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1939 iron cross 2 class bar \'prinzen\' size 1939 iron cross 2 class bar 'prinzen' size ,4 wide horizontal pins to be worn through the 1914 ribbon,very detailed with most finish complete
25 silver panzer assault badge JFS Second grade or '25' silver panzer assault badge, by JFS good overall condition but does show age and some use,rare award, wide pin ,maker marked 2 piece riveted construction
6 SS RZM Assman small tunic buttons 6 SS RZM Assman small tunic buttons for pockets shoulder boards etc,all well marked with codes etc etc, all silver finish remaining just a little age toning,hard to find a number of matching buttons if needed
Allgemeine SS generals visor cap More photos
Allgemeine ss generals visor cap Allgemeine ss generals visor cap,black fine ribbed tricot with silver band and crown piping ,teller form shape with cap Spring installed ,velvet cap band ,1936 pattern ss pattern eagle and totenkopf each showing a slightly different colour ,I have never removed the insignia and is firm and in place,both showing consummate wear ,officer grade chin cords good ,the interior is more of a standard o/r type though there are many officer ranks caps of this type just more common on other ranks caps which consists of the orange/ rust oil cloth liner with imbossed gold runes within its circle along with a size stamp of 54,the diamond shaped sweat shield covering the runes also the typical rzm mark to the Vulcan type visor is also in position ,2 stamps on the liner give a 1939 manufacture date along with 'XII' in Roman numerals,no damage whatsoever in very much unworn condition possibly being a small size
Allgemeine ss officers pre \'36 visor cap Pre 1936 officers visor cap,black with white piping ,pre '36 jawless skull with political type eagle,both in good condition ,leather visor,black silk type lining,silver officer chin cords,sweat shield missing , one moth hole to the top of cap otherwise the cap is in real good condition ,the cap I estimate is a 54-56 in size
Army ,Waffen ss, police anti partisan badge in silver Silver anti partisan badge,showing the sword plunging into the hydra with skull to bottom ,semi hollow but heavy version thin pin ,some wear to finish front and back but very nice patina,nice version
Army / Waffen ss 4 th grade \'75\' general assault badge \'JFS\' A very good condition 'JFS' 4 th grade '75' general assault badge, gold finish near 100% just some age toning ,maker marked to rear right,wide flat pin ,'75' box placed lower center, 2 piece construction,riveted through the gold wreath,heavy badge as many 'JFS' badges were ,excellent
Army / Waffen ss 4 th grade \'75\' panzer assault badge Army Waffen ss '75' or 4 th grade panzer assault badge,'JFS' maker marked ,2 piece riveted construction,heavy badge ,finish largely darkened, though wide type pin still holds its gold colouration,'75' in central box to bottom,very good and very rare badge,few known to exist
Army / waffen ss close combat clasp bronze Army / waffen ss bronze combat clasp,dark bronze colour ,typical of this type with the ‘peekhaus’ and makers marks , fluted pin , back plate complete
Army / Waffen ss cloth German cross in gold More pics
Army / Waffen ss demjansk shield Friedrich orth ,field grey paper backed 1942 demjansk shield,stitch marks so tunic removed slight oxidation,overall very good
Army / waffen ss Gold tank destruction badge Gold grade tank destruction badge for 5 tanks destroyed by hand held weapons, black edges top and bottom gilt tank on gold backing, woollen uniform material to the reverse
Army / Waffen ss silver drivers badge on black panzer backing A very good unissued army / Waffen ss silver drivers badge on black for the panzer uniform slight loss to finish age toning but still very nice
Army belt and buckle Army belt and buckle,good condition ,un painted steel buckle ,unmarked
Army Waffen ss honour roll clasp Army Waffen ss honour roll clasp ,under 5000 awarded during the entire war , worn through a piece of iron cross 2 ribbon on the uniform , 3 needle pins present - 1 missing , 80% of original fire gilt still remaining, there were 2 types of this award , one struck in one piece the other was 2 piece meaning the non mobile swastika was seperate then attached to the wreath,this is the second type,very nice - a considerably rare award
Army Waffen ss infantry assault badge Silver army Waffen ss infantry assault badge,crisp in detail,heavy earlier version,finish slightly dull but still very good,thin pin,a strong and sturdy award
Army waffen SS silver close combat clasp Army /Waffen ss silver close combat clasp for 30 days hand to hand fighting,vgc with much of its original silver finish though a little darkened with age , peekhaus Berlin and ausf a g m u k gablonz makers marks,coke bottle fluted pin,hinge and catch fully working complete with center plate
Army/waffen ss panzer headphone set with throat mike Army/waffen ss panzer headphones and throat mike vgc and complete both sets matching
Bevo \' Adolf Hitler\' cuff title full length Bevo 'Adolf Hitler' cuff title full length ,tunic removed still with some attachment threads ,the odd Nick and pull but overall very good ,floppy feel ,Bevo Wuppertal at one end ,ends sewn ,correct back with dots
Black wound badge Hollow construction ,needle pin ,finish nearly 100% though a little faded, awarded for 1 to 3 wounds
Cased war merit cross 1 st class with swords A very good condition award ,case good but with a little wear, maker marked '56',all catches and hinges on both award and case very good
Circa \'43 o/r combat trousers Army Waffen ss circa '43 combat trousers ,roughish material ,partially lined size stamps ,buttons complete a few period repairs
Cloth German cross in gold in issue packet Very good condition German cross in gold in issue packet ,with signs of being worn ,field grey army / Waffen ss type,award very good along with its packet which again is very good,rare together
Condor legion 1936 panzer badge Condor legion panzer badge,hollow construction ,thin pin,age toned ,still very good and complete
German army winter boots Complete and in good condition ,lace up upper ,firm leather lower, steel toe tip ,and heel ring ,batch stamps,about a 7 or 8,typical Russian front cold weather issue
German cross in gold by deschler German cross in gold, heavy early award by deschler ,stamped '1' to the wide pin ,4 rivet construction,good condition overall no scratches or scrapes especially to the enamel swastika
Gold close combat clasp Gold grade close combat clasp for 50 days hand to hand fighting, about 70% of its original finish remaining, non maker marked ,hinge ,pin ,and clasp complete and in good condition ,also with its black steel back plate
Gold wound badge Gold wound badge ,vgc solid construction ,most of its original finish remaining ,thin pin
Ground dug ss nord ring with half dog tag Ground dug 6 th ss nord ring with half dog tag ,found in the Karelia region of Finland ,both show wear and corrosion,' nord visible on tag with numbers,exhumed from the grave of an ss soldier
Iron cross 1 st class cased Very good condition 1 st class iron cross cased ,superb overall,white lining to case ,unmarked cross super preserved condition ,case very clean with no or little wear to either
Iron cross 1 st class to an ss officer Iron cross 1 st class engraved on the back to an ss officer with unit details,some wear to the cross but all complete and working
Iron cross 1939 1st class bar L22 maker marked,some finish remaining,semi thin pin
K98 bayonet with ss deutchland etching Good and complete k 98 bayonet no frog non matching numbers, with ss deutchland etching / engraving to one side,not sure of its history or much about wether bayonets were etched or not,but it really does suit it,looks good
Knights cross 2 to SS sturmbannfurher Franz Kleffner Knights cross 2 ,bought by Totenkopf sturmbannfurher commander of totenkopfs motor cycle battalion 'Thule' ,he won his knights cross during the demjansk fighting on the 19 th February 1942,this replacement or 'frontline' Knights cross stamped '800' 'L/12' (Junker), with '800' to the loop is engraved on the reverse 'Franz Kleffner RK 2 19.2.1942 ALS SS STUBAF U KDR KRADSCHUZEN BTL DER SS TOTENKOPF DIV X? AK AOK 16 HEERES GRUPPE NORD OST FRONT . The cross shows both wear and rusting to both front and back, paint removed from swastika,silver frame and loop very good ,original thin with wear shortened floppy Knights cross ribbon,writing very small needing a jewellers eye glass to read,thus pictures aren't good enough to see supported by this site to accurately show the writing in detail ( please email so I can supply more detailed photos if interested), Kleffner was killed in March 1945 as ss obersturmbannfurher commander of totenkopfs pz grenadier reg 6 'theodore eicke'
Knights cross 2 to ss sturmbannfurher Franz Kleffner More pics
Leather pouch ss origin A high quality leather pouch with a liebhusaren totenkopf along with seperate ss runes in metal,possibly a tobacco pouch ,and most probably a pre war item
Leibstandarte ss Adolf hitler officers anorak More pics
Leibstandarte ss Adolf hitler officers anorak circa 1942/43 Leibstandarte ss Adolf hitler small hood officers version for the soft cap, field grey pull over type ,heavy thick wool / fur liner ,white piped ss pattern with gilt LAH cyphers to each ,slip on type held with 'S' pins ,part button up type front,some period repairs ,well combat used ,typical from the Kharkov offensive winter 42/43
Lssah hauptsharfurher personel file Lssah hauptsharfurher file large file from 1940-44,from a member of the flak battery from ss panzer artillery regiment 1, includes wherpass, including matching photos from wherpass and file ,lots of pages ,lots of writing , signatures etc ,comprehensive file covering the largest part of the war ,vgc
M34 Totenkopf button Good condition Totenkopf button from the old model 1934 forage cap,rzm ss 1194?/40 marked
M38 ss vt aufklarung hbt tunic More photos
M38 ss vt aufklarung hbt tunic More photos
M38 ss vt aufklarung hbt tunic More photos
M38 ss vt aufklarung hbt tunic This m38 ss vt ,drill type combat tunic, made from the German produced dull hbt, rzm runes collar patch , ss sharfurher rank patch of 1 braid 1 pip, copper brown early reconnaissance piped shoulder straps both matching with rank tress( black top, field grey underneath), 3 holes for belt hooks,m38 stamp plus size stamps, tunic slightly shortened,lower pockets of the old type internal rather than patch pockets, what’s really interesting is that the front tunic buttons are m34 totenkopf buttons from the forage cap ,x 4( bottom button broke but complete can be repaired),top button of the hidden type under the collar ,factory sewn ss pattern arm eagle ,
M42 dot camo ss helmet More pics
M42 police/ss double decal camouflage helmet with chicken wire basket M 42 ss police camouflage steel helmet , double decal ( police shield and party shield) , partly covered by the camouflage paint,decals mostly complete , covered with a chicken wire basket ,dark leather liner and chin strap, helmet showing light wear and rusting to both helmet and chicken wire basket
M42 ss dot camo single decal helmet M42 dot camo single decal helmet,with a fantastic camo scheme mimicking the '44 dot pattern tunic,the helmet has a single second pattern runic decal,partly covered in paint,the helmet has a sand base layer ,with a red brown ,green and white scheme,typical vehicle paints from German vehicles during the war , the helmet has seen a lot of action with moderate to heavy wear to the crown of the helmet,pig skin liner ,with faint helmet stamps to rear,complete with chin strap,a large size around 59, a fantastic helmet
M43 O/R single button field cap Field grey m43 field cap ,2 piece Bevo insignia, single button type ,brown cotton lining,faint stamps ,a little dirt ,but no damage moth
Mauser k 98 rifle 1940 deactivated Mauser k 98 rifle marked 1940 with lots of waffenampt and other ordernance stamps and numbers very good overall with certificate ,all moving parts
Oak leaf reversible field cap circa \'42- \'43 Reversible Waffen ss oakleaf field cap, tropical bevo large pattern totenkopf to the green side hand sewn ,central top seam ,reversible to Autumn brown but looks like it was worn solely on the green side,central top seam has a short section of undone thread, a little faded and worn on the green side Autumn bright
Oak leaves and swords device to the Knights cross Oakleaves and swords device to the Knights cross,marked '800' along with '2',jeweller type with the swords finished on both sides,loop pin with finished rounded ends ,lovely patina showing age and use
Oakleaf zeltbahn Original and complete oakleaf zeltbahn
Police dot pattern \'44 hbt pattern combat tunic Police pattern ,44 hbt dot pattern tunic,very good condition ,4 pocket m43 pattern , s shaped button retaining rings ,what makes this pattern the police version making it much rarer than the standard '44 dot ss type, no insignia affixed ,as it came to police units during the summer of 1944
Pre war rzm 4/36 ss mess tin Pre war rzm 4 / 36 ss mess tin,black to match the Allgemeine ss uniform ,tin in good condition but with a moderate amount of paint loss
Pre war ss pattern brassard Ss pattern brassard ,red wool band with black borders top and bottom, multi piece swastika on a white material roundal vgc
Recommendation for the Knights cross to Totenkof panzer jäger commander Boris Kraas More pics
Silver 1939 wound badge Vgc silver wound badge solid construction,thin pin ,finish 90 % ,swastika with no finish ,looks like removed during the war, looks to be a brass constructed badge
Silver panzer assault badge AWS 1942 Silver panzer assault badge in very good condition with much of its original finish remaining,with maker mark AWS 1942 to the reverse, thin pin and catch complete
Silver tank destruction badge Silver grade tank destruction badge,black bands top and bottom on a silver band , blackened tank showing some wear, a piece of field grey material to the rear
Silver \'25\' general assault badge Second grade or '25' general assault badge ,semi wide pin,some rusting to rear and finish loss all over but still good,hollow back construction
SS building sign 300 mm X 200 mm A white back with black writing enamel building sign advertising for volunteers for the ss vt and tv ,average to good condition some chips to the enamel,rusting to front and back holes at the corners for fixing to a wall
Ss dot pattern panzer tunic and trousers More pics
Ss dot pattern panzer tunic and trousers More pics
Ss dot pattern panzer tunic and trousers,untersharfurher rank Ss dot pattern panzer tunic and trousers,untersharfurher camouflage rank insignia to both arms,good colours to both garments,with almost identical colour and age wear ,no damage,tunic typical ss pattern one piece back and vertical front closure ,late war metal dish type buttons , wave stitching to underneath of collar,unlined tunic ,trousers internal waist belt with ankle ties,single button flaps and fob pocket,size stamps,both items made from typical HBT material circa 1944
SS fuhrershein ( driving licence) 2 side ss fuhrershein to an ss rottenfurher, very nice photo showing m 36 type tunic with awards including combat clasp and panzer assault badge,dated 1944 signed by an obersturmfurher,3 ink stamps and ss kraftfahrschule 3 stamps,condition good but parting on the crease of about an inch and a half otherwise very good
Ss hospital wounding certificate vienna Single document from an ss hospital in Vienna regarding a patient and his wounds that he is being treated for ,Good condition
Ss Iron cross 1 st class certificate operation , Totenkopf division,Barbarossa Ss iron cross 1 st class certificate dated 26 /8/41 during operation Barbarossa signed by division commander of the 3 rd ss panzer division totenkopf ss brigadefurher keppler, the award to an ss untersharfurher in totenkopfs field police,totenkopf division stamp. The certificate in fantastic condition,with no fold marks or damage
Ss iron cross 1st class reconnaissance, totenkopf division Ss iron cross 1st class,from totenkopfs aufklarung abt 3,dated January '43, signed by an ss obersturmfurher,totenkopf panzer reconnaissance 3 stamp, 2 fold lines but otherwise good
Ss m 42 type 1 oak leaf reversible smock More photos
Ss m 42 type1 reversible oak leaf smock Ss m 42 type 1 reversible oak leaf smock ,straight cut pocket flaps,cotton duck material ,colours good to both sides , italien hbt pocket liners depot stamps to pocket , lace up front , all foliage loops present, no repairs or damage,all elastic good to waist and cuffs
Ss marked pistol holster Ss marked small calibre pistol holster,probably for a 7.65 calibre , skull impressed into leather of flap, ink ss runes stamped into leather inside of flap ,good condition and all complete
Ss oberfurher camouflage uniform rank insignia pair Matching pair of ss oberfurher camouflage uniform rank insignia, slight moth nip to edge of one patch otherwise perfect
SS pattern soldbuch 1944 \'Westland\',5th ss Viking division Grey ss pattern soldbuch issued Feb '44, for a replacement to ' Westland' panzer grenadier battalion ,from the 5 th SS Wiking division,very good uniform photo ,'Wiking' stamps,signed by companies furher ss obersturmfurher,very clean and in good condition
SS RZM clothing label SS RZM clothing label removed from an early probably black ss uniform,perfect for a uniform restoration,very good condition still with its sewn down part so looks like it was un picked rather than cut from a uniform which makes re attachment much easier
Ss standartenfurher artillery mantel more photos
Ss standartenfurher artillery mantel More photos
Ss standartenfurher artillery mantel Ss standartenfurher mantel ,private purchase dated 1938,eduard Sachs tailor label to inside pocket,dated 1938 with a name but is illegible ,evidence of upgraded rank,at least an ss sturmbannfurher due to 4 pip holes through the left collar,post '42 standartenfurher pattern collar patches which display very good wire work but some wear to the velvet of both patches ,artillery underlaid woven wired boards of field grade officers with 2 large pips to each exhibiting rank,'alte kampfe' old fighters chevron to right arm ,fine quality bullion eagle to left arm,the private purchase mantel is made of very fine material,double breasted front ,slash type front pockets( showing some wear to the nap in the pocket area),fully lined in a high quality brown shiney cotton, internal closure button with grey leather sword hanger strap ,vgc coat that looks like it was worn for several years
SS sturmbannfurher matched collar patches SS sturmbannfurher matched collar patches,silver bullion wire work on velvet 'ss runes',four matched rank pips to rank patch some verdigree to attachment pins ,thin silver wire border,vgc ,complete and with no damage
Ss vt / tv other ranks forage cap M 34 other ranks forage cap pre war from the ss vt or tv units ,vgc complete with its totenkopf button and triangular side eagle , cap marked/stamped 1939,no moth or damage
Ss vt panzer beret 2 piece insignia Ultra rare set from the ss vt panzer beret/ crash helmet,unique pattern for this insignia consisting of an eagle with swastika and totenkopf skull still zig zag sewn to an original piece of beret material,the material has some moth holes which makes me think that the beret was badly damaged in storage from moths so the insignia was cut away ,only 1 hole in the insignia material but not in the embroidery
Stg 44/ mp 44 pair ammo pouches Waffenampt stamped along with cxb 44 to the leather,matched pair of mp 44 pouches,not 100% sure of wartime origin possibly Israeli post war who used the mp44 during the 1950s ,either way I'm selling them as there not wartime ,perfect for a re enactor
Totenkopf sturmbannfurher service tunic Circa '43 totenkopf sturmbannfurher service tunic ,good overall condition private purchase ,semi rough wool typical of mid to late war material shortages ,pleats and pointed flaps,brown shiney rayon lining with ss marked dagger/ sword hanger strap,striped sleeve lining,evidence of removed trailers label,slip on white piped ss sturmbannfurher with black underlay, 3 sets of loops for awards,'extra fein' silver buttons,evidence of a removed cuff title ,high quality bullion totenkopf collar tab with matching rank patch,with thin silver cord edging,green collar showing wear with hook and eye closure,overall light to medium wear
Totenkopf sturmbannfurher tunic
Totenkopf sturmbannfurher tunic More pics
Totenkopf sturmbannfurher tunic More pics
Totenkopf sturmbannfurher tunic More pics
Totenkopf \'dachau\' collar tabs Totenkopf 'dachau' pattern matched collar patches , no rank on the rank tab possibly unused
Universal / infantry piped officers visor cap Universal piped late war officers visor cap,made by August Muller,the white piped visor has a distinctive ' frontline crush',fine ribbed tricot material ,matching late war zinc ss pattern eagle and totenkopf ,most certainly never been removed from the cap ,black vulkan fibre visor, beige silk type lining,along with officers chin cords ,the cap exhibits no damage apart from a chip to th right side of the caps visor ,excellent
Universal/ infantry officers visor cap More photos
Waffen ss / ss vt tornister Waffen ss rzm and ss marked 1940, cow hyde back all clips complete with the odd small repair but very good
Waffen ss assault gun trousers Waffen ss assault gun trousers,very rare,2 button flaps ,reinforced seat,all ties and buttons complete, grey partial lying with stamps ,very large size,very good
Waffen ss black panzer trousers More pics
Waffen ss black panzer trousers circa 43/44 Complete and in good condition ss pattern panzer trousers, with 2 button flaps to front pockets ,fob pocket ,internal waist belt ,button front and closure ,right rear button pocket ,ankle ties complete ,semi lined with faint stamps,colour very good showing light wear to the semi rough mid war type material,very good over all
Waffen ss General ( brigadefurher) insignia group Waffen ss brigadefurher matching set of post '42 brigadefurher collar patches ( 1 rzm marked) and matched set of brigadefurher silver and gold entwined braids on ss generals grey under backing ,the set appears to be off the same uniform and I'd bought them together having the same wear ,colouring and oxidation throughout
Waffen ss generals vehicle pennant Waffen ss generals vehicle pennant ,material without frame or attachment pole ,typically used for the majority of the war,a little dirty but no damage ,quality manufacturing
Waffen ss leibstandarte ss adolf hitler gilt officer cyphers Worn pair of gilt cyphers for the shoulder boards from an officer of the leibstandarte ss adolf hitler, some tarnishing both prongs complete to each
Waffen ss m 42 army pattern tunic Waffen ss m 42 army pattern tunic ,oakleaf pattern ,6 button front as per army type tunics ,m42 as in pointed flaps no pleats to the pockets, 3 holes for belt hooks ,partially lined so non reversible ,bevo runes patches ,ss shutz rank ,mid war type factory applied eagle,black shoulder straps ,grey underlay,white infantry piped,good condition all buttons and with no repairs or damage
Waffen ss m 42 oakleaf army pattern tunic More photos
Waffen ss NCO Erel late war cap Waffen ss NCO Erel Kleiderkasse extra service cap ,late war rough wool, white piped,black patent leather chin strap with central loop,matching totenkopf and ss pattern eagle insignia,Erel embossed sweat shield( partly undone to one side,sweat band partly coming away to one side of cap,artificial ersatz leather type with perforations to forehead ,late type artificial rayon liner,leatherette formed visor,black felt cap band ,typical poor quality late type
Waffen ss o/r belt and buckle Painted steel unmarked Waffen ss buckle ,belt leather good ,paint finish about 70%
Waffen ss o/r rzm 36/42 belt buckle Steel un painted rzm 36/42 ss Waffen ss other ranks belt buckle,all original,some rusting,good detail to front
Waffen ss officers bullion arm eagle Waffen ss officers bullion type arm eagle clean no oxidation but shows evidence of use , black material backing
Waffen ss officers m 43 field cap Waffen ss officers m 43 field cap good used condition, central bullion totenkopf ( wear and oxidation), left side bullion waffen ss pattern cap eagle ( wear and oxidation),gaberdine material very good, silver piping ,grey artificial silk lining green/ grey leather sweatband , size stamps, good and combat used
Waffen ss panzer officers forage cap Waffen ss panzer officers forage cap,this black cap features rare bullion Ss pattern eagle and a bullion totenkopf skull badges to the front,both showing wear to the wire work but no oxidation ,silver edge piping to the caps turn up edge, the lining is extensively worn and sweat stained with no size or makes stamps visible , the only downside are the numerous moth bites mainly to the rear but the odd one all over,other than that a very atmospheric cap with extremely rare bullion insignia
Waffen ss totenkopf division recommendation to the Knights cross Waffen ss recommendation to the Knights cross for the posthumous award to panzer jäger commander ss sturmbannfurher Boris Kraas from the 3 rd SS panzer division Totenkopf ,detailing the action that killed him and what he did for recommendation of the Ritterkreuze ,signed by division commander ss brigadefurher Helmut Becker, the countersigned by 4 th ss panzer korps commander diamonds wearer ss obergruppen furher Herbert Otto Gille.the front signed in pencil by Himmlers officer in charge off Waffen ss combat awards ss sturmbannfurher Wilhelm Kment, showing when awarded along with Reichfurher ss stamp dated 16 Feb 1944. This very rare 2 page ,4 side document displays rare and very sought after commanders signatures.the document also shows Boris Krass's whole range of combat awards and dates,this posthumous award which killed him was his 23 rd wounding, he was also promoted to ss obersturmbannfurher upon his death,the document is extremely rare but is not perfect having 3 old sellotape marks ,which in themselves long gone has left a mark to the paper,but I'm sure could be removed with the right conservation,Boris Kraas was brother of well known Leibstandarte ss infantry commander ss Brigadefurher Hugo Kraas