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08 Web Ammunition Pouches. Right hand side unblancoed ammunition pouches. Well used and grubby condition through field usage. Stamps to the rear strap R broad arrow and possibly M E co. ? All studs and straps functioning. Undated as far as I can see.
1st V.B. Gordon Highlanders Waistbelt Clasp A Waistbelt Clasp in white metal to the 1st Volunteer Battalion Gordon Highlanders. Worn by the Volunteer Battalions 1887 - 1908. In excellent condition, showing no damge.
24th Regiment of Foot Officers Belt A rare complete 24th Regiment of Foot Officers Belt worn between 1855 and 1881 This is of the type worn by officers of the Regiment at Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift during the Anglo-Zulu War. Soft high quality Buff Leather, still supple, No name, but in lovely condition. (see photographs)
2nd Perthshire Rifle Volunteers Officers Glengarry Badge The only genuine one i have ever seen. 2nd Admin Battalion (Perthshire Highland) Rifle Volunteers Officers Glengarry Badge. Beautifully made, shows Hallmarks for Birmingham, with Young Head Victoria, Maker marked T B W for T.B.Wilkins Ltd, date letter is indistinct, worn by Officers 1874 - 1880 (see photo). Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 73.
2nd V.B. H.L.I. Volunteer Officers Helmet Plate A rare Pre-1902 Highland Light Infantry Volunteer Officers Helmet Plate for the Blue Cloth Home Service Helmet.Imperial Crown and Proper Blank Scroll. The Shoulder Belt Plate and Wasitbelt Clasp this came with are listed seperately. Worn 1887 - 1901 Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 55.
2nd V.B. H.L.I. Volunteer Officers Shoulderbelt Plate A Highland Light Infantry Volunteers Officers Shoulderbelt Plate with seeded background and H.L.I. Badge. Proper Blank Scroll. Came as part of a group with the Helmet Plate and Waistbelt Clasp that are seperately listed.
2nd V.B. H.L.I. Volunteer Officers Waistbelt Clasp Highland Light Infantry Volunteer Officers Waistbelt Clasp. Retains all of it's gilt on a seeded background. Imperial Crown and Proper Blank Scroll. Came with Helmet Plate and Shoulderbelt Plate that are seperately listed. Worn until 1908 when Territorial Regulations were introduced.
3 WW2 German armbands. These armbands were the property of a Scottish rifles soldier who souvenired them at some point in 1945. I purchased his effects which included the SA dagger previously listed along with several awards and party badges no rarities amongst them sadly. The whole, including his glengarry AB64 and other small items were contained in a German leather map case. The price for the three together is £130 or separately at £50 each.
42nd Regiment Brown Bess A scarce beast indeed. Known officially as a Short Land Pattern Musket, this was the staple weapon of the British Army going back to the 1820s and still being used well into the 19th Century. More commonly known as the Brown Bess, this musket is stamped on the Barrel to the 42nd Regiment of Foot The Black Watch, It has the earlier unbraced hammer. Due to breakages in the hammer after prolonged use, a reinforced hammer was introduced in 1808, dating this Brown Bess before that. This is the India Pattern Musket with a 39" barrel, These were used at Waterloo and throughout the Peninsula Campaigns of the early 19th Century. Made by Tower and stamped with a GR and Crown, denotes George III. In the Black Watch Museum Collection at Balhousie Castle Perth, they have one with identical markings but with a VR and Crown dating it later as Victorian period.
42nd Regiment of Foot Feather Bonnet Badge. An Other Ranks 42nd (Highland) Regiment Line Company Feather Bonnet badge to the 42nd Black Watch. WIth extended brass lugs to pass through the feather bonnet, headband and rosette. c1850 Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 65.
4th Cameronians 1916 Presentation Silver Quaich Presented to the Officers of the 4th Cameronians by Captain A.E.Speer. Presentation inscription and date 28.4.16. Chester Hallmarks. date letter polished, made by George Nathan & Ridley Hayes who worked between 1895 and 1915. Captain Alfred Ernest Speer died during WW1.
5th /15th Scottish Para Pipers Plaid Brooch. A rare pipers plaid brooch to 5th Scottish Parachute Battallion WW2 or just post war to 15th Scottish Para T A. One fold over retaining pin detached (see image) from the kings crown badge. Scalloped nickel silver quoit engraved with thistles. The brass pin is an easy fix but I have left it as found. Part of a large airborne collection recently purchased.
5th Volunteer Black Watch. SBP. Lovely uncleaned Shoulder Belt Plate to the 5th Volounteer Battalion the Black Watch. Clear makers mark of Anderson & sons George st Edinburgh. Complete and undamaged, double headed eagle,of Perth, on seeded background.
6th Lanark Rifle Volunteers Officers Shoulderbelt A mint condition Officers Shoulderbelt to the 6th Lanarkshire R.V. circa.1880s. Became the 2nd V.B. Highland Light Infantry in 1887 then renamed the 6th (City of Glasgow) Battalion, H.L.I. (Territorial Force) in 1908. Bullion and pouch are mint condition, hard to better this.
73rd Regiment of Foot Other Ranks Glengarry Badge An other ranks badge to the 73rd foot, later the 2nd Battalion Black Watch. Circa 1860s, brass lugs to rear, some rubbing to high points.
78th Seaforths Feather Bonnet Badge. A genuine honest 78th Rosshire Buffs Other Ranks Feather Bonnet Badge. The real thing, not the junk peddled on a well known auction site as genuine. Bears the correct long lugs as this is a Feather Bonnet Badge, not a glengarry badge. Note the early spelling of "Cuidich 'n Rhi" making this the rarer early version. The motto was changed to "Cuidich 'n Righ" in April 1869. Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 77.
79th Cameron Highlanders Shoulderbelt Plate A Georgian period 79th Cameron Highlanders Officers Shoulderbelt Plate, c1810. 95% gilt remaining, of the highest quality. Retains it's original deerskin backing to the rear.
92nd Officers Glengarry Badge. An Officers Badge to the 92nd Gordon Highlanders, Worn 1874 to 1881, this is in mint condition has the number 8 stamped to the reverse of one of the leaves. Tests as .925 silver but no hallmark, so sold as white metal. Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 83.
9th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers O.R.s Helmet Plate A 9th L.R.V. Other Ranks Helmet plate for the Blue Cloth Home Service Helmet. White metal with Q.V.C., worn between 1880 - 1904.
Ammo Pouch Dated 1919 An unblancoed left hand side ammunition pouch dated 1919. All studs etc in place and functioning Odd storage mark but uncleaned as found condition
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Plaid Brooch An A&SH Officers Plaid Brooch, Retailed by Marshall & Sons, George St, Edinburgh, bearing Hallmarks for J&Co Birmingham 1901.
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Plaid Brooch An A&SH Officers Plaid Brooch by Brook & Sons, George Street, Edinburgh. Beautiful quality, with nice clear Hallmarks for Edinburgh 1891.
Black Watch Officers Feather Bonnet Badge. Worn by the Officers and members of the Pipe Band. This example is in dead gilt and would have belonged to an Officer. Extended lugs to go through Rosette and Feather Bonnet headband. Retains about 95% of it's Gilt. some slight rubbing to a couple of high points, but a lovely badge. Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 67.
Boer War Scots Guards Officers Binoculars. Cased Scots Guards Officers brown leather binocular case with Scots Guards star (badge) affixed to the front. White metal mounts. Bottom stud missing. Boer War period but perhaps used earlier, a rare piece of officer field equipment of the late Victorian period. Usual French binoculars of the period. Silk interior lining damaged through age and usage. Part of a Scots Guards Collection recently purchased
Carl Zeiss German Fernglas 08 A pair of Dienstglas by Carl Zeiss Jena. Bodily and Optically almost perfect apart from some paint flaking on one of the eyepiece adjusters and a chip to one Bakelite eyepiece, (see photo) Strap missing but still has it's lens cover, Binoculars dated 1917. In a period case by Emil Busch, Rathnow, retaining strap to both sides of the case have been cut at some point.
Douglas Rifle Volunteers Officers Waistbelt. A very rare Victorian waistbelt of the Douglas Rifle Volunteers. The belt stitching is loose on the female clasp side and needs restitched (see photo). The Clasp has had a Silver Wash at one time, but most of this is gone. But find me another one! Raised in 1860 this belt dates from that period. Known as the 94th Douglas Volunteers, they amalgamated in 1880 and became the 9th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers and subsequently the 8th (Lanark) Battalion of the H.L.I. in 1908.
Dumbartonshire Rifle Volunteers Waistbelt Clasp Officers Waistbelt Clasp of the Dumbartonshire Rifle Volunteers. c1890. Some rubbing to high points.
Durham 1st Volr Battn Helmet Plate. Original white metal Victorian Volounteer Helmet Plate for the Home Service Helmet to the 1st Durham Vol Battn. Original red backing cloth with cloth covered cork washer/buffer.
Early 19th Century Renfrew Militia Officers Tunic. Mint condition Renfrew Militia Officers Tunic, Royal Blue, interior perfect, no mothing or damage. Buttons surrmounted with Queen Victoria Crown, Prince of Wales Feathers and below Renfrew, retain 100% of their gilt.
Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers Side Cap Badge Nicely made Officers side cap badge, pre 1908, no hallmarks, pin fastening to reverse. Approx size is 1"
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Free Norwegian Officers Cap Badge. Solid silver hallmarked 1943 J R Gaunt and sons Officers cap badge. Monogram of king Haakon the seventh surmounted by the Norwegian crown. Both lugs intact ,heavy, uncleaned badge.
German WW2 Flieger Blouse. A near mint Luftwaffe flight section Flieger blouse to an NCO. LBA issue and size stamps to the interior. Slip on epaulettes Medal ribbon pinned to breast as found. Shirt and tie not included.
German WW2 M40 tunic. M40 tunic in excellent condition Nco tresse to collar and pink piped Panzer Epaulettes Loops for three awards. Mouse grey collars. Various theatre or museum stamps to the interior. Iron Cross ribbon stitched to buttonhole. Very clean original condition with light service wear. Helmet, Belt and Shirt not included in sale.
Glengarry to the 48th Highlanders 134th Battalion. CEF A mint example of an Other Ranks Khaki Glengarry of the 134th (48th Highlanders) Battalion, CEF. Makers name Ansley Dineen Hat and Fur Co Ltd, Toronto. Dated 1916. size 7.1/8
Gordon Highlanders Officers Waistbelt Clasp. A good used example of a Gordon Highlanders Officers Waistbelt Clasp, two piece fitting, front badge removes for cleaning. Worn by the Regiment from 1881 until the 1990s Difficult to date these precisely but this looks like an nice early 20th century example. Possibly WW1
Herman Goering panzer side cap. Mint condition Herman Goering panzer side cap. Black wool body with beautifully hand stitched insignia Blue artificial herringbone weave silk lining. Insignia, cap and interior are all mint condition looks like this has been taken from a storage depot perhaps? Whatever the reason it's clearly never been worn.
History of the 15th Scottish Division 1939-1945 First Edition, Printed by H.G. Martin 1948. A massive volume containing 381 pages, filled with maps, diagrams, and photos of the 15th Scottish Division during WW2. The Dust Jacket present but poor condition Main Book itself is in good condition, some slight marks to interior and pages no foxing, some slight wear to the edges of the hardback cover, but as a reference, it's unrivalled for information. One currently on Abe Books in similar condition for £95.00
Inkerman Whistle and Triple Chain. A good example most likely heavy silver plate no obvious hallmark that I can find. Complete with all fixing nuts and washers.
Kings Own Light Infantry Officers Waistbelt Clasp Pre 1897 Victorian waitsbelt clasp to the Kings Own Light Infantry, in 1897 the Regimental title was changed to the The King’s Own (Yorkshire Light Infantry). A scroll to the bottom with the motto Cede Nullis (Yield to none). High points to centre clasp show some rubbing, so priced accordingly.
Lancashire Fusiliers Helmet Flash A Pugaree Helmet Flash for the Wolseley Helmet, excellent condition, no mothing, Worn sewn onto the side of the pugaree.
Luftwaffe Flak NCO\'s Cap. Nice clean Luftwaffe Flak Cap. Mint green artificial silk lining complete celluloid diamond with makers details and paper insert with nco's rank and name. An old repair to the stitching of the sweatband which is also torn in one place. Size 56/57 approx. Good saddle shape, worn but in good order.
MVSN Dagger/Knife. A well used and personalised MVSN dagger. Initials A C hand carved to both sides of the wooden handle. Good honest example which has not been cleaned.
Officers Blue Cloth Helmet. Blue Cloth Officers Helmet to the East Yorkshire Regiment named to E. Holtby. Made by Hobsons &sons London. Original badge as fitted no extra holes.Multi piece construction. No moth. Good percentage of original gilding remaining. Size approximately 7 .71/4.
Pair of 1st Lowland RFA Shoulder Titles. A nice pair of WW1 Shoulder Titles to a Territorial Scottish RFA unit. Made in Brass,
Pair of 71st Officers Undress Epaulettes Worn around the 1830-40 period. Silver Bullion mostly intact some fraying to top corners both epaulettes. 71st Buttons. Some mothing to bottom (see photos) but overall sound condition.
Pair of Black Watch Volunteer Officers Collars A nice matched pair of Silver plated "Jimmy" collar dogs for a BW Volunteer Officer. Nice condition with no wear to the plating.
Pair of Lowland RFA WW1 Shoulder Titles A matched pair of white metal Territorial Lowland Royal Field Artillery Shoulder Titles. One lug missing from each title. Priced accordingly.
Parachute Regiment HQ Metal Wall Plaque. Large metal Parachute Regiment Plaque, Kings Crown badge with two recesses top and bottom to affix to a wall. An ordinary beret badge is shown for comparison only, not included in sale. 20" inches length height 12 3/4" inches
Polish \"plastic\" Eagle Cap Badge. Original WW2 polish plastic cap badge. Made by A Stanley and Sons Walsall. Good detail although slightly warped. Both blades strong and intact.
R.S.F. Pipers Badge. A guaranteed original Royal Scots Fusilier Pipers Badge. Dirty and uncleaned as found.
R.S.F. Volunteer or Militia Shoulderbelt Plate & Glengarry Badge A rare set belonging to a Victorian Royal Scots Volunteer or Militia Officer, comprising of Shoulderbelt Plate and Glengarry Badge. Heavy Shoulderbelt Plate with seeded background and Flaming Grenade Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 21.
Records of the Scottish Volunteer Force Records of the Scottish Volunteer Force 1859-1908 by Grierson. A 1972 nice reprint of the original 1909 publication, in nice clean condition with clear plates, no foxing, dust cover present, 372 pages, packed with information on uniforms, dates, locations, the best reference book on the Scottish Volunteer Force. Various copies and conditions on Abe Books between £17.00 and £88.00
Renfrew Rifle Volunteers Officers or NCO\'s Waistbelt Clasp Worn by Officers of the 2nd and 3rd Renfrew Rifle Volunteers 1874 -1887. The name Renfrewshire Rifle Volunteers within circlet, to centre Prince of Wales Feathers. Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 117.
Renfrewshire RFA Brass Shoulder Title. A single WW1 Territorial RFA Renfrewshire Brass Shoulder title all three lugs intact.
Royal Lanark Militia Sporran pre 1881 Became the 3rd Militia Battalion of the Highland Light Infantry in 1881, so dates this to before 1881. Fairly small size, most likely for a member of the Pipe Band. Approx 14" in Length from the top of the cantle. Maker marked Anderson & Sons Ltd Military Outfitters Edinburgh & Glasgow.
Royal Scots Battledress and Tam O\' Shanter. Battledress jacket, trousers and Tam O' Shanter to a private soldier in the Royal Scots, Army number 7162. All three items in this group have the same army number applied. Jacket is dated 1945 and size 16. Tartan patch of hunting Stuart Tartan to both sleeves. Trousers are 1943 dated and size 16. Tam o Shanter is size 7 and dated 1943. Royal Scots badge and Tartan backing intact. All three uniform items are of Canadian manufacture Lovely clean condition most likely a demob outfit worn home then hung in the wardrobe. Shirt and tie not included.
Royal Scots Fusiliers NCO\'s Scarlett Tunic. Officers quality high ranking NCO's Scarlett Tunic, early 1900s. Gold wire embroidered RSF and Flaming Bomb, now toned by age. Officers quality gold gilt general service Kings Crown buttons all matching and intact. Thirty in all. Super clean condition no moth Cream lining intact with some areas of wear consumate with age. No signs of sleeve badges or appointments or rank.
Royal Scots Fusiliers Officers Dress Waistbelt These belts were worn by the Regiment from 1881 until amalgamation with the H.L.I. in 1959. This example is near mint condition. Shows St Andrew & Cross, with sprays of thistles and Regimental name to bottom on a seeded backplate. Belonged to Capt. W.W. Adam. who was killed in action in WW1.Retains all of its gilt finish, bullion slightly faded, backed in high quality red leather.
Royal Scots Officers Forage Cap Badge 1872-1881 A very nice Forage Cap badge for an Officer in the Royal Scots. Worn by the Regiment between 1872 - 1881.These badges are also worn with Blue Enamel centre. Tests as .925 Silver but no Hallmark, so listed as white metal and gilt. Ref: Badges of the Highland & Lowland Regiments by William and Kathleen Bloomer. Page 3.
Royal Scots Tunic. A Victorian other ranks tunic to the 8th volounteer battalion the Royal Scots. Dark blue tunic with red piping to the front edge red cuffs and collar and red piping to the epaulettes. Grass green Austrian knot and grass green letters and number to the epaulettes. Matching buttons throughout. Two period repairs to the left shoulder. Odd moth nip but overall in good order. Original tailors label, partly detached William Millar West Calder. Some loose stitching to left hand side interior. Please Note: Waistbelt for display purpose only not included in sale.
SA dagger by Haenel. Nickel mounted SA dagger by Haenel Suhl with triple hanger. Untouched and uncleaned tight fit throughout. Lots of information regarding this sought after dagger available on the web. Purchased with a small collection of souvenirs from the estate of a Glasgow member of the Cameronians, Scottish Rifles.
Scots Guards cape clasp fastener. Matched pair four lugs intact complete with original chain.
Scottish Rifles Militia Officers Uniform Group A fantastic uniform group belonging to an Officer of the 8th Scottish Rifles. Doublet and helmet named to Lt. A.S.L. Young and dated 1911. Whistle Boss and crossbelt hallmarked J&Co with anchor and 1909 date letter. No names or initials i can find on the breeches, which are top quality and in mint condition. The boots are in good condition, just some normal service wear, although they are a little stiff from storage. No extra holes behind the helmet plate, (see photo), a real sleeper group. A.S.L. Young fought in WW1 with the 8th Btn Scottish Rifles and reached the rank of Major and survived the war.
Seaforth Highlanders Officers Glengarry Badge A nice Victorian 3 Piece Officers Glengarry Badge, no hallmarks, so listed as White Metal. Used on both the Feather Bonnet and Glengarry,
SS mans dagger. SS man dagger by Robert Klass. Small sized kissing crane logo. Blade well polished but no damage. Numeral 3 to rear lower cross guard. Scabbard most likely a re paint The whole dagger has been kept in polish by a previous owner so not sleepy as some may prefer but an honest dagger none the less Sensibly priced.
The Wipers Times An original First Edition copy of: Herbert Jenkins, The Wipers Times. A Facsimile Reprint of the Trench Magazines: The Wipers Times - The New Church Times - The Kemmel Times - The Somme Times - The B.E.F. Times. Hardcover, Condition Very good. First Edition. printed January 1918, of the facsimile collected edition, Pages lightly browned with age. Currently 2 copies on Abe Books for sale one at £167 the other at £275
Unwin & Rodgers combination pistol. Twin bladed combination pistol by Unwin & Rodgers. Buffalo horn chequered slab sided grips octagonal barrel,marked NON XLL proof marked and Unwin& Rodgers Patentees Sheffield. Spear point blade etched Self Protector. Clip point blade unmarked. Action in working order, folding trigger has to be brought down manually. Overall clean and tight.
Victorian Black Watch Volunteer Officers Dress Waistbelt. A Volunteer Officers Waistbelt worn by Volunteer Battalions of the Black Watch from 1887 until 1908. Clasp in Frosted Silver finish, Front badge removes for cleaning. Belt with Silver Bullion embroidery. Beautiful condition. Adjusts via strap on the inside of the belt. Made By Wm Anderson & Sons, 14 George Street, Edinburgh. This one bears the Victorian Crown so Pre-1902.
Victorian Dirk Unmarked Silver mounted Victorian Dirk. In lovely condition no cracks,chips or replacements to the Cairngorms. No splits or chips to the hardwood handle. Leather covered wooden scabbard with unmarked Silver mounts which are beautifully engraved. The blade is also very fine but does have blemishes near the tip. Blade length is 12" inches. Overall length of the Dirk in scabbard is a touch off 19"inches. Matching Knife and Fork. No makers marks visible but an obviously high quality item.
Victorian H.L.I. Pay & Service Book. A nice leather backed Service book to 3203 Private John Donald, Highland Light Infantry. Enlisted Jan 1889, book is folded as is common with all Pay and Service books, several pages filled in.
Victorian K.O.S.B. Helmet Plate. An other ranks two piece Victorian Helmet Plate for the Blue Cloth Home Service Helmet to the Kings Own Scottish Borderers.
Victorian Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Plaid Brooch Silver Plated NCO's or Pipers Plaid Brooch showing Imperial Crown and LRV Cartouche in place of H.L.I. Slight nip to the edge of the Quoit (See Photograph)
Victorian Royal Renfrew Militia Dirk A nice mid Victorian dirk to the Royal Renfrew Militia, dating from 1860-1870 period. Became the 4th Militia Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders in 1881. In unmarked Silver, made by Makay Cunningham & Co. Edinburgh, blade etched Renfrew Militia. Bog Oak handle with silver studs, the Cairngorms have darkened from clear to a pleasing amber colour over the years.
Victorian Royal Scots Officers Dress Waistbelt & Tin. An RS Officers belt in it's original Tin. The Belt itself is in lovely condition but shows slight signs of wear consumate with age. Nice quality Gold Bullion with Red Leather backing. Tin shows signs of wear and tear, but is sound, the red velvet liner coming loose. Makers name on Tin, C. Smith, 12 Piccadilly, London. Scarce to still find these together.
WW1 1914 Hallmarked A&SH Officers Badge An Officers Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Glengarry Badge in Hallmarked Silver. Makers mark for Bent & Parker, with Anchor mark for Birmingham and Date Letter P for 1914. Some high points rubbed, but a nice early war dated badge.
WW1 Bavarian Officers Picklehaube. A good Bavarian Officers Picklehaube of WW1 or earlier vintage. Usual surface crazing in places and some shrinkage to the crown. Gilded plate held by metal washers and nut. Officers chin scales and cockade. Fluted Spike and cruciform base affixed by three metal stars. Leather and cream silk liner. Good solid helmet named in ink to the interior. Screw off spike to allow the wearing of the Trichter.
WW1 Bavarian Picklehaube. A WW1 Bavarian Brass fitted Ersatz, Felt, Picklehaube, good solid condition not frail as some are. This example has the brass front visor trim,helmet plate,rear vent and spike and base. The tip of the spike has sustained some damage at one point there is also a tiny puncture to the rear left hand side of the helmet possibly a shrapnel splinter? Both Cockades present if a bit rusty. Original leather and brass chinstrap present. This type of strap is frequently encountered on Bavarian Raupenhelme. Thin Ersatz liner also complete.
WW1 Black Watch Officers Glengarry BW Officers glengarry by R W Forsyth Glasgow. Blue body with red wool toorie black silk edging and tails. Two piece black silk badge backing. Silver and gilt Officers badge no hallmark that I can see. Normally I'd remove the badge to show an image of the rear but this ones tight to the cap and may damage the black silk lining. Small area of wear to the silk edging at the front which I don't think detracts in the slightest.
WW1 Cameron Highlanders Officers Badge. A nice old heavy cast Cameron Highlanders glengarry badge, came on an old moth eaten glengarry which fell to pieces, so salvaged the badge. No hallmarks I can see, sold as white metal.
WW1 Cameron Highlanders Officers Levee Dress Sporran. A magnificent, and impossible to find in this condition Sporran by the well known military outfitters Wm Anderson & sons ltd. Glasgow & Edinburgh. Over the years I've had two or three of these sporrans but never one in this condition. Sporran is entirely original throughout with very little (if any ) wear.
WW1 Fife & Forfar Yeomanry Officers Cap Badge A WW1 Officers SD cap badge, stamped Sterling Silver on reverse slider. Approx size is 1"
WW1 Iron Cross Second Class and Award Document A 2nd Class Iron Cross with Ribbon and Award Document to the 16th Prussian Reserve Infantry Regiment.
WW1 K.I.A. Gordon Highlanders Pipe Majors Uniform. A very hard to find uniform group to a K.I.A. Pipe Major. The group consists of his White Drill Jacket, Khaki 1902 Tunic, Glengarry with 1916 Hallmarked Badge, WW1 Kilt, Diced Hose and tabs. Remains of paper label on Kilt, some mothing to underside flap and some other small moth nips to Kilt and Tunic. The Tunic correctly WW1 WD marked, and faint Gor stamp on pocket. One of the nicest groups i have come across in a long time. Extensive research included in sale. ( Please See Photographs) Name: Pipe Major Thomas Henderson K.I.A. Estcourt, France. 1917 PLEASE NOTE: The Pipe Majors Sporran, 08 Belt, and Gas Mask PH Bag are for DISPLAY PURPOSES only and NOT included with the Uniform Group.
WW1 Khaki OSD Cap Nice stiff type Officers WW1 cap to the North Stafford regiment. Bronzed cap badge. Thin brown leather chinstrap. The cap is the hinged variety this is now defective. Wm Anderson & sons size labelled 7 1/8th. Lightly worn to the exterior ,signs of wear and possibly mud stains to the leather sweatband.
WW1 Liverpool Scottish Glengarry A nice honest example of a WW1 glengarry to the Liverpool Scottish. Original badge and tails. A hard glengarry to find for this Battalion of the Kings Liverpool Regiment. Some small moth nips to the dicing on one side (see photo),
WW1 NCO\'s 02 Tunic Nice original paper labelled tunic dated 1917. The tunic has been extensively tailored to suit the owner. Collar, cuffs and top breast pocket flaps. Unusually he has five blue overseas service chevrons indicating active service in one of the side show conflicts at the end of hostilities on the western front. The odd moth nip and an area of loss to the bottom right hand side please see photos. Nice original tunic no collars shoulder titles have been worn but the tunic came with a trench cap to the army veterinary corps also dated 1917.
WW1 Officers cuff rank. Removed from uniform item. The main portion of a captains cuff rank on khaki wool, chevron lace, and three hand embroidered pips. Single
WW1 pair of A&SH Collar Badges. A nice matched pair of Argylls & Sutherland Highlanders Collar dogs. Possibly in silver, no hallmark, so selling as white metal, nicely patinated, probably early 20th century.
WW1 Princess Mary Bullet Pencil for the \"Christmas Tin 1914\" These are getting so hard to find, originally included with the Princess Mary Christmas Tin sent to the troops in 1914, many tins are now missing them. This one still has it's original Card holder, which must be about as scarce as the actual pencil.. no dents or damage.
WW1 Royal Scots Fusiliers Officers OSD Collar Badges A matched pair of RSF Officers Bronze Service Dress Collar Badges, nice condition very slight service wear, getting scarce to find now.
WW1 Royal Scots Officers OSD Collar Badges. A matched pair of Officers Service Dress Collar Badges in Bronze, some slight service wear to high points otherwise perfect..
WW1 Scots Guards 02 Tunic Group. As a collector and dealer of WW1 uniform ,over many years, i've owned quite a number of WW1 Uniforms both other ranks and Officers. These have included Infantry and Corps Regiments but I have never before been fortunate enough to obtain an other ranks tunic and personal effects belonging to a Guardsman. The Tunic has both cloth shoulder titles and white metal thistle over brass S G. Overseas Service Chevrons one red indicating early service in 1914 accompanied by two blue for further active service. On the opposite sleeve is worn a long service good conduct Chevron above two wound stripes. WG initials to the inside of the Tunic. The cap has a piece of silk Royal Stuart Tartan applied to either side of the cap, just above the chinstrap button, and is dated 1917. A Trio of medals mounted as worn by William Grieve. Scots Guards buttons, silver and enamel Regimental cufflinks, association lapel pin, medal ribbons and a photo of guardsman Grieve in later life contained in his princess Mary gift tin. A studio portrait of the man either wartime period or just post. His long service certificate from his employer in Paisley (near Glasgow) the famous J&P Coates. Dated 1957 after forty six years service. Lots of great detail regarding the Scots Guards in the Great War to be had on line as there is on William Grieve. I have a disc of details regarding his service, wounds and return to duty which I have misplaced unfortunately however most of which can be gleaned from ancestry. I will do my utmost to locate this asap. The 08 belt is one from stock and does not form part of the lot.
WW1 Scots Guards OSD Khaki Cap. Only the second one of these i have ever seen. An Officers Khaki Service Dress Cap to Captain H.L. Kemble of the Scots Guards. Severly wounded in WW1 in 1917 he was invalided out of the Guards. Made by Cater & Co Pall Mall London, very nice condition, no mothing, inside shows normal service wear, a 3" section of thread on the sweatband has come loose, but does not detract from this fine cap in my opinion.
WW1 Tam O\' Shanter to the Kings Own Scottish Borderers A nice Tam O'Shanter badged and issued to a soldier in the K.O.S.B., correct double row of stitching to liner, double eyelets to rear with original tie, makers label inside, marked Cohen & Goldstein London, Size 7 and dated 1918. In lovely condition, no moth or damage, some creasing due to storage, stamped to inside liner with K.O.S.B. and soldiers number.
WW1 Tank Corps OR\'s Trench Cap. A nice trench cap picked up locally and numbered inside 144580, i have adjusted the contrast slightly in one of the photos to show the number, which is quite faint but discernible. lovely condition apart from service wear and signs of where it has been folded. no mothing at all, Made by Myers & Co Size 7.3/8 and date. Looks like 1916 or 1918. (see photo) 144580 Wilfred Abbott, Highland Light Infantry, MGC and finally Tank Corps.
WW1 Territorial RFA (City of Glasgow) Shoulder Title A nice Shoulder Title to the Royal Field Artillery (City of Glasgow) in Brass, all three lugs intact.
WW1 Wolseley Pith Helmet An officers private purchase Pith Helmet to the Duke of Wellingtons Regiment, Made by Hawkes & Co and named to Lieut. A.E.H. (Alfred Emery Harry) Sayers, who was twice wounded at Gallipoli. A few sections of the leather edging are missing others a bit scuffed, otherwise a sound helmet with no breaking to the cork. Acting Captain 25th Feb 1919 Retired Major 1946 and granted Hon title Lieut Col.
WW2 German land customs dagger. Land customs dagger by Clemen & Jung. Complete with scabbard, hangers and knot. Age toning but no damage or nicks to the blade. Surface wear to the green leather handle commensurate with age the same for the scabbard Hangers in good order clips functioning well straps have been period shortened by the original owner please see image.
WW2 German M35 Helmet Good combat worn example of an M35 single decal helmet having had the national colours removed. Original early chinstrap intact stamped and dated 39/40? Leather liner with lots of good wear hand written owners details Muller number 2 most likely a 2nd person named Muller in the company. On the opposite side a previous owners name has been removed. Liner stamped 58. Liner band Berlin 1939. Good honest helmet.
WW2 Lothian & Border Horse OR\'s Collar Badges. A matched pair in Brass.
WW2 Royal Engineers Service Dress Jacket. Warrant officers service dress jacket. Royal Engineers Collars and buttons, buttons affixed with brass rings. Mark above the crown on the right sleeve only possible glue residue. Label gone however WD stamp letter Q gives 1940 date. Good BEF type Jacket possible reissued at some stage or used as a second jacket.
WW2 Seaforth Highlanders Tam O\' Shanter Seaforth highlanders Officers TOS. Wm Anderson & sons label, in distinct details Three piece Officers badge on Mackenzie tartan backing. Some moth to the crown please see photographs.
WW2 Tam o\' Shanter. Mint 1940 dated Tam o' Shanter by A&J Gelfer Glasgow. Size stamped 7 and 3/8th Interestingly it's had a few stitches put in at the back to make it slightly smaller by its original owner. Worn once or twice at most. The interior and exterior are like new. Original royal Scots badge affixed with its Scarlett backing also mint.
WWI Canadian 48th Highlanders Glengarry. CEF A nice WW1 Canadian Other Ranks Glengarry of the 15th Canadian Battalion 48th Highlanders. Correct leather edging for WWI Glengarries, no mothing, the tails removed.
WWI Glengarry to the Highland Light Infantry An H.L.I. WWI Glengarry, Correct Leather edging to bottom, some slight scuffing and cracking to leather, no mothing, complete with badge and silk rosette. Tails removed. Size 6.3/4.