sicily as the spearhead of Operation Husky.
WW2 USA 244th Air Defence Artillery Regiment Decal This is an original US helmet or helmet liner decal for the 244th Air Defence Regiment. The back of the decal includes instructions for application by makers ACE Decal. Co 505 Fifth Avenue, New York. Decal excluding backing paper measures approx 4.5 x 5.5 cm. Battalions and units of the 244th Air Defence Artillery Regiment were deployed to various theatres of war during WW2. Including the landings in France on 16th June 1944 as well as deployments to Guadalcanal, Fiji, New Guinea and the Philippines (Deactivated end of 1945)
WW2 USA Garand M1 M1942 Bayonet 10\" & M3 Scabbard WW2 USA M1942 Bayonet 10" & M3 Scabbard Nice example of an American M1943 Bayonet & M3 fibreglass scabbard (Technically considered an M1905) Ricasso marked U.A.F. (Union Fork & Hoe) UOS 1943. The other side of the ricasso is marked U.C-MOD. The scabbard has the standard Ordnance flaming bomb. Sorry UK sales only
WW2 USA Half Pound TNT - Corps of Engineering This is an inert quarter pound carton or block of high explosive TNT used by the Corps of Engineering. Typically used for demolition purposes. Or for making 'sticky bombs' as seen in Saving Private Ryan.
WW2 USA Half Pound TNT - Corps of Engineering This is an inert quarter pound carton or block of high explosive TNT used by the Corps of Engineering. Typically used for demolition purposes. Or for making 'sticky bombs' as seen in Saving Private Ryan.
WW2 USA Trip Wire Reel A wooden reel wound with various grade trip wire, typically used for booby traps or to trigger perimeter waring flares. These were use right through to the Vietnam conflict. Please note the wooden reel has a chip out of it.
WW2 USAF Communications Log Book Oct 1944 to Jan 1945
WW2 USAF Survival Spit - Boxed Made by the Aircraft Specialty Products Co, Philadelphia. This formed part of the USAF aircrew’s survival kit. The spit consists of spit tip, spit handle and three extension rods. By using the spit handle and spit point a short weapon is easily constructed. The ends are all threaded so they can be screwed together to form a longer handle or spear measuring 68cm in length. The tin contains hooks and fish spear assembly along with original instruction sheet, a few pieces missing.
WW2 Voir Magazine No 22 French magazine including photographs and articles related to French Forces of the Interior (FFI). Condition as would be expected for age, some great photographs that I have not seen before.
WW2 WAR Army Bureau of Current Affairs - Malta Issued fortnightly by the Army Bureau of Current Affairs. This is dated January 8th, 1944 (No. 61) Interesting contents to include: Coast Guns Cover Malta 'The attack on Grand Harbour' & Battery Routine 'Seaward Watch'
WW2 War Medal
WW2 Welsh Guards Combined Operations Patches - Embroidered pair Welsh Guards shoulder titles - Embroidered Combined Operations patch