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R.A.M.C - News and Gazette - August 1936. The News and Gazette of the Royal Army Medical Corps, The Army Dental Corps and Q.A.I.M.N.S - Volume 10 - August 1936. 56 page illustrated journal in good used condition with some foxing. Stock no EE9854
"Carry On" - L.M.S Wartime Newsletter. Scarce wartime copy of "Carry On" LMS (London Midland and Scottish Railway) War-Time Newsletter, volume 3 - Number 24, February 1942. Four page newspaper style newsletter in good condition pages have discolored slightly as normal with old newsprint. Stock no 5995.
"Make Do And Mend" Booklet. "Make Do and Mend" Prepared For the Board Of Trade By The Ministry Of Information. 32 page booklet published 1943 full of ideas how to make cloths and household items last longer. In good sound condition with heavy foxing to cover. Stock no T5487
"Meet The U.S Army" Booklet. "Meet The U.S Army" booklet prepared for The Board Of Education by the Ministry of Information published by HMSO 1943. Small 24 page illustrated booklet. Issued mainly to teachers to give information to there pupils before meeting members of the A.E.F. Stock no U8974
"Open Post" April 1944 - No 3 British Flying Training School. "Open Post" Official Journal of No 3 British Flying Training School, Miami, USA - April 1944. 36 page booklet in very good condition. Stock no N654
"Precautions To Be Taken In the Event Of Capture" Leaflet Small fold out leaflet entitled "Precautions To Be Taken By British Personnel In The Event Of Capture" 1942. This Document Must Not Fall Into Enemy Hands. Published 1942 by the War Office. Details what information should be given to the enemy and what they will try to find out. Stock no 7599
"Save Waste Paper" Book Mark. Wartime "Save Waste Paper" paper bookmark in good fairly clean condition. Printed on both sides with the slogan Save Waste Paper Help To Win the War. Stock no C1956
"SEAC" - The Services Newspaper Of South East Asia Command. 2nd May 1945 edition of the services newspaper of South East Asia Command "SEAC". In good condition although slightly discolored with age. Stock no T1479
"Squirt" Journal of the Birmingham A.F.S. - Nov 1940. "Squirt" The official journal of the Birmingham Auxiliary Fire Service. Volume 2 - Number 1 - November 1940. Small 32 page illustrated booklet. In good sound condition with small repair to front cover. Stock No FF5147
"The Billet" June 1942. Magazine For Coalville And District Men With H.M Forces. "The Billet" A News Magazine For Coalville And District Men Serving With H.M Forces. June 1942 edition. 4 page magazine in good clean condition. Stock no HH58
"The Navy's Here! - A Tuck Book. "The Navy's Here!. by Captain Bernard Acworth DSO. RN. Illustrated with Authentic Photographs. A Tuck Book, published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. In good used condition, in the smaller size series of Tuck books. Stock no HF8547
"Wings And Water" Gazette Of The R.N.A.S - Westgate on Sea. "Wings and Water" The Official Gazette of the Royal Naval Air Station - Westgate on Sea, January 1917 edition. 12 page booklet in good condition with damage to spine but still sound. Scarce and interesting booklet. Stock no 6644
"With the Home Guard" Postcard Postcard from the Home Guard Silhouettes Series by G. Fyffe Christie entitled - "Dont Be Daft, It's A Sea Gull" number eight in the series. Franked for Glasgow 9th April 1943. Slight postal franking to front of card. (see photos) Stock no HG987
1916 - Army Physical Training Manual. Physical Training - Based on the Army Manual of Physical, small 248 page pocket size manual published 1916 by John Murray, London. In very good clean condition. Stock no RR9854
1939 Edition of the German NSKOV Association Magazine May 1939 edition of the German NSKOV (National Socialist War Victims Care) association magazine for WW1 veterans. 40 page illustrated magazine in good condition.
1943 Hitler Youth Yearbook / Diary. Rare 1943 Hitler Youth Yearbook / Diary in unused condition. Approx. 192 pages in very good condition with some foxing to the pages, fully illustrated. A rare original and interesting piece of Hitler Youth ephemera.
1943 Identity Card - Kenilworth Civil Defence. National Registration Identity Card issued to Dorothy Henderson, Kenilworth Warwickshire who was a member of Report and Control Service Kenilworth Civil Defence. In fairly well used but sound condition of this rarer type of ID card. Stock no 584732
1943 War Office Army/Air Map - Halle (Germany) 1943 dated War Office map showing Halle - Germany, Army / Air edition sheet M.52. In good condition with just some slight staining to the paper. Approx 78 x 64 cm. Stock no C2014
1944 "Yank" Magazine. Continental Edition of the "YANK" The Army Weekly magazine. Volume 1, Number 18, November 26th 1944. In good condition this edition has 24 pages and the "YANK" pin up girl is Lauren Bacall. Stock no 5785
1944 W.A.A.F Certificate Of Discharge. R.A.F Form 1394 - Brief Statement Of Service And Certificate Of Discharge. Issued to W.A.A.F Joan Isabelle Beattie, date of discharge 14th March 1944 on compassionate grounds. Beattie had an interesting R.A.F trade "Masseuse". form is in good clean sound readable condition. Stock no 6987
1945 Diary - V.E Day. The Universal Diary for 1945 - Small pocket size diary in good sound condition clearly written, completed daily up to September. Completed by J. Platt, 31 Cedar Road, Dartford Kent list air raids, weather V.E and V.J Day and gives an insight into daily life in 1945. Stock no T1146
1951 Farnborough Flying Display Programme. Farnborough Flying Display and Exhibition Programme September 1951. 33 page illustrated booklet in good sound used condition. Stock no B8974
1954 Farnborough Flying Display Programme. Farnborough 1954 Flying Display and Exhibition illustrated programme. 32 page booklet in very good condition. Stock no N8374
1965 First Day Cover Battle Of Britain Stamp - 25th Anniverary. Battle Of Britain 25th Anniversary Stamps 1940 - 1965, illustrated first day cover. Franked Peterborough 13th September 1965. Excellent condition. Stock no M32189
21 Sussex Battn Home Guard - Record of Service & Membership. Small 10 page booklet issued to Serjeant J.H Lambert 21st Sussex (Eastbourne) Battalion Home Guard as a record of his service with the unit, also lists other members of the Battalion and a short history. Rare pamphlet in good condition with slight foxing. Stock no HG5278
59th Medium Regt Royal Artillery Christmas Card 1946? Christmas Card from 59th (4th West Lancs) Medium Regiment Royal Artillery. Colourful card in good condition. Stock no MW548954
A.F.V. Recognition Part 1. September 1942. Handbook. A.F.V. (Armoured Fighting Vehicles) Recognition. Part 1. September 1942. British & Allied Turreted A.F.Vs. Small style handbook, 165 pages fully illustrated in very good sound used condition. Ink issue stamp to front cover -Royal Army Ordnance Corps 18th February 1943.
A.M Interim Report Prototype Hawker F20 / 27 (Hornet) Aircraft. Rare 13 page interim report on the prototype Hawker F20 / 27 (Hawker Hornet) single seater fighter aircraft serial no J-9682. The detailed report dated 11th February 1930 gives details of aircraft data, construction, modification, engine, performance and handling etc. This aircraft is the only one built of the type and was in mid air collision with 43 squadron Siskin over Tangmere Sussex. Report is in good condition for its age. Stock no CC2589
A.M Pamphlet 160 - Health Hints For Warm Climates.. Health Hints For Warm Climates - Air Ministry pamphlet 160 - September 1943. For all personnel proceeding to the tropics and subtropics. 24 page illustrated booklet in very good condition. Stock no HH564
A.M Pamphlet 165 - Oxygen Sense. Air Ministry Pamphlet 165 - 1st Edition - January 1944 - Oxygen Sense. 20 page illustrated booklet covers oxygen equipment and the need for oxygen. Booklet in good condition. Stock No CC5687
A.R.P - Message Form - A.R.P / M.2 September 1940. Message Form for Use at Report Centres, Ref No A.R.P / M2. The form dated 15th September 1940 reports a fire at Welling Court Seaside caused by incendiary bomb - Brigade in attendance. Stock No WW325
A.R.P Handbook No.6 - Factories and Business Premises. Air Raid Precautions Handbook No 6 (1st edition) - Air Raid Precautions In Factories and Business Premises. Issued by the Home Office and published by H.M.S.O 1938. 69 page illustrated handbook in very good clean condition. Stock no 6295.
A.R.P Handbook No1 - Personal Protection Against Gas. A.R.P Handbook No 1 - Personal Protection Against Gas (2nd edition). Hardcover illustrated handbook 124 pages published by H.M.S.O in very good used condition. Stock no HB7771
A.R.P Handbook No13 - Fire Protection A.R.P Handbook No13 - Fire Protection - for the guidance of occupiers of factories and other business (1st edition). Published 1942 by H.M.S.O. Larger style handbook in good used condition, 91 pages. Stock no HB9874
A.R.P Handbook No14 - The Fire Guard Handbook - London Interest. Air Raid Precautions Handbook No 14 - The Fire Guards Handbook, published 1942 by HMSO. Small style 45 page illustrated handbook in very good used condition. Interestingly this example has hand written notes of fire guard team leaders, warden post etc for the Borough of Chelsea. Stock no T1293
A.R.P Handbook No14 - The Fire Guards Handbook. A.R.P Handbook No14 (1st edition) - The Fire Guards Handbook. Small style handbook published 1942 by H.M.S.O. 45 page card cover in good used condition. Front cover has ink stamp - City of Westminster Wardens Organisation Post no 26. Stock no HB5874
A.R.P Handbook No2 - First Aid And Nursing For Gas Casualties. A.R.P Handbook No 2 (3rd edition). Published 1938 by H.M.S.O - First Aid And Nursing For Gas Casualties. 48 page handbook in good clean sound condition. Stock no 8787
A.R.P Handbook No3 - Medical Treatment Of Gas Casualties. A.R.P Handbook No 3 (1st edition) - Medical Treatment Of Gas Casualties. Hardcover small handbook published 1937 by H.M.S.O. 145 pages in good sound used condition for its age. HB9965
A.R.P Handbook No4 - Decontamination Of Materials. A.R.P Handbook No 4 (1st edition) - Decontamination Of Materials. Published 1939 by H.M.S.O. 70 page small handbook in very good clean condition. Stamp to front cover - The Hoffmann Manufacturing Co Ltd. Stock no HB5349
A.R.P Handbook No5 - Structural Defence. Air Raid Precautions Handbook No 5 (1st edition) - Structural Defence. Published 1939 by H.M.S.O and issued by Home Office. This handbook is one of the rare handbook in the series to locate and is of the large type (21 x 33 cm). Approx 60 pages in good sound used condition. Stock no HB9824
A.R.P Handbook No6 - A.R.P In Factories And Business Premises. A.R.P Handbook No6 (1st edition) - Air Raid Precautions In Factories and Business Premises. 70 page handbook published 1938 by H.M.S.O. One of the harder to find handbook in very good used sound condition. Stock no HB1462
A.T.S Christmas Card. Small A.T.S Christmas card in good condition with ATS embelm to front and picture of "The ATS Band" to inner face. Stock no 7414
Advanced Training For The Home Guard by John Brophy. Advanced Training For The Home Guard by John Brophy. Published 1942 by Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. Small 142 page manual in good condition with some damp staining to front cover. Stock No HG5874
Air Ministry Design Certificate For Flight Trials - Lancaster. Air Ministry Form 1187 - Design Certificate For Flight Trials for Lancaster DV199 dated 5th May 1944. Form gives details of aircraft and flight test to take place from Hucknall airfield. Single sheet in good condition. Stock no 3974
Air Ministry Pamphlet 139 - Bombing Sense. R.A.F training pamphlet entitled "Bombing Sense" Some Hints For The Air Bombers. 15 page pamphlet published 1942 number 139 in the series. Stock no 87214
Air Navigation - Published by Real Photographs. Air Navigation - a wartime publication published by Real Photographs Co Ltd. 28 page illustrated booklet in good sound condition. Stock no R5478
Air Raid Precautions Information Card. Air Raid Precautions Information Card approx. 23 x 29 cm, gives details of local Warden, Wardens and First Aid Post, instruction on air raid warning signals, gas masks, first aid etc. On base of card the instructions - Hang This Card In A Permanent And Prominent Position. In good used condition. Stock no WW123
Air Raids - Ministry Of Home Security 1940 Booklet. Ministry of Home Security 1940, "Air Raids" What you must know - What you must do booklet. 64 page illustrated booklet published by HMSO dealing with all aspects of what to do in the event of an air raid. Good used condition with some foxing and wear inline with age. Stock no U5247
Air Review - February 1938. Air Review for everyone, magazine. February 1938 edition - A popular monthly survey of British and Foreign aviation. Adopted as the official organ of the air league of the British Empire. Interesting small 56 page illustrated magazine in sound but well used condition. Stock No E1248
Aircraft Recognition (Part 1) 1941 - British. Booklet produced for the war office entitled Aircraft Recognition Part 1 (British) 1941. 30 pages of black and white aircraft silhouettes. Booklet in good sound used condition. Stock no C5687
Album of A.R.P Cigarette Cards. An album of cigarette cards issued by W.D & H.O Wills. A complete set of 50 cards mounted in descriptive album, all in very good condition. Issued 1938. Stock no T1124
Anti - Aircraft Divisional Training School Photograph. Anti-Aircraft Divisional Training School 24 x 19 cm photograph. Good clear detailed photograph stamped Fox Photos passed by censor. Reverse description reads - At an anti-aircraft divisional training school in the Western Command a number of officers and men are receiving training as instructors for anti-aircraft defense. Instruction on quick - firing anti-aircraft gun for men at the A.A divisional training school 9/11/40. Stock no 7595
Autograph - Flt Lt William Reid V.C. Bomber Command Museum flown cover dated 1984 featuring a excellent clear signature of Flt Lt William Reid V.C. includes history / information card. Excellent condition. Stock no CC8587
Autograph - Group Captain G.L Cheshire VC OM DSO DFC. R.A.F flown cover to commemorate first bomber command mission over Germany with an excellent clear Leonard Cheshire ink signature. Dated 3rd Sept 1983. Stock no A5874
Birmingham ARP Gas Mask Issue Card. City of Birmingham - A.R.P Dept "House Card". Unused card used for issue and record of respirators issued to household. 20 x 13 cm unissued card in excellent condition. Stock no T1510
Birmingham Wardens Duty Rota 1943. City of Birmingham Code D, Section 2, Wardens Service, Duties for 1943. Single sheet issued to Miss D. Priest showing her duties as a Warden for 1943. In good sound used condition. Stock no B5214
Bound Engineer Drawings - Railway to RNAS Cranwell Circa 1916. Rare engineer drawings for - Railway To R.N. Air Service Establishment Cranwell - Working Section circa 1916. Leather bound fold out plans would appear to show formation level and height of banks etc for a five mile stretch of railway line commencing at the GNR Grantham, Sleaford and Boston junction and completing at Cranwell Station. This working document is in well used but sound condition. C1247
Bristol Civil Defence Duties Enrolment Order. Two Bristol leaflets detailing Civil Defence Enrolment - a. Civil Defence Duties (compulsory enrolment) order 1941, Exemption from Enrolment for Fire Prevention Duties and Release from Duties. b. Civil Defence Duties - Application for Registration Card. Both items are in excellent condition. Stock no T1109
Brown and Polson - Book of Wartime Recipes. Book of Wartime Recipes for Cornflour and Custard Powder - prepared by Brown and Polson Ltd. 36 page booklet in good used condition with some rust bleed from the staples. See photos.
Canadian Victory Bond Certificate 1943. Unusual Canadian Fifth Victory Loan certificate for purchase of Victory Bonds, issue date October - November 1943. Colourfull illustrated leaflet measures approx 23 15 cm with a small tear to lower edge. Stock no 6765
Christmas Card 19th Division 1918 WW1 Christmas Card featuring Heath Robinson cartoon to front - Christmas Greetings From The 19th Division - 1918. Xmas menu to back page and good look notes to centre page. Scarce and interesting card in fairly well used condition with fold creases. Stock no TH9871248
City of Liverpool Air Raid Wardens Handbook. Scarce City Of Liverpool - Air Raid Wardens Handbook published 1939. Similar in size to the standard handbook (No8) but with the inclusion of items relevant to Liverpool, sections have been completed in pen giving details of local wardens names and addresses. 26 pages the handbook is in good used sound condition with some discoloration to front cover. Stock no 6375
City of York - Civil Defence Handbook. City of York, Civil Defence Handbook - A Guide to Householders, Issued by the A.R.P Emergency Committee, December 1940. 22 page handbook in excellent condition with just slight rust bleed from staples. Stock no E7294
Civil Defence Diploma - Free From Accidents. National Fire Service. A colourful Civil Defence Diploma (approx 28 x 21 cm) issued by The Royal Society For The Prevention Of Accidents (1939 - 1945) for the driver of a civil defence vehicle for having been free from accidents. Awarded to Stewart Goodwin N.F.S No30 area "E" Division. In good clean condition. Stock no T1231
Civil Defence Leaflet - "Make Your Home Safe Now" Civil Defence Leaflet, "Make Your Home Safe Now" Single page leaflet issued by the Ministry of Information October 1939. Gives details how to protect your home against bomb blast. In used condition with a couple of small tears and the paper is fairly delicate typical of wartime paper. Stock no WW287
Civil Defence Services In The County Of Warwick. A Guide To The Civil Defence Services In The County Of Warwick. Issued by the ARP committee of the W.C.C in 1939. 70 page booklet (19 x 25 cm) giving details of all C.D services in the Warwickshire county. In very good condition for its age. HF2541
Co-Partner - Magazine of the Watford Gas Company - 1941 The Co-Partner, magazine of the Watford & St. Albans Gas Company, July 1941 edition. Interesting small illustrated company magazine full of details of the war effort by the company and staff. 24 pages in very good condition. Stock no B6584
Complete 1945 Set Of Allotment & Garden Guide. Complete set of 12 Ministry of Agriculture Allotment & Garden Guide for 1945. Each edition has approx. 8 pages with illustrations. All are in good sound used condition. Stock no C65878
Croydon National Service Leaflet. National Service - Croydon needs many more volunteers - leaflet measures approx 20 x 12 cm. Published May 1939 this recruitment leaflet gives details of the number of volunteers required by the services ie ARP Wardens 1000 men etc. Leaflet in very well used but sound condition has been folded. Stock no 7762
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Ausweis - German Red Cross I.D. German Red Cross personal identification card issued to Watch Leader of Adolf Hitler Platz. Dated 14th May 1940. Good uniform photograph. In very good condition. Stock no B87512
Document Group to Wing Commander W.R Read MC. DFC. AFC. A group of paperwork to Wing Commander W.R Read MC. DFC. AFC he was a highly decorated RAF Officer of WW1 and the inter war period served with the RFC in WW1 and during the 1920 / 30s was Station Commander of RAF Upavon and Boscombe Down. The paperwork group is approx 20 receipts form the 1930s the majority being private receipts for books shirts etc, the two of main interest are Officers Mess bills for RAF Boscombe Down 1930 /31. Stock no 4690
East Ham A.R.P Identitiy Card. Small (approx. 7 x 5 cm) identity card issued by the County Borough Of East Ham A.R.P department to Walter Lavricks to certify that he is a member of the Voluntary Fire Fighting Party dated 29th August 1941. The card is in well used condition. Stock no TH5847.
Fl / Lt Roderick Learoyd V.C - 1949 Signed Letter. Signed letter from Flight - Lieut. Roderick Alastair Brook Learoyd V.C dated 23rd May 1949. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery on the 12th August 1940 for bombing raid on the Dortmund - Ems Canal, Germany while with 49 Squadron RAF. The letter is in reply for a request for his autograph, sent from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia were he worked after the war as a VIP pilot for the Malaysia government. Letter is in very good condition clearly written in ink. Stock no TH589
German Prisoner Of War Letter. Letter from German prisoner of war Rudi Dubbermann to his wife in Berlin. Dated February 1948. He was held at No 17 P.O.W camp, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, Yorkshire this being the camp were Admiral Karl Doenitz was prisoner. Letter and envelope are in sound condition, envelope has clear P.O.W stamp. Stock No M5921
Grahame - White Flying Over Blackpool - Postcard 1910. Interesting postcard franked Blackpool August 23 1910 entitled - Grahame - White Flying Over Blackpool. In good condition. Stock no C96214
Hackney Air Raid Shelter Ticket - 1944 Rare Borough of Hackney Shelter Ticket issued by the London Civil Defence Region for entry to the shelter at Stoke Newington Road - valid until 31/12/1944. Issued to N.N Levy 52 Stoke Newington Road. In very good used condition. Stoke No M5248
Handbook Of The Thompson Submachine Gun. Handbook Of The Thompson Submachine Gun - Model Of 1928. Edition of 1940 by Auto - Ordnance Corporation Bridgeport, Conn. Small 60 page illustrated booklet in good sound used condition. Stock no US954
Home Guard Information Circular No 10 Home Guard Information Circular No 10, War Office 29th April 1942. 4 page leaflet in good clean condition, contents include - role of the civil population in the event of invasion, boys in Home office approved school joining the Home Guard, entertainment on Home Guard Premises etc. Stock no HG895
Home Guard Information Circular No 11 Home Guard Information Circular No 11. Published by the War Office 27th May 1942. Six page leaflet in good condition contents include - Training, Medical, H.G Inventors etc. Stock no N581247
Home Guard Information Circular No 13 Home Guard Information Circular No 13, Published by the War Office 5th August 1942. Six page leaflet in good condition contents include - Compulsory enrolment, Relations with local press etc. Stock no N12484
January 1945 Edition of RAF - "TEE EMM" Magazine. January 1945 edition of the RAF "TEE EMM" Vol 4 No 10 magazine featuring Pilot Officer Prune. Approx 30 illustrated pages in good sound condition with some rust bleed from staples. Stock no CC358
Kent Home Guard Recruitment Leaflet. Home Guard recruitment leaflet for "C" Company - 54th Kent Battalion. (Chislehurst). Single sided leaflet (approx. 22 x 14 cm) in excellent condition. Stock No EE5284
Kent Womens Land Army News Sheet June 1943 Scarce Kent Women's Land Army news sheet, June 1943 edition. 3 pages in good condition with some rust from the staple. Stock no N654S
L.M.S Railway A.R.P Booklet For Working Of Railways. 1940 booklet issued by London Midland and Scottish Railway Company entitled - Air Raid Precautions - Special Instructions For The Working Of Railways. 35 page booklet in good used condition. Stock no T1268
Life In A Submarine - A Tuck Book. Life In A Submarine by Captain Bernard Acworth. "A Tuck Book" published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. 48 pages with illustrations part of there small book series. Book is in well used condition with some damage to the back cover. Priced accordingly. Stock No D32
Lille Before and During the War (WW1) Michelin Guide. Illustrated Michelin Guides To The Battle - Fields (1914 - 1918) "Lille" Before and During the War. 64 page book fully illustrated published 1919. In very good condition for its age. Stock no T658
London Air Raid Wardens Training Notebook 1942. Training notebook belonging to F.J Wethered. No 20, Deputy Post Warden, Post 2, Mayfair, 22 Hanover Square, London W1, notes taken on Incident Officers Training Course - Westminster City Hall 1942. Notes on dealing with bomb incident and related topics, clearly written approx 28 sides and a further 28 on loose sheets. Stock no T1151
Mentioned In A Despatch Certificate - Major D.J Neill, M.C. Mentioned in Despatch certificate issued on 8th April 1949 to Major (temp) D.J.Neill, M.C Royal Army Service Corps. Certificate in good condition with some slight foxing and comes with its original envelope. Stock no E6587
Minstry of Food Leaflet - Making The Most Of Milk. January 1944 dated Ministry of Food leaflet entitled "Making The Most Of Milk. In used condition with some staining and slight damage on one of the folds. Stock no FF235
Montgomery Signed Letter 1946. A letter personally written and signed by Montgomery Of Alamein to Major - Gen A.K Hay C.B. Written on Headquarters British Army Of The Rhine headed note paper and dated 22/3/1946. Clearly written and in clean condition. Stock no N6379
N.F.S Certificate of Service. Small 16x19cm National Fire Service certificate of service issued to Leading Firewoman Marjorie Joan Souch who served from 8/12/41 to 22/7/45 reason for discharge - reduction in establishment. Dated July 1945 and signed by area establishment officer. Stock no T1310
National A.R.P For Animals Leaflet. National A.R.P Animals Committee (NARPAC) leaflet giving details of the Animal Register, which was established to protect animals during air raids. The small leaflet is in good sound condition but has discolored with age. Stock no GG658
No 459 (Windsor) Squadron Air Training Corps. Interesting wartime small scape album compiled by cadet Derek Waters a member of No 459 Windsor Squadron ATC covering the period 1942 - 1943. Numerous newspaper cutting, programmes, letter etc with clear handwritten notes of the activities of the squadron. In good sound condition he has taken great care and pride in the presentation of the album. Stock no D6321
Nottingham Civil Defence Service Certificate. Colourful City Of Nottingham certificate awarded to Helen Hannah for service in the Civil Defence during 1939 - 1945. In good condition (approx. 20 x 26cm) with some creases. Stock no CC58
Officers Of The 1/4th Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 1914 - 15 Photograph. Excellent quality period mounted photograph (35 x 23 cm) - Officers Of The 1/4th Oxfordshire And Buckinghamshire Light Infantry - Writtle 1914 - 15. Super detail and all 37 officers are named below main photograph. Stock no WP5241
Pilots Notes - Vampire FB5 &FB9 Pilots Notes - Vampire FB5 & FB9 - 3rd edition December 1955. 66 page illustrated booklet with foldout cockpit illustrations. In good clean condition. Stock no MM325
Polish Relief Fund - Programme - Ritz Cinema, Wigan - 1942 Programme for the Polish Air Force Choir at the Ritz Cinema, Wigan on Sunday August 9th 1942, All proceeds in aid of the Polish Relief Fund. In good sound used condition. Stock M2145
Popular Guide to the German No.1 - The Armoured Division. Popular Guide To The German Army No1 The Armoured Division - Prepared by the General Staff War Office, 28th February 1941. 8 page illustrated pamphlet in sound well used condition with some staining to rear cover. Stock no EE2020
Post Office Savings Bank - Lend To Attack Leaflet. W.W.2 Post Office Savings Bank - "More Money - War Weapons" Lend To Attack leaflet (P.B.W 6). The small leaflet is in excellent unissued condition. Stock No 5040
Programme - No4 Base Remount Depot - 1918 Scarce WW1 military sports programme for No 4 Base Remount Depot (France) August 17 1918. Interesting 4 page programme in good sound clean condition for its age. C2136
Propaganda Aerial Dropped Leaflet - Coventry Raid. Scarce propaganda leaflet dropped by the R.A.F on Italy entitled Le Bombe E La Verita (The Bomb and the Truth) giving detail of the 1940 raid on Coventry. Stock no M6147
R.A.F 1942 Target Area Map / Photograph. Rouen (NE) Scarce R.A.F target area map / photograph dated June 1942 of the port area of Rouen (France). Printed on thin wartime quality paper and measures 45 x 34 cm, top center space for date of sortie. In good condition with some damage to edges see photographs. Stock No N3278
R.A.F Air Gunners Flying Log Book. Royal Air Force Observers / Air Gunners Flying Log Book to F/Lt M.H Harman covers the period June 1940 to June 1953. After training he joined No 6 Squadron in Sept 1940 on Lysanders based in Palestine on Army tactical reconnaissance. July 1943 joined 162 Squadron on Wellingtons engaged on special radio ops these were to jam the radios of the panzer tank force during the attack on El Alamein. Joined 38 Squadron during March 1944 taking part on attacks on enemy shipping, 7/3/44 Bombed shipping in Santorin Harbour, encounterd and attacked 2 x JU52s one shot down, one probable. Total operational hours flown 378 hours. An interesting log in need of further research. The log is in good sound condition is well written and has all the correct signatures. Stock no JJ52
R.A.F Air Gunners in Training photograph. Planet News Ltd 21x15cm photograph entitled - R.A.F Air Gunners In The Making. Notes on reverse read - These pictures were taken at an RA.F air gunnery school in the west of England, where Britains young air gunners are trained to meet the enemy in air combat. Photo shows air crew trainees clean their guns after firing practice. Stock no 7597
R.A.F Biggin Hill 1956 Air Display Programme. Royal Air Force Biggin Hill Battle of Britain Week air display programme, Saturday 15th September 1956. 38 page illustrated booklet with pull out airfield map and flying display details. In good condition with just some rust bleed from staples. Stock No 5315
R.A.F Good Service Certificate Signed by A.C.M James Robb. RAF good service certificate dated 1st January 1946, Fighter Command Headquarters to 1463316 Leading Aircraftman Hall. J.E. Certificate has ink signature of Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Sir James Milne Robb GCB. KBE. DSO, DFC, AFC. WW1 RFC fighter ace with 7 victories, senior RAF commander served between 1914 - 1951. Certificate is in slightly worn condition a bit grubby has been in a frame with good clear ink signature. Stock no N8889
RAF Aerial Photographs India - 1940 Approx 40 Royal Air Force aerial photographs of India around the area of Thal taken on the 19th December 1940. Photographs are in excellent clear condition with there original storage box and labels. Stock no D5748
Regulations For The Home Guard 1942. Vol 1 The War Office Regulation For The Home Guard 1942 - Vol 1. Published 1942 by H.M.S.O this 64 page booklet is in excellent clean sound condition. Stock No S8585.
Reichsluftschutzbund Ausweis. Reichsluftschutzbund (National Air Defence Leaque) membership card issued to Hans Haupt of Cologne being given official responsible for a building. The card was issued on the 23rd March 1941 by regional group Hessen / Rheinland South. The pass is in good condition with clear photograph and ink stamps. Stock no T586
Royal Air Force Malaya Airman's Pass - 1941 Royal Air Force Malaya pass issued to 538181 Cpl W.H Horton on 1/4/1941 for entry to R.A.F stations Seletar. Sound condition with good clear photograph of Horton. Stock no 56584
Royal Army Medical Corps Gazette - October 1936 The News and Gazette of the Royal Army Medical Corps, The Army Dental Corps and Q.A.I.M.N.S - No 4 October 1936. 28 page booklet of interesting articles and period adverts. Good condition has been folded. Stock no 589124
Royal Flying Corps Silk Postcard. Royal Flying Corps 1914 - 1916 silk postcard in very good condition with very slight discoloration. Hand written on rear From Nick, April 1916 from France. Stock no N5684
Royal Marines - 1927 - Bisley Photograph. Royal Marines - Bisley 1927 shooting competition team photograph. Good clear detailed photograph on card mount, the mount has some foxing. Photograph = 19 x 13cm Mount = 30 x 22 cm. Stock no CC83745
Second Royal Gloucestershire Hussars Libya - Egypt 1941 - 1942 Second Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, Libya - Egypt 1941 - 1942 by Major Stuart Pitman. Published 1950 by The Saint Catherine Press Ltd, 96 pages with illustrations and maps. In good sound condition with some foxing and slight damage to spine. Scarce history. Stock no 6169
Signed by Members 617 Squadron Dambusters and Tirpitz - The Men Who Bteached The Dams. "The Men Who Breached The Dams" by Alan Cooper. The book has been personally signed by 18 members of 617 Squadron who took parts in the Dams and Tirpitz raids. The book was signed at a 617 Squadron reunion at Woodall Spa in the 1980s. The signatures are - Les Burrows (Tirpitz) Nick Knilans (Tirpitz) David Shannon (Dams) Danny Walker (Dams) Dave Rodger (Dams) Fred Sutherland (Dams) Les Munro (Dams) James Tait (Tirpitz) Basil Feneron (Dams) Bill Howorth (Dams) Harry O,Brien (Dams) Peter? Toley? Jack Harrison (Tirpitz) Terry Kearns John Leavitt (Tirpitz) Larry Curtis Basil Fish (Tirpitz) Super collection of very rare signatures. Stock no Co5268
Small Arms Manual by Brigadier J.A.Barlow. Small Arms Manual, Rifles, Machine Guns, Machine Carbines, Revolvers, Pistol. By Brigadier J.A. Barlow. Published by John Murray, February 1944. Small handbook approx. 235 pages in sound but very used condition, priced accordingly. Stock no GG98
Small Arms Training Pamphlet - Grenade 1942. Small Arms Training - Volume 1, Pamphlet No13 "Grenade" 1942. 48 page illustrated booklet in very good clean sound condition. Details the use and type of grenades ie No36, 38, 75, 76 etc in this hard to find weapon training manual. Stock no 28769
Southall National Fire Service Photograph and Certificate. Group photograph and Certificate of Service to Fireman John Frederick Barclay who served from March 1944 to August 1945 with Blue Watch, Southall National Fire Service. Excellent clear group photograph (approx 25 x 26 cm) fully named showing Barclay on the back row. His service certificate shows reason for discharge as reduction in establishment and is in excellent condition. Stock no 3512
Souvenir Booklet Royal Visit Short Bros Works. Scarce souvenir booklet of the visit of their majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to the aircraft works of Short Bros - Rochester on the 14th March 1939. 20 page quality produced illustrated booklet in excellent. Stock no ST3658
Squadron 303 - By Arkady Fiedler. "Squadron 303" The Story of The Polish Fighter Squadron with the R.A.F by Arkady Fiedler. Published September 1942 (war economy). The book is in excellent condition for its age and is complete with dust jacket. Stock no NE897
Target For Tonight - Booklet of the Wartime Film. The Book of the Famous film "Target for To-Night, the record in text and pictures of a bombing raid on Germany. Adapted from the scenario of Harry Watt (director of the film) by Paul Holt. Published by Hutchinson & Co. 32 page illustrated booklet in good condition for its age. Stock no GG987
The Advanced Auxiliary Fireman. The Advanced Auxiliary Fireman by V.J Wilmoth. Published 1942 by Lomax. Erskine & Co, 240 pages with illustrations. In very good condition. Stock no BB9584
The Air Leaguers Album of British Aircraft. The Air Leaguers Album of British Aircraft - small hard cover post card album published March 1938 with 5 coloured illustrated postcard of 1930s British aircraft. In excellent condition for its age and the cards retain good colour. The Junior section of the Air League was formed in 1909 to promote UK aviation, in 1938 The Air League founded the Air Defence Corps. Stock no R8956
The Air Raid Defence League - Membership Leaflet. Interesting early or pre-war leaflet giving details of the aim and membership details of the Air Raid Defence League. This was a organisation independent of the Government to bring together ideas to protect the population from bombing and a voice for air raid wardens with local councils etc. Four page foldout leaflet in very good condition with some discoloring to page edges. Stock no 50430
The Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd - Sales / Information Brochure Early war sales / information brochure for The Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd. 16 pages fully illustrated listing current aircraft production and engines. In good clean condition. N9784
The Fire Guards Pocket Chart. The Fire Guards Pocket Chart, including - a table of war gases, pictures, diagrams, tables, compiled by T.M.Ross, published by Jordan & Sons Ltd. Small foldout chart in good sound condition with some slight foxing. Approx 43 x 28cm. Stock no T58123
The Heart Of The Empire You Came To Defend - WW1 Album Interesting WW1 album entitled "The heart of the empire you came to defend" London a souvenir copyright photographs with descriptive letterpress, approx 35 large photograph pages. These albums were given to soldiers on leaving The 3rd London General Hospital, this one is named to Capt Cooper of the Black Watch. In general very good condition for its age. Stock no 5135
The Home Guard Pocket Manual The Home Guard Pocket Manual by A. Southworth R.S.M Sevenoaks Batt. Home Guard. Small 64 page illustrated card cover manual published 1941 by the Ruberoid Company ltd. Details all aspects of training needed for the Home Guard. In well used but sound condition a little grubby in places and rust bleed from staples. Stock no 5771
The Home Guard Training Manual. The Home Guard Training Manual - edited by John Langdon - Davies. Published 1941 by John Murray & The Pilot Press. 174 pages in very good condition. Stock no HH547
The Land Girl Magazine - August 1943. The Land Girl (Women's Land Army) - August 1943 - No 5, Volume 4. 16 page illustrated magazine published monthly. Good condition although staples have rusted and stained the paper. (see photograph for condition) Stock no HH145
The Midnight Watch - October 1943 The Midnight Watch - Broadsheet Of Britain's Fire Guard And Civil Defence Workers, No 18 - October 1943. Single doubled sided newspaper in very good clean condition. Stock no T8954
The New Bond - Woolworth Staff Magazine. "The New Bond" Forces Souvenir Number 9 - December 1943. The Staff Magazine of F.W Woolworth & Co Ltd. Approx 32 page illustrated magazine in sound condition, Articles and letters from Woolworth staff serving in the armed forces. Stock no 6851
The Prisoner Of War - Journal - September 1943 - December 1944. "The Prisoner Of War" - The Official Journal Of The Prisoners Of War Department Of The Red Cross And St.John War Organisation St James Palace London SW1. September 1943 and December 1944 editions, these were free issue to the next of kin. 15 page illustrated magazine in good condition with some rusting around staples. Stock no 99847
The Royal Air Force Quarterly - January 1933. The Royal Air Force Quarterly Volume 4 - Number 1 January 1933 edition published by Gale & Polden Ltd. Card cover 132 pages with illustration in very good clean condition with interesting articles and advertisements. Stock no 5127
Third Reich Period Franked Envelope. Small envelope (16 x 11 cm) with Berlin 11/5/38 post mark and commemorative 1933 - 1938 stamp for the Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB) (National Air Defense League). In good clean condition with clear stamps. Stock no T818
Third Reich Period Franked Envelope. July 1937 franked envelope with 4 Third Reich stamps. In good used condition. Stock No T843
War Cookery Leaflet - No 22 - Fruit Bottling. Ministry of Food - War Cookery Leaflet - No 22 - Fruit Bottling without sugar, 4 simple methods. In very good condition. Stock no CC975
War Office 1945 - Map Foldex - Europe (AIR) Code AF Foldex No 1 Europe (Air) maps produced by the War Office 1945. These fold out maps used by the RAF had a varnished finish to allow the course to be marked with Chinagraph pencil. Stock no EM2214
Wartime Comic Postcard - ARP Shelter. Comic postcard No418 of the "Humoresque" series - Here's an empty shelter, darling. Do you think its safe?. Card has some damage to edges. Stock no B555
Wartime Comic Postcard - Wardens Post. Wartime comic postcard No164 in the "Humoresque" series - "The Women Are Responding Magnificently". Card is in good condition with slight edge damage. Stock no PP585
Wartime Jersey Occupation Bank Note. Scarce States Of Jersey occupation Two Shillings bank note issued 1941 / 1942 serial number 79542. These notes were issued during the German occupation of the Channel Islands 1940 to 1945. The note is in good used condition. Stock no 87216
Wartime R.A.F Service and Discharge Certificate. Royal Air Force "Brief Statement of Service and Certificate of Discharge" (RAF Form 1394) to A.C.2 Harry F Child who served as a clerk with 54 Group. Dated 3rd November 1942. Certificate in used but sound condition with some staining, comes with postcard size photo of Child. Stock no 7596
WW1 82 Squadron RFC Aerial Photographs Interesting group of WW1 photographs being three aerial target photographs dated June 1918 and small postcard size portrait photograph of Observer R.Bawdsley 82 Squadron Royal Flying Corps. All items are in used condition with small damage to edges. Stock no 6497
WW1 "Help The Soldiers" Fete Ticket. Scarce ticket for "Help The Soldiers" Standen Hall Fete - Saturday September 18th 1915. In good condition for age . Stock no C4217
WW1 - P.O.W Propaganda Aerial Drop Leaflet. Very rare WW1 aerial drop propaganda leaflet, being a fake German prisoner of war letter produced by the Ministry of Information and then dropped on the German trenches. The contents of the letter from the German soldier details how well they were being treated in the P.O.W camp how good the food is etc. This example would have been dropped by air in early 1918 on the German lines. Letter in very good condition for its age with some very light foxing. Stock No MB6589
WW1 Machine Gun Corps Service Certificate. Card mounted coloured presentation certificate issued to 154693 Pte C. Smith approx. 33 x 25 cm serving with The Machine Gun Corps. Reads - This card is presented to Pte C Smith as a token that he served his King and country as a soldier in the machine gun corps during the great European war. In good condition for its age. Stock no RR214
WW1 Photograph - Rest Camp - Le Harve. Good original WW1 clear photograph (approx. 17 x 13 cm) of services rest camp Abbotoir, Le Harve France, dated 11/6/19. Hand written note to reverse (see photographs). Stock no WP54
WW1 Press Photograph. World War One original press photograph ( approx 21x16 cm) caption reads - Official photograph of the Somme Advance.Wrecked Houses in Main Street, Miraumont-le-Grand. Excellent quality photograph in very good condition. Stock no 84727
WW1 R.A.F Silk Postcard. WW1 Royal Air Force silk postcard, in very good condition with some very slight staining to silk. Hand written on rear - To Nora from Father with love. Stock no N54
WW1 Red Cross Flag Day Collector ID Disc. Rare WW1 Red Cross Clothing Flag Day Official Collector card authorisation badge (approx 8cm dia) for Saturday April 14th 1917. In very good condition for its age. Stock no CC9445
WW1 Stereoscopic Photographs. A group of four WW1 stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood Ltd London. 1. Wreck of Zeppelin LZ77 2. Howitzer being "laid" by R.G.A 3. French caterpillar tractor. 4. Large Gun Loading! All are in good condition with good detail. Stock no 589231