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SS GARRISON/HEADQUARTERS FLAG Acquired this little gem on the last day of the War & Peace show, no damage just some storage discolouration ro the runes..Flag measures approx. 3ft x 5ft and is in very good condition with strengthening squares the hoist end ,reinforcing stitching around edges of flag and still retaining its full halyard. Flag is a multi-construction double sided example ... This is a nice extremely rare textbook example.
ALLGEMEINE SS COLLAR PATCH For Motorised sturm 26, this is a early patch with the thick buckram backing,unfortunately the black and silver piping is missing,otherwise a very nice piece.
ALLGEMEINE SS COLLAR PATCH A nice condition Allgemeine SS rank patch still retaining its original black and silver piping. These rank patches are getting harder to find nowadays..
ALLGEMEINE SS CUFFTITLE Full length and unissued, post 1938 example of 11th sturm cufftitle,unfortunately both paper RZM labels have been removed, otherwise a very nice piece..
BLACK LEATHER MEDICS POUCH. In very nice condition, pouch is completely full with bandages, lint cotton wool etc, even a Red Cross brassard. If you collect equipment this would enhance your collection, and realistically priced to sell.
BRASS CASED KREIGSMARINE CLOCK. A chance here to own a brass Kreigsmarine bulkhead clock at a very good price . These clocks normally sell for around 2500, this example is nearly half price. Clock is in good working order {with key} but original body has some damage, but over the years somebody has painstakingly built a brass outer frame {see images} with hanging brackets at the back, which actually looks quite good with the clock fitting nicely inside the frame.
CONCENTRATION CAMP INMATES BROTHEL PASS. An exceedingly rare holocaust related document from the "Gross-Rosen" Concentration Camp. giving a Polish inmate permission to visit the camp brothel (BORDELL). Document is signed by the Rapportfuhrer and the Lagerkommandant. Dated 21.August 1944. Pass is in very good condition with no damage and measures 5 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches.
DDAC CAR PENNANT WITH METAL HOLDER A nice example still attached to its metal post. Pennant is constructed from heavy duty fabric and printed both sides. Nice original pennant seldom seen for sale.
DEUTSCHE POLIZEI GENDARMERIE SHAKO In superb condition inside and out, No mothing to the body and no heavy crazing to the peak or crown, this is probably one of the nicest shako's on the market at the moment. Maker is "Hans Romer" one of the main suppliers of Police shako's. approx. size 57...
DJ LAGER FLAG Deutsche Jugend lager (camp) flag, heavy duty flag double sided and multi constructed, Flag has some staining which is noticeable to the white sig runes on both sides. It would appear that originally this flag was ripped from the flag pole tearing the metal rings from the flag, fortunately flag is undamaged,and quite a rare one to find. size 50ins x 60ins
DOUBLE DECAL M35 POLICE COMBAT HELMET A nice combat used police helmet showing 90% of its decals. Helmet is stamped ET64 and the liner is around a 58 so a good size for displaying on heads or manniquins. Unfortunately the chinstrap is missing and the liner has some damage to the leather, hence its realistically priced to sell.
EARLY LUFTWAFFE BELT & BUCKLE A nicely used first pattern buckle with the droop tail eagle. With early 1937 dated belt leather. Buckle is manufactured in pebbled aluminium and has no makers marks. The leather is LBA stamped and has the unit stamped into the inside of the leather. First time we've personally come across this. Nice piece for Luftwaffe collectors.
EXTREMELY RARE D.A.O.V. FLAG Early flag belonging to the "DEUTSCHE ARBEITSOPFER VERORGUNG " Ortsgruppe Ibberburen. (Nr Osnabruck, Lower Saxony). This organisation was a forerunner of the D.A.F. Flag is in overall good condition with several small tiny holes. This is a multi-constructed piece with beautifully machine embroidered centre panels of a superior quality (see images). Its also the first example we've come across in many years of trading..
EXTREMELY RARE POLICE (FEUERSCHUTZPOLIZEI) COMMAND PENNANT A rarely seen example of a Fire police command pennant, made from Bakelite,with metal fittings. Pennant is in good overall condition with some minor damage to the paintwork on both sides (see images). size 16 inches long by 10 inches at its widest part..Bakelite pennants are rarely encountered.
FIRE POLICE ADMIN NCO'S TUNIC AND VISOR CAP A very attractive fire police tunic and visor cap, for a administrative officer from the Hannover fire service. Tunic is in exceptionally nice condition with a piped collar. No collar patches (never had any) ,slip-on shoulderboards and a superb arm eagle displaying the City name. Visor cap, again in exceptional condition, with a lovely saddle shape and no damage.Cap and Jacket on a mannequin makes a very attractive display... Belt, Buckle and Cross strap are for display only,and not included in this sale.
HITLER JUGEND COFFIN /TABLE DRAPE A very heavy quality drape,multi constructed in near mint condition.Size is 110ins x 52ins.Drape is single sided and could also be a podium drape although there is no provisions for hanging. Except for one tiny split along the edge (about 1inch long) drape is in superb condition,and certainly hard to better..
HITLER JUGEND KNIFE A nice clean example,stamped up RZM M7 13 for the firm of "A Schuttelhofer & co".Grip is in fine condition as is the blade.Scabbard retains most of its finish with some rubbing to the bottom edge (see images).
HITLER JUGEND KNIFE WITH MOTTO Nice early transitional example dated 1936 with the RZM code and makers mark TIGER Solingen. Blade displays all the motto "Blut und Ehre" Although its a little feint in places. Grip is in nice condition with a little mark where the press stud on the scabbard has rubbed against it.Scabbard shows some wear with rubbing to the paintwork. Overall a nice honest early example.
HITLER YOUTH OFFICERS BELT AND BUCKLE Aluminium buckle in overall good condition and leather belt also in good used condition. Leather belt has no markings. Buckle is RZM and maker marked for the company of "Camill Bergmann & co. Gablonz".This is a nice belt and buckle set and quite scarce as HJ Officers belts rarely come on the market.
HJ COLLECTING TIN A nice "salty" example, still retaining most of its finish. Marked up to "Gau Baden". Bottom of tin has makers marks and dated 40.
HJ KNIFE This is a well used example, missing all its finish to the scabbard, blade has some staining and has been sharpened but still retains its RZM M7/8 number. Handle is fine as is the leatherwork.This is a good entry level dagger at a realistic price to sell.
INTERESTING EINSATZGRUPPE,SICHERHEITSPOLIZEI,SD DOCUMENTS Two documents headed "Der Chef Der Einsatzgruppe Der Sicherheitspolizei Und Des SD". The first document (pink) is printed on both sides, and is basically an arrest warrant of a Serbian by SS-Obersturmfuhrer Schubert. The second document (cream) is single sided stating "preliminary examination notes" (interrogation). Any documentation to do with the Einsatzgruppen has got to be exceedingly rare!!!.
K.L. DACHAU INMATES LETTERSHEET. 4 page lettersheet , front of lettersheet (top left) is the regulations regarding the sending and receiving of mail. the Prisoners name prison number and block is written top right. Name. Johann Kasptzak, Born 17-03-24 (he was 17 years old). Prisoner number. 12137 Block. 12/2. letter dated 16-02-41. Letter opens,"Dear Mother received your letters of the 29th of January and your postcard of the 10th February. The prisoner goes on to say that his wound has completely healed and he's in good health, and enquires about family business, and at the close he requests his family some money if possible...the last page has the censors stamp. "Postal censors office, Konzentrations Lager Dachau"..
K.L.BUCHENWALD 2 RM NOTE FOR SS CANTEEN. Extremely rare example of a 2 Reichsmarks note that was used by SS guards in the canteen at the infamous Buchenwald concentration camp. Note is single sided and in very good condition.
KREISLEITER'S METAL CAR PENNANT This rare example is in very good condition, retaining 99% of its finish to both sides.Colours are still very bright with some tiny chipping and rusting around the outer edges. Pennant still retains its chrome fixing brackets which have the correct RZM Makers mark. This is quite a rare example , most of metal Kreisleiter's pennants you see are the square examples, triangular ones in metal seem a lot harder to find. Size 10ins x 15ins approx.
LARGE KREIGS FLAG In good all round condition, colours still very bright, Some tiny mothing, flag is screen printed on both sides and has makers mark and size on halyard also kreigsmarine stamp, would've probably been used on a medium sized vessel. Edges are all reinforced with rows of stitching. Nice piece as a back drop. size 5ft x 8ft.
LARGE METAL NSKK EAGLE Measuring over 7 inches high and over 8 inches wide eagle has two screws attached to the rear for fitting. Eagle is constructed from kreigsmetal and shows some ageing.. These eagles were fitted to NSKK vehicles and are quite rare;This example comes with a post war made wooden shield for display purposes.
LARGE WOODEN CALENDAR FOR THE "NSKOV" ORGANISATION Nationalsozialistische Kreigsopferversorgung (National Socialist War Victims Care). These calendars was sold to raise money for wounded veterans as well as frontline fighters of WW1. Calendar is in very good condition with a complete set of cards indicating Day,Date,and Month. Could still be used today. Size 12ins x 16ins.
LSSAH FORMAL DINING KNIFE Silver handled dining knife as used in the Officers mess of the SS Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler. Knife is in nice used condition with maker marked blade and silver hallmarked handle.
LUFTWAFFE "FLAK" NCO'S VISOR CAP New to the collectors market, this old cap has been kicking around for years and certainly seen better days. But it has a lot of character, unfortunately the interior shows signs of heavy wear,the chinstrap is missing as is the edging around the peak But what a fabulous shape, a little bit of tender care could make this cap look presentable again. Also bear in mind this is a rare maker, not one I've come across before. Cap is priced to sell !!!!
LUFTWAFFE D/D M35 COMBAT HELMET A well used example with a slightly textured finish displaying both decals, the National shield is quite subdued and showing about 70% . Whilst the Eagle is showing about 55% and is also subdued. Interior liner and chinstrap show no damage just good honest wear. NS shell. approx. size 59-60. This is a nice honest example at a realistic price.
LUFTWAFFE DOUBLE DECAL M35 HELMET A well used and somewhat battered example still retaining a lot of its finish, Decals are pretty good unfortunately interior liner has some damage (see images) it appears someone has also oiled the liner turning the leather very dark. on a bright note I would say liner and chinstrap are original to this helmet. Priced to sell !!!
LUFTWAFFE FLAK HELPERS TROUSERS In near mint condition, no damage or tears, all buttons and ties are still intact. With RZM label to the interior. These are a nice desirable pair of trousers.
LUFTWAFFE LKpS101 SUMMER FLYING HELMET Complete with throat mikes plug and lead, helmet is in good condition,except for some rust staining. All leather fittings are very supple. makers panel inside show the maker to be SIEMENS.
LUFTWAFFE M40 SINGLE DECAL COMBAT HELMET In good used condition, decal is nearly complete but has faded over the years (see images). Paintwork is still very good with a shiny parade finish. Liner and chinstrap appears original to helmet, unfortunately there is some damage to liner (again see images). Shell maker is Quist and size 64. Liner size is approx. 57. Nice untouched example...
LUFTWAFFE NCO'S VISOR CAP "FLAK" A well used example with loads of character shaped like a crusher, orinally this would have been a super private purchased item,made by the esteemed firm of EREL. Cap has metal insignia, body of cap has some moth holes and the interior shows fairly heavy wear but still retains sweatband and makers diamond.. Nice display piece.
LUFTWAFFE OFFICERS DAGGER WITH HANGERS & KNOT. A very clean example with orange grip, nice clean blade, maker marked "Eickhorn Solingen". Scabbard in good condition no damage never been cleaned, good age patina. Hangers and knot in good used condition.Overall a nice clean un-messed with example..
M40 SINGLE DECAL CAMO HELMET. A nice but used condition M40 helmet complete with liner and chinstrap, helmet displays a Kreigsmarine decal and is heavily camouflaged with a grey textured finish. As the Navy wouldn't need camouflaged helmets one could assume its possibly a Coastal Artillery helmet.
NAZI VEHICLE RECOGNITION FLAG A mid sized recognition flag as used on small vehicles and half tracks, flag is in overall good condition with some storage staining and a tiny bit of damage to one leg of the Swastika (see images). Flag is single sided of multi construction and still retains its 4 brass grommets in the corners. Size approx. 38ins x 44ins.
NICKLE HJ BUCKLE AND LEATHER STRAP Buckle is in good used condition,,showing most of its finish. RZM and maker marked M4/13 "Paul Schumacher " Ludenscheid. Leather strap is in excellent condition, maker marked and dated 1941.
NSDAP 10 YEAR LONG SERVICE AWARD In bronze with ribbon, medal is in good used condition.
NSDAP 15 YEAR LONG SERVICE AWARD In silver and blue enamel, medal comes with its original ribbon.Medal is in overall good condition with no damage to the enamel.
NSDAP EARLY POLITICAL LEADERS TUNIC KREIS LEVEL. TTextbook example of a Obergemeinschaftsleiter,s tunic. This is a nice early pattern example, open neck, four button frontage with two breast pockets and two lower slash pockets, rear of tunic is cut in the political style. All buttons have a gold finish with raised eagle and Swastika in relief, all RZM marked. Tunic is in overall very good condition with some small period storage stains.. Belt & Buckle not included in sale...
NSDAP HANGING BANNER Double sided multi-construction banner in good used order some small mothing but overall still a nice period piece. Bottom of banner is edged in gold wire tassles. Approx size 32ins x 44ins.
NSDAP PARTEI BOOK This is the official report on the "PARTEITAG Der FREIHEIT 1935" Published by "Central Publishing of the NSDAP". "Franz Eher Nachfolger Munich (1936)". The rally which lasted from the 10th-16th September 1935 in Nuremberg is notorious in history for the promulgation of the so called "Nuremberg blood laws" when a special sitting of the Reichstag (during the rally) enacted these laws.(The full text of these laws are printed within pages 265-266). Which removed citizenship of the Jews and introduced discriminatory legislation against them. The text of Hitler's speeches and many of the Nazi leaders are printed within.There is a photo section towards the end of the book containing 40 plus images from the Rally. Book is in Mint condition...
NSDAP PODIUM BANNER Single sided red podium banner with white artificial silk borders in overall good condition, a little grubby from storage but still a nice original piece. Size 30in x 40in including tassles.
NSDAP POLITICAL LEADERS BELT AND BUCKLE. In good used order, buckle still retains a lot of its finish as does the keeper, leather is still very supple and is also in good order. Both buckle and leather are RZM marked, buckle maker is Friedrich Linden from Ludenscheid. Nice untouched textbook example..
NSFK O/R's KEPI In very nice condition,blue/grey woollen body with yellow piping,front has single button with white metal eagle. Interior has a black lining with a brown leather sweatband. size stamped 56. Overall a nice kepi with one tiny (pinhead) moth nip to yellow piping.
NSKK EAGLE PERIOD HAND CARVED. Beautifully carved example of the NSKK Eagle, this is a multi constructed piece that was actually liberated from the local NSKK offices in Shwabish Gmund Bavaria. Size 13 inches high x 15 inches wide. Very attractive piece..
NSKK SCHARFUHRER'S SERVICE TUNIC Textbook example of a NSKK NCO's tunic, body of tunic is a olive brown colour with a dark brown collar. This is a standard issue tunic that unfortunately has the RZM label missing.Insignia is the pre 1939 style with the NSKK eagle on the right arm and the Party brassard on the left arm. Condition of tunic is very good with a tiny amount of damage by the right breast pocket and a little patch on right arm near the arm eagle (see images).
ORDNUNGSPOLIZEI M43 SERVICE CAP In very good condition, this pattern cap was used in conjunction with the police combat uniform (rifle regiments). Cap has the two button frontage with machine woven factory applied insignia. Interior is maker marked "Lago-Wien" and dated 1944.
ORDNUNGSPOLIZEI OFFICERS SHOULDERBOARDS A pair of unissued Leutnant's shoulderboards sent out as a sampler with the metal seals and label detailing the boards still attached.
OVERJACKET AND TROUSERS FOR ARMOURED PERSONNEL An extremely rare example of the reed green herringbone stug jacket and trousers issued to armoured personnel to protect their uniforms from grease etc. Although there is a lot of photographic evidence of these jackets being worn on their own. Jacket is unlined and has two rows of buttons for size adjustment with large buttoned and flapped breast pocket, the only insignia displayed is a factory applied breast eagle, although there is provisions for shoulderboards. Trousers are very similar in cut to the M42 combat trousers. This is a nice set of a very rare and desirable jacket and trousers. Please feel free to contact me for further information or images. BELT AND BUCKLE NOT INCLUDED..
P38 PISTOL Nice example with brown bakerlite grips, all matching numbers comes complete with its deactivation certificate. Pistol still strips down and dry fires. Maker marked cyq .
PANZER NCO'S SHOULDERBOARDS To a Unteroffizier (sergeant) serving in the Panzer Lehr division. Shoulderboards are the slip-on pattern with nco;s tresse, pink piped waffenfarbe (Panzer) with a white metal L on each shoulderboard.
PLAQUE FOR 3RD S-BOAT FLOTILLA On its wooden mount,word is these plaques were awarded and placed on boats that served in Afrika in recognition of service rendered. Plaque is in nice condition, although there is a split in the wooden base which has been professionaly stapled. This is quite a rare if somewhat unofficial plaque..
PODIUM BANNER A near mint example, still displaying bright colours.Banner is one sided of multi construction and has white artificial silk border, with white tassels to the bottom,banner still retains its hanging rings. size 30in x 40in.
POLICE GENDARMERIE NCO'S SERVICE TUNIC A textbook example in superb condition, tunic is badged to a Hauptwachtmeister Gendarmerie. Tunic is the standard issue police tunic piped in orange with orange piped shoulderboards,orange backed collar patches and orange arm eagle.Gendarmerie officers was under the same umbrella as the Ordnungspolizei but served in the rurual areas of Germany and occupied territories. This is a nice un-messed with example..
POLICE GENDARMERIE OFFICERS WHITE TOP VISOR CAP Rare example of a white top visor cap for wear with the white summer uniform.Cap is in excellent condition except for some storage staining to the removable white top.Interior is in good condition and still retains its celluloid diamond.No makers name but under sweatband size stamped 56. A very nice example of a Gendarmerie Officers visor cap
POLICE GENDARMERIE VISOR CAP Textbook example in very good used condition, cap is a large size 60, Interior has ertsatz leather sweatband with orange oilcloth lining,maker marked very faintly "Peter Kupper". Some wear to sweatband otherwise a very nice cap.
POLICE LAPEL PIN Late war example of lapel pin worn by off duty police personnel, Pin is constructed from white metal and has no makers mark.
POLITICAL LEADERS KEPI A scarce early example, pre-RZM hence no label to interior of kepi. Cap is in very good condition for its age with no damage to the exterior. Interior has textbook orange lining with what appears to be a very very feint makers stamp to the crown, ersatz leather sweatband shows signs of wear. Insignia consists of gilded political eagle and gold button. With brown leather chinstrap. approx. size 57. Nice early piece, priced to sell !!!!
RARE WAFFEN SS ARMBAND A nice original machine woven example in good all round condition, a little grubby but still a nice piece. yellow band with black lettering.
RED PIPED SS COLLAR PATCH A fine example of a machine embroidered runic patch piped in red.As worn by members of the Hoenstaufen division. Rare piece.
REICHSARBEITSDIENST O/R's M43 CAP (Reichs Labour Service), this is a grubby well used example,constructed from a brown woollen twill, with a two button front and cloth RAD badge to the front. Interior shows heavy wear,with some minor damage to the leather sweatband.Overall cap is in good condition with no damage (except sweatband) and sensibly priced to sell.
REICHSTREUBUND LAPEL PIN CASED. Nice example in its case of issue. Maker marked.
SA MOTORISED STURMBANN PENNANT Textbook example of a SA sturm pennant, for the 23rd sturm belonging to 63rd SA Standarte (mot). This is a fabulous pennant that has certainly been used. Pennant still retains its five clips for attaching to pole and is in overall good condition with some minor rubbing to end. Pennant measures 63 cms at its widest part and 112 cms long. Rare!!!!!
SCHUMA ( AUXILIARY POLICE) M43 CAP. Very clean example of a German police M43 cap, that has been utilised for use by the Schutzmannshaft. Schuma battalions were subordinated to the Ordnungspolizei (ORPO). Serving in Eastern territories ,mainly in anti partisan activities . Cap is a textbook example of a police cap with the addition of a schuma cap badge. Interior is size stamped, and dated. (See images). ..Rare cap !!!!
SCHUTZPOLIZEI 2ND PATTERN PARADE BELT & BUCKLE Textbook example in nice condition, Brocade belt is identical to the SS brocade belt, with the SS runes and oakleaf pattern running around the outside.inside of belt is lined in police green backing cloth. Buckle is a polished aluminium Officers pattern and marked to the rear DRGM. Overall a nice desirable piece with one tiny bit of rubbing to the top of one of the brocade slides (see images).
SCHUTZPOLIZEI OFFICERS FOUR POCKET SERVICE TUNIC A very nice example of a Leutnant der Schutzpolizei tunic, this is the standard pattern eight button tunic with dark brown collar and cuffs. Collar,front of tunic and cuffs piped in green (shupo).Under left breast pocket is silver bullion SS runes, denoting full membership in the SS.Left arm has a very attractive Officers bullion arm eagle. This is a very attractive tunic and would enhance any Police collection. PLEASE NOTE BELT,BANDOLIER AND CARTOUCHE ARE FOR DISPLAY ONLY.
SCHUTZPOLIZEI OFFICERS SHAKO WITH PLUME A nice used example made by Erel, Shako is in overall good condition with some light mothing to the rear and some minor damage to the Police eagle, which is not really noticeable.Plume has discoloured over the years but still looks attractive on the shako. This is not the best Officers shako on the market but price reflects the small amount of damage I mentioned, please view images..
SERVICE TUNIC TO A SS-HAUPTSTURMFUHRER IN THE LEIBSTANDARTE "ADOLF HITLER". This is a superb tunic beautifully tailored by a Berlin tailor. Tunic is a textbook example, Open neck, four button front,two upper breast pockets buttoned with flaps and two lower slash pockets again buttoned with flaps. Back of tunic has the political cut with two metal belt ramps, And arms have the turned back cuffs. Collar is piped in silver bullion and displays an Officers quality SS runic patch and a matching rank patch. Shoulderboard is the sew-in pattern ad has a single button underneath for securing his officers aguillettes..upper left arm has a superb tailor applied brassard, while the lower left arm cuff has a near mint example of a Officers quality embroidered "Adolf Hitler" cufftitle. The interior has the strap for hanging the sword and the inside pocket has a tailors label which has had the Officers name removed, which is quite common nowadays (see images). Overall a stunning example of a black SS Officers tunic that comes to life on a mannequin. Belt,Buckle and cross strap are for display purposes only..
SHUTZPOLIZEI NCO'S/O/R'S PARADE BANDOLIER & CARTOUCHE In good used condition, bandolier is constructed in silver brocade with a green velvet backing. with a polished aluminium buckle and end cap. Cartouche is constructed from black leather and has a metal police eagle to the front. Cartouche is in overall good condition except for a small split to the top rear seam (see images). Cartouche is fully maker marked and date stamped 1938. Overall a rare piece of Police equipment that looks superb on a uniformed mannequin with all the other accoutrements..
SHUTZPOLIZEI OFFICERS PARADE BANDOLIER & CARTOUCHE A nice example of an Officers cartouche and Bandolier this cartouche is considerably smaller than the NCO's/O/R's cartouche and is completely devoid of any makers marks. A nice piece of Nazi police equipment seldom seen for sale.
SS GARRISON / LAGER FLAG "Time Capsule" this flag turned up at a little militaria fair in Normandy, I watched an elderly couple sell it to a French dealer who in turn sold it to me. This flag hadn't been unwrapped for decades and was covered in dust and dirt, through years of storage.. I am selling it as is, its very creased and has storage stains, but is totally intact with no damage whatsoever.In fact flag is in great condition just creased and grubby, which a warm iron would probably sort out..Flag is a multi construction example (not printed) and has all reinforced borders and reinforced squares by the halyard plus it still retains its original cord (see images). This is only the second SS Garrison flag I've come across in over forty years of collecting. As I haven't been able to display flag properly for photographic images I will give a full money back guarantee to the condition of this flag,as I previously stated there is no damage whatsoever . Size approx. 58ins x 36ins.
SS MANN'S DAGGER BY BOKER A nicely used example by a very desirable maker,dagger is in overall good condition with some staining to the blade,all nickel fittings are good with some age patina as is the scabbard. A honest example at a realistic price.
SS MANN'S SHOULDERBOARDS "GEBIRGSJAGER" Textbook examples ,slip-on boards with grey underside and black top silk piped in light green waffenfarbe. Boards are in near mint condition.
SS NC0'S SHOULDERBOARDS "CONCENTRATION CAMP STAFF" Rare shoulderboards to a SS-Oberscharfuhrer serving on the staff or guard unit of a Concentration camp. Shoulderboards are the slip-on variety with field grey underside black wool top with silver Nco's tresse around the top and a single white metal pip. And silk piped light brown waffenfarbe around the edges.
SS OBERSCHUTZE PIP mint unissued condition.
SS PUBLISHED BOOK "DAMALS". Large photo book complete with its original dust cover on the SS-Totenkopf division's service in the 1940 French campaign. Forword is Written by SS-Gruppenfuhrer Theodore Eicke "Papa Eicke". With phtographs taken by SS Kreigsberichter.. Book has 120 pages and measures 9ins x 11ins. book in good used condition, and original copies are getting extremely hard to find.
SS WEHRPASS TO A GUARD AT THE INFAMOUS SACHSENHAUSEN CONCENTRATION CAMP. A genuine example of a wehrpass to a career camp guard. Book is in very good condition with riveted photograph of the man wearing his Allgemeine SS tunic.He started his training in Oranienburg in 1940 then carried on when the camp moved to Sachsenhausen until Oct 1944.. His last rank (1943) was SS-Rottenfuhrer. So it would appear he spent his complete military career as a camp guard in the SS-T Wachbattalion.Of interest the book has a paragraph stamped in informing him his work there is secret and shouldn't be discussed outside of the camp.(similar to our official secrets act).Any paperwork now regarding the Concentration Camps are getting very hard to find.
SS-VT FUHRERSCHEIN In near mint condition,this is the nicest example I've had the fortune to come across. Fuhrerschein (military driving licence) Is a linen book and has the soldiers picture and details inside. This particular example belonged to a SS-VT Mann in SS Regiment "Der Fuhrer" and has a fabulous photo wearing his runic collar patch with the number 3 on.
STAATLICHE KRIMINALPOLIZEI WARRENT DISC. A genuine example of a KRIPO police officers warrant disc. Bronze disc is in fairly good order with some wear showing to the highlights on the Eagle and wreath. Its getting very hard to find original examples of the warrant discs, this particular disc was originally sold in 2002 by Detlev Niemann and comes complete with Niemann's original sales receipt...
STATE SERVICE FLAG "Reichsdienstflagge" 100cm x 170cm heavy duty printed version with Kreigsmarine stamping and makers name on white halyard. colours are still bright with no moth or damage but some age staining from storage.
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TRAFFIC POLICE WHITE SHAKO A rare used example of the white shako as used by traffic police,this is a standard Erel shako painted white with a gilt washed police eagle and a white leather chinstrap, interior has full makers panel, with police date stamp (1937) to the inner liner, paint has worn off in some places and shows some age crazing,but overall a nice attractive piece of headwear..Size 57.
VORSCHLAG ZUR ERNENNUNG (RECOMMENDATION FOR PROMOTION ) Ink signed by HIMMLER , this document is recommending that Hauptmann der Schutzpolizei Reinhard Schulz be promoted to Major der Schutzpolizei...Nice clean document with a nice clear signature of the Reichsfuhrer SS.
WAFFEN SS "HANDSCHAR" COLLAR PATCH. Unissued collar patch for the 13th SS Gebirgs division. Dachau made.
WAFFEN SS "HITLERJUGEND" NCO'S TUNIC. A textbook example of the SS M42 combat tunic
WAFFEN SS ALUMINIUM O/R'S BELT & BUCKLE. Buckle is in nice used codition and has the SS RZM makers code to the underside. Belt leather is still very supple and again in overall good condition, inner side of belt has a unusual stamping (see images.) approx. length 95..
WAFFEN SS BEVO SLEEVE EAGLE Textbook example in mint unissued condition.
WAFFEN SS BLURRED EDGE SMOCK A very nice modified example I picked up at the War & Peace show. This is a totally 100% original example that has been made smaller probably by the company/field tailor. smock has been made smaller by opening the back removing excess cloth and machining back leaving a central seam down the back, also skirt and cuffs have been shortened, obviously for a small SS trooper.. of note pocket flaps are made from plaintree camo..This is a very nice entry level example at nearly half the price you'd pay for a untouched blurred edge smock.
WAFFEN SS DOT PATTERN COMBAT TROUSERS A textbook pair of dot pattern combat trousers in HBT material lined in grey herringbone rayon. Trousers are in good used condition with no damage,inner waistband still has remains of SS BW stamp, all tan Bakelite buttons are intact, none missing,ankle ties are also still intact,as are both side adjusting buckles (prima) marked. These trousers are a very good match to our dot pattern jacket ,item number 50230
WAFFEN SS DOT PATTERN COMBAT TUNIC textbook example in Herringbone twill. tunic is in good used condition with no rips or tears. camo seems a little faded but still show the usual camo misprints you get with this style of tunic. It is also very noticeable where the arm eagle has been removed, which doesn't detract from this still being a very nice and desirable Waffen SS combat tunic.
WAFFEN SS DOT PATTERN COMBAT TUNIC. A very nice example of a early dot pattern combat tunic, this example has buttons and loops for shoulderboards a very nice factory applied arm eagle and removable buttons held in place by S -rings. Colours are still quite fresh, overall a nice example of a desirable piece of SS clothing..
WAFFEN SS EIDELWEISS CAP INSIGNIA Cloth eidelweiss patch worn by members of the Waffen SS gebirgsjager (mountain troops) on the side of there bergmutze or M43 cap.this example is in near mint unissued condition.
WAFFEN SS ENLISTED MAN'S SHOULDERBOARDS Pair light green slip-on boards for a Gebirgsjager (mountain trooper). Boards are in mint unissued condition.
WAFFEN SS GREEN OAKLEAF REVERSIBLE PARKA Combat worn, these green oakleaf parkas are quite scarce to find, I've only located three in the last twenty years or so and they've all been well worn. this one has had quite a lot of wear on the camo side with many field repairs, the white side is a lot better with fewer field repairs, but is very grubby. Still a nice piece to own if you collect SS camo.
WAFFEN SS M40 DOUBLE DECAL COMBAT HELMET In good used condition. Helmet still retains most of its original finish and decals. Runic decal is a second pattern example of which around 70% is remaining. The party decal shows more wear with around 60% remaining. Interior liner appears to be original to helmet, but darkened with age or has had leather treatment applied which would've toned the leather down. Strap is maker marked "G Singer" Klatt and dated 1941. Helmet shell is a ET. Overall a nice example of a rare helmet. On hold A.T.
WAFFEN SS M42 COMBAT HELMET A good honest SS combat helmet in well used condition. Runic decal is quite rubbed but totally original. Helmet is maker marked ET with a 60 shell size,helmet liner is in a good used condition but unfortunately missing its chinstrap. This is a nice original helmet with a realistic price tag..
WAFFEN SS M43 TUNIC "HITLERJUGEND DIV". A truly stunning Waffen SS combat tunic that has been in a collection for nearly 40 years. I now have the pleasure of putting it back on the collectors market.Tunic is a textbook example of the late war M43 tunic made from a very course wool with a five button frontage, two buttoned pockets with flaps on the chest, and two larger patch pockets on the waist also buttoned with flaps. And obviously the two holes for the belt ramps. Interior is again textbook with a mixture of HBT and cotton/rayon lining. Just above the size stampings you can clearly see the remains of the SS BW stamp. Again this is a nice used combat tunic belonging to a SS-Oberscharfuhrer who served in a Premier SS div "Hitlerjugend" and judging by his rank and Russian front ribbon was almost certainly a former member of the "Lebstandarte Adolf Hitler". this is a superb tunic and certainly hard to better.
WAFFEN SS M43 TUNIC "HITLERJUGEND DIV". CONT. Further images of the "Hitlerjugend" tunic....
WAFFEN SS OAKLEAF PATTERN ZELTBAHN early pattern with metal grommets, colour is still pretty good, one repair (see images) which has been done very neatly. zeltbahn still retains several rope ties and some metal buttons Nice piece, first SS zeltbahn we've had for ages.
WAFFEN SS SAHARIANA TUNIC AND TROUSERS (UNISSUED) Unique opportunity to own a completely unissued, still with the factory labels applied, Waffen SS uniform. Introduced in late 1942 this pattern tunic was issued to SS men serving in Italy the Balkans and various other warm climate's.. Tunic is constructed from a light tan cotton twill, styled on a traditional pattern bush jacket.Trousers appear to be standard cut M42 combat trousers but in light tan cotton twill. Both garments still display the factory size labels,and were made in the Reitz factory in occupied Belgium. Of note is the superb factory applied arm eagle. As I've already stated this is a unique example of a Waffen SS tropical uniform. Please feel free to e-mail us if you would like further images..
WAFFEN SS SOCIAL WELFARE FILE Large SS file measuring 12in x 9in, to SS-Unterscharfuhrer Josef Kormann who was killed in Russia serving in the SS-Div Wiking. File consists of 33 documents and I understand would have been used in assisting his family to get some financial aid. Certainly a set of documents worthy of further research.
WEHRMACHT DRIVERS BADGE "BRONZE" Tunic removed example,backing plate loose as one of the retaining clips is missing.
WEHRMACHT DRIVERS BADGE "GOLD" good all round condition and still retaining its metal backing plate.
WEHRMACHT DRIVERS BADGE "SILVER" In good condition and still retaining backing plate.
WEHRMACHT M35 DOUBLE DECAL COMBAT HELMET. A nice honest example finished in the slightly darker green to the apple green that was used on the earlier helmets. Decals are in quite good condition with some rubbing to the adler decal. Interior shows a little damage to the leather liner possibly a small hungry rodent. Liner and chinstrap are original to helmet and have never been out.. This is a nice sleepy helmet that has recently come onto the collectors market. Maker is NS (Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke)...A nice untampered with example.
WEHRMACHT M36 D/D COMBAT HELMET A very well combat used example, with around 60% of the eagle decal remaining and very little of the National shield remaining.This is an early example helmet that still retains its brass helmet rivets,.Maker marked SE62. And still retains original liner and chinstrap. Entry level Double Decal helmet,at a realistic price..
WEHRMACHT M40 COMBAT TUNIC Nicely used M40 combat tunic to a Obergefreiter in a Infantry unit..Insignia consists of slip-on white piped shoulderboards machine woven breast eagle,machine woven collar litzen factory applied to the collar, and a Obergefreiter rank chevron to the left arm. Interior has feint size stamping and some strange numbering possibly museum article numbers Tunic has one repair on the front just above the breast eagle (see images)..
WEHRMACHT M42 PATTERN HBT COMBAT TUNIC A well used combat tunic with lots of character , tunic is in overall good condition with no major damage but is quite heavily stained (see images) . This would be a good tunic for doing a combat manniquin, and is sensibly priced due to the stains. BELT,BUCKLE AND SHOULDERBOARDS ARE FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY, AND ARE NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE..
WEHRMACHT NCO'S PANZER TUNIC A very nice example in good used condition. to a Unteroffizier in a Panzer regiment . Tunic is the standard cut for a Pz wrap with factory applied insignia two interior pockets, the correct bias material in the shoulder lining. And you can just make out the size stampings (see images). Overall a nice example of a rare tunic. BELT AND BUCKLE NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE (FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY).
WEHRMACHT NCO'S VISOR CAP (PANZER) A very nice used private purchased NCO's visor cap, this is a high quality cap that could easily be mistaken for a Officers cap. Interior shows fairly heavy wear and at some stage the sweatband has been stitched back in, which doesn't detract from the beauty of this cap, shape is great untouched insignia and sweatband, this is a real one-looker and its Panzer!!!! approx. size 57.
WEHRMACHT O/R's SIDE CAP. In good used condition with machine applied insignia. Body of cap shows some wear but has no damage, interior is lined in beige cotton/rayon and shows remains of makers stamp.Overall a nice original example, at a sensible price.
WEHRMACHT OFFICERS BUCKLE Aluminium buckle worn with the parade belt, front of buckle is nice and crisp unfortunately rear has been damaged, but ideal for display purposes.
WEHRMACHT REED GREEN FATIGUE TUNIC AND TROUSERS In very good order,made originally for wear in the barracks, fatigues was quite often worn in combat conditions in warm climates. this example has a factory applied breast eagle as its only insignia but we discovered a unused oberschutze one of the pockets. Jacket and trousers are both in good order. BELT AND BUCKLE NOT INCLUDED ....
WEHRMACHT TROPICAL BELT & BUCKLE Superb example of a tropical issue belt & buckle...Buckle is painted in a drab green and is maker marked and dated 42 on the reverse, the belt is in a light tan webbing and in very good condition.
WEHRMACHT WINTER FUR CAP Nice clean example, no damage and still retaining ties interior has stamping,showing size (58) date 1943 and manufacturers numbers. this is a nice textbook example of the so called Russian front fur cap. Of note on the front mostly hidden by fur is a metal Wehrmacht cap eagle.. On hold G.K.