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48 Star United States Flag 48 Star U.S. Air crew "bail out" flag, flag is two piece construction, screen printed onto heavy duty cotton, and backed on the reverse with cheese cloth, measuring 6"x"4 7/16in. flag is in very good condition, retaining good colouring, with one small stain to the upper L/hand corner. s/n110
A-10 Standard Revised Oxygen Mask. Boxed with instructions, A-10 oxygen mask, in almost mint condition, and fitted with a T-44 microphone, enabling the mask to be used with Allied radio equipment, Also comes with rare handbook of instructions, and box, box again is in excellent condition, excellent rare boxed complete rig, that would be very difficult to upgrade. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE. s/n 78
A-14 USAF Oxygen Mask boxed A-14 USAF Oxygen Mask , size medium 12/44 dated. Mask comes with it's original box, and is in, I would say mint condition, had it not had a microphone fitted. It shows little if any wear, even the microphone moisture cover is pristine, rubber is soft and flexible throughout the whole piece! even the box shows very little wear! would be very very difficult to upgrade this mask. s/n 3
A-9 USAAF Flying Helmet A-9 Flying helmet, with R-14 Receivers, Helmet is in excellent near mint condition, in a size medium, and has been modified with a pair if leather earcups, and oxygen mask snaps. A pair of again near mint condition R-14 Receivers, manufactured by Kellogg's, and wiring loom, with the correct PL-54 plug, the sheep skin covering on the chin strap is in excellent condition, clean and supple. in all an excellent A-9 Flying Helmet, that would be very difficult to upgrade. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE. S/N 96
A-9 USAF Flying Helmet USAF Flying Helmet A-9. Dated 1942. Helmet is in excellent condition, with some light soiling to the helmet overall, From Usage. Fitted with leather Earcups, And a pair of R-14 Receivers, And PL-540 Plug. Size Large. A very nice used USAAF Helmet. s/n 10 HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE
American Optical Skyway Goggles. Pre war A/O skyway goggles, frames have wear to the black paint finish on the front of the frames, central hinge works fine, push button to adjust the width of the frame, has the "skyway" logo stamped to the hinge, goggle strap is well used, stained, and some fraying to the outer edge of the elastic, and has very little elasticity left, but still work well for display, fitted with a pair of amber tinted plastic lenses, which are somewhat scratched overall,the rubber cushions are in excellent order and are marked on the top 33B5021-3 33B501-2 respectively Left/Right handed, scarce pair of pre WW2 U.S. Goggles and a pair are pictured on page 193 of Mick. J. Prodger's book. s/n 12 HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE
B-8 flying goggles by Polaroid Excellent pair of B-8 goggles, by polaroid actually marked as no 1065 on the frame, rubber frame is still supple, with no hardening, chamois lining is clean with very little wear, goggle strap is in excellent shape and retains full elasticity. cotton strap is again good, and has the partial service number H 0750 applied so may be traceable? Frame is marked type B-8 in a circle one side and prop usaf in a circle on the other side, box is in good condition, and comes with 3 spare lenses in the issue cotton wallet, and instruction book. excellent item. HEAD IS NOT PART OF THE SALE S/N 14
British WW2 Sectioned No.36M Mills hand Grenade. This is a complete Mills bomb, sectioned for training purposes, base plug is dated 1943, lever is stamped, JP&c S. J.Pilling & Son, base plug is marked No 36M mk1 ZA.P.D.P. TA&S 43. fuse is marked drill 111 and on the bottom 41 AW. The body retains most of its black paint, and traces of a green stripe, edge of sectioned area retains its yellow paint finish, and inside retains its red paint finish. s/n 21
Cadet Pilot Flying Helmet U.S.A.A.F. This is an early WWII cotton twill summer flying helmet as used by Aviation Cadets. It is in used good condition.label reads, “MISSOURI AVIATION, KANSAS CITY, MO.” This was a contract Army Pilot Training School.. This school trained many pilots during WWII. Helmet is complete with oxygen mask snaps and includes the original leather chin cup. Helmet shows flying time. With early T-20 throat mic, in very good condition, neck band still has some elasticity remaining, and press studs and tabs are in good order. comes with a pair of commercial goggles, no damage to the lens's, some slight delamination to the outer edge, but does not detract, sponge rubber one piece face pad is in very good condition, as is the goggle strap. Displays beautifully. Head is not included in the sale s/n 92
chrome plated spitfire desk top orniment Vintage chrome plated Spitfire, in "art deco" style, heavily chromed piece, Mounted on a "lightning bolt" stand with a "H" shaped base. wing span is 6"body length is 5" and stands 4.5" high. Some light scratching overall, which will polish out if desired. s/n 85 price includes postage within the U.K.
Colt Sheath Knife. Quality modern sheath knife with "bowie" shaped blade in stainless steel, blade is 5 3/4" in length, razor sharp, and stamped with the Colt co logo, on the riccaso, and also has the "rearing" horse Colt logo etched on the blade, and stamped on the underside of the stainless steel cross guard, the other side of the riccaso reads, ct4 stainless steel. Handle is constructed of stacked leather washers, and seven coloured spacers, the pommel is blued steel, with a peened over tang. total length of the knife is 10 1/2". The black leather scabbard is in good condition, all stitching intact, and fitted with a stone pocket, both press studs are working. A good quality working knife. s/n 81 YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM.
Cooper A-2 Flying Jacket The Cooper A-2 (flight jacket or flying jacket) is a leather jacket, (Goat Skin) made by Cooper Sportswear, worn by United States Army Air Forces and was re-introduced by the military just prior to Operation Desert Shield, and has been in service ever since. Key features of a military-specification jacket (as opposed to a civilian version) are one-piece back (some knock-off jackets have a seam across the shoulder blades; this seam causes discomfort during long flights in a confined position) and lack of side-entry hand-warmer pockets under the large snap-down patch pockets (apparently, the military designers did not want their pilots to be seen standing around with their hands in their pockets. Cooper Sportswear ceased production in the late 90's and retailer inventories were exhausted some time afterwards. Even though the A-2 is still a military-requisitioned item and contracts have been awarded to other USA suppliers using the A-2 pattern, the Cooper label is considered collectible and highly sought after by World War II re-enactors and historians. A vintage Cooper A-2 in excellent condition can be worth more than the market rate of a new-build A-2 from a current manufacturer. Jacket is in excellent condition, just the usual minor scuffing to the out shell, knits are in excellent condition, no rips or tears, zipper works fine. This is a lovely A-2 jacket, in a good size 46" chest. 26" from the collar to the bottom of the waistband, and 26" from the shoulder to the cuff edge. cotton liner again is in excellent condition, no rips or tears. Excellent "worn" A-2 Jacket. s/n 74 price includes postage within the U.K.
Cooper G-1 U.S. Navy Pilots Jacket The "G-1" military flight jacket is the commonly accepted name for the fur-lined-collar World War II-era flight jacket of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. The G-1 remains a current uniform-issue item in naval aviation for officer and enlisted aviation personnel on flying status in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Coast Guard. More technically, the jacket may be considered the U.S. Military flight jacket developed in 1947 and used in the Korean War, since the term "G-1" was not used as a label for this fur-collared military-issued jacket until after World War II. However, the term "G-1" has come to be used for this style of naval leather flight jacket. Prior to the end of World War II, and starting in 1940 when it was officially named by the U.S. Navy, the jacket had the military spec number of M-422. This jacket is in excellent condition, the goat skin shell has the usual worn appearance overall, but no rips or tears, the knits are in excellent condition, showing very little wear, the heavy duty zipper works fine, and has it's "paper clip" puller in place with goat skin thong, all buttons are intact, inside map pocket press stud works fine, and the "satin" cotton lining is clean, odour free, with no rips or tears. The Faux fur collar is clean with no loss to the pile, ( The use of Mouton Fur was discontinued around 1967) Storm flap has the usual U.S.N. punched into it. Jacket is in a good size 44" R chest, 26" from bottom of collar to the bottom edge of the waist band. 27" arm from shoulder edge to cuff. excellent G-1 jacket in a good size. s/n 75 price includes postage within the U.K.
Eastman Leather USAAF Sqd Patch Quality Cotton 8th Air Force, 332nd bomb sqd, 94th bomb grp. jacket patch, in excellent unused condition, full size patch, no snags or tears to the patch, quality item, from the "Eastman Leather Company" s/n 64
ENLISTED MANS GARRISON CAP U.S.ARMY WW2 U.S. army enlisted mans service cap is in very good/excellent condition, no moth damage to the body the peak, 1 minute nick in the peak edge, chin strap is in excellent condition, carboard vinyl covered back strap is in fair condition, having numerous cracks to the finish, and some damage to the edge, but nothing to serious, and is still sound, the rexine sweat band shows normal wear and tear, that you would expect from a used service cap, no size but I would estimate 67/8". Quality other ranks two piece cap badge. Label reads U.S. army garrison cap 100% wool. Cap has been named on the inside head band and sweatband ?? can't make out the 2 initials Sylvester 13102907. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE S/N 46
MBU-3/p Oxygen Mask 1958 dated MBU-3/p U.S.A. oxygen mask, size medium in excellent condition no perishing hardening to the rubber, the nylon harness is in excellent condition, no damage or fraying. Although marked up on the microphone housing "MS22001" the U.S.A.F. used the prefix MBU-3/p as opposed to the U.S.N. using MS22001, same mask different nomenclature! hose is again in excellent condition, no perishing/hardening to the rubber, and fitted with an MC-3a oxygen connector and the "anti flail" strap is present, this as it's name suggest stops the hose from flailing on ejection form the aircraft. ANB - M-C1 microphone is fitted. Excellent example of this mask, and would be very difficult to upgrade. s/n 40
Middleton Brothers Knife Excellent Middleton Brothers Sheath Knife, marked R.& R. Middleton Sheffield on the riccaso, polished "4 Blade, slight indication of sharpening on the blade edge, pinned Wood grips in excellent condition, no chips or bruising. Brass cross guard Sheath in very good/excellent condition. all stitching intact. s/n 20 YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM s/n 20
Original US United States D-Day Paratrooper id flag insignia Unissued "D" day paratrooper I.D. insignia, screen printed on cotton, measuring 4 3/4" x 3 7/16". flag is in excellent unused condition, with some slight colour loss overall due to age, other than that, no issues, very rare original item. S/N 109
Polaroid goggle kit 1068 Goggles. & box Polaroid 1068 goggles, the precursor goggles to the B-8 goggles, (see Prodger page 268 and also photo on the rear jacket cover of the book) Almost identical but using a slightly different strap, and frame/ lens size. frame is in very good condition, rubber frame is damage free, chamois leather backing to the frame is complete, with slight soiling from usage, the elastic in my opinion has been replaced, period done, as the buckle/sliders and cotton goggle strap are all original, and the elastic is not modern material. ink stamped with laundry no: K3069 The box is in poor condition having suffered somewhat form poor storage, but is complete and quite solid, inside are two spare lenses, 1 amber 1 clear. good set of early/pre war goggles, which display very well. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THESALE s/n3
Polaroid model 1021 all purpose goggles Very good pair of polaroid 1021 goggles in their oil cloth case, (see prodger page 269) goggles are in very good condition apart from I tiny defect on the inner lower stud area where the rubber has come away slightly, but it has not perished, otherwise the frames are in excellent condition, still soft and supple, original strap has been replaced with an olive green elasticated strap, exactly the same as the Polaroid navy goggle strap, only thinner, and the original thin black goggle strap has been kept in the oil cloth case, case is in excellent condition, press stud works fine, and clearly marked Polaroid all purpose goggle to the closure flap. Clear lens fitted and 1 spare tinted lens in the case. Very nice set of goggles. s/n 53 HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE
R.A.F. \"ditching whistle\" The classic 'snail' whistle often seen hanging from the 1941 pattern Mae West or aircrew blouse. Chrome plated brass. Air Ministry King's Crown markings and reference numbers '23/230' to one side. Further reference numbers to other side '293/14/L1795'. Some minor loss of plating but in very good used condition overall. S/N 111
Rayban Aviator Sunglasses with case. Very good pair of aviator style sunglasses, glasses are in very good used condition, with "sweat" bar, bar does have a crack in it but is not loose, frames are in good order, and are marked on the top bridge bar B&L Ray-Ban U.S.A. LIC . lenses are etch with the intertwined B/L logo. lenses have some slight scratching, hardly noticeable and this doesn't affect them when the glasses are being used. frame measures 6". hinge to hinge. Case is in excellent used condition, stitching in good order and the green lining is in very good clean condition. snap works fine, and rear belt loops have not been cut. if your buying for display or to wear you won't be disappointed with these glasses. s/n 38
Rayban Aviator Sunglasses with case. Rayban aviator sunglasses 1970's era, frames are in good condition, with a couple of marks to the bottom of frames, and a couple to the top, hardly noticeable and does not detract, stamped on the bridge B&L Ray-Ban U.S.A. L.I.C. and underneath 1-30 -10k. Temples(arms) are in good used condition, and both nose pads are intact and in good condition, lenses are in very good condition with very light hard to see scuff to the l/hand lens both lenses etched at the top with intertwined B/L logo. Frames measure 5" 1/4" hinge to hinge. Case is a mismatch to the glasses, as it's a later date, in the leatherette style of the 90's and nylon fittings to the inside, snap works, and has a belt loop to the rear. but it is in good condition. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE s/n 37
Rayban shooter Sunglasses with case. Pair of Rayban shooter/8mm bullet hole sunglasses with case, frames are in excellent condition, with brow bar. And stamped on the top bar B&L Ray-Ban U.S.A. Both nose pads are present, and the temples are in good condition, and are the wire cable type, both lenses are etched at the top centre with the B&L intertwined logo, the one down side is the l/hand lens has a tiny chip! hardly noticeable, and not in vision area, but I thought i would mention it. The case is well used, but has no issues, other than soiling from being used, and shading under the front cover when opened, snap works fine, and both belt loops have been cut, to enable a belt to be passed through. very nice and somewhat rare pair of Raybans, from the late 60's early 70's, bullet hole, changed to 10mm late 70's to the present day. HEAD IS NOT PART OF THE SALE S/N 39
Throat Microphone T-30-V U.S. Army Signal Corps T-30-V throat microphone, boxed with neck band and instructions, microphone is in excellent used condition rubber is still supple, the type V having no metal clip to keep the microphones tight to the throat, elasticated neck band M-199 still retains full elasticity, and the leather tabs for the studs are in excellent condition. Comes in it's original box, with instructions manual, manufacturers Shure Brothers Chicago U.S.A. Box is in excellent condition, an excellent example. HEAD IS NOT PART OF THE SALE. S/N 52
U.S.A.A.F. OFFICERS CAP USAAF officers dress cap, cap is in well used condition, showing plenty of usage, main body of the cap has suffered somewhat from fraying /mothing in some areas, but only in the area where it folds down over the headband, and is not really discernible when displayed, both leather chin strap/back straps are in good order, Officers cap badge is in very good condition, as are both side buttons, peak is in very good used condition, with some staining to the underside of the peak, sweat band has some loose stitching to the forehead area (sweat related) and the bow is missing to the rear, but the leather is very good, and no rot/peeling to the surface, Rayon/silk lining is stained, and the cellulose covering has been removed. Very nice olive drab mohair cap band, in excellent condition. The cap was manufactured by the 'PREMIER CAP CO. NEW YORK' and is the 'FLIGHT COMMAND' model. Very good example of a well used wartime cap, and does display well. size 6 7/8" approx. HEAD IS NOT PART OF THE SALE. s/n 97
U.S.A.F. HB-7 head band HB-7 head band, with ANB-H-1 receivers,by the Best mfg. company Inc. Irvington N.J. fitted with MX-41/AR rubber & sponge earcups, which are in very good condition, no perishing or hardening to the rubber. outer wiring loom cover is a little frayed at the plug end, but inner loom is intact, Leather covering to the head band shows plenty of use, the stitching on one edge is missing, but the leather is good and it would be possible to replace the stitching if desired, good set of phones with a quite rare set of earcups. s/n 68 HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE
U.S.A.F. Ball Cap The USAAF Ball Cap was very popular with the Air Force pilots of WWII. Archive photo evidence shows they were particularly popular amongst the fighter pilots in the Pacific theatre. A private purchase all wool ball cap in excellent used condition, 6 panel stitched eyelets, a number of very tiny moth nips, but nothing serious, rexeen sweat band is in good order, with a number of creases probably caused by folding the cap, other than that it's fine, elasticated rear band is fine and retains some elasticity, label is not present, peak is stiff and shows no signs of creasing, green facing is very clean and has the initials RD applied. Quality 2nd Lt bar pinned to the cap, Meyer NY. estimate size 7" HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE s/n 47
U.S.A.F.P-4a Jet Pilots Helmet Gentex (general textile ltd) P-4a helmet manufactured in 1958 in very good/excellent used condition, showing normal usage, various chips and scratches to the shell, paint has yellowed with age, Spring operated visor works fine, with a number of scratches, that would polish out if required, pilot has fitted rubber door stops to the top of visor frame, to prevent scratching the canopy when in flight, very nice personal touch! and also his nickname on the rear of the helmet "BLACK BART" and his name on the nape strap, a little faded LT/COL BARTLETTE. Two decals either side of the helmet of either a Convair Delta Dart or Dagger. both spring loaded earphones (H-75/B) are intact and in excellent order and have light cotton covers over them, the Oxygen mask tabs which are leather are showing signs of surface cracking, but still sound, "banana" boom mike M-33A also fitted. A very nice example of an untouched "personalized" 1950's P-4b Helmet. Rare Example! s/n35
U.S.N. /U.S.M.C. 1092w Flying Helmet. WW11 NAF (naval aircraft factory) shearling flying helmet, in excellent condition, showing very little wear.Shearling lining is very clean, no staining or bald patches, outer shell shows some minor scuffing, but does not detract. fitted with a pair of U.S.N. ear cups in excellent condition, all stitching intact, and press studs are in working order, no receivers are fitted. label reads. N.A.F.1092W. CONT.NXs-9677 SLOTE & KLEIN. Shearling lined hard leather chin cup is in excellent order, all stitching intact, and lining has no staining or bald patches. size 71/8". excellent U.S.N./U.S.M.C. Aircrew flying helmet. s/n 94 HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE.
U.S.N. 6542 Flying Helmet Unlined tan cotton summer flight helmet, in very good condition, size medium, manufactured by Slote & Klein. Helmet has been modified with male snap fasteners, to facilitate the use of an Oxygen mask, the goggle strap snaps, have been repaired with chamois leather tabs, as they have pulled through the material, at some stage, (a common fault with these early helmets, before they were reinforced with leather tabs between the snaps and the poplin fabric), other than that, the helmet is in good order, and is fitted with a pair of ANB-H-1A receivers. S/N 107. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE.
U.S.Navy NAF 1092 helmet. MSA \"C\" Type oxygen mask &Seesall commercial goggles. U.S.Navy NAF flying helmet in excellent condition, one silk/rayon draw string has been pulled inside, but the other end is still visible, "powder puff" ear pieces are intact, (so often removed for better clarity) fitted with leather ear cups, and ANB-H-1 receivers, and loom, NAF 215285-2 plug, impressed into the leather U.S.N. MSA "C" type oxygen mask dated 10/43, complete with fittings, all the straps retain excellent elasticity,and press studs work fine. the one down side to the mask is that it has become somewhat misshapen,over the years, it displays well, when attached to a display head, as per photos, as it has been packed out with polystyrene, other than this one issue the mask is fine, with no hardening or perishing to the face piece, and the chamois leather clean and intact, the hose is in excellent condition, no splits or perishing to the rubber. (see Prodger page 302 ) very rare mask. A set of Seesall Commercial Goggles(see Prodger page 288) completes the set up, goggle are in good//very good condition, lens's are in excellent condition, no chips or scratches green tinted, rubber face piece is in very good condition, just one small area on the nose where the rubber has split slightly on the edge, but does not detract,, the hinge has been repaired period? with a brass staple as it appears the hinge had come away from the main body, but it is a very good sound repair. goggle strap retains good elasticity, the chrome work on the lens housing has suffered with usage (salt water?) but again is stable and adds to the character. Very nice U.S.Navy/ U.S.M.C. WW11 set up HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE. s/n 79
United States Flag,Identification Bail Out. U.S. Air crew I.D. flag printed on cotton, and measuring approx. 10"x7" 48 star flag, used for I.D. to allied armies, in the event of bailing out. flag is in very good condition, retaining very good colour, with one central crease, from folding. Various sizes of I.D. flags were used by Pilots and crew members. (see flight gear Bianchi page 123) s/n 108
USAAF A-9 Flying Helmet The A-9 Summer Flying helmet became standard issue just seventeen days after the U.S. officially entered the war. Produced with hooks to accommodate either the A-9 or A-10 oxygen mask, This example also has snap fasteners to accommodate A-10a/ A-14 oxygen masks. A pair of leather earcups have also been fitted, and a set of R-14 Receivers with loom and PL-54 plug are present. Helmet is in very good condition, with both rayon draw strings present, chin strap with shearling cover is in very good condition. size medium. 1942 dated. Excellent example of an A-9 summer flying helmet. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE. s/n 102
USAAF AN6530 Goggles. Very good pair of AN6530 goggles, made by A/O (American Optical) with early tubular vents, and 'flat finish' frame, in good/very good condition, rubber remains supple and flexible, chamois backing is very clean, with just the usual soiling around the outer edge from contact with leather flying helmets, some slight peeling of the rubber on the inner edge where the pad is sewn to the framework, all stitching is intact, and does not detract, green tinted lenses are in excellent undamaged condition, with no chips or scratches, and are marked A/O (American Optical). goggle strap retains most of it's elasticity, very good example of these iconic USAAF air crew goggles. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE. s/n 103
USAAF Bancroft Visor Cap Bancroft Visor Cap, in fur felt, cap is in overall good condition, with a number of flaws, 2 small moth nips to the underside rear of the cap, but not visible when folded down, 1 small nip on the crown, the main fault is the cap has been laid flat with pressure on the crown, which has pushed the tip of the wings through the material slightly, but still displays well, other than that , this is an excellent example of the much sought after iconic Bancroft, inside is in excellent condition, sweatband is in excellent order, all stitching intact, and the previous owners initials are marked in red paint? H.L. Khaki Mohair hat band, again in excellent condition, russet brown chin strap and visor in excellent order, two quality guilt buttons, and an unmarked, officer screw back eagle, Very nice example of a Bancroft Visor Cap. Price includes postage within the U.K. s/n 87
USAAF C.B.I. Sweetheart bracelet 1945 Sterling silver/enamel, bracelet, C.B.I. pilots bracelet, China Burma India, with the C.B.I. emblem, and 1945 depicted in enamel to the front, with some slight chipping to the enamelling, as can be seen in the photo, sterling silver bracelet with locking catch, no maker mark, but marked sterling, quite a rare piece of wartime memorabilia, from the C.B.I. campaign. s/n 116
USAAF Navigators SweetHeart Bracelet USAAF WWII original full size 3" Navigators wings, reworked, into a sweetheart bracelet, Wings have been re- worked to curve around the wrist, pierced at the tips, to allow a sterling silver chain to be fitted, both wing and chain are marked sterling silver, excellent piece of wartime memorabilia. s/n 113
USAAF pilots I.D. Sweet Heart/ Bracelet USAAF WWII, pilots I.D./ Sweetheart Bracelet, in sterling silver, with a set of pilots wings soldered to the bracelet, marked sterling silver. no maker mark. s/n 112
USAAF Pilots Wings British Made USAAF British Made Full Size Pilots Wings Lovely Set Of British Made Wings, Although Not HallMarked They Are Silver, As Per The Typical "blackening" Of The Piece, Typical Simple Pin Fitting On The Back Of A British Made Pair Of Wings. Lovely "Fine Feathering" Finish. s/n 32
USAAF senior pilots I.D. SweetHeart necklace WWII USAAF Full size 3" senior pilots wings, re-worked into a sweetheart necklace,made by Amcraft Attleboro Mass. wings have been re -worked into a necklace, having a sterling silver chain, soldered to the wing tips. s/n 114
USAAF Type A-11 Flying Helmet Type A-11 flying helmet in excellent condition, leather remains supple, no loose stitching, chin strap/buckle in good order, chamois leather is clean with moderate soiling, both doughnuts are in excellent condition, label intact, size large, consolidated slipper corp. 44 dated fitted with ANB-H-1 receivers, y-cord and PL-354 plug, plug does have a crack in it due to over tightening but does not detract, army air forces logo inside and out side, all press studs present, and working fine. excellent A-11 1st pattern helmet. HEAD IS NOT PART OF THE SALE s/n 13
USAAF Type A-11 Flying Helmet USAAF Type A-11 Flying Helmet Type A-11 flying helmet in excellent condition, leather remains supple, one small section of loose stitching, near the label but does not detract, chin strap/buckle in good order, chamois leather is clean with moderate soiling, both doughnuts are in excellent condition, label intact, size medium ,J.S. Menihan Corporation, 44 dated, fitted with ANB-H-1 receivers, y-cord and PL-354 plug, traces of what looks to be yellow paint on the top, could have been someone's initials? (see photo) all press studs present, and working fine. excellent complete with receivers. s/n 1 HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE
USAAF WWII pilots I.D. Bracelet. WWII USAAF pilots I.D. bracelet, made in sterling silver, named to W.R. Luma. 3234285, maker marked Robins Attleboro , marked sterling, a "been there" well worn piece of WWII memorabilia. s/n115
USAF Air Gunners Wings 2 Piece air gunners wings, in sterling silver full size No maker mark, pin back with roller catch. Very nice set of wings, in excellent condition. s/n 30
USAF M-5 Flak Helmet. M-5 flak helmet in good condition, suspension cradle is in excellent condition, leather brow pad is again In excellent condition, showing very little wear, the flock finish to the outer shell is in good condition, worn smooth on the crown, but still present, both ear flaps show wear, but again the finish is still good, the flock finish to the inside is about 99% intact. the chinstrap has been replaced with an excellent reproduction, in every detail, from the excellent Sefton Clothing Co, who's work is renowned world wide. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE s/n 2
USAF Navigators Wings Full Size. Excellent pair of navigators wings in sterling silver Maker marked Meyer. pin back with roller catch Lovely set of full size USAF Navigators Wing. You Won't Be Disappointed with these. s/n 33
USAF Pilots Wings British Made Excellent pair of British made wings, in unmarked silver with beautiful feathered finish which has a wonderful patination to it. Again typical simple broach fitting pin back to the wings. Lovely set of wings, you won't be disappointed. s/n 31
USN Ball Cap & NAF48486 Headphones & Boom Mike VS-30, Sea Control Squadron 30 ball cap, 1949-50's era ball cap, cap is in a well used "salty" condition, but is moth and tear free, 6 panel construction, in cotton, sewn eyelets, peak retains it's shape, and has not been creased or folded fantastic VS-30 logo to the front in what appears to be rayon or silk? wonderfully hand stitched. silver 1st Lt bar marked gemsco ny ser 22c, this has been on the cap a long time, when removed, you can see the colour difference on the material. Inside again is well used, cotton sweatband is lightly soiled at the brow, but no damage, and all stitching is sound, the sweatband has had the elasticated band removed, period done, and the stitching has been undone in the centre seam, to make the cap slightly larger, and has been re-sewn by the owner, nice personal touch, definitely not damage repair, and does not detract. no label present. size around 7 1/4" at a guess. NAF4846 headphones are again in well used salty condition, but solid, cotton covered leather backed and all stitching is sound, there is a name on the top of the head band, but difficult to read, lead is in good order, and fitted with a NAF215265-2 plug. receiver are marked U.S.Navy ANB H-1-A C.T.E. fitted with a boom mike, and SW-141-V push to talk set. Sea Control Squadron 30 [VS-30] "DiamondCutters" HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE s/n 45
Vietnam Era, Mechanics/ground crew Ball Cap. Excellent condition, 1960's Mechanics/ Ground Crew Ball Cap, Cap is in excellent condition, no issues apart from one small area of staining to the rear of the cap, may wash out? I haven't tried, cloth sweatband, and eight rows of stitching to the peak, sewn grommet holes, and fully stamped inside, but can't make it out? full air forces stamp, to the r/hand side, and in a good size, 7/1/4" ish. Great example of a U.S.A.F. Mechanics/ground crew cap. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE. s/n 106
Vintage WW 2 1940 Child\'s Mickey Mouse Gas Mask. Scarce red rubber and blue straps young child's "mickey mouse" mask in original cardboard box. Dated 2//2/40. Most of these have perished rubber and missing parts but this one is in very good museum condition with no damage . All Straps retain their 'elasticity' and the rubber is in near mint condition, with no issues! canister again retains all of it's blue paint finish, and the rubber still retains some " French Chalk" dust! This mask was obtained from the original owner, and is in almost mint unused condition. Carboard box is in very good condition, just the usual ware/tear you would expect, and still retains it's original carrying tape. Excellent Rare piece of WWII "home front" memorabilia, the would be almost impossible to upgrade. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE. s/n 104
WW2 Cased Purple Heart WW2 cased Purple Heart, excellent condition un- named, ribbon is in good condition, suspended on a " slotted" bar, with 2 lapel badges, and ribbon bar. Box is the rare "single line" type, and is a quality piece,lining is in excellent condition, with no staining. s/n 27
WW2 .303 rounds British Mk V11 1927 dated inert .303 rounds & clip, round are in good condition, some wear to the copper nickel bullets, the bottoms are marked V11 RL 27 (1927). clip shows heavy pitting but is still solid, excellent set of 1927 dated inter war .303 round. s/n 44
WW2 .50cal. Table Lighter. .50cal. round converted into a table lighter. three piece construction, with "cogwheel" base. In excellent working order, great piece of "trench art" s/n 95
WW2 B-1 Cap. HB-7 headphones. Folding Sunglasses. Original USAF theatre made B-1 cap, cap is in very good condition, the main body is excellent, no rips or tears, and fitted with snaps either side, for the use of an oxygen mask, and a 20th air force shoulder title has been added, the large bill shows signs of usage, with the composite plastic?,stiffener broken on the front edge corner, but still displays well, and a couple of small holes to the front edge. The sweat band appears to be rayon, and does have a number 74? faded in red ink, possibly a stock number from the ww2 air force museum in Pennsylvania where this cap came from. And the former owner was based at Tinian Air Base, in the Marianas, and was a B-29 Navigator. A letter of provenance does come with the cap. HB-7 headphones are in excellent condition, showing little usage, leather covers are in excellent condition, wiring is again, in excellent condition, and the MC-162-A rubber earcups, are soft and pliable, with no splits or hardening. The folding sunglasses are fitted with "comfort cables" and amber lenses, the lenses are in excellent condition, no chips, or scratches to them, and are in a period "crackle" painted case. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE s/n 70
WW2 cased air medal Boxed WW2, U.S.A.A.F. Air medal, medal is in good uncleaned unnamed condition, ribbon in well used condition, with some fraying to it. it is suspended on a "wrap round broach" and has been on this since it was issued. box is in good condition, and is of the early wood type covered in leatherette, inside the lid, some staining has occurred which appears to be water damage, it also comes with lapel badge and ribbon bar. The Air Medal is a military decoration of the United States Armed Forces. The medal was created in 1942 and is awarded for single acts of heroism or meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight. s/n 29
WW2 K98 Mauser Rounds Inert clip of 7.92 rounds with clip for the K98 Rifle. rounds are marked P94 XIv1,14, 40 (1940) and are in very good condition, clip shows light pitting overall, and is marked SEY on the bottom. s/n 22
WW2 R.A.F. Cockpit 8 Day Clock 1941 Original RAF WW11 spitfire cockpit clock.8 day Mk11D 6A/1150. 33612/41 (1941) in excellent working order, keeps perfect time, Bakelite casing in excellent order,no chips/cracks, case is marked on the rear, with A.M. and kings crown, with an inspection stamp of 1944. Excellent example of an A.M. 8 day clock, as used in WW2 Fighter and Bomber command Aircraft. Price includes postage within the U.K. the U.K.s/n 89
WW2 U.S. Navy Head Phones. NAF type 49510 head set, complete, with a pair of A.N.B-H-1A receivers, set is In excellent condition, fitted with hard rubber acoustic ear cups,NA48490-1. Showing some light soiling to the chamois leather covering.Canvas headband is in excellent condition, with the leather backing intact, and very clean, the name Ens.R.L. Van Slyke has been applied in 3 areas on the headband, wiring is in very good condition, and is fitted with a NAF215285-2 plug. Excellent pair of U.S. Navy Headphones. s/n76. HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE.
WW2 U.S. Navy Head Phones. United Stated Navy headset comprised of a Type CTE-49510 headband with leather backed olive drab pad. Wired with matching H-3/ARR-3 receivers and black cased 'bail-out' length plug, N.A.F.215285-2.These shorter plugs were introduced to reduce the danger of being 'hung up' during combat operations and provided the transition between the short headset loom and the CD-307 extension loom. Fitted with a pair of NAF-48490-1 hard rubber acoustic ear cups, slight soiling to the chamois covering, the name "REDMAN" has been written on the inside of the cups. The headset is in good '+' overall condition bar tarnishing of the frame and light general soiling. s/n 77 HEAD IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE
WW2 USAAF 2\" Pilots Wings Quality pair of 2" shirt size pilots wings, in Stirling silver,pin and roller catch working fine, large shield, and very high quality "fletching" work on the wings. which have toned to a lovely dark patina. Excellent set of WW11 USSAF Wings. unmarked. price includes postage in the U.K. s/n90
WW2 Zippo WW2 issue 3 barrel hinged Zippo lighter, lighter is in good working order, lid is a little loose on the hinge, but this doesn't detract, retaining 70-75% of it's black "crackle finish" showing normal wear to the top and front edge, which of course comes from the open and closing motion of every day usage, insert is in good order and stamped with Zippo logo and pat no 2032695. very scarce item, Lucky Strike is included, and is used/empty. S/N 23
WWI Magazine Pouch For 1911. Mills 1918 Mills magazine pouch for the Colt 1911 Auto/pistol, magazine is in good condition, showing very little if any usage, clearly stamped on the inner flap AUG 1918. MILLS. PAT JULY 16 07. Although the pistol was designated Model of 1911, a series of field tests from 1907 to 1911, were held to decide between the Savage and Colt designs. And the pouches were produced by Mills, ready to be issued to the U.S. Armed Forces. Some very light soiling to the outer fabric, and both 'lift the dot' studs are in good order, male snap fastener in place on belt loop. s/n/ 105
WWII Luftwaffe goggle strap Excellent goggle strap complete with all fittings, retaining excellent elasticity, for Uvex/ model 295 goggles. rare spare piece of kit, if your goggles are missing a strap, or need an 'upgrade' s/n 100
WWII New Zealand Pilots Wings WWII pilots wing in excellent condition, full size wings with a lovely "oatmeal" colouring to them, some glue residue to the rear of them, where I presume they have at one time been mounted in a frame for display? other than that, no issues. S/n 117
WWII RAAF Pilots Wing Full size set of WWII Royal Australian Air Force Wings, Wings are in excellent used condition, padded with a hessian backing Small amount of glue residue to the rear of the wings from being mounted in a frame for display, other than that no issues. s/n 118
WWII RAF Bombardiers Brevet WWII Bombardiers padded Brevet, brevet is in very good condition, with one small area of staining, as per photo, at the top of the "B" other than that, wing is a lovely "oatmeal" colour. no issues with this set. s/n 120
WWII RAF Observers Brevet Full size WWII RAF observers Brevet, Brevet has some staining to it, as can be seen in the photo, this may clean out? but I prefer to leave the piece as it is, good example of a quality padded Observers brevet. s/n 119
WWII RAF Quartermaster Brevet WWII full size quartermasters padded brevet, in excellent condition, wing is a lovely "oatmeal" colour with no issues, excellent quality piece. s/n/ 121
WWII. NSFK/ LUFTWAFFE UVEX GOGGLES Pair of Uvex goggles, as used by Glider pilots and some Luftwaffe pilots, goggles closely resemble the model 295 goggles, one piece cushion, is in excellent condition, some slight "cracking" when flexed around the nose area, other than that, no issues, the synthetic rubber backing is in very good condition, if somewhat stained, the lenses are again in excellent condition, showing very slight delamination to the outer edge on one lens, Uvex manufactured their goggles with a highly polished frame, which has oxidised somewhat, but does not detract, clearly stamped under the r/hand frame UVEX, Goggle strap is in excellent condition retaining full elasticity, and all fitting a scarce pair of WWII NSFK/ Luftwaffe goggles that would be difficult to upgrade. See prodger page 79/233 HEAD IS NOT PART OF THE SALE. S/N 99