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1873 Trowel Bayonet Very good condition bayonet. Usually find the bayonet, without scabbard or scabbard in bad condition.Bayonet is in excellent condition with no nicks or rust, swivel works fine.Hard leather scabbard in superb condition for its age, all stitching intact, one rivet missing on bottom mount, but the other 2 firmly secured.Belt loop etc has no rips and rivets nice and tight, no tears which is unusual. Stamped AAS in side leather behind frog attachment. Overall EX++ item, very hard to find in this condition.
1888 3 Riveted Lee Metford Scarce 1888 Lee Metford, Grip securely fastened bt the three rivets. No split sin wood grip. Glad win overall good condition, slight pitting but no rust, usual condition for this type of bayonet. Leather scabbard in overall good condition, slight wear, stitching in tact. Top and bottom mounts securely fixed with staples. Overall good condition.
1898 Second Pattern Saw Back Rare bayonet and hard to find. Blade is in very good condition,no rust but minor wear and pitting, blade made by Luncheloss . Two piece wood grip, securely fastened grips showing signs of wear but in overall good condition. Press stud in goo working order.Leather scabbard with metal top and bottom mounts.showing usual wear but no splits, stitching intact and mounts securely fastened.. Overall EX+ for this rare item.
1898/05 By Waffenfabrik Blade is dated 1913 and maker marked.Slight staining to blade but no rust and goes to a nice point. Wooden grip in good order with no major blemishes. Long eared with flash guard, release catch in good working order. Dent free steel scabbard. Leather frog ha all its stitching and no rips. Nice condition item.
1907 Hooked Quillion To Middlesex Regiment 1907 hooked quill ion bayonet. Marked to th middlesex regiment on pommel.. Blade is nice and bright with no pitting or rust, and goes to a nice point.Dated 1907 on tang and made by Wilkinson with usual stampings on tang. Original grip, nice and tight with stampings between fixings.Release catch in good working order. Single stitched scabbard overall excellent condition, stitching nice and tight with bottom mount nicely secured and not loose.Comes complete with nice riveted white frog.Nic item
1907 Pattern By Vickers Scarce 1907 bayonet made by Vickers.Blade is near mint, bluing intact with no chips or rust on blade. Best I have found for a long time.Grip is original, usual minor scrapes but fits perfectly. Usual large oil hole, press stud works well.Leather scabbard ingot overall condition with stitching intact,. Top and bottom mount securely fastened by staples. Overall nice item.
1914 Sawback Scarce German pattern 1914 sawbuck, without flash guard. Blade is rust free with general wear and pitting, but no nicks to blade. Saw bacon excellent condition. Wood grips securely fitted with rivets, no chips just minor shrinkage around rivets.Press stud in good working order
1936 SS Chained Dagger This chained dagger has plenty of character, never been cleaned or messed around with. Early production, nice type 2 chain, all links intact, hanging clip in good working order. All nickel fittings,original domed screws which have never been turned. Anodized scabbard which you would expect to see due to screw son fittings, wear on scabbard but no dents.Ball to bottom mount is dent free.Original grip with eagle and rune nicely set in. The grip does have e a few chips and crack. But th blade is stunning, non maker marked with plenty of cross grain, excellent etch and no nicks, minor runner marks, but overall nearly mint. Lovely item overall EX++
Aluminium 1st Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger Made by Horster,blade is nice and clean, no nicks or rust and goes to a nice point, not tipped. Blue was he intact Good leather grip with a few minor nicks, but wire intact and tight. Excellent leather scabbard with only minor wear, top, middle and bottom mount firmly secured. Overall EX+ item
Australian Owen Dated 44 so WW2, early issue. Blade shows nearly 100% bluing with very minor runner wear. Grip well secured with 2 minor dents on one side, and dated 44 on other wood grip.Leather scabbard in excellent condition,stitching all intact and marked MA52 on reverse by stitching.Complete with webbing frog.
Brass Hilted German Ersatz I do like this e bayonets, I would keep it in my collection but I have it already. Blade is unfiltered with single edge,has lost its point but nick and rust free. Brass hilt attached by 2 steel rivets, press stud in good working order. Good steel scabbard which is folded over to form 1 seem. Overall EX+ for scarce item.
British 1855 Lancaster Lovely example of this type of bayonet. The quill back blade is in excellent ++ condition, only very minor marks or abrasions.With clear markings on tang. Knurled leather grip in excellent condition and securely attached, leaf spring in good working order. The scabbard on this bayonets can be damaged easily due to there length. On the example the stitching is damage free, leather does show wear but there are no tears, but scuff marks, top and bottom mount intact and securely fastened. Overall EX+ but blade EX++
British 1887 MK 111 Nice bright blade with no rust or nicks. Usual stamps on blade. Leather grip which shows were bit securely fastened with 2 rivets. Release catch in good working order. Leather scabbard in very good condition, stitching all intact, bottom and top mount securely fastened with staples intact.
Danish Madsen 1947 Nic example of Danish Madsen, These were developed for export but not well adopted. This one is in excellent condition.
Deluxe Army Dagger By Eickhorn Stunning acid etched trade mark by Eickhorn, blade is near mint with plenty of cross grain, washer intact.He grip is a stunning Ivory grip,near perfect with lovely turning. Pommel comes off. Scabbard is dent free with good pebbling. Throat held on by one screwCome with set of deluxe hangers and silver knot. Overall stunning full rig and hard to find in this condition.
Deluxe Grip German Navy Dagger Lovely deluxe grip navy dagger by Eickhorn. The grip has gone 2 tone due to exposure to the light, the grip has on chips just usual crack due to the material, wire is nice and tight. Fouled anchor blade with excellent etching, blade goes too nice point. Push button release catch influx working order.Lightning blast scabbard with very minor dent. Overall EX++ for scarce item
DLV By SMF Blade shows plenty of cross grain with minor runner marks and very minor greying, but rust and nick free. Leather grip shows minor wear, but no nicks in the leather.Leather to scabbard shows minor wear but no damage. All nickel fittings in excellent condition and all screws un turned. Comes with leather hanger. Overall EX++
Eickhorn Army Dagger Acid etched trademark, blade is near perfect with full cross grain Leather washer intact. The grip is a dark yellow, stunning colour. 12 leaf pommel which turns. Scabbard is dent free, throat held on by single screw, nice pebbling with some tea, but no damage. Overall EX++, with stunning blade.
First Pattern Railway BY Klass Typical Klass dagger.Excellent black grip and the expected longer length for this item.14 leaf pommel. Blade nice and clean, no nicks or rust,and goes to nice point so not tipped.Typical Klass scabbard with the correct scabbard bands and 2 screws to retain the throat. Overall EX++ for this scarce item
French 1892 First Pattern Tai sis the first patten as the composite grips are secured by two rivets. Originally intended for the railroad troops, mounted troops and telegraph units. Blade is in good condition with only minor pitting, grips are securely attached with one minor nick but with usual wear and tear, Scabbard rust and dent free./
German 1898 Blade marked Alex Coppel and dated 16 , excellent blade with no pitting or rust. Two piece wood grip securely fastened by 2 rivets. Press stud in working order. Steel scabbard with no dents.
German 1898/05 Made by Simson&Co and dated 1916.. Blade is in excellent condition, no rust or nicks.Grips securely fastened and in very good condition. Has flash guard and press stud works well.Steel scabbard which is dent free.
German 84/98 Saw Back Maker marked Bontgen& Sabin, blade show swear but no major pitting or rust. Goes too nice point.Original wood grips, securely fastened with no cracks or dents. Pommel shows slight pitting.Steel scabbard which is dent free
German Army Dagger By Luneshloss Scarce maker marked German Army dagger. Grip is a lovely deep orange, no damage and nice turning., 12 leaf pommel which comes off so dagger can be striped. Gorgeous blade with no nicks or spotting. Scabbard is dent free with throat held on by 1 screw. Overall EX++ fir this scarce maker.
German KS98 Bayonet German KS98 bayonet,Maker marked blade by WKC,saw teeth in good condition, no rust or pitting on the blade. Grip nice and tight held by 3 rivets, Press stud in working order. Painted scabbard with usual wear but no dents.
Gottscho German Bayonet One of the hard to find German bayonets of WW!. Design day Lucian Gottscho in Berlin around 1915, called the Machine Gunners Bayonet. The blade is in excellent condition, single fuller both sides with single edge. Marking by tang. Single wood grip attache day 2 screw rivets, press stud in good working order. Numbered 424 on quill ion. Black steel scabbaldwhich shows wear button dents. Overall EX++ for this rare item
Hungarian Model 1935 Cavalry Scarce bayonet to find.Blade is rust free,some pitting but overall in good condition. Grip is in good condition with minor shrinkage cracks.Press stud works well. Scabbard has minor dent at base, and slight pitting. These bayonets are generally in this condition. Fitted the Mannlicher Rifle Model 1935. Nice rare item
Italian !871 Vetterli Vitali This is the second model of the series.Nice brought single edged fullered blade, stamped Torino on blade, no rust or pitting. Stamped 1529 on cross guard.Dark brown/black composite grip in excellent condition. Long leaf spring in good working order. Leather scabbard in excellent condition with no nicks or dents,top and bottom mounts in excellent condition and well secured. Scarce item to find and in overall excellent condition.
Italian 1938 Folding Bayonet These bayonet were made for the Mannlicherr Carcano The folding version ha been getting harder to find in good working order. The blade oaths example is in excellent condition, minor abrasions, but no rust or any nicks. Folds easily with only minor movement.Wood grips in excellent order and working press stud Scabbard is dent free with usual wear. Nice iitem.
Japanese Type 30 Type 30 Arasaka bayonet, made by the Toyada Jidoshoki Seisakusho under Nagoya supervision.Superb fullered blued blade, with no nicks or blemishes.Wood grips fit perfectly, square pommel with working press stud.Typical metal scabbard which is dent free. Superb leather frog which ha perfect stitching and no tears. Hard to upgrade this combination
Japanese Type 30 First pattern type 30, made by Tokyo arsenal. Excellent single edge fullered bright blade, slight greying but no pitting or rust. Grips securely fastened with no nick for dents, press stud in good working order. Typical blued scabbard with no dents and only slight rust but no pitting. Come with leather frog, stitching intact and no tears in leather, these are commonly frail but this one is in excellent condition.
Johnson Sem-Automatic 1941 Model Nice example of this scarce bayonet. The bayonet is in near mint condition with no wear and full bluing.Numb 2118 stamped on rivet. The leather scabbard is in excellent condition, all stitching complete with no tears or nicks. Overall EX++ fir thi scarce American bayonet
K98 BY AGV Matching Number Scarce maker by Berg & Co Very rare maker, blade retains 100% of its bluing, mint Wood grip in perfect condition, no chips or splits. Press stud works well. Scabbard shows slight wear but rust and dent free.Numbered 919 matching.Nice leather frog dated 1941 Rare item in this condition.
K98 Matching By Alex Coppel Nice matching K98, dated 1942 by fnj, nice blued blade which shows were at point and numbered 6487. Bakelite grip firmly attached by 2 screws , press stud in good working order. Waffen stamped at pommel. Steel scabbard which has same markings as the bayonet.Small screw missing on scabbard but overall EX++
L1A4 British Nice L1A4 Blade retains most of bluing except slight wear at tip. Pommel stamped with capital H in recessed box. Release catch in good order. Dent free scabbard with complete bluing. Overall EX++
Matching 1866 Chassepot Dated 1870 on back of blade which is nice and bright with no nicks or rust. Excellent brass handle with working leaf spring.Numbered 59978 on scabbard and cross guard.tell scabbard which has no dents but usual greying.
Mint Deluxe Army Dagger Hangers This is the minutest set of deluxe army hangers I have ever com across. I bought this at th eMAX show about 10 years ago, never seen a better set. They have never been used, the fittings have a gorgeous frosting, the straps are very rigid, DRGM nicely stamped in top of horse shoe. Very hard to upgrade and comes in box
No 5 Mark 11 Near mint bayonet,Non maker marked.blade ha minor runner marks but no nicks. Grip is perfect, no dents or chips and securely fastened. Press catch works fine and scabbard is dent and rust free Hard to upgrade item
NO 7 Bayonet Excellent condition bayonet, blade is rust and dent free, and has not been sharpened. Excellent grip with no nicks or chips, pommel swivels perfectly. Standard marking on blade tang. Scabbard is in excellent condition with all bluing intact.Come with frog dated 1942. Overall EX++ item
No7 Black Handle British No7 with black grip. Harder to find this model, usually only 1 in 10 you find has the black grip. Pommel swivels fine, grip is fixed securely, blade retains 90% of bluing. Usual markings on the tang. Spring clips hold blade firm in scabbard, with minor paint chips to scabbard.
Norwegian M1944 Knife Bayonet Very rare bayonet,it is reported that only 4600 were made. I have only ever come across 3 and now own all of them.
NPEA student leader by Eickhorn Scarce item to find, The acid etch on the blade is nice and crisp, near perfect. Blade shows some greying but has nearly all its cross graining.Over the shoulder trademark Nickel plated fittings with slight bubbling as would be expected with age but very little lifting Good grip which fits perfect with cross guards, with no major blemishes. Scabbard is dent free with original paint finish.Comes with leather frog which has wear around the top rivets and loop. Overall ann EX++ item, and hard to find in this condition
Railway Dagger Knot Very rare railway knot, Has minor fraying when tied to dagger, but not in danger of coming apart. Ball is nice and tight. Overall EX++
Rare Navy dagger by Puma One ion the scarce makers.Fouled anchor blade with excellent etch, slight greying to blade but no nicks or rust.Good white grip which has gone a nice light yellow, wire intact, pommel turns. Lightning blast scabbard which is dent free, scabbard bands firmly in place.. Comes with knot which does show freeing, Came with dagger so have left it on. Overall EX++ for rare navy maker.
RLB Leaders Gagger 2nd Pattern Leaders Maker marked by Paul Weyrsberg, blade is near mint with full cross grain, I have not seen a better blade on these daggers.Washer intact,Nice grip with all enamel in place. Leather on scabbard in excellent condition. Bottom mount shows slight lifting but not flakey Comes with set of hangers , with working clips, leather in excellent condition. Overall EX++ item
RZM SA M7/21
SA Dagger By C F Kayser Scarce maker marked SA dagger. blade is nice and bright with cross grain. Very minor greying but rust and nick free, goes to nic point so ha snot been tipped.Grip is perfect with no dent for nicks, rune button and eagle set in perfect. Excellent fit to cross guard. Stamped No on cross guard. All fittings are nickel silver.Excellent anodised scabbard with no dents, ball is slightly flatten. Overall EX++
SA Dagger Name Only Erased Rhom Name only erased Rhom dagger by Henckles. Trade mark and most of inscription i sin place, name taken off by file, not factory erased.Blade ha across grain, shows runner marks and some greying but rust and nick free.Grip is nick and dent free with rune and eagle nicely set in. Anodized scabbard, dent free. All fittings are nickel silver, ball to scabbard is a good shape, not split or dented. Come with 1 piece hanger. Nice scarce item
Second Pattern Railway Full Rig This is a complete rig of a second pattern railway dagger by Eickhorn .Acid etched trade mark, Excellent blade with minor greying but no rust, dent sand has not been tipped. Perfect black grip, cross guard has expected flawed ha since patina.Pommel comes off so allows dagger to be stripped.Dent free scabbard with minor wear. Comes with railway knot which is hard to find especially in the condition of this one, no fraying and nearly mint.The hangers are in excellent condition with very minor wear. Comes with 2 shoulder boards which adds to the display. Overall EX++ for this scarce complete item.
Short Saw Tooth Fire Bayonet Near mint short saw tooth fire bayonet.Non maker marked mint blade, complete with washer. Riveted knurled grip which has no imperfections.Top pommel has minor greying but no lifting. Black painted scabbard which is dent free and near mint.Complete with leather frog, all stitching in place and rivets nice and secure. Overall Mint-
SS Dagger By Gottlieb Hammesfahr 1933 Production SS dagger. All early nickel fittings, nice maker marked blade with good etch, Fittings show plenty of patina, never been cleaned.Ebony grip with 2 chips at top.Eagle and run button nicely set in. Anodized scabbard, with no rust or dents. Fitting nice and secure with screws unturned. Come with vertical hanger and belt loop. Overall EX+
SS Erased Rhom By Klass One of the harder trade mark SS daggers to find.Nice deep grey acid etch with greying to the blade. Small klass trademark which indicated Rhom dagger, This has been erased in the field with a file, not factory erased. Excellent black grip with eagle and run button nicely set in. Marked III on lower cross guard. Scabbard is dent free, but shows wear, top and bottom mount nice and secure with ball having minor dent. Scarce SS maker to find, overall EX+
Swedish M 1915 Navy Identical to the 1914 pattern but much scarcer. Long single edge fullered blade, Retaining clasp in good working order and releases blade. Excellent wood grips securely fitted by 2 screw rivets.Release catch in working order. Scabbard in good order with very minor denting as would be expected. Nice rare item
TENO Portopee Rare item to find and completes the TENO Hewer dagger off lovely. The knot is nice and tight, the chord shows minor wear but no fraying or rips. Over all EX++ Rare Item
Transitional 1St Pattern Luftwaffe by SMF Blade is stamped by SM, plenty of cross grain, about 95%, very minor greying but hard to see. No chips or rust.Blue washer in tact. Blue leather grip, minor wear and wire intact. Pommel turns, nickel silver cross guard with nice brass insert.Nice knot but shows were next to cross guard.Nice blue leather scabbard with stapled top bottom and middle mount. Scabbard shows typical were for this type of construction. Suspension chaining good order with snap clip working. Overall EX++ of this scarce item.
US Model 1905 Dated 1906 on bladed numbered 72700. Excellent bright blade with no nicks, and very minor spotting towards the point.Two piece wooden grip securely fastened with release catch in good working order.Comes with green plastic scabbard
X2E1Trials Bayonet Belgian bayonet for trials by the British in 1953. Marked X2E1 on spine of tang and numbered 8202.Blade is nice and bright with top 25% blued. Grip nice and secure with fully working release catch. Scabbard retains all of its bluing and comes with webbing frog. Overall EX++