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Royal Australian Regt (Skippy) Brass Hat Badge Gilded brass with original uncut down long pin rear fixings. Makers name SWANN & HUDSON.
WW1 Brown painted Imperial German Tunic Buttons Large button 23mm across and medium 19mm across.
'AUSTRALIA' Cloth Shoulder Slides 2 different styles in excellant condition
'C' Squadron 'Sharpshooters' K.C.L.Y Blazer Badge Good quality old bullion badge, obviously well loved
'CANADA' Title Worn by R.C.A.F good quality wool title
'ENGLAND' Slip on Shoulder Title
'IMMIGRATION' Shoulder Titles Unknown as to why these were in the stock of military tailor from the 1940-50's
'MOUNTAIN' Wool Shoulder Title
'NEPAUL Brass Buttons 25mm acrossby HART & LEVY LTD LEICESTER, 18mm button by BUTTONS LIMITED
'Q' Service Corps Brass Hat Badge Slightly rubbed 2 rear loops
'WARWICKSHIRE' Shoulder Titles Originated from a group of Warwickshire Home Guard insignia, so may have been cut down Warwickshire regt titles removed from uniform
1 LOC Shoulder Title
100th AGRA ( Army Group Royal Artillery) formation sign Printed sign in mint condition
10th Battalion (The Adelaide Rifles) Brass Hat Badge (1948-53) great condition
10th Gurkhas Black Button 24mm excellant condition
10th Infantry Battalion (The Adelaide Rifles) Die struck brass with rear loop fixings
10th Light Horse Silver Plate Early Q/C Collar Badge Two part with long rear loops. Nice patina made by Swann & Hudson.
12th Inf Batt (The Lancestgon regt) Hat Badge Blackened bronze with 2 rear loop fixings 1930-42
13th Hussars Brass Post 1902 Forage Cap Badge Brass post 1902 cap badge on a rear slider.
13th/18th Royal Hussars Anodised Cap Badge Made by SMITH & WRIGHT
14/20th Hussars Anodised Shoulder Titles & Arm Kukri Badges All with rear back plates
14th/20th Hussars Anodised Collar Badge facing pair in good codition
14th/20th Kings Hussars 1920-52 23mm by GAUNT
15/19th Hussars Anodised Shoulder Titles With original pin fixings.
156 Squadron R.A.F Bullion Blazer Badge Q/C well made large badge
15th/19th The Kings Royal Hussars w/metal Sleeve Badge Also used by other cavalry regiments, die stamped with 2 rear loops, 65mm by 37mm.
16th Medical Regt R.A.M.C DZ Sign Unissued
16th The Queens Lancers 1902-22 button large 25mm OR's buttpm
17th & 17th/21st Lancers Button 21mm brass OR's button early example possibly Victorian
17th Division H.Q (Malaya Dist) Sign Printed formation sign removed from uniform as worn by Australian soldiers during 1960's
17th Infantry Battalion (The North Sydney Regt) oxidised collar badge k/c original undamaged condition.
1835-70 Royal Engineers Large 24mm Brass Button By FIRMIN & SONS LD LONDON
1855-73 Royal Regt Of Artillery w/m Button Large 22mm w/m front with brass bench mark plate, unusual maker
1879 Royal Navy Seamans Black Button 20mm size black horn with lined background, rare
1880's HAC Busby Grenade Large gilt HAC grenade badge with the original 2 rear loop fixings
1900-1930 Royal Australian Artillery Hat Badge Badge made by H.GILL BIRMINGHAM. Original undamaged condition. Very Rare
1914 dated C.E.F 'CANADA' Collar Badge Brass OR's collar badge made by ELLIS 1914
1915 dated C.E.F General Service Collar canadian general service collar nicely maker marked CARON BROS MONTREAL 1915
1920's Burns & Laird Lines Shipping Company Rare maker large 23mm gilt button
1941 Dated Royal Naval Hospitals, H.M. Ships and Hospital Ships Formulae Book Prescription Formulae book, 67 pages of info regarding chemicals & drugs
1974 Western Australian Polce Dept Items pair of Social club, dinner tickets and single Commanders mess dress epaulette, top button is King Crown, with rest of insignia Queens Crown, unsure as to why
1st Armoured Divsion Printed Formation Sign Nice example, removed from uniform
1st Armoured Regt w/m Collar By SWANN & HUDSON, 2 rear pin fixings, fine example
1st Artillery Brigade Formation Sign Unissued condition
1st Bn 325 Airborne Inf Regt Cut edge silk beret badge
1st Corps Formation Sign Sign removed from uniform
1st Corps Formation Sign Large silk style weave probably post war
1st Danish Brigade Sleeve Patches Colour & subdued, pair
1st Div Engineers
1st German/Netherlands Corps Sleeve Patch Formed 1995 as a Nato Response Force sleeve patch with velcro backing, service wear.
1st HIGHLANDERS Potential Instructors Shoulder Slides
1st Infantry Brigade Group Badge c.1950 cut from Airtex shirt.
1st Kings Africa Rifles Brass Cap Badge Two rear loop fixings.
1st Lanark Rifle Volunteers Pouch/Cross Belt Badge Large die cast w/m (possibly silver?) heavy badge with 2 short screw post fixings circa 1860
1st Platoon Mine Booby Trap, Dog Handling Team Patch
1st TACTICAL FIGHTER WING Silk cut edge patch
1st V.B Royal Berkshire Regt Cap Badge Rare badge in exceptional condition 2 rear loops with single 'peg' fixing below
1st Welsh Division formation sign Current issue in desert colours
2 Large East Lancs Brass Buttons 25mm brass buttons by BUTTONS LTD
2 part Q/C officers RAF buttons matching pair of 14mm size 2 part buttons
21 Signal Regiment (Air Support) Formation Sign Nice early looking example. small splash of what appears to be glue on the bottom right side.
23rd Inf Batt (The City of Geelong Regt) Hat Badge Die struck brass with 2 rear loop fixings 1930-42
23rd Inf DI Stamped V-21
24th Battalion The London Regt (The Queens) officers collars pair of bronze officers service dress collars
24th Lancers Large Brass Button Made by GAUNT LONDON
265 (Kent & County of London Yeomanry) Signal squadron no 2 dress badge
265TH (The Queen's Own) Light A.A Regt R.A Large 23mm brass button by J.R GAUNT & SON LTD LONDON
26th SUPPLY SQDN Patch Smaller than usual finely detailed patch.
28th Commonwealth Brigade 1st Pattern Malaya & Singapore c.1971
28th Commonwealth Brigade Formation Signs 3rd pattern worn 1972-74 Tripartitle force of Aust, NZ and UK troops, amazing to find a mint unissued uncut pair of signs
28th Inf Bn Hat Badge Swan Regt 53-60, good condition, 2 rear loops
2D BN 75INF AIRBOURNE RANGER Subdued Shoulder Title
2nd batt R.Sussex Regt Private in Egypt Stated on back to be Private A.LINE 6400018. Post card size
2nd Battalion ( City of Newcastle Regiment) Brass Hat Badge 1953-60, 2 rear lugs, no damage
2nd Bn 502 Air Infantry Early Cut Edge Silk Beret Badge
2nd Port Task Force, facing formation signs. Matching facing pair of formation signs
2nd South Middlesex Rifle Volunteers Shako Plate Blackened brass with lovely age patina and the original 3 rear loop fixings
3 Different Cavalry Regiment Subdued Patches Black on green cotton collar patches.
33 AGS DEPLOY AND FIGHT Patch Nice early looking patch
334th FIGHTER SQUADRON Early cut edge silk patch
34th Inf Battalion (Illawarra) Hat Badge Brass badge with original rear sheet stamped rear lug fixings.
35 CRS Patch Cotton & silk large size
354th EMS Patch Mint condition
35th SUPPLY SQUADRON Silk Patch Cut edge
366 WILL DOERS Cotton & Silk Patch
37 ARR SQ Patch Very nice detail
3711 BMTS PREPARING THE FINEST Patch Nice early looking example
39th Brigade Formation Sign Blue embroidery triangle on orange wool removed from uniform, scarce little badge.
3rd ACR Brace Rifles Cut Edge Patch Nice early example
3rd Armoured Division Spearhead Sleeve Patch
3rd Inf Division C.1950 Formation Sign
4 Bronze Generals Buttons Made by STOKES & SONS. MELBOURNE, unsual to find large button 25mm across, smaller at 19mm across.
43/48th Inf Bn Collar Badge (53/60) Superb condition
43rd Indian Lorried Infantry Brigade Formation Sign White on green wool formation sign, no moth.
4485 TEST SQUADRON Silk Cut Edge Patch Quite small.
44th (Home Counties) Division Formation Signs
45th Infantry Battalion (St George Regt) Collar Superb condition, gilt finish 1953-60 era
463rd TACTICAL AIRLIFT WING Patch Nice example in silk
46th Battalion (Brighton Rifles Vic) Hat Badge 46th Bn Brighton Rifles of Victoria 1912-18 in superb condition
47th Inf Bn ( Wide Bay Regt) Collars Matching pair in original condition
4th Armoured Brigade Engineers Purple on grey backing
4th Division Formation Sign removed from uniform
4th Medium Royal Canadian Artillerty Shoulder Title Early example
4th Pattern Rising Sun Hat Badge Fine quality made by AMOR SYDNEY
4th Princess Louise Dragoons Guards Brass Cap Badge Brass cap badge with two rear loop fixings
4th RCA WW2 Shoulder Title Shoulder title
4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards N.C.O.s arm badge NCO's Arm Badge. Rare pre 1922 w/m arm badge with original cloth backing & blue aged rear loop fixings
5 different US Police Tie-tacs Various US police tie pins all good condition
5 Legion Etrangere Bronze Buttons Flat construction 4 large, one samller approx 19mm, very unusual
504th 1st Bn Air INf Regt Cut Edge Silk Beret Badge
50th Inf D.I By VANGUARD
51st BN FNQR Hat Badge Full size anodised cap badge with 2 rear pin fixings
51st Independent Inf Brig Formation Signs Matching uncut pair on wool
5th Dragoon Guards Shoulder Titles Matching pair of anodised shoulder titles with rear pin fixings. Nice well made badges.
5th Dragoons Guards Large Brass Button 24mm brass button by SMITH WRIGHT BIRMINGHAM, fine example
5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards 1935 By GAUNT LARGE 25MM SIZE
5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards Button c1935 large size 24mm by BUTTONS LTD BIRMINGHAM
5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoons Guards Button large 24mm size
5th Weald of Kent Volunteers Home Service Helmet Blue cloth helmet of the 5th Weald of Kent Volunteers. Title granted 1877 becoming 2nd VB in 1883. In great condition for age, nicely marked inside with original sweatband and leather pieces used to hold on badge & hat spike. Ok as it is approximately 140 years old it has a couple of minor faults (1) leather backing on chain has come away in some sections. (2) 2 moth holes approximately 1mm in size on cloth band and what appears to be a glue spot close to the moth hole, and that is as bad as it gets, it is a superb example.
60th Inf DI By DENMARK
61st Cavalry Division Sleeve Patch Cut edge
63rd TAC FIGHTER SQUADRON Sleeve patch
6th Battalion (TA) East Surrey Regiment Cap badge Superb condition early 2 part construction with rear blow holes.
6th Dragoon Guards OR'S b/m Cap Badge On a rear slider
6th Recruit Training Company 1948-60 Matching pair
7 TOR Shoulder Title
75th R.C.T Cut Edge Silk Sleeve Patch
774 TAS Cut Edge Large Silk Patch
7th Div Engineers Purple on grey
7th Queens Own Hussars Anodised Cap Badge b/m finish made by FIRMIN LONDON
83rd TAC CONTROL FLT silk cut edge patch
84 FTR INTCP SQD Patches Large and small, superb condition, cut edge
86 MIL ALFT SQ Flight Suit Patch
8th (Cyclist) Bn Essex Regt Post 1911 OR's Cap Badge As regular battalions but with blank top scroll (KK1739)
8th (Irish) Battalion The KIngs Liverpool Regt Cap Badge w/m cap badge with rear slider in superb condition
9 Different Army Bandsmans' Sleeve Badges Mostly removed from uniform cloth and bullion
911 TACTICAL AIRLIFT GRP Small cotton & silk patch
9TH Queens Lancers 1952-60 Officers Gilt Large Button Large 23mm button rare by GAUNT LONDON
9th Queens Royal Lancers Large Button 23mm brass button
A.A Command (2nd Pattern) Formation Sign Printed version removed from uniform
A.C.F Bronze Duke of Edinburghs Award Badge
A.I.F Memorial AUG2 1918 Lapel Pin Good original condition
A.I.F Memorial Building AUG2 1918 Lapel Pin made by AMOR SYDNEY , gilt and blue enamel (enamel has some damage) brooch backed
A.O.C brass OR's collars 1896-1918 Facing pair of Army Ordnance corps brass other ranks collar badges
A.T.C Chaplains Stole Badge Superb large item. 45mm by 45mm, well made bi-metal with rear broach pin, heavy badge.
A.T.S Bronze Officers Service Dress Collar Badges By GAUNT Matching pair of dark Bronze collars clearly maker marked J.R GAUNT LONDON
Abu Dhabi Defence Force Collars High quality silvered collars, facing pair
Adelaide University Cap Badge 1948-53 Service wear with much of the gilt rubbed off, still a good original badge.
ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY REGIMENT pre 1960 Title a few moth nickes
Adelaide University Regt Q/C Hat Badge Unusual version, gilded metal die-struck with 3 rear loop fixings made by SWANN
Aden National Guard 1960's Head Dress Badge Large gilt English made badge with pugri fixing
Africa Star 'V' (Victory) POlish Worn Ribbon Interesting little piece WW2 made medal ribbon with applied brass 'V' found in a box of wartime Polish insignia
Air Cadets Solo Completed Glider Wings Silver and blue rayon thread badge
Air Despatch Badge R.A.C.T Mint unissued Royal Aust Corps of Transport badge
Air Despatcher Wings Removed from uniform
Air Despatchers Sleeve Qualification Nice detailed badge removed from unifor,
Air R.O.T.C Sleeve Patch Cut edged carefully removed from uniform.
Air Training Corp Gilt Welfare Badge Quality gilt broach back badge presented to civilian personnel who had been very helpful to the corps.
ALIWAL North High School Cadet Corp White metal cap badge. Small badge at 30mm by 24mm. Two rear loop fixings.
All Black Battledress Cloth Officers' Pips All black wool and embroidered officers' battledress pips.
Allied Forces Northern Europe Patch Early cut edge silk patch
Anodised 'THE WEST RIDING' Regiment 2 part cap badge made by J.R.GAUNT
Anodised 250th (Queens Own Dorset & West Somerset Yeomanry 1961-67) Silver 24mm and small pocket size
Anodised 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards 25mm across
Anodised Blues & Royals 1969 25mm across
Anodised Coldstream Guards Cap Badge OR, staybrite cap badge by GAUNT LONDON
Anodised Fusilier Brigade 1961-63 24mm across
Anodised K/C Army Catering Corps 24mm Button
Anodised K/C Army Dental Corps 24mm Button
Anodised large Generals Button 25mm in good condition
Anodised Large Generals Button 25mm in good condition
Anodised Parachute Regt Buttons One large, one medium
Anodised R.A.A.O.C Hat Badge Long rear pin fixings mint condiiton
Anodised R.C.T Large and Small Buttons
Anodised R.T.R Cap Badge Staybright beret badge with brass back plate by GAUNT.
Anodised Royal Australian Regiment Collars With pin rear fixings, no makers name.
Anodised Royal Hampshire Regt Cap Badge Mint example by GAUNT LONDON
Anodised Royal Irish Rangers Cap Badge Staybright cap badge with minor service wear.
Anodised Royal Regt of Fusiliers
Anodised Royal Regt of Wales OR's Cap Badge Still in original packet from manufacture FIRMIN & SONS
Anodised Royal Scots Greys Cap Badge Staybright cap badge in great condition.
Anodised Scots Guards Buttons 2 large, 1 medium and 1 small buttons by FIRMIN
Anodised South Wales Borderers Pre 1960 Button 24mm across
Anodised The Duke of Wellingtons Regt (West Riding) 24mm button
Anodised The Green Howards Button 24mm across
Anodised The Life Guards Cap Badge Staybright cap badge with rear loop fixings
Anodised The Prince of Wales's Own Regt of Yorkshire 1958 on, large and small button
Anodised The Royal Welch Fusiliers By GAUNT B'HAM 24mm.
Arabic Airforce/Air Lines Button Possibly Lebanese due to cedar tree, 23mm
Armoured Engineers Bullion Blazer Badge
Army Apprentice School 48/53 Cap Badge Good example rear loops slightly pinched to hold split pin firmer.
Army Apprentice School Anodised Collars Matching pair in good condition
Army dental Corps 1921-46 Buttons One large 25mm and medium
Army Dental Corps Officers Gilt Buttons large 24mm and medium 20mm 1921-46
Army Medical Service DPM Brassard Unusual item early DPM brassard that has had another armband sawn on it. This has Q/C's and ARMY MEDICAL SERVICE stamped onto it.
Army Pay Corp Brass Cap Badge (1902-1920) Original condition well made badge on rear slider.
Army Pay Corps 1898-1900 Forage-Cap Brass Badge Nice examplewith original 'coffin' shaped rear lugs.
Army Pay Corps Forage Cap Badge .Pre 1902 with 2 rear lug fixings
Army S.E.A.C Shoulder Title Black on green felt, early paste back unissued example
Army Veterinary Service Button 20mm gilt finish by C & J Weldon
Army Veterninary Service Gilt Pocket Size Button 19mm across the button is the finest quality made by J.R.GAUNT & SONS LTD LONDON.
Artificiers Large Sleeve Badge 70mm by 58mm, no moth.
ARTILLERY T.A Shoulder Slide Superb condition and rare
Artillery Volunteer/Militia White Metal Collar White metal collar or side cap badge, rare item in superb condition.
Aust Legion of Ex-service men & women Gilt & Enamel Lapel badge Nice condition
AUSTRALIA title in white metal as worn by armored units, hard to find
Australian Intelligence Corps Anodised Collar A/A collar by SWANN in mint condition
Australian 'korea' veterans association patch well made colour veterans patch
Australian 'POLICE' Arm Band Only one I have seen but as it came from Sydney Australia I assume its from there, webbing strap with adjustable buckle
Australian 14th Batt ( The Prahran Regt) Cap Badge Large oxidised hat badge of the 14th Battalion The Prahran Regiment. 2 rear loop fixings.
Australian 15th LHR (Northen Rivers Lancers) Cap Badge Rare 15th Light Horse Regiment cap badge.
Australian 17th Inf Batt (The North Sydney Regt) Cap Badge Blackened finish on brass cap badge with 2 rear loop fixings 1930-42
Australian 1st Armoured Brigade Formation Sign. Circa 1950 removed from uniform.
Australian 1st Armoured Regiment Hat Badge Worn 1953-60 Q/C w/m with pin rear fixing, superb example.
Australian 1st Infantry Brigade Group Nice formation sign removed from uniform circa 1950.
Australian 2/14 Queensland Mounted Infantry Hat Badge Circa 1953/60 made by STOKES
Australian 20th LIght Horse Regt (VMR) Superb condition oxidised finish, 20th Light Horse Regiment (Victorian Mounted Rifles)
Australian 23rd LHR (Barossa Light Horse) Collars Facing pair of gilt collars one marked ANGUS & COOTE.
Australian 23rd LHR (Barossa LIght Horse) Hat Badge Brass 23rd Light Horse Regiment cap badge circa 1930/42
Australian 24th Infantry Battalion (The Kooyong Regt) Die struck brass with 2 rear loop fixings, 1930-42
Australian 2nd LHR (Moreton Light Horse) Hat Badge 2nd light horse regiment (Moreton light horse) cap badge circa 1930-42
Australian 2nd LHR (Morton Light Horse ) Hat Badge w/m 2nd Light Horse Regiment Cap Badge in superb condition circa 1930/42
Australian 2nd LHR Collar (Left facing) 2nd Light Horse Regiment w/m collar badge facing left
Australian 2nd LHR Collar (Right facing) 2nd light horse regiment w/m collar badge facing right
Australian 3/9th South Australian Mounted Rifles Hat badge Nice quality chromed badge worn 1960s- 1996, maker marked R.Simpson / Aust on rear
Australian 30th Inf Bn ( N.S.W Scottish) w/m 30th Infantry Battalion (New South Wales Scottish regt) hat badge, circa 1948/53
Australian 33rd Inf Bn Cap Badge Blackened brass hat badge of the 33rd Infantry Battalion ( The New England Regt) circa 1930-42
Australian 34th Inf Bn (Illawara) Cap badge Australian 34th Inf Bn (Illawara) Cap badge, worn 1953/60 in superb condition, nicely maker marked
Australian 4/19th Prince of Wales's LIght Horse w/m circa 1953/60 made by SWANN & HUDSON
Australian 42nd Inf Batt (The Capricornia Regt) Hat badge Worn circa 1930-42, brass badge with 2 rear loop fixings, 56mm high, 42 mm across
Australian 42nd Inf Bn Cap Badge Circa 1930-42, 42nd Infantry Battalion ( The Capricornia Regt)
Australian 43rd Inf Bn Cap Badge Brass 43rd Infantry Battalion (Hindmarsh Regiment) hat badge circa 1930/42
Australian 47th Inf Bn Cap Badge Mint condition gilt badge of the 47th Infantry Battalion (The Wide Bay Regt) by LUKE
Australian 47th Inf Bn Cap Badge Blackened brass 47th Infantry Battalion (The Wide Bay Regiment) circa 1930-42
Australian 48th INf Batt Cap Badge Dark oxidised finish 48th Infantry Battalion (The Torrens Regiment) in mint condition , circa 1930-42
Australian 59th Infnatry Battalion (The Hume Regt) Worn 1953/60 gilt finish made by SWANN & HUDSON
Australian 5th Light Horse Regt Cap Badge 5th LHR (wide Bay & Burnett Light Horse) w/m cap badge circa 1930-42
Australian 5th Pattern Rising Sun Hat Badge Vietnam era gilt Q/C Australian Rising Sun in mint condition
Australian 8/13th Victorian Mounted Rifles Hat badge Ice quality chromed metal hat badge of the 8/13th VMR, only worn a short time circa 1990- 1995 , mint condition, with pin rear fixings
Australian 8th Light Horse Regt Hat Badge 8 L.H.R ( Indi Light Horse) hat badge circa 1930-42 in w/m
Australian 9th LH (Flindes Light Horse) Cap Badge Dark oxidised 9th Light Horse Regiment (Flinders Light Horse) hat badge, circa 1930-42
Australian A.O.C brass cap badge 1930-42 Superb die struck gilded brass Australian Army Ordnance Corps cap badge
Australian A.O.C brass collars 1930/42 pair of brass other ranks collar badges
Australian Adelaide University Regt Collar Absolutely mint condition, circa 1953/60, rare badge
Australian Armoured Corp w/m Collar Badge By STOKES , 2 rear pins.
Australian Army Apprentices School Cap Badge Gilt hat badge circa 1953-60
Australian Army Aprrentices School Hat Badge Anodised cap badge with rear pin fixings worn 1960/85 by SWANN & HUDSON
Australian Army Aviation Corps Badge Nice badge appears to be for a flight suit
Australian Army Aviation Corps w/m (Brightshine) Matching Facing Collars With rear pin, heavy solid construction
Australian Army Band A/A collar badge Anodised collar circa 1960-85
Australian Army band Corps Anodised Cap Badge Mint condition A?A hat badge with black coloured rear pin fixings
Australian Army Catering Corps 1953/60 B/m cap badge made by LUKE
Australian Army Catering Corps Collar Silver/gilt collar circa 1953/60, in mint condition
Australian Army Catering Corps K/C Cap Badge k/c b/m badge circa 1948-53
Australian Army Catering Corps K/C Collars Matching pair of AACC collar badges 1948-53
Australian Army Chaplains Dept Gilt Collar made by LUKE MELB with 2 rear loops worn 1953-60
Australian Army Engineers Colour Patches Modern issue
Australian Army HQ Formation Sign Nice example removed from uniform circa 1950
Australian Army Medical Corps Hat Badge Oxidised finish.
Australian Army Medical Corps Shoulder Title Blackened brass 50mm by 15mm with rear loops
Australian Army Nursing Service Officers Collar Exceptional example with brooch fixing for officers, worn 1948-53
Australian Army Pay Corps b/m Anodised Hat Badge Hat badge with 2 rear pin fixings.
Australian Army Service Corps Oxidised Cap Badge Unissued condition
Australian Army Service Corps Oxidised Collar Badge Superb condition
Australian Army W.O Class Pre 1976
Australian Army WRAAC Cap/Collar Badge K/C Womens Royal Australian Army Corps Cap/collar badge circa 1948-53
Australian Band Corp Collars facing pair of anodised collars with pin fixings, undamaged
Australian Byron Scottish Regt 41st Inf Bn Whtemetal cap badge of the Byron Scottish regiment, superb condition made by STOKES
Australian Central Command (SA) Formation Sign Circa 1950 removed from uniform.
Australian Commando Companies Hat Badge circa 1953/60 second pattern b/m cap badge in mint condition
Australian Deployment Vanuatu & Zimbabwe Full Size Medal Bar From Australian deployment, Zimbabwe Independence Medal & Vanuatu Independence mounted on metal bar with 2 loop fixings
Australian Eastern Command (NSW) Formation Sign. circa 1954
Australian Engineers Q/C Anodised Large Button 25mm across made by STOKES MELB.
Australian Federation Star General Service Rising Sun Anodised Rising Sun still retaining the long rear pin fixings
Australian Field Artillery (Militia) Oxidised Collar Badges In superb condition.
Australian Instructional Corps Collar Badge Dark oxidised finish with enamel scroll & centre made by STOKES
Australian Instructional Corps Collar Badges Mint unissued condition
Australian Intelligence Corps (1953-60) Cap Badge Gilt finish mad eby K.C LUKE MELB
Australian Intelligence Corps 1948-53 Cap Badge Please note this badge has an old solder repair behind the crown, very neat and well done & cannot see from the front.
Australian K/C AAMC Collar Badge Collar badge, 1930-42 in great condition.
Australian Military Forces in Afganistan Locally made in 2009 for serving soldiers to purchase
Australian Military Police 1953-60 Cap Badge Good example 2 rear loop fixings
Australian Military Police A/A cap badge anodised australian military police cap badge, still retaining original long pin fixings made by SWANN& HUDON
Australian Northern Command (QLD) Formation Sign Circa 1954
Australian Para Wings & Sergeants Stripes Cut from shirt
AUSTRALIAN POLICE Cloth Shoulder Title Undamaged.
Australian Press Correspondent Shoulder Title
Australian Queensland Agriculture College Large Hat Badge Goold solid brass badge with pin fixings.
Australian Queensland Rifles 1902-12 Hat Badge Superb condition white metal Queensland Rifles badge worn as a hat, cap badge or collar badge made by J R GAUNT & SONS LTD LONDON
Australian Queensland University Regt Collar Single gilt collar 1953/60
Australian Royal Queensland Regt Cap Badge 2 part badge appears to be anodised back with gilt & enamel centre made by LUKE
Australian Royal Queensland Regt Cap Badge Nice gilded metal badge with long rear pin fixings
Australian S.A.S Anodised Hat Badge Rear lugs
Australian Schools & Training units 1943-45 unit colour patch of the schools & training units second Australian army no moth or damage
Australian Southern Command (VIC) Formation Sign Circa 1954
Australian Staff Corps Buttons One large 24mm medium 20mm and small 17mm
Australian Staff Corps Collar Badges Facing pair in superb condition.
Australian Sydney University Regt Cap Badge Circa 1953/60 in mint condition
Australian The Macquarie Regt 13th Infantry Bn Silver/gilt cap badge in great condition
Australian University of N.S.W Regiment A/A Cap Badge Anodised University of New South Wales Regt Cap Regt by STOKES
Australian Vietnam Era Medal Ribbon Bar Good period full size medal ribbons removed from uniform
Australian Vietnam Era Medal Ribbon Bar Full size ribbons mounted on brass bar
Australian W.D 1st Class Cloth Badge Nice example cut from shirt
Australian W.O Summer Issue Silk Rank Badge K/C
Australian Werriwa Regiment Title Wool bordered title circa 1948-60, no moth damage
Austrian 'Bundespolizei' Sleeve Patch Well made badge in very good condition
Avon & Somerset Police Uniform Patch Embroidered badge, minor service wear
Avon and Somerset Constabulary Patch Nice example with minor service wear.
B.A.S.P Brass Buttons large 24mm & medium 20mm
B.S.A.P Cap badge worn 1970-80 light weight alloy material with matt gold finish with 2 loop fixings 35mm x 30mm
B.S.A.P Cap badge worn 1970-80 bright gold finish 2 rear loop fixings made of light weight alloy 35mm x 30mm
B.S.A.P large Brass Button 24mm brass button made by FIRMIN LONDON
B/M RAOC (SUA TELA TONANTI) Q/C Cap Badge Gilt and white metal Royal Army Ordnance Corp Cap Badge. On rear slider.
Balkan/Bosnian War Yugoslavia Hat Badge Rubberised print in blue cloth with velcro rear fixing.
Barcelona Guardia Urbana (Police) Sleeve Patch With rear velcro
Bataillon D'Aministration Dished Back Brass Button Made by FONSON & CO BRUX, 25mm across.
Bedford and Hertford Shoulder Title White on red wool shoulder title removed from uniform
Bedfordshire Regiment 1881-1919 Sweatheart Badges Unusual pair of crudely made sweetheart badges both have broach style fixings and have been painted and lacquered, a good project for someone who wants to try a bit of paint striper. The one on the left is enamel and gilt. Both have had yellow over green backing placed behind the centre deer possibly a particular battalion.
Belgian Air Force Brass Button Flat backed approx 23mm size
Belgium 4 LINIE Regt Badge Superb heavy brass badge
Belgium Navy Badge 1917-29 pattern, high quality gilt badge with rear blade fixings.
Belgium Parachute Trained Air Defence Units Patch
Bell gardens Police Patch Removed from uniform
Berks Constabulary K/C Button large 25mm size
Bermuda Reserve Constabulary Shoulder Title Nice unissued condition
Birmingham Fire & Ambulance Service 1948 w/m large 24mm size
Birmingham Fire Brigade Bronzed Button Early large 26mm button
Boer War Natal Field Artillery title very rare w/m N.F.A shoulder title with rear loop fixings
Boer War West Kent imperial Yeomnanry Titles Matching pair of large w/m W.K.I.Y shoulder titles
Boer War/ WW1 A.S.C gilt and enamel Sweetheart Post 1902 Army Service Corps Brooch back Gilt And enamel
Borough of Folkstone Police Button large 25mm approx w/m button
Bosnian War Yugoslavia Military Forces Sleeve Patch Printed on wax style cloth, unissued condition.
Botswana Local Police Cloth Hat Badge
Botswana Police w/m Cap Badge With two rear loop fixings
BP Tankers Shoulder Boards and Collar Tabs Nice matching set believed to be dating from 1950/1960's.
Brass Ausrtalia Army Service Corps Cap Badge Superb condition
Brass Royal Marine Small Shoulder Titles Matching pair with each with two rear loop fixings.
Brass Royal Thai Navy CPO Cap Badge Rare badge obviously a quality manufacturer with rear bend over blades
British Army Desert Warrant Officers' Shoulder Slides Uniisued condition desert pattern.
British Army Dog Tag G.BLACKFORD 23361472. Aluminium disc type
British Army PTI Vest/Tracksuit Badge large size
British Army Waist Belt Clasp As worn by regiments without their own belts, some surface scratches
British Colonels Cloth Rank Slides
British Colonial/Commonwealth Service Hat Badge Nicely made bullion
British Colonial/Commonwealth Service Hat Badge
British Consular Service Full & Levee Dress Pair of screw post buttons designed for shoulder boards
British Empire Medal (Civil) bar full size ribbon mounted on brass broach bar
British Troops in France Formation Sign Small glue marks on rear
British Troops in Northern Ireland Red on black wool backing.
British/Commonwealth W.O Sleeve Rank Crowns Full size die-struck brass 1902-52 matching pair
Bronze Royal Flying Corps Officers Collar Badge Bronze cap badge with one loop fixing replaced many years ago.
Bronze Royal Marine Shoulder Titles As worn on No1 uniform
Bullion Army Aviation Observer Wings Queen's crown bullion qualified observer, Army Aviation. On black backing.
Bullion Artillery Badge N.Z believed to be New Zealand Artillery dress uniform
Bullion Cap Badge of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Nice looking bullion badge. Cap badge size
Bullion Grey Wool Backed Small W.O Sleeve Badges Both different and unusual in backing colour, size and design 50mm by 45mm.
Bullion Royal Tank Regt Sleeve Badge Nice early example, removed from uniform.
Bullion South Australia Police Large Badge Possibly blazer badge due to its size and construction. Finely detailed bullion. 150mm by 125mm
Burnley Borough Police 23mm across no makers name.
Cadet Civil Air Patrol Patch Removed from uniform
Calgary Police Department Patch Full colour Canadian Police Patch
Cambodian Naval Cap Badge Yellow embroidery on black background. Originally part of a large patent book from a large manufacturer.
Cambodian Police Sleeve Patch
Cambridge University O.T.C Button Large 24mm w/m button, nice maker
Cambridge University O.T.C Button large 25mm w/m button , nice early maker
Cameron Highlanders of Western Australia Bordered Titles Matching pair of winter issue bordered titles circa 1948-60
Camp Dallas R.O.T.C Brass Medallion Unusual item, well made
Canada Cloth Shoulder Title Cloth shoulder title on brown backing.
CANADA Military Forces Brass Large Button 23mm across made by Crossed Sword ENGLAND
Canada Militia 1901-24 Button large 25mm button, unusual maker THOMAS GARLYLE ENGLAND
Canada Militia Large Brass Button 1901-24, superb condition with the London maker of HAWKES & CO LTD SAVILLE ROW W.
Canadian 8th Royal Rifles collar 1904-22 white metal collar badge in superb condition
Canadian Air Force Engineers & Navigators Wings Full size one flat the other padded.
Canadian Cadets b/m Cap Badge
Canadian General Service Lapel Badge Enamelled version, nice condition.
Canadian Navy Bullion Trade Badge Gold bullion on black wool removed from uniform
Canadian O.P.P Sleeve Patch
Canadian O.P.P. Patch Colour Ontario Provincial Police Patch
Canadian Paratroopers Breast Badge Subdued cloth badge removed from uniform.
Canadian Red Cross Blood Donor Lapel Badge Made by BIRK ELLIS
Canadian Royal 22e Regt Gilt Buttons 4 medium size 19mm and 2 small hat size 12mm buttons
Canadian Royal Military College 1901-25 Button Large 24mm brass button made in England
Cape Mounted Police Brass Smasher Hat 1904-13
Captains Gilt & Enamel Rank Pips Set of 6 in 18mm size
Caterick Garrison Northern Command Formation Sign Wool example removed from uniform
CCF RN Shoulder Slide Unusual item
Central Queensland Regiment Bordered Titles Winter & summer issue titles circa 1948-60
Central South African Railway Volunteers Brass Badge
Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps Button 17mm black horn
Ceylon Police Chrome Button 24mm chrome button
Chasseurs Collar Patches Silver bullion on dark green wool.
Chile Infantry De Marina Hat Badge and Collars Quality gilt finish unusual items
Chrome Ministry of Defence Police Cap Badge Cap badge or possibly a collar badge 35mm by 25mm.
Chrome Rising Sun Collar Badge Rare item possibly worn by Armoured units or even early post war by the BCOF (British Commonwealth occupation Force) 1945-49, rear loop fixings
City of Camrose Police Shoulder Title
City of Dallas Brass Button Large button 25mm across, dent to rear but front perfect.
City of Edmonton Police Dept W/m collar badge Q/C with 2 rear loop fixings.
City of Edmonton Police Dept Collar Badge Nice white metal Q/C collar badge approximately 30mm by 25mm.
Civil Emergency Reserve Cloth Badge Unsure as to age or even country
Civil War Marine Gilt Button Superb condition made by SCOVILL WATERBURY , 3 part construction.
Civil War, Mexican War? Early Infantry Brass Collar Remounted on broach bar, nice condition, exact date unknown
Cloth US Presidential Citation Nice example as worn by the Gloucestershire regiment.
Coldstream Guards Officers Beret Badge Superb quality silver bullion badge slight service wear, removed from hat.
Coldstream Guards Post 1885 Buttons Post 1885 buttons, large 26mm nd 20mm size
Coldstream Guards Post 1885 Buttons Post 1885 buttons, large 26mm and 20mm size
Colonial/Commonwealth Police sergeants stripes single light blue on dark blue unifrom stripe
Columbian Marine's INFANTERIA MARINA GRANDE Breast Badge Gilt with white metal crossed anchor and rifle with clutch pin fixings on original makers card. size 55mm by 23mm.
Communist Era Czech Army Enamel Badge Nice quality
COMRADES OF THE GREAT WAR Badge Gilt & enamel button hole badge made by J.R.GAUNT LONDON serial no 30802. Outer enamel has a few minor chips but still a nice badge 31mm across.
Control Commission Germany Brass Button 23mm across unusual button.
Control Commission Germany Gilt Badge 2 rear loop fixings
Cornwall Rifle Volunteers 1874-99 Glen gary Badge Bronze badge with short rear loops
Corp of Military Accountants Shoulder Titles (CMA) Brass shoulder title with early rear coffin shaped lugs.
Corp of Military Brass Shoulder Titles Matching pair large size at 45mm by 18mm both with original rear loops.
Corps of Staff Cadets Bronze K/C Button 17mm by STOKES
Course only Trained Parachutist Sleeve Badge Black on rifle green wool badge
Croatian Police Sleeve Patch Large wool patch
Current Issue AUSTRALIA Gilt Shoulder Title Mint condition with clutch fixings
Cypriot master parachutists wings Bullion thread on black backing, rear broach fitting
Danish Gold Bullion Para Qualification Wings
Demobilised Sailors, Soldiers & Airmans Assn Badge Good condition WW2 version
Derwent Regt 12th Australian LIght Horse Collar Rare w/m collar badge worn by several different regiment, great original condition
Desert DPM W.O Rank Slides
Desert Issue British Para Wings Removed from uniform unusual colours
Desert Pattern RAF Regiment Shoulder Title Removed from uniform, unusual colours.
Desert R M Commando Shoulder Titles and Commando Dagger Patch Brown on khaki, still with stores code on backs as current issue in Afganistan.
Devon & Dorset Regt anodised collars facing pair of A/A collars
Devon General Omnibus & Towing Company w/m Button Made by FIRMIN
Dorset County Division Printed formation sign Great looking badge removed from uniform
Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry Brass Buttons 20mm across both made by SMITH & WRIGHT LTD B'HAM
Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry post 1884 Collar Badge Brass collar badge with two rear loop fixings.
Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regt Cap Badge Berkshire & Wiltshire made by J.R.GAUNT B'HAM, slider clipped short.
Duke of Yorke Royal Military School Buttons 2 fine quality buttons
Durban Light Infantry Brass Collar Badge Worn 1913-64
Dutch Navy Engineers' Bullion Cap Badge Nicely made gold bullion on black cloth background
DZ Patch For Royal Irish Regt
Earl of Chesters Yeomanry Silver plated button made by JENNENS & CO, LONDON. 20MM across.
Earl of Chesters Yeomanry w/m Flat Mess Dress Button 17mm across
Early 1950s S.H.A.P.E woven silk formation sign Really nice example removed from uniform
Early Army Ordnance Corps Collar Badge A.O.C collar in great condition
Early Army R.O.T.C Cut Edge Sleeve Patch Removed from uniform no damage.
Early ATC RAAF Shoulder Slide Slight staining & service wear
Early Denmark Naval Insignia Believed to be circa 1900, 3 gilt badges for coastal artillery, supply and torpedo crew, 2 badges have no rear fixings and were probably sawn on, torpedo crew badge has 2 rear loops.
Early French Airforce Button 21mm size in brass
Early gilt W.O. Grenadier Guards Cap Badge High quality fire gilt G.G cap badge believed to be for Warrant Officer, found in tin of WW1 and Victorian guards items
Early Guildford Police W/m Collar Badge Early 1900's undamaged
Early Hunt/Livery letter 'A' Buttons Circa 1900's one large 27mm smaller 16mm, flat back
Early Jordanian Police Cap or Collar badge Pre 1970s Jordanian Police Badge in white metal 30mm across 34 mm high
Early K/C Constabulary Buttons One large 24mm and 18mm size
Early K/C Metropolitan Police Black Horn Button Large 25mm size
Early K/C R.A Ball Top Button 18mm across and about the same again high.
Early K/C Rifle Brigade Officers Button Brass R.B large 24mm button by JENNENS
Early K/C Warrant Officer Crown Large Sleeve Badge Size 55mm by 45mm
Early LEGION ETRANGERE Button Large button 23mm across.
Early Mercian Brigade Anodised Cap Badge Early H.W TIMMINGS example, slight service wear.
Early Officers R.A Bullion Side Cap Badge Early piece, 65mm by 30mm.
Early Officers R.A.M.C Gilt Button Large 24mm size possibly pre WW1
Early Pay Corps Shoulder Slide 2 small glue marks on rear
Early Pioneer Guards Sgts Sleeve Badge
Early Police Helmet Top Rose Black painted brass with 3 loop fixings.
Early printed 47th (London)Division 2nd Pattern (Bow Bells) Formation sign
Early Q/C W/O Sleeve Badge Nice colours very well made, unusual manufacture.
Early R.A 'Spinning Wheel' Cap Badge Unused version with area under cannon non-voided.
Early R.A.F Bandsman Sleeve Badge Mint unissued example, light blue embroidery on dark blue wool
Early RA Lyre Bandsman Cloth Badge Dark green example superb undamaged condition.
Early RA Lyre Bandsman Cloth Badge Removed from uniform with light khaki detailing.
Early RAF Marksman's Qualification Sleeve Badge Nice early unissued example.
Early RAF officers gilt button high quality large 26mm gilt button came with a load of 1920's RAF insignia
Early Reading Police w/m Button large 25mm approx size
Early Tropical Issue RAF Leading Aircraftsmans Badge Very unusual to find in wool, has suffered some moth damage to right side but still rare.
Early U.S.M.C Brass Hat Badge With rear screw back fixing
Early US Para Wing Sweetheart Broach W/m with diamante pieces on the wings, fixing catch still works, unusual item must be WW2 era 26mm by 15mm
East Anglian Training Brigade Formation Sign Wool version, no moth
Eastbourne Town Fire Brigade c1948 w/m large 24mm size
Eastern Command (NSW) Formation Sign. Circa 1950
Eastern Command (UK) Formation Signs matching pair in unissued condition, worn 1944-47.
Ecuador Master Para Wings Gold on embroidery on black
Edward V11 Royal Engineers button large 25mm button in great conditon
Edward VII R.E Volunteers button large 25mm white metal button by quality maker
Edward VII R.E Volunteers Button Large 24mm size
Edward VII R.E Volunteers w/m Button Large 24mm size rare button, rare maker PIPE & MCGILL
EDWARD VII Royal Australian Artillery Brass Hat Badge Brass Hat Badge with 2 rear loop fixings.
Edward VII Royal Engineers Button Large 24mm brass button
EIGHTH AIR FORCE Silk Patch Large silk cut edge example
ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS DIVISIONS Large silk cut edge example.
Enlisted Mans USMC Black Hat Badge In original box from P/X store Quantico Virginia
Enlisted ranks Army JELLYBEAN cammo sleeve patches Superb set of 11 rank badges
Essex Constabulary Black Button Large 25mm size, note wear at 2 'o'clock position due to years of rubing on tunic
ESSEX POLICE Chrome & Enamel Cap Badge
Faeroe Island Force Printed formation sign Rare badge for the British Forces who occupied these North Atlantic Islands in 1940
Far East Land Forces (FARELF) As worn by Australians in Malaya, printed example cut from KD shirt.
Female RAF Officer's Tropical Cap Badge Rare Queen's crown female RAF Officers cap badge on white wool backing as worn on the white tropical tricorn hat.
Fighting 49th OMS Patch
Fleet Air Arm Padded Pilots Wings K/C 65mm by 38mm
French 33 R.I.M.A Badge Nice enamel with rear fixing pin, slight damage to blue enamel.
French 3rd Chassaurs Button 22mm button
French 6th Regiment Parachute Infantry Marine Badge By DRAGO PARIS
French 8th R.P.I.M.A Badge By DRAGO PARIS
French Air Delivery Regiment Badge B DELSART
French Air Force Brass 21mm Button
French Gold Bullion on Black Wool and Red Backing
French Infantry (Grenadiers) 22mm brass
French Military Button W/m 23mm across
French Military Button By early U.K 24mm white metal button white metal button by Smith Wright, button apears to be French
French Para Badge
French Special Forces Para Badge
Frontier Police Cap Badge Locally made w/m cap badge
Full Size U.S.A.F Aircrew Tropical Cloth Wings Patch Unissued
GEELONG GRAMMAR SCHOOL CADET CORPS Cap Badge Gilt & Enamel Cap Badge, superb undamaged condition.
General's Rank Slider Coloured thread on khaki background.
Generals' Gold Bullion on Black Rank Badges Finely detailed gold bullion on black wool background Generals' rank insignia, 50mm by 35mm
Generals' Gold Bullion on Black Rank Badges Finely detailed gold bullion on black wool background Generals' rank insignia, 50mm by 35mm
German 'Bundeswehr' Sports Vest Badge Nicely made badge
German Master Para Frogman Breast Qualification Gold embroidery on black wool
German Master Para Frogman Breast Qualification Tropical Issue
German Police and Blue Knights Tie Pins Enamel Blue KNights motorcylce team and another with German Police crest
Ghana Army Cadet Corps beret badge Anodised 2 part beret badge
Ghana Para Wings Nice full size padded wing, no moth or damage.
GHANA POLICE Chrome Collar Badges Made by J.R.GAUNT, BIRM, nice solid badge
GHANA Police Senior Officers Heavy Brushed Silver Collars Nice item
Ghana Prisons Hat Badge Hat badge made by FIRMIN, LONDON, anodised yellow metal.
Gilt coast guard k/c button large 28mm button
Gilt Generals Button (Medium 17mm size) good condition
Gilt K/C Kings African Rifles Button 19mm across made by FIRIMIN LONDON
Gilt Officers G.R Indian Button 24mm across
Gilt R.N.A.S Large Button 23mm across, made by GIEVE'S LTD. Superb undamaged condition
Gilt ROYAL MARINE officers Q/C large button 25mm across made by GAUNT LONDON
Gloucesters Back Badge Early example with some verdigras
Gloucestershire Regiment anodised cap badge near mint condition by GAUNT
Gloucestershire Regiment Shoulder Titles Sold singularly
Gold Coast Police Button 21mm w/m made by FIRMIN
Gold Coast Police Button 17mm size by V & R Blakemore
GR VI Bermuda Police w/m Pocket Size Button 17mm across stamped SPECIAL QUALITY on rear.
Greek Police Sleeve Patch Wool backed , no moth or damage
Green Plastic K/C Coat Button 25mm across
Grenadier Guards Pewter Open Back OR's Coatee Large 20mm across with iron shank made by NUTTING LONDON, very rare.
Grenadier Guards Pewter Open Back OR's Coatee 18mm across with iron shank made by NUTTING LONDON, very rare.
GRENADIER GUARDS Shoulder Title White on red wool, mint condition
GROSVENOR CLUB CHESTER Button Flat backed early, large 27mm across made by DOWLER & SONS LTD, BIRMINGHAM
Group B Tradesman Bullion Sleeve Badge Full size gold bullion on black trade badge.
GRVI Gilt R.A.S.C Button 24mm
Guards Dark Green On Red Wool Sergeants Stripes Nice matching pair
Guards Greatcoat W.O Large Crown 60mm by 60mm
Gulf War 1990/91 KUWAIT ARMY Anti-Aircraft Units Patch Red embroidery on blue wool background
Gulf War Helicopter HCS-5 Det 1 Patch Nice detail
Gurkha Engineers Button Large 25mm anodised button
Gurkha Transport Corps Anodised Button 20mm A/A button
Gurkha Transport Regt Anodised Collar 2 part A/A collar
Gurkha Transport Regt Button Large 25mm anodised button
H.A.C Battery R.H.A (V) Lieutenants Shoulder Chain Still retaining the fixing claws to hold to uniform, some glue marks to rear form it being displayed on a board
H.L.I (highland Light Infantry) Association Gilt Button Hole Lapel badge
H.M.S Mercury Cap Tally Early looking example, original length
H.M.S VERNON Cap Tally Full length, mark to silk at right side possibly from sticky tape
H.M.S. Cap Tally Appears to be full length no damage.
H.M.T Derbyshire Silk Postcard Postcard from R.Sussex Regt, Singapore. Unsual postcard with silk pictures of H.M.T Derbyshire, lots of information on rear for research.
H/M Silver Royal Army Reserve Lapel badge K/C hallmark is for Birmingham with an 'o' date this is either 1913 or 1938.
Hamilton Police Swat Team Uniform Patch
Hampshire Yeomanry (Carabiniers) Button 20mm brass button
Herefordshire Light Inf Anodised Cap Badge By GAUNT
High Assurance I.E.D Search Team Badge Recently created to recognise superb skill and dedication of solidiers searching out explosive devices.
Highland light infantry anodised collars pair of A/A collars two part
Highlands Light Infantry w/m K/C Collar with 2 rear loop fixings.
HMAS STUART Christmas Deployment 89/90 Intereseting badge appears to have been cut from a t-shirt worn by crew
HMS Renown Tie Pin/Sweetheart Well documented ship from WW1 & WW2 before being scrapped after WW2. Gilt and enamel, no damage.
Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) Officers Gilt Cap badge, K/C Finest quality full size HAC Officers Gilt Cap Badge with moveable centre wheel, long rear loops, superb
Honourable Artillery Compsny (HAC) w/m Cap Badge As worn by infantry part of H.A.C chrome plated large cap badge
HQ British Troops in Iraq/ paliforce formation sign Printed badge for Troops in Persia and Iraq Command, removed from uniform
HQ Land Forces Hong Kong Printed Formation Signs Printed matching pair removed from uniform.
Hussars Yeomanry & Cavalry Shoulder Chains early well made w/m shoulder chain set
I.W.G.C Early Shoulder Title Yellow embroidery on green wool, no moth an usual item
Imperial German Brass Button 21mm size made by E.A.Q
Imperial German Large Crested Button large 28mm size in excellant condition
Imperial German Large Flat Button 25mm across in superb condition, nice makers details on rear.
Imperial Yeomanry 1901-08 Button 20mm brass button
Indian Army Air Defence Titles matching pair of brass A.A.D Titles
Indian Army Service Corps (A.S.C) Title Brass title with rear lugs
Indian Artillery Belt Buckle Chrome brelt buckle with black cast badge
Indian Artillery Formation Signs Slightly different variations, badge on left has surface mothing
Indian Police Insignia N.C.C Shoulder Title These are college cadets used to assist local police, anodised cap or collar & title
Indian Police Shoulder Titles Heavy quality w/metal (probably silver) with rear loop fixings
Indian Police Shoulder Titles Indian Police shoulder titles black finish with rear loop fixings
Indian Wars New York State Militia Excelsior Gilt Button By SCOVILL MFC WATERBURY STATE OF NEW YORK, excellant condition worn 1860's 1900,3 part construction.
Indian/Mexican Wars 97th Artillery Bronze Hat Badge With broach back fixing
Indonesian Military Forces Hat Badge Nicely detailed with the words KARTIKA EKA PAKSI with two rear spring clips, size 50mm by 30mm
Indonesian Police Para Wings Printed on cotton
Infantry Pioneers Crossed Axes Sleeve Badge As worn by Guards Division etc, large size.
Inns of Court Regt Button Large 26mm gilt button
Intelligence Corps ( 1953-60) Cap Badge Superb example by SWANN & HUDSON
Intelligence Corps Anodised Cap Badge made by GAUNT
Intelligence corps officers button large 25mm gilt button
IRISH GUARDS Cloth Shoulder Title Modern issue
IRISH GUARDS Wool Shoulder Title Current issue
Irvine Artillery Company Waist Belt Clasp Very scarce white metal buckle in excellent condition
Israeli Airforce w/m Hat Badge & Border Guard Shoulder Title
Isreali Defence Force cap badge Dark bronze coloured cap badge
Italian 'Ariete' Armoured Division Armshield Rubberised printing on wool back
Italian 'Julia' Mountain Brigade Arm Shield Couple of glue marks on rear
Italian 'Orobica' Mountain Brigade Arm Shield Couple of glue marks on rear
Italian Military Hat Badge Large brass badge with red enamel centre
Italian Navy Button Large 25mm brass button
Italian Parachute Qualification Wings Quality w/m with good fixing pin
Jamaica Customs Q/C Button Button made by BADGE & BUTTON LONDON, 21MM across.
James Westoll (Sunderland) Shipping Line Gilt Button 20mm across made by Nutting & Kent London
Joint Helicopter Command Formation Sign
Jordanian Airforce Flight Suit Patch Velcro backed patch still retaining the second part of the velcro
Jordanian Military Forces Brass Buttons made by FIRMIN LONDON, large is 23mm across, the 3 smaller are 16mm across.
Jordanian Police Sleeve Patch Nice looking badge
Jordanian Police Sleeve Patch Believed to be worn by female officers
K.O.Y.L.I Bullion Blazer Badge Fine quality
K.R.R.C Wool Shoulder Title No moth or damage
K.S.L.I (kings shropshire light infantry) cap badge large b/m cap badge in great condition
K/ C Royal Army Pay Corps Large A/A Button Large 25 mm Anodised RAPC Button by Gaunt
K/C & Q/C RAF Officers Gilt Buttons 19mm size both high quality 2 part examples
K/C 11th Hussars (Prince Alberts Own ) Button Large 25mm flat button
K/C 3rd Bn P.O.W West Yorkshire Regt (Leeds Rifles) large blackened brass cap badge with 2 rear loops.
K/C 4th Pattern Rising Sun Collar Badge Mint condition gilt collar badge made by LUKE
K/C A.S.W Mess Dress Buttons Unsure what ASU stands for, set of 3 20mm across
K/C Anodised Large RAMC Button Large 25mm Anodised Button
K/C Anodised R.A.O.C Button Large 24mm staybrite button, slight service wear
K/C Anodised R.T.R Buttons Hard to find buttons. One large 25mm and medium 20mm size both by GANNT. Large button has some wear to the centre.
K/C Anodised Royal Navy Button Large 27mm anodised button
K/C Australian Army reserve Gilt Lapel Badge Serial No 30632 made by K.C.LUKE MELB
K/C Australian Melbourne University Collar Badges Matching facing pair of gilt MUR badges circa 1948/53
K/C Berkshire Regiment Large Brass Button 25mm across made by HAMBURGER & CO LONDON
K/C Black Bakerlite RN Buttons 21mm across
K/C Black Painted Australian Military Forces Tunic Size Button Tunic pocket size button made by K.G.LUKE PTY LTD MELB
K/C Black Painted Australian Military Forces Tunic Size Buttons Tunic pocket size buttons, 17mm across made by EMPIRE DIE & TOOL SYD
K/C Black Painted Australian Military Forces Tunic Size Buttons Pocket size tunic buttons, made by P.J KING MELB
K/C Bristol Constabulary 25mm Button 25mm button large w/m pre 1952 button
K/C Bronze Metropolitan Special Constabulary Special constabulary large 50mm by 35mm made by W.O.LEWIS, HOWARD ST BIRMINGHAM
K/C CANADA Sterling Sweetheart Tinny jewellers quality lapel badge marked STERLING on rear 15mm by 15mm
K/C Canadian Horse Artillery Large Brass Button 27mm across made by J.R.GAUNT & SONS LONDON
K/C Corps of Military Police Cap Badge Brass with two rear loop fixings.
K/C Devon Constabulary Button Set All 4 large 24mm size
K/C East Suffolk Police Flat Cap Chrome Badge With 2 rear loop fixings.
K/C East Surrey Regt Small Beret Badge Small b/m beret badge maker marked BUTTONS LTD B'HAM, lovely conditio
K/C Gibraltor Police White Metal Button Size 25mm across made by E Stillwell & Son Ltd London
K/C Gloucestershire Constabulary Button Set All 3 24mm
K/C Grenadier Guards Brass Large Button Large 25mm brass button
K/C H.L.I Sweetheart Plated brass with enamel, rear pin fixing.
K/C Hants Constabulary Large 24mm Buttons w/m and black
K/C Hertfordshire Constabulary Button Set All large size 24-26mm w.m, chrome and black plastic
K/C Huddersfield Police W/m Buttons Large 23mm across by FIRMIN LONDON, smaller 17mm across
K/C Indian Army Brass Button Large 24mm brass button by PITT & CO 31 MADDOX ST. LONDON
K/C Irish Guards Anodised Button 20mm across by SMOITH & WRIGHT LTD BIRMINGHAM
K/C Jamaica Police w/m (silver) Button 16mm across by J.R. GAUNT LONDON
K/C Jamica Constabulary large w/m button large 26mm button in excellent condition
K/C Jersey Customs & Excise w/m Buttons Large 23mm across made by BUTTONS LTD BIRMINGHAM, smaller is 17mm across
K/C Kent Constabulary Helmet Plate Top rear loop fixing missing, bottom 2 still present.
K/C Kenya Police brass button Normally found in w/m not brass 21mm size
K/C Kenya Police Pocket Button 18mm chrome plated button
K/C Kenya Police Pocket Button 18mm chrome plated button
K/C King's Own Scottish Borderers Button Pre 1952 large 24mm anodised button
K/C Northamptonshire Regt Comrades Gilt and Enamel Lapel Badge Nice looking badge made by Thomas Fattorini
K/C Officers Royal Pioneer Corps Bronze Collar Badges Bronze collar badges.
K/C Palestine Police Cap Badge Die-cast white metal cap badge, nice to find a genuine example
K/C Palestine Police Large Flat Buttons Flat buttons appears to be silver plated 23mm across
K/C Palestine Police Tunic Pocket w/m Button 16mm across made by FIRMIN LONDON
K/C Physical Training Corps Buttons large 24mm & medium
K/C POLICE FORCE large black plastic button 25mm across generic Colonial tunic button
K/C Queens Alexanders Royal Army Nursing Corps Button Rare anodised large 24mm button
K/C R.A Anodised Large Button 23mm across made by BUTTONS LIMITED BIRMINGHAM
K/C R.A.E.C Officers Silvered/Gilt Collar Badges Silvered/gilt collar badges on rear loop fixings.
K/C R.A.F other Ranks Brass Cap Badge Brass cap badge with two rear loop fixings.
K/C R.A.S.C large 25 mm A/A Button Kings Crown Anodised large 25mm Button, by Firmin, some normal service wear
K/C R.A.S.C Officers Collars K/C R.A.S.C Officers collars made by LUDLOW LONDON ( slight damage to blue enamel).
K/C R.A.S.C Silver Renamed Sweetheart/tie pin
K/C R.E.M.E brass button large 25mm brass button
K/C Ramsgate Borough Police Button Large 25mm w/m button
K/C Royal Army Service Corps Officers Collar Badges Bronze officers collar badges.
K/C Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps Collar Badges Made by K.C LUKE MELB, hard to find as a pair.
K/C Royal Australian Survey Corps Collar Quite a rare badge circa 1948-53
K/C Royal Automobile club w/m large tunic Unusual nice quality 26mm across w/m flat backed button
K/C Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps Cap Badge Army Pay Corps Cap badge with dark pickled finish.
K/C Royal Electrical and mechanical engineers button large 25mm gilt officers button
K/C Royal Engineers b/m cap badge RE bi-metal cap badge with rear slider
K/C Royal Marines Gilt Buttons large 24mm and medium
K/C Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment Collar Badge Officers post 1902 collar badge.
K/C South African Police Blazer Badge Nice early quality example
K/C South African Police Collar Badge Superb example with nice Firmin London makers plate
K/C South African Police Large Button 24mm size
K/C South Australia Police badge white metal with coloured enamel 2 rear loop fixings, nice badge
K/C The Buffs, ( Royal East Kent Regt) Large A/A Button Large 25mm Anodised Button, Hard to find in K/C
K/C The Devonshire Regiment Gilt & Enamel Sweetheart
K/C The Devonshire Regt Large 24mm Anodised Button By BUTTONS LIMITED
K/C The Hertfordshire Regiment Cap Badge Bras with fold over rear slider, some verdigras on rear
K/C The Life Guards Button Large 25mm brass button
K/C The Royal Berkshire Regt (Princess Charlotte) A.A Button Large 25mm Anodised Button by Buttons Ltd
K/C The Royal Berkshire Regt Anodised Button rear brass black plate slightly pushed large 25mm button
K/C The South Lancashire Regt Button 24mm gilt button
K/C Uganda Police Button Large 25mm button in rare opaque light brown plastic, nicely maker marked in mint condition
K/C XIX (19th HYDERABAD REGIMENT) Pocket Size Button 20mm brass button, nice quality by PITT & CO 31 MADDOX ST. LONDON
KANGWANE (S.A) POLICE Cap Badge With rear screw posts
Kangwane Police Simunye Cap Badge Gilt & coloured enamel with resin coating, screw post fixings
KCLY (Kent & County of London Yeomanry) Anodised Title Matching unissued condition
Kent Constabulary w/m Q/C Hat Badge Made by FIRMIN LONDON
Kenya Air Force Cloth Shoulder Title Light blue on air force wool backing.
Kenya Police Chrome Collar Badge Two rear loop fixings, nice undamaged condition.
King Edward VII Royal Engineers buttons One large 25mm and medium 20mm size in good condition
King's African Rifles Brass Button 20mm across
King's Own Royal Lancaster Regt large 24mm size by Armfield
Kings Own Scottish Borderers, Large 26mm Brass Button Large 26mm brass button
Kings School Canterbury CCF Sleeve Badge Unissued cloth sleeve badge
Korea DMZ Police Breast Badge Very unusual item removed from uniform, slight tear to bottom left corner.
Korean made Royal Australian Regt Title Circa 1951, locally made during Korean War, superb R.A.R title, one minor moth hole to right side base
Korean War Tropical/Summer Dress Medal Bar Locally made medal bar. silk medal ribbons sewn directly onto cotton background, a couple of black marks to very bottom of badge, superb quality
Lanarkshire Yeomanry Officers Gilt Button 24mm button by GAUNT LONDON
Lancashire Constabulary Senior Officers Silver & Enamel Cap Badge Not marked as silver but to have tis patina and be of this quality leans towards it being silver. Bend over fixing tabs
Lancashire Fusiliers 1881-1952 Brass Buttons Large 24mm brass button and smaller
Large Anodised Blackened W.O Crowns Mint unissued condition matching pair made by J R GAUNT LONDON 40MM BY 40MM, rear loop fixings
Large K/C Plastic RAF Button 25mm across
LAS VEGAS Metropolitan Police Sleeve Patch removed from uniform.
Le Regiment de Hull Brass Cap Badge Two rear loop fixings.
LEGION ETRANGERE large Buttons w/m 23mm size brass 17mm, nice condition
Legion or Spanish Special Forces Sleeve/Breast Badge Unsure exactly who wore this large size 125mm by 85mm.
Lieutenant-Colonel Rank Badge As worn on helmet covers etc.
Life Guards Anodised Shoulder Title Early example with rear loop fixings
Light Infantry Anodised Collar Badges
Light Infantry Para Light Bulb Sleeve Badge
Light Infantry Qualification Badges for No2 Dress Nice set green on yellow backing
London Division Small Formation Sign Nicely removed from uniform
London Midland & Scottish Railway Company Large gilt finish button
London Scottish (14th County of London Batt) Cap Badge w/m post 1908 cap/glengary badge with 2 rear loop fixings
Lord Strathcocon's Horse Officer Button Large 26mm gilt button by GAUNT LONDON
M.G.C Pair to PTE HUGH LILLEY Superb original condition pair to 119657.PTE H.LILLEY M.G.C (Machine Gun Corp)
M.P.H.C ( Hunt Club) Button 22mm size unsure as to which hunt
Maclay & Mcintyre Shipping Line Gilt Button 22mm across made by NUTTING & KENT, 16 LITTLE BRITAIN LONDON
Majors Brass Kings Crown Rank Badges matching pair
Malay Regiment W.O Sleeve Badge Die struck brass badge with backing plate.
Malaya Prisons Button Large 23mm w/m button, faintly stamped FIRMIN on rear
Malaysian (Polis Di Raja) White Metal Button White metal button made by Buttons Ltd Birmingham, 16mm across
Malaysian Army National Flag As worn on sleeve
Malaysian Naval Officers Cap Badge Two part hat badge with rear screw post and nut fixings.
Malaysian Police Bomb Disposal Sleeve Badge Tiny little Malaysian Police bomb disposal sleeve badge.
Malaysian Senior Police Officers Bullion Cap Badge Nicely detailed large padded badge
Malta Police Sleeve Patch Glue marks to rear, slightly grubby but still a nice badge
Maltese Police Sleeve Patch
Manorville F.D Sleeve Patch
Market Constable City of London Brass Button Large button at 25mm across made by FIRMIN & SONS LD LONDON
Marksman Badge Embroidered on khaki
MARWAR POLICE Button 24mm button, locally made unusual.
Matching pair of 12th Infantry Brigade Formation Signs Silk formation signs removed from uniform so a few threads around edge loose, nice bright colours.
Medical Assistant/Medics Sleeve Badges AS worn by non RAMC personnel black on green & normal version
Melbourne University Regt Hat Badge Gilt badge worn circa 1953-60, nice Australian OTC cap badge
Merchant Navy Officers Cap Badge Superb original condition.
Mexican Navy Cloth Badge Not sure exactly what this is other than the badge of the Mexican Navy embroidered onto cloth backing
Middlesex Regiment Victorian officers waist belt clasp Fine quality post 1881 silver & gilt officers waist belt clasp in superb condition
Midland Red Omnibus Company 1945-69 w/m Button
Miniature ARP Lapel Badge Rare maker, miniature w/m button hole ARP badge , nicely maker stamped on rear.
Miniature Kings Badge for Loyal Service Lapel Badge white metal
Ministry of Defence Police cap badge Gilt and enamel badge by FIRMIN LONDON
Mobile Defence Corp Cloth Shoulder Title Unusual shoulder title for the short lived mobile defence corp. Unusual colours light blue on a terracota background. Unissued condition.
Modern British Army Medal Bar Iraq medal. Accumulated Campaign Service etc. full size
MP (Military Police) Title Cloth military police insignia for sewing onto armbands or directly on to uniform.
Mullumbimby ex Services Club Fob Unusual item dated and numbered
Mysore Lancers Button Large 25mm w/m button, rear brass back plate slightly pushed in
Mythical Bird Livery Button Circa 1890's large 26mm gilt button, flat back
N.S.W Corrective Services Sleeve Patch Removed from uniform
N.Z Army Service Corps Cap Badge Locally cast possibly in Middle East
N.Z Forces Singapore Patch Printed on cotton backing
N.Z Police Blackened Helmet Plate Blackened brass with 3 rear loop fixings 82mm by 62mm.
N.Z.A.E.C Cap Badge b/m with makers name MAYER & KEAN LTD N.Z
Nashville, Davidson County Police Patch Unissued
National Fire Brigade Association Badges Believed to be 1930's, 10 different e3xamples, gilt with coloured enamel centres
National Fire Brigade Association Plus Another Both large white metal tunic buttons
NATO R.A.F AWACS Patch For the UK E-3D Component, unissued
Naval Police wrist band started out as arm band but converted to wrist size , worn on tropical postings
Naval Sonor Operators Trade Badge Wool badge no moth or damage
Nazi Stamped Envelopes Sent to the UK, 2 envelopes (empty) sent from Germany in 1938 to Miss Marriot at 2 addresses in Kent
Netherlands Marines Collar Badges 3 different styles
New York State Seal Large Gilt Button 22mm across
New Zealand Forces Button Large 26mm brass button
New Zealand Forces Button Large 24mm made by SMITH WRIGHT BIRMINGHAM
New Zealand Ordanance Corps Brass Cap Badge With rear loop fixings, slightly rubbed.
New Zealand Police Helmet Badge Large chrome hat badge 85mm by 64mm with three rear loop fixings.
New Zealand Taupo Police Sleeve Patch Mint condition
New Zealand Womens Royal Army Corp Anodised Q/C made by J R GAUNT LONDON
Nicaragua Police Sleeve Patch
Nigeria Police Shoulder Title White on black wool shoulder title, early colonial example.
Nigerian Senior Prison Officers Brushed Silver Cap Badge Heavy well made item with rear loops.
North Bergen Aux Police Patch Coloured embroidery on cotton backing
North Highland District Formation Sign Mint unissued condition
North Highland District Yellow lion on Green & Mauve Square
North Midland District Formation Sign Woolen example removed from uniform in great condition
North Midland District, Northern Command (Robin Hood) Formation Signs Facing matching pair
North Wales District Midlands West District Western Command, formation sign
North Western Victoria Regt 8/7th Inf Batt Hat Badge Nice patina, original condition made by SWANN & HUDSON
Northamptonshire Regt b/m Collars Victorian collars matching pair in Very good condition, cross and horseshoe are in white metal.
Northern Command Printed Formation Sign Removed from uniform
Northern Rhodesia Police Button (Pocket flap) button 18mm across made by GAUNT LONDON
Northern Rhodesia Police Buttons Brass one 21mm the other 18mm
Northern Rhodesia Police Hat Button w/m q/c 13mm across, for peaked & side caps
Northern Rhodesia police Reserve cap badge Chromed metal cap badge made by J.R Gaunt London
Northern Rhodesia Regt 18mm Button It has had blobs of soldier put on back by original owner to stop shank falling into back (makes going onto display board or sewing onto uniform easier.
Northern Territories Police Shoulder Patch Original shoulder patch removed from uniform
Northern Territories Police Shoulder Title Original shoulder patch removed from uniform
Northern Territories Police Sleeve Patch Original sleeve patch removed from uniform.
Northern Territories Police Sleeve Patch Original sleeve patch removed from uniform.
Northumberland Hussars Q/C Anodised Button large 25mm Q/C anodised button by FIRMIN LONDON
Norwich Militia Button Early dished back button with the symbol of Norwich made by C & J. WELDON 130 CHEAPSIDE LONDON, 23MM across, in excavated condition.
NZ Cadet Corps Die Struck Brass Cap Badge With rear loop fixings
Officer Cadet School (Portsea)Bi-metal Hat Badge No makers name, slightly worn/rubbed
Officer Training Unit Scheyville 1965-73, one of the rear 3 pins missing, anodised made by STOKES MELB, 35mm by 32mm
Officers Gilt Button
Officers Gilt The Queens Royal Regt Button Large 24mm size
Officers Intelligence Corps Brushed Collar Badge Superb heavy construction made by J R GAUNT LONDON
Officers Q.V.C Medical Staff gilt button large 25mm gilt button in superb condition
Officers Q/C B/M Royal Engineers Cap badge Long rear loop fixings made by J R GAUNT LONDON.
Officers R.A.A.S.C b/m and enamel hat Badge Superb condition and quality made by STOKES MELB
Officers R.A.P.C B/Metal Cap Badge Cap badge with 2 rear loops.
Officers Rank Pips Green wol backing, unissued set of 6
Officers Royal Army Education Corps cap badge Bi-metal officers cap badge made by J.R.G.L long rear loop fixings
Officers Royal Artillery gilt k/c beret badge Small beret size badge by GUANT LONDON
Officers Royal N.Z Army Medical Corps Cap Badge Fine quality gilt and frosted silver b/m badge, long rear fixing loops made by J.R.GAUNT LONDON
Officers Silver/gilt R.A.O.C Collar Badges Not a facing pair but hard to spot from a distance
Officers The Queens Own Mercian Yeomanry Beret Badge High quality bullion beret badge in mint condition
Officers Westminster Dragoons w/m Collar Badges Nice early examples, appear to be silver with original loop fixings.
Oman Officers Bullion Rank/Collar Badges set of 4
Oman Rural Military forces cap badge Cast brass version
Omani Air Force Cap Badge large item on rear slider
Omani Medical Officer Bullion Collar Badge
Omani Medical Officers Bullion Collar Badges Nicely finely detailed gold bullion on maroon wool backing.
ON WAR SERVICE 1914 Lapel Badge Gilt & blue enamel home front badge with rear button hole fixing
Operation Desert Shield US Forces Patch Large patch from first Gulf War
Ox & Buck L I Button Large 25mm brass Or's button
P.M.S Unknown French Breast Badge Made by Drago. Paris, blue enamel on gilt.
Pair of ROYAL ARTILLERY Wool Shoulder Title Unusual as these are on a black background instead of dark blue.
Pair of W.O Crown Rank Slide Dark grey on olive green rank slides.
Pair V/R East Africa Protectorate Epaulette Buttons Long shank version for shoulder boards in mint condition. 18mm across made by Army & Navy Co.
Pakistan Punjab Police Cap badge Locally made w/m cap badge
Palestinr Police Silver Tunic Pocket Button
Parachute Regiment Officers Cloth Rank Crowns Matching set of large padded Para Regt Captains rank pips, paper back and unissued
Parachute Regt Blazer Badge Cotton embroidered on black wool backing
Parma Heights Police Sleeve Patch
Peak Cap Black Band As worn on RAF AND R.N Caps for mounting bullion badges , is excellant condition
Pell City Police S.W.A.T Patch
PERSHING Silk Shoulder Tab
Perth University Regiment Title 1948-60 Wool title, excellant condition
Polish Police bullion and seperate w/m cap badges 2 full size cap badges one white metal the other is bullion
Polizei (Bayern Area) sleeve patch mint condition current version
Polizei (Hessen area) Sleeve Patch Nice patch with normal service wear
Portugese Dragoes De Olivenca Breast hanger lapel badge. Nicely detailed enamel on leatherette fob. A few surface scratchs, obviously a used badge.
Post 1877 The Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons) Button large 25mm brass button, good maker
Post 1881 Duke of Welligton's Regt Large 25mm size
Post 1881 Royal Hampshire Regt buttons large 25mm size by GUANT and 20mm size
Post 1881 The Middlesex Regt Officers Gilt Button Large 25mm high quality JENNENS button
Post 1881 The West Yorkshire Regt ( Prince of Wales's Own) Gilt Officers Button Large 26mm button by JENNENS
Post 1881 West Yorkshire Regt officers button large 25mm gilt button by JENNENS
Post 1884 The Border Regt officers gilt button large 26mm officers gilt button by Jennens
Post 1898 Rhodesia British South African Police Sweetheart Brass collar badge converted to brooch back fixing and given a w/m coating mostly polished off on front.
Post 1898 service medal ribbon of the order of st john full size ribbon mounted on bar with 5 year cross embellishment
Post 1898 service medal ribbon of the order of st john full size ribbon mounted on bar with 5 year cross embellishment
Post 1902 12th Royal Lancers Officers Gilt button Large size in mint condition
Post 1902 Army Ordnance Corps button large 25mm size painted black unusual finish
Post 1902 Canada Militia Button gilt 21mm by quality maker
Post 1902 Canadian OR's Collar Badge Brass collar badge with 2 rear loop fixings
Post 1902 Indian Medical Service gilt button large 26mm gilt officers button
Post 1902 Irish Guards button large 25mm gilt button by FIRMIN
Post 1902 Large Petty Officers Black Horn Button Huge 28mm size K/C with lined background
Post 1902 Life Guards Pouch Badge HIgh quality brass badge with 3 rear loop fixings
Post 1902 R.A.M.C Locally Made Large Badge White metal (possibly Indian Silver) large cap badge with stout pugri pin rear fixing believed to be for Mess Waiters, scarce it.
Post 1902 Royal Artillery Gilt And Enamel Sweetheart Nicely made Brooch back 2 part Sweetheart
Post 1902 Royal Marines Pouch Badge Die-struck brass badge with 3 rear loop fixings.
Post 1902 The Essex Regt Large 26mm Officers Service dress dark bronzed button
Post 1902 The Gloucestershire Regt Button Large 25mm gilt officers button
Post 1902 The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt) Large brass other ranks busby grenade , large brass other ranks busby grenade badge with long rear loop fixings
Post 1902 The Royal Warwickshire Regt Officers Gilt Buttons one large 26mm & medium 20mm size
Post 1909 The Worcestershire Regt Officers Gilt Buttons Pair of high quality Gilt Officers Buttons , one large 26mm and one 20mm size
Post 1934 The Black Watch ( R.H.Regt) Button large 24mm brass button
Post 1952 Cyprus Police Button Large 24mm size
Post 1952 Grenadier Guards Large Buttons 26mm Anodised And Brass 25mm
Post 1952 Kenya Police Large Button Large button, large 26mm size in w/m by FIRMIN
Post 1952 Officers HLI Button Large 26mm gilt button
Post 1952 R.E.M.E officers bullion beret badge bullion wire beret badge that has seen plenty of wear and use
Post 1952 Royal Army Medical Corps Bullion Beret badge High quality Bullion wire on black wool backing Officers RAMC Beret badge
Post 1952 Royal Engineers b/m cap badge High quality b/m R.E cap badge with rear slider
Post 1952 Royal New Zealand Artillery Brass Cap badge Full size brass cap badge that is obviously well worn due to the polished high spots, still a nice badge with service wear
Post 1952 Welsh Guards Gilt Buttons Large 25mm size , 21 mm size and a screw back 15 mm size all in good condition
Post 1968 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Button large 25mm brass button
Post War RAF Navigators Wings Padded current issue navigators half beret badge
Postcard R.E Divisional Camp Weymouth 1937 Interest photo of how the camp was laid out
Pre 1881 75th ( Sterlingshire) Regt of Foot Button Large 26mm other ranks brass button, normal service wear for age very clear makers details on rear.
Pre 1940 Polish Military Forces Button Dished shape large 23mm white metal button by Polish maker
Pre 1952 Glamorgan Constabulary button large 25mm size
Pre 1960 R.W.A.F.F brass shoulder title heavy cast title with rear loop fixings
Pre 1960 R.W.A.F.F cap badge superb brass cap badge made by GAUNT
Princess of Wales Royal Regiment TRF Removed from uniform
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Button Nice Canadian made example worn 1915-68, one large 26mm and 2 by 20mm approx measurements, pocket size.
Q.A.D.I ( Qualified Air Despatchers Instructors Sleeve) Wing Rare sleeve badge nice unissued condition
Q.A.R.A.N.C Waist Belt Buckle Chrome finish unissued made by Hobson & Son London
Q.A.R.A.N.S Buttons 3 sizes, 25, 20 and 16mm, in good condition
Q/C 9th Queens Royal Lancers Officers gilt 24mm button only worn 1952-60
Q/C Anodised Kings African Rifles Button Made by FIRMIN LONDON
Q/C Army legal Corps W/M and Enamel Collars Facing pair
Q/C BSAP Anodised Buttons 4 20mm size, 3 made by Tool & Mould Salisbury, 1 by Firmin
Q/C Grenadier Guards Brass Button 23mm size
Q/C HAC BRASS Button 17mm across, no makers name.
Q/C Jewish Chaplains O.S.D cap badge high quality die-cast service dress cap badge with rear blades in mint condition
Q/C le regiment De Joliette Cap Badge B/m very neatly completed from slider to rear loop fixings.
Q/C Les Fusiliers Mont Royal Cap Badge Heavy cast brass cap badge with 2 rear loop fixings
Q/C N.Z Police Cap Badge Long rear loops
Q/C Officers R.A Two Part Ball Button Officers brass ball button, in super condition.
Q/C Officers R.A.M.C collars high quality b/m collars not an exact match but very close
Q/C Officers R.E.M.E Cap Badge Gilt and brushed silver cap badge with long rear loops
Q/C P.O Padded Bullion Cap badge Padded bullion cap badge unissued condition.
Q/C R.A.S.C brass cap badge Early brass Queens crown cap badge by GAUNT
Q/C R.C.M.P Brass Buttons large 20mm button MADE IN ENGLAND, GAUNT MONTREAL stamped on rear, 2 smaller 16mm buttons have MADE IN ENGLAND & W.SCULLY LTD MONTREAL
Q/C R.N Officers Padded Bullion Cap Badge Padded bullion cap badge, nice worn condition.
Q/C R.N Petty Officers Padded Bullion Cap Badge Unissued example still retaining stores number on rear.
Q/C RAF Bullion Half Wings Mess dress wings
Q/C RAF Regiment Enamel Lapel Badge Nicely made lapel badge.
Q/C Rifle Militia Black Button 18mm black plastic
Q/C Rifle Militia Black Button 18mm black plastic
Q/C Royal Montreal Regt Cap Badge Brass badge by GAUNT B'HAM
Q/C Royal N.Z Artillery Large Die-struck Brass Cap Badge 3 rear loop fixings.
Q/C Royal Tank Regt Officers Silver/Gilt Collars Superb Mateliy pair.
Q/C West Nova Scotia Regt Cap Badge Brass Badge made by J R GAUNT BIRMINGHAM
QARANC Captains Rank Slide
QARANC Lieutenant-Colonels Rank Slide Gold on red
QCV Canada militia button in w/m Victorian Canada militia button large 25mm size by rare maker
Quebec Anodised Collars Matching badges 30mm high 22mm across with rear pin fixings made by J R GAUNT BIRMINGHAM, unsure if police or military
Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps Army Nursing Corps shoulder title.
Queen's Own Nigeria Regt ( QONR) Shoulder Title Blackened brass title with rear loop fixings
Queens Lancashire Regt Cap Badge Gilt & enamel badge mounted on primrose yellow backing
Queens Own Cameron Highlanders Cross Belt Plate Officers undress cross belt plate in b/m , badge appears to be silver and is held on by 6 wire blades, minor service wear believed circa 1900.
Queens Own Warwickshire Yeomanry Collars w/m not an exact match as one is a single lug fixing, whilst the other is a double rear loop fixing
Queens Own Worcester Hussars Imperial Yeomanry Button large 24mm gilt officers button
Queens Royal Irish Hussars Anodised Cap badge B/m 2 part cap badge by FIRMIN, worn 1958-93
Queensland Police Cap Badge Q/C in white metal, chrome and acrylic central disc ( 70mm by 60mm). rare badge in mint condition
Queensland Police Senior Officers Cap Badge Large padded bullion cap badge in mint condition
Queensland University Regt Gilt Hat Badge Nice gilded brass cap badge with rear loop fixings made by STOKES
QVC 24th Middlesex Vounteers (Post Office) Shako Superb condition with lovely age patina and original 2 rear loop fixings
QVC 3rd Lanark R.V.C Shako Plate w/m badge with 2 age blackened rear loop fixings
QVC General Service Button Large 25mm brass OR's button
QVC Kings Shropshire Light Infantry Officers Button Large 26mm gilt button in lovely condition.
QVC Queen's Westminster Volunteers Helmet Plate Blackened brass with original rear loop fixings
QVC Queen's Westminster Volunteers Shako Badge w/m badge with original red wool backing, rear loops nicely blackened with age.
QVC Royal Engineers Button Large 24mm brass OR's button
QVC Royal Scots Fusiliers button large 26mm brass button worn 1881-1902
QVC The King Royal Rifle Corps Cap Badge Victorian K.R.R.C cap badge in superb condition 2 part construction with brooch fixing. still retaining original red backing
QVC The Queens Own O.Y.C button. large 23mm w/m button and rear brass back plate slightly dented
R N Z I R Anodised 25mm Button Great condition by GAUNT LONDON
R.A (Red Bordered) R.S.M's Sleeve Badge Unissued condition
R.A Artillery Collars Gilt with rear loop fixings.
R.A Officers No 1 Collar Badge large quality item
R.A Regt Gilt Collar (1953-60) Excellant condition made by SWANN
R.A.A.E.C Anodised Hat Badge 1960-85, b/m anodised cap badge with rear pin fixings
R.A.A.F Air Training Corps Flight Suit Patch
R.A.A.F Here's Downunder Badge large novalty badge for 37 squadron RAAF
R.A.A.M.C Gilt collar badge, mint condition.
R.A.A.M.C Anodised Collar Badge 2 rear pins
R.A.A.M.C Anodised Shoulder Title 2 rear pin fixings
R.A.A.M.C Brass Q/C Hat Badge
R.A.A.M.C K/C Hat/Cap Badge circa 1948/53 . superb condition Royal Australian Army Medical Corps , nicely maker marked SWANN & HUDSON
R.A.A.O.C Title Removed from uniform
R.A.C.C Bullion NCO Rank Stripes Both removed from uniform
R.A.E.M.E bi/m (Briteshine) Hat Badge Gold coloured rear fixing pins (shortened as normal)
R.A.F Dental Branch Brass Collar Badges Slightly rubbed but good early example.
R.A.F Police Auxiliaries Shoulder Titles A pair of shoulder titles.
R.A.F Signaller Sleeve Badge Cloth sleeve badge
R.A.F. O.T.C or Foreign Air Force Rank Slides Unable to indentlfy these matching slides
R.A.M.C (Cherry border) R.S.M Badge
R.A.M.C Blazer Badge Nicely made
R.A.M.C Bronze Sweetheart Same size as collar badge with brooch fixing
R.A.M.C Cloth Battledress Shoulder Titles pair of shoulder titles probably just post WW2
R.A.N.R Uniform Patch Red on dark blue wool backing.
R.A.O.C Q/C Cap Badge early b/m example
R.A.P.C Shoulder Titles 'Coffin' shaped rear fixings
R.A.S.C / R.L.C Port Operators Badge Mint condition purple backed sSkill at Arms Badge worn by Ocean Watchkeepers, Ultra Marine & Marine engineers, hard to find
R.C.M.P Pistol Marksmans Qualification Badge Sleeve qualification badge removed from uniform.
R.C.M.P Shoulder Badge Nice full colour example.
R.C.M.P sleeve patch superb looking badge in mint condition
R.C.T Shoulder Titles Yellow on dark blue wool shoulder titles, matching pair removed from uniform,
R.E Militia Edward VII Silver Plated Button Silver plated button 20mm across made by JENNENS & CO LONDON
R.E Royal Signals and REME Badge for RSM's
R.E Slip on Shoulder Title R.E shoulder title
R.E Subdued Shoulder Titles Black on dark green, current issue
R.E Warrant Officer & Wife Nice photo postcard size
R.Engineers Old Comrades Association Enamel Lapel Badge Nice quality with good example
R.F.C (Royal Flying Corps) Bullion Blazer Badge Nice early quality badge
R.M 'COMMANDO' Shoulder Titles Red embroidery on dark blue wool backing shoulder titles in original stores pack of 10, no moth or damage just unissued titles
R.M Bronze Collar Badges Both have two rear loop fixings, one stamped BUTTONS LTD BIRMINGHAM
R.M Large Stone Coloured W.O Rank Crowns
R.M Light Infantry Button Made by FIRMIN & SONS LTD LONDON 20mm across
R.M Prince's Badge Original bullion on dark green sleeve badge with stock code stamped on rear. Rare badge in superb condition.
R.N Divers Sleeve Trade Badge Dark blue on white cotton.
R.N Petty Officers B/Metal Cap Badge Q/C with rear slider
R.N Pilots Dress Full Size Wing Bullion dress full size wing
R.N Trade Badge Unissued example
R.N.O.C.A Lapel Badge Issue number 3325 button hole lapel badge, brass and blue enamel
R.N.S.W.R Anodised Collar Badge A/A collar circa 1960-85 made by STOKES
R.N.X.S (Mine Clearance Service) Cloth Badge Mint unissued example still retaining stores code on corner (cut off on issue)
R.N.Z.A Anodised Collar Anodised collar/side cap badge, 2 rear loop fixings. 46mm by 22mm
R.Q.R Anodised Shoulder Title With rear pin fixings
R.S.S.I.L.A Badge Small version nice condition
R.Signals Home Command Wool Formation Sign removed from uniform, quite poor condition
R.W.A.F,F Black Horn Button Excellant example
R.W.A.F.F Brown Plastic Button Superb example 22mm size
R.W.A.F.F Buttons Large is 23mm by DOWLER, smaller pocket buttons are 17mm across.
R.W.A.F.F Printed formation sign Mint condition unissued badge
RAF Air Steward Bullion Mess Dress Wings Gold bullion mess dress Air Stewards qualification.
RAF Bomber Command Blazer Badge (Q/C) Undamaged nicely embroided blazer badge
RAF Bullion Air Crewman Sleeve Badge Unusual gold bullion on blue background. Size 50mm by 55mm
RAF Bullion Mess Dress Pilots Wings Well made padded bullion Q/C wings.
RAF Chaplains Collar Badge Mint unissued example 3 part construction, current issue.
RAF Cranwell Course Collar Tabs Still in original issue packet
RAF Engineer Half Brevet Full size padded wing in unissued condition
RAF Flight Suit Patch 120mm by 80mm
RAF Loadmaster Flight Suit Patch Black on green.
RAF Loadmaster Half Wing Padded size wing
RAF Marksman Sleeve Badge Full size badge.
RAF Navigators Mess Dress Wing Unusual shape wing.
RAF Officers Bullion Beret Badge Q/C nice example, removed from hat.
RAF othe Ranks Anodised Cap Badge Nice example with back plate
RAF Pilots Wings Red on black background
RAF Regiment Desert Title Nice desert DPM title removed from uniform.
RAJASTAN POLICE Button 24mm button, a bit of wear but still good.
RCAC ( Royal Canadian Army Cadet) Cloth Insignia 4 different styles.
RCMP Cycle Patrol Police Sleeve Patch Blue embroidery on grey backing. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cycle patrol sleeve patch.
RCMP Cycle Patrol Police Sleeve Patch Yellow writing on blue backing. Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Republic of Korea Marines Para Wings Basic, senior and master set
Returned & Service Leage Pin Mint condition with L.S attachment over crown
Returned from Active Service Lapel Badge Made by LUKE AIR FORCE issue No AF 105738
Returned from Active Service Lapel Badge Made by AMOR SYDNEY Army issue No A263205
Returned Sailors, Soldiers & Airmens Leage Badge Vietnam era 1969 applied date , good example
Rhodesia British South African Police Gilded Brass Collar Badges Worn 1949-71, not an exact match, one being an early FIRMIN LONDON example the other a later version (note one spear shaft missing on badge, still looks good.
RIBBLE Large Tunic Button Possibly a transport company from 1940-50's, 25mm across
Rifle Brigade Medics Sleeve Badge Black embroidery on very dark green
Rifle Brigade Victorian OR's W/M Cap Badge Nice aged rear loops.28mm by 30mm
Rising Sun 'ARMY QUEEN ' Red Cross tinny lapel badge safety pin style fixing by AMOR 20mm by 12mm, nice item.
Rising Sun Hat Badge With unusual 'copper centre' patina, original rear loops that are slightly twisted.
Riverina Regt (56th Inf Bn) Shoulder Titles matching pair
RM Brass Shoulder Title Small size matching pair, excellant condition
RNSWR Hat Badge Anodised worn 1960-85 , very good condition with rear pins by SWANN & HUDSON
Rochester Police Black Button Approx 24mm large button, wear by letter 'p' from years of rubbing on tunic
Rocky Mountain Rangers Q/C Brass Hat Badge With rear slider
Romanian Police Brasov Office Wall Small Flag Unusual item
Royal Anglian Regiment Anodised Shoulder Titles With original pin fixings
Royal Army Chaplains Dept Large 24mm Q/C in black
Royal Army Chaplains Dept large 24mm Q/C in black
Royal Army Dental corps k/c button large 25mm R.A.D.C brass button
Royal Army Dental Corps OR's Cap Badge Worn 1921-48
Royal Army Medical Corps Officers Bi-metal Cap Badge Bi-metal cap badge with long loop rear fixings.
Royal Army Medical Corps OSD K/C Cap badge bronze officers service dress cap badge with rear blade fixings
Royal Army Pay Corp Cloth Shoulder Title Unusual cloth shoulder title as this is normally shown as an abbreviation, gold on black wool backing, unissued condition.
Royal Artillery Anodised Cap Badge Unusual early example with movable central wheel & long rear loop fixings.believed to be sold by the Royal Artillery Association in the 90's for a short while
Royal Artillery Association Enamel Lapel Badge made by J.R GAUNT LONDON
Royal Artillery Association Pendant Nicely made gilt & enamel badge
Royal Aust. Army Armoured Corps Brightshine hat badge Nice heavy well made brightshine hat badge with 2 rear pin fixings
Royal Australian Armoured Corps Collar W/m with 2 rear pin fixings makes details S & H on rear.
Royal Australian Armoured Corps Hat Badge Good early w/m example with 2 rear loop fixings
Royal Australian Armoured Corps w/m Hat Badge 1953-60, no makers name, nice badge
Royal Australian Army Armoured Corps Set of 8 tunic buttons, 4 large, 4 medium all mad eby STOKES
Royal Australian Army Dental corps A/A cap badge mint R.A.A.D.C anodised cap badge by HAWKE
Royal Australian Army Dental Corps A/A collar right facing anodised collar badge in mint condition by SWANN
Royal Australian Army Dental Corps collar badge mint condition gilt R.A.A.D.C k/c collar badge worn 1948-53
Royal Australian Army Education Corps 1953-60 Hat badge Mint condition Gilt Cap/ Hat badge
Royal Australian Army Educational Corps A/A collar anodised R.A.A.E.C collar circa 1960-85
Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps Anodised Hat Badge Mint unissued example, long black rear fixing pins
Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps Brooch As worn by officers made by LUKE good earlyt example
Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps Collar
Royal Australian Army Ordance Corps K/C Collars Pair of b/m collars circa 1948-53 made by LUKE, badge on left has the top loop fixing missing, those on the right collar are slightly bent down, still good collars
Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps Cap Badge & Collars Anodised one collar stamped SWANN & HUDSON, no damage
Royal Australian Army Service Corps 53-60 Great example gilt finish
Royal Australian Army Service Corps Anodised Collar A/A collar made by STOKES
Royal Australian Artillery 1953-60's Collars Pair of gilt collars for OR's
Royal Australian Artillery A/A Shoulder Title RAA title made in anodised aluminium
Royal Australian Artillery Brass Shoulder Title
Royal Australian Artillery Gilt Hat Badge 1953-60 with 3 rear loop fixings
Royal Australian Artillery Officers Anodised Collar Badges With 2 rear pins per badge.
Royal Australian Artillery Officers Collar Gilt collar in mint condition circa 1953-60
Royal Australian Artillery OR's Anodised Collar Ainge A/A collar
Royal Australian Artillery Title Red embroidery on blue wool backing
Royal Australian Corps Of Transport A/A Collar badge Mint condition 2 part Anodised Collar by Swann & Hudson
Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Cap Badge Circa 1953-60's b/m RAEME cap badge by LUKE
Royal Australian Engineers Anodised Set. A/A R.A.E - Cap Badge - Shoulder Title - Button - Beret/Collar Badge All in good condition.
Royal Australian Engineers Button 1920-1940 Brass 21mm & 17mm size. Unusual maker.
Royal Australian Infantry Corps Cap Badge Cap badge made by SWANN & HUDSON FRANKSTON. rear pins shortened but still long enough for the clutch backs.
Royal Australian Infantry Corps Hat Badge Fine early quality gilded brass, faint makers name on rear of K.C LUKE MELB , 2 rear loop fixings
Royal Australian Infantry Corps K/C Cap badge Gilt hat badge worn circa 1948-53 made by SWANN & HUDSON
Royal Australian Infantry Regt Shoulder Title Slight wear.
Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) bright shine Collar Mint condition Gilt Metal Collar, by Swann
Royal Australian Regiment Band w/m Hat Badge Huge chrome plated R.A.R band members hat badge
Royal Australian Regt (1st type) Gilt Collar Badge
Royal Australian Regt (Brightshine) Cap Badge Mint unissued condition hard to find with rear pins not cut down or broken
Royal Australian Regt (RAR) briteshine cap badge Heavy gilt RAR hat badge still retaining the original length pin fixings
Royal Australian Survey Corps 1953/60 Collar Gilt collar in mint condition
Royal AustralianNavy Aircrew Qualification Mini version as worn on mess dress made by STOKES MELB
Royal Berkshire Regt Button Princess Charlotte of Wales large brass button made by PITT & CO LONDON 25mm across
Royal Canadian Army Service corps cap badge B/M with red enamel centre
Royal Canadian Artillery Beret Badge Gilt finish made by G.LAMOND MONTREAL
Royal Canadian Engineers Shoulder Title brass R.C.E title
Royal Canadian Regt b/m Cap badge Nice solid high quality example
Royal Car Company (circa 1952 Royal Visit) Mint condition silk patch, foprmed for proposed visit of Queen Elizabeth in 1952 but cancelled due to the death of George VI
Royal Corps of Signals Beret Badge OR's beret badge in mint condition, only saw limited use.
Royal Corps of Signals Button Large 25mm brass button
Royal Dragoon Guards b/m Cap Badge Brushed silver/enamel cap badge made by F & S. Superb quality.
Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles Large size 25mm across made by J.R.GAUNT & SONS LTD LONDON ENG.
Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles Darkened bronze large 24mm size
Royal Fleet Auxilliary Bullion Uniform Badge Nicely made bullion R.F.A badge. Obvioulsly an official issue badge because the store code is written on the back of the badge.
Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt) Buttons Large 25mm officers gilt mad eby JONES, CHALK & DAWSON, LONDON W medium 20mm by The Army & Navy Supply Stores
Royal Hong Kong Police Cap Badge w/m & enamel made by FIRMIN LONDON
ROYAL HORSE GUARDS Cloth Shoulder Title Mint unissued example
Royal Hussars Anodised Shoulder Titles With original pin fixings.
Royal Irish Fusiliers Buttons One large 25mm & one 20mm size brass buttons.
Royal Irish Rangers Large Black Plastic Button 23mm across
Royal Lincolnshire Reg b/m cap badge Post 1947 example 3 rear 'blow' holes behind bottom scroll, in mint condition
Royal Logistic Corps OR's Cap Badge B/m badge made by FIRMIN
Royal Logistics Corps Cap Badge Made by TKS
Royal Logistics Corps Officers & OR's badges Nice quality b/m officers & OR's R.L.C cap badges and one officers collar, nice set
Royal Marine Division & Independent Infantry Brigade Sign Yellow on red wool, removed from uniform.
Royal Marine Reserve (RMR) Anodised Shoulder Titles
Royal Marine Tunic Button Q/C large 24mm size
Royal Marines 'Landing Craft' Trade Badge Bullion on black backing, unissued condition still retains original stores code on rear.
Royal Marines (Lovat Greens) Warrant Officer Sleeve Badge Bullion sleeve badge K/C with original stores code on rear.
Royal Marines band Portsmouth cap badge High quality 2 part b /m badge
Royal Marines Bullion Para Wings Unissued condition with original stores code on rear.
Royal Marines Colonel Rank Slides Matching pair
Royal Marines Commando Shoulder Titles Full colour titles removed from uniform.
Royal Marines Desert Para Wings Removed form uniform
Royal Marines Light Artillery Button Large 24mm brass button, superb condition by E.ARMFIELD & CO LTD BIRMINGHAM
Royal Marines PTI Bullion Trade Badge Unissued condition.
Royal Marines W.O. Bullion Sleeve Badge Original stores code on rear.
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst w/m Q/C Cap Badge Nice mint condition on a rear slider.
Royal Military College Lapel Pin
Royal Military College Officer Cadets Brass Cap badge 2 rear loop fixings
Royal Military College Officers Cadets Cap Badge 1911- 1937 in brass
Royal N.S.W Regiment Anodised Hat Badge Rear original length pin fixings made by SWANN & HUDSON
Royal N.S.W Regt Anodised Cap Mint condition long rear pin fixings
Royal N.Z Provost Corps Anodised Cap Badge Good condition with rear pin fixings
Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm Bullion Pilots Wing Padded bullion Q/C naval pilots wings, with rear broach back fixing.
Royal Naval P.T.I's Badge Woollen badge, no moth , early quality
Royal Navy Auxilary Service Working Dress Badge Mint unissued wool badge
Royal Navy Auxiliary Service Working Dress Badge mint unissued wool badge
Royal Navy Marines Colonel Rank Slides Matching unissued pair
Royal Navy OR's Beret Badge b/m badge made by LB B with 2 rear loop fixings
Royal Navy R.N.X.S (Mine Service) Beret Badge
Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve ( R.N.V.R) Gilt Button Worn 1903-21 in mint condition , large 24mm size
Royal Navy Warrant Officers Rank Slides Matching pair
Royal Navy Warrant Officers Rank Slides Matching pair
Royal New South Wales Regiment Wool backed title
Royal New Zealand Artillery Cloth Shoulder Title Red letters on blue background, no damage.
Royal Norfolk WW2 Shoulder Title Black on yellow title removed from uniform. Slight tear to right hand end.
Royal Observer Corps Overall Chest Patch
Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Shoulder Title Metasl backing with resin coated enamel face made by PARKES
Royal Pioneer Corps Anodised Collar Badges Single rear lug fixing
Royal Pioneer Corps Anodised Shoulder Titles Anodised shoulder titles with rear pin.
Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery Brass Hat Badges For flat hat and beret, brass with rear slider, one marked J.R GAUNT B'HAM, nice pair.
Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Anodised Set Good condition
Royal Signal Corp Sleeve Badge Signals corp badge worn above sgt stripes.
Royal Signals Blazer Badge Well made Q/C
Royal Signals Corp 2/LT cream shoulder slides Cream shoulder titles matching pair.
Royal Sussex White on Red Cloth Shoulder Title White on red cloth
Royal Tank Corp Large Brass Button Makers name FIRMIN & SONS LONDON.
Royal Tank Corps 1923-1939 Button large 24mm brass button by PITT
Royal Tank Regt Sleeve Badge Good example no matt, removed from uniform.
Royal Victoria Regiment A/A Cap Badge R.V.R anodised cap badge circa 1960-85
Royal Welch Fusiliers Bi-metal Cap Badge Solid construction with heavy rear slider, nice used condition.
Royal Western Australia Regiment Wool Title
Royal Western Australia Regt Collar Badge Heavy weight 'Briteshine' collar badge with 2 rear pin fixings
Royal Women's Voluntary Service Pin cushion Unusual item being a hand made pin cushion made partly from an overall badge that has been padded & backed in felt
S African Defence Force Button Large 24mm button
S.A Army band b/m Cap Badge Brass with w/m lower scroll
S.A Army band Gilt Cap Badge Large gilt badge
S.A General Officers Rank Gilt Lapel Badge Mess dress lapewl badge with 2 rear pin fixings (owen 1406)
S.A Grey High School Cadet Corps W/m collar badge with 2 rear loop fixings
S.A Medical Corps Post 1959 Cap Badge Chromed metal with red enamel centre, 2 rear screw post fixings
S.A Military Shield (Unit unknown) resin on w/m 3 rear pion fixings
S.A Ordnance Corps Cap Badge 1926-34 brass cap badge in excellant condition ( Owen 1205)
S.A Police Cap Badge and Collars Brass cap badge had had both rear loops firmly re-affixed, collars have rear pin fixings, all three items.
S.A Pretoria Regiment Brass Button Approx 16mm by GAUNT LONDON
S.A.A.F Load Master Half Wing 2 rear pin fixings
S.E.A.C Black on Green Shoulder Title Nice early paste back example
SA Army Gymnasium Cloth Badge Nicely detailed badge appears quite old.
Saudi Arabian MIlitary Insignia 2 rank stars and collar disk in gilding metal
Saudi Naval Officers' Small Cap Badge Padded bullion approximately 55mm by 45mm
Scottish Ayrshire Constabulary K/C Cap badge Die-struck chrome plated badge worn 1924 to around 1936,
Scottish Q.O Highlanders Piper's A/A Glengarry badge circa 1961-70 made by J.R. GAUNT LONDON. anodised badge in superb condition
Sea Cadet Corps Brass & Enamel Buttonhole Badge
Sealed Pattern Gilt Officers Pip Sealed pattern information label badge and seals
Senior Malaysian Airforce Officers Bullion Hat Badge In unissued condition
Senior Malaysian Police Officers' Rank Badges Superb matching pair of silver bullion on dark blue wool senior police officers' rank badges.
Senior Medical Officer Patch Bullion on black wool
Senior Officers Bullion Shoulder Boards Believed to be Belgium Artillery, matching pair in superb condition.
Seychelles Police Sleeve Badge 50mm by 40mm
SHAEF MP Wool Backed Brassard Superb quality with button and elastic fixing.
Sherwood Foresters, Notts & Derby cap badge b/m with rear slider
Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry Badge on Pattern Card Anodised cap badge mounted on MOD pattern card dated 1971 complete with rear wax seal
Sikkim Guards Brass Hat Badge Nice early looking badge with borach fixing.
Singapore Artillery Sleeve Badge Velcro backing
Singaporian Special Forces Hat Badge Anodised aluminium with two rear loops. Nicely detailed badge 44mm by 35mm.
Small Bullion Majors Crowns Probably for mess dress
Soloman Islands Police Field Force Patch Unissued condition
Somaliland Scouts Mess Dress Button Gilt flat back button 20mm across
South Africa 1 INF ZUID AFRIKA Brass Shoulder Title Brass shoulder title with two rear loop fixings.
South African Army Gymnasium Cap Badge Worn 1950-67 well made large heavy badge with rear scerw & post fixings
South African Bullion Naval Trade Badge Nicely detailed bullion trade badge.
South African Coloured Corps Gilded Brass Collar Badges Nice items
South African Constabulary Button Early quality flat back
South African Correctional Services Beret Badge Resin coated brass backed
South African Engineers Corps Brass Collar Badge 1922-26, rear loop fixings
South African Scottish Gilt Collar Badge Worn 1915-19 brooched back
South Australia Police Shoulder Patch Uniform sleeve patch removed from uniform.
South Australia Police Shoulder Patch Uniform sleeve patch removed from uniform.
South Korean Master Para Wings Rear pin fixings
South Stafford (Glider) Yellow on Maroon Shoulder Titles Matching pair of battledress shoulder titles.
Southampton University Royal Navel Wool Shoulder Title
Southern Command R.A.M.C Patch Wool example, no moth
Southern Command R.A.M.C Patch Wool example, no moth
Southern Rhodesian air-force cap badge brass badge worn 1939-1947
Spanish Marines Arm Badge Silk badge few glue marks on rear
Spanish Military Cloth Badge Unsure exactly believed to be Spanish
Sri Lanka Engineers cap badge Large high quality padded embroided hat badge
Staffords Anodised Cap & Collars Nice set
Stormont , Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders Cap Badge w/m made by Breadness & Co, one of the rear loop fixings has been repaired
Subdued 5th cavalry Regt Collar Patches Black on green cotton collar patches.
Subdued 6th Cavalry Regt Collar Patches Black on green cotton collar patches.
Submariners Bullion Dolphins Possibly Canadian but unsure, sleeve dolphins.
Sudan Military Officers Shoulder Boards Cloth covered hard plastic board with gilded metal insignia
Suffolk Regiment Slip on Titles Hugh example, mint condition
Sultan of Omans medical corps cap badge high quality white metal cap badge with long rear loop fixings
Surrey Yeomanry ( Queen Mary's Regt) Post 1910 Collars Locally cast in brass believed in Egypt, these originated from a collector who acquired them from a trooper who served in Gallipoli and was sent to hospital in Egypt, thus having locally made collars amongst his souvenirs from his service overseas, nice historic badges, one collar has one of its rear loop fixings missing.
SUSSEX POLICE patch As worn on body armour
Swaziland Army Officers collars huge matching facing pair of gilt collar badges, high quality in great condition
Swaziland Special Forces beret badge large gilt metal badge
Swedish Coastal Home Guard Badges Interesting items, pressed steel ovals that have been enamelled/painted. 40mm by 32mm.
Sydney University Regt 1030/42 Hat Badge Mint example
T.P.H (Hunt club) Button 22mm early flat button
Tanzanian Army J.K.T Senior Officers Hat Badge Padded bullion well made item
Tasmania A.R.P Civil Defence Legion Badge Coverted to brooch fixing serial No. B 964
Tasmania Command Formation Sign Removed from uniform circa 1950.
Thai Counter Insurgency qualification Gilt and enamel broach backed breast badge
Thai Special Forces Badge 2 part construction with blue enamels, rear broach fixings.
Thailand Marine Police Sleeve Patch
Thames Conservancy Gilt Button Huge 27mm size K/C
Thames Conservancy Gilt Button Huge 27mm size K/C
The 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards 1855-1904 Large 25mm brass button by DOWLER
The 5th Pattern Rising Sun Cap Badge Unusual bronze finished die-cast hat badge
The 7th Queens Own Hussars bi/metal Cap Badge 1902-22 on rear slider, may have been vanished many years ago but this has not spoilt this badge in anyway instead has given it a rich patina.
The Adelaide University Regt Cap Badge Circa 1953-60 in gilt , superb conditon by SWANN & HUDSON
The Australian Army Bullion Sleeve Badge
The Border Regiment 1884-1959 Large Brass Button 24mm across, no maker
The Border Regt 1881-1959 Button large 24mm size
The Border Regt 1884-1959 Brass Button
The Border Regt 1884-1959 Button Large 24mm brass button
The Border Regt Brass Button large 24mm brass button
The Buffs (ROYAL EAST KENT REGT) Large Button large 24mm 1935-59 by FIRMIN LONDON
The Canadian Scottish k/c buttons one large 26mm & 2 x 17mm size
The Canterbury Regiment Shoulder Title White on red wool shoulder title, unissued condition, few glue marks on rear.
The City of Newcastle Regt 2nd Inf Batt Gilt Cap Badge cap badge in mint condition circa 1953/60
The Darling Downs Regt 25th Infantry Battalion Simply superb condition gilt hat badge by STOKES, 3 rear loop fixings circa 1953/60
The Devonshire & Dorset Regt Anodised Cap Badge Mint condition by GAUNT
The Dorsetshire Regt 1900-51 Large Brass Button By HAWKES & CO PICCADILY LONDON
The Dorsetshire Regt Button large 24mm size, early example
The Durham Light Infantry 1881-1946, large 26mm officers gilt button
The East Yorkshire Regt officers buttonS large 26mm b/m button by GUANT AND 20mm button
The Gloucestershire Regiment Early Brass Rear Head-Dress Badge Rear slide clipped ( common to find soldiers did this)
The Green Howards post Large 1881 Button Large 26mm gilt button
The Grenadier Guards OR's Cap Badge Nice solid brass badge , maker stamped inside L.B & B ( London Badge & Button Co)
The Hampshire Regiment Officers Pattern Cap Badge Officers pattern cap badge with two rear loop fixings.
The Hertfordshire Regiment Cap Badge Kings crown with nice patina on rear slider
The Hindmarsh regt 43/48th Inf Batt Cap Badge Gilt finish in superb condition, circa 1953/60
The Kings Own (Royal Lancaster Regt) 1901-20 Button large 24mm
The Kings own royal regt A/A cap badge Anodised cap badge by GAUNT
The Kings own Royal Regt cap Badge brass OR's cap badge in great condition
The Kings own Royal Regt collars Large die struck brass facing collars, not an exact match but still very nice
The Kings Shropshire Light Infantry 1881-1882 Collar Badge Collar badge broached backed and w/m washed/plated very rare collar.
The Kings Shropshire Light Infantry 1902-1946 Large Brass Button 24mm across made by GAUNT LONDON
The Lanarkshire Constabulary Button 24mm brass example
The Lancashire Fusiliers b/m 1898-1921 Cap Badge Really nice example
The Launceston Regt 12th Infantry Battalion Mint condition gilt hat badge made by K C LUKE
The Life Guards Shoulder Title Early example blue embroidery on red.
The Loyal Regiment Shoulder Title White on red background
The Loyal Regt (North Lancashire) 1902-52 Button large 25mm brass button
The Loyal Regt( North Lancashire Regt) K/C large button Large 25mm Anodised Button byFirmin
The Melbourne Rifles 58/32nd Inf Batt Cap Badge Mint condition gilt hat badge with 2 rear loop fixings
The Middlesex Regt (Duke of Cambridge Own) large 26mm brass button 1881-1959
The Middlesex Regt (Duke of Cambridge Own) 1881-1959 24mm by GAUNT
The Middlesex Regt (Duke of Cambridges Own ) Button Worn 1881-1959, large 24mm brass button with medium size
The Nigeria Police Cap Badge Chrome badge with rear slider
The Norfolk Regt Cap Badge Die struck brass with slider
The North Irish Brigade Anodised Cap Badge Staybrite cap badge by GAUNT circa 1958
The North Staffordshire Regt Officers Gilt Button Large 25mm gilt button 1881-1959
The Princess of Wales Own Regiment (M.G) Brass Cap Badge Brass cap badge with two rear loop fixings.
The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Collar Badges No 1 Dress collar badges facing pair.
The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Soldiers b/m Cap Badge Excellant quality bi-metal cap badge, heavy construction
The Queen's Bay (2nd Dragoon Guards) Anodised Collars Centre lug rear fixing
The Queens Lancashire Regiment Gilt and Red Enamel Cap Badge Gilt and red enamel cap badge. Stamped on rear FIRMIN.
The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regt By P.BERNLEY.LONDON
The Queens Own Warwickshire & Worcestershire Yeomanry Button Gilt 23mm size small dent at 5 0clock
The Queens Own Worcestershire Hussars Gilt Button Large 28mm officers gilt button
The Queens Own Yorkshire Dragoons pre 1956 button large 26mm gilt buttons
The QUEENS ROYAL REGIMENT (WEST SURREY) 1909-59 Large Brass Button 25mm across made by BUTTONS LIMITED, BIRMINGHAM
The Queens Royal Regiment (West Surrey) Cap Badge A small version for wearing on a beret, heavy construction guilding metal on a long slider.
The Queens Royal Regt (West Surrey) Worn 1909-59, large 25mm size by SMITH & RIGHT
The Queens Royal Regt (West Surrey) Worn 1909-52 by GAUNT
The Queens Royal West Kent regt Post 1902 large 25mm button
The Queens York Rangers 1st American Regt cap badge nice early high quality example in w/m
The Queens'Own Royal Staffordshire Yeomanry (Hussars) Stafford Knot badge Stafford Knot with QVC in gilded metal (KK1412) in mint condition
The Royal Dragoons Anodised Collar Badges Facing pair
The Royal Dragoons Large Button 24mm
The Royal Fusiliers pre 1952 cap badge brass OR's cap badge
The Royal Green Jackets Cap Badge Made by FIRMIN LONDON
The Royal Green Jackets silvered cap badge RCJ's frosted silver finish cap badge, faint make marked FIRMIN
The Royal Hussars Anodised Cap Badge Great example by GAUNT B'HAM
The Royal Regiment of Wales Anodised Cap Badge B/m staybrite cap badge
The Royal Rhodesia Regt Cap Badge Blackened brass badge worn 1957-72 with 2 rear loop fixings
The Royal Scots Button From 1881, brass 24mm button
The Royal Scots Officers Gilt Button Large 26mm gilt button
The Royal Signals Corp Cloth Shoulder Title Yellow on dark blue backing.
The Royal Warwickshire Regiment Anodised Button Large 25mm Button by Firmin in superb condition
The Royal Warwickshire Regt Large 24mm size in brass
The Royal West Kent regiment cap badge die-struck w/m badge in mint condition
The Royal West Surrey Regiment (The Queens) k/c Button 25mm by JENNENS & CO LTD LONDON
The Scots Guards OR's Cap Badge Current issue with large square lug fixings, well made heavy brass badge
The Sherwood Foresters (NOTTS & DERBY REGT) button large 26mm officers gilt button by JENNENS
The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry Large Q/C Button Anodised 25mm button
The Shropshire Yeonmanry Button 20mm gilt button
The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Alberts) Button Post 1881 all brass OR's large 24mm button
The South Lancashire Regtr (The Prince of Wales Volunteers) Gilt Officers, 19mm across button, (pocket size) made by ARMFIELD LTD, BIRIMINGHAM.
The South Wales Borderers 1881-1960 Button Traces of black paint, large 25mm brass button
The St George Regt 45th Inf Batt Collar Badge Gilt finish in superb condition, circa 1948/53
The Staffordshire Regt Anodised Collar Badges Complete with back plates
The Welch Regiment Button large 25mm size
The Welsh Guards OR's Cap Badge Modern brass badge worn post staybright
The Wessex Brigade anodised cap badge Nice example made by GAUNT Birmingham
The West Yorkshire Regt (The Prince of Wales's Own) Button 25mm brass button worn 1881-1958
The Western Australian University Regt Cap badge 1953-60 gilt version made by STOKES, minor service wear
The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment Cap Badge Bi-metal heavy construction cap badge on a rear slider. It is stamped on the rear FIRMIN.
The Worcestershire Regiment 1902-1909 Button Large 24mm gilt officers button by GAUNT LONDON
The Worcestershire Regt 1881-1909 Button Large 25mm gilt button
The Worcestershire Regt 1909-1970 Large 24mm size
The Worcestershire Regt Collar Badges Facing but notan exaqct match one is slightly larger than the other, but still a good badge
The Worcestershire Regt O.S.D Collar Made by J R GAUNT LONDON
The Worchestershire Regt 1902-09 button large 25mm officers gilt button
The York & Lancaster Regt 1881-1959 25mm across
The York & Lancaster Regt button large 25mm brass button
The Yorkshire Regt ( The Green Howards) Cap Badge w/m cap badge in good condition
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Tongan Defence Service Breast Badge green and black cloth badge
Trinidad & Tobago Regiment Hat Badge Unusual large embroidered hat badge in mint unissued condition
Trinidad & Tobago Regiment Hat Badge Unusual large embroidered hat badge in mint unissued condition
Tripolitania District Printed formation sign Printed badge removed from uniform
Tube Industries Airline/Shipping Cap Badge Padded bullion cap badge worn by tube industries who used to ship tubular steel (ie bike frames etc)
Turkish Airborne School Patch Unusual printed rubberised cloth
Turkish Enlisted Ranks Sleeve Badges
Turkish Navy Breast Badge Brass backing with broach back, anchor with crossed torches
Turkish Navy Breast Badge Plastic covered brass backing
Turkish Para-Komando Patch Unusual printed rubberised patch
Turkish Pilots Wings Rare item, cast brass with rear brooch pin fixing
Two part gilt Q/C Raf Officers Button Made by J R GAUNT LONDON
Two part Q/C Raf Side Cap Buttons 14mm across officers quality.
Tynedale Hunt Club Buttons 1 large 22m and 1 small 15mm size by PITT & CO
U.S 309th Inf D.I No maker
U.S 61st Inf D.I By MEYER
U.S Air Force Bomb Disposal Breast Badge Badge made by ANTAYA G.I. 1/20 SILVER FILLED
U.S Air Force Masters Pilots Full Size Wings Gold solid example probably 1960's
U.S Airforce Missileman Qualification Badges Blue on green cotton, 4 examples.
U.S Army 6th Armoured Patch
U.S Army 9th Armoured Patch
U.S Army Air Mobile w/m Breast Badge Clutch back fixing
U.S Army Captains Rank Bars Still on original stores card.
U.S Army Christian Chaplains insignia Total of 4 items of collar insiginia
U.S Army Constabulary in Europe patch High quality locally made patch, slight mott graving on front of patch, still a nice example
U.S Army Jewish Chaplains insignia set 9 different items of insignia
U.S Army JROTC sleeve patch silk patch removed from uniform
U.S Army Recruiting sleeve patch and tab silk patch and tab
U.S Army Service Forces Patches 4 different styles, 3 WW11 cut edge examples , one being Britsh made, one later merrow edge.
U.S Auxiliary V.F.W Gilt & Enamel Lapel Badge Tinny little well made badge
U.S C.S Gilt Lapel Badge Tinny well made badge believed to stand for Confederate Service in the Civil War
U.S Civil Air Patrol Patch Unusual early example
U.S Coast Guard Bi/metal Large Hat Badge As worn on peaked cap, made by KREW, clutch and screw post fixing.
U.S Coast Guard Coxwain Badge Full size gun metal grey badge with rear clutch back fxing
U.S Coast Guard Gilt Collar Badges With rear screw post.
U.S European Constabulary Sleeve Patch German made example
U.S made w/m K/C Royal Navy P..O Button Very unusual white metal Royal/Commonwealth Navy Petty Officers Button. Post 1902 large 24mm hollow back button by U.S mate Waterbutry
U.S Military warrant officers rank bars 4 items metal with clutch back fixings
U.S Naval Cargo Handling Battalion Patch Large well made U.S.N sleeve patch
U.S Navy 'SURFACE WARFARE' Black on Olive Green Breast Qualification For fatigue uniform
U.S Navy Aircrewman Qualification Badge Blue on white twill.
U.S Navy Aviation Ordnanceman P.O Blue on white cotton sleeve badge removed from uniform.
U.S Navy Aviation P.O Sleeve Badge Dark blue embroidery on white cotton
U.S Navy Chief Petty Officers Medium Sized Hat Emblem 32mm by 20mm
U.S Navy Coxwains Breast Badge Clutch backs
U.S Navy Officers Large Cap Badge B/m with two rear screw fixing nuts , unissued condition.
U.S Navy P.O (1 star) Hat Badge Nice example 33mm by 20mm.
U.S Navy P.O 1st Class Sleeve Badge Made by 'Liona'
U.S Navy P.O 1st Class Sleeve Badge
U.S Navy P.O 1st Class Sleeve Badge
U.S Navy P.O 1st Class Sleeve Badge Made by 'Liona'
U.S Navy Petty Officers 2nd Class Quartermaster Sleeve Badge made by 'Liona', unissued condition
U.S Navy Seabees Patch Nice quality large size
U.S Navy Surface Warfare Working Dress Breast Badge Black printing on blue.
U.S Pathfinders Breast Wing Modern issue metal & enamel wings stamped V-21 on rear.
U.S Swat Team 'SHERIFF' Body Armour Patch Subdued velcro backed badge for wearing on body armour
U.S.A.A.F AIR TECHNICAL SERVICE COMMAND Titles Shoulder titles, silk cut
U.S.A.A.F Captains Rank Bar Made of leather, brown backing with silver painted bars, very well made.
U.S.A.F /RAF Mildenhall Rodeo Patch
U.S.A.F 597th Maintenance Company Patch
U.S.A.F 820 Civil Engineering Sq(Heavy repair) Patch Nice example
U.S.A.F Chrome Officers Peaked Cap Badge Centre screw post fixing
U.S.A.F Eagle Keeper Patches Colour & subdued large patches
U.S.A.F Enlisted Ranks Cap Badge Screw post fixing
U.S.A.F w/m Button Hugh 30mm button
U.S.M.C 1st Sergeants Chevrons 3 different examples of full size, winter, summer and dress uniform
U.S.M.C Corporals Chevrons 3 different examples Full size for winter, summer and dress uniforms.
U.S.M.C Green on Tan Corporals Chevrons
U.S.M.C Gunnery Sergeants Chevrons 3 different examples full size for winter, summer and dress uniforms.
U.S.M.C Lance Corporals Chevrons 3 different examples full size for winter, summer and dress uniform.
U.S.M.C Master Gunnery Sergeant Stripes Pair of early large examples possibly WW2
U.S.M.C Master Sergeants Chevrons 3 different examples, full size for winter, summer and dress uniform
U.S.M.C Private 1st Class 4 Different examples 4 different examples full size for winter, summer and dress uniform.
U.S.M.C Sergeant Chevrons 3 different example full size for winter, summer and dress uniform.
U.S.M.C Sergeant Major Chevrons 3 different example full size for winter, summer and dress uniform.
U.S.M.C Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Winter service chevrons, early superb quality.
U.S.M.C Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Chevrons 2 different full size examples for winter, dress uniform
U.S.M.C Staff Sergeants Chevrons 3 different examples full size for winter, summer and dress uniform.
U.S.N Shirt Collar Devices Superb quality b/m, timmy little badges at 15mm by 12mm with pin back fixings
U.S.S NAUTILUS Patch Superb colours & quality, large badge 110mm by 110mm
Uganda Army Officers Shoulder Slides Unusual pair of Ugandan army officers shoulder titles.
UK Submarine Qualification Pullover/working dress breast badge
UNA enamel lapel badge tinny brass and light blue enamel lapel badge, nice condition
Union Castle Line Button Made by KENNING LONDON, quality gilt 20mm across.
United Nations Generals Rank Shoulder slides Possibly for Commonwealth Forces, mint Unissued pair
United Nations OGL ( Lebanon) Enamel Brass Badge on Fob
United States Antarctic Research Program Lapel Badge Enamel & gilt badge with rear brooch fixing
University of London OTC Gold Cap badge Stamped FIRMIN LONDON
University of New South Wales Regiment A/A Collar badge Mint example with 2 rear pin fixings, nicely maker marked
University of Technology Regt 1948-60 matching pair
Unknown French Sleeve Patch
US 1st Armoured Div Patch Merrow edge
US Air Force Air Training Command sleeve patch nice early silk patch
US Airforce Patch Unknown but appears to be a bomber sqd
US Army Airborne Records Unit Patch Subdued version
US Army Engineers Gilt Button Fine quality 24mm
US Army Enlisted Ranks 18K Gold Plated Quartermasters Collar Badges On original card
US Army Generals Collar Rank Badge
US Army Infantry Gilt Hat Badge Superb condition with centre bend over fixing.
US Army Lieutenants Generals Collar Rank Badge
US Army Major Generals Collar Rank Badge Beautifully made
US Army Offioers British Made Anodised Cap Badge Made by J.R. GAUNT LONDON
US Army Special Forces Subdued Patch & Tabs
US Army Subdued Combat Infantrymans Breast Badge On manufacturers card
US ARMY Title With unusual surname breast badge of 'KSIAZKIEWICZ' appear to be locally made possibly, Korea, Philipines etc
US Army Vietnam Era (worn 1957-73) Staff Sergeants Rank Badges Unissued pair gold cotton dark green
US Infantry Civil War Officers Gilt Button Centre shield has an I for Infantry. Large size 23mm across made by D. EVANS & CO ATTLEBORO.MASS.
US Lt Colonels Rank Full size w/m badge with clutch fixings.
US Majors Rank Single full size gilt badge with clutch back fixing.
US Navy 'AIR WARFARE' Iron on Breast Badge Printed blue cotton with glue backing, ready to iron onto shirt (heat activates glue).
US Navy SEAL Qualification Subdued Breast Badge
US Navy Subdued Surface Warfare Breast Badge Black embroidery on green
US Navy Surface Warfare Subdued Breast Badge
US Navy Tunic Button 24mm across black plastic
US Navy Tunic Button 24mm across black plastic
US Navy VAW-111 Airborne Early Warning Squadron Patch Nice large quality badge
USAF 95th MAPS ( Mobile Aerial Port Sq) patch nice early example
USAF Air Training Command Instructor Patch
USAF Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol Patch Silk patch in very good condition
USAF Bomber Patch Silk, nice example
USAF Security Service Large Patch
USAF SECURITY SERVICE Silk Cut Edge Patch Early looking light colours
USMC Enlisted Black Collar Badges In original issue box mathcing collars, originally from the USMC P/X in Quantico Virginia.
V/R 16th Queens Lancers Brass Button Large button 23mm by FIRMIN & SONS LTD LONDON, great condition.
V/R Brass R.A Button Large 23mm sizze made by SMITH & WRIGHT
V/R Brigadiers & Colonels 2 part Buttons 2 superb quality gilt buttons
V/R Canada Militia Button Made in USA large 25mm size in used condition, rubbed on high spots, still nice
V/R Crown Sherwood Foresters (Derbyshire Regiment) Pre 1902 guilding metal collar badge
V/R Crowned British Legion Cap Badge Good condition b/m and enamel
V/R Devon Constabulary Button large 24mm w/m button by TAIT BROS & CO LONDON
V/R Durham Light Infantry Brass Button 20mm button by HAWKES & CO 14 Piccadilly
V/R East Africa Protectorate Pair of Buttons 18mm across made by Army & Navy Co.
V/R East Lancashire Regiment Cap Badge Sand, bi-metal with nicely aged black rear brass loop fixings.
V/R GPO Large Brass Tunic Button 25mm across by HERBERT & CO LONDON
V/R H.M Equerries & Aides-de-camp Victorian Silver Plate Button By REYNOLDS LONDON, 16mm across
V/R Large Brass OR's Button 22mm across unusual maker of PLAYER BROS BIRM
V/R Militia White Metal General Service Buttons White metal general service metal buttons. 16 available all nice condition. 24mm across made by J & B PEARSE & CO LONDON
V/R or Q/R Western Australia Police Force Button Large 25mm chrome button by A.J.PARKES BRISBANE
V/R Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons Yeomanry Cavalry Button Brass medium size 18mm button by J.R.GAUNT & SON LD LONDON
V/R R.A Militia Silver 17mm Button
V/R R.A Volunteer w/m Buttons large 25mm and medium size 18mm
V/R R.A.M.C Button 18mm across by JENNENS & CO LONDON
V/R R.A.M.C Button Set of 3 All about 18mm-20mm, all good condition
V/R R.M.L.I Large Brass Button 24mm button, unusual maker W.TWIGG & CO BIRMINGHAM
V/R Royal Berkshire Yeomanry Silver Officers Button Made by FIRMIN & SONS LD LONDON, finest quality
V/R Royal Engineers Gilt Button Large 24mm size by JENNENS
V/R Royal Navy Petty Officers Button Large 24mm gilt button worn 1886-1901 in superb condition
V/R Scots Guards Large Button 25mm Victorian Crown made by SMITH & WRIGHT
V/R The Durham Light Infantry Victorian brass 20mm button
V/R The Kings Own Royal Lancaster Royal Officcers Button w/m (probably silver) in mint unissued condition, nice patina. large 25mm size
V/R The Kings Own Royal Lancaster Royal Officcers Button Large 25mm size
V/R The Kings Royal Rifle ORs Blackened Brass Hat Badge Original condition with two rear loop fixings, nice example.
V/R The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt) Button 1881-1902, brass Victorian button made by W.DOWLER & SONS BIRM 20MM
V/R The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt) Button 1881-1902 brass Victorian 20mm button made by JENNENS & CO LONDON
V/R Volunteer R.A Officers Silver Plated large 24mm Button By HOBSON & SONS 84 ST MARTINS LANE LONDON
V/R w/m Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Inf Button High quality w/m 17mm button.
Vermont State Police Coin Nicely made 40mm across.
Victorian Grenadier Guards Officers Clock badges Highest quality gilt badges & connectivity chain for officers cloak
Victorian Medical Staff Officers Button Large 24mm gilt button by JENNENS
Victorian R.E Brass Button 23mm across by PLAYER BROS
Victorian Royal Army Medical Corps Collars Matching pair of V/R R.A.M.C brass regulars collars in original undamaged condition
Victorian Royal Engineers Button Large size by PLAYER BRO
Victorian Royal Naval Officers Button Approx 24mm in gilt in very good condition
Victorian Scots Guards Button large 24mm size
Victorian Volunteer/Militia W/M Large Button Makers name is KENNING GLASGOW, size 23mm
Victorian Volunteer/Militia W/M Large Button Makers name is KENNING GLASGOW, size 23mm
Victorian/Boer War A.S.C Brass Collar OR's collar
Vietnam C O G Large Medal Ribbon palm device with rear bend over pins
Vietnam era Royal Australian Regt 'Skippy' Hat Badge Last of the gilt badges prior to the introduction of the anodised R.A.R badges, rare to find an example that the rear pin fixings have not been cut short
Vietnam Era US Army Gold on Black Silk Breast pocket tape Original uniform breast tab worn early during the Vietnam war.
Vietnam era US Army Ports Troop Movement Brassard Dark orange wool with black wheel, rear velcro fastener.
Vietnam Era US Senior Para Cloth Wing
Vietnam war dated U.S Army sharpshooter badge U.S Army sharpshooters breast badge still on original manufacturers card dating it as 1967
Vietnam War Era Medal Ribbons Nice early example with nice service wear.
Ville De St Omer Button large 26mm pewter button
Virgin Islands Police Sleeve Patch Nice sleeve patch appears to have a little bit of age.
VR & GR The Welch regiment Gilt Officers Buttons 20mm size, nice pair,
VR 16th (County of London) Battalion Button Queens Westminster Rifles w/m large 22mm across button made by SHERLOCK & CO, KING ST. COVENT GARDEN LONDON.
VR RN Officers Gilt Button 23mm across made by FAST SHANKS
VR Royal Artillery Ball Top Brass Button Made by E.STILLWELL & SONS LONDON
VR. Royal Artillery Buttons 2 large 24mm across one made by C & J WELDON. LONDON. The other large by WHITES R.A. AGENCY WOOLWICH, the small button JENNEN & CO LONDON.
W.O Class II Padded Bullion Sleeve Badge Good condition other thanbacking cloth is missing
W.V.S w/m Shoulder Title Rear brooch fixing
W.W 1/2 The Sherwood Foresters Bronze O.S.D cap badge Bronze Officers Service Dress Cap Badge with rear blade fixings, nicely maker marked GAUNT LONDON, mint condition
W.W 2 A.T.S Bronze Officers Service Dress Cap badge Mint condition Auxiliary Territorial Service Bronze OSD Cap Badge with rear blade fixings
W.W 2 Nagpur District Printed formation sign Superb and rare formation sign , removed from uniform with airtex cloth backing
W.W 2 Printed ATS slip-on Shoulder title Mint condition title
W.W 2 Printed Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps title Nice printed RCOC Shoulder Title, removed from uniform
W.W 2 R.A.F Regiment wool Shoulder Title Nice dark blue almost black wool Shoulder title removed from uniform
W.W 2 RAF Brass other ranks cap badge Nice example with 2 rear loop fixings
W.W 2 Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps Shoulder title Printed title , very strong colours, removed from uniform, glue marks to rear
W.W 2 Royal Canadian Engineers Brass Shoulder titles Matching pair of brass titles
W.W 2 Royal Canadian Engineers Gilt Cap badge This is a superb example of a gilded brass R.C.A other ranks cap badge
W.W 2 Sierra Leone and Gambia District Printed formation sign Rare badge removed from uniform
W.W2 105th (Madras) L. of C. Area. Madras Area formation sign Locally made formation sign in superb condition with bright colours and no damage
W.W2 110th (Poona) Lines Of Communications formation sign Locally screen printed and mounted on backing material, mint condition
W.W2 26th Indian ‘Tiger Head’ Division formation sign Superb ‘been there’ embroidered on wool formation sign with press stud fixings
W.W2 43rd (Wessex) Division wool formation sign Nice example removed from uniform
W.W2 4th Indian Division Printed formation sign Printed example some glue marks
W.W2 Australian Rising Sun, Hat Badge, dark oxidised Version Mint Unissued dark Bronze finished Rising Sun
W.W2 Australian Rising Sun, Light Bronze finish, unissued Mint and unissued full size hat badge
W.W2 Commonwealth Engineers Flash for slouch and sun hats Woolen flash with service wear as worn on Commonwealth and Colonial slouch hats, no moth or damage, size 42mm x 38mm
W.W2 Indian 202nd (Assam) L of C formation sign Printed badge with with 4 rear fixing hooks
W.W2 Indian Division Printed Formation sign Superb example worn from 1942, served with distinction until the end of the war. Shows the marks Of it’s original press stud fixings
W.W2 Nigeria District Printed formation sign Mint example removed from uniform
W.W2 Printed 82nd West African Division formation sign Nice example that has obviously seen plenty of service, tan cotton backed
W.W2 U.S 41st Infantry Division Shoulder Patch Early War example . Machine embroidered on black felt base, mint example
W/m Military or Police Cloth Helmet Balltop Screw thread with service wear
W/M Victorian Artillery Militia/Volunteers Buttons Large white metal button approximately 23mm across made by HOBSON & SONS LEXINGTON ST LONDON
W/M Victorian Artillery Militia/Volunteers Buttons Large white metal button approximately 23mm across made by HOBSON & SONS LEXINGTON ST LONDON...
W/O Bullion Sleeve Badge RAF blue backed possibly for cadets 55mm by 50 mm.
War Department Gilt 24mm Button K/C gilt button made by FIRMIN
War Office Controlled Units, 4 different examples All Q/C , the large wool badge has received some moth damaged, the other large badge is printed on what appears to be a waxed cloth, the smaller are both wool and removed from uniform.
WD Fleet K/C Gilt Button Large 24mm gilt button of the WAr Department Fleet made by FIRMIN LONDON
Welsh Guards anodised shoulder titles Pair of staybrite shoulder titles with original brass black plates
Welsh Guards Cloth Shoulder Title White embroidery on dark blue.
Welsh Guards Officers Gilt Button Early Q/C button by PITT 25mm
Welsh Guards Officers Gilt Button Large 26mm gilt button
WELSH GUARDS Shoulder Title No moth
Wessex Regiment Large Button 25mm across undamaged condition made by J R GAUNT & SONS LONDON.
West African Spitfire Fund (Spirfire Lady) Amazing pair of photos of Mrs OKO OTUKPO who collected 4575 pounds for the West African Spitfire Fund. Postcard size, one showing the lady wearing a spitfire print dress.
West Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry Button Early large 25mm example, slightly rubbed but rare button
Western Australian State Emergency Service Patch
Western Australian University Regiment Gilt Cap Badge Gilt cap badge in superb condition made by STOKES.
Western Home Command Formation Sign Unissued condition
WESTMINSTER BANK LIMITED Flat Backed Button Made by C.PITT & CO LONDON, 16mm across
Westminster Dragoons Brushed Silver Officers Collars Finely detailed and superbly made frosted white metal collar badges. Made by TOYE LONDON, with rear pin fixings.
Westminster Dragoons Gilt Officers Button 20mm size
WINNIPEG w/m Lapel Badge Early fine quality lapel badge made by BIRKS
Womans Army Corps 1942-43 Service Medal Nice early example
Womens Auxiliary R.S.S.A.I.L.A Lapel Badge Nice quality
Womens Royal Australian Army Corps (WRAAC) bi/m 1953-60
Worcesters & Foresters Corporals Rank Slide
Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters Regt Cap Badge Top slightly bent. stamped on rear J R GAUNT B'HAM
Worcestershire Regiment Cloth Shoulder Title White on red backing.
Worcestershsire Slip on Shoulder Title
WRAAC 1953-60 Cap Badge B/m with rear slider
WRAAC 1953-60 Hat/Collar Badge Silver & gilt made by LUKE MELB
WRAAC Hat/Collar 1948-53, great looking badge
WRAC Gold Bullion on Red Sgts Mess Dress Badge 40mm across
WRAC Gold on Black Sgts Mess Dress Badge Gold bullion on black background. 40mm across.
WRAC Intel Corp Staff Sgt Mess Dress Badge Designed to be worn on female mess dress. Miniature bullion badge 40mm across with rear press studs.
WRAC Intelligence Corp Green Bullion Mess Dress Badge Gold bullion on green background. As worn on mess dress. 40 mm by 40mm.
WRAC PTI Vest Badge Women Royal Army Corps Physical Training Instructors badge
WRAC Royal Artillery Sgts Mess Dress Badge Gold bullion on black background.
WRAC Staff Sgt Artificier Bullion Mess Dress Badge Bullion on red wool background with rear press stud fixings.
WW 1 N.Z Medical Corps Collar by Gaunt London Brass N.Z.M.C by Gaunt London
WW. Candadian Officers Training School White metal badge in superb condition.
WW1 German Army Steel Button Appears to be green paint
WW1 'CANADA' General Service Button Large 23mm brass button by unusual maker
WW1 (1914) H.M Silver R.A Hollow Brooch rare hallmarked silver Royal Artillery brooch, in excellant condition, clear hallmarks with the date stamp 1914
WW1 1914 Star/War Medal Bar Period example full size medal on brooch pin bar
WW1 1916 dated BIRMINGHAM CITY POLICE SPECIAL CONSTABLE Bronze badge, large size with number 4498 stamped on front bottom rear pin fixing missing, great badge.
WW1 1st Grenadier Guards, Canada Button Large 25mm gilt button worn 1912-36, quality London maker
WW1 46th Infantry Battalion C.E.F 'South Saskatchewen' Collar Collar converted to broach fixing.
WW1 53rd Overseas Battalion C.E.F Sweetheart Superb sweetheart original condition stamped 'STERLING' on rear.
WW1 62nd Infantry Battalion 'British Columbia' Collar Badge Bronze collar badge converted to broach fixing.
WW1 75mm Field Gun LA PANNE Silver Sweetheart No hallmark but must be silver due to quality 2 part construction, no damage.
WW1 A.I.F Brown Enamel/Silver Sweetheart Superb quality and rare to find unusual brown instead of white enamel brooch fixing
WW1 A.I.F Discharged Returned Soldier Badge Serial No 241213 made by STOKES
WW1 A.S.C 25mm button Superb condition
WW1 Army Remount Service Cap Badge b/m with rear slider, good original badge in excellent condition
WW1 Australian Imperial Forces Sweetheart Mother of Pearl disc in w/m frame with brass backing, brooch fixing
WW1 Australian Rising Sun Sweetheart Gilt & enamel rising sun mounted on convex disc, gilded on side marked sterling on the other with brooch back, very nice looking badge
WW1 Australian Slouch Hat No 8 Numeral, rare brass No 8, 2 rear loop fixings 20mm by 15nn, rare
WW1 Brass Economy North Staffordshire Regt Cap Badge Superb example in mint condition.
WW1 Brigadiers and Colonels gilt button large 26mm gilt button
WW1 British Made US Army Medical Corps Officers Bronze Collars Rear loop fixings
WW1 C.E.F 35th battalion (Toronto) Cap badge Superb example made by TIPTAFT
WW1 CANADA shoulder titles matching titles, one has more service wear than the other
WW1 Canadian (C.E.F) Sweetheart Made from large 24mm size button held in wreath
WW1 Canadian Engineers cap badge one large 26mm and 2 18mm buttons made by GAUNT LONDON
WW1 Canadian Navy Ratings Button Large 29mm black horn button post 1910 made by GROVE & SONS HALESOWEN
WW1 Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regt button large 26mm officers button by JENNEN'S
WW1 Economy Brass The Suffolk Regt Cap Badge All brass cap badge introduced around 1916 as an economy measure, good condition
WW1 Economy Royal Welsh Fusiliers Cap Badge Unusual striking, good condition rear slider
WW1 Economy Royal Welsh Fusiliers Cap Badge All brass in nice original condition, normal service wear for age
WW1 French 12th Regt Button 24mm Hollow back button believed to be French Army
WW1 French 2nd Regt Button 24mm Hollow back button believed to be French Army
WW1 French 8th Regt Button 23mm button hollow back button believed to be French Army .
WW1 French Army 6th Regiment Button 22mm button heavy brass flat backed button
WW1 German Army Steel Button Surface rust to rear 20mm across
WW1 German Army Steel Button With traces on dark khaki paint , large size at 22mm across stamped M W on rear.
WW1 German Tunic Button Stamped brass 20mm
WW1 Imperial German Brass Button 21mm size with hollow back
WW1 Imperial German Brass Button 20mm nice condition
WW1 Imperial German Tunic Button w/m 21mm across
WW1 Imperial German Tunic Button Makers mark AA stamped on rear 20mm
WW1 Indian Army Supply & Transport Corps Cap Badge Brass OR's versions, normal service wear for age
WW1 Kent VAD Territorial Force Cap Badge Enamel on gilt
WW1 Large G.S Buttons 25mm, high quality by C.H.C & S LTD BIRMINGHAM
WW1 Light Horse Rising Sun dark oxides finish, rear slider
WW1 Light Horse Rising Sun Cap Badge WW1 Light Horse Rising Sun cap badge on rear slide fixing. No makers name.
WW1 Light Horse Rising Sun Cap Badge Rear slider has been clipped, nice amount of service wear.
WW1 Machine Gun Corps Button Medium 20mm size
WW1 Medal Ribbons Nice period items removed from uniform, nice bright colours
WW1 MID Trio Bar Period medal bar, sew on full size with bronze MID
WW1 MM & Pair Medal Ribbon Bar Full size on metal bar with rear brooch fixing
WW1 MOTOR TRANSPORT CORPS Button Bronze finished
WW1 National Reserve York & North Riding Lapel Badge Green & white enamel on gilt by J R GAUNT LONDON
WW1 Nurses Silvered Button 20mm made by LUKE, rare
WW1 NZ Expeditionary Force Tie Pin/Brooch All brass probably started life as a collar badge
WW1 Officers Territorial letter 'T' collars pair of brass officers letter 'T' collars
WW1 R.M.L.I. Button large 23mm size
WW1 R.Marines Light Infantry Button large 24mm button
WW1 R.N.A.S Officers Gilt Button Large 24mm size
WW1 RAF Pair to W.T.V Geddes Original condition medals issued to 7817.1.A.M.W.T.V.Geddes RAF.
WW1 Returned Sailors & Solidiers (RSSILA) Badge Early example large size, unusual W.A example, low number as you would expect, excellant condition.
WW1 Royal Canadian Dragoons button large 24mm brass button
WW1 Royal Canadian Guards Gilt Button Made by J R GAUNT LONDON, 20mm size
WW1 Royal West Kent Shoulder Title Matching brass other ranks shoulder ttiles
WW1 S.A.A (South African Artillery) Shoulder Title and Button Shoudler title and medium size South African Heavy Artillery (1915-19) button,
WW1 South Africa Infantry Brass Shoulder Title
WW1 South African military forces button large 25mm brass button made in UK
WW1 Southern Province Mounted Rifles Button 20mm w/m button
WW1 STOKES A.I.F Rising Sun Cap Badge Good early example, nicely marked on rear
WW1 The Hertfordshire Regiment Cap Badge Brass OR's cap badge in original undamaged condition
WW1 U.S Army Bronze Button Hugh 30mm size
WW1 US Army Button HUge 28mm bronze button, nice maker
WW1 US Navy Brass Button Huge 30mm size
WW1 VERDUN, JAMAIS w/m Souvenir Ring Unusual item
WW1 Veterans 'San Fairy Ann' Cycling Club Lapel Badge Superb gilt & enamel badge. Originally started from WW1 Veterans in 1922 who used the 'San Fairy Ann' from the solidiers wartime anglicising of cycling club still exists, obviously a nice period badge found in a tin with R.W and East Kent Brass Titles
WW1 Volunteer Medically Unfit Badge Serial No 2631 (Very low number) appears silver plated, with 2 rear loop fixings.
WW1 Volunteer The Suffolk Regt 4th 5th & 6th Battalions Plain circle within oak wreath b/m, very rare badge.
WW1 War Worker Lapel Badge Brass WW brass badge
WW1 WORCESTERSHIRE Regt Titles Matching pair of brass shoulder titles with 'coffin' shaped lug fixings
WW1, Coronation & L .S.G.C Medal Bar Nice period medal bar full size ribbons, Star obviously once had rose mounted on it, slightly grubby
WW1/2 'Australia' shoulder title nice age patina still retaining the rear loops
WW1/2 A.I.F Rising Sun Collar makes details to faint to read
WW1/2 A.I.F Rising Sun Hat Badge made by STOKES & SONS MELB
WW1/2 Arendsen & Co. Melbourne Rising Sun Collar Rare maker in good condition
WW1/2 Artificier/Armourers Sleeve Badge Brass trade badge with rear loop fixings
WW1/2 Australian Engineers tie pin Blue enamel on brass with long pin fitting, early badge
WW1/2 Australian MIlitary Forces Sweetheart/Tie Pin Superb item hand chislled A.I.F badge mounted on brooch bar marked SILVER
WW1/2 Australian Rising Sun with blade fixings Rare version probably English made due to having a pair of blade fixings. Possibly an officers version for a peaked or service cap
WW1/2 Australian Signallers Sleeve Badge Dark oxidised finish with tin back plate
WW1/2 Black Finished Rising Sun Hat Badge Black painted retaining almost all of the original paint, unusual flat rear lugs, excellant condition.
WW1/2 Bronze Officers G.S Collars Good solid construction, no damage
WW1/2 CANADA G.S Button large 24mm brass button
WW1/2 CANADA General Service Button Large 25mm brass button
WW1/2 Canada General Service Collar Good solid badge
WW1/2 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry w/m DCLI cap badge
WW1/2 Gilt Medium Size Button 20mm made by LUKE
WW1/2 Gilt R.N Button 24mm mint condition
WW1/2 H.A.C Brass OR's Cap badge Good early Honourable Artillery Company cap badge with nice age patina
WW1/2 Highland Light Infantry Cap Badge w/m H.L.I glengarry badge, in superb condition
WW1/2 Indian Expeditionary Force Officers Cap Badge Superb bronze O.S.D cap badge with original rear blades
WW1/2 K.O.Y.L.I economy button large 25mm all brass button
WW1/2 K.R.R Kings Royal Rifles Shoulder Titles Blackened brass
WW1/2 K.R.R.C cap badge blackened brass cap badge with original rear backing
WW1/2 Middle East Cast Rising Sun Collar Locally cast probably in Egypt, rear has been buffed removing some of the age patina but still an interesting original badge.
WW1/2 Middlesex Regt b/m Cap Badge Good undamaged example, rear 'blow' holes
WW1/2 MSM Mounted Medal Ribbon Single mounted period MSM ribbon on brass brooch back bar. Nice item with just the right amount of wear, obviously wartime issue.
WW1/2 Officers Leather Button Good condition
WW1/2 Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Inf Button 24mm brass button and 2 medium sized slightly dented
WW1/2 R.A Button Hole Badge Gilt & enamel
WW1/2 R.A Sleeve Cannon No moth removefd from uniform
WW1/2 R.H.G (Royal Horse Guards) Titles Brass titles, not an exact match but would look good with a polish
WW1/2 Royal Artillery Cap Badge Brass OR's Cap Badge in great condition
WW1/2 Royal Artillery Officers Bronze Collars Full size matching pair with rear loop fixings
WW1/2 Royal Artillery OR's Cap Badge Good undamaged condition
WW1/2 Royal Engineers Othe Ranks Collar Badges Nice matching pair
WW1/2 Royal Welsh Fusiliers O.S.D Cap Badge 2 part bronze officers service dress cap badge with rear blade fixings, superb condition
WW1/2 South African General Service Darkened Bronze Medium Size Hat Badge
WW1/2 The British Red Cross Society Cap Badge Nice early brass & enamel example with rear loop fixings
WW1/2 THe Devonshire Regt Other Ranks Cap badge Good early quality Bi-metal Cap Badge Worn 1903-55
WW1/2 The Queens Own Yorkshire Dragoons Cap Badge Blackened brass with rear slider that has a top 'crimp' mark, very good condition
WW1/2 The Royal Sussex Regt cap badge B/m OR's cap badge good early example with rear 'blow' holes behind scroll
WW1/2 War Office Personnel Wool & Bullion Sleeve Badges Matching pair, a few moth holes.
WW1/Boer War Australian Sweetheart White faced and enamel sweetheart brooch, rear pin perfect fine badge
WW1/WW2 R.M. Brass Shoulder Title Slightly convex shape with rear 'coffin' shape fixings.
WW1/WW2 Royal Marine Large Brass Shoulder Title Shoulder title with rear 'coffin' fixings
WW11 2nd Infantry Div (Crosskeys) Formation Signs Matching pair removed from uniform, no damage.
WW11 2nd Infantry Division Silk Formation Sign Nice silk formation sign removed from uniform
WW11 Australian Corp of Signals Oxy Hat Badge Unissued example of Oxidised hat badge (53mm by 30mm).
WW11 Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Cap Badge b/m cap badge with rear loop fixings
WW11 USAAF Engineering Specialist Sleeve Patch Cut edge example, mint condition.
WW11 USAAF Photography Specialist Cuff Patch Early green backed cut edge version in good condition.
WW11 USAAF Telecommunications Specialist Cuff Bsdge Nice cut edge example colour still bright.
WW2 38th ( WELSH) Division Printed Formation Signs Matching pair removed from uniform, nice rare badges.
WW2 U.S.A.A.F Balloon Observer Full Size Embroidered Wing Unusual item
WW2 US Army/Airforce Gilt Button large 25mm size made by FIRMIN
WW2 & IGSM Medal Bar Full size period medal ribbon bar with long pin fitting.
WW2 & Korean War Miniature MID Medal Bar Metal bar of seven with MID & rosette , some small areas of staining to Korean ribbons
WW2 'CANADA' Military Button 24mm
WW2 'HOME GUARD' large Wool Shoulder Title No moth
WW2 'JACKS DAY' w/m & Enamel Lapel Badge
WW2 'Lend to Defend' National Savings Lapel Badge Coloured enamel on w/m brooch back fixing
WW2 'T' Corporals Rank Badge Light weight cotton example, no damage
WW2 (1941) JACKS DAY Lapel Badge
WW2 10th Anti-Aircraft Division Printed formation sign Printed example removed from uniform with normal service wear
WW2 10th Army Corps Silk Patch Mint unissued condition
WW2 11th Armoured Formation Signs Matching facing pair, original items in mint condition
WW2 12th Air force Sleeve Patch Cut edge silk patch removed from uniform
WW2 12th Corps embroidered formation sign Great badge in mint condition
WW2 12th Corps painted formation sign Mint Unissued badge
WW2 148th Independent Infantry Regiment formation sign Silk embroidered, black on khaki rectangle, removed from uniform
WW2 1st Army Silk Patch Superb cut edge example
WW2 1st Army Wool Formation Sign No moth glue marks to rear but still a good example
WW2 1st Corps Formation Sign Nice silk example removed from uniform.
WW2 2 part U.S Army Officers Gilt Button Large 24mm size
WW2 23rd Hussars b/m Cap Badge Superb example original undamaged condition
WW2 23rd Indian Division formation sign Superb example, red embroidery on khaki cotton
WW2 2nd Armoured Regiment Cap Badge Lord Strathcona's Horse Royal Canadians brass cap badge with two rear loop fixings.
WW2 2nd Army Formation Sign Silk embroidered onto black cotton, paper backed removed from uniform,
WW2 2nd Infantry Division formation sign Locally made mint condition
WW2 2nd Infantry Division Silk Formation Sign With cotton backing
WW2 2nd REA DIV Formation Sign Purple square on grey square
WW2 3rd Anti Aircraft Printed Canvas Formation Signs Matching pair of genuine formation signs in unissued condition
WW2 3rd SERVICE COMMAND (Greenbacked) Patch
WW2 41st Artillery D.I. Excellant example in original condition
WW2 47th (London) Infantry Division Matching Pair of Formation Signs Silk "Bow Bells" removed from uniform.
WW2 47th Divisional Signal Regiment formation sign Embroidery on wool formation sign removed from uniform
WW2 4th Service Command Silk cut edge early war example
WW2 5th Armoured Division Formation Sign Badge removed from uniform
WW2 5th Army Corps Cut Edge Silk Patch Removed from uniform
WW2 61st Infantry Division Printed Formation Signs Matching pair removed from uniform
WW2 6th Armoured Div Formation Signs 2 matching wool signs well stored amazing condition.
WW2 6th Armoured Div Formation Signs 2 matching wool signs, well stored amazing condition
WW2 6th Army Silk Cut Edge Patch Early example
WW2 76th Infantry Division Silk Patch Cut edge in mint condition
WW2 7th Armoured Brigade Formation Sign has small moth damage, top left side
WW2 7th Armoured Division Early Formation Sign Pinky Red Jerboa embroidered on khaki background removed from uniform, edges tatty, this badge is reversable and looks better from the rear, very rare.
WW2 7th Royal Canadian Artillery Red on black wool shoulder title
WW2 8th Army Group of Five 1939-45 Medals Africa & Italy Stars, War & Defence Medal. Africa Star has nice 8th Army Bar on it, all mounted on bar.
WW2 9th SERVICE COMMAND Patch Silk cut edge sleeve patch
WW2 A.R.P Button Hole Lapel Badge Male version by MARPLES & BEASLEY
WW2 A.R.P w/m Hat Badge Brooch back
WW2 A.T.S other ranks cap badge Brass ATS cap badge
WW2 Air Defence Cadet Corps Button w/m large button at 23mm across made by J.R.GAUNT LONDON.
WW2 Air Force Cadet Silk Sleeve Patch
WW2 Air Force Cadet Silk Sleeve Patch Yellow on black background
WW2 Aircrew Member Cloth Wing Rare khaki backing with silver embroidery, full size, no moth or damage, superb.
WW2 American Red Cross Volunteer Lapel Badge Superb condition gilt backing with red & white enamel detailing
WW2 American Red Cross Volunteer Lapel badge Grey Red & white enamel lapel badge, small amount of service wear to front of badge, brooch back with locking wheel.
WW2 American Red Cross Volunteer Lapel Badge Green, white & red enamel on sterling and gilt backing, brooch pin fixing with locking catch, stamped 'sterling I.R ' on rear
WW2 Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders w/m Cap Badge Good heavy example with 2 rear loop fixings
WW2 Armoured Regiments Rising Sun Hat Badge Chrome plated rising sun as worn by armoured units. Fair amount of wear to high spots but nice and used condition.
WW2 Armourer/Artificers Trade Badge Nice undamaged cloth sleeve badge
WW2 Army Catering Corps b/m Cap Badge Nice example made by BUTTONS LTD
WW2 ARP Button Large 24mm size
WW2 ARP Buttons Large 23mm across and the smaller is 17mm.
WW2 ATS Cap Badge Brass OR's cap badge
WW2 ATS Group to W.1850 CPL C.S BRAGG A.T.S Nice trio of medals Efficiency medal is correctly named with photo of receiptant.
WW2 Aust Demobilised Sailors, Soldiers & Airmans Lapel Badge Fixing card believed to have been used to display badge on issue, amazing to have survived.
WW2 AUSTRALIA Cloth Shoulder Title Has never been cut to arch shape, few glue marks on rear.
WW2 Australian 2nd Type General Service Badge Madfe by AMOR SYDNEY Air Force issue no AF 82835
WW2 Australian 44th Batt ( The West Australian Rifles) Cap Badge Brass hat badge worn 1930-42 based in Perth, Western Australia with rear loop fixings
WW2 Australian Military Forces Gilt Hat Buttons Pair of gilt buttons for service or side cap
WW2 Australian Rising Sun Slouch Hat Badge Made by General PLastics in almost black oxidised finish with rear loop fixings
WW2 Brass Economy Army Catering Corps Cap Badge With long rear slider
WW2 British Army Armourer/Artificer Trade Badge Mint unissued wool backed sleeve badge
WW2 British Army Armourer/Artificer Trade Badge Mint unissued wool backed sleeve badge
WW2 British Made 9th Air Force Patch paste backed felt with no damage, colours superb
WW2 British Made Air Crew Wings Full size heavy construction with substantial rear fixing pin
WW2 British Made US Captains Bars Unmarked fine quality must be silver.
WW2 British made US Liutenants Bars Not maker marked by obviously British made with rear loop fixings in gilt finish.
WW2 British/Commonwealth Printed Lance Corporals Stripes
WW2 Britsh Red Cross Society & Order of St John Central Hospital Supply service badge mad eby J.R GAUNT London, worn by volunteers providing essential medical supplies at hospital supply depots.
WW2 Bronze Medal Ribbon Stars Beautifully made with bend over rear fixings, approx 8mm across.
WW2 BUFFS Shoulder Title White letters on red backing
WW2 C.P.O Chief Commissary Steward Sleeve Badge Unissued condition
WW2 C.P.O Officers Steward/Cook Sleeve Badge Unissued condition
WW2 C.P.O Storekeepers Sleeve Badge
WW2 C.P.O Torpedomans Sleeve Badge
WW2 CANADA Shoulder Titles Shoulder titles matching pair removed from uniform.
WW2 Canadian Army Pacific Force Silk Formation Patch
WW2 Canadian General Service Lapel Badge Great condition
WW2 Canadian Kent Regt & 2nd /10th D.Guards Officers Gilt Button Pair, both 17mm and made by SCULLY MONTREAL
WW2 Canadian Military HQ Badge
WW2 Canadian Military HQ Badge
WW2 Canadian Provost Corps Shoulder Title Slight tear to backing material.
WW2 Canadian Salvation Army Volunteer War Worker Badge Lovely little well made badge
WW2 Canadian W/O Sleeve Badge Few glue marks on rear
WW2 Cape Corps Cap Badge Bronze bade, rear loops have been period repaired, good solid badge
WW2 CD (Civil Defence) Button 24mm size
WW2 Civil Defence 'RESCUE' Shoulder Titles Mint unissued examples
WW2 Civil Defence Buttons W/M large is 23mm across, smaller 17mm made by CHENEY BIRINGHAM
WW2 COLDSTREAM GUARDS Shoulder Title Removed from uniform , seen plenty of use
WW2 Commando Sleeve Dagger early example removed from frame of insignia collected during WW2, no moth or damage
WW2 D.C.L.I.Cloth Shoulder Titles Red wool backing, no moth damage
WW2 East Africa Command Formation Sign Removed from uniform, slight damage
WW2 East Lancashire Regt b/m Cap Badge Nice crisp example with rear slider
WW2 Eastern Defence Command Silk Cut Edge Sleeve Patch
WW2 Economy Brass Army Catering Corps Cap Badge Worn from 1941, all brass OR's version
WW2 Edelweiss Hat Badge Great badge that has lost flowers centre
WW2 Female Relative Badge 2 stars, issued to wife/ mother/nearest female relative with family serving overseas stamped 'A' for army version, no damage, superb example
WW2 Free Polish Forces Economy Button Green plastic large 25mm British made Polish Military Forces button, often seen on green coats.
WW2 General HQS Reserve Sleeve Patch Superb example
WW2 German Obergefreiter Rank Badge Silver bullion on blue/grey backing, no moth or damage
WW2 Gold Coast District Printed formation sign Mint Unissued sign
WW2 Grenadier Guards Brass Button large 25mm button
WW2 Grenadier Guards Cap Badge Small scratch across bottom of badge, otherwise excellant
WW2 Grenadier Guards Cloth Shoulder Title White embroidery slightly pink (due to laundry process) removed from uniform.
WW2 Grenadier Guards Shoulder Title Guards shoulder title white backing
WW2 H.Q West African Command Printed formation sign Quite a rare badge , removed from uniform, the red is brighter in real life than in the photo
WW2 I SVY RCA Shoulder Title Red on dark blue shoulder title unissued condition.
WW2 India' Engineer Officers Collar/Side Cap Badge Locally made full size side cap, beret or collar badge, 2 rear loop fixings
WW2 Indian Army Ordnance Corps Collars Bronze die struck O.S.D collars , not a facing pair but still superb quality
WW2 Indian Division woolen formation sign Nice locally made wool sign removed from uniform
WW2 Indian Southern Army Printed formation sign Unissued example
WW2 Intelligence Corps Buttons 1 large 25mm and medium size 20mm b rass buttons
WW2 Italian Made 8th Army Formation Sign Nice badge
WW2 Lance Corporals Strips Unissued cotton backed matching pair.
WW2 Le Regiment De Joliette B/M Cap Badge Cap badge with two rear loop fixings.
WW2 Les Fusiliers Mont Royal (Canada) cap badge nice badge in great condition
WW2 Life Guards Button Large 24mm size
WW2 Liffe Guards Button large 24mm size
WW2 Light Weight Gas Mask Bag In unissued condition
WW2 LINCOLN & WELLAND Regt Cap Badge Die cast brass with 2 rear loops , nice example
WW2 LOYALS Shoulder Title White on red shoulder title
WW2 Madras & S.Mahratta Rly Rifles collars w/m collars, not an exact match but very close
WW2 Majors Crowns Unusual colour, seen plenty of service
WW2 Medal Bar period full size example removed from uniform
WW2 Medal Bar Period item removed from uniform
WW2 Mediterranean Allied Air Force Silk Patch
WW2 Met Police Small Certificate Nice certificate in original envelope awarded to Mr J O'DELL 'C' Division Metropolitan Police dated 17/3/43
WW2 Military Air Transport Eastern Air Defence Silk Sleeve Patch Cut edge
WW2 MIlitary Police Cap Badge Brass OR's cap badge
WW2 N.Z Air Force Brass Button Large 24mm brass button, seen plenty of service due to wear.
WW2 N.Z Staff Corps Bronze Officers Cap Badge Stamped J.R.GAUNT, behind slider
WW2 National Defence Company Cap Badge Rear slider has been clipped slightly shorter
WW2 National Saving Movement Lapel Badge w/m and enamel in excellant condition
WW2 Officers Pips Grey blue wool backing, nicely detailed.
WW2 Painted Eastern Command Formation Sign Great example removed from unform, worn condition
WW2 Philippe Department Patch Cut edge removed from uniform
WW2 Physical training corps button large 25mm gilt button for PTI's
WW2 Physical Training Corps Button large 24mm size
WW2 Physical Training Corps Buttons One large 25mm and medium 20mm button
WW2 Pioneer Corps Cap Badge Brass cap badge with rear loop fixings
WW2 Plastic Economy Royal Engineers Cap Badge Bakerlite R.E badge in superb condition
WW2 Princess Louise Dragoon Guards Brass Cap Badge
WW2 Printed 13th Infantry Division Formation Sign On khaki cotton slider
WW2 Printed 14th Army Formation sign Superb example removed from uniform , rear backing cloth has broad arrow and other markings printed on rear
WW2 Printed 8th Airforce Sleeve Patch Unissued and excellant condition
WW2 Printed 8th Army Formation Signs Matching pair, nicely backed with 'Popper' fixings.
WW2 Printed ATS Shoulder Titles Slip on shoulder title, superb unissued condition.
WW2 Printed ATS Slip on Shoulder Titles Slip on shoulder titles, superb unissued condition. Sold individually
WW2 Printed Auxilliary Territorial Service (ATS) Shoulder Title Printed shoulder title 15.00 each one.
WW2 Printed FORESTERS Title Superb unissued and hard to find.
WW2 Printed FORESTERS Title Superb unissued and hard to find
WW2 Printed lance Corporals Stripes matching pair of printed stripes in mint condition
WW2 Printed RAF Leading Aircraftsman Sleeve Badge Removed from uniform
WW2 Printed Royal Canadian Engineers Shoulder Title
WW2 Queens Regt Cap Badge Excellant example with just the right amount of service wear
WW2 R,C.A.F Gilt Button large 24mm size, superb condition
WW2 R.A Officers Gilt Hat Buttons Matching pair, 2 part gilt
WW2 R.A Plastic Economy Collar Badges Amazing condition for age, rear blades intact
WW2 R.A Shoulder Slides 2 different examples
WW2 R.A.A.F Association Badge Fine quality gilt & enamel lapel badge made by K G LUKE MELB issue No 15245
WW2 R.A.A.F Flight Sergeants Crown Very hard to find this example is superb.
WW2 R.A.A.F Hat Badge Nice patina original rear loops
WW2 R.A.A.F Oxidised Tunic Button Made by STOKES & SONS MELBOURNE
WW2 R.A.C Brass Button Large 24mm brass button by J.R. GAUNT & SON LONDON
WW2 R.A.E 1st Aust Corps Sleeve Formation Sign Purple on grey
WW2 R.A.E.C Shoulder Title Cloth version, no damage removed from uniform
WW2 R.A.F Corporals Strips Matching early very dark blue wool backed strips
WW2 R.A.M.C OR's Brass Cap Badge Good original condition
WW2 R.A.M.C Shoulder Title Wool example no moth
WW2 R.A.O.C Arm of Service Strip Good original badge
WW2 R.A.O.C other ranks cap badge die struck badge with normal service wear
WW2 R.A.P.C Buttons One large 24mm and medium 19mm size
WW2 R.A.P.C Cap Badge B/m OR's Royal Army Pay Corps cap badge
WW2 R.A.S.C Arm Of Service Strips Early unissued paste back examples.
WW2 R.A.S.C Brass OR's Cap Badge With long rear slider
WW2 R.A.S.C Brass OR's Cap badge With long rear slider
WW2 R.A.S.C Buttons Large 24mm and medium 17mm
WW2 R.A.S.C Cap Badge Appears to be a bronzed officers version but with slider
WW2 R.A.S.C Officers Bronze Hat Buttons Pair of buttons for peak or field service cap
WW2 R.C A.S.C cap badge Brass OR's cap badge with rear loops
WW2 R.C.A.F Brass Tunic Button 24mm made by UNITED -CARR CANADA
WW2 R.C.A.F Button Large size 23mm across made by JR GAUNT & SONS LONDON
WW2 R.C.A.F Gilt Button large 24mm size , superb condition
WW2 R.C.A.F Gilt Button Large 24mm size, superb condition
WW2 R.C.A.M.C Button Large 25mm gilt button by GAUNT LONDON
WW2 R.C.A.P.C large button large 25mm brass Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps button
WW2 R.C.H.A Brass Shoulder Title With 2 rear loop fixings
WW2 R.C.O.C Yellow on red shoulder title
WW2 R.C.O.C gilt officers buttons one large 27mm and medium 20mm size
WW2 R.C.O.C Shoulder Title Red on black.
WW2 R.E Complete Tunic Button Set 6 large, 4 medium pocket size and the 2 epaulette buttons
WW2 R.E.M.E Brass Button large 25mm size by Service Supply London
WW2 R.I.A.S.C 2nd Lieutenants Shoulder Slides Superb condition locally made.
WW2 R.I.A.S.C Lieutenants Shoulder Slides Condition, locally made.
WW2 R.M Division 116th R.M Bde Sleeve Patch Removed from uniform
WW2 R.T.R (Royal Tank regiment) Button large size brass button
WW2 RAAF Obsserver Wings Good unissued example, no moth or damage
WW2 RAF Airman Studio Photo has writing on rear 120mm by 80mm
WW2 RAF Tropical/Desert Issue Eagles Nice matching facing pair, ( note right side has bottom left corner missing.
WW2 RAF Tunic Buttons 23mm across all removed from tunics, various makers we have approximately 30.
WW2 RAMC slip-on shoulder titles matching pair of RAMC shoulder titles still retaining ribbon fixings
WW2 RASC Officers Bronze Cap Badge Bronze OSD cap badge with bend over rear blades.
WW2 Red Cross Badge Unissued in perfect condition
WW2 Royal Armoured Corps Cap Badge Die-struck white metal cap badge with rear loop fixings
WW2 ROYAL ARTILLERY Shoulder Title Locally made shoudler title probably in Far East
WW2 Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Buttons One large 24mm sew on type and medium 20mm size both in gilt
WW2 Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Buttons One large 24mm sew on type and medium 20mm size both in gilt
WW2 Royal Canadian Engineers Cap Badge Canadian Engineers cap badge with two rear loop fixings.
WW2 Royal Canadian Navy Black Plastic Buttons 23mm and 14mm size
WW2 Royal Canadian Navy Gilt Buttons One large 24mm and 15mm size buttons
WW2 Royal Corps of Signals cap badge Bi-metal OR's cap badge
WW2 Royal Engineers Button Large 26mm gilt button
WW2 Royal Engineers OR's Cap Badge Brass R.E cap badge
WW2 Royal Engineers OSD Bronze Cap Badge R.E Officers service dress bronze full size cap badge
WW2 Royal Horse Artillery w/m Cap Badge Fine quality die-struck cap badge
WW2 Royal Horse Guards OSD Cap Badge Superb example, still retaining both bend over rear tabs.
WW2 Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Button large 24mm size
WW2 Royal Observer Corps Cap Badge 2 rear loop fixings
WW2 Royal Pioneer Corps Cap Badge OR's brass badge with rear slider
WW2 Royal Pioneer Corps Cap Badge Good example
WW2 Royal Pioneer Corps Cloth Shoulder Titles Matching pair, removed from uniform with just the right amount of service wear
WW2 Royal Tank Regt Cap Badge 'Old Sweats' highly polished white metal cap badge.
WW2 S.A Permanent Force Band b/m Hat Badge Slightly rubbed on high spots, unusual badge
WW2 S.A Prince Alfred's Guards Buttons One large 24mm by HOBSON & SONS LEXING TON LONDON.W along with medium size button
WW2 S.A Troops Goodwill Club Lapel Badge Blue enamell on silver, stamped 925 S.Silver
WW2 S.A Women's Auxilliary Army Service Collar
WW2 S.A.M.C Locally Made Cap Badge Locally cast in lead probably in North Africa, nice period item
WW2 S.African Military Forces Sweetheart Earring For the South African collector who has everything, you may have the other to make a pair.
WW2 SA General Service Corp large Cap Badge Brass version 48mm across with two rear loop fixings.
WW2 SASKATOON LIGHT INFANTRY Die struck made by SCULLY w/m brooch backed
WW2 Silk 2nd Infantry Division Formation Sign Removed from uniform
WW2 Soldiers Service & Pay Book (Indian Issue) To Mr. Clifford Stanley Jones who enlisted from the T.A on 13/4/39 becoming W.O.II (BSM) by the end of 1944. Awarded 1939-45 star, Burma Star, Defence & T.A Medal. His commanding officer shows 362 Field Battery R.A. He would have looked quite a sight to the Burmese/Japanese as he is shown as 6' 4' 1/2 and 212Ibs. In faint writing on top of the front cover it says 'Old A.R64. (PTI) Destroyed by Enemy Action on 11.6.45.
WW2 South African General Service Gilded Brass Medium size Hat Badge
WW2 South African General Service w/m Medium Size Hat Badge
WW2 South African General Service/Infantry w/m large Hat Badge
WW2 South African Medical Corps Button Large 25mm brass button
WW2 South African Tank Corps Collar W/m in excellant condition
WW2 Southern Rhodesia Staff Corps Field Service/Peak Cap Buttons Matching pair made by FIRMIN LONDON
WW2 SUFFOLK Wool Shoulder Title No moth
WW2 Tan Tropical Tunic Belt with Brass Buckle
WW2 The 12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's) b/m in good condition
WW2 The Kings Regiment (Liverpool) Button Large 25mm brass button, unusual maker ' The Aldershot Stores'
WW2 Toronto Scottish Hat Badge White metal badgew with two rear loop fixings.
WW2 Tropical/Desert AUSTRALIA Shoulder Titles Locally made brass AUSTRALIA Titles
WW2 Tropical/Desert R.E 2nd Lieutenants Rank Slide Made of tan Airtex material with embroidered rank pip & R.E
WW2 U.S Air Force Library Service Patch Early example from 1950's
WW2 U.S Army Airforce AWS OBSERVER Armband Mint unissued condition coloured embroidery on blue wool backing.
WW2 U.S Army Overseas & Service Stripes All removed from uniform
WW2 U.S Army/Aircorps Officers Button large 24mm 2 part gilt button
WW2 U.S Army/Airforce Bullion Colonels Badge Mint unissued fine quality badge, please note small hole used for tying badges together this would be covered when badge is folded at corners for sewing on to uniform
WW2 U.S Army/Airforce Gilt Button Uk made unusual 2 part large 24mm gilt button
WW2 U.S Army/Airforce Officers London Made Cap Badge Superb officers peaked cap badge, gilt finish clearly marked with makers mark J.R GAUNT LONDON on rear
WW2 U.S Coast and Geodetic Survey Side Cap Badge Well made undamaged badge, hard to find.
WW2 U.S Infantry Officers Collar Badges Tropical/summer issue cotton shirt collar badges unissued.
WW2 U.S Medical Officers Tropical/Summer Shirt Collar Badges Unissued
WW2 U.S Navy Chief Commissary Steward P.O Sleeve Badge Blue on tan cotton sleeve badge, superb unissued condition.
WW2 U.S Pilots Wings Full size pilots wings marked STERLING, PIN BACKED (pin replaced but both fixing ends undamaged) Heavy construction
WW2 U.S.A.A.F Flight Surgeon (1st type) Full size yellow embroidery on officers tunic style material, glue marks to rear
WW2 U.S.M.C Hat Badge Superb bronze United States Marine Corps cap badge rear screw & nut fixing
WW2 U.S.N Construction Battalion (Seebees) Sleeve Badge Rare early example
WW2 US 1st Armoured Div Patch Cut edge patch with tan cotton boarder , mint condition
WW2 US 1st Army (Greenbacked) Patch Removed from uniform
WW2 US 1st Army 1st Pattern 'Green Backed' Silk Sleeve Patch Silk cut edge sleeve patch
WW2 US Air Force Southeast Training Centre Enamel D.I, superb condition
WW2 US Army Airforce Cadet Hat Badge large solid badge
WW2 US Army Band Enlisted Mans Collar Disc With screw backing
WW2 US Army Discharged Servicemans Badge Small lapel badge commonly called the 'Ruptured Duck'
WW2 US Army Majors Rank Badge Brass brooch back
WW2 US Army Medical Corps Collar Insignia Summer/tropical shirt collar insignia
WW2 US Army Meritorious Service Sleeve Badge Removed from uniform
WW2 US Army Officers Cap Badge Economy production painted finish, no makers name.
WW2 US Army Service Command silk sleeve patch Excellent condition, cut edge
WW2 US COASTAL ARTILLERY Sweetheart on original stores card 14kt gold finish.
WW2 US Navy Warrant Officers Cap Badge Mint condition gilt badge made by MEYER NEW YORK
WW2 US SIGNALS CORPS Sweetheart On original 'stores card' 14kt gold finish, nicely preserved.
WW2 USAAF 9th Air Force Patch British made,felt backed patch in superb original condition
WW2 VAD First Aid Badge Nice example
WW2 War Office Personnel Formation Sign Really nice example
WW2 War Savings Plate Large cream coloured bakerlite/plastic plaque. 'Salute the Soldier Week' was an event held to raise funds for the army in superb condition. 35cm x 58cm. prefer not to post due to possible damage, collect in person if possible, but carriage may be arranged if required.
WW2 War, Defence & GSM Bar Full size heavy metal bar with sturdy brooch pin fixing
WW2 West Lancashire District ( Western Command) formation sign Silk example removed from uniform in great condition
WW2 Womens Land Army Cap/Breast Badge Superb example.
WW2 Worcestershire Shoulder Titles Matching pair of mint titles
WW2 Youth Training Brigade (South African) Nice quality bronze finish cap badge, collar badge is missing one of the 2 rear loops
XVIII Hussars Black Composite Hunt Buttons Large and smaller
XVIII Hussars Black Composite Hunt Buttons Large and smaller
Yorkshire East Riding A.C.F Formation Sign Early wool ACF formation sign, rare example, removed from uniform
Zambia Rifles Anodised Collar Badge 2 rear loop fixings
Zimbabwe Army Service Corps Cap Badge Gilt & enamel badge with rear loop fixings.
Zimbabwe Army Service Corps Collars Facing matching brass collar badges.