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9 crt Gold Women's British legion Badge A 9 crt gold women's British legion badge named to Mrs Taylor Lloyd May 1938 in fine condition .
Rare first world war German postcard of British POWS A colourised German postcard of British prisoners of war dated 1914 /15 post marked 1916 in good overall condition
Red Cross Letter Jersey 1942 Red Cross letter dated 1942 in good condition a fairly rare item
Wartime Postcard Image of German Sailor A standard postcard image of a young German sailor during wartime . Good condition for its age and has been removed from an album.
101 st Airborne patch WW2 Original WW2 101st Airborne patch (screaming Eagles). In nice condition, no damage or mothing
1939 Gegen England A German book titled 1939 gegen England( 1939 against England) published in 1940 ,its in amazing condition . It tells about Germany\'s war against England pre may 1940, covering the air and naval campaigns with some great photos.The book itself is complete with no damage its 70 years old and rare to find a copy in England.
2 ribbon bars 1st Army 2 ribbon bars both with 1st Army clasps, one clasp has no pin the other has two fixing eyes but no pin, both original and in good condition.
4 th Corps Formation Patch 4th corps Formation patch as worn in original condition printed version
A 14/15 Star to Seaforth Highlanders A untouched 14/15 star to 968 Pte George Mc cook Sea Highlanders, a very low number medal with original ribbon .George was in the 6 th battalion when arrived in France 1/5/15 he joined up in 1911 and spent 280 days in France and was discharged in 1916 ,I would image he was wounded .
A Clean Copy of Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945 (Fuller) A copy oft he book Military swords of Japan 1868-1945 by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory first published in 1986 hardback addition a must for all Japanese sword collectors. Two small nicks in the dust over .
A Copy of the Alder Dated April 1940 This is a Early wartime Alder in good condition April 1940, it features articles on the invasion of Norway ,air battles with the RAF plus a large section on the Heinkel Fighter at never went into mainstream production because the Luftwaffe adopted the ME 109.
A copy of the Alder Dated June 1941 This is a copy of the Alder dated June 1941 and is in good condition. It Features articles on the air war in North Africa the attacks on Tobruk by Stukas plus a night operations over England during the Blitz's.
A Group of 31 Polish Army Photos A small group 31 Polish army photos serving it looks like France and Later with the British Army some dated 1943.
A Matching pair of intelligence Corp Collar Dogs A matching pair of metal Queens crown intelligence corps collar dogs with slip pins .
A Metal Party Cap Eagle A metal party cap eagle with all its pins and still with a good finish .
A Pair of A.R.P. Bicycle Lamps A black pair of unused A.R.P bicycle lamps in their original box , they are in brand new condition but the box is ripped and showing its age .
A Pair of German Army Veterinarian Shoulder Boards A rare pair of Veterinarian shoulder boards early pattern direct from veterans family hard to find
A Photo of a Stug Crew This is a image of what appears to be a decorated Stug crew.It shows them wearing Sturmartillerie uniforms and probably dates from 1943. Measures 9x6 cms
A Portrait Photo of Young German Pilot 1944 A postcard size portrait image of young German pilot dated 1944 that has been removed from an album in the past.
A Postcard Image of a Panzermann A Panzermann photo on postcard format wearing black Panzer uniform and has also been decorated with the Iron Cross 2nd Class. Measures 9x 10 cms.
A Rare Jigsaw Puzzle of HMS Hood This is a rare complete 180 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring HMS Hood it's made by ( the Betall Games Co) probably dating from the mid 1930s . The box is in great condition with slight foxing no rips or creases.
A Rare Photo of German Paras with STUG A small image German paratroopers sitting next to a STUG probably taken in Russia.
A Small German Police Badge A small aluminium German police badge with its pin showing some shows of age .
A Willrich Postcard of General Meindl A postcard by the German wartime artist Willrich of General Meindl, he was one of the oldest Fallschirmjager commanders and his first jump was over Narvik and later Crete being badly wounded.He later fought in Russia and Normandy.The card is in good condition
A Willrich Postcard of Hauptmann Delica An Original postcard of Hauptmann Delica who was decorated with the Knight's Cross in May 1940 for his bravery in the assault on the Belgian Fortress of Eben Emael.
Adler in English May 1943. A rare copy of the Luftwaffe's magazine Adler in English . Dating from 4th May 1943 covering various features on the war and the cover depicts Kurt Tank the designer of the FW190. The magazine is in great condition .
Advertising card for Dornier 17 Interesting and rare advertising card for Dornier landing gear or parts not quite sure, my German is not very good. Nice colour image on thick card. Size 30x20 cm.
Air ministry stop watch Air ministry marked stop watch, in good condition , fully working. We have not opened the back of this stop watch. 1939 dated
American Soldier With Japanese Flag This is a large image of an American soldier(Larry Mattes) holding a captured Japanese anti-aircraft flag from the Attu islands in September 1943 . The photo is in good condition and measures 26x21 cms.
ARP Signs Two ARP signs cast in aluminium in good condition maker marked
Australian comforts fund appeal badge Australia comforts fund appeal badge WW2 vintage. In good condition.
Bevo HJ Sports Vest Emblem A bevo woven Hitler youth/BDM sports vest emblem as also used on the arm of the BDM girls suedette jacket. In used condition .
Blitz Red Cross Group This is a Blitz Red Cross Group in nice condition to Miss Edna P Pursey badge number 16341. It comes with efficiency certificate dated 15/8 /1941. There is a photograph of Miss Pursey and 6 red cross awards. Further research reveals that Edna mother was killed in the blitz on 8/ 9/1940 in Woolwich
Boer war chocolate tin Boer war chocolate tin. Tin has two paper stickers attached with an inscription. (Served in 1st 2nd world war, Burma / Persian Gulf. On the the back it reads, This was given to my father William Newman in 1900 ? As a agora on Highlander in India and South Africa I am proud of him. tin is in worn condition with some dents and splits.
Boxed First and Second World War Medals A group of 3 boxed medals to Mr Rice of Fulham from his WW1 service in the RA and his WW2 service probably in the home guard . The medals are in prefect condition and have never been worn the boxes are sound .
Britain\'s Model Soldiers These 3 lead soldiers with plastic accessories mounted in there original packaging.They depict a Guardsman ,Beefeater and life Guardsman from London .The toys were made in England in the 1960s and are very good condition.
British army battledress A very nice British army battledress, made in Australia and badged to SouthAfrica. All badges are period sewn, Lance corporal stripes signals badge and south Afrcan Gazelle. One button missing, a small bit of moth but otherwise a lovely untouched original battledress.
British Army Enemy Vehicle Recognition Book Dated 1943( Fresh Target) This is a British army Enemy vehicle recognition book titled (Fresh Target) dated 1943 direct from a 8th army veteran in good order getting hard to find .
British MK11 Netted Steel Helmet 1939 An untouched British steel helmet dated 1939 with its original camo net and comes as found .The liner is complete with chin strap that appears to be named .
British Para Insignia British airborne badges mounted on display plaque with some definite age to them
British pocket stop watch British military pocket stop watch, I believe the designation 0555 makes this Royal Marines issue dated 1996. In very good working order.
British WW1 Sliver Ring A rare British First World War sliver ring with the slogan (Come Back Victorious ) cast on it ,never seen one of these before Maybe a one off a unique piece of history.
British WW1Postcard with Vickers Machine Guns A WW1 british postcard showing a platoon with its Vickers Machine Guns
Canadien battle dress 1944 dated WW2 Canadien made battle dress dated 1944. Size 10. Chest 36/37 waist 31/33. In very good condition no mothing, all buttons present and functioning.
Cf Zimmerman iron cross 1st class with case A nice (been there) EK1 by CF Zimmerman with case. This cross has certainly been used, the pin has been sharpened to push through a tunic, the pins by this maker come from the factory with a rounded end. This is an unmarked three piece ek1 but with the traits of cf Zimmerman. The cross is slightly bent plus a part of the beading is lifted slightly in one corner. The case is in good condition with a black inner and a small black stain on the silk.
China WW1 British Tank Model (Edinburgh ) A WW1 crested Edinburgh China tank model , the tank itself is named Donner and Blitzen then states ( model of British tank as first used by Britsh troops at the battle of the Ancre Sept 1916 .In great condition .
Copy of the Alder Magazine Dated 29 /19/1940 A fine copy of the Luftwaffe magazine with features on the London Blitz and aces from the Battle of Britain plus Werner Molders no rips or tears but to punch holes on the spine please view photos
Denison smock 1960s A very nice original 1960s para smock. No fading to the camo. Small damage to one of the cuffs. A couple of period repairs. Size 2
Dieppe Landings Photos August 1942. These are 19 German Propaganda photos of the failed Dieppe landings of 19 /8 /1942 .The images are in good condition and are quite graphic in nature. Rare photos and hard to find.
Dublin Fusiliers Postcard A Dublins Fusilier postcard dating from 1907 with slight damage to the corners but retains good vibrant colours a rare postcard .
Fallschirmjager Grave marker (Russia) Fallschirmjager Grave marker (Russia) An image of a grave marker showing the names of ten fallen Fallschirmjager from a machine gun unit on the Eastern front . Dated January 1942,it is a small photo but the names are clearly visable and so can be reseached. Measures 6x6 cms.
Fallschirmjager Photo A clear image of three paras probably outside their barracks. It shows helmets and jump camo smocks and two are armed with P08s.Measures 6x7cms
Fallschirmjager Photo Decorated Veteran Passport sized image of a well decorated Fallschirmjager veteran dated 1945
Fallschrimjager Wearing Helmet A clear image of a young para wearing a helmet the decal is clearly visible and the photo itself has no tears.Measures 9x6 cms.
Fascist Veterans Card An Italian first world war veterans card issued by the Fascist Government to Giuseppe Garlaschi and he served from 1915 to 1918 and the card is stamped in Milan.
First War Tommie With SMLE A photographers card image of a first world war Tommie with his SMLE and ammo bandolier.He appears to be a member of the cavalry and the photo was taken at Farnborough
First WarTank Photo This a rare photo of a British mark1 tank.The photo was taken by the Germans during ww2 ,these tanks were sent to the Baltic Republics in 1919 to assist the white Russians in their struggle against the Soviet forces, the tanks were later put on display.Measures 10x7 cms.
First World War VAD grouping Group of medals badges and certificates to Voluntary aid detachment nurse Freda Stephenson. Freda worked as a nurse in hospitals in England and in Belgium. During WW1. most notable at the Hospital de l' Alliance Yvetot during 1916. The medals are five miniatures in a case , a WW1 pair, WW2 pair and she was awarded a medal by Belgium. There are two rare documents to accompany this group together with the original postage tubes. There is one VAD cloth badge in very good condition. Altogether a rare grouping.
Four German Naval Postcards These are four postcards ,three of which are from WWI and the other WW2. All to one man who served on the S.M.S . Regensburg a light cruiser ceded to France in 1920 and later recaptured by the Germans in 1940 and final scrapped in in 1944. Please view the photos.
G Q Parachutist badge WW2 issue A nice WW2 issue G Q Parachutist badge. The post war examples are chromed, on the reverse it is marked G Q Parachutist. In very good undamaged condition.
G43 ammunition pouch Original ammo pouch for the Gewehr 43 German semi automatic assault rifle of WW2. Inside this one is marked bla 1944. In good condition no damage just some scuff marks.
Gau Level Political Leaders Arm Band A Gau level political leaders arm band with RZM tag good over all condition small moth hole but otherwise ok.
General assault badge General assault badge, not maker marked, complete no damage , pin and catch, contemporary wear.
German Air Gunners Badge A fine example of an air gunners badge maker marked Deumer
German Army Aluminium Belt Buckle Aluminium belt buckle with no maker mark and in good overall condition
German Army Belt and Buckle German Belt and buckle small size direct from house clearance in a loft find condition.
German Army Infantry Shoulder Boards Infantry shoulder boards matching pair
German Army NCOs Bevo Eagle A Bevo eagle on an original felt backing in great condition never has been on a uniform , Please view the photos.
German Army Officers Eagle A officers army eagle for dress uniform with original backing.
German Boatswains Whistle with Lanyard German boatswains whistle with its original lanyard
German Camouflage Photos Three photos of German troops wearing camouflage uniforms ,the images were taken in the Crimea during 1944,represent the uniforms being adopted by the Army at that late stage of the war.Measures 9x6cms
German Field Police Arm Eagle German military police army eagle in good condition removed from uniform a house clearance find
German First World War Sweet Heart Brooch A German sweetheart brooch dating from the First World War in fine condition
German Mediterranean Portrait Photo A postcard sized image of a young German service man in tropical uniform . The card is dated 5/11/1943.
German Navy Paperwork Grouping [ Poland and Danzig] Coastal Artillery A collection of paperwork relating to a Polish man serving in the German navy coastal artillery comes with his wife papers, British Pass ,soldbuch.All in good condition research needed I can supply more photos on request .
German Navy Stick Pin Eagle Navy stick pin or cap eagle retaining a lot of its finish in a used condition
German Officer (1918) with Gas Mask A postcard sized photo of a German line officer, taken in Flanders ,January 1918,the image shows him with helmet,parade bayonet and gas mask around his neck,he also has been decorated with the iron cross 2nd class.
German Officers Bullion Breat Eagle A used officers bullion breast eagle in good aged condition with orginal backing still in place .
German Pass to Enter Athens This is a rare Ausweis or military pass for a single Soldier to enter the city of Athens.It is dated the 28th May 1941 only a month after the start of the occupation the document is in good condition.
German photo album WW2 German photo album of about 100 photo's. In good condition no loose pages. Good uniform shots. Some photo's taken in France and Russia. Same soldier is featured throughout the album, He was wounded in Kursk Russia. Quite a few shots of him in Hospital where he finished his war.
German Police Belt Buckle Police Belt buckle in great condition maker marked .
German Policeman (France 1940) German Policeman (France 1940) A small photography of German Field policeman the image was probably taken in France May 1940,it shows him wearing his Feldgenarmerie gorget and helmet with goggles.Measures 5x5 cms
German Propaganda Newspaper This is a German First World War propaganda newspaper in different languages showing the signs of its age. It features various articles on British POWS, war posters,Fokker Dr1 and German military Leaders. Dates from around 1918 ,please ask for more pics.
German Railway Arm Sleeve Eagle RBD Munster railway arm sleeve eagle in good condition
Glass Slide Negative of Aussie Lancaster Crew A rare glass slide negative of a Aussie Lancaster crew on there return from air raid it's not dated but probably form 1944 an orginal press image.
Group of Ten Photos from the Battle of France These ten photographs on the original mount which has been removed from an album. The images show various scenes from the battle of France with some exceptionally rare photographs of a wrecked RAF airfield The image of the Bristol Blenheim clearly shows its recognition lettering so further research could be completed. Average image size are 10cmX7cm
HJ Kreissieger badge 1938 HJ Kreissieger badge 1938. maker marked. G.BREHMER MARKNEUKIRCHEN. In good condition normal wear, slight chip to HJ diamond. Multi piece construction.
Home guard lapel badge WW2 Home guard lapel badge. Brass and enamel. In good condition a couple,of minor scratches but hardly noticeable .
Image of Hitler and the SA A postcard sized image of Adolf Hitler with members of the SA with explanation to the rear of the card
Imperial Japanese Battle Flag This is a veteran acquired Japanese battle flag made of a course hessen material , with some small holes but not much fading . A rare item and from a British vet source . Measures 92 x 43 cms great display size.
Indian General Service Medal Afghanistan Bar 1919 Indian General Service medal (Afghanistan NWF 1919) bar named to M2-181989 Pte H Bradbury RASC in fine condition with orginal ribbon .
Iron cross 1st class by CF Zimmermann L/52 in box A WW2 Iron Cross 1st class by CF Zimmermann, Pforzheim, marked L/52 on reverse of pin. In superb condition Matt black steel core, frosted beading and frosted Matt finish to reverse. Edges are polished. Three part cross . Pin is polished to one side. Box is in very good condition with some minor scuffing. Interior is also in very good condition with no tearing to the silk, maker address label still remains.
Italian Fascist party members card An Italian fascist party members card brought back by a British soldier as a souvenir in good general condition with average wear for its age.
Japanese Good Luck Flag A veteran sourced Japanese good luck flag in excellent condition with some slight staining but still with its corner tags and strings but with general age related wear .
Japanese NCO with Sword This is a good original photo of a Japanese NCO with sword and nambu holster. It was probably taken in China during the late 1930s.
KGB naval flag of the border guard force KGB Naval flag of the Soviet border guard force/ customs. Size 48/30 cm. This flag dates from the 1950s to the early 90s. In good condition, there are a few small holes at the top of the flag looks like someone has pinned it at some time, a few light Staines but nothing to detract from this rare flag.
Kit Inspection Handkerchief Dating From 1930s A kit inspection handkerchief dating rom 1930s showing new recruits to the Welsh Guard on how to prepare their kit ,in good condition with slight staining .A very rare item.
Kreigsmarine Cap Tally Kreigsmarine cap tally uncut great condition
Kreigsmarine Officers Eagle Kreigsmarine Officers Eagle. Very high quality condition and hand embroided
Kreigsmarine Visor Cap Cockade and Wreath Kreigsmarine Visor Cap Cockade and Wreath. Estimated 1935 pettern. In good condition.
Kubelwagen photo Nice photo of German troops in a kubelwagen. Maybe taken in Scilly or North Africa. Good condition.
Large Photo of a German Dispatch Rider This is a posed photograph of a german despatch rider probably on the Eastern Front. The image shows him posing with a cigarette with rifle and equipment next to parked mecedes lorries Measures 18cmX13cm
Large Press Photo of a Centurion Tank This is a large press photograph of a centurion tank. It measures 25 X 27 cm. It is not dated but it is marked on the back with "headquarters Northern Army Group". The photo dates from the 1950s. It has a small tear and minimal curling. Please view.
Large Press Photo of a Tiger Tank being Inspected by Japanese Officers A press photo of japanese military officers inspecting a Tiger tank in 1943 to the rear of the photo is an annotation in french.
Luftwaffe Cloth pilots Badge Luftwaffe cloth pilots badge later war production and in fine condition.
Luftwaffe Breast Eagle Luftwaffe breast eagle with its backing direct from a veteran source
Luftwaffe Feldwebel This is a postcard sized image of a Luftwaffe Feldwebel from a flak unit. He is dressed in great coat, helmet and is wearing a PO8 holster. Good clear image
Luftwaffe Officers bullion Eagle and Cockade Luftwaffe Officers Bullon eagle and cockade. Good condition and removed from cap. These are prabably Erel manufactured.
Luftwaffe report on Merston ,West Sussex This is a Luftwaffe reconnaissance report on Merston ,West Sussex. It is dated 15/8/1940, it mentions it being 20KM from Portsmouth and has an additional date of 12/8/1940. This looks as if the paper has been removed from a folder at some stage
Luftwaffe Wrist Compass A Luftwaffe wrist compass with strap free functioning all fluid is present great condition marked AK39
M43 Trapzoid Cap Insignia M43 trapezoid cap insignia in good condition removed from cap
M44 Army Breast Eagle Bevo M44 breast eagle in good condition
Memorial Card for a Fallschirmjager This is a memorial care to a 23 year old paratrooper Franz Hofbauer KIA on the 17th Feb 1945. He is wearing his forage cap and jump smock- no rips or tears to the item
Memorial Card for Capt Leefe Robinson VC A Memorial card for Capt Leefe Robinson VC the airman who shot down the first Zeppelin air ship over the Uk in September 1916
Military Medal Group Court Mounted A court mounted MM group to138464 GNR.Frank Carter RFA in fine condition also his Second World War service in the special constabulary .
Model Dinky JU87 with bomb Vintage Dinky Ju87 complete with bomb, canopy ,and prop with excellent paintwork but unfortunately has no box .
Model Tinplate First World War Tank This is a model tin plate tank made in Germany probably in the 1930s. It's still retains its original camouflage and rubber tracks, although the latter is slightly perished. The key is missing and I am not sure it is in working order, but a good peice of its time/era.
Motor Torpedo Boat 452 Photo Group These are 4 photographs with a paper clipping from MTB 452. 2 of the photos were taken on May 1st 1945 with the remaining being taken on VE day. The paper clipping describes an action with German E boats and was removed from the newspaper in 1960 by the veteran. The images are small and sized as 6 X 4 cm- please ask for any further information
MP38/40 leather magazine pouch WW2 dated triple magazine pouch for an MP 38 sub machine gun ? Made of stout leather which is stamped Bensberg 1940 there is a makers name but I cannot make it out. The leather colour is very similar to ordnance tan. In good original condition.
Music Sheet of DAK Panzer Rollen in Afrika Vor A rare original music sheet of the matching song (Panzer rollen in Afrika vor) in good condition with slight foxing to the edges but otherwise in fair condition for its age .
Officers 2nd pattern Denison smock A very nice 2nd pattern Denison smock dated 1942. Some period repairs and some small unrepaird holes. The epaulettes have holes where once there was two officers rank pips. All zips and poppers function correctly, the tail is present if a little faded compared with the rest of the smock. The label is present most of the writing has faded but you can see the 1942 date, All in all a lovely officers para smock.
Officers Sliver Eagle This is a Officers/NCOs bevo woven silver eagle on a wollen backing ,the item is in very good condition.
Old Contemptibles Assocation Reunion Pamphlet An old Contemptibles Association reunion pamphlet dated 1953 it's the order of service from the gathering a rare item.
Old Contemptibles Badge Old Contemptibles Badge numbered 3196E. Retaining a lot of its original finish
Old Contemptibles Badge Old Contemptibles Badge numbered 4463 in worn condition
Original Willrich card of Feldwebel Valtiner This is a willrich card depicting Feldwebel Valtiner on winning his Knights cross in 1942. The card itself is in very good condition with no rips or tears,but with slight stains. Please view the photos.
Panzer assault badge A Hollow back panzer assault badge complete with pin and catch. This is contemporary wear and was found in a house clearance.
Panzer Assault Badge A worn panzer assault badge with the daisy retaining some finish but a item with some obvious history.
Panzer Breast Eagle Bevo Bevo panzer breast eagle in good condition
Party Members Card A Nazis party members card dating from Jan 1942. The card itself is filled in with payment stamps from 1942 until 1944 getting harder to find in this condition.
Photo Barracuda aircraft Press photo of a Barracuda aircraft. Dated 1944 inscription on the back appears to be in Portuguese. Size 15x12 cm
Photo Field Marshall Montgomery Post war photo of Monty probably taken in the 70s nice condition . 18x13
Photo From The Dambusters Film This is a rare air to air photo taken during the filming of the 1956 film of \"The Dambusters\". A fine image, large format and measures 25 X 20cm
Photo of a kettenkrad Clear image of German troops and a kettengrad. Removed from album. Size 5x9 cm
Photo of a KV 2 A abandoned Kv2 this is a great image showing the size of this machine. It sported a 152mm howitzer and was named the Dreadnought by its crews ,later used by the Germans. Measures 6x6 cms.
Photo of a Member of the Waffen SS A passport sized image of a young member of the WaffenSS in good condition
Photo of German Soldier with Zundapp Motorcycle A nice image of a German soldier on a Zundapp 750 motorcycle ,I think the photo was taken in Greece ( Crete ) in 1941 and shows good detail of the bike .
Photo of Hawker Hurricanes This is a press photograph dated 1942 of Hurricanes on patrol from Malta. Look as though they are carrying long range fuel tanks. Size 23x18 cm. In good condition.
Photo Whitley bomber WW2 press photo of a Whitely bomber in flight. 24x18 cm
Photograph of a Baltimore bomber This a good press photo of a Baltimore bomber in British markings. Size 25x20.
Photograph of a Downed Fairey Battle 1940 Clear image of a downed Fairey Battle, probably taken May 1940 after the attack on the Meuse bridge Head. Measures 8 x 6cm
Photograph of a Vickers Gunbus This is an original German image of a captured British vickers gunbus. It was probably taken in the early part of 1916. it was forced down behind German lines and shows German soldiers inspecting the airplane measures 12 x 10 cm
Photograph of Goring A good image of Herman Goring inspecting Luftwaffe flight crew.The photo was probably taken on the channel front during the winter of 1940, On agfa paper.Measures 9x6 cms
Photograph of Zundapp combination Motorcycle A rare photograph of a Zundapp combination Motorcycle with clear markings on the side car. This was used by the Feldgendarmerie (military police) and probably taken in Russia Measures 9 X 6 cm
Photograph Pfalz Scout Aircraft This is an original photograph of a Pfalz DIII with what I believe to be ground crew. This photo was probably taken in 1917 and clearly shows the weight loading stencils on the fuselage and the rigging/ Struts. It is mounted on a piece of staff cardboard and has some tears at the bottom of the photo, but this does not detract from the immense detail of the image
Photograph Western Front This is a press photo taken at the Menin road, Ypres. It shows hundreds of wounded German soldiers passing through a dressing station after the successful combined attack by the British/ Australian/ south African troops on Sept 20th ( probably 1917). It is noted that all casualties were treated with as much care as the British wounded. On large format measures 21 X 16 cm and was issued by fleet street. The photo has some creases but this does not detract from the image detail
Pilots Logbook JG105 Flying School A pilots training logbook from JG105 belonging to Walter Grobel dating from 14/1/1944 until13/11/1944 piloting various aircraft.The unit was based in Villacoublay in France.
Pioneer corps group WW2 pioneer group to private William Henry Bonsey. Firstly in Kings Dragoon Guards 1919 to 1926. WW2 Pioneer corps. North Africa star with first army clasp, Italy star ,France and Germany star. Army release book, pay book plus a book on KDG and his WW2 Army pioneer forage cap. A nice group to a well travelled soldier.
Polikapov Fighter An image of a wrecked Polikapov I-16 (Rata) taken on the 1/8/1941 at airfield over run by the German forces in the early stages of the war in the east.It has been removed from an album and measures 9x 6.5 cms.
Polish Officers Cap Badge A WW2 Polish Officers cap badge in fare condition with its fixing and maker marked.
Polish Officers Cap Badge in bullion Polish cap badge in its original packaging bullion version
Polish Sweet Heart Badge A unique Polish sweetheart brooch featuring a miniature Spitfire mounted on a bakelite red and white background in fine condition .
Portrait of Knights Cross Winner A portrait image postcard size of a Fallschirmjager Knights winner the cross has been added later probably because he was KIA and awarded the decoration after death .
Postcard crashed spitfire at Dunkirk German postcard of a crashed Spitfire on the beaches of Dunkirk. In good condition.
Postcard Men of the Western Front A Willrich postcard entitled Men of the western front ( the regimental Commander) .The card is in good condition with no tears.
Postcard of German Troops with Gas Masks A rare postcard of German troops wearing gas masks it is dated 26/3/1916 and is in good condition.
Postcard of German wearing M35 This is a good clear image of a young German soldier wearing a M35 helmet,the card is dated Feb 1940.
Postcard of Hans Joachim Marseille{ Star of Africa} Wartime postcard of the famous Hans Marseille KIA 30/9/1942
Postcard of Hauptmann Joppien A postcard of Hauptmann Joppien a Luftwaffe fighter pilot with 70 kills he was awarded the Knight cross with Oak Leaves and killed in action on the 28/8/41 on the Russian Front. No rips or tears
Press Photo of a Spitfire in Italy A press photo of a Spitfire in Italy probably 1943 Photo has 3 holes where it has been stored in a ring file.Measures 26x20 cms.
Press Photo of an Abandoned Marder A fine clear image of an abandoned Marder probably taken in Italy in 1944 , its a famous press photo which I brought from the tank museum A number of years ago. Measures 11 x 9 cms .
Press Photo of German Paratroopers in Southern Italy An original press photos of a Para unit fighting in southern Italy or maybe Sicily in fair condition and printed on a large format .
Press Photo of German Surrender of Brest 1944 A large press photo of the German surrender from Brest arriving at the us army headquarters, to discuss terms of surrender. Has some drawing pun holes.
Press Photo of Von Arnim Wartime press Photo of Von Arnim the Commander of the axis forces in North Africa taken during his captivity in the UK
Printed WW2 79 th Division Formation Sign Printed Version of the 79th division formation sign removed from uniform in good condition
QSA to the Royal Engineers A fine QSA to 8904 Sapp A Luscombe RE mounted as worn
RAD Male Cap Insignia RAD Male Cap Insignia. Machine woven and in good condition
RAF air gunners brevet WW2 RAF Airgunners cushioned embriodered half brevet. Nice undamaged condition.
RAF Officers Cockade Kings Crown RAF officers cockade extremely well made good quality removed from Cap
RAF padded wings Queens crown Queens crown RAF wings maybe 1950s. Nicely padded, marked with tailors original price
RAF Pocket Book Dated 1937 A Royal air Force pocketbook dated 1937 former owner was flight lieutenant W K Walker 85860 in great condition further research is needed
RAF Recognition Modal of a Brewster Buffalo A war time Raf model of a Brewster Buffalo in RAF colours made by international model company of MERTON .
RAF sweetheart brooch Pre,war RAF sweetheart brooch in sterling sliver
Rare Female Aviator Sanke Card ( 1917)' A rare Sanke card representing a female aviator dating from the early 1917 ,these were published in Berlin normally depicting Germany's first war world flying aces .Shes actually wearing a bayonet on her belt .
Rare Glass Slide Negative of Bob Stanford Tuck 1941 This is a rare glass slide negative of Bob Stanford Tuck taken in 1941, working with his armourers and standing in the wing if his hurricane. A unique image of one of the leading fighter aces from the Battle of Britain.
Reenactors Luftwaffe smock Reenactors Luftwaffe splinter camouflage smock. Green and brown pattern sharp edged. This smock has been warn by a Reenactor but is in very good condition. Size is large. Made of cotton and unlined just like the original ones were. The eagle on this smock is an original eagle that we have sewn on to make this smock look even better.
Reenactors M44 combat tunic Reenactors M44 HBT combat tunic. Large size. Has been warn by a Reenactor so has a real been there look but without any damage, all complete.
Reenactors mp40 mag pouch Reenactors MP 40 magazine pouch complete with six Belgium army Vigneron (vig) 9mm mags and nine inert rounds, the rounds marked 9mm Luger GFL. These vig mags will fit an MP 40. This kit has been aged to look like a late war German original and it looks fantastic. The strap although not marked does look like an original one, just our thoughts !
Reenactors pea dot camo trousers Reenactors pea dot camouflage trousers. Made by Mil-TEC size 48. These have been warn by a Reenactor and have a very realistic used look although there is no damage and are complete .
RFC postcard Royal Flying Corps post card in good condition
RFC Postcard A early royal flying corps postcard probably dating from the early part of the conflict in very good condition
RFC Trench Art Pin Box Dated 1917 RFC Trench art pin or trinket-box, dated 30/03/1917and dedicated to Muriel. It is made from aircraft aluminium and looks to be a piece of propellor or wing strut. Emblem on top has been refixed but this has been well completed. Slight cracking to due to age. A lovely piece
Richthofen Book( The King of the Air) A book on the life and career of the red baron,it was published in 1937 in German and is fair condition with no missing pages. But it looks as if a child has drawn around the photo of the Fokker triplane but is does not detract from its collectability.
Roman Catholics wartime badge A rare Second World War tin badge designed to be worn by Roman Catholics. Inscription reads, "in case of injury call a Catholic Priest. In good condition complete with pin . 22 MM. diameter.
Royal Flying Corp Silk A genuine RFC silk or small table cover direct from the family and was made by the great grandmother for her husband whilst he was serving in France .In fine condition but may need a press with slight blemishes.
Royal Flying Corps Postcard A postcard of a RFC sergeant shows him wearing a maternity flying tunic its a good clear image with no damage.
Royal fusiliers officers Victorian cap badge Royal Fusiliers officers flaming grenade badge for the fur cap, Victorian Crimean war era . Gilt Finnish with silver horse to the base Victorian crown to the top. Fine fretted motto Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense. Loosely Mounted on wood by two bolts and one nut.
Russian post card Russian postcard with the dates 1945/ 1948
Russian service book Russian service book issued to a woman in the 1980s for service in WW2. Nina Petrovkaya. Medals issued in the service book - Orders of Patriotic war 1st and 2nd class. defence of Moscow medal, Capture of Berlin medal. In good condition.
Russian service book Russian service book issued in the 1980s but for service in WW2. In very good condition. Issued to Ivan Kharchenko - combat service medal, Defence of Moscow medal, Victory over Germany medal, 30th anniversary of the Soviet armed forces medal.
SA Arm Band An SA arm in aged condition with slight staining but complete with no rips or tears.
SA Hanger SA hanger. No markings in good condition
Sliver Wound Badge An untouched sliver wound badge retaining a good overall finish ,no maker mark or damage
Small Sweetheart Brooch ( Ox & bucks) A small Ox & Buck Light Infantry sweetheart brooch probably dating from WW1 .
Solid Sliver ARP Badge Solid silver ARP badge hallmarked in London about 1938. good condition
South Atlantic Medal with Rosette South Atlantic medal with rosette or Falklands medal named to D D Aldous as worn in good condition
South East Command Tigers Head Cloth WWII printed tigers head cloth worn by south east command, in good condition.
Spitfire Sweet Heart Brooch A nicely made Spitfire sweetheart brooch with original pin in good overall condition
SS Funeral Photograph A photo of an waffen ss funeral taken in Norway in July 1940. Measures5x4 cms
Storm troopers wearing gas masks This a rare image of German front line infantry wearing gas masks, It is on a post card format, the card is a little grubby at the edges due to its age
Tank Corps Christmas Card Dated 1917 A tank corps Christmas card dated 1917 in fabulous condition considering its age with slight staining and scuffing this item deserves further research
Trapezoid Eagle for the M43 Cap A used Trapezoid eagle and cockade probably for a M43 cap in fare condition .
Trench Art Tobacco Tin to East Surrey Regiment A trench art tobacco tin engraved to the East Surrey regiment it's made from a German shell case dated 1910 a genuine piece of history with a story to tell.
Tribute To The Fallen (Willrich) This is a tribute memorial booklet to the German war dead and motherhood with illustrations by Willrich. A rare item dating from 1941.
Two Photos of a Decorated German Para Two Excellent images of a well decorated paratrooper dated 1942/45
Two photos of knocked out French tanks. Two photos of knocked out French tanks. Probably taken around May 1940. These are clear images taken during the battle of France.
Union Jack A nice cotton Union Jack flag, multi piece, size 90x47cm in good condition no mothing or holes, fairly modern flag complete with nylon cord and wooden toggle.
Unissued Anti Aircraft Command Patches An unissued matching pair of orignal Anti Aircraft Command patches these were purchased from a WW2 veteran .
US WW2 Tank Destroyer patch Original WW2 US four wheel Tank Destroyer Cloth uniform patch. In very good condition, no moth or damage.
Victory copper dish/ashtray Victory copper dish / ashtray made from copper sheathing from HMS Victory made famous as Lord Nelsons ship at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. A sand casting made at the beginning of the twentieth century. Width approx 120cm, weight 240 grams.
Waffenrock bullion officers breast eagle Waffenrock officers breast eagle with backing, probably tailored made, high quality in A1 condition.
Wakizashi with Shira-saya mounts Wakizashi blade in Shira-saya mounts. Blade is clean and bright with a couple of minor nicks. Blade is signed kanemasa who worked in the Simofusa province c 1670. Overall length 45cm, comes with Japanese paperwork. Strictly Sold to over 18s only.
Willrich Card Featuring Feldwebel Arpke This is an original willrich card of Feldwebel Arpke who won his Knights cross leading his assault squad and securing the bridges over the Albert canal in May 1940. The card is in good condition with no rips or tears
Willrich Pamphlet ( May 1940 ) This is a Pamphlet sized drawing of Feldwebel Jacob who with his Reconnaissance squard penetrated 23 kms behind the Maginot Line in May 1940 and was awarded the Knight cross for his actions. It is in good condition with no rips or tears.Measures 21x15 cms
Wound badge in silver 1st model Hohlverbodet Wound badge in silver 1st model. very rare pattern by an early maker, high quality in good condition, comes with a cert from Detlev Nieman.
WW1 / WW2 Bosuns whistle admiralty pattern Bosuns whistle WW1/WW2 issue , with broad arrow mark, silver plated. In good condition, no dents.
WW1 / WW2 RAF, RN group T/Sgt Haben Aircrew middleast, 1939/45 star, Africa star, Defence medal, war medal. Box plus paperwork. Palestine medal 1946/46. his father WW1 medal pair plus paperwork ,William David Haben. served on an armed merchant man HMS Orcona. Interesting group worthy of further research .
WW1 14/15 star Pte Albert Barber Suffolk Regiment WW1 14/15 star Pte Albert Barber 9th Battalion Suffolk Regiment. enlisted 6/1/15. Fought at Loos 26/8/15 which was a Victoria cross action for this Battalion. Also fought at Flers on the Somme 1916. Was wounded at one of the above actions and was discharged 7/10/16. Comes with MIC and SWB roll.
WW1 active service playbook W.Lavis WW1 soldiers pay book for use on active service. Named to W.Lavis 1/4th Devon Regiment. In good undamaged condition .
WW1 ASC pair + plaque WW1 pair and death plaque to WIlliam Herbert Rose. Comes with addressed envelopes and relevant packaging. T 4- 239887. Medals and plaque in very good condition.
WW1 British army kit bag WW1 British army kit bag. Marked up to the 5th Londons (rifle brigade). C. Barrett 2979. Condition is good if a little grubby, unresearched.
WW1 British Wound Badge A British unresearched services rendered Badge from the First World War all complete and in good condition further research is needed
WW1 CEF war service lapel badge WW1 Canadien expeditionary force lapel badge,issued to Canadiens troops who had returned to Canada following service on the front line. This is an issued badge with the number 322523. In very good condition no damage to the enamel.
WW1 Field service pocket book WW1 Field service pocket book. Named to Jones of the Machine gun Corp. in good clean condition no tears or staining.
WW1 French Gold plated 75mm field gun sweetheart brooch WW1 French Gold plated 75mm field gun sweetheart brooch, in very good undamaged condition, complete with pin, made by Oria.
WW1 French infantry M15 Adrian helmet First World War French helmet in nice original condition, with what we believe is the original blue gray paint finish. The liner is present, with leather ties but it is in worn condition , the chin strap is missing. the helmet comes complete with its flaming grenade infantry badge.
WW1 German army veterans association pole top finial WW1 German army veterans association pole top finial. Double sided, 28x10 cm. Cast steel with a guilt wash and painted iron crosses. In very good overall condition. The iron crosses may have been repainted but looks in keeping with the rest of the pole finial.
WW1 German parachute photo An interesting image showing a German WW1 pilot wearing a parachute, as the text explains (he is ready to go ). This image is on thick card, part of a series intended to be mounted in an album ???? 23 x18
WW1 German photo taken on SMS Wolf WW1 photo of Leutnant flieger Matthew Stein and co pilot Oberflugmeister Paul Fabeck taken on the SMS Wolf. In the background is their seaplane FF. 33e LIttle wolf. This image is on card maybe intended to be mounted in an album ??? 23x18
WW1 German picklehaube 1915 WW1 German Picklehaube. In unmessed with condition ,the lacquered leather is in good condition with minor wear and crazing, the original cockades are present, original leather chin strap has some cracks but is complete with twin buckles. The original liner is complete with some light wear, the helmet plate is in good condition complete with original leather pegs. Size stamped 53. Overall in good solid original condition
WW1 Lewis gun drum mag pouch Manufactured and dated 1918, reissued in 1923 for use in WW2. Original Lewis gun drum mag pouch, marked M.W&S Ltd. Martin Wright & Sons. War dept arrow stamped.
WW1 on war service 1914 badge WW1 issue 1914 on war service lapel badge. Hard to find 1914 issue. In good condition apart from two small chips on the enamel. Reverse marked WJ Dingley B'Ham.
WW1 photo album 52 Squadron RFC Rare WW1 photo album featuring some images of RE 8 recon/ bombing aircraft and crew. Some nice shots of (Harry tate's ) There is a mixture of photo's taken in a hospital plus family shots. 52 Squadron was formed in Hounslow in 1916 after spending the war on the western front it returned to England in 1919. To Lopcombe corner where it disbanded.
WW1 photo Freiwilligen Volkswehr WW1 photo of a volunteer in the Volkswehr, I guess taken in Berlin 1918. He is carrying a rifle and stick grenades. Photo on card 23x18cm
WW1 photo German soldiers with two unexploded British aerial bombs A WW1 photo depicting a group of German soldiers standing around a pair of British unexploded aerial bombs. Interesting variation of uniforms and head gear and the usual Adolf lookalike in the background. 23x18
WW1 photograph (kings own ) WW1 photograph of men from the Kings own Royal Lancaster Regiment. At least that's what we think their cap badge indicates, what's interesting about this photo is the two early Vickers machine guns in the image. Photo is postcard size and is in good condition.
WW1 RAF sweetheart brooch WW1 RAF sweetheart brooch in silver and Tortoise shell. Latin motif reads PRO REGE AS FIDE. For King and Faith. The silver hall marks indicate a date of 1915. Condition is very good, complete with pin.
WW1 Tank Corps sweet heart brooch WW1 Tank Corps sweetheart brooch. Tank Corps crest in copper and enamel mounted on a brass triangle with a bow to the top. Slight chip to the enamel otherwise in good condition .
WW1 wooden Whippet tank model Lovely model of a First World War whippet tank. Model dimensions are 7x 16 cm. Solid wooden construction with metal machine guns and exhausts. This is not a modern kit but an old hand made model. This was at some point painted there are still traces of paint but not much,
WW1/WW2 family group WW1/WW2 Father and son group from Faversham Kent. Very interesting WW1 France and Iraq diary, WW1 pair. ASC, various books - war poetry, service hymn book school books photo of him at school in Faversham, modern research comes with this. sons RAF medals 39/45 medal and defence medal. Letters and a diary of his trip to west Africa, RAF release book,pay book. His fathers brail watch.
WW2 82nd Airborne patch Original Cloth WW2 82nd Airborne patch. In very good condition no damage or mothing. Size 6x6 cm.
WW2 ARP lapel badge Morgan crucible WW2 ARP lapel badge. Not the car car company, this ARP warden would have been a warden for Morgan crucible insurance company in London. In very good undamaged condition.
WW2 Bren gun magazines in case Nice 1944 dated Bren gun mag pouch with six magazines. War dept arrow stamped marked RB& Co. Ltd 1944. all in very good condition.
WW2 British army mk 1 camouflaged helmet Nice unmessed with British army mk1 WW2 helmet. Rough sand Finish with Green dark red brown and black camoflage paint. Original early chin strap. Helmet is a size 7/1/4 made by TTC in 1940.
WW2 British photo album Cairo/ North Africa WW2 British photo album of Royal Navy and Army troops in Cairo and North Africa . 132 photos (some loose) visits to El Alamein battle field and the pyramids. Some photos taken on board their ship some on leave in the city of Cairo. Album in good condition.
WW2 Fleet air arm sweetheart brooch WW2 Fleet air arm sweetheart brooch. In white metal and enamel. There is a small hole drilled in the base, which I would imagine was for some thread sewn on for security. 5cm in length.
WW2 game Housey-House WW2 game of Housey-House. Game comes in its original box, contents include 12 game cards, counting sheet, instruction sheet and playing counters. There is no date but is clearly of inter war or WW2 issue. In very good condition.
WW2 German ammunition box WW2 German ammunition box, with remains of original ordnance tan paint. Two of the Handles have leather pads remaining, I guess either for better grip or for use in icy conditions. Waffen ampt marked. Plus PATR kAST 41 f MG. in good condition no damage.
WW2 German Coconut water bottle WW2 German Coconut water bottle in untouched condition, with webbing and steel cup. rare 1945 dated . Marked HRE 45. Cup marked L&SL 43
WW2 guards armoured division insignia WW2 Guards Armoured Division (Coldstream Guards ) uniform insignia. The insignia came out of a house clearance and has been removed from a tunic, I believe this is from one man and has been together since the war. The red stripe and V insignia I believe to be a security or provost police unit, all in good condition.
WW2 issue playing cards WW2 issue playing cards.Royal armoured corps badge and tank motif on the back of each card. The cards are in good used condition, box is a little tatty but could be repaired. There are 52 cards in the pack.
WW2 Italy star WW2 Italy star with ribbon, in good condition.
WW2 k98 muzzle cover WW2 German k98 muzzle cover, looks like it's ground dug, the spring loaded muzzle cap is loose. Waffen ampt stamped.
WW2 Luftwaffe cap eagle WW2 Luftwaffe aluminium cap eagle maker marked FLL. Has the pins and in lovely original condition.
WW2 Luftwaffe Solbuch + documents Luftwaffe Solbuch to Verner Munchmeyer a Flak Hauprwachmeister. Includes promotion documents, drivers license, wound document, Russian document concerning his release from the Russians in 1947, 26 photographs of his service career in France and Belgium. We have carried out very little research into these documents, certainly deserves further research.
WW2 M44 German tunic eagle Nice condition original WW2 Bevo M44 German tunic eagle.
WW2 mk2 British army steel helmet WW2 British army helmet in nice condition. Liner is in good original condition marked BMB11 1943. The helmet its self looks as though it was painted black then over painted in British service brown, war time done. The helmet has some paint chips and storage marks but this does not detract from what is a lovely helmet, it is marked BMB 1941. The chin stap is an early war issue in very good condition.
WW2 original Lauf Schutzer 42 barrel carrier Nice original Lauf Schutzer 42 spare barrel carrier for the mg 42 machine gun. The paint is probably Yugoslave but this is an original Nazi marked item, waffen marked and dated 1943. In nice undamaged condition comes complete with carrying strap.
WW2 pair of Highland Division arm patches Pair of WW2 Highland Division arm patches in good condition .
WW2 photo Japanese troops WW2 photo of Japanese troops . Officer in the centre carrying a civilian sword. Good clear image. Post card size.
WW2 photo RAF aircrew Nice war time photo of RAF aircrew. 23x18
WW2 press photo Airacobra WW2 press photo of an Airacobra. Good clear image, size 26 x20cm.
WW2 RAF sweetheart brooch WW2 RAF silver and enamel sweetheart brooch. In lovely condition marked sterling England on the reverse. Pin in good working order. 4cm in length.
WW2 RAF sweetheart brooch WW2 RAF silver and enamel sweetheart brooch. A lovely thing,one slight chip to the enamel wing, but hardly noticeable . Marked silver on the reverse. 5cm long. Pin in good working order.
WW2 Schwerin kreigsmarine summer eagle A rare Schwerin kreigsmarine Summer uniform eagle. Aluminium And gold guilt, some of the guilt has worn off and one pin is missing. This Schwerin version is very rare and apart from the missing pin is in good solid condition. Marked Schwerin Berlin 68.
WW2 Soldbuch Kreigsmarine WW2 Soldbuch Kreigsmarine , it looks like he was on Flak ships, in good undamaged condition.
WW2 Soviet Order of Glory medal 3rd class WW2 Soviet Order of Glory medal 3rd class. Awarded for bravery in the face of the enemy from 1943 following the battle of Stalingrad, number on the reverse 404022, we believe this to be issued in 1944. In worn condition but original.
WW2 TLS air raid enamel pln WW2 TLS ( telephone service ) air raid pin. Ducit.Amor.Patriae. Yellow metal and enamel, in good condition complete with pln. Size . 4cm X 2.9 cm.
WW2 trench lighter WW2 Trench lighter, made of brass and 1944 dated pennies. This trench lighter is well made and in good condition. The lighter sparks but we have not fuelled it up so we cannot guarentee that it still functions, a nice wartime item.
WW2 US 2nd infantry division patch Cloth patch of the 2nd US Infantry division (Indian head) WW2 . 8cm X 11cm. In nice original condition, no mothing or damage.
WW2 Warship fund badge WW2 warship fund badge, marked on the front , Herefordshire warships week Nov 29- Dec.6 1941 made in Birmingham.
WWII Panzer Shoulder Board Single slip on panzer board. Good condition with strap and Insignia.
Zeppelin Postcard L15 This is a British postcard celebrating the downing of L 15 on 1/4/1916 in the Thames Estuary. It was shot down by AA guns at Purfleet Essex the crew being taken POW.The card is dated 24/11/16 from a member of the Royal Engineers to his family in Kent. Good overall condition.