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A CENTRAL EUROPEAN WAR-HAMMER (STREITHAMMER), possibly 16th century, with 23in. square iron shaft decorated with deeply stamped interspersed dots and stars, replaced wood grip with dome-headed pommel and circular cross-guard with turned down saddle-hook, round, flat-faced hammer-nose with incised decoration and 5 1/2in. long 'bec de faucon' with similar decoration to the spike, cleaned with some pitting
DENIX WW2 German Luftwaffe Dagger German Luftwaffe Original Style Air Force Dagger
Brass NCO Shin-gunto Tsuba A Brass NCO Shin-gunto Tsuba
Frank McCarthy Hostiles This is a professionally mounted and framed 'Poster' print of the Frank McCarthy painting 'Hostiles'. The frame measures 29" x 22" approx Print measures 22" x 14.5"
Frank McCarthy Navajo Ponies, Comanche Warriors Mounted and framed limited edition print. Non reflective glass. Please see photographs for certificated authentification document that is pasted to the back of the frame Frame (wood) measurement 36" x 27" approx picture 27.5" x 18" approx This is a lithograph by Greenwich Workshop, signed by the artist. It is numbered as a limited edition under the signature. The prints were released in 1992.
Prussian Infantry N.C.O degen Prussian infantry degen in style of 1796 patt Prussian infantry sword. Scabbard marked 122.R.R.3 Black leather scabbard with silver metal furnishings present. Makers mark on the ricasso is worn but believe it to be E &H Neuhaus Solingen. (manufacturing 1820-1877) The hilt and scabbard furniture have a nickel/chrome plating.
Scottish Day Sporran A Scottish Day sporran in black leather. Black leather backing. The 'purse' does open. Price to include postage
SLR Rifle Sling 58 Pattern SLR Rifle Sling 58 Pattern Good used condition Olive Green Metal clips
WW2 British 2 Pounder N2 Mark 2( Armour Piercing ] Good condition. Solid armour piercing head. shell cse dated 1941. This size shell was used by the Royal Navy with both an exploding flak head or an armor piercing head. This style of shell ws also used by theBritish Army in the anti tank gun
17th Century Lefthanded Dagger Museum Quality replica 17th Century Lefthanded Dagger (main gauche) Museum Quality replica Over 18 only - please confirm in customer comment field
1821 PATTERN ARTILLERY SWORD This is an 1821 pattern Artillery sword, possibly NCOs as the blade is plain with no etching. These were mainly made by Wilkinson although there are no markings whatsoever on the blade or hilt other than the brass disc in the ricasso which states 'proved'. Any other symbol that might denote maker or distributor int his disc is illegible, Most of the gilding has been rubbed off the hilt. The blade is good and solid , mostly shiny but with some dark fogging patches. The metal 2 ring scabbard is good with no dents.
1827 pattern Royal Navy Pipe back sword 1827 pattern Royal Navy pipe back quill point sword. Victoria cipher With nearly all the original gilt still remaining to the hilt. a lightweight sword, with a etched pipe-back blade, There is no scabbard with this sword.This is a very scarce early Victorian British Royal Naval officer's sword, from around the time the Royal Navy ruled the seas in wooden multi-decked warships
1874 PATTERN GRAS BAYONET St ETIENNE French sword bayonet. It was manufactured to fit the French Model 1874 "Gras" Infantry Rifle, basically a refinement of the Model 1866 Chassepot Infantry Rifle. The "Gras" was manufactured from 1874 to about 1885. This bayonet has a solid brass pommel with integral latching mechanism (push-button/spring-steel). Grips are wood. Crossguard is steel, lower guard forming a hooked "blade-breaker" quillon. Steel blade , triangular in form (very sturdy as a thrusting weapon). This example has a clean blade although there is some age fogging patina at the top. engraved with Mre Armes de St Etienne Aout 1876 (dated August 1876). The serial number is 74752. The scabbard is numbered 96676. The wooden grips are good with age patina and smoothed marks commensurate with age and use.
1897 pattern British infantry NCO sword WW1 George V Cipher 1897 pattern British Infantry NCO sword. Complete with leather covered scabbard Pierced honeysuckle design incorporating George V cipher. We believe it to be made by Enfield from the stamps. Stamps include broad arrow, 86,C6, Please see photo. Black shagreen grip with wire. Good condition. Blade and hilt in clean condition. This sword hs obviously been mounted in brackets on a wall as there are 2 extra clean areas on the steel blade. Scabbard in good solid condition with a couple of oil stains which serve to add to its character. A nice piece which would enhance any WW1 collection or display.
1982 Magnum Industries Mk I Desert Eagle Denix replica Denix Replica Desert Eagle military version in black finish. Working action. Does not fire blanks. Decorative, display purposes only. This item is subject to the Violent Crime Reduction Act. Buyers must provide details of exemption- ie Re-enactment group/historical display society membership and PLI number before we are able to sell this item. Buyer must be over 18 years of age. Information on the VCRA (section 36-38) may be found here Stock photo. *SPECIAL PRICE*
30 mm cannon shell 11.5" (205mm) long 1.75" (420mm)diameter Brass shell with replacement resin head
30cal M2 Canvas cover for head of tripod WW2 Vintage With pocket on side for T&E mechanism. These covers were used to protect the pintel hole on Infantry mounts as all vehicles including tanks that carried .30 and .50 cals also had to carry the Infantry tripod in case they were required to fight dismounted. They are dated 1943. 4 available Manufactured by Crawford Mfg, co inc.
30cal WW2 Cleaning Rod Case, OD Canvas, M1 - C6573A WW2 Cleaning Rod Case, OD Canvas, M1 - C6573a With 30 cal rod set but no brushes. We believe these to be WW2 vintage but there are no clear dates. All the other items we have for sale in this collection are WW2. Bags and rods are in good condition
4.5 shell case 16.5cm x 70cm Naval deck gun shell case- 4.5
50/30 cal ammunition tray mount Ammunition tray for a 50 cal or 30 cal vehicle mount. I think these also fit the WW1 tripod but not the standard infantry mount. The sprung arm is to one side so it will hold the rounds in on wither .30 or .50 A genuine item- not a repro. :
A Chinese Western Zhou Style Bronze Helmet A Chinese Western Zhou Style Bronze Helmet, with angular lug to the panelled crown and plume holders to each ear flange, 33cm high.
Admiralty Constabulary peaked cap A genuine Admiralty Constabulary peaked cap complete with badge- Good condition Collectors item.
Air Borne Para Smock WW2 It is '42 Pattern. Made in 1945 (according to label) It is in very good overall condition except the zipper is missing. All the teeth are present. It has had a professional period repair on the outside (low down on the side under the arm) . On the inside there are some corresponding marks and small tears that look as if they may have been caused by shrapnel as there is also remains of staining in this area. There are some grubby marks on the outside, but nothing to concern too much bearing in mind the age and use of this garment. Please see photographs. The last photograph shows British Paras wearing these smocks.
AK47 30 round Red plastic impact magazines 30 round Red plastic impact magazines for th AK47 / Ak 74/ AKM series
AK47 Magazine AK47 Magazine
American Police hat c1930s We think this is a 1930s American Police hat. Going by the design on the badge probably North Carolina. Whether it is State Police or a local sheriff's department we cannot tell. It would appear to be rare as we have spent several weeks tryng to research this and cannot find similar.- if anyone knows or has any info please let us know. The leatherwork on the hat is in good condition. The cotton fabric top is in good condition except for two small holes- please see photo.
Antique Kosher Khalef Sharpening Steel We believe this to be a sharpening steel as used by Kosher butchers. The sharpening and use of knives had and has specific rules. Our reason to think that this item is related to the rules of kosher butchering is simply that we have seen a very similar antique item in an auction complete with documentation. It could also be merely a steel for sharpening hunting knives. Steel length = 18 cm long x 4cm wide handle = 8cm There is what appears to be a bull's head in brass holding the top of the steel to the handle. There is a maker's mark hich appears to be 2 x crossed arrows.
ARP Helmet WW2 (Rare) WW2 ARP Helmet. Dated 1943. Extremely good condition for age. Good liner. Clean chinstrap. There is what looks to be a silver ARP badge fitted to the front of the helmet, which qppears to be larger than the usual lapel versions.
ATS /WRAC BOOTS A pair of ATS brown leather boots. 8 pairs of eyeholes. Size 6 1/2 Dated 1951 Good sturdy condition. These are from my own collection. I had them repaired a few years ago by an old fashioned cobbler who used period segs and methods. A rare yet very wearable item.
ATS Side cap WW2 Auxiliary Territorial Service side cap in russet and burgundy with green piping. Not repro. very good condition. No moth.
B.S.A. Bolt Action Shotgun Deactivated 5-6-1990 Birmingham Proof House DA11143 Calibre/Bore .410 bore Barrel length 25\" Serial no: 730/25158 Country of origin- England Collection only.
Belgian Sea Service Flintlock pistol (customized. ) This pistol seems to have had an interesting history with perhaps a good story behind it if only it could speak. It is a Belgian Sea Service pistol which has been customized with good brass studding and the addition of a ramrod. As these pistols were widely available to all European seamen during the Napoleonic Wars period the story could be one of capture and customization by anyone or customized on purchase. Who knows, but it is , for us 200 years later, a handsome piece of history. Walnut stock Brass fittings and trigger guard. All over quality brass studwork. Under-barrel ramrod and steel lanyard rings. No visible stamps or markings. 41 cm overall length.
BILL HOOK / HALBERD/NEWCASTLE BILL A little piece, or who knows, maybe a big piece, of history. This bill-hook or halberd is what is commonly described as the Newcastle type. The 36cm broad double hooked steel blade stamped W.H., the tang inserted into the ebonised wood haft, 165cm long overall . From Wiki "The bill is similar in size, function and appearance to the halberd, and might be said to represent convergent evolution to fill a common niche: a pole-arm with a point to thrust with, a hook to drag with, and a spike/axe to cut with. The bill should not be conflated with a war-scythe, another pole-arm adapted from an agricultural implement, the scythe." Collection only. Will pack if buyer wishes to arrange courier service.
Binoculars by Swift Binoculars by Swift Tecnar precise focus 20 x 50 173 ft at 1000 yds No 825479 Synthetic case Made in Japan
Binoculars - Paragon coated- Made in Japan Binoculars -Paragon coated Made in Japan 10 x 50 wide angle field 7" Serial no 9870 Grained leatherette finish Lensecaps present Cordura strap labelled opticron. Black leatherette case
Bren Gun Magazine Bren Gun Magazine MAGAZINE IN USED CONDITION.
British army vehicle mine prod British army vehicle mine prod
BRITISH Cavalry pattern 1885 Sword This is an 1885 pattern sword tampt WD the blade has issue dates , it has a steel bowl guard pierced with a Maltese Cross, and chequered leather grips, the curved blade is 34.inches in length, and has various inspection stamps at the forte There is no scabbard with this sword.
British Guiana Police / Militia Officer's shoulder belt and pouch British Guiana Police/Militia shoulder belt and pouch. Black Russian leather in good solid condition but with surface cracks. Complete with pouch furnished with plate bearing kings crown and letters BG decorative. Pouch has metal insert. Whistle on chain which works. Chains fastened with Lion head bosses. Plate with sailing ship surround by ornate wreath with Kings crown on top. Inside of belt stamped with 24.
British RAFJerkin- imitation leather Genuine British RAFJerkin- imitation leather jerkin by Cookson and Clegg Ltd 1961 Size 2 5'7" - 5'10" Breast 37"-43" Blue wool lining.
British SA 80 MAGAZINE British SA 80 mags have steel bodies not made of aluminum alloy MAGAZINE IN USED CONDITION
British SA80 Sling British SA80 Sling
British Sterling 9mm MAGAZIN 1957 British Sterling 9mm MAGAZINE IN USED CONDITION
Browning .30 calibre machine gun Pintle Pintle attachment for Browning .30 calibre machine gun
BUTCHER BAYONET 1898/1905 pattern An Imperial German 1898/1905 pattern Butcher Bayonet with scabbard, for the Gew 98 Mauser Rifle. The ricasso is stamped ' waffenfabrik mauser a-g oberndorf a.n The back of the blade is stamped ' W 15' (1915) with the Imperial Crown. The bayonet itself is in good condition for its age and use. It is good and solid. As you can see from the pictures the stamping is clear and legible although worn in places. Mark 1 Butcher bayonets were made up to 1915 with leather scabbards. Mark 2 bayonets made after 1915 had steel scabbards. This particular model has a leather scabbard which is in good condition. The leather has shrunk slightly, thus is tight when inserting the blade.
Chinese Mod 1900 Semi Automatic Pistol Deactivated 9-9-2013 Birmingham Proof House CG114047 Calibre: 32 ACP Barrel length : 100mm Country of origin: China
Chinese Self Loading Rifle (AK type) Deactivated 12-12-2012 London Proof House DA 49956 Serial no 19165260 Calibre 7.62 x 39mm Barrel length 16 inches Country of origin- China Collection only.
Coldstream Guards Peaked Cap A navy blue wool peaked cap. White braid band ( a little grubby) Patent leather black peak with brass edge. Stabright Coldstream guards buttons holding patent leather chinstrap Interior circumference 23" 58cm
Colt New Line Pistol .41RF Sold through Williams and Powell Liverpool (as inscribed on side of barrel) Colt address to top of barrel, Williams and Powell Liverpool to side of barrel. The pistol has a good working action. It has an overall grey patina. A good solid pistol but there has been some pitting- please see photo. In my opinion this does not detract from a desirable Colt New Line, especially as it has matching serial numbers and is a scarce two digit number. Overall length 6"
Commemorative Medal of the World War 1 PRO DEO ET PATRIA / 1914-1918" (for God and Fatherland 1914-1918
CZECHOSLOVAK Bayonet Czech VZ 24 w/s. Bayonet and scabbard with belt frog
Danish Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword Model 1899 Danish Heavy Cavalry Trooper's sword Model 1899 No scabbard
DENIX 357 Magnum, Colt Python Revolver New Colt Python Revolver 8", .reproduction weapons are sold for display/decorative purposes only.This item is subject to the Violent Crime Reduction Act as a realistic imitation firearm and can only be purchased by people with exemptions under the Act. Proof of exemption will be required. Buyer must also be over 18 years of age. For sale ot buyer over 18 only Will ship only to a UK address.
DENIX COLT DRAGOON REVOLVER - ANTIQUE GREY New in box Diecast non- firing (blank or otherwise) model made in Spain by Denix. Denix reproduction weapons are sold for display/decorative purposes only.
DENIX PPsh 41 SOVIET UNION 1941 SUB MACHINE GUN Replica sub machine gun PPsh41 1041 Soviet Union. Made by Denix in Spain of die cast metal and wood. 1/1 scale. Does not fire projectile or blank, Working action. We can only sell this to buyers with exemption under the Violent Crime Reduction Act which basically means membership of a re-enactment group or historical display society with Public Liability Insurance. By law we have to have proof of this before selling. Delivery to UK address only. No exceptions.
DENIX Smith and Wesson M1869 Revolver NICKEL FINISH New in box Diecast non- firing (blank or otherwise) model made in Spain by Denix. Denix reproduction weapons are sold for display/decorative purposes only.
DENIX WW2 GERMAN WALTHER PPK NICKEL FINISH New in box Diecast non- firing (blank or otherwise) model made in Spain by Denix. Denix reproduction weapons are sold for display/decorative purposes only.This item is subject to the Violent Crime Reduction Act as a realistic imitation firearm and can only be purchased by people with exemptions under the Act. Proof of exemption will be required. Buyer must also be over 18 years of age. For sale ot buyer over 18 only Will ship only to a UK address.
Denix WW2 P38. Denix WW2 P38. Brand new in box This item is subject to the restrictions on the Violent Crime Reduction Act. Denix reproduction weapons are sold for display/decorative purposes only.
DENIX WW2 Replica German dagger Replica German dagger
EAST INDIA COMPANY SHORT CAVALRY FLINTLOCK PISTOL East India Company short cavalry pistol with Baker pattern lock and lanyard ring. C 1819. This 16 bore EIC short cavalry flintlock pistol has the Lion and Crown mark on the lock and sundry other impressed arsenal and proof stampings. Baker Pattern lock It is numbered APX-711-Ex-73 The stock is walnut with some age related blemishes, 'dings and dangs' but no serious issues. Barrel 23cm (9") Brass fittings Under barrel swivel ram rod. Steel lock plate. Mechanisms in good order. PRICE ON APPLICATION
Enfields, Pullthrough, Enfields, Pullthrough and other weapons
English Halberd Head Good and solid, but dark patches from rust staining. No shaft remaining. 92.5cm x 20cm
Executioner's / Justice sword- German 16th/17th century We believe this sword to be an executioner's (/punisher's / justice) sword of German origin. It is possibly quite an early one as the blade tip is not cut off square. Blade approx 39.5" overall length approx 50" There is an inscription in the fuller on both sides which is of the general wording of this type of sword as far as we can translate, but e are unable to make a full translation. Although the blade and hilt are solid, it is aged and has pitting and blacking, obscuring any maker's marks and engravings other than the lettering in the fuller. This is a rare and interesting item. There is no scabbard. WE REGRET WE CANNOT POST THIS ITEM OUT- IT CAN ONLY BE COLLECTED FROM US,.
Firangi - Indian Sword All iron Firangi sword. Good overall condition. No etching or pattern visible. No visible makers marks. overall length: 44" approx Blade length 38" approx Single edge backsword Khanda style hilt (Indian basket hilt) with 4.5" prominent spike making it possible to use as a to handed sword. There is no scabbard or sheath with this sword. From Wikipedia "Because of its length the firangi is usually regarded as primarily a cavalry weapon. Illustrations suggest a 16th-century date for the development of the sword, though early examples appear to have had simpler cross-guard hilts, similar to those of the talwar. The sword has been especially associated with the Marathas, who were famed for their cavalry. However, the firangi was widely used by the Mughals and those peoples who came under their rule, including Sikhs and Rajputs. Images of Mughal potentates holding firangis, or accompanied by retainers carrying their masters' firangis, suggest that the sword became a symbol of martial virtue and power. Photographs of Indian officers of Hodson's Horse (an irregular cavalry unit raised by the British) show that the firangi was still in active use at the time of the Indian Mutiny in 1857-58."
Flintlock Pistol by Brander London A 20 Bore pistol by Brander. In good overall condition . Has original horn tipped ramrod. Lock and brasswork engraved. Barrel has London stamped on rib. 3 X Good clear proof stamps. Th ewoodwork has a small sliver missing at each side above the end of the ramrod- by the side of the barrel housing. There is a small crack in the woodwork by the brass butt cap. If more photos are required, please let us know, but please ensure that your spam blocker is able to receive incoming mail from us.
FN Mod 1922 Semi Automatic pistol Deactivated 13-06-2011 Birmingham Proof House CG 99047 Calibre: 9mm Barrel length: 105mm Serial no; 245924 Country of origin: Belgium
Frank McCarthy Breaking the Moonlight Silence Framed and mounted limited edition print. Non reflective glass Please see photograph for documented authentication etc that is pasted to the back of the frame. Wooden frame measures 46.5" x 28.5" approx Picture 37.5" x 19.5" approx The prints were released in 1992 This is a lithograph by Greenwich Workshop signed by the artist. It is numbered as a limited edition under the signature.
FULLER PHONE MK IV For information about the Fuller phone, please refer to this excellent website. This example of a Mark IV (the most common type used WW1 and WW2 is not in a wooden case, but certainly looks the part for a display. We have not had it working for a few years, and cannot guarantee if it is currently working but probably would someone with the appropriate knowledge and skills had a tinker with it. Lovely thing for re-enactment or display. I WOULD RATHER THIS ITEM WAS COLLECTED RATHER THAN RISK WHAT MAY BE DELICATE INTERNALS IN THE POST.
Genuine Western Wooly Step-ins Shotgun Chaps Calgary´s Original Western Store since 1901. A pair of original Angora Western Chaps. Anybody knowing about these sort of chaps will appreciate just how expensive they can be to buy. I think these are offered here at a very reasonable price. This is because there is some damage to the leather on one leg, which cannot actually be seen unless yo are looking for it, andprobably would not be very difficult to repair. Other than this they are in excellent condition. They are canvas lined and are originally from a well known maker dating back to 1901 in Calgary.
Genuine Western Work Chaps A pair of off -white shotgun style leather chaps lined with canvass. Western style design detail to slit pockets. Leather underfoot straps . Leather belt waist fastening. Outside leg measurement 44" These chaps are very well made. Machine stitching. They have some evidence of use, but no damage. We do not know anything of their age or history, but they are an unusual item.
German back and breast -curraisser's armour This is an extrememly rare 18th century German back and breast. It is in good solid order, but is damaged on the back plate at the shoulder blade where there is a small hole and a patch of rust and pitting- please see photographs. Also there is no leather strap. As you can see, there is a series of holes allthe way around the back and breast plates- this is apparently where the leather lining was attached and held in place (as we understand it).
German belt buckle - 1896 Pattern Prussian other ranks 1896 pattern 2 piece- brass box with white metal central plate with crown and Gott Mit Uns. No visible makers marks. Possibly had some restoration.
German M-1938 Luftschutz Helmet w/Decal: WW2 Nice helmet with a lot of original colour. This is the sought after Gladiator type helmet - unfortunately the decal has been defaced (as so many were after the war) - however, this is reflected in the price.
German WW2 enlistedman\'s belt buckle and belt Belt length 96cm
Grenade Launcher - PALLAD Deactivated 23-02-2011 Birmingham Proof House Serial no 93106289 Calibre: 40mm Barrel length: 270mm Country of origin- Poland
Heavy Machine Gun - Vickers Deactivation Certificate Birmingham Proof House 17-4-1996 Calibre .303 With tripod In wooden crate. Tripod also in wooden crate.
Highway Patrolman's belt/holster We think this is a highway patrolman's belt rig from the 1960s. Black leather belt with basketweave design, with 2 matching pouches, one for handcuffs and holster with swivel fixing. All in excellent condition. Also there is a nightstick holder attachment. The model gun illustrated with the holster is not included in the sale. This is of the type worn by 'Rick' in the series "Walking Dead" Holster
Indonesian Kris (wood sheath) The Kris from Indonesian archipelago is arguably the most interesting of ethic knives. From Wiki The Kris from Indonesian archipelago is argably the most interesting of ethic knives. From Wiki Both a weapon and spiritual object, kris are often considered to have an essence or presence, considered to possess magical powers, with some blades possessing good luck and others possessing bad.[5] Kris are used for display, as talismans with magical powers, weapons, a sanctified heirloom (pusaka), auxiliary equipment for court soldiers, an accessory for ceremonial dress, an indicator of social status, a symbol of heroism, etc.[5] Legendary kris that possess supernatural power and extraordinary ability were mentioned in traditional folktales, such as those of Mpu Gandring, Taming Sari, and Setan Kober. In 2005, UNESCO gave the title Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity to the kris of Indonesia. In return, UNESCO urged Indonesia to preserve their heritage.[5] According to traditional Javanese kejawen, kris contain all the intrinsic elements of nature: tirta (water), bayu (wind), agni (fire), bantolo (earth, but also interpreted as metal or wood which both come from the earth), and aku (lit: "I" or "me", meaning that the kris has a spirit or soul). All these elements are present during the forging of kris. Earth is metal forged by fire being blown by pumped wind, and water to cool down the metal.[15] In Bali, the kris is associated with the nāga or dragon, which also symbolizes irrigation canals, rivers, springs, wells, spouts, waterfalls and rainbows; thus, the wavy blade symbolizes the movement of the serpent. Some kris have a naga or serpent head carved near the base with the body and tail following the curves of the blade to the tip. A wavy kris is thus a naga in motion, aggressive and alive. The distinctive pamor patterns have specific meanings and names which indicate the special magical properties they are believed to impart. There are around 60 variants of pamor recognized today in traditional kris blades. Some examples of pamor include beras wutah, udan mas, kembang kacang, kembang pala and ladrang cendana. The kris blade forging uses iron with a small content of nickel to create this pattern. The faint pamor pattern has been found in the kris from Majapahit period, which was acquired from iron ores with small nickel content. Most probably this iron ore was imported from the island of Sulawesi, as the pamor Luwu from Luwu region is quite well known in Sulawesi and Java. This example has a plain wooden scabbard and guard Blade length 27cm Overall length 35 cm The blade shows a representation of the 'Pamor' as described in the c/p from Wiki above. Please see photos. We do not know enough about these knives to decide the age or composition of the manufacture.
Inert 20 mm cannon shell ... Genuine metal head, not resin or plastic substitute.
Italianate etched parade shield poss 17th century An Italianate circular etched parade shield, possibly 17th century. 25 inches diameter. The front is etched with alternate panels of floral scrolls with vignettes of people in period costume separated by plain panels with floral border.The central boss has a decorative applied iron leaf design (some damages) and is fitted with a central square section spike. The latter has been re-attached. The centre of the shield has and aged split. There are traces of leather straps on the reverse.
Life Guards Overcoat (Cavalry) Red wool Lifeguards Overcoat . Can often be seen as worn by horse guards on ceremonial duties outside Buckingham Palace. Good condition slashed at side Please see photographs for label- sizing etc.
Light Machine Gun Enfield - BREN. Deactivated Re-certificated 5-2-2010. London Proof House Double dove-tailed Bren gun Cal .303 x.2.22 Barrel length 24.0 inches In crate. Collection only
LMG MG42 Deactivated 2-8-2000 Birmingham Proof House CG 15874 Calibre: 7.92mm Barrel length: 21\" Serial no: 2004 Country of origin: Germany
LONG LEE ENFIELD Deactivated 16-6-2003 Birmingham Proof House CG 35318 Calibre .303 Barrel length 30\" Serial no 5916
LT COL ROYAL SIGNALS BRITISH ARMY OFFICERS MESS DRESS UNIFORM This is a Mess dress uniform badged to a Lt Col of the Royal Signals. Consists of jacket., trousers and waistcoat. Jacket measures 18" across front armpit to armpit. Waiscoat frontage 'tie on ' adjustable Trousers: Label states size 8, 5ft 5ins to 5ft 8ins, waist 31ins, seat 37ins, length 30.5ins Dated 1955 There is a badge (cloth and bullion) on the tunic arm of parachute and wings . Condition is good with no visible moth or other staining or damage,
Luger PO8 Luger PO8 LIBRARY PHOTO Luger PO8 Inert Issued to German Army WW1 & WWII Weight top Loading Toggle Action. New in box This item is subject to the restrictions on the Violent Crime Reduction Act. Re-enactor Only Denix reproduction weapons are sold for display/decorative purposes only.
Marine Sextant by Huson in oak box A Marine Sextant by Huson. Comes in its original green baize lined oak box. Appears to be complete. Brass and black steel. 6" in radius. This model was one of the first to have a push button night time illumination facility on the grip. The brass on the eye piece has some surface spotting. Marked with Made in Great Britain Huson Ltd London on the scale. serial no 55240 A Circular plate attached Huson Traded Mark. Examination label under plastic cover in box lid- Please see photograph- dated to 1948.
Merwin & Hulbert Army Early Model Army Revolver Merwin and Hubert Co Early Model Army Revolver (open top ) Manufactured by Hopkins and Allen 1876-1880 Cal.44 M&H cf Unique extraction and loading mechanism- barrel with top strap twists sideways and when pulled forward with cylinder attached extracts cartridges. This is a very nice piece and has been part of my own collection for a number of years. I have now decided to change my area of collecting.
Merwin and Hulbert Late Model Solid Frame Revolver Merwin and Hubert Co Later Model single action top strap Revolver Manufactured by Hopkins and Allen 1876-1880 Cal.44 M&H cf Unique extraction and loading mechanism- barrel with top strap twists sideways and when pulled forward with cylinder attached extracts cartridges. This is a very nice piece and has been part of my own collection for a number of years. I have now decided to change my area of collecting.
Model 1869/71 Vetterli Vetterli rifle. Very good condition for age. Matching serial numbers. Metal work is good- there is some fine pitting on the barrel band, but nothing that presents a problem. It has the original cleaning rod which is quite rare as most seem to be lost or separated over the years. Wood work is in good condition except for normal dings and dangs that are expected with a rifle of this age. There is a small crack of just over 1" on the forestock but remains solid (please see photo). The stock still bears a cartouche. Standard specifications:- Barrel Length: 33.1inches Overall Length: 51.2 inches Weight: 10.4 lbs empty Chambering: 10.4x38 (.41) Swiss Rimfire Rifling: 4 groove, RH twist, 1 in 26" Velocity: 1425 fps Capacity: 12 (11 round tubular magazine +1 in the chamber) This is sold as obsolete calibre, therefore no licence required as an antique/collectors items.
MOISIN NAGANT 1944 B/A CARBINE Deactivated 22-2-2010 Birmingham Proof House CG89332 Calibre 7.62mm barrel length 20\" Serial no: 1153 Country of origin: Russia Collection only
Mortar QT Ltd Deactivated 11-7-2011 London Proof House Cal- 2" Barrel length 11"
Moulded grips possibly pinfire A pair of two piece early dark brown synthetic moulded pistol grips- we think for a large calibre pinfire pistol, but possibly for a percussion. They have nice decorative leaf design. Length 3.75" approx width at widest point before they curve at the butt= approx 1.75" width at top = 1" Good condition no chips.
Officers RAF Peaked Cap Officers RAF Peaked Cap Kings Crown
Old Original Sirupate Kukri knife overall length: approx 46.5 cm blade length: approx 34.5 cm Blade width: 3.25 cm at handle, 5cm at widest point. In good overall condition. There is a small amount of damage to the grip- please see photo. The blade is in good order- a few dark patches but nothing serious.
Original kukri Blade length 12" Overall length 15" 2 x sharpeners- Appear to be different. Leather scabbard with decorative tooling.
PCR RECEIVER PYE INVICTA A valve based broadcast receiver developed by Pye Radio Works Ltd in Cambridge (UK) and was produced from April 1944 onwards by Pye , Phillips Lamps Ltd in London and Invicta Radio. During WW2 a small number was supplied to resistance groups in Norway France and the Netherlands, probably for the reception of coded messages that were broadcast via the BBC. After the war it was used as an Army Welfare Receiver. Although PCR means portable Communications Receiver, this is housed in a 19"x 9" x 10" metal enclosure and needs an external mains power supply. It is housed in the cabinet of a wireless Set no 19 (WS19) and is constructed with many common parts with the WS-19 and the WS -22 It is A piece of wire is used as an antenna. The receiver is built around 5 valves. This example is in reasonable condition- we did have it working at a WW2 display diorama few years ago but have not tried again since, so cannot guarantee the valves etc. THIS ITEM CAN ONLY BE COLLECTED AS IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR RISKING THE INTERNALS IN THE POST ETC.
Percussion pistol by Mortimer London A good percussion pistol by Mortimer- a well known and respected maker. Engraved 'Mortimer' on the lock and etched 'London ' in fancy script and scrollwork on the barrel. Overall pleasing patina to metalwork and woodwork is good with no cracks - nice old polished finish. Original ramrod present. Silver escutcheon to top of grip. Smooth butt with no chequering. Barrel length approx 6.5" Overall length approx 11"
Percussion Pistol by Reeves, Greaves and Co A percussion pistol by Reeves, Greaves & Co. A good quality pistol in very good condition for age. The woodwork is good with no cracks or breaks. The metalwork is also good and the action is in good working order. There is a saftey catch, which works, but the finial is missing. Because there is no visible damage here, and the bar is very smooth, it would lead one to speculate that the finial had been deliberately removed and smoothed to appear that there had never been one. This does not detract from the pistol's appearance at all nor does it interfere with the working parts.
PPSH 41 magazine 71 round Spare HP PPsh-41 Drum mag
Prussian M1889 Officers sword degen Brass hilt and fish skin grip . Set with Kaiser Willhelm II Monogram. Grip wires intact. Double fullered straight blade of grosse Degen type marked at forte with W.K&C with factory marks. Late 19th century.
Puerto-Seguro 1907 Pattern -Spanish Military Sword Marked on ricasso "Artilleria Fca Nacional Toledo" This example has ivory/bone chequered grips. "There were versions for Cavalry and Infantry Officer's, taking part extensively in the Morocco War of the 1920's. Previous patterns were modified to fit blades of the new system. Even after the Spanish Civil War, some corps as the Civil Guard adopted it for their cavalry troopers. This sword was the last Spanish sabre or sword pattern adopted for troopers, and thus its historical importance. On the other hand, considering the condition of surviving pieces, it proved to be resistant enough, and was produced in big quantities."
RAF Officers Raninproof Coat Biritish RAF officers gabardine Size 4 Height 5'5" to 5'6" Breast 36-38 Reindeer Weatherwear In vgc- no visible moth , tears or stains Has original belt.
Rifle scope 4x40 We are no longer going to sell air guns or air gun accessories but stll have some bits and pieces, hence we are advertising at reduced prices to clear. These scopes are brand new in box unless otherwise stated.
RUSSIAN AKM / AK47 BAYONETS Russian AKM / AK 47 Bayonets / fighting knife Complete with scabbard. Russian arsenal stamped. We have several of these
Sam Browne belt. A British Army Royal Tank Regiment officer's black leather sam browne belt. Waistbelt 46" X 2.25" approx shoulder strap 42" (on last hole) x 1.25" approx Nickle plated double pronged buckle, nickel plated hooks and rings. Excellent condition - no scratches or creases to leather finish.
Scottish Glengarry Hat, Glengarry Hat, Scottish Pure Wool
Scottish Regimental Dirk (Repro) Etched blade fancy fitting to scabbard.
Scottish Sporran A Scottish sporran in white horsehair with two black horsehair tassels. Nickel plated cantle and tassel holders with thistle design. Black leather backing. The 'purse' is false- does not open. Overall drop 19"
Self Loading Rifle (State Arsenal) Deactivated 21-2-2013 London Proof House AK TYPE Country of origin- China Calibre: 7.62 x 39mm Barrel length 16 inches serial no: 19177437 Collection only
SIGNAL PISTOL Deactivated 30-1-2013 London Proof House Calibre: 27mm Barrel length 9" serial no 12453 Country of origin Germany. No visible makers mark.
South German Flintlock Holster Pistol This is a large South German Flintlock holster pistol. Cal 12 bore. The barrel measures 11" and the overall length is 17" The stock has decorative scrolling designs in bas-relief as is usual for a German pistol. . Nice hexagonal to round barrel . Brass bladed front sight. The top of the barrel has a stamp with RVF in raised letters. Ivory /bone fore end cap and tip to ram rod. Brass furniture. Good working acton . These are a sought after item often seen at £2000-£3000 for genuine originals such as this one.
Spanish El Tigre model Cannon 18th century Spanish Cannon - El Tigre Made in Spain
Springfield 1873 Trowel Bayonet Taken from "The United States first experimented with a combination trowel and bayonet in 1868, producing 200 experimental examples made from standard socket bayonets. This was immediately followed by an additional 500 Model 1869 trowel bayonets made new. These were distributed to a few companies of the infantry to test in the field. Remarkably, the trials reports were overwhelmingly positive. The US infantryman at that time did not carry any sort of entrenching tool, and so even an awkward combination tool was an improvement over a canteen cup or other ad hoc tool for digging. The bayonet was seen by some officers as becoming obsolete with the introduction of breechloading rifles, so the reduced effectiveness of the new item as a bayonet was not a substantial concern. The intended use of these tools was not to dig elaborate trenches, but rather to hastily construct a shallow ditch and embankment which would provide just enough cover to shelter a prone soldier. With the trials reports in, the government purchased 10,000 of the improved 1873 pattern trowel bayonet, which featured a stronger blade and a much more comfortable handle for digging. These were issued and used in the field (and in several combat engagements), but the developmental direction turned towards combination knife trowels instead of bayonets, and there would be no further development or issue of these tools after the 1870s." This example is one of the 1873 pattern. It looks to have had a bit of use. There is an age patina and some pitting and fogging but the metal is not at all compromised. The surface patina would probably polish off, but IMO would detract from the item. There are a couple of nicks/gimps to the edge as one would expect from an item used in the field and of the order of 150 years old Measurements are - Overall length 14.5" (365mm) Trowel blade length 9.75" (250mm) Width at top of trowel 3.5" (85mm) There are no makers marks or date stamps visible on the item but there are bands of decorative detail on the socket.
SWEPT HILT RAPIER This rapier has all the aging of an original, but not the weight and balance, therefore we believe it to be either a Victorian/ Gothic Revival piece- or a piece made for a museum display, possibly theatrical. It is not edged but it certainly looks the part.
Verch & Flothow, Charlottenburg, Berlin.Sword Sword by Verch & Flothow, Charlottenburg, Berlin. Blade length 35.25"
VZOR 50 SEMI AUTO PISTOL Deactivated 14-10-2004 Birmingham Proof House CG 45188 Calibre 7.65mm Barrel length 9.5 cm Serail no J12527
VZOR 50 SEMI AUTOMATIC PISTOL Deactivated 14-10-04 Birmingham Proof House CG 45178 Country of origin: Czechoslovakia Calibre: 7.65 Serial no C41530 Barrel length 9.5cm
Walk and Draw Fast draw Rig Walk and draw fast draw rig in the style of Andy Anderson , made by Davis Leather Company. Apparently Gordon, from Davis Leather Company, worked with Andy Anderson where he learned to make these rigs. (Information can be obtained from the Davis Leather Company website These holsters are either re-inforced with steel or rawhide between two layers of leather for a quicker 'draw'. The rig is in very good condition . There are some scratches and scuffs to the leather where it has been used but no splits or tears. The size is 36"- 40" approx on the holes, but there is room to punch another hole to take it to approx 42" These are available in the USA and sell for around $500 new
Webley Revolver Deactivated 3-7-2009 Birmingham Proof House Calibre .32 barrel length 3\"
Webley Revolver Deactivated 15-2-2010 Birmingham Proof House CG89060 Calibre: 4.55 Barrel length 4\" Serial no: 105609
Western High Back Saddle by Heiser This is a western high back saddle made by Heiser, one of America's top saddle makers (if not THE best). It is in good condition for age - it is good and solid. I has had work done on it over the years as you can see from the photographs.
WW II German War Merit Cross with Swords WW II German War Merit Cross with Swords
WW1 Ersatz Prussian other rank belt buckle (steel) with belt WW1 Prussian Soldier's steel belt buckle. Basic model which replaced the 1896 pattern brassa nd white metal version for economy. No tab with this buckle. Belt measures approx 93cm. No visible makers marks.
WW1 French Artillery Shell 37-85mm WW1 French Artillery Shell 37-85mm Pinchart Denys, Paris 1916 37-85mm no Fuse ...
WW2 BRITISH BREN GUN BARREL HOLDALL AND SPARE PARTS CARRIER Dated 1944 Solid condition with straps and buckles but grubby. Price includes postage (UK)
WW2 BRITISH BREN GUN BARREL HOLDALL AND SPARE PARTS CARRIER, WW2 British Bren Gun barrel holdall and spare parts carrier by M E co 1943. The condition is good but a but grubby- all buckles and straps present.
WW2 FRENCH GAS MASK Going by stamping appears to be 1938 model issued 1939. As can be seen from photos, good overall condition, however, the canvas hood is quite stiff.
WW2 Home Guard I believe this to be a Home Guard holster for a Webley, or would possibly fit the S&W Victory model. These holsters are hard to find. Brown pigskin leather holster for a Webley Revolver. Inside it has an internal sleeve for the cleaning rod.Stampt into the leather a WD crows foot arrow above '28'. The press stud is made by "N.B. Ltd". To the rear it has two belt loops.
WWII M 1937 Browning Automatic Rifle Bar Magazine Belt copy Magazine-Cartridge-Belt'