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10TH. HUSSARS OFFICER'S SWORD-SOLD A rare 10th Hussars sword with 34 1/4 inches blade, with excellent clear engraving of Prince Of Wales's Own 10th Hussars, Prince Of Wales feathers, Crowned VR, battle honours - Peninsula, Waterloo, and Sevastopol on both sides, foliage and retailer - H.Poole& Co., Saville Row, London. Iron hilt pitted overall and wire bound fishskin grip with some small losses. Iron scabbard pitted overall. More pictures on my ad on
13th HUSSARS CAVALRY TROOPER\'S SWORD 1885 pattern trooper's sword mor the 13th Hussars and later the Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry. Blade of 34 1/2 inches with various ordnance marks, 13 H, D.L.O., and maker - Weyersberg & Kirschbaum, Solingen. Iron hilt with leather grip and in iron scabbard.
1796 CAVALRY OFFICER'S SWORD - EXCEPTIONAL BLADE -SOLD This sword has one of the finest blades I have come across from the Georgian period. The blade is 33 inches long, and is finely engraved for half of its length on both sides, with foliage and stands of arms, and retains a lot of its original polish. The hilt has a fluted back strap and is lightly pitted, and has a copper wire bound fishskin grip. The top of the scabbard has a floral design with an oval for the maker's name, but unfortunately this is no legible.
1796 PIPE-BACKED LIGHT CAVALRY OFFICER\'S SWORD A Georgian 34 3/4 inch pipe-backed blade with prominent 12 1/2 inch false back edge, in very good condition. Iron beaked hilt with wire bound leather grip, and in iron scabbard with key hole throat opening.
17th LANCERS OFFICER'S SWORD-SOLD An officer's sword from one of the regiments which took part in the famous Charge Of The Light Brigade. The blade of 35 inches is dark frost engraved with Death Or Glory, Skull and Cross Bones, Battle Honours for the Crimea War - Alma, Balaclava, Sevastopol, and Inkerman, Crowned VR, XVII Lancers, foliage, and retailer details - J.Irvine, Master Tailor, 17th Lancers. Iron hilt with wire bound fishskin grip complete, and in later field service scabbard. More pictures on my ad on
1821 LIGHT CAVALRY OFFICER\'S SWORD An early Victorian cavalry officer's sword with 35 1/2 inch blade, engraved on both sides with Crowned owner's initials - NN, and VR. Iron hilt with wire bound fishskin grip, and in iron scabbard. More pictures on my ad on gunstar
1ST DRAGOONS TROOPER\'S HELMET Good condition white metal helmet with brass fittings, having a few minor dents and scratches. Inner rim marked with 6D for 6th Dragoons, as it was not unusual for helmets to move to another regiment when the owner transfered.
2nd DRAGOON GUARDS MINIATURE HELMET Excellent quality brass helmet with horse hair plume, leather backed chain, leather liner and green leather peak liner. Total height - 11 inches,, and 5 1/2 inches wide (approx).
3rd DRAGOON GUARDS MINIATURE HELMET Excellent quality miniature brass helmet with black over red horse hair plume, leather backed chain, leather liner, and green leather peak liner. Total height - 11 inches, and 5 1/2 inches wide.
4TH DRAGOON GUARDS TROOPER\'S HELMET Good condition trooper's brass helmet, with original leather liner and chain with high quality replacement leather backing. Inner edge is marked with 4DG, and other markings. There are a few shallow dents and scratches and also two small jagged fractures to the skull, both about one inch in length, but they do not detract from the overall good appearance. More pictures in my ad on gunstar
5TH DRAGOON GUARDS OFFICER\'S HELMET-MAJ. HOARE Good condition brass helmet, with skull retaining about 80% of its gilding. The helmet belonged to Major Herbert Hoare. In May 1885 he transferred as a Lieutenant from the 3rd. Battalion Oxfordshire Light Infantry into the 5th Dragoon Guards, and was promoted to Captain in 1893. He was promoted to Major in July 1899, and wounded at the Battle of Ladysmith on 30/11/1899. Received OBE in 1919. More pictures in my ad on gunstar
60TH KINGS OWN ROYAL RIFLES CORPS OFFICER'S SWORD-SOLD A rare Victorian officer's sword of the oldest Rifles Regiment, which was raised in the 1700's to serve in North America. The 32 1/2 inch blade is engraved with Crowned LX (60th.), Crowned - The Kings Own Royal Rifle Corps, Strung Bugle on both sides, owner's initials - J.B.P., foliage and retailer - Alfred Pillin, Manufacturer, 31 Gerrard St., London. Iron hilt with Crowned Strung Bugle, wire bound fishskin grip, and iron scabbard lightly pitted. More pictures on my ad on
6TH DRAGOON GUARDS OFFICER\'S HELMET A good condition Victorian Carabiniers officer's helmet, having some gilding still present, mostly on the badge surround and ear rosettes. The central badge has lost its gilding and has the old spelling "Carabineers". Original red leather liner present, but darkened with age. Brass chin chain with leather backing, horsehair plume and leather skiver liners to front and back peak.
BLUE & GILT 1796 LIGHT CAVALRY OFFICER'S SWORD-SOLD A superb blue and gilt sword with a much more elaborate hilt than usual. It has ornate faceting on the back strap, guard, ferrule, langets, and also has a facetted ball on the quillon. It still has very good blue colour, and much gilding remaining. The blade is 32 1/2 inches long, and engraved with Crowned GR, Cavalryman, Crowned Royal Arms, Stand of Arms and foliage. Under one lancet is the maker - Woolley, and under the other - Warranted. The rest of the blade is in very good clean condition, and the scabbard is evenly pitted. An excellent sword overall. More pictures can be seen on
FIFE MOUNTED RIFLES OFFICER\'S HELMET A rare leather officer's helmet with white metal and gilded brass fittings. Leather in solid condition, and with dark red silk liner. More pictures on my ad on gunstar
GEORGIAN OFFICER\'S SWORD An excellent and unusual sword with 29 inch blade, engraved with Union Flag & Lances, Floral Panel, and other motifs. Blade is grey but smooth to touch. Boat hilt with fold down flap and Lion Head Pommel, most of its gilding present, and with wire bound fishskin grip. Leather scabbard in firm condition and with gilded brass mounts. More pictures on my ad on
GEORGIAN PIPE-BACKED CAVALRY OFFICER\'S SWORD-SOLD SOLD - Georgian cavalry officer's sword with 34 1/2 inch blade, and 13 inch false back edge. Iron hilt with wire bound leather grip. No scabbard, and sword pitted overall.
GILL'S WARRANTED 1798 VARIANT OFFICER'S SWORD-SOLD A superb 1796 pattern light cavalry officer's sword with variant hilt. Blade of 32 3/4 inches finely engraved with maker - Tho's Gill's Warranted Never To Fail, 1798, Royal Arms, Crowned GR, Britannia, Winged Victory, Mounted Cavalryman, Cherubs, Stand Of Arms, Swags and Foliage. Unusual beaked pommel, and wire bound leather grip complete. Iron scabbard pitted overall. More pictures on my ad on Gunstar.
PIPE-BACKED GEORGIAN OFFICER\'S SWORD Blade of 34 1/4 inches with prominent false back edge of 12 inches. Iron stirrup hilt with wire bound leather grip. Iron scabbard with key hole throat. Blade lightly pitted overall but is smooth to touch.
RARE-1796 VARIANT LIGHT CAVALRY OFFICER\'S SWORD A good condition rare Georgian variant sword with 33 1/2 inch blade marked with maker - Osborn & Gunby. Iron hilt with leather bound grip, and in iron scabbard.
ROYAL WEST SURREY REGIMENT HELMET Good condition blue cloth Victorian helmet for the Royal West Surrey Regt., with gilded brass fittings, (some wear), leather and silk liner and black velvet backed chain. Made by Cater and Co., London.
VARIANT 1796 CAVALRY SWORD-OSBORN & GUNBY-SOLD A rare sword with 33 1/2 inch blade, slipped point of 6 1/4 inches, double fullers with rounded back edge, marked - Osborn & Gunby. Iron hilt with leather grip complete. Iron scabbard, overall in excellent condition.