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Luftwaffe EM/NCO'S Breast Eagle. Machine embroidered, second pattern, (Circa 1936/1937-1945), Luftwaffe eagle, clutching a canted swastika in one talon, in silvery/grey rayon threads on a cut-out Luftwaffe blue/grey wool base.
Luftwaffe enlisted/nco embroidered tunic eagle. Luftwaffe enlisted/nco embroidered tunic eagle
Luftwaffe enlisted/nco embroidered tunic eagle. Luftwaffe enlisted/nco embroidered tunic eagle.
Original WW2 Jewish Brigade Cloth Formation Sign and Cloth Shoulder Title. Very scarce WW2 Jewish Brigade Cloth Formation Sign and Cloth Shoulder Title, fine quality embroidered formation sign for the Jewish Brigade, appears to be un-issued condition, possibly Italian made. Accompanied by an Italian made tropical shoulder title for the Jewish Brigade with text in Hebrew and English. The title appears to have been removed from a tunic. (2 items)…..
Tropical EM/NCO'S Tropical Breast Eagle. Machine embroidered, second pattern, (Circa 1936/1937-1945), Luftwaffe eagle, clutching a canted swastika in it's talons, in silvery/grey cotton threads on a cut-out, inverted triangular, tan fabric base.
'Reichssportabzeichen DRL in Bronze' (DRL Sports Badge in Bronze). DRL Sports Badge in Bronze "Deutsches Reich Leibubungen". Unusually non maker marked in very good condition!
2 Original WW2 Soviet Medals for Warsaw and Koenigsburg. Medal for the Capture of Koenigsberg instituted in 1945 on left (with award card dated 1945).Awarded to Soviet service personnel who took part in the capture of Königsberg between 23 January and 10 April 1945. Medal for the liberation of Warsaw on right. Instituted 1945.Awarded to Soviet service personnel who took part in the liberation of Warsaw between the 14 and 17 January 1945. Both awarded to to the same soldier.
2 x Maker Marked Third Reich Iron Cross 2nd Class. 2 x Original Maker Marked Third Reich Iron Cross 2nd Class, both being examples with maker numbered rings, the first being stamped “100” for Rudolf Wachtler & Lange, Mittweida and the other stamped “128” for S Jablonski G.m.b.h, Posen. Both complete with original ribbons and remain in good condition.
3 Original WW2 Soviet Medals for Prague,Victory over Germany and Bravery. Medal for the liberation of Prague awarded to Soviet service personnel who took part in the liberation of Prague between the 3 and 9 May 1945. Victory over Germany awarded to Soviet service personnel who were on active service during The Great Patriotic War (Military service of 3 months or civil service of 6 months). Also awarded to some allied forces such as the post 9 September 1944 Bulgarian Armed Forces. The Prague and Victory over Germany medals both jointly come with medal issue booklets and dated award cards,1947 for Prague and 1945 for Victory over Germany.. The bravery medal has a serial number on reverse.The Medal for bravery was awarded for personal courage and valour displayed in defending the socialist motherland during the performance of military duties, for "acts of bravery during a battle, during the defence of the state borders or during military duties associated with risk to life. 3 very nice medals to the same soldier.
A 1943 Carved/Crafted Wolchow Stick. A beautiful 1943 crafted so-called Wolchow stick. There are many different engraved patterns. Russland carved which is German for Russian and Andanken which means keepsake/souvenir There is a national eagle, but it has been de-nazified at some point.. 64cm in length. All in all a nicely crafted piece and certainly unique.
A Spanish Medal for the Campaign of 1936-1939 with Box. Early version with torch in bronze gilt and a black matte finish, 36.5 mm, laterally-pierced ball suspension, original ribbon, on a traditional Spanish-style horizontal hanger with pinback. In its cardboard box of issue, maker marked "INDUSTRIAS EGAÑA MOTRICO" on the front, with its original waxed paper wrapper, box extremely fine. Footnote: The medal was established on January 26, 1937 and awarded to members of the Falangist forces fighting against the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. The date on the medal of July 17, 1936 is that of the beginning of the armed rebellion against the Republican government. The rebels failed to take control of major cities, including Madrid and Barcelona, although the government could not successfully suppress the uprising. A long and bloody civil war followed and lasted until April 1, 1939. This led to atrocities on both sides and eventual victory for the conservative rebels.
Additional Pics Promotion Documents. Additional Pics.
Adolph Hitler Postage Stamps. A complete sheet of 50 Adolph Hitler 40 pfennig stamps in excellent condition. Printed across the top "GENERALGOUVERNEMENT DEUTSCHE POST OSTEN" with national eagles.
Afrikakorps Officers Bullion Cuff Title. A nice excellent condition Afrika Korps officers cuff title in heavy bullion 48cm in length. Authenticity in doubt and have had mixed opinions whether original or not so priced accordingly.
Along the Neva-German Paratroops of the 3rd FJR on the Russian Front Sept-Nov 1941 This book presents in words and images the first operational use of German Paratroops in the Russian campaign,and also the first time they served as conventional infantry. Focusing specifically on the 1st Battalion of the 3rd FJR,it describes the horrific weather, and unspeakable living and fighting conditions endured by these elite soldiers who were deployed in the trenches near the Neva river in northern Russia. Outnumbered in men and equipment,they fought bravely and with distinction ,never faltering in their mission.Included with the operational history are the recollections and reminiscences of surviving veterans. A great addition for a collector,dealer or historian. Book size...31cm/12.5ins X 24cm/9.5ins
Artwork Picture of Oberst Brauer FJR. A 21 x 14.5 cm artwork paper picture of Oberst Brauer. Some discoloration and yellowing to due to age of the artwork, but does not detract from the artwork at all.
British Airborne Signed First Day Cover. A pen signed first day cover for the 60th anniversary of the first attempt at airborne warfare that was undertaken by number 2 Commando later 11th SAS Battalion,then 1st,2nd and 3rd Parachute Battalions. They were deployed by 6 Whitley Bombers of 51 Squadron RAF. The force destroyed their target, the aqueduct across the Tragino river south of Foggia on 10th February 1941 called Operation Colussus. Signed by General Sir Rupert Smith.
China SS Wallonie Photo Holder. A really nice excellent condition with no cracks or chips SS Wallonie marked 1943 photo holder. Maker marked Bauscher Weiden. 17 x 12 cm. The photo or postcard slides into the holder through a slot in the top...see pics.
Death notice to a Fallschirmjager. A death notice to a fallen FJ Unteroffizier Georg Weiss with a great picture of him in his FJ jacket with collar tabs. He fought in Crete and was awarded the Iron cross 1st and 2nd class and fell 13 Jan 1942. There is a little creasing across the from mid top to mid left. See pics.
Death notice to a Fallschirmjager. A death notice to FJ Herbert Aigner who fell on 3 Jan 1944.
Delica,Witzig signed photo. A post war signature of probably the two of the most famous men of the Falschirmjager, Egon Delica and Rudolph Witzig with Hitler after their KC awards for there successful capture of Eban Emael in May 1940. Comes with a COA.
Der Adler Magazine with FJ. A copy of Der Adler magazine in French dated 6th April 1943 with a FJ carrying his wounded comrade on the front cover. Other photos of FJ inside with many more pics of Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht units. Small rips to bottom right of cover and some yellowing due to age but a great addition to a FJ collection.
Fallschirmjäger Artwork Print. A nice very clean and crisp 32 x 42cm print of 3 Fallschirmjager troops.
Fallschirmjager Book " Kreta, Sieg der Kuhnsten" . A FJ book in printed splinter cammo cover with FJ badge on the front. It was published in 1942 with literally hundreds of black and white photos inside showing a comprehensive insight of the battle. There are also 15 loose pages from I think Der Adler magazine put inside the back cover at some time showing more FJ photos, they have been left as I found them. There is some damage to the spine of the book and back cover, also some discolouration to pages due to age. There is some deterioration to the book due to age,but still a great addition to German WW11 collectors for reference or a collection. Priced accordingly. Book size...31cm/12.5ins X 23cm/9ins.
Fallschirmjager Brigade Ramke in North Afrika 1942-1943. This book is an in depth photographic study of the famed German 'Brigade Ramke' paratrooper unit. The story of Ramke and his elite troops is described here. The book is heavily illustrated with unpublished photographs and documents of the troops,as well as details of their uniforms,vehicles,equipment and theatre made insignia. Author Edgar Alcidi. A Schiffer publication. A great book for any Fallschirmjager historian,collector or enthusiast.
Fallschirmjager Flak Rgt Hermann Goring Award documents for FJR Unteroffizier Frans Urnau including commemorative 13 March Medal 1938,1st October medal 1938, 4 years service award and War merit cross with swords. A nice set of four documents to a FJ HG Flak Group member. Ring punches through docs....see pics.
Fallschirmjager in Crete 1941. The Merkur Operation. Crete's invasion by German paratroopers in 1941 became and remains the role model for all airborne military operations in the twentieth century. Crete was a military centre with major naval strategic importance, and the Allies had expected an Axis seaborne invasion to capture it. Instead, an elite attack force of crack airborne troops, followed by transport aircraft, took the island in hours and the Luftwaffe's dominance of skies ensured that no Allied naval retaliation was possible. This book explains the organisation of the operation and proceeds to document with first hand accounts from actual participants in the invasion force each step of the battle. Book size.....31cm/12ins X 24cm/9.5ins
Fallschirmjäger in Portrait: Studio and Field Portraits of German Paratroops in World War II Studio and Field Portraits of German Paratroops in World War II. A little more than 30,000 men of the Wehrmacht and SS qualified to wear the famed Fallschirmschützenabzeichen, or Paratrooper Badge, between 1936 and 1944. The badges they wore, and the images of the men who wore them, are avidly sought by collectors and historians around the world today. The authors have assembled over 300 indoor and outdoor posed portrait photographs of the Fallschirmjäger for this volume, most never before published, providing a fascinating representation of the photographers art in World War II and a superb study of their uniforms, badges and insignia. In poses ranging from fierce to thoughtful and even poignant, the German paratroops of World War II are seen here in perfect focus, as they wanted to be seen, preserved in deliberate portraiture for posterity. A very desirable book for any enthusiast or collector with interest of Fallschirmjager during the period from their conception until the end of WW11. A Schiffer publication. This is a heavy book measuring 32cm/12.5 inches X 24cm/9.5 inches.304 pages. Scuffing and small tears to dust cover on the top and bottom of spine. See pics,but a book in very good condition.
Fallschirmjäger Print Battle for Crete. A nice clean and crisp 39 x 32 cm print of The Battle for Crete.
Fallschirmjager-Portraits of German Paratroops in Combat. German Fallschirmjager as you've never seen before. Over 160 images from the Budesarchiv in Germany,the overwhelming majority never seen before. Mostly full page and showing details of various uniforms and equipment,helmets with various painted camouflage schemes,wire and cover. This book is a must to any historian or collector. Author Branislav Radovic. A Schiffer publication.
First Pattern Denison Smock with with Provenance to a Glider Pilot. A good and very interesting, 1942 dated Glider Pilot’s Denison Smock, obtained from the family of Lieutenant, later Major Bruno Haeffner, in 1997. Bruno Haeffner took part in Glider Operations on both D Day and Operation Market Garden. The Smock is an early hand painted example with the epaulettes and “tail” being made of the slightly later printed material. Not unusual to find on these first pattern Smocks, it results in the main body becoming rather washed out while the printed segments retain their colour far better. Overall condition is good with perhaps 7 or 8 minor holes, generally in keeping with service use, and a large stitched repair to the underside of the free hanging tail. No provision was made at this time to secure the tail at the back and as such it was vulnerable to damage. Both cuffs have deteriorated with age and have been roughly stitched to hold them together. I was pleased to see they had not been replaced. The runner is missing from the half zip which is now open at the lower end and a cord has been attached to close the collar. The family was, I am told, convinced this was a wartime repair. One press fastener to hold the tail in place, is missing and the back shows a paint trickle which bears a very close resemblance to green camouflage paint. The label is rather washed out but still visible is the size 3 and the all-important date 1942, supported by a WD inspectors’ stamp with “O”. The left breast retains his original Army Flying Badge, usually referred to as Glider Pilot’s Wings and Just visible on the upper right pocket is a faded “H”, no doubt for Haeffner. As a Lieutenant, Haeffner attended No.10 Course at EFTS in 1942/43 before joining No.17 Course, 5 Glider Training School at Shobdon. An accompanying letter from the Museum of Army Flying confirms that he took part in Operation Mallard on the afternoon of D Day, 6th June 1944, with the objective of reinforcing the elements that arrived during the night. As Section Commander of A Flight, he took off from Harwell with Sgt. K Mills bound for landing zone W with a load of 2 Ox & Bucks LI and 195 Field Ambulance. Between 17th and 25th September 1944 he was again Section Commander of 1 Flt A Sqn and took off from Harwell as part of the first lift of Operation Market Garden, towed by Stirlings of 570 Sqn. They carried elements of the HQ of the 1st Airborne Corps to landing zone N and 1 Battery, Air Light Regiment, Royal Artillery to landing zone Z. Bruno survived the battle and returned to Nijmegen during the night of 25-26 September as part of the retreat from Arnhem. Following Arnhem he was sent to India where he promoted through to Major, finishing the war as OC of 670 Sqn, 343 Wing of the Far East Glider Force. Accompanying the Smock are five large format modern copies of photographs featuring Bruno Haeffner, obtained from the Museum of Army Flying and a number of letters from Brunos’ brother to a researcher in Canada, from where the smock was obtained. Whilst the brother refers to it as “my” Smock, I take this to mean he was the owner following the death of his brother some years earlier. Enquiries with the GPR association show that the only Bruno was a Glider Pilot. Highly collectable in itself, the Smock and history will form an important addition to any British Airborne Collection, given the double association with both D Day and Arnhem.
Framed Fallschirmjäger Artwork. A really nice framed FJ picture, someone has taken the time and effort with this.Modern made but looks like a painting. It is actually from original well documented FJ photograph from WW2....(see last pic). Size 58 X 38 cm. Some spotting on rear of artwork but does not distract from from a really nice picture.
German Camouflaged Helmets of the Second Word War. Vol 2. This large format book covers hundreds of full colour photographs in great detail. The helmets shown are some of the most wonderful and exotic camouflage helmets to be seen in public and private collections. A must for collectors and dealers for reference. Author Branislav Radovic published 2004 by Schiffer.
German Camouflaged Helmets of the Second World War.Vol 1. This large format book covers hundreds of full colour photographs in great detail. The helmets shown are some of the most wonderful and exotic camouflage helmets to be seen in public and private collections. A must for collectors and dealers for reference. Author Branislav Radovic published 2004 by Schiffer.
German Helmets of the Second World War. Vol 1. This large format book covers hundreds of full colour photographs in great detail. The helmets shown are a fully illustrated and detailed look at the famous German 'stahlhelm' helmets to be seen in public and private collections. Details of model types,liners,insignia and camouflage paint schemes,covers...etc in full colour. A must for collectors and dealers for reference. Author Branislav Radovic published 2004 by Schiffer
German Luftwaffe & Heer Paratrooper Badges of World War II 1936-1945. A rare first edition print book that all Fallschirmjager badge collectors, dealers and historians should have for reference and research. Contains hundreds of detailed photographs of dimensions,types,maker marks...etc, and other required information of Luftwaffe and Heer FJ badges issued from 1936 to 1945. 624 pages and a very rare and difficult book to source now. Author Thomas M. Durante. Very good condition, a must for the serious collector,historian and dealer. This is a large and heavy book.26cm/10.5ins X 21/8.5ins.
German Paratroops in North Africa Tropical Uniforms, Headgear, and Insignia of the Fallschirmjager in World War II. This large-format book is an in-depth photographic study of Luftwaffe tropical uniforms, headgear, and insignia worn by the Fallschirmjager during the battles for Africa in World War II. Both full-color and war-era photographs illustrate rare uniforms and equipment including tropical jump smocks, Ramcke Brigade jump helmets, and officer's "Meyer" caps. This book also provides the first accurate description of the design and development of WWII German jump smocks, each illustrated in large, full-color photographs. A desirable book for collectors for reference and interest in German Paratroops in North africa. This book is heavy and large....31cm/12.5inches X 24cm/9.5inches. 303 pages. Small compressions and scuffing to dust cover on top and bottom of spine.
GERMAN PARATROOPS: Uniforms, Insignia and Equipment of the Fallschirmjager in World War Two. The uniforms and equipment of the elite German Fallschirmjager is the subject of this detailed, illustrated study. Authentic items smocks, dress tunics, boots, insignia, helmets, visor caps, gloves, knee pads and more are shown in superb color photos, in both multiple full-view, and detail shots. Unpublished World War II era photos show uniforms and equipment being worn on a variety of war fronts. Also included is a short chapter covering other Axis airborne including Italian and Japanese gear.
German Silver Wound Badge. Solid construction. Good finish but with some light oxidisation around the steel helmet area. Indistinct maker’s mark to the rear but a nice worn used example.
German Wound Badge in Black. Wound Badge in Black Very nice unmarked wound badge in black with packet of issue. The award for one combat wound. In very good condition.
Glider Pilot Regiment Beret Badge. A nice GPR Kings Crown beret badge with twin lugs but split pin missing.
Group Photograph of FJ Troops. A nice group photo of FJ troops taken I believe in Rotterdam as written in pencil on the back,so a very early FJ photo. Some damage to back where it looks like some of the paper was stuck to an album.
Hauptgefreiter Rank Chevron. Hauptgefreiter rank insignia consist of three waffle patterned, woven chevron, machine stitched on an inverted triangular base.
Hitler's Sky Warriors: German Paratroopers in Action, 1939-45. Fills an important niche in the literature of World War II-- Features more than 200 photographs, many of them from private collections and previously unpublished-- Extensively researched and written by a leading expert on the armed forces of the Third Reich Drawing together hundreds of images, Hitler's Sky Warriors presents a unique examination of the German airborne soldier in World War II. Comprehensive and authoritative, it includes chapters on the fallschirmjager arm's recruitment and training, its specialized equipment, its operations in the Low Countries in 1940, its seizure of Crete in 1941, and its role as a ground combat force on the Eastern Front and in Italy. With biographical details on all the main parachute commanders, this exciting book is an extensive account of an elite formation of military history. Book size.....29cm/11.5ins X 22cm/9ins
Iron Cross Second Class. Iron Cross second class WW2 with ribbon.Maker marked on ring loop (but difficult to see which maker) in good condition with packet of issue..
KC Fallschirmjager Signature and Paperwork. A pen signed signature of Oberfeldwebel Alexander Uhlig on Fallschirmjager picture of the airborne badge.There are also photocopies of his award documents and copies of him with his background information during his war service. Copies of award docs are of Iron cross 1st and 2nd class,Kreta Armband,KC awarded October 1944 and other copies of his service locations. I do not have the original award certificates,only copies.
Knight's Cross Holders of the Fallschirmjager. This book covers all Knight's Cross holders of the Fallschirmjager. Each recipient is presented in capsule biography including date of birth,awarding of the various Knight's Cross grades, and other particulars to rank and career including text of how the recipient actually won his Knight's Cross. Each is also shown in a WW11 era photograph or Willrich card depiction. A great book for collectors and historians alike. 279 pages. Book size....24cm/9.5ins X 16cm/6.5ins.
Large Modern Reproduced Collection of Fallschirmjager Photos. Over 100 modern reproduced 10x15cm copies from original photographs from WW2 of Fallschirmjager personalities along with photos of action on Crete,jumping photos,at rest and regular every day scenes. A few Luftwaffe and even one of Otto Skorzeny. I am selling all as were a fraction of the price of originals.
London Irish Qualification Jump Wings. Very scarce London Irish Airborne Jump Wings from the 1970s as awarded to members of the London Irish Rifles (Light Infantry)on completion of their airborne/parachute training. The London Irish Rifles (LIR) was a volunteer rifle regiment of the British Army with a distinguished history, and now forms 'D' (London Irish Rifles) Company of the London Regiment and is part of the Army Reserve. They are based at Connaught House, Flodden Road in Camberwell.
Luftwaffe EM/NCO'S Breast Eagle Machine embroidered, second pattern, (Circa 1936/1937-1945), Luftwaffe eagle, clutching a canted swastika in one talon, in silvery/grey rayon threads on a cut-out Luftwaffe blue/grey wool base. Wool base is mothed away, leaving just the embroidery remaining.
Luftwaffe Field Division Flieger Collar Tabs. Green wool construction collar tab with one, stamped, rank "gull" ( Priate/Flieger) with mismatched rank gulls The collar tab is mounted on coarsely woven, tan buckram backing.The White branch color piping was designated on 10 July 1944 Luftwaffe Rifle Regiments(except for the 20th LW Field Division) The first Luftwaffe ground combat units were formed in the winter of 1941/2 for fighting in Russia. The units were quickly formed in response to the overwhelming losses of the Wehrmacht earlier that winter.
Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Leutnants Collar Tabs. Bright red wool construction collar tabs with a single, hand embroidered, rank "gull" positioned above an oak-leaf, half-wreath in bright, silver/aluminum wire threads. The collar tabs are piped in fine, twisted, bright, silver/aluminum, cord and are mounted on tan buckram backings. Nice examples.
Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Trade Badge. Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Personnel's Badge, service EM/NCO, gray wool base with a large 88mm flak gun barrel around stylized wings with a oak leaf wreath with a swastika. 2 minor moth holes by both wings.
Luftwaffe Flight Crew Channel Leather/Fur Winter Jacket. Additional Pics
Luftwaffe Flight Crew Channel Leather/Fur Winter Jacket. Additional Pics
Luftwaffe Flight Crew Channel Leather/Fur Winter Jacket. The jacket is made of heavy fur/sheepskin with a wide dark brown fur collar. There is two slash pockets to the front hip. The pocket’s is closed by push buttons maker marked "PRYM 6". To the front is a zipper, it is partly re-sewn and it is possibly period done since the repair looks rather crude and the threads shows age and tear (see pictures). The white plastic zipper’s to the cuffs is fully functional and the zipper pulls is marked "Ri-Ri". Inside is fully lined with sheep fur. Adjustment strap’s is still in place although a little bit shortened. There is a RB-Nr label machine sewn to the inner waist band. It is partly torned and hard to read. The jacket is in good used condition. All buttons and zippers are intact and fully functional. The only mending I can see is the previous mentioned partly re-sewn front zipper. I estimate the jacket to be a medium size about a 38 inch chest.
Luftwaffe Flight/Fallschirmjager Collar Tabs. Nice pair of Leutnant of Flight/Fallschirmjager collar tabs.
Luftwaffe Leutnant Medical Collar Tabs. Dark blue wool construction collar tabs with a single hand embroidered rank "gull" positioned above an opened top, oak-leaf half-wreath all in bright silver/aluminum wire threads. The collar tabs are piped in twisted bright silver/aluminum cord and are mounted on light tan buckram backings. Of Note: The collar tabs signify the medical rank of Assistenzarzt which is the equivalent to the standard army rank of Leutnant.
Luftwaffe Oberst Flight/Fallschirmjager Rank Badges. A copy of Oberst rank badges with 3 gulls and 2 stripes.
Luftwaffe Paratroopers Badge. Nice quality original CE Juncker Berlin, two piece, die struck alloy award featuring a stylized "diving" eagle clutching a swastika, encompassed by a vertically oval wreath. The wreath features laurel leaves to the left hand side and oak-leaves to the right hand side. The badge shows nice detailing including the "feathering" to the eagle and cut-outs to the swastika. The eagle is attached to the wreath by two small dome headed rivets which are visible to the reverse. The reverse has a soldered, barrel type, hinge a thin round vertical pin. The reverse of the eagle is well marked with the impressed manufacturer's initials of ...CE JUNCKER BERLIN SW68.
Luftwaffe Sports Vest Badge Nice Luftwaffe Sports Vest badge,slight soiling due to age.
Major John Howard D Day Tie. A limited edition tie presented to Major Howard of Pegasus Bridge fame,Ox and Bucks Light Infantry(Airborne) to commemorate the 40th anniversary of D Day in 1984,numbered 6 of 1000 presented. Pen signed by Major Howard on the issue number document attached to the bottom of the protective cellophane tie cover. A fantastic addition to any Airborne collection.
Medal of the Spanish Blue Division for Russian Service 1941 with issue Box. An original zinc, patinated and lacquered cross, 37.3 mm x 46.2 mm, lightly soiled original ribbon with pinback, light contact, extremely fine. With cardboard box of issue, marked "MEDALLA DE TROPA / DONATIVO DEL MINISTERIO DEL EJÉRCITO" on the front panel, marked "MINISTERIO DEL EJÉRCITO MEDALLA CONMEMORATIVA" on the rear panel, maker marked "DIEZ Y COMPAÑIA, S. A. - Madrid" on the side panel. These medals were awarded to members of the Spanish 'Blue Division" for combat on the Russian Front fighting with the Germans,they saw fierce combat and were extremely respected by their German allies.
Modern Silver Copy of Fallschirmjager Ring. A size 10 US or T 1/2 UK silver copy of a Fallschirmjager ring. Not marked.
More Images KC Fallschirmjager Signature. Additional pics.
More Images SS Wallonie Photo Holder/Frame.
More Images Winter Cammo SS Helmet. Additional pics.
Original K98 Bayonet. A nice clean non matching numbered K98 bayonet. 1940 dated scabbard.
Original Mint WW2 Glider Pilot Regiment Wings. An unissued set of GPR Wings in red, white, yellow and light blue embroidery, with black threading giving definition to the lion and the George VI Kings Crown, embroidered tab inscribed "Y8652" projecting from the top of the right wing, on a brownish-green wool base, black cotton backer, 50 mm x 129 mm, extremely fine.
Original Signature General Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley GBE DSO MC M Litt. Original signature of one of the most famous names in British Airborne history for the 50th memorial anniversary of Operation Manna for airborne operations in Greece 1944/45 and operation Dragoon in Southern France 1944. At the outbreak of World War II in 1939, at the age of 15, Tony Farrar-Hockley ran away from school and enlisted in the ranks with the Gloucestershire Regiment. After the discovery of his age he was discharged. In 1941 he enlisted again and was posted to a Young Soldiers' Battalion. In 1942 he was commissioned and posted to the new 1st Airborne Division seeing action with the Parachute Regiment in Italy, France and Greece. He was still only 20 in 1944 when he was given command of a company in the 6th Battalion Parachute Regiment and later won an MC in Greece whilst resisting the communist rebellion in Athens. Sir Anthony Heritage Farrar-Hockley GBE, KCB, DSO & Bar, MC (8 April 1924 – 11 March 2006), affectionately known as 'Farrar the Para' , was a British Army officer and a military historian who distinguished himself in a number of British conflicts. He held a number of senior commands, ending his career as NATO's Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Northern Europe. he was appointed commander in chief of Nato's Allied Forces Northern Europe. He held this appointment until his retirement from the army in 1982. .
Original Signature Maj Gen A.J.Deane-Drummond CB DSO MC. Original signature for 50th anniversary of Operation Colossus- The Airborne Operation on the Tragino Aqueduct 10/11th Feb 1941. Signed 10th Feb 1991. Anthony John Deane–Drummond CB, DSO, MC & Bar (23 June 1917 - 4 December 2012) was an officer of the Royal Signals in the British Army, whose career was mostly spent with airborne forces. During the Second World War, he was the second-in-command of a commando force which made a failed raid on southern Italy(Tragino Aqueduct), and was captured by enemy forces. He escaped from captivity, was recaptured, escaped again, and eventually made his way back to England sixteen months after the raid. He later served in Operation Market-Garden and was captured at Arnhem, but successfully escaped for a third time. After the War, he commanded 22 SAS Regiment in Malaya and Oman, and held a number of staff positions, later commanding a division in the British Army of the Rhine before retiring. He died in December 2012.
Original Signature of SAS Founder David Sterling. A rare and genuine signature of Colonel David Stirling,founder of the SAS. Large photograph double mounted on cream and black to an overall size of 16 x 12 inches. Very difficult to source now.
Original WW2 American Airborne Command Uniform Patch. WW2 American Airborne Command Uniform Patch, complete with AIRBORNE title. Good uniform removed example.
Original WW2 Reconnaissance Corps Badge Grouping WW2 Reconnaissance Corps Badge Grouping, consisting of embroidered yellow on green cloth shoulder title, brass other ranks cap badge with two lug fittings and unofficial brass arm badge in the form of an armoured car with collar badge of the 1st Royal Dragoons to the centre. Some moth holes to the shoulder title but generally good condition. (3 items)
Original WW2 Soviet Medal for Combat Service. Instituted on 17.10.1938 with some 5 million issued (only 27.000 before the Great Patriotic War). This military medal awarded for "combat action resulting in a military success", "courageous defence of the state borders", or "successful military and political training and preparation". Also awarded for 10 years of service prior to the creation of the long service awards Comes with booklet of issue dated 1968 which is common for soviet awards.
Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry Shoulder Titles. Unusual pair of unofficial cloth shoulder title for OXF & BUCKS Lt .INFty. Quite unusual with the Lt.INFty. Embroidered and locally made.
Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze. PAB Panzer Assault Badge " Panzer Kampf Abzeichen" in Bronze Very nice solid badge with maker marking "Hermann Aurich" in very good condition.
Panzer Assault Badge in Silver. PAB Panzer Assault Badge " Panzer Kampf Abzeichen" in Silver. Hollow and non maker marked.
Panzer Gefreiter Rank Sleeve Chevron. Army Panzer Gefreiter rank chevron displays one "v" subdued gray rayon tresse on black wool base as worn on the panzerjacke.
Panzer Obergefreiter Rank Sleeve Chevron. Army Panzer Obergefreiter rank chevron displays two "v" subdued gray rayon tresse on black wool base as worn on the panzerjacke.
Postcard for Legion Condor Freiwilligen. A nice clean Legion Condor postcard. Spain 1939.
Promotion Documents with Hermann Goring Facsimile Signature. Three impressive documents attributed to Kurt Hartmann, Leutnant of Fliegertruppe .One being the 13 March 1938 award embossed with national eagle. Another being a promotion document with a large heavily embossed Reich Eagle and facsimile signature of Hermann Goring.Some slight staining but does not detract at all. The third another promotion document with facsimile signature of Goring dated 18 Feb 1938 as a double A4 size folded document with sutterlin script of his award signed and dated on inside. Three impressive documents to one Luftwaffe Leutnant in Fliegertruppe.
Red Shines the Sun:A pictorial history of the Fallschirm-Infantry. First Edition. A culmination of 12 years of research,this reference traces the history of the Army Paratrooper of the Fallschirm Infantry from their origins in 1937. A 240 page comprehensive look at their history supported by over 600 images many in full colour and 90% previously unpublished. It also includes information and pictures of equipment,uniforms and the various documentation along with photographs of the rare army Fallschirmjager badge in all it's variations,cloth,silver aluminium etc... A very rare first edition book and a great addition for a collector,dealer or historian. Book size...29cm/11.5 X 22cm/9ins
Reproduction Named Winter Cammo SD SS M42 Helmet. A really great looking SD SS winter cammo helmet.No chinstrap. I have had mixed reviews on the authenticity of this helmet so am selling as reproduction,therefore priced accordingly. Great for a collection or re enactor who wants a great looking helmet without the cost of an original. Named to Oscha A. Dusel inside of rear apron. Displays well.
Russian Front Medal. A good condition Russian front Medal with ribbon.
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Signature to Fighter Pilot Oscar Boesch. An original post war signature to fighter Pilot Oscar Boesch with 18 victories.He was also awarded the Iron Cross. Comes with COA from original source dealer.
Signed photo of Hinrich Ahrens KC winner. A signed photo of Hinrich Ahrens,a feldwebel awarded with some of the highest decorations Germany could award. Infantry Assault Badge,Iron cross 1st and 2nd class,Wound badges in black,silver and gold,Close combat badge in bronze,Eastern front medal,4 tank destruction badges,German cross in gold and Knights cross of the iron cross. A great photo of this highly decorated soldier.
Signed photo of Major Siegfried Jamrowski FJR.KC winner. A signed photo of Major Siegfried Jamrowski. He was also awarded the Iron cross 1st and 2nd class,German armed forces marksmanship badge,Wound badge in black,Luftwaffe ground assault badge and the German cross in gold. A highly decorated FJR officer.
Signed postcard of Rudolph Witzig. A postcard pen signed by Rudolph Witzig of Eban Emael fame with unknown officer.
Special Air Service Shoulder Title. A nice 1950s Malayan era shoulder title.
SS-Fallschirmjager-bataillon 500/600. This book is the history of the only Fallschirmjager-Bataillon of the Waffen-SS during World War II. Formed in 1943 as a Bewahrungsverband for special missions (guerrilla operations in the Balkans) the unit was deployed at many focal points of heavy combat on the eastern and western fronts. Nearly destroyed at the Schwedt and Alt-Kustrinchen bridgeheads, the remainder pulled back to the west over Parchim at the end of April 1945 and entered U.S. captivity in May 1945. This is their story, including extremely rare photographs. Book size....24cm/9.5ins X 16cm/6.5ins.
The Flak Badges. First Edition. This is a first edition,comprehensive reference of years of study by one of the leading experts on the flak badges of the Wehrmacht. Marc Garlasco has meticulously examined dozens of variations by all known makers of theses badges of the Second World War. In addition to the badge,he incorporates history,award documents and cases. This book is a 'must have' for any serious collector,dealer and historian. Author Marc E.Garlasco. Publisher B & D Publishing. Book size..24cm/9.5ins X 18cm/7ins. 464 pages.
The Glider Pilot Badge. 1st Edition. A comprehensive first edition collection of such information. Not only are all the current known varieties of the badge itself illustrated and described in clear detail but also include an overall history of the glider troops,accounts of specific missions. Examination of glider licences,award documents,presentation cases and a lot more. A must have for the serious collector. Book size...25cm/10ins X 18cm/7ins Author Stijn David. A B&D Publication.
The Lions of Carentan by Volker Greisser. The illustrated history FJR6 and first hand accounts from members of one of Germany's elite fighting formations Fallschirmjager Regiment 6,1943-1945. Excellent condition.
Tropical Feldwebel Rank Badge for Flight/Fallschirmjager A nice original pair of tropical Feldwebel rank badges for Africa/Mediterranean theatre.
Tropical Leutnant Rank Badge for Flight/Fallschirmjager A nice original pair of tropical Leutnant rank badges for Africa/Mediterranean theatre.
Wehrmacht Postcard. A nice postcard of a wehrmacht soldier carrying a wounded comrade.
Willrich Card Leutnant Fulda KC FJR. Willrich card of Leutnant Fulda sat in a DFS 230 glider during the assault on Eban Emael. A Knights Cross winner.
Willrich Card of a FJ Combat Engineer. Postcard of an unknown Fallschirmjager Combat Engineer on the assault of Eban Emael carrying a 3kg explosive charge. The reverse has printed gothic script and dated February 1942.
Willrich Card of Egon Delica FJR. A good condition willrich card of Egon Delica of Eban Emael fame.
Willrich Card of Feldwebel Arpke FJR. A Willrich card of FJR Feldwebel Arpke.
Willrich Card of Major Koch FJR. A good condition Willrich card of Major Koch of Eban Emael fame dated 1942.
Willrich Card signed by Egon Delica FJR. A signed willrich card of Hauptmann Delica.
Willrich Card to a FJ Combat Engineer. Postcard of an unknown Fallschirmjager Combat Engineer on the assault of Eban Emael carrying a 3kg explosive charge. The reverse has a pencil message to a friend or family member dated 1942 with feldpost written in the top right corner. Waffenamt stamped.
WW2 15th Scottish Reconnaissance Corps Beret Badge. Very Rare WW2 Original 15th Scottish Reconnaissance Corps Beret Badge, chromed cap badge with central disc having enamel rampant lion to centre. Two lug fittings to the reverse. 15th (Scottish) Reconnaissance Regiment, landed in Normandy on 6/6/1944, served in North West Europe. 2nd January 1941: Formed as the 15th (Scottish) [Divisional] Battalion Reconnaissance Corps 4th December 1941: Reduced to 15th (Scottish) Independent Reconnaissance Company 6th June 1942: Redesignated 15th (Scottish) Independent Reconnaissance Squadron 15th February 1943: Upgraded to 15th (Scottish) [Divisional] Regiment Reconnaissance Corps (Formed from the 15th, 45th and 54th Independent Reconnaissance Squadrons) 1st January 1944: Renamed 15th (Scottish) Reconnaissance Regiment RAC 31st August 1945: Disbanded A very rare badge to find now.
WW2 Hand Coloured Luftwaffe/Fallschirmjager Portrait. A nice period hand coloured portrait of a Gefreiter (corporal) in original glass fronted frame. A little scuffed on the back but really nice for over 70 years old. Size 30 x 22 cm.
WW2 Second Pattern Airborne Forces Denison Smock. A good example of a half zip second pattern denison smock as worn by british airborne troops during WW2. The second pattern was introduced in 1944 with button tabs at the cuffs but in order to make it more wind-proof, the tops of woollen socks were often sewn to the cuffs as has been done here,the wings are post war and at some point the newer tail and the cuffs were added as well. The tail was cut off which was common practise among paratroops of all ranks and another attached at some point as the camouflage is slightly different than the smock. Half zipper working correctly but there is some fraying and a small repair stitch on the collar. There is no manufacturer size label, however it still retains it's WW2 features, colour of camouflage,brass newey buttons, half zip and button cuffs. and all material and stitching is in nice clean condition with just service wear to be expected. A nice desirable smock and priced accordingly.