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* Additional Images USAAF Groundcrew Sheepskin Leather Jerkin
* Additional Images: RAF Navigators Officer\'s Service Dress Uniform OBE ACE
* Further Images 1934 RAOC Service Dress Jacket 47th London Div
*1940 Serge Battle Dress Trousers* *LIST WITH HG BLOUSE* Well worn pair of battle dress serge pattern trousers, date stamped Q with the War Department stamp; indicating 1940 manufacture. These particular trousers have had both the map pocket and the first field dressing pocket removed from the legs. This has been done possibly for Home Guard use as has been seen on other HG attributed battle dress, however it is not known precisely why. Another explanation is possibly post-war as work wear. However, a full compliment of mix-matched military buttons (including one German pressed paper button). These trousers came in with a 1940 battle dress blouse to a private in the Hertfordshire Home Guard. These trousers have been well used and repaired, buttons having been replaced suggesting field use at one time before the removal of the pockets. There is a smattering of moth damage to the crotch, and an overall wear to the nap of cloth. There is a fair amount of fraying to the cuff of each leg that has been inexpertly repaired. Two small stains of what look like oil or paint are visible as pictured on one leg. Approximate size: Waist: 34 Inside Leg: 31.5/ 32
*Addition Images: USAAF Groundcrew Sheepskin Leather Jerkin
*Further Images WW1 US Respirator
*Further Images: 1911 Hook Quillon 1907 Bayonet 8th S Staffs & RWF Marked
*Further Images: 1913 Hook Quillon 1907 Bayonet & Scabbard
*Further Images: 1944 21st Army Group R Signals Battle Dress Blouse
*Further Images: Carmarthenshire Home Guard Officer RFC Veteran Tunic
*Further Images: Denison Airborne Troops Smock 2nd Pattern
*Further Images: Early Pattern C Type Flying Helmet Named
*Further Images: Great War MGC/ Tank Corps Leather Shoulder Holster
*Further Images: KIA 332 Sqn RNAF \'Little Norway\' Book 1943
*Further Images: KIA 332 Sqn RNAF \'Little Norway\' Book 1943
*Further Images: Portsmouth AFS Uniform & Equipment Grouping
*Further Images: Portsmouth AFS Uniform & Equipment Grouping
*Further Images: Post-War British Commando Jumper
*Further Images: Post-War British Commando Jumper
*Further Images: Unusual 1941 Luftwaffe Used RAF Souvenir 231 Flak Hamburg
*Further Images: WW1 British Mounted Breeches
.303 Brass Rifle Oil Bottle Fair clean example of the brass rifle bottle as used and stored in the SMLE and No4 rifle stock. This example retains the lid, seal and oil spool. There is some white residue remaining inside the bottle. The base is stamped EFD indicating Enfield manufacture, with the government property arrow.
.303 Cloth Ammunition Bandolier Cloth .303 ammunition bandolier, whilst undated it is exactly the same as the wartime pattern and retains the correct cotton strap as the wartime dated examples. Condition is very good, possibly unused with very good metalwork and stitching. There is some small illegible faint pencil markings, likely from stores.
1900 Boer War Officer\'s Sam Browne Belt Excellent example of the Sam Browne officer\'s belt, featuring four loops to bear as an equipment set. A practise that continued through the Great War and continued to be an option for officers even after the outbreak of the Second World War in far fewer numbers. This example is clearly dated 1900 and maker marked C & M. When fixed in the correct position it will fit about a 36 waist, though bigger if worn more extended. Condition is very good for its age, with only minor cracking to the leather. The extra loop appears to have been pressed flatter, though for what purpose is unclear. Good early example perfect for a Boer War display.
1907 Bayonet & Scabbard Well used example of the 1907 pattern bayonet used by British and Commonwealth troops. The blade is worn and smooth, unfortunately the stampings at the base of the blade have been virtually obliterated. There is some general overall pitting and marking to the metalwork. The release button has become fused and there is evidence of where it has been struck to dislodge it, unsuccessfully. The button scabbard is in fair shape with some overall wear to the leather. The scabbard is maker marked W J H. A well used bayonet, priced accordingly. Would benefit from a bit of a clean up. UK OVER 18 SALE ONLY PLEASE
1907 Pattern SMLE Bayonet Chromed Parade Use An attractive 1907 pattern SMLE bayonet, that has been used for parade use with chromed metalwork. The stampings are barely visible, having been worn smooth. The grips and securing nuts are in excellent condition, however there is some loss of chroming in places. Please note this is the bayonet only, no scabbard is included. OVER 18 SALES ONLY PLEASE
1907 Wilkinson Bayonet & Scabbard Unit Marked Standard 1907 pattern bayonet as used by British and Commonwealth troops from the Great war through to the Second World War. This example is unit marked with the butt number \'1045\' along with an unknown unit stamp \'P & P\' just beneath it. The scabbard also bears a butt number to the very top, however it does not match that of the bayonet itself. The blade bears the royal cypher and what appears to be the date of either January 1908 or 1918 as it reads only \'8\' on the right of the cypher. There are various stampings to the rear to include proofing and blade test marks. This example has the hole drilled for the oil hole and bears characteristics of the later issue bayonets. However the unit stamps seems to be primarily a pre-/ early war addition. Therefore it is possible that is is a pre-war example that has been converted for later use. Condition is very good on both the blade and the scabbard. There is some wear to the metalwork and also the leather scabbard. The bayonet comes complete with its correct tear drop scabbard and the release button is a little stiff but works correctly. OVER 18 UK ONLY SALE PLEASE
1908 Pattern Entrenching Tool Webbing Cover Dated 1919 Clean example of the 08 pattern webbing entrenching tool cover. Made by M E Co and clearly dated 1919 to the inside along with an issue stamp. It has not been treated to a coat of bland and remains very clean overall. This example is the post-1916 example with a buckle to secure the pouch as opposed to a press stud. There is no damage to this example, only some very minor verdigris to some of the metal work which would clean very easily.
1908/14 Pattern Haversack Converted 1915 Good example of the later 1914 pattern haversack that has been converted to be used in conjunction with the 1908 webbing set. The pack has been blancoed in a slightly dark shade of green, with only one small mark to the front. All straps, rivets and metalwork are intact and n good condition, as is the internal cotton divider. Marked and dated 1915.
1911 Hook Quillon 1907 Bayonet 8th S Staffs & RWF Marked Fantastic 1911 dated Enfield made Hook Quillon bayonet, this example remains un-modified with no oil hole and the hook intact. The hilt bears stampings for what looks to be the 8th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers. This has been crossed out and clearly re-issued to the 8th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment; who were raised in September 1914 as part of Kitchener\'s Army. Both butt numbers are also stamped on the hilt, the earliest being crossed out as well. The scabbard is a later addition and is not the earlier type it would have been issued with, this is maker stamped on the metal work. There is a certain amount of wear to the leather that would be easily fixed with leather feed. The blade is generally sound, with some blemishing to the metal and minor rust that would easily clean up. Unfortunately there is some pitting to the edge of the blade as pictured. Overall a very historically interesting example, stamped to two very famous infantry regiments. Unmodified hook quillons; particularly regimentally stamped ones, are getting increasingly difficult to find. Please see the other photographs of this item. PLEASE NOTE OVER 18 UK SALE ONLY PLEASE
1913 Hook Quillon 1907 Bayonet & Scabbard Good example of an Enfield made \'hooked quillon\' bayonet dated 1913. This example remains un-modified with no oil hole and the hook intact. The blade is stamped \'EFD\' for Enfield, with the royal cypher and dated September 1913. With proofing marks to the reverse of the blade. The scabbard is the correct earlier \'teardrop\' type, this is maker stamped on the metal work. The blade is generally very clean, with some minor pitting to the metal. There is also some pitting to the hilt and hook as well, yet the bayonet remains strong and sound. The release catch works well. Unmodified hook quillon bayonets retaining their hook are becoming difficult to find. Please see the other photographs of this item. PLEASE NOTE OVER 18 UK SALE ONLY PLEASE
1914 Dated British Army Webbing Rifle Sling Honest example of the webbing rifle sling used by British and Commonwealth troops during both world wars. Dated 1914 on both brass ends along with the manufacture 'Wrights'. There is a fair amount of wear on this example, understandable owing to the fact it is a field used bit of kit. There is general ribbing to the edges of the webbing in several places as well as rust marks as pictured. All in all, an honest early Great War dated example of an item of field gear that is getting harder to find.
1914 Princess Mary Christmas Tin Lovely example of the Christmas tin, as issued to British troops in 1914. Condition is excellent with this example, it has not been polished over a prolonged period like many others. The details and recesses are clear and crisp. No scratches or dents.
1915 Entrenching Tool Head 1915 dated entrenching tool head, as used by all British troops during the first and second World Wars. Condition is very good generally, minor surface pitting. This example is sold as just the head alone with no helve.
1916 Folding Wirecutters Standard issue folding wirecutters, dated 1916. Good overall condition, some minor surface wear. Movement is fluid and the jaws are intact.
1916 Other Ranks Pistol Holster Case Lovely example of the Mark II pistol case issued to other ranks during the Great War. This pattern was introduced in 1915, this example is made by H. G. R. and dated 1916 along with a faint additional stamp of F57 on the strap closure. Condition is fantastic, with only surface scuffs and verdigris to the brasswork. This case would buff up with some wax and look excellent; as the light coloured leather would lend itself very nicely to this. Great example of a Great War pistol case.
1916 US Remington Fighting Knife 1916 dated Remington bayonet that has been cut down into a fighting knife. The scabbard has also been shortened down to fit the blade. The bayonet has been cut down fairly roughly and the release button on the hilt appears to have been fixed and does not move. UK ONLY SALE PLEASE, 18+ YEARS OLD ONLY There is a slight tear to the button of the scabbard along one side, however it is generally in good condition. Overall a good original example of a fighting knife as used during the Great War by American troops.
1917 Large Pack 1908 Pattern An unmistakably Great War 1908 pattern large pack, made by \'M W & S LTD\' and dated 1917. The pack features the hallmarks of Great War large packs, with riveted shoulder strap tabs and lack of eyelets to the side tabs. It is has been treated to a later shade of 97 blanco, some of which has worn out yet the colour remains strong in many places. There are several stamps to the inside flap; from many years of re-issue, yet the condition is solid. There are no holes and damage from use and the brass work is strong. Great War large packs are becoming more difficult to find. Please note there are no straps with this item, it is the pack only.
1917 Officer\'s Sam Browne Belt and Strap A well used example of the officer's 'Sam Browne' leather equipment. There is some stitch rot that has caused some sections of the inside layer to come loose from the leather itself. However the leather is in a fair grade. Dated 1917 on the belt, this matched set would compliment an officer's field display very well.
1918 08 Pattern Webbing Large Pack 1908 pattern large pack dated 1918 as used by all British troops. There is one area of slight damage to the rear as pictured, alongside some faint service details.
1918 Double Buckle Sam Brown Belt Great War Sam Browne belt, made with an extra front loop; made by \'MARTINS\' of Birmingham and dated 1918. This pattern of belt was designed to form an equipment set with an extra brace strap. Whilst these belts were made after the war, it appears to have been a largely unpopular design. This example is in great overall shape with a good medium brown colour to the leather. There are no major scuffs or tears. The reinforcement to the inside is in good shape and the stitching strong. The initials \'WWY\' have been scratched into the inside. Size is approximately 32 inches when secured correctly.
1918 Garrison Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment Trench Art Brass Kukri Letter Opener Unusual trench art letter opener, inscribed to a member of the Bedfordshire Regiment Garrison Battalion from India in 1918. It was likely a personalised souvenir, and an unusual item. Shaped in the form of a Kukri, it bears the man\'s details \'A. STUBBLES\' and \'G. B. BEDS. 1918\' with \'INDIA\' to the other side. There is detailing to the top of the blade and a drilled balance hole to the hilt. Measures approximately 14cm. A truly unique item and unusual to bear name and regimental details. An excellent addition to a Bedfordshire Regiment collection.
1918 German Anti- Tank T-Gewehr Inert Round Very scarce example an inert 13mm round as used in the T-Gewehr, the world's first anti-tank rifle. They were introduced in May 1918 by Mauser and were issued to specially raised anti-tank detachments. This example is dated 1918 on the base and has been struck. There is some corrosion to the bullet head which could well be cleaned up. Remains a very difficult item to find. UK SALE ONLY PLEASE.
1918 Royal Naval Mk I Waist Belt 1901 Pattern Very scarce example of the 1901 pattern Mark I waist belt as used by the Royal Navy during the Great War. These belts were introduced and approved on the 8th August 1901 and were in production until 1918. They feature continuous line of belt holes and a single prong brass buckle secured by rivets. The loop is also fixed by rivets, making them notably different to 03 pattern belts as used by the army. This example is dated 1918 and maker marked \'R. W. STIBY\'. There appears to be a faint naval acceptance stamp on the inside a few inches from the belt buckle. The condition is generally very good and supple, with an excellent colour to the leather. There are some surface cracks to the leather as pictured and a few scuffs and marks. The riveting and brass work is all intact. The belt measures approximately 47 Inches. A truly rare bit of Great War Royal Navy equipment.
1934 RAOC Service Dress Jacket 47th London Div Pre-war service dress jacket badged to the Royal Army Ordnance Corps complete with 47th London Division patches to the sleeves. The jacket itself is stamped with a letter code of W along with the War Department arrow stamp; dating it to 1934 I believe. The jacket is complete with RAOC buttons, shoulder titles and collar titles. The buttons have been altered to have rings to hold them on allowing easy removal for polishing. Shoulder titles are held on with the issue backing plates and split pins. The left epaulette bears the original white lanyard, while the sleeves are complete with blue arm of service stripes. The condition is very good with only minor wear to the nap of the cloth, while the buttons and badges still have excellent detailing. There are two very small moth nips the skirt on the left side, they are not noticeable and do not detract at all. The inside of the belt loops have begun to wear through the cloth lining in places as pictured. Overall this is an excellent un-messed with example of the pre-war service dress with its original insignia and badges that have been added wartime and remain unaltered.
1938 ARP Shell Dressing ARP Shell Dressing, dated 1938 Some markings to the cover but unused and secured as per its original issue. We have several of these in stock, so if more are required please contact.
1938 Civilian Respirator, Box & Bag Size Meduim 1938 civilian respirator, in its original cardboard box with cotton outer haversack. Condition is very good but with a slight tear to the rubber mask. The filter and straps are in very good condition. The outer cover is in fair condition with one inner button closure and one outer on the front. The sides of the outer cover have some tearing to both sides. Good and early addition to a Home Front collection or display.
1938 Webbing Holster 1937 Pattern 1937 pattern webbing holster for the service revolver, part of the equipment predominately issued to British officer\'s; yet finding it\'s way into many different soldiers equipment sets throughout the war. This example is made by Mills Equipment Company and has a nice early date of 1938. it has been treated to blanco at some point, yet remains fairly clean and serviceable. There is only light verdigris to some of the brass work.
1939 Mk II JSS Steel Helmet Good example of the MK II steel helmet as issued to British troops from 1938, featuring the circular pad to the liner and sprung chinstrap. The helmet is stamped \'JSS I HH 1939\' on the rear of the rim of the shell. The liner is marked \'6 3/4 J C S & W Ltd 1939\'. The shell appears to have had a wartime repainted. The inside of the shell bears the original factory green, while the outer shell bears the brown paint as worn by the BEF early in the war. The paint to the outside of the shell still bears a fair percentage of original brown paint, there are scratches and scuffs but no dents. The original top screw and sprung chinstrap in place. Both are in good condition, with a lot of movement to the springs in the chinstraps. The liner is in good overall condition, with only minor cracking to the the tongues. The round pad remains intact, as does the lace threaded through th etongues of the liner.
1939 Named Territorial Royal Artillery Officer\'s Service Dress Uniform Exceptional 1939 dated Officer\'s Service Dress Uniform to the Royal Artillery. The uniform is named to Lieutenant Colonel Richard Henry Bryant T. D (Territorial Decoration), regimental number 85043. As far as has been researched Bryant was part of British Anti Aircraft Command T.A, being Gazetted 2nd Lt into the 81st Light Anti- Aircraft Regiment on 4th February 1939. Belonging either to 1st or 4th Anti-Aircraft Division. By September 1945 he had been promoted to Lt (War Subs Major) and ended up Lt Col in March 1957. Bryant service was extensive and only cursory research has been undertaken, this uniform is worthy of further research. The uniform is Bryant\'s original from 1939, being made by \'D. JONES AND SON\' in Manchester on 4.12.39. He clearly kept the uniform in immaculate condition throughout his service as the condition is excellent throughout. The jacket bears medal ribbons to include the Defence Medal, War Medal, 1953 Coronation Medal and the Territorial Decoration with rosette for long service. The jacket has a full compliment of brass Royal Artillery King\'s Crown buttons, and bronze artillery collar titles. The epaulettes bear a matched set of Lt Col rank, with evidence of Capt rank having been mounted previously. The trousers are typical of the era and feature a high rise \'fishtail\' back, plastic fly buttons and brace buttons. They too feature the matching tailors label and are also named and dated to match. The condition of the uniform is near mint, with no moth damage, rips or loose stitching. The barethea material is clean, as is the polished cotton lining. There is some minor stitch repairs to the hems of the legs where they have worn, however they are neat and tidy repairs. Approximate sizes are as follows: Jacket Pit to pit: 19 Inches Waist: 16.6 Inches Shoulder to cuff: 24.5 Inches Base of collar to hem: 30 Inches Trousers Waist: 15.5 Inches Inside Leg: 33.5 Inches Overall a fantastic example of the officer\'s Service Dress, worthy of further research. PLEASE SEE FURTHER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM BELOW.
1939 National Service Armed Forces Act Leaflet Pamphlet Pamphlet detailing the National Service Armed Forces Act 1939, detailing various sections of the act on the cover. The spine is bound with thread, and bears the printers details to the reverse. Condition is good throughout, with minor wear, grime and foxing to the pages. FREE UK POSTAGE
1939 Pattern Leather Water Bottle Cradle Good undated example of the 1939 pattern leather water bottle cradle. 39 pattern equipment was manufactured as a stop gap often for troops in training or home defence, in order to free up set of webbing equipment for front line units. This pattern of equipment is known to have been produced until as late as 1942. Condition is generally very good, some minor wear to the leather and verdigris to the brass work. PLEASE NOTE THE WATER BOTTLE IS FOR DISPLAY ONLY AND NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS ITEM.
1939 RAMC Desert Painted Helmet Named A wonderful scarce example of an RAMC helmet with painted flash to the side, having been repainted for the desert with name and number inside. The helmet is complete with 1939 dated B.M.B (\'Briggs Motor Bodies\') liner, and sprung chinstrap. The original brown factory paint can be seen inside the shell and around the inside rim. The later desert khaki paint has been thickly applied with a paintbrush by hand, yet has avoided the helmet flash so it remains prominent. The flash has also been hand painted and has clearly been masked off before being done in red, blue and yellow stripes of the RAMC. Rather unusually the bars are horizontally with a gap between each; as opposed to the usual vertical seamless bar. The name \'PRESTON W. T.\' has been scratched inside the rim along with \'BELL\', with the service number \'7518950\' also on the opposing side of the rim. No research has been undertaken, yet the service number corresponds to that of the RAMC. The shell itself is in fairly good overall condition with paint missing in some areas and some rusting. The liner is in good intact shape, with only some minor surface cracking as pictured, the chinstrap has some field wear yet the springs remain strong. A truly amazing and unique piece, named and currently un-researched. It would be a perfect addition to an RAMC collection.
1940 Dated British Army Jumper Size 1 Fair example of the standard issue jumper as used by British and Commonwealth troops. This is a British manufactured one being made by \'MORLEY\' and dated on the label 1940. The wool is generally very clean and unworn, however there have been several repairs as pictured. These fall mainly to the chest area as can be seen and two smaller ones to the skirt. The size is marked as a small size 1, yet this remains a very displayable item for a mannequin. Good early example.
1940 Machete and Scabbard 1942 US made 'Legitimus' machete dated 1940 in a British made scabbard dated 1942. Machete is in fair condition, blade is generally sound with some wear to the leading edge but no pitting. The handle has a piece broken off to one side. On the scabbard there is also some damage to the tip of leather and some paint to the rear. UK ONLY SALE PLEASE, 18+ YEARS OLD ONLY
1940 Military Medal Winner Attributed Denim Trousers Excellent pair of early-war denim battle dress trousers, belonging to Sgt William Edgar Smith MM, who won the Military Medal in Burma. Smith\'s battle dress uniform is listed separately (Stock Code: 50233), please read the description on the battle dress uniform about his action in Burma. These trousers feature the label to the outside bearing the manufacturer Wallis & Co (Contractors) Ltd and the date 1940. They are marked a size 4, with the sizes detailed on the label. They are complete with all brass buttons, field dressing pocket, map pocket and ankle tabs. They are in good clean condition with only minor wear and marks from use as pictured. This pattern of trousers are becoming extremely difficult to find, let alone in this labelled condition and attributed to an MM winner. POSTED TO INCLUDE TRACKED AND INSURED DELIVERY.
1940 RAF Service Dress Jacket Ex-Aircrew Badged AV Stamped This example of the RAF Service Dress was clearly originally badged to aircrew; with evidence of the removal of a half wing brevet from the chest and stripes from the arms. It is a large size 12 and bears the date of 1940 as the contract on the original label. There is also evidence of an Anti-Vessicant gas treatment stamp as well. There are two repairs, one to the rear of the shoulder and one to the arm. There are also several small holes to the main body and the bottom of the skirt. One albatross has been re-stitched on the corners rather badly and could do with a small amount of re-stitching. However in all; this is a clean and early example of an aircrew used service dress in a large displayable size.
1940 Royal Navy Propellent Factory Haversack Unusual example of the haversack as used by Royal Navy Propellent Factory workers in Caerwent producing explosive and the storage of ammunition from 1939 onwards. It is manufacture stamped inside \'HAMPTONS & SONS LTD 1940\', and hand stamped \'RNPF\' with a dark band around the body of the bag. The shoulder strap features stitched loops to one side, there are two grey plastic buttons that look to be replacements. An unusual example of Home Front militaria.
1940 Webbing Belt 1937 Pattern 1940 dated British Army 1937 pattern webbing belt, made by Mills Equipment Co and marked as a size S for small. The webbing has had a coating of blanco in the past, but is well worn out, the brasses could do with a bit of a clean. Overall a good early war example that is becoming scarcer to find.
1940 Webbing Small Pack Good condition example of the webbing small pack as used by all British Army troops, this example has been treated to blanco and the brasses are in good clean condition. There are no rips or tears but the internal divider has been removed.
1940/41 General Service MkV Respirator & MKVI Haversack Fine example of the MKV General Service Respirator in its correct MK VI haversack, with a 1940 dated anti-dimming tube. The respirator is dated between 1940/41 while the bag looks to be 1941 dated. Condition is very clean and strong and the rubber parts of the respirator are in excellent preserved condition. The haversack is also in very good condition with only discolouration to the brasses from lack of polish. The string to secure the bag in the alert position remains intact and is still tied up. Overall a good honest example of the standard issued respirator to British servicemen during the war.
1940s Private Purchase/ Civilian Sheepskin Flying Boots Size 8 1940s private purchase flying boots, sheepskin lined with brown leather outer. These are made with the same soles as used on 1940/41 pattern flying boots as used by the RAF, therefore I believe these are from the mid to late 1940s. There are in excellent condition throughout, the leather retains its light brown colour despite having had a coat of leather protection at some point. There is only very minor cracking/ blemishing as to be expected with all leather items with age. The only minor defect is one of the leather loops has become unstitched, this could be easily rectified. The sheepskin is in very good shape with minor balding by the calf area. The rubber soles are not dried and split like a lot RAF flying boots that have had prolonged use. They retain the early reddish colour to the soles, they are a size 8 as marked, and have been fitted with a replacement pair of brown leather laces. A splendid example of private purchase flying boots of the era, in lovely shape.
1941 Civil Defence Leather Gaiters Matched pair of Civil Defence gaiters as used on the Home Front by ARP, rescue workers and Civil Defence. They are stamped as a larger size 3 and dated faintly 1941 in yellow/green ink on one. The leather is ion good clean condition as is the metalwork and string ties which are all in good shape.
1941 Officer\'s Serge Battle Dress Blouse AV Stamped Good example to the early pattern of serge battle dress, stamped P with the War Department arrow signifying manufacture in 1941. This example has been used by an officer as indicated by the evidence of rank pips having been affixed to the epaulettes, another indicator is suede-like elbow patches that have been added. Despite this, the blouse has not been faced, indicating most likely a field item. There is also faint indication of where shoulder titles look to have been sewn to the sleeves. This example has the earlier roll-pin type buckle and retains its issue label. Interestingly, it seems to have been Anti-Vessicant gas treated in 1942; reinforcing the likelihood of it being a field item. Overall condition is good with only the usual field wear to the material, there is some damage to the material in the collar hook fastening area which is quite common. There is also a small moth hole on one sleeve as pictured and the same size hole on the opposite side of the sleeve. There is not size marked but it is a small wartime size, regardless it is a great example of a field used blouse and would display very well.
1941 US 3rd Army Corps EM Tunic 37L Good example of the enlisted man\'s tunic as issued to a member of the 3rd US Army Corps, this tunic bears no rank and has had the collar discs removed for unknown reasons. Condition is very good and the material is clean, as is the lining. The Third Army patch is in good shape and has been hand stitched to the shoulder. The issue label is present and indicates it was made by \'Barrister Clothing Co\' on December 22 1941 and marked as a 37L. Please note, the shirt and tie are not included they are for display only. PLEASE SEE FURTHER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM BELOW.
1941 Webbing Belt 1937 Pattern Large Size 1937 pattern webbing belt, large size at around 43 inches. It looks to be dated 1941, though the stamp is faint. Stamped \'BAGCRAFT\' a less common maker, there are fewer internal belt loops on these manufactured examples. It has been lightly blanco\'d at some point, however it is well worn. There is some minor marking to inside of the belt.
1942 Brass Ashtray 40mm Shell Case Trench Art Brass trench art ash tray, made from a cut down 40mm shell casing. The top rim of the case has had two half pennies attached to allow cigarettes to be rested on them. The casing has only been lightly cleaned and would benefit from a proper clean up with Brasso. Measures approximately 2.7 x 3 Inches.
1942 Canadian Cotton Trouser Braces Good example of the Canadian cotton, non-elasticated trouser braces as used on battle dress. They are slightly grubby yet have no damage or rips. There is some slight loss of cotton in a couple of places to the securing loops. They are stamped \'T. E. LTD\' and dated 1942 along with a Canadian stores stamp. The Canadian trouser braces appear less frequently than their British counterparts.
1942 Dated Austerity Pattern Battle Dress Blouse Large Size Excellent 1940 austerity pattern battle dress blouse, dated 1942; their first year of production. The blouse is complete with its issue label, indicating manufacture by Rego Clothiers in 1942. It was issued that same year as shown by the extra blue date inked on the label, it is stamped as a larger size 12. The sleeves bear some trace of where badges were stitched, whilst it has been issued it is very clean. The lining has no fading or grubbiness that is often encountered with used battle dress. The black paint to the collar hooks is still intact, as are all the early light brown plastic buttons. The left hand epaulette button has been damaged, this could easily be replaced if desired. The knap of cloth to this example is very good with only some slight wear in places. There is a small moth bite to the sleeve as pictured, and only minor evidence of grazing in some places. Condition is generally very good overall.
1942 Mounted/ Motor Cyclist Breeches A good clean example of the breeches worn my motor cyclists or mounted soldiers. Dated 1942 on the original label fixed to the rear, stamped as a size 5 and complete with all brass buttons and stamped 0 with the War Department arrow signifying 1942 manufacture. There are a few small moth holes but nothing that detracts from the overall appearance.
1942 RAAF Side Cap Royal Australian Air Force side cap, dated 1942 in a size 6 3/4. The cap is complete with two black bakelite buttons to the front, yet there is no badge present. Curiously however, the cap badge appears to have been mounted on the other side and there are no other holes. Therefore it would appear to have been used with the badge on the wrong side, whether this was during service is not known. Condition is generally very good, with strong colour and no real damage. There is one tiny moth nip as pictured, yet it is barely noticeable.
1942 RAF Other Ranks Side Cap Very Clean example of the forage cap worn by non-commissioned airmen. This example has its original badge fixed to it, and retains it's cotton issue tape indicating it a fair size 7 and dating it to 1942. Condition is excellent, lining is very clean and free from the usual grease and Brylcreem.
1942 US Army Captain Garrison Elastique Dark OD Cap Fair example of the US Army Officer\'s Elastique Dark OD cap with black and yellow braid with captain\'s insignia to the left side. Condition is fair with some wear to the piping and some small repairs to the cap. There is some minor surface scratching to the captain\'s insignia. The label is dated December 29 1942 and a separate size label reading 6 3/4.
1942 US EM Tunic 46R Unusually large sized 46R US Enlisted Man\'s tunic made by \'Jules Segal\' and dated 14th May 1942. Standard four pocket construction with tow integral lower pockets and two patch chest pockets, the half belt back to the rear belt hooks remain intact. The jacket is fitted with the standard \'US\' collar disc to one side while the other is the crossed pistols indicating Military Police. There is no evidence of any badges having been stitched to the sleeves, only the brass collar discs to the lapels. Some alterations appear to have been undertaken and the hem looks to have been taken up at some point. Inside the lining is stamped the serviceman\'s number and also the issue size \'46R\' in ink. Condition is very good in general with solid colour and nap of cloth. There are however a few scattered moth nips as can be seen in the images, along with a small hole in the back of the lining by ink stamp. The hole in the lining has some rust staying around it. Overall a good example in a difficult to find large size.
1942 US M1936 Webbing Suspenders Good example of the M1936 suspender straps. They are adjustable and feature loops to the shoulders for attaching haversack. They are maker marked and dated 1942 inside the shoulder strap. These straps have been well used but remain in good condition.
1942 US Waterproof Rifle Cover Original waterproof cover for the M1 rifle, dated 1942 along with stock stamps. It is in fair pliable condition but with some sunlight discolouration and minor damage as pictured. FREE UK POSTAGE
1943 Army First Field Dressing Bandage Complete First Field Dressing pouch, containing two dressings and safety pin to secure the dressing. The stitching is all intact and not weak or loose. It is manufacture stamped by \'S. MAW. SON & SONS LTD.LONDON.\' and dated August 1943. In good clean order, with some minor grubbiness and and rust marking, slight wear to outer pouch in the top right corner.
1943 Extreme Weather Tropal Coat Great example of the extreme cold weather tropal coat as used by British and commonwealth troops. These coats appear throughout the Norway campaign in 1940 and are also often seen to protect against cold nights in the western desert. This example is dated 1943 and features the less common button closure to the front, as opposed to the metal hook and eye fastening. There are two internal slash pockets at the waist, a serge collar and sheepskin lining. The tropal features a button closure to the rear of the hem not unlike a greatcoat, along with serge lining to the sleeves to insulate the wearer. All buttons are present and the condition is generally very good. There is some wear and marking to the body and sleeves of the coat as is common. The serge sleeves have been subject to a little moth attention, mainly around the arm holes. There are two small holes to the outer canvas, as pictured the first is to the front of the body and the other under one arm. There is some minor rust staining to the sheepskin, however overall the condition is very solid. The approximate size is marked on the label. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A HEAVY ITEM, AND POSTAGE WILL BE CHARGED ACCORDINGLY.
1943 Indian Made Kitbag Royal Signals Large kitbag belonging to Sgt Waterman 2386859, whose number appears to be allocated as the block for the Royal Corps of Signals. The bag itself is of Indian manufacture, with the typical round stamp dating it to Jan 1943 (1 - 43). There is some light overall grubbiness, with some rust marks and staying. However, overall all in all the bag is in sound condition. This example features an internal drawstring, unlike British manufactured versions with brass eyelets. The string is complete and intact. The lettering has been applied in thick dark green paint and remains in good legible condition.
1943 Issue Steel Plate Steel plate maker marked 'Stampers' and dated 1943. The name 'Poole' and '190' have been added to the bottom in white paint. There are some blemishes to the metal and a few dents but nothing major.
1943 US General Purpose Strap Good example of the general purpose canvas webbing strap used by US troops to carry equipment bags such as the musette or ammunition bags. It is maker marked and dated 1943, condition is good and clean with only minor wear to the metalwork.
1943 US M1936 Musette Bag & GP Strap 1943 US M1936 musette bag, complete with General Purpose strap. only the strap appears to be dated, as the stamp is worn on the bag itself although it does appear to also be 1943. The strap is stamped \'S. FROERLICH CO 1943\', the strap is in very good order. All features are present and correct, but there is one period repair that has been repaired in the correct wartime manner. There is some ribbing to the straps and minor discolouration which would appear to clean off.
1944 21st Army Group R Signals Battle Dress Blouse Austerity pattern battle dress blouse, badged to 21st Army Group with AOS stripes of the Royal Signals. This example has its internal issue label which has now faded beyond legibility. The name and number is handwritten into the lining, and looks to read 'Granby PWC' and the number '2885668'. This is worthy of further research. Condition is good throughout and free from moth damage, complete with all brown plastic buttons. There is some wear to the edge of the cuffs and belt tip as pictured. However the jacket is free from any marks or staining aside from a small amount of soiling to the lining. The wear and lack of mothing suggest this to have been a field used blouse. The size is estimated to be a larger issue size 12, fitting around a 35-36 waist and 40-42 chest. All in all, an excellent representative of an originally badged field blouse, currently unresearched.
1944 Army Map Case Well used example of the map case used by the British army. Has seen plenty of use, some verdigris to the metal work and also some personalisation to the rear.
1944 Austerity Pattern Battle Dress Blouse Size 18 Tailored Excellent large size example of the economy battle dress blouse issued to British troops from 1942 onwards. This example is made by \'Prices Tailors Ltd\' and dated 1944, it is a size 18 the largest size officially made. It has been tailored however and is more akin to a size 15. The tailors stitching is evident by the reduction of the back seam at the bottom and darts to the back of the waist above the waistband. This was common practise to have a larger size tailored down for a smarter fit. The resulting size is still approximately a 37-38 waist and 42-44 chest. There is no real wear to speak of, only some minor moth damage to the surface of the material in a couple of places as pictured. Condition of the material is generally very good and the lining is clean and not soiled or faded. There has been a full replacement of the buttons. The waist buckle appears to have been shortened or altered slightly and bears some wear to the lining from use. An excellent example of the austerity blouse in a refreshingly large size, perfect for display on a modern sized mannequin. PLEASE SEE FURTHER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM BELOW.
1944 Camouflaged Jerkin 1944 dated example of the increasingly harder to find camouflaged jerkin. Condition of the leather is lovely in a light brown leather with dark streaks of camouflage to the body. This is example is made by Winter and Bloom Ltd, stamped a size 2 and dated September 1944 on its original issue label. Some stitching has come loose under both armpits, but could be easily re-attached. There is a minor amount of wear on the lower of the skirt at the front. A couple of the buttons have been moved along; possibly in it's field life, and small buttons for attaching a liner have been added. All in all, a very pleasing and displayable example of warm kit.
1944 Complete Part 1 Army AB64 Paybook Very clean and complete part 1 of the AB64 as issued to all British troops, dated December 1944. Is has all pages intact and clean, but would appear it has barely been used and the soldier has not even signed the first page or had his sizes filled out. Named to 14733268 Gordon Frederick Mc Nally, who was a fitter prior to enlistment in March 1944. A good intact example of the AB64. FREE UK POST.
1944 Dated Jack Knife Good example of a standard late-war jack knife as used by the British army. Good condition with minor wear to the body. UK SALES ONLY PLEASE, 18+ YEARS OLD ONLY
1944 OAs Service Dress Jacket Great example of the Ordinary Airman\'s jacket, dated 1944 and made by the Prices Tailors Ltd. The jacket is a size 11 and bears printed albatross insignia to each sleeve. Condition is fantastic, with a great nap to the cloth and little evidence of any real wear. The lining retains it\'s deeper blue colour and has clearly seen little use.
1944 Royal Navy Deck Boots Size 7 Royal Navy issue deck boots, dated 1944 in a size 7. They are very similar in style to the boots used by the Royal Air Force. These examples are made by \'ADAMS BROS LTD\' and nicely dated 1944 internally. Condition is very good throughout, soles are in great shape, all eyelets and leather intact. There is some minor denting to the rim of the soles from wear. A truly excellent example that display very well and would compliment a Royal Navy or RAF display greatly.
1944 Royal Navy Engineer Branch Warrant Officer Jacket A 1944 dated engineering branch Royal Navy Warrant Officer\'s jacket. This is the double breasted woollen tunic, with gilt Royal Navy buttons and braided cuffs, with the addition of a red band on each cuff signifying engineering branch. This tunic retains its original tailors label, that shows it was made by \'E. J. WHITAKER & SONS\' in Chatham Kent. The label is inscribed to \'C. E. SNELL R.N\' and dated 2nd August 1944. There is some scattered surface moth damage, and one more major nip to the sleeve as pictured. Generally the wool has a good nap to the cloth and the braid and buttons are in excellent shape.
1944 Unissued GS Beret Size 7 5/8 Excellent clean and unissued General Service beret, in a large size 7 5/8 and mint clean condition with no cap badge slot. The ink stamp reads L SILBERSTON & SONS LTD. 1944 and the stores stamp bears the M above the War Department arrow for 1944. The material is the earlier cord type as seen in Field Service caps and later replaced by serge material in 1945. The lining is in good clean unissued condition and the eyelets are immaculate. These type of berets are becoming more difficult to find in such size and condition.
1944 US Pistol/ Personal Effects Waterproof Cover Bag Great example of the waterproof dry bag as used by US troops for issue pistols but also for personal effects. Condition is very good and the stampings are clear, complete with some of the paper issue packaging. Clearly dated 12/13/44. FREE UK POST
1944 USAAF Lt Observer Ike Jacket A lovely 1944 dated US Air Force Ike jacket, badged to an unnamed Lieutenant observer. The jacket bears the bullion air force badge to the left sleeve and collar titles to the lapels. The embroidered observer badge is sewn to the chest; above the medal ribbon to the pacific campaign which is secured via a pin back. All insignia has been professionally tailored and sewn seamlessly inside the lining, and an early Conmar zip has been put in place of where the buttons would normally fasten. The zip functions perfectly. The inside features all internal issue labels marking it as a size 36 regular and dating it to Dec 1944. Condition is very good and clean throughout, however the bullion badge has lost most of it's bright strands. This jacket is in very good condition, clearly tailored very well for an individual and would compliment a USAAF collection very well.
1945 .303 Cloth Ammunition Bandolier Cloth .303 ammunition bandolier, made by B. M. Co and dated 3/9/45. Whilst it is dated post-war, the pattern is exactly the same and retains the correct cotton strap as the wartime dated examples. Condition is very good, possibly unused with very good metalwork and stitching.
1945 0.50 Cal Inert Round 1945 dated 0.50 Calibre inert round, head can be removed from the cartridge. The cartridge is struck and empty. Condition is very good with only minor verdigris. UK ONLY SALE PLEASE
1945 Aluminium Soap Tin Aluminium tin used for soap and stored in the small pack for personal administration. Clearly maker marked and dated \' S G & Co 1945\'. Some small denting and pitting to the top as pictured.
1945 Ammo Boots Size 8M Late war ankle boots, dated 1945 in a size 8M. They are believed to have originally been designed for Far East use, manufactured in brown leather. They have subsequently been dyed darker for field use and retain all studs and metal work to the soles. The soles themselves are in fantastic condition and have rivets to secure them to the base of the sole. They are dated 1945 along with the maker \'NORTHAMPTONS\', they have pullers to the rear. Condition is great and solid throughout with only minor scuffs and marks. They come complete with a pair of correct black leather laces.
1945 British Ammo Boots Size 11S Excellent pair of British Other Ranks ammunition boots, dated 1945 and in a good large size 11S. This pair are in very good condition, with no major scuffs or dents just mild service wear. The correct two-layer soles are in good shape, with no excessive wear. The heel and toe plates are in place, with the toe plate featuring the correct later war economy style with one screw removed. The soles themselves have not been studded. They are marked inside with a circular manufacture stamp and the date of 1945, both boots are stamped the same and the heel of each bears War Department stamps. They look to have been stored for some time, as the toe caps look slightly flat, as though they have been stacked underneath others. This could likely be rectified. Overall an excellent example in large size that would display very well. Wartime examples are becoming harder to find.
1945 British Made Musette Bag Field Modified Original British made version of the Musette bag as issued to US troops throughout the war. The bag is in excellent shape with all snap and buckles correct, the strap has been modified to fit on the side. This has been achieved by removing the top straps, that would usually fit onto the harness or GP strap, and moving them to the side. The strap itself appears to have been made from a British MK VII haversack strap. Stamped to the inside of the flap \'H H C & Co Ltd 1945\', with \'BRITISH MADE\' stamped underneath it. The standard \'US\' stamp to the outside appears to have been de-militarised after the war into an emblem. Good example of a more difficult to find version of the musette bag.
1945 Dated .50 Inert Round Inert 1945 dated .50 round, complete with detachable head. This round is stamped into the base, with some overall tarnishing and scratches.
1945 Large First Aid Vehicle Tin AFV Large first aid tin for the Armoured Fighting Vehicle. Stamped \'OUTFIT, FIRST-AID FOR ARMOURED FIGHTING FIGHTING VEHICLES\' and dated April 1945 (4 45) either side of the embossed broad arrow mark to the top centre. The tin has seen a fair bit of use and has a large percentage of paint missing as well as surface rust. This would likely be removed with a light oil and clean. There is some amount of blue paint to the front. There is also some green paint that has been crudely applied to one side over a previous stamping. Nonetheless the hinges work well and would only benefit from a light clean.
1945 MK IV Steel Helmet Example of the MKIV Steel Helmet, modelled on the late-war MKIII helmet seen in Normandy and afterwards. The main difference with the MK IV is the height on the chin strap lugs on the shell. This example is in good clean condition and is a size 7, with 1945 dated to the liner and BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies) as the manufacturer. The shell bears a large percentage of it\'s drab green-brown colour and the chinstrap retains elasticity. The draw string to the liner is present and undamaged.
1945 Tropical Rubberised Waterproof Signalling Equipment Bag Unusual 1945 dated rubberised waterproof green canvas bag. It is marked \'BAGS WATERPROOF SIGNALS.\', though some of the ink has rubbed off. There is also a \'DIRECTIONS FOR USE\' label on the opposite outer side. It appears to be of British manufacture, and is believed to belong to part of the 44 pattern equipment designed for the jungle. The intention presumably was to keep spare parts for radio equipment dry when stored in a bergen or pack, the cotton ties securing the top of the bag closed. It is medium in size, measuring approximately 17 x 11 inches. The condition is very good, with no real wear to speak of. The rubberised element is completely intact, though the manufacture stamp on the inside is very faint.
1945 US Major Rank Officer\'s Tropical Garrison Cap Good well preserved example of the US Officer\'s tropical garrison cap, with Major rank insignia and \'Other Officer\'s\' black and gold braid. There is no damage or staining as the cap appears to be in mint condition. Size label intact inside, as is the tag stating the size to be 6 7/8.
1949 Pattern Officer\'s Battle Dress Trousers 1952 Excellent pair of size 11 officer\'s battle dress trousers, dated 1952 on their internal issue label; and made by the Co-operative Wholesale Society. The map pocket has had a leather football button fitted, indicative of use by an officer. They are in excellent overall condition with a good nap of cloth, no moth damage and all buttons present. Sizes are as per the issue label.
1951 RCAF Work Dress Trousers Large Size 1951 dated pair of Royal Canadian Air Force work dress trousers, made by \'HYDE PARK CLOTHES LTD MONTREAL\' These trousers feature plastic buttons, two side slash pockets and two rear flap pockets. The cut is very similar to RAF suits aircrew type. They are in fantastic possibly unissued condition with a very good nap of cloth. They are a large size 16.
1952 Ammo Boots Size 6M Good pair of Post-War 1952 dated ammo boots, made by J. Lees & Co. This pair have had the added sole and retain their original laces, while the original owner has had his number stamped into the top of the heel as pictured. His number corresponds to the R. Signals number block. The leather is in great shape overall with a good smooth uniform shine and no major scuffs or damage. The tongues of each boot have been cut down the middle by the wearer, most likely his preference for wear. They retain studs, heel and toe plates. The soles are not worn down, neither are the heels which appear in good all round order. They are marked a size 6M (Medium).
1953 Denim Trousers Large Size 12 Large sized example of the denim trousers used by the British and Commonwealth forces, both during the war and after as fatigue wear. This pair are dated 1953 and are virtually identical to the wartime austerity pattern. They bear a close resemblance in pattern to the 1940 Austerity pattern serge Battle Dress trousers, only in green denim material. They retain their plastic fly and brace buttons, along with the original internal issue label, having seen little real use or wear. Condition is generally very good, however there is what appears to be some glue marking to the inside leg as pictured. The sizes are visible on the label for Height 6 \" 1 - 6 \" 2 and waist of 37-38 Inches.
1953 Jungle Green Cotton .303 Bandolier Green cotton bandolier, for use in the jungle dated 1953 and made by H & S Ltd. Condition is good and clean, the strap and brass hooks are all intact and the material has good colour to it. There is a second issue stamp, also dating to 1953. FREE UK POSTAGE.
1957 4th Edition Meteor Mk 7 Pilot\'s Notes Nice original example of the pilot\'s notes for the Meteor, of the 4th edition dated December 1957. They are complete with only minor annotation here and there, generally they are very clean with the fold outs intact. There ar ehand annotated dates and signatures for June 1959 and October 1960. Condition is well used, with foxing to the edges and some creasing/ tears and folds to the edges. All in all a great example of original jet age notes that are getting harder to find.
1958 Hunter F.4 Pilot\'s Notes 92 Sqn 1958 Hunter F.4 pilot's notes, complete with amendments to various sections. The notes are inscribed to 92 Sqn who flew Hunter's out of RAF Acklington from April 1956 to April 1963. Condition is used, with usual foxing and wear but is complete. A great edition for anyone with an interest in the RAF of the jet age.
1960 First Edition Lightning F Mk 1 Pilot\'s Notes Scarce example of the notes issued to pilots for the Lightning F Mk 1. This is the first edition dated April 1960, with extra annotation leading into 1961. They are complete with all pages intact, dated between 1960/1961, overall very clean condition.
1968 Pattern Denison Paratrooper DPM Camouflage Smock 1968 Pattern DPM Denison airborne smock, as used by paratroopers and other airborne affiliated units. This example features knitted cuffs, four patch pockets as well as the \'donkey tail\' flap to secure under the crotch. There are also buttons to allow a hood to attach. Condition is fair with several small repairs, the zipo has some minor corrosion but is solid with no missing teeth and functions correctly. Approximate size: Shoulder to shoulder: 19 Pit to pit: 21.5 Shoulder to cuff: 23.5 Base of collar to hem:30.5
1968 Pattern DPM Lined Camouflage Trousers 1968 pattern DPM trousers, heavily lined for cold weather; featuring a First Field Dressing pocket like WW2 battle dress trousers. They are a size 6, a large regular size approximately 36-37 waist and 30-31 leg. The pattern features brace buttons, belt loops and waist adjuster tabs. Condition is generally very good, retaining their issue label, there is one very small hole to the front left thigh just below and to the left of the pocket lid. The stitching and material is strong with good bold colours. The turn up material has been let down but could be very easily stitched back, let down they add an extra 1.5 inches to the leg length. The early DPM colour and style of the 68 pattern is often regarded as one of the best camouflages used by the British army.
8 Squadron RNAS 1916 Trench Art Brass Ash Tray Very unusual and interesting \'Trench Art\' ash tray, to No 8 Squadron Royal Naval Air Service. This comes in the form of a pressed brass ash tray, with wreaths around the edge, the pressed shape of a RNAS button. The button has been imprinted from the rear and is very clear in its detailing. The stampings \'8 NAVAL 26TH OCTOBER 1916\' above and below the button. This relates to the formation of 8 Squadron on the 26th of October 1916 at St Pol. They were mobilised on the 3rd November 1916 and transformed into 208 Squadron of the Royal Air Force on April 1st 1918. There were 24 aces from 8 Naval and 298 victories were claimed. The ash try itself is in excellent shape, it has been given a light clean and polish, the detailing is very clear and there are no dents. It measures approximately 9.5 cm in diameter. It is an exceptional example of RNAS history and a very scarce item given the relatively short lifespan of the squadron.
Air Cadets Canada Brass Insignia Set Excellent clean set of RCAF Cadets insignia, as worn by air cadets in Canada throughout WW2 and after. This set includes the brass cap badge and five large brass tunic buttons, each button maker marked \'UNIVERSAL WALKERVILLE\' on the reverse. Condition is excellent and clean, it is a good displayable set.
Aluminium & Marble Blackburn Skua Model Good example of an aluminium model B-24 Skua dive bomber, mounted on a marble base, with metal waves connecting the aircraft to the base. The aircraft wingspan is 7.75 inches and the base 7x3 inches. The aircraft detaches from the base. The Blackburn Skua first flew in 1937 but was made obsolete from front line duties in 1941. These types of models would have been used on office desks before, during and after the war. An unusual aircraft model to encounter.
Army Dental Corps Brass Cap Badge Good clean example of the cap badge as worn by the Army Dental Corps. Slider to the rear. FREE UK POSTAGE
Army Officer\'s Detachable Collar Wool Shirt Standard pattern of wool shirt used by British and Commonwealth officers during WW2. The pattern features a half front button closure, button cuffs and detachable collar fixed by studs. This example has a green cotton lining to the collar band, brown plastic buttons and a cotton hanging tape to the rear of the neck. This example is in good overall condition with no rips or damaging. The stitching appears strong and the colour is not faded. The label is intact and places the manufacturer as \'VIYELLA\', along with the owner\'s name \'A. NORFOLK\'. There is one small moth graze to the rear as pictured. The collar size is approximately 14 inches from the centre of each hole, while the pit to pit measurement is 23 inches. The shoulder to cuff measures just shy of 24 inches.
Australian Made British Battle Dress Trousers Very good yet undated example of the Australian made battle dress trousers for the British Army, that have been used for walking out dress. Commonwealth made battle dress was often favoured for walking out dress over the usual British issue. This pair have had the map pocket and first field dressing pocket removed, and was often done for a smarter look when ironed. The pattern of battle dress conforms to the British early serge pattern with belt loops and metal buttons. They are not dated and have no visible stamps, as they would have had an external label that was often removed. They have had initials stitched in red thread usually indicative of officer use, and retain all of their distinctive bright metal buttons and belt loops. Condition is generally very good, with a fair nap of cloth and only a couple of small non-offensive moth holes. They appear to have been taken up or let down subsequently losing the ankle tabs they would have originally been made with. This seems to have been a common alteration with the serge type battle dress trousers. Size is tall and large, approximately as follows: Waist: 35 Inside Leg: 32.5
Black PT Plimsoles Pair of black issued PT plimsoles, in good used condition. They are generally sound, however there is some slight warping and minor cracking. One eyelet ring is missing and one lace looks to have been replaced. The soles are in good order, though slightly worn. They are a good displayable size 9.
Brass Wellington Bomber Trench Art Model A lovely brass trench art model of the Wellington medium bomber, in service by the RAF during the war for bombing, training and Coastal Command duties. There is a screw fixing to the base, presumably where a stand was once fixed. This is something that could be rectified if desired. The brass itself is only slightly tarnished and would easily clean up to an excellent standard no doubt. The size is approximately 7 inches along the wingspan and 4.5 inches along the fuselage.
Bren Spare Barrel Bag Well used example of the bren gun barrel bag, used to carry spare barrels and equipment spares. This example retains its carrying handle and sling strap, while all the pockets operate as they should. There is some verdigris to the metal fittings and an overall grubbiness, with a number handwritten on one side.
British Army Lamps Electic No.1 Good example of the standard issue British army lamp, with red filter, and handle for holding or mounting with a clip for securing to the belt. There are some slight manufacture variations with these lamps, this one features a large brass knob to trigger the bulb, as two small brass nuts to tighten the shroud in place either up or down. Condition is generally very good, with some minor paint loss, but all intact and would likely work; though it has not been tested.
British Army Pyjama Shirt Lovely army pyjama shirt with early zinc buttons to the front. Internal stores stamps and maker marked 'Faulat Factory Belfast'; which was a common manufacturer of shirts for the services. It is in virtually unissued condition, there are two very faint white rings too the rear, but they are difficult to see and do not detract at all.
British Army Rubberised Economy Large Pack Straps Pair This is a pair of the rubberised economy straps as used on the large pack. Condition is very good, with only minor associated service wear and some verdigris on the female buckles. They are not a matching pair unfortunately, however the condition is much the same. One strap is faintly dated 1941.
British Folding Tommy Cooker Scarce example of the folding tommy cooker as used by British troops through WW2. This is the two-part type for using hexamine blocks as fuel. The hinged bracket assembly uses the drilled recessed circular piece to slot onto the arms to create a platform. Condition is well used but there is no damage and the hinges work well. There is some minor rusting and paint loss to the metal associated with use. This has been oiled and lightly cleaned but would benefit from a good clean. An identical example can be found in the Airborne Museum in Normandy. A very difficult item of British small pack kit to find.
British Issue Boot Brushes Pair of British issue brushes, one dated 1941 with the War Department arrow while the other is not dated. Very good condition, most likely unused.
British MK3 Steel \'Turtle\' Helmet Shell Good example of the MK3 helmet shell as used by British and Commonwealth troops. These were used later in the war alongside the MK2, with some units using them in Normandy. This examples has clearly been worn with a close-mesh helmet net that has left traces of itself to the outer shell. The shell retains a large percentage of its original brown colour, and is largely free from scratches or dents. The notably high chin strap bales are in good shape, and the chin strap is present; though it has lost its elasticity.
British Officer Field Type Riding Boots Wonderful pair of riding boots, of the type used by British officer\'s from the Great War through to WW2. These items were private purchase and could date through to post-WW2, they are certainly not unlike those used as field boots and good for display as such. Condition of the leather is excellent, they retain a lovely light chestnut colour, that would only be increased with a light polish. There are no major scuffs or marks only mild wear as can be seen by the images. On both boots the soles are worn on the edges by the original wearers gait. The soles of both boots are generally very solid, however the layered soles will need lightly glueing back together in one or two places. This does not however detract from the boots, and this can be left as is. They are approximately a UK size 10 so good for display, however due to the tailored fitting of the boots they are narrower round the ankle area so may not fit an average size 10 foot for display. Approximate sizes are as follows in inches: Length of boot:12.5 Width at widest part: 4.5 Width at ankle: 5.5 Height:18.5
British Tank/ AFV Periscope T.D 18259 Uncommonly encountered periscope for a British tank or AFV, stamped on the lower part \'T.D 18259\' and \'T.D 19014ABI\' on the bottom half on the sprung lense cover. Condition is well used with some paint loss and minor scratches/ surface rust. One of the screw fixings to hold the lower half to the upper is absent, yet does not interfere with its functioning. There are many stamps on both half, the upper having a large property arrow with a \'T\' and \'87\' below it. A very faint manufacture stamp is visible, faintly reading \'W. W. & S\'. The lenses themselves are very clean and scratch free, being clearly stamped \'W. W. & S\' internally. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A HEAVY ITEM TO POST.
British White Cotton Washroll Used example of the white cotton issue wash roll, as used by British and Commonwealth servicemen to carry their personal wash items. This is a used example with wear and minor rust staining from use, it has been stamped with a service number.
British/ Canadian Webbing Trouser Belt Good large sized example of the webbing trouser belt as used by British and Canadian troops. There is a light green shade of blanco to the exterior and some internal stamps. Length is approximately 46 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.
Burma Military Medal Winner\'s Battle Dress Uniform Gloucestershire Regiment This is an incredible opportunity to own an original Military Medal winner\'s battle dress uniform, acquired directly from the family. The uniform belonged to Sgt William Edgar Smith M.M, who won the Military Medal in Burma whilst an acting Corporal on the 23rd November 1944. The, then Corporal Smith, rescued a member of his Bren gun section who had been wounded while attempting to withdraw from a heavy contact with the enemy after being dispatched on a fighting patrol. In the incident he was himself hit twice and went on to draw enemy fire to allow the patrol to escape. This grouping contains his battle dress blouse and trousers complete with medal ribbons for The Military Medal, 1939-1945 Star, The Burma Star, The Defence Medal and The War Medal above the left breast pocket. The blouse also bears printed Gloucestershire Regiment titles and Scottish Command patches from Sgt Smith\'s latter posting. His two wound stripes are fixed in place on the sleeve. The grouping also comes complete with a set of photocopies of photographs taken during his service in Burma and surrounding regions. These photocopies also include his service and release paperwork\'s well as Ministry of Pensions details and extracts from the local newspapers about his MM action. They also include a letter from the King about his commendation. There is also very interestingly a hand written nameless letter that details precisely the nature of Smith\'s actions that won him the MM. The place has been censored out of the letter. This letter is difficult to read but has been typed out below. \'A Jap machine gun post had been reported in front of C Coy Positions and a patrol was detailed to locate it and if possible deal with it. Sgt Marmont patrol commander split his patrol into two groups, assault group and support group, the latter group consisting of three Bren guns (6 men) with Cpl Smith as I/C. The support group took up a position and engaged the enemy with heavy fire, the assault group had moved up to complete a left flanking attack when they came under heavy fire from another enemy position, as the opposition proved too strong for such a small force Sgt Marmont withdrew his assault group assisted by fire from Cpl Smith\'s Brens. Cpl Smith had taken up a position on a high piece of ground to the rear of his support group. Having received the order to withdraw Cpl Smith withdrew his guns one at a time giving covering fire, the enemy machine gun was still firing trying to locate our Bren guns, as the last Bren gunner started to withdraw the enemy found his target and Pte Hanks was badly wounded and slumped back into his trench. Cpl Smith at once dashed forward and under heavy fire removed Pte Hanks to the cover of a slight rise in the ground.himself being hit twice, once in the arm, and in the leg. Having got Pte Hanks out of the line of fire Cpl Smith then proceeded to draw the enemy fire to allow Pte Hanks to rejoin the rest of the patrol. By engaging the enemy with fire Cpl Smith enabled Pte Hanks to get back safely without disclosing the position of the patrol.\' The battle dress blouse is dated 1943 and is a size 10 with early light brown buttons, while the trousers are undated but also of austerity type. The formation command flashes are in good shape and are not faded. The uniform itself is in generally good condition with only minor storage wear and some smaller moth nips. The medal ribbons have faded slightly from sunlight exposure. The printed Gloucestershire Regiment titles are in good condition and the wound stripes are intact. Overall an amazing and rare grouping to a Military Medal winner, that has been acquired directly from the family and comes complete with so much albeit photocopied information about his service. PLEASE NOTE ALL PAPERWORK IN THIS GROUPING IS PHOTOCOPIED AND NOT ORIGINAL. POSTAGE TO INCLUDE TRACKED AND INSURED SERVICE. PLEASE SEE THE OTHER IMAGES FOR THIS ITEM BELOW.
Carmarthenshire Home Guard Officer RFC Veteran Tunic Very interesting tunic badged to a Lt Colonel in the Carmarthenshire Home Guard. What makes this piece particularly interesting is the Royal Flying Corps pilot\'s wing, bronze RFC collar titles and Royal Air Force brass buttons. These were added for old servicemen returning to civil duties, in this case the Home Guard. The wing dates from the Second World War as do the buttons. However the tunic itself and the collar titles most likely date from the Great War, with his medal ribbons fixed below the wing. The shoulder rank tunic bears the characteristic half-belt and longer baggy pockets. There is some minor wear to the cuffs as pictured and one repair to the top left pocket, a small amount of stitching has come loose from the half belt at the rear. Other than that there is only very minor wear overall. The tunic is a small size. Also included is a napkin that was found in the pocket, most likely from a club he had visited. Please view the further images for this item below. Please note that the shirt and tie do not come with this item.
Cheshire Regiment Embroidered Shoulder Title Embroidered example of the shoulder title used y the Cheshire Regiment. Good condition to the wool, however there is one small moth hole to the right of the title. There looks to be some minor glue residue where it has likely been mounted in the past. It has been removed from uniform. Please note this is one single title, not a pair. FREE UK POSTAGE
Denison Airborne Troops Smock 2nd Pattern Well used example of the denison smock as used by airborne troops, commandos and many more throughout the war. This is the classic second pattern smock, with white hand machined stitching. This example has had the securing flap removed as is very common, yet retains it's original brass 'Lightning' zip and puller which works well. All brass 'Newey' press studs function, all except for one on the lower pocket that appears to have been squashed at some point and will not close. One button from the cuff is missing, however I will include a matching replacement. There is some grubbiness to the material throughout. The camouflage pattern, while faded somewhat has gained a lovely patina of colours. There is some damage to the material itself as pictured, this is mainly to the skirt. This could likely be patched, however it has been left alone. There an L shaped tear to the rear as pictured, however it has only on one layer of material and would be a fairly seamless repair. Internal issue label remains, however it has been rendered illegible, the size is estimated to be a 3 or 4. If you would require more thorough measurements please contact. Overall this is a good example of a well used field smock. Whilst it is not in immaculate condition, it has bags of character and would look great on a field mannequin. * Please note that the battle dress blouse pictured with the smock is not included.
Devonshire Regiment Bi-metal Cap Badge Fair example of the Devonshire Regiment cap badge in bi-metal. This example has a slider to the rear. Good used condition. FREE UK POSTAGE.
Dispatch Rider Cloth Trade Badge Good embroidered example of the trade badge used by British motorcycle despatch riders. Condition is worn but good, minor grubbiness to the rear. FREE UK POSTAGE
Driver Trade Qualification Cloth Wheel Patch Good embroidered example of the trade patch for drivers in the British Army. Clean worn condition, minor wear to surface of the wool. FREE UK POSTAGE
Early Pattern C Type Flying Helmet Named Fine example of the C Type flying helmet in its earlier configuration. This featuring two sets of googles straps, Bennett chin strap buckle and one buckle at the back for the googles strap. This example retains the Air Ministry stamp and stores code embossed under the right ear cup. The helmet is internally named five times to an \'A DAGGER, in various colours. The name appears twice in each ear cushion and once in large red letters across the chamois leather. The leather is in fantastic shape, soft and supple with no scars, scuffs or tears. The chamois leather interior is in good clean shape with no rips and is not unusually grubby. The only downside to this helmet is that one press stud has come off at some point from the left side of the face, this being one for the oxygen mask. There is a small hole remaining but does not detract from display, nor was the stud essential for display. The ear cups are in perfect supple shape with no flaking or cracking at all, the press studs on the google straps retain a good portion of their original light brown paint. There is some minor verdigris to the brass work that would clean very easily. I would estimate the size of the helmet to be a size 2, around 6 7/8. A truly attractive example for display. Please note the scarf and display head are not included with the helmet. Please see further images of this item.
Early Royal Artillery Spinning Wheel Cap Badge Good example of the early Royal Artillery cap badge featuring the movable wheel to the centre. Pin to centre is intact and wheel moves pretty freely. Some verdigris to the rear which will clean up. FREE UK POSTAGE
Early War Denim Battle Dress Blouse Good example of the early pattern battle dress blouse in denim material intended for fatigue or working dress. This earlier version features pleated pockets chest pockets and two internal pockets, whilst retaining the button holes for attachment to the trousers as per battle dress serge. Being the earliest pattern, it is likely to date from around 1939 to 1941, yet was worn throughout the war. Condition is generally very good with fairly strong colour and no rips, tears or stains. There is some minor ribbing to one of the cuffs, and cracking to one of the composite buttons with some minor overall marking. The epaulettes have been roughly cut off, something often seen among armoured crewman to avoid snagging on the inside of vehicles. The label is not present, yet this example is named to \'2320226 BETHELL. C. S.\' of the Royal Corps of Signals; as indicated by the number block. Size is approximately: Chest: 21.5 Waist: 16.5 Sleeves: 23.5
Early War MK V Respirator Haversack Clean example of the MKV respirator haversack as used pre-war and in the early part of the war by the BEF. This example is unusually dated 1941, stamped \'M. E. Co 1941\' with \'VIT-AIR Z 41\' in a rectangular box below it. This stands for the company \'Vital Air\' who made respirators for the military, yet the haversack itself was made by \'Mills Equipment Company\'. Condition is generally very good, the material is clean and the stitching remains strong. There is only some minor storage markings to the material as pictured.The strap is not worn and fraying like many well used examples. The only downside to this example is that metal work that has become very tarnished, something that will likely clean up with a bit of effort. One male popper has broken away from the material and remains in place on the female part.
Early War Pattern White Cotton Trouser Braces Excellent pair of early war pattern cotton trouser braces, these are the simplified version without clips to keep the material in place like the mid to late war versions that superseded them. This particular pair are in very good condition, and are stamped as a size 40, and dated either 1940 or 1941. The cotton is in fairly clean condition but has some grubbiness and marking to it in places. The leather is very good and not cracked as many examples are.
East Surrey Regiment Coloured Field Service Forage Cap Excellent and scarce example of the coloured Other Ranks Field Service forage cap, this one being to the East Surrey Regiment. The dark blue and red colours are bold and not worn, faded or discoloured.There is no wear or moth damage. The brass East Surrey cap badge is fixed in place and has a slider to the rear with brass General Service buttons stitched to the front. The lining is a dark cotton with no discernible markings inside. There size is estimated to be a 6 7/8.
Economy Plastic Royal Marines Collar Titles Pair Matching pair of Royal Marines collar titles; these being the economy versions made in blue plastic. They are both in very good overall condition and marked \'A. STANLEY & SONS WALSALL\' to the reverse. FREE UK POSTAGE
Embroidered REME Shoulder Titles Pair of embroidered shoulder titles to the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers. Lovely condition, matched pair with no visible wear. Free UK Postage
Embroidered Royal Artillery Titles Lovely matched pair of woven Royal Artillery titles. They are in great shape and possibly theatre made as the font is by no means perfect. Free UK Postage
Essex Regiment Bi-Metal Cap Badge Very good clean example of the Essex Regiment cap badge. FREE UK POSTAGE
Flat RAF Air Gunner Aircrew Brevet Beautifully clean air gunner brevet, this is a flat example that is unissued and has not been removed from uniform.
Flat RAF Air Gunner Aircrew Brevet Fair example of the flat issue RAF aircrew qualification brevet, as issued to qualified Air Gunners. Condition is good, with some minor marking to the rear. It has clearly been removed from uniform. FREE UK POSTAGE
Flat RAF Navigator Aircrew Brevet Fair example of the flat issue RAF aircrew qualification brevet, as issued to qualified navigators. Condition is good but with some minor white marks to the rear from mounting at some point. It has clearly been removed from uniform. FREE UK POSTAGE
Flat RAF Pilot Wings Excellent pair of flat pattern RAF issue wings as issued to qualified pilots in the Royal Air Force. These examples are in very good condition and have clearly been removed form uniform. FREE UK POSTAGE
Flat RAF Signaller Aircrew Brevet Signaller brevet as worn by wireless operator\'s on bombers. This is a flat example that has clearly been removed from uniform. Some age related wear and minor rust marks to the rear. Free UK postage
Flat RCAF Bomb Aimer Aircrew Brevet Excellent example of the flat Royal Canadian Air Force aircrew qualification brevet, as issued to Bomb Aimers. Condition is very good, with excellent colour, silk and only some minor wear to the bordering material. At some point they have been mounted on a display and bear some paper and glue residue to the rear, this could possibly be cleaned in time. These look to have been issued but perhaps never stitched onto a uniform. FREE UK POSTAGE
Flat RCAF WAG Aircrew Brevet Excellent unissued example of the flat Royal Canadian Air Force aircrew qualification brevet, as issued to qualified Wireless/ Air Gunners. Condition is excellent, with perfect colour, silk and bordering material. At some point they have been mounted on a display and bear some paper and glue residue to the rear, this could possibly be cleaned in time. FREE UK POSTAGE
French Officer\'s Leather \'Sam Browne\' Belt & Strap Large Size French leather \'Sam Browne\' style belt with cross shoulder strap as used by French officers. The leather and stitching is good strong condition, there is only some minor scuffing and tarnishing to the brass. There is some surface cracking to the leather. The belt is a large size measuring 46 inches in length.
Further Images 1: Burma MM Winner\'s Battle Dress Uniform Gloucestershire Regiment
Further Images 1: RSM Named 53 Welsh Div Royal Artillery 112th Field Regt Grouping
Further Images 2: Burma MM Winner\'s Battle Dress Uniform Gloucestershire Regiment
Further Images 2: RSM Named 53 Welsh Div Royal Artillery 112th Field Regt Grouping
Further Images: 1939 Named Territorial Royal Artillery Officer\'s Service Dress Uniform
Further Images: 1939 RAMC Desert Painted Helmet Named
Further Images: 1941 US 3rd Army Corps EM Tunic 37L
Further Images: 1943 Extreme Weather Tropal Coat
Further Images: 1944 Austerity Pattern Battle Dress Blouse Size 18 Tailored
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Further Images: Named Attributed 1939 20th Armoured Brigade Coldstream Guards Battle Dress Blouse
Further Images: Named Attributed VR 104/ 214 Sqn Wellington Navigator\'s Uniform
Further Images: Named Pre-War RAF Officers Mess 1930s Dress Trousers
Further Images: Named RAF Flying Instructor Officer\'s Service Dress Uniform Large Size
Further Images: Other Ranks Service Dress Jacket Size 13
Further Images: Polish Army Cap Plaque & Photographs Grouping
Further Images: RAF 1941 Pattern Flying Boots Size 9
Further Images: RAF C Type Flying Helmet
Further Images: RAF Officer\'s Peaked Service Dress Cap Large Size
Further Images: Unusual Modified 1941 Tropal Coat
Further Images: Unworn 1941 OR Ammo Boots Size 10L
General Purpose\' Dispatch Rider\' Goggles Clear Lenses Pair of un-tinted general purpose goggles, with fur trimming and elasticated strap. These goggles saw widespread use among drivers, motorcyclists and many others during the war and came in several types. This pair are in generally very sound condition with only some minor rust discolouration and some damage to a small portion of cotton behind the tab of one of the straps as pictured. The lenses have some de-lamination to both glass pieces, however they are fairly clean. The steel rims have only minor surface oxidisation. The leather tabs and straps are excellent and retain their elasticity, the strap is a one-part cotton and one-part elastic. Overall good, useable pair of goggles.
German Army SA/ Hitler Youth Bread Bag Good example of the bread bag used by the SA and the Hitler Youth before and during the war. Condition is generally very good, however the leather straps are quite dry and would benefit from some leather feed. The leather trim is worn along the outer edge of the flap. Complete with all buttons, loops and straps. A good honest example.
Gilt RNAS Left Facing Economy Uniform Eagle Pin Back Unusual and scare economy example of the gilt uniform eagle used by the RNAS during the great War. This example dates from later in the war, featuring a pin back fixing to the rear. The detailing is pretty clear with minor wear to the face of the badge and tops of the wings. A good example of an uncommon badge and an excellent addition to an RNAS or aviation collection. FREE INSURED & TRACKED UK POSTAGE.
Gloucestershire Regiment Cap Badge Gloucestershire Regiment cap badge. This is in grubby condition and would benefit from a clean. Slider to the rear. FREE UK POSTAGE
Great War Aluminium Type Water Bottle An unmarked version of the scarce aluminium water bottle as issued to some infantry units from May 1915 alongside the ribbed copper type. These were issued with a felt cover, therefore the cork was not attached to the body. This example does not have a cork or cover and is offered as the bottle alone. These bottles are sometimes stamped on the neck, however this example bears no maker marks or date stamps. Condition is generally very clean with only minor denting and scratches. These bottles were issued in very limited numbers in favour of the normal blue enamelled type. As a result these bottles are getting increasingly difficult to find.
Great War AOC Brass Button Stick Great War period brass button stick, stamped and numbered to the Army Ordnance Corps. This is a simplified pattern, with no maker markings. A regimental number of \'040302\' is stamped below the \'AOC\'. The AOC became the RAOC as part of the 1922 amalgamations and disbandments. Good clean condition, some minor verdigris that may well clean up.
Great War Army \'Fiddle Back\' Spoon WD Stamped Good example of a Great War spoon, bearing War Department stampings and a 5-digit service number. The manufacture stamp is also present reading \'T. Wilkinson & Sons\' yet the stamp is worn and the location below is not entirely legible. The spoon itself conforms to the 1894 pattern that remained in service until it was replaced by a slightly different shaped version in 1917. The 5 digit service number was also superseded by a 6-digit version in 1917. Therefore this example is wartime. Condition is generally very good and clean, the edge of the spoon bowl has been sharpened as was common to allow it reach into the mess tin corners and also cut food rendered a knife superfluous. This type of large spoon is sometimes seen tucked inside the puttee or in the breast pocket for easy use. Excellent Great War example of personal kit. FREE UK POSTAGE
Great War Button Cleaning Stick Standard Great War button cleaning stick. Stamped /17 on the contract stamp above the maker W.H.B. This would indicate a pattern date of 1917. Would benefit from a proper clean to get the surface verdigris off. Great to complete a Great War or early WW2 housewife set.
Great War Chaplain\'s Personal Equipment Grouping Rare unresearched grouping of personal equipment to Reverend G. A. C. Smith. CF (Chaplain to the Forces), dating to the Great War. This consists of his canvas bed roll, cavalry style round mess tins, aluminium covered water bottle and cutlery roll. Around 3,000 chaplains were recruited to serve in the British Army during the Great War, and 179 were killed. A cursory search has revealed a Guy Smith who served as a chaplain to the forces and won the Military Cross, however information is scant and unverified. The bed roll has his name painted in white as was common among officer\'s, the inside is green felt lined and has cotton pockets that tie up to secure the contents. There would be packing straps that would secure the roll together through the leather loops. Sadly the straps or the contents are not present. Luggage labels remain attached and reveal Smith\'s name and address as Hemel Hempstead in Herts. This would be worthy of further research. The mess tins are the round cavalry type tins, each half with an internal handle. The tins have a serge cover secured by a leather strap that feeds through either the cover or loops on the tins. The cover has white ticker tape bearing \'Rev. G A C Smith C.F.\' for identification. The cover itself has suffered some large amounts of moth damage and wear from the strap, the tins however are in excellent condition. Inside the tins is a small plate, drinking cup, and various small tins used for storing shaving soap or any other personal items of wash kit. There is even a folding sprung tea strainer! These items all appear in unused condition with brown paper packaging inside. The water bottle is very much in the same condition, unfortunately large portions of one corner of the cover have been moth damaged as well as underneath where it has worn. The leather strap is generally in good condition, minus a couple of holes as can be seen. However where the felt has been mothed the leather strap retainers have become unstitched, they are thankfully still intact and could be renovated and restitched. This could possibly be achieved by grafting some felt from another bottle cover, however it has been left as is for now. The bottle is again in excellent shape, with it\'s original screw top and cord intact, on the rear top left of the cover, \'G A C S\' can faintly be made out inked into the felt. The cutlery roll has an interesting complement of cutlery, set in a light green canvas roll with tape reinforcements. \'Rev\'d G. A. C. Smith C.F\' has again been inked in large letters to the inside of the roll. The cutlery is quite a mix of collected civilian cutlery, none of it appearing to be military, something that would make sense for a chaplain without military rank. The small spoon is stamped \'CASTLE PACKETS\', a passenger liner company dating to around the 1890s. It is in good used condition. The knife is marked \'BOSWELL HATFIELD & CO LTD ST MARY ST SHEFFIELD\', and bears a patent number to the rear reading \'PATD 14362\' dating to around 1918. The blank oval to the handle has been faintly inscribed \'G A C S\'. There is some surface rust that would benefit from a light oil and clean. The fork bears the makers hallmark of \'GS\' in a shield to the top, with four hallmark symbols below. One of the large spoons has \'G. L. TANGA\' stamped to the reverse while the other is marked \'KILIMANJARO HOTEL\', this one has a lot of age and patina to it. All in all a very intriguing and rare collection of personal equipment dating to the Great War, something that has become very scarce to find in any condition. PLEASE SEE FURTHER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM BELOW.
Great War CSM Named Military Police Leather Equipment Set This period set has been built using a mixture of officer\'s Sam Browne equipment, 1903 pattern and presumably private purchase. Similar hybrid sets can be seen in Great War photographs, used by senior NCO\'s. The set is named on two parts to \'CSM MOORE\' and \'EM\' on another; the \'M\' presumably standing for \'Moore\'. Despite this nothing more is known about the owner. None of the parts appear to be dated or maker marked at all. The set is very similar to sets used by military police NCOs. The pistol holster and ammunition pouch conform to the standard Sam Browne officer\'s equipment, yet the belt is a standard other ranks 1903 pattern. The cross strap has a clip to secure to the holster, yet a very thin loop to the rear just wide enough for the belt. I am guessing that this is private purchase item, the last component is what may be a hip protector. It consists of a semi-circle of leather, with two loops for the 03 belt to pass through. Whilst this is a more modern concept I can only imagine that this was to prevent heavy equipment rubbing on the hips. Condition is used but generally very sound, indeed the only damage is some surface scuffing to the ammunition pouch. There is some crinkling to both the pouch and the holster. Inside the holster was a bit of 1989 newspaper used to pad it out for display, this gives some idea of how long is has likely been in one collection. At maximum extension, the belt measures approximately 37 inches at very most. Overall a very unusual example of a Senior NCO\'s equipment set up. It is difficult to see exactly how the set was worn, I have displayed it as best I can but it may well have been worn differently. This is something seldom encountered these days. Please note the tunic is not included with this item, it is the equipment set only.
Great War Double Buckle Sam Browne Belt Good and reasonably scarce example of the double buckle Sam Browne belt, designed for using two brace straps to form an equipment set for use in the field. This meant adding an extra brass loop to the right hand female side. This example is generally in very good condition with only minor wear and grazing to the leather. The stitching remains strong, while to reinforcing to the inside has some minor wear. The brass work has been given a light polish and the leather a good coat of neutral dubbin. The brasses are generally clean and free from surface degradation, they would clean up to a high polish if required. No date is visible, however I have encountered double buckle belts from 1900 to 1940. These were perhaps most known from Great War use. When fixed in the correct position the waist measures approximately 32-33 inches. Good example
Great War Entrenching Tool and Helve Entrenching tool of the Great War period, comprising of the metal head and the wooden helve. The head is in good shape, the date stamp reads 191?
Great War Era Brass D Shape Kitbag Padlock. Good example of the Great War kitbag clasp in brass. In good working order, no major scratches or marks only light wear. Action is a little stiff though it could likely be oiled into smoother action. FREE UK POST
Great War Era Sam Browne .445 Pistol Ammunition Pouch Case Lovely light tan example of the .455 pistol case for use with the Sam Browne equipment by officers from before The Great War and long after. This particular one has no stampings or dates, yet remains in very good clean condition. Ideal to add to an incomplete Sam Browne set.
Great War Era Sam Browne Equipment Shoulder Strap Unmarked example of the shoulder strap as used on the Sam Browne officer\'s equipment sets from before the Great War until well after. This example is in good condition, all brass work complete and no major wear to the leather. There is some minor discolouration to some areas of the leather, nothing a uniform coating of dubbin or leather feed would not rectify.
Great War French Early M15 Adrian Helmet A well used example of the M1915 French Adrian helmet, as issued to French troops for most of the Great War. This example is complete with the early pattern liner and \'RF\' infantry badge to the front of the shell, yet is missing the chinstrap. Regrettably, most of the horizon blue paint is missing from the outside of the shell; but remains visible inside. There is also a rubber ink stamp reading \'REFLEX PARIS\' inside the shell under the liner. There is some scuffing and marking to the outside of the shell, and what appears to be a small patch of glue to the reverse of the rim. It is likely that this helmet has been stored outside, possibly in a shed. However there are no dents or serious scrapes. The liner is largely in good condition, with some scuffing to the top rim. The tip of the one of the liner tongues having broken away, yet is still present. The corrugated metal band, split pins and string are all present and correct. There is some minor mothing to the blue serge material in the inside of the liner. Size is approximately a displayable 6 7/8.
Great War Highland Light Infantry 1894 Pattern \'Fiddle Back\' Spoon Great example of the 1894 Pattern \'fiddle back\' spoon, as used during the Great War up until 1917 when the pattern was changed for a simplified version. This example is marked for the Highland Light Infantry, and has had a corner cut and sharpened to allow it to reach the corners of the D shape mess tin. This practise was common and often referred to as a racing spoon, kept close by for immediate use as a knife and spoon. Overall condition is good, with hallmarks to the reverse of the handle.
Great War MGC/ Tank Corps .455 Leather Shoulder Holster Extremely scarce bit of kit, the open top leather shoulder holster as used by crews of the Tank Corps. Made by H. G. R and possibly dated 1915, however the date is too worn to accurately tell. From what I can gather these holsters were used by members of the Tank Corps and the machine Gun Corps. The number \'1820440\' has been stamped underneath the top securing strap, I believe this number block corresponds to the Machine Gun Corps. Condition is fair, there is overall wear to the patina throughout and some loss of the surface leather in some areas as pictured. There is also some hairline cracking to the leather where is has dried out. The brass stud for the top strap has come loose and would need re-stitching back into place. This would not be a hard fix. The leather strap is in fairly good condition as is most of the stitching. There is one tear measuring about 2 inches at the bottom of the holster, this could do with being glued back into place with leather glue. However it does not detract when displayed. A very difficult item of Great War equipment to find. Please see further images for this item. Please note the tunic displayed with the holster is not sold with this lot.
Great War Period Hand Stamped Trench Art Cigarette Box Interesting example of a small cigarette box, dating from the Great War period. that has been hand decorated with the words \'CALAIS\' on one side and \'WORLD WAR\' on the other. These words appear on several types of Great War period trench art, possibly of French manufacture. The hinge top moved and closes free and easily, there is wear to the surface of the metal likely where it has been polished, however it remains in good clean shape. No attempt has been made to polish this item, yet it would likely benefit from a light clean and polish if desired. Measures approximately 2.5 x 3 Inches.
Great War Period Sam Browne Equipment Set Excellent matched set of Sam Browne equipment, this is only a part set including belt, cross strap and short .455 holster for the Webley Mk V. Condition is great, with only light wear, the colour is matching and it has clearly been used together. There are no visible dates on any of the pieces. The belt measures approximately 44.5 inches total length. When worn on the middle fastener it would fit about a 34 waist. Please note that the tunic, shirt and tie are not included with this item.
Great War Period Signaller Copper Trench Art Ash Tray A very interesting Great War period copper trench art ashtray, made with a pressing of a crossed flags signaller\'s trade badge to the centre. This has been done by taking the badge and using it to form an impression from the rear of the badge itself. This effect has been done very well and has left a clear raised replica of the badge in the centre. The tray has curved edges and a flat base, measuring approximately just over 4.5 inches in diameter. The ash tray has been lightly cleaned but would benefit from a decent clean up. A more unusual example of trench art, being that of a trade badge.
Great War Scottish Regiment Kilt Great War Scottish highland regiment kilt, featuring two leather side straps to secure. This example bears the War Department marking of the Great War era, with the letter code \'E\' underneath the arrow and the number \'1\' above it. The material is in very good condition, with virtually no wear or moth damage to the the folds. One rounded prong buckle remains to the side, however the other is missing. Some of the buttons for the braces are missing, however these could be supplemented with period replacements. The nap of the heavy weight cloth is fantastic and the colours are bold and not faded. The kilt plaid features a light and dark green base with red cross hatches. There is a woven green tape to the top of the waist band, while the leather side straps are made from the grained leather as used on 1914 pattern leather equipment. The size is approximately a 34 waist, so ideal for display on a mannequin. Great War era kilts are becoming very difficult to source, let along in such good displayable condition.
Great War Style 1894 Pattern \'Fiddle Back\' Spoon Good example of a Great War spoon, marked \'EMPIRE SILVER\'. The spoon itself conforms to the 1894 pattern that remained in service until it was replaced by a slightly different shaped version in 1917. This example could well be of later manufacture but conforms to this pattern. Condition is generally very good and clean, the edge of the spoon bowl has been sharpened as was common to allow it reach into the mess tin corners and also cut food rendered a knife superfluous. This type of large spoon is sometimes seen tucked inside the puttee or in the breast pocket for easy use. Excellent Great War era example of personal kit. FREE UK POSTAGE
Herefordshire Regiment Bi-metal Cap badge Fair example of the Hereforshire Regiment cap badge in bi-metal. This example has a slider to the rear and is maker marked J.R Gaunt. Good used condition. FREE UK POSTAGE.
Highgate School OTC Brass Shoulder Title A single, relatively scarce brass shoulder title to the Highgate School Officer Training Corps. In good clean condition and complete with its correct four-hole backing plate and two brass securing pins. Please note this is a single title and not a pair. FREE UK POSTAGE.
Highland Light Infantry Long Scroll Cap Badge Early Highland Light Infantry cap badge featuring the longer scroll. (circa 1898-1921) Good condition, lugs slightly misshapen to the rear.
HMS Antrim Plaque Invicta Plastics Wall Plaque Wall plaque made by Invicta Plastics, bearing the profile of HMS Antrim and adorned with the cap tally. Good condition with only minor surface scratching. Size: 6 x12 Inches
HMS Jupitor Plaque Invicta Plastics Wall Plaque Wall plaque made by Invicta Plastics, bearing the profile of HMS Jupitor and adorned with the cap tally. Good condition with only minor surface scratching. Size: 6 x12 Inches
Hospital Blues Issue Red Convalescent Tie Original red hospital blues tie for wear with the blue three-piece wool uniform for convalescing servicemen. Condition is very good, possibly unissued.
Infantry AOS Stripes Pair Matched pair of infantry Arm of Service stripes, as removed from a uniform. They are in good, as worn condition; with thread still attached. It is becoming more difficult to obtain original pairs by themselves.
Iraq War M80 Fibre Helmet & NATO Bandage South Korean M76 helmet exported to the Iraq army and used in the Gulf War. The helmet comes with a NATO issue bandage in its original packet. This example has not been sand painted like many other examples, remaining in its green OD paint as supplied, there is wear to the paint mainly on the top of the dome. The helmet has been well used and is missing it\'s leather sweatband. I also has one prong broken from the chinstrap fitting and some ribbing to the webbing on the strap itself. The bandage is in excellent condition, complete with its original issue packet and depictions for dressings on the material.
Issue Kit Bag Clasp Good example of the metal clasp used to secure the issue kit bag.
Jet Age G Type Inner Flying Helmet Blue cotton G type inner flying helmet as used with the outer helmets by air crew in the jet age. Great example in very good clean condition and a large displayable size 3. It is dated on the label 1967 along with the 22C number. All poppers and snaps work perfectly.
KIA 332 Sqn RNAF \'Little Norway\' Book 1943 A very wonderful and unique example of the scarce book 'Little Norway'; published in 1943 about the Royal Norwegian Air Force training in Canada. The book is inscribed as a memorial to Sqn Ldr Major Kaare Bolstad of 332 Spitfire Sqn, part of 132 Wing operating out of RAF North Weald, with several smaller annotations in the inside cover. Major Bolstad was appointed command of the squadron on 28th February. He was killed over Holland on 3rd April 1945, while supporting the liberation. Bolstad has been labelled on many of the pages by the unknown annotator in ink; and is easily identifiable in them. He is mentioned on page 74 of 'Spitfire Aces of Northwest Europe 1944-45' by Andrew Thomas. The book itself is in excellent condition with all pages intact and only some minor ink spots from the annotations that had not quite dried at the time. It would appear that a photograph has been removed from the inside page, possibly of Bolstad. It is even complete with the original band with a quote by Roosevelt that would have gone round the length of the book. Please see the further images of this item. A very unique and poignant item, would suit any aviation collection extremely well.
Kings Own Malta Regiment Cap Badge Lovely example of the King's Own Malta Regiment Cap Badge. This is the other ranks version with lugs to the rear. Condition is very good with no wear to the detailing, there has been no attempt to polish or clean it in any way. Please note, the rear looks to have rust in the images, this is misleading as it is merely patina of the metal.
Late War German Army Gas Cape Bag A good field used example of the German gas cape bag, complete with a field-replaced rear strap loop. This is a well used example with some marking throughout and surface rusting to the poppers, which are marked \'PRYM\'. The green paint remains intact on the face of the poppers. This is believed to be a late war example.
Lewis Gun Training Simulator Gun Rattle RAF Used An exceptionally rare training rattle, intended for use as a simulator for training personnel on the Lewis machine gun in the post-WW1 era. These originally featured a circular mount to allow the rattle to be fitted to the barrel jacket of the gun, and subsequently operated to simulate firing. The circular mount is regrettably missing from this example, however it is clear to see where it has been removed. The original sealed pattern configuration can be seen in the last image, suggesting that the ring was mounted on a plate secured on the right side. The original paint is visible in places and appears to have been a khaki green, however it has been re-painted in RAF blue/grey suggesting RAF in the inter-war or early-WW2 period. This is likely given the RAF use of Lewis machine guns for aerial defence. There is some loss of paint, however it functions correctly and has a loud pronounced click when operated. Overall a very scarce bit of kit, and indeed the only personally known example. Despite being incomplete it would compliment a Lewis gun collection very well. It is priced accordingly. Image credit: ( Easterly, W.M., (1998). The Belgian Rattlesnake-The Lewis Automatic Machine Gun. Collector Grade Publications Incorporated, Ontario, Canada.)
London District Embroidered Patches Pair of London District woven patches, not quite a matched pair as one appears slightly larger than the other. They appear to have been worn together as they have clearly been removed from uniform. Free UK Postage Free Postage Some residue on the rear of the patches and some loose threads otherwise they are sound.
London Scottish Sporran Badge Good clean example of the badge used by the London Scottish on the sporran. The badge features the lion and motto \'Strike Sure\'. FREE UK POSTAGE
Loyal Suffolk Hussars Yeomanry Cap Badge Metal cap badge for the Loyal Suffolk Hussars, this is the bi-metal Other Ranks version with a slider to the rear. Condition is very good, with only age related wear to the front of the badge. There is minimal verdigris overall, only surface wear. Quite a scarce badge with a lovely used patina. Free UK Postage
M1912 US Army Webbing Pistol Belt 1918 Dated Well used example of the pistol belt used by the US army during the Great War. Clearly dated November 1918 with the maker Russell stamped alongside it. There is a fair amount of wear as to be expected with an item of field gear nearly 100 years old, along with some faint stamps and markings. The clip to fix the slide has also broken off at some point.
M7 US Shoulder Holster No Strap Leather open top shoulder holster as used by the US airborne and USAAF, this example has had the shoulder strap removed though for what purpose it is not clear. The holster features the US stamp to the face, with a lift the dot fastening closure to the top. and a D loop to the side. The lower press stud and loop appears to have broken or been removed. This holster is far from perfect and is priced accordingly.
Matched Pair of Army Sergeant Stripes Lovely matched pair of army Sgt stripes, clearly removed from uniform.
Matching Pair of Army Sergeant Stripes Excellent matched an possibly unissued pair of army sergeant stripes, they have great colour and no damage to the cloth. There is only slight fraying to the edges that could easily be trimmed. FREE UK POSTAGE.
Matching Pair of Grenadier Guards Cloth Shoulder Titles Lovely matching pair of cloth embroidered Grenadier Guards shoulder titles. They are in good used condition, and have been removed from uniform. FREE UK POSTAGE.
Matching Pair of Royal West Kent Brass Shoulder Titles Matching pair of Royal West Kent Regiment brass shoulder titles, as used in both World Wars. I would estimate this pair to be Inter-War/ WW2. Condition is very good, only light surface wear. The lugs to the rear are intact.
Mint German Gas Cape Bag Mint example of the German gas cape pouch, in a dark grey colour. This pouch has securing loops to the rear, and twin \'PRYM\' poppers to secure the closure. One has been worn to a certain extent.
Mint RAF Officer\'s Peaked Cap Badge Beautiful example of the cap badge as worn on officer\'s peaked caps by the Royal Air Force. This example is particularly appealing given that is has its original manufacturers sticker to the rear. The sticker reads.. \'Wm BRIGGS & Co Ltd 34 CANNON STREET MANCHESTER EMBROIDERERS 1\' I would guess that the 1 indicates a particular style choice or run. It is in exceptionally good condition throughout, for this reason coupled with the lack of any stitch marks I would imagine this badge to be unused.
Named 1941 Royal Artillery Officer\'s Greatcoat Excellent example of the officer\'s heavy wool great coat, this example being named and badged to a 2nd Lieutenant Barister and dated 1941. The sleeves bear arm of service stripes and buttons for the Royal Artillery, whilst the epaulettes are badged to a full Lieutenant. Interestingly there are holes for Captain rank so it is likely they have been changed since. The coat features two outer integral pockets, a button closed skirt, as well as an internal chest pocket; where the tailors label can be found. The material is generally very clean with only minor wear to the collar and no moth damage to be seen. Approximate size: Pit to pit: 22 Waist: 19.5 Sleeve: 27 Base of collar to hem: 56 This coat would fit around 6ft 2/3 with a 40 chest.
Named Attributed 1939 20th Armoured Brigade Coldstream Guards Battle Dress Blouse A wonderful early battle dress blouse worn by Major George David Chetwode (army number 63562); who served with the Coldstream Guards during WW2. Major Chetwode was the son of Admiral Sir George Knightly Chetwode, who was the Naval Secretary from 1929-1932. His uncle was Field Marshall Sir Phillip Chetwode 7th Baronet of Oakley, GCB, OM, GCSI, KCMG, DSO; who was finally Commander in Chief India in 1930. Major Chetwode was initially educated at the Royal Naval College Dartmouth and served as a midshipman in the Navy. He later went to Sandhurst and joined the Coldstream Guards as a 2nd Lieutenant on 3th August 1935. He was Aide-de-Camp to the Governor of Bombay in 19th September 1937, and gazetted as Lieutenant on 30th August 1937. During the Second World War he remained in the Coldstream Guards. Major Chetwode appears on the Order of Battle of the 4th Battalion in October 1940, where he is listed as a Captain acting as adjutant to headquarters company on its formation. It is not known if Major Chetwode served in France in 1940. Major Chetwode served in North Africa and Italy, where he was badly wounded. He was listed as 5th Battalion Coldstream Guards in January 1943 in Support Company. On 30 April 1943, the 20th Armoured Brigade was disbanded. He received the MBE on 1th December 1944 and was promoted to temporary Major in the Supplement to the London Gazette 21st December. Major Chetwode MBE was gazetted as retiring from the army on 7 May 1948. The blouse itself is dated 1939 made by \'The Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd\', with the War Department ink stamp \'R\' for 1939. It has had the collar tailored open and a partial collar lining added to the rear. Both inside pockets have been left and only a few of the buttons have been changed, the remainder being the early two-piece brass type. The blouse bears the evidence of Chetwode\'s service in the form of woven Coldstream Guards shoulder titles, above 20th Armoured Brigade flashes of the white armoured fist on a black square. His medals consist of the MBE, 1939-1945 Star, Africa Star and Italy Star. It is clear to see that the major crowns have replaced his Captains pips, the holes remaining. It is likely that this blouse could be his initial issue jacket, and most definitely his wartime one. The label has his name written by hand at the bottom \'G. D. CHETWODE\', the opposite blouse inside pocket has \'MAJOR CHETWODE\' underlined and below that \'C G\' with what appears to be \'R.B DES (C G)\' below that. The condition of the jacket is very good throughout, the nap of cloth is strong. There are only a few very minor moth nips which do not detract, including one to the right hand brigade flash and the left shoulder title. There are no stains and the lining is clean.There is a slight tear to the top of the 39-45 ribbon which could easily be repaired. Overall a fascinating and rare attributed early wartime jacket, with bags of history that would be worthy of any collection. PLEASE SEE OTHER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM BELOW.
Named Attributed VR 104/ 214 Sqn Wellington Navigator\'s Uniform Excellent Flight Lieutenant\'s Service Dress uniform, that of Flt Lt Wilburn 104/ 214 Sqn; acquired from the family. From photocopies of his log book it is clear that he flew in Wellington\'s, Mosquito\'s and Liberators, as well as several other aircraft. Wilburn flew operationally in North Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Notable operations include being the only aircraft to find the target whilst attacking the Messerschmitt factory at Steyr in February 1944. Another interesting operation resulted in a forced landing whilst bombing Ploudiv in March 1944, as well as bombing in support of General Tito at Nisic in April 1944. On a bombing trip to Budapest, he had annotated \'Holed badly on Stbd. Aft. Mainplane\' in April 1944, while on a gardnening op to Belgrade he has marked \' Thought I had Bought it on \'This Trip\' \'; though it is not explained why. The uniform itself is in excellent used condition, with only some minor grubbiness and tearing to the lining. However overall it is only requiring a light clean. The uniform is Canadian made, complete with hallmark features such as belt loops and Canadian buttons to the fly. He evidently had the uniform made when training as part of the Empire Air Training Plan. Complete with brass Volunteer Reserve titles to the collar, the breat bears ribbons to include the 1939-45 Star, Italian Star, Defence Medal and War Medal. The Navigator\'s brevet in a good padded example. Some buttons to the fly have been replaced, some are civilian buttons, whilst others are a mix of metal British and Canadian battle dress buttons. The waist closure features an internal hook and eye arrangement to keep it secure. It would appear that the waist on the trousers has been taken in at some point and the seam has opened up slightly, requiring only minor stitching to keep it in place. All brass buttons to the tunic are intact, as is the rank tape to the sleeves. Excellent example of a named and attributed RAF Bomber Command uniform, with a fascinating background. Please see further images of this item below.
Named Polish 2 Corps Cap Plaque & Photographs Grouping An unusual grouping believed to have belonged to Jan Yampolsky of the Polish 2 Corps, comprising of his Post-War peaked cap with economy plastic cap badge, copper wall plaque and two postcards. This grouping spans from during the war, through to repatriation to Poland. The Polish 2 Corps was a major unit of the Polish Armed Forces in the West, commanded by General Wladyslaw Anders. A proportion of 2 Corps were Pre-War polish soldiers. They played a large part in the Italian campaign in particular the fight for Monte Cassino from January through to May of 1944. The cap is of unknown manufacture, being of a thick wool construction with a brown leather peak. There is a single eyelet for a badge to the front, into which a plastic economy Polish army cap badge is fixed. The badge has some damage to the right wing, one of the fixing blades has been removed; presumably because it was redundant when in place. The crown has been removed at some point, this is believed to have been done after the war to conform to Communist Poland. The badge is stamped \'A. STANLEY WALSALL\' to the reverse. The cap has a polished cotton lining and brown grained leather sweatband, there are no visible markings. To the reverse of the outer band there is a single brass hook, this is possibly for a neck protector. The buttons and chinstrap are missing and there is some light moth damage spots to the top of the cap. Size is approximately 6 1/2. The wall plaque is likely of copper construction with a sand-cast Polish army badge to the centre. There is a hanging chain to the rear and the imprinted number \'102\' to the lower reverse. This eagle has a crown to the top, unlike the cap badge which has been removed. The plaque measures approximately 4.5 x 5 Inches. The first postcard features Yampolsky to the upper left side, alongside The great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt. The 2 Corps were in Egypt prior to their involvement in the Italian campaign. It is likely that this postcard was sent from Italy as the card itself appears to be of Italian manufacture and ink stamped \'STUDIO ARTISTICO\' with Yampolsky\'s name underneath. Some Polish writing appears to the left side, when translated it appears to read \'OLD MOUSTACHE\' with \'JAN\' underneath. This is presumably a reference to the fact that he appears to have a moustache in this postcard yet in the other one he does not. The second postcard is dated 1947, marked \'AGFA- BROVIRA\' a Berlin based company. The particular example of font, places it in the wartime style used by the company, and changed shortly afterwards. The postcard pictures Yampolsky astride a small car outside of a wooden hut with trees in the background, there is another man in uniform behind the car. There is more handwritten in pencil to the reverse, when translated it reads \'MY FIRST CAR\'. This postcard could be either taken in Germany judging by the manufacture, or been taken in England before repatriation of the Polish forces that stretched from 1945 through to 1948. Overall, a very unique grouping and an unusual snaposhot into his life, spanning from wartime through to the Post-War era. This encapsulates the era for the polish army under communism after the war, and also the history of 2 Corps during the war. This grouping warrants further research and would be an excellent addition to a polish collection. PLEASE SEE FURTHER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM BELOW.
Named Pre-War RAF Officers Mess 1930s Dress Trousers Scarce pair of pre-WW2 RAF mess dress trousers, featuring the correct gold braid stripe down the outer side of each leg. This pattern of mess dress is more difficult to find owing to the fact that mess dress was not worn during the war, with the post-war pattern removing the braid from the leg. This pair were tailored by \'O.W. FULCHER & Co 24 SAVILE ROW. W.1\' and names to an \'R. G. BUCKLEY\', no research has been undertaken. They feature a high V-cut fishtail back, with two slash pockets and a ticket pocket. They retain their straps and buckle for securing under the boots, however the leather has suffered to a certain extent as pictured. Condition wise, there are several small moth holes about the legs and front, with two small patches of what look like grease to the rear of one leg as shown. The braid itself is in excellent shape overall. Approximate sizes: Waist: 33 Inches Leg: 35 Inches Overall whilst there is some overall wear, these trousers are quite scarce.
Named RAF Flying Instructor Officer\'s Service Dress Uniform Large Size An honest RAF Officer\'s Service Dress belonging to Flight Lieutenant Harold Harper Shaw 153055, this uniform was acquired from the family and dates to 1947 when Mr Shaw was still serving in the RAF. It is a larger size and ideal for display on a modern mannequin. Please find Mr Shaw\'s service history below the item description. The uniform is of standard wartime four pocket construction, with a stitched rear belt and brass RAF buttons. The uniform was made by \'Austin Reed\' Regent Street, and dated 25.8.47. Shaw had been promoted to Flt Lt in the London Gazette in February 1947. Inside the pocket, a portrait of Flt Lt Shaw was found and is included with the uniform. The tunic bears Flt Lt rank braid to the cuffs, a lovely padded pilot\'s wing and medal ribbons for the Defence and War Medals. The trousers have a matching tailors label and date to the same as the jacket. They have a front fly catch and plastic fly and brace buttons. Some of the buttons have been replaced and some sporadically re-stitched. The uniform is generally in good condition, having been treated to a gentle wash and light polish of the brass work. There is however some damage to one sleeve as pictured in the second set of images. This comes in the form of two holes, we can supply some closely matched material to repair if required. The trousers are in clean condition also, with only some minor moth trailing to one leg. This is also pictured in the second set of images. The lining has some light soiling but would probably come out with a more determined clean if required. The uniform measures approximately as follows: Jacket Pit to pit: 19.5 Inches Waist 17.5 Inches Base of collar to hem: 29.5 Inches Shoulder to cuff: 25.5 Inches Trousers Waist 16/16.5 Inches Inside leg: 30.5 Inches (with 2 Inches of turn up) Shaw was originally sent to Canada to train as a pilot in 1939, however after some time he was considered too experienced a pilot and was subsequently made a flying instructor. Whilst in Canada, Shaw was posted to Boundary Bay Flying Training School flying Fairchild PT-26B Cornells. He was later transferred to the 39 Service Flying Training School at Swift Current in Saskatchewan, where he flew Airspeed Oxfords. Later Shaw was transferred to No.3 Flying Instructor School at Arnprior in Scotland, mainly flying Cornells and DH 82s. He then went on to 33 Elementary Flying Training School at Caron, Saskatchewan again flying Cornells. Shaw\'s last Canadian posting was with No.5 Pilot Advanced Flying Unit at Errol flying the Miles M.9 Master. Shaw was posted back to England and joined 291 Squadron at Hutton Cranswick flying the Miles Martinet target tug and the Vultee A-31 Vengeance dive bombers. He was then transferred to 288 Squadron, also at Hutton Cranswick flying Vengeances and Spitfires. In November 1946 Shaw was posted to the Central Flying School which by this time had been re-established at Little Rissington. Shaw was flying Harvards before being moved to 17 Service Flying Training School at Spitalgate in May 1947, once more flying Harvards. In January 1948 Shaw went to 22 FTS RAF Syerston, before being released from the RAF in August 1950. In 1951 he began instructing with the Nottingham University Air Squadron at RAF Newton flying Tiger Moths and Chipmunks, staying with them until July 1954 when he left to take up his career as a professional photographer. Overall an interesting uniform with bags of history, a wonderful addition to any RAF or aviation collection. PLEASE SEE FURTHER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM BELOW.
Named RAF Officer\'s Burberry Peaked Service Dress Cap Excellent named example of the RAF Officer\'s peaked Service Dress cap, made by Burberrys. The cap is named under the sweatband to a \'K. W. R. BRAITHWAITE\', however no research has been undertaken. This is the wartime style with squared off peak, featuring a thin leather chinstrap and cloth covered buttons. Unfortunately part of one of the strap adjusters has come off, yet this is not terribly noticeable and does not detract. The cap has a good colourful example of the officer\'s cap badge. The waterproof material to the lining has become distressed and ripped in several places, revealing the Burberry tailors label underneath. There are two vents to the rear of the cap. Condition is generally very good, however there is some light mothing to the top of the cap in places as pictured. There is a faint mark of some description; on the inside rear. Overall however, the colour is good and not too faded; yet it would benefit from a light clean. The leather sweat band is in good shape, as is the stitching holding it. Size is approximately a 6 7/8. Overall a good displayable example of a wartime period officer\'s cap.
New Made Full Length Fox\'s Puttees These attractive puttees were part of a specially commissioned one-off run by the original Great War Fox\'s company. They are new-made but with the original machinery and by the original company. They are in unused originally packaged condition, in very mint condition with only minor wear to the card label. The only drawback with this run was a mistake by fox\'s, resulting in them being cut to the short length and joined at the seam to make them full length.
No4 Army Torch Standard British army No4 Torch. Complete with bulb and both green and red slide filters, button switch functions okay. There is one small hairline crack to the front of the glass, however it has been tested and does still work.
Northamptonshire Regiment Bi-metal Cap Badge Northamptonshire Regiment Bi-Metal cap badge. Slider to the rear. FREE UK POSTAGE
Officer\'s Pattern GS Serge Beret Fair used example of the scarce officers pattern General Service Beret, this example features a khaki/ peach coloured cotton lining and thin barathea-like serge material in a dark green. This pattern, like the Other Ranks version; features twin eyelets under the right side. There is some overall moth damage, the worst of which is pictured underneath the crown by the eyelets. There is no cap badge, only evidence of where one has been attached. There appears to be no stamps to the lining, the lining itself is clean and unstained. The size is small, possibly around a 6 1/2.
Other Ranks Service Dress Jacket Size 13 Excellent example of the Service Dress Jacket as used by British Troops from shortly after the Great War through, through the Second World War and well into the post-war era. This pattern is commonly referred to as the \'1922 pattern\', due to the post-WW1 modifications from the 1902/07 pattern jacket used during the war. This example dates from around 1945-1946 from the War Department letter code \'L\' stamped into the lining. Condition is very good throughout, the lining and material remain clean and moth free, the only damage to speak of are the holes made for shoulder titles that are varying on the epaulettes. Therefore it is likely this jacket was used for film work after its service life ended. The size number 13 has been stamped into the lining, making it around 6ft tall for a 39 chest and 34 waist. These sizes, whilst approximate from the army size chart, indicate that it is a good displayable size. Please note that the 08 pattern waist belt is not included, it is only for display purposes. PLEASE SEE FURTHER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM BELOW.
Padded Army Warrant Officer\'s Crowns Good worn but matched pair of army Warrant Officer crowns. There is some general fading and rust staining to them, which may well clean out. FREE UK POSTAGE
Padded RAF Air Gunner Aircrew Brevet Great example of the fully padded Air Gunner brevet issue to aircrew. This is example is in very good, possibly unused condition. There are many variants to aircrew brevets, this one having the stitching to the rear bound with a paste-type adhesive.
Padded RAF Engineer Aircrew Brevet Great example of the fully padded Engineer brevet issue to aircrew. This is example is in very good clean condition, with a paper-card type backing bearing stitch marks where is has clearly been removed from uniform. A truly excellent used example. It looks to have been trimmed down from its original larger size, and possibly padded buy the original owner.
Padded RAF Navigator Aircrew Brevet Fair example of the aircrew brevet issued to Navigators. This example is lightly padded, has some wear and has clearly been removed from uniform. Free UK postage
Padded RAF Navigator Brevet Aircrew navigator brevet, this is a padded example that has been removed from uniform. In great condition with no visible wear.
Pair of German Baedeker Raid Incendiary Fins Found in York A pair of German incendiary tail fins that were dropped on York during the Baedeker raid of 29 April 1942. The Baedeker raid was not the only raid on York during the war, but was certainly the most devastating; cleaning the lives of 92 and left hundreds injured. Many buildings were damaged during the raid including the railway station and the guildhall. This pair were found in the garden of 40 Scarcroft Hill in York. One fin is on better shape than the other, bearing much of its grey paint still. The other has degraded and missing part of the finned tail section, yet still has traces of lighter sand coloured paint. This pair would make a great addition to a Home Front collection.
Period Money Belt Money belt made in white cotton with two pockets secured by press studs and two buckles marked 'Prima' to the front. The material is lightly stained in places with some rust marks to the material and on the metal work. Small size measuring around a 28 inch waist at the very most, so possibly a women's belt though it looks to have been shortened.
Plastic Economy ACF Lapel Badge Delightful example of the small lapel badge for the Army Cadet Force, this being the economy version in plastic. No issues with this example, maker stamped to the reverse. It retains its lovely copper colour and is not misshapen. Free UK Postage Free Postage
Plastic Economy East Surrey Cap Badge Great example of the economy plastic cap badge to the East Surrey regiment. Lugs intact, very clean condition. FREE UK POSTAGE
Plastic Economy Leicestershire Regiment Cap Badge Very attractive example of the economy version of the Leicestershire Regiment cap badge in plastic.
Plastic Economy Leicestershire Regiment Cap Badge Very attractive example of the economy version of the Leicestershire Regiment cap badge in plastic.
Plastic Economy Middlesex Cap Badge Great example of the economy plastic cap badge to the Middlesex Regiment. Lugs intact, very clean condition. FREE UK POSTAGE
Plastic Economy RAC Cap Badge Lovely example of the economy version of the Royal Armoured Corps cap badge in plastic. Securing blades are intact, however the top of the crown point has broken off yet it is not noticeable.
Plastic Economy RAF Cap Badge Economy version of the RAF cap badge in plastic. Stamped \'A Stanley & Sons Walsall\' to the rear. Badge is slightly misshapen. Free UK Postage
Plastic Economy RAMC Cap Badge Good example of the economy version of the Royal Army Medical Corps cap badge in plastic. The securing blades and the crown are intact, the badge is maker marked to the rear. Free UK Postage
Plastic Economy RAOC Cap Badge Plastic economy version of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps cap badge. It is in good shape with only minor fading in colour, brass prong fittings are good and intact to the rear. FREE UK POSTAGE
Plastic Economy Royal Engineers Cap Badge Good example of the economy plastic cap badge of the Royal Engineers. Stamped \'A Stanley & Sons Walsall\' to the rear. Lugs intact, good used slightly dusty condition. FREE UK POSTAGE
Polish Army Military Police Zandarmeria Canadian Made Eagle Incredibly scarce Polish army eagle made by William Scully Ltd. Montreal Canada and worn by the Polish Military Police \'Zandarmeria\'.
Polish Officer\'s Silver Eagle Cap Badge Very scarce Polish officer\'s silver eagle cap badge, as worn by the Polish army in exile on berets, General Service caps as well as Field Service caps. This example retains it\'s original twin securing blades to attach to the fabric of the cap. The badge is not maker marked but is thought to have been produced by J.R Gaunt & Son of London. Condition is excellent, the prongs seem pliable and have no stress marks to the metal. The face of the badge has not been cleaned and has not been heavily polished with clear recessing to the metalwork. Difficult to obtain badge, in excellent condition. POSTAGE TO INCLUDE INSURED DELIVERY
Portsmouth AFS Uniform & Equipment Grouping Fantastic grouping to Jack Revans of the Portsmouth Auxiliary Fire Service, comprising of uniform tunic, webbing belt, axe in pouch, respirator in bag and steel helmet. This grouping whilst not named on the items, came from a Portsmouth based auction with provenance to Mr Revans. The tunic is in good sound condition with Portsmouth AFS badge to the breast and one service chevron to the sleeve. There is some loose stitching on the collar hooks and slight surface cracking to the leather chin flap as pictured. There is no moth damage to the tunic or its lining, however the internal issue label has long since gone. As an estimate the size is large and tall, please do contact if further measurements are required. There is some mustiness to the tunic, owing to the grouping most likely being from a house clearance. Unfortunately one large button from the front is missing, however it would not be too difficult to source a replacement. The belt and axe pouch are in fine strong condition with little wear, the axe pouch is maker marked to the reverse on the metalwork. The axe itself has clearly been used and is worn as such, however the handle remains dated 1939. The respirator is dated 1940 internally and is of the Home Service type and not the more commonly encountered Mk VI services type. It has been reinforced with extra material, presumably by Mr Revans himself. There is some ribbing to the strap from use but it is generally sound. The respirator itself is in remarkable condition, intact and complete dated 1939 on the filter and 1940 on the face piece. The helmet is well worn and the paintwork scuffed from use, there are traces of red paint that looks to have been crudely applied to a portion of the exterior for identification, the liner is in fair condition with only minor surface cracking to the leather. The liner and shell are both dated 1938, with an unusual bolt securing the liner to the shell with the early round liner pad. There is a dent to the left brow of the helmet rim, most likely from falling debris given the nature and history of the grouping. This is an amazing opportunity to obtain a matched grouping from such an iconic era and service of the war, this is new to the market and not messed with. Portsmouth was a prime target for the Luftwaffe and suffered 67 raids between July 1940 and May 1944, this attributed grouping was there.
Post- War Black Round Parachute QRB Aircraft Materials Ltd Post- War black Quick Release Box for use on a parachute harness, this is the fully rounded version. The maker is stamped on the reverse as \'AIRCRAFT MATERIALS LTD.\', along with its stores reference as pictured. There is also an MOD stamping to the side. Condition is well used with minor loss of paintwork. The recessed instructions to the face are painted yellow, as is the \'LOCKED\' and \'UNLOCKED\' to the side. The box itself will not turn as I believe the harness points should clip in to release it. This is sold as a collectable only and not intended for use.
Post- War RAF Battle Dress Blouse An excellent example of the War Service Dress New Pattern Blouse, dated 1947. This pattern of RAF battle dress is not common and was quickly superseded. There are two black bakelite RAF buttons to the chest pockets and ******. The albatrosses have been removed from the sleeves. There is some overall grubbiness to the blouse that would easily clean. Size is approximately ******
Post- War RAF Officer\'s Shirt Post- War blue end-on-end weave shirt used by RAF officers, with detachable collar and turn back cuffs secured by cufflinks. The material and style is virtually identical to the wartime versions, the only difference being the addition of a full button front as opposed to the half-fronted style used during the war. This is example is very generally very clean, with only one small stain on the lower rear which may well wash out. One side of the collar has a rip in it, this could be stitched and serviceable if done correctly. Marked \'R.H.S.R\' as the manufacturer and size 15 for the collar, along with the government property arrow. The chest measures approximately 23 inches pit to pit, while the shoulder to cuff measures just shy of 24 inches when the cuffs are secured correctly. Please note this is the shirt only, no collar or cufflinks are included.
Post-War British Commando Jumper Scarce example of the jumper issued to commando troops. Still retains drawstring to the neck, along with elbow and shoulder patches in khaki cotton. The cuffs are also trimmed in thick material with buttons securing the epaulettes to the pads. There is a certain amount off wear under the shoulders most likely caused by straps, some repair work has been done to the arms but generally the wool is in sound condition. Whilst being a wartime pattern, the cotton label to the interior states the maker as 'PICK' along with the date 1966 with the War Department Arrow. Certainly a very difficult to find item of commando uniform that did not differ from wartime specification.
Post-War British SAS Beret Interesting post-WW2 khaki beret with uncut SAS badge to the front, Unusual example of a large crown issue khaki beret, stamped R with the War Department arrow. This indicates 1946 manufacture. The SAS badge to the front is the squared uncut version and has been stitched to the beret. There is some moth damage to the top of the beret as pictured and some wear to the green leather sweatband. It is a large size around 71/4 I would estimate, it has a large wartime style crown.
Post-War Jungle Green Boonie Type Hat Jungle hat as used by British and Commonwealth troops in the Far East. This example has been field modified by making the bowl of the hat shorter, a popular modification still used by the British Army to this day. The maker/date is only partially visible as the stamp has been obscured when it has been cut. One vent appears to have come out as some point, some minor wear and markings. Small size, approximately a 6 1/2.
Post-War Parachute Qualification Wings Post war parachute wings, believed circa 1950s issue. White gauze backing to the rear, some loose threads. They are in good condition, having been removed from uniform. FREE UK POSTAGE
Post-War RAF Other Airmans Shirt & Collar Post-war other airmans shirt. This is the full button version worn late war into the immediate postwar era. Comes complete with collar, maker marked \'FAULAT\'. No visible markings to the shirt collar. Condition is well used, there are a few holes to the front and side as the pictures show. There is also some staining throughout. One button is missing to the front. The size is quite generous making it very useful for display. Pit to pit: 21.5 inches Shoulder to cuff: 23.5 inches Collar size: 15.5 inches
Post-War Royal Marines Commando Beret Post-war version of the Royal Marines Commando beret, likely dating from the 1950s or 1960s. This example has a leather sweatband and no leather cap badge slot as featured on later versions. The tape is still fitted to the rear of the leather band, as are the two metal ventilation eyelets; as seen on wartime berets. The condition is very good, there is no moth damage to the material and the wool itself remains thick and not worn. The lining is in good clean condition. It is a good size estimated to be 7 or 7 1/4, if precise measurements are required please contact. Please note there is no cap badge with this beret.
Post-War Royal Marines Commando Beret Post-war version of the Royal Marines Commando beret, likely dating from the 1950s or 1960s. This example has a leather sweatband and no leather cap badge slot as featured on later versions. The tape is still fitted to the rear of the leather band, as are the two metal ventilation eyelets; as seen on wartime berets. There is some moth damage to the material, however the wool itself remains thick and not worn. The lining is in clean condition.
Pre- WW1 Victorian Period Bone Handle Jack Knife Interesting example of a jack knife as used by the British Army dating to the pre-war era. This example is made by Baum Brothers Ltd and marked as such on the bottom of the blade. This version features bone handle grips and a copper ring as featured on jack knifes up until early WW2. This is the two bladed variety with no spear blade. Unfortunately this example has suffered from the vulnerability of the material to age. Both grips have suffered damage to them, with one side worse than the other. The blades themselves feature some pitting and are very stiff to move. This knife would benefit from a good clean up and oiling, yet remains a difficult item to find in any condition. \'Baum Brothers Ltd\' were operating under their namesake from 1904 until 1925 when the company went into voluntarily liquidation.
Pre-1922 Leinster Regiment Collar Badges Pair Fair example of a matching pair of collar badges to the Irish Leinster Regiment. They have suffered from over-polishing in the past and both crowns are polished smooth. The feature two lugs to each rear for the split pins. The split pins are still fitted to the badges, however they do not seem to match. Condition is generally very sound and the lugs are intact, these are priced to reflect the polished crowns. The Leinster regiment was disbanded in 1922, these remain difficult collar badges to find. FREE UK POSTAGE
Pre-War Officers 1930s Plus Fours Excellent scarce pair of officer\'s plus fours or \'knickerbockers\', as was a relatively popular but short lived trend among army officer\'s in the mid-late 1930s. This example is made in fine barathea cloth as opposed to the whipcord that some were manufactured in. They retain their original tailors shop tag, tied to the front button hole, stating \'Plus Fours\' as the item along with a product code. Amazingly they also have their paper product label tacked to the rear, that would have been used to record date of manufacture and removed upon use. Therefore that whilst there is some minor damage to the trousers, they would appear not to have been used. There is a small amount of moth to the rear of one leg, as well as some damage to one of the leg securing cuffs. The plus fours are lined in waxed gauze and cotton with a full compliment of light brown unmarked tailors buttons. They feature a single brass buckle on each leg to secure the cuff closed. The brass buttons are stamped \'Sword Make\' with the emblem of two crossed swords, possibly indicating Wilkinson Sword manufacture. Approximate sizes: Waist: 33.5 Inches Leg: 26 Inches
Printed Driver Trade Patch Wheel Well used printed example of the trade qualification as sued by drives and sewn to the battle dress sleeve. Condition is well used and dirty, it would benefit from a good clean. FREE UK POSTAGE
Private Purchase PT Shorts Private purchase PT exercise shorts made by \'Decathlon\', as used by servicemen from all branches. Unlike standard issue PT shorts, they feature an internal pocket on the front left side. As well as this they feature three belt loops and an internal red/white label. The condition is great and the elastic in the waist has very good play in it, there is some minor discolouration on the rear left side. The cotton label is stamped \'F T ROBERTS\' who was an officer, though nothing further is known. This explains the private purchase features. The elastic waistband suggests that these will fit from a 30-34 waist without over-extending them.
Queens Regiment Named Khaki Kit Bag Well used khaki kit bag, faintly named and numbered to \'6076579 L/ CPL P. DAVIS GUILDFORD ENGLAND\'. This number block appears to be allocated to The Queens Royal Regiment\', likely to date from WW2 through into the postwar era. No research has been undertaken. Condition is worn and marked, there are several field repairs in white thread as pictured, yet the brass-work and stitching remains strong. The string to close the top is present, and appears to be a rifle pull through that has been re-purposed. There appears to be no stampings of manufacture or date.
RAF 1941 Pattern Flying Boots Size 9 Good used pair of the 1941 pattern flying boots as used by RAF and Commonwealth aircrew from around 1944 until well after the war. This example have had the leather ankle straps removed, effectively making them the same as their predecessor the 1940 pattern. The stitch marks are just visible, yet there is not trace of wear left behind as often encountered with modified pairs. They are a good size 9, well stamped into each leather tongue along with the Air Ministry crown and accompanying stores stamps. They are fitted with the more common \'Lightening\' brand zips, both work fairly smoothly. One zip however, is missing a few teeth to the bottom and has been stitched shut at some point as pictured. Therefore that zip only goes three quarters of the way down. The sheepskin is in fair condition with no discolouration, there is some very minor loss of fur, yet nothing too bad. One leather tongue has become slightly unstitched form the boot very slightly on one side. The rubber galosh sections bear some cracking, mainly on the one boot, some attempt has obviously been made to glue the parts that have begun to detach. The rubber soles are well marked \'Itside\' while the heels can just be made out as \'Harefoot\' brand. The soles are not split like many examples, with only minor service wear to the soles and heels. The fur lined insoles are present in this pair and are also faintly marked size 9. All in all, a well used pair of boots that have a few downsides yet remain a very useful pair for display. They would be a useful asset to an RAF mannequin. PLEASE SEE OTHER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM BELOW.
RAF Air Ministry Aircrew Ditching Whistle Good example of the nickel plated brass whistle as used by aircrew; to attract attention when ditching aircraft in water. The whistle has the correct Air Ministry and crown stamp and item code \'23/230\' stamped into the side, with \'293/14/L1795\' stamped into the other side. The pea is intact, the ring is present and the whistle does work. There is some loss of the nickel plating, yet otherwise it is in excellent shape.
RAF C Type Flying Helmet Very good clean example of the C Type flying helmet used by RAF and commonwealth aircrew throughout the war and for some time after. This is the internally wired C type, that succeeded the first pattern externally wired C Type. This is an earlier example, fitted with brass poppers studs as opposed to the more common nickel type. The helmet is a small size 1 and is stamped as such in the chamois lining, despite the size it is still displayable on most display heads. The leather is a deep chestnut brown colour. Condition is generally excellent, the leather appears to have been treated with leather dressing and is supple and pliable. The chamois lining is very clean and not soiled or torn. There is some minor scuffing to the top side of the helmet as pictured, this is barely noticeable and would likely polish out. There is also some minor verdigris to the press studs. The ear cups have become slightly misshapen as a result of being stored, fitting wiring and earphones to this helmet would help to re-shape them in time. They appear to have some minor splitting to one ear as pictured. This again is barely noticeable and does not detract from display. Excellent clean and very displayable example.
RAF Flat King\'s Crown Pilot Wings Lovely example of the flat unpadded pilot wing for use on service dress and battle dress. The wing is in excellent condition, great colouring and has been removed from uniform.
RAF Gilt Sword Belt Sling Buckle Scarce gilt buckle for the RAF ceremonial sword sling. The buckle features a leather tab with a single prong buckle to the centre. There is a stud and loop fastener to the rear. The gilt buckle itself features two king\'s crowns to either side of an RAF eagle wreath, with the eagles to the tom and bottom. Condition is generally excellent, the blue leather is strong as is the stitching. The metalwork is clean and bright with only minor markings that would likely clean off. The
RAF H Type Heated Flying Gloves Seldom encountered pair of H Type electrically heated gloves as worn with wired flying suits by RAF & Commonwealth aircrew. They are not quite a matched pair, as one appears to be marked as a size 'S' while the other an 'L'. However no real difference can be ascertained, they remain a usable and displayable size. Condition is excellent, a coating of leather feed has clearly been applied and has left them a lovely chestnut brown colour. This has left some trace of itself on the inside of the leather however it does not detract. The labels both remain in very clean condition, I suspect these have never been used as there is no sign of wear at all.
RAF Navigators Officer\'s Service Dress Uniform OBE ACE Interesting uniform to a Flight Lieutenant Navigator, matching jacket and trousers. The jacket breast bears medal ribbons for the Military OBE, Air Crew Europe, 39-45 Star, Defence Medal and the 39-45 Medal. Above the ribbons is a very clean padded navigator brevet, there are also stitches to allow medals to be worn on the tunic. Therefore this uniform will most likely be his best uniform at the end of the war, or one he had made at the time. Condition is very good throughout and complete with all the original buttons, with only minor wear to the material and some minor moth nips. These come in the form of two small nips on the inside leg of the trousers, however they are not noticeable. A small area of the fly lining to the trousers has come un-stitched, it is a minor fix that could be left as is. Regrettably there are no tailors labels in either the jacket or the trousers, however the initials \'W L\' and the number 18214 is hand inked into the trouser lining. This information, along with the medal ribbon could well be researched, however as it stands no research has been undertaken. Size approximately: Jacket: Chest 37/8 Inches Waist 32 Inches Shoulder to cuff 24.5 inches Trousers: Waist 32 Inches Inseam:31.5 Inches
RAF OA\'s Shirt Collar Mint blue-grey shirt collar as used by non-officer rank airmen. The condition is fantastic and has likely never been used, there is no fading at all. Air Ministry stamp is prominent as is the accompanying code stamp. Collar measures about 14 inches between the stud holes.
RAF Officer\'s Greatcoat Shoulder Boards RAF Flying Officer Shoulder rank boards for the officer\'s greatcoat. These are complete with the correct buttons and rings to secure them to the coat. Condition is excellent.
RAF Officer\'s Peaked Service Dress Cap Large Size Good used RAF officer\'s peaked cap, from an unnamed non-pilot aircrew officer. His uniform had been de-badged and all that could be discerned was that he wore a half-wing brevet, the name inked \'REID\' inked inside. This cap is of later- war construction, retaining the squared off wartime peak. It has seen a lot of use and has adopted a rakish \'ops\' style to it, giving a great amount of character. There are a few stains to the top of the cap, yet largely the material remains clean. The leather has seen quite a bit of wear but is intact, as is the cotton lining to the crown which is only a little grubby. The band has been embossed with \'Real Roan Leather\'. The stitching is good and strong with only a few inches having been restitched or reinforced in blue thread. The badge itself is also in used condition with some wear to the crown. Size is approximately 22.5 inches. A fair example, with bags of character in a good size. PLEASE SEE FURTHER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM BELOW.
RAF Officer\'s Shirt & Collar Lovely RAF officer's shirt with correct half-front, detachable collar and French cuffs to be secured by cufflinks. The shirt bears the internal label indicating the manufacturer and retailer 'Greenwoods'. Condition is excellent with no visible wear, it would appear to have barely been worn. Size is approximately: 21.5 inches under the arms. 34.5 inches back of collar to hem. 23 inches shoulder seam to cuff (when cufflinks fitted) 14 inches neck size Detachable collar size is 15 1/2 * Please note that whilst the collar is included; the tie and securing studs/ cufflinks are not.
RAF Other Airmans Greatcoat Fair example of the RAF greatcoat as issued to Airman and NCO\'s. This coat is wartime pattern, but could read either 1943 or 1948, as the label appears slightly unclear. This coat has been stripped of badges and fitted with a set of civilian coat buttons after its service, this could easily be rectified if desired. There is some minor wear and grubbiness to the coat, however the material and blanket lining remains in good order. It is marked a size 5, giving the approximate measurements as *********.
RAF Other Airman\'s Serge Tunic Belt Good example of the Other Airman\'s uniform tunic belt. Very good clean condition, brass buckle. A surprisingly difficult item to find by itself, and often missing from tunics.
RAF Parachute Flight Bag Fair example of the parachute storage bag as used by RAF and Commonwealth airmen. This example has been inscribed to a \'FLT LT K HUGHES\', but no research has been done. The bag features two grab handles, lightning zip closure and internal flaps secured by press studs. Both sides feature the broad arrow mark, making it a later war example. The condition is fairly well used with some overall wear and markings. The zip functions well, however one side of the zip cotton has come away from the bag as pictured. This does not effect the closure of the zip. The internal flaps are complete and the press studs work well.
RAF Pathfinder Brass Eagle Pin Back An unmarked example of the RAF \'pathfinder\' eagle, featuring the \'pin back\' fixing to the rear. The Pathfinder Force or PFF were created in 1942 and commanded by Air Vice Marshall Don Bennett. Their creation was in order to provide accurate marking of targets for the main bomber streams. These badges were awarded to operational aircrew on pathfinder squadrons, and worn on the left breast pocket flap of Service Dress and seldomly Battle Dress. whilst there are many types of PFF badges the \'pin back\' type were the most common privately purchased type. Some aircrew would sometimes use the eagle from the Field Service side cap in lieu of a private purchase item. The badge itself is in good clean condition with good clear detailing. The steel pin the reverse functions, yet is a little loose. There is some minor surface rust to the steel pin, yet this would clean up easily. FREE UK POSTAGE.
RAF Tropical F/O Rank Tape Single tropical rank tape for an RAF Flying Officer. Blue on blue rank tape, mounted on khaki drill cotton. Used in conjunction with Khaki Drill uniforms by the RAF. Condition is good throughout. Please note, this is a single rank tape not a pair. FREE UK POSTAGE
RAMC Regimental Fork Mappin & Webb One piece of a set of RAMC tableware, marked with the RAMC badge to the top of the handle. There are hallmarks to the reverse and there is wear to the metal finish.
RAMC Regimental Spoon Quetta Great example of a single piece of regimental tableware as used by the Royal Army Medical Corps in Quetta (modern day Pakistan). Marked to the top of the handle \'R.A.M.C\' with \'QUETTA\' below. There is some wear to the metal that could well clean up very easily.
RNVR Officer\'s Long Hose Respirator & Haversack Fantastic long hose respirator and haversack as issued to Royal Navy and RAF servicemen throughout the war. The respirator is complete with MK VII haversack, dimming tube and two anti-gas eye-shields in the brown packet. The respirator is dated between 1940 and 1941, while the haversack is dated 1942. The dimming tin is dated 1941 as are the eye-shields. This particular example is named to W. G. C. Cashford, who was an officer aboard the corvette HMS Coltsfoot, which was commissioned on 1 November 1941. His identity disc remains attached to the filter with his details hand written in ink, \'CASHFORD\' is printed on the bottom of the haversack and \'W. G. C. C.\' is also printed on the strap. The respirator is in very good condition, the hose is supple as is the face mask. The strap pad however is dried and inflexible. The brick red filter is also in very good condition with little wear and marking. The haversack is in good clean condition with only minor service related wear. The eye-shields and dimming tin are in good condition, the cloth remains intact as does the string for the dimming tube. A fantastic and unique example and would make a marvellous addition to a Royal Navy collection.
Royal Artillery Brass Collar Titles Pair of Royal Artillery brass collar titles, matched pair with pins to the reverse. Some wear to the face from polishing. FREE UK POSTAGE
Royal Artillery Gun Layer Sleeve Badge Gun Layer brass sleeve badge, as used by the Royal artillery. FREE UK POSTAGE
Royal Artillery White Lanyard White lanyard as used by the Royal Artillery, worn under the epaulette and armpit. Correct width and length.
Royal Artillery/ General Service Helmet Plate Unusual example of the British General Service helmet plate, belonging to an RSM of the Royal Artillery who served during the war. The crown appears to have been replaced with a staff crown, where it had likely broken off. The only other explanation was that this was an earlier Victorian plate, that was modernised for use in the Kings reign. The brass itself is free from verdigris and has not been over-polished, it remains a very attractive plate.
Royal Canadian Artillery Officers Service Dress Cap Good example of an Officers Service Dress cap to the Royal Canadian Artillery in the correct colours. It comes complete with gilt Artillery cap badge to the front, green felt interior and a Canadian tailors label to the inside. The label reads \'STOKES CAP & REGALIA LTD TORONTO ONTARIO\'. Condition is good throughout, with no moth damage to the barathea to the top. The colours remain strong and the sweatband and lining is not damaged. The inside cover has been damaged in places however, yet the leather band remains strong. The sweatband has had a chamois-type strip added to the front for comfort. Unfortunately, the gilt buttons and chinstrap are absent and would need to be replaced. The leather peak is strong and the stitching is good throughout, there is however some light cracking to the front of the peak. The interior of the cap is dirty under the leather band from storage and would benefit from a clean. The size is approximately around a 7.
Royal Corps of Signals Bi-Metal Cap Badge Royal Corps of Signals cap badge, in good clean condition. Slider to the rear. FREE UK POSTAGE
Royal Engineers Greetings Card from 159 BDS British North African Force Lovely unique surviving example of a theatre sent greetings cards. It was sent from \'26807 Spr J. Johnston\' to a \'MRS. J. JOHNSTON 12 PHILLIP. ST. WARRINGTON LANC\'S ENGLAND\'. The message reads \'CHRISTMAS GREETINGS FROM THE MEDITERRANEAN\' \'From your ever loving husband, Jim. with love XXXX\' There is some associated wear, creasing from folding that has weakened it slightly. The tones are bold and are not too yellowed by time, likely a result of display in a frame. FREE UK POSTAGE
Royal Fusiliers K.C Bearskin Badge Clean example of the cap badge used on bearskins of the Royal Fusiliers, featuring a Kings Crown (pre-1953).
Royal Marines Brass Ashtray Brass ashtray bearing the Royal Marines cap badge to the centre. There is some verdigris that would benefit from a deep cleaning. Edges are very slightly bent in a few places but it is in good condition overall.
Royal Munster Fusiliers Brass Bearskin Cap Badge Lovely clean example of the Munster Fusiliers cap badge worn on the bearskin. Good clear detailing, has not been over-polished, lugs are intact and not misshapen. The Royal Munster Fusiliers were active from 1898 until their disbandment in 1922. A very scarce badge.
Royal Navy 1918 08 Pattern Webbing Large Pack & Straps Very good near mint example of the 1908 webbing large pack, complete with haversack straps and original extenders. The pack itself is dated 1918, one strap is dated 1918 and the other 1942. The extenders are undated. The rear of one brass end is stamped for naval issue. The condition is excellent, with no rips, tears or ribbing. It has never been blanco\'d and only bears minor storage marks. This came with a small number of other items relating to a WW2 RNVR officer on a corvette, W G C Cashford.
Royal Navy 1919 Pattern Water Bottle Webbing Cradle 1940 1940 dated water bottle cradle for the 1919 pattern webbing set, with a front fastening press stud. It is in mint unblanco\'d and unused condition. This came with a small number of other items relating to an RNVR officer on a corvette, W G C Cashford.
Royal Navy 1919 Pattern Webbing Brace Adaptors Matched pair of brace adaptors for the 1919 pattern webbing set. They are dated 1923 on one but not the other. Both bear naval issue stamps to the brass work. Condition is very good, with only minor tarnishing and storage marks. These came with a small number of other items relating to an RNVR officer on a corvette, W G C Cashford.
Royal Navy Easco Lamp and Pouch Excellent example of the life jacket lamp made by Easco, complete with the pouch. The map is in great shape and nicely stamped up. Pouch is complete with white metal buttons and a rubberised interior.
Royal Navy Summer Hat & HMS Eagle Tally White summer blanco\'d Royal Navy hat. It is in generally good condition, however the blanco is loose, chalky and slightly patchy in places. The HMS Eagle tally is in good condition also, however it is a later replacement. The inner band bears the name \'JENNER\' in white paint, the original wool chin strap remains attached on one side, yet it is heavily mothed, Size is larger, approximately 7 1/4
Royal Scots Fusiliers Other Ranks Cap Badge Royal Scots Fusiliers cap badge, lovely worn patina. Two lugs to the rear, slight dent to the front but this looks to be from manufacturing. Very pleasing example, would clean up well. FREE UK POSTAGE
Royal Scots Greys Large Bearskin Badge & Plume Beautiful example of the Royal Scots Greys Bearskin Badge, with plume and holder plate. The badge and holder is in excellent shape and has not been over-polished. The plume itself is very soft and not misshapen at all, the features are in great condition. The plume removes easily from the badge and the stick is intact. A rare badge set in excellent condition.
Royal Warwickshire Regiment Bi-Metal Cap Badge Royal Warwickshire Regiment Cap Badge, bi-metal cap badge is good clean condition. Slider to the rear. FREE UK POSTAGE
RSM Named 53 Welsh Div Royal Artillery 112th Field Regt Grouping Exceptional grouping to Regimental Sergeant Major William Harrison of the 112th Field Regiment Royal Artillery. This grouping was acquired directly from the family, all that has been done was to repair some of the moth damage. The grouping consists of his austerity pattern Battle Dress blouse and trousers, size 7 made by \'Moore Taggart & Co\' and dated 1945. The blouse bears sergeant stripes, brass guns, 53rd Welsh Division patches and embroidered Royal Artillery titles. His medal ribbons are in place to include the France and Germany Star, 39-45 Star and the Defence Medal. The trousers are standard austerity pattern, having had wedges added to the lower legs to give a wider appearance when worn without gaiters. This was a common practise by the wars end. His uniform is accompanied by his General Service beret, also dated 1945 made by \'A& J GELFER GLASGOW\' marked size 7 1/4, bearing the RA collar title used as a badge in front of the correct artillery flash. This practise was common, \'SGT. HARRISON 885522\' has been inked into the beret. Harrison\'s identity discs are also present, featuring his service number \'885522\' along with a bone crucifix, these have been field modified to be worn on a thick lanyard. Also included is his Royal Artillery Association lapel badge and original issue wheeled cap badge. His metal tankard that accompanies this lot dates from later on, as it is inscribed to \'RSM HARRISON 112 Fld Regt. RA\'. The cardboard box that contained the tankard is present and included; though not pictured. His medals themselves are also included and match the ribbons on his blouse, bearing the pin back bar for attaching to the chest. They were originally stored in a cigar box along with his corresponding index card, these are included. The uniform itself dates from when Harrison was a sergeant serving under the 53rd Welsh Division in France, through Holland and into Germany. It is likely he served in 112 Field Regiment afterwards as they were part of 43rd Wessex during the war. The Battle Dress blouse and trousers have suffered a certain amount of moth damage, mainly to the trousers. The worst of this has been patched and repaired, there are some smaller holes that have been left as is. All buttons are present and correct, yet only the blouse and cap are actually dated as the label is absent from the trousers. This is common with the external type used on trousers throughout the war. This is an exemplary grouping to an interesting individual who was part of a famous and sought after division. The grouping was acquired directly from the family, something that has become increasingly uncommon in recent years. This grouping is a worthy compliment to any collection. Please see the further two sets of images for this grouping. If any more images or details are required, please do not hesitate to contact. Postage will be to include insured and tracked delivery.
Silver RAF Pathfinder Type Sweetheart Eagle Brooch Lovely example of an RAF silver sweetheart badge, this is a pin-back version. Identical in size and style to the pathfinder eagle, many of which also featured a pin-back. Condition is excellent, pin and clasp to the reverse are intact and solid. It has been lightly polished, with only minor verdigris remaining.
Single Army Sergeant Stripe Single serge army stripe, in used condition removed from uniform. FREE UK POSTAGE.
Single Early Army Sergeant Stripe Single example of an early sergeant stripe, possibly of Great War era. The chevrons are white and khaki tape on a thin serge background. The black stitching has been slightly misaligned during production, there are some loose threads on the edge and what appears to be a rust mark. FREE UK POSTAGE
Single Early RAOC Slip-On Shoulder Title A single slip-on shoulder titles for the Royal Army Ordnance Corps. As used in the early part of the Second World War Green tape to the rear. Some wear from use, single title only. FREE UK POST.
Single Printed Army Sergeant Stripe Excellent printed army sergeant stripe, possibly of Canadian manufacture. The stripes are stitched to a green serge backing, with minor glue residue from prior mounting. Please note this is a single stripe and not a pair. FREE UK POSTAGE
Single RAF Warrant Officer Cloth Crown A great, possibly unissued example of the Warrant Officer crown as used by the RAF. Colour is excellent as is the cloth and khaki gauze backing, it does not appear to have ever been stitched onto a uniform. Please note this is a single example only. FREE UK POSTAGE.
Single Tropical Corporal Stripe Single used example of the tropical corporal stripe, as used on Khaki Drill uniforms in tropical warm weather theatres. There is some wear to the top centre as pictured. FREE UK POSTAGE
SLR 20 Rd Magazine, Inert 7.62 Rounds & Ancilliaries Set of weapon accessories for the L1A1 Self Loading Rifle, adopted by the British Army in 1954. This set consists of one 20 round magazine dated 1959, 23 inert 7.62 rounds, two stripper clips, speed loader, sling and what I believe to be part of the Blank Firing Adaptor. Condition is used as to be expected, there is some green paint markings to the magazine while the sling is tatty and missing one rivet from one metal end. Great set to accompany a deactivated SLR. UK SALE ONLY PLEASE.
SLR 7.62 20 Round Magazine Enfield 20 round magazine for the 7.62 L1A1 Self Loading Rifle, in very good condition. This example is stamped ED for Enfield manufacture, with various serial numbers stamped to the body and the spring sprung feed plate. UK SALES ONLY PLEASE.
Small Square Mesh Helmet Net Good example of the dark green, small square helmet net used by British and commonwealth troops. Good strong colour and condition with no damage, the string is intact and is operable. FREE UK POSTAGE.
Special Proficiency Trade Sleeve Badge Trade badge to denote special proficiency, to be sewn onto the lower sleeve. Issued to denote a pay increase in a select trade after three years service. Free UK Postage
Square Uniform Brass Buckle Squared off uniform brass belt buckle, used on many different uniforms. Good clean brass and prongs.
Sten Gun 32 Round Magazine Dashwood Engineering Ltd. Well used example of the magazine for the Sten gun, holding 32 rounds of 9mm. Whilst many different companies and countries produced magazines for the Sten, this example is wartime and made by \'Dashwood Engineering Ltd.\',This is denoted by the stamp \'S30\' near the base as pictured. There is some overall wear from use and storage, yet the spring and plate operates well. It has been given a light clean up.
Sten Gun 32 Round Magazine Lines Bros Well used example of the magazine for the Sten gun, holding 32 rounds of 9mm. Whilst many different companies and countries produced magazines for the Sten, this example is wartime and made by \'Lines Bros\' in London. This company is perhaps better known as Triang Toys, and produced Sten guns as well as magazines. This is denoted by the stamp \'S68\' near the base as pictured. There is some overall wear from use and storage, yet the spring and plate operates well. It has been given a light clean up. The numbers \'96289\' have been hand stamped near the base, this was presumably the armoury code.
The West Riding Regiment Bi-Metal Cap Badge Good clean example of The West Riding Regiment cap badge. Slider to the rear. FREE UK POSTAGE
Theatre Made RAF Signaller Aircrew Brevet Theatre made example of the aircrew brevet used by RAF signaller\'s. There is no padding whatsoever, only the cotton embroidered onto thin black wool as is typical of theatre made examples. No real wear to speak of, only minor glue marks where is has been attached possibly to a display board. FREE UK POSTAGE
Thompson 30 Round Magazine Auto Ordnance Corps Original 30 round magazine for the Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, with three inert .45 rounds. It is in good used condition with some minor surface rust that would likely clean off. There is a decent amount of bluing to the body of the magazine. UK POSTAGE ONLY PLEASE.
Undated British Mid/ Late-War Jack Knife An undated example of the standard issue jack knife as used by British and Commonwealth servicemen. This is the mid/late-war type with a steel securing ring as opposed to copper. All fittings are in good shape and the handle has only some minor surface cracking as pictured. OVER 18 SALES ONLY PLEASE
Unissued 1943 Bren Barrel Bag Excellent mint example of the bren gun spare barrel bag as used by gun sections. Complete with strap and all flaps and securing elements intact and functioning. Clean maker stamped and dated 1943 Very clean condition, I would say unissued.
Unissued 1954 British Army Plimsoles Immaculate unissued pair of British Army plimsoles, dated 1954. They have never been used and still retain the issued steel tipped laces. The rubber soles and toe caps are in excellent condition with no cracking at all. The canvas has good colour and has not faded. Nicely marked inside from the manufacturer \'D.R Co\' with WD stores stamp. They are stamped a size 7. All that would be required would be a little clean as they are a little dusty. A very difficult item to find in good condition due to their intended use and the rubber normally perishing over time.
Unissued 1967 RAF H Type Oxygen Mask Mint & Boxed Excellent unissued example of the H Type oxygen mask developed late WW2 through to well into the Post-War era. This particular mask comes complete with its original box and packaging in mint unissued condition, there has been no microphone, wiring or even chamois leather fitted to it. The rubber is immaculate and unblemished, dated September 1967 on the box and January 1967 on the side of the mask. The box retains its original packaging label and comes with shredded wax paper internal packaging and plastic bag for protection. The mask itself is in near perfect condition, while the box has some grubbiness and dustiness it to is in fine shape. Rare chance to obtain an unissued and boxed item of RAF oxygen equipment from the jet age. this has not been messed about with in any way and is very original.
Unissued Boxed RAF Coastal Command Type C Headband Unissued Boxed example of the headband used by Coastal Command crews to communicate onboard. The box is quite intact but dusty and has both stores labels intact, dating to 1961. The headband itself is in good unused condition though slightly grubby from storage. The chamois leather has not hardened, nor has the rubber elements that have remained pliable and un-cracked. The top of the headband bears the correct RAF serial number of 10/12160.
Unissued RAF Printed Albatross Sleeve Badges Matched pair of albatross sleeve badges that have not been issued, they are the printed variety with good strong detailing and colouring. They have never been stitched onto uniform, only light glue marks from display that could be removed. Free UK Postage Free Postage
Unissued US Hospital Slippers Unissued pair of WW2 period US canvas hospital slippers. They are in their original brown paper packaging, bearing manufacture stamps to the outside. Both slippers are unworn, with the US medical logo to the inside sole of each and white cotton securing tapes. They are a size medium.
Unissued US Winter Wool Trigger Mitten Gloves Unissued pair of US winter issue wool gloves, made to allow the user to still operate a weapon whilst wearing them. This pair are still tied together as they would have been issued. Condition is therefore very good, with strong colour. They are a good size.
Unused US Officer\'s Watch Strap An unused example of a private purchase watch strap as used by US officers. Come complete with its original wrapper and cardboard packaging. The packaging is marked \'American Strap Co Inc\'. There is some minor rusting to the nickle buckle and the packaging is slightly tatty. The canvas straps themselves are in good condition. FREE UK POSTAGE
Unusual 1941 Luftwaffe Used RAF Souvenir 231 Flak Hamburg Very unique piece, being that of an RAF Other Ranks forage cap that has apparently been used by a Luftwaffe servicemen. The cap is named in ink on the inside sweat band, appearing to read \'Schutz P Höffler\' along with \'231 Flak\'. 1941 is handwritten in a circle on the reverse. The sweatband has what looks to be \'Crankartz Hamburg\' along with the date in ink. The brass RAF buttons have been changed to German pebble buttons. From some minor research into 231 Flak, it appears that they served under Stab/Flak-Regiment 153 from June 1941 until March 1942 when they seem to have found themselves in Russia. The timeline appears to make sense, however more in depth research is necessary on this one. The piece of serge material behind the buttons has been removed and you can clearly see the shadow of the where a Luftwaffe badge has been removed. This item was possibly a captured item worn by the Luftwaffe servicemen named, possibly taken off an RAF crew member shot down over Hamburg. A very unusual piece, that has not been messed with. It is worthy of further research.
Unusual Modified 1941 Tropal Coat An unusual example of the Tropal coat as used in extreme weather, as seen in Norway and also in the Western desert most famously by the Long Range Desert Group. These coats normally featured a thick canvas outer, with two internal flapped lower pockets, with 5 metal snap hooks to secured the front closed. Normal versions of this coat would feature a thick serge collar and either kapok or sheepskin lining. This coat has been professionally shortened to around the length of a mounted greatcoat (around 34.5 inches from base of collar to the hem). The tropal coat would normally feature buttons to the bottom at the back, similarly to a dismounted pattern greatcoat. However this has been removed along with the hem. The sheepskin trim removed from the hem, has presumably been used to fashion a large fur collar that has been laid over the normal serge collar. It could be imagined that the wearer of the coat was most likely mounted and possibly an officer, the adaption aiding mobility in a vehicle. This task would be made more difficult with a longer coat. Condition is very poor in some places, the sheepskin has become detached in some areas, but could likely be reattached if desired. The original serge collar is visible from inside the back of the collar, where some of the stitching holding the sheepskin collar has come away. Some wear to the cuffs is visible from prolonged use. There is a small hole to the inside sheepskin lining of around 1.5 inches square, this is in the lining only. As is usual with tropal coats, there is some stores markings to the outside canvas. This is very minor and consigned mostly to the back of the coat. The metal fastening hooks work but are stiff and rusty, they would benefit from an oil and clean. The canvas hanging loop to the rear of the collar has come un-stitched but would be an easier fix, there is also some minor moth damage to the serge lining inside the lower skirt. Some slight staining and grubbiness to the lining. The main damage to this coat has occurred from moth damage to the internal serge sleeve lining, where large areas have been damaged. Thankfully, this is not visible and would not hinder display. Overall an interesting modified coat, that would look brilliant on a Western desert display for example. Priced to reflect its shortcomings. Measures approximately 22 inches under the arms and 24 inches shoulder to cuff. PLEASE SEE FURTHER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM. BATTLE DRESS BLOUSE, SHIRT AND TIE NOT INCLUDED.
Unworn 1941 OR Ammo Boots Size 10L Incredible pair of British Other Ranks ammunition boots in a large size, they appear to have been issued but not worn. This is indicated by the fact that the toe caps have been smoothed for polishing yet the boots appear in unused condition. They are dated 1941 internally along with the size 10L (large), with the correct 2-sole configuration with WD stamps to the inside heel of each boot. Whilst they are fitted with laces they are not original to the boots, as they did not have any previously. They are slightly dusty from storage, and may benefit from a light clean and airing as none has yet been undertaken. The leather is in excellent all round shape with only one minor scuff mark, on the inside heel of the left boot below the WD stamp. This is most likely from storage. The heels appear to only have some smoothing and bear no real marks from use. It is possible that the toe caps were smoothed prior to issue. The leather on the inside of the tongue and the surrounding sides is thick and wooly, whereas a used pair would be smooth from repetition of being worn. The soles are un-studded, save from the toe part of each boot, which bears 7 studs behind the heel plate. This could possibly be preliminary to the wearer following on the pattern to stud the rest of the soles. The studs and toe plates have some minor surface rust, this could no doubt be cleaned up if desired. The soles themselves are very clean and bear only slight scuffing from storage, the size is repeated on the small of the sole of each boot along with the War Department arrow. A rare opportunity to obtain a pair of unused ammo boots in a large size and early date. PLEASE SEE FURTHER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM BELOW.
US 1969 Vietnam Era 3rd Pattern Ripstop Jungle Trousers Good used pair of third pattern ripstop jungle fatigue trousers as used in Vietnam by US troops. This pair are war-dated 1969 on this issue label and marked size 31-35 and inseam up to 29 1/2. They have had a more recent zip replacement to the fly, however the hip waist adjusters, pockets and ankle ties remain present and correct. There is one small rip on the lower leg as pictured, however the overall condition is good and the colour of the material is fairly strong.
US Airborne Artillery Glider EM Garrison Cap Wonderful example of the Enlisted Man\'s Garrison cap for glider-borne artillery. This features the crimson piping to the cap and later pattern glider artillery patch to the left side. The patch is hand stitched to the cap. There is no lining to this example and on the sweatband is a stencilled number \'S3954\'. Overall the condition is very good and clean. It is only a little grubby to the lining with some minor mothing to the front as pictured.
US Army Gulf/ Iraq War PASGT Kevlar Combat Helmet Gulf/ Iraq War era US army \'Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops\' combat helmet. Helmet appears to have a contract date for 2001 on the inside rear. Overall everything is in good shape with only a few scuffs and scrapes to the helmet itself, there is a strip on tape to the front as is common. Comes complete with both helmet cover including the famous \'chocolate chip\' pattern cover. There are also some spare parts for the liner that are included.
US Army/ USAAF Officer\'s Short Overcoat 36L Excellent example of the overcoat used by US Army/ Air Force officers throughout the Second World War. Regulation issue with two lower patch pockets and an inside slash pocket. This pattern was not belted. This coat is in excellent clean condition, with only very minor wear throughout. The internal tag stating size and depot information is intact inside the internal pocket, as is the cotton size label in the back of the neck. All buttons are present except for one small button that is missing from the inside tab as pictured. The material nap is good, patches have been removed from both upper arms; however evidence of this is very faint. Size is 36 Long, I would estimate this to fit up to a 36-38 chest depending on layers worn underneath and be suitable for up to 6ft 2/3. Please note that the shirt and scarf pictured are for display only and are not included.
US Large Square Camouflage Helmet Net Fine original example of the large square camouflaged net as used by US troops. Good condition no damage, only a slight mustiness. A hard to find original example. FREE UK POST
US Officer\'s Palm Beach Linen Jacket Lovely example of the US Palm Beach uniform jacket, with US gilt buttons, Lieutenant rank and markings where a patch and collar titles have been removed. Condition is generally good but with some ladders in the linen mainly to the back as pictured, which could likely be darned. The jacket retains its original label to the inside collar, along with the service number \'D-0228\' and what could be initials \'A. T. D.\'. The tailors label is still in place, stating it was made by \'Leopold Morse Co\'. Size is marked a 40 short and approximately: Chest: 21 inches Waist: 19 inches Sleeves: 24.5
US Spoon Standard issue spoon used by US troops. Good clean example.
US WAC Women\'s Garrison Cap Garrison cap to the US Women\'s Army Corps (WAC), the first women to serve in the US Army other than nurses. Over 150,000 women served in the WAC during the Second World War. This cap is in very good overall shape, but is unfortunately missing the cap badge. The holes are visible where it has been. The cap appears to be a larger size, marked as a 23.
US Wool Issue Shirt Well used example of the standard issue shirt worn by other ranks and also British and commonwealth troops later in the war. There is some general wear, as well as some marking to the rear of the skirt. There are a couple of moth nips that have been pictured.
USAAC/ USAAF Evans Fuel Lighter Well used example of a silver plated US Army Air Corps lighter, bearing the brass badge to one side. The backing was once blue, yet most of it has now worn off. The lighter itself is stamped on the base \'EVANS FUEL\', on the brass wadding cap. There is ribbing to one for grip, a brass base plug for the wadding, while the flint spring unscrews from the body as pictured. Some of the silver plating has worn off, yet most remains in good condition. This is sold as not working as presumably the striker is missing. It would be possible to replace parts with another lighter, yet this is sold as a non-working collectable.
USAAF Aviation Cadet Garrison Cap Lovely garrison cap of a USAAF Aviation Cadet, complete with correct blue and yellow braiding and winged propellor of an Aviation Cadet. The badge has twin screw posts to the back and is in good condition. Condition is generally very good, there is very slight wear to the cloth from use and the sweatband has worn. There is some slight damage to the polished cotton lining as pictured, nonetheless the cap remains in very original condition. Size is approximately a 6 7/8. Good example of a more difficult to find item of USAAF headgear.
USAAF Groundcrew Sheepskin Leather Jerkin Unusual example of what appears to be a tailor made sheepskin lined waistcoat as used by USAAF ground crew during winter months. The materials are very similar to those used to construct the B3 flying jackets yet with less thick sheepskin to the inside. There is a British made 'Dot' zip featuring to the centre. Overall the condition is fair given it's use as a field item, the leather is generally very sound with only minor surface cracking. The leather trim has suffered more and has suffered damage in some areas and general wear. The zip however functions very well. Good example of a less common item of USAAF field kit that a was not general issue, this would compliment a USAAF collection very nicely.
Victorian 4th Queens Own Hussars Bronze Cap Badge Extremely scarce example of the officer\'s bronze cap badge of the 4th Queens Own Hussars, bearing the Victorian crown to the top. This example is the correct bronze officer\'s pattern and remains in excellent condition with only minor surface wear to the face. Whilst there are many copies of this badge out there, this example came from a long standing collection and is guaranteed original. A truly rare piece.
Victorian Boer War Era British Army Haversack A scarce example of the haversack as used by the British Army in the Victorian period. This example features a front button and flap closure, brass movable buckle to adjust the length of the strap. There is a single cotton compartment divider in the inside and button to the reverse for rolling it up when not in use. Condition is generally very good with only minor service wear to the material. The stitching at the base of the strap where it is sewn to the bag itself has begun to come away. It bears what could be a period repair to one, whereas the other has come away more recently. This would be an easy repair and has caused no damage to the material. One of the buttons has been stitched back on as the thread is a slightly different colour. Overall a very difficult item to come by in any condition, worthy of a place in a Victorian or Boer War collection.
WAAF Service Dress Jacket Other ranks WAAF service dress jacket, bearing albatross badges to the shoulders and marks where LAC badges have been removed. This particular jacket has been made in barathea, most likely a privately tailored example yet in the same cut as issued non-commissioned jackets. It has been tailored in at the shoulders for a better fit, along with a pop stud that has been added to the top button closure. A lining has been added as well, in a polished blue-purple finish. The tunic has some grubbiness throughout which would most likely clean up with a careful wash, one brass button is missing from the chest pocket. Size is typical of the period, around a size 6 possibly smaller. Further measurements can be supplied on request. Please note the shirt and tie are not included with this sale.
Warwickshire Regiment Bi-metal Cap Badge Fair example of the Warwickshire Regiment cap badge in bi-metal. This example has a slider to the rear. Good used condition. FREE UK POSTAGE.
West Yorkshire Regiment Embroidered Shoulder Title Embroidered example of the white on red infantry shoulder title of the West Yorkshire regiment. Fair worn example that has clearly been removed from a uniform with some loose threads. FREE UK POSTAGE
WW1 British Mounted Breeches Excellent pair of British made breeches for mounted services, made in a heavier weight serge. Whilst they bear a British issue stamp to the lining, these were most likely for US issue, as indicated by the belt loops. They have button calfs and retain two of the original zinc buttons, alongside much later replacements. I will however include replacement zinc buttons. The original label has long since gone, however the fade mark is visible where it had been fixed to the rear with glue. There are some markings to the lining, most likely from the original owner. Condition is generally very good. There is some minor stitching loss to the inner leg reinforcements which are slightly grubby from use. There are only two very minor moth nips otherwise the cloth is very clean. They are a typical small wartime size. Please see further images of these below.
WW1 Helmet Shell MK1* A late WW1 helmet shell, featuring the later war addition of a rim. This is characteristically a Great War helmet, bearing the poorly crimped rim, lower profile and slightly irregular brim. The chinstrap fittings are the British split pin variety, the manufacturer stamp is also visible to the rear inside rim. The paint that remains is most likely the original wartime field applied coat, with the browner factory paint visible inside the bowl. It would appear that this helmet was reissued early in the second World War for Civil Defence use. This is indicated by the remnants of white lettering to the front, possibly once reading \'FAP\' for First Aid Post. It looks likely that it was fitted with a early war Mk2 liner, as there is a circular mark left from where the rounded crown pad has been. However the chinstrap lugs have not been changed. There is an overall surface pitting to the shell, yet it remains solid with a fair impression of the paintwork remaining. Many of these Great War helmets found themselves pressed into service early in the Second World War as the MK1*, while many were issued to the BEF in 1939/40; this one appears to have been intimately destined for Civil Defence use. The Mk1* helmets in any form are seldom encountered, being far less common than the mass produced Mk2 helmets.
WW1 US Respirator with Bag and Card Good example of the standard issue respirator used by American troops in the Great War. This example is marked size 3 to the front of the bag and also on the mask itself. The bag has some minor wear to the back but is in very good order. It is even complete with the spring for the filter inside the bag, and original cord to secure in the alert position. There is some loss of the charcoal interior of the mask and apart from some stiffness and surface cracking is free from any real damage. The lenses and metal fittings are all in good order, and the mask is even complete with the original nose clip and mouthpiece. However the top strap of the mask has become detached from the the face piece. The filter is in good condition and not rusted through like many others have, it still bears a lot of it's yellow paint. The hose is slightly misshapen but in good order. The set is complete with the original inspection card, material to patch repair and a safety pin. Overall an excellent example of an item now reaching a hundred years.
WW1 Vickers Gun Brass Feed Tray Lovely brass feed tray for the Vickers machine gun, marked \'VSM\' for Vickers and Maxim. All parts work smoothly and are in great shape, all parts are broad arrow marked. UK SALE ONLY PLEASE