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Excellent condition ZF4 sniper scope with mount, eye-cup and lens covers. The sight is in good optical condition. It is coded dow and marked Gw ZF4 with a triangle to indicate the lubricant type. Excellent all round condition.
10 spent original wartime 7.92mm Kurz case Excellent condition spent cases for MP44 x10
100% Matching Numbers Deactivated MP40 Excellent condition deactivated WW2 German MP40 machine pistol with all matching numbers including the bolt. Very good condition all round maker coded fxo for Haenel and dated 1942. Bakelite hand hairs and grips are also in excellent condition. Complete with original magazine and certificate.
10x80 German dkl Flak binoculars Excellent optical condition German flak binoculars coded dkl for Scheider. All working excellent functionality with exceptional view. Head rest has a tear to one side but otherwise good condition.
10x80 TZK Binoculars Transport Box This is a transport box for the TZK binoculars in good functional condition with all the internal brackets to house the binoculars for storage/transport. These boxes are very well made and durable.
12x60 Flak Binoculars Mount This is a custom adapted mount to take the except wartime German 12x60 rangefinder binoculars on to. The original intended use for these binoculars was to be mounted onto the 4 metre rangefinder which owing to the size and scarcity is not practical for most people today. The 12x60 binoculars are all too often left without any appropriate way to use them and are unfortunately often modified (sometimes permanently) in order to mount them onto a tripod or mount. This mount allows the binoculars to be easily mounted/dismounted using the original mounting system which allows them to be used practically without altering or modifying them which hurts the collector value and desirability. Excellent fully functional condition with polished finish. The binoculars shown and to demonstrate the mount and are not included but they are available separately.
12x60 German rangefinder binoculars blc Carl Zeiss Excellent optical condition blc coded 12x60 flak binoculars with original grey paint. Excellent functional condition, all working as they should with excellent clear view. BLC coded for Zeiss manufacture. Original grey paint with brown camo on the sunshield, original Bakelite eyepiece cover and rubber brow pad all still intact as is the quick sight rail mount.
12x60 Rangefinder Binoculars Original Eye Cover Original Bakelite eye piece protector for the 12x60 binoculars in good condition.
14x inert 9mm Luger marked 9mm inert x14
1917 WW1 Artillery Luger P08 Shoulder Stock & Holster Excellent condition complete WW1 Luger holster & shoulder stock rig maker marked and dated 1917. Leather is all In nice condition as is the wood with a nice Imperial Cartouche acceptance stamp. Complete with cleaning rod and shoulder strap.
1938 BSW MG13 Magazine Box Set A very good condition complete set of MG13 magazines in their original carrying box. Dated 1938, WaA4 eagle proofed and maker marked BSW.
1938 Dated Grossfuss Production Equipment Box In very good condition with one small shrapnel hole next to one of the catches which does not affect the function of the lid or catch. Original German dark grey paint. I am not sure what it is for but possibly some radio equipment in a vehicle. Dated 1938 with a Grossfuss company logo.
1938 German Tornister Backpack Excellent original condition 1938 dated WW2 Issued Infantry Tornister backpack. All good strong leather and stitching.
1939 Brown Luger P08 Holster Excellent condition original brown 1939 dated Luger holster with all original fittings intact. Nice clear maker mark, eagle stamp and 1939 date with strong stitching.
1942 Dated WW2 German MG34 Lafette tripod mount 1942 Mg34 Lafette coded ‘dar’ complete in good working order with range table, back pads, sight block and bolt box. All working as it should in German dark grey coloured paint.
1943 dated MG34/42 Patronenkasten 41 Good condition 1943 dated ‘ada’ coded Patronenkasten 41 ammunition can for the Mg34/42. This one is also WaA eagle stamped. The catches and hinges work well with the rubber lid seal also still Intact.
20 round Flak 38 Magazine, Grey painted A rare example of a flak30/38 magazine that has been painted German field grey during service. Excellent working condition with very good clear markings.
6x30 Tan yellow ‘cag’ Binoculars Excellent original condition 6x30 power ‘cag’ coded wartime German binoculars with original neck strap. Excellent clear optics with no problems.
7.62 NATO Blank in stripper clips 125 7.62 NATO Blank in stripper clips, a few blanks with some corrosion- shown in pictures
8x inert wartime German 7.65mm rounds Rare wartime German 7.65mm steel cased rounds used in various German pistols such as Walther PP, PPK, Mauser Hsc etc.
936 code 1940 MG34 Bipod Nice used working condition ‘936’ coded WaA4 Gustloff MG34 bipod.
936 code MG34 Spanner Gunners kit Mg spanner for MG 13 and MG34. 936 coded and WaA4 marked
936 WaA4 Gustloff MG34 Cocking Handle Excellent original condition WaA4 ‘936’ number coded MG34 cocking handle. Maker code code medicated 1939/40 production date.
Adjustable Mauser Wrench Good working condition Mauser logo marked wrench
Adjustable Mauser Wrench Good working condition Mauser logo marked wrench
Aircraft Landing Lights Set of large landing lights from the underside wing of a British military jet plane. Data plates on each piece
AKAH DRGM Walther PP Holster This is a very nice example of a Walther PP, AKAH, D.R.G.M marked holster in very good condition with a very nice original almost red colour to it. There also appears to be a pistol serial number and owner’s name written in the lid.
All Matching Deactivated MP40 Excellent condition all matching including bolt MP40 WW2 German SMG. Coded ‘bnz’ for Steyr and dated 1942. Complete with magazine and certificate
awt 1940 MG15 DT15 Saddle Drum Magazine Original 1940 dated Luftwaffe marked Mg15 drum. Lacquer finish is blistered (not corroded) and one side has a broken spring so not functional.
Bakelite P08 Luger Grips Excellent condition Bakelite Luger grips.
Bakelite Unloading Tool Luftwaffe MG15 DT15 Rare unloading tool for MG15 drum magazine. Can also be used with PT34. Maker marked
Barn Found Restored MP44 Magazine Working condition slightly restored MP44 magazine tbv maker marked
Barn found restored MP44 magazine No markings, restored. Still some functionality but the follower is a bit sticky and spring not too strong. Good pouch filler
Berichtigungslatte für Em 1m R36 Range Board Rare brown camouflaged EM36 rangefinder ranging scale board made by ‘fwq’. Excellent working condition with a paint scheme that was only used very briefly for about a year of production in 1939-40. The brown camouflage was factory applied and is very subtle.
Berichtigungslatte für Em 1m R36 Range Board EM36 EM36 rangefinder ranging scale board made by ‘fwq’. Excellent working condition.
Complete Cased Flakfernrohr 10x80 Binocular set Excellent condition German flak binoculars in original box and with mounting cradle, quick sight, brow pad and bearing circle. Also comes with original correct tripod. Original yellow paint and coded ‘dkl’. Excellent optical condition.
Complete EM36 German 1m Range Finder Used by all branches of the German armed forces in conjunction with many different weapons from small arms/mortars to heavy artillery and flak. This is a totally complete EM36 rangefinder in excellent working order coded ‘fwq’.
das reichsheer deutschlands erwachen Original 3rd reich period information publication on the reichsheer
ddf coded MG34/42 50 round drum Nice original condition MG34/42 drum with original grey paint. Coded ddf
Deactivate Polish PPSH 43 SMG Very clean condition deactivated Polish PPSh43 complete with magazine and certificate.
Deactivated 1939 Mosin Nagant 1891 Rifle Excellent condition Mosin Nagant 1891 rifle dated 1939 with original sling.
Deactivated British Sten Mk 5 SMG Deactivated Sten MK5 as used by the paratroopers at Arnhem. In good condition complete with original sling and magazine. With certificate
Deactivated Chinese PPSH43 Very good used condition deactivated Chinese PPSH43. Complete with magazine and certificate
Deactivated early production Polish P.35 Radom WaA Excellent original condition deactivated P.35 Radom with German proof marks and acceptance stamps. Cutout in the grip for the early shoulder stock, this must have been a very early German production not long after the takeover of the Polish factory.
Deactivated early Walther LP34 Flare Pistol Excellent condition deactivated steel LP34 Walther flare pistol with early WaA acceptance proofs. Dated 1935 and with the Walther banner and factory information clearly viable. The barrel still breaks and the action cocks and dry fires. Complete with U.K. deactivation certificate.
Deactivated First World War Vickers Heavy Machine Gun Rare Vickers WWI fluted barrel jacket tripod mounted water cooled .303 HMG dating to 1917. Complete on tripod with certificate in excellent condition.
Deactivated FN 49 Rifle Excellent condition deactivated FN 49 rifle made by FN in Belgium and marked as such. This is an Egyptian contact rifle. Complete with certificate
Deactivated Israeli Galil Excellent condition Israeli Galil 5.56 assault rifle. Complete with sling and certificate.
Deactivated Jäger Army M16 .22 Deactivated M16 copy by ‘Armourer’s-Jaeger’ in .22. Complete with certificate.
Deactivated M1A1 .45 Thompson SMG Excellent condition deactivated M1A1 Thomson SMG. Complete with certificate and 30 round mag.
Deactivated Matching Original Finish Walther P38 Excellent original condition late war ‘ac’ coded for Walther production 1944 P38 9mm pistol. Original late war finish and matching numbers. P38s are rare to find with original finish as vast majority available in the U.K. were re-blued by the Soviets. Still retains the paint inside the S&F letters in the slide where the safety catch rotates. Complete with original magazine and U.K. proof house certificate.
Deactivated MG34 ‘Barn-found’ semi-relic condition deactivated MG34. Still various markings visible. Billet-strike or shrapnel damage to the barrel jacket so definitely a combat veteran.
Deactivated MG34 Machine Gun Barrel Excellent condition deactivated MG34 barrel with certificate. Various original wartime markings
Deactivated MG42 Bolt Very hard to find deactivated bolt for the MG42. Has U.K. deactivation proof stamp to the head. Perfect to complete a gunners pouch.
Deactivated MG53 (MG42 clone) Excellent condition deactivated Yugo MG53 (Mg42/53) which was a copy of the German MG42. Nice unpainted brown wooden stock. Complete with bipod and certificate.
Deactivated MG53 MG42 Yugoslavian Copy Excellent condition deactivated Yugo MG42/53. This is the post-war Yugo made MG42, almost identical to the wartime MG42.
Deactivated MG53 post war MG42 Nice used condition deactivated yugo MG53. Comes with equipment shown including ammo box, leather sling, 50 round belt, barrel case and repro German leather gunners pouch. Complete with proof house certificate.
Deactivated MP40 bnz 1944 Loft found Mp40 brought back from Normandy by veteran. Some corrosion but markings still visible With certificate, moving bolt & trigger. Buttstock in good working order Markings visible
Deactivated Post War Walther PP Excellent condition deactivated Walther PP 7.65mm pistol. This famous design originated in the late 1920s and continues to be used today. Excellent finish and clear markings. Identical to wartime production. Complete with deactivation certificate.
Deactivated post-war Polish PPSH 43 1951 Excellent condition deactivated 1951 dated PPSH 43. Exact copy of wartime Russian ppsh43 famously designed and manufactured during the siege of Leningrad. Complete with magazine and certificate
Deactivated Swedish AG42 Rifle Excellent condition Swedish AG42 semi-auto rifle dated 1945. This really is in exceptional condition. Complete with magazine and certificate.
Deactivated US M1A1 Folding Stock Paratrooper Carbine Excellent condition paratroopers M1A1 carbine made by Inland with 1943 date to barrel. Complete with sling, certificate and magazine.
Deactivated US WWII M1A1 Thompson .45 SMG Good original condition US Thompson SMG with matching original factory serial numbers. All original markings are still intact. Complete with magazine and deactivation certificate.
Deactivated Walther P5 9mm Pistol Excellent condition rare Walther P5 9mm pistol, this design was based on the P38. These made various appearance in the James Bond films. Excellent original finish and markings. Complete with certificate.
Deactivated Water Cooled Schwarzlose M7/012 HMG Excellent condition complete with original tripod and certificate.
Deactivated Winchester US M1 Carbine Excellent condition M1 carbine with all early production features which include flip up 2 position sight, no bayonet lug and cross bolt safety. Most M1 carbines have been retrofitted with later upgrades. Serial number dates this to 1944. Complete with original magazine, sling and deactivation certificate.
Deactivated WW2 1944 MG34 Excellent condition matching numbers Mg34 maker coded ‘dot’ 1944 complete with certificate. Very clean condition
Deactivated WW2 Bren Mk1 LMG Excellent condition deactivated WW2 Lithgow manufactured 1943 dated Bren gun complete with certificate.
Deactivated WW2 British Bren MK1 1940 Enfield Nice condition MK1 dovetail Bren gun manufactured at the Enfield factory in 1940. Very good condition throughout with all early MK1 feature including dovetail mount on the side of the receiver, large stainless flash hider, early buttstock and bipod. Complete with Enfield magazine and certificate.
Deactivated WW2 British No4 Mk1 1943 Rifle Excellent condition 1943 dated No4 made by ROF factory. Complete with original sling and deactivation certificate
Deactivated WW2 British PIAT Excellent PIAT complete with certificate
Deactivated WW2 British PIAT Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher Excellent condition PIAT anti-tank launcher used extensively by the British troops during the second half of the war in the European theatre. Complete with straps, canvas padded shoulder pad and deactivation certificate.
Deactivated WW2 British Sten Mk2 Excellent condition WW2 British Sten MK2 SMG. The sten became the standard SMG for the British during the war as the Thompson was too expensive. They were chambered in 9mm which allowed them to use German pistol SMG/pistol ammunition. Complete with magazine and certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German 1942 MG34 Excellent condition deactivated Mg34 coded ‘ar’ for Mauser production. Dated 1942 complete with certificate
Deactivated WW2 German 1942 MP34 Excellent condition complete with magazine and certificate. WaA marked
Deactivated WW2 German byf 42 P.08 Luger Good original condition deactivated matching ‘byf’ Mauser production 1942 dated P..08 Luger 9mm pistol. All numbers appear to match and WaA proof marked. Some slight light pitting to side of the frame possibly from long term holster storage.
Deactivated WW2 German dfb 1941 MG34 Excellent very clean condition 1941 dated MG34 coded dfb for Gustloff Werke. Many large WaA eagle stamps with excellent condition original bluing finish remaining. Complete with certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German Flare Pistol Excellent condition LP34 flare pistol dated 1940 coded ‘237’ with many acceptance stamps. Deactivated complete with certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German K98 1937 S/42 Mauser All matching numbers except for the bolt which is hard to find in this country on k98s as most were dismantled in arsenals post war: S/42 code for Mauser manufacture and dated 1937. Solid walnut stock amongst other early production parts. Complete with certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German K98k Mauser Rifle bnz 1941 Excellent condition bnz coded 1941 dated k98 rifle. Complete with sight hood, cleaning rod and deactivation certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German Mauser HSc pistol Excellent condition Mauser HSc with wartime German. Proof marks and high polish original blued finish. Good clear markings and original undamaged wooden grips. This is a early wartime commercial production example that has a lanyard loop hole at the heel. Commercial pistols were often privately purchased by serving officers in the German armed forces.
Deactivated WW2 German MG34 1943 Excellent clean condition deactivated German MG34 machine gun. Splits in middle as pictured. Very clean all round condition. Complete with certificate
Deactivated WW2 German MG34 cra 1942 Good clean condition deactivated MG34 dated 1942 and maker marked ‘cra’ for Maget. Various WaA eagle acceptance eagle proof stamps throughout. Complete with deactivation certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German MG34 LMG Good used condition 1945 dated ‘dot’ coded MG34 complete with certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German MG42 Good clean condition deactivated WW2 German Mg42 with maker code ‘cra’ for Maget and date code ‘GH’ for 1943. Various WaA eagle acceptance stamps and subcontractor maker codes. Complete with certificate
Deactivated WW2 German MG42 Nice original condition ‘ar’ coded for Mauser production with ‘JT’ date code. Nice original wartime wooden stock which is uncommon. Complete with deactivation certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German MG42 Machine Gun Excellent clean condition wartime German MG42. Maget manufactured ‘swd’ code WaA11 stamped. Complete with certificate
Deactivated WW2 German MG42 Machine Gun Excellent clean condition 1943 dated ‘cra’ maker coded MG42 with many WaA eagle acceptance proof markings. Complete with U.K. proof house certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German MG42 ‘cra’ barrel Excellent original condition original wartime Mg42 barrel with maker code ‘cra’ for Maget. Complete with certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German MP40 SMG Very good example of the famous M.P.40 ‘Schmeisser’ SMG coded ‘ayf’ for Erma and dated 1943. Rarer earlier ‘slab-side’ magazine housing version. Matching numbers apart from the bolt. Complete with certificate
Deactivated WW2 German MP44 Excellent condition deactivated 1945 dated ‘fxo’ coded MP44 assault rifle also referred to as the ‘Sturmgewehr’. Complete with original wartime magazine this is a very clean example. Various codes and acceptance stamps throughout. Comes with certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German MP44 Assault Rifle Very nice clean condition German MP44 ‘Sturmgewehr’ dated 1945. Excellent markings throughout and clean condition complete with magazine and certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German P08 Luger Pistol Excellent original condition full matching numbers including the magazine. 42 coded for Mauser production and dated 1940. Complete with certificate
Deactivated WW2 German Steyr MP34 Excellent condition WW2 German Steyr MP34 sun-machine gun. These were favoured by second line units and police units during the war. These SMGs were extremely well designed with select fire mechanism and a built in magazine loader that is in the magazine housing. Very good example with German eagle proofs, original sling, magazine and certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German Walther P38 Excellent condition deactivated Walther P38 coded ‘ac’ for Walther production and dated ‘43 with matching numbers. Complete with certificate.
Deactivated WW2 German Walther P38 Pistol Excellent condition Second World War German ‘cyq’ coded Walther P38 9mm pistol. All matching numbers and with full WaA acceptance proofs. Serial number dated this to early 1945. Complete with certificate
Deactivated WW2 German ‘Slab-side’ MP40 SMG 1941 Excellent clean condition deactivated Mp40 coded ‘ayf’ for Erma and dated 1941 with eagle acceptance proofs. Early model with slab side machined magazine well and claw cocking handle. Complete with magazine and deactivation certificate.
Deactivated ww2 MG42 1943 dated Mg42 in excellent condition
Deactivated WW2 MK1m Bren Gun 1941 Excellent condition Inglis built MK1m Bren gun dated 1941. Complete with magazine and certificate
Deactivated WW2 Russian M-44 Carbine Excellent condition 1945 dated M44 catchiness with side folding bayonet. Complete with original sling and certificate
Deactivated WW2 Russian Maxim 1910 HMG Excellent condition 1943 dated early version Russian Maxim 1910 on sokolov wheeled mount with armour shield. Matching numbers complete with certificate. Delivery/pick up to be arranged on this item due to size and weight.
Deactivated WW2 Russian SVT40 Rifle Excellent used condition deactivated Soviet SVT-40 semi-auto rifle complete with sling, magazine and certificate. Dated 1943
Deactivated WW2 Soviet Production PPSH43 1944 Excellent clean condition 1944 dated PPSH43 SMG. Complete with magazine and certificate.
Deactivated WW2 Walther P38 Excellent condition Walther production 1942 dated P38. Fully matching numbers with excellent clear markings and maker code ‘ac’ for Walther. Various WaA stamps throughout. Excellent condition red brown Bakelite grips. Complete with certificate.
Deactivated WW2 Walther p38 1943 Excellent condition matching p38 coded ‘ac’ for Walther and dated 1943. Various eagle acceptance stamps throughout. Complete with original magazine and certificate.
Deactivated WW2 ZB30 7.92mm LMG Excellent condition WW2 era Czech ZB30 which was the forerunner to and inspiration for the Bren. These were widely used and produced under occupation by the Germans during the war. Complete with magazine and U.K. proof house deactivation certificate.
Deactivated WWII 1928 Thompson SMG Nice original condition deactivated 1928 Thompson with all early production feature including finned barrel, Cutts compensator, Lyman Sights, vertical fore-grip and detachable buttstock. Goo all round used condition complete with certificate.
Deactivated WWII German MP41 SMG Nice original condition deactivated MP41 sub-machine gun with correct MP41 marked magazine. Complete with U.K. proof house certificate. Wood stock in good used condition and finish with a well used patina.
Deactivated WWII German MP44 Assault Rifle Good condition WW2 German MP44 ’Sturmgewehr’ assault rifle dated 1944. Various maker codes and acceptance proof marks. Complete with certificate.
Deactivated WWII German P.08 Luger Pistol Nice all round condition all matching numbers except for the magazine. 1937 dated S/42 Mauser coded P08 Luger pistol complete with certificate. Interestingly this example bears the Russian capture ‘x’ stamp indicating it was captured on the eastern front. The Russian capture example Lugers are not common at all on the market and this is the first I have seen in a while.
Deactivated WWII German Walther P38 ac 44 Excellent clean condition deactivated Walther P38 dated 1944 and maker coded ‘ac’ for Walther factory. All matching numbers, dark red Bakelite grips and WaA359 stamps. Complete with certificate
Deactivated WWII US 1928A1 Thompson SMG Excellent original condition Thompson 1928 SMG with matching serial numbers. Immaculate original finish and woodwork. Complete with sling, magazine and deactivation certificate.
Deactivated WWII US B.A.R Excellent original condition deactivated US Browning Automatic Rifle complete with original bipod. Excellent original parkerised finish and Bakelite bipod. Iconic US rifle from both world wars.
Deactivated Yugo MG53 Excellent condition deactivated Yugoslavian manfufacted MG42/53 which was a copy of the wartime German MG42. Complete with certificate
Deckungwinkelmesser for MG34/42 Indirect Fire Use Rare deckungwinkelmesser maker marked dhq for J D Moeller. This was used for indirect fire use when using the MGs on Lafette tripods, also Mortar and artillery crews used them. It was used to help calculate distances and heights. It was stored in officer’s or NCOs mapcase.
Dietrich Repro Fg42 Type II Magazine Excellent working condition reproduction FG42 magazine produced by SSD of Germany for their reproduction FG42 models.
Double Size MG ammo Can with Original Paint MG34/42 Flak 38 etc. These double sized cans were used for many purposes from storing tool kits and lubrication sets to spare parts for weapons.
Dreibein 34 AA Tripod Mount MG34/42 Rare ‘Elektron’ alloy early MG34/42 AA tripod in very good working order complete with all the hanging hooks. Maker coded ‘64’ for G. Appel and WaA20 stamped. Currently set up for MG42 but easily changed over for use with Mg34 if you have the Mg34 adapter.
Drum Magazine for MG53 Post war clone of the drum magazine for the MG34/42. Excellent condition and can be attached to Mg34/42/53
Early Busch MGz Optical Sight for MG34 Lafette Excellent optical condition early Busch MGz optical sight for use with the MG34 & Mg42 Lafette. Comes in original storage can which still had original free paint and contains the coloured filter lenses. Sight is in excellent working order.
Early German WW2 Helmet Carry Strap Rare helmet carrying strap to attach to the belt
Early Leather MG etc. Battery Box Excellent condition high quality manufactured leather battery box for use with German optical instruments including sights, binoculars and rangefinders etc.
Early Pattern Artillery Luger Snail Drum MP18 Dustcover Excellent condition early Artillery Luger 32 round drum with both the dustcover and SMG MP18 adapter. Nice markings very good overall condition.
Early RZM Mess tin set Rare 1938 RZM mess tin set dated 1938. Dent to rear of the main part.
Early steel tipped Bakelite Buttstock Mg34 steel tipped re-enforced buttstock in good clean condition.
Early War MG Drum Excellent condition hard to find early war production German MG34/42 50 round gurttrommel belt drum with WaA stamp.
Early WW2 Rolls-Royce Merlin Spitfire Mk1 Starter Handle Early WW2 Rolls-Royce Merlin Starter Handle used in Spitfire Mk1 Clips behind pilot's seat. Rare
Early ‘slab side’ Mp38u40 Magazine MP40 A very nice early production MP38/40 magazine in excellent working condition. Very good clear markings coded fxo and dated 1941.
EM36 1 Meter Rangefinder Tripod mount yolk Rare yolk for the EM36 rangefinder in original grey paint with waffenampt stamp. Allows for the rangefinder to be mounted onto a tripod. Excellent condition.
EM36 Rangefinder Handle Handle extension for the 1 meter EM36 rangefinder
EM36 Rangefinder Weather Shields Good condition original lens shields for the EM36
Excellent WW2 German German 7.65 Pistol Holster Excellent original leather holster for the Walther PPK and Mauser Hsc etc. Very high quality manufacture.
Femaru M.37 P Mod 37 Grip set Excellent condition grip set for the Femaru P Mod 37 used and made under occupation in Hungary by the German forces during the war. Complete with screw
Flak 10x80 Head Rest mount Dovetail mount for the 10x80 flak binocular head test.
Flak 38 2cm Magazine Good working condition Flak 30/38 20mm magazine. Maker marked etc.
Flak Binoculars Flakfernrohr 10x80 Box Original wooden transit box for 10x80 binoculars with WaA stamps and maker logo. Possibly 1940 dated on the maker stamp. Good all round condition
Flak binoculars flakglas 10x80 Quick Sight Excellent condition quick sight for getting the binoculars onto target. Original paint
Flak38 20mm magazine case set Set of 2 20mm flak30/38 magazines in excellent condition in original carrying storage box coded and dated 1943. Both magazines are maker marked with a ‘G’ for Gustloff werke and eagle stamped as is the box.
Flakfernrohr 10x80 Flak Binoculars Gestell 38 Tripod Original tan paint gestell 38 tripod for Flak 10x80 binoculars with WaA stamp and maker code. Fully working condition
G43 Pouch Fillers Solid metal g43 mag pouch fillers. Price is for one
German Battery Box Good complete German battery box for optical equipment
German Flak 10x80 Binoculars Head Rest Good condition original head rest for the German flakfernrohr 10x80 binoculars with dovetail mount and original retaining screw. The rubber is still very supple and soft but there is unfortunately a small split but this does not affect use. Original dark grey paint to the metal parts.
German Fuse box Original German fuse box in good condition
German Gasmask named Nice complete gas mask with name tag on shoulder strap. Mask in excellent condition, lots of clear ink stamps,
German K98 bayonet Excellent clean condition with scabbard
German Leave Haversack Excellent condition, ink stamped
German MG Barrel Change mitten Excellent condition original barrel change mitten for the MG gunners pouch
German MG34 & MG15 Saddle Drum Loading Set Loading set for the MG34 PT34 drum and Dt15 saddle drum magazines in good working order. The drum sits upside down in the wooden jig and the ratchet system attached into the drum held in place by the metal stoppers attached to the wood.
German MG34/42 Aluminium Ammo Box 1939 Good used condition German MG34/42 Aluminium Ammo Box. 1939 maker logo stamped
German MG34/42 Aluminium Ammo Box 1941 German MG34/42 Aluminium Ammo Box In good used condition. 1941 dated in logo and WaA marked
German MG34/42 Ammunition Box Excellent condition with grey paint and leather handle trim still intact
German MG34/42 Patronenkasten 41 Ammo Box German MG34/42 Patronenkasten 41 model Ammo Box with rubber sealed lid. Original grey paint largely intact and maker marked ‘wa 42’. Hard to find this model with original early grey paint.
German MG34/42 Steel Ammo Box Nice Paint German MG34/42 Ammo Box with just original German dark grey paint remaining. WaA eagle marked
German optical battery box Nice original tan paint battery box used with Mg34/42 optics etc. Maker marked and eagle stamped.
German Optics Battery Box Battery box for German optical devices.
German P tin Mg34/42 German Mg P tin cleaning kit with original paint. One leather tan is missing from the carry handle.
German SF14 Trench periscope rain/sun shields Excellent condition original sf14 sun and rain shields.
German WW2 Mauser Production P38 Magazine Excellent condition WaA135 Mauser proofed magazine for the Walther P.38. Also marked P.38v.
Hardshell P38 Holster Excellent condition original hardshell holster for the Walther P38. Clear eagle acceptance proof as well as maker mark and faint P38 designation.
HASAG 40 MG34 Zwilling Ammo Can 1940 dated excellent condition HASAG maker marked 150 round can for the Mg34 Zwilling mount. Spring catch still in working order. WaA marked
Inert 7.92mm Kurz MP44 Stg44 rounds Post war Kurz inert. Price per round
Inert 7.92mm MG34/42 ammo belt Good condition inert belt of 50 7.92mm Mauser rounds in original wartime belt and with starter tab.
Inert 7.92mm MG34/42 belted rounds Post war inert 7.92mm rounds in original belt with starter tab
Inert 88mm Flak 18 Shell This is a good condition Flak 18 88mm Lacquered steel shell case with head and fuse. German markings throughout.
Inert belt of 34/42 7.92mm 50 inert rounds of 7.92mm Mauser in original wartime belt with a starter tab.
Inert German Training Butterfly Bomb Inert German butterfly bomb believe to be a training version as painted red and marked ‘Ex’ also with a ‘P’. Wings and fuse are a bit rough but good for demonstration.
Inert German WW2 M43 Stick Grenade Restored rare M43 stick grenade
Inert M24 German Stick Grenade Excellent condition original M24 with nice stencilling. WaA marked, dated and coded. No pull cord but otherwise complete
Inert M24 German Stick Grenade Nice clean condition original M24 complete with pull cord. End cap is rotted and could do with a replacement. Handle and head are marked
Inert MG34/42 50 round Ammunition Belt Good condition inert belt of 50 7.92mm Mauser rounds in original wartime belt and with starter tab.
Inert MG34/42 Ammo Belt Excellent condition steel cased inert rounds in original belt with starter tab. Rounds are post war
Inert Post War 9mm 16x inert rounds of 9mm
Inert WW2 Dated 9mm Rounds Excellent condition inert original wartime production 9mm rounds. Unstruck oiled primers. Mostly ‘43 dated but I think maybe one ‘44 dated. Hard to find wartime examples like this. (Lot of 19)
Inert WW2 German Smoke Grenade Head Inert smoke model 39 head in semi-relic condition. Solid with lots of paint remaining
K43 rifle magazine Barn found K43 magazine. Maker marked.
K98k ZF41 Sharpshooter Scope Sight Rail This is a zf41 adapter sight rail for the K98 rifle. Can be fitted to a standard K98 rear sight unit by removing the standard part and replacing with this.
Kokusai SMGS&W .44 Magnum Double action 6 shot Full metal , 6.5 inch barre Kokusai S&W .44 Magnum AF Double action 6 shot Full metal replica , 6.5 inch barrel VCR
Kriegsmarine 7x50 BEH Leitz U Boat binoculars Excellent original condition 7x50 rubber armoured beh Ernst Leitz U-Boat binoculars with perfect optics. 100% clear view with no fog or haze, these are ready to use. Comes with original neck strap and Eagle M marked beh 1944 case also in excellent condition. The condition of these is exceptional
Kriegsmarine 7x50 Binoculars Case Nice condition original Kriegsmarine beh 1941 binoculars case with large eagle on lid
Lafettenaufsatzstück MG34/42 Lafette AA extension pole Rare excellent condition alloy early extension pole for the MG34/42 Lafette tripods coded ‘dar’ with WaA stamp. Very nice black anodised finish nearly 100% intact which in most cases has worn off over time. Very good usable condition with working spring loaded push button unlocking button.
Large Mauser Adjustable Wrench In good condition with Mauser banner logo. About 10 inches long
Late War MG42 oiler Rare late war MG42 oil can for the gunners pouch
Late war Tragegestell 43 with Ersatz straps This is a very nice Late war Tragegestell 43 ammunition carrying frame backpack with Ersatz straps. It is dated 1944 and maker coded. The straps are constructed from recycled woven rubber strands. Other construction materials featured are the late war style canvas with red line running through. The overall condition is very good and by the looks of it this saw some use. A very rare late war piece of MG infantry equipment.
Laufbehalter 34 MG34 Double Barrel Carrier Nice original twin barrel carrier for the MG34 maker marked brc and dated 43. German grey paint and sling still intact in good condition all round with the Bakelite damper still present riveted inside the lid.
Lewis Gun Cocking Handle Original WD arrow marked Lewis gun cocking handle.
Luftwaffe MG FF 20mm Cannon Drum Magazine Nice original working condition Luftwaffe 20mm aircraft cannon drum magazine as used in Me109 and Fw190 fighters amongst other WW2 German aircraft. Nice clear markings, strong spring tension!
Luftwaffe MG15 Bakelite drum magazine unloading tool Good condition original Bakelite tool used to unload Mg15 saddle drum magazines.
Luger Magazine Nice clean condition Luger magazine, appears to be unmarked
Luger Stripping Tool Original WaA63 Mauser proofed P.08 Luger stripping tool in good condition.
Mauser C96 10 round magazine Excellent condition original 10 round magazine for the C96
Mauser C96 Broomhandle 20 round magazine Excellent condition original 20 round Mauser banner marked magazine for the C96.
Mauser C96 Broomhandle Grips Excellent condition original wooden grip set for the Mauser C96 pistol complete with screw.
MG13 Camouflage Single Barrel Carrier Very nice condition original 3 tone camouflage paint complete with original cleaning rod. Maker marked and eagle stamp in ink inside the closing strap on the lid. Ordinal sling.
MG13 Magazine Good working condition MG13 magazine dated 1938 maker marked BSW
MG13 Magazine Box complete with magazine Good used condition complete boxed set of magazines for the 7.92mm WW2 German MG13. All magazines and box are marked BSW 1938 WaA4.
MG13 Small parts tin Early production small parts tin with various small MG13 parts. Some WaA4 marked
MG13 Soaking tube set Excellent condition WaA4 marked
MG15 Ground Conversion Bipod Mount This is the cast alloy jacket that fits onto the barrel jacket of the aircraft MG15 machine gun which allows a standard MG34 bipod to be mounted onto it for ground use. The Mg15 was withdrawn from aircraft use halfway through the war and issued to ground troops.
MG15 Muzzle Soaking Tube Rare 1940 dated MG15 muzzle soaking pot.
MG34 Bakelite Buttstock Excellent condition original Bakelite Buttstock for the MG34. No cracks
MG34 Double Size Storage Can These equipment boxes are basically double sized Mg34/42 ammunition belt boxes that were designed to carry spares, tools, oil cans and anything else for a variety of equipment including Mg13/34/42 and larger weapons such as 2cm flak 30 and flak 38. Excellent condition with maker mark, date and eagle stamp.
MG34 Flash Hider Assembly Soaking Tube This is an original soaking tube that was used to soak the flash hider in petrol during maintenance so as to free off carbon deposits from firing. This was a standard part of the ‘E’ tin kit. WaA marked to main body and leather washer still present in lid.
MG34 MG42 Lafette Tripod M.G.Z.40 Optical Sight Excellent working condition boxed M.G.Z.40 optical sight for both the MG34&42 tripods. Maker marked cxn for Busch. Good clear usable optical condition and original box marked MGZ40 on the lid. Both level bubble vials intact and working.
MG34 MG42 Waffenmeister Armourer’s Toolkit MG34 MG42 Waffenmeister Armourer’s Toolkit Excellent condition original ‘kleines Waffenmeister werkzeug’ for Mg34/42 complete with all tools some of which are Mauser logo marked
MG34 Panzer AA sight mount MG34T panzer AA sight mount
MG34 PT34 Drum Magazine Working condition original PT34 dual drum magazine for the mg34. Coded ‘wa’, dated 40 and eagle stamped.
MG34 R.Butz Manuals Parts 1&2 MG34 R.Butz Manuals Parts 1&2 in excellent condition with many pictures. Almost unused condition without any tears or damage. Large eagle ink stamps inside cover.
MG34 Saddle Drum Trommelhalter PT34 Topcover Rare Mg34 saddle drum magazine topcover plate in very good condition. Excellent bluing all round and crossed out waffenampt stamps as is the case with all those available as they came from Soviet storage where they had been ‘de-nazified’.
MG34 Steel Tipped Bakelite Buttstock Excellent condition WaA4 marked MG34 Bakelite Buttstock with the rare metal end caps. Really fine example which has the benefit of being un-numbered on both the metal collar and Bakelite body.
MG34 Steel Tipped Bakelite Buttstock Excellent condition original large Eagle marked mg34 steel tipped buttstock.
MG34 Steel tipped buttstock Made from bunker found parts and restored. Ready to use, works fine and fits well. Still a good example of this rare model
MG34 Winter Trigger Early Mg34 winter trigger
MG34//42 Barrel Change Mitten Excellent condition original gunners pouch mitten for hot barrel change
MG34/42 250 round bunker belt Good condition complete 250 round bunker/vehicle/fortification non-disintegrating belt. Maker marked on the starter tab.
MG34/42 Aluminium Ammunition Belt Box MG34/42 Aluminium Ammunition Belt Box In good condition with clear markings
MG34/42 Aluminium Ammunition Belt Box MG34/42 Aluminium Ammunition Belt Box in good condition with clear markings
MG34/42 Ammo Box Good condition clear markings
MG34/42 Ammo Box Good condition with clear markings
MG34/42 Belt Drum Carrier set Gurttrommel Excellent original condition all original paint set. All Maker marked and dated. Nice original dark grey on all pieces.
MG34/42 Bipod Height Adjustment Screw Height adjustment screw for all the early bipod models that were made with height adjustment (later models were not). This will fit MG13/34&42 bipods. Rare knurled pattern as opposed to the more common scalloped design,
MG34/42 Canvas shoulder sling. Marked Marked German Mg34/42 ammo box shoulder sling. Carabiners are marked with fir tree logo. Excellent condition
MG34/42 Collector Grade Book by Folke Myrvang Vol.1 Mg34/42 book. Excellent condition, the ultimate reference book for Mg34/42. Must have for serious MG collector. Now out of print.
MG34/42 Collector Grade Book by Folke Myrvang Vol.1 Mg34/42 book. Excellent condition, the ultimate reference book for Mg34/42. Must have for serious MG collector
MG34/42 Drum 1940 Brown camouflage WaA Marked Excellent condition original paint MG34/42 gurtrommel drum with rare early war brown camouflage paint. Number maker coded 797, WaA eagle marked and ‘40 dated.
MG34/42 Drum Carrying Rack Excellent condition carrying frame for the Mg34/42 gurttrommel drum magazines. Coded ‘959’ and dated ‘43.
MG34/42 Drum Carrying Rack Good condition 1943 dated maker marked original carry rack for 2x MG drums.
MG34/42 Drum ddf code Excellent condition original paint MG34/42 gurtrommel drum. ddf coded
MG34/42 Drum hqu 42 Excellent condition original paint MG34/42 gurtrommel drum. Coded hqu with 42 date
MG34/42 Drum Magzine Set in Carrier Good complete set of 2x drums both coded ‘ddf’ and housed in original ‘959’ coded ‘43 dated carrier. Excellent all round condition.
MG34/42 Drum WC41 Excellent condition original paint MG34/42 gurtrommel drum. WC 41 marked with WaA eagle
MG34/42 Drum WC43 Excellent condition original paint MG34/42 gurtrommel drum. WC 43 marked
MG34/42 Gurtrommel Set in Carrier Nice clean condition set of MG drums. Carrier dated ‘43 and both drums are hqu42 marked.
MG34/42 Gurttrommel Drum Magazines Excellent condition original paint MG34 MG42 50 round belt drums. Coded either HQU43 or ddf with original German grey paint. Price is for one
MG34/42 Lafette MGz optical sight lense set Excellent condition MGz colours lens filter set in wooden/canvas holder that screws into the sight box lid.
MG34/42 Lafettenaufsatzstück AA pole Rare excellent condition alloy early extension pole for the MG34/42 Lafette tripods dated 1941 with WaA stamp. Very nice champagne gold anodised finish largely intact which in most cases has worn off over time. Very good usable condition with working spring loaded push button unlocking button.
MG34/42 Laufschutzer 43 Barrel Carrier Excellent condition barrel carrier model of 43 designed to be compatible with both the Mg34 and mg42. Excellent clear markings with maker code, date and WaA eagle mark. Original ‘LUX’ marked sling still intact and original green paint. This one has an MG serial number stencilled on the main.
MG34/42 Leather Gunners pouch Good condition 1939 dated leather gunners pouch for mg34&42
MG34/42 MGZ40 Lafette Sight Lens Filter Set Rare set of coloured lenses for the MGZ40 optical sight in excellent condition. Almost always missing from the sight boxes.
MG34/42 Oil Can Original wartime paint coded ‘evx’
MG34/42 Oil Can Original wartime paint coded ‘evx’
MG34/42 oiler Good original oiler for mg34/42 gunners pouch
MG34/42 Tragegestell 43 Ammo can backpack Late war Tragegestell 43 ammunition carrying frame. The rack is complete with all of its straps and buckles. Ink stamped bvk 1945. A very nice and minty late war Tragegestell with all the carrying straps that would be very hard to upgrade!
MG34/42 Tripod or Vehicle Spigot Original Mg34/42 spigot used on some vehicles and the AA tripod. Has some pitting but solid and good to use. Hard to find, original dimensions- not post war Bundeswehr.
MG34/42 Winter Trigger chs coded winter trigger for the Mg34/42
MG34T panzer bipod mount clamp Bipod mounting clamp for MG34T tank model.
MG34T Panzer Flash Hider retaining Clip Rare nose clip for Mg34 panzer model
MG42 1944 DFB Bipod Excellent condition 1944 dated Mg42 bipod
MG42 Burst Case Extractor Tool Excellent working condition original wartime production burst case tool for the Mg42 gunner’s pouch. These were different from the Mg34 model. This one is marked ‘hoz’ with WaA acceptance proof.
MG42 burst Case extractor tool Rare MG42 burst case extractor tool WaA marked and hoz maker coded. Most encountered are for the mg34, this is a correct mg42 model.
MG42 extractor changing tool Excellent condition
MG42 flip up Rear AA sight Rear anti-aircraft flip up sight for the wartime Mg42, most Mg42s have had these removed post war so are usually missing.
MG42 Lafette MGZ40 Optical Sight Lens Set Rare original coloured lens set for the MGZ40 optical sight. These are often missing from boxes MGZ40 sights today.
MG42 Late War Lafette Tripod With Adjustable Legs Rare late war Lafette sometimes referred to as the Gebirgsjager Lafette. ‘dar’ manufacture with all late war parts such as sight block, T&E mechanism, range plate and bolt box.
MG42 Rear AA Sight Excellent condition rare AA sight for the WW2 German MG42. These are often missing from MG42s available today as they were removed post war during overhaul/refurbishment by the various post war users of the MG42. Complete with all the parts to mount straight onto an MG42.
MG42 Rear AA sight Rear Aa sight for MG42, often missing
MG42 Tripod Mounting Pin This is a mounting pin that sits in the tripod fork that is used on various mounting systems such as AA tripod, motor bike and vehicle mounts etc.
MG42 Wooden Buttstock Good usable condition wooden buttstock for the German WW2 MG42. There is a small crack to the top, this was a common occurrence so the metal reinforcing bands and wires were attached to all stocks to give extra strength to the wood.
MG53 Leather Sling Excellent condition Yugo production leather sling for the Mg53/42.
MGC Browning Model 1910 MGC Browning Model 1910 replica. Good condition
MGC Full Metal Colt .357 Snub-nose MGC Full Metal Colt .357 Snub-nose
MGC Full Metal Colt Python .357 MGC Full Metal Colt Python .357 Excellent condition
MGC Model Mauser HSc Pistol Excellent condition Mauser HSc Replica. Cocks, strips and dry fires as per original. VCR
MGC Replica Walther PPK Party Leader Grip MGC model Walther PPK in good condition with moving parts. Strips as per the original
MGC Winchester 1873 Saddle Carbine Excellent condition boxed MGC Winchester 1873 Saddle Carbine replica. VCR
MGC68 MP40 Replica MP40 made by MGC. These are the best MP40 replicas available. In very good condition and all working as it should.
Mint condition WW2 German PO8 Luger Magazine Excellent condition un-numbered P08 Luger magazine coded ‘fxo’ and WaA marked.
Mint MG15 75 round DT15 Doppeltrommel Magazine Mint working condition MG15 magazine used in the MG15 aircraft guns which were also converted for ground use later in the war.
Mis-matched Coloured Lens set for SF14 Binoculars This is a coloured lens set for the German sf14 trench periscope binoculars. In good usable condition but mis-matched design which does not affect use
MP38/40 Loading Tool MP38/40 magazine loading tool coded ‘ghn’. Eagle proofed, working condition.
MP40 Magazine Excellent condition original magazine for the MP38 and MP40 SMG. Maker marked and dated
MP40 Magazine Excellent condition original magazine for the MP38 and MP40 SMG. Maker marked and dated
MP40 Magazine Excellent condition original magazine for the MP38 and MP40 SMG. Maker marked and dated
MP40 Magazine Loader Tool Mp38u40 magazine loading tool that was carried in the magazine pouch set. Maker coded kur dated 43 with WaA acceptance stamp
MP44 magazine Original magazine, rough condition on one side. Still fully functional. Maker coded qnw
MP44 STG44 Grip Set Good usable condition original grip set pair for the MP44 etc.
Original G43 Magazine Pouch Original black leather 1945 dated and maker code G43 magazine pouch.
Original German 2cm Flak Gun Cannon Visierkopf 38 Sight Box Nice original box for the optical sight used with the flak 38 20mm cannon. Original grey paint and maker marked. Most of the fittings have been removed but otherwise it is in excellent condition.
Original German 7.65mm Drill Rounds Rare Original drill rounds for 7.65mm. Price is per piece.
Original German camo M.42 Helmet Original camouflaged M.42 raw edged German steel helmet. Unfortunately this is a shell only but retains the liner band. The roughly brush applied camo paint remaining to the exterior is either two or three tone. A few areas of corrosion to the liner band but otherwise the helmet is in solid condition.
Original German M24 fuse box Original German fuse box for M.24 in good condition
Original German M24 fuse box Original German M24 fuse box in good condition
Original German M24 fuse box Original German M24 fuse box in good condition
Original German Production Belted Inert 7.92mm Excellent condition matching head stamp inert belted 7.92mm ammunition for the MG34 & MG42. The all original brass cases are held in an original wartime production German MG belt with an original starter tab.
Original K98 Ammunition Pouches Original German WW2 K98 ammunition clip pouches
Original K98 leather sling Excellent condition original leather Mauser k98 sling
Original Leather MP40 Sling Good original condition MP40 sling complete with metal stud.
Original Luftwaffe MG15 sight set Original Aircraft MG15 sight set. Acceptance proof marked
Original Luftwaffe Officer’s Belt Excellent condition original officer’s brown belt with buckle.
Original MG34 AA sight Rare original Mg34 anti-aircraft spider ring sight. WaA marked. Excellent condition
Original MG34 Burst Case Extractor Tool Excellent condition original wartime burst case extractor tool for the MG gunner’s pouch. Coded ‘ghg’.
Original MG34 Lafette spare bolt box Original WaA eagle marked Mg34 spare bolt box with mounting hardware for the lafette tripod.
Original MG34/42 Gunner's Barrel Changing Mitten Original MG34/42 Gunner's Barrel Changing Mitten in good condition
Original MG34/42 Lafette Carry Straps Original wartime leather Lafette carrying straps for the Mg34/42 tripod in good used condition. Leather is still soft and stitching is strong.
Original MG42 Feedtray Original wartime produced MG42 feed tray with ‘bpr’ manufacturers code. This one has a period Waffenmeister alteration with the addition of a belt hook being made on the side simply by re-forming part of it. This was done to help prevent a loaded belt from sliding off the tray whilst the top cover was open.
Original MG42 Mounting Fork Used with various different mounting systems for the German MGs, this is a hard to find original fork with 42 mounting pin. Coded btm and WaA marked along with designation.
Original MG42 Wooden Buttstock Original wartime Mg42 buttstock in good usable condition
Original MP40 Loading Tool Nice original working condition MP40 loading tool coded fxo for Haenal.
Original MP44 STG44 MP43 Bakelite Grip set 1944 Excellent unissued condition original MP44 Bakelite grip set with screw. Bakelite panels are dated 1944 and maker marked.
Original Paint MG34/42 Gurttrommel Set Good used condition original dark grey paint belt drum set for MG34 & MG42. All dated 1943, the carrier WaA stamped with ‘wa’ maker code and the the drums ‘hqu’ coded. Hard to find sets with original paint like this.
Original Walther PPK Magazine Original German pre-war/early war 7.65mm magazine for the Walther PPK In excellent condition.
Original Wartime MG42 Cocking handle Original 'bpr' marked cocking handle for mg42.
Original Wood Luger Grips Good condition original P08 Luger chequered wood grips.
Original WW2 1928 Thompson 50 Drum Excellent original condition WW2 drum magazine for the 1928 Thompson SMGs. Excellent working order and finish. Maker marked etc.
Original WW2 German 7.92MM Steel cased rounds in Stripper Clip Excellent condition matching inert rounds
Original WW2 German Boxed 7.92mm Inert Original WW2 German Boxed 7.92mm Inert in excellent condition
Original WW2 German Boxed 7.92mm Inert Original WW2 German Boxed 7.92mm Inert in excellent condition
Original WW2 German MG42 AA tripod fork mount Original wartime designated and proofed Mg42 fork mount used on a variety of different mounts including anti-aircraft, vehicle/motorcycle mounts etc. St bl 42 tz marked along with WaA20 acceptance proof. Excellent working order
Original WW2 Inert Panzerfaust 60 Semi relic inert Panzerfaust in very good sold condition with many of the original instructional warning and sight markings still visible. Also has manufacturer markings still intact. Parts move as they should etc.
Original WW2 MG42 Cocking Handle Excellent original condition ’bpr’ coded MG42 cocking handle.
Original WWII Thompson 50 round Drum Magazine Excellent original condition WWII production 50 round ‘Type L’ drum magazine for the 1928 Thompson SMGs.
Panzer SF14 Periscope Binoculars Brow-pad Rare panzer/vehicle brow pad for use on sf14 periscope binoculars
Polish TZK Aircraft Spotting Binoculars Excellent condition complete set of Eastern Bloc Cold War era 10x80 binoculars. Complete with tripod and transit chest and accessories. Perfect optical condition.
Post war inert 7.92mm Post war inert in stripper clip
Post war inert 7.92mm Post war inert in stripper clip
Post War MG34/42 Gurtfuller 41 Belt Loading Machine Excellent working condition Gurtfuller 41 manufactured during very early bundeswehr period. It is an exact copy of the wartime Gurtfuller 41 and differs only in markings. Perfect working order, maker stamped.
Post War Walther PPK Excellent condition boxed post war Walther PPK with excellent finish and clear markings. Identical to wartime production. Comes in original Walther factory box which has an Austrian police label on the lid. Complete with certificate.
PPSH Mag lot 1x PPSH41 and 2x ppsh43 mags in excellent condition
Rare 1942 Dated MG42 Sling Rare 1942 dated MG42 sling, I have never had one before. 1942 dated MG42s are hard enough to find let alone the accessories that were made at the same time to go with them. Maker coded and WaA stamped
Rare 1944 dated MP40 Magazine Good original condition late war 1944 dated MP40 magazine maker marked ‘kur’. These later war Mp40 magazines are much less encountered than ‘43 or earlier ones. Good working condition
Rare 250 round MG34/42 Fortress Belt Rare 250 round MG34/42 Fortress Belt in excellent condition.
Rare Anti-Tank PZB39 Marked MG34 Bipod This is essentially a standard Mg34 bipod that has been designated for use with a P.z.B 39 Anti-tank rifle and has been marked as such on one side of the head. Excellent working order
Rare bnz Steyr 1941 MG34 deactivated barrel Steyr only made Mg34s for one year in 1941 making this a rare barrel to find. It is the least common Mg34 maker and rarely shows up. In fair used condition with some pitting. WaA stamped and coded. Comes with deactivation certificate.
Rare BSW Walnut MG34 Buttstock Rare pre-1938 walnut buttstock for the MG34, the rarest of all MG34 buttstock types. I believe this is the only one that I have ever had. Early WaA4 large cartouche in the wood along with BSW logo. Each metal part is also WaA4 marked. Normal dings to the wood but the metal retains the high quality early style bluing.
Rare Camouflaged SF14 Periscope Binoculars Excellent condition sf14 with original 3-tone camouflage paint. Excellent clear optical condition with original grid intact. Maker marked
Rare Carl Zeiss TZ.F.2 Panzer 1 Turret Optical Sight Excellent condition extremely rare original Carl Zeiss Panzer 1 optical sight. Excellent clear view through the optics. This was used in the Panzer 1 turret with twin MG13 machine guns. All functions on the sight are working. It even still has the small leather loop around the objective lens housing to help prevent shock damage from contact with the armour plate during installation and removal from the mounting. Original finish and fittings are all still preset as are the excellent clear Carl Zeiss maker logo markings. There is also a small section of armour plate built into the sight system, this bears a separate maker mark and earl WaA proof.
Rare complete Australian WW1 Pattern 08/15 Equipment Set Pattern '08/15 personal equipment for dismounted/infantry troops dated 1916/17. It was produced in Australia for the A.I.F after the First Contingent left for Egypt and quantities of the cotton web equivalent were insufficient for the then expanding of the expeditionary force. There are numerous markings/broad arrow stamps, 'AUSTRALIA' and C.G.H.F being the most numerous which stands for Commonwealth Government Harness Factory, which was situated in the northern Melbourne suburb of Clifton Hill.
Rare deactivated Belt Fed Madsen MG Excellent condition rare deactivated belt fed Madsen MG. Complete with certificate. This rare variation of the Danish built Madsen MG was also used by the Germans during the war as it was in 7.92mm
Rare deactivated Chinese DPM DP28 LMG Used condition rare Chinese 7.62x54 DPM complete with pan magazine and certificate. The Chinese version of the Soviet DP28 rarely turns up making this a scarce item. Dated 1955, such things would have been sent to Vietnam by the Chinese as war aid to the Vietcong.
Rare Deactivated MP43 WW2 German Assault Rifle Excellent condition 1944 dated MP43 assault rifle with many maker marks and eagle proofs. The MP43 is basically the predecessor to the MP44 and STG44 and differs only in designation but would indicate early 1944 manufacture. It is coded ‘fxo’ for Haenel on both the receiver and buttstock. Comes with original MP44 marked magazine and British proof house certificate.
Rare Deactivated MP43/1 WW2 German STG assault rifle Rare MP43/1 model dated 1943, this was the first variant of the MP/STG series and the least common of all the variants. It was followed by the MP43, then the MP44 and STG44. Complete with certificate
Rare Deactivated SS Contract Walther PPK This deactivated Walther PPK falls within the correct serial number range to indicate SS issue, this alone would not indicate SS issue but it also has the serial number on the slide which in this serial number range was only done on SS issue PP/PPKs. Although the serial number on the slide is only half visible due to wear, it is clearly there. The overall condition of it is well used/worn and there is evidence of some pitting from long term storage however all of the writing on the slide is in good condition with only the Walther banner being a bit worn. Complete with magazine and certificate.
Rare Deactivated U.S. 1941 Johnson Rifle This is a very rare deactivated 1941 Johnson semi-automatic rifle as used by the US Marine Corps in the Pacific during WWII. This was a contender in the US military rifle trials of the early 1940s but it ultimately lost out to the Garand rifle which was later adopted as the M1. It features a built in rotary drum magazine and perforated barrel jacket. This one is in excellent condition complete with certificate.
Rare Deactivated WW2 German MP43 Assault Rifle Excellent clean condition deactivated MP43 dated 1944. Later re-designated the MP44 and then the STG44 this was the first mass produced modern assault rifle chambered in with an intermediate round that being 7.92x33 Kurz. Complete with original mag and certificate.
Rare Drill Round for PIAT Rare original drill round for WW2 British PIAT
Rare Early Bakelite MG42 Buttstock This is a rare WaA11 marked Bakelite buttstock only found on early production wartime mg42s.
Rare Early MKB/MP43 First profile Wooden Stock This is a rare excellent condition first model stock for the STG series with a larger profile than the later model that became standard. This would be appropriate to mount onto a MKB, MP43/1 or MP43 although they were perhaps also fitted to some MP44. See comparison picture to show difference in size.
Rare Early Production No 5 Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine This is a very early production deactivated No.5 Jungle Carbine dated August 1944. Very good condition with matching numbers to bolt and frame. Rubber butt pad in good in-perished condition. Hard to find wartime ones let alone one as early as this as production only began a month prior to the date of this rifle’s manufacture date.
Rare Entfernungsmesser Em 0,9 m R. blc Rangefinder This is the rare 0,9 stereoscopic rangefinder made by Carl Zeiss (maker code ‘blc’) specifically for use by heavy tank units (Tiger & King Tiger) and heavy tank destroyers such as Jagdpanther & Jagdtiger etc. Complete with the rarely found very elaborate folding tripod and the weather shields. The optical condition is good and there is most of the original tan yellow dunkelgelb paint remaining. The range of this device was a great distance extending to several kilometres. The device was so advanced that it was directly copied by the Soviets after the war and used by them extensively with for many types of gunnery.
Rare First Model MG42 Foresight Rare early model front sight for the Mg42 only encountered on 1942 and early 1943 dated MG42s. Excellent condition
Rare Flak gun crew cased head torch set Excellent condition rare head torch set as used by flak gun crews and other units required to operate at night. Very nice markings still intact with matched maker to the case and battery box. Early model rubber head torch.
Rare Fortress/vehicle MG34 Fliegerdrehstütze 36 Pedestal Mount This is a very rare fully functional ‘Fliegerdrehstütze 36’ pedestal mount for the German MG34 and MG42. These were mounted in coastal fortifications, vehicles and they have also been photographed in use on the rear deck of the ‘Jagdtiger’ tank destroyer. The height can be adjusted via a hand crank handle which can be locked. There is a clasp to secure the pistol grip of the MG when not in use to prevent it from swinging when not in use. The main body can be unthreaded from the base plate which again has a lock to prevent it from coming loose. A very heavy duty mount in good working order. It has obviously been restored and there is pitting to the exterior surfaces however the internal surfaces remain in as new condition. There is a maker mark on the top of the spigot.
Rare French Manufactured Wartime MGZ40 MG34/42 Excellent condition original MG34 MG42 Lafette tripod M.G.Z.40 optical sight made under the German occupation in France code ‘lww’ for Huet in Paris. Very good clean optical condition with excellent original dunkegrau grey paint. Probably the hardest MGZ40 maker to find and rarely encountered.
Rare German MG34 Bunker Ammunition Box Rare original 1939 dated German fortress ammunition belt box for the mg34. Nicely maker marked and WaA eagle proofed with all original grey remaining to the interior and some to the exterior. These elaborate containers were designed in order to reduce the weight of a loaded belt in order to prevent malfunction of the Mg34 feed system.
Rare German WW2 Tellermine 42 Rare Tellermine 43, some pitting but solid condition
Rare Inert K.P. Sprengpatrone Z Pistol Cartridge Rare inert deactivated German Z rifled pistol cartridge in excellent condition dated 1944 and coded.
Rare Kriegsmarine 0,7m Cased Rangefinder Excellent condition cases rangefinder with the various accessories including light cable and battery unit. These were issued to U-boats and S-boats to be used in conjunction with deck guns and AA cannons. ‘Blc’ coded for Zeiss manufacture.
Rare Kriegsmarine 10x80 20° Binoculars Head Rest This is a rare head rest piece for the Kriegsmarine 10x80 20° binoculars. Missing the rubber pads which could be replaced. All mechanisms are functional and working well. These are often missing. Traces of original grey paint and red primer all over.
Rare Kriegsmarine 10x80° eug Binoculars Excellent original condition 10x80° Kriegsmarine model binoculars. Original Grey paint with some brown camouflage, large Kriegsmarine eagle M marking to the side along with the ‘eug’ maker code. Excellent optical condition, this model of binoculars is referred to by experts as being the highest performing binoculars of the war made by the Germans. Complete in the rare original storage crate that is also Kriegsmarine marked.
Rare Kriegsmarine Binoculars Head Rest Nice condition original rubber brow pad for Kriegsmarine binoculars. I am not sure which exact model this is for. It is the same design as the 10x80 20° model but it seems to have a different mounting spigot. D.R.G.M marked
Rare Kriegsmarine Srb&Stys 7x50 Binoculars Excellent condition Srb&Stys manufactured 7x50 binoculars with Kriegsmarine eagle and ‘N’ for the North Sea Fleet. Perfect optical condition, original neck strap, Bakelite eye cover ‘benutzer’ and eagle marked case. These were captured during the Normandy landing by a British veteran.
Rare Kriegsmarine U-boat Commander 8x60 Binoculars Excellent condition 8x60 ‘Fat-boy’ U-Boat commander’s ‘blc’ coded Zeiss binoculars. Very good optical condition, the right side has just a few small specks of dirt inside which do not affect function. No damage to lenses or prisms.
Rare Late War German Vehicle/Trench Periscope Binoculars Excellent optical condition. These were designed as a cheaper and simpler alternative to the complex S.F.14. Made and designed by Zeiss, rln coded. Pressed steel construction.
Rare lmq maker coded 12x60 binoculars 4m rangefinder This is a very lmq maker coded set of 12x60 binoculars used on the 4 metre rangefinders. Very good clear optical condition, the image is very bright with only a few specks of dust inside. Excellent original dark yellow German paint. Original rubber brow pad also in excellent original condition.
Rare M24 SS Handle Relic Extremely rare SS marked M24 handle in solid relic condition.
Rare Maker MG34 Bipod Excellent condition original German WW2 MG34 bipod maker coded ‘dcj’ with 2x WaA acceptance proof marks. Very good all round working condition. The bipod also has the less common knurled pattern on the height adjuster.
Rare MG34 Right hand feed lever Rare original right hand feed lever which enables the Mg34 to be converted to right hand feed in conjunction with a reversible feed tray. This feature was often used in armoured vehicles/fortifications when left hand feed was not possible.
Rare MG34 Trommelhalter 34 Double Drum Topcover Adapter Plate In excellent working condition, the doors are still under spring tension and open and close as they should. Unlocking catch also in good working order. WaA4 marked so this is of BSW manufacture. The larger eagles have been neatly scratched out by the Soviets but you can still clearly make them out.
Rare MG34/42 Lafette M.G.Z.40 Periscope This is a very rare periscope attachment for the MGZ40 optical sight used with both the Mg34 and Mg42 Lafette tripods. A periscope attachment was designed for the earlier MGZ optic in order to lower the profile of the gunner’s head as it was found that they were receiving head shots on the Russian front. The later MGZ40 optic incorporated a lower level on the ocular drum lessening the need for a periscope attachment for them although clearly they were made in small numbers. This is the only one that I have had. It is clearly a factory made item and not a fuel modification, the only difference to the MGz periscope is the insert in the attaching part to accommodate the differing size of the MGZ40 ocular drum. Original factory tan yellow paint, ‘fvs’ maker code and ink WaA acceptance mark. Good optical throughout with good working optics.
Rare MG42 Flash hider soaking tube Flash hider soaking tube for Mg42 E Tin. WaA marked with designation to the lid. Used condition, functional
Rare MG42 Lafette Lafettenaufsatzstück AA Pole This is a rarely seen late steel model Lafette AA extension pole complete with the fork yolk mount for the MG42 which is coded ‘fsu’. Various traces of original dark yellow dunkelgelb paint, in good working order and ready to use.
Rare MGC Browning Hi-Power Replica Rare excellent condition MGC model Browning Hi-Power. Strips and dry fires as per the original. Video Cassette Recording Act applies….
Rare MKB42 MP43 Magazine MP44 STG44 Rare sectionalised fully functional MKB42 magazine made by ‘fxo’ Haenel. The cut out window does not affect the function of the magazine and displays inert rounds very well.
Rare Original Bakelite MG42 Buttstock Very good condition WaA11 marked MG42 Bakelite buttstock in full working order. No cracks, nice markings
Rare Original German Optic Brush for ZF41/MGz//MGZ40/10x80 Flak etc. Rare original dust brush used for most German optics, excellent condition.
Rare Original MP44 Buttstock MP43 STG44 etc. A very hard to find original MP44 complete buttstock in excellent condition.
Rare Original MP44 Stock Retaining Pin Excellent condition original stock pin for the MP/Stg44 etc.
Rare Original Wartime MG42 Bakelite Buttstock Excellent condition original ‘Maget’ produced Bakelite buttstock for the MG42 marked WaA11 both to the collar and the Bakelite. Everything works as it should. Bakelite buttstocks such as this one were manufactured for Mg42 in 1942 and 1943 until they switched to using wood.
Rare Original Wartime MG42 Buttstock 1944 Nice original wartime wooden buttstock for the MG42 still showing the date and maker code hvg on the side. Metal band re-enforcement collar intact and button working as it should.
Rare Original Wartime MG42 Wood Buttstock Nice used condition original wartime wooden buttstock for the MG42. Coded/dated ‘hvg44’ and WaA eagle acceptance marked on the side. Works and fits well onto a wartime Mg42 buffer as it should.
Rare Original WW2 German k98 Zf41 Rear Sight Rail Excellent condition original WW2 German K98 rear sight assembly for the Zf41 sharpshooter scope. WaA proofed and excellent condition.
Rare WW1 First Pattern Luger P08 Snail Drum MP18 Rare first pattern Luger snail drum magazine also used with the MP18. Good used condition, these were used by trench storm troopers in their P08s.
Rare WW1 RFC 1911 20 round mag Rare early 1911 20 Round mag for the 1911 designed for aircraft use. Excellent working order
Rare WW2 German Luftwaffe MG15 Bakelite Body Rare wartime coded Bakelite receiver cover body housing for the MG15 aircraft machine gun. The Mg15 was later retired from aircraft use and used in by ground troops.
Rare WW2 Japanese Large Binoculars Crate Rare WW2 Japanese Large Binoculars Crate In good condition with contents label showing Japanese symbols in the lid. Unsure as to which model they are for but possibly the ‘Big Eye’ 20x120 ship’s binoculars used on battleships
Rare WW2 Kriegsmarine U-Boat BLC UDF 7x50 Binoculars This is an excellent original condition U.D.F blc Carl Zeiss deck mounted torpedo sighting binoculars. The optical condition is outstanding with perfect clarity and brightness. Original grey paint is still largely intact as is the reticle line in the right side for sighting the torpedo. These were used when engaging targets on the surface with torpedoes. They are designed to be watertight to a depth of 300m so as to allow an emergency dive with them still mounted on the conning tower. Coded blc for Carl Zeiss manufacture. Heavy bronze construction.
Rare WWII German 25x105 Schneider Flak Binoculars This is a very nice pair of rare complete 25x105 Flakfernrohr binoculars with original tan yellow paint. Optical condition is good and they give a very good image. Everything on the setup works as it should including the quick sight spotting scope. ‘KQC’ maker coded for Schneider and probably dating from 1943/4, complete sets like this are rarely seen. These were used for flak direction and V2 rocket observation.
Rare ‘ayf’ coded Erma made MP44 magazine Excellent condition original magazine for the MP43/44 MKB42 STG44. Marked MP44 and coded ‘ayf’ for Erma production. WaA 280 marked. Full working order with nice blued finish
Rare ‘azg’ Siemens MG34 Bipod Rare azg coded for ‘Siemens’ Mg34 bipod in excellent working order.
Rare ‘BSW’ PT34 75rnd Saddle Drum Magazine Rare BSW manufactured 1938 dated PT34 drum Mag for the Mg34 in very good working order. Complete with unlocking latch and original leather strap. Spring tension is excellent and still adjustable through the removable doors on the face of the drum. I have never before had a BSW made Mg34 drum, only HASAG or ‘wa’ coded ones.
Relic WW2 German Bayonet Relic condition K98 bayonet dated 1941 in solid relic condition. Still removable from scabbard.
Relic WW2 German MG42 Relic condition complete relic Mg42 missing only the stock and grips. Action totally seized and non-moving. There is also a slight curve to the main body as either suffered impact or heat damage. It is in fairly solid condition but various places are obviously fairly weak owing to the corrosion sustained from being in the ground for so long. Top cover is detached. Bipod still opens and folds up.
Relic WWII German K98 rifle Nice relic condition k98 rifle which still has the woodwork intact which most relics are missing as it has rotted away.
Replica .38 Special Revolver Replica .38 special revolver, MGC made I think. VCR
Replica DenIx Walther PPK with holster Excellent condition replica DenIx made Walther PPK with leather holster.
Replica Shoei G43 German Rifle Excellent as new condition Shoei air soft replica of the WW2 German G43.
Repro FJ K98 Bandolier High quality reproduction K98 bandolier.
Repro German MG34/42 Sling Leather repro Mg sling
Repro Luger Holster 1940 P08 High quality black leather 1940 dated Luger holster. Better shape and quality than most reproduction ones that are now available
Repro M24 stick. Grenade Excellent repro M24
Repro MP40 Leather Sling Excellent copy of Mp40 sling
Reproduction MG34 PT34 Trommelhalter Topcover This is a reproduction double drum topcover for the Mg34 in excellent condition. Works as an original allowing drums to be mounted onto the Mg34.
Reproduction MG34/42 Lafette Carry Straps Perfect copy high quality Lafette carry straps even down to the hardware and stitching.
Reproduction MP44 Magazine some original parts Reproduction MP44 magazine but with original spring, follower and qlx marked floor plate. In good working order
Reproduction ZF4 G43 Sniper scope box Excellent wooden copy of ZF4 scope box. WaA marked
Restored WW2 German M42 Steel Helmet Excellent original restored M.42 helmet shell with good repro liner. Normandy camo scheme and SS single decal.
Rolls-Royce Merlin Piston Rolls-Royce Merlin Piston in good condition however only suitable for display. A great ashtray!
S.F.14 RK31 Bearing Circle Excellent functional condition bearing circle used with a variety of German optical devices including SF14 trench periscope binoculars and RK31 aiming circle. This was an important tool for observation and mortar/artillery/machine gun direction.
S.F.14 Scherenfernrohr Trench Persiscope 10x50 Binoculars An excellent pair of early Busch manufactured S.F.14 Gi. Z binoculars. Excellent optical condition with grid scale in place. Original field grey paint.
S.F.14 Trench Periscope Transport Box case Original wood construction transport box for the sf14 trench periscope binoculars with original stencil and contents label on the lid.
Scarce Original MG42 Wooden Buttstock Excellent condition original MG42 wooden stock hvg44 marked and eagle acceptance stamped.
Semi relic Inert M.24 Stick Grenade Excellent original M24 German stick grenade in solid condition with maker marks and original paint and stencil still intact. Wood in very good condition.
SF14 Carl Zeiss Bearing Circle Scherenfernrohr Excellent working condition original Carl Zeiss made bearing circle for use with the German SF14 rabbit ears trench periscope binoculars.
Sten Mk1 Magazine Excellent condition early pattern sten Mk1 magazine with witness holes on the rear which were omitted in the second design. Maker marked, high polish blues finish.
Stug III IV Assault Gun Sf Z F 1a Sight Excellent working condition sight for the Stug assault guns and various other AFVs. Maker coded ccx and with original rubber brow pad that serves both to exclude unwanted light from entering the ocular lens and to protect the users face/brow from impacting the sight from vehicle movement etc. Excellent clear optics and original tan yellow paint. The top half of the optic is removable as these were issued with 2 spare top halves in event of any battle damage that was sustained to the head.
Swedish Mauser Bolt Action 1911 Rifle Good condition deactivated Carl Gustav manufactured Mauser action Swedish service rifle dated 1911. Comes with certificate
Swedish Rifle Bayonet Excellent condition Swedish rifle bayonet.
Tan Flak 10x80 Binoculars cxn flakglas flakfernrohr Excellent condition German yellow 10x80 flak binoculars by Busch. Perfect optical condition, all working complete with original sun shades and rubber brow pad. Rare WaA ink stamp by maker/designation info on the side.
Tan hqu 43 Mg34/42 Belt Drum Tan coloured hqu 43 marked belt drum for the Mg34/42
Tan Yellow MG42 Lafette Tripod Mount Original Wartime German MG42 Lafette coded ‘dar’ in late war yellow paint. All working correctly complete with sight mounting block, range table, bolt box and leather back pads.
Taschen Buch fur den Winterkrieg Original winter war manual dated 1942 with lots of pictures and diagrams in very nice condition. Original owner has made a note of useful pages in the cover.
Tellermine 42 Exceptional condition inert Tellermine 42 with original grey paint and markings although the paint has started to blister slightly in some places. Eagle ink stamped
Tellermine 42 Side Detonator insert Horn Rare original grey paint side horn for the tellermine 42 . Inert
Tellermine 43 Rare inert/deactivated Tellermine 43 in solid condition but pitted. Complete
Tellermine Carrying Tin Good condition with nice original paint and wooden inserts still in place
Tree Spike Mount for WW2 German SF14 Trench periscope binoculars Excellent condition tree spoiler screw mount for the scherenfernrohr S.F.14 trench periscope binoculars.
Tri-colour Camo German MG double size box 1938 BSW Excellent condition tri-colour camouflage double size MG box maker marked BSW with 2x WaA stamps and 1938 date. Bright colours and everything working as it should.
TZK 10x80 Binoculars Tripod This is an excellent condition complete TZK binocular tripod in excellent fully functional condition. Many of these tripods are in very battered and poor condition where as this one is not. Complete with original canvas strap.
Uberti Colt 1851 Navy Revolver Excellent condition boxed Uberti factory made inert replica of the famous colt 1851 Navy model revolver. Engraved cylinder
Vehicle SF14 Periscope Binoculars Excellent condition German tan coloured SF14 vehicle (as indicated by brow pad) binoculars made by Moeller coded ‘dhq’. Excellent optical condition with grid still in place.
Veteran Bring Back Boxed Flakfernrohr 10x80 Binoculars set Very good complete condition boxed flak 10x80 binoculars set with original US capture papers enclosed. The address of the veteran is stencilled onto the side of the box for shipping home by the US forces. The binoculars are coded ‘dkl’ for Schneider and have a clear view. All parts are working as they should be.
WaA359 Walther produced P38 Magzine Excellent condition WaA359 marked Walther P38 magzine
Walther Banner marked P38 9mm magazine Excellent condition high quality finish Walther P38 magazine
Walther PPK Black Grip Good condition original Walther PPK black grip. Black PPK grips are far less common than the standard tortoise shell brown Bakelite ones.
Wartime German ddx 6x30 Dientglas Binoculars Excellent condition ddx coded Voigtlander 6x30 binoculars with strap and benutzer eye piece cover. The 6x30 model was widely used across all German armed forces during the war.
Wartime German Steel Cased Inert 9mm rounds x14 14x inert lacquered steel cased 9x19mm rounds in good condition used in P08 Luger, P38 and Mp40 etc.
Working WW2 German used Dutch made hands torch Working dynamo operated hand torch used by German forces in the war
WW1 G98 Trench Magazine Reproduction Excellent functional reproduction of the rare G98 trench magazine. Originals are incredibly rare. Maker marked
WW1 German Artillery Luger Holster Shoulder Stock Excellent condition original WW1 Luger Artillery holster rig set. Really nice complete condition
WW1 German G98 Mauser Bayonet WW1 German G98 Mauser Bayonet, used condition
WW1 German G98 Mauser Bayonet In scabbard Very good used condition. Mauser marked on blade and scabbard
WW1 German G98 Mauser Bayonet with frog Good used condition WW1 G98 Mauser bayonet in scabbard with frog. One side of the frog has some loss of stitching.
WW1 German MG08 Ammunition Box First World War German ammo belt box for the MG08. It has a small label attached which details where the box was found in France.
WW1 German MG08 ZF12 Optical Sight Emil Busch manufactured ZF12 optical sight used with the MG08 heavy machine gun. Excellent optical condition. Original paintwork largely intact.
WW1 German Sniper Shield This is a battle damaged WW1 German Sniper shield complete with rear leg stand and moving metal shutter. It has sustained several hits which have caused the plate to crack but it is still together in one piece and I’m sold condition. Both the rear leg and window still move freely so are functional.
WW1 Luger Magazine Excellent condition WW1 wood based magazine.
WW1 Mauser G98 Rear Sight Excellent condition original WW1 pattern G98 Sight
WW1 P08 Navy Marked Luger Magazine Excellent condition Navy marked wooden based Luger magazine
WW2 Bren Gun Spare Barrel bag Good original condition bag for Bren spare barrel. WD arrow marked
WW2 Deactivated SMLE MkIII 1945 Rifle Excellent condition original 1945 dated SMLE complete with original sling. Nice all round condition with good woodwork.
WW2 Dreibein 40 MG34/42 AA tripod Rare steel version Dreibein 40 AA tripod. Set up for Mg42. All working, one leg slightly stick for an inch or so but still works. Some original grey paint remains
WW2 German 10x80 Flakglas Binoculars Excellent condition cxn ‘Busch’ manufactured flak binoculars. Really excellent optical condition with extremely bright image and everything working as it should. Original dark grey paint, weather shields and rubber brow pad.
WW2 German 1936 BSW Doppeltrommel Drum Magazine A very nice condition early production drum magazine for the Luftwaffe MG15 aircraft machine gun. BSW manufactured in 1936 it has the FL number and WaA4 proof. Complete with original unlocking catch and leather strap.
WW2 German 1939 dated P08 Luger Holster Excellent condition original brown Luger holster with clear maker mark, 1939 date and eagle acceptance proof. Excellent condition all round
WW2 German 1941 dated MG34 Lafette Original Lafette 34 tripod mount for the German MG34 in excellent full working order complete with original range table, optical sight mounting block and back pads. Coded ‘btm’ and dated 1941 with various WaA eagle acceptance proof marks.
WW2 German 2cm Flak Cannon Magazine Excellent condition flak 30/38 magazine. Marked and functional
WW2 German 4x bmj Dialytan K98 Sniper Scope Excellent condition perfect crystal clear sniper scope for the Mauser k98 coded bmj for Hensholdt manufacture. Very nice condition
WW2 German 50 round MG34/42 Ammo drum Original Mg34/42 drum coded ddf in good condition
WW2 German 6x30 Tan Binoculars ‘cag’ Good condition 6x30 binoculars coded ‘cag’ for Swarovski with original leather strap. Good usable optical condition, excellent original tan yellow paint and intact Bakelite eye pieces.
WW2 German 8cm Mortar RA35 Optic Sight Very good condition RA35 mortar sight used on the German 8cm mortar. Rare maker code ‘dhv’ with excellent original dark yellow paint. The sight is complete and all working correctly still with both level bubble vials intact. Comes in original carry tin.
WW2 German Canteen Excellent condition.
WW2 German Canteen with LUX strap Original German canteens. Web strap marked LUX
WW2 German Carl Zeiss 6x30 Dientglas Binoculars Excellent condition perfect optics Carl Zeiss 6x30 binoculars with original leather strap and benutzer eye piece cover. Really exceptional optical condition
WW2 German Carl Zeiss ZF20 Flak 88mm Sight This is a very rare optical sight for the famous 88mm anti aircraft turned anti-tank gun. Perfect optical condition and all adjustments and internal colour filter system work as they should. Carl Zeiss maker tag and also gun carriage number painted on the sight.
WW2 German Complete Flare Gun Rig Nice original German flare gun rig complete with flare gun, holster, strap and cleaning rod.
WW2 German CXN EM34 Rangefinder Excellent condition EM34 rangefinder used with MG crews etc. Maker marked ‘cxn’ code for Busch. Good used condition all over, original carry sling.
WW2 German Dreibein 34 AA tripod Nice original condition alloy Dreibein 34 model AA tripod set up for Mg34. Can also be used with ‘42. All working. Excellent markings
WW2 German E tool Entrenching Tool Original German E tool with original 43 dated Prestoff carrier. Shovel head has pitting but solid and usable. Good overall condition
WW2 German EM34 Range Board Excellent working condition in original canvas case
WW2 German EM34 Rangefinder Scale Board Excellent condition JD Moeller manufacture ranging board/scale for the EM34 rangefinder. Comes in an original Carl Zeiss marked canvas case with leather sling.
WW2 German Flakfernrohr 10x80 Binoculars Excellent condition fully functional flak observation binoculars complete with mounting cradle and bearing circle in original wooden storage box. Maker maked ‘dkl’ for Schneider. The binoculars themselves have excellent clear view and are ready to use. These were used by all flak batteries and coastal fortifications etc.
WW2 German Flash Hider Soaking Tube Excellent condition original flash hider smoking tube for the mg34 marked ‘bdk’ with 1943 date and large WaA300 eagle stamp.
WW2 German G43 K43 Magazine Good working condition K43 marked magazine.
WW2 German G43 ZF4 Scope With Mount Excellent condition ZF4 sniper scope with mount, eye-cup and lens covers. The sight is in perfect optical condition. It is coded ddx for Voigtlander and marked Gw ZF4 with a triangle to indicate the lubricant type. Excellent all round condition.
WW2 German Gas mask in canister Original wartime marked German gas mask in case.
WW2 German Gasmask Excellent complete German gasmask set with gas cape bag. The filter of the mask is still sealed with a screw cap and what I think is a protective bottom which I have not seen before. Nice ink stamps on many parts. Has spare lenses and cloth in can.
WW2 German Gasmask storage frame Excellent condition gasmask storage frame
ww2 german gasschutzhaube casualty gas mask case Excellent condition original tin with internals still present. Good markings
WW2 German Gestell Binoculars Optics tripod Good original condition wooden tripod for use with various German optical instruments including Sf14, RK31, RK40, Kriegsmarine 10x80 80° binoculars amongst others. Original paint, not post war over painted and unit marked I think. All working as it should. Maker marked on metal fitting but hard to read owing to paint loss.
WW2 German Great Coat Good used condition original German WW2 greatcoat.
WW2 German Haenel MP41 Magazine Excellent condition MP41 magazine with clear markings. WaA37 eagle proofed
WW2 German Heer Army Belt and Buckle Excellent all round used condition
WW2 German Inert M24 Stick Grenade Fair condition M24 with original fragmentation sleeve. Maker coded and dated ‘42 with spring loaded end cap and ball but no string. Head and neck are a little loose. Hard to find M24s in any condition.
WW2 German inert S mine dated 1940 Good original condition or original paint German S mine maker marked and dated 1940 complete.
WW2 German Jerry Can Original Wehrmacht 20l fuel can with good clear markings.
WW2 German K98 Bayonet Good condition K98 bayonet with repro frog.
WW2 German K98 ZF41 Scope Mount Excellent condition original K98 Zf41 mount coded ‘duv’ and WaA214 for Lübecker. Rare to find an original mount on its own.
WW2 German Lafette AA extension Pole Aluminium or light alloy construction ‘btm’ maker marked Lafette extension pole. I have not seen this specific model before, it came recently out of military storage in Eastern Europe.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Doppeltrommel MG15 Magazine Original WW2 DT15 75 round magazine for the MG15 in excellent working order dated 1940 and coded 'awt'.
WW2 German Luftwaffe M.42 Steel Helmet Original condition M.42 Luftwaffe issued steel helmet with original paint, liner and decal. One of the tongues in the liner has torn but in otherwise nice untouched condition. Maker marked etc.
WW2 German M24 Stielhandgranate Stick Grenade Fair condition inert original WW2 German M24 Stielhandgranate. Good clear markings
WW2 German M24 Stielhandgranate Stick Grenade Fair condition inert original WW2 German M24 Stielhandgranate. Good clear markings
WW2 German Mauser HSc Wooden Grip Set Good condition original grip set for the Mauser HSc pistol. Only one screw present.
WW2 German Mauser K98 Bayonet Good condition K98 bayonet with repro frog.
WW2 German Mauser K98 Zf41 Sight in box Original WW2 German cxn coded ZF41 ‘sharpshooter’ in good condition with reasonable optics and excellent overall condition in tan coloured jvb marked case. Complete with original rain shields.
WW2 German MG drum Good condition dated and coded Mg34/42 50 round drum
WW2 German MG sulphur pot Sulphur pot for the MG gunners pouch
WW2 German MG13 Magazine Box set BSW 1938 Excellent complete set of magazines for the MG13 all dated 1938 and BSW maker marked. All In excellent working condition as is the BSW WaA4 marked box.
WW2 German MG13 Muzzle Nut WaA4 marked In excellent condition marked WaA4 for BSW manufacture. Would have been part of the E tin and gunners pouch.
WW2 German MG13 Small Spares Tin Excellent condition complete MG13 small spares tin. Many marked parts
WW2 German MG15 DT15 Drum Magazine Luftwaffe Excellent condition ‘wa 42’ marked FL Luftwaffe drum magazine in full working order complete with original unlocking catch and strap.
WW2 German MG34 Barrel Case 1940 Excellent condition 1940 dated ‘963’ coded single barrel carrier for the MG34. Originally grey painted which remains inside and then at some point over painted in the field with dunkelgelb German yellow. ‘LUX’ marked webbing strap.
WW2 German MG34 Double barrel carrier Nice original paint double barrel carrier maker marked and dated 1941. Original sling
WW2 German MG34 Feed Block Good condition working MG34 spare feed pawl block from the top cover. This item was part of the ‘E’ tin.
WW2 German MG34 Feed Tray Excellent condition original MG34 feed tray maker coded ‘cof’. Has armourer added belt hook riveted to the right hand side to stop a loaded belt from slipping off the tray when the top cover of the MG is opened.
WW2 German MG34 Lafette Tripod Mount Excellent working condition original MG34 Lafette tripod complete with sight mounting block, range table and leather back pads. Dated 1940 and full WaA eagle stamps
WW2 German MG34 Lafette Tripod Mount Excellent working condition 1941 dated Mg34 Lafette tripod with maker code ‘eat’ with WaA stamps. Original range table still preset. Complete and working
WW2 German MG34 PT34 Saddle Drum Magazine A restored but still functional PT34 saddle drum magazine for the Mg34. Maker marked ‘wa’ and dated ‘40. Still good tension in the followers. Various markings visible including WaA eagle acceptance proof. The unlocking catch on this one is actually a MG15 drum one but it could easily be removed/altered for use with the MG34.
WW2 German MG34/42 Drum Nice original condition ddf coded drum for the Mg34/42. Original dark grey paint. Inside still has the little stencilled white arrow to show belt direction.
WW2 German Mg34/42 Drum Magazine Excellent condition original paint MG34/42 50 round drum mag coded hqu 43.
WW2 German MG34/42 Drum Set in Carrier Excellent condition original wartime MG34/42 Drum magazine set in carrier. Drums are both coded ‘ddf’ and carrier is coded ‘959’ with ‘43 date stamp.
WW2 German MG34/42 Gurtfuller 34 Belt Loading Machine Good working condition belt loading machine for the MG34 & MG42. Maker coded ‘cnx’ and WaA marked.
WW2 German MG34/42 Lafette MGz Lens Set Original excellent un-issued colour lens filter set for the MGz Lafette sight. These are often missing from the MGz sight boxes.
WW2 German MG34/42 MGZ40 Lafette sight Excellent complete M.G.Z.40 optical sight for the MG34 & MG42 lafette tripods. Complete with rare collimator and lens filters. Original strap has some rodent damage. All functioning as it should.
WW2 German MG34/42 Sling Nice condition original leather padded spilt sling for MG34/42 dated ‘43 and eagle marked.
WW2 German MG42 Bakelite Buttstock Excellent condition rare original Bakelite buttstock with WaA11 proofs on both the Bakelite and metal insert.
WW2 German MG42 Lafette tripod All working WW2 MG42 tripod complete with sight block, bolt box, range table and back pads. Coded ‘fsu’ and date coded ‘NC’ for 1944.
WW2 German MG42 Lafette Tripod Very good all condition fsu maker coded and date coded ‘NC’ for 1944 manufacture. Complete and all working with various eagle stamps and maker codes.
WW2 German MG42 Rear AA Sight Post Rear AA sight ‘ladder’ post for the Mg42. These were often removed post war as the spider sights that they were used in conjunction with were no longer in use by the post war armies used the mg42. Complete and in good working order.
WW2 German MP34 Bayonet Excellent condition mp34 SMG bayonet maker marked for Simson of Suhl. This is a very nice condition bayonet.
WW2 German MP40 Relic from Arnhem This is a relic condition mp40 that was found near Arnhem bridge as described by the plaque that comes with it. Magazine still comes out and the buttstock still folds in and out. Action is of course totally seized. Bakelite in very good condition and the metal is stable.
WW2 German NCO’s M43 Combat Tunic Good condition original M43 combat tunic with NCO patch and collar tabs/shoulder boards still intact along with buttons and breast eagle.
WW2 German P08 Luger Holster Excellent original condition WW2 German Luger holster, well marked
WW2 German Radom P35 (p) Leather Holster Original German ww2 leather holster for the Polish produced Radom 9mm pistol that was widely used by the Germans and produced under occupation. This is the the German military style of holster and still shows the original German designation ink stamp on the inside of the flap. Good strong condition.
WW2 German RK31 Aiming Circle Nice condition cased RK31 aiming circle used by artillery, mortar and MG crews to direct fire. Good optical condition with clear view although there are a few specks of dust. Maker marked ‘Wichmann’ and case is dated ‘41 and maker coded.
WW2 German S.F.14z Periscope Binoculars Very nice original condition tan yellow German periscope binoculars used in vehicles, trenches and emplacements etc. Wartime coded for J.D.Moeller in Wedel. Good clear optical condition and everything working as it should. Excellent original mid to late war German yellow paint.
WW2 German SF14 Periscope Binocular Half A song side of S.F.14 trench periscope binoculars maker coded ‘cxn’ for Busch and painted white for winter camouflage. Good clear optical condition with smooth focusing action of the ocular lens. Damaged full periscope binocular sets were often split in half to be used such as this one.
WW2 German Side Cap Fair original condition original side cap with insignia still present. A few small moth holes but otherwise ok.
WW2 German Small Optics Tripod Excellent small Gestell tripod for various instruments including RK31 and SF14. Maker marked MEI and with WaA stamp. All working condition though out. Nice original leather sling.
WW2 German Tellermine 42 Good condition Tellermine 42 with most original paint and markings remaining.
WW2 German Vehicle Case Catcher For MG or cannon use, this is a canvas brass catcher bag. Maker marked, dated and WaA ink marked. Excellent condition
WW2 German W.M.35 Mortar Clinometer Excellent original condition German clinometer used by mortar and artillery crews. In original case and with original adjustment key. Coded ‘bvu’ and well marked. Outside of case has lost most of the tan yellow paint but remains completely intact on the interior.
WW2 German Walter P38 Hardshell Holster Good original condition leather hardshell holster for the P38. Maker coded, WaA stamped and P38 stamp. Good sting leather and stitching.
WW2 German Wehrmacht Heer M.42 Helmet A nice original condition M.42 army issued helmet with original liner, paint and decal. The liner has a tear to the rear but otherwise nice original condition. Maker marked inside the rim this is a nice original condition standard army m.42 helmet.
WW2 German Winter Sentry Coat Good used condition WW2 German winter sheepskin sentry coat.
WW2 German ZB26 ZB30 Magazine Box Excellent condition original German dark grey paint magazine box for the ZB26/30 MGs. Complete with original leather carry handle and divider rack inside. Wartime early number coded ‘945’ for the Brno factory under German occupation and with WaA inspection stamp.
WW2 German ZF4 K43 Marked Scope Excellent condition dow coded zf4 scope marked for use with the K43. Excellent optical condition
WW2 Inglis Browning Hi-Power Magazine Excellent confirm original JI marked Inglis magazine for the hi-power
WW2 Inglis Browning High Power Magazine Excellent condition 9mm Browning High Power magazine marked ‘JI’ for John Inglis of Canada.
WW2 Italian Beretta Model 1934 Excellent condition model 34 Beretta pistol in 9mm short. These saw wide use by a variety of axis forces during the Second World War. Dated 1941 with good clear markings. Complete with certificate.
WW2 K98 bayonet WW2 K98 German bayonet. Maker marked and WaA marked
WW2 MG34 & MG42 Gunner’s oil bottle Excellent condition original oiler for the MG gunner’s pouch maker marked ‘HJB’. The screw lid still has the clearing needle intact. Original green paint.
WW2 MG34 Bipod Original MG34 bipod coded ‘dcj’. Full working order
WW2 Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine Connecting Rod WW2 Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine Connecting Rod in good condition but not usable in a running engine
WW2 Zb26/30 magazines Excellent condition original WW2 zb mags. Price is for one.
WWII Bren Gun Tripod Excellent working condition Bren gun tripod.
WWII G43 Magazine Excellent condition G43 magazine, looks to have been repainted but original.
WWII German K98 Bayonet Excellent condition maker marked early K98 bayonet with scabbard and cavalry frog. Very nice markings and blade.
WWII German K98 Bayonet WWII German K98 Bayonet In excellent condition with scabbard and frog. Excellent markings
WWII German Kriegsmarine 7x50 U-Boat Binoculars This is a very nice complete set of cased 7x50 ‘beh’ coded (Leitz manufacture) Kriegsmarine binoculars as used by U-Boat crews. The binoculars are in very good optical condition with a very good bright picture and no damage to the prisms. This set also retains both sets of coloured lens filters, original Bakelite eye piece protector and the very rare winged rubber eye-cups which are are so often lost or destroyed over time. The set comes in the original Leitz marked 1938 dated case with and ‘M’ embossed in the lid.
WWII German MG Deckungswinkelmesser Clinometer Good working condition clinometer for German MG crews.
WWII German MG34/42 Belt Loading Machine Gurtfuller Excellent original working condition belt loader machine for the MG34 & MG42. All parts are present and the machine can be broken down into the main components which consist of the main body, operating handle, cartridge hopper and table vice for storage in a standard ammo can. Maker coded ‘cnx’ with WaA acceptance proofs. Excellent working order,
WWII German MG34/42 Belt Loading Machine Gurtfuller Excellent original working condition belt loader machine for the MG34 & MG42. All parts are present and the machine can be broken down into the main components which consist of the main body, operating handle, cartridge hopper and table vice for storage in a standard ammo can. Maker coded ‘cnx’ with WaA acceptance proofs. Excellent working order,
WWII German MG34/42 Lafette MGz optical sight Excellent condition MGz optical sight scope for the Mg34 and MG42 lafette tripods. Good optical condition and complete with box and colour lenses.
WWII German MG42 Lafette Good working order Mg42 lafette coded fsu and PF marked for 1943 production
WWII German MGZ40 Optical Sight Lens Set Rare set of coloured lens filters for the MG34 & MG42 MGZ40 Lafette optical sight. These are often missing from the sight boxes.
WWII German P08 Luger Leather Holster Excellent condition original 1941 dated holster for the P08 Luger. Nice maker code ‘jme’, 1941 date and clear WaA eagle stamp. Original belt loops, lifting tab, closing strap, spare magazine compartment and stripping tool compartment are all still intact and in excellent condition.
WWII German zb26 zb30 20rnd magazines Original German production WaA63 marked 20 round magazines in excellent working order
WWII MG34 Lafette MGz Optical Sight Very good condition MGz optic sight for use with the MG34 and MG42 Lafette tripods. Excellent optical condition and functionality. Complete on box with original coloured sun filter lenses.
WWII MP41 Schmeisser Magazine Excellent condition MP41 magazine.
WWII U.S. 1942 Boyt Colt 1911 leather holster Excellent condition original US 1911 holster.
ZB26/30 Magazine Box Rare original zb26/30 magazine box. Still With mag dividers in place
Zeltbahn Tent pegs set Good condition.