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WW2 Light / Lewis Machine Gun Arm Badge A removed from uniform example, part of house clearance find.
19th Century Fencing Epees - Matching Pair Matching pair of Epees with 30" long 'Solingen' stamped blades. Buyer must be aged 18 or over.
A.R.P Light Rescue Party Tin and Contents 1939 A.R.P First Aid tin with H.M Government sterilised dressings x6, H.M Government bandages x8, tourniquet, bakelite whistle, anti gas goggles and jar of A.R.P bleach ointment. Tin size: 30cm x 20cm x 18cm
British Army Experimental Acrow Entrenching Multi-Tool Developed during WW1 but ceased production at that time due to high manufacturing costs. This example is in very good condition.
Early 20th Century British Black Field Service Cap A very good / clean example of a British black field service cap. In very good condition and retaining good strong colour( better than shown in photos) , typical period stiff construction, pair of small general service buttons(Kings crown), good velvet type sweat band with service number ink stamp. Small slit present for slider, approx. size 6 7/8 - 7 One very small moth nip near eyelet but can only be seen on close inspection.
Early 20thC Pattern Royal Navy Square Rig Smock A late Victorian/early 20th century Royal Navy sailors working white square rig smock, this pattern is commonly seen in Boer war & early WW1 photographs. This example is constructed from a course weave white cotton (now with slight discolouration) and in a small size of approximately 30 - 32 inch chest. There are small eyelets present (clothes stops) on the side seams for securing the garment whilst drying, this being another good indication of it being an early pattern smock. The sailors name has been hand stitched underneath the neck square J.J.Oselton (un-researched), one internal pocket present which again is the correct shape for an early smock, few external marks present but overall in very good condition.
Early WW2 British MKII Helmet Totally original early (1938 Dated) helmet with makers stamp W D ( William Dobson ). The shells interior and exterior is painted in the factory smooth khaki finish and the outer dome now showing age related scratches from wartime use with very light surface rusting. Early oval pad liner in a size 7 1/2 (pad now stiff to the touch) made by B H & G Ltd in 1939 (the shoe lace fed through the tongues is broken). Still with its original webbing chinstrap and all springs in working order.
Gallipoli / Egypt Wolseley Helmet (RESERVED for D.C ) An incredibly rare 1915 dated Wolseley pattern helmet worn by L/Cpl William. F. Tranter of the Worcestershire Yeomanry.
Home Guard / Volunteers 03 Pattern Belt 1941 dated 03 Pattern leather belt issued to home guard/ volunteers.Faint broad arrow and number 13 mark to leather tab. Good example. Waste size 28 - 36 inch.
Imperial German Trench Knife Re-issued WW2 Very interesting Imperial German trench knife that seems to have had its wooden slab grips smoothed to resemble the WW2 Patterns. The scabbard has received a coat of tropical paint so may have been carried in North Africa/Italy.Forte carries the Imperial acceptance mark with faint makers logo to the other side - unique item. Buyers must be aged 18 or over. UK sale only.
Inter-War Wolseley Pattern Helmet Wolseley pattern helmet from the inter-war period with thick padded nine fold pagri. Cork body in good, solid condition. Leather sweat band reads 'Veros Detachable Self Comforting Head Band Royal Letter Patent number 223467' Inside the crown are stains from usage and ink stamps showing size 6 3/4 with a date of 1932 plus the wearers service number. Missing chinstrap but displays well and becoming hard to find.
Late 19th/ Early 20th Century Takouba / Sudanese Sword Takouba sword from East Africa. A 32" fullered blade with crescent moon armours stamping to both sides. Tooled leather scabbard with hanging straps. Heavily stained blade with slight play to pommel which is a common trait of these swords. Buyer must be 18 or over. UK sale only.
Luftwaffe Officers Second Pattern Dagger This is a nice dagger with a white celluloid grip and twist wire binding (binding at fault). Very clean, high quality blade baring makers logo 'Siegfried Waffen'. Housed in original metal scabbard and fitted with original suspension rings, 'Assman' made hangers with it's portapee. Minor service wear to the scabbard and even with a binding issue this is still a very nice, honest item with high quality blade. Buyer must be aged 18 or over. UK sale only.
Scarce 1919 Naval Webbing Pistol Holster 1922 dated example with wooden cap. Very small hole above the stud. This is a hard to find item.
Scarce WW1 Turkish 75mm Time & Percussion Fuse (Inert) A seldom seen inert WW1 Turkish 75mm howitzer time & percussion fuse in good condition. Sorry UK sale only.
Victorian Officers White Metal 'Lobster Tail' Epaulettes Minus 3 securing lugs and minor dents.
WW1/WW2 Free Belgian Forces Double Flashed Helmet Fantastic example of a WW1 helmet shell being reissued to Free Belgian Forces during early WW2. Shell marked FS (T. Firth and Sons- Sheffield) with sand textured khaki paint finish. Double flashed with national colours . Early oval padded liner by Vero 1938. Size 6 3/4. Web strap intact and untouched. 40mm hairline crack to the rim ( common on WW1 pots but hardly noticeable). This is a desirable all original item. This was part of a recently acquired collection of WW2 helmets that had been stacked and stored for decades.
WW2 British General Service Cap 1945 dated G/S cap made by Gelfer of Glasgow. Size 7 - badged to the R.E.M.E and named in ink too 'Murray'. No moth damage.
WW2 French Officers M26 Adrian Helmet A very pleasing example of a WW2 Officers M26 Helmet. Badged to the colonial infantry. Original factory finish paintwork, ink stamp inside of makers name MA.M.OU Marseille 1944. Military production ceased in 1940 whilst civilian / police helmets continued to be produced throughout the war years. Military production resumed after August 1944 but for a very short period. Original liner with ink stamp sized 56 in good condition. Officer plaited chinstrap - the best example I have seen.
WW2 Homeguard Leather Anklets 1940 dated Walsall made Homeguard anklet / gaiters which are in good condition. Leather is a little stiff but they usually are on these items.
WW2 U.S Army Airforce E.M Four Pocket Jacket A 1942 dated jacket with bi-fold detail to the back. Size 39R - slim fit, good clear label, small hole above left hand breast pocket. Otherwise a very clean jacket.
'Meat Dishes At Small Cost' Booklet - Dated 1939 45 pages of culinary delights such as sheep head pie and brains on toast. There is a fold to one corner.
(More) Additional Images of 1877 Pattern Helmet (Code 50948)
**Coming Soon** Pre-1952 1st Btn Parachute Regiment Sergeant\'s Mess Cutlery (King\'s Crown) A rare opportunity to acquire a piece (or more) of late 1940's-early 50's Mess cutlery from the Sergeant's Mess 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment, each piece bearing the regiments winged logo with King's crown seated above. All items are silver plated and display signs of usage, none have been cleaned, left as found . There are three different handle patterns by three different maker's with the majority being made by Mappin & Webb, the Parachute regiment logo's differ in detail with each manufacturer, slight difference's in feather detail and on the King's crown's, I believe (and only a guess) that there may have been a 'sort out' by mess staff and placed the less presentable, more worn pieces all together inside one of their campaign style cutlery boxes and then removed it from service. The collection will be divided, sold singly and in pairs, not all pieces are shown in the images, there's more in the drawers. An amazing piece of British Airborne paraphernalia from the Palestine, Malayan emergency and Korean war period.
03 Pattern Revolver Holster An 03 pattern variant inscribed with a Colour Sergeant Majors name and service number, possibly Canadian Military Police. 7683916 C.S.M H.W. Mortan / Morian C.M.P
08 Pattern Bayonet Frog A good solid example manufactured by Mills Engineering Co in 1940, remains of white blanco.
08 Pattern Straps (1940 Dated) A good condition pair of 08 pattern straps bearing faint 1940 dates, blanco`d finish.
101st Home Guard AA Rocket (Z Battery) Insignia & Mixed Ephemera Group (MGC Veteran) A most interesting and varied insignia & ephemera group all attributed to a Mr Norman Nye M.B.E (civilian division) a veteran of the Great war and a member of the Home Guard during WW2, Nye would also become a prominent figure in the ministry of education during the 1950's. The group consists of his scarce 101 'Z Battery' (rocket-fired anti-aircraft) printed flash and a screen printed Home Guard shoulder title, both uniform removed. Nye's Home Guard service certificate dated April 43 - December 44 (stand down), his 1921 dated character certificate for time served in the Machine Gun Corps (MGC) during the Great war, please note the hand written 'Since re-enlistment' on the certificate indicating that Nye was possibly wounded and re-enlisted after recovery (not researched as yet, just an assumption), a 1957 dated letter from 10 Downing Street informing Nye that his name has been put forward to the Queen and is to be considered for the M.B.E, also a letter from St.Jame's Palace in regards to protocol on the day of the investiture and lastly a collection of professional Dance studio photo's of his daughter (I presume) Valerie Nye for her own portfolio. A nice research project including a much sought after HG shoulder flash.
14 x 18mm Victorian 1st Batt Shropshire Rifle Volunteers Buttons Scarce Shropshire Rifle Volunteers(48th) silvered buttons made by Jennens, measuring 18mm in diameter, 12 with loops, 2 with threaded bolt. Belonged to Captain R.H.Cholmondeley circa 1880-85.
1781 British Army Officer\'s List (American War of Independence Interest) A fascinating 80 page archive from the year 1781 listing all officer's within their current regiments serving in the British army, what's most interesting are the names of the officer's and their regiments serving and fighting in the ''American War of Independence'' (also known as the ''Revolutionary war''), just inside the front cover is the hand written name of the books owner/guardian and dated 11th October 1781, signed when the siege/battle of Yorktown was still commencing. The book has numerous additional hand written side notes with alterations regarding officer's being transferred to different regiments along with listing new replacements, there's even a few names crossed out with the wording ''dead'' or ''killed' written alongside, all from regiments fighting in North America. A most interesting book, all pages present.
1856 Pattern Pioneers Sword ( Gordon Highlanders) A very pleasing example of an 1856 pattern pioneers side arm made by Wilkinson of London and in good un-cleaned condition. The saw back blade is in very good condition with the ricasso bearing various war department stamps including an original issue date 8 / 94 (became obsolete in 1904). Brass hilt with steel pins, quillion is stamped GH ( Gordon Highlanders) along with a re-issue date 1896. The leather scabbard is also in good solid condition with no split stitching and bears WD stamps, brass mounts also stamped. A nice un-messed with piece. Sorry UK sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (18+).
1876 P Martini Henry Bayonet with Scarce MK1 Scabbard An un-messed with 1876 pattern Martini Henry socket bayonet housed in its original and now scarce MK1 black leather scabbard (3 rivet), the bayonet's ricasso bears Enfield inspection marks, broad arrow and an issue date of October 188?. No foreign marks. The full length blade is in good condition but now displays some age related dark staining and very small areas of light pitting, the tip has a very minor curl. The 3 inch socket with its working muzzle locking ring retains some bluing but now with an overall light pepper pitting (would improve with clean but left as found). The early Mk1 pattern black leather scabbard bears a faint WD stamp to the leatherwork, full length internal spring for rigidity, brass throat stamped with a later applied `out of service' mark (matching with bayonet), blade remains a tight fit when housed. The brass chape is missing its face side rivet but remains firm, Stitching appears to be sound, one very small area of splitting near chape but generally good. An appealing untouched example. Sorry UK Sale Only..... Proof of age WILL be required (18+)
1892 3rd Volunteer Batt`n Bedfordshire Rifles Presentation Tankard A glass bottomed pewter presentation tankard inscribed as the `Frodsham Cup' and awarded to Sergeant F.S.Franklin of the 3rd V.B.B.R in 1892. The tankard is in good condition and stands 4 1/2 inches tall.
18th / 19th Century All Steel Kukri A very early all steel Kukri with a 14 inch hollow ground blade (13 inch cutting edge), the blade shows signs of poor storage/ cleaning over time as now heavily pitted and with a darkened patina. A very ornate all steel grip of early form, the pommel has received a blow or impact as there is now a slight up-turn to the edge. Even with some issues this still remains an appealing early Kukri. Sorry UK Sale ONLY and proof of age WILL be required (18+).
18th Century East India Company Socket Bayonet An 18th century socket bayonet made by Dawes of Birmingham for the Venerable East India Company. The 4 inch (100mm) long socket bears a faint EIC quartered heart mark and has a MRD of 25mm, the blade may have been shortened during its working life and measures 12 1/4`` (310mm), tip slightly rounded, early semi-circular collar. Sorry UK Sale Only, proof of age will be required (18+).
1900 Dated Boer War Mounted Infantry Bandolier An excellent mounted infantry bandolier bearing a good bold makers mark & date, also present is a very faint handwritten service number and name \'\'705 J.Edwards\'\' but please note this is only my interpretation of it so may differ. The leather is in wonderful condition for its age, one claw on the buckle is missing but this could have been period removed by the wearer for quick release. A very nice bandolier and researchable.
1901 Pattern Royal Navy Pistol Ammo Pouch A very clean example, undated. 6 x 4 1/4 inches
1901 Pattern Royal Navy Pistol Ammunition Pouch A very clean un-dated example, a typical WW2 produced pouch made without external bullet loops like on the type 1. Measures 6 x 4 1/4 inches.
1901 Pattern Royal Navy Pistol Ammunition Pouch A very nice example of a Royal Navy 1901 pattern leather pistol ammunition pouch made by M.Harvey & Co Ltd of Walsall, nicely dated 1917 with all stitching intact. The type used by the Royal Naval Division during the Great War.
1906 British Cavalry /Mounted Troops Spurs A good pre-WW1 pair dated 1906 with broad arrow stamp, leatherwork in good condition apart from one area on the strap which is now weakened due to wear and tear.
1908 Pattern Webbing Bayonet Frog A good service used 2nd issue webbing bayonet frog (4 issues) with a blanco\'d finish, helve strap removed.
1910 British Large Pack With Straps Pre-WW1 2nd pattern British large pack with riveted rear tabs and still with its original straps,made by M E & Co in 1910. In good condition with only couple of small holes. A good early pack .
1912 Early RFC Flight Sergt\'s Ephemera Group No.194 (Killed in the Field 1915) A small but most interesting ephemera group relating to No.194 Flight Sergeant Joseph Lester Costigan, an early entrant into the fledgling Royal Flying Corps in June of 1912. Costigan originally enlisted in 1909 for the Royal Field Artillery and after 3 years service decided to make the move to the RFC, he was promoted to Sergt. in July 1912 and then in early January 1915 promoted to Flight Sergeant, Costigan was in one of the first squadrons being sent to Belguim in August 1914, this is briefly mentioned in a handwritten letter to his family prior to leaving (envelope now bit tatty), written whilst stationed at Farnboro\' (Aerodrome), in the letter he mentions that he hopes not to get hit by a bullet but worse was to come as in March of 1915 whilst still serving in Europe he was accidentally \'\'killed in the field\'\' along with others whilst loading a French made bomb onto an aircraft. The group consists of an early August 1914 dated letter (as mentioned above), a 1907 dated Health Memoranda booklet, his original Royal Field Artillery small book with new RFC number, his brothers certificate of service in the Royal Navy starting in April 1918, a photo from his days in the RFA (he may be in photo ?) and an incredibly scarce invoice from the Finance Department of the Imperial War Graves Commission to his family requesting the sum of 12\'/10 for the 44 additional letters (personal message) engraved on Costigans headstone. Photo copies of service record also included along with other family paperwork (original) found with the military related ephemera, mostly post WW1 family related stuff, birth & death certificates and funeral cards etc, all comes in an old tatty writing box. Sorry UK sale only. .RESERVED for DC.
1913 Army Service Corps Tunic A small sized ASC tunic in superb condition and still retaining its original paper label, very clean navy blue body with white facings, all general service buttons present, liner in very clean condition with various acceptance stamps. Label reads - ASC December 1913, size no7, height 5' 5'' / 6'' , breast 34'' and waist 31''. A great display piece.
1914 Princess Mary Christmas Gift Tin, Card & Bullet Pencil An excellent tin retaining its original gilt finish and containing its monogrammed bullet pencil and New Year card, the bullet case is clearly dated 14 (1914) and also bears the correct \'\'Kynoch\'\' mark. Most tin\'s have lost their gilt finish and the brass base metal highly polished but this tin remains in wonderful condition, no corner splits.
1914 Princess Mary Gift Tin Bullet Pencil An original 1914 Princess Mary gift tin bullet pencil and now quite a scarce item, the brass .303 casing has been well polished over the years leaving a very faint Princess Mary monogram with crown above, the bullets silver head would have originally displayed a \'\'STERLING SILVER\'\' mark but this is now indiscernible, can just make out a faint line, the base of the brass casing bears the correct VII and K14 stamp (year of manufacture and lightly stamped). Still a nice original example and now very difficult to find, pencil only, the tin is not included in the sale. Sorry Mainland UK only.
1915 British Army Issue Prismatic Compass ,Named To K.S.L.I.Officer A 1915 dated Verners pattern prismatic compass and leather case in very good condition. Compass made in Switzerland by Koehn with broad arrow mark, case made by J.B.Brook Co Ltd 1915 with faint hand written Officers name and Regiment being the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry .
1915 British MK V Pocket Compass A MK V pocket compass manufactured by L.Kamm & Co of London in 1915, some very light dents present, good working order.
1915 British Wire Cutters Short wire cutters made by \'Bradbury\'. with 1915 date .very slight pitting near top .
1915 Dated British Army Trench Whistle With Leather Tab A good condition 1915 dated Hudson & Co trench whistle with its original leather button tab and correct type rivet. Last one currently in stock with tab.
1915 Dated British Army Trench Whistle With Leather Tab A good condition 1915 dated trench whistle manufactured by Hudson & Co of Birmingham, still with its original leather button tab, the tab is well worn and with partial loss to the end, nice early dome head rivet.
1915 German Shell Case Trench Art Jug A lovely example of WW1 trench art, quite an eye catching piece with its sectioned 303 rounds creating the décor. Stands 6 inches tall. Sorry Mainland UK only.
1915 Imperial German S98/05 \'Butcher` Bayonet (Duisburg) An untouched early 2nd pattern S98/05 \'butcher` bayonet from the un-common maker- Deutsche Maschinen Fabrik, A-G Duisburg. The deep fullered blade is in good order and retains a good profile, no signs of sharpening, some minor staining present but the steel now has a nice age related patina. There is a lightly stamped acceptance mark on the spine being the letter W with Imperial crown above and the year date below (15). The 9 grooved wooden grips are also in good order and held firm with two undisturbed dome head bolts, one slab bears the initials A M, this early 2nd model bayonet has a flash guard now with some minor dings (as most do) , good working catch. The steel scabbard is in original condition with no later applied over paint, a very light peppering present along with minor blistering, one ding present. The leather frog though looking well worn is an original pairing, undisturbed as heavy build up of old dirt is visible around tear shaped lug, all stitching intact. Sorry Mainland UK sale ONLY, Photo ID will be required before item will be dispatched, must be over 21 yrs of age.
1915 Named Royal Flying Corps Sam Browne Belt A good condition 1915 dated RFC Officers Sam Browne belt, the Officer has scratched his name into the leather C. Houlgrave RFC. Houlgrave became a probationary 2nd Lieut on 24th Feb 1918 and later commissioned 2nd Lieut on 29th April 1918, he resigned his commission on account of ill health ( caused by wounds) on 25th Nov 1919. Lieut Houlgrave flew with 107 sqd and during a raid his water tank was damaged causing the engine to seize, he was taken P.O.W and was repatriated at the end of 1918. A print out of research carried out will be supplied.
1915 National Registration Card An excellent condition registration card to a lady undertaking household duties, never been folded, recently found in a Victorian writing box (box not included).
1915 Officer`s Trench Whistle An excellent early WW1 British officer`s whistle with leather button strap.
1915 Sam Browne Holster A superb looking Sam Browne leather holster in a lovely dark tan colour, the strap is lightly stamped with the makers name Barkers & Co, Coach Builders, London, 1915.
1916 British Army Leather Binocular Case A nice condition WW1 British broad arrow marked binocular case manufactured by the Baltic Leather Goods Co. in 1916. All the stitching, rivets, rear belt & side loop's are intact and in good order, the carrying strap does have light surface cracking but only superficial, still remains supple and strong. Internal measurements - 5 inches wide at mouth, 4 inches in the base and 5 3/4 deep.
1916 British Army Trench Whistle A nice clean example made by Hudson & Co of Birmingham, a \'\'been there\'\' example with a few light dings present.
1916 British Army Trench Whistle With Tab A good condition 1916 dated British army whistle made by J.Hudson & Co of Birmingham, complete with its leather button tab and correct style rivet.
1916 British Officers Trench Whistle An excellent example made by A. De Courcy &Co in 1916 and still with its original leather fob, the fob bears a very small broad arrow with the letter M below and number 17(year of manufacture). A nice original item.
1916 British Officers Trench Whistle An excellent example with its original leather tab and correct style rivet, made by Hudson & co and dated 1916.
1916 British Wire Cutters WW1 British wire cutters made by Wolseley in 1916. In good working condition.
1916 Field Plotter MK !V A 1916 dated field plotter Mark IV in working order. Light Lifting/blistering of the plated finish on the rear side. Length 16 inches.
1916 Sam Browne Revolver Holster (Named to Officer). Named to 2nd Lieutenant C.W.Langdon 1/6th Gloucester Regiment.
1917 British Spade A 1917 dated shovel made by Brades, the metal work appears to have been cleaned to remove any surface rust and then received a wax like coating (date stamp now faint) , wooden handle is firm and in good order.
1917 Chater Lea Ltd Wire Cutters
1917 Prismatic Marching Compass (Named to Shropshire Yeomanry M.C Winner) An excellent Verners Pattern marching compass that is still housed in its original 1917 dated leather case, the stunning case is faintly named to M.C winner Capt/Major J.I.Benson (John Ingham) of the Shropshire Yeomanry. Benson lived at Aston Hall, Craven Arms, Salop. In excellent working order.
1918 03 Pattern Carrier & MKVI Water bottle A very pleasing example of a WW1 MKVI dark blue enamelled water bottle with flat (rimless) base, the original cork is present but securely wedged in place (the small nut is missing off end of eyeleted bolt passing through cork), the cord from the eyelet is attached directly to the felt cover as no wore loop on bottle (wore loop came later). The felt cover is in very good condition with only/ minor mothing + couple of split stitches (possibly a WW2 Home guard re-cover/ re-issue ?). The leather carrier is in good supple condition with minimal age related wear and nicely marked HGR 1918, nice canvas shoulder section with riveted fittings. The name C.Damon has been scratched onto base strap .
1918 - 1952 RAF Chamber Pot A wonderful example of an Air Ministry issue chamber pot bearing the RAF logo with King`s crown above, this logo is more commonly encountered on mugs and table wear but rarely seen on chamber pots. The pot is in excellent condition with no chips or faults, light internal crazing to the glaze as found in most period china wear. The base bears the makers mark of the Ashworth Brothers company who still continued using the early company stamp with a Queen Victoria crown so possibly an early RAF pot. Sorry UK sale only and shall be despatched via the Royal mail.
1918 British Entrenching Tool Head A 1918 dated example with makers mark (unable to make out)
1918 British Mk IX Trench Periscope (A/F) A nice looking example of a WW1 British issue Mk IX trench periscope that was manufactured by R & J Beck Ltd in 1918, still with much of its original field green/ khaki paintwork remaining as many of these scopes have had their paint finish removed to expose the brass underneath and then polished up. Unfortunately the scopes optics are at fault, a total haze/fogginess present but this could be rectified without much effort as these optical instruments are easily stripped down, have left as found, two tiny securing screws are missing from top section (shown in images) but still remains firm, the detachable hardwood handle is ding free and in good order. Have seen rough non-working examples sell for over £200 plus, a nice display piece.
1918 Swedish Mess Tin A 1918 dated example with period done over paint.
1925 Monocular & Leather Case ( Named to a Sergeant) A very nice leather case made by Timbers in 1925 and named to a Sgt Hooper A Coy. The monocular is in working order but requires an internal cleaning as dirt/ graining is present, no damage to the Bakelite eye piece . The main body is in good order with only minor paint loss to metal ends ( one being black painted on brass and other black painted on alloy with minor indentation) Due to requiring a clean this item is priced accordingly.
1926 RAOC Officer`s SD Jacket (Named,MBE,14 star,GSM Iraq) An exceptional early (WW1 style) British Royal Army Ordnance Corps officer`s named service dress jacket, this excellent example has been tailored using the typical of the period whipcord material and retains the original makers label and owners details. The label displays the year date of 1926 and the handwritten name to a Captain Harry Stocka Titchener MBE along with his service number, according to his WW1 medal index card he was awarded the MBE (military version, 1st pattern) along with entitlement for the 1914 (Mons) star and GSM Iraq. The jacket is in wonderful condition apart from one minor moth hole in the centre of the back, approx. 2mm. All original KC RAOC buttons are present but collar dogs are absent. Chest size approx. 38 inches.
1931 1st Battalion RWF Officer`s Blue Patrol Uniform (Named & Dated) An excellent condition and fresh to the market Officer`s Blue Patrol jacket & trousers that was worn throughout the military career of Lt.Colonel L.H.Yates 1st & 7th battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers, Yates was commissioned in January 1930 and served with the 1st Battalion RWF during the Inter-war period ,he had numerous overseas postings during this time, later transferred to 7th Battalion and served in NW Europe during WW2 and post war during the Malayan emergency. The jacket retains its RWF silk neck/collar flash and Brass `R` reserve shoulder titles (remained on reserve list into 1960`s). Chest size approx. 36 inches, trouser waist approx. 30`` x 30 leg. Still stored in original outfitter`s box. Part of uniform group from the Yates family spanning WW1 / WW2 & later. An image of then Captain Yates is shown in the softback publication `Images of Wales, The Royal Welch Fusiliers` ISBN 0 7524 2061 5 within a group photo of 1st Battalion RWF Officer`s prior to leaving for France in September 1939 part of the BEF, the 1st where annihilated during withdrawal to Dunkirk in 1940, worthy of further research.
1934 Dated German SA Tornister Early SA tornister made in Bautzen,East Saxony in 1934 in good condition for its age with much of its pony hair/fur present, Leatherwork also in good condition with age related wear showing to bends on main straps(very light surface cracks as usual), also present is the often missing tent pole pouch(some stains), damage to one corner of canvas(see pics). Good early item.
1935 German 84/98 (K98) Bayonet, Matching Numbers An early S coded K98 bayonet with matching numbers (5055) and bearing the makers code S/ 172G for Carl Eickhorn 1935(G). The sharpened blade retains approximately 70-80% bluing and in good order, undisturbed wooden slab grips and good waffenampft stamps on pommel. The scabbard is in very good used condition with service wear to the original finish, very fine pepper rusting to some exposed metal work. Sorry UK Sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (18+).
1936 Hitler Jugend / Youth Events Badge Nice Original item with crisp makers marks.
1937 Edition Mein Kampf In English A 1937 edition of ''My Struggle'' by Adolf Hitler, printed in English by the London based company Hurst & Blackett Ltd. All pages are present but with some yellowing, couple of small spill stains/marks to couple of pages, the hardback cover slightly faded along with fading to the white lettering (easily rectified, re-touched if required). Please study images in regards to condition.
1937 Manual of Horsemanship 266 pages covering general horsemanship, harness & saddlery, transportation, mule & camel pack. 40 B/W plates. Some light wear to spine.
1938 British Cavalry/Mounted Troops Mess Tin A good example of a mounted troops mess tin bearing a faint Birmingham makers name and 1938 date, inside the bowl are small remnants/splatters of metal solder from possibly post war use, could be removed.
1938 British Gas Warning Rattle Early rattle made by Elston Ltd of London in 1938
1938 German 84/98 (K98) Bayonet with Matching Numbers An early 84/98 bayonet with matching numbers (3838) made by Jetter & Scheerer who manufactured K98 bayonets between 1934 - 41. The blade is in very good used condition (un-sharpened) with approximately 75-80% bluing remaining, with good clear makers mark + 38 date on the spine, good un-touched wooden slab grips, pommel & Scabbard tip with good waffenampft stamps. The steel scabbard is also in very good used condition but with some wear to the original finish, throat screw missing but easily replaced. Sorry UK Sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (18+)
1938 RAF 1925 Pattern Webbing Holster A 1938 dated Air Ministry issue webbing holster being the 1925 pattern with external sleeve for the cleaning rod, slightly grubby with some light fading.
1939 Childs MIckey Mouse Gas Mask A 1939 dated Childs Mickey Mouse gas mask in very good pliable condition, just requires a light clean/ wipe, no box.
1939 A.R.P First Aid Box & Contents An early WW2 A.R.P first aid tin box that still retains its original webbing carrying strap and contents. There is an array of different dressings & bandages, some paper wrapped, un-wrapped, some boxed and clearly stamped 'to Home Office requirements', a tourniquet and even some Epsom salts. The tin box is in very good working order, some service wear to the lids paintwork finish and multiple scratches to the base (as expected), also on the base is a good clear makers mark and date (1939), light staining on strap. Sorry UK sale only.
1939 Active Service New Testament (2nd Batt KSLI) A WW2 issued active service edition new testament named to a serviceman in the 2nd Battalion Kings Shropshire Light Infantry , it does appear that he has filled in his full address at a later stage as such detail would have been prohibited during wartime. Good condition but with some corner folds to the pages.
1939 Army Issue Solar Topee Tropical Helmet A superb condition 1939 dated army issue Solar Pith Topee, the helmets khaki drill fabric retains good strong colour and has not faded (photos taken in bright sunlight), inside the dome is a well detailed paper label from the Calcutta based manufacturer along with a broad arrow acceptance stamp, an additional small label states the size as 7 1/8th. Best example that I have encountered in a quite a while and more than likely worn by an officer, couple of minute blemishes but hardly noticeable. Please note that the storage tin is not part of the sale, for display purposes only. Sorry UK sale only. ON HOLD for R.G
1939 ATS O/Rs Cap An early named example of a O/Rs ATS cap in good condition with no moth damage, the liner is in good used condition (small areas of wear)and still retains the WD ink stamp with the letter code R (1939). Still has a name tag attached with the ladies name and service number. Size approx. 7
1939 British Deputy Divisional / District Warden Helmet A totally original early wartime white painted Mk11 helmet with black hand painted front & back \'\'W\'s\'\' (London area) and dome stripe, an early produced shell as inside the dome you can clearly see the factory applied khaki paint (all early helmets finished in khaki), cannot find makers mark due to heavy paint. The undisturbed Mk 1 liner is in good order with the Rexene tongues still semi-pliable, the cradle is marked \'\'Helmets Ltd\'\' and displays the size as 6 3/4 along with the year 1939. The early pattern webbing chinstrap is also in good order with working side springs, faint hand written name present. Please study the images in regards to condition as there are paint scratches, chips, some light rust bleeding and crazing present, a nice un-messed with helmet.
1939 British Homefront First Aid MkII Steel Helmet An untouched early wartime MkII helmet with an uncommon variant of First Aid insignia, unknown if worn by a factory first aider or a member of the British Red Cross Society ?. The shell retains its original factory applied black paint finish and left as found, not been cleaned, can find no evidence of a makers stamp, owners initials \'E.B.M\' hand painted to underside of rim. The undisturbed Mk1 liner is in good order and the Rexene tongues still semi pliable, better than most, the cradle is marked with makers name \'Helmets Ltd\' and displays a size 6 3/4 and the year 1939, the Mk1 webbing chinstrap retains good side springs but the mid section is fraying near buckle, some weakness (easily replaced). Nice early helmet and left as found, still with dirt & dust present.
1939 British Large Pack & L Straps A true shed found example of an early wartime 1939 dated large pack with its original 39 dated L- straps, the pack and straps are solid with good stitching but with fading and some staining present ( shown in photo`s ). The date inside the flap is very faint with only the lower arc of the 3 & 9 eligible but the date stamps on the straps are good & clear. Now the only slight problem, this item was stored in a shed and smelt like a cat litter tray when first acquired but after much spraying & neutralizing is now ready to move on. Becoming more difficult to find webbing equipment with early wartime dates, priced accordingly.
1939 British Military Whistle A Hudson & Co made example bearing a good early war date and a small broad arrow stamp on the lanyard ring.
1939 British MKII Ambulance Drivers Helmet A 1939 dated MKII helmet bearing front & rear capital A stencils denoting Ambulance, the shell is stamped J.S.S (Joseph Sankey) and has the typical early wartime black over paint as all early produced helmet left the factory with a khaki finish (still visible inside). An early MKI oval dome pad liner bearing the makers name & size J.C.S & W 1939 6 3/4 , the Rexene liner + tongues appear to be in good condition and not too dry as often the case today, the original large dome securing nut & bolt has been replaced with a smaller nut & bolt but this appears to be period done as fresh to the market. Original early side sprung webbing chin strap which is also in good condition. The shells external paintwork bears the usual amount of light scuffing & scratches from wartime use.
1939 British MKII Rescue Helmet A very pleasing example of a MKII Home Front Rescue helmet with both shell and liner been made by BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies) and dated 1939. Original black paintwork in good condition , front & rear white painted letter R. Liner size 7, original chinstrap.
1939 Dated British Army Issue Spoon A nice early wartime dated spoon, the type used by the B.E.F in France, not been cleaned, left as found.
1939 Dated Officer\'s 1937 Pattern webbing Haversack An early wartime officer\'s haversack that remains in good solid condition, the webbing is slightly dirty with the odd scuff mark & pull. Untouched and left as found, a nice early dated piece of webbing equipment as used by the B.E.F during the Battle of France.
1939 Manual of Driving & Maintenance (Tracked Vehicles) 253 pages covering maintenance of tracked vehicles & tank recovery, numerous diagrams.
1939 MK2 British Helmet Nice example of an early war MK2 helmet made by Steel Ceilings Ltd of Hayes. Original external sand textured paint finish with factory smooth finish inside. Early 1939 dated oval padded liner made by Helmets Ltd. Size 7. Original web strap in good condition - getting hard to find.
1939 Ointment, Anti-Gas No.2 Tin (Empty) A nice clean example, dated 1939, no contents.
1939 Pattern Basic Pouch A very clean example of a 1939 pattern basic leather pouch, this is one of the wartime modified pouches that were altered to accept Sten gun magazines. Nicely dated 1942. L = 24cm W = 12cm D = 7cm
1939 Pattern Leather Belt A good supple example of the 1939 pattern leather belt.
1940 37 Pattern Webbing Belt A very clean example which bears a faint manufacturers mark & date, ME & Co 1940, size S (approx. 32-33 inch max).
1940 Air Ministry / RAF Petroleum Tin Can A recently discovered 1940 dated Air Ministry issue petroleum tin can that was still being used to transport fuel, the underside of the can bears the company name of Valor, there is some superficial surface rust present along with a few light indentations (one larger on corner) but remains very presentable, no holes (water tested), the red paint finish appears to be the only applied coat but uncertain if original wartime or a later application. Please study images in regards to condition. Now becoming quite difficult to source. Sorry UK Sale only.
1940 Air Ministry Spanner A 1940 dated example .
1940 British Army Whistle & Strap A good early wartime whistle with its original leather strap.
1940 British Military Spoon A nice condition 1940 dated spoon bearing a broad arrow mark. Sorry UK sale only.
1940 British Ordnance Issue Whistle & Button Tab A 1940 dated example made by Hudson & Co of Birmingham, retains its original leather button tab,
1940 Corps Of Military Police Presentation Lighter A nickel plated cigarette lighter that was presented to Sergeant D.J.Kilminster by Section 23. C.M.P on the 11-9-40. The lighter has not been tested and offered for sale as a display piece only. Sorry UK mainland sale only.
1940 Duke of Wellington\'s West Riding Regiment Khaki Field Service Cap An excellent condition Duke of Wellington's, West Riding regiment khaki F/S cap, with a good bold manufacturers ink stamp ''R & R Dimmock 1940 (size) 7'' along with the wearer's hand written name ''H.Moore'', some light staining present inside the liner from Moore's hair oil. Nice original two part cap badge with slider, good crisp detail.
1940 Home Guard / ATS Water Bottle & Carrier A good service used example which bears an early wartime1940 date stamp, this stamp is almost indiscernible but is still present, the leather cradle/carrier remains supple and firm, few moth holes to the woollen cover.
1940 Pattern British Battle Dress Blouse 1945 1940 pattern BD in excellent condition and also in a good size No.13 ,5 foot 11 inch - 6 foot with 38 - 39 chest, no mothing and with a good clear label. Made by M.Shorn & sons Ltd in 1945 with the ink stamped year code (L) nice and clear. This BD is badged to the KSLI (Shropshire) attached to 11th Armoured but due to the insignia being sewn on with a post war nylon/cotton mixed thread (11th armoured attached with old cotton) I have decided to sell as an Excellent condition BD only. One branch of service strip now loose but does show strong shadow left on the material of the BD.
1940 Pattern LT.Colonel Battledress and Trousers 1940 Pattern B/D blouse and trousers to a LT.Colonel North West Command, India. B/D Size 9 Height 5'7" - 5'8" Breast 39 - 40 Waist 34-35 Label with faint blue ink stamp for March 42. Rarely seen patches. Both jacket and trousers are fresh to the market. Early Pattern Indian made trousers with lower leg tabs.Minor moth holes to B/D - trousers have mothing around crotch area.
1940 Rifle Small Arms Training Pamphlet Reprinted and amended in 1940, some light creases to cover and light rusting to staples, wonderful illustrations throughout. Fresh to the market and belonged to a member of the Home Guard.
1940\'s Men\'s CC41 Cotton Drill Work Shirt by FIDELIS An excellent condition and good size 1940's CC41 men's cotton drill work shirt with half-front made by ''FIDELIS'', the shirt appears to be unworn and possibly an old stock item as it is as good as the day it was made. This garment was manufactured under the Civilian Clothing Utility Scheme (CC41) and has typical wartime period features such as the spear point collar ends and by not having any breast pockets, all buttons present. Underarm approx. 21 inch. Chest approx. 40 - 41 inch (comfy fit, plenty of room for movement). Collar approx. 15 - 15 1/2 inch. One other available, from same source. Will be despatched via special delivery within mainland UK.
1940`s Red Cross Hat A pre -1953 Ladies Red Cross hat in good condition, with light fading to the ribbon band . Approx size 6 1/4.
1941 British 37\' Pattern Webbing Binocular Case An excellent condition 1937 pattern webbing Binocular case, in near unissued grade.
1941 British Ordnance Issue Whistle (ADIE BROS) A nice example manufactured by ADIE Brothers of Birmingham.
1941 Camouflage Training Pamphlet No. 46
1941 Dated Warden / ARP Battle Dress Blouse Jacket Wardens B/D with lanyard and whistle. Label reads size 14 from Montaque Burton Ltd. Inspection WD and P code stamp mark for 1941 still present. Untouched condition with a few minor moth holes to the back. Still has 43 dated letter to senior wardens inside pocket. Size : Height 5'9" - 5'10" Breast 36" - 32" Waist 33"
1941 Kriegs Ausgabe ( War Issue) Mein Kampf A good condition wartime printed Mein Kampf ( My Struggle) written by Adolf Hitler and distributed by Town/ City Mayors ( Burgermeister). Hard back issue, all pages present, light surface wear to the leather spine.
1942 ARP/Civil Defence Battle Dress Blouse (Messengers) An excellent and untouched example of a Civil Defence messengers ARP 57 BD which still retains its original lanyard and correct wartime issued insignia (rounded edge on shoulder titles). This BD is in wonderful condition with a good visible label & WD acceptance stamp, this small sized BD is typical for a messenger as most were teenagers/ scouts on push bikes. An unused tin of tobacco was found inside the pocket and shall remain with the BD. Chest size 30-32 inch.
1942 British Airborne 2\'\' Mortar Ammunition Leg Bag A scarce 1942 dated 2 inch mortar ammo drop valise/leg bag, designed to carry four mortar rounds whilst strapped to the paratroopers leg. The webbing bag is in excellent unissued condition with all three quick-release fasteners present and in working order, dirt mark present on rear. An early piece of Airborne/Paratroop equipment.
1942 British Army Sand/ Dust Goggles An unissued 1942 dated pair of sand / dust goggles housed in their original sand coloured tin with both items bearing the manufacturers name J.M & Co Ltd. The goggles are in excellent condition apart from two very minor stains on the tie cords, the tin retains much of it's original paintwork , some light rust bleeding to the surface of the lid + internally underneath the paper.
1942 British Clasp Knife ( G.Ibberson) A very good example made by G.Ibberson & Co and still retaining very strong springs + sharp edge. Sorry UK sale ONLY and proof of age WILL be required (18+).
1942 British Indian Army Clasp Knife A scarce Indian-made WW2 clasp knife bearing the makers name CMW (Calcutta Metal Works) and a date stamp 42 (1942), retains good grips and springs, small fracture and twist in lower jaw of tin opener but remains solid. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, must be over 18.
1942 British Motorcyclists Steel Helmet A very clean example of a motorcyclists / despatch riders helmet manufactured by Briggs Motor Bodies in 1942, the shell retains the original factory applied paint finish ( large scuff to the front), the liner is also in very good condition with all leather work still supple (very light scuffing / wear to front edge of head band) nicely stamped with date & size 6 3/4.
1942 British Shell Dressing Satchel A good condition 1942 dated shell dressing satchel, the handwritten numbering to the front appears to be a post-war addition so priced accordingly.
1942 British Shell Dressing Satchel A very clean haversack, hardly been used.
1942 Dated British Khaki Half-Front Cellular Tropical Shirt An excellent condition and now scarce WW2 British issue half front cellular bush shirt, this hardly used garment retains strong colour and excellent ink stamps, most often found with stamps laundered out. This pattern of shirt with pleated pockets and lighter coloured stitching was worn in N.Africa, Italy and the Far East, now quite difficult to acquire. The shirt is a good large size 6 and measures 22 1/2 inches armpit to armpit (approx. 41-42 inch chest), couple of the plastic type buttons period replaced. A wonderful looking and now scarce tropical shirt.
1942 Dated Indian-Made British Army Issue Kit Bag A well used, shed found Indian-made kit bag bearing a very faint 1942 Agra ink stamping, it\'s a bit grubby but this is compensated for by having skilfully applied serviceman\'s details, needs a good airing.
1942 Indian Made 37ptn Holster A 1942 dated 37 pattern holster manufactured in India, very good condition apart from partial ring/stain mark to front.
1942 RAF Ordinary Airman`s Tunic A pleasing example of an RAF O/A`s tunic which still bears all its original wartime applied insignia (stripes & embroidered eagles), the label is present though a little bit grubby and faded. The labels reads a size No.11 5`9 inches - 5`10 inches with a breast/chest 38 - 40 ( but more like a 37 - 38 ), the makers name Harris Ltd and a very faint 1942 date. The tunic is in very good condition apart from one moth hole but luckily this is concealed by the lower pocket flap, belt missing, with a light clean this item would display wonderfully.
1942 US Medium Armored Car T17E1 Technical Manual A scarce 1942 dated technical manual for the now rare US medium armored car, this 268 page publication is full of detailed diagrams & photographs covering everything from changing tyres, tool kits to gearbox & engine maintenance. Some light rusting to staples and one small tear to one page. This is the first original example that I have come across.
1942 Western Desert Afrika Korps Vehicle Graveyard Photo Group (EL Daba) A framed group of original photographs of Afrika Korps battle damaged tanks and planes at EL Daba, North Africa in 1942, EL Daba was a pre-war RAF airfield located just N. West of EL Alamein in the western desert and became a graveyard for knocked out Axis vehicles & aircraft, this being a wonderful photo opportunity for Allied troops in the area. The subject matter is simply wonderful as the group consists of images of Panzer Mk III\'s, Messerschmitt BF109\'s, a JU87 (stuka) and even the dreaded 88mm AA gun. The hardboard backing was temporarily removed and by gently lifting the corner of a photo revealed a hand written note penned by the service man \'\'Jerry Ack Ack gun, Daba 1942\'\'. each photo measures approx. 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches in size, great pics. Sorry, but due to the frame being glazed this item will only be despatched within the UK. Payment method - PayPal, thank you.
1942-43 British Red Cross Medals & Certificates A pair of mid-war Red Cross society medals and proficiency certificates named & numbered to a Miss Mary Leake, paperwork dated 1942 and 43. Small area of red enamel missing on large cross, corners on box now split, fresh to the market.
1943 Air Ministry Chobert Rivet Gun & Box A 1943 dated Air Ministry Chobert rivet gun still housed in its original wooden box along with spares, attachments and tin of lubricant. This type A rivet gun is nicely marked with an AM logo and suppliers details etc, the gun retains a good strong snapping action so I assume in full working order, much of its original paint finish remains but there are some areas of light surface rusting and paint loss.. The wooden/ply box remains solid with a working catch , internally a bit grubby from oil & handling, green felt now showing some signs of wear & tear from usage, the lids original plastic makers plate is now unattached and placed inside. Uncertain if originally used in the aircraft factories or as an airfield piece of equipment for undertaking repairs. Box lid measures 15 inches x 7 1/4 When these rivet guns do come up for sale they are usually priced at £125 - £150.
1943 British 37 Pattern Webbing Binocular Case with Strap An excellent unissued example bearing the makers name of Finnigans Ltd along with the year of manufacture 1943. Small white blemish seen above the press stud is now gone, chalk mark.
1943 British 4lb Spring Balance A clean example in good working order.
1943 British Army Mountain Troops / Commando Ice Pick A very good 1943 dated example made by Brades and still retaining its webbing wrist strap. Sorry Mainland UK only.
1943 British No2 MKII x 6 Prismatic Binoculars A 1943 dated pair made by Kershaw and in very good condition, the optics are in good working order with only very light graining/ dirt to one lens (would improve with cleaning). Still with its original neck strap.
1943 British \'Boiled Sweets\' Ration Tin In good service used condition, couple of minor dings, packed in October 1943. Measures 11cm x 8cm. Please study images in regards to condition.
1943 Electrical Measurements & Torpedo Control Book (Canadian Naval Torpedo schools) Re-printed in Canada in January 1943 for His Majesty's Canadian Naval Forces torpedo schools, 453 pages covering motor characteristics, polyphase systems,principles of relative velocity and much more. The pocket book is in very good used condition, one small superficial surface tear to back cover, couple of post-war trainee's names inside front cover.
1943 Indian-Made Khaki Drill Field Service Cap An excellent condition Indian-made khaki drill FS cap for Far-East use, nicely dated 1943. Appears to have never been worn as the sweatband is immaculate, a badge removed example leaving an imprint of an RAF officer's gilt metal eagle & crown device, size 6 3/4. Now becoming very difficult to source..
1943 Pattern RAF Escape Boots An excellent matching pair in a good size 9, the suede uppers are in wonderful condition with all their fleece lining still intact, one liner with a small concealed pocket for the folding blade escape knife, good working zips. Good original soles with typical/usual amount of service wear. Sorry UK sale only. **ON HOLD** for R.C
1943 Sten Gun Webbing Sling A clean and nicely dated example.
1943 U.S Army Musette Bag Just in need of a clean.
1943 US Flare Parachute A small size 1943 dated silk/rayon flare parachute manufactured by the North American company ''National Automotive Fibres, Inc.'' that were based in Detroit, Michigan. The 24 inch diameter canopy is quite grubby in appearance especially on the crown but remains in good firm condition, all the panels are intact but there are a few very small pulls/holes present but nothing really noticeable, best to mention. These small size parachutes may have been used for various tasks but more commonly associated with flares, the manufacturers ink stamp is present but parts are now indiscernible.
1943 US Waterproof Rifle Cover Still in supple condition with printed manufacturers details still present, August 27 1943.
1944 Abbreviations & Definitions No. 10 Training Pamphlet.
1944 Air Ministry Navigators Parallel Rule An Air Ministry Captain Fields improved boxwood parallel rule as used by aircrew navigators, nicely stamped with the date 1944 and in good condition. Approx 18'' inches x 3'' when closed.
1944 British Army Issue Thermos Flask A good condition 1944 dated and broad arrow marked Thermos flask with its original cork bung, left as found, has not been cleaned. Sorry Mainland UK sale only. Will be despatched via the special delivery service.
1944 Canadian (No.5) Binoculars 7x50 A splendid pair of Canadian made 7x 50 binoculars manufactured by R.E.L in 1944, this pattern of binocular being the equivalent to the British No.5 . In very good condition, minor paint blistering to metal work (shown in photos), excellent optics. The large leather case is in excellent condition and bears the makers name on the rear, the hanging strap is still supple with only minor wear from use, old repair to leather where attached to buckle.
1944 Canadian Army 6 x 30 Prismatic Binoculars A superb pair made by R.E.L of Canada and still retaining excellent optics, leather strap also in superb condition. Hard to find better .
1944 Canadian Made Naval Ratings Cap Made by Rogers- Rayman Industries, Toronto. Size 7 1/8- no cloth tape chin strap.Good condition.
1944 Indian Made Rifle Valise An uncommon Indian made rifle valise/bag, nicely maker marked and bearing a 1944 date stamp, even the small brass buckle is dated 44, as most Indian made buckles bear a makers mark and date. This service used valise is in good order with all its stitching intact, some dirt marks present but overall a really nice example, small hole present at muzzle end due to the muzzle rubbing through the canvas but this could easily be rectified if desired.
1944 Named RNVR Officers Tunic & trousers A 1944 dated Royal Navy Volunteer Reserves tunic named to Sub-Lieutenant P.Hollingworth RNVR 5/5/44 in very good condition and free of any moth damage, the liner is in good condition apart from some separated stitching in armpits, very light wear around button holes from usage. The trousers appear to have some small moth holes in the seat area and a couple in the leg ( shown in photos). Tunic chest size approx. 38 inch Trouser waist size approx. 29-30 inch , leg approx. 31 inch.
1944 RAF Other Rank\'s Field Service Cap (Size 7 1/4) An excellent condition 1944 dated example bearing the makers name Silberston & Co, retains good strong colour and in a desirable large size 7 1/4. Images taken in bright sunlight, cap actually slightly darker than shown.
1944 RWF Officers Canvas Bed roll A fresh to the market, field used canvas bed roll that was used by (later) Lt.Colonel Lewis Henry Yates OBE (military division) Royal Welch Fusiliers. Yates was commissioned in 1930 and served overseas during the inter-war period, he later saw action during WW2 in N.W.Europe (for full history please see items 50636 & 50604). The canvas bed roll is in very good order apart from some light external dirt marks / grubbiness from usage but free from any damage, the internal woollen blanket type liner is also in good order and hole free. The thick leather straps appear to be from an earlier bed roll that Yates must have owned as they bear a 1929 date stamp, this date would coincide with his 1930 commission when he would have been acquiring privately purchased equipment. I have removed three old blankets and a filthy dirty pillow from the roll (now discarded) so the item is now not as bulky as seen in the images and much easier/cheaper to post. Sorry UK sale only.
1944 Tactics of German Army No.1 Training Pamphlet
1944 Unissued British Army Jungle Boots A superb pair of WW2 British army issue jungle boots manufactured by John White in 1944, the soles of the size 6 M boots show no sign of wear but they have had the studs/cleats removed, this is not uncommon as various trades such as drivers, field nurses & admin staff preferred their removal. boots retain their original laces. This style of boot was introduced late in the war as part of the updated 1944 pattern kit. Small boots with large appeal.
1945 4A Mine Detector Pack A large 4A mine detector pack made by Bagcraft Ltd in 1945 (5 partially obscured) with code stamp ZA 24242. The pack is in good used condition, light dirt/ stain marks and 2 small areas of fraying to straps. 14 inch high x 10 1/2 wide x 7 1/2 deep.
1945 Army Tropical Issue Shaving / Signalling Mirror A 1945 dated example made by WTL and with its original pouch.
1945 British Army Issue Clasp Knife An excellent condition late war army issue clasp knife, introduced in 1944 initially for tropical use. This 1945 dated example bears the makers mark SSP (Sheffield Steel Products) and an ordnance issue broad arrow, excellent springs and the blade retains its original profile, not over sharpened. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, Must be over 18 yrs and photo I.D is required.
1945 British Army Issue Clasp Knife A good condition late war army issue clasp knife, first introduced in 1944 for tropical use, this 1945 dated example bears the makers name \'Wade & Butcher\' of Sheffield, England. Retains a strong spring action. Sorry mainland UK sale only, photo I.D is required to purchase this item, must be over 18 yrs of age.
1945 British Army Tropical Issue Clasp Knife An excellent example with strong spring action , part of the 44ptn tropical kit. Sorry Mainland UK sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (18+)
1945 British Indian Army Machete & Scabbard (A/F) A well used 1945 dated Dha-type machete with its original leather scabbard, this pattern was produced in India and issued to British and Commonwealth troops serving in the Far-East. The blade is of basic design and was prone to losing its edge quite quickly, the spine on this blade bears many knock marks from being used as a multi-tool, unfortunately one of the wooden slab grips is at fault and due to this damage has been priced accordingly. The 1945 dated scabbard is in wonderful condition with all stitching intact, still with a good supple securing strap. SORRY UK Mainland sale only, Photo I.D is required (passport/driving license), must be over 18 yrs of age.
1945 British Mess Tins Light dent to one edge ( shown in photos).
1945 British Ordinary Ranks Issue Collar-Attached Wool Shirt A very good condition O/R's collar-attached wool shirt bearing a 1945 dated makers label, the half-fronted shirt is in a good size 3 and retains all its buttons, completely free from any moth damage, a really nice service used example, very light fading to the more exposed areas such as collar. Chest approx. 40 - 41 inches (a comfy fit, plenty of room for movement). Neck approx. 15 - 15 1/2 inches. Underarm approx. 22 1/2 inches. Drop from base of neck to lowest hem 38 inches.
1945 Cork Bungs For British MkII Lightweight (Airborne) Respirator A seldom encountered pair of June 1945 dated cork bungs, these used for preventing any moisture, dirt or infestation from entering the filter of a British MkII (light) gas mask when not attached to the face mask. The respirator seen in the images is for display purposes only and not included in the sale.
1945 Dated British 1944 Pattern Water Bottle Pouch A good clean example bearing the makers name \'\'Bagcraft Ltd\'\' and the year of manufacture 1945.
1945 Dated Dark Green Webbing Straps 10 x 1945 dated dark green straps as used on the General Service Manpack Carrier, often described as tropical 44 pattern but were used in the ETO during the March 45 Rhine crossings. All in unissued condition with various makers stamps. £8 each
1945 RAF O/A Side Cap (With Concealed Shelter Ticket) An untouched, good condition late war RAF ordinary airman's side cap that still retains folded newspaper spacers inside the sweatband (dated Jan 44) and a scarce concealed paper 'Bunk ticket' for Stockwell Tube Shelter (London). It was only whilst I was inspecting the cap for any moth damage that I discovered the ticket inside the front fold on the badge side, unseen since the war. The cap bears the makers ink stamp 'S & P Harris Ltd of Glasgow' along with the year date 1945 and size 6 7/8, cap in very clean condition with just a couple of nips but hardly noticeable. Please see additional images. Special delivery within UK.
1945 Royal Armoured Corps Black Beret A 1945 dated \'KANGOL WEAR LIMITED\' black beret as used by the Royal Armoured Corps, the liner bears wonderful crisp makers details and an equally good WD acceptance stamp with the \'\'Z\'\' letter code denoting year of manufacture as 1945. The beret size is stated as 7 1/8 but is actually slightly smaller due to shrinkage (approx.6 3/4), there are tell tale signs of being washed in more recent times as the internal leather tab covering the grommets has shrunk and gone hard, this beret retains the typical \'Kangol\' single thread running round the internal circumference and remains intact, leather edge trim is in excellent condition,. The black wool body retains very good colour and far darker than seen in some of the images, there is much moth grazing present especially around the leather trim but no holes, the beret actually looks better in the hand (as they say) as the images don\'t do it justice, still a great display piece.
1945 Royal Marines Dark Blue Beret An excellent 1945 dated Admiralty pattern dark blue beret being the type worn by the Royal Marines and Royal Navy officer`s, this large sized example (71/4) made by Beret Industries Ltd shows hardly any signs of being worn, it does appear that a large round cloth badge has been removed but barely noticeable. A very clean example with some very slight moth nips ( I think) to the crown.
1945 RWF Officer`s Service Dress Uniform (Named + Parachutist) A 1945 dated SD jacket & trousers that were worn by Lieutenant D.T.Rees ( David Tudor) Royal Welch Fusiliers, according to records Rees was commissioned in December 1945 which corresponds with the handwritten details on the makers / owners label inside the pocket . The jacket retains its original period applied WW2 pattern parachutist`s jump wings (nice split wing example) as Rees was airborne trained and not only in jumping but also gliders, also still present are his wonderful Officer`s bronze RWF Welsh dragon collar badges and RWF brass buttons. The jacket is an approximate 38 inch chest and retains its original belt, there are a few moth holes/nips present with one on the lower pocket, one just below belt buckle and some on the top of the back region (shown in photo`s). The trousers are in excellent condition and free of any moth damage, slight rubbing on back of heel hem, approximate 32 inch waist, 31 inch leg. Only a brief research was undertaken in regards to Rees`s service and worthy of further investigation.
1945 Tropical Issue Signalling Mirror In excellent condition, with a lightly struck 1945 date, part of the 44 pattern equipment.
1946 RAF Other Airman\'s Side Hat A very clean, just post-ww2 RAF O/A\'s side hat with plastic war economy buttons, this size 6 3/4 Glasgow made side hat is in wonderful condition apart from one moth hole which resembles a badge slider slit, this could easily be rectified with a couple of stitches, couple of hardly noticeable nips just below slit. May require airing as recently discovered in an old trunk.
1947 Pattern Officer\'s Battle Dress Blouse 53rd (Welsh) Division A very nice example of the short-lived 1947 pattern battle dress that was worn by a Royal Artillery officer of the 53rd Welsh Division, this officer was clearly a WW2 8th army veteran of the North Africa & Italy campaigns. All insignia is period applied and in very good order, has leather football type buttons fitted, some fraying present to a couple of the medal ribbons due to being mounted onto a hard edged plastic/celluloid bar, still retains a good bold printed makers label detailing a good size 10 and 1949 date, so possibly one of the last of the 47 pattern BD\'s to be produced. The BD is in very good condition apart from a couple of small moth nips/holes in the shoulder blade region and one near elbow, more noticeable in the images than in the flesh as they say.
1950\'s Parachute Regiment Car Badge A 1950's Parachute Regiment veterans chrome & enamelled car badge, still with its original mounting brackets. Fresh to the market and left as found, just requires a quick clean & polish. 3inch diameter. Sorry UK sale only.
1952 Civil Defence Battledress Trousers (C.D.21) A 1952 dated pair of C.D.21 Civil Defence Battledress trousers in wonderful used condition. These dark navy blue serge wool trousers have all the features of a wartime pair with their front leg map pocket, button fly front and hip placed field dressing pocket, the cloth is much darker in colour than seen in the images. All belt loops and plastic buttons are present and in very good order, the label is also present and with good clear details but the stated sizes are misleading as the trousers are the perfect length for myself and I am 5\'10\'\', the waist is an approx.32 inches, inside leg 29 inch. This pair were recently discovered inside a trunk within an outbuilding so would benefit from a good airing, no moth damage at all, in excellent condition. Sorry UK sale only.
1956 Seaforth Highlanders Glengarry An all original 1956 dated Seaforth Highlanders other ranks\' Glengarry with its original red tourie, silk tails, silk lower edge band and undisturbed white metal badge, the size 6 1/2 liner (does appear slightly larger) bears a Kilmarnock makers stamp and a broad arrow, liner remains in very good order. Slight damage to corner of badge backing silk, minimal moth grazing to main body, good condition really. Nice untouched Glengarry and the variant without the dicing.
1970 Northern Ireland Troubles British Anti-Riot Helmet A shed found British MkIV helmet shell with anti-riot visor from the early days of the Northern Ireland troubles, nicely stamped on the aluminium visor band with the maker's name ROTAX and year of manufacture 1970, most visors were non-maker marked so this example ticks all the boxes. The shell's exterior has much paint loss, blistering and areas of pitting but remains in solid condition, internally much the same, the liner is now absent but could easily be replaced if required, simply click in place. The Perspex face shield does have some age related wear,discolouration and multiple surface scratches but is free from any cracks, now with limited/poor visibility. Have very recently seen a non-maker marked example in almost identical condition sell for a much higher sum. This iconic pattern of helmet is becoming very sought after and steadily increasing in value. Please study the images + additional images as they form part of the condition report.
1970\'s British Army Cadet Smock (Large Size 4) A late 1970\'s British army cadet smock in a much sought after size 4, the olive green coloured smock still retains its original N7 zip, tie cords, buttons, crotch strap, velcro fastener and legible label (most often found laundered out). Now difficult to find in a large size and this pattern of smock is now in demand , this example measures 25 inches armpit to armpit, no rips or repairs, light fading to front, would benefit from a dry clean as been in storage (prior to acquiring).
1970\'s RAF Wing Commander\'s Pennant/Flag An original early 1970\'s R.A.F Wing Commander\'s pennant in very good service used condition and still retaining good strong colours, of cotton multi-piece construction with no moth damage, the white coloured spine is a bit grubby/stained from usage and has a couple of rust marks from where drawing pins were used. Along the spine are various ink stamps including the correct 4B R.A.F stores prefix, 4 denoting Aerodrome equipment and B flags and visual signalling equipment, the rope\'s loop/toggle has been removed possibly to display behind glass ?. This pennant was discovered alongside the RAF Squadron Leader\'s flag which is also listed for sale (code 51007), both service used and rather intriguing, wish I knew their history. Measurements - 36 inches to point, 27 inch along spine (approx. 91 x 68 cm).
1973 RAF Squadron Leader\'s Flag/Pennant An original and scarce 1973 dated service used R.A.F Squadron Leader\'s flag, of multi-piece construction with un-common leather double-sided eagles. Along the white coloured spine are various ink stamps (some faint) including the 4B RAF stores prefix, \'4\' denoting Aerodrome equipment, \'B\' being flags and visual signalling equipment. The cotton material is in very good condition with no holes apart from a couple of drawing pin holes in top corners (one pin still present), retains good colour for a service used flag, slightly grubby especially along spine. The rope loop or toggle has been removed possibly in great haste or simply to mount behind glass, a rather intriguing flag, wish I knew its service history. Measures 31 x 21 1/2 inches (approx. 80cm x 55cm)
19th / Early 20th Century Kukri An excellent early example with a stunning hollow ground blade of slender form, the actual cutting edge measures 13 inches in length. The blade has some partial detailing achieved by the typical hammer & chiselling method and appears to be of a river scene with a single fish. An excellent tight grained wooden grip/handle which remains firm but with some minor edge chips to the pommel. Good early style leather scabbard with small side pouch, one of the small knives (karda) now missing, there is a split present in the leather scabbard across its width (shown in photos). Sorry UK Sale ONLY and proof of age WILL be required (18+).
19th Century Epee With Etched Blade A single, quality made Epee with a leather covered grip. It was only on closer inspection that I noticed the faint etching to the 34" blade. No maker mark. UK sales only. Sales to those aged 18+ only.
19th Century Zulu throwing spear An original 19th century Zulu throwing spear with leaf shaped blade measuring 7 1/2 inches,wooden shaft with bulbous shaped end,oxtail leather grip with binding. The metalwork appears to have had a light coat of varnish at sometime to protect it, also remains of small splashes of paint where the spear has adorned somebodys wall . Overall length - 52 inch. For UK sale only and 18+ years of age
231st Independent Infantry Brigade A good clean pair, removed from uniform. Have seen singles sell for £40 +
2nd King Edward VII Gurkhas Badge
37th Of Foot (North Hampshire Regt) Waist Belt Clasp Pre-1881 A very rare pre-1881 Other Ranks brass waist belt clasp to the North Hampshire regiment, you may encounter officer\'s WBC on the market but rarely do you see numbered O/R\'s clasps as prior to 1881 they had to be handed back in at the end of military service. This WBC shows signs of service use judging by the wear to the inner ring of the circlet adjacent to the wording \'\'North\'\', usual point of wear. Have seen a similar sell for £320.
3rd Reich/WW2 1st Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger (For Restoration/Parts) A well used, early production run,1st pattern Luftwaffe dagger that would make an ideal restoration project or alternatively dismantled for spare parts. The plated blade bears the makers name F&A Helbig, Steinbach Krm but almost indiscernible, also present on the ricasso is a small stick eagle acceptance mark, numerous old sharpening/scratch marks present, some loss to plating in places, tip re-profiled. Early type gilded brass pommel and cross guard, the underside of the latter bearing the letter 'A' stamp denoting the Assmann company. The wooden grip former now fully visible due to the complete loss of the blue Morrocan leather covering, has received a coat of black paint at some time, twisted wire binding may be a replacement. The steel scabbard is also missing its leather covering and also replaced with a coat of black paint, the nickel chape now absent but all minute grub screws remain. The hanging chains retain the correct amount of rings but the suspension system has been altered slightly, small clasp fitting used to attach chain to hanging ring missing, snap clip in working order. Even with its faults this example would still make a nice display piece. Please study images as they are part of the condition report. Sorry UK sale only, Photo ID (passport etc) will be required before item will be despatched, must be over 21 yrs of age. Reserved for A.G
3rd Volunteer Battalion Border Regiment Waist Belt Clasp Scarce white metal 3rd Volunteer battalion WBC, missing its central star & garter device.
4 x 12mm Victorian Officers (The Kings) Shropshire Light Infantry Buttons 4 x 12mm (1/2 inch) Victorian officers silvered buttons with Shropshire within the circlet and KLI to the centre, made by Jennens. Part of old military family collection.
4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards (RAC) Brass Shoulder Titles Originally a cavalry regiment formed in 1922, became mechanised in 1938 and then transferred to the Royal Armoured Corps in 1939.
6 X Large Royal Naval Officers Gilt Buttons Large size RN Officers gilt buttons made by Armfield & Co.of Birmingham, 29mm Dia.
7 x 25mm Scarce Victorian 1st Batt Shropshire Rifle Volunteers Officers Buttons 7 x 25mm 1st Batt Shropshire rifle volunteers (48th) Officers silvered buttons made by Jennens 1859-1888.
Additional Images (x 2) Indian Grenadiers - India Command Supreme Headquarters BD (Code 51260)
Additional Images 1939 British Homefront First Aid MkII Helmet (Code 51279)
Additional Images 1939 Deputy Divisional / District Warden Helmet (Code 51286)
Additional Images 1942 British Cellular Tropical Shirt (Code 51249)
Additional Images 1944 RAF Folding Machete (Code 51245)
Additional Images 1945 Bergen (Code 51145)
Additional Images 1945 British Indian Army Machete (Code 51203)
Additional Images 1945 Royal Armoured Corps Beret (Code 51240)
Additional Images 7th Gurkha Rifles Coloured Field Service Cap (Code 51273)
Additional Images 9th Btn K.R.R.C Battle Of Greece-Crete P.O.W Group (51238) ***On Hold*** for C.M
Additional Images Boer War - WW1 Chaplains Field Communion Kit (Code 51215) Additional images of item 51215. Sorry UK sale only.
Additional Images British Airborne Binoculars (Code 51161)
Additional Images British Commando / Demolition / S.Forces Knife (Code 51190)
Additional Images Early WW2 RAF Officer\'s Cap (Code 51199)
Additional Images Franco-Prussian/WW1 German Bronze Plaque (Code 51231)
Additional Images Herefordshire Compote (Code 51102)
Additional Images Home Guard P\'17 Bayonet (Code 51128)
Additional Images Indian Grenadiers - India Command Supreme Headquarters BD (Code 51260)
Additional Images Londonderry R.G.A Officer\'s Helmet Transit Tin (Code 51174)
Additional Images M1908 Brazilian Mauser Bayonet (Code 51179)
Additional Images Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry Officer\'s Tunic (Code 51282) Extra photos.
Additional Images of !st Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger (Code 50873)
Additional Images of 1877 Pattern Helmet (Code 50948)
Additional Images of 1915 \'Butcher` Bayonet (Code 50877)
Additional Images of 1940 Pattern BD (Code 50934)
Additional Images of 1943 RAF Escape Boots (Code 51020)
Additional Images of 1944 Jungle Boots (Code 50930)
Additional Images of 30 Corps Publications (Code 50924)
Additional Images of ATS Uniform Group (Code 50961) RESERVED.
Additional Images of Austro-Hungarian M1917 Fighting Knife (Code 50860)
Additional Images of Boer War - WW1 Royal Navy Rating\'s Cap (Code 51042)
Additional Images of British Airborne Binoculars (Code 50814)
Additional Images of British Anti-Riot Helmet (Code 50946)
Additional Images of Child\'s Sword (Code item 50852)
Additional Images of Civil Defence MKII Helmet (Code 50903)
Additional Images of Cold War RAF Uniform Group (Code 50990)
Additional Images of Early 20th Century Kukri (Item Code 50807)
Additional Images of George VI RAF Sword (code 50865)
Additional Images of German Navy Dagger (Code Ref 50814)
Additional Images of Grenadier Guards Forage Cap (Code 50733)
Additional Images of Home Guard P\'17 (Code 50917)
Additional Images of Italian M33 Helmet (Code 50905)
Additional Images of Large Alloy Hilted Kukri (Code 50869)
Additional Images of MKII Ross Bayonet (Code 51058)
Additional Images of Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Trooper's Helmet (Code 50763)
Additional Images of MYC Helmet (Code 50915)
Additional Images of Mystery Belt (Code 50742)
Additional Images of Officer\'s Map Case (Code 50939)
Additional Images of P\'17 Ptn Bayonet (Code 50988)
Additional Images of RAF Fug Boots (Code 50943)
Additional Images of RAOC Officer`s Jacket (Code 50737)
Additional Images of REMEVE SA Dagger (Code 50978)
Additional Images of RFC Sam Browne Belt (code 50822)
Additional Images of Rifle Volunteer Field Service Cap (Code 50951)
Additional Images of RWF Officer's Forage Cap (Code 50755)
Additional Images of S.African MKII Helmet (Code 50885)
Additional Images of S.P.M.R Side Cap (Code 50843)
Additional Images of Special \'T\' Respirator (Code 50937)
Additional Images of Stove Pipe Shako Plate (Code 50854)
Additional Images of Type-D Survival Knife (Code 50862)
Additional Images of US M3 Fighting Knife (Code 50922)
Additional Images of US Parachutist\'s Weapon\'s Harness (Code 50908)
Additional Images of Victorian Light Infantry Mess Jacket & Waistcoat (code 50788)
Additional Images of Victorian Militia Side Cap (Code 50965)
Additional Images of Wiltshire Regiment Uniform (Code 50827)
Additional Images of WW1 84/98 Bayonet (Code 50750)
Additional Images of WW1 British Boot Knife (Code 50837)
Additional Images of WW1 German Saw-Back Bayonet (Code 50996)
Additional Images of WW1 Officer\'s Water Bottle (Code 51081)
Additional Images of WW1 Royal Scots P\'13 Bayonet (Code 50920)
Additional Images of WW2 Czech NCO's Cap (Code 50832)
Additional Images of WW2 Indian Made Jerkin (Code 51074)
Additional Images of WW2 RAF Escape Boots (code 50783)
Additional Images of WW2 S84/98 Bayonet (Code 50900)
Additional Images of \'Mickey Mouse\' Gas Mask (Code 50871)
Additional Images Officer\'s Special Pattern Field Boots (Code 51148)
Additional Images V.Rare Georgian British Officer\'s 1800 - 1812 Stovepipe Shako Plate (Code 51277)
Additional Images WW1 - WW2 Souvenir Belt (Code 51136)
Additional Images WW1 Ersatz EB47 Bayonet (Code 51229)
Additional Images WW1 Period Shropshire Constabulary Tunic (Code 51254)
Additional Images WW2 German Bakelite Binocular Case (Code 51169)
Additional Images WW2 German Stick Grenade Transit Case (Code 51123)
Additional Images WW2 Indian-Made General\'s Cap (Code 51181)
Additional Images WW2 Queens Own Cameron Highlanders Officer\'s Tunic (Code 51251)
Additional Images WW2 Royal Navy Duck Cotton Trousers (Code 51242)
Additional Images WW2 USAAF 8th Airforce E/M\'s Class A Tunic (Code 51263)
Additional Photo\'s 1945 Denison Smock (Code 51150)
Additional Photo\'s 1945 Denison Smock (Code 51150)
Allied Land Forces South East Asia Formation Flashes An excellent removable pair that retain good colour, one male popper missing.
Arcadian Crested China Officers Cap Displaying the crest of Stornoway. 70mm dia.
ARP Handbook No.1 'Personal Protection Against Gas' 124 page booklet.
ATS Captains Uniform Group & Cap A fresh to the market group and sourced direct from the family, the group comprises of an Officers early pattern cap with its original bronze prong backed cap badge, named tag (stitching loose) and silk type liner, light moth damage to small area on outer upturn. A Captains dress tunic (couple of small tears to liner) with bronze collar dogs & skirt ( all GS buttons present on tunic) along with a 37 pattern Battle Dress Blouse with cloth Captain rank pips. The label inside the BD has lost all information but the WD acceptance stamp is present along with the letter code O (1942), the BD has suffered from moth damage to one of the sleeves + other small pin head sized holes in other areas, couple of missing pocket buttons + various replacements (some non military). The BD comes with its matching skirt which requires some small repair to waistband (re-stitch). All items are in a small size and in good used condition, I actually met the former Officer many years ago to discuss her wartime service, a petite lady with a good strong character.
Austrian Model 1888 Mannlicher Bayonet A Model 1888 Mannlicher bayonet , Austrian makers mark OEWG on the blade & scabbard , bright blade with square ended fullers. Wooden slab grips (minor dings) held by rivets, MRD 16.3mm (light knock marks on outer ring), paint loss & very light surface rust to scabbard ( would improve with cleaning,left as found). Sorry UK Sale ONLY and proof of age required (18+)
Bakelite NAAFI Ashtray NAAFI ashtray measuring 6 inches in Diameter
Boer War - WW1 British Military Chaplains Field Communion Kit (A/F) A most interesting late Victorian / early 20th century army chaplains field communion kit (partial) consisting of a broad arrow marked silver plated chalice and a silver plated paten (small dish), the underside of the paten bears the same makers mark as found inside the early style Gladstone bag but is devoid of a broad arrow mark, possibly a mixed set, not uncommon to find mixed equipment during times of war. All the other components are now missing, also missing is the small key and leather handle but this could easily be replaced (if required) as the brass D-rings are still present, the leather case has much wear especially to the corners and bottom seams but still remains in solid condition. I have never encountered or observed such an early looking bag/case before as most found appear to be more box shaped. Approx. size 12 inches in length x 12 inches high. Please study the images in regards to condition. Sorry UK sale only.
Boer War / Edwardian Kings Own Norfolk Imperial Yeomanry Tunic A very pleasing example of an Edwardian Kings Own Norfolk Imperial Yeomanry tunic in good clean condition, all yellow facings are un damaged and considerably clean considering the age of the tunic, the navy blue coloured tunic has only one small moth hole visible near the elbow. The liner shows signs of service wear with split stitching and staining in the arm pit region but lining is generally in good condition. Tunic size approx. 36'' with small neck. Great display piece.
Boer War / WW1 British Army Razor A good example of a British soldiers cut throat razor from the Boer war / WW1 period with one of the horn slabs branded with a service number 3911. Sorry UK Mainland sale only, must be over 18yrs of age and photo I.D is required (passport/driving license).
Boer War / WW1 Campaign Mirror A leather bound campaign mirror which may possibly have been made in the field due to its basic construction. Measures 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches.
Boer War / WW1 Private Purchase Campaign Cutlery Set Late Victorian / WW1 private purchase folding campaign cutlery set manufactured by Singleton & Priestman of Sheffield. The nickel fork & spoon along with the steel knife blade are in very good condition and all retain good springs. The original leather pouch is in well used condition with the face of the securing stud now missing + some weakness to the small leather strap which attaches the hanging ring to the pouch. There is a very faint name present written inside the flap and after much pondering believe it to be 2nd Lt. Dobney (but may be wrong).
Boer War Army Ordnance Corps Clasp Knife A very pleasing example of a Boer War clasp knife made by Burch & sons of Sheffield with a 3 3/4 inch blade + marlin spike (good springs and old dry grease still present, no play in blade), one side of forte marked with W D 5. The grips are made of horn which have been stamped/ branded with AOC (Army Ordnance Corps 1894- 1918) and a service number 1237 and from research reveals that the knife was issued to a Sergeant John Arthur Doyle who served in WW1 but may possibly had also served in the pre-war Territorial AOC . Sorry UK SALES ONLY & 18+ years of age, proof of age will be required.
Boer War Cavalry Mess Tin This is a rare example of a mounted troops mess tin from the Boer War era. Dated 1899 & made by 'Griffiths and Browettes Iron and Tin Makers of Birmingham'. WW1 and early WW2 examples are still available on the market but Boer War ones are rare. Good, uncleaned condition.
BOER War chocolate tin A Boer war chocolate tin in good condition with most of its original paintwork ,when I acquired this item it had inside an empty packet of Egyptian cigarettes which shall remain in the tin.
Boer War General Service Pattern 1895 MkIV Water Bottle A scarce Boer war period blue enamel MkIV water bottle with its original broad arrow & unit marked buff leather strap, still with its original cork stopper and securing chain, originally would have had a light khaki felt covering but now absent. Considering the age and use of this item the enamelwork remains in wonderful condition, best I have seen.
Boer War Mappin & Webb Bullet Penknife A 2nd Boer war commemorative penknife made by Mappin & Webb using an inert 1896 dated German Mauser round (that were being supplied to the Boer\'s) for the handle. The blades small ricasso is clearly marked \'\'Mappin & Webb\'\' yet I have never encountered another example, still retains a good working spring. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, Must be over 18 yrs of age.
Boer War Medal Pair, Military Mounted Police A medal pair comprising of a Queens South Africa medal with 3 clasps; ' Tugela Heights`, 'Relief of Ladysmith` and 'Transvaal`, together with a Kings South Africa medal with 2 clasps, 'South Africa1901` and '1902`, awarded to 317 Corp J. B. Styles Military Mounted Police and later promoted to 312 Sergt J. Styles Mil Mtd Police.
Boer War Sam Browne Ammo Pouch (Named & dated 1901) A very clean ammo pouch in a lovely dark tan colour, no external makers name & date but inside the flap is an Officers handwritten name along with details , very small writing and difficult to read W.W A??er, 4th Bn South Africa 1901. Nice pouch.
Boer War Soldier\'s New Testament A pocket-size New Testament that was presented to British Home & Colonial Forces in 1900 by the 'United Home Churches'. The cover now with some age related wear and an ink stain to top edge of spine, this has bled down slightly but not onto the print. *Reserved for E.B.*
Boer War/ WW1 Razor A good example of a Boer War/ WW1 service mans cut-throat razor which has been branded 2 W K 1877 which I believe to be a service number and not a year date, still with its original box (matching maker). One area of damage to end of horn slab handle. Sorry UK Sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (18+).
Border Regiment Swagger Stick (Kings Crown) A clean example and retaining good detail, small area of darkening near tip (shown in photos).
Boxed Early-War ARP Lamps 2 x unissued No.68 battery operated (bicycle) lamps in their original box, this early-war pair have the Lucas factory logo and motto \'\'King of the road\'\' impressed into the silver coloured turn switch, later models left plain and painted black like main body. Both in wonderful condition but one does have some surface blistering/rusting to lower corner, the cardboard box is in very good order with a good label, box displays some old stock pricing.
Boxed Silver ARP Women\'s Pin Badge + Service Chevron A 1938 (C) silver hallmarked woman's ARP badge with a brooch pin fastening, still in its original blue coloured box (red for men), also to be found inside is a uniform removed three year service chevron, always been together and fresh to the market. Some split corners to box.
British 08 Pattern Belt (1937) A medium size 08 pattern webbing belt manufactured by the Mills Engineering Company in 1937 just before the introduction of the new 37 pattern equipment. Good condition, light blanco finish.
British 1856 Pattern Yataghan Sword Bayonet **ON HOLD** A nice un-messed with, British ordnance issue 1856 model Yataghan sword bayonet with excellent condition chequered leather grip scales and working press stud, the 23 inch long blade is in very good order with only light staining which is commonly found on blades of this age, All the external/exposed steel components such as the pommel, cross guard etc now have a nice age related patina, this is also present on the leather scabbards steel fittings, the leather scabbard remains in very good order with all its stitching intact, still bears ordnance issue stamps and a faint year date \'85\' (1885) , the steel chape does have some blistering present but could be improved, overall a nice example that could be either polished up or just left as found. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, must be over 18yrs of age and photo I.D (passport/driving license) will be required before item being despatched. ***ON HOLD for A.C***
British 1888 Pattern MKII Lee Metford Bayonet An 1888 pattern MKII bayonet made by Wilkinson of London with the forte stamped with the year 99 (1899). The blade appears to be in very good clean condition with no issues apart from the very tip which has the slightest of rounding (hardly noticeable). The wooden grips are firm and free from heavy bruising,leatherwork to scabbard also in good order with all stitching intact, all exposed metalwork now with an age related patina which would improve with cleaning. Release catch in working order. UK and 18+ of age only.
British 1940 Cavalry Pattern Water Bottle (With Service Number) A fresh to the market 1940 cavalry pattern water bottle with a service number stamped into the wool covering 1720211. The webbing carrier is in very good condition and dated 1940, the wool covering to the bottle has some age related wear and mothing.
British 1949 Pattern Battle Dress Blouse and Trousers British 49 pattern BD and trousers in good clean condition,the BD being a size 5 dated 1956 in vgc apart from a very small moth hole to the arm (hardly noticeable ). The 49 pattern trousers are a size 6 , 33 - 34 inch waist and 30 1/2 inch leg dated 1959, one moth hole to leg otherwise very good, odd dirt blemish but will clean.
British Army (Ammo/Ammunition) Ankle Boots An excellent pair of 1955 dated British ammo boots in a large size 10 S, these are identical to wartime issue boots. The uppers are in wonderful condition with hardly any sign of use, the soles are also in very good order with only light wear. Sold as display/mannequin item only.
British Army Ammunition Boots (Size 8 Medium) A pair of 1955 dated ammo boots which are in wonderful condition with only very light wear to the soles, there is a WD acceptance stamp present near the top edge but difficult to see due to the black pebble finish. Size 8 medium.
British Army Whisle 1941 A 1941 Dated example with the un-soldered top ring.
British Army Whisle 1943 with chain A 1943 Dated used example with slight wear to the finish and a different type of top ring.
British Commando / Demolition / Special Forces Folding Knife A good example manufactured by the Sheffield based firm \'\'H. Rowbotham\'\', the 3 1/2 inch long steel blade retains its original profile along with a good cutting edge, with an excellent strong spring and still snaps shut, the large screwdriver blade with its half round wire stripping feature is also in good order but with a weaker spring, this is only noticeable when closed (slight movement), upon opening is absolutely fine and locks firmly into position, the locking mechanism is solely for the screwdriver blade. The Bexoid chequered grips are in wonderful condition with no breakages or chips, both blades now have age related staining, good steel lanyard loop. SORRY Mainland UK sale only, photo I.D is required (passport/driving license) must be over 18 yrs of age. ON HOLD for RT.
British Military Handcuffs A pair of Military issued handcuffs made by Hiatt circa 1890s, various stampings including Broad arrows & size (22), the metal has a patinated finish with some pitting. Missing the key.
British Officer\'s Special Pattern Field Boots A good looking pair of British officer\'s special pattern field boots as worn by Royal Artillery officer\'s, also much favoured by senior staff including His Majesty King George VI. The size 8 1/2 boots have been left as found and not polished at this stage, they would look superb after a quick brushing. The uppers are in very good order with all stitching intact, the small leather straps and brass buckles are also in good order, internal bellows tongues still present and supple, maker\'s codes and size stamps still visible inside, the soles have much service wear but remain firm. Have encountered a few pairs of special pattern field boots over the years and most were named inside to Royal Artillery officer\'s. Being sold as display item only, please study images as part of condition report. Sorry UK sale only.
British Royal Observer Corps Medal & WW1 Pair (Family Group) A fresh to the market and un-researched family group consisting of a Royal Observer Corps medal and WW1 pair to a sapper in the Royal Engineers. The R.O.C 2nd type medal is correctly named to Leading Observer P.E.Dawson and remains in very good untouched condition, ribbon slightly dirty. The Victory & BWM are lightly engraved/impressed to 126117 Sapper G.V.Dawson RE, both medals now with age related tarnishing and left as found, ribbon absent on both, recently discovered & uncleaned.
Canadian 37 Pattern Webbing Holster Manufactured by Z L & T 1942, good condition but slightly grubby.
Carlton Crested China Field Service Hat Great War Armistice and City of Exeter crest. 80mm long.
Carlton Crested China H.M.S.Humber Displaying the crest of Lewes. Top of mast at fault/missing so priced accordingly.
Carlton Crested China Officers Cap Great War Crestware Officers cap displaying the crest of Pershore Abbey. 80mm dia.
Civil Defence Arm Band A pre-52 example in good condition.
Coast Artillery Training Vol I - 1938 194 pages covering gunnery calculations, calibrations, battery drill, range finding and much more. Handwritten side notes by Lt.D.Syme + fold out plates. Part of collection from the above mentioned Officer.
Cold War Era British Civil Defence Beret (CD 146) An excellent condition 1961 dated dark navy blue Civil Defence woollen beret, this Kangol-made example bears the correct CD 146 stores reference code along with a WD acceptance stamp. The woollen crown is very clean and retains good strong colour, the leather sweatband edging is also in very good order and without any splits, a good size 7 1/4. The beret is actually much darker in colour than shown in the images, this beret was recently discovered along with other items inside an old trunk within an outbuilding so may require a little airing.
Cold War Era Women\'s Civil Defence Corps Battledress Blouse (Hammersmith, London) An excellent condition Women's Civil Defence Corps battledress blouse (C.D 24 A) bearing officer rank shoulder stripes and embroidered breast insignia for the Hammersmith (district of West London) area, the officer was obviously a veteran of WW2 as a Defence medal ribbon is proudly on display. The small size navy blue BD retains good strong colour and is much darker than seen in the images, the label is present and very clear, please note the sizes. What did surprise me was the late date of manufacture this being 1967 (CDC was stood down in 68) as the plastic CD buttons on the epaulettes along with the breast badge have pre-52 King's crowns, these must have been old stock items, front buttons are plain plastic type. Wonderful condition, only one little nip on edge of epaulette. This BD was recently discovered inside a trunk within an outbuilding so requires a light airing.
Cold War RAF Flying Officer\'s SD Tunic & Caps (MID) A most appealing Cold-War era RAF uniform group that belonged to Flying Officer R.S.Davis, this un-researched officer was mentioned in despatches as the tunic bears a correctly mounted pre-1994 bronze oak leak (silver coloured post 94) making this group a nice little research project and which may enhance it service history greatly. The medium size service dress tunic is in very clean condition and still retains its original padded QEII wings along with a RAF long service & good conduct ribbon, the makers label is present inside the pocket and bears the officers name, one moth hole present on rear of collar, size 38-40 inch chest, under arm 18 inches, shoulder seam to cuff 28 inches (quite a tall person) all chromed/anodised buttons present. The SD peak cap is also in very good,clean condition and made by the famous London hatter \'Bates of Jermyn Street\' and in an approx. size 7 1/4, lovely padded QEII badge now with some age related tarnishing, the same size side cap is also in wonderful condition with its undisturbed chromed badge & buttons, this cap must have been worn by Davis more frequently than the SD cap as slightly grubby on lower edge but this could be improved, different makers label. Please see additional images. Sorry UK sale only.
Cyrencia District Patch Printed 2nd pattern, removed from uniform.
Death Plaque : Officer 1/4th Denbighshire Royal Welsh Fusiliers Named to Captain John Brereton Howard, born at Brereton Hall, Cheshire. The son of a wealthy industrialist, commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in 1/4th Denbighshire (Territorial) Royal Welsh Fusiliers. France November 1914, later promoted to Captain. Killed in action at Avely wood on the 6th April 1918 during the German Spring Offensive. The RWF were ordered to make a frontal attack in low number to take the wood , the Germans were well dug in and prepared. 8 Officers and 65 Other ranks killed. Buried at Martinsart Cemetary. ON HOLD for WJ.
Early 20th Century / WW1 period Kukri An appealing early 20th c / WW1 period kukri which has all the characteristics of a military/ fighting kukri, the 12 1/2 inch long hollow ground blade with two small fullers remains in good condition with only light staining and age old dried grease still present. The blade is of traditional form and weight compared to a military ordnance issued kukri with their heavy gauge steel . There are two very small nicks to the cutting edge along with slight wavering from usage, minor knock marks to spine. A nice early style hardwood grip with flared pommel and central raised ring, small chip to pommel, firm steel bolster. The leather bound wooden scabbard is in original untouched condition with its khiss pouch present and still housing the karda & chakmak. There was obviously no wastage when making the scabbard as the goat skin covering displays typical pull tears from the time of its stitching and crudely patched with off cuts. A nice looking example. Sorry Mainland UK sale only and photo ID required before being dispatched (18+).
Early 20th Century King\'s Own Hussars Riding Crop An early 20th century military riding crop with a white metal cap bearing the badge of the \'\'King\'s Own Hussars\'\', this full length crop has a variant high-quality plaited leather grip, usually found with a smooth finish. The tip of the 31 1/2 inch long crop has had its leather loop removed and is now tightly bound with cotton thread, this cotton appears to be quite old so possibly period done, some of the original leather is on view at the very tip.
Early 20th Century Large Royal Navy Dixie Mess Tin An early 20th century large Royal Navy Dixie mess tin made by Sellman & Hill of Wolverhampton, well constructed ,heavy gauge handle and strapping. 15 inches H x 11 H x 10 D
Early Belgian F.N FAL Type \'A\' Bayonet (as used by British Forces) A good condition early model Belgian FN Type A bayonet with its distinctive double pronged flash hider. The 200mm double edged blade is in clean condition (slight snub to tip) with much of its short grey phosphate section still remaining, the flash hider in good order with no distortion to prongs, MRD 15.5mm, early type curved release catch with small hole, both the bayonet & scabbard are void of any markings, may be one of the early experimental models or simply for export ? The black painted (2nd coat repaint) steel scabbard is in good order with no dings, usual signs of wear/scratches. The wooden grip scales are also in clean condition with only minor dings on one edge. Sorry mainland UK sale only, photo ID will be required before being despatched, 18+ years of age only.
Early ERII 1st Btn Grenadier Guards Company Colour A most interesting and well service used Grenadier Guards Company Colour, recently acquired within a glazed picture frame indicating that at some time this flag/Colour was proudly on display, sadly its history is unknown to me. In the Guards, Company Colours also act as the personal flag of senior officer\'s, this may be one. The double-sided silk panels with hand painted artwork does have some age related wear, small splits and edge damage, the stitching is 100% old cotton with no nylon mixed threads so my guess is that the company colour was produced either during the 1950\'s or early 60\'s, there may have been an eyelet at the top of the spine but this has been crudely removed possibly for mounting behind glass ?, approximately one inch has been removed from the bottom end of the spine this was also done to fit within the frame but the silk panel has simply been folded over. Size 20 x 16 inches (17 unfolded ). Please study the images in regards to condition.
Early Inter-War RWF Officer\'s Forage Cap A fresh to the market early inter-war period Royal Welch Fusiliers junior officer's (Lieut) forage cap that was recently discovered in West Wales. This most pleasing, untouched example bears WW1/early inter-war features being the squarer peak with green underside, thin leather strap with pointed sliders and WW1 pattern silver Welsh dragon with the S shaped tail which is still firmly attached to the lovely bullion work flaming bomb device. The original early pattern leather strap appears to consist of two components being one long single strap along with a smaller side adjusting one, this does appear to be an un-common type. The cap is in wonderful condition apart from some very light moth tracking to the woollen crown and one small nip to the red banding but only noticeable on close inspection. The leather sweatband is in very good order apart from some sweat/grease marks, celluloid protector also remains in good order. Size approx. 6 7/8ths.
Early Issue Wilkinson RAF/Army Type-D Survival Knife An early pre-NATO Wilkinson sword company Type - D survival knife which bears the 1B prefix indicating use for both the RAF and British Army (circa 1950's). The 7 1/4 inch (185mm) long blade with its heavy duty 7mm thick spine is in very good order apart from some staining on one face, the walnut grips are also in very good condition and held firm with two screw bolts. Nicely marked 1B/4594 with broad arrow & Wilkinson logo. Sorry UK sale ONLY, photo ID will be required before item will be despatched, must be over 18+ of age.
Early Issue Wilkinson Type-D survival Knife (Early RAF Prefix) A scarce early issue Wilkinson Type-D survival knife with its correct pattern sheath. This early (1950's) pre-NATO model bears the Wilkinson crossed sword logo and the RAF prefix 27c/2630 with broad arrow. The robust 7 inch blade retains a good profile and has not been over sharpened, in good untouched condition apart from some minor rust blistering and pitting in places, could be much improved with little effort or left as found. Good wooden grips, light indentation to one slab from service use. Original and correct pattern sheath with a working 'Lift the Dot' fastener, there is a split present in the leather on the rear face. An un-messed with service used knife and now becoming difficult to source. Sorry UK sale ONLY, photo ID required before item being despatched, over 21 yrs only.
Early Kriegsmarine Gilt Belt Buckle with KM Marked Tab A nice early example of a Kriegsmarine aluminium belt buckle that retains approx.80 - 85% of its original gilt finish, some light surface scratches present along with light wear to the highpoints, internally stamped with a slightly obscure manufacturers mark for the firm Richard Sieper & Sohn, Ludenscheid. Still with its original leather tab bearing the manufacturers oval stamp (same maker) and a 1937 date mark, also present is a heavily stamped Kriegsmarine eagle & swastika over the marine code letter \'\'M\'\', one part of the tab now absent. A good condition buckle that still retains much detail, most found are heavily rubbed. An uncommon buckle especially still with its tab. Cheque or Bank transfer preferred, thank you.
Early Post WW2 RAF Instrument Flying Goggles Mk2 (Unissued & unopened) An unissued pair of early post WW2 RAF Mk2 instrument flying goggles that are still sealed within their plastic protective covering. The Mk2 goggles bear the stores reference 22c/1136 along with the makers name of Polaroid. Two pairs were acquired both sealed, one was opened for inspection purposes and was found to be in very good order apart from some light rusting on the strap buckle, the moulded black rubber frame with chamois backing is also in good order with only minimal age related stiffening. The deep blue tinted celluloid window filter is intact and free from any damage/scratches . Please note that the opened pair of goggles seen in images are not the ones currently for sale it is the untouched/sealed pair so I would presume that they are in a similar condition.
Early RAF Officers Cap Badge (Left Facing Head ) Early RAF Officers Cap Badge with a left facing eagle(as you look at it) with its original backing plate and split pin.
Early SA Dagger By E&F Horster (With A Difference) A most interesting early E&F Horster produced SA dagger with all solid nickel fittings and early style Shellac lacquered & anodised scabbard, the cross guard is clearly stamped with the ''HA'' gruppe mark denoting Hansa in Northern Germany, the undisturbed wooden grip is in wonderful condition and retains good colour, the SA button is in very good order with only a minute central chip to the enamel, hardly noticeable, good detailed nickel eagle. The blade has the deep acid etched ''Alles Fur Deutschland'' motto with the sought after dimpling present in the base of the lettering, blade seats beautifully in its scabbard, held incredibly firm. What is evident is that the scabbards nickel fittings have been drilled through so to mount & display the dagger on a wall or wooden beam (seen this done in pubs back in the day) but with no damage done to the actual blade, done when there was no great monetary value to the item, simply a trophy of war, the ball end of the chape is also in good condition. Please study the images as they are part of the condition report. Cheque or Bank transfer preferred, thank you. Sorry Mainland UK sale ONLY, Photo I.D (passport/driving licence) will be required before item being despatched, must be over 18 yrs of age.
Early WW1 Imperial German Mauser G98 Bayonet and leather scabbard A plain bladed Mauser G98 made by E&F HORSTER,Solingen. With the spine of the blade stamped with a crown and 15. Blade with age darkening and remains of dried grease to the tip. The handle is the earlier pattern without the flash guard,wooden grips with 9 diagonal grooves which are in good condition. Working press release button, The early pattern leather scabbard with its steel mounts is in good order and stitching all intact. There is a period done slight bend to the handle which would have occured whilst fitted to the rifle. A good fresh to the market item. For UK sale only and for over 18 years of age.
Early WW2 2nd Cardiganshire Home Guard Officer\'s Battledress Blouse & Trousers Rarely do you encounter anything on the market that is related to the Cardiganshire Home Guard especially uniform items, so this early 37 pattern serge wool BD with matching trousers is indeed an exceptional and rare find . The British-made blouse & trousers belonged to a Captain in the 2nd Battalion Cardigan (West Wales) Home Guard and retains its original printed CDN district flashes and shoulder tabs, now nicely settled into the serge wool, on the lower sleeve is a service chevron which is now partially attached, the collar is unlined and the waist band buckle is the early wire type. All the brass dished shape buttons are present along with the early style plastic buttons which secure the epaulettes down, inside is the original printed label (some stitching loose to one side detailing that its a large size 15 (5\'11\'\' - 6\'0\'\' tall and 42\'\' - 43\'\' chest), also present is a faint 1940 date stamp. This BD would have been manufactured before June 1940 as that is when the 1940 pattern was first introduced, also present inside is a nice WD Q code acceptance stamp (Q = 1940), there is some moth damage above the left pocket along with a few small holes in the back which are shown in the images, both items slightly dusty. The BD trousers have the early pattern adjustable ankle tabs and also retains its original label, again in a good size 14 (6\' - 6\'2\'\' tall, 34\'\' - 35\'\' waist), but could be larger as an extension piece has been fitted, good clear WD R code (1939) acceptance stamp present, all brass buttons are present, tab buttons have been re-attached but definitely period done as same colour cotton used for hem turn up. There is much moth damage to the crotch area but this could be improved, there is a few more small holes present elsewhere on the trousers these can also be seen in the images. Please study the images in regards to condition as they are a major part of the condition report, being sold as a display item only. Sorry UK sale only.. Bank transfer preferred, many thanks. ON HOLD for GRS
Early WW2 37Ptn Webbing Belt 1939 An early Wartime produced belt bearing a very faint makers mark & date M E & Co 1939, in good condition but a bit grubby, medium to large size approx. 36-40 inch waist.
Early WW2 ARP Armband With black printed lettering on a white cotton background . Good condition with minor dirt marks (will clean off).
Early WW2 ARP Coverall Breast Badge
Early WW2 British MKIV Special \'T\' Mic Service Respirator, Haversack & Accessories (Untouched) An un-touched, fresh to the market, British MkIV special \'T\' Mic service respirator with its original haversack and un-touched accessories, this includes a full tin of tubed anti-gas no.3 ointment (undisturbed since issue), a rarely encountered wad of cotton waste to clean the lens, eye shields and tin of anti-dimming compound (light rusting on eye shield rivets). Designated the Special \'T\' due to having a microphone port fitted on the wearers left-side. All components on the gas mask are 1941 dated, even on the early stockinette face covering, the rubber backed face mask, corrugated hose & harness pad remain very pliable/supple, still with elasticity in cradle straps. The ointment tin has some minor indentations after being housed in the external pocket for 80 years, an impression of the tin is evident on the haversack pocket, totally undisturbed till now, some dirt marks present on the haversack but still in very good condition. Please study the additional images. Sorry, UK sale only, display piece only.
Early WW2 British Wardens Helmet (Gas Identification Officer) An early WW2 white painted wardens helmet manufactured by BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd) in 1939, the hand painted exterior is a wartime over paint (and now discoloured) as there is evidence of earlier applied diamond shapes to the front (before W was applied), indicating that this helmet belonged to a Gas Identification Officer whom later added the W. The underside of the shell retains all the original factory applied smooth khaki paint (all early helmets painted khaki). An excellent condition early oval dome padded liner made by Vero in 1938 and in a large size 7 1/4, the rexene is still quite supple as most found today are in a dry & brittle state. Original sprung sided webbing chinstrap which has never been removed. A very nice example of an early Home Front helmet.
Early WW2 British Wardens MkII White Helmet 1939 A scarce early WW2 white painted wardens MkII helmet bearing front & rear lettering, the shell is clearly stamped with the makers name & date R.O.Co HZ 1939 ( Rubery Owen & Co Ltd , Leeds). The surface has received a hand painted coat of white paint as most early produced helmets left the production line with a factory applied khaki / green paint finish which is still evident on the underside. The original liner is in a good large size (7 1/4) and bears the makers name & date on the cradle BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies) 1939, the black Rexene is slightly dry as most are today but still pliable. The original spring sided webbing chinstrap is present but now showing signs of age with rust stains, snapped springs + worn areas (shown in photos) . A good honest un-messed with example.
Early WW2 Civil Defence MkII No.2C Steel Helmet A fresh to the market example, retaining much of its original factory-applied grey paintwork finish and with typical 3 hole configuration to rim, this denoting manufacture with a lesser grade steel and not for frontline combat use, the underside of the rim is maker marked J.S.S for Joseph Sankey & Son. The 1940 dated liner is in very good,clean condition with the Rexene tongues remaining quite pliable, usual hairlines but no weakness at all, date marked on cradle but quite faint, good clear size stamp 6 3/4. Excellent, undisturbed side-sprung webbing chinstrap with early type brass buckle (rounded edges). Some blistering and minor loss to external paintwork near the crown (seen in images) and a minor indentation to rim edge, hardly noticeable but best to mention. A nice all original, un-messed with, home front helmet.
Early WW2 German M31 Bread Bag With Strap Early M31 bread bag with leather reinforcing to straps. No maker marks visible but a good clean item apart from one round stain to back. The strap is in very good condition with a faint makers mark/date.
Early WW2 Home Guard Gas Mask/Respirator & Tin During the early days of the LDV/Home Guard all members were issued with the standard civilian gas mask housed in its issue cardboard box , this box did not stand up to the rigours of training etc so was replaced with a cylindrical carrying tin with a cord hanging strap. This example of carrying tin retains much of its original paintwork (light surface rusting present but would improve with cleaning) and original cloth lining, the outer still bears the owners name `Les` and 1940 date stamp on base. The rubber mask is in good pliable/supple condition and bears the year 1939.
Early WW2 NFS MKII Helmet (Region 31 Brighton) An early WW2 National Fire Service helmet bearing the regional code/number 31 which was designated for the Brighton area, the shell is nicely stamped with the makers name and year of manufacture J.S.S (Joseph Sankey) 1939. The shell retains much of its original paint finish (surface scratches) along with a good NFS transfer (light scuffs), the liner is an early MK1 with oval pad and has never been removed, the cradle bears a date stamp of 1939 along with the size 6 3/4, one of the cradle arms has become unattached from the liner band (shown in photos) + small period repair to another , the Rexene is slightly dry which is very common on helmets from this period. Original webbing chin strap, one slight dip on outer edge of rim from receiving a blow during its working life. Nice looking original piece.
Early WW2 NFS MKII Steel Helmet (Stone, Staffs) An all original early wartime produced National Fire Service MKII helmet bearing a number 25 decal which is the designated code for the Stone region in Staffordshire. The shell is stamped on the underside of the brim R.O.& Co (Rubery Owen & Co of Leeds) and retains much of its original factory applied paint finish, the exterior does display some minor scuffs etc as this is a used example, the front NFS decal does have some light service wear from usage but remains complete. The size 6 3/4 liner is the early MKI pattern with the oval shaped dome pad, the cradle bears the makers name C.S & W Ltd 1939, the Rexene tongues retain some flexibility and not too dry like so many found today. Original side sprung webbing chinstrap present. Reserved for R.Nar.
Early WW2 Police Sergeants (Special Constable) MKII Helmet A fresh to the market 1939 dated Police Sergeants (special constables) MKII helmet with the shell bearing the makers stamp BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd). The helmet retains much of the original paint work & rank transfers but does display age related wear ( scratches, small areas of paint loss, light surface rusting etc ). The liner cradle is stamped with a size 6 3/4 and the manufacturers name TTC (Teddy Toy Company) 1939, the Rexene on the liner is now slightly dry as most are today, original sprung sided chin strap. Sourced direct from the family.
Early WW2 Queens Own Cameron Highlanders Officer\'s Service Dress Cut Away Tunic A 1940 dated Queens Own Cameron Highlanders no.2 doublet tunic in excellent condition, named inside the pocket to a Captain A. Stewart, this officer saw service in North West Europe as there is a France & Germany medal ribbon attached, later promoted to Lieutenant Colonel (post war shoulder rank present). The then Capt. Stewart was of small stature as tunic is a small size, armpit to armpit measures 18 inches (approx. 35-36 inch chest), from shoulder seam to lower edge of cuff 22 3/4 inches. A very clean tunic with no moth damage, all buttons present.
Early WW2 RAF Officer\'s Peaked Cap (Large Size) An untouched early WW2 RAF officer\'s peaked cap in a good large size 7 3/8, the cap has all the traits of early manufacture with a D-shaped peak, light blue stitching around the rim and green coloured leather to the underside of the peak. The cap is in good all original condition and free from any moth damage, topside of peak with overall light dirt marks from service use and storage, wonderful mohair band & bullion badge, the leather sweatband is in excellent condition and bears a \'\'Real Calf Leather\'\' mark, free of makers details. The removable celluloid panel is in poor order but has served its purpose well and protected the quilt liner which remains in wonderful condition. A \'\'one look\'\' Battle of Britain period officer\'s cap in a scarce large size. ON HOLD for CD
Early WW2 U.S Army Carlisle Model Small First-Aid Dressing An excellent condition early WW2 Carlisle dressing manufactured by \'CONVENIENCE, INC.\' still in its original cellophane wrapping.
Early WW2 US Infantry Enlisted Mans Class A Tunic An excellent early dated (October 41) swing back tunic which has hardly seen any use, good clear label, clean liner, Infantry collar dogs, shoulder patches removed. A great tunic in a size 40 regular ( UK size approx. 37 - 38 inch). shirt & tie not included.
East India Company/ Indian Native Variant 1796 Pattern Sword An non maker marked blade measuring 27 3/4 inches . Small amount of leather still present to the grip which shows no sign of movement and remains firm to the tang. Ideal wall hanger. UK sale and 18+ of age Only.
Eastern Command 1944 - 47 Embroidered on felt, removed from uniform.
Edwardian/WW1 Officers (Named) Full Dress Tunic, Lancashire Regt A stunning full dress scarlet melton tunic that was worn by Lieutenant Frederick Feilden Corbett Winder, commissioned May 1905 to the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Regiment. Landed in France 24th August 1914,wounded in action 28th Aug 14 at the Battle of Le Cateau. The scarlet tunic is in wonderful condition with all its original Lancashire Regt buttons, the sleeve braid knots are very good with only slight dulling. The liner has a few moth holes and staining in the armpit regions, couple of very slight nips to outer surface (no holes and only seen upon very close inspection). This is a very pleasing item and a true display piece. Small size approx. 34-35 inch. Part of old military family collection.
Excellent Home Guard Remington P\'17 Bayonet An excellent example of a WW1 U.S ordnance issue 1917 pattern bayonet that was later re-issued during WW2 to the British Home Guard, manufactured by the Remington Arms Company and still housed in its original green painted leather scabbard which also bears the makers name of Jewell and year of manufacture 1918. The walnut grips are in very clean condition, good working release button and a good clean blade, undisturbed 37 ptn webbing frog. Please see additional images. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, must be over 18 and photo I.D will be required before item being despatched.
Excellent Late WW2 Era RAF Pilot \'Type\' Rayon Scarf An original late WW2 era white/cream coloured Rayon scarf as worn by RAF pilot's and aircrew, in lovely condition for its age, couple of very minor blemishes/marks present but hardly noticeable, shown in images. Actual scarf measures 53 inches in length, tassels extra.
Excellent Un-issued 1939 MKV Respirator & MKVI Haversack An outstanding example of an early wartime MKV respirator & MKVI haversack in a condition that is rarely encountered. The haversack and strap are both dated 1939 and bear the makers name MAPLE, the haversack is a two tone example with the side panels being a lighter sand colour compared to the standard khaki coloured main body. The respirator is also in excellent condition with the rubber face piece and elasticised head harness still very pliable (usually found dry & brittle), the metal outlet valve assembly is nicely stamped 1939 and rubber face piece stamped 1/40 (January 40). The khaki stockinet covered corrugated tube is also in excellent condition, the glass eye pieces are now slightly clouded which is now a common finding on respirators, 1939 dated anti-dimming tube still present. A show piece example.
Excellent Un-issued British Water Bottle,Sleeve & Strap A simply stunning un-issued set comprising of a 1944 dated sleeve,1942 dated strap & wool covered bottle, still in their original grease proof paper.
Excellent WW2 No.4 MkII Bayonet (Longbranch, Canada) A superb Canadian-made No.4 MkII spike bayonet bearing the Longbranch company logo, the letter B seated within the letter L. Scabbard nicely stamped with Canadian broad arrow, in stunning near factory finish condition. Dispatched via special delivery. Sorry, Mainland UK sale only, photo I.D will be required before item being dispatched, must be over 21 yrs of age.
Excellent WW2 US M43 ( Pattern "A") Field Jacket An early pattern M43 jacket (Pattern "A") in superb condition and still retaining a sheen like finish to the outer material, no wear to cuffs, pocket edges, elbows or lower hem and all buttons present. The white coloured pocket lining shows no signs of wear or usage , good clear label dated November 43 in a good size 40R ( label curling from one corner which is common on these jackets). I can see only two small blemishes / marks to the front (hardly noticeable and shown in photos) and light dirt mark from neck rubbing ( again hardly noticeable). The best example I have ever come across and good investment item as getting difficult to find in good condition and especially being an early pattern.
Exceptional Victorian Royal Artillery Officers Multi Tool Knife (+ Amazing History) An exceptional Victorian stag horn gripped 11 tool coach mans knife made by Rodgers of Sheffield `Cutler to her Majesty' to the highest standard and named to Griffith Evans Veterinary Surgeon Royal Artillery (b 1835 - d 1935). Griffith Evans was born at Ty-mawr, Towyn, North Wales in 1835, in 1853 enrolled at the Royal Veterinary College in London, commissioned into the Royal Artillery as Veterinary Surgeon in 1860, posted with regiment to Canada where he studied human medicine and gained his M.D in 1864. Evans sought the opportunity to gain war experience and had himself transferred to N.America to study and treat war wounded servicemen during the American Civil War, he returned to England in 1870. Posted to India in 1877 and sent to investigate a disease that was endemic & fatal to horses of the British cavalry and artillery, later sent to investigate the `Surra' disease which was fatal to horses and camels of the Punjab Frontier Forces, Evans identified the cause which was then named after himself ` Tryanosoma EVANSi '. The multi-tool knife is in beautiful condition with all removable tools present, there is a slight bend in tip of the small auger (shown in photo) but apart from this it remains a stunning knife with an amazing history. The small silver shield on the stag horn scale bears the lightly worn name Griffith Evans RA. Evans married in 1870 to Catherine Mary Jones from Llanfair Caereinion ( local to myself) and after retiring from the army in 1890 carried on in pioneering medicine. SORRY UK SALE ONLY , Proof of age WILL be required (18+)
Exceptional WW1 British MK.IX Trench Periscope A near mint condition MK.IX hand held trench periscope made by R & J Becks in 1918, this stunning example retains very good working optics (slight tint present) and has no damage or chips to the glass lense, there is approximately 99.6% of its field green paintwork present along with a clean dint free wooden handle. The main green/khaki painted tube bears a faint ink inspection stamp "PASSED O.M.G T.I.L.B Overall length 23 inches. The best I have encountered.
Exceptional WW2 A.T.S Uniform Group, Rare Unit (R.A.M.T.S) An exceptional Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) uniform group that belonged to W.162759 L/Cpl M.E.Jones of the Royal Artillery Mechanical Traction School (R.A.M.T.S), formed in September 1941 from the Military College of Science Mechanical Transport and Workshop Branch. Due to being a relatively small unit anything connected to the R.A.M.T.S is now considered to be quite rare, so a rare opportunity to acquire such a time capsule group. The group consists of an early pattern stitched peak cap, tunic & lanyard, skirt, collarless blouse/shirt, spare collars, 2 x ties, slip-on rank chevron, group photo (unable to identify L/Cpl Jones as yet) , stockings and finally her woollen jumper bearing an amazing collection of formation badges and shoulder titles that she would have accumulated during her service, all period applied, hand sewn. There are 34 pieces of insignia present on the small size jumper including one of her own R.A.M.T.S titles carefully removed from her SD tunic, all are in excellent, clean condition. The jumper was much used as there are repairs & darning to the elbow and armpit regions, the whole group is tailored in a small size, a petite lady. The group is in excellent condition with most items named to Jones, some items re-issued as was common in the forces when somebody left for whatever reason, grab what you can that fits. A stunning looking group with some rare insignia and being offered for sale below its true worth. Please study additional images. Sorry UK sale only.
Exceptionally Rare Sudan/Boer War 1877 Ptn White Foreign Service Helmet An incredibly rare, late Victorian British officer's white 1877 pattern foreign service helmet with light green coloured (light infantry) pagri top fold. Officer's 1877 pattern FS helmets are rarely encountered but a colour banded example is a true rarity and only seen in period paintings and prints by famous military artists such as Richard Simkin and P.W.Reynolds. With six panels and a cotton covered zinc button to the crown, high brass hook for attaching chinstrap (strap absent), a nicely padded nine fold cotton/silk pagri now with age related dirt marks/discolouration & foxing, evidence of badge having been worn to the front. The interior retains its original leather sweatband and crimson silk edging, maker stamp of Hawkes & Co. with earlier pre-1911/12 Piccadily address, the officer's name of 'Carter' is handwritten in pencil but quite faint, there is also some other wording present and I believe one part may read as '2nd bat' but difficult to make out , some wear to material on underside of brim & tail. The body is in wonderful solid condition, no weakness to neck guard or front peak, two minor indentations near crown but remain firm, no softness, the front peak is more similar to the early produced helmets with a more rounded appearance and not pointed as in later types. Helmet has received a secondry coat of white wash during its working life and now slightly worn & dis-coloured, couple of minor brush strokes gone onto green band but could easily be removed. Please study the images + all additional images as they form the best condition report. Sorry UK sale only, dispatched via special delivery. Payment via Bank transfer preferred, thank you. On hold for JF.
Extra Images of SOE Hand Generator (Code 50723)
Extra Images of WW1 British Brodie Steel Helmet
Extra Images of WW1 Trench Lantern (Code 50730)
Extra Images Palestine Group (Code 50757)
Extra Images Palestine War Group (Code 50757)
Extra Images WW1 Royal Navy Officer`s Unifom (Code 50706)
Extra Images WWII Merchant Navy Officer`s Peaked Cap (Code 50709)
Extra Images `07 Hook Quillon Bayonet (Code 50711)
EXTRA PHOTO'S 1876 P Martini Henry Bayonet
Extra Photographs 1st RWF Uniform
Extra Photographs KD Uniform (1st RWF)
Extra Photograph`s RWF SD Jacket & Trousers (code 50682)
Extra Photograph`s US M-1 Helmet (Code 50699)
EXTRA PHOTOS 2nd C.L.Y Yeomanry Cavalry Sword
EXTRA PHOTOS A.T.S Uniform Group
Extra Photos (M43)
Extra Photos , Sniper Spotting Telescope
EXTRA PHOTOS 1888 MK1 Bayonet
Extra Photos Edwardian Norfolk Imperial Yeomanry Tunic
EXTRA PHOTOS Petty Officer`s Uniform Group
EXTRA Photo`s No.38 Wireless Set ****SOLD***
Extra Photo`s RAF 1943 Pattern Escape Boots
Extra Photo`s 1st RWF Officer`s Uniform
Extra Photo`s Hitler Youth Knife
EXTRA PHOTO`S RAF Uniform (Cap, BD & Trousers)
EXTRA PHOTO`S RAF Uniform (Cap,BD & Trousers)
Extra Photo`s RWF BD & Trousers
Extra Photo`s Victorian Volunteer Stable/Shell Jacket & Trousers
Extra Photo`s WWII RAF Wt / Officer`s Tunic (Code 50701)
Extremely Fine WW2 Inert No 36 Mills Grenade (Desk Lighter) An excellent wartime produced No.36 Mills grenade with gas check which has been cleverly converted into a table/desk top lighter, the cast fragmentation body is lightly marked with the makers initials IBR (Ideal Boilers & Radiators, London) whom were a wartime only contractor for supplying ordnance, the small alloy plug is also marked E E & Co (English Electric Company). The gas check has been fitted & affixed to a hardwood base with a protective felt pad on the underside, the grenade retains a nice paint finish/patina and the conversion work has been carried out to a high standard. I have not attempted to check if lighter still works so will be sold as display piece only. Fantastic item. SORRY UK SALE ONLY & PROOF OF AGE WILL BE REQUIRED (18+)
Extremely Rare British Boer War / WW1 Period Entrenching Tool An Extremely rare British issued / trials entrenching tool in well used condition, stamped on the neck with Mads Johan Buch Linnemann`s Patent of 1869. Due to lack of information /reference on this pattern it is difficult to place an exact year of issue. Ordnance mark to the wooden handle along with a couple of old worm exit holes. Originally would have had a serrated edge to one side but now missing due to heavy wear, even in this semi-relic condition it is considered to be very rare. A serrated edge example is on display at the Flanders Field Museum but uncertain if it is of British manufacture.
Extremely Rare Home Guard Officer\'s Uniform Group A recently acquired and fresh to the market uniform group attributed to an officer in "U" Company 7th Worcs (Malvern) Home Guard, with much of the private purchase items supplied by the same Malvern outfitter. An incredibly rare group. Reserved for NB.
Extremely Rare WW1 German Ersatz M.G.08 Tool Kit An extremely rare M.G.08 tool kit housed in an ersatz hessian & leather cornered pouch, the fixing strap is clearly stamped with the makers name De La Croix ,Nache, Berlin. The large M.G.08 spanner is also clearly stamped on one side with the makers name Eduard Engels - Remscheid and M.G.08/15 U 16 (1916) to the other side, although there are two small tools missing this remains a very rare item especially the ersatz pouch. The pouch has some wear/staining to the hessian along with some light cracking on the leather straps + damage in places on the corner guards, typical oil smell & to the touch. An amazing item.
Extremely Rare WW2 SOE No.2 Hand Generator Battery Charger (For B2 Radio) An exceptional and extremely rare WW2 SOE No.2 Hoover hand generator battery charger that was used in conjunction with the SOE B2 suitcase radio ( both items illustrated in the SOE equipment catalogue), the charger along with its components are housed in its original and correctly marked `F' storage container with original 1944/5 dated webbing harness (last digit partially hidden by the stitching). The components consist of the excellent condition rubber gripped winding handle and the often missing 2 x clamp assembly, also present is the extremely rare packing list (dated May 1945) with corresponding letter `F' ink stamp and the equally rare instruction leaflet + spare bushes. The charger has not been tested for output but the gearing sounds sweet and rotates perfectly. The handle + clamp assembly screws are missing but alternatives could easily be found. An essential piece of SOE equipment that would have been used during clandestine operations. The carriage costs for UK customers (UK address) shall be fully refunded upon receipt of the item. Overseas customers please note that this item will be dispatched via the Royal Mail Parcel Force so please be aware of slightly higher carriage/insurance costs compared to using other courier companies. RESERVED for B.S.
Franco-Prussian War/ WW1 German Bronze Guardian Angel Plaque A most appealing and possibly unique bronze plaque depicting a winged guardian angel comforting and supporting a wounded, possibly dying German soldier. Difficult to put an exact age to this wonderful work of art, unsure if WW1 period or much earlier, observing the equipment/pouches worn by the soldier it appears to be more Franco-Prussian war period (1870-71) or simply just down to the artist/sculptor working from pre-WW1 images. This heavy bronze plaque in raised relief measures 32cm x 25cm and does bear a miniscule artists/foundry mark to the bottom right corner, have not yet identified this mark after much research, the rear has a central threaded type fixing with hanging ring, there appears to be a crude modern day repair to the fixing as dare say the thread has been stripped over time, remains firm. When tapping the plaque with your finger you can instantly tell the bronze is high quality as it rings like a bell, please note that the photo\'s were taken outside in natural light as the patina is much darker undercover/inside. Many hours have been spent researching this piece and I have not found another online or in any reference books nor anything similar. Sorry UK sale only.
French 1831 Modelle Artillery Gladius/Glaive Short Sword A good example manufactured by Talabot of Paris with a 19 inch double edged Gladius style blade, which now bears an age related patina, very minor nicks and some minor pitting in places, good firm brass hilt which has not been over polished. Sorry UK sale ONLY and Proof of age WILL be required (18+).
French 1874 Gras Bayonet A 1878 dated French Gras bayonet with matching serial numbers 89232 . The brass pommel is in good condition with a working release catch,wooden grips are firm and in good order considering the age. Light pitting to cross guard /quillion but the blade is in good condition,scabbard appears to have received a coat of old paint possibly for ceremonial duties and later removed. UK sale only and over 18+
Gallipoli Excavated British 07ptn Hook Quillion Bayonet (Provenance) An original Gallipoli used 07 hook quillion bayonet in semi-relic condition, excavated during the 1990`s from underneath some canvas/ tented material within some scrub in the Helles area. Made by Sanderson and bearing a Edward VII cypher + acceptance date 10, 11 ( October 1911). A letter (A4 sheet) of provenance hand written by the gentleman who excavated the bayonet will be supplied detailing the circumstances & location when found. I have acquired many original Gallipoli items from the gentleman over the years . Sorry UK Sales Only, Proof of age will be required (18+)
George III 1796 Universal Pattern Officer`s Gorget An original Georgian 1796 Universal pattern officer`s gorget bearing the Kings cypher and laurel decoration, approximately 50% of the fire gilt /mercuric finish still remaining to this iconic item from the George III period. Original lambs skin liner still present and secure.
Georgian British Officer\'s Gorget A nice example of a 1796 universal pattern officer's gorget which retains much of its original fire gilding, the engraved crowned GR cypher with laurel leaf décor remains as crisp as the day it was originally done, some light surface wear and scuffs present to the gilded finish as seen in the images. The underside now with a nice age related patina, also on the underside is a small exposed section of the wire former, a good sign of a totally original gorget. Please study the images as they play a major part of the condition report. Preferred payment method - cheque or Bank transfer, many thanks. Will be despatched via special delivery within the UK, overseas customers please make contact for postal quotes.
Georgian Royal Regiment of Artillery Buttons (Ground-Dug in the West Indies) A small group of bronze Royal Regiment of Artillery buttons circa 1790-1802 that were excavated at former British forts (Fort King George, Fort Granby & Fort James) on the island of Tobago, West Indies during the 1970's, in 1980 the buttons along with other Georgian period found items were crudely mounted onto display boards, these are all now being removed. The larger button measures 25mm and is of flat construction, the six smaller buttons measure 16mm with a slight convex face, concaved backs, all missing their shanks and now with remnants of old glue present. A total of 7 buttons, others shown are display only. Sorry UK sale only.
German 1936 Pattern War Veterans Support Association Armband 1936 Pattern WW1 Veterans Support Association Armband, An original armband in good condition apart from two small holes in the black felt band which shows signs of having a safety pin or other fixing being pulled.
German Spaten / shovel A small size spaten manufactured by the German company Enders circa early 1930s. This spaten has seen use but still shows signs of blue paint which ties in with early 30s organisations. Overall Length 18 inch . Good firm handle and some small cement splashes
Gloucestershire Civil Defence Corps Breast Patch & Tab In good condition and still attached to pocket material.
Hitler Jugend / Youth Flak Helper Patch An original HJ Flak helper patch, removed from old display card and now with remains of glue to reverse.
Hitler Jugend / Youth West Westfalen District Shoulder Patch A good Pre- 1942 example with remains of paper label to the reverse, removed from old display card and remains of glue present.
Hitler Youth Members Badge Hitler Youth Members badge. Circled RZM with M1/15 (Hoffstater) makers code. Damaged area to the enamel.
Home Guard Remington P\'17 Bayonet A good, clean example manufactured by the U.S company Remington in 1917, still retains its original green painted leather scabbard that was later modified for issue to the British Home Guard during WW2. The single fullered blade is in very good condition with the ricasso clearly stamped, the grips are also in very good order and remain undisturbed, good working catch. The leather scabbard is in very good condition and fitted with a British made 39' pattern leather frog, actually dated 1939 but very faint to the eye, the belt loop may have been made larger by cutting some of the stitching (shown in additional images), top retaining strap well worn. A very good example , not a rare bayonet but difficult to find in this condition, please view the additional images. Sorry, Mainland UK sale only. photo I.D will be required before item will be dispatched, must be over 21 yrs of age.
Home Guard Remington P\'17 Bayonet A fresh to the market Remington-made P'17 bayonet that was re-issued during WW2 to a member of the Home Guard within the Mid-Wales area, a nice all original and un-messed with example. This U.S ordnance issue bayonet is in wonderful condition considering that it was stored in an outbuilding for decades, the blade is in very good order with remnants of old grease still present, the walnut grips are also in wonderful condition with undisturbed screw bolts, good working release button. The British 39 Pattern leather frog has never been disturbed and remains in very good order, impressed on the reverse with the makers details ''Masons & Sons Ltd, Walsall 1940'' , the scabbard has much of its wartime applied black over paint present, all stitching intact. Please study images in regards to condition. Sorry, Mainland UK sale only, photo I.D (passport/driving license) will be required before item being despatched, must be over 18 yrs of age.
Indian Army Officer\'s GHQ Service Dress Tunic A very clean pre-1947 Indian army officer's Service dress tunic bearing quality made 1st pattern, shield shaped, India GHQ part-bullion formation badges. A slim fitting tunic (approx. 36 '' chest) with brass GRI buttons and typical Indian style stitching/alterations to the epaulettes for additional rank insignia, the cloth is in excellent condition with only some light rubbing in the underarm regions due to the hot climes (but out of sight). The internal pocket bears a makers label 'DEY & Co', the original belt is present but now with buckle removed, easily replaced. No moth damage to tunic, minor nips on one formation badge.
Inert 1942 Dated 2-Inch Mortar Signal Round Money Box An excellent condition 1942 dated 2-inch mortar signal round that has been converted into a child\'s money box, the underside of the turned wooden base still bears the child\'s name \'\'Teddy\'\'. Sorry Mainland UK sale only.
Inert 1942 No.68 Anti-Tank Training/Drill Grenade A good condition 1942 dated No.68 MkIII Anti-Tank drill grenade that still retains its original lead filled hardwood insert and central split pin. This fully strippable example retains some of its original paint finish but heavily worn from usage, the steel disc/gas check has remnants of its original red paint still present, the screw bolt appears to be a period replacement as usually spanner tightened. Sorry UK sale only and photo ID required before item will be dispatched, 18+ years of age only.
Inert Pair WW1 French 37mm Trench Art Pom Pom Gun Rounds An Inert pair of WW1 French 37mm Pom Pom gun rounds with very faint trench art remaining to the highly polished brass cases, can just make out `FRANCE' running diagonally on both shell cases. Sorry UK SALE ONLY & over 18+
Inert WW1 British (Tank) 6 Pounder MkIII Brass Shell Case A 1917 dated 6 pdr mkIII brass shell case being the type used by British naval guns and in British Mk1 to MkIV tanks, marked on the base 'CF' for cordite filled and also with the letter 'K' for the firm Kynoch. Stands 12 inches high, few minor blemishes to finish. Sorry Mainland UK sale only.
Inert WW1 British No.36 MK1 Rifle Grenade A fine example of a No.36 MK1 rifle grenade which has been converted into a moneybox , the cast body of the fragmentation grenade bears the makers name JMD & SL with the year 1917 which is also present on the base plug. The detachable round base plate is also stamped with the makers name W & Co Ltd along with a date 1/18 . Sorry UK SALE ONLY & proof of age will be required (18+).
Inert WW1 British No.5 MK1 Mills Hand Grenade (1915, small pull ring) An excellent, early WW1 British No.5 Mk1 Mills bomb / grenade with the scarce small size (short lived) pull ring. This all original example with its brass base plug bears the Birmingham makers name H. Hope & Sons along with the date 12/15 (1915), the cast iron body also bears a letter P but I have not as yet found the identity of the foundry. A wonderful display piece, would be difficult to improve. SORRY UK SALE ONLY, Age & photo ID will be required before dispatch (21 +).
Inert WW1 German Grenatenwerfer Mortar Round Inert WW1 German Grenatenwerfer mortar round with nose fuse and heavily segmented body (commonly known as the priest mortar) , now showing overall pitting and paint loss. Remains of pin still present on nose fuse +small amount of filler to rounded tip of fuse. Sorry UK Sale Only and Proof of Age will be Required ( 18+ ).
Inert WW1 German M1915 Discus Grenade A good example of an inert Imperial German M1915 Discushandgranaten. Sorry UK Sale ONLY & proof of age required (18+)
Inert WW1 German M1917 Egg Grenade A very good example of an inert German M17 Eierhandgranaten (Egg grenade) bearing a makers mark and with an excellent inert fuse. Sorry UK Sale Only & proof of age required (18+).
Inert WW1 Imperial German HZ14 Artillery Fuze An inert 1915 dated battle scarred Imperial German HZ14 artillery fuze. A heavy little item. Sorry Mainland UK sale only.
Inert WW1 Imperial German Model 1917 Egg Grenade An inert WW1 Imperial German Model 1917 Eierhandgranaten (egg grenade) that remains in good solid condition, still with its plug screw and inert fuze. Nicely maker marked, breakage to twisted wire loop. Sorry UK sale only, Photo ID required before item will be dispatched.
Inert WW2 Japanese 75mm Type 41 Mountain Gun Shell Case A good clean WWII Japanese 75mm x 185mm brass shell case for the Type 41 mountain gun, stamped on the base with the Nagoya arsenal mark (like an inverted figure 8 within a circle). Sorry Mainland UK sale only.
Inert WWII No.68 Anti-Tank Rifle Practice Grenade An inert 1941 dated No.68 anti-tank rifle practice grenade with original oak & lead filled insert, the head of the bolt securing the gas check plate is incorrect for this pattern of grenade as should be spanner tightened and not slotted but easily replaced. Sorry UK Sale ONLY, Proof of age will be required (18+).
Inniskilling Crossbelt Plate A white metal Inniskilling cross belt plate measuring 3 inches x 2 1/4 inches with 2 standard rear lugs + 1 large fixing bracket. I have never come across this type before and assume it is off a cross belt.
Inter War / WW2 RAF Napkin Rings A pair of electro-plated silver RAF napkin rings bearing the Kings Crown.
Inter-War / WW2 British Private Purchase Cavalry Pattern Mess Tin A private purchase aluminium set with original canvas cover & leather straps, this example was manufactured by a company named `Buharo' (unable to find any reference to this company). Inside the mess tin is stored a tea strainer & pepper pot style container. The canvas cover has the look of being WW1 but I am unable to confirm this as yet, cover slightly grubby.
Inter-War / WW2 Officer's Solar Pith Topee (Bombay Bowler) A very pleasing Officer's grade solar pith topee made by Robert,Hughes & Co, Calcutta, India, the exterior is in good clean condition with only very minor staining, there is one indentation on lower edge of rim but remains solid. The leather sweatband is in very good order and bears the initials C.H.O.S, the thin transparent celluloid protective cover within the crown has long gone but the label remains in lovely condition. Original leather chinstrap present and remains supple to the touch. Size approx. 6 7/8 ths .
Inter-War Grenadier Guards Forage Cap (BEF Provenance,wounded France 1940) A very pleasing 1906 Pattern Grenadier Guardsman`s O/R`s dress forage cap with early BEF provenance, the cap bears two lots of service numbers (re-issued) and a good clear WD acceptance stamp with a letter T denoting the year of issue as 1937,all nicely stamped on the underside of the sweatband. The latter service number is for 2nd Battalion Guardsman 2616009 Robert Henry Platts who saw action with the British Expeditionary Force in Belgium and France 1940, it was during this campaign that he was wounded for the first time but managed to be repatriated back to Britain (possibly via Dunkirk), after recovering from his wounds he was transferred to the 6th battalion GG where he would receive further wounds whilst in action in Italy on 7th November 1943. The cap is in wonderful, untouched condition and left as found, the original lugged brass cap badge and early pattern GG side buttons remain in good order and left un-cleaned, there is some evidence of minor moth tracking to the wool body but only noticeable on close inspection, good oilskin liner. The cap is an approximate size 7 1/8th - 1/4.
Inter-War Period British Indian Army \'\'Skinner\'s Horse\'\' Pipe Rack A most appealing and large size mahogany pipe rack from the Inter-war period and bearing a beautifully carved British Indian army \'\'Skinner\'s Horse\'\' badge. The free-standing rack which holds 12 pipes measures 18 inches in width and stands 11 1/2 inches tall, in lovely condition, have not seen another. Sorry UK sale only.
Inter-War/ Malaya Officer`s Khaki Drill Uniform ( RWF) An excellent and well starched KD uniform worn by Lt.Colonel L.H.Yates originally of the 1st Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers. Yates was commissioned in 1930 and served in Gibraltar, Hong Kong and the Sudan prior to WW2 , during WW2 he was with the 7th Battalion RWF in NW Europe then post war service during the Malayan emergency, he amassed quite a large wardrobe of private purchase KD clothing etc which I now have in my possession . The jacket and high backed trousers are in very good stored condition with the trousers retaining all buttons, the jacket has no buttons present as they would have been the removable shank type for easy laundering, inside the trousers are the initials L.H (L.H.Yates), KD cloth belt also present. Chest size approx. 36 inches, trouser waist approx. 30`` x leg approx. 30 inches.
Japanese Type 30 Arasaka Bayonet Single edged blued blade, Forte with Kokura arsenal mark. Wooden slab grips are in good order with blued steel scabbard. Very Clean item. Buyers must be aged 18 or over. UK sale only
K.S.L.I & Herefordshire Regt Old Comrades Association Lapel Badge A good clean example.
Korean War Period British Army Black Beret An excellent condition 1951 dated British black beret manufactured by A.B.E.L in a size 71/8 th,
Korean War Period British Army Thermos Flask A wonderful condition 1951 dated British Army issue thermos flask, the matt black paint finish is in superb order, instructional transfer as seen in images, almost identical to a WW2 flask if not for the step in the wire handle. Sorry UK sale only.
Korean War Period British Officer`s Collarless Shirt & Collar An excellent condition and almost unused officer`s collarless half fronted shirt + collar in a good large size, both items named to L.H.Yates RWF and dated 52. Neck size approx. 15, chest approx 42, underarm 20 1/2 inches. retains good strong colour, appears lighter in photo`s.
Korean War Period USAF Type A-13 Flying Helmet Manufactured by The Lite from the mid 40`s through to the mid 1950`s, the grey leather exterior is in good original condition with very light surface wear and still retains a faint pre-47 USAAF winged star logo to the front, still retains strap to attach mask. The internal chamois leather lining is still supple with only a few stitches undone (easily repaired), good clear makers label which states that the helmet is an extra large size. Wiring loom still present along with additional earphones which have been crudely stitched/tacked in place and easily removed if prefer (one tack now broken so earphone partially loose). A nice all original item.
Lanarkshire Yeomanry Gilt Buttons 13 x 25mm pre-1918 Lanarkshire Yeomanry gilt buttons in fantastic condition, made by Hamburger & Co, King St, Covent Garden. Part of an old military family collection dating between 1850-1918.
Large 19th Century Afghan Salawar \'Khyber Knife\' (Short Sword) An impressive 19th century horn hilted Afghan Salawar short sword, more commonly known as the notorious \'Khyber knife\' the dread of many British officer and trooper serving/fighting on the North West Frontier during the 19th and early 20th century. The 22 1/2 inch long razor sharp blade is in wonderful condition and now with a nice age related patina, this is a less common variant with a hollow ground blade and not the usual \'T\' section, the ribbed horn grips are firmly held with 4 small steel rivets, steel bolsters also firm, no movement. Overall length 28 inches, no scabbard. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, photo ID (passport/driving license ) is required before being dispatched. over 21 yrs only.
Large 19th Century Kukri An unusually large 19th Century kukri with a heavy weight blade measuring 17 inches in length and 3 3/8 inches in width, the blade now has an age related patina and staining. The wooden handle/grip is firm and has no movement (old filled split visible but solid), leather scabbard with steel chape, leather bears some tooling to front face and old damage to rear ( shown in photo). A very interesting kukri . Sorry UK sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (18+)
Large 29th Middlesex Battalion Home Guard Group Photograph (H.Q. 1944) A large size, group photograph of Head Quarter Officer's 29th Middlesex Battalion Home Guard taken in October 1944, photographers details handwritten on the reverse. Size 12 inch x 10 inch. Good crisp detail, slight age related yellowing, some folds/creases present to corners, acquired in what may be its original card folder.
Large WW2 Period Alloy Hilted Kukri An attractive and most interesting, large, heavyweight Kukri with alloy hilt from WW2 or just after. This example bears a close similarity to the alloy hilted Kukri's carried by the 7th & 8th Gurkha's but the large and impressive 17 inch blade is more alike the type used for sacrificial rituals, with some minor staining present,(overall length 22 1/4 inches). The alloy hilt is in very good order and well suited for the larger size hand, brass bolster & pommel cap also in good order with nice age related patina. The tooled brown leather scabbard retains its steel chape but the leather does have some age related wear with the pouch now missing. What is most intriguing is the museum style inventory label attached to the scabbard, this states 'Officer's Dah' (Burmese machete) so was this large Kukri carried by a British/Gurkha officer and then later donated to a museum where its full history may have been known, simply don't know ? A wonderful display Kukri. Sorry Mainland UK sale ONLY, Photo ID will be required before item will be dispatched, must be over 21 yrs of age.
Late 18th / Early 19th Century Turkish/ Balkan Yataghan Sword A pleasing example of a Turkish/ Balkan Yataghan sword with a 23 inch blade in kopis form , stamped with armourers mark + another small inscription on opposite side. Simple horn grip with flared ear style pommel, white metal (possibly silver) reinforcing to back edge of blade. Blade shows signs of period sharpening and age related staining, very slight play in grips. Good display item. UK SALE ONLY and proof of age will be required ( 18+)
Late 19th Century Zulu Isijula Throwing Spear An excellent example of a late 19th century Zulu Isijula throwing spear with a lovely rich patina to the haft, the 7 inch long leaf shaped head is in lovely condition and has the typical stepped shoulders at the base, the split cane binding to the grip is also in excellent condition and with a great patina, the fluted end of the haft has a much deeper colour from years of handling. Overall length is 45 inches (approx. 114 cm). A really nice example and not a later tourist piece. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, Photo I.D will be required before item being despatched, must be over 18 yrs of age.
Late Victorian / Boer War Period Wiltshire Regiment Officer`s Uniform (RFC Pilot Connectiion) A fresh to the market late Victorian/ early Edwardian period Wiltshire regiment officer`s blue wool patrol uniform (2nd Lieutenant). The smart, slim fitting tunic bears Victorian period officer`s silver plated collar dogs made by J.R.Gaunt & sons along with QVC brass buttons and correct red backed shoulder pips, the pips have been centralized on the epaulette by the officer. This was a genuine service used uniform as there are some small period done repairs present which can be seen in the images. The high backed / fish tail trousers with their thin scarlet welt are also slim fitting with an approximate 31 inch waist and 32 inch inside leg, still retaining their lower leather straps & buckles, one of the rear blackened wooden buttons broken in half. Both items are labelled and bear the owners name Roger Ernle Money - Kyrle but I have been unable to connect him directly to the Wiltshire regiment as he was commissioned directly into the Royal Flying Corps during the Great war(please see item 50822 for full history on R.E.Money- Kyrle ). Money-Kyrle came from an affluent Wiltshire family so he may have been pre-planning a commission in the regiment before the lure of the RFC or even belonged to an older family member, worthy of further research.
Late Victorian Junior Army & Navy Stores Ltd Aldershot Codd Bottle A late Victorian pictorial glass Codd bottle embossed with ''Junior Army & Navy Stores Ltd' 'and the name of the regional town ''Aldershot'', along with a lion above a crown and a five pointed star within a starburst. The rear bears the bottle makers name ''William Barnard & Sons, London'', a good condition bottle that still retains its marble, no damage apart from a micro chip to top rim, un-cleaned and left as found. Approx. 9 inches tall. Sorry UK sale only, will be despatched via special delivery.
Late Victorian Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry Officer\'s Scarlet Tunic A scarce and most appealing MYC officer\'s scarlet melton tunic from the late Victorian/Boer war period, the slim fitting tunic is in very good condition with no moth hole damage, the black facings & silver embellishments being the Hussar style Austrian knots, double shoulder cords and piping remain intact with only minor age related tarnishing, the lower skirt of the tunic does have some age old dark blemishes (front & back) which have been left as found and shown in the images. The silvered MYC buttons are all present and bear the makers name \'Firmin & sons\' of London, the liner remains in good order but does have some heavy staining present which is commonly found on scarlet melton tunics, also inside is a small leather adjuster tab which is literally hanging by a thread, just needs re-stitching. Any items belonging to the MYC are much sought after but rarely do you encounter an officer\'s tunic. Cheque payment preferred, thank you. **Sorry UK sale only **
Late Victorian Royal Artillery Officer\'s Pill Box Hat A most pleasing example of a late Victorian Royal artillery officer`s pill box hat with all its bullion work still intact. The top knotting and side band are still firmly attached though now showing some age related tarnishing, the leather sweatband is also in good condition along with the crimson coloured silk lining, chinstrap absent. Some moth nips/holes present which is quite common on headwear from this period. Please study images as these are part of the condition report, slightly dusty but left as found.
Late Victorian/Boer War Period British Officer\'s Hotclimate Canvas Gaiters An interesting pair of private purchase lightweight webbing/canvas gaiters commonly seen being worn by British officer's in period photographs from the Zulu war through to WW1. The 12 1/2 inch high gaiters bear an unusual handwritten makers name ''Jackson'' Maker 128 Jermyn St S.W.1, still to this day Jermyn Street in London is world famous for its gentlemen's outfitters & shirt makers, what is interesting is the S.W.1 postcode as the numbering system was first introduced during the Great War so this pair may have been an old stock item hastily rushed into service during WW1 possibly for the Middle East theatre of war. This pair does have a late Victorian look to them and very similar to those being worn by Army & Naval officer's during the Zulu/Sudan war period, there is also a handwritten number present 6220, possibly an inventory or service number. Very good condition apart from some surface staining, slim fit.
Late Victorian/Boer War Sam Browne Cavalry Pattern Sword Frog A wonderful looking British officer\'s Sam Browne cavalry pattern sword frog, in a lovely rich colour and new to the market, some usual surface cracking present to straps but only surface, no weakness. Came from old military family collection.
Late WW2 German Heer Other Ranks Belt & Buckle A good late war combat used Heer other ranks belt & buckle that was recently acquired from a gentleman who undertakes general house clearance, the steel buckle has lost its original paintwork finish due to service wear but does display a nice age related patina. The buckle bears a RZM stamp along with the makers code M4 44 indicating the manufacturer as Paul Cramer & Cie, Ludenschied, the leather belt with its aluminium keeper is in good combat used condition with all stitching still intact. Measures approx. 33 inches. A nice unmolested bring back item.
Late WW2 US Trousers, Field, Wool An excellent pair of late war wool field trousers (January 1945 pattern) in a size 31 inch waist x 33 inch leg, good clean label with a March 45 manufacture date. Free of any damage and moth.
Lewis Machine Gunners Bullion Sleeve Badge A good removed from uniform example with very light tarnishing.
M1 Garand 8 round clips 4 Post War produced clips made by BRW (Borg Warren)
M1908 Brazilian Mauser Bayonet (Matching Number) A good matching numbered Mauser bayonet that was adopted by Brazil in 1908 for the 7mm 08 Mauser rifle, manufactured in Germany by various companies and as usual made to a high standard, the 12 inch blade is in excellent order and void of any makers mark to the ricasso (common on this model) but there is a letter \'B\'\' present stamped on the spine. The steel pommel and swept quillon are also in good order but does have some age related staining, the black leather scabbard with brass fittings is solid and has no split stitching, some scuffing present to leather surface but could easily be made good, one light ding to brass throat on rear side. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, Photo I.D is required (passport/driving license) , must be over 18 years of age.
M1910 US Shovel A well used M1910 shovel but still in good firm condition.
M1923 US M1 10 Pocket Cartridge belt (British Made) A 1944 dated `British made' US 10 pocket M1 cartridge belt in an early OD3 tan colour, the belt is in good solid condition with some light fading (appears more faded in photos). All `Lift the Dot' fasteners are present & working, a few stiff to open due to little use, the small internal securing straps have been period removed for quick/easy access to the clips.
Map of the British Army Printed in 1944 by The National Savings Committee A very colourful poster printed in 1944 highlighting Battle Honours and Achievements of British Regiments from the 1600s to WW1,the map has been stored folded and has slight damage to one of the folds(hardly noticeable when laid flat). A Great Display Piece size 39 x 29 inches
Mid-Victorian Mappin & Company Gentleman`s Spear Point Knife 1860-1864 An elegant antique ivory handled gentleman`s knife that was manufactured by the short lived company Mappin & Co who traded from 77-78 Oxford Street, London, between the years 1860 to 1864. It was in 1860 that the 22 year old John Mappin made the decision to leave the well established family cutlery business to set up on his own under the new business name of Mappin & Company, two years later he was joined by his brother in law George Webb who in 1864 became a partner in the business which resulted in the new trading name of Mappin & Webb, George died in the same year. (info sourced from Mappin & Webb website). The knife is in very good condition with a wonderful looking 6 1/2 inch long spear point blade, with only slight age related staining. The forte is nicely stamped on one face with the makers name and Sheffield and on the other the wording `Trustworthy', the one piece ivory grip is also in wonderful condition and held firm with what I believe to be a silver pommel cap, all other fittings are nickel plated. A typical of the period leather scabbard with nickel plated mounts which again is in good order apart from some surface scuffs near the throat, missing the throat button. A rare example from a short lived company prior to becoming the world famous Mappin & Webb brand name. Sorry UK sale only, over 21 years of age. This item will not be dispatched until a passport/driving license image & age related details have been received. Thank you.
Monmouth School O.T.C Brass Cap Badge A correct, Monmouth school officer training corps brass cap badge with rear slider.
More Additional Images of ATS Uniform Group (Code 50961) RESERVED..
More Additional Images of RAF Fug Boots (Code 50943)
Mystery British Leather Equipment Strap (Identification Required) If anyone can identify this WW2 British-made strap please let me know, it was recently discovered amongst some Home Guard items at an old Georgian farmhouse where a former HG member used to live. The 36 inch long leather strap appears to be devoid of any makers mark but there may have been one present on the small quick release strap but now worn away, due to having a quick release buckle we tend to think it\'s horse tack related but could be totally wrong,,, any help much appreciated.
Mystery Early Edwardian Officer\'s Side Cap Badge A late Victorian/early Edwardian officer's silver wash side cap badge with early style four prong fixings. This light weight badge with Prince of Wales feathers remains a bit of a mystery as unable to pinpoint which regiment it belongs too, could be one of several with P.o.W feathers, but slightly leaning towards the Denbighshire Hussars Yeomanry with its all silver colouring. Acquired with other Welsh regimental badges.
No.4 MkII Spike Bayonet & Indian Variant P\'37 Webbing Jungle Green Frog Good condition WW2 No.4 MkII spike bayonet made by the U.S company Stevens-Savage (as part of Lend-Lease program), the bayonet is housed in a No.4 Mk1 steel scabbard with its distinctive throat piece. The 37 pattern webbing frog is an Indian-made example with differing shades of jungle green to the components, this is an uncommon variant as it has a sliding top retaining loop. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, photo I.D is required (passport/driving license) must be over 18 yrs.
Norwegian M1894 Krag Jorgensen short Bayonet A fresh to the market example of the Krag Jorgensen short bayonet with an 8 1/2 inch blade ( light staining). A single edged blade with evidence of period sharpening near tip,walnut grips are in good condition. The release button not working at present just needs oiling,metal scabbard with light rusting and complete with its leather frog stamped with D.Sohn Frankfurt A/M. UK sale only and only to 18+ of age
November 1918 Officer`s Monthly List Book Even with its grubby exterior and the front cover barely hanging on this remains an amazing compilation of British & Commonwealth officer`s names, regiments & units. Whilst scanning through this publication your thoughts go out to all those who never returned home. Numerous small folds to corners of pages, split along edge/spine of front cover (repairable), surface damage/wear to cover etc, heavy item.
Officers Sam Browne Belt & Strap WW1/WW2 period Officers Sam Browne belt & strap in good supple condition.
Original 1950\'s \'\'Veldtschoen\'\' Officer\'s style Brown Leather Boots By George Webb An excellent and highly sought-after pair of Veldtschoen (field shoe) brown leather ankle boots made by George Webb, this pattern of boot was sold commercially and was often purchased by British army officer\'s during the 1950\'s and 60\'s. The more waterproof welted boots are in a size 10 if wearing standard thickness socks but would say a 9 1/2 with thicker wool hiking types, the uppers are in superb condition with hardly any sign of usage, internally immaculate, the soles & heels have only light wear mainly indentation from stones etc. These classic boots are much sought-after especially in good sizes and do sell for well over £ 280.00 pending on condition. Wonderful high quality boots, being offered for sale at a bargain price. Sorry UK sale only.
Original Royal Flying Corp Badge
Original Royal Scots Cap Badge
Original Waffen SS - Shutze Photograph Group Six original photographs of a Waffen SS - Shutze (rifleman) taken during the mid to late war period, all with wonderful crisp detail. All with correct wartime 'Agfa Lupex' ink stamping on the backs (one of the 2 variants used during the war). Size 3 1/2'' x 2 3/8. Will be despatched in a small cardboard box and not in an envelope.
Original WW2 Royal Navy Rating\'s Duck Cotton Work Trousers + Rare Label Recently discovered in an old trunk and untouched for decades, this pattern was introduced during the 1930\'s and remained in service for the duration of WW2, this pair still retains its original back lace & all of its buttons, it also retains its rare paper size label which states the waist and the inner leg are 32 inches. The off-white cotton canvas trousers would benefit from a light hand wash whilst protecting the label as there are age old storage marks (slightly grubby) and the odd stain present, the sailor\'s name is clearly stamped but unresearched at this moment in time.
Original WW2 U.S 82nd Airborne Patch Wartime issued white/ snow backed 82nd (all American) patch with tab from my own collection.
Original WW2 U.S Glider/Parachute Cloth Cap Badge Wartime issued to enlisted men. This is an item from my own collection.
Original WW2 U.S Service of Supply Patch
Overseas/EU Customers Please Note Overseas/EU customers please be aware that from the 1st January 2021 new customs regulations will be put in place, also please be aware of postal delays and that possible duty,taxes & clearance fees may incur on your purchases before you receive them.
Pair of WW2 G.H.Q India Command Flashes A uniform detachable pair of G.H.Q India formation signs with nice heavily embroidered central yellow stars on a red & black felt base, khaki cotton drill backed with all hooks still present, with some moth tracking.
Pair of WW2 RAF Cushion Covers A pair of silk/rayon cushion covers with an embroidered RAF centre piece, in very good condition and still retaining strong colours. There are two very small holes present but hardly noticeable. Approx 20 1/2 inches square.
Pioneer Corps Officer\'s Bronze Cap Badge (Maker Marked) A nice J.R.Gaunt made example with both prongs intact. Will be posted as small parcel and not in an envelope. Sorry UK sale only.
Post WW2 Civil Defence Wool Trousers A good clean pair of WW2 style Civil Defence wool trousers that were manufactured in the early post-war period. Very similar to WW2 examples but with different detailing to belt loops and having no small bandage/dressing pocket to the front. Waist approx. 31 inch. Inside leg measures 27 inch (approx. height of wearer 5` 8''inch) No label, one very small moth hole in crutch area. Good clean pair.
Pre - 1918 Officers Spurs Part of old military family collection.
Pre - 1920 Indian Army Canteen Board Nutcracker A nicely stamped pair of white metal nutcrackers bearing the wording INDIAN ARMY CANTEEN BOARD (precursor to the NAAFI ) including an image of an Indian elephant.
Pre - 1952 Royal Tank Regiment Swagger Stick A large RTR swagger stick with a white metal electro plated top bearing a small RTR badge, dented dome. Approx 34 1/2 inches in length.
Pre - War K98 Cleaning Kit 1938 An original pre-WW2 K98 cleaning Kit with the CNX makers code impressed into the lid. The oiler stamped with G.Appel 1938. One of the smaller bore cleaning brushes is missing . This set does not have the standard German oiling cloth but instead a roll of British 4x2s . Priced accordingly due to missing brush.
Pre - WW2 Skilled at Driving Cloth Badge A good removed from uniform example, small Kings crown variant.
Pre- 1918 British Officers Spurs Part of old military family collection.
Pre- 1918 British Officers Spurs 1 Leather strap missing, part of old military family collection.
Pre- 1952 Civil Defence Group (Shropshire) A nice uniform removed group.
Pre-1918 British Colonels Epaulettes A very pleasing pair with light tarnishing / dirt marks on both ends. Part of old military family collection.
Pre-1918 Officers Spurs Part of old military family collection.
Pre-1943 Silk Escape Map, Middle East A Bartholomew`s double sided silk escape map of pre-1943 manufacture due to having folded & stitched edges and printed using only 3 colours. One side bears a T3 corner stamp and covers the countries Egypt, Palestine & Syria and the other side (T4) covering Iran & Iraq. In good clean condition.
Pre-1952 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment Sergeant\'s Mess Menu/Place Card Holder A pre-1952 silver plated menu/place card holder from the Sergeant's Mess of 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment, this table piece bears the PR winged logo with a King's crown, manufactured between 1948 - 52 by Mappin & Webb and measures approx..54mm x 35mm across the base. Please see item 50968 for full details, this item has not been cleaned, left as found, now with age related wear to the finish & light staining.
Pre-1952 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment Sergeant\'s Mess Soup Ladle A large, 30cm long silver plated soup ladle from the Sergeant's Mess of the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment, the Pembury pattern handle is nicely marked with the PR winged logo with a King's crown. Part of a Sergeant's Mess/canteen set dating from the 1948-52 period, please see item 50968 for full details. This item has not been cleaned, left as found, now with age related wear to the finish & light marks.
Pre-1952 1st Btn Parachute Regiment Sergeant\'s Mess Condiment Shaker A 105mm tall silver plated condiment shaker nicely inscribed with 'SERGEANT'S MESS 1st BN THE PARACHUTE REGT', a well used item from a much larger Mess set dating from the 1948 - 1952 period, please see item 50968 for full details. This 'pot' has a pull -off top with small finial, on the base is the maker's name Walker & Hall along with a year code (not identified at present) . Displaying signs of age related wear to the finish along with a couple of minor indentations on reverse side, another indentation on corner of base. A scarce little item from a world famous regiment.
Pre-1952 Kings Own Scottish Borderers Waist Belt Plate A fresh to the market KOSB waist belt plate still with its original belt fittings, has been left as found and not cleaned, a pre-WW2 example. Brass plate measures 87mm x 73mm.
Pre-1959 7th Gurkha Rifles Coloured Field Service Cap (A/F) A circa 1953-59 7th Gurkha Rifles coloured field service cap made by Herbert & Johnson of London that still retains its original cast white metal badge, the cap has suffered slightly due to poor storage and the light blue upper section is now grubby & discoloured, the two small black horn buttons have also suffered and are now defaced, can just make out crossed Kukri\'s on one button. The skirt is in good order apart from one moth hole at the rear, the silk/rayon liner is also in good order but with some staining, approx. size 7. With a little effort this cap could be greatly improved or simply remove the wonderful original badge which still has a piece of pipe cleaner through the lugs.
Pre-WW2 Italian M33 Combat Helmet (Airforce) A non-messed with, early production Italian M33 steel combat helmet with all original/correct internal components. This service used helmet has the type 1 dome vents with 2 prong internal folds and early type brass hollow rivets used to attach the grey/green leather chinstraps (one section missing) indicating manufacture between 1934 and 1939. What is most interesting is the different layers of paint finishes, starting with the factory applied grey then the depot applied Airforce blue/grey with frontal insignia, this being a gold coloured four bladed propeller with intermediate radial lines within typical Romanesque wreath. The top layer may be field applied during the Spanish civil war of 1936-39 when most of these early helmets were being worn by Italian units supporting Franco or possibly a WW2/ post-war application, very difficult to say with M33 helmets. The size 60 liner is in good order and has the correct parallel bar stitching on the seam, no metal eyelets on the tongues which again is correct on earlier liners, orange colour underfelt padding visible (yellow post-war). An appealing early 'been there' M33 helmet. Please study images as part of condition report. Additional images added.
Pre-WW2 Royal Navy Ratings Cap Badge A pre-WW2 well padded example, removed from cap & bit dusty.
Princess Mary Tin An un cleaned example with corner fractures
Princess of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards) Officers Cap Badge A very nice Officers cap badge with the three prongs intact.
R.W.A.F.F Officer\'s Short Sleeve KD Jacket + Lanyard (Attributed) A fresh to the market, early 1950\'s Royal West African Frontier Forces Khaki Drill jacket, this large size example is in very good condition and retains wonderful \'Nigeria District\' formation signs along with its original black coloured lanyard, now frayed in places from usage. The short sleeved jacket is attributed to (then) Major Clifford Herbert Williams who became a career soldier with the British army after his wartime service (1942-45) with the British Indian army. The jacket is very clean apart from a couple of small blemishes that may wash out, but hardly noticeable, no labels or ink stamps present so a private purchase item, all the ring backed buttons had been removed prior to been stored in a trunk and are now missing. Approx. size 42 - 44 inch chest (have other uniform items belonging to Williams so taking measurements of their labels).
RAF 1941 Pattern Flying Boots (Size 9) An excellent pair of WWII R.A.F 1941 pattern ''Bomber boots'' in a good size 9, only upon close inspection you may notice that they are a slightly non-matching pair but my guess is that they were paired together during wartime (common practice when one was damaged) as the soles & heels display the same level of wear, the only real visible difference is the zips, one bearing the name ''Lightning'' the other with small letter' 'W'' both bearing broad arrow's on underside, one zip fitted slightly lower than the other & 1/4 inch wider, both working well. The suede uppers with fleece lining are in very good order and retain their internal leather tongues, even the adjustable leather straps are still in very good supple condition. The soles & heels are original ''Itshide'' made with no cracking, just nice even wear, the rubber skirting to the shoe sections are also in wonderful condition with no splits. With slight manufacturers differences but remain a wonderful display item, being sold as display item only. Sorry UK sale only. ON HOLD FOR JD.
RAF 1941 Pattern Fying Boots (Size 10) A wonderful looking pair of WWII RAF 1941 pattern 'Bomber boots' in a very desirable size 10. This matching pair are in very good condition and retain good working zips, the pull tabs bear broad arrow marks on one side and a small letter W to the other, superb original 'Itshide' soles & heels, showing light use and with no cracking, the suede uppers are in very good order along with the rubber shoe sections, no splits. The internal fleece lining is very clean and both boots still retain their leather tongues behind the zips, both nicely stamped with AM and the correct wartime AID mark, the external leather adjustable ankle straps are in working order but do have some age related surface cracking but no weakness. Being sold as a display item only. Please see additional images. Sorry UK sale only.
RAF Cape Leather Pilots Flying Gloves An unissued pair of early post-war RAF pilots cape leather flying gloves that remain in excellent soft/supple condition, the white/cream coloured gloves are unlined and bear the Air Ministry store reference number/code 22c/1124 along with a size stamp 9. This pattern of flying glove were worn by wartime pilots who were still in service just after the wars end (WW2). Stunning condition and still stitched together.
RAF Cape Leather Pilots Flying Gloves An unissued pair of early post-war RAF pilots cape leather flying gloves that remain in excellent soft/supple condition, the white/cream coloured gloves are unlined and bear the Air Ministry store reference numbers/code 22c/1124 along with a size stamp 9. This pattern of flying glove were worn by wartime pilots who were still in service just after wars end (WW2). Stunning condition, slight discolouration due to storage, still stitched together. 2nd of 3 pairs that I acquired.
RAF Floating Dinghy / Survival Knife A good used WW2 pattern RAF aircrew `dinghy' knife that was part of the survival kit issued with the larger multi-man raft/dinghy, this named example bears the stores reference 27C/2023 on the curved stainless steel blade which features a rounded safety end, there is some light pitting/staining present on the blade but this could be improved or possibly removed. The cork handle is in very good order and still has its original lanyard attached which is also affixed to the leather sheath (also bearing correct ref code), the popper which secures both knife & sheath is in working order. Sorry UK sale ONLY, proof of age will be required (18+)
RAF Flying Officer\'s Tropical Slip-on Group & K/C Beret Badge A small rank insignia group belonging to a RAF flying officer, the group consists of a pair of tropical slip-on\'s which are sun faded, a single herringbone weave slip-on, a pair of rank loops to fit directly onto epaulettes, a single spare rank band plus a King\'s crown beret badge with light tarnishing.
RAF Swagger Stick Pre-1952 A pre-1952 RAF swagger stick with silver plated ball top,black cane and plated metal tip Minor dents to the ball top as most have. Overall length 70cm (approx. 28 inch)
Rare 1888 MK1 Type 1 (3 Rivet) Lee Metford Bayonet A rare and seldom seen on the market 1888 MK1 Type1 Lee Metford bayonet with the 3 brass rivets to the grip The original issue date stamp on the forte appears to be 12 / 89 with a further 11 stampings ending in 1901, the wooden grips are in good order with the oiler hole present but full of grease/dirt. The 12 inch blade is in good condition apart from some small areas of staining ( please see photos), cross guard & pommel also show age related staining along with some polished areas. The leather scabbard has a matching issue date stamp of 89 with broad arrow and crown along with a later re- issue date of 01, a 4 inch section of stitching on the raised rib has separated but only noticeable when handling. scabbards metalwork also with some polishing. A much rarer bayonet than the later 07 patterns. SORRY MAINLAND UK SALE ONLY & Proof of age will be required, photo ID (18+).
Rare 1894 Royal Navy QF 6pdr Hotchkiss Gun Accessories Chest An extremely rare Victorian Royal Naval wooden chest with brass fittings used to house accessories for the QF 6 pounder Hotchkiss gun MKII, a 57mm naval gun introduced in 1885 to defend against new, small and fast vessels such as torpedo boats and later submarines. The wooden chest is in wonderful untouched condition and retains much of its original paint finish, positioned in the centre of the lid is a flush fitted brass plate inscribed with ' 6 Pr Hotchkiss QF Gun Accessories II No.1291 EOC 1894 WD', also present is a later applied painted stencil reading GUNS MACHINE VICKERS 5" SPARE PARTS & TOOLS. All internal divisions are present but slightly grubby from service use. Length 24 inch x 15 x 5 deep. weight 10.5kg Please contact me regarding possible collection or postal costs/options. UK posting only.
Rare 1900 Imperial German Navy (Kaiserliche) 8.8cm Shell Case (Inert) A very rare 1900 dated Kaiserliche 8.8cm brass shell case that would have been carried & used aboard an Imperial German Navy river/coastal gunboat. The 8.8cm Ubts L/30 Schelladekanone was developed by Krupps in the late 19th century (1898) but bears no resemblance or connection to the 88mm anti-aircraft gun of WW2. This example bears the marines letter stamping (M with Imperial crown above) and later WW1 re-issue dates for 1914.17 & 18. This brass case has not been polished for many years and now has an age related patina. Length 15 1/4 inches. Sorry Mainland UK sale only.
Rare 1901 Pattern Royal Navy Sling Rifle MK1 A rare 1901 pattern Royal Navy brown leather Mk1 rifle sling for the No.1 SMLE rifle, this 1917 dated example has not been shortened and still retains its small brass stud, the sling also bears a lightly stamped Royal Navy acceptance broad arrow and letter ''N'', the face side of leather has some (commonly found) age related light surface cracking but is only surface and remains quite supple, overall length 43 inches x 1 3/8 wide. There has been a small period done modification made to the sling, this being the relocation of the small stud but this could easily be put back in place , it was relocated so the sling could be repurposed as a belt and then rigged with a 1901 pattern ammunition pouch (listed separately code 51109) and a 1901 ptn naval holster, unfortunately the holster was sold before I acquired the rig, also the sliding loop on the belt appears to be a piece of re-worked 1914 ptn equipment leather with its distinctive riven finish, all period done. A rare item and fresh to the market.
Rare 1931 1st Japanese Invasion of Manchuria Protest Badge A rare bomb shaped metal & enamel protest badge worn by members of the League of Nations Union against the 1st Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931, the badge was allowed to be worn by LNU members at the Bury, Ramsbottom, Tottington Grammar school near Manchester with only 100 members. The 1 inch long badge is inscribed with 'Refuse to buy Japanese goods' and mentioned on page 311 of Bill Williams 2011 book 'Jews and other foreigners, Manchester and the rescue of victims of European fascism 1933 - 40' . The reverse side bears a tiny makers mark GL in raised relief, A rare badge, doubt will ever see another. Reserved for D.C
Rare 1938 Air Ministry Heavy Weight Pulley Wheel A large 1938 dated Air Ministry twin wheeled pulley being the type possibly used for the installation & removal of heavy aero engines ( overall length 18 inches). The pulley without any packaging weighs in at 8.5 Kg so please contact me regarding carriage costs or possible collection. The cap is not included in the sale, used for size comparison only. Sorry UK sale only.
Rare 1940 Air Ministry Pulley Wheel An essential and now rare piece of Air Ministry ground crew/bomb loaders equipment, a wonderful item. Overall length 11 inches.
Rare 1945-47 Indian Grenadiers - India Command Supreme Headquarters Officer\'s Battledress Blouse (2nd Ptn Printed Shields) No Paypal. An exceptionally rare all original BD that belonged to a Captain in the \'Indian Grenadiers\', from late 1945 through to the partition of India in 1947, the locally made embroidered titles are in excellent condition and totally original to the BD, never encountered other examples, the shield shaped \'India Command supreme Headquarters\' signs are again incredibly rare due to being the 2nd pattern printed type (note the slight misprint to one shield, lack of black border to sword & India), from memory I think it was introduced in 47 so very short lived. The BD\'s printed label/details are laundered out with only a very faint broad arrow & partial lettering remaining, has all the characteristics of being Australian made with its blued waist buckle, large distinctive plastic epaulette buttons, white metal buttons and darker coloured serge, the Captain must have been of very slight stature as it\'s quite small (approx. 35 inch chest). The BD has suffered slightly from moth damage as there are numerous small holes present but due to the darker coloured serge they don\'t \'\'sing out at you\'\', still displays well. Please study all the images in regards to condition. Sorry UK sale only and no Paypal. Purchaser please contact me for Bank details or alternatively make a cheque payment . Thank you.
Rare Anglo Boer War Saddle Pouches/ Wallets A good strong & supple pair of British made saddle pouches / wallets with the adjoining strap stamped Masons & Sons, QM 1897 Birmingham , WD and Broad arrow. Each pouch approx. 12 1/2 inches long.
Rare Boer War-WW1 Royal Navy Rating\'s Cap (H.M.S. Royal Arthur. 1891-1920) An untouched and rarely encountered Boer war-WW1 period Royal Navy rating's tropical / summer cap with its original, undisturbed ''H.M.S. Royal Arthur.'' silk tally. H.M.S. Royal Arthur was a first class cruiser of the Edgar class and launched in Feb 1891 and saw much service in the Pacific Station, during WW1 was Guardship at Scapa Flow and later a Submarine Depot Ship, broken up in Aug 1920. The cap with its white canvas crown has a low profile which is typical of the period unlike the inter-war and WW2 caps which have a much taller appearance, another early feature is the lack of air vents (eyelets) on the underside of the cap, later models vented, the sweatband is the waxed cotton/linen type and remains in wonderful condition for its age, approx. size 7. The lettering on the silk tally is much tarnished with age and the actual silk now delicate, there are also a few very old insect nips present and the one hole to the front of the tally corresponds with a nip underneath proving this has never been disturbed or added on at a later date. A rare item and in wonderful condition for its age.
Rare British 1945 Dated P44 Tropical (Large) Map Case A rare 44 Pattern tropical no.4 map case & strap made by R.R. Ltd in 1945. The celluloid twin panels are in good condition,faint internal white ink stamp informing user `Keep mosquito repellent off celluloid`. In good used condition with a couple of marks to the front cover + one internal domed popper head missing. A hard to find item and usually priced at £100+.
Rare British Inter-War Machete & Rare Variant Scabbard A rare British Inter-war machete with variant scabbard, of typical military issue construction with its thick leather/composite slab grips that are firmly attached using large copper rivets. The broad 13 1/4 inch long blade is now devoid of any makers mark, they may have been erased over time during cleaning & sharpening, am aware of only two other identical examples and they both bear a \'\'Martindale, Birmingham, England\'\' stamping on the blade, with both leather scabbards being manufactured by \'\'B.H.& G and dated 1932. This scabbard differs to other examples due to being stitched along the outer edge and not down a central seam on the reverse (stitching in good order), possibly an earlier variant, the grip retaining strap is present but now missing a section, there is some hand written lettering in pencil on reverse side but cannot make it out. Please study the images in regards to condition. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, photo I.D will be required before item being despatched, must be over 18 + yrs of age.
Rare Canadian 1899 Oliver Pattern Ammo Pouch (1914) A rarely encountered Canadian 1899 Oliver pattern large ammo pouch manufactured by Hugh Carson of Ottawa in 1914, the Oliver pattern pouch was used by Canadian troops during the Boer war and early WW1 period but was found to be too uncomfortable when fully loaded as held up to 80 rounds. The leatherwork & the stitching are in very good condition, the front of the flap is marked with the letter `C' . What is nice about this item is that it retains a pistol lanyard used as a carrying strap. Size H 6 1/2 x W 6 1/2 inches.
Rare City of London Yeomanry Cavalry Sword (Westminster Dragoons) A rare 1902 pattern 2nd Regiment, City of London Yeomanry Cavalry sword made exclusively for the Westminster Dragoons by Hamburger Rogers & Co of London. The hand bowl & scabbard are marked 2 C.L.Y along with a trooper/ rack number 187, a 34 inch straight blade in good condition apart from a rounded tip & some pitting for approx. 10-12 inches. All exposed metal work ( bowl & pommel etc )now displays an age related darkened finish/ patina with light pitting, the ebonised hardwood grip is in good condition and firm. The scabbard retains its original throat screws and again displays age related wear with light surface rusting. A rare and seldom encountered sword' Sorry Mainland UK Sale Only and Proof of age WILL be required (18+) along with passport ID.
Rare Early RAF North West Frontier \'Fug Boots\' Incredibly rare RAF 'Indian pattern' Fug boots as worn by aircrew flying/patrolling the North West Frontier of India during the 1920's and early 30's. The quilted high legged boots were recently discovered within a trunk during a large house clearance, they laid undisturbed for decades. The woven, quilted uppers do have small areas of moth damage which is shown in the images, the leather shoe sections and thin retaining straps have hardened over time, these straps are now delicate , one of the shoes does have some split stitching, again shown in images, the small buckles have ceased due to rusting, left as found. Even with age related wear and tear they remain an incredibly rare pair of boots and would make a fantastic display item and great conversation piece. This rare pattern of RAF boot can command £1200+ even with light faults & repairs, this pair is priced accordingly. Please study the images & additional images as they are part of the condition report. Sorry UK sale only.
Rare Early WW2 ARP \'First Aid Point\' Enamel Sign A very rare and simply stunning early ARP enamel sign, the images say it all. Large size 27 inches x 9.
Rare Early WW2 RAF Police Desert War / Mediterranean Mk1* Steel Helmet An incredibly rare and fresh to the market British Mk1* helmet as used by the RAF Police in North Africa, the Mediterranean theatre and the Middle East, this untouched specimen with its field applied desert sand coloured finish was originally a WW1 Brodie helmet that was officially re-lined & refurbished prior to the out-break of WW2, the shell was fitted with a size 7 Mk1 (oval pad) liner which bears the makers name \'\'J.Compton Sons & Webb Ltd\'\' and year of manufacture 1938. much crazing present to rexene/oil skin but not brittle, retains its original sprung sided webbing chinstrap. A recently discovered helmet and left as found, still with cobwebs and age old dried bird waste present (very fine splashes) after years of being stored in an outbuilding, does have the appearance of a two-tone camouflage finish or just a build up of dirt after 80 years of exposure, has a great look. Please study all the additional photo\'s in regards to condition, better than the written word. A rare specimen and doubt will see another.
Rare French 2nd Empire Chasseur Officers Shako ( Pre 1860). A rare French 2nd Empire officers shako in original & unrestored condition, the body is constructed from pressed card with a wool felt covering, the peak is made of pressed leather (small split to side edge) along with a leather top crown, detachable pom pom. An officer rank gold braid top band, tin plate silver washed shako plate with pressed tin tricolour cockade, metal gilt finished chinstraps , gilt bosses (Chasseur French horn within circlet). The small leather securing chinstrap is now dry and fragile, original 7 tongue leather liner. Please study photographs in regards to condition, additional photos will be supplied on request. A rare and seldom seen piece of military headwear, great display item.
Rare French 2nd Empire Enlisted Mans Shako ( Pre 1860) A rare French 2nd Empire enlisted mans shako in original & unrestored condition, the body is made from pressed card with a wool felt covering, pressed leather peak (one split to side edge) and a leather top crown ( some light damage/ surface cracks). A pressed brass enlisted mans shako plate , the pressed tin plate cockade now missing, metal gilt washed chinstraps with small leather strap ( now dry ), gilt finished side bosses with star within circlet. Red woven cloth banding to top rim and a green pom pom. Please study photographs in regard to condition, additional photos will be supplied on request. A rare item and great display piece.
Rare Gallipoli `07 Pattern Hook Quillon Bayonet (8th Bn WELSH Regt) Manufactured by Enfield (marked EFD) in 1912 and unit-marked to the 8th Battalion (Pioneers) Welsh Regiment who saw much action during the Dardanelles campaign of WW1, the Battalion was evacuated from Gallipoli in December 1915 and then moved to Helles where they encountered major attacks from Turkish troops, in February 1916 they moved to Mesopotamia where they once again took part in fierce fighting against Ottoman forces especially at the battle of Kut al Amara. The ricasso bears good clear acceptance/inspection stamps with no additional re-issue marks, the pommel is stamped 8 WEL along with the bayonet number 436, the pommel button is in good working order and retains a strong, spring action. The blade is in very good condition with no pitting or issues, the 2nd pattern scabbard with its tear drop frog stud bears a faint 15 (1915) stamp to the blackened leather body , the leatherwork has a few light dings and scuffs along with a repair which is shown in the images. A nice example and marked to a famous Regiment, Battalion. Sorry UK sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (18+)
Rare George III 2nd Lifeguards 1812 Pattern Cavalry Helmet Plate (Waterloo Period) An incredibly rare Peninsular war/ Battle of Waterloo period 2nd Lifeguards 1812 pattern cavalry helmet plate, this helmet removed plate was constructed from Die-stamped brass with a gilt fired finish, this finish now showing some age related wear especially to the high spots. The 2nd Lifeguards was a cavalry regiment of the British army, part of the Household cavalry and famous for their gallantry on the 18th of June 1815 for charging the French Cuirassiers in a significant action which saved the British centre from being overrun. The laurel-leaf decorative border, interlaced GR cypher and oval shaped plaque bearing the embossed title ''2nd Lifeguards'' are in very good order with only a couple of minor perforations, these may be from the time of pressing/stamping as not in areas where rubbing would normally take place, hardly noticeable. The rear of the plate actually has a much darker patina than seen in the images. Please study the images in regards to condition. a wonderful item from the Napoleonic period, a truly superb display piece. Preferred method of payment - Bank transfer, thank you. Sorry UK sale only...
Rare Georgian British Officer\'s 1800 -1812 Stovepipe Shako Plate (Silver-wash Finish) An exceptionally rare Napoleonic period British army officer\'s 1800-12 stovepipe shako plate with a silver-wash finish, most surviving shako plates from this period are plain stamped brass, some even still retain their original gilt finish but never before have I encountered one with a silver-wash finish nor one with a modified rear fixing. The finish has been lost to the high points due to polishing leaving a lovely colour tone to the exposed brass, there are no perforations to the plate apart from the purpose made fixing hole at the top, the rear is in wonderful condition and there is evidence of removed side fixings, possibly prong types to bend over , what is most interesting is the additional centre bracket with two partly swivelling bars that may have passed through some stitched loops to the front of the stovepipe. Please study all images in regards to condition. Sorry UK sale ONLY, sorry NO PAYPAL, purchaser please ask for Bank acc. details or send a cheque. Thank you.
Rare Georgian Royal Regiment (Royal Scots) 1800 - 1812 Shako Plate (Excavated) An extremely rare 1800 - 1812 stovepipe shako plate to the 2nd Battalion (1st) Royal Regiment (as they were known until 1812) later the Royal Scots. This ground dug example is part of a small collection of British Napoleonic period items that were excavated from Fort King George, Fort Granby and Fort James in Tobago, West Indies during the 1970's. The brass plate was found in fragmented form but then pieced back together and glued onto a thick card backing, this was undertaken by the gentleman who discovered them, a person that I knew well. Some loss to the mid-section and head of thistle absent. This plate is proof that the 2nd Btn served in the West Indies as well as the 1st Btn . Even in relic condition it remains a wonderful reminder to the oldest and most senior infantry regiment of the line of the British army. A complete plate would command £1,000+. The other artefacts seen in the additional images are not part of this sale. purely for reference purposes only.
Rare Georgian Royal Regiment (Royal Scots) 1800-1812 Shako Plate (no.3) An extremely rare 1800-1812 stovepipe shako plate to the 1st Battalion (1st) Royal regiment (as they were known until 1812) later the Royal Scots. This ground-dug example is part of a small collection of British Napoleonic period items that were excavated at Fort King George, Fort Granby and Fort James in Tobago, West Indies during the 1970's. The brass plate was found in fragmented form but then pieced back together and glued onto a thick card backing, this was undertaken by the gentleman who discovered them, a person that I knew well. Even in semi-relic form it remains a wonderful reminder to the oldest and most senior infantry regiment of the line of the British army. A complete plate would command £1000 +. The last of the plates being offered for sale, an unbelievably rare item and doubt will ever acquire another. Please also see items 50854 & 50864.
Rare Georgian Royal Regiment(Royal Scots) 1800-1812 Shako Plate (Excavated) No.2 An extremely rare 1800-1812 stovepipe shako plate to the 2nd Battalion (1st) Royal Regiment (as they were known until 1812) later the Royal Scots. This ground-dug example is part of a small collection of British Napoleonic period items that were excavated at Fort King George, Fort Granby and Fort James in Tobago, West Indies during the 1970's. The brass plate was found in fragmented form but then pieced back together (approx. 5 pieces) and glued onto a thick card backing, this was undertaken by the gentleman who discovered them, a person that I knew well. The plate proves that the 2nd Btn served in the West Indies as well as the 1st Btn. Even in semi-relic form it remains a wonderful reminder to the oldest and most senior infantry regiment of the line of the British army. A complete plate would command £1000+. This is the second of three shako plate being offered for sale. Please observe item 50855 for images of the collection. Temporarily on-hold.
Rare Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry Horse Bit (circa 1895-1900) An exceptionally rare and recently discovered late Victorian Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry horse bit. This wonderful example is in good order and has been left as found, un-cleaned, the curved cheeks, shackle bar and low raised port are all solid, with no distortion. The matching gilt on brass cheek bosses bear a Welsh dragon within the full MYC title, some rubbing and loss to the gilt finish. The port is embossed with 'BEST STEEL' , remnants of plating still present. An incredibly rare piece of MYC equipment. Sorry, UK sale only.
Rare Pre-1801 Georgian Officer`s Gorget A rare Georgian officer`s copper gilt gorget engraved with pre-1801 Royal arms and surmounted with the letters G and R, the shoulders engraved with Roman/Grecian style helmet and trophy of arms. This well polished example has lost all of its fire gilding with only minute traces still present near the eyelets, the finely engraved detail to the Royal arms and shoulders has also suffered slightly from 240 years of polishing but is still evident and remains a rare item from the second half of the eighteenth century. On the inside face, the concealed wire former is still present along with the skilled metal workers dimple/hammer marks from time of manufacture, no signs of every having the lead wash paint applied as often the case on very early gorgets. Upon close inspection I noticed a very finely scratched name starting with the initials R.S but the surname is illegible (unable to pick up detail with the camera, extremely fine lettering). Dimensions 95mm x 80mm wide, slightly smaller than the later 1796 universal pattern. Small split on top edge which is common on gorgets, please study images for condition. A rare example of the type being worn by British officer`s during the Revolutionary war and earlier. ON HOLD for K.B
Rare Transitional Anton Wingen Hitler Youth Knife 1938 An exceptional transitional Hitler Youth knife manufactured by Anton Wingen Jr of Solingen, this early etched blade example bears the motto `Blut und Ehre! and the extremely rare transitional period RZM etching (later stamped and relocated to forte) with makers code M7/51 for Wingen 1938. The nickel plating is all present and bright , small bruising to end of pommel but with no loss to finish, good lozenge/diamond with typical slight movement, stunning Bakelite slab grips and held firm by dome rivets. The black painted steel scabbard is also in excellent condition with only a couple of light scratches/marks on rear face, leather hanging loop again in wonderful condition, internal cotton faced spring remains strong. The best example that I have encountered and a rare type. A good investment piece. Free postage. Sorry UK sale ONLY, proof of age will be required (18+)
Rare Victorian Durham Light Infantry Officers Bullion forage cap badge,collar badges & Gilt buttons Rare Bullion group to an Victorian Officer in the DLI consisting of his Bullion Forage cap badge 50mm x 45mm,a matching pair of tall Bullion collar badges 42mm x 42mm, 4 Bullion pips,5 QVC 26mm Gilt buttons,1 KC 26mm button, 23 19mm QVC Gilt buttons. Buttons made by Firmin & Co and Pitt & Co of London.
Rare Victorian Herefordshire Militia Porcelain Compote Dish An incredibly rare early/mid-Victorian Herefordshire Militia porcelain compote made by Copeland, in wonderful solid condition with no chips or cracks, nicely stamped & numbered to the underside of the pedestal and in typical Copeland style, what is most interesting is the missing letter ''d'' to ''Copeland'', possibly purchased as slight seconds, a money saving option for the volunteer's as a complete set of officer's mess dinner service in grade 1 condition would be very expensive to acquire, there's also a slight distortion present when eyeing across the top of the dish along with a couple of very minor blemishes in the glaze. The gilt and green décor to the outer edges does have some slight wear in places especially on the handles. A wonderful looking item and rarely encountered. Measures 10 3/4 inches across from handle to handle, 3 3/4'' high. Sorry, but due to the nature of the material used this item will be for sale in the UK only.
Rare Victorian Militia Artillery Officer\'s Side Cap A rare Militia Artillery officer's side cap with wonderful gilt Vic crown Royal Artillery buttons and an excellent bullion flaming grenade with large white metal (possibly silver) centrally mounted 'M'. The cap has a black crown with gilt piping, along with a black body & curtain, the liner appears to be Moroccan leather but has suffered over time from surface moth nibbling. There is some external moth damage present, all shown in the images so please study as they are part of the condition report. A good size cap and priced below its true value, approx.7 1/8th. RESERVED for T.M
Rare Victorian Saddle Pouches/ Wallets Rare and seldom seen Victorian leather saddle pouches / wallets which are in good used condition, there is some damage to the edging on one of the flaps along with some split stitching to one side of bellows ( shown in photos). Still with its original cloth lining which has some wear & tear issues. Length of each pouch approx. 11 1/2 inches. Very rare item.
Rare Wilkinson 1879P Martini Henry Artillery Carbine Saw Back Bayonet A very pleasing and rare example of the Martini Henry Artillery carbine saw back bayonet manufactured by Wilkinson of London. The main contractor/ supplier to the War Department was Enfield with an approximate figure of 60,000+ leaving the factory but during the 1890`s a contract was given to Wilkinson who produced a low figure of approximately 2000 bayonets. The blade is in very good condition and now displays an age related patina, a few small nicks to edge, the ricasso bears good clear WD acceptance marks along with an issue date of 3/94. The leather chequered grips are firm and not worn smooth like so many other bayonets from this period, pommel stamped with a rack number 83. A very rare and highly sought after bayonet. Sorry Mainland UK sales ONLY , photo ID will be required before item being dispatched, must be over 18+ yrs of age.
Rare WW1 MK1 Kukri A rare MK1 (1903 - 1915) Ordnance issued Kukri with a heavy gauge 13 3/4 inch blade, the blade bears small and now faint letter stampings Co I along with numbers, this may possibly be for the Cossipore Arsenal. Typical MK1 wooden handle/grip with tang passing through and firmly held with sunken nut, some loss/ chips to woodwork. Blade with age related patination and staining, scabbard missing. Sorry UK Sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (18+).
Rare WW1 German 84/98 Pattern Bayonet (Move-Werk, Square Fullers,1915 only) A rare variant of the Imperial German 2nd type 84/98 pattern bayonet that was in production for only one year that being 1915, this untouched example bears the makers name Walter & Co along with the rarely encountered Move-Werk stamping. This limited production run by the above mentioned maker has the unique feature of having square fullers and the round cleaning hole in the grips. The 10 inch blade which is dated 15 (1915) on the spine is in very good order along with the walnut grips, the flash guard has some light indentation due to being used to knock things in (commonly seen), the steel scabbard is free from dents and retains it throat screw, the pommels press stud is now solid but may just require some oiling. This most pleasing bayonet retains its original brown leather frog and Troddel/Knot with both items now displaying lovely age related wear ( one strap broken), the one side of the frog has split stitches but held firmly together by the metal rivet. A nice bring back item and a rare bayonet. Sorry UK sale only and must be over 21 years of age. Please forward age related ID when placing order (will not be dispatched without proof of age) , many thanks.
Rare WW1 German Officers Water bottle( Leather Cover) 182 Regt A Rare Imperial German aluminium 07 pattern water bottle/ feldflasche with leather covering, these leather covered water bottles are very seldom encountered and are often described as Officer issue. The mouth of the bottle has been stamped with 182 R being the 182 Infantry Regiment ( 16th Royal Saxon ) who were raised at Freiberg ( garrison) in 1912 and later saw action at Marne, Aisne, Champagne, Flanders, Somme. The leatherwork is in very good condition considering the daily use that it would have received, there is wear / weakness to the small hanging strap where attached to the body, good working clip with typical cross hatching detail. Top of lid with faint Imperial crown & numbering , a rare item.
Rare WW1 Period British Brown Cotton Drill Coverall Trousers A fresh to the market and interesting pair of WW1 era Brown cotton drill coverall trousers which still retains much of the original paper sizing ticket. The high fish tail backed trousers are in good used condition and retain good strong colour, does appear slightly lighter in a couple of photographs . There is a later applied War department acceptance stamp (unknown early one) along with a Royal Fusiliers 7 digit service number which I believe to be roughly around the 1926/7 period, During the inter-war period Officer`s wore brown coverall clothing but this pair appears to be much earlier due to paper sizing ticket (unfortunately date missing), brass buttons for brace attachment, two slash pocket openings, some stains and dirt/paint marks present. Waist size 31-33 inches x height 5`7 inches-5`8 inches , does appear longer in the leg than stated on ticket. Part of uniform group from one family (Yates) who served as officer`s during WW1 & WW2, I have not researched the service number in depth to find out whether worn by a member of the Yates family and served in the Royal Fusiliers.
Rare WW1 Royal Navy Officer`s Class 1 Jacket,Waistcoat & Cap A rare WW1 Royal navy Chief Petty / Warrant Officer`s class 1 jacket, waistcoat & short peaked cap that were all tailored by the same maker G.Miller & Son. The dark navy blue jacket (long jacket) is devoid of any insignia which would have been three buttons on each cuff as indicated by the stitched eyelets, the front buttons have also been removed and again leaving the stitched eyelets exposed, there are some (approx.6) small moth holes/nips present to the lower front but don`t stand out. The liner is in good order but may require the odd stitch/tack here and there but generally good, The size 7 cap is also in very good condition and again devoid of its band & badge, lovely makers details displayed on the silk liner. The original waistcoat is also missing all of its buttons exposing the neatly stitched eyelets. With little effort this group could be transformed back to its former glory and then become a fantastic display piece. A very rare find.
Rare WW2 British Field Telephones Type M1 A rare pair of WW2 British issue field telephones that were manufactured by STC (Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd) of London, the company ceased all civilian production for the duration of the war. The factory took a direct hit during a Luftwaffe bombing raid but managed to get back to full production in a short period of time. The handsets are fresh to the collecting world and remain in untouched condition, the green painted bodies with hinged mouthpieces do have some loss of finish and some very light surface rust bleeding through the paintwork. The speak and morse signalling buttons still compress but are not tested, the back plates are removable and reveal the original printed wiring layout . A rarely encountered field telephone. .
Rare WW2 British SOE Penknife with Tyre Slasher Blade An Original Wartime Special Operations Executives Knife with tyre slasher blade,the blade is clear of any makers name as should be when on clandestine operations,the locking mechanism works well but the main blade spring is now very weak and blade also shows signs of being sharpened and slightly shortened. The tyre slasher blade spring is in working order,blade shows signs of sharpening. The Chequered slab grips are firm and also in good order ,lanyard loop present. Rarely found item. UK sale only and 18+ years of age
Rare WW2 Plastic/Economy Timber Corps (WLA) Badge A rare plastic Timber Corps beret badge made by Stanley & Sons,Walsall, with brass lugs still intact.
Rare WW2 RAF 1943 Pattern \'\'Escape Boot\'\' Folding Knife Rare and highly sought after \'\'escape boot\'\' folding knife. These small knives of basic construction would have been concealed within a purpose made pocket inside the suede upper of the 1943 pattern flying boot, used for removing the upper section so to create a more civilian look making it less obvious that you\'re an airmen trying to evade capture in enemy held territory. The knives were manufactured in two sizes, this example being the larger size with its correct 6cm long blued steel blade and sheep\'s foot profile. This is a rare example as it has the nickel/white metal type folded body, the ones with the black painted steel body were more common but these were prone to rust and seize, there was also a folded brass version made which are now extremely rare. Now one of the most difficult of WW2 knives to acquire. Bank transfer preferred, please contact for details. SORRY UK MAINLAND SALE ONLY, must be over 18 yrs, photo I.D is required (passport/driving license) . RESERVED for B.E
Rare WW2 Un-issued US M-1 Helmet (Front Seam) From my own collection, I acquired this mint condition front seamed swivel bale M-1 helmet back in 1997 after a crate full were discovered in military storage within the US, they were quickly snapped up by collectors hence one ended up in my possession. The front seamed outer shell retains all its factory applied cork/rough texture OD paint finish along with the smooth internal coating, the heat number 1072B is just visible and places this pots manufacture to around November 1944 just prior to moving the seam to the rear, there is no elongated letter S stamp present so assume must still be a McCord made pot. The webbing chinstrap is OD7 colour with an early style raised bar buckle & hook fastener that are coated with a rust inhibitor proving that this helmet was a transitional model. The high pressure plastic liner which bears a faint Westinghouse stamp is simply stunning with all original components present such as a Dandy Inc sweatband, George Frost nape band and original leather chin strap, a few of the steel A washers which are non paint coated have very slight surface oxidation which could be removed, the outer surface of plastic liner shell has never been painted and remains just like it had left the pressure mould. Original protective paper still sandwiched between shell & liner. A wonderful item and a good investment for the future.
Rare WW2 US M3 Fighting Knife, Blade Dated A rare example of the early pattern M3 fighting knife with dated blade, made by Case (W.R.Case & Sons) who produced a total of 300,465 knives (all variants) between 1943-45. Good firm blade with an age related patina, leather washer constructed grip ( still tight/ no movement), slight play in cross guard which is very common on M3's due to leather shrinkage, pommel stamped with small ordnance mark (bomb). The knife is sheathed in an early M6 leather scabbard made by Milsco which is also dated 1943. Now a rarely encountered pattern and a good investment piece. Sorry Mainland UK Sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (18+). Please note that this item can only be dispatched after receiving passport ID.
Rare WWII British Commando / Army Snow Shoes A rare pair of WWII British Commando / Mountain troops snow shoes with one of the ash wood ski`s bearing a faint broad arrow mark and manufacturers code. All webbing straps are present but now with some age related rust marks/stains, one buckle has some light surface rusting but could be improved. There has been a repair undertaken to the rear corner of one ski but neatly done and not noticeable from top face. Overall length 30 1/2 inches. Have seen other examples sell between £225 - £250. Perfect for a special operations display.
Rare WWII Salop Rural A.R.P Armband A rare Salop (Shropshire) Rural A.R.P cotton armband that was part of a small bundle of six that were found still bound together with cord, this printed example bears some light staining and is slightly grubby but still remains a highly sort after item. One other is also available for sale (last one) but does bear more dirt marks than the one described above.
Respirator Anti Dimming MKV 1938 Untouched example - still with contents.
Royal Armoured Corps Brass Buttons x 15 A total of 15 RAC brass uniform removed buttons made by ''Service Supply Ltd'' of London. 8 x 25mm dia. 7 x 19mm dia.
Royal Cornwall Militia Brass Button Slider An early slider with service number, RCM and year 77 ( 1877)
RWF Lieutenant Colonel`s 49 Pattern BD & Trousers (Provenance) An excellent condition tailored 49 pattern BD ( with concealed buttons like 37 pattern) worn by Lieutenant Colonel L.H.Yates Royal Welch Fusiliers. Yates was commissioned in January 1930 to the 1st battalion RWF, after a period of home service he was posted to Hong Kong and Khartoum, in late September 1939 he transferred to 7th RWF , Northern Europe 1944-45 and served again post war during the Malaya emergency ( 50 RWF) The BD is typical officer`s grade with tailored collar and silk/rayon liner, bronze collar dogs (he transferred these from his wartime SD which is also listed, code 50604) and silk RWF black neck flash present. Couple of small moth nips but hardly noticeable. The trousers are also in very good condition apart from a very small area of moth damage to one leg (shown in photo`s) Chest approx. 36 inch, Trouser waist approx. 30 x 31 leg.
RWF Officer`s Warm Weather No.3 Dress Jacket (Commisioned 1930) An excellent condition warm weather no.3 dress jacket that was worn by Lt. Colonel Lewis Henry Yates Royal Welch Fusiliers. Yates was commissioned in 1930, joined 1st Battalion RWF in 1931, later posted with the regiment to the Sudan & the Far East before returning to Britain in the late 1930`s . During late September 1939 he was transferred to the 7th Battalion RWF (most of his friends and fellow officer`s from the 1st would later be killed at Dunkirk) and later saw action in N.W.Europe. During his post-war service he was once again sent to the Far East and played an important role during the Malayan emergency and was awarded the military division O.B.E in October 1956, he remained on the reserve list well into the 1960`s. The white cotton drill jacket is in wonderful condition and remains bright white (has received a light hand wash due to having storage & dust marks, now all removed) , all original detachable buttons & insignia are present apart from collar dogs, belt loops to rear. Chest approx. 38 inch Collar approx. 15 inch Shoulder to cuff 24 1/2 inches.
Sam Browne Ammo Pouch An un - dated example in good condition, one very small nick out of edge of flap.
Sam Browne Ammo Pouch An undated example in good condition.
Sam Browne Belt,Holster and Ammo Pouch A good clean set ,un-dated and non-maker marked. Possibly Inter-War.
Sam Browne Leather Pistol Ammo Pouch Variant An un - dated variant in good condition.
Sam Browne Map Case A large size Sam Browne variant map case that remains in good firm condition and also retains an excellent celluloid inner screen, all original poppers are present and working. The canvas type covering does have some minor age related dirt marks etc but still remains a nice display piece. Size 15 inch x 10 1/2 inch.
Sam Browne Variant Leather Holster An excellent condition Sam Browne variant leather holster for a Webley type revolver, this non-maker marked example has the early style rear tongue with brass stud used for securing the holster in position whilst fitted on the SB belt. What is slightly different on this variant is the double brass D - rings giving the wearer the option of having it waist or shoulder slung. All stitching is in wonderful condition and even has the steel split pin type rivets for additional strength, the type often seen on WW1 whistle tabs, difficult to give an exact date but guessing Inter-war period.
Scarce 1870 Franco-Prussian War Grape Shot Candle Holder (Bombardment of Stasbourg) A delightful and somewhat scare candle holder constructed from grape shot used during the siege of Strasbourg between the 15th of August and the 27th September 1870. Prussian forces under General August Von Werder relentlessly bombarded Strasbourg resulting in French surrender of the fortress on the 28th September. A solid & heavy little item, some light pitting to the surface of the shot as seen in the images. Overall height including marble plinth 90mm.
Scarce 1871 Royal Navy Cutlass Bayonet A scarce model 1871 Royal Navy cutlass bayonet for the Martini Henry rifle, this example has a 25 3/4 inch long straight unfullered blade which now bears a deep age related patina. The forte is marked with the letter `N' denoting naval issue as well as a faint WD acceptance stamp + an issue date of 1/80, the leather chequered grips in good order and remain firm. All metalwork now with light pepper pitting and some polished areas. SORRY MAINLAND UK SALES ONLY, photo ID (driving license/passport etc) will be required before item being dispatched, must be 18+ yrs of age.
Scarce 1906 Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Stirrups + Straps A scarce pair of 1906 dated military stirrups with various markings. This pair was found in Welshpool, Mid-Wales where from 1908 became the Headquarters of C company the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry ,1 stirrup stamped HQ with small T(territorial) and no.3 ( C company) . Leather straps present and still firm, couple of old repairs and cracks but good for age.
Scarce 1920`s Other Ranks No.2 Khaki Drill Frock Jacket A scarce inter-war issued other ranks no.2 khaki drill jacket with rise & fall collar, double brass hook & eye fixing, single under collar pleats, false pointed cuffs and stitched eyelets for easy button removal. The label is intact and states the maker as Thomas Briggs Ltd (London). Size 6 H5`5 - 5`6 38-39 chest, brass shoulder titles now removed. light marks to one pocket, in good used condition.
Scarce 1927 British Indian Army Compass (Named) A/F A lovely 1927 dated British Indian army compass that bears the name of the original owner Amersing, Jemadar (platoon commander). The non-maker marked compass is in wonderful condition and retains much of its original paint finish, sadly the card/dial does not rotate freely within the liquid filled housing and there is a slight wobble present, central pivotal pin may be loose or wear to the pin housing , this may be easily corrected but left as found. The leather case is a wonderful looking example and bears a clear Indian army ordnance stamp along with the year date 1927. Even with its card/dial fault this still remains a scarce Indian issue compass. Sorry Mainland UK only.
Scarce 1939 ARP Clasp Knife A scarce 1939 dated ARP clasp knife manufactured by George Gill & Sons of Sheffield, production of this variant ceased in 1939. 60mm long cutting edge and showing signs of sharpening, good springs on blade & marlin spike. Sorry UK sale Only & proof of age will be required (18+).
Scarce 1939 British Aluminium Mess Tin A/F This single mess tin is the larger one to the set measuring 180mm x 132mm (internal size) and is in very good order apart from missing its wire handle, good straight sides and no perforations. Not a set, single only.
Scarce 1939 Outbreak of Hostilites Documents Booklet A scarce 1939 publication with 195 pages documenting the deterioration of negotiations between Germany and Poland prior to Great Britain declaring war on Germany on the 3rd of September. The booklet comprises of translated speeches given in the Reichstag by Herr Hitler, notes and correspondence between Neville Chamberlain, Viscount Halifax, the Polish government and various heads of state. The booklet has some light age related wear and marks along with numerous turned corners to the pages. 9 1/2 inches x 6
Scarce 1943 'Operations in Snow'- Training Pamphlet No. 62
Scarce 1943 Mk1 Royal Armoured Corps Steel Helmet A most pleasing and totally original Mark 1 RAC steel helmet retaining much of its factory-applied textured paint finish and wartime fitted camouflage net, this early variant has the bolt-through liner fixing and is totally undisturbed, there are remnants of unit flashes to both sides of the shell. The liners cradle is stamped BMB (Briggs Motor Company) and dated 1943, the rexene tongues are not damaged but slightly dry with age as are most found today, the shell has a couple of areas of light surface rusting/paint loss from where its been stored on its side for decades but remains solid. A most desirable helmet and how I like to find them, totally untouched.
Scarce 1945 Tropical Large Capacity Water Carrier A scarce British 1st pattern Tropical large capacity water carrier with the earlier Bakelite screw top, made by W&G in 1945 and originally produced for Airborne forces. Complete and in good condition apart from minor dirt marks. Diameter- 13 inches.
Scarce 19th Century Child`s Prussian Model 1852 Sword (Named) An interesting and scarce Victorian period child`s sword in the form of a Prussian Model 1852 cavalry trooper`s sabel (sabre) The 21 inch long blade is etched with a VR cypher, foliage, knight with shield, fouled anchor and various other designs but most importantly the young English boys name for whom it was commissioned 'Arthur Thomas Etheridge', un-researched. The Forte bears the German maker's name Weyersburg, Kirschbaum & Co of Solingen. The fish skin grip is in good order but the twisted wire binding is missing in places, the steel knuckle guard is in good solid condition with no movement, now with an age related patina. Originally the blade was plated but now with much loss, rounded tip for safety purposes, scabbard absent. Please study images as part of condition report. Sorry Mainland UK Sale ONLY, Photo ID will be required before being despatched, must be over 18 years of age.
Scarce Boer War / WW1 Mounted Officers Water Bottle A Scarce Boer war / WW1 example with its original khaki wool covering still in good condition ( couple of holes to one side near lugs), the leather strap with brass dog clips is also in good order. There is a period done repair to lower edge of cover ( stitch work ). A very nice item.
Scarce Boer War / WW1 Officers Saddle Wallets + Rare Cover A splendid pair of British/Canadian Officers leather saddle wallets with an additional protective top cover. A non-maker marked pair in excellent used condition and still quite supple considering the age, one of the long straps( one with eyelet holes) has a partial break close to wallet but easily repairable + couple of split stitches on one edge of flap. A scarce item but rarely seen & found with the extra protective cover. Will be despatched via the Royal mail/Parcel force.
Scarce Boer War Cavalry/Mounted Troops Spurs A scarce slightly non-matching pair of spurs both with broad arrow stamps and one possibly being Canadian issue. The Canadian spur marked with I.Whey C&M 1901,the other stamped with I.Fron C&M 1902. Metal work now with age related rusting/pitting but should clean ,one buckle missing. Rare to see Boer war spurs.
Scarce British 08/1914 Pattern Large Webbing Pack An excellent condition and now scarce 1914 pattern 3rd issue large pack that retains good colour (not faded), all early style buckles present, unable to make out date stamp. A wonderful example with just a few very minor tags/pulls.
Scarce British 1903 Pattern Bayonet (7th Batt Royal Fusiliers) A scarce attic found 1903 pattern bayonet bearing unit markings to the 7th Battalion (Extra Reserve) Royal Fusiliers whom landed at Le Havre on the 24th July 1916, then joined 190th Brigade, 63rd (Royal Naval) Division. The ricasso bears the makers name of Sanderson along with various acceptance marks etc, the scabbard is in good untouched condition with all stitching intact. A fresh to the market example and recently discovered in an attic. SORRY MAINLAND UK SALE ONLY & Proof of age will be required, photo ID (18+).
Scarce Cold War \'Mickey Mouse` Child\'s Gas Mask (Dated 1953) A scarce 1953 dated British made `Mickey Mouse\' child\'s respirator. The rubber face piece remains very pliable with no damage, the manufacturers name and production date is moulded in the rubber (Avon 1/53), also present is an acceptance ink stamp for Feb 1953. The blue harness is complete and also in good order. The alloy eye pieces are clearly marked 12/1952, glass lens intact and clear. The blue filter/canister is in very clean condition with no rusting, the cardboard box is well used, still with its original hanging strap. Over the years I have acquired many WW2 examples but never any from the Korean war, early \'Cold War\' era. Only requires a wipe clean, left as found. For display only, Sorry UK sale only.
Scarce Denbighshire Hussars Imperial Yeomanry Spurs A scarce and fresh to the market pair of Boer war period Denbighshire Hussars Imperial Yeomanry spurs dating from 1900 to 1908. The DHIY saw active service during the Boer war where they earned their first battle honour. The leather straps remain supple but now with age related surface cracks, the white metal spurs are intact and just require a polishing, left as found.
Scarce Early Vietnam War US Parachutist\'s Weapon\'s & Individual Equipment Harness A scarce 1965 dated US parachute harness used for carrying/dropping the paratrooper's individual equipment such as radio or heavier crew served weapon's etc. In good used condition and retains good strong colour, also evident is a good bold ink contract stamping, working pull release knob. All straps & buckles appear to be present, one strap has small area of damage (possibly a mouse), shown in images, odd dirt mark here and there but generally very good condition, requires a light airing as been stored for many years. Harness only, no chute. Please see additional images. Will be dispatched via Parcel force. Sorry UK sale only.
Scarce Early WW2 ARP 68A Austerity Pattern Beret A scarce and well used early wartime ARP 68A Austerity pattern beret of multi-piece construction, first introduced in July 1941 and continued to be worn throughout the war years. Even with some surface wear to the dark blue serge wool this early pattern beret remains a very desirable item of Civil Defence headwear. Internally, the black cotton liner has a slight sheen to it suggesting that the wearer used some form of hair oil, this may have assisted in removing the makers stampings but the ARP 68A is still just about discernible, my guess is that the maker was L.Silberston & sons, a known manufacturer of this type of beret. Pinned to the front is a solid silver 1938 London hallmarked ARP badge (Ladies badge, not lapel), approx.size of beret 6 3/4. Please study the images in regards to condition. Will be dispatched special delivery within the UK.
Scarce Early WW2 British Entrenching Tool A nice example of an early WW2 British entrenching tool bearing a broad arrow stamp & 1940 date, still with remnants of its original silver coloured base paint. Adopted with the 37 pattern webbing and phased out in early 1941. Sorry UK sale only.
Scarce Early WW2 Ladies Respirator Carrying Case & Gasmask An excellent condition 1939 dated small size civilian respirator with a very pliable rubber face mask, the bottom of the filter with some very light rusting/staining but would improve with light cleaning. The gas mask is housed in its scarce ladies carrying case/bag with a zip opening, zip in working order. The case/bag has some light age related stiffness and slight surface cracking especially where the strap is attached to main body but no issues with the underlying material. Internal cardboard liner still present. Left as found so a little dusty.
Scarce Early WWII British Entrenching Tool A scarce 1940 dated entrenching tool being the pattern used by the BEF in France & Belgium during 1939-40. This untouched example bears the makers name John Perks along with a small broadarrow, some light pitting to blade.
Scarce Edwardian-WW1 Shropshire Constabulary/Police Tunic (Named & Dated) A most scarce Shropshire Constabulary tunic that was issued to a Constable James Price in 1907, the tunic still retains its original paper label bearing his handwritten name and size measurements, the King\'s crown brass buttons & collar numbers are all in excellent condition, the deep navy blue Melton wool fabric retains very good colour with little fading (photos taken in bright sunlight, much darker than shown), rank/service chevron now tarnished. A very smart looking tunic and in very good condition for its age, there is moth tracking/grazing present in numerous places which is not uncommon to uniforms made of this wool fabric, still very presentable, three moth holes present approx.4mm dia. one on top of shoulder, two on lower front skirt but one is hidden when buttoned up, all easily repaired but best to mention, liner in very good order. Whilst researching this pattern of tunic I came across some excellent photos taken in 1922 of the Edinburgh City police all still wearing this style of tunic and all proudly wearing their WW1 medal trio\'s. Chest measurement approx. 37-38 inches. A wonderful addition to a WW1 Home Front display.
Scarce French M15 / M26 Helmet Leather Liner A rare opportunity to acquire an original leather liner for a French M15 / M26 Adrian helmet. This black leather liner is the 2nd Model with 6 tongues and in a good large size 59 (approx. 7 1/4). Even though this is a well worn looking liner it remains surprisingly supple and with a little amount of work/leather food could be improved or left as seen, there is evidence of some old insect infestation/holes on the upturned rim but no major damage. The stitching attaching the tongues remains in good order with no breaks. Leather part only, felt outer band now absent.
Scarce George VI Inter-War/ WW2 Period RAF Officer\'s Sword A scarce Inter-war/ WW2 period 1925 pattern Royal Air Force officer's ceremonial sword. I am led to believe that this George VI non-maker marked example was one of the swords that were supplied directly to the Air Ministry from the Wilkinson sword company and not through their private purchase retail stores or other military outfitters they supplied. According to John Wilkinson-Latham's 1971 publication 'British Cut & Thrust Weapons` he states that RAF warrant officer's carried the same weapon as their officer's when on parade, he also stated that unlike the British army RAF officer's were not required to provide their own swords, swords were held at unit headquarters and issued as required. The straight 32 inch etched blade has much staining from old surface peppering due to missing its scabbard, the etchings of foliage, scrolls and RAF crowned eagle are still evident, no edge to blade, thrust point only. The brass fret-work guard bears the cypher of King George VI as well as a raised cartouche with the crowned RAF eagle logo, little of the gilt finish remains, slight indentation to edge of guard but this could easily be corrected, very minor rattle to hilt. The fish skin grip is in very good order but now missing its twisted wire binding, the large brass eagle head pommel that incorporates the back piece is simply wonderful, exceptional detail. Please study the images as they form part of the description in regards to condition. Even with a few minor faults this remains a scarce sword, good examples command £1000 + and if attributed to an officer up to £2000 . Sorry Mainland UK sale ONLY, Photo ID will be required before item will be despatched, over 18 yrs only.
Scarce Historical Record of the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry 1909-1919 A very scarce record of the MY printed by Caxton press in 1926,the book was compiled by Colonel R.W.William Wynn C.B D.S.O and Major W.N.Stable M.C, A fantastic reference covering all aspects from home duties to campaigns overseas including Egypt,Palestine,France and finishing with Demobilisation. Colonel William Wynn wrote two volumes on the history of the MY and this book is a Vol II . 185 pages with B/W plates and three fold out maps. Condition- cover good with minor dents to edge of spine and one crease to lower front corner but firm / no movement. Light foxing to couple of back pages and exposed ends. Rarely seen on market.
Scarce Indian-Made Inter-War/ WW2 Southern Provinces Mounted Rifles Side Cap A most pleasing and scarce Indian-made Southern Provinces Mounted Rifles side cap from the inter-war / WW2 period. The cap is in excellent condition and free from any moth / Infestation damage, it also retains its original S.P.M.R white metal buttons and quality made sand cast badge (with horn/bugle facing correct way for this unit), it would appear that the original owner wrongly positioned the cap badge and then relocated it to its current and correct position leaving two small holes but these are hardly noticeable, the distance between lugs matches perfectly so done in error and not a later added badge. The liner is also in good order and retains its original size tab this being a good size 7 1/8th. The S.P.M.R were part of the AFI (Auxiliary Forces India) cavalry and were dis-banded in 1947.
Scarce Inert .55 Armour Piercing Boys Anti-Tank Rounds Scarce Inert .55 Mark II armour piercing anti-tank rounds. All stamped K4(Kynoch) WII and dated 1942 with the stripper clip dated 1940. No licence required to possess inert ordnance within the UK if held in a collection/display. Sorry UK sale only and proof of age required (over 18+).
Scarce Inert WW1 British No.16 (Lemon) Grenade. Inert WW1 British No.16 Grenade commonly known as the Lemon grenade due to its oval shape,smooth cast body with makers initials L&W with a 15 (year date) in raised relief. Complete with brass end screw cap and inert fuse,saw very limited use due to fuse issues. Good condition of a now scarce item. UK Sale only.
Scarce Inter- War French Army Requistion Armband 1922 A scarce French military requisition armband dated 17.11.1922 and issued from the Merville area.
Scarce Interwar Australian (Lithgow)07 Bayonet 1921 Scarce Interwar Lithgow 07 bayonet dated December 1921 with earlier style proof stamps etc,good clean blade apart from the first 3 inches from the tip were it appearsto have either been heated or stuck in the ground as now left with slight pitting and loss of bluing. Wooden grips are in good order with their original un-messed with fixing bolts,pommel release catch also in working order but as with all exposed metal work on the bayonet now showing light pitting. Bayonet comes with an 1943 dated scabbard which I suspect is a more recent marriage. A hard to find early post WW1 bayonet. UK sale and 18+ years of age only
Scarce Late Victorian/ Edwardian Militia Officer`s Letter \'M` Collar Badges A scarce original pair of brass militia officer`s letter 'M` collar badges from the late Victorian early Edwardian period. The pair that measure 11mm wide x 13mm high are fresh to the market and were part of a uniform removed group that included late Victorian officer`s buttons and pips. Original territorial 'T` collar badges are difficult to find but militia 'M`s almost impossible. The images of militia officer`s are for reference only and also to confirm that the letter 'M`s are the correct size for the period.
Scarce Londonderry R.G.A Officer\'s Home Service Helmet Transit Tin (Boer War Officer) An untouched, all original Home Service helmet transit tin named to a Captain Richard Grainger Denis O\'Callaghan of the Londonderry Royal Garrison Artillery, according to his military records O\'Callaghan served with the 4th Bn East Surrey Regt & 6th Dragoons during the Boer war, then with the R.G.A until 1909, after this date he was R.A (special reserve) through to the end of the Great War. The tin still retains much of its original paint finish along with a working catch (very often broken), a nice condition tin with some commonly found light dings and scratches. Sorry UK sale only.
Scarce Militia/ Yeomanry Sam Browne Belt with Frog (White Metal) Scarce Officers Sam Browne +sword frog with white metal fittings associated with Militia and Yeomanry Battalions. Made by Wilkinsons, Pall Mall, London. Good supple condition with light surface crazing to all external faces.
Scarce Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1871 Pattern Dress Helmet A scarce and fresh to the market 1871 pattern Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry trooper`s white metal dress helmet, this pattern was first introduced to the regiment in 1882 and remained unchanged until 1902 when only the wording/title on the badge was altered from Yeomanry to Imperial, the MIC saw active service during the 2nd Boer War. The helmet has been left as found and is now missing its horsehair plume (replacements still obtainable), the white metal skull is in good order apart from some light crimping especially to the edge of the front peak which is quite common on this pattern helmet, the star shaped front badge bears the Welsh dragon and early title of MYC and remains in excellent condition. There is a very slight forward lean to the spike but this would not be noticeable when plume is fitted, the original leather liner is present but now showing age related wear, all external fittings are present being the rose head bosses, acanthus leaf decoration and interlinked chain chin strap with leather protective lining (unattached stitching in places, again common on these helmets). I have encountered a few of these helmets over the years and it would appear that they were made in three different sizes, this one being a smaller example. A quick polish and a plume would transform this helmet into a wonderful display piece and especially when it is from a highly sought after regiment. Please study images as they are part of the description.
Scarce Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry Trooper\'s 1871 Pattern Dress Helmet A most pleasing, all original 1871 pattern cavalry trooper's white metal dress helmet badged to the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry, this pattern helmet was first introduced to the regiment in 1882 and originally worn without a plume but this was adopted a few years later. The skull is in wonderful condition, some very minor edge crimping to the peak which is very common on this pattern of helmet, all the acanthus leaf trim remains in excellent condition, top ball & spike also in good order, still with its original plume . The helmet plate with central Welsh dragon (actually a griffin being half eagle, half lion) is superb with very good detail and seated lovely to the main skull/body, all other fittings are present even the leather backing on the chin scales. The leather liner is all correct and also in very good order. A truly stunning un-messed with example. Additional images to view. Overseas customers please contact me in regards to postage /shipping costs etc.
Scarce Palestine War Intelligence Corps/1st Armoured Uniform & Ephemera Group A superb and scarce Palestine war (1945-48) uniform & ephemera group that belonged to 14132919 Sergeant Thompson D.R. 55 Field Security Section, Intelligence Corps / 1st Armoured Division who served in this highly dangerous and volatile region where over 330 British servicemen died. This stunning group consists of two 1945 dated Canadian made BD's ( 1 x best walking out and 1 x duty worn), one pair of 1945 dated Canadian made BD trousers bearing Sgt Thompson's service number . A leather bound & sandal wood framed photo album (made in Palestine) containing numerous images of Sgt Thompson relaxing off duty in Italy (1947), on board a troop ship leaving Venice on route to Egypt/Palestine, at camp in the region, whilst out on patrol and various other photos of local inhabitants. His AB64 which records his weapons training and medal entitlement being the Defence medal & GSM Palestine, also inside are various photo's from home, army friends, ship berthing cards and a scarce field pass to enter a civilian labour camp whilst on duty. A leather wallet containing old school photo's, his ATC cadet gliding & flying log dated 43 recording flying hours in Anson, Oxford and Stirling aircraft. 2 x framed (glass) studio shots of Thompson along with other unframed photos, old comrade magazines & reports from the early 1950's. Condition of uniforms - the walking out BD is in excellent condition apart from a couple of light moth nips on the pocket which are hardly noticeable, the original period applied insignia is free from any damage and remains very clean, the other BD has light service wear and a couple of small moth holes to one sleeve but this does not detract from the overall excellent condition, a single 1st Armoured patch (only 1 used and seen in small photo's) and a removed Intelligence Corps shoulder title which was found in the pocket, shadow left on BD where once attached. The trousers are also very clean and show little sign of wear but do have some light mothing in the crotch area and on the leg but again hardly noticeable. Rarely do you encounter named Palestine war related uniform & ephemera and especially to the Intelligence Corps who were blamed for not fully understanding the severity of the situation, a most interesting group especially now when there is a growing interest in this vicious, under reported (hush hush) war. Please note that this group will be dispatched via the Royal mail due to having glass items. ON HOLD.
Scarce Panzer / Armoured Krim Shield An Original and scarce Panzer / Armoured Krim shield with its black woollen backing still intact ( few moth nips / minor holes) , metal backing plate held in place with two remaining pins. A nice tunic removed item.
Scarce Prussian 1889M (Iron Hilted) Infantry Officers Sword A very pleasing and seldom encountered Iron hilted (War service) 1889m Infantry Officers sword/degen manufactured by WKC, the iron hilt has a black japanned paintwork finish which matches the all metal scabbard. The folding knuckle guard bearing the Prussian eagle is in good working order with very minor paint wear, the black composite grip is also in good condition along with the wire binding (very slight movement present),the brass Kaiser Wilhelm II motif is firm and with no movement, the leather finger loop has been removed which is quite common on this pattern sword. The 30 1/2 inch long straight double fullered blade is in a very nice condition and clearly displays the WKC logos on the forte. The scabbard with its single hanging ring is in very good condition apart from a small area of fatigue/surface rusting which could easily be rectified, the sword draws & returns well and retains a good firm hold on the blade (no rattle). An eye catching example. SORRY UK SALE ONLY & PROOF of AGE WILL BE REQUIRED (18+).
Scarce RAF 1925 Pattern Webbing Belt An excellent condition 1925 pattern belt with Air Ministry markings and a 1940 date stamp made by 'M.E. & Co'.
Scarce RAF 1925 Pattern Webbing Belt An RAF 1925 pattern belt in good condition with Air Ministry ink stamps and dated 1941.
Scarce RAF 1925 Pattern Webbing Holster A very clean, almost unissued 1925 pattern holster which differs from the 37 pattern by having the cleaning rod sleeve on the outside - dated 1941.
Scarce Unit Marked 1888 Ptn Lee Metford Bayonet (1st KOM, King`s Own Malta) A British 1888 MK1 Type 2 Lee Metford pattern bayonet which bears a scarce unit mark to the 1st Battalion King`s Own Malta Regiment (1 KOM) 1903 - 1922. The double edged blade is in good condition with only minor staining, the ricasso is stamped with an issue date of 3/ 94 also a small ED with crown above which indicates the manufacturer as Enfield. The walnut slab grips are in good order with only minor dings to one side/face, the scabbard has no split stitching but does have pitting to the chape which is shown in photos, there is some movement/play in the chape which is very common on scabbards of this age. Sorry Mainland UK SALE ONLY, Photo ID (passport/driving license) will be required before item will be despatched, must be over 21 yrs .
Scarce Victorian Buff Leather Equipment Strap (Possibly 1871 Pattern) An excellent condition white coloured buff leather equipment strap, the overall length measures approx. 22 inches and the width 3/4 of an inch, these dimensions being the same as the 1871 pattern valise equipment strap. One of the few remaining pieces from an old military family collection, new to the collecting world.
Scarce WW1 Belgian Mle 1889 (Mauser) Short Infantry Bayonet A scarce Mle 1889 short Infantry bayonet with its all metal scabbard( non matching numbers) in good condition. The 10 inch blade is bright with no issues and bears the makers mark HFunderneath a crown on the forte. The cross guard is stamped K353,pommel also in good condition with a working release catch,wooden grips are firm and good. All metal scabbard with faint number stamp 567. cross guard,pommel and scabbard now with an age related patina. Hard to find item in good condition. UK and 18+ of age sale only
Scarce WW1 Belgian Mle 1889 (Mauser) Short Infantry Bayonet A scarce Mle 1889 Belgian short infantry bayonet in as found condition, a non matching number example but both bayonet & scabbard stamped with letter K. The 10 inch blade shows no sign of sharpening but now showing age related staining, the forte is stamped with a makers mark JS under a crown, the wooden slab grips are in good order, pommel release button also in working order. The cross guard now has a small sharp burr from receiving a blow at sometime during its service. Left in as found condition (very light surface rust on exposed areas) but would improve with cleaning. SORRY UK SALES ONLY, must be 21 or over, proof of age will be required (passport image) as this item will not be dispatched until received. Many thanks.
Scarce WW1 Lewis Machine Gun Ammo Tin A good condition 1918 dated Lewis gun ammunition tin that still retains its original leather handle (often missing), the spring loaded catch remains in good working order along with the lid hinges. Internally there are no issues apart from the small leather tool holder is now missing. There is some light surface flaking to the leather handle but the rest remains firm & supple. Sorry, UK sale only.
Scarce WW1 Lewis Machine Gun Ammunition Tin A good condition and scarce WW1 Lewis machine gun ammo tin that still retains much of its original paintwork, both the lid and front face are stamped with a small broad arrow. Original leather handle (most often found missing) with light surface cracking but still sound, internal finish very clean with small leather pouch & strap for loading tool still present. Some light surface pitting present to sides but overall very good.
Scarce WW1 Officer`s Private Purchase Wire Cutters (Lt.Col.Sir W.E.Jaffray 1st KDG,RFC) Scarce WW1 private purchase wire cutters that belonged to Lt.Colonel Sir William Edmund Jaffray Bt (Baronet),1st Kings Dragoon Guards and later 24 Squadron Royal Flying Corps. Jaffray was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant 1st KDG in May 1915, then whilst in France (1916) transferred to 24 Sq RFC where he was later promoted to Lieutenant (1917), Jaffray served with the RFC and the newly formed RAFuntil the end of the war, according to records he was put on the half pay list due to ill health caused by wounds, post war joined the Warwickshire Yeomanry reaching the rank of Lt.Colonel 1935 - 39. The cutters were made by Beauchamp`s of London and patented by the company in 1914, both the cutters & case bear the Officer`s name & regiment. The leather case is in fantastic condition apart from some light surface cracking to the lower end cap due to usage (shown in images). Jaffray`s Medals sold at DNW`s auction house on 8th December 2016, his medal index card still exists. A stunning item.
Scarce WW1 Royal Naval Division (Anson Battalion) Swagger Stick A scarce Anson Battalion (Naval Infantry) swagger stick in good condition ,good detail to the white metal cap, some light bruising to middle section of stick. The Anson Battalion saw action at Gallipoli in 1915.
Scarce WW2 Airborne Issue Binoculars + Case An excellent example of the Galilean binoculars issued to Airborne troops during WW2. This set bears the correct stores reference for Airborne issue (not RAF), the optics are very good and the Bakelite ocular eye surrounds are also damage free (usually chipped). The leather case with matching reference code is in excellent condition (best I have ever encountered) along with its strap.
Scarce WW2 Airborne Issue Binoculars + Case An excellent example of the Galilean binoculars issued to Airborne troops during WW2. This set bears the correct stores reference code for Airborne issue ( not RAF), the optics are excellent along with the Bakelite eye surrounds ( usually damaged + chipped). The Leather case is superb and appears to be in almost un-issued condition apart from one small metal washer missing from the lid hinge. Simply stunning Airborne item and fresh to the market.
Scarce WW2 Airborne, Horsa Glider Pilot\'s Quick Release Lap/Seat Belt A scarce unissued WW2 Horsa glider pilot's quick release lap belt, the 4 inch wide webbing belt consists of three components all bearing matching serial numbers along with the makers mark M E CO (Mills Engineering/Equipment Company) within a circlet (undated). Both end sections have large brass grommets which were used to secure the belt to the sides of the pilot's seat, the chromed metal fittings which are part of the quick release system are in good order apart from some age related blistering / surface rust. Overall length 28 inches. An excellent image of the belt in use can be observed on page 46 of Peter Harclerode's book "Go To It " an illustrated history of the 6th Airborne Division. Reserved for B.G.
Scarce WW2 Balaclava Helmet An original WW2 example and in wonderful condition, also known as a ''comforter'', a pattern worn during WW1 and throughout WW2. Now very difficult to find. Despatched via special delivery within Mainland UK.
Scarce WW2 Bead and Ribbed British Fighting Knife These iconic British fighting knives of WW2 are becoming increasingly hard to find and this example is a rarity due to having a 'War Department Broad Arrow' with a number 6 stamped into the brass handle. The brass tang nut shows the vice marks which is a true sign of originality. The exact blade length is 6 7/8 with most of the blued finish still present apart from the tip area where the knife has possibly been stuck in the ground and not cleaned after use. A thumb print stain is situated just above the cross guard with three minor nicks to the blade edge. The blade appears to never have been re-sharpened. There are small areas of surface rusting which is a minor price to pay for such a rare piece. Second pattern scabbard with brass rivets , shown on page 114 of Ron Flooks book on fighting knives , brass chape , elastic holding band damaged. Sale to those aged 18+. UK sale only.
Scarce WW2 British & US Airborne Recognition Scarf/ Panel (eleven found in old closed down shop) Eleven unissued WW2 British & US Airborne yellow recognition panels recently discovered and acquired directly (by myself) from an old knitwear / clothing shop that ceased trading many years ago, this amazing shop still retains old stock and fittings from the 1930\'s through to the 70\'s, I believe that the panels were originally acquired to be cut up to make bunting or pieces for children\'s clothing etc. These trapezoid shape panels are in excellent condition (few with very slight foxing) with each one bearing the makers name of Courtaulds Ltd 1941. Courtaulds textile company were contracted by the Air Ministry to manufacture & supply acetate rayon yellow coloured recognition panels for the RAF survival kits (hence early date), these kits were then stored and carried on board heavy aircraft, the panels were later adopted and worn by British & American Airborne troops from mid 1944 on whilst in frontline areas ( Operation Market Garden & Operation Varsity). The cotton edging / binding is also in excellent condition and totally different to the reproduction examples made for the re-enactment market. All eleven were found together in an old cardboard knitwear box within a wooden drawer (box seen in images) and remain in stunning condition. Each panel will be described and sold separately due to some having bold ink stampings and some less so as well as some having light foxing. Another original example sold at C&T auctions on the 24th October 2018 Lot 319 for £(sold) hammer price (total approx.£(sold) so I am offering the first one for sale at £(sold). The single panel seen in images will be the actual one received. A rare opportunity to acquire an original example.
Scarce WW2 British & US Airborne Recognition Scarf/Panel (11 found in old closed down shop) Please see item 50768 for a full description & history on these stunning unissued and very scarce WW2 British & US airborne recognition scarves / panels all dated 1941. The single panel seen in the images is the third of the eleven being offered for sale and will be the actual one that you will receive. The panel is in amazing, untouched condition.
Scarce WW2 British & US Airborne Recognition Scarf/Panel (11 found in old closed down shop) Please see item 50768 for full description & history on these stunning unissued and very scarce WW2 British & US Airborne recognition scarves /panels all dated 1941. The single panel seen in the images will be the actual one that you receive. The panel is in amazing, untouched condition, 5 sold.
Scarce WW2 British & US Airborne Recognition Scarf/Panel (11 found in old closed down shop) Please see item 50768 for full description & history on these stunning unissued and very scarce WW2 British & US Airborne recognition scarves/panels all dated 1941. The single panel seen in the images will be the actual one that you receive. The panel is in excellent condition apart from a small area of spotting/foxing which I have tried to capture in the images, hardly noticeable at all but best to mention. Stunning item, 6 sold.
Scarce WW2 British & US Airborne Recognition Scarf/Panel (11 found in old closed down shop) Please see item 50768 for full description & history on these stunning unissued and very scarce WW2 British & US Airborne recognition scarves/panels all dated 1941. The single panel seen in the images will be the actual one that you receive. This actual panel is in excellent condition, just some light marks which I have tried to capture on film (as they say). Stunning & very scarce in this condition, 8 sold.
Scarce WW2 British & US Airborne Recognition Scarf/Panel (11 found in old closed down shop) Please see item 50768 for full description & history on these stunning unissued and very scarce WW2 British & US Airborne recognition scarves/panels all dated 1941. The single panel seen in the images will be the actual one that you will receive . This example does have some very light foxing/marks to the yellow section due to being near the bottom of the box for decades (seen in images) but this does not detract in any way from the overall wonderful condition, one small pull in the material (again seen in images).
Scarce WW2 British Airborne Issue Binoculars A scarce pair of British Airborne issue Galilean 2 1/2 x 50 binoculars which remain in good working order along with excellent optics. The bridge bears the correct stores reference number (V.F 2506) for British Airborne issue, the Bakelite oculars are in excellent condition and free from any cracks or chips. There is some loss of finish to the crackle coated brass body where the small brass rivets on the original leather neck strap have been rubbing against the body whilst inside the leather case, case now absent. Excellent optics.
Scarce WW2 British Airborne Issue Binoculars & Case A scarce pair of British airborne issue 2 1/2 x 50 compact Galilean binoculars that remain in good working order and still retaining excellent optics, the forward bridge bears the correct V.F 2506 stores reference number/code for airborne issue along with a small broad arrow mark. The Bakelite ocular surrounds are in superb condition with no chips or breaks, most often found damaged. Some wear to the binoculars crackle coating, more than likely caused by the chinstrap rivets rubbing whilst housed inside the case, the correct leather case is in very good order and retains good strong stitching. Sorry UK sale only.
Scarce WW2 British Airborne Issue Binoculars + Case A very pleasing pair of British Airborne issue Galilean 2 1/2 x 50 binoculars with their original strap and 1944 dated leather case. The black painted brass bridge bears the correct stores reference number being 2506 along with a small broad arrow, the Bakelite ocular surrounds are damage free with no chips present. The lens are in wonderful working order and retain high clarity/ crispness when in use, there are some very small scratches present on one lens (best mention) but these do not affect the optics at all. There is some loss of finish to the crackle coated brass body where the straps metal studs have rubbed against whilst stored inside the case, nice original strap and case which also bears the correct stores reference number 2507.
Scarce WW2 British First Issue 37 Pattern Binocular Case Scarce First Issue 37 pattern Binocular case made without side buckles for the hanging strap in excellent condition. Made by M E & CO 1940. A scarce early piece of 37 pattern equipment.
Scarce WW2 British Officer`s Jungle Green Service Dress Trousers An excellent and fresh to the market scarce pair of officer`s private purchase cotton jungle green service dress trousers, this pattern was used during WW2 in the Burma campaign and Malaya late 1945. The trousers appear to be of Indian manufacture judging by the stitching and are in fantastic condition, ironed , starched and stored for decades, two front slash pockets. W30 x L30 part of a recently acquired uniform collection /group from the Yates family (Officer`s during WW1, WW2 and later).
Scarce WW2 Canadian 9mm Browning Holster An excellent unissued Canadian made No.2 holster for the Inglis 9mm automatic pistol, made in 1945 by Z.L & T Ltd. Couple of minor marks present.
Scarce WW2 Free Czech Forces NCO\'s SD Cap (British-Made) A scarce WW2 British-made service dress cap for a non-commissioned officer in the Free Czechoslovak army in the UK. Sadly, there is moth damage to the cap but fortunately most being out of sight on the underside of the peak, moth holes present on the edge of the crown rim along with some wear/damage to the edge of the peak, even with its faults the cap still remains a very scarce item and still displays well. The gilt washed/plated on copper NCO's badge with the central Slovak cross is by itself a scarce item as most Czech badges seen in period photographs bear the crossed swords and only worn by officer's. The decorative plaited chinstrap also displays some loss of finish and age related tarnishing but is still held firm by the typical Czech pattern side buttons, the leather sweatband is present and embossed with the wording 'Superior Quality', the makers name under the celluloid protector is now non-distinctive. The cap is an approximate size 7, please study the images for condition, the cap has been priced accordingly due to the damage and would be considerably more than what I am asking if had been damage free. Only 4000 Czech troops( including officer's) made it to Britain to continue their fight against Nazi tyranny.
Scarce WW2 Indian Made Leather Jerkin A scarce WW2 Indian made leather jerkin with detachable plastic (economy) general service buttons, these Indian made variants were manufactured unlined and usually have several button fixings compared to the British version with only four, around the button holes is the typical spiders web style stitching and is rarely found fully intact. There is a faint makers ink stamp present which I believe to be ''M I/ 44'' but not 100% sure, a small size jerkin (as most are), approx.36'' -38'' chest. A nice condition jerkin with only minor scuffs, please note that the Aertex shirt not part of this sale.
Scarce WW2 Indian-Made British General Officer\'s Visor Cap A scarce Indian-made British/Commonwealth army General officer\'s visor cap manufactured by \'\'Army & Navy Stores\'\' in Bombay, this cap features two raised ribs running around the cap, one above and one below the red wool staff officer\'s band to keep it in its correct position at all time, this feature alone confirms that this cap was made for and purchased by a staff officer as these ribs are not found on officer\'s caps below staff level. The front of the peak is now slightly distorted due to years of storage but this adds to its charm, there are some old moth holes present to the crown (approx. 8) as seen in the images but small size, there\'s also one more to the side of the red wool band, it is evident that this cap was worn in a hot climate as there\'s sweaty/grubby finger marks to peak and darkening inside the crown, size is an approx. 6 7/8 ths, wonderful looking bullion badge, bronzed GS side buttons. A most appealing cap with plenty of character.
Scarce WW2 SOE 37Ptn Webbing cradle & Strap for No.2 Hand Generator (1944) A scarce 1944 dated 37 pattern webbing cradle & shoulder strap used for carrying the now extremely rare SOE No.2 hand generator/ battery charger used in conjunction with the B2 suitcase radio. The cradle is in excellent almost unissued condition and bears bold makers /date ink stamps, the 1944 dated shoulder strap is also in excellent condition but ink stamps less bold. The extremely rare No.2 hand generator container (with contents) seen in photograph is for reference only and not part of this sale.
Scarce WW2 US Para/Glider Overseas Garrison Cap (British Made). A scarce British made US overseas garrison cap with its original wartime applied enlisted mans para/glider patch. The cap was made by J. Collett Ltd, London in 1944 and in a size 7, the cap is piped in red for artillery designation. The original white stitching attaching the patch is all present along with a later applied red cotton to prevent future loss. Rare to find all original caps these days and this one is in fantastic condition.
Scottish Infantry Officer`s Silver & Gilt Cap Buttons A pair of 13mm diameter Scottish infantry officer`s silver & gilt cap buttons, non maker marked.
Semi-Relic Battle Damaged M1916 German Helmet A M1916 Stahlhelm/helmet in semi-relic condition,missing its liner but still retains two front rivets. Bullet entry hole to front with exit hole upper right side(as you look at it), couple of impact related fractures to lower skirt. A great discussion/ display item .
Semi-Relic British 1940 Pattern Battle Dress Blouse (BD) 1942 A well worn, moth eaten example that was recently discovered in a shed but is still worthy of saving. The 1942 dated label is in wonderful condition and clearly displays the makers name 'Stark Brothers' of Salford, one button missing on epaulette. There is much moth tracking present, numerous holes and plenty of service wear, especially inside the collar. This BD would make an ideal prop or could be used in a diorama setting or simply used for parts. Please study the images + additional images as they form part of the condition report.
Shed-Found WW1 German S98/05 Saw-Back (Butcher) Bayonet (A/F) An appealing Imperial German S98/05 Pioneer's saw-back Mauser bayonet that had been tucked away in an outbuilding for decades, fortunately it still remains in rather good condition, now missing its walnut grips and release button (piece of rubber/leather visible inside hole) but with a little effort this bayonet could be transformed and make a nice addition to anyone's collection or could be simply left as found should you wish. Even after years of poor storage the blade remains in very good condition and this is due to the application of age-old heavy grease, the spine bears a clear year date 16 (1916), usual light staining and few edge nicks. All exposed metalwork including its original scabbard has an age related patina along with an overall light surface peppering but no deep pitting, the two grip screw bolts are undisturbed and left as found, the removable flash guard could be straightened and then have period replacement grips fitted if desired. The scabbard is in good solid condition and can be improved with cleaning, few small dings on edge. Please see additional images. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, must be over 18 yrs of age and photo I.D will be required before item being despatched.
Shrewsbury School Roll Of Service Book 1914-18 An original 1921 printed Shrewsbury School Roll of Service book listing in alphabetical order all Old Salopians who are known to have served in the Great War including V.C winners. Also included is a 1921 dated Old Salopian club letter informing members of increased subscription fees. The book is in good condition apart from fading to the cover. A much sought after publication.
Silver Royal Welsh Fusiliers Swagger Stick An excellent silver (Hallmarked Birmingham 1921) swagger stick to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, with a fantastic highly detailed Welsh dragon and displaying good crisp hallmarks. The overall length approx. 28 inches and with the cane being in excellent condition. This cane must have been one of the last produced before the WELSH spelling returned to WELCH.
South Staffordshire Swagger Stick Pre-1952 white metal capped swagger stick. 27 inches long.
Sterilizing Outfit for Waterbottles Still with contents
Stunning WW1 Automatic Pistol Holster XI Hussars BEF A fresh to the market and rare variant of a WW1 British officers leather automatic pistol holster, inside the flap bears the initials of S.P.Y XI H (Samuel Pearson Yates XI Hussars) who was sent to France with the BEF in late 1914. The holster measures 9 1/2 inches with flap closed and 2 inches wide at muzzle end so the holster may be for a 9mm Webley auto ?. Part of a large uniform group all to the Yates family (Officers in WW1 and WW2)
Superb 1916 British Officer\'s Trench Whistle With Dated Strap An exceptional and possibly an un-issued 1916 dated British officer's trench whistle made by J.Hudson & Co of Birmingham, what sets this whistle apart from most others is the superb condition leather hanging strap bearing a minute War Department broad arrow mark, a letter 'M' and a 15 (1915) year date. I have acquired many whistles over the years but very few with War Department issue marked straps.
Superb 1939 Home Front Police MKII Steel Helmet A wonderful early WW2 police MkII steel helmet with an exceptional shell, the factory applied blue paintwork is in excellent condition along with the white \'POLICE\' stencil. The BMB made size 7 liner is one of the best that I have seen in a long time as the Rexene remains very pliable and not hardened like most found, the cradle bears the makers name, size and year of manufacture 1939, the identical date stamp (a number 1 over 1939) is also to be found on the underside of the rim but only partially visible. The chinstrap is original to the helmet but two of the internal springs have become detached from the bale (webbing intact & attached) and one of the opposite springs now broken, could easily be replaced but left as found. A really nice all original wartime used example, worn by a police officer in Much Wenlock, Shropshire. Please see additional images.
Superb 1940 Dated Home Guard Gas Mask Tin (Named, St.Helen\'s) A scarce example, the best early wartime HG gas mask tin that I have ever encountered. Fresh to the market.
Superb 1945 Airborne Troops Denison Smock An excellent condition 2nd pattern Denison smock by Frankenstein & Sons, retains wonderful strong colours, with its working \'\'Dot\'\' half zip & pull tab, intact monkey tail, a legible label and all of its original \'\'Newey\'\' fasteners. A faint WD acceptance stamp present with Z code for 1945. The label states being a size 1 (smallest) but all smocks are cut & manufactured much larger than the printed dimensions shown, this done to allow for multiple layers being worn by the trooper, vest ,shirt, BD etc. A period done modification has been made to the cuffs, they have been extended by re-purposing the internal hanging pockets, these pockets were very often removed by the wearer (have encountered many over the years), a neatly done cuff & tab alteration that could easily be put back to its original state, must have been a tall trooper as the extensions cover most of my hands and I am 5\'10\'\' . Exceptional looking smock. Please see all additional photo\'s.
Superb 1945 British Commando Bergen The best condition WW2 Bergen that I have encountered in years, with good maker\'s details and year of manufacture (where they should be found) and slightly below these stampings is a very faint, almost indiscernible figure \'8\' and broad arrow. The internal rubberoid coating is all present which is a scarcity as most found today have much age related wear, good working zip, the whole Bergen retains good strong colour. An excellent service-used Bergen. Please see below for additional images. Sorry UK sale only.
Superb Early SA Dagger (REMEVE) Fresh to the market and purchased direct from the son of a WW2 Welch Guardsman (armoured) who brought it back home as a souvenir, this early example by the scarcer maker REMEVE is in wonderful condition, even the blades 'ALLES FUR DEUTSCHLAND' etching retains its original dark background, cross guard marked with 'No' Gau mark (Nordmark). The SA button, eagle, wooden grip and all the nickel components are in wonderful condition, the blade has very light rub marks due to drawing & housing the blade in the snug fitting scabbard (still factory tight), has that lovely snap shut sound. The stunning scabbard retains 100% of its anodised brown paintwork and shellac lacquering, only some very light scratches/rubbing present, all nickel fittings are dent free even the end ball, an excellent example. REMEVE- made daggers are ranked 7 on the McSarr's SA rarity chart with 10 being the rarest. Please study all the additional images for a more detailed condition report. An excellent example and good investment piece. SORRY MAINLAND UK SALE ONLY, photo I.D will be required before item being despatched, must be over 18. RESERVED for L M.
Superb WW1 Period British Officer`s Field Service Boots A superb pair of Great War period British officer`s field service boots that still retain the makers internal stock code & sizing ( size 7 1/2 ). The leather uppers, straps & buckles are in excellent un-cleaned condition (one leather lace missing) along with the soles which display light to average use/wear. This pattern was worn throughout WW1, the inter-war period and early stages of WW2. Perfect for Great War British officer display.
Superb WW2 British Airborne Binoculars An excellent pair of Galilean binoculars as issued to Allied Airborne troops during WW2, the binoculars and leather case bear the correct stores reference codes for Airborne issue, with excellent working optics and damage free bakelite/plastic ocular eye surrounds. A wonderful set and still retaining both straps.
The 'Must Have` Book On WW2 British Army Uniforms & Insignia The excellent study of British Army uniforms & insignia of WW2 by Brian.L.Davis, this highly regarded reference work was printed in 1983 and now out of print. This 276 page hardback edition is in very good used condition and retains its dust cover.
The \'Must Have\' Book on WW2 British Uniforms & Insignia A much sought after copy of Brian.L. Davis' excellent and essential reference study on WWII British uniforms & insignia, first published in 1981 and out of print for many years. This example is an ex-library copy but remains in very good order, couple of additional ink stamps within the cover, odd little crease here & there to dust jacket.
Theatre Made Cavalry/Mounted Officer`s 08 Pattern Holster A theatre made variant of the cavalry pattern 08 leather holster that were worn by mounted officers during WW1, this example has been constructed using a lighter gauge leather compared to the British made version and was possibly made in the Middle East or India. This holster has brass hanging rings and an open muzzle end which again differs to the British made version with steel rings and standard closed muzzle end, originally there were two rows of bullet loops but one row has been removed and possibly by the wearer, a difficult item to determine exact age and may be from WW1 or the Inter-War period. I have been studying a WW1 British made version in my local museum that was worn by a Captain in the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry and have managed to obtain an image of the said item which I shall include with the holster. Leatherwork still supple, some light surface cracking on strap but remains firm, ink stain near one ring.
Third Reich Der Deutsche Automobil Club Car Pennant A double sided D.D.A.C car pennant in good strong condition and retaining its original fittings, some staining present and discolouration to the white material. 13 1/4 inches x 7 3/4 inches.
Third Reich Leather Cross belt Strap A black leather cross belt strap with pebble finish steel clips/hooks (slight blistering to plating), the leatherwork bears the makers name E.W.Luneschloss along with the firms logo being a Trifos (three legged swastika). The leather now has some age related wear and surface cracking but remains solid.
Third Reich Naval Officer\'s 2nd Model Etched Blade Dagger By WKC (Orange Grip) A most pleasing and fresh to the market Kriegsmarine officer's early 2nd model dagger with an excellent condition etched blade and highly desirable orange/pumpkin coloured celluloid grip, this untouched dagger was produced by Weyersburg, Kirschbaum & Cie (WKC) and ticks all the boxes in regards to what to expect from this maker, the obverse of the ricasso bears the firms trade-mark logo of a Romanesque style helmet and retains lovely crisp detail. The pommel eagle has excellent detail and retains much of its original gilding, the celluloid grip is undisturbed and still with its twisted wire binding, there are two very fine cracks near the pommel but remain tightly closed, there's also a z-shaped looking hairline crack near the cross guard but again tight (not on front view), good working press stud. The blade with its high quality etching is in wonderful condition with all plating intact, the fouled anchor design is as good as the day it was originally done, you may see some cloud reflections in the images, no flaws to actual blade, the original red felt buffer is present but now slightly compressed, the scabbard is ding free and even retains some gilding in more protected areas. Please note that the colour of the grip may appear more pale in a couple of the images this is due to bright sunshine and is actually darker, as seen in first image . Preferred payment method - Bank transfer, many thanks. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, photo I.D will be required before item being despatched, must be over 18 yrs of age.
Third Reich RAD Section Leaders Shoulder Patch RAD Section Leaders patch in good condition. 95mm x 70mm
Trench Art Lighter A trench art lighter constructed from a shortened rifle oiler bottle, light surface rust but easily clean up, wheel with slight wobble.
Turkish M1903 Bayonet With Scabbard A Turkish M1903 bayonet with its leather and steel mounted scabbard (scabbard usually missing), produced in Germany for the Turkish M1903 Mauser rifle. The fullered pipe backed blade measures 20 3/4 inches in length, pommel & forte bearing Turkish markings along with small half cresent moon on the throat of scabbard. The wooden grips are firm and held by two steel rivets (woodwork stained around rivets). Leather scabbard in good condition with all stitching intact, All metal fittings now with staining but could be improved. The blade has some light staining but overall in good condition, this item could be improved with little effort. Sorry UK Sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (18+).
U.S Water Canteen and Cup 1918 dated canteen along with a 1942 dated cup and 1942 dated tan cover. Good early war set.
Un-issued 37 Ptn Water Bottle Carrier/Cradle 1940 An excellent 1940 dated example.
Uniquely Rare \'Battle of Mons\' Presentation Framed Photograph (To Soldier Who Helped Save The 1st Btn Cheshire Regt Miniature Colour) An extremely rare and historically important framed photograph of the 1st Battalion Cheshire regiment 'miniature colour' that was presented to 9865 Private Harold Riley of the 1st Btn Cheshire regiment who was instrumental in helping to save 'The Colour' during the Battle of Mons on the 24th August 1914. The miniature colour was originally entrusted to Riley's friend Drummer 9461 Charles Baker 'B' company 1st Btn Cheshire regt upon arrival to France and carried it on his person into Belgium and forward to Mons, the beginning of a truly remarkable story involving the two soldier friends, a Belgian nun who treated the wounded Riley, a local priest and the village school teacher who risked their lives helping prevent the now hidden 'colour' fall into enemy hands.
unissued 1937 Bedford Cord (Motorcyclists) Pantaloons An unissued pair of British made Bedford cord pantaloons retaining a good clean/crisp label which states a small size 31 - 32 inch waist (more like a 30 inch). This pair is in fantastic condition apart from a few moth nips (no holes) on the rear side, all buttons present.
Unissued 1940 Khaki Field Service Cap A superb condition 1940 dated khaki F/S cap, nicely stamped with the manufacturers name ''S. & P.Harris Ltd'' along with a head size ''6 3/4''. As clean as the day it was made, an excellent example.
Unissued 1942 Water bottle & Sleeve An excellent example stamped A C 1942.
Unissued 1943 British MkII Lightweight Respirator Haversack (Airborne/Assault Troops) A 1943 dated MkII lightweight gasmask haversack/bag in excellent un-used condition, as good as the day it was made.
Unissued 1944 British Army Size 5 Shirt Collar An excellent condition 1944 dated khaki wool detachable shirt collar in a good size 5( approx. 15 1/2).
Unissued 1944 British Mule Pack MKII (Tropical) An unissued British made MKII mule pack produced by D.R.M. Ltd in 1944, this example has two thick leather front straps (now slightly stiff + one with scuffing ) and two clean khaki web hanging straps with steel hook over ends along with brass Newey poppers on both sides of the pack. With some minor marks & blemishes present from long term storage, pack measures 15 1/2 inches x 14 inches when laid flat. An essential piece of jungle/ mountain equipment.
Unissued 37ptn Anklets 1943 An excellent unissued pair dated 1943.
Unissued Early Post WW2 RAF Instrument Flying Goggles MkII An unissued pair of early post WW2 RAF MkII instrument flying goggles with its original plastic protective covering. The MkII goggles bear the stores reference 22c/1136 along with the makers name Polaroid. The moulded black rubber frame with chamois backing is in good order with only minimal age related stiffening , the deep blue tinted celluloid window filter is intact and free from any damage/scratches. Some light surface rusting to adjustable buckle on elasticated strap. Two pairs were acquired both sealed within their protective covering, one was opened for inspection purposes and this is the one now for sale.
Unissued Pair of 1948 Dated British Ammo Boots An unissued pair of 1948 dated ammo boots being the type worn by the RAF & Royal Navy. Stunning condition and in a size 7.
Unissued WW2 British Army Windproof Trousers Drab 1942 A near mint pair of 1942 dated second pattern windproof over trousers in desert tan colour, the 2nd pattern trousers are a much lighter weight compared to the heavier first patterns, this pair still retains its original sateen finish (failed to show in images due to poor light) and the colour is excellent. The label and WD acceptance stamp are present and as bold as the day they were printed in 1942, with a front of leg map pocket and reinforced seat area. This pattern would have been worn by special forces in the Mediterranean theatre and the Aegean, typically worn by the Special Boat Service. The over trousers have been made much larger than what is stated on the label to compensate for the uniform worn beneath, would easily fit someone 6ft 3 inches tall. Stunning condition and colour, few miniscule marks on back of one leg, cotton waist belt absent, easily replaced.
Unissued WW2 British Folding Saw Leather Case/Pouch An unissued 1943 dated leather case for the folding saw and its components, in superb condition.
Unissued WW2 British Issue Cotton Rotary Handroll/Towel (1942) An unissued 1942 dated cotton rotary handroll, the type commonly seen in washroom\'s, canteen\'s and various Government run establishments, the roll is 18 inches wide and has a drop of 53 inches, still retains bold ink stamps and is in wonderful clean condition, some very light dirt marks/lines due to folding and long period storage.
Very Rare Inter- War RAF Type A Flying Helmet A very rare inter- war Type A (22c/13) RAF flying helmet from the early 20s ,worn by aircrews flying in warmer climates (Med, Middle /Far East) and based on the standard Bombay Bowler but with the addition of wide chin straps to protect the ears + other minor changes. The chin straps are made from the same light khaki drill material as used on the main helmet and would have a chamois leather lining fitted. This example has had the chin straps/ ear protection removed . The helmet is of the typical cork/solar pith construction and still firm with no weakness or breaks, inside the dome is a A M (Air Ministry) ink stamp with crown above (faint but present) and what appears to be a size 7 1/4- 1/2, also a hand written name to a LEWIS P.M.P. The KD material is in good order with very minor dirt marks. A very rare item and would fetch £500+ if complete.
Victorian / Edwardian 1885 Slade Wallace Pattern Imperial Yeomanry Cavalry Belt (Earl of Chester) Victorian buff leather cavalry sword belt in untouched condition. Brass snake buckle and fittings- leather is in excellent condition considering the age of this item, it just needs a clean. Nicely stamped inside with E.C.I.Y Cheshires (Earl of Chester Imperial Yeomanry). There is one strap missing from the item.
Victorian / Edwardian Officer`s Concealed Sword Belt A scarce British officer`s private purchase sword belt being the type that would have been worn concealed from view beneath a tunic. The white metal hanging hook along with the double pronged buckle are in very good condition and remain bright, the white heavy cotton duck material is also in good order but does have some age related discolouration/staining in places. Adjustable up to approximately 40 inches. This belt was part of a large Victorian/Edwardian military family uniform group that I was fortunate to acquire.
Victorian 1845 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword A good example of the 1845 pattern officers sword with senior officers brass scabbard. 1822 pattern hilt with fish skin grip and copper binding both in good condition. Brass hand guard with folding section in working order, 1845 pattern etched blade showing foliage, QVC and a thistle. Makers mark now hard to read on forte. Proof marked by W.B & Co, some area of etching is worn. Blade is firm in the hilt with a good fitting scabbard. Hand guard has received a light knock in it's history but not really noticeable. Very good condition scabbard (usually dented) with it's hanging rings,one small throat screw missing. Overall a nice looking item. UK sale to those aged 18+ only.
Victorian 1896 Other Rank\'s Pill Box Cap A scarce late Victorian other rank\'s pill box cap bearing a good, bold,War Department issue stamp and 1896 date, the cap remains in good firm order but the black coloured body has suffered from much insect tracking & nips especially to the crown area along with having one minor hole. The khaki brown herringbone twill banding along with its matching crown button are still firmly attached but with some light staining, couple of minor nips/holes , I have not yet identified which troop squadron, battalion or regiment this cap belongs too, possibly a rare example. The thin leather sweatband is present, the chinstrap and one attachment hook now absent. Sorry UK sale only.
Victorian 1st Batt Shropshire Rifle Volunteers Officers Belt & Clasp A good and scarce silvered example with circlet inscribed 1st Shropshire Rifle Volunteers, centre bearing three leopards masks (good crisp detail with light tarnishing),universal rococo ends. Shellac gloss finished leather belt with light surface cracking( common to leatherwork of this period) with sword hanging hook, leather with light stiffness. Belonged to a Captain (later Major) R.H.Cholmondeley . Part of old military family collection dating between 1850-1918.
Victorian 1st Batt Shropshire Rifle Volunteers Officers Waist Belt & Clasp(Named) A very good and scarce silvered example with circlet inscribed 1st Bat Shropshire Rifle Volunteers, centre bearing three leopard masks and retaining good detail, universal rococo ends. White buff leather belt with five hangers in good supple condition (light mottling in places) and named to Captain (later Major) Reginald. H. Cholmondeley, dated 7.7.85 (1885) Part of old military family collection dating from 1850-1918.
Victorian British Army Water Bottle (Italian Pattern) A good clean example of a late Victorian British Army issue wooden water bottle, stamped on upper rim with a number 93.
Victorian Devonshire Regiment Swagger Stick A good clean example, 25 3/4 inches long.
Victorian Durham Light Infantry Officer\'s 26mm Buttons 1881-1902 5 x Victorian DLI officer's large size (26mm) buttons in good clean condition, four back marked 'Firmin & Son' and one 'Pitt & Co' , all with solid shanks. Will be despatched within UK via Special delivery.
Victorian Durham Light Infantry Officer\'s Buttons 1881-1902 6 x Victorian DLI officer's medium size buttons, all back marked 'Firmin & Son Ltd' and with solid shanks. Good clean condition, 20mm diameter. Will be despatched within UK via special delivery.
Victorian Gloucestershire Regiment Swagger Stick A good clean example.
Victorian Light Infantry Officer`s Scarlet Mess Jacket & Waistcoat A fresh to the market and rather splendid looking Victorian officer`s scarlet melton mess jacket and silver corded waistcoat. The two items were part of a large uniform & accoutrements group all belonging to a long serving military family from the 1850`s up to 1918. The small size scarlet jacket with its black facings and silver coloured cord is in very good condition and retains good strong colour, there are no moth holes just some light nips but these are not at all prominent, the quilted satin liner does show signs of light wear along with the odd mark and staining to the armpit region. The waistcoat is also a fine looking example with its matching cord and concealed pockets, two pin head size holes to the front but not really noticeable, a small L-shaped repair to the back just above the adjustment strap, liner slightly discoloured, all seed type buttons/fittings are present on both items. The epaulettes are in wonderful condition and bear the rank of Lieutenant and held firm by Queens crown light infantry pebbled buttons. The family had served with various regiments throughout their 70 years + service but had strong links to the Shropshire Volunteer Rifles, Lancashire regiment and the RWF. A wonderful display piece. Small size approx. 32 - 34 inch chest.
Victorian Militia / Police Leather Belt Victorian white metal snake buckled belt used by militia and police. The item is showing general age wear - light surface cracking to leather work but still quite supple. Letters HKP branded inside plus faint makers stamp 'Hudson and Sons'.
Victorian Officers Cross Belt Victorian Officers Shellac (varnished) white leather cross belt with white metal fittings including whistle and chain, lions head and Prince of Wales feathers (one fixing nut missing). The face of the 3 inch wide belt has light surface cracking (common on shellac finished items of this period) and black paint marks on the rear side. Part of old military family collection.
Victorian Officer`s Pill Box Hat A well worn but totally original Victorian regular army officer`s pill box hat from the late Victorian period, the gilt bullion work remains intact but now heavily tarnished. The silk liner is also intact and bears the makers name of Hawkes & Co, Piccadilly, London, the inner sweatband & chinstrap are now missing. Please study the photographs as they are part of the description in regards to condition etc.
Victorian Period Mystery Belt (Grenadiers / Fusiliers/ French 2nd Empire?) I acquired this Victorian period belt a couple of years ago from a gentleman who undertakes general house clearance, he stated that it was found filthy dirty in the bottom of a wooden box and that he gave it a quick rub over. The back plate measures 72mm across and 57mm high, the flaming bomb device measures 47mm across and 55mm high, the badge is still firmly secured to the plate with its original crank necked pin (now slightly rusty). The buff leather belt which would fit a size 38 inch waist bears numerous internal ink stamps and additional made holes. I have failed to confirm whether this pattern of buckle is British Grenadiers / Fusiliers or French 2nd Empire ? as not seen another, possibly a rarity?. Please study images in regards to condition.
Victorian Prince of Wales Own Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry Cross Belt Pouch A lovely Victorian Prince of Wales Own Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry undress cross belt pouch with bullion feathers and white metal fittings, one small pull to left hand feather and some internal damage to face of leatherwork ( shown in photos) , light tarnishing to outer edging of bullion. A very nice display piece.
Victorian Rifle Volunteer Field Service Side Cap A scarce example, with deep blue body, red piping, QVC blackened buttons and stunning embroidered device, unable to confirm which Rifle Volunteer's but possibly 1st Lanarkshire, somebody will know. There is much moth tracking & nips to the main body but only a couple of minor holes near the crown, couple of nips to piping, all seen in the images. The internal velvet sweatband appears to have been removed/cut away at sometime, some moth damage to lower edge but not seen when on display, still an impressive cap with a rare QVC red embroidered badge/device. Please study the images + additional images as part of the condition report. RESERVED for T.M
Victorian Royal Marine Artillery Framed Photograph A splendid looking framed & mounted image of a young Royal Marine Artilleryman dating from the late Victorian period. The printed backing card with flags and Corinthian columns retains good colour with only minimal age related fading, the columns bear the regiments battle honours with the last being Soudan 1884 and Benin. The 17 x 11 1/2 inch wooden frame with plaster moulding retains its original pine backboard and front glass, one of the original nails used for hanging purposes protrudes slightly through the front and will catch your hand if unaware. There are some OLD worm holes present to the rear of the frame which I have injected (not brushed) with killer for peace of minds sake, odd little knock and chip to plaster finish with small amounts missing but overall very good for age. Sorry UK sale only due to glass.
Victorian Royal Marine Artillery swagger stick A white metal topped swagger stick to the RMA with a QVC. The wooden stick is in good clean condition with its end cap present. Overall length 27 inches. Have seen these examples priced much higher.
Victorian Royal Marines Swagger Stick A Victorian Royal Marines swagger stick that retains good detail and has not been over polished, light bruising to top dome, nice curvature to cane.
Victorian Scrap Book Colour Prints of VC Winners A set of 6 Victorian Die-cut coloured images by Harry Payne of VC winners from various campaigns including Crimea, Indian mutiny and the Battle of Teb. Removed from a scrap book but in very good condition considering their age with only a couple of the small tabs linking the script now loose. Each one measuring 6 inch x 5 inch. Printed in a slightly raised relief.
Victorian Shropshire Rifle Volunteers Officers Bullion Cap & Collar Badges Victorian Officers silver/white metal Bullion cap & collar badges belonging to Captain (later Major) R.H.Cholmondeley of the 1st Battalion Shropshire Rifle Volunteers circa 1880-85. Cap badge 38mm wide Collars 30mm wide
Victorian Volunteer`s Scarlet Stable /Shell Jacket & Black Wool Trousers A very small size and slim fitting Victorian Volunteer`s scarlet melton stable/shell jacket bearing silver coloured NCO chevrons, twisted shoulder cords (held firmly with VC white metal buttons), bullion marksman`s badge and Austrian knots which now are all slightly tarnished. The scarlet melton cloth is in very good condition with very little wear, all seed buttons are present but some do appear to be missing in main photo but just folded inside out of view, sadly the padded silk lining has suffered over time and now fragile but not noticeable if jacket displayed on a mannequin. The black wool trousers are in very good condition with only a couple of minute moth holes in crotch area, the legs have been shortened but luckily not cut down so there is a 5 inch internal turn up, thin scarlet welt down legs, the lining has some loose stitching in places and little grubby but left as found. Approx 28 inch chest, 27/28 waist, 28 1/2 inside leg (not including turn up). Displays well.
Victorian Vth Dragoon Guards Badge
Victorian West Riding Yeomanry Cavalry Button made by Firmin & sons of London and retaining good detail. 23mm diameter.
Victorian/ Edwardian Officers Dress Sword Belt/ Hanger A Victorian/Edwardian Gilt & scarlet braided officers dress sword hanger, this pattern of belt would have been concealed under tunic with only hanging straps exposed. Complete rig with gilt buckles, adjustable cotton webbing belt with red Morocco leather backed straps(slight fading/tarnishing on front section of one strap). Minor marks , good condition. Part of old military family collection dating between 1850- 1918.
Victorian/ Edwardian Officers Dress Sword Knot Has been stored in a trunk for decades, part of old military family collection dating between 1850- 1918. Light tarnishing/ requires a light clean.
Victorian/Early 20thC Kukri A good early Kukri with a 12 inch(300mm) hollow ground blade which still retains a good cutting edge, good firm rosewood grip/handle with some light damage to flared edge of the pommel. Good condition scabbard without any split edges, some light age related wear, small ornate steel chape . One of the button style ends of the hanging strap is now missing, one of the small knives (karda) has had the blade replaced whilst the other is an original quality made example. A good display piece. Sorry UK Sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (18+).
Vintage British Legion Standard Bearer\'s Hat Badge A vintage bi-metal & blue enamel British Legion (pre- Royal) standard bearer's cap/hat badge with lugs, nicely stamped on the reverse with the letter ''H'' being a reference for ''Hat'' along with an issue number. 51mm high.
WW1 On War Service Badge 1915 Made by Woolley & co Birmingham
WW1 .455 Leather Holster WW1 period British leather holster, undated example for the .455 Webley pistol. This holster has been modified to accept the 37 pattern webbing straps (I have seen photographs of Homeguard officers wearing earlier holsters) Stitching is in good order.
WW1 / Inter-War Period British Officer\'s Cavalry Style Leather Holster A quality made private purchase mounted/cavalry style holster with leg strap, a variant I have not encountered before. This wonderful condition large size holster would be for a .455 calibre revolver and has all the features of a Boer war holster but I believe it to be later gauging by the rivets used in its construction. British and Commonwealth officer\'s would often purchase bespoke items from outfitters such as the \'\'Army & Navy Stores\'\' to suit their own requirements. The wearer has attached some additional hanging straps which have a riven finish similar to \'\'14 pattern\'\' leather equipment. Excellent condition, perfect stitching.
WW1 / WW2 British Leather Rifle Sling An excellent example of the pattern used during WW1 and again in WW2 by the Home Guard, good strong, supple condition.
WW1 / WW2 British Officer`s Brown Ankle Boots A stunning and quality made pair of officer`s private purchase brown service dress ankle boots made by Bartley & sons of Oxford Street, London. The leather & stitching is to a very high standard and the boots would have been rather expensive when originally purchased, they are an estimated size 9 narrow fit and could easily be worn today, Part of a large uniform group to one family (Yates) who served as officer`s during WW1 & WW2.
WW1 / WW2 British Officer`s Private Purchase Ammunition Boots A WW1 / WW2 pair of British officer`s private purchase ammunition boots and possibly made by Bartley & sons of Oxford Street London, there are no makers mark/stamp present but are almost identical to a pair of officer`s brown service dress ankle boots (with makers mark) from the same family. This pair has received many coats of Dubbin and the leather is now quite stiff, there are two small cracks on the spines which are shown in the photo`s, the boots were originally coloured brown and russet side out hence the heavy waterproofing. An estimated size 9 narrow fit and retaining original laces. Part of a large uniform group and all to one family(Yates) who served as officer`s during WW1 & WW2. Ideal for display.
WW1 / WW2 Royal Artillery Cap Badge A nice looking example with rotating wheel and a slightly tapered slider, high crimp mark. Will be posted as small parcel, not in an envelope.
WW1 /WW2 British Red Cross Armband A good used example with a red printed cross on a white cotton armband (now a bit grubby), black painted/ coated buckle stamped with the word British.
WW1 08 Pattern Small Pack With Strap 1918 A 1918 dated 08 pattern small pack in good solid condition with a blanco`d finish with the odd stain present. The strap is also in good condition apart from couple of stains. A single brass number 2 collar/shoulder title was found inside the pack and will remain with it.
WW1 1903 Pattern Water Bottle Carrier & Indian Made Bottle A shed found 1918 dated 03 pattern leather water bottle carrier that remains in very good supple condition, housed within the cradle is what I believe to be an Indian made water bottle due to its painted tin construction, rolled lip & tapered neck. This example is of typical WW1 design as there is no wore loop to affix stopper (stopper now missing) and has the raised upper & bottom edge/rim detail but Indian manufacturers continued using this pattern in WW2. This set was obviously reissued during early WW2 as an ATS woman`s name & service number have been handwritten on the underside of the canvas yoke along with a date 5/39. The wool covering has suffered from moth damage which is a shame having survived two world wars.
WW1 1914 -15 Star Medal Group 1/7th RWF Gallipoli , Palestine & Egypt A fresh to the market trio and belongings to 2996 L/Cpl W.T.Evans ,1/7th Merioneth & Montgomeryshire Territorial Battalion RWF who served and saw action at Gallipoli (Theatre of war code 2B as on his service record) and Egypt. Wounded and Discharged from service in 1917 and entitled to the silver wound badge(not present amongst belongings). Items included are the Princess Mary tin with information card,whistle,eveready torch,fine mesh protective goggles in tin,Brighton Bun type treen candle holders made of olive wood(small repair to lip of one) and acquired from Middle East (Palestine)and informed that this set was used in dug outs and finally his fibre ID discs on original cord. Photo copies of his war service records will be supplied with this amazing group .
WW1 1st Vol. Batt. Worcestershire Regiment Canteen Tickets Now here is an uncommon little trio, 3 x pre-1919 1st Volunteer Battalion Worcestershire Regiment canteen tickets, rare survivors and in excellent condition for their age.
WW1 Army Book 129 A 1918 dated large size British issue notebook that contains handwritten notes on meat inspection, I assume it was Staff Sergeant Byrne who made the entries due to his name being on the front cover. Only five pages bear the handwritten notes leaving the remainder of the book blank apart from a quarter page written in pencil in regards to feeding canaries. Good condition considering the age, numerous curled corners to the pages. 12 3/4 inch x 8 inch
WW1 Army Medical Service Armband A good used WW1 Army Medical Service armband with its ink stamp still present, a red felt cross sewn onto a white cotton armband (now slightly grubby)and still with all its original brass poppers made by Newey Brothers of London.
WW1 Army Service Corps 1916 Economy Cap Badge An all brass example with makers name.
WW1 Austro-Hungarian M1917 Sturmesser Fighting Knife A good condition and impressive WW1 Austro-Hungarian M1917 Sturmesser fighting/trench knife. This example is one of the larger Hungarian produced knives opposed to the smaller version made in Austria, the underside of the cross guard bears the Hungarian acceptance stamp this being shown in the images. The 8 1/4 inch long bright steel blade is in very good order with some dry grease still present, the rounded wooden grips are firm with no movement, cross guard also solid, again no movement. The stamping on the ricasso is well worn with the makers name almost indiscernible but can just make out the name STOESZ denoting Wlaszlovits Stoesz as the manufacturer. Four variants of steel scabbards were produced this one being the rounded bar type (hanging strap loops), the scabbard is in good order but with age related wear to the finish, the original narrow leather hanging straps tended to break easily and were often replaced with frogs this one being an 1895 model. Sorry mainland UK Sale ONLY, Photo ID will be required before item will be despatched, must be over 21 years of age.
WW1 British 'Army Book 136` (1917) A 1917 dated 40 page booklet/notebook that became a personal diary after hostilities ceased, approximately 9 of the lined pages have post WW1 hand written entries detailing a road trip to the South of France recording arrival and departure times from various towns and cities, fuel stops and all expenditure for the journey, quite an interesting read and guessing from early 20's. The book is in good condition apart from some curled corners and rusting to staples.
WW1 British 'Bully Beef` Tin Opener WW1 British War Department issued tin opener in very good condition, a seldom encountered pattern bearing a broad arrow mark. Have seen others in the past bearing Regiment & date stamps on the jaw but this example is clear. Cast body, 8 1/4 inches long.
WW1 British 07 Pattern Bayonet with 1939 Pattern Frog A very clean example of the British 07 pattern bayonet made by Wilkinson in November 1917, a good clean blade with no issues, the wooden slab grips are in excellent condition. A very good condition leather scabbard with a date stamp of 12 (1912), the scabbard is fitted with a 1939 pattern leather frog (faintly stamped 1940) . Sorry UK SALE ONLY and Proof of age will be required (18+)
WW1 British 2nd Pattern Steel Brodie Helmet An untouched early 2nd pattern British made Brodie helmet that was recently discovered in a house clearance along with a M1915 Bavarian Pickelhaube. The good condition steel shell with its early smooth paint finish bears the makers mark of HV on the underside of the brim denoting the manufacturer as W.Hutton and Sons and the steel supplier being Vickers (both of Sheffield) with a steel batch number below. The Rexene liner is present along with its dome pad which appears to be a natural sponge affixed with a split pin rivet, this maybe a field modification by the wearer or an experimental / short lived production run by the manufacturer ?, the leather chinstrap is also present but broken and bearing age related cracking. A nice salty Brodie from an early manufacturer (circa 1916).
WW1 British Army Folding Trench Lantern A fresh to the market WW1 British army folding trench lantern in original untouched condition, the lantern and case are both dated 1915 and bear Birmingham makers names + War Department broad arrows stampings. The original thin gauge glass panes/panels are all intact and in good order apart from one edge chip (shown in the images), the external leather strap that would have been on the case is now missing apart from a short section that is still attached to the main body. A wonderful and iconic piece of trench warfare equipment. Sorry UK sale only. This item shall be dispatched via the Royal mail/Parcel force service and not by courier.
WW1 British Binoculars & leather Case 1917 A fine pair of ordnance marked binoculars with very good optics, made in France by LEMAIRE, PARIS but issued to British forces. A good quality made leather case with broad arrow stamps & makers name W.SWART 1917, strap absent.
WW1 British Brass Button Slider(Named) Named to J.Heskin.
WW1 British Brodie Helmet (Untouched Shed Find) A true shed found example of a WW1 Brodie helmet that at one time had a regimental slider backed badge affixed, there are remains of what appears to be painted insignia in the form of flames (possibly flaming grenade/bomb) surrounding the slider hole. The shell is stamped with FS 122 (Firth & Sons Ltd of Sheffield, steel suppliers) and still retains some original paintwork, the Rexene liner along with the leather chin strap are now very dry and worn, the strap has cracking & now very delicate. The rubber doughnut ring is still present under the felt crown pad and that would indicate that the year of manufacture was circa 1917/18. A wonderful salty example.
WW1 British Cavalry Spurs Dated 1914 Made by R.Cooper &Son in 1914,possibly worn in the Middle East during their war service as the metal rowels have been replaced with Middle Eastern (Palestine)coins. Large leather tabs are in good order but the leather straps have suffered over time and now showing cracks and splits. Still a nice display item
WW1 British Cavalry/Mounted Troops Spurs 1915 A WW1 pair made by Crosbee & Sons 1915,leather work now showing age related cracking and surface wear. Becoming hard to find WW1 dated examples.
WW1 British Compass Case (3rd Battalion) A wonderful WW1 leather compass case that still retains its original strap, this un-dated example bears a field applied inscription to the 3rd Battalion ? along with what may be a service number 20866 (un-researched), there is also an internal ink HQ mark present.
WW1 British Compass Case And Strap 1917 A good example of a WW1 compass case with its original strap, maker marked to French & Sons, London 1917. Owner/Officer named to B.E.Ogle.
WW1 British Entrenching Tool Head 1917 A good 1917 dated example bearing the makers name Lucas.
WW1 British Entrenching Tool in Semi Relic Condition WW1 British entrenching tool in semi relic condition with the head firmly affixed to the helve. great item for a WW1 display
WW1 British Field Service \' Army Book 152` A scarce 1918 dated Field Service Correspondence book that remains in good condition, approx. 50% of the tear out pages remaining, there is some rust bleeding present from the concealed staples and light damage/wear to the spine as seen in the images.
WW1 British Folding Wire Cutters 1917 A pleasing example of a 1917 dated British folding wire cutter made by Carr.Wild & Co Ltd with broad arrow mark
WW1 British Horse Girth Strap (1916) A 1916 dated horse girth strap manufactured by E.J Parkes of Walsall, numerous small pulls to woven strap.
WW1 British Machine Gun Corps Cap Badge An original example with slightly tapered slider.
WW1 British Machine Gun Corps Trench Art A splendid looking 1916 dated 18pdr shell case in the form of a miniature coal scuttle, this well rubbed/polished example bears insignia to the Machine Gun Corps and empty cartridge cases for the handle. One of the three legs formed from bullet heads is now missing but with little effort could be replaced, there are also a couple of splits/cracks to the sides of the small scoop (seen in images).
WW1 British MkIX Trench Periscope A British WW1 MkIX trench periscope manufactured by R & J Beck in 1918 and in good working order, the eye piece is fully adjustable and retains good optics (very slight haze). All metal components are constructed from brass with a factory applied green paint finish, there are areas of paint loss & wear which is visible in photographs. The light oak screw on handle is in excellent condition and free of bruising etc, there is a very slight lean to the brass threaded bolt which could easily be rectified but left as found as hardly noticeable. Overall length 23 inches, a nice un-messed with example.
WW1 British Officers Private Purchase Torch A non-maker marked torch in its leather protective case, the case is in good condition apart from minor surface cracks to lower edge of the cap. Unfortunately the battery had been left inside the torch causing corrosion to the metal walls. Still would display well.
WW1 British Officers Tunic RWF (Extra Photos) EXTRA PHOTOGRAPHS
WW1 British Officers Tunic to a Major in RWF,MC Winner A shoulder ranked officers tunic worn by Major Richard Watkin Richards 1/4th Denbighshire Territorials, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Sent overseas in November 1914 holding the rank of Captain(evidence of shoulder pip removal due to later promotion). MC winner and wounded in action. I acquired 3 of his tunics which he wore throughout his service in the Great War, this being the 2nd tunic after his 1915 dated cuff ranked (shown in photos). Tailored in the typical heavy cord material with its ticket pocket, no label present, wound strip (on all 3 tunics), the pair of small brass T (territorial) have been removed from collars, correct WW1 bronze collar dogs, black RWF flash present. approx chest size-36-37inch . The buttons are the pre 1880-post 1920 pattern, spelt WELCH (all 3 tunics the same). Condition- with small pin-holes and light moth tracking to front & sleeves, please ask for more photos if required. A been there item from one of Britains Greatest Regiments. A copy of an note found in the pocket of a tunic will be included informing Capt Richards to report to an Anti-Aircraft section camp for temporary duties as machine gun officer in June 1918 after his recovery from wounds.
WW1 British Officers Tunic to Major in RWF, MC Winner(no.3) A shoulder ranked tunic belonging to Major Richard Watkin Richards, Military Cross winner of 1/4th Denbighshire Territorials Battalion RWF. This tunic is one of three worn by the above named officer during the Great War and the last one up for sale( please see his other tunic for sale, item 50248). Sadly this tunic has been stripped of all insignia etc with only the wound strip and RWF black collar flash remaining. This tunic has also suffered the most from moth damage with numerous small pin holes and couple of larger holes, one hole measures approx. 20mm on back of shoulder and a smaller one on front flap of pocket, moth tracking evident in places. Made in medium cord material with ticket pocket. Tailors label from Carnarvon, North Wales, all buttons present with pre 1880- post 1920 spelling WELCH (same on all 3 tunics), liner is in good condition with only minor damage, chest measures approx. 36 inches. With the re- application of collar dogs and cloth pips etc (evidence of their removal , ranked as a Captain through most of the War) this tunic would still display well. A copy of a note found in one of the tunics will be included (please see item 50248 for more details).
WW1 British Officer\'s Water Bottle A WW1 British officer's private purchase water bottle with its original adjustable leather strap, this variant has the large screw top with chain attachment and remains in good working order, still retains its original internal cork seal. The bottle would have had a fitted khaki coloured covering but this is now absent, the leather strap is slightly dry and does appear to have a couple of weak spots/surface cracks but with no actual breaks. A nice display piece.
WW1 British Officer`s Sam Browne Canvas Shoulder Strap A nice example, couple of dirt marks.
WW1 British Officer`s Youlten`s No.2 Trench Periscope A most pleasing WW1 British Officer`s private purchase trench periscope made by Youlten`s of London. The periscope measures 9 inches in length and extends to 13 1/2 inches when drawn, you simply pull apart and twist both end caps to reveal the mirror lenses (still in good order). The original leather case is in very good condition apart from some age related wear/weakness to the fold down flap & tab (shown in images). The Youlten company produced various visual aids for the private purchase market which included the rifle butt periscope that turned out to be far more costly than the rifle it was attached too .
WW1 British Pioneer Battalion Collar Badges A pair of Pioneer Battalion collar badges still attached to the collars of the 1902 pattern enlisted mans tunic with the hook and eye fastener still present. This pair has been removed from a cloth backing as glue and cotton strands still remain to the backs.
WW1 British RAMC Brass Shoulder Titles
WW1 British RAMC Officers Service Dress Cap An excellent example of a WW1 Officers cap with its medium length peak,typical of the period whipcord material with rear air vents to the underside of cap. Officers bronze cap badge and side buttons to an Officer in the Royal Army Medical Corp along with a narrow leather chinstrap, Very clean silk liner along with good condition leather sweatband, size approx 7 1/8 - 7 1/4 Nice clean item.
WW1 British Trench / Boot Knife (S.Hibbert & Son, Sheffield) A rather intriguing WW1 (or earlier) British private purchase boot knife bearing the Sheffield makers name S.Hibbert & Son. Hibbert`s company were renowned from the 1890`s for manufacturing military field cutlery and fighting knives, it was during this period that he started producing the thistle pommeled knuckle knives that became very popular with junior field officer`s during WW1. This scarce boot knife variant with its single edged blade is in untouched, un-cleaned condition , the blade has some age related staining and very light surface rusting which could be improved/removed, the actual cutting edge measures 5 3/4 inches and has a small topside leading edge. One face of the ricasso bears the makers name, the other the "Skipper" trade mark, no notch cut into the ricasso to receive a cross guard, intentionally left off to avoid rubbing the leg whilst the knife is inserted inside a high leg boot. The chequered ebony slab grips are in good order and held firm with five brass rivets. The tooled leather scabbard is in good order apart from were the tongue/boot hook is attached to main body, some loose stitching and weakening creating movement side to side. Never encountered this variant before. Sorry Mainland UK sale ONLY, must be over 21, photo I.D will be required before being despatched.
WW1 British Trench/ Dugout Lamp 1917 A War Department issued storm lantern/lamp, the type used in trenches, dugouts & tunnels throughout the Great War. Manufactured in 1917 by Howes & Burley Ltd of Birmingham and still in working order. This example has been left as found and un-cleaned, the metal work has received an over paint during its working life but done many years ago, the glazed door rubs on the base when opening due to slight distortion from being dropped at some time but does open . One of the glass side panes has a small corner missing but done many years ago, a small broad arrow stamp is present on the front of the base.
WW1 British Water Bottle & Leather Carrier A true shed find example of a WW1 water bottle and carrier. The leather carrier is stamped with 'Whitehouse & Hartley, Walsall 1915' Heavily mothed wool cover with the original cork stopper presently stuck solid. There appears to be a couple of weak points in the leather carrier strap but still a totally original, untouched item.
WW1 British \'\'Lifeguard\'\' Private Purchase Trench Periscope (Named ,4th West Yorks) A superb private purchase concertina type trench periscope manufactured by F.Duerr & Son of Manchester and still housed in its original canvas carrying case, Duerr\'s were made famous for making jams & marmalades and still trading today. What sets this periscope apart from others is that it is actually named to \'\'G.Brook 4th West Yorks\'\', a reserve battalion. The pressed tin ends bearing makers details are in wonderful condition, both mirrors are intact and superb considering their age and use, the canvas case is one of the best that I have encountered. Sorry UK sale only. ON HOLD for P.L
WW1 Canadian Cavalry/Mounted Troops Spurs 1916 A Canadian made pair of spurs made by Skinner Co. in 1916, Buckles are in good order but with only remains of leather straps still present.
WW1 Canadian Epeditionary Force Brass Shoulder Title 1914 A WW1 CEF shoulder title made by P.W.Ellis & Co 1914 . This example has slight bends and twists which indicates a uniform removed item.
WW1 Canadian MKII Ross Bayonet October 1915 A most pleasing example of the Canadian MKII Ross bayonet (Ross Rifle Company, Quebec) with the blade clipped modification, nicely stamped & dated on the pommel 10/15 and still housed in its original 1916 dated leather scabbard with integral belt frog. This modification was made due to the un-modified blades having a more rounded tip, there were recorded incidents were the blade failed to penetrate the enemy's leather equipment during the heat of battle so measures were taken to rectify this issue, a gruesome thought but possibly the difference between life or death for the Canadian serviceman. A lovely condition bayonet, excellent leatherwork. Sorry Mainland UK sale ONLY, photo I.D will be required before item being despatched, must be over 18 yrs of age.
WW1 Canadian MKII(C6) Ross Bayonet An excellent example of a 1907 patented Ross Rifle Company bayonet with leather scabbard. Various stamps to the pommel including makers mark & date 10/15, full 10inch blade with no issues. The leather scabbard is also in fantastic condition and dated 1914. There were 3 variations of the Ross bayonet and this example is the 2nd variant. Best one I have ever found. SORRY UK SALE ONLY & proof of age will be required (18+).
WW1 Canadian Ross Bayonet WW1 Canadian Ross Bayonet with early pinned pommel, stamped Ross Rifle Company Quebec 8/15. Leather scabbard with 1909 date- used condition. Buyer must be aged 18 or over. UK sale only.
WW1 Cloth Map of Europe (Gifted to Troops from Manchester Guardian) A WW1 cloth map of Europe that was gifted by readers of the Manchester Guardian to (I assume) the troops, the map measures 24 x 19 inches and remains in good condition but now with age related yellowing/discolouration to the backing material and a few minor stain marks.
WW1 Comrades Of The Great War Lapel Badge A numbered example and made by Gaunt
WW1 Devonshire Regiment 1916 Economy Cap Badge A good clean example of the 1916 all brass economy badge.
WW1 French Artillery Adrian Helmet A pleasing example of the 1915 pattern Adrian helmet with the outer shell painted in Khaki Brown which is associated to the French Foreign Legion & Colonial troops , early one piece constructed liner with 7 fingers, corrugated aluminium bands absent,chin strap broken and dry.
WW1 French Lebel Rifle Bayonet M1886/93/16 A very pleasing 3rd pattern Lebel rifle bayonet with solid brass hilt. An excellent full length cruciform blade still covered in grease. The scabbard is also in great condition and retains high amount of bluing (very minor pitting to chape end). Catch in working order, best one I have had in long time. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, must be over 18 yrs of age, photo ID (passport or Driving license) will be required before item being dispatched.
WW1 French M15 Adrian Artillery Combat Helmet (circa 1916) An untouched early WW1 French M15 Adrian helmet bearing an artillery branch of service badge. The helmet retains much of its original factory applied Horizon blue paint finish, externally there is some age related wear along with some very light rust peppering bleeding through. The side skirts are the inter-locking variant without rivets indicating manufacture by the firm `JAPY'. The early black & brown leather liner is the multi-piece constructed 2nd pattern with 6 tongues (3 now fragile with some loss), the 1st pattern having 7 tongues. The often missing aluminium plaquettes (corrugated sheets) are still present along with its original chinstrap. A nice looking been there item. Reserved for D.S .
WW1 French Veterans Brass Helmet Plaque Soldat De La Grande Guerre - Soldier Of The Great War 1914 - 1918
WW1 German 98-05 Mauser Bayonet A good clean example made by R.Stock of Berlin in 1915 ( 15 date on spine) , an early pattern bayonet without the flash guard , bright blade with no issues. The walnut grips are also in good condition apart from some minor dings to one face, a good patinated scabbard with its original throat screw, minor denting to one face and very light pitting but only noticeable on close inspection. Sorry UK Sale ONLY & 18+ yrs (proof of age will be required).
WW1 German 98/05 Pattern Bayonet 105th Infantry Regt A pleasing example of an Imperial German 98/05 pattern (butcher) bayonet in original un-messed with condition, the ricasso is nicely marked H.Mundlos, Magdeburg and Deutsche Machinen Fabrik, A-G, Duisberg. A good clean blade with an age related patina and a date stamp to the spine 17 (1917). Original all steel scabbard with very light pepper rusting to the surface, nice un-touched leather frog bearing a faint makers mark along with a date of manufacture which appears to be 1916. The frog bears a regimental mark for the 105th Infantry (6th Royal Saxon). Sorry UK Sale ONLY and proof of age WILL be required (18+).
WW1 German EB47 Ersatz Bayonet & Troddel A wholly original Imperial German ersatz bayonet with its original leather frog and troddel (knot), the bayonets grips are the pressed steel type and retain much of their factory applied paint finish, still with a good working release button. The fullered blade remains at full factory length being 12 1/4 inches (312 mm) long and is in very good condition, still with dried grease in places, the spine bears a gothic letter \"E\" with a crown above. The steel scabbard is free from dings, now with paint loss. The undisturbed leather frog displays signs of age but remains in good firm condition and quite supple, the troddel is a bit thread bare in places but totally original, a most appealing ersatz bayonet, a true bring back example. This variant of ersatz bayonet has been catalogued by Carter as type EB47. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, must be over 18yrs of age, photo I.D (passport/driving license) is required.
WW1 German G98 Mauser Rifle Cartridge Pouch 1914 A wonderful condition 1914 dated brown leather cartridge pouch to hold rounds for the German 7.92mm Mauser rifle, bearing good makers details \'\'Saxonia, Kofferfabrik, Leipzig\'\'. The internal dividers are all present but the divider within the middle pouch is now un-attached at one end. The best early dated example that I have acquired in a long time.
WW1 German Gewehr (K) 98 Sniper Scope A fresh to the market Imperial German Gewehr (K) 98 sniper scope which bear the makers name of OIGEE of Berlin along with the model type being a LUXOR 3 (no.69840). This well used scope retains excellent optics considering its age and usage, the cross hair remains in perfect condition, there is one minor edge chip to the eye piece lens (due to period impact) but does not impede on the optics at all. The top adjustment dial bears the Prussian style 1 to 10 configuration which is now just discernible, still in good working order. Scope only, no mounts.
WW1 German Wire Cutters A non maker marked example.
WW1 Gift From The Colonies Chocolate Tin A good example of the Colonies chocolate tin with good detail remaining to face of lid, minor paint wear/ scratches to underside and corners. Inside there are two empty cigarette boxes (came with tin).
WW1 Gift From The Colonies Chocolate Tin A well used example with some surface wear & light scratches present, couple of small corner splits to the bottom section and couple of minor kinks to front edge of lid. What is interesting is that when you slightly tilt the tin towards yourself the gold coloured images and lettering become much clearer and display good detail. Priced accordingly.
WW1 Identity Discs to RE Motorcyclist & Sister in QAIMNS Two discs are named to 28246 Sgt C.Lalonde of the Royal Engineers Motorcyclist section, whom along with his brother enlisted in 1914 and served in France. One disc is named to his sister V.E Lalonde who also saw service in France as part of the British Red Cross Society in 1918 ,also included is an enamelled Roll of Honour badge for post war work done in aid of sick & suffering at Weston super Mare hospital 1925-26-27. Further research results show that the Sister was eligible for the silver wound badge.
WW1 Imperial German Enamel Cup Nice maker marked & dated example, few areas of damage to enamelling .
WW1 Imperial German Enamel Drinking Cup A 1917 dated Imperial German drinking cup bearing the makers name \'Becher\', a good service used example with some often encountered knocks & chips to the green enamelling.
WW1 Imperial German Fernglas 08 Binoculars A well used pair of Fernglas 08 pattern binoculars manufactured by Oigee of Berlin with original aluminium protective cap. The optics are clear and remain in good order, the ocular focus adjustment both turn smoothly , some chipping and loss to the ocular surrounds. The bridge also bears a letter K stamp, leather strap modified/shortened. Please study images as they are part of the condition report.
WW1 Imperial German Officers Long Coat Light grey double breasted long coat with plain buttons and blue fold down collar- light blue backing. False turn back cuffs and lower hidden angle pockets. Rear false belt. Shoulder straps removed. There is slight mothing to the exterior, silk liner with some damage. This item displays well.
WW1 Imperial German Short Wire Cutters A hard to find example with makers mark and with its retainer strap still intact. 10 inches long.
WW1 Imperial German Soldier\'s M15 Mess Tin A nice service used (been there) example of the short lived tin lined M15 mess tin, both pieces are 1916 dated but with mismatched makers names, the main body bears the name Met.Fabr and the lid A. Freundlich (I think), most definitely a wartime marriage as both parts have remnants of the same paint finish & same amount of surface wear. Pre & early WW1 models were made of aluminium but due to this being an expensive material production shifted to plain steel with a painted exterior and tin/zinc coated lining, by 1917 most were enamelled, this mess tin has the four soup ration marks present. A good \'been there\' item, no perforations in base of main tin nor in the lid.
WW1 Imperial German Soldier\'s M15 Mess Tin (Short-Lived Variant) A nice service used (been there) example of the short-lived tin lined steel M15 mess tin, prior to 1915 German mess tins were made of aluminium a costly material in the early 20th century so a tin lined steel variant was introduced, by early 1917 mess tins were being manufactured with an enamelled finish so to avoid rust issues. Both components to this mess tin (Kochgeschirr) are dated 15 (1915) but do bear different makers names, most definitely a wartime marriage and commonly encountered, both dates are lightly stamped but present, the main \'pot\' has the typical four \'soup\' measure marks, these are concealed behind the lid handle when locked down. Makers name to lid \'Wurtt metal Fabrik 15\', main pot stamped \'SF & St 15\'. No perforations, please study images in regards to condition.
WW1 Imperial German Trench Knife Imperial German trench knife stamped with a makers mark 'Gottlieb, Hammesfahr, Solingen, Foche' with wooden slab grips each with 9 diagonal grooves. The metal scabbard has much paint loss but still retains it's leather belt loop with retainer strap (small slice mark to strap near stud). Length of blade is 6" Leather looks like it has received some leather treatment at some time. UK sale only to those aged 18+.
WW1 Imperial German Water Bottle A good example of a WW1 Imperial German enamelled water bottle that still retains the original stopper and corduroy style cover, the poppers are still in good working order and the bottle with good enamelling. The belt hook now absent.
WW1 Imperial German Wound Badge
WW1 Imperial Yeomanry Binoculars & case A WW1 pair of binoculars named to C.E. Collett ,1st Battalion ,Imperial Yeomanry and after a small amount of research found a Charles Edwin Collett served on staff with the 1st Batt Wiltshire Yeomanry. The binoculars are in good working order with clear optics (very slight de-lamination to one edge of lens but does not impact on vision at all), the anti reflection sliders/ sleeves are still adjustable and snug + inscribed with 1st Bat I Y. There appears to be a period replacement central bolt on the adjustable wheel. The case is in used condition and missing its top handle & strap, one side retaining lug broken, all stitching present and firm. nice personal item.
WW1 Italian Front Alpini Photo Postcards (White War 1915-18) A group of four photo postcards depicting life and hardship for the Italian Alpini troops on the 'Italian front' during WW1. Between 1915-1918 Austro-Hungarian forces fought the Alpini troops in bloody mountain warfare, merciless hand to hand trench fighting thousands of feet above sea level and that's if the cold didn't kill you first. The photo cards are fresh to the market and belonged to a British WW1 MGC and later Home Guard veteran whom I am still researching, the photo's are of ski patrols, one taken from great distance with troops approaching a crevasse (magnifying glass recommended), another showing a dog pulled sled with troops in background and a front line trench scene were a dead comrades body is placed on the snow covered trench wall, partially covered, blood stained snow all around. also note the French style Adrian helmets being worn by the troops, much more revealed with a magnifying glass. All four cards have been removed from an album/lined paper book, some small crease's present, one with a fold line, some paper still attached to backs. Rare survivors.
WW1 Kodak Vest Pocket Camera A Kodak no.A.127 Pattern camera , the type that would have been carried and concealed (forbidden to use at the front) by allied troops in the trenches of the Great War. This example is the 1913 patent with the black painted body (post war had leather covered body) complete with its carrying case, the case showing signs of general wear(shown in photos). The camera body has received a black paint touch-up on the back due to wear and tear. Sold as a display piece as unknown if in working order.
WW1 Kodak Vesta Pocket Camera The type used by servicemen to record life, hardship & action on the front line. A Canadian made example patented in 1916, in used condition with age related wear, strap broken & missing. Unsure if works so for sale as display piece only.
WW1 Kodak Vesta Pocket Camera A good clean example of the famous little pocket camera as used by troops in the trenches, sold as a display piece only.
WW1 Kodak Vesta Pocket Camera The type used by servicemen to record life, hardship and action during the Great war. This example is in used condition with age related wear to all surfaces, the strap on the canvas case is broken, name and London address written on the inside of flap. Unknown if in working order, sold as display item only.
WW1 Lewis Machine Gun Spring Gauge A recently discovered small \'\'Salter\'\' spring scale that would have been issued part of a Vickers & Lewis machine gun accessory kit, more of a combination tool as the bullet-shaped end was used as a take-down tool, the actual spring gauge was used for testing the tension on the Fuzee spring, I believe this may be a scarce variant without the screw driver end.
WW1 M1916 German Stahlhelm/ Helmet (With Bullet Hole). A very pleasing M1916 with large amount of original paintwork and also with a nice patina, a large size ET66 with a dome stamp of R379. Bullet exit hole in lower skirt. Original leather liner band with all 3 pouches and pads present and now showing age related wear ,very good for the age. Liner appears to have never been removed as original rear rivet as tight as when it left the factory, front two rivets appear to be period replacements due to wear and tear and not modern copies. Chin strap missing. Very nice piece and getting harder to find.
WW1 Middlesex Regt (Somme) Officer`s Compass (Named) A wonderful Magnapole field compass that belonged to 2nd Lieutenant Edward Wrey Hunby of the 6th Btn attached to 23rd (2nd football) Middlesex Regiment. Hunby was born in India where his father held the position of Deputy Chief Engineer on the Eastern Bengal State Railway, he was educated at Magdalen J School in Oxford and then passed on to Felsted where he became a member of the OTC, he obtained a commission in the Middlesex Regt in 1915 and then in May 1916 with the Battalion was sent to the frontline in France. The 23rd Btn were concentrated between Hazebrouck & Bailleul and in the same year saw action at the battle of Flers-Courcelette and the battle of Transloy Ridges on the Somme. After 2 months at the front Hunby fell ill and was invalided home where he died of tuberculosis on the 30th April 1917. Hunby`s medal index card still exists, he was entitled to the Victory & War medal and states France as theatre of war. The compass is in good working order and has Hunby`s name & Regt lightly scratched on the back plate, the leather case is also in very good order apart from the rear belt loop is now missing. An on-line search carried out by just entering his name comes up with Friends of Hastings Cemetery which details his life & death at the age of barely 21.
WW1 Notts Veteran Reserve Gilt & Enamel Badge An excellent example from the Nottinghamshire region, made by J.R.Gaunt of London.
WW1 Orilux Torch A very pleasing example of the WW1 Orilux torch with its leather case, both in very good used condition (light wear/ weakness on small strap/ hinge attaching lid. Nice display piece.
WW1 Ottoman Gallantry/Merit Medal (Turkish Gallipoli Star) An excellent German-made example bearing the Berlin manufacturers name Berg & Co, this award was created in 1915 and known in Turkey as Harp Madalyas`y, in Germany as Eisner Halbmond (iron cresent) and more commonly known in English as the Gallipoli star. A very pleasing example with all its enamelling intact.
WW1 Ottoman Turkish Gallantry/Merit Medal (Gallipoli Star) An excellent enamelled & plated metal example made in Germany by Berg & Co of Berlin. This award was created in 1915 and known in Turkey as Harp Madalyas'y ,In Germany as Eiserner Halbmond (iron cresent) but often referred to in English as " the Gallipoli star". This nice example still retains its original ribbon bar with miniature.
WW1 Ottoman Turkish O/R Belt & Buckle A good example of an Ottoman Turkish enlisted mans belt & buckle which has been folded and bound with string and left as found. Turkish items are now becoming hard to find and especially leather belts/uniforms.
WW1 Ottoman Turkish \'Gallipoli Star\' Medal (A/F) A WW1 Turkish Harp Madalyasy war medal commonly referred to as the \'Gallipoli star\', missing its rear brooch pin fitting along with some damage/loss to the enamel work, still a most appealing bring back item, priced accordingly.
WW1 Pair Army Service Corp War and Victory medal to Pte F. H . Harper ASC service number 14-172789 one small edge knock and possibly replacement ribbon to the War medal.
WW1 Period British Clasp Knife A WW1 period Un-messed with example of the British clasp knife made by Christies & sons bearing their two tap logo on the forte,good clean sharp blade which retains its original length,all springs are in good working order,no WD stamp on marlin spike . UK sale and 18+ of age only
WW1 Period British Marching Compass A non-maker marked WW1 period marching compass in good working order. Sorry Mainland UK only.
WW1 Period British Officers Aiguillette In good condition but now with a tarnished finish, light polishing on the two knots and small spring missing on the brass catch /clip.
WW1 Period British Soldier\'s /Officer\'s Shaving Mirror A WW1 period (possibly earlier) private purchase campaign shaving mirror in its original tooled leatherette protective cover, the polished steel finish is still in good order, still usable. Measures 4 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.
WW1 Period French Hunting/Trench Knife An early 20th century French hunting/trench knife with a 5 3/4 inch diamond sectioned blade and made to a high standard.The Ricasso has a makers logo of a running boar to one side and Mle Depose(registered model) to the other,cross guard made of aluminium ,slab grips made of horn and securely attached by three small purpose made screw bolts. Tooled leather scabbard with retaining strap(now delicate on folds where attached to belt loop). A unique piece with stunning blade . Sorry UK and over 18+ of age only
WW1 Period Private Purchase Leather Anklets/ Gaiters An excellent pair, slight stiffness.
WW1 Period Private Purchase Pocket Compass An undated WW1 period private purchase pocket compass that still remains in good working order, the nickel plating to the casing is well rubbed exposing the brass underneath indicating that this was a much used and cherished item, void of any makers mark. The dial & glass are in wonderful condition and the transit locking button works well too, no evidence of a catch on the lid, just seats well. 2 inch (50mm) diameter. Will be despatched via special delivery. Sorry Mainland UK only.
WW1 Period Red Cross Feeder Cup A WW1 period porcelain Red Cross feeder cup, in excellent condition apart from a minor chip to inside of rim.
WW1 Period Regimental \'\'Silk Cards\'\' embroidery A most colourful collection of WW1 period cigarette silk \'\'cards\'\' depicting British & Colonial regiment badges, period applied on a silk cloth backing, these embroideries were commonly made into cushion covers, some wear present down central fold. Make a great display piece. Measures 18 1/2 x 17 1/2 inches.
WW1 Period RFC / Early RAF Cigarette Box A first quarter of the 20th century hand-made mahogany cigarette box bearing hand carved RFC or early RAF wings with crown above, originally there may have been a central device fitted but I am unable to confirm this as no old marks or impressions evident. The typical of the period velvet liner shows signs of age related wear in places but still retains a certain charm about it. The overall length measures 6 1/2 inches. Width 4 inches. Depth 4 inches.
WW1 Period Royal Flying Corps Framed Embroidery A most appealing and fresh to the market WW1 period mahogany framed RFC embroidery on a black silk background. This splendid looking item was obtained from a local house clearance where it had resided for many decades. The stitch work retains lovely strong colour and in excellent condition, some light dust and smears present behind the glass due to age but hardly noticeable. The frame shows no signs of ever being wall mounted/hung only propped against a wall or flat surface and this is evident due to having additional feet fitted adjoined by a piece of old hardboard, these could easily be removed (two small screws) if preferred. Overall height 23 inches. overall width 17 1/2 inches. Please note that there are high levels of light reflection/bounce back in the images due to the glass, colours are strong and black silk backing far more cleaner than shown. Sorry UK sale only due to glass. A fantastic back drop item in a RFC display, never seen another. Posted via Royal mail.
WW1 period Sweetheart Photo Button Brooch A WW1 period white metal 24mm diameter button converted to a sweetheart photo brooch, the brass ring which secures the glass in place can easily be removed with your finger nail.
WW1 Period Territorial Letter `T' Collar badges A pair of gilt washed brass Territorial letter T collar badges with prong backs, 10mm tall. Part of an old badge & button collection, 5 pairs came on a cardboard backing card, sold as pairs, some light wear to gilt finish.
WW1 Period \'Toc H\' Talbot House Soldier\'s Rest Centre Sign An incredibly rare \'Toc H\' painted metal sign being the type used outside \'Talbot House\' soldier\'s rest & recreation centres during WW1, it was during 1915 that the British army chaplain the Reverend Phillip Byard \'Tubby\' Clayton gained permission to use a large town house in Poperinghe, Belgium as a much needed rest area for all troops regardless of rank, this place of rest soon overflowed with soldiers so more properties were acquired including new wooden barrack style huts and also by using existing old stone/brick built outbuildings. The name \'Toc\' derives from the letter \'T\' (for Talbot) in the signals phonetic spelling used by the British army in WW1 and still remains to this day within the international Christian movement, the organisation still use the oil lamp symbol known as the lamp of maintenance to this day. Please do an online search by simply typing \'WW1 Toc H\' to find out more on its amazing history and learn more about the army chaplain\'s who must have been seen as saints by the war weary troops. The sign is double sided, one side all original from the period, the opposite side re-used by the TocH movement at a much later date in a bold yellow colour, still with some age to it, the original side still has remnants of dead ivy stems attached, easily brushed off if required. The sign measures 50cm x 50cm. Sorry mainland UK sale only.
WW1 Pocket Watch Protective Case A rare protective watch case made in western Europe and sold to British/Allied troops to protect their timepieces. This example is made by Aquila with a small number 23 stamped to the backside, small crack to celluloid cover.
WW1 Princess Mary 1915 Gift Tin New Year Card An original example in wonderful condition. Reserved for E.T.B
WW1 Princess Mary Tin + Cigarettes A well used tin with many fractures and splits to the body but still retaining its original packet of cigarettes ( please study photos for condition) which are now quite fragile.
WW1 Red Cross Casualty Feeder Cup A WW1 porcelain cup in good condition used by the Red Cross to feed drinks to injured servicemen & women, bowl measures 3 1/2 inches (internally)
WW1 RFC Officer's Portrait Photograph A fine image of a young, fresh faced Royal Flying Corps officer, the photo has obviously been cut down to fit an oval shaped frame. Named on the reverse side` Islwyn' Size approx. 5 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches.
WW1 RFC Pilot Officer`s Sam Browne Belt (Wounded in Action) A nice example Sam Browne belt that was worn by 2nd Lieutenant Roger Ernle Money- Kyrle during his flying service in the Royal Flying Corps during the Great War. R.E.Money-Kyrle came from a very affluent Wiltshire family and was educated at Eton college from the age of ten (after the death of his father Major Audley Money-Kyrle. Aged 18 Roger Ernle applied to join the RFC and was commissioned in April 1917, on the 11th of July that same year whilst flying in a combat offensive over enemy lines that he encountered engine trouble, he later crashed and over turned in a cornfield. The next day he was once more taking part in a combat offensive over enemy territory and this time he received gun/rifle shot wounds in both legs but managed to return to base where he crashed upon landing, that day he flew a Nieuport Scout no.B3484. Much of the above information is to be found on the excellent website. He survived the war and returned to his studies later becoming a highly renowned psycho-analyst and being the last person to be analysed by Sigmund Freud, later served in WW2. The un-dated belt was acquired along with an earlier pre-WW1 Wiltshire regiment uniform that Money-Kyrle owned but I have been unable to link him directly to the regiment so I suspect the uniform is from another family member, still under research, the actual belt was worn by Roger Ernle as it bears his name though only the intials R.E are just about discernible along with the letters RFC (very faint). Images of the uniform bearing his name tag can be seen in the additional images (uniform listed shortly).
WW1 Royal Artillery Button Sweetheart Brooch With Inset Photograph A nice example of a WW1 Royal Artillery silver plated button converted to a sweetheart brooch with inset photograph of a young gunner, working pin & catch, 25mm dia.
WW1 Royal Scots & WWII Home Guard P\'13 Bayonet A shed found, well service used, British 1913 pattern sword bayonet that bears a scarce unit mark to the 10th (Territorial) Battalion Royal Scots. This bayonet was later re-issued to the Home Guard during WW2 as there are remnants of a black over paint along with being fitted with a 39'pattern leather frog. The P'13 was of British design but contracted out to two U.S manufacturers one being Winchester and the other Remington, this example being a Remington. The walnut grips are in good order and undisturbed, slight rust to surface of bolts, the pommel catch has seized but I have left as found. One face of the 17 inch long single fullered blade is in good service used condition whilst the other face does have much surface scratching running along its full length, possibly from a course sharpening stone but appears not to be recent. The scabbard is post WW1 production and dated 1923 , the stitching is intact and in very good order, unfortunately there is weakness and a partial break where the black painted chape is attached, there is some movement present but absolutely fine when bayonet is housed. The 39' pattern frog is a bit tired with the retaining strap broken but a totally original wartime marriage. The 2/10 Battalion RS were on operational duties after the 11th November Armistice of 1918 against the communist red army, returning to Scotland in June 1919. A scarce RS marked bayonet, could easily be improved. Please study additional images. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, photo I.D will be required before being dispatched, must be over 21 yrs of age.
WW1 Royal Warwickshire Regiment Ephemera Group (Letters Home & 14 British Army Censor Postcards) A small but most interesting WW1 ephemera group consisting of two handwritten letters and x 14 British Army censor postcards, the letters having been penned by Private 3770 Frederick.M.Fellows 1/6 Royal Warwickshire Regiment Transport section to his dearest Mother back home in Stafford, England, all x 14 censor postcards are signed by Fellows. Pvt Fellows was serving in France at the time and writes about the hardships of being there, doing guard duty at night in the wet & cold, being short of money but also being grateful that he is not further up the line like he had been the previous year. The letters & cards bear dates from September 1915 through to September 1916, the envelope has old blood staining present and this staining had transferred onto the letter within. The writing has faded over time and some of the wording quite faint but overall still discernible and a most interesting read.
WW1 Sam Browne Leather Pistol Ammo Pouch British Officers 1917 dated leather pistol ammo much. A very good example with makers name D.T.S & Co.
WW1 Sam Browne Officers Map Case with Strap An excellent example of an Officers private purchase map case named to P.M.M.Wilson (faintly stamped on front). The internal celluloid panels are in good condition (camera flash reflection seen in photo), original leather hanger & strap also in very good supple condition.
WW1 Seaforth Highlanders Binoculars A very pleasing pair that belonged to Lieutenant John E Black 3rd Seaforth Highlanders, the binoculars made by Ross of London are in good working order with one very clear optic and the other slightly less so. The ocular eye pieces are in good order and without any chips. The leather case is also in very good condition apart from some split stitching on the strap (shown in photos), the lid also displays the Officers initials.
WW1 Service Battalion /Pioneer Corps Collar Badge Nice original example, slight distortion to pick due to service wear. Sorry UK sale only. Will be posted as small parcel and not in an envelope.
WW1 Silver Royal Artillery Badge A WW1 (hall marked Birmingham 1915) silver RA badge worn on Dress uniform.
WW1 Territorial Small Brass `T` Collar Dogs Now very difficult to find. 10mm long, prong backed.
WW1 Trench Art Mills Bomb/Grenade Lighter An un-cleaned, left as found WW1 Mills bomb casing that has been converted into a trench art lighter, the casing bears the foundry mark of McD.S which I believe to be McDowall,Stevens Ltd of Falkirk, Scotland (1828-1930). The plug hole at the base of the grenade is still threaded but this thread is hardly used to secure the grenade to the wooden base plate, you simply lower the grenade onto the steel cylindrical plug and slightly turn the bolt underneath until it catches, left loose for now, the small striking wheel still rotates and sparks. Unable to find any online images of McDowall, Stevens produced grenades so possibly a rare casting. Please see additional images. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, must be over 18 yrs of age, photo I.D will be required.
WW1 Trench whistle 1917 A Joseph Hudson & Co snail type whistle with pea (un-common) dated 1917, some small areas of wear/ lifting of finish.
WW1 Turkish Ottoman Army Belt Buckle A nice bring back example.
WW1 U.S Military First - Aid Gauze Bandage \'\'ZONAS\'\' 1917 An original WW1 U.S military field dressing manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, in small tablet form and bearing the contract date \'May 1917\', remains unopened, with some dirt and rub marks to paper wrapping. These \'\'ZONAS\'\' bandages were also used in WW2.
WW1 US M1910 T-Handle Entrenching Tool & 1917 Webbing Carrier A nice example of a US M1910 T-handle entrenching tool with its 1917 dated webbing carrier, the shovel is in very good order and still with remnants of old mud on the blade, the slightly faded carrier bears a manufacturers ink stamp which I believe to be ''F.M.H.R. Co 1917. A nice service used example.
WW1-WW2 British Army Souvenir Belt A nice little collection of original WW1 & WW2 British army cap and collar badges + shoulder titles, all applied to a 1903 pattern variant leather belt (un-marked, no maker name). amongst the collection is a wonderful crisp detailed pre-1908 Gloucestershire Regt cap badge with lugs/loops (slightly bent over) and a very nice WW1 Manchester regt cap badge with slider intact, also a nice early die-struck Royal West Kent regt cap badge. Buckle missing which is common on this pattern belt. Please study the images as some sliders have been clipped or curled over edge of belt, all have been attached for a very long period, evident when looking behind badges, not a recent marriage.
WW1-WW2 Royal Navy Officer\'s Bullion Cap Badge A nice service-used example that has been removed from a cap, some slight loss to backing material at lower edge as seen in images.
WW1-WW2 Savage Arms Corp Spring Balance (Lewis Gun) Manufactured in the U.S.A by the Savage Arms Corp for testing trigger pressure & main spring on the Lewis gun, both BSA (England) and Savage (US) produced the Lewis machine gun during WW1 but with a difference in calibre, . This spring balance has been left as found and not cleaned.
WW1/ WW2 Officers Sam Browne Belt & Strap A good clean and supple example, un-dated.
WW1/ WW2 period Loudhailer, Megaphone A black painted Tin loudhailer, appears more WW1 era but uncertain of this, covered in a very light peppering of rust but only surface and could easily be improved. Perfect for WW2 ARP re-enactment. Stands approx. 19 inches. Sorry UK sale only.
WW1/ WW2 South Wales Borderers Officers Shoulder Pips A scarce quality made pair with motto `Ich Dien`.
WW1/2 RAMC Cap Badge & Sweetheart Brooch A WW1/2 Royal Army Medical Corps cap badge and enamelled sweetheart brooch that were both found together, some minor damage to enamelling.
WW2 1st Battalion South Lancashire Pagri Flash An excellent 10 1/2 inch long (when laid flat) silk pagri to the 1st Battalion South Lancashire\'s . The last item from a small box found in a house clearance.
WW2 K.S.L.I Printed Shoulder Titles An unissued pair of seldom encountered Kings Shropshire Light Infantry printed shoulder titles, part of a house clearance find.
WW2 / Korean War British Officers Collarless Shirt + Collar An excellent condition WW2 / Korean War officers private purchase half fronted collarless wool shirt & collar, this almost unworn garment retains excellent colour and belonged to Captain/Major L.H.Yates RWF and dated 52 (1952). This shirt is 1 of 4 in total and all made by the same outfitters all in a good size, chest 40 - 42 inch, armpit to cuff 20 1/2 inch, collar approx. 15 inch.
WW2 1940 Gurkha Pill Box Hat (Unissued) An excellent, unissued, Gurkha dress uniform pill box hat (known as a Kilmarnock) manufactured by Hobson & Son`s of London in 1940. This stunning and now scarce example is in wonderful condition and shows no signs of ever been worn, the dark navy blue body with red piping is free from any moth damage, its supple leather liner is also free from any infestation and staining. The liner bears the original paper label (size 6 3/4, 1940) along with a WD acceptance stamp and Q letter code on the underside, original black shellac finished leather chinstrap that has never been adjusted, some light surface crazing/cracking to the black finish/coating which is quite common on this type of chinstrap from this period. Badge removed leaving a very light impression of crossed Kukri`s (tips of the blades). Have not encountered one of these hats for many years.
WW2 1944 RAF Folding Survival Machete A WW2 RAF aircrews folding survival machete made by George Butler & Co of Sheffield, England. The black composite grips are in good order and remain firm, still has a good working spring and catch, the 10 inch long blade retains its original profile and bears the makers mark, broad arrow & 1944 (date of manufacture). There is some age related staining to the metal work and very light pitting in a couple of places but all could be improved, slight side play when blade is fully opened but this is common to this pattern, blade guard absent. The RAF type is far more difficult to find than the U.S made version without lanyard loop. Sorry Mainland UK sale only... Must be over 21 yrs of age, Photo I.D is required (passport/driving license).
WW2 1st RWF Officer`s SD Uniform (BEF Connection) A service dress uniform consisting of cap, jacket & trousers that were worn by then Captain L.H.Yates 1st Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers (promoted to Capt in 1938). An image of Yates can be found in the softback publication `Royal Welch Fusiliers` compiled by Peter Crocker & David Bownes ISBN 0 7524-2061-5 wearing this actual uniform, he is seen seated in a group photo of 1st RWF officer`s at Blackdown prior to leaving for France in September 1939 part of the BEF. I am led to believe that he was transferred to the 7th RWF later that month which was a stroke of luck as most of his fellow officer`s & men from the 1st were annihilated during the withdrawal to Dunkirk in May 1940. The cap is in very good condition apart from a moth hole on the crown and a nip on crown edge, lovely bronze cap badge and RWF side buttons, chin strap missing but easily replaced, there`s a piece of paper underneath the celluloid bearing Yates initials (floating around, not fixed). Cap size approx. 6 7/8 - 7 The jacket retains its black silk neck flash, lovely RWF buttons & later added medal ribbons, again there are areas of moth damage which are shown in photo`s, Yates removed and transferred his collar dogs to his post war BD which is also listed code number 50600. Chest approx. 36 inch. Trousers in good condition apart from moth hole on one leg. Waist approx. 30 x leg 31. With some minor repairs this would display really well.
WW2 37 Pattern Indian Made Officer`s Haversack A good solid Indian made officer`s haversack bearing a faint 1942 ink stamp, some light dirt/stain marks present as shown in photographs.
WW2 78th Infantry Div/49th field Company RE Formation Sign & Unit History Book (Named to Officer) A recently discovered 78th Inf Div/49th field company Royal Engineers printed combination formation sign that was found between the pages of the 78th Div history book `Algiers to Austria' written by Cyril Ray in 1952. Within the front pages of the book is the name of the owner Mr J.F.W. Adams (Major Joscelin Francis Whieldon Adams) who was commissioned to the Territorial Army Royal Engineers 46th (N.Midland) Divisional Engineers on the 28th May 1937 (London Gazette). Also found between the pages are post-war (modern) photographs taken by Major Adams whilst revisiting his old campaign ground in Tunisia, to the reverse side of the photographs are the handwritten names of villages, roads, areas of conflict etc, Medjel el Bab, Toukabeur, Chaouach, Oued Zaga. Also present is a 1987 dated letter addressed to Major Adams from the long standing honorary secretary of the 78th Div Victory club Mr Ian McKee (Capt), McKee is acknowledged in the front of the book by the author for his contribution/memoirs/ war diaries etc. The printed 78th (battle axe) formation sign along with the cobalt blue backed 49 retain good strong colour and are still firmly attached to the KD backing , a single RA slip was also found inside the book and is also included. The 78th Division fought with distinction throughout all their campaigns during WW2 starting from Algiers to the battlefields of Tunisia, Sicily , Italy (Monte Cassino) and finally Austria.
WW2 8th Army Corps Nice embroidered example , one moth hole.
WW2 9th Btn K.R.R.C Battle of Greece - Crete P.O.W Group A most interesting and highly informative group relating to 6850185 Rifleman Francis Chapman 9th Battalion King\'s Royal Rifle Corps who fought in the desperate rear guard action in Greece during April 1941, during the fight he was lightly wounded but managed to be evacuated to the Island of Crete, whilst recovering in hospital the Island was invaded by German Airborne forces and after much fierce fighting the allied forces were overrun which in turn led to Chapmans capture. Shortly afterwards he was sent to Germany and spent the rest of the war moving between various Stalag\'s (POW camps), during 1945 when Russian forces were nearing the German border Chapman was force marched by his captor\'s deeper into Germany, he marched for 5 weeks and suffered ill health just like so many others, amazingly he survived. The groups consists of his medals, pay book, I.D discs, zinc Stalag VII / A tag, various photo\'s (some from POW camp), newspaper cuttings, small US badge (liberated by US troops), telegrams, a letter from his C/O to his mother informing her that he was last seen 15 miles from evacuation point on Crete, a wonderful \'\'joke\'\' letter & cheque from his friend pretending to be Reich minister Goebbels forwarding a wedding gift from Hitler, a very detailed typewritten 7 page account of Chapmans action and evacuation from Greece, typed during his time in Crete. An amazing and scarce Greek campaign group.
WW2 A.T.S / Signals Photograph Group An A.T.S photograph group including a couple of larger portrait shots, most of the service women wearing the signals badge. Acquired all together but their history is unknown. Largest photograph measures approx. 9 1/2 inches x 7
WW2 Africa & Italy Stars Medal Group A nice honest group, mounted for wear, un-named as issued.
WW2 Air Ministry / RAF Anti Glare Sunglasses An early WW2 pair in excellent condition with its leather side shields intact, the tin lid has suffered slightly from poor storage and has now lost some of its paint finish leaving faint AM markings and a very light surface rust.
WW2 Air Ministry Brass Button Slider 1940 1940 dated example with AM stamp. (B.106925/40/CI(B)
WW2 Airborne Issue Binocular Case & Sling A nice condition leather case for the compact Galilean binoculars that were issued to British and Commonwealth Airborne troops during WW2, the leatherwork is in good order with only minor scuffing, all stitching intact. Still with its original sling which does have the usual surface crazing/small splits but no weakness.
WW2 Argyll & Sutherland Officer\'s Kilt Pin Recently discovered along with other items that belonged to a decorated WW2 A&SH officer, a veteran of the North Africa campaign. Approx.87mm in length. The other items seen in the last image are for reference only and not part of this sale.
WW2 Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (A&SH) A pair of embroidered red/white diced and green ended A&SH flashes/formation signs that belonged to a decorated officer (D.S.O winner) a veteran of the North Africa campaign during WW2. Both flashes are in wonderful condition and clearly uniform removed, they were recently discovered in a house clearance along with other items belonging to the same officer. The other items seen in the last image are for reference only and not included in this sale.
WW2 Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (A&SH) A pair of embroidered red/white diced and green ended A&SH flashes that belonged to a decorated officer (D.S.O winner) a veteran of the North Africa campaign during WW2. Both flashes are in wonderful condition and clearly uniform removed, nice paper backed examples, now difficult to find, they were recently discovered in a house clearance along with other items that belonged to the same officer. The other items seen in the last image are for reference only and not included in this sale.
WW2 Army Field Message Book 153 + Cover An excellent 42 dated field message book( note pad) with its 41 dated detachable protective cover. The message book has 1/4 inch ruled squares throughout with the first couple of pages printed with general instruction of use. The book slides into the sleeve of the protective cover and then held in place with a elasticated band. The band on the outside of the cover has lost some elasticity.
WW2 ARP Bandages / Dressings X 4 4 x triangular dressings issued by the Home Office for the Air Raid Precaution department. Very clean condition, one with light rust marks from lying on a safety pin for decades. 55mm x 35mm x 35mm. Only a few left.
WW2 ARP Bandages X 5 5 X triangular bandage issued by the Home Office for the Air Raid Precaution department.
WW2 ARP Bandages/Dressings x 4 4 x triangular dressings issued by the Home Office for the Air Raid Precaution department. Very clean apart from the odd light rust mark from lying on a safety pin for decades, one with light end damage. 55mm x 35mm x 35mm. Last in stock.
WW2 ARP Bandages/Dressings x 5 5 x triangular bandages issued by the Home Office for the Air Raid Precaution department. Very clean condition. 55mm x 35mm x 35mm
WW2 ARP Bell Made by Fiddian.
WW2 ARP Decontamination Mitts
WW2 ARP Home First Aid Tin & Contents A superb example of an ARP home first aid tin made by the Boots Pure Drugs Company of Nottingham, the tin is in excellent used condition as is the gold coloured stencil/ transfer on the lid. The contents consist of triangular & open wound bandages which are mainly Boots own brand along with other makes + an information sheet issued by the ministry of health for Scotland 6 /1940 on how to deal with injuries after an air attack. A fantastic display piece.
WW2 ARP Lapel Badge
WW2 ARP Sergeant Chevrons
WW2 ARP Triangular Bandage x 5 5 x triangular bandages issued by the Home Office for the Air Raid Precaution department. 55mm x 35mm x 35mm
WW2 ARP Wardens Door Plaque Made of aluminium and stamped on rear with registration number/code. 12 cm high.
WW2 ARP Whistle & Lanyard A nice clean Hudson made whistle and an excellent bright coloured lanyard.
WW2 ARP Wooden Gas Rattle Makers mark and date present but faint - R.C.D 1944. In good working order and Loud.
WW2 ATS Sweetheart Badge/Brooch
WW2 Australian Women`s Land Army Cap Badge A good example of a WW2 white metal AWLA cap badge, the reverse side bears a central capital letter A in raised relief along with the makers name of Millers Ltd of Sydney and a very low serial / issue number 130. Some light rubbing to front enamel / paintwork. The AWLA was disbanded in December 45
WW2 Boiled Sweet Tin In very good condition. Reserved for T.B.
WW2 British 1940 Pattern Battle Dress Blouse 1944 A very pleasing 1940 pattern BD retaining good colour and label, made by J.S.Thomson in a size 12 (40-41 inch chest) and dated 1944, possibly manufactured in late 44 as the WD letter code reads Z indicating early 45 when inspected . One moth hole to inner wrist (shown in photos) and couple of minor holes near rear of waist band but hardly noticeable and only visible when held up to the light. A very clean display piece.
WW2 British 1945 General Service Manpack Carrier A light weight aluminium carrier in good used condition with the frame and straps dated 1945. Average paint loss due to use, all straps in good order with some minor dirt marks,couple of knots tied in for additional grip. Used in the Far East (Burma) and also in many Post War conflicts.
WW2 British 2 inch Mortar Fin 1942 Dated Fin
WW2 British 2 Inch Mortar Fin 1941 dated and missing its end cap.
WW2 British 37 Pattern Webbing Belt An un-issued 37 pattern belt in a small size ,dated 1944. To fit waist upto 32 inch.
WW2 British 37 Pattern Webbing Belt & Holster A slightly faded, sun bleached 37 ptn belt in a good size (approx.38\'\'-39\'\') bearing faint makers details \'\'Finnigans 1942\'\', the matching condition 37 ptn holster is also dated 1942 but just discernible in the right light, both pieces are in good order, just slightly dirty, perfect for N.Africa, Italy & Far East display.
WW2 British 37 Pattern Webbing Belt XL 1940 Made by MEco in 1940 in an extra large,will adjust from 28 inch up to 48/50 inch. Getting harder to find now in good clean condition.
WW2 British 37 Pattern Webbing Holster 1942 Un-issued condition ,made by M 1942
WW2 British 37 Pattern Webbing Holster 1943 An excellent condition 1943 dated webbing holster made by \'\'MW & S Ltd\'\', with some very light storage marks but appears to be unissued.
WW2 British 37 Ptn Binocular Case & Strap An excellent almost unissued example dated 1941.
WW2 British Airborne 1st Pattern Denison Smock A 1st Pattern Denison smock made by Hoffman & sons in 1943 in a large size 7. Still retains good strong colours and still with its original half zip which is in working order(pull tab present),all Newey poppers are intact, original knitted wool cuffs now with various sized holes/pulls. Ape tail has been removed off this smock ( a common practice), original label but now held firm with glue as to prevent its lose due to fraying on edges. A neat repair to top fold on the collar where usual rubbing takes place, some staining (possibly glue) around mid chest area (please see pics). A good display piece
WW2 British Airborne 1st Pattern Denison Smock (1942) An excellent example of a WW2 British first pattern Denison smock which retains good strong colours and an early brush applied camouflage, original working half zip with material pull tab, excellent wool cuffs & damage free collar. All the original Newey made poppers are present, good clear label (usually washed out) with the makers name C.W.S Ltd along with its size being a large fit No.7 + year of manufacture 1942. The ape tail has been neatly removed from the smock (common practice on Denisons), faint ink WD broad arrow acceptance stamp still visible. I have handled many smocks over the years and consider this example to be one of the nicest, a true investment piece. RESERVED FOR G.P
WW2 British Airborne Denison Smock A 2nd pattern denison smock with adjustable wrist tabs, original half zip made by 'Swift' with it's material pull tab. Slight fading to the printed camouflage material which results in a pleasing 'been there' look. Good clear printed label which states size no. 5. Height 5'9" - 5'11" Waist 37" - 39" SL&M Feathers Ltd 1945 All brass newey popper/studs present, missing one button to the adjustable wrist tabs. Crotch tail has been neatly removed. Good condition apart from a few small pulls/holes and the odd minor stain. Usual wear and fraying to cuffs and collar edge- a good used example.
WW2 British Anti - Malarial Dust Gun Listed in the Imperial War Museum as Sprayer Anti - Malarial Dust Gun,Hand. which was used extensively in the Far East theatre of war. The hand held dust gun is in good condition with much of its original paint work present,made by Willet & Robinson,Maidstone. This item has not been tested. overall length 30 inches.
WW2 British Armourer\'s / Artificer\'s 37 Pattern Tool Roll An unissued and seldom encountered British-made Armourer\'s/Artificer\'s 10 pocket tool roll, clearly stamped M&S 1945 and in excellent condition. Please note that in the 3rd image there is a dark looking mark in the top corner, this is merely sun shadow and not a stain. Size when un-rolled 30 1/2 inches x 12 1/2 .
WW2 British Army (American Made) HBT War Aid Bush Jacket A large size British army khaki bush jacket that was made in the U.S under the Lend-Lease program (War Aid), the full front jacket with four patch pockets is made from Herringbone Twill (HBT) and in very good condition, all buttons present, there are a couple of very light stains/marks present to the front but may sponge off, the epaulettes have been period removed for some reason but neatly done. This pattern of bush jacket was commonly seen being worn in the Mediterranean theatre but this actual jacket came with some Indian made items and was worn in the Far East. The jacket measures 22 1/2 inches armpit to armpit so an approx. 42 inch chest. Priced accordingly due to removed epaulettes, would be double.
WW2 British Army 1944 Pattern Jungle Boots, Dated 1944 Wonderful condition 44 dated British-made jungle boots in a desirable size 10 large, with matching War Department acceptance marks and crisp internal makers details - Wm. Mason Ltd, Leicester, 1944, 10 L. The brown leather uppers remain supple and just require a little polish to further enhance them, some light scratches on toe caps from usage but only superficial. The soles, studs & cleats do show signs of light service wear but remain in good order. Overseas customers please check Customs regulations in regards to item being leather. Heavy item.
WW2 British Army Binoculars Webbing Neck Strap An excellent condition binocular strap with the uncommon small brass end caps, 100% wartime as removed them myself from a damaged late war dated pair of binoculars.
WW2 British Army Royal Artillery Captains Dress Uniform A good clean Dress uniform to a Captain in the Royal Artillery,made by Berks & sons of Llandrindod Wells,Mid-Wales. During WW2 the 124th Officer cadet training unit RA was based in the Spa town and with so many new officers in the area a number of London Tailors set up shop in the high street. The Dress jacket still has its lanyard,belt and rank pips. Good condition item apart from 3 small moth holes(hardly noticeable) . Chest approx. 37- 38 inch,under arm approx. 17 3/4 inch Trousers in very good condition with waist size approx. 31- 32 inch, inside leg approx. 30 1/2 inch.
WW2 British Army Tall Gaiters 1942 Dated. An Unissued matching pair of tall gaiters dated 1942 . couple of buckles just need a quick polish
WW2 British ATS MKII Helmet A recent barn/shed found MKII ATS helmet in un-touched condition, 1939 dated shell along with its 1939 dated oval padded liner made by Vero in a size 6 1/2. A second layer of sand coloured paint has been applied over original factory finish. Original chin strap in good order, slight play in liner as original top bolt and nut wont tighten up fully but a minor issue. I have left this helmet as I found it , with light surface rusting which would improve with cleaning .
WW2 British Bren Gun Magazine Satchel/Carrier A good condition WW2 Bren gun magazine leather satchel with no issues apart from some weakening to the leather tab securing the wire loop (surface crack) which can be seen in the images. This un-dated example retains its rear metal fixing plate used for hooking the satchel onto the sides of the tracked/armoured vehicles. Nice untouched example.
WW2 British Civilian Service Gasmask(ARP Stamped)1942 A 1942 dated example made by Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd in very good condition with all rubber still pliable. This gasmask has an ARP stamp to the face mask & filter. The gasmask comes with an 1941 dated bag also in good condition.
WW2 British Commando Folding / Lock Knife (At Fault) An appealing example of a scarce WW2 British commando folding / lock knife, unfortunately the knife has a broken spring and some repair work to the locking mechanism, this has resulted in some play to the blade whilst in the locked position (approx. 10 mm drop). Even with its faults this still remains a wonderful display piece if under/behind glass etc. The blade is in good order with only light staining and retains its full 3 inch cutting edge, the ricasso bears the makers name of Joseph Fenton & Sons, Sheffield. The Bexoid grips are also in good order apart from the commonly seen small cracking around the main pivotal rivet/pin but no issue. These maker - marked knives were also issued to S.O.E (Special Operations Executive) agents but were not carried overseas during clandestine operations, instead the sterile variant with the additional small tyre slasher blade would have been used. Priced accordingly due to faults, despatched via the Royal mail. Sorry Mainland UK sale ONLY, must be 21 or over, photo I.D will be required before item will be despatched.
WW2 British Desert Camouflaged MK2 Helmet An early war sand textured camouflage helmet made by 'RO & Co Ltd' (Rubery Owen & Co Ltd of Leeds) in 1939 which is stamped to the underside of the rim. The external sand textured paint finish has a 'used' look with some small patches of surface rust, but what makes this more interesting is a small letter 'K' painted to the front and rear. The internal paintwork is the original smooth factory finish which is in very good condition. The liner is made by 'TTC' which is stamped with a size 6 3/4 along with a 1939 date. Web chin strap has one of it's four web springs broken/disconnected but does not alter the appearance of this great looking item.
WW2 British Drop Leaflet (In French). Original drop leaflet with one of Churchills speeches printed to both sides, dropped over France by the RAF during the early years of WW2.
WW2 British Field Service Cap A 1940 dated British F/S cap which is unbadged. Clean exterior, staining on the inside only.
WW2 British Field Service Cap A badge removed F/S cap in clean condition , ink stamp difficult to read but shows a size 7 1/8 made by Gelfer of Glasgow and I am guessing 1940.
WW2 British General Service Map Case A clean example of a 1945 dated Map Case with a celluloid panel and tuffnel back board.
WW2 British Home Front Vehicle Headlamp Blackout Shield Recently discovered in an outbuilding and untouched for decades, this vehicle headlight shield was manufactured by the A.V.Hartley company of Greenfield near Oldham and was an improved version known as the type 2, first introduced in September 1941. The grilled shield is in very good solid condition with only light surface rust and paint blistering, could easily be improved or simply left as found, still retains its original opaque glass which is securely attached to the rear of the 8 inch diameter back plate, cobwebs still present inside grill. Please study images in regards to condition.
WW2 British Issue Folding Saw A good complete set which includes 2 x 1942 dated wooden handles, setting tool, small file with broad arrow stamp (file often missing) and the folding chain style saw which are housed in a 1943 dated leather pouch.
WW2 British Khaki Holdall (18 hole) A WW2 British holdall with 18 lace up holes and newey press studs. I cannot find any markings but I acquired this item from the son of a WW2 RAF ground crew member and this item was used by his father.
WW2 British Large 37 Ptn Webbing Belt (1940) A good service used, large sized 37 pattern webbing belt bearing a MECo 1940 ink stamp. The date stamping is almost indiscernible in bright light but becomes more evident in shade, the webbing is un-blanco\'d and with some light service dirt marks, light wear/rubbing near rear buckles. Fit up to a 40 inch waist (approx.)
WW2 British Leather Gaiters/ Anklets A good supple pair of brown leather anklets which are profusely marked with the wearers name J.W Profit. Broad arrow mark present + service number.
WW2 British Marksman Badge Part of house clearance find.
WW2 British MK1 Magnetic Marching Compass In good working order with original instruction card. Made by T.G & Co Ltd with broad arrow mark.
WW2 British MK2 Wardens Helmet An early war MK2 helmet made by E.C& CO LTD in 1939 with its factory finished brown paintwork (light surface rust but will clean ). Thin lined letter W painted in white to the front and complete with its original webbing chinstrap ( some slight stains). Early 1939 dated liner with oval pad in a size 7 made by Helmets Ltd and a totally unmessed with item.
WW2 British MKII 1940 Camouflaged Helmet with Net A Totally original example of a MKII Camouflaged helmet with its original net. Made by R O & CO Ltd (Rubery Owen.Leeds) in 1940 with its factory smooth internal paintwork and external fine sand textured camouflaged finish,liner made by TTC 1940 and size 71/4 (dry to the touch as most are now). Original webbing chinstrap showing some rust staining +internal spring damage. Original netting (which I removed only to take photos) has left its imprint onto the helmet paintwork. Hard to find un-touched item
WW2 British MKII NO2c First Aiders Helmet A 1941 dated MKII no2c made by BMB in very good condition,the MKIIno2c having 3 holes drilled on either side of the rim denoting usage of a lower grade steel than is used in helmets of the armed forces. The original paintwork is in great condition with large capital letters FA (first aid) in white to front and rear. The size 7 liner is dated 1940 and also in good clean condition but now dry to the touch as most are now.Webbing chinstrap present with light rust stains.
WW2 British Mountain Troops Ski Cap 1943 An un-issued example dated 1943 and made by J.Compton & Sons Ltd in a size 7 1/8th. These caps were officially modified during the war to have a fleece liner fitted for extra protection against the cold. The straps are present but not seen in photographs (tucked in).
WW2 British Naval Bosuns Whistle A broad arrowed example
WW2 British No.46 Wireless Set Battery Haversack (Special Forces) An uncommon WW2 webbing haversack for housing & carrying the batteries for the No.46 wireless set, the No.46 set was designed in 1942 specifically for ''special forces'' especially for beach landing operations, the haversack is in good service used condition and still bears the correct ZA14892 code to the side of the pack, printed inside the top flap is different code (ZA 14869), there's also a faintly marked ''M E Co'' but bears no date as this pattern of haversack never were dated for some unknown reason. The haversack is in good order with usual dirt/rub marks, couple of old securing hole in rear tabs (seen in images). The large purpose made hole to the side is where the external mounted junction box was located, this was secured using four fixings that passed through the webbing to a purpose made internal ply board that held the heavy gauge cables/connectors for the batteries, board & wiring not present, haversack only. A scarce item.
WW2 British Officers 37 Pattern Battle Dress Blouse (India) A very pleasing Indian made Battle Dress Blouse which has been tailored for a Captain in the Royal Artillery Anti Aircraft Command. This Officers BD has been tailored in the 37 pattern with the unlined collar and still retains the typical Indian makers round ink stamps to the rear of the internal pockets, Indian style tin/alloy buttons (1 epaulet and 1 cuff button now missing). The patches and pips are original to the BD along with the black oil cloth shadow patches (few stiches pulled to one of these), a small size approx. 36-37 inch chest in good condition for a Far East BD, light staining to lapel.
WW2 British Officers BD(Extra Pics)
WW2 British Officers Jungle Boots A good pair of 1945 dated British Officers brown leather Jungle boots, stamped with WD acceptance marks on exterior and internally with makers name( Avalon) 1945, size 9L .
WW2 British Officers Tie Original WW2 issue tie.
WW2 British Officer\'s Sam Browne Map Case & Accessories (Attributed, Untouched) Recently discovered in an old trunk amongst other items belonging to (then) Lieut. Clifford Herbert Williams British Indian army 1942 - 45. Lt. Williams served on the North West Frontier of India throughout the war years and would later become a post-war career soldier/officer obtaining the rank of major. The canvas body of the private-purchase case has slightly stiffened over time but remains in good order, all stitching intact, the leather hanging yoke along with the small securing side straps are again slightly stiff but all in good working order, the three internal celluloid panels/screens are also slightly hardened but remain intact. Found amongst the pencils, card ruler (some de-facing) and protractor was an 'Order Card' instructing the officer on the correct sequence of headings for written & verbal orders, also discovered was a hand-typed note listing the correct 'Operation Order' for an Infantry battalion attack, battalion night attack and battalion river crossing. Some loss of finish/plating on metal parts and light surface rust present but all could be improved, left as found, canvas a little grubby from service use, requires a little airing as been stored for decades. Please study images + the additional images as they are part of the condition report. A true time capsule item.
WW2 British Parachute Qualification Badge A good wartime example, removed from uniform.
WW2 British Paratroopers Oversmock A 1945 dated example in un-issued condition, good strong colour to the denim material, working zip and good clear label along with WD acceptance stamp (Z code for 1945). These sleeveless garments were worn over the Denison smock for extra storage & reduce snagging on shroud lines. One Newey stud missing off tail. Made by L.Harris Ltd in a size No.5 Height 5`11``- 6`0 Breast 38`` - 43``
WW2 British Private Purchase Fighting Knife - Popular With Commando\'s & US Troops An original WW2 Sheffield-made \'\'Taylor Eye Witness\'\' fighting knife and scabbard, these stiletto bladed knives were purchased from private/commercial suppliers and were very popular with British commando\'s and US troops based in Britain prior to D-Day. The grip is formed using pressed leather washers and held firm by the correct wartime brass pommel, the 6 3/4 inch double edged blade is in good used condition and does have some light age related blemishes plus evidence of sharpening, also bears the company logo of an eye, the original leather scabbard is missing its small retaining strap but the belt loops are fine, some period done repairs to side stitching. This pattern of fighting knife has now become difficult to source due to there being more and more photographic evidence coming forward of these knives being used by British/Commonwealth & US troops plus the ever rising value of Fairbairn Sykes knives. Please study the images in regards to condition. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, Photo I.D will be required before item being despatched, over 18 yrs of age.
WW2 British RAMC Coloured Field Service Cap An original WW2 Royal Army Medical Corps coloured FS cap in very good service used condition, the magenta coloured upper section is in excellent condition with no damage, the black skirt has some slight fading due to the nap of the cloth being more service worn, good RAMC brass cap badge with a nicely tapered slider & crimp mark, there are two additional holes present where a lugged badge had once been applied, this cap has not been touched for decades. The two small GS buttons are present, one with slight verdigris, the liner is also in good order and would benefit from a light airing (stored away for years), there is a name and service number handwritten within the top fold of the liner this but appears to be an early post war number (19179119 unresearched so could be wrong). The cap bears no size stamp but an approx. 6 5/8 - 6 3/4. These coloured caps were introduced during the 1930\'s and worn throughout WW2, usually a private purchase item, nice \'\'been there\'\' look to it.
WW2 British Red Cross Pattern Water Bottle & Harness A good used example that still retains its cork stopper, a nice condition blue enamel bottle with dark blue woollen cover, some moth tracking present. The leather harness/cradle is in good strong order, all stitching intact. please study images in regards to condition.
WW2 British Royal Marines Economy (Plastic) Cap Badge A fairly scarce Royal Marines plastic/bakelite cap badge made by A.Stanley & Sons of Walsall and still retaining its original felt backing ( major moth damage).
WW2 British Small 37 Ptn Webbing Belt (1940) A good condition small sized 37 ptn webbing belt bearing a MECo 1940 ink stamp, the date is almost indiscernible in bright light but becomes more evident in the shade. In clean condition, possibly received a very light blanco, difficult to say. Fit up to a 34 inch waist (approx.). On hold for Mr H.
WW2 British Spring Balance 1943 In good working order.
WW2 British Sten Gun Magazine A good, service used Sten gun magazine bearing the wartime maker's code M/13 (Austin Motors, Longbridge). Some wear to paint finish. Sorry, Mainland UK sale only.
WW2 British Sten Magazine Bandolier A 1944 dated example of the Sten sub-machine gun magazine bandolier as used by Airborne troops. The front face has a blancoed finish with a couple of stain marks, faint MECo makers mark and date.
WW2 British Tank Commander/ Armoured Vehicle No.13 Headset & Mic A good clean wireless/ intercom set dated 1945 with Bakelite hand mic marked with ZA17605 MIC HAND No.13. Wiring appears to be in good condition, slight stiffening to rubber ear pieces. Sold as display item only.
WW2 British Troops in France, 21st Army Group A printed matching pair, removed from uniform.
WW2 British War Service Stripes A removed from uniform example with 4 red felt chevrons. Part of house clearance find.
WW2 British War Service Stripes A removed from uniform example with 5 red embroidered chevrons. Part of house clearance find.
WW2 British Warrant Officers Badges These two badges came from the belongings of Lt.David Symes Royal Artillery .
WW2 British Webbing Gaiters A 1944 dated pair of un-blanco'd Gaiters (possibly of Indian manufacture)
WW2 British webbing waterbottle carrier A 1941 Dated webbing carrier/sleeve made by Albert Gill. Light blanco finish.
WW2 British-Made Entrenching Tool A clean, lightly used British-made entrenching tool, the head being lightly stamped with Perks 1942 and the helve clearly marked WB 44 (1944).
WW2 Canadian Airborne Cloth Shoulder Titles An original uniform removed pair of early Canadian Airborne shoulder titles, this pattern was worn on battledress prior to the introduction of the more commonly encountered 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion shoulder patch, this early type continued to be worn throughout the war at parachute training wings at camp Shilo & Manitoba amongst others. Tear on top edge of one patch possibly from time of removal.
WW2 Canadian made waterbottle carrier. A Canadian made skeleton carrier made by ZL&T and Dated 1940.
WW2 CC41 Cotton Bed Sheets Two CC41 bed sheets still in their original folded and wrapped state as they would have been when left the factory/mill. Wrapping now torn and light dirt/dust marks to folded edges of sheets where exposed. Have not removed sheets from packaging so actual size of sheets unknown, package measures 50cm x 20cm
WW2 CC41 Mens Under Shorts In good condition , label showing a size 30 inch waist.
WW2 Childs Mickey Mouse Gas Respirator & Box An excellent example dated 1939 with its original box + strap. The rubber face mask is still very pliable , good clear lenses.
WW2 Civil Defence MKII Helmet (1939) An untouched, fresh to the market early WW2 Civil Defence / ARP MkII steel helmet, this un-cleaned example bears a D26 manufacturers stamping to the shell which as yet I have not been able to identify. The external black paint finish has service and age related wear and plenty of character, original undisturbed large size liner screw bolt. The liner cradle bears the makers name TTC along with a size and date stamp, 6 3/4 & 1939, the Rexene coating is dry with some flaking present, original side sprung webbing chinstrap. please study images in regards to condition + additional photo's.
WW2 Civil Defence, ARP Pattern 54 Armband A good clean example, last one in stock.
WW2 East Africa Command Patch 2nd pattern, removed from uniform.
WW2 Era Air Ministry / RAF Op\'s Room Candlestick Microphone An Air Ministry desk top candlestick microphone being the type used in control towers & operation rooms. In good untouched condition and still retaining the A.M stores reference number 10A/9597 on the base plate, the Bakelite head/mouthpiece is in excellent order, some age related wear/loss to the paint finish on the metal base . The wiring has been removed, heavy little item.
WW2 First Aid Dressings (Type used by ARP & other Services) 2 x Large and 1 x small first aid dressing meeting the new standard of 1933 as required by the MINES DEPARTMENT. Some light stains present and a slight tear on rear of small dressing. 80mm x 55 x 30 55mm x 35 x 28
WW2 French Army Issue Pack of Tobacco An un-opened 40 grammes pack of WW2 French Army issue tobacco nicely labelled 'for the troops', one tiny split in the paper wrapping on the underside but not losing any of its contents, hardly noticeable but best to mention. Size = 60mm x 65mm Sorry UK sale only.
WW2 Garand 8 round clips 4 Wartime produced clips made byBLM (Barry L Miller inc )
WW2 General Service Respirator MKV A good condition MKV respirator dated 1941 with very pliable rubber face and hose along with a 1941 dated MKVI haversack which has light dirt marks.
WW2 German 1Kg Incendiary Bomb Fin An inert Luftwaffe 1 Kg incendiary bomb fin bearing heat marks, some slight distortion.
WW2 German 1Kg Incendiary Bomb Fin (Inert, dropped on Warrington) A good example of a Luftwaffe 1kg incendiary bomb tail fin that bears a sticker stating that it was recovered after been dropped on Warrington ( 20 miles east of Liverpool). Sorry UK sale only.
WW2 German 1Kg Incendiary Bomb Tail Fin (Inert) A nice example of a Luftwaffe 1Kg incendiary bomb tail fin. Sorry UK sale only, due to customs declaration.
WW2 German 1Kg Incendiary Bomb Tail Fin (Inert) A nice example of a Luftwaffe 1Kg incendiary bomb tail fin, cone section blackened due to combustion , all securing pins present. Sorry Mainland UK sale only.
WW2 German 84/98 (K98) Bayonet A very clean example of an early wartime K98 bayonet which retains a high percentage of finish (bluing) to the blade, this being a F.HerderA.Sn made example with a 1940 (40) date stamp on the spine. Original untouched wooden slab grips, good clear Waffenampft marks on pommel & scabbard tip, good clean scabbard made by ASW in 1941 and retaining original throat screw. Overall in very good condition with only very minor pepper rusting on blade which is only noticeable on close inspection. Sorry UK Sale ONLY and proof of age WILL be required (18+) along with passport ID.
WW2 German 84/98 (K98) Bayonet with Matching Numbers A very good used 84/98 pattern bayonet made by Alex Coppel ( code Fnj and dated 42 ) with matching numbers, the blade has much of its original bluing still present and shows signs of some light sharpening to the edge. Good Bakelite grips which are held firmly with 2 fixing bolts (never been removed), the bayonet and scabbard are stamped with the matching numbers 2620 along with good clear waffenampt stamps. A good un-messed with example. Sorry UK Sale ONLY and 18+yrs (proof of age will be required)
WW2 German 84/98 Bayonet (Matching Number)+ Luftwaffe Frog A good example of an 84/98 (K98) bayonet & scabbard with matching numbers 2861, made by Josua Corts (code mark ddl ) in 1941. The blade is in fantastic condition with only minor wear to the bluing on high points near tip end, all waffenamt stamps present on pommel & scabbard , Bakelite grips. A very clean Luftwaffe brown leather frog stamped with the Luftwaffe acceptance mark LBA. Sorry UK Sale Only and Proof of Age will be required (18+).
WW2 German 84/98 Bayonet (matching numbers) with Frog German 84/98 bayonet for the K98 rifle with matching numbers and in good used condition. Both pommel and scabbard Waffenampt stamped ,blade +scabbard with makers mark 42 fze +50 over letter C . The blade still retains approx 55%+ bluing with minor edge knicks, bakelite grips in good order ,grip screws show signs of old tightening etc,flash guard and pommel with light staining.Scabbard has much paint loss due to being a used example,cavalry pattern leather frog dated 1940 with makers mark. UK sale only and aged 18+
WW2 German Army (Heer) Belt and Steel Buckle A veteran bring back 'German Belt and Buckle' with no paintwork visible to the face - still a crisp detailed item. An unmarked buckle with a leather tab. Tab stamped with makers name 'G.H.Osang - Dresden 1941'. Leather belt has a smooth internal surface and worn external finish. Total of six small holes have been made to the leatherwork to possibly accommodate trophy badges which are now absent. The leather belt is stamped with a '95'. This is a good , honest bring back item.
WW2 German Bakelite 6 x 30 Binocular Case A good service used black & brown Bakelite case for the standard 6 x 30 field binoculars, with a good working hinge, good condition side mounted D-rings for the carrying strap, good working spring loaded catch, internal padding still present. The Prestoff belt straps are damaged and partly missing, overall a good solid case with the Bakelite in very good order, does have a hairline crack to edge of lid but remains firm, fresh from a house clearance. Please study the images in regards to condition.
WW2 German DAF Members Book WW2 German Labour Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront ) members book named to Irngard Lalk with stamp entries starting in 1940 - 1944. Good clean condition with slight edge wear to one corner of page.
WW2 German Deutshe Wehrmacht Armband An original example in good condition with Bevo weave lettering.
WW2 German Flare Silk/Rayon Parachute A good clean example bearing multiple inspection/packers ink stamps, couple of wartime repairs to the canopy. 8 risers, canopy diameter approx. 28 inches.
WW2 German Heer / Army Aluminium Buckle & Tab 1937 A good early example with good crisp detail, high percentage of pebble dash finish still present and only light surface wear to eagle. A non-maker marked buckle but the leather tab stamped with Schmole of Menden 1937.
WW2 German Heer Sports vest Eagle A machine woven Heer sports vest eagle in good condition, removed from vest.
WW2 German Heer/ Army Aluminium Buckle with Tab A pleasing early example made by Berg & Nolte of Ludenscheid in 1938, showing light surface wear and slightly distorted on tab end. Leather tab also marked with Berg & Nolte, some stitching now separated.
WW2 German Hitler Youth Steel Buckle WW2 Hitler Youth Steel Buckle now with a polished finish to the face but still retains good detail, makers code partly visible showing 4/38 (1938).
WW2 German Iron Cross 2nd Class (EKII) WW2 German Iron Cross 2nd Class with ribbon. A Maker marked example with the ring stamped 13 (Gustav Brehmer ,Sachen). The ring has a slight twist and the ribbon still has glue residue from once being attached to card. A good honest cross that shows signs of being worn.
WW2 German Iron Cross 2nd Class (EKII) A non-maker marked example with its ribbon, a good honest cross with signs of light wear/ blistering.
WW2 German Kriegsmarine Medical Officers Sleeve Patch A 1938 dated sleeve patch worn by a Medical / sick berth orderly/Petty Officer.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Flak Leutnants Collar Tabs WW2 German Luftwaffe Flak Leutnants collar tabs in good clean condition, very slight separation between edging and tab body to one of the the sides (very minor).
WW2 German M24 Stick Grenade Transit Case (Superb Interior) A most pleasing 1938 dated metal carrying/transit case used for transporting fifteen M24 Stielhandgranate (stick grenades) with a 4 1/2 sek (second) delay, this service used case is in wonderful solid condition with no perforations and retains much of its original factory applied green paint finish, the case\'s exterior had received an overpaint at sometime but this has been painstakingly removed by peeling off the poorly adhered post-war coating, a job well done. The wooden handle is also in very good condition along with a fully working cross locking system. The interior is simply stunning with all of its original paintwork and stencils still intact, there\'s also a small makers mark & date impressed into the steel lid, one of the best I have encountered. Please study the images in regards to condition. Will be despatched via Parcel Force. Sorry UK sale only.
WW2 German M30 Service Respirator & Canister(Matching Numbers) A very good example of a German M30 gas mask with the filter housing dated 39, the filter and canister dated 40 and all in very good condition apart from light clouding to the plastic eye pieces. The canvas face mask and straps are also in fantastic condition, fluted canister with its original paintwork(inner sleeve present) . Original straps (in very good and clean condition)with metal fittings made by Assman. No spare lenses in tin. Best example that I have had and now very hard to find in this condition.
WW2 German M30 Service Respirator & Tin Canister A good field used example of the M30 gasmask dated 39 with the filter stamped FE41(filter with light surface rusting). Canvas face mask in good order along with its head straps. Plastic eye piece lenses are now cloudy. The fluted canister is dated 44 with much of its original paintwork present,top of lid with areas of paint loss and minor denting,inner sleeve still present. missing spare lenses.
WW2 German M31 Polizei Bread Bag ( Unissued) An un-issued example in excellent condition, dated 43 with makers code dld. This being a Polizei bread bag by having an internal divider.
WW2 German M40 Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet German Luftwaffe single decal helmet with most of factory applied rough / texture blue grey paint present. Approx 80% of 2nd pattern Luftwaffe decal visible. Liner pins and good and tight. Liner leatherwork with light flaking due to dryness / end of one tongue damaged. Luftwaffe chinstrap helmet shell maker marked HKP66. An original and good sized helmet.
WW2 German M40 Single Decal Luftwaffe Combat Helmet An M40 single decal Luftwaffe helmet made by Quist (Q64) in a hand painted dark green smooth finish, Luftwaffe factory applied blue paint finish still present inside the helmet dome. Rear skirt has received a knock during its war service as now showing slight kink. Leather liner now showing age related wear but all there and sound and attached to later zinc band,original non maker marked chinstrap now broken in two but still present. Rear helmet pin solid with no movement,very slight play in front pins but normal for service used helmets ,good honest M40. Please e-mail me if more photos required.
WW2 German Matching No. S84/98 Bayonet (Mundlos) Good all matching example manufactured in 1940 by the firm Mundlos, nicely dated on the spine of blade. The single fullered blade is in very good order and retains approximately 85% of its blueing, the ricasso is nicely stamped Mundlos along with the serial number 1110a which is duplicated onto the scabbard. The pommel retains a good working catch and duel waffenampt stampings, the Bakelite grips are in good order, screw bolts have been turned sometime during its service use (common). The steel scabbard is also in good order with only minor service dings, possible period done over paint to lower section that was exposed below its now absent leather frog. Please see additional images. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, passport/driving licence photo ID will be required before item being dispatched, must be over 18+ yrs .
WW2 German Matching Number S84/98 (K98) Bayonet & Mounted Trp\'s Frog A good mid-war, service used K98 bayonet bearing matching serial number 6642 h and the manufacturers code 42fnj (Alex Coppel 1942). The single fullered blade retains a good profile and has not been over sharpened, the blade along with all the metal work has been polished so none of the original blueing remains, blade well oiled which is still evident in the images. The Bakelite chevron grips are in good order and appear to be undisturbed, pommel bears good clear waffenampt stamps, catch also in good working order. The steel scabbard is also in good shape with only one minor ding, also in a polished state, waffenampt mark on the ball/tip end. The leather frog is the mounted troops type with small securing strap, this has received light oiling at some time but does not appear to be recent, makers mark indiscernible. Sorry Mainland UK sale only and passport / driving license photo ID will be required before item being dispatched, must be over 18 .
WW2 German MG13 Magazines & Carrying Pouches A complete set of German 1938 dated MG13 magazines housed in their canvas & leather edged carrying pouches. All 8 magazines are in very good condition and bear clear waffenampt stampings, the pouches are sterile of any markings (that I can see) , with light service wear and some age related marks/stains, the webbing carrying strap and leather fittings remain in good strong condition. Sorry Mainland UK sale only.
WW2 German NSDAP Double Sided Hanging Banner / Flag A Two part constructed double sided hanging banner with printed swastika/hakenkreuz (white disc sewn onto red ) One end is looped to take a hanging pole,a non-maker marked example as banners usually are and made of a high quality cotton with almost a silk like feel to it. Good condition apart from a few marks and couple of small tears which are shown in the photos . Length 240cm x Width 115cm
WW2 German NSDAP Party Armband( 3 Piece ) A clean example of the thin cotton NSDAP armband made up of multiple pieces and sewn to a high standard, still with black cotton threads which held armband in place.
WW2 German RAD Labour Cap Badge and Buttons A maker marked example but minus its fixing pins along with 2 buttons.
WW2 German Tan Dienstglas 6x30 Binoculars A very pleasing pair of WW2 German Dienstglas 6x30 binoculars that still retain much of their original ordnance tan colour paint finish, the makers code (ddx) is evident along with the serial number 332925. The Bakelite oculars are in good working order and have no damage/chips, there is a small internal dirt spec present to one lens but can only be seen when looking through the binoculars the wrong way around (during inspection) and is not visible when in normal use, the optics remain in good condition apart from some minuscule amount of haze/cloudiness in one lens.
WW2 German Third Reich 1938 Annexation Of Sudetenland Medal A recent house clearance find, untouched and still kept safe in an old jewellers box, more than likely done by the British veteran in the post-war years, ribbon a bit grubby but intact. These commemorative medals were awarded to all Wehrmacht & SS forces as well as German state officials who entered the Sudetenland on 1st October 1938.
WW2 German W.M.35 (Winkelmesser) Mortar & Artillery Clinometer A WW2 German Winkelmesser 35 in good clean working condition, still with much of its original paint finish, commonly used by German heavy artillery. Maker coded \'\'bvu\'\' (Franz Kuhlmann of Wilhelmshaven), measures 12cm along the base. A heavy little item, clinometer only.
WW2 German West Wall Medal Ribbon now in need of a clean.
WW2 German \'Stag horn Grip` Parade Bayonet (Carbine Blade) A pleasing and untouched WW2 German stag horn grip parade bayonet made by E.Pack & Sohne with a 198mm carbine type blade. The narrow fullered blade retains much of its nickel plating apart from approximately 5mm at tip, the birds head pommel along with the end of the turn down quillon also displays some loss of finish, good working button, leather washer absent. Good steel scabbard with age related wear to paintwork especially where the frog was fitted. Sorry, UK sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (passport or driving licence photo & date of birth etc), over 21 years only. Sorry will not be dispatched until info received. .ON HOLD for W J
WW2 Glider / RAF Aircrew Escape Axe A good condition WW2 British-made aircraft escape axe bearing a lightly stamped broad arrow mark, the heavily insulated rubber/volt breaker grip is in good order as most encountered are more often damaged with parts of the rubber armour missing, this one is just slightly worn smooth. This pattern of axe was also carried on-board timber framed gliders and known to be used upon crash landing. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, must be over 18 yrs of age. RESERVED for DR.
WW2 Grenadier Guards Officer\'s 1940 Pattern BD (At Fault) A heavily mothed British-made 1942 dated Grenadier Guards Officer\'s tailored battle dress blouse, real salty example but still worthy of saving, the tailor has done much alterations in regards to the size and smaller than stated on label, usual mix of buttons, some plastic, some brass dished, amazingly the cloth titles and pips have survived in excellent condition and are 100% period applied. The BD was discovered along with the Lieutenant\'s great coat but this garment was in tatters, managed to save some buttons and his bronzed brass Grenadier Guards rank stars (still on epaulette\'s and listed separately for sale). Even with all the moth damage this BD could still be displayed, perfect for a diorama setting and at the end of the day it\'s still an original GG officer\'s BD. ON HOLD (F.M)
WW2 Grenadier Guards Officer\'s Bronzed Brass Rank Stars Recently removed from a moth eaten Grenadier Guards officer\'s 1940 pattern great coat (bronze types worn on great coats), also managed to save some of the buttons, the great coat was discovered along with a heavily mothed BD belonging to the same officer, one pip is still held firm with an old match, period done.
WW2 Home Front composition Helmet A good example of a wartime Home Front composition (fibre/plastic) helmet that retains its original lightweight leather strap, the shell and liner are non-maker marked and bear no size detail but would guess a size 7- 7 1/8. The Rexene liner is now stiff which is common on most found today, there are the remains of old masking tape on the liner rim which may have been applied by the owner to reduce movement whilst being worn.
WW2 Home Front \'\'Mickey Mouse\'\' Child\'s Gas Mask A good condition example that has been left as found, untouched & uncleaned, the rubber is still pliable and without the usual surface cracking, all straps & fittings are absolutely fine, the cardboard box has some wear but is clearly named to a little girl then living in Mid-Wales. Display item only.
WW2 Home Guard Gas Mask & Tin During the early days of the LDV/ Home Guard they were issued with the standard civilian gas mask contained in a cardboard box which would not withstand the rigours of training etc so the box was replaced by the cylindrical carrying tin, this was also short lived as later replaced with standard military type. This gasmasks rubber is still pliable with good straps,the tin still has the cloth liner present ,one dent/crease to tin with some patches of surface rust. Tin dated 1941, gas mask dated 1939.
WW2 Home Guard Lapel Badge An enamelled HG lapel badge in good condition.
WW2 Home Guard Leather Anklets/ Gaiters In good used condition with clear WD broad arrow stamps.
WW2 Home Guard Leather Gaiters In good used condition .
WW2 Indian Army - 48th Cavalry Regiment Badge Group A scarce officer's group consisting of a quality made white metal cap badge, a silver collar badge (non-marked) and a sand cast brass shoulder title. All found together in the pocket of a British officer's Indian army service dress tunic which is being sold separately. The 48th was a wartime raised regiment and disbanded in 1946. The w/metal cap badge with slider measures 30mm high x 25mm wide, the silver collar badge with lugs also 30mm x 25mm. A scarce little group as 48th Indian cavalry items are seldom encountered.
WW2 Indian Jungle Green 37 Pattern Water Bottle Carrier Unissued 1944 dated Indian-made jungle green water bottle carrier, buckle carries a makers name and dated 42.
WW2 Indian-Made 37 Pattern Webbing Belt (Attributed) A good condition, large size, Indian-made example attributed to (then) Lt. Clifford Herbert Williams. Lt. Williams was commissioned into the British Indian Army in February 1942 and served in India throughout the war years. The webbing is lightly blanco\'d and in good service used condition, typical Indian brass fittings, there is a very faint makers ink stamp present and I believe it to be \'CO.1943\' with the letter L (large) above. Approx. size 40 waist.
WW2 Italian M33 Helmet An original early wartime example in well used condition and possibly stored in an out building or loft for many years. The shell is solid with only light surface rust and retains much of its exterior paint finish ( well worn), the liner band has never been removed and still has the correct rectangular chin strap bales. The leather liner is present but showing signs of shrinkage, correct early vertical stitching at the rear seam which has now separated , chinstrap missing. Becoming difficult to find all original M33 helmets and this example even in its used condition still displays well.
WW2 Italian M38 Carcano Knife Bayonet A fixed blade example circa 1942/43 and not the earlier folding blade type but earlier parts were still used as the hilt to this bayonet still retains a slot . The 7 inch blade appears to be un-sharpened with no issues,slab grips are firm with a few dings from use. The back edge of tang is stamped with makers name ROCCA and serial number F6703,working release button. All metal scabbard in good order with only light surface rusting(no pitting) which would improve with cleaning,sadly frog stud has been removed as a screw type fixing was used on these pattern scabbards so could be replaced. Sorry UK sale and over 18+ of age only.
WW2 Italian Mothers Medal Medal of the Fascist Union of Large Families, instituted in 1939 and awarded to mothers with 5 or more children, this example bears 9 bows (9 children).
WW2 Japanese \'Last Ditch\' Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet With Rubberised Frog An excellent example of a late war Japanese Arisaka Type 30 bayonet with straight bar cross guard and rubber frog, the 40cm long unfullered blade is in wonderful condition and retains much of its blued finish, just usual rubbing lines along its length, the ricasso bears a crisp arsenal mark for the Matsushita Kinzoku company. The hardwood slab grips are in excellent condition and retain square edges unlike the earlier models which have a more rounded appearance , still securely held in place with steel rivets, the pommel has the birds head profile with flat sides, good working catch. The steel scabbard is also in very good condition and still with its rubberised frog, this frog does have some wear and loss of rubber especially around the leather retaining strap (end of strap absent) exposing the inner canvas, all shown in the images. A desirable \'Last Ditch\' Type 30 bayonet, one of the best that I have encountered. Sorry Mainland UK sale only, Must be over 18 yrs of age, photo I.D will be required (passport/driving license) before item will be despatched.
WW2 Ladies ARP Badge + Buttons White metal pin back badge plus buttons.
WW2 Leicestershire Printed Shoulder Titles An unissued pair , part of house clearance find.
WW2 Leicestershire Printed Shoulder Titles An unissued printed pair in excellent condition, found in a house clearance.
WW2 Local Air Raid Precaution Instructor Badge A very good example made by H.W.M Ltd and still bearing instructors name on reverse.
WW2 Luftwaffe Afrika Korps Shirt Eagle A very pleasing tunic / shirt removed example with light staining.
WW2 Luftwaffe Bread Bag Strap In good used condition with light dirt marks,no makers mark.
WW2 Luftwaffe Pilots Wrist Compass A nice example of the Luftwaffe AK39 wrist compass being the type worn by pilots & navigators, the compass is in good working order and retains the correct amount of pure petroleum liquid, the leather strap is also in good condition along with the buckle.
WW2 NAAFI Tokens (1/2 Francs & 1/2 d ) A total of six used wartime NAAFI tokens, five being half Francs and one being half a penny. The wording on two of the tokens is unbelievably small and must have been a struggle to read even when issued. Some age related fading to wording.
WW2 National Fire Service MK2 Helmet 1938 A 1938 Dated NFS MK2 Helmet in totally original condition with an area 23(Worcestershire)transfer to front rim . Fitted with a MK1 oval pad liner(slightly dry from years of storage) and its originalwebbing chin strap( 2 springs broken).
WW2 NFS 12 Cloth Breast Badge ( Stevenage) A very clean National Fire Service cloth breast badge bearing the area code 12 denoting Stevenage, a removed from uniform example, 3 inch dia.
WW2 Officers Side Pack A good condition Officers side pack with a blanco`d finish, the date stamp is now faded but was part of a veterans house clearance. Internally very clean.
WW2 Period NAAFI Teaspoon A typical wartime period NAAFI teaspoon with an eyelet in the handle used for tying /chaining to serving table/counter etc.
WW2 Period RAF Officer\'s Private Purchase Shirt Collar A lightly used WW2 period RAF officer's private purchase detachable shirt collar tailored by Van Heusen using the best Egyptian cotton, in a good large size 16 1/2 and bearing the 'Style II RAF' ink stamp. Slightly starched.
WW2 Period Royal Armoured Corps Framed Embroidery A 9 inch diameter period-done framed embroidery of a WW2 RAC cap badge, there is a break in the hardwood frame but this remains solid due to the backing board being glued on, no movement at all. Stand not included. Sorry UK sale only due to being glazed.
WW2 Period/Vintage Union Jack Flag (Stitched,Multi-panel) A very pleasing WW2 period/vintage stitched panel Union Jack flag measuring 35 x 53 inches. There are numerous ink stamps running along the spine but most now indiscernible. There are no holes or tears just a few minor stains/marks. Looks even better in the hand.
WW2 Plastic Economy Royal Army Ordnance Corps Cap Badge A nice chocolate brown plastic cap badge with two blades on the reverse, good bold maker mark MMMC.
WW2 Polish Air Gunners Wings by J.R.Gaunt of London A nice example of a WW2 British made Polish Air Force air gunners wings (circa 1944) bearing the makers name of J.R.Gaunt of London. Wire hook and retaining nut missing so priced accordingly.
WW2 RAF 1925 Pattern Haversack Side pack and strap A very good condition 1925 pattern side pack with brass buckles and internal AM ink stamp +1941 date. This side pack comes with its 1940 dated strap also in good condition.
WW2 RAF 1943 Pattern 'Escape` Flying Boots, Size 10`s A good size pair of RAF 1943 pattern `escape' flying boots with excellent suede upper sections, the Lightning zips are in good working order and bear a WD stamp, the adjustable leather straps are also in wonderful condition along with the internal fleece lining which houses the small pocket for the penknife. The size 10 shoes are in good order with only light scuffing on the toe caps, one of the caps has some weakness and feels softer to the touch than the other, I would guess from being trod on at some. The soles have had work done but would guess period done or close too. A smart looking pair and priced accordingly. Sold as a collectable item only.
WW2 RAF 37 Pattern Ammunitions Pouch Very good condition ammunition pouch made by M.W & S Ltd 1941 (Dirt mark to lower edge which may clean off).
WW2 RAF 37 Pattern Brace Attachments Very clean condition matching pair made by MW & S Ltd. Stamped 1941 .
WW2 RAF Ditching Whistle & Chain
WW2 RAF Escape Pattern Flying Boots A good pair of 1943 pattern escape flying boots in an approximate size 8 - 9 and still retaining their original soles, the leather shoes are also in good condition apart from some minor scuffing to the toe caps. The fleece lined upper sections are again in good condition with no loss to the actual wool, there are remains of the owners 3 initials painted on the inner face DW? . Both Lightning made zips are in working order but one appears to be a period replacement (shown in photos). Small upper buckles present & working.
WW2 RAF O/A Service DressTunic 1943 A good clean example made by Montague Burton, Leeds, in 1943. Size 9 5`7``- 5`8`` 38``- 39``chest. One very small moth hole to front but hardly noticeable, no belt.
WW2 RAF O/A Uniform (Cap, BD & Trousers) A most interesting and untouched example of an ordinary airman`s uniform which consists of his side cap, 44 dated BD and 43 dated trousers, judging by the look & feel of this uniform you would swear that the original owner had returned home from service or even captivity removed his uniform and without cleaning it simply stored it away and then lost it to time. The small sized No.3 BD retains good colour along with an excellent clear label, I can find only two small moth holes in the back, the two concealed front pocket buttons are missing along with one on lower front. The side cap is in wonderful condition and free from any moth damage, still with its original brass badge, unable to find any makers mark. size approx. 6 7/8ths - 7. The second pattern trousers also retain an excellent label with a clear 1943 date (used old stock suits label during early transition to 2nd pattern), there is a small 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch L shaped tear on one leg but easily repaired if required. There are small amounts of wear to pocket edges , flaps and leg hems + crude little repairs, no moth holes, the whole uniform would benefit from a dry clean but personally I would leave it as found as this uniform looks like there is a story behind it. I do wonder if it was worn during captivity (POW) as it definitely has a lived in feel/look about it. All sizes shown on labels, a genuine been there example.
WW2 RAF Officers Bullion Cap Badge A quality made Officers bullion cap badge with good crisp detail to the wings/feathers, most of paper backing still present but torn.
WW2 RAF Officer\'s Cap Badge A nice pre-52 example.
WW2 RAF Officer`s Bullion Cap Badge A good wartime example that has been removed from a cap band.
WW2 RAF OPS Room Candlestick Microphone An Air ministry candlestick microphone being the type used in operations rooms and control towers, this example retains a good condition Bakelite head/mouthpiece and still has its original wire flex. There is some blistering to the paintwork on the topside of the base and also evidence of some touching up to that area. I was informed that this item originally came from an airfield base in North Wales.
WW2 RAF Other Ranks Side Cap 1944 dated RAF other ranks side cap made by S & P Harris Ltd, Glasgow. The cap is in a lovely condition with two economy buttons and brass badge. I acquired this item with brass button pinned to the front and have left this as found. Size 7 1/2. Nice Cap.
WW2 RAF Photographs and Scarce Drop Leaflet WW2 RAF photographs/ephemera acquired from the son of an RAF ground crew member who is pictured in almost all the photos along with his ID tag and cap badge. Amongst this group is a scarce 1941 dated drop leaflet written in French informing the reader that the British now have an airforce to match the Germans so to take shelter when heard overhead incase of bombing.
WW2 RAF Pilot / Aircrew Parachute Bag Standard Wartime issue parachute bag with original DOT zip (in working order) and still with its internal extension flaps. No ink stamps/ markings present. A bit grubby but still complete and in working order.
WW2 RAF Shoulder Strap Single strap with a 1940 date - very good condition.
WW2 RAF Tall Gaiters 1939 Dated Unissued matching pair in a size 3 and dated 1939.
WW2 RAF Webbing Waterbottle Carrier and Bottle Unissued carrier and bottle - carrier marked internally with a 1940 date. Cork in good condition.
WW2 RAF \'Bathtub\' Morse Key Recently acquired from the family of an RAF aircrew veteran, the Morse key had been mounted onto a plywood base by the same veteran many years ago. Good clean condition, internally all good apart from some minor chips to the heads of the screw fixing tunnels.
WW2 RAF/AM Lancaster Bombsight Switch Box 5c/2799 In wonderful condition, used with the MK14 bombsight in late production Lancasters.
WW2 Recce Squadron 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards Newsletter & Unit History Group A scarce WW2 newsletter & unit history group that belonged to WW2 Recce squadron 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards veteran Cpl Cecil \'\'Ginger\'\' Marley, N.W.Europe. The group consists of a May 1945 dated letter from the 5th Dragoon\'s society informing the recipient that their long overdue first issue is soon to be despatched. A 33 page newsletter (May 1945 period) with notes from A,B,C and Recce squadron, with illustrations and photo\'s throughout, also a 16 page newsletter (no.1 issue) incorporating a large illustrated fold out section that tells the story of how a British P.O.W (captured in 1940) made his escape from a Stalag (camp) and how he kept evading capture. Finally, the 120 page 1986 softback publication \'\'First in, Last out\'\' the history of the Recce squadron in which \'\'Ginger\'\' Marley\'s name is mentioned, an account of when his tank was struck by a mine. A wonderful glimpse into the lives of British frontline \'\'Tankies\'\'and their hard fought battles in Normandy, Belgium and Holland, always up the front. The cover to one of the booklets now slightly grubby/dirty and creased but remains intact, a very informative read. ON HOLD for D.C
WW2 Reconnaissance Corps Buttons 8 x 25mm large , 2 x 19mm medium buttons made by Gaunt
WW2 Respirator Glasses in ARP Case A pair of WW2 respirator glasses with flexible arms contained in a wonderful ARP badged case, inside there is a hand written address starting with what appears to be HQS (possibly headquarters). Some wear to case but still a delightful little item.
WW2 Royal Armoured Corps Souvenir Handkerchief A nice example but with some foxing to silk.
WW2 Royal Army Pay Corps Title Removed from uniform.
WW2 Royal Artillery Box of Buttons Box of WW2 Artillery buttons x11 25mm x2 18mm From the effects of LT David Syme RA.
WW2 Royal Artillery Medallion A WW2 or earlier Royal Artillery medallion measuring 38mm diameter, light blemishes but could be improved.
WW2 Royal Artillery Solar Topee An excellent example of a WW2 solar topee badged to the Royal Artillery, the topee is in a good size 7 1/4 and retains its Moroccan leather sweat band, the makers label is present underneath a celluloid protective cover and reads The Maharaj, Pith hats, SRD quality. This Topee was part of a uniform & equipment group housed in a large trunk that belonged to a former WW2 RA Officer who served in India, sadly the group was being divided up and I managed to acquire the topee.
WW2 Royal Marines Brass Button & Collar Badge Group 2 pairs of brass shoulder titles ( 1 set nicely arced), 8 x 23mm brass buttons (3 with surface wear) and 1 pair of collar badges which show signs of being heavily polished.
WW2 Royal Marines Pagri Flash & Cap Badge Desk Ornament A wonderful little desk top ornament consisting of a WW2 Royal Marines Pagri flash & brass Kings crown cap badge, both have been mounted onto a teak wood stand/plaque that may have been made by the veteran or in a local bazaar whilst serving overseas.
WW2 Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer\'s Cap A recent house clearance find and left as found, in untouched \'\'fresh to the market\'\' condition, this wonderful \'\'been there\'\' looking peaked cap was discovered along with another peaked cap that belonged to the same officer, also discovered were some combined operations items so 100% WW2 and not WW1/post-war. The small size cap\'s deep navy blue wool crown is in excellent condition and free from any moth damage, the undisturbed bullion badge is in good order, upon close inspection there\'s a pin down the back of the badge to keep it in position on the band (same on both caps), the liner is the early quilted type with a name tag attached, this is now grubby from service use so the officer\'s name is long gone, the leather sweatband needs re-tacking/stitching to the rear & sides but this could easily be done. Great looking cap, wish we knew the officer\'s name. Size approx. 6 3/4 The cap seen in the images is the one currently for sale.
WW2 Royal Navy Junior Rating\'s Peak Cap Fresh to the market and recently discovered in a house clearance along with a Chief Petty officer\'s cap (see item 51185) and some Combined Operations items, this confirming that the small size cap is 100% WW2 and not from WW1/post WW2 period. The deep navy blue wool crown is in very good order with no moth holes just a single trace of tracking which is hardly noticeable (best to mention), the red embroidered badge is also in very good used condition and has a concealed needle/pin tucked behind the badge, a pin was also found on the CPO\'s cap and possibly put there to stop any movement in the black banding. The peak has a distinctive down turn which adds to its charm, the chinstrap is present and undisturbed, the liner shows signs of much service use and hair cream/oil, leather sweatband missing but easily replaced if required. Left as found apart from a light dusting, size approx.6 3/4, please study the images in regards to condition.
WW2 Royal Navy Petty Officer`s Uniform Group A wonderful & scarce WW2 Royal Navy Petty Officer`s uniform group consisting of a peaked cap, reefer jacket, trousers & a photograph of a Petty Officer. The reefer jacket is in fantastic condition with no moth damage, the inside pocket retains the original makers label with the typed name of the wearer M.W.Harrington , chest size approx. 38 inches. The peaked cap is in good condition apart from a few moth runs on outer surface (no holes), size approx. 6 7/8ths - 7. the trousers are also in good condition apart from a couple of moth holes, one in crotch area and another on side of leg + small repair at top of front pocket, size approx. waist 30-31 leg 29 - 30 inch. A photograph of a P/Officer came with the uniform but it appears that he is wearing an 8 button reefer and the one mentioned above is a 6 button, may still be M.W.Harrington.
WW2 Royal Tank Regiment Arm Badge & Rare Shoulder Tab A very nice uniform removed RTR arm badge along with a rare single RTR shoulder tab (Slightly grubby but left as found).
WW2 Royal Tank Regiment Brass Shoulder Titles Good original pair.
WW2 Royal Tank Regiment Bullion Arm Badge A quality made example removed from a WW2 dress tunic, with some light tarnishing.
WW2 Royal Tank Regiment Officers Gilt Collar Badges An original quality made pair of RTR Officers gilt collar badges bearing makers name J.R.Gaunt, London, Slight wear to silvering on the tanks.
WW2 Royal Ulster Rifles Slip On Shoulder Titles A good pair in good condition, two moth nips.
WW2 Royal Ulster Rifles Title A very nice embroidered example, removed from uniform.
WW2 Royal Welch Fusiliers Cap badge A nice Wartime example.
WW2 RWF Khaki O/R\'s Field Service Cap A good condition WW2 khaki other rank's field service cap bearing the badge of the Royal Welch Fusiliers. The badge has been well polished and its slider nicely re-shaped by the wearer to suit the curvature of his head. The khaki body and curtain are in good order with no damage, nice pair of K/C buttons to the front, the liner is slightly grubby from wear and with no date visible, initials A.S present. Approx. size 6 3/4.
WW2 Semi-Relic Hitler Youth Alloy Belt Buckle (M4/38) A light-weight, aluminium Hitler Youth/Jugend belt buckle in good semi-relic condition. The RZM mark along with the makers code M4/38 (Richard Sieper & Sohnes) is still present but the M4 now partly erased. Please study images as they are part of the condition report.
WW2 Sergeant Chevrons Removed from uniform.
WW2 Silk Escape Map ( North Africa) An early double sided Bartholomew`s silk escape map issued to allied air crews, this example has a hemmed edge which indicates earlier manufacture over the later sealed edge variant. This K3/K2 map covers North Africa & Spanish Rio De Oro. In good condition with only light staining around title area. 23 inches x 18 inches
WW2 Silk Escape Map K3/K4 (North Africa) An early double sided Bartholomew,s silk escape map issued to allied aircrews, this example has a hemmed edge which indicates earlier manufacture over the later sealed/glued edge variant. One side of the K3/K4 map covers North Africa containing Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia & Italian Libya, the other side the French Sudan, Ivory & Gold coast. Good clean condition, very slight yellowing to one small section due to being exposed when folded. RESERVED for D.C.
WW2 Silk Escape Map Norway (Telemark) A good double sided example detailing Northern & Southern Norway which includes the famous mountainous Telemark region. The FGS A/B type map with heat sealed edges was used by US & RAF aircrew and known to have been carried & used by OSS operatives in early 1945 to disrupt German troop/train movement. 22 1/2 inches x 16 1/2
WW2 Silver ARP Badge (Mans Button Hole Pattern). Hallmarked J.C for Chapple & Mantell, London 1938.
WW2 Small Arms Training Manual 1942 Covering pistols, rifles, machine guns and machine carbines. One loose page.
WW2 Snipers Spotting Telescope Scout Regiment MKIIs An excellent British WW2 3 draw snipers spotting telescope MKIIs with the first draw bearing a makers cartouche for Broadhurst Clarkson Ltd and serial /code number O.S.126.G.A. & broadarrow . Extending anti glare sleeve with internal bluing, the telescopes leather sleeve is in good condition apart from one small area of scuffing / scratching which is shown in extra photos. excellent optics. The small securing strap on the top cap has been replaced along with the main hanging strap which have the appearance of possibly being German made ( field repair) , this telescope comes with the rarely found small leather case housing an extra ocular lenses and both in excellent condition. Telescope with excellent working optics .
WW2 South African Desert Camo MKII Helmet An untouched, all original WW2 South African MKII variant combat helmet that still retains all of its heavy texture camouflage paint finish. This pattern helmet was worn by S.African, British and Commonwealth troops during the Western desert and Italian campaigns. This helmet differs to its British made counter-part by having three holes in the rear skirt, used for attaching a protective neck flap to avoid direct heat from the sun, the metal rim edging is joined on the side and not at the rear and the chinstrap bales are attached using the WW1 split pin method. There are storage stacking marks present (black marks) on the outer shell and paper remnants to the rim of the liner, again from long term stacking. The liner cradle bears the Jager-Rand company mark as well as a year date 1943, unfortunately one of the cradle arms has become unattached near the rim but the liner remains firm, the black Rexene tongues are now stiff with age but flexible enough to mount onto a display head, original sprung sided webbing chinstrap, now with some stain marks. Even with damage to the one cradle arm this still remains a most pleasing desert camo MKII and would make a wonderful display piece. Please study images as they are part of the condition report.
WW2 South Lancashire Shoulder Flashes (1st Battalion) A pair of 1st Battalion S.Lancs shoulder flashes (blue facing forward) , part of a house clearance find. In good condition but slightly grubby.
WW2 Stalag VIIIB P.O.W Photo & ID Tag A postcard/ photograph sent home to England from prisoner of war Edward Perfect 14278 who was interned at Stalag VIIIB located near the small town of Lansdorf in Silesia. Unfortunately I am unable to determine which serviceman in the photo is actually E.Perfect, the photo comes with his camp made P.O.W tag made of aluminium bearing his P.O.W number.
WW2 Theatre Made Polish War Flag An extremely interesting theatre made Polish war flag which has been crudely constructed from older flags, although the flag resembles a post war Republic of Poland war flag from the 1956 - 90 era ( having no crown on the eagles head) it was brought back by a British serviceman at the end of WW2 and discovered many years later in the bottom of his kit bag along with a 48 star American flag. This flag may have been used by Polish troops fighting under Soviet control in the later stages of the war. There are old repairs and heavy moth/wear damage present especially to the red section which is more delicate than the white half due to being a lighter/ thinner material Size 36 inches x 24inches. 100% real cotton stitching. I wish I knew the full history behind this amazing flag. Some of the photo`s have reflective glare which gives the impression the material & stitching is brighter than actually is in natural light. Would display well when framed.
WW2 U.S 82nd Airborne Division Patch (One Piece Twill) A good used 82nd Airborne shoulder patch, possibly a theatre made variant on a tan coloured twill background. One piece construction.
WW2 U.S Army Carlisle Model Small First-Aid Dressing An early WW2 second type Carlisle first-aid dressing manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, the laminated paper & foil wrapping remains unopened.
WW2 U.S Army Water Bottle, Cup And Cover A good condition set consisting of a 1944 dated cup, 1945 dated aluminium bottle with plastic cap and a clearly stamped 1942 dated cover, cover with some staining and discolouration but with a good bold US stamp to front. One light dent to bottle.
WW2 U.S Glider Artillery Officers Cap Badge An Officers Glider Artillery cap badge in used condition, removed from an album as remains of card and glue residue still present on the back, the material now stiff with glue staining to the front. Approx 2 inch Dia.
WW2 U.S Glider Infantry Officers Cap Badge WW2 U.S Glider Infantry cap badge worn on an Officers Garrison cap, in good used condition with couple of dirt marks. Approx 2 inch Dia.
WW2 U.S M36 Pistol Belt Very clean example with 1942 date stamp.
WW2 U.S Military Medical Plain Gauze An excellent condition boxed gauze made by Bauer & Black, still in its original cellophane wrapping.
WW2 U.S Military Medical Wadding Sheet Unopened and in excellent condition, made by \'The Stearns & Foster Co.\' of Lockland, Ohio.
WW2 U.S Overseas Garrison Cap Early 1940 dated U.S Garrison cap for enlisted men. Size 7 1/8. Very clean.
WW2 Unissued Officer`s Record of Service Book (AB439) An unissued Officer`s Record of Service book (Army book 439) which is in wonderful clean condition, small corner fold on the first page. This example bears a 11/44 (1944) issue/print date.
WW2 US 2nd Pattern HBT Trousers (D-Day Type) An excellent pair of scarce 2nd pattern Herringbone Twill trousers with side bellows pockets, the pockets are tailored so they can expand down one side & along the bottom, the original wearer of this pair has stitched them down tight, possibly for aesthetic purposes. They remain in wonderful, lightly used condition and with minor fading, all buttons present, still retains the gas flap, last image shows some shadow from sun and not patchy. Size label states a 34 inch waist and 33 inch leg. Becoming hard to find in any condition but this is a very pleasing example.
WW2 US Airborne Shoulder Tab A good original tan edged wartime example.
WW2 US Army Airforce Folding Machete A WW2 USAAF folding machete manufactured by the W.R.Case & sons cutlery company, part of the survival kit stored on board heavy aircraft. This is a clean and untouched example that still retains its original edge protector which is often found to be missing, the 9 3/4 inch blade is in good order with just a small knock at the tip, good condition composite grips and a very strong locking spring/catch. Sorry UK sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (Driving licence or passport image etc) , must be over 21 yrs old.
WW2 US Enlisted Man\'s Wool Serge Shirt A good size WW2 US enlisted man's wool serge shirt that remains in good used condition. Chest approx. 42 inch. Underarm 20 inch. Neck 14 1/2 - 15 inch The label is present but washed out, gas flap removed, one small nip under collar which is totally out of sight, retains good colour.
WW2 US Folding Entrenching Tool 1944 A good used example dated 1944, locking system in working order.
WW2 US M1911 Holster ( Field Modification) A 1942 dated example made by Sears which has been field modified into an open top/quick access holster. Some light rusting on metal belt hook but would improve with cleaning.
WW2 US M1923 Magazine Pouch (Colt .45 1911A1) A good condition 1942 dated US M1923 tan webbing magazine pouch with two pockets to house magazines for the Colt.45 1911A1 self-loading pistol. Good working 'Lift the Dot' fastener and clean rear stud to attach to the M1936 pistol belt.
WW2 US M1943 Pattern OD Cotton Field Trousers A good condition pair of M1943 olive drab field trousers that still retain good strong colour. This is an early pair with white liner band and pockets along with a sewn in label, now washed out. Approx. 32 inch waist. 29 inch inner leg . One small period done repair to inner leg about the size of a 20 pence coin, neatly done, all buttons present.
WW2 US M1944 Pattern Wool Serge Trousers (Enlisted Mans) An excellent, very lightly used pair of US enlisted mans M1944 pattern wool trousers, this is the pattern with one flap on rear left side pocket opposed to the later M1945 variant with dual flaps. The trousers are in wonderful condition and still with its gas flap, no moth damage at all, the label is missing but the measurements are - waist 31/32 inch x inside leg 34/35 inch, a tall GI or USAAF serviceman. Retains good colour, near same shade as M37 pattern.
WW2 US M3 Fighting Knife A WW2 US M3 fighting knife made by Camillus (stamped on the cross guard), full length blade with a lightly sharpened edge, light movement in cross bar due to shrinkage of the leather washers used in grip construction (common in M3 knives). Early M8 scabbard with webbing belt loop in very good condition. SORRY UK SALE ONLY & Proof of age will be required 18+
WW2 US M3 Fighting Knife, Early Blade Marked (Imperial) An early blade-marked example by Imperial, complete with its correct early pattern M8 plastic scabbard made by the Beckwith Manufacturing Company (B M Co ). The blade stamped M3's were in production for a very limited period, approximately 2 months, so much scarcer than the later cross guard marked knives. The 6 1/2 inch long blade is in good order and now with a nice age related patina, the cross guard remains firm with no movement, the leather ring washers that form the grip also remain nice & tight, pommel bears the flaming bomb ordnance mark. A good service used fighting knife, now getting difficult to find. Please view additional images. Sorry, Mainland UK sale only, photo I.D will be required before item being dispatched, must be over 21 yrs of age.
WW2 US M36 Webbing Suspenders A 1942 dated set made by Hinson mfg co and in good condition apart from odd small rust stain.
WW2 US M37 Wool (Mustards) Enlisted Mans Trousers An excellent early pair of enlisted mans M37 trousers which have hardly been worn, good clear label displaying an early (April 42) date of manufacture and a size 33`` waist , 31``leg. All buttons present, couple of pin head size marks which may be removed. Nice clean item.
WW2 US Navy Type J-I-S Battle Lantern A WW2 US Navy Type J-I-S battery operated battle lantern that was manufactured by the S-G company of New York, this unit is in good condition with no damage to the lens, there is some very light surface rusting present which is understandable for a steel ships lamp. This lantern has not been tested but may still work as I removed two large modern cylindrical batteries (dead) to reduce the weight. Height 10 inches, width 8 inches.
WW2 US Officers Shirt Worn By British Lt.Col.In India WW2 US Officers pattern shirt worn by a British Lt.Col. who served in India. Chest size approx. 40 inch Neck size approx. 141/2 - 15 inch. Good condition apart from two small moth nips in arm pit area.
WW2 US Officers Toiletry/Wash kit A US Officers toiletry/wash kit in outstanding un-issued condition , the canvas wrap with waterproof lining is in wonderful condition and made by Buch / Baum of Chicago. All contents are un-opened and un-used with only light damage to the Molle shaving cream box & tube which appear to have been squashed whilst stored. Reserved for W.
WW2 US Woolen Sleeping Bag An excellent example in un-issued condition with good 1944 dated label , the woollen body is free from any moth damage, front lace required.
WW2 USAAF E/M\'s Overseas Garrison Cap An excellent condition United States Army Airforce overseas garrison cap, the cap retains good strong colour to both the serge body and piping, the label states a size 6 7/8ths but will fit a larger head approx. 7 1/8 - 7 1/4. The silk/rayon liner bears the servicemen\'s name & number (unresearched), now becoming difficult to find original AAF caps with their distinctive blue and golden orange piping, tear to leather sweatband .
WW2 USAAF Enlisted Men\'s Class A Tunic - 8th Airforce 1940 An early wartime bi-swing backed class A tunic that was worn by a U.S aircrew bombardier in the European Theatre of Operations (ETO), the Sergeants tunic is in wonderful condition and retains a good legible label, this states the size as being a \'39 L\' (long) along with the date of manufacture \'2nd December 1940\', a full twelve months before the U.S entered the war. All insignia appears to be period applied, a smart tunic.
WW2 USAAF Type A - 1 Visor Type A - 1 visor for attaching to flying helmet, some very light staining/ marks.
WW2 USAAF Type A-11 Intermediate Flying Helmet A very pleasing early example of the Type A-11 intermediate leather flying helmet in a good large size, this example has the basic stud configuration for attaching the oxygen mask unlike later models with multiple studs. The chromed leather is in very good condition and retains good colour with only light fading/wear to high points, the Bennett type buckle is also in very good condition along with the metal tipped strap. This flying helmet has the early style elasticated internal strap which again is in good condition along with a lovely embroidered manufacturers label which states that the helmet is Property of USAAF and made by MONDOL MFG.Co. Very good clean suede liner, no wiring.
WW2 W.R.N.S Ratings Cap An all original early production Women\'s Royal Naval Service ratings cap in blue serge, the small size cap still retains its original fitted H.M.S. (dot) tally which has tarnished with age, the leather sweatband is missing but there are still remnants of the early black silk type liner, this style of cap was introduced in mid-1942 and remained un-altered until after WW2. The cap is slightly dusty and the nap of cloth lightly worn but with no moth holes, the cap is approx. a size 6 3/4. A genuine wartime cap and priced accordingly.
WW2 WAR News-Facts for Fighting Men Booklets X 96 Total number of 96 fortnightly issues of the WAR news & facts booklets that belonged to Lt.(later Capt) David Symes Royal Artillery, starting with no.1 (printed 1941) of the series and ending with no.97 printed in June 1945 (only one missing, no.28). All in very good condition apart from some staining to the front cover of the no.1 booklet. Full of amazing information and covering all theatres of war. Worth a lot more.
WW2 War-Aid Winter Shorts (Made for British Forces) An un-issued pair of American made (War-Aid winter shorts (underwear) made for British forces. With white button fixings to the front and adjustable tie back, approx. 31 inch waist. One light storage mark present.
WW2 Warden Group WW2 Warden shoulder titles, stripes & buttons.
WW2 Warrant Officer\'s Sleeve Badge A good clean uniform removed example.
WW2 Women`s Land Army Armband An original WLA armband that was discovered in a house clearance along with other Land army items, this example indicates 1 1/2 years service and was obviously worn by the land girl due to being slightly misshaped. In good clean condition with no moth issues, buttons missing.
WW2 Women`s Land Army Bib & Brace (Dungarees) A good size original pair of WLA Bib & Brace that are in good used condition, this pair was discovered in a house clearance along with other WLA items. The original label is missing and this is due to usage and not from later removal, inside one of the pockets is the original owners handkerchief still neatly folded and shall be left as found. The inside leg measures 28 inches and the waist an approximate 34 - 35 inches, there are a few small paint marks present which can be seen in the images. All the original buttons remain in good order,
WW2 Yellow Backed Armoured Corps Officer\'s Pips Recently discovered along with other items of insignia that belonged to a WW2 Argyll & Sutherland officer who served in the North Africa campaign, uniform removed.
WW2 \'30th Corps in Germany\' Booklet & Short History Book (Named to 30 Corp Officer) Scarce wartime publications both belonging to Captain R.Gill, 'A' Branch, Special Duties, 30 Corps. The larger, 80 page hardback book 'Short History of 30 Corps' was a limited edition of 2000 copies only, this actual copy is numbered 10, all of its 46 fold- out coloured maps are intact and illustrate every significant operation starting with the Normandy Landings, Market Garden and then onto the final thrust through Germany to the River Elbe. The smaller booklet was handed out to officer's & troops as a helpful guide to 'who we are, where we are, why we're here and what happens next. Both publications are complete but with some age related wear, especially to edges of covers, some foxing/discolouration to outer edges of the pages, slight curl to book. A must for any 'Arnhem' Market Garden researcher/collector. Please study additional images. Will be dispatched via special delivery within the UK.
WW2 \'\'Save The Peace\'\' Pin Badge A 1 inch diameter \'\'Save the Peace\'\' badge, just requires a straight or safety pin, small area of blistering to rear.
WWI British 07 Pattern Bayonet (Chapman 1915) A very pleasing 1915 dated example manufactured by James. A. Chapman, the ricasso bears good clear inspection & acceptance markings, ding free wooden slab grips and the later applied clearance hole to the pommel, the remains of a WWII over paint still present to some of the metalwork. Both bayonet & early scabbard in very good condition. SORRY UK SALE ONLY, proof of age will be required (18+) RESERVED for Gordon.
WWII 1936 Dated Czech VZ 32/34 Steel Army Helmet A very good example of the Czechoslovakian VZ 32/34 army helmet in all original condition , the shell retains much of the brown paint finish along with good army acceptance stamps ( lion + year of manufacture 1936) + a dome stamp with makers name Sholtze, Mateiovce 1936. Original 5 pad liner and slotted leather chinstrap ( often missing). This pattern of helmet continued to be worn after the occupation and throughout WW2 especially by Slovak troops allied with German forces fighting on the Eastern front. A very pleasing example.
WWII 1939 Home Front Police Helmet An untouched early WW2 police steel helmet with its original factory applied blue paintwork and white frontal 'POLICE' stencil. The underside of the rim bears a lightly stamped makers mark which I believe to be BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies) and an almost indiscernible 1939 date, the inside of the crown is also untouched with age old dust, dirt, light blistering present. The undisturbed liner is in good order apart from the cruciform shaped dome pad which has hardened over time, one section of padding/sponge now missing, clearly stamped on the cradle BMB 1939 and in a good size 7 1/4, the Rexene material remains pliable and without any damage, lace absent. Good early webbing chinstrap with working springs, some light staining present. A nice untouched, left as found example. Please study images in regards to condition. Sorry UK sale only.
WWII 37 Pattern Webbing Belt 1942 A good condition wartime dated example (1942) that will fit up to a 36 inch waist. The hand written name inside is a late/early post war addition as this belt was acquired along with a Royal Welch Fusiliers officer`s service dress jacket which again was named to David Tudor Rees, Rees was commissioned in late 1945 and was parachute trained.
WWII AFS London Cloth Breast Badge A very good condition embroidered cotton on wool AFS badge designated for the London region, usually worn on the breast of the tunic or overalls. A nice removed from uniform example.
WWII AFS London Cloth Breast Badge An early WWII embroidered Auxiliary Fire Service breast badge designated for the London region, this example with red cotton on a blue cotton twill backing would usually be worn on the breast of the tunic or overalls. A nice uniform removed example.
WWII British Merchant Navy Officer`s Peaked Cap A good honest WWII British Merchant Navy Officer`s peaked cap that was recently discovered in a house clearance, this example is in good used condition with a couple of minor stitched repairs to the dark navy blue crown, the bullion MN badge is in good order and not disturbed. The early style silk liner is also in good order but now slightly grubby from wear, the leather sweatband remains supple and bears the faint handwritten name of the Officer which reads as D or O.F.Hollingworth , there is some additional larger lettering present but again very faint but believe it to read SIGNAL TRAFFIC, the cap is an approx.size 7. The cloth covering to one of the small side buttons is now partially attached and there are two very small moth nips present to the navy blue woollen crown but hardly noticeable . The images do not do justice to this cap as looks far better in the hand and with a story to tell.
WWII British Ribbed & Beaded F/S Fighting Knife Scarce WW2 British ordnance issued ribbed & beaded fighting knife which is still housed in its correct & original wartime pattern leather scabbard, the brass handle/grip displays 9 rows of beads along with a No.2 & broad arrow stamping. The blade has a slightly re-profiled tip and now measures 6 5/8 ths in length, there is evidence of cleaning & sharpening to the blade which is now honed to a razor sharp cutting edge. The steel cross guard has no movement, nice vice/tightening mark to tang nut. The scabbard has had the tabs removed during its service which is always a good indication that it`s a `been there' example, the elasticated retainer now broken. Priced accordingly due to tip re-profiling. Sorry UK sale ONLY and proof of age will be required (18+)
WWII Canadian Made Inspection Mirror (20mm Polsten AA Gun) A scarce Canadian made gun barrel inspection mirror for the 20mm Polsten Anti-Aircraft gun. A very clean example, broad arrow stamp to corner of mirror.
WWII German E/M Parade Bayonet & Frog A very pleasing bring back example of a WWII German enlisted man`s parade bayonet bearing the trademark of F.W.Holler of Solingen, the 250mm long bright fullered blade retains much of its plating with only minor rubbing/wear to the high points, the original leather buffer is still present. There is some loss of finish/plating to the pommel & cross guard/quillon and now displays an age related patina. The plastic/ Bakelite chequered grips are in wonderful condition and held firmly with 2 dome rivets, the original coloured felt insert is still present within the lug channel. The brown leather frog is original to the scabbard as there is age old undisturbed dirt/ dust between the leather and metalwork, some stitching undone on the sides of the upper narrowing section (usual point) but not really noticeable, some paint blistering present to the metal scabbard, Sorry UK Sale ONLY and proof of age WILL be required.
WWII German Navy/Kriegsmarine Dagger (A/F) A typical example of a bring back kriegsmarine dagger that has been de-Nazified and slightly neglected over time but still manages to retain its own originality and appeal. The full length blade has suffered from light pitting which someone has tried to remedy by cleaning and rubbing, due to the pitting the E & F Horster trademark is only partially eligible. The pommel eagle has been de-Nazified but remains in good order, the white celluloid grip has some cracking present near to the pommel this due to over tightening but carried out many years ago as there is a build up of age related dirt/grime in the cracks and also running along the tightly wrapped twisted brass wire . The crossguard with fouled anchors has no issues and retains a good working button catch and leather washer. The scabbard is down to the brass throughout with no gilt finish remaining like most others found today, there is a slight bend present down the length of the scabbard but this does not hinder the drawing or housing of the blade, slides lovely, no play or movement when fully seated due to having its original leather washer/buffer present, throat screws also original. Even with some faults this remains an appealing dagger and would still make a good display piece, have seen scabbards alone priced higher. Sorry UK sale only, photographic ID will be required before this item will be dispatched (over 21 years).
WWII Horse / Mule Harness Crupper & Toggle Pull Strap A 1944 dated leather crupper used to restrict saddle or load movement whilst the horse / mule was in transit, along with the crupper is the toggle handled strap used for securing a load, both items bearing matching makers name & date. In unissued condition apart from a few very light surface cracks (hardly noticeable) , some paint lifting to buckle.
WWII NAAFI Cap Badge An excellent example bearing an issue number stamping on the rear side.
WWII No.38 Wireless Set & Rare Junction Box No.2 A WWII No.38 MKII wireless set that was recently discovered in an outbuilding where it had sat for many years, the main metal body retains much of its original paint finish apart from where the webbing cradle had been in close contact, this indicates that whilst in storage the webbing had retained some moisture/dampness and caused the paintwork to lift slightly and create some light surface rusting, no holes or serious damage and could be improved, (one corner of webbing cradle rotted through). The Bakelite OFF/SEND button is now missing but all other components are present. Also present is the rare junction box No.2 with its pin plug, these alone can fetch between £200 - £250, the set also consists of the DLR No.5 headphones and appear to be in good condition apart from the webbing being a little grubby, the wire overhead cradle has some light surface pitting but remains solid. Sold as a display item only as un-opened & un-tested. Sorry UK Sale Only.
WWII RAF 1943 Pattern Escape / Flying Boots An excellent pair of RAF 1943 pattern escape boots that still retain their original and fully working zips with both pulls bearing a Kings crown & AM mark. The suede upper sections are in superb condition and still retain their white metal buckles & leather strap/tabs, the internal fleece linings are also in wonderful condition with one having a concealed 3 inch long pocket to house the 43 pattern penknife used to remove the upper section whilst evading capture. The black shoes are also in wonderful condition with only very minor scuffs to the toe caps, the soles display some service wear but remain all original. Overall length from back of heel to tip = 12 inches so estimating a foot size 9 - 10. Sold as a display item only, a great looking pair of boots.
WWII RAF Officer`s Bullion Wire Cap Badge A good well used example with early style deep padded crown, with minor wear & fading from service use.
WWII RAF Officer`s Shirt A correct WWII pattern RAF officer`s half fronted shirt in excellent condition. Chest 38 - 40 inches Collar stamped 15 1/2 Armpit to end of cuff 20 inches There are two small holes present inside of the collar where a name tag has been removed but not visible externally.
WWII RAF Printed Leading Aircraftman Arm Badges Removed from uniform, slightly grubby.
WWII RAF Printed Shoulder Eagles A Removed from uniform pair of printed RAF eagles.
WWII RAF Wt / Officer`s Air Gunner`s Tunic (Scarce Issued Label) An all original 1943 dated and somewhat scarce Warrant Officer`s tunic due to being an issued item and not privately purchased, this un-messed with tunic retains its original Air Gunners brevet, forearm rank insignia and W/O issue label (please study for size). This tunic has seen service use as is now ever so slightly grubby with some wear holes present to the lower edge/corner of bellows pockets (shown in photo`s). The liner has some split stitching in the armpit region but easily repairable, belt present.
WWII Royal Navy Officer`s Cap (Economy Gilt Badge) An excellent condition WWII Royal Navy officer`s cap with early pattern short peak and scarce wartime issue gilt metal economy badge. The dark navy blue crown is in superb condition and free of any moth damage, an excellent internal leather sweat band bearing a handwritten size 6 3/4. Minor bend in peak, very nice looking cap.
WWII Royal Navy Officer`s Economy Cap Badge An excellent example of a wartime manufactured RN officer`s economy gilt finished cap badge, removed from cap.
WWII Sten Gun Magazine Loader (1st Type) An original WWII British made 1st type sten gun magazine loader bearing the makers mark B.T.S Ltd. Magazine in photo not included.
WWII US M3 Fighting Knife (Early Blade Stamped Model) An early blade stamped US M3 fighting knife manufactured by the Imperial company and housed in the correct early M8 green plastic scabbard, the full length blade has not been over sharpened and now retains an age related patina, the cross guard remains tight with no movement. The leather washer grip is also firm with no shrinkage and definitely has that `been there' appearance from usage, the pommel bears the Frankford Arsenal flaming grenade stamp. The plastic M8 scabbard is in very good used condition and bears the makers stamp of B M & Co on the metal throat, the webbing is also in good order along with the working popper. The blade stamped M3`s were in production for a limited period only (months) due to the deep stamping weakening the blade strength so all makers details etc were transferred to the cross guard. Sorry UK Sale ONLY and Proof of age will be required (18+)