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For original pictures, description and price please put 52503 into the word search......
For original pictures, description and price please put 52503 into the word search......
For original pictures, description and price please put 52503 into the word search......
WWI French Air Force 'CIGONES' 1/2 Fighter Squad A very scarce WWI Badge to the French Escadron de Chasse 1/2 Cigognes Fighter Squadrons. Made in unmarked silver, and 100% Original.
Last year we were honoured to welcome 93 year old RAF Bomber Command veteran John Linford to our Museum. John served as Rear Gunner with 37 Squadron, flying in combat on over 25 Bombing Missions over Italy. Sadly John has been ill recently and had to spend four weeks in hospital. I went to visit him at his home last week and I'm delighted to say he is feeling much, much better. Now, although John flew and fought with RAF Bomber Command he is one of the thousands of Veterans whose application for the Bomber Command Clasp was declined!! Declined because John fought in the Mediterranean Campaign and not over Western Europe. The decision to exclude these WWII Bomber Command Veterans was made by the Ministry of Defence and is THE most outrageous insult to all who fought in the Mediterranean, Far East and Middle East. After all, these young men were sent by Bomber Command to fight in that Theatre of War! During my visit I was delighted to have been able to present John with his own Bomber Command Commemorative Medal. John Linford is one of the finest Gentlemen I've ever met! The individuals at the MOD responsible for denying him (and many others) their full recognition aren't fit to clean his boots!
For original pictures, description and price please put 52503 into the word search......
For original pictures, description and price please put 52503 into the word search......
LAFAYETTE FLYING CORPS Plaquette - Edmonde-Emile Lindauer On the assumption there were more of these large plaques were produced during WWI, I've hunted everywhere to find another example but with absolutely no success. So I'm now hoping you might be able to help.......are there others out there in private collections/Museums? This finely detailed plaque is signed "EM. LINDAUER" - Edmond-Émile Lindauer (Paris, 1869 - 1942). Lindauer was one of the top Parisian Designer/Engravers of French Coins, Badges and Medals in the early 20th Century. He was responsible for the design of both WWI medals to the "ESCADRILLE LAFAYETTE" , and the "LAFAYETTE FLYING CORPS". This beautiful large plaque is identical in design to the medal of the LAFAYETTE FLYING CORPS, and it has been suggested that this could be the actual final design prior to miniaturising and manufacture. This could be backed up by the lined 'points of reference' in the actual casting. I'm not sure of the heavy metal used for casting of the plaque but it seems to be heavily plated and finished in white metal/silver?. This measures 22.5cms/9" diameter and weighs a hefty 524 grammes/1Lb 2.5oz.
!!!!!-------------G Q Parasuit-------------!!!!! PLEASE NOTE; There are only NINE known examples of original G Q Parasuit's throughout the world, most of which are in Museums. I have therefore decided to keep this in my personal collection for a while. Good quality pictures of the GQ Parasuit are few and far between, so if you would like any detailed pictures of this one, please feel free to ask and I'll take them for you.
'Clean your Merlin Sir?' - 1943 Air Ministry Engine Pressure Washer. I love this! Described to me as a 'pressure washer for cleaning aircraft engines'. I've never come across one before but it certainly looks a possiblity. Made from copper and brass, and with ALL moving parts funtioning smoothly this is a great looking RAF display piece in itself. It stands at 18" - 45cms high and carries the Air Ministry serial No. "H655079 / 43 / C22 (C) A few dings and dents here and there but superb patination and a unique addition to and WWII RAF Collection. I've added quite a few Air Ministry tools and pieces of equipment to my personal collection over the years and this is the only example of this piece of kit I've seen.
'MAEE' SUPERMARINE RACER - A Few Questions The development of the Vickers Armstrongs/Supermarine Racer's in the late 1920's led to many changes and improvements in build specification. This model seems to have a few features which have raised a few questions only answerable by experts in the subject......... I believe this model was made of the actual "DURALUMIN" used as the skin of the actual aircraft. On the horizontal stabilisers of the model there are a number of pre-formed grooves. I'm trying to establish whether Supermarine ever experimented with these grooves on the fuselage and wings of the Racers themselves? The Propeller on the model is the largest I've come across. I do know that Vickers Armstongs/Supermarine tested a huge 9' Propeller, Would it be fair to assume the model's Propeller simulates that trial? The shape of the engine cowlings on the model are different from the standard shape of the S.6 series......any thoughts? The height of the spine of the model does seem higher at the tail than that of the S.6 series......again, any thoughts?
'THE HOCKETT' - White Waltham - Visitors Book 1940 - 1941 As collector's we all have to make sacrifices to achieve our aims, or to acquire another item. If I were to sell this it would be a massive sacrifice, but as funding is urgently needed......... What I'm showing here is the Visitors Book from "The Hockett", or "Hocketts". This was an establishment very close White Waltham which housed Airmen & Women from all over the world during the very early days of The Air Transport Auxiliary. This book covers October 1940 to December 1941. There are over 600 signatures and each have their own relevance in the development of the ATA. All 87 pages of signatures are shown below. I've only briefly researched the individual names in the book and putting aside the hundreds of ATA signatories there is a lot of significant history within the book. Just reading the first few chapters of "I Couldn't Care Less" by ATA Pilot Anthony Phelps and looking at the first few pages of the visitors book, both Melville and 'Marko' have signed the visitors book as well as Phelps' wartime signature. Gabrielle Patterson, Eileen Marsh, Jennie Broard, Jackie Sorour, Maurice Harle & Henri Lafont (FAFL), Bob Spurdle DFC#, Flt. Capt. J.S Halliday, Capt. E.R.B White ATA (BOAC) are just a few of the names I've picked out at random. I have yet to go through "Forgotten Pilots", "Brief Glory", "Golden Wings" etc. I think it's also worth pointing out that No.7 picture of pages 11-20 shows four wartime signatures of No. 303 ("Koœciuszko") Polish Fighter Squadron Pilots/Aces. These were signed as early as February 1941 just a few days after 303 Squadron converted to Spitfires. These signatories - F/O Jan Zumbach, F/O Kolaczkowski, P/O Strzembosz, Sgt. Wojclechowski......were these guys at White Waltham to collect their new Spits? Putting a price on this unique item of ATA History is nigh on impossible. I'm therefore looking to see what value you as collectors put on it and if I'm made an offer I can't refuse, then I won't. I will only reply to very serious
'THE TYPHOON - the worlds most formidable warplane' - Frank Wootton 1945 Original Print If ever a piece of aviation artwork required in-depth research then this is it.... This print (on board) is titled - "THE TYPHOON - the worlds most formidable warplane". Originally painted by Frank Wootton but as far as I know, this painting was never commercially reproduced. There are a number of clues as to its background, most significantly the fact that one signatory dated his signature 12-3-45 and another has added simply 1945. There are approximately 40 original signatures around the painting. Now, as far as I know only one of these is an Airman (F/L Nicholls) and around 50% by women. I'm hoping this too could give a clue as to which which RAF Station this 1945 Wootton was commissioned for. The legible list of signatories reads as follows; Harry Russell, Albert D. Watts, ? Derbyshire, ? H. Griffiths, ? A Allan, H. Burford, Les Davy, J. H Collins, ? Taylor, E. Watson, Myfanwy Lovell, ? Banks 12-3-45, P. Wilkinson, G. Cooper, G. G O'Driscoll of Dun Laoghaire, Margaret Race, ? E. Byron, L. Mcintyre, Ethel ?, Betty Perkins, Dorothy Brown, C. ? Nicholls F/L, H, J Jarrett, Mary Doyle, B. Young, Ivy Brown. Original Wartime artwork is rare, original Wartime Artwork by the legend that is Frank Wootton is only found in Museums and the most exclusive of collections. This was rescued, it isn't in the best of condition but it is "as rare as hens-teeth" and not being a published painting is extremely unique. If the what, where and why can be discovered this could be a very important piece of WWII Aviation Artwork indeed! AND a very desirable item of authentic WWII Hawker Typhoon/Frank Wootton history!
+++CAPTURED+++ Luftwaffe LKpW101 Flying Helmet - RUSSIAN BOOTY!! A magnificent and extremely scarce example of a captured item of Luftwaffe Flying Equipment from the Eastern Front. Not only did the Russian Air Force directly copy Luftwaffe Flying Helmets during WWII they also adapted any captured kit for their own Pilot's use. This very rare Flying Helmet is just such an item.... The first, and most obvious adaptation is the addition of the foreward Goggle straps at the temple. Then there are the electrics. The Helmet has had Soviet receivers fitted, this was done by releasing the stitching from the bottom of the covers and by the looks of it the stitching wasn't redone. The inner covers have been done in white fur. Of course the Luftwaffe LKpW101 manufacturers label was removed, as any Russian Airman shot down over Soviet territory would be in an immediate life threatening situation if discovered wearing a marked German Flying Helmet.
1 of 100 ever printed!! The RAF Halton Belgium Tour of 1932 AN INCREDIBLE PIECE OF RAF HALTON HISTORY! Only 100 of these books were ever produced, they were hand printed, handwritten and presented to each RAF Serviceman who took part in the tour of Belgium. The Halton Tours sole purpose being to educate the men in the ways of other nations, to become "real men of the world". This is full of individual photographs, comments and documents from 1932. It really has to be read in full to realise the full story.
1 OF ONLY 6 models EVER MADE!! 'De Clercq' Model 100P Type BUGATTI Air Racer. It is impossible to take pictures which can possibly come close to doing justice to the style, quality and finish of the oustanding Aviation Sculpture! The Bugatti Model 100 was a purpose built air racer designed to compete in the 1939 Deutsch de la Meurthe Cup Race. The aircraft was not completed by the September 1939 deadline and was put in storage prior to the German invasion of France. The aircraft remained in storage throughout World War II. The aircraft was sold several times, and its twin Bugatti 50P engines were removed for automotive restorations. In 1971 a restoration effort was started. The aircraft was stored by the National Museum of the United States Air Force, then transferred to the EAA Airventure Museum collection where restoration was completed, and the aircraft remains on static display This STUNNING model, made from Titanium & Aluminium and probably the most exquisite study of the Bugatti 100 ever made other than the original Aircraft that is. The quality is simply second to none and it's easy to see why this model retailed at £2,400. I've pictured the model with a pair of period MkII Flying Goggles to give an idea of the scale....Wingspan 40cms - Length 38cms - Height 40cms This is ONE of only SIX of these models ever made by De Clercq!....No. 3, the original box is also still with the model. Open to Offers.
100% AUTHENTIC! Luftwaffe wooden ID Model - Messerschmitt110 - NEW TO THE MARKET! When it comes to WWII Aircraft ID Models I don't think I've seen a more authentic Luftwaffe model. Found recently in a basement in Germany this wooden ID model of a Messerschmitt Me110 has been locked away for over seventy years, so is totally new to the market. With a wingspan of 42cms and length of 37cms it isn't a small model. Undoubtedly hand-made this has seventy years of ground-in dirt and dust covering it. The nails are rusted and some parts of the paper Black Crosses are missing but it still has its original hanging hook and string in place. A magnificent piece of Luftwaffe Memorabilia - Not a commercial model but an original WWII Luftwaffe made ID Model!!
100% AUTHENTIC!! Late 1930's/BATTLE OF BRITAIN 'Sons of the Air Bagatelle' I'm truly indebted to one of my UK 'finders' for locating this for me. I seem to remember seeing one of these many moons ago, but it's condition was dreadful so I walked away from it. I've regretted that to this day as until now I've never been able to acquire another, and this time the condition is exceptional! It doesn't take a genius to date this piece, just look at the types of Aircraft on the board.....Westland Lysander, Fairey "Battle" Bomber, Hawker Hurricane, Whitley Bomber, Blackburn Skua, Supermarine Spitfire, Avro Anson, Bristol Blenheim, Short Sunderland Flying Boat, Handley Page Hampden....there are no AVRO Large Bombers, no DeHavilland Mosquito etc indeed NO mid/Late War Aircraft at all. As mentioned before, the condition is exceptional. The only damage being to the wooden cover for the ball bearings and where one of the game nails has been used to hang this on the wall. The spring-loaded 'shooter' still works and it still has its original "One Dozen" Balls for playing the game. Would look perfect in a mock-up BATTLE OF BRITAIN Squadron Room.
100% GENUINE!! Named Battle of Britain Pilot Officer's Visor Cap A superb piece of original Battle of Britain history! First time on the market in 30 years as the previous owner (Squaddie in the Tank Regiment) bought this at an auction near to Bovington Camp nr. Blandford in 1984. C W S Crabbe 91027 - 913 (County of Warwick) Balloon Squadron - Auxiliary Air Force One of those 'finds' which came as a complete surprise to me. As can sometimes happen, this RAF Officers Visor was bought online with no mention of the name. The Cap is named to C W S Crabbe 91027 and my initial research shows him to have been acting Pilot Officer in August 1939. He then went through the ranks to achieve the rank of Squadron Leader in 1945. I'm 100% satisfied this is not one of those items with a name added later so I am more than happy to provide a letter of provenance with this Cap. Made by "AUSTIN REED", The shape of this Cap, the softness and sweat stains in the "Roan Leather" sweatband all point to this Cap having long and extensive use.....EVERYTHING IS RIGHT about this Battle of Britain Officers Cap.
100% Original!! Brown Leather 'Brodie Helmet' - 1939 This rare Brodie Helmet is completely untouched and 100% as originally made. What I particularly like is, there have never been any attempts at increasing its value by adding corporate images or names. Made by "BRIGGS MOTOR BODIES" of Dagenham and with its original 1939 Liner. The Helmet and Liner are both in excellent (used) condition and carry all authentic stamps.
100% ORIGINAL!! Famous Douglas Bader press photograph - Annotated Xmas Eve 1940!! One of the most iconic images of a Battle of Britain Pilot! This is an original 'ACME PRESS' photograph of Douglas Bader standing on the wing of his Hurricane, leaning on his Cockpit in his Sidcot Suit. I give a 100% GUARANTEE that this image is an original 1940 photograph. It is entititled on the reverse... "LEGLESS FLYER WINS DFC" The 8" x 6" image is crystal clear but there are a couple of creases, which do not detract from the overall desirability of this incredibly rare Douglas Bader photograph. I would recommend taking a photographic scan of the reverse and having it framed with the Bader image and perhaps his signature if you have one............What a Display Piece!
100% ORIGINAL!! Royal Flying Corps Side Cap - by 'WOODROW of PICADILLY' A nice early RFC Side Cap, still with General Service buttons affixed. Made by "Woodrow" of Picadilly, London and still with a magnificent "Woodrow" makers label. Some mothing but structurally a very sound and rare Cap. The 'hole' below the RAF Cap Badge isn't half as bad as my pictures highlight it. Guaranteed as 100% Authentic of the Period.
100% ORIGINAL!! WWI RFC/RAF 'Dead Mans Penny' Brass Picture Frame - GAURANTEED NOT TO BE A COPY!! As you can see, this isn't a frame for a WWI Dead Mans Penny. It is a frame design made to accomodate a photograph of a 'lost' loved one. Understandably these frames were copied in their thousands after The Great War and good, early copies are rare in themselves, modern copies aren't.....but this is the one, and only example of a GAURANTEED ORIGINAL I have owned. It is relatively simple to identify a copy. They were made by casting from the front of an original but the back has of the repros shows NONE of the original casting features. The rear of a copy simply has the oval photograph aperture as a cut out with simple screw hinged picture stays and stand. The rear of an original "Dead Mans Penny" picture frame has the integral rectangular picture holder and cast 'ornate' stand. It is also a far more substantial piece than the the thinner copies. This original WWI frame has the added bonus of an RAF Sweetheart attached and wonderful patination. The patination also serves to show through an eyeglass that the RAF Wing has been on this frame for many years. The picture isn't original to the frame but I believe the glass is. This is an exceptional "find" and one not to be overlooked.
100% ORIGINAL!! WWII Polish Air Force Officer Cap Badge This very rare PAF Cap Badge has undoubtedly seen service and has been removed from the RAF Cap of a Polish Airman.
1915 Royal Naval Air Service - 'Trench Art' Dinner Gong - 'Attack on Fricort' - AWESOME LARGE PIECE!! A wonderful piece of 1915 World War One Trench Art which captures one just moment in the early History of the British Royal Naval Air Service. The piece is made up from a Shell dated 1912 which was... "FIRED FROM AN ARMOURED CAR AT BECORDEL-BECOURT", 26th SEPTEMBER 1915, IN THE ATTACK ON THE VILLAGE OF FRICOURT, THEN OCCUPIED BY THE GERMAN ARMY. Undoubtedly this would have taken pride of place in an appropriate RNAS Officer's Mess during WWI. The geometry and skills taken to make such a piece are of the very top order. Just look at the 'Four Armed Claw' which grasps the Armoured Car Shell. It stands a very impressive 55cms/22" High, and is 40cms/16" wide. It is also extremely heavy, so postage will be invoiced at cost once sent.
1916 - 1919 Royal Flying Corps - 52 Squadron Badge Formed in Hounslow 1916, 52 Squadron has a long and illustrious History, both in the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Air Force. I\'ve dated this silver badge to the Squadron\'s earlier days, based on the construction and pin arrangement as well as the dates in which 52 Squadron was operational. It does appear to be an extremely early pin badge.
1916 RFC 'POTTERS BAR' Zeppelin Souvenir Ink Blotter There's not a great deal I can say about this most iconic piece of Royal Flying Corps memorabilia.
1916 RFC Savoy China GRAF ZEPPELIN - Lt. Robinson VC - With Original Propeller!!
1916 Robinson & Cleaver Pilot Coat?....WWI German Aviator? The February 10th 1916 edition of "Flight" showed a picture of the reproduced window of Aviation Outfitters "Robinson & Cleaver". In the left centre of that picture is a leather and sheepskin half length Pilots Coat. Although this Coat has been 'rigger fitted' with a collar, buckle and toggle fastenings to the front and rivetted wrist straps, its possible this is just such a coat. Does anyone have access to the WWI dated Robinson & Cleaver catalogues?
1916 Royal Flying Corps Observers Binoculars What I know about Binoculars could be written on the back of a postage stamp. Made by \"Colmont\" of Paris and carrying numerous date and Military stamps. I bought this pair because of the Royal Flying Corps connection and was then offered the other Royal Air Force Binoculars.
1916 Trench Art Cap - WWI Royal Naval Air Service A beautiful piece of World War I Brass & Copper Trench Art in the shape of an Officer\'s Visor Cap...probably used as an ashtray.
1918 Royal Air Force Officer\'s Cane
1918 Royal Air Force Officer\'s Cane
1918-1920 RAF Sweetheart Brooch in Original RAF Case - VERY RARE! A very nice Early RAF Sweetheart dating from the 1918-1920\'s Period and in Excellent Condition. What makes this example so special is that it comes in its Original, Velvet Lined Presentation Box. Again, I\'ve never seen the likes before.
1918-1940\'s RAF Silver & Blue Gouache enamel Sweetheart Brooch
1918-1940\'s RAF Silver & Enamel Sweetheart Brooch
1918-1940\'s RAF Silver Enamel Sweetheart Brooch #3
1919 AIR MINISTRY PUBLICATION - Very Scarce! Mosty we\'re all aware of the term \"Gazzetted\", When in time of war, dispatches from the various conflicts were published in the London Gazette. People referred to are said to have been mentioned in despatches. When members of the armed forces are promoted, and these promotions are published here, the person is said to have been “gazetted”. This Original 1919 Publication contains a comprehensive list of Royal Flying Corps and later Royal Air Force Personel given \"Mentions For Valuable Services\" in \"Connection With The War\"..........But this list WAS NOT re-published in the London Gazzette. This included Officers and Other Ranks as well as NCO\'s and Women of The Royal Air Force. A list of approximately 1000 personel not \"Gazzetted\" which could prove that missing piece of the Jigsaw in any RFC/RAF Research.
1920's Flying Helmet & Gosports - 'Selfridges of London' Full History & Provenance!! See page 183 Of Mick's Book to see an example of this very rare Flying Helmet. This example is in beautiful condition and comes with full History and concrete provenance to an American who enlisted in the British Armed Forces in 1916 as a Surgeon Lieutenant Commander so possibly RNAS. The provenenance comes direct from the Pilot's Son and includes colour copies of his 1929 Pilot License from the "Federation Aeronautique International British Empire" - "The Royal Aero Club of The United Kingdom". There is also a copy of a cariacature of the Pilot wearing an Royal Naval Uniform drawn in 1922. So there you have it, a Very Rare Flying Helmet with full traceable history to its original wearer
1920's RAF 'Full Dress' Bullion Pilot Wings
1920\'s Leather & Internal Fur Flying/Motoring Gauntlets by \'DENTS\' A fine pair of Vintage 1920\'s \"DENTS\" Gauntlets. Leather with Rabbit Fur Hand Sections and Flared Cuffs. Very small, so possibly a Ladies Pair.
1925! RAF 'Field Made' Clock - Smiths/Jaeger Car/Aircraft Clock Somewhat crudely put together from what appears to be old oak furniture hand cut and nailed together, but simply oozing age and character! The clock is fully working which can only say a great deal about the quality of the movement as from close inspection of the bracket it doesn't look as though it has been removed from the mount since 1925. Also, having closely examined the date on the back I'm quite happy to state the "1925" was scratched on the clock at the time and not done last week. The RAF Eagle and Scroll appear to be silver plated brass. I would imagine the overall appearance would be greatly enhanced if they, and the clock rim were polished. At first I thought the RAF Eagle was a standard RAF Cap Badge but it is somewhat bigger, as you can see when a Cap/Pathfinder Eagle is placed next to it.
1929 Polish Made, Solid Silver Cigarette Case - POLISH AIR FORCE 1929 seems to have been a significant year in the development of the Polish Air Force. The case has the engraved date of 27th May 1929. This cigarette case also carries the monogram MT, so whether that is significant I don\'t know?? The case carries what I believe to be Polish Silver Hallmarks 127 - KM, again I don\'t know the significance in those marks. I must add that the small silver PAF Pilots Badge is quite definitely a later addition, and wasn\'t an original part of the case. Any theories on that would be purely hypothetical.
1930's/1940 French/Free French 'AIRAILE' Flying Helmet with Gosports Very similar in design to the 1930's "Gueneau & Cie of Paris" Flying Helmet shown on page 25 of Mick Prodger's book. In Fantastic Condition this RARE "Airaile" Flying Helmet was still being utitised by French Air Force Pilot's of the 1930's and into the early 1940's. Indeed this type of hard-shell Flying Helmets were still standard issue of the Armee de L'Air during that period. The rear ajusting lace has snapped but is easily replaced, as is the internal lining lace. Other than that, all poppers work fine and the leather is in very fine overall condition This very rare example has had British made Gosport Receivers fitted.
1935 - RAF Hendon Display group of souvenirs - Incl; rare 'Services' - 'Hendon' Wristwatch A lovely little group of original items from the 1935 Royal Air Force Display at RAF Hendon.
1935 - Sir Alan Cobham Air Display group of souvenirs. Incl; Original Signature! A cracking little group of original items relating to Sir Alan Cobham. A man who devoted almost his entire life to Aviation and the ultimate pioneer in long distance Flight. "It's a full time job being Alan Cobham!"
1936 Dated 'ZINSZENER' French Flying Helmet - With Fitted RAF/British Gosports A wonderful example of the 1930's French Hard-Shell Flying Helmet This 1936 dated Helmet would have been used by French Paratroopers and French Pilots alike. This example has obvious Aviation connections in that it carries a pair of issued British 'Gosport' Receivers. Yet another rare 1930's Flying Helmet in very fine condition.
1936 Dated RAF/Air Ministry Flying Helmet - RAF 1930 Pattern with 'field fitted' up-dates! At first glance this looks like any "Battle of Britain" RAF Btype Flying Helmet..but on closer examination it is in fact much rarer than that......this is an earlier 1930 Pattern RAF Flying Helmet which has 'evolved' with use. Air Ministry labelled and dated 1936, this extraordinary Helmet has simply moved with the times. Receiver cups AND zipped covers were fitted and the original chin-strap buckle fitting was removed and up-dated with the then "new" Bennetts Buckle. Then, with the advent of the E, E* and Gtype Oxygen Mask, the appropriate poppers were fitted! The Helmet is still very strong, and a lovely red/brown in colour. The zips to the receiver cups are early, original "Lightning" zips and both work fine. The leather has thinned on the cups but could be reinforced with pieces of chamois if receivers and foams were to be fitted.....I have the appropriate loom in stock if required. Undoubtedly this unique WWII RAF Flying Helmet would totally stand out in any RAF Flying Helmet Collection, especially if displayed with an 'E', 'G' or even an 'Htype' Oxygen Mask. This makes a cracking display piece, somewhat out of the ordinary and an excellent point of discussion with fellow collectors when they visit...well worth showing off!
1937 Dated RAF Madeira Decanter - Officer\'s Mess A smaller, \"Liquer\" example of the Sherry Decanter, and this time hallmarked for 1937. The cut glass has taken a few knocks over the years but still displays beautifully
1938 Dated - RAF Battle of Britain Type 'B' Flying Helmet Those of you who have known me as a trader for the past ten years will know my thoughts on "named" items. Anyone can add a name/document/label etc to an item of memorabilia/flying gear and claim the history behind it. However, with no concrete provenance any 'named' item is purely conjecture and wishful thinking. This Type "B" Flying Helmet was acquired with no reference whatsoever to its background and certainly no great claims of an heroic Battle of Britain Pilot etc. There was no mention of a name and it was only on close examination of the Helmet (beneath the donuts) that I found that this Helmet carries the name of an RAF Airman. This is a size 2 "Frank Bryan" made Helmet dated 1938. It is in sublime 'battle worn' condition, with its original Air Ministry foam cushions, cheek protectors and complete leather covered Bennetts Buckles. The only damage of note is to the right side donut. One particular nice touch is the added central popper, undoubtedly for use with the first pattern Type "E" Oxygen Mask. That extra popper for the Type "E" Oxygen Mask and the 1938 Date would most certainly point to this particular Helmet being used during the Battle of Britain. Whether it was used by the named Airman is, as I say purely conjecture. I am therefore selling this as a highly authentic Battle of Britain Type "B" Flying Helmet with little room for doubt.
1939 Dated Type P8 Spitfire Compass How many pre-Battle of Britain dated P8 Spitfire Compasses have you seen? Before I'd come across this one my answer was none! You have my personal gaurantee that every single one of the Inspection stamps on this Compass Box is 100% authentic. You only need to look at the 1939 stamp under a jewellers loupe to know this is a guaranteed Battle of Britain dated P8 Compass.
1939 Dated! Battle of Britain B Type Flying Helmet - VERY RARE MAKER!! With the possible exception of a 1st Issue 1935 Dated "STERLING" made Btype (in archive section) this is the rarest of all Btypes I've ever owned. This Btype is made by "ROBINSON & ENSUM" and is the one and only example of a Btype made by this company I've ever seen. My good friend Rick has informed me that Robinson & Ensum were awarded a contract to supply the Air Ministry/RAF in 1941 to supply Irvin Flying Jackets, but pre-War Flying Helmets? This is a SUPER RARE Battle of Britain Btype Flying Helmet, a true collectors piece
1939 Dated! Battle of Britain RAF Pilot Gauntlets A superb 'pair' of 1939 dated RAF Pilot Gauntlet Gloves. These do show genuine wear but are in fine condition with both zips working perfectly.
1940 ATLANTIC FERRY ORGANISATION by 'BIRKS' - Research Pictures The two badges I'm showing here are from the Atlantic Ferry Organisation - ATFERO....the predecessor of the RAF Ferry Command. These are the only two pieces I've personally seen which relate to ATFERO and because of their scarcity I'm finding it impossible to find an answer to one of these badges appears to have had a 'gold wash' applied. Does anyone have any specific knowledge on ATFERO Ranks and Insignia to help me confirm whether it IS a 'gold wash', or is it simply a difference in tarnishing between the two badges? It's interesting note that RAF Officer Don Bennett, a specialist in long distance flying and later Air Vice Marshall and Commander of the Pathfinder Force, led the first ATFERO delivery flight in November 1940.
1940 Dated Type P8 Spitfire Compass from AID
1940 Dated!! Luftwafe 'JUNGHANS' Bf110 Cockpit Clock - BATTLE OF BRITAIN HISTORY! As good a pair of items of displayable and genuine Battle of Britain history you'd be hard pressed to find. From a fully authenticated source, this is an original 1940 Junghans Cockpit Clock which was recovered from Bf110 BA+CE (Werk Number 2094, built by Gotha in February 1940. The Clock is fully stamped and marked for positive identification. The Clock is displayed above an original Messerschmitt ID plate 'salvaged' from the wreck of a Luftwaffe Bf109 shot down by Sgt Fokes of 92 Squadron and which crashed at Trimworth Manor, Olantigh, Kent on the 15th of October 1940. The plaque bears the Luftwaffe serial number '2790' confirming the Bf109E which was flown by Oberlt Guenther DEICKE (Staffelkapitan) of 8./JG27. Oberlt DIECKE was taken PoW after the crash. The clock is still in excellent, full working order and is the only example I've ever had with full identification.
1940 Dated!! Model 306 'FLIEGERSCHUTZBRILLE' Luftwaffe Flying Goggles Over the years I've had owned a few pairs of the Model 306 'FLIEGERSCHUTZBRILLE' Flying Goggles. Every pair I've ever had have been dated 1942. This is the only pair I've had carrying the much sought after 1940 - Battle of Britain date....don't miss these!
1940! - Battle of Britain RAF Hornchurch Cribbage Board It is worth noting that this Cribbage Board is engraved, not stamped. It was acquired from a top collector in Lincolnshire and having visited his home and viewed his RAF Collection I was more than happy to buy this as a 100% Genuine piece. of Battle of Britain Memorabilia. Another nice touch is the Aircraft/Spitfire Rivets used as markers.
1940! Battle of Britain dated Aircraft Recognition book, Polish owned This is a very full example of an original Battle of Britain dated RAF Aircraft Recognition book. What adds to the interest in this is the fact it was owned and used by a Polish Airman by the name of "Komiski"
1941 'American' RAF Wall Plaque - Bomber Harris appointed Head of RAF Delegation to the USA I have owned this plaque for a few years now. I have discussed, and meticulously researched the date 27th May 1941 and can come up with only one conclusion. This large carved plaque has a distinct "American" look to it and I'm now convinced this was made for 'Bomber' Harris' US Office to commemorate the following........ On the 27th May 1941 (acting) Air Marshal Arthur "Bomber" Harris was appointed Head of RAF Delegation to the USA, Head of British Air Staff - Washington. This was of course prior to him becoming AOC-in-C of RAF Bomber Command in February 1942. In his role as Head of the RAF Delegation in Washington "Bomber" Harris was primarily responsible buying aircraft and arranging pilot training. He arrived in June 1941 and 10 days later found himself conferring with President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the White House after Nazi Germany, on June 22, invaded the Soviet Union. New pictures will be taken but you can see my original pictures on Code; 52547 I firmly believe this to be a very significant and highly unique item of WWII Memorabilia.
1942! \'Joe Ott\' Flying Hurricane Balsa Model - RARE! A scarce boxed balsa model of the RAF Hawker Hurricane. Made by \"Joe Ott\" in 1942. An Excellent Wartime Display Piece as it is, but I think it is complete and could still be finished.
1944 CAPTURED LUFTWAFFE PILOT FLIGHT SUIT & KIT! - WITH HISTORY Somewhere in Europe in 1944 a young GI of the 808th Tank Destroyer Battalion acquired himself a pretty awesome souvenir of WWII. That GI was one Lieutenant Frank Egner (pictured), and what you see pictured is his "souvenir". Egner had somehow managed to acquire the kit of a Luftwaffe Pilot, he packed it all into a US Food Supplies box and shipped it back to his wife in the States. That box then remained in his family until recently. The box contained the Luftwaffe Pilot's.... Two Piece Electrically Heated Leather Flight Suit. Nitsche & Gunther 'Splitterschutzbrille' Flying Goggles. Leather & Sheepskin Fighter Pilot Gloves. 1939 Armbandkompass Nazi Pennant for ID purposes behind German lines? Off-cut of Parachute Silk for surrender behind Allied lines? Length of Parachute cord. Cigarette papers and nail file.
1944 CAPTURED LUFTWAFFE PILOT FLIGHT SUIT & KIT! - WITH HISTORY.......The Box This scorched 1943 US Army supplies box could have just been picked up at the Falaise Gap yesterday, it is an incredible piece of WWII History in itself! I think the most telling and significant item in the box is the small section of parachute silk. Was this quickly cut from the Luftwaffe Pilot's chute as soon as he realised he'd parachuted into enemy territory? I think that scenario is most likely. He carried a Nazi pennant (not armband) should he land behind German lines. The small white section of parachute was likely to have been used for his surrender to the 808th Tank Destroyer Battalion. Whether he actually surrendered to Lt. Frank Egner himself? I just don't know. What is very interesting is that Lt. Egner hand wrote the list of contents on the box itself. "1-German Flight Suit 1-Piece of parachute 1-Knife 1-Nazi armband 1-Nazi compass 2-Nazi medal"
1944 CAPTURED LUFTWAFFE PILOT FLIGHT SUIT & KIT! - WITH HISTORY.......The Flight Jacket Over the years I've had the pleasure of owning some rare and outstanding pieces of Luftwaffe kit and this two piece Flight Suit is right up there with the very best! The leather is still soft/supple, all the electrical connectors are in place as are all buttons, poppers and "RIRI" zips. There are one or two features which appear unique to this Jacket. The metal Luftwaffe Eagle has had its Swastika removed....was this snapped off by the Pilot on realising he was about to fall into the enemy's hands? Then there is a small bakelite pendant with the No."13" attached, what would be the significance of that number? This is strung to the Jacket along with a Grenade cap from a 1 second delay igniting fuse. There are a number of these red Grenade caps strung to the whole Suit, any ideas why? Another nice feature is the addition of the shoulder boards which 'looped' by means of safety pins. The last time a Luftwaffe flight suit such as this came to the market it sold at auction for £5,800, with no history, no provenance, no extras, and in relatively poor condition compared to this outstanding example. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own such a rare suit complete with remarkable wartime history and provenance.
1944 CAPTURED LUFTWAFFE PILOT FLIGHT SUIT & KIT! - WITH HISTORY.......The Flight Pants Probably as good as you're ever likely to see! An outstanding pair of 1944 electrically heated Luftwaffe Leather Flight Pants. The leather is still still soft/supple, all of the heating system is still in place, all "ZIPP" and "Ri-Ri" zips and the multitude of "PRYM" poppers are functioning fine. All original buttons and buckles are also in place. This is the one and only pair of these Luftwaffe Flight Pants I've ever had and the complexity of manufacture is mind-blowing! Other than one popper top missing from the gun pocket flap and one section of braces to be reattached, these are perfect!
1944 Polish Air Force - Silver/Gold Sweetheart Bangle This must have cost a small fortune for any Airman to pay, back in 1944! A very heavy Solid Silver Bangle with a Solid Gold PAF Pilots Eagle.
1944! Original \'Joe Ott\' Solid Balsa Model of the Spitfire! A scarce boxed \'solid\' balsa model of the RAF Supermarine Spitfire. These solid \'Joe Ott\' Models were often used as Aircraft Recognition Models during the War. Made by \"Joe Ott\" in 1944. An Excellent Wartime Display Piece as it is, but I think it is complete and could still be finished.
1944!! WWII USAAF Type A-11 Leather Flying Helmet 99.9% of these Type A-II Flying Helmets carry the standard black and gold labels and have four Oxygen Mask poppers, this one is an exception. Having only three poppers and with the white and red label of the J. S Menihan Corporation. Although this Flying Helmet has seen servise, it is still in very fine condition throughout.
1950/Korean War - RAF Flying Helmet, Oxygen Mask & Goggles I've dated this headset to 1950 due to the date of 1950 given on the Type H Oxygen Mask. It's worth noting that this TypeH is identical to the 1944-45 TypeH Oxygen Mask, even down to the large rectangular connection plug. Without looking at the date this could easily be a Wartime Mask. The 2nd Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet is in beautiful condition, as can be seen from the pictures. The issued MkVIII's are also a very good example of the Flying Goggles.
1st Glider Pilot Full Size Pilot Wing for Service Dress The first of two Glider Pilot Wings and this is a real beauty, as worn on the Service Dress. If you check out page 194 of Eagles Recalled you will see an almost identical Glider Pilot Wing.
1st Glider Pilot Silver Pilot Wing for Mess Dress This is the first of three Glider Pilot item of insignia, they aren't attributed so I don't mind separating them. This seems to have been retailed through a jeweller in Castle Douglas, due east of where we live. Due to the "remote" location and close proximity to RAF Dumfries I'm wondering if there might be a WWII connection? Page 192 of Eagles Recalled
9ct Gold RAF Pilot Wings Sweetheart Brooch In superb condition with beautiful feathering detail and almost faultless enamelling.
A GENUINE PLEA FOR HELP ON A POTENTIALY HISTORICALLY IMPORTANT FLYING HELMET As all collectors know, any RAF Btype Flying Helmet is a joy to hold and look at, as each one is likely to have played an important part of World History....however this wonderful Btype Flying Helmet has the definite potential to have been worn by Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris during the Battle of Britain. I must add now, I'm not planning on selling this Btype. My request for help is strictly non-commercial and is purely based on historical importance. If this Btype Flying Helmet was worn by Christopher Foxley-Norris during the Battle of Britain then it would be real shame to lose that fact to time. The reason there is no concrete provenance behind it is because the Helmet has never been in the hands of anyone other than Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris or Lady Joan Foxley-Norris. That is because the Helmet was simply "given" to a chap called Greg as a thankyou for some work he carried out for Lady Joan in 2004. Greg is neither a collector nor enthusiast of Aviation. The Helmet has never been owned by a Dealer, Museum, Aviation Society or Association so its history could well be lost, UNLESS there is a visitor to my website who is a friend or associate of Lady Joan and could help to have confirmed, the information I've been given. I REPEAT; This is not an attempted profit making venture. The Helmet will go on display in our Museum. Those of you who know me well enough will be aware of my opinion on 'named' items without provenance or documented association. My aim is simply to have this Flying Helmet documented for future generation's.
A MESSAGE FOR THOSE PLANNING TO PAY US A VISIT IN 2014 If you're planning to travel to visit my Museum this year and aren't able to travel by car I'm more than happy to come and collect you from Newcastle Airport or Durham/Newcastle Train Stations. This particularly applies to the elderly website visitors who have expressed an interest in coming to the the Museum.
A ONE-OFF piece of Royal Flying Corps History! Original hand-made Resin RFC Wings - cast Template! Regular vistors to our website will have seen in the background the various large and original RFC and RAF metal wings I've collected over the years. These types of 4" - 12" Wing were made to adorn Squadron Boards, door hangings, and more poignantly - grave headstones. There is one particular Wing I own which is often in the background to my pictures and that is the silver RFC Wing in the centre of a small propeller. What I'm offering here is what I believe to be THE original hand-made resin Wing used to cast the metal examples. I say that as it is made and supported on a wire frame as the majority of casting templates have been for years. There are a few cracks in the resin and one wing tip has broken off which conveniently shows the internal wire support frame. This is an absolute one-off, you will never see another like this apart from the examples which were cast from it! A true Royal Flying Corps Museum piece if ever there was one.
A SUPERB & UNIQUE!! English Electric Lightning \'Souvenir\' from P1.B XA847 On the 25th November 1958, the Aviation Legend that is Wing Commander Roland Prosper \"Bee\" Beamont CBE, DSO & Bar, DFC & Bar (August 10, 1920 — November 19, 2001) - became the first Pilot to fly a British Aircraft at twice the Speed of Sound-------MACH2!!! He achieved this feat in the \'prototype\' English Electric Lightning P1.B XA847. Following that momentous achievement EE Lightning P1.B XA847 She had a long and varied testing career, trialling various upgrades to the production Lightnings along the way, and was finally retired in 1972 to the RAF Museum, Hendon as a static display......The brass plaque shown was affixed below the Cockpit of XA847 whilst on display at Hendon, and agin when she was re-assembled for the 1994 Farnborough SBAC Show. I now believe that XA847 is on storage, having been saved from scrapping more than once. I feel this Aircraft will re-surface at some stage. The Aircraft Alloy model itself is also a very rare item. Handmade by D.P Carter in a small forge on Halfpenny Lane in Pontefract in the early 1990\'s. The models were skilfully handcarved by Carter and then cast in alloy, making them very rare. My thanks go to Stan Bates who knew D.P Carter and passed this information on to me. In my humble opinion \'Bee\' Beamont was, and still is the greatest Aviator ever to \"Fly a Roundel\".
A TRUE SURVIVOR!! A WWI Royal Flying Corps 'Propeller' Letter Opener The fact this wonderful little item has survived for almost 100 years is amazing! It is such a fragile piece of WWI 'Propeller Trench Art' of the Royal Flying Corps. This RFC Letter Opener is in sublime condition with no chips, cracks or splits. It is very dextrous and wonderful in the hand. It's amazing that this has survived in such wonderful condition.
A Very Unusual Pair of WWII RAF MkVIII 'Escape' Sunglasses!! - MKVIII 22C/1107 Normally when I acquired a pair of Goggles or Aviator Sunglasses I'd clean them up to look their best on display. This pair were different...just look at the arms! They have been filed down to give a 'saw/knife' edge. The only possibly explanation is to add to the range of "Escape" aids carried by RAF Aircrew who flew over Europe. I've never seen the likes before, so cleaning them was out of the question. They are still in the condition I bought them in, with verdigris and age to the metal surfaces. These will therefore stand up to any close inspection/scrutiny as having been "theatre" adapted in the 40's and not something someone dreamed up recently. Both arms are marked MKVIII 22C/1107. The bridge is marked HCO.
A Word of Caution!! I've been asked by a number of my friends and customers to show the pictures again of the engraved silver plate items I have on display in the "faked" section of my Museum. The reason I've been asked; there is currently an item on ebay with a supposed Dambuster/DFC connection. It is being heavily bid on, and if it's genuine then that is hardly surprising. I would now like to draw your attention to my listing pictures. These show a few items in silver plate to "Bunny" Currant and to Pilot Officer Tobin of 609 Squadron and to Lt Cox of the Royal Flying Corps. Many of you have seen their appearance on the BBC programme "Fake Britain" a few years back when these pictured items were shown to be 100% faked pieces of silver plate. They were (shallow) computer engraved, with the same font, text sizes etc. It was verified by a Master Engraver that these items had been engraved by the same person/machine and were definitely not engraved in 1940. What came as more of a shock to me, was the fact the engraved pocket watch to "Bunny" Currant wasn't made by Smiths until decades after the Battle of Britain! This was 100% confirmation they were engraved to defraud. ALL of these confirmed fakes came from ONE source in and had first appeared on ebay. These four engraved items are just a fraction of the similar engraved pieces sold by ONE ebayer over the space of a few years. You now have the opportunity to carefully study the font and text sizes of the ebay piece, compare them to these and to draw your own conclusion.
AIR CREW EUROPE STAR'S - A Quick Reminder to Double Check !! It's been a while since we looked at FAKE & Copy Air Crew Europe Stars being sold fraudulently/deceiptfully. I was prompted to bring to list a quick reminder after seeing a £10 copy being auctioned with a start price of £180 on e**y. No laws being broken but if some poor soul should buy it then they've wasted an awful lot of money. Please check before you buy an Air Crew Europe Star. Go on to Alan Thomas' excellent website "MEDALS OF ENGLAND" and get to know his pointers on genuine ACE's on his "FAKE MEDAL FORUM"
Air Vice Marshall James Edgar 'Johnnie' Johnson - MAGNIFICENT DISPLAY!! What I'm showing here is my own pride and joy, but due to recent circumstances I'm now forced to consider its sale, if the right sort of offer is made I am willing to sell both framed displays. FRAME 1 This is 'JEJ's original Mess Dress Jacket (I also have the trousers) and it comes with full family provenance. The miniature medal group are all genuine, period medals and match perfectly those worn by Johnnie Johnson himself. It took me a long, long time to find the exact matching originals. The hardest to find being the correct scale (larger) Distinguished Flying Cross. FRAME 2 The large photograph came from one of the original 'Johnnie' Johnson Care Homes up here in the North East of England. Of the medals only the DSO, DFC and Air Crew Europe Star and BoB clasp aren't original, they are however the very finest quality replacements. Every one of the other medals is totally authentic. I will also suppy the 1981 Spinks catalogue which shows JEJ's original medal group when it came up for auction. Putting these displays together was a major labour of love. they cost me a small fortune in time and money, so selling them is not an easy thing to do. Please don't ask me for my 'best price' as I really don't have one. I'm open to a fair offer based on your own valuation.
ALMOST MINT!! 1918 'Siebe Gorman' Royal Air Force Oxygen Regulator I have no means of testing this instrument but judging from the condition I'm pretty sure this would still be's immaculate!! As well as carrying its ID stamps of "6683/28S MARKII" this rare instrument also has full Air Ministry and AID stamps showing this to have been issued. All adjusting screws and handle are clean and move freely. The internal fan of the Oxygen Flow Indicator looks and rotates as if new. Great patination to the brass show this to be completely untouched. There is no doubt that this is the finest example I've come across. IMPOSSIBLE TO UPGRADE!!
ALMOST MINT!! 1940 Battle of Britain 'Spitfire Fund' Plaque - RARE foil variant! This is one hell of a Wartime survivor! As it is one of the few surviving examples of this plaque in foil. Some of you may remember I sold one of these six years ago in my ebay days, the result shocked even me! These were made as part of the War effort and sold to the public with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Spitfire Fund. They were made out of pressed brass sheeting and, as this example, very thin foil. As you can imagine the foiled variants are extremely rare as they are so easily damaged. This one is in almost mint condition as (up until recently) it was behind glass. I say up until recently as the auction house I bought it from sent it to me with no protection whatsoever and the glass broke in transit. Fortunately there was no damge to the foil image. Made by "THE WALSALL LITHO Co. Ltd" even the back of this plaque is in mint condition, due to it being framed behind another board. The Plaque is still in its original 1940's walnut frame and as far as I'm concerned, you will never find another example as good as this true piece of Battle of Britain memorabilia.
ALMOST MINT!! 1943 RAF Officers Side Cap - with RARE Black Plastic Insignia If you can find a better Wartime RAF Side Cap I'd be be very surprised, as this beauty is immaculate. Apart from a couple of tiny moth-nips this would be totally mint. These nips are barely noticeable but had to be mentioned. Just look at the condition of not only the cap outer and exceptional liner, but also the black plastic RAF Officer Badge by "JRL of Birmingham". This very rare insignia is in MINT Condition! The Cap is a size7 and has a London makers stamp, but I cannot quite make it out. PLEASE NOTE; My pictures come nowhere near to doing this Cap justice. A True WWII RAF Collectors Piece
ALMOST MINT!! Copy of Guy Gibson's THE most sought after "DAMBUSTERS" related book ever, and this is the very best copy of this superb publication I've ever owned! Released in 1976 this is an identical reproduction of Guy Gibson's Flying Log Book. They even went as far as reproducing the black and white photograph, just as the original! A true collector's piece which is increasingly becoming harder to find!
ALMOST MINT!! Luftwaffe Cockpit Compass
ALMOST MINT!! Pair of Battle of Britain 'Luxor Airex' Flying Goggles An exceptional pair of Flying Goggles. Just look at the gleaming nickel plating and almost perfect cushions. The perfect addition to any Battle of Britain Flying Headset!
ALMOST MINT!! Royal Flying Corps Leather Cowl Helmet. Many of you who have been with 'bombphoons' since day one will remember the superb Royal Flying Corps "Cowl" Helmet we sold last year for over £5,000. I never dreamt that we would find another Helmet in that sort of condition, but just look at this beauty! Apart from the usual wear to the brow fur (caused by perspiration) this Helmet is as good as they come. The leather is as soft and supple as the day this Helmet was made, with no fading or sun bleaching anywhere. The 'honey' coloured leather is as rich and vibrant as it ever was. The internal chamois is immaculate and correctly "War Department" stamped. The chinstrap, brow straps, buckles and all poppers are all as close to perfect as can be expected!! The sale of the similar RFC Cowl Helmet last year was a negotiated cash/trade deal which suited both our buyer and us to a 'tee' and email from our buyer on receipt of his Helmet was an absolute joy to read. So we're totally open to a similar sort of deal.
ALMOST MINT!! Royal Navy/Fleet Air Arm/Coastal Command/RAF Ctype Flying Helmet Just about impossible to upgrade, a real gem!
ALMOST MINT!! Royal Navy/Fleet Air Arm/Coastal Command/RAF Pullover
AMAZING FIND!! English China Tea Set from WWII - RAF Bomber Command Officer's Mess - PRISTINE!! A truly outstanding bone china Tea Set by W. Bates & Co. I don't know where these have been hiding but they've obviously been extremely well looked after as they are in pristine condition. Each of the 18 pieces of china carries the Kings Crown Bomber Command insignia and the gold letter "D". There were only three Bomber Command stations under the sole letter "D" - Dalton, Dishforth and Driffield so I'm assuming these could have come from one of these WWII Bomber bases. The firm of W. Bates and Co. are still operating out of Stoke-on-Trent.
AMAZING!! 1930's Flying Boat Condiment Set - Pan/Am, Imperial Airways Clipper A wonderful silver plate model of the Shorts/Boeing Flying Boat, better known as a "Clipper". In the 1930's the transocean "Clippers" of Shorts, Boeing etc were built for "one-class" luxury air travel, a necessity given the long duration of transoceanic flights. The seats could be converted into 36 bunks for overnight accommodation; with a cruise speed of only 188 miles per hour (303 km/h) (typically flights at maximum gross weight were carried out at 155 miles per hour (249 km/h)), many flights lasted over 12 hours. The 314s had a lounge and dining area, and the galleys were crewed by chefs from four-star hotels. Men and women were provided with separate dressing rooms, and white-coated stewards served five and six-course meals with gleaming silver service. I am informed this gorgeous piece of silver plate was used on just those sort of flights. In almost mint condition and, I'm delighted to say - COMPLETE! This even has it's original tiny glass mustard pot and spoon. The small red bakelite knob is undamaged and both the Salt and Pepper pots are unused so no internal corrosion.. This is a real find as I've never come across a complete example, and in such immaculate condition. It has been boxed away in an old GPO box for eighty years and apart from a few light scratches it still looks like new.
AMAZING!! Armee de L'Air 'Trench Art' Aeroplane This is "Aero-Trench Art" at its very, very best!! This Armee de L'Air Aeroplane is everything genuine trench art should be. It is totally hand made, hand painted and as far as I'm aware it is 100% Unique! It might have been made to celebrate or commemorate one specific French Airman as there is a removeable glass section behind which a photograph would have been placed. The overall architectural design is the work of a real craftsman. Fitting a cube into a hexagonal base would have taken a real mathematical brain to work out this configuration. The hexagonal base is made os alternating plates of copper and brass. This then has thebrass cube sitting atop that with the shaft slotting into an awesome model Aircraft. The Aircraft is made from hand worked plates of copper with brass fittings. The maker has even gone as far as to add a pilot, who can be seen through the 'cockpit glass'. It's even possible to see his eyes believe it or not. The Aircraft has been handpainted in the livery of the French Air Force and it is possible to just make out the Serial Number. The rubber wheels and propeller all rotate freely. This would look totally incredible if polished, but I'll leave that to the buyer.
AMAZING!! D-Day, Juno Beach Artefact - HMS LAWFORD, D-Day Allied Command Ship. This is one of the most incredible WWII Artefacts I\'ve owned, held or offered for sale. Purchased by myself from an Antiques Dealer in November 2011, this is thought to be the \"Ducal Crown\" from the Forecastle of the D-DAY Allied Command Ship - HMS Lawford. HMS Lawford (K514) was a Royal Navy converted Captain class frigate (pennant DE-516), built in the US in 1944. She was converted into an HQ ship for the Normandy landings. On 8 June 1944, whilst operating off Juno Beach, she was hit by enemy fire during an air attack and sunk. Thirty-seven of her crew died. The Royal Navy\'s damage summary report states that the ship was hit by an \"aerial torpedo\", which has been taken to mean a torpedo dropped from an aircraft. However, a survey of the ship undertaken as part of the Channel 4 TV series \"Wreck Detectives\" found evidence that the vessel was broken up and sunk by an internal explosion, indicating a hit from one or more bombs or from an early guided missile such as an Hs-293 or (less likely) a Fritz X. It has been said that HMS Lawford was the first vessel to have been sunk by any form of \'Guided Missile\' used by the Luftwaffe, or any other Armed Forces for that matter. Obviously I have kept the supporting paperwork relating to the purchase of this piece. So please be aware that the information I have, is the information supplied by others. The Crown still has remains of it\'s original Gold Paint and decorative Red, White & Blue. It also has sections of rope (solidified) where it was fastened down, as wwll as small seashells and limoets still attached. It stands just over five inches high and with a diameter of seven and a half inches. There is a great deal more research to be carried out, and I certainly look forward to hearing from anyone who can tell me anything more on the Ducal Crown.
American \'Barnstormers\' Leather Flying Helmet by \'Air Transport Equipment\'
American \'Barnstormers\' Leather Flying Helmet by \'Karl Ort\'
AN INCREDIBLE UPDATE!! Signed by the Women who Built the Hawker Typhoon! Please see Code 52864, the original listing for this print. My Very Special Thanks go to a wonderful Gentleman, Mr. Keith Williams. Keith went to the 'nth' degree in researching this Wartime print. He began by researching "Myfanwy Lovell" and discovered through direct contact with her nephew that Myfanwy was an "Aircraft Parts Inspector" at Hucclecote. There is also information confirming the association with other signatories at the Hawker Typhoon plant at Hucclecote. Keith even managed to acquire a wonderful photograph of Myfanwy and her husband Ernie (Manning), who we believe also worked at Hucclecote building the Hawker Typhoon. Keith was also of the opinion that the print could well have been signed by the Hucclecote staff as a Wartime Memento to a Company Director......."I note that VE Day was May 8th 1945 just four days prior to the dated signature on the print so perhaps your scenario re the Gloster Director is correct but the occasion was based around VE Day & of course the winding down of Typhoon production which I note ended in Nov. 1945. As Hucclecote must have had more than 40 employees I would suggest that these 40 have a common denominator which now we know Myfanwy was an Inspector is the Inspection & related depts." The great shame in this incredible story is that Myfanwy Lovell passed away in April this year.
Antique \'Tunbridge Wear\' Aviation Memorabilia - \'Automatic\' Cigarette Case Even though a number of our items of Aviation Memorabilia fit the category, I don\'t believe I\'ve ever used the word \"Antique\" on any of our this is a first! One of those \'take your breath away\' pieces when you see it. This piece of \"Tunbridge Wear\" is absolutely beautiful in many respects. The quality of the inlaid Aircraft is wonderful and on every part/side of the box. Even the sliding sections are inlaid, and then the top sliding section is rolled back a tiny wooden Aircraft appears from inside, offering up your next Cigarette. Again, the colours are faded in my pictures. The actual colours of the box and Aircraft inlays are far more vivid. A very rare piece of early 20th Century Aviation Memorablilia.
ANTIQUE/CASED - Early 20th Century Motoring/Aviator Goggles by 'Callaghans of London' If these aren't the very earliest pair of Goggles I've owned I'd be very surprised. Made, or retailed by "Callaghan" of Bond Street, London they are sublime! Curved GLASS lenses framed in grey satin & fur to provide at least 'some' protection from the wind and elements. The Goggles hinge to fold up into their small protective case. They are amazing condition throughout and could even be worn today....I've never seen a pair of Goggles like them and you can certainly tell they are one of the very first steps in Goggle development.
AT LAST!! Just thought you might like to see the very first Museum Display Unit with exhibits in place..........Now just another 2,000 pieces to display!!!
AUTHENTIC & VERY RARE Pair of WWI Royal Flying Corps Gauntlets Probably the most recognisable type of WWI Flyers Gloves/Gauntlets, these have the additional mitten fitting which is sheepskin lined for extra warmth on the figertips.
Authentic Luftwaffe Schwimmweste A superb example of an all original Luftwaffe Schwimmveste of WWII. Complete with all original parts and in first class condition. Note. the retaining loop for the mouthpiece will require reattaching on one side and the small black mouthpiece is damaged on one side. Having said that, this really is an excellent display piece, but more than strong enough to be worn too. Do please ask for further pictures.
AUTHENTIC!! Early War RAF/Polish Air Force 'Field Made' Pilot Wing (Knedler) Those Polish Airmen unable to commission the making of lost insignia (see French PAF Wing below) in the early months WWII had to rely on the services of the RAF Workshops to make replacements for their missing insignia. This 'field made' PAF Pilot Wing is an excellent example of just such a piece. It looks to have been cast from an original pre-War 'KNEDLER' Polish Pilot Wing. It's interesting to note, the screw has also been re-cast around a small cap badge-nut. It would appear that casting the chain loops on the top of the Wing may not have possible so has therefore been left without the loops. The laurel wreath has been given a coat of gold paint at one time which was not uncommon.
AUTHENTIC!! WWI 1916-1918 Royal Naval Air Service Mess Plaque 'MUDROS' - Gallipoli Campaign This has to be one of the most remarkable pieces of WWI Aviation History found in some time, and was only acquired quite recently....If ever the term 'sleeper' is applied to an item then this is it, you only need to google "RNAS Mudros" to see what an exceptional piece this truly is. From my own experience other than medals there are very, very few genuine items surface which relate directly to the Air War over the Aegean Sea during the Gallipoli Campaign. However this is just such a piece!......and it doesn't take much imagination to envisage this hanging on the office wall of Air Commodore Robert Gordon, CB, CMG, DSO during the time he commanded N0.2 Wing RNAS, who from 1916 were based on Mudros. This is a beautifully hand made RNAS Eagle made from alloy and mounted on a laquered wooden plaque, below that is a small silver plate on which is engraved the word "MUDROS". This measure 14" across. Not a large piece in the physical sense, but in an historical sense this is massive!
AUTHENTIC!! WWI Imperial German Pilot's 'Richthofen' Ring I've had the great pleasure of now owning two original "Richthofen" Pilot Rings. The first I sold three years ago, and believe me, my customer was ecstatic when he received it. We've all seen the multitude of copies being sold, when you hold an original in your hand you know it. This would look exceptional when polished but I like the patination and wear on this specific ring, so I'll leave that to the next owner. The ring is made from silver and does a small indent makers mark, which I'm unable to identify.
AUTHENTIC!! WWI Period 'shearling' Flyers Jacket DESCRIPTION TO FOLLOW
AUTHENTIC!! WWI US Air Service Propeller Box Missing its lid and cracked, but what a special piece of WWI US Air Service memorabilia!
AUTHENTIC!! WWII LUFTWAFFE Solid Silver Cigarette Desk Box - Multi Signed by FIFTEEN Luftwaffe Aces! I will supply a Certificate of Authenticity with this Luftwaffe piece. When I first acquired this beautiful Luftwaffe Box I treated it as I do ALL such items...with some degree of scepticism over its authenticity. I have therefore never offered it for sale, until now. In the past twelve months I have had the box and the engraved signatures thoroughly examined and assessed and I'm now more than happy to sell this as an original piece of Luftwaffe Memorabilia and will back this up with a lifetime letter of authenticity. This silver Cigarette Case carries the wARTIME signatures of 15 Luftwaffe Pilots/Aces. I can identify a few, for example; Hauptmann Bruno Stolle - Gruppenkommander of III./JG 2. The other 15 names TBC include; LYUSKA, THOVITZ, RAIMANN, GRAFSMANN, M. FURRER, KIBLER, SCHICK, RUMER, VIETH, SCHERPE, ERIEN, GERTH, SCHULLER, PRIETH. The case is made from solid silver, carries the German mark of 900 and the makers mark of "FM". It's clear that the signatures would have been added at the same time on to a single sheet of silver and that sheet would then have been engraved and then, made into the lid of the case. It therefore follows that the fifteen Luftwaffe Pilots would have had to have been at the same place at the same time (give or take a few days). See item 52205 for extra pictures and please email and I'll forward all pictures for closer scrutiny. IMPORTANT POINT TO NOTE; During the engraver/jewellers inspection it was confirmed to me that the signatures would have been almost impossible to engrave AFTER the case had been made. This is crucial in confirming the historical authenticity of the case.
AUTHENTIC!! WWII RAF Shoulder Title #1 - 'POLAND' A very rare, gauranteed original "POLAND" Shoulder Title on wool.
AUTHENTIC!! WWII RAF Shoulder Title #2 - 'POLAND' A very rare, gauranteed original "POLAND" Shoulder Title on felt.
AUTHENTIC!! WWII RAF Shoulder Title #3 - 'POLAND' A very rare, gauranteed original "POLAND" Shoulder Title on felt.
Avro Tutor Desk Set - Detail Pictures
AWESOME Pair of Model 295 Luftwaffe Flying Goggles A truly fantastic pair of the Model 295 Luftwaffe Flying Goggles in almost mint condition. The only other pair I've had in such condition WERE the mint/boxed pair I had, and sold earlier this year - 52047. Some superficial 'wear' around the nose area is the one thing that holds me back from describing them as mint. The cushions are very soft and flexible, the nickel frames are dusty but would easily clean up to be immaculate. The polished nickel strap fittings are excellent, the strap is 'as new' and the lenses are perfect. These are a first class pair of Luftwaffe Flying Goggles!
AWESOME!! 'Trench Art' Style V1 Doodlebug at Launch An extremely eye-catching study of the V1 "Doodlebug" Rocket at launch. The engineering expertise that has gone into the making of this is second to none. It doesn't matter which angle you view this, the quality of manufacture is simply breathtaking!! PLEASE NOTE; Although the maker has utilised genuine 1943 parts I don't believe this to be a WWII period piece so cannot sell it as such.
AWESOME!! 1918 Pattern RAF Pilot Wings - Gold Bullion - OUTSTANDING! No images could possibly do this pair of Wings justice. They need to be seen and held in the hand to fully appreciate the quality, craftsmanship, materials, shape and condition. The very finest pair of RAF Full Dress Wings you will see!
AWESOME!! 1938 'DUNLOP' AH2242 Spade Grip - RAF Harvard Advanced Trainer Aircraft You would be hard pushed to find a better example of ANY World War Two Spade Grip ANYWHERE! Dated 1938, this Spade Grip is in immaculate condition throughout, and with a fully functioning Gun Button. Thought to come from one of the first batch of the AT6 Texan/Harvard advanced trainer aircraft. One particularly nice touch is the stamping on the top of the stem; "PATENT DUNLOP APPLIED FOR". As mentioned, apart from some muck from storage and a few light marks, the condition of the complete grip is second to none.......IMMACULATE!! Don't forget just how many Allied Fighter Pilots of WWII actually carried out their full air combat training through the "Empire Air Scheme" on the Harvard before being allowed to move on to their Warbirds such as the Hurricane & Spitfire. The Royal Air Force actually purchased just over one thousand Harvards before the American "Lend-Lease" arrangements came into operation......The Harvard is regarded as an essential tool in the training of the finest Battle of Britain Pilots.
AWESOME!! Early Motorist/Aviator's Leather Coat - 1900-1910 What a find! Not only is this wonderful coat in fantastic condition it could also be worn, over 100 years after its manufacture. Then to top it off, it's a large size! I tried it on and the sleeves hang over my hands. Of course these large, warm, double breasted leather coats were specifically designed for the "modern" automobile drivers of the early 1900's. After all, any form of specialised Flying Clothing was still a good ten years in the future. So it's fair to say that these coats had a dual purpose for those privileged few who could afford the luxuries of both driving and flying, whether fixed wing or balloon. A rare and wonderful pre-WWI Aviation/Transportation display piece. Even more incredible in the fact that this is still very much a wearable item of clothing!
AWESOME!! Handmade & Handpainted model of the 1931 Schneider Trophy Supermarine S6B This is of the very highest quality and I believe was made in England as a Very Limited Edition. Measures approx 20" x 20"
AWESOME!! Handmade RAF Desk Model - Gloster Meteor - 'DOODLEBUSTERS' Is this, or is this not quite spectacular! As can be seen from my other Aviation Desk Models I'm very fortunate to own some of the finest examples of unique period pieces, and this Meteor ranks up there alongside the very best of the best. Being handmade and handpainted I think it's fair to say that I will never see another model like this. The Meteor has a wingspan of 6.5" and the model stand 8.5" tall.
AWESOME!! Ju87 STUKA Propeller Blade This HUGE/HEAVY Prop Blade is from a Luftwaffe Ju87 STUKA Dive Bomber. A number of people have contacted me on this with reference to the \'clipped tip\', and I\'ve also shown the Blade tip to a few visitors recently....when you look very closely, the finishing marks of the tip and the trailing edge of the Blade are identical. So whether this blade has actually been clipped is open to debate. It\'s still a very rare prop Blade indeed! This is the Heaviest Prop Blade I\'ve ever lifted. So postage whether in the UK, or International will be confirmed post-purchase.
AWESOME!! Original WWII Hawker Tempest Wooden ID Model - with Doodlebug!! This is an original wooden WWII Identification Model of the Hawker Tempest. From what I've been told it was mounted with a 1970's "Matchbox" model and stand incorporating a V1 "Doodlebug". As can be seen, this really does make an excellent display piece which always grabs visitors' attention in amongst my many Typhoon and Tempest models. The Tempest is gauranteed as 100% Authentic, the black paint has cracked over the years but the model itself is structurally sound.
AWESOME!! Pair of 1933 Pattern RAF Flying Gauntlets - I/D'd & Battle of Britain-1940 Issued!! I've just checked back through my archives and incredibly, this is the first pair of 1933 Pattern RAF Gauntlets I've had in over three years....but it was definitely worth the wait!! First thing to say is that these are a genuine matched pair, these aren't a mis-matched pair so often seen for sale. The mis-matching was due to the Wartime manufacturers being forced to make just one glove, either right hand OR left hand. This was done to prevent the theft of pairs of gloves by workers. These are also 1940 Issue and have a wonderful Air Ministry Issue Stamp in each glove. The quality of manufacture of these Gauntlets is exceptional, they have seen use but they they still retain that wonderful light chestnut brown colour in the perfect leather. There are no rips, tears or pulling at the seams. Both zips function perfectly with perfect matching leather pull-tabs. To top all that off, these also come with their original RAF Officer's dog tags. My very brief research shows he was in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
AWESOME!! Pair of Battle of Britain MkIV (not IVb) RAF Flying Goggles Probably the hardest of all RAF Battle of Britain period Flying Goggles to find, and this pair are in fantastic overall condition! Please Note; These are the earlier MkIV "FOUR" Battle of Britain Flying Goggles, not the more common MkIVb. Finding a pair of these is hard enough, but almost impossible to find in such immaculate condition!
AWESOME!! Pair of BATTLE OF BRITAIN RAF MkIVb Flying Goggles A truly outstanding pair of RAF MkIVb Flying Goggles....just look at the frames, they have almost 100% of the original black paint intact. Inevitably the cushions have hardened but other than that these are quite stunning MkIVb Flying Goggles. Just look at the shine on the nickel plated buckle to gauge the overall quality and conditition of these MkIVb's.
AWESOME!! Pair of BROWN Luftwaffe Flying Boots - Early/Pre War 'Hoffmann' An early pair of rare, top quality Brown "Hoffmann" Luftwaffe Flying Boots in very good condition. There are a number of period repairs but that shouldn't detract from what is a superb looking pair of early Luftwaffe Flying Boots. ORIGINAL HOFFMANN'S
AWESOME!! Pair of Luftwaffe Model 295 Windshutzbrille Flying Goggles with Box and all Accessories - OUTSTANDING!! IMPOSSIBLE TO UPGRADE!! This cased pair of Phillip Winter 1935 Luftwaffe Flying Goggles are as good, and complete as the day they were made. My pictures let down what is an immaculate example of WWII Flying Geadgear
AWESOME!! Pair of reproduction WWII Japanese 'TAKASHIMAYA' Flying Goggles I've put these down as reproductions as they are like 'new' and have no markings. I've tried everywhere to find out who makes them but as yet have had no success. I can only assume they're not commercially manufactured and that this pair were made for a specific reason. The quality of materials used and methods of manufacture is superb. As you can see, they look amazing on display.
AWESOME!! Pair of US Pilot Sunglasses - RARE Blue 'Rockglas' Lenses I cannot quite make out the "CONTRACT No." details on the glasses case, but I'm confident these were official issue. Also, I've looked for a makers mark but with no success. One thing is for sure, they're as good a quality as the Baush and Lomb types I've had over the years.
AWESOME!! Pair of USAAF Brown Leather 1936 Pattern RAF Flying Boots "OVERSEXED, OVERPAID AND OVER HERE" Just picture it, a smart USAAF Airman walks into a top London Shoemaker and commissions a pair of luxurious brown Flying Boots, made to order and "which look something like these"...he hands the Shoemaker a pair of tired Air Ministry 1936 Pattern Flying Boots.... ...The Shoemaker gets to work measuring the Airman's feet to the "Nth Degree" and finally says "They'll be ready for you in a month". The Airman doesn't flinch when he's told the price, but as he leaves the Shoemaker's premises he calls back "Hey Buddy, add a pair of those fancy silver buckles". The result - A pair of wonderful brown leather 1936 Pattern Boots, tailor made and with "those fancy silver buckles".....a bit like these really! NOTE; This delightful little tale is pure fiction, but as you know these events did occur when our wealthy American cousins paid us a much needed visit during WWII. The money of US Servicemen during WWII paid for custom made Military clothing, footwear, insignia etc. Many top UK craftsmen snd jewellers depended on the Americans for their living at a time of extreme austerity here in Great Britain.
AWESOME!! Pair of WWI Imperial German 'FUG' Boots Please note: because the thin fixing straps on the top of each boot have long since departed, these boots have been particularly difficult to picture in situ. If you look at the top of the right leg of the leather Flying Trousers you will see a dark 'wear' mark. This is where the top of the boot would fit the inner thigh and is also where the leg strap of the WWI German "Heinecke" Parachute would be. The replacing of the fixing straps would be a relatively simple process in the hands of a good cobbler. plus there is still one original buckle in place which would help source accurate replacements. These straps would have looped around the waist belt and buckle fastened to secure.
AWESOME!! RAF Battle of Britain 'B' Type Flying Helmet A real beauty of a "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" Btype Flying Helmet - Air Ministry stamped externally and internally, as well as an early Air Ministry label. A very generous size 2 and in outstanding condition. Both Bennetts Buckles excellent with full leather coverings and both zips work fine. No rips tears or scuffing. The adjusting strap and goggles straps are immaculate too.
AWESOME!! Royal Flying Corps Officers Visor Cap - pre-1918 by 'W. CATER' of London To help confirm this Cap's WWI manufacture I recommend clicking on the following link; This link shows that "W CATER & Co." moved from 56 Pall Mall to 62 Pall Mall around 1918. This Cap was made and retailed through 52 Pall Mall. It is therefore a pre-1918 manufactured Cap. Other than a couple of moth nips the Cap is in sublime condition. A real beauty and the very finest quality, as you would expect from W CATER & Co.. The Cap looks to have been initially made for an Officer of the Royal Horse Guards who has then been seconded to the Royal Flying Corps. I have been told the leather seam on the brim was used only by WWI British Cavalry Officers. There is a makers commissioned name tag and the name could possibly be Milburn? Certainly worth some serious research to try and place some real history to this.
AWESOME!! WWII Flying Suit of the Finnish Air Force I have the pleasure of owning many rare items of WWII Flying Kit, but very few match the standards and rarity of this particular Flight Suit. Any item of FiAF memorabilia rates as 'specialist' and we all know that very few items ever come on to the market. So to hold, touch and even smell this Flying Suit gives quite a buzz. To think this Suit was potentially worn by a Finnish Pilot, who flew in combat a Fokker D.XXI in the most atrocious conditions and against the might of the Soviet Air Force. Totally out-numbered and with obsolete Aircraft, the tactics of the FiAF are now genuine stuff of legend in the world of Military Aviation (see tunic below). This is 100% genuine and completely untouched. It still has its Finnish makers label and appears to carry the names of three Airmen.
AWESOME!! WWII RAF Lancaster & Propeller Display Piece Please Note; The handmade Lancaster and Propeller did not originally come together. I have owned the wooden Lancaster for some time now and have been looking for a suitable stand on which to display it properly. The Propeller was acquired later and makes the perfect display 'partner' for the Lancaster. THE PROPELLOR A fine piece of British craftsmanship - A solid oak spinner with a 5" diameter fitted with three hand-spun polished metal propeller blades. Each blade is 9" long making this a large and heavy display piece. THE LANCASTER Handmade in a fine grain timber and extremely accurate, the wing shape and diehedral angles are excellent. The propellers spin, one blade has been broken and repaired at some stage. It has a wingspan of 17.5", or 45cms. There is then a brass plate which reads; "All the Best TED from Shop 35". This is likely to denote the propeller was orignialy made in Aircraft Maintenance Shop 35. I think you will agree, that the 'marriage' of the Lanc & Prop provides a brilliant display piece which really shows the awesome power of the Lancaster and its four Merlin Engines to full affect. I do make my apologies now, to the purist collector who correctly prefer not to see 'married' pieces of memorabilia. I have been honest about the items and would personally prefer to see these two particular pieces together rather than not displayed at all. All of the original pieces are still there, nothing has been changed, drilled or glued etc so are still in their original 'as made' condition.
BARGAIN PRICE!! Size 40 - Genuine 'AERO LEATHER' Irvin Jacket - Unworn! This beautiful Irvin is "AS NEW", never worn so therefore in the same condition as it left the manufacturers.
BATTLE DAMAGED!! GENUINE MkII RAF 'Battle of Britain' Flying Goggles If you've closely examined an authentic pair of MkII RAF Flying Goggles you will know just how strong their steel frames are, and it's that structural strength that raises a question relating to the unusual damage to the right frame of this pair. It doesn't take "NCIS" to confirm that whatever blasted that small hole in the frame actually came from the inside. Or to be more accurate, has passed right through the right goggle section as shown on picture 2. That small impact was also significant enough to have blown out the laminate in the goggle lens. Just think about it, when a 20mm Cannon Shell from a Bf109 impacted, it exploded into many, many small fragments designed to cause the maximum damage to an enemy aircraft in one hit. Who's to say these goggles weren't hit by just such a fragment? There's no denying that something small, travelling at huge velocity has caused the damage. Now, these could be restored but I think the damage actually adds to the character of these goggles, rather than diminishes it........I've left them as found, a highly unique pair of genuine MkII RAF Flying Goggles
Battle of Britain - Luftwaffe Officer's Side Cap - WITH AMAZING HISTORY & PROVENANCE!!! FROM A BATTLE OF BRITAIN LUFTWAFFE AIRMAN SHOT DOWN OVER THE UK IN 1940. If you own a copy of the excellent 1990 publication "THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN" by Richard Townsend Bickers, please go to page 60. At the bottom of that page you will see this ACTUAL Luftwaffe Side Cap. I GAURANTEE this is the actual Cap shown in the book and I don't believe you can find much better provenance than as witten in a book by R.T Bickers. This Luftwaffe Officer's Cap was described in the book as one of a number of items pictured "all taken from aircraft downed in the UK". It doesn't take much close examination to see that 'stitch for stitch' this is the exact same cap. It would look amazing displayed with a professionally enlarged and framed copy of the picture in the book!
Battle of Britain Bronze Sculpture Detail Pictures
BATTLE OF BRITAIN Medal Group & Insignia - Flight Sergeant W. E Shaw. GeorgeVI LSGC Group According to the "Forces-War-Records" website "342650 . F/SGT W.E SHAW. R.A.F" served with the Royal Air Force as a Warrant Officer during the BATTLE OF BRITAIN. His date of seniority being given as 15th May 1940, but as can be seen, his Long Service, Good Conduct medal has him ranked as Flight Sergeant. Given Flight Sgt Shaw's service number of 342650 it is safe to say that he joined the Royal Air Force as a civilian between September 1919 and June 1925. The 1939-1945 Star is NOT his original, but as shown on the link below he was entitled to this Award so I have replaced it and put his known medals on a bar. The 39-45 Star was missing from the group when I acquired it so I can only think that this medal group may still not be complete. The War, Defence and LSGC Medals are 100% Authentic to Flt Sgt. Shaw, as are the Flt Sgt Crowns, His Cap Badges and Buttons. A lovely group of items nonetheless and very much worthy of research given his early entry into the Royal Air Force and service during the Battle of Britain.
BATTLE OF BRITAIN SCULPTURE - Who is the artist? I am showing a few further pictures of my Battle of Britain sculpture whilst it was the wall in the RAF Pub in Boston, Lincoln shire. You will also see a picture of my Vulcan Pilot friend and with him is the sculptor (with moustache). We believe the sculptors name is Mike Green and he hails from Leicestershire. These pictures were taken some time ago. Can anyone put a positive identity to this very talented Gentleman?
Battle of Britain Spitfire 'DW K' - Handmade wooden artists model The first five pictures on this item shown five different angles of this Spitfire from only one static position. I was informed by the vendor that this model was custom made for a post-War Aviation Artist and was used extensively outdoors to help catch the light on the Spitfire under different skies. This would explain the colour fading of the paintwork over time. Wingspan 34cms A Spitfire model full of character.
Battle of Britain \'Trophy\'! Mounted Luftwaffe \'Keinzle\' Cockpit Clock As below, another recent acquisition of incredible Battle of Britain Memorabilia! This is a Luftwaffe \"Keinzle\" Cockpit Clock mounted on to a section of Lucite which in turn is mounted on to an oak base. The Clock itself is a beautiful example of the early War \"Keinzle\" Cockpit Clock. It is Immaculate and Full Working Condition, keeping excellent time. The mount is better described in the pictures...three Battle of Britain Spitfires on an Art Deco designed semi-circle of Lucite. What is so peculiar about this piece is that it is unfinished!...there are no horizontal Tailplanes on the Spitfires, and the Plaque for this \'Trophy\' was never made nor mounted. On the bottom of the base is a note which states; \"German Dive Bomber. Crash Landed Dover 29th July 1940. Squadron........Airman.........\" I have researched the above information and it does tie in with a Ju87 Stuka which crash landed in that area, and on that date...but I wouldn\'t be so bold as to metaphorically \'fill in the gaps\' so to speak. This is still an incredible piece as it is!
Battle of Britain! - Type P8 Spitfire Compass - JUNE 1940! AT LAST!! For years I've attempted to find a P8 Compass with a 1940 inspection stamp, and now at last - I've found one! Not only that, but this is dated for 13th JUNE 1940!! Just five days later Winston Churchill made his famous "This was their finest hour" speech on 18 June 1940. He said "The Battle of France is over. I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin". The iconic type P8 was produced between 1937 - 1940 to be superceded by the P8M and the P11. This example only carries two inspection stamps, the first being the earlier (smaller) inspection stamp from A.C.T.S Dunstable. The other being from Slough - 13th June 1940 when it would have been inspected/passed and returned to the Royal Air Force for use in the Battle of Britain. The Type P8 was used in a variety of RAF Fighter/Bomber Aircraft but is always thought of as "The Spitfire Compass" as it was just that, used in Spitfires. The overall condition seems to have been untouched since that time. The fluid has dried out resulting in the inevitable black paint flaking on the inside. However the Compass is still in full working condition and extremely good aesthetic appearance. The box is the early pre-War non-painted type and still has its original webbing strap in place.
Battle of Britain! MkIIIa RAF/Air Ministry Flying Goggles An excellent pair of the Battle of Britain period MkIIIa Flying Goggles. One of the eight springs in the strap has come loose but this isn't at all noticeable when on display or when being worn. The lenses are probably replacements as they appear too good to be of the period. The right lens has tiny stress cracks but they are only noticeable when viewed from a specific angle. The frames have the usual wear to the paint in the high areas but all original parts in place. The cushions have hardened in places but the velvet lining is in very good condition. The leather strap has been customised and is fully Air Ministry stamped. All in all an extremely good pair of MkIIIa's.
BATTLE OF BRITAIN!! 1940 Dated RAF O/R Side Cap A rare piece of RAF 'Battle of Britain' dated attire complete with 'theatre made' RAF Cap Badge. Named, but not researched. A bit grubby, only one tiny moth hole and also, a very good size - fits me, so possibly 7.5.
BATTLE OF BRITAIN!! Hand embroidered card table cover - Boulton Paul Defiant's, Sutton Bridge 1939 This may well be familiar to you, as it has been on almost every picture on my website for the past twelve months. I've now replaced it for a WWII Squadron Leaders flag. I've had my pleasure from it so will now let this go. The story behind this is that it came from the Officers Mess at RAF Sutton Bridge. It was used as an ornate table cloth quickly thrown over the card table when being visited by the higher echelons of the Royal Air Force. It's a lovely, hand made item showing four Boulton Paul Defiants which are hand embroidered in wool onto the green cotton cloth. Having been well cared for and wrapped in paper for seventy years it is in beautiful condition. A real on-off from the Battle of Britain period. As a wall hanging it would make a fantastic backdrop to any WWII RAF Collection.
BATTLE OF BRITAIN!! MkVIb RAF Flying Goggles - perfect for Battle of Britain re-eancting A very displayable pair of MkVIb RAF Flying Goggles. Wear to the elastic cord, cushions have hardened and fallen away, replacement flip screen and lenses. Still, they definitely look the part and so are not only perfect for display but also for re-enacting as they are strong enough to take a few knocks without worrying about any further damage. Priced according to condition.
Battle of Britain/The Blitz - Barrage Balloon Command Table Lighter - by ASPREY!! An incredibly rare piece of WWII Aviation Memorabilia which would appeal to collectors of Asprey, The Blitz, Parker Beacon and even early Table Lighters in general........ Made by "ASPREY"!! I wasn't aware of this when I bought the piece, so imagine my delight at seeing the "Asprey" stamp's. The Barrage Balloon is a seldom seen subject, perhaps because The Blitz was not really a subject to be celebrated/commemorated? other than to highlight the service of the Barrage Balloon Command and the British spirit during the War. It's also worth pointing out that 231 German V-1 Rockets (Doodlebugs) were claimed to have been destroyed by Barrage Balloons. This is also a very early electric table lighter by Parker Beacon. The overall condition is extremely good. A few scratches to the chrome finish but no overpolishing etc. The lighter itself would need to be seen by a specialist to have it working again.
BATTLE OF FRANCE? 8'' Officers Mess Dinner Bell - Air Ministry casting!! This is a wonderful 8" RAF/Air Ministry Fire Bell which has been expertly made into an Officers Mess Dinner Bell. What makes this Bell so special is that it was made specifically for the Air Ministry...The "A.M" and "CROWN" marks are part of the original casting (NOT LATER STAMPED or ENGRAVED), making this an early RAF Bell. Later RAF Bells were acquired by the Air Ministry and stamped "A.M" prior to being issued to the Royal Air Force. This Bell would have originally been used on RAF Fire Vehicles, and could subsequently have been used as a "Scramble Bell". I've tried to find date/source stamps elsewhere on this piece and the only marks I've found are on the hand held ringer. There are two copper coins acting as retainers to the actual ringer. I believe these are late 1930's French Coins which would have had the hole already in place. So is it possible this dates to the Battle of France?
BATTLE WORN! Luftwaffe Flight Jacket - White Leather & Fur I'd be amazed if this particular Jacket hadn't seen the confines of many Luftwaffe Aircraft. The numerous period repairs, oil stains and even white paint splashes give this wonderful Jacket more character than Peter Sellers ever played. IMPORTANT; Please note the shoulder board loops are 100% genuine and of the period.
BATTLE WORN, COMPLETE & BOXED!! RAF MkIIA 'Bonedome' Flying Helmet & Oxygen Mask Unlike its partner below, this green RAF Flying Helmet has seen a lot of action. This can be seen by the customised reflecting tape patterns on the shell and the overall general wear and tear. The Helmet is in its original RAF Transit Case and is complete with both tinted and clear visors (marked) and all required fittings for use.
Beautiful Gold & Silver Royal Air Force Sweetheart Brooch Quite a unique RAF Sweetheart, we've never come across this particular design before. An early design RAF Badge in gold plate, mounted on a sterling silver wreath...really nice.
Beautiful Mother of Pearl Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Brooch A most attractive Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Brooch. Perfect detailed enamelling and no damage to thick piece of Mother of Pearl.....a nice early RFC Brooch
BEAUTIFUL! Pair of RFC Propeller 'Trench Art' Desk Boxes. An exquitely carved pair of Royal Flying Corps Desk Boxes. Highly unusual as the boves has been worked into a smooth curve, when normally the box sides are flat. Also, nice to see this pair have remained together.
BEAUTIFUL! Pair of RFC Silk and Lace 'Sweetheart' Hankies. A gorgeous pair of WWI Sweetheart Hankies, both in beautiful condition with one dated as early as 1915! which is extremely rare to see.
BEAUTIFUL! Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing - Gilded Mess Dress Variant. A very rare RFC Wing, identical in every detail to the full-size Pilot Wing of the Royal Flying Corps. These smaller gilded Wings were only ever worn on the Royal Flying Corps Mess Dress, making this is an even rarer Wing than the full-sized variant. It is in outstanding/crisp condition with all the gold gilding in place. My pictures don't show how 'yellow' the brooch really is.
BEAUTIFUL! Solid Silver BATTLE OF BRITAIN Commemerative Plaque
Beautiful! Sterling Silver RAF Sweetheart Brooch
BEAUTIFUL!! 1918 Pattern RAF Pilot Wing - in Silk, OUTSTANDING!! The first, and finest of Royal Air Force Pilot Wings. This is a real STUNNER!
BEAUTIFUL!! Gold Gilded and Enamel Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing Brooch An extremely eyecatching WWI RFC Brooch in gold gilded metal and royal blue enamelling.
BEAUTIFUL!! Pre-War RAF Powder Jar - Fully Hallmarked for 1938, Turner & Simpson In immaculate condition and displays superbly alone, or alongside my other RAF silver dressing table accoutrements.
BEAUTIFUL!! Pre/Early WWI Brass 'Trench Art' Cigarette Lighter - 'La Republique' If this was polished it would look magnificent, but I'll leave that to the buyer. One side shows what I believe to be the French Airship "La Republique!, the other side shows and early Monoplane in flight. The detailing is still superb. The lighter is missing its striker but with such a wonderful historic item that seems quite irrelevant as this is now over 100 years old and still in very fine condition.
BEAUTIFUL!! Silver & Blue Guilloche Enamel RAF Pilot Wings Sweetheart Pin On its original retailers card, this is immaculate! Never Worn so in mint condition
BEAUTIFUL!! Silver & Enamel Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Brooch - VERY RARE VARIANT! I have an extensive collection of Aviation Sweethearts on display in the Museum, I'm therefore quite familiar with most variants. So I know that this, and the example above are two very rare variants on the theme of the RFC Cap Badge.
BEAUTIFUL!! Silver (plate) & Enamel Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Brooch - VERY RARE VARIANT! One of two scarce RFC Sweethearts I'm now offering.
BEAUTIFUL!! WWI Flying Goggles - BOXED & IMMACULATE!! - Armée de l'Air - Royal Flying Corps - Imperial German Air Service An amazing pair of 100 Year Old Goggles which you'd think were made yesterday. Made in France, this type of Goggle was used by the Air Forces on both sides of no-man's land. Indeed although this style of Goggles is pictured in use by the early Royal Flying Corps and Armée de l'Air they are seen most often being used by Pilots of the early Imperial German Air Service. Because these Goggles been stored in their original storage and retail boxes they are in immaculate condition. IMPOSSIBLE TO UPGRADE!
BEAUTIFUL!! WWI Propeller Hub Clock - with a fine quality English made Panel Clock A stunning early Propeller Clock with one of the finest quality 'rim wind' panel/dash clocks I've seen!...English made with a 17 Jewel movement it's a real beauty. The quality in manufacture of this is second to none. The Clock screws in to a bespoke backing plate and although not working it would only require a clean to have it 100%. The balance etc are all perfect.
BEAUTIFUL!! WWII RAF Officer's Visor Cap - by 'BURBERRY' Suffice to say, the quality of manufacture in this Cap is second to none! You wouldn't expect anything less from the prestigious "Burberry" name. The Cap is 100% Original and completely untouched. The chinstrap has slight damage, but replacing the fine patent leather example would be difficult and remove the full authenticity of the Cap. The Cap is a much brighter blue than my pictures show and the label can be read as an original "Burberry" label.
Beautifully Carved Mahogany RAF Bookends Carved from solid Mahogany and dating from the early part of the 20th Century, this Stunning pair of Bookends are the ideal way to display that Special set of Aviation Publications of the period.
BESPOKE!! 1st Pattern RAF CType Flying Helmet with Headset - Size 3! PLEASE NOTE; this is bespoke 'field made' 1st Pattern CType Flying Helmet. It has NEVER had the rubber receiver cups fitted. There are no stitching holes denoting missing or damaged cups. This unique 1st Pattern CType has been adapted to be worn with headphones. More than likely these very headphones as they came with the Helmet. Although this Helmet has been heavily worn it is still in exceptional condition, just look at the "Bennetts" Buckle and chinstrap. The internal chamois is (as expected) grubby, it does still have its original Air Ministry label. The donut cushions are fine. The external leather is superb and when displayed with the headphones this is a very, very attractive early War headset! A UNIQUE ADDITION TO ANY WWII RAF FLYING HELMET COLLECTION!
BOTH VOLUMES in DJ's!! 1940 RAF Aeroplane Instruments - VERY SCARCE!! This is a unique opportunity to acquire not just one, but BOTH VOLUMES of the "Aeroplane Instruments" section of the "Airplane Maintenance and Operation Series" as used by the Ground Crew of the Royal Air Force in the Battle of Britain and the rest of WWII. These rare books cover every aspect of almost every instrument found in every RAF Aircraft of WWII. So whether you're a collector of instruments, an Aircraft restorer or a collector of rare Aviation books, these are a real 'Gem' of a find.....especially in their original dustjackets. It's also worth noting that Volume One carries a Wartime Air Inspector Directorate stamp of "A.I.D.H.C.9".
BOXED & MINT!! 'Wiking' Luftwaffe ID Model - Heinkel He111
BOXED & MINT!! 1941 Pattern RAF Flying Boots The term "Shed Find" is perfect for this outstanding/perfect pair of 1941 Pattern RAF Flying Boots. Please Note; I've made no effort to remove the tiny fragments of brown paper/dust etc. from the Boots, they are exactly as MINT CONDITION!!
BOXED & NAMED!! WWII Ctype Flying Helmet, TypeG Oxygen Mask & MkVIII Flying Goggles A true WWII Headset, with the Flying Helmet named to R.C.A.F Pilot/Airman - A.G OLSEN, RCAF J.45207. These are in genuine, battle-worn condition but still display really well. Of course the MkVIII Flying Goggles are original Air Ministry marked MkVIII's. The 2nd Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet is of correct Wartime pattern in fair/good condition and the TypeG Oxygen Mask is again in good condition. Those who know me will be aware I'm often very sceptical about "named" items. Without provenance they could have have been named yesterday, but experience tells me these are the 100% Authentic.
Boxed 1944 RAF Bomber Command \'Aldiss\' Signalling Lamp
Boxed Spitfire Gunsight Full description to follow.
Boxed \'Chobert Riveter\' & Parts - Air Ministry 1944 Spitfire, Typhoon etc.
BOXED!! WWII Avro Lancaster Identification Model by 'WORCRAFT' "RESERVED FOR RAF, ATC & HIS MAJESTY'S FORCES" One of the rarest items I've seen in the world of WWII Aircraft Recognition.
BOXED, FULLY WIRED!! Ctype Flying Helmet - Size 3! A cracking size3 RAF Ctype Flying Helmet in first class condition. "As Issued"
Brass \'Trench Art\' Lighter - Royal Australian Air Force A really nice WWII piece, made from Brass & Copper. I\'ve replaced the flint so all this requires is a wick to have it working again.
Brilliant! Pair of RAF Spitfire Tailplane Solid Oak Bookends I\'ve never seen the likes before!! A wonderful pair of Solid Oak Bookends modelled on the Tail Section of the Supermarine Spitfire. If you have a set of Special Books...Pilot Log Books/Pilot Notes/Spitfire Manuals....then there is no better way of displaying them! The Quality of the Craftsmanship is Superb in this Unique Spitfire Piece!
BRILLIANT!! Book by Grover C. Loening - 'MILITARY AEROPLANES' - Published 1916 This is a book targetted at Military Aviators and not the general's not just a picture book. Published in 1916, midway through The Great War this publication provides page after page of invaluable information for both novice and experienced Military Aviators. This rare copy has a few marks on the hardback covers but the pages are in exceptional condition. There are numerous unseen pictures of the Military Aircraft of the day, all very clean and crisp images.
BRILLIANT!! Luftwaffe 'summer weight' Leather Flying Jacket - SUPERB QUALITY!
BRILLIANT!! Pair of Early 20th Century Driving/Flying fur Gauntlets These would look amazing displayed with the German coat below or with an RFC Mannequin 'honey' coloured Coat. This pair of vintage Gauntlets haven't survived quite as well as the previously sold pair - item No.51568 but they are still pretty awesome to look at and wear. In the right hands repairs should not be a major issue.
BRILLIANT!! WWI French Monoplane Brooch I think this is silver plated brass. It is in beautiful overall condition, some wear but not over-worn.
BRILLIANT!! WWII RAF Officers Side Cap - 'Brylcreem Boys' A wonderful WWII RAF Officers Side Cap, full of character and as genuine as the day is long. The condition is superb, not mint just superb! The inner lining gives it all away as it is heavily stained with sweat and Brylcreem. It's also nice to see the original Cap Badge with no internal fittings showing. The liner also still has its original paper label showing size 6 3/4. There is one, tiny and vey faing moth-nip which is barely visible but I thought I'd mention it. This WWII RAF Side Cap will not disappoint.
Bronze Hawker Typhoon - Gloster Aircraft Company From my personal Hawker Typhoon Collection No pictures could possibly do this model justice. If I tell you that the missing propeller blades were actually screwed into the spinner perhaps that would go someway to quantifying the accuracy in its manufacture. I'm also pretty sure the undercarriage was manufactured to be shown both up, and down, and just look at the meshed air intake. Thought to be a WWII apprentice piece from the makers of the Typhoon, Gloster Aircraft Company. You need to see this in the hand to fully appreciate the amazing engineering craftsmanship. You will only know how awesome this unique model is if you choose to buy it.....the accuracy is phenomanal!!
BRONZE!! - P-38 Lightning USAAF WWII Trench Art Ashtray - BRONZE!! A Fine Heavy Study of the USAAF P-38 Lightning. Given the colour and weight of this I\'d say it is Highly Polished Bronze, and not the usual Brass Trench Art Model.
C'EST MAGNIFIQUE!! Wonderful item of 1930's French 'Art Deco' Aviation Memorabilia A beautiful 1930's French Desk Top piece in gorgeous, untouched condition. Very much in an "Art Deco, Geometric" style, this is a truly awesome piece of 1930's French Aviation Memorabilia. Still with its original ink wells (with dried ink), this is completely authentic, with lovely aged patination to the wood. The condition could be described as almost perfect with no damage at all to the base, inkwell stands or the Aircraft. Seeing these high-end French Aviation pieces sell for very high prices when they occassionaly appear at auction, ensures these are very much investments for the future. Je' t'Aime!!
Calling All 1920's/1930's German Aviation Enthusiasts What I'm showing here is a curious collection of memorabilia relating to Chief Messerschmitt Test Pilot, Wilhelm Stor. This is a group of items I acquired a number of years ago more out of curiosity than for any other reason. You know how it is as a collector, you see something which really piques your interest and simply have to have it. Well this is just such a collection of items. In an initial effort to 'put some meat on the bones' I'm now trying to assess who the signatories were on the silver picture frame from Boblingen in 1926, I recognise Graf Castell and Hartmann (Mrs. ??)......but don't recognise the others, can you help?
CALLING ALL LUFTWAFFE SIGNATURE COLLECTORS - HELP WANTED This silver Cigarette Case carries the 'engraved over' signatures of 15 Luftwaffe Pilots/Aces. I can identify a few, for example; Hauptmann Bruno Stolle - Gruppenkommander of III./JG 2. However I am now looking for someone who can help identify them all. The case is made from solid silver, carries the German mark of 900 and the makers mark of "FM". It's clear that the signatures would have been added at the same time on to a sheet of silver and that sheet would then have been engraved and made into the lid of the case. It therefore follows that the fifteen Luftwaffe Pilots would have had to have been at the same place at the same time (give or take a few days). If it is possible these Pilots could have been together at the same time, this case has the possibilty of being genuine. If that isn't at all possible then the item is possibly fake...pretty simple reasoning really. Please email for detailed pictures. Your help would be truly appreciated.
CALLING ALL SCHNEIDER TROPHY ENTHUSIASTS! This stunning miniature of the Schneider Trophy is a recent acquisition and I'm now trying to ascertain its full history. After my initial research and meticulous inspection of the piece by myself and others, I'm confident this is an original, period silver plated bronze. I'm also quite satisfied this is still in its original manufactured condition. This was acquired by me on the premise it is one of a small production run, and that these very sculptures were then presented to every member of the winning 1931 Schneider Trophy Team. I'm now trying to put some meat of the bones of this, can you help?
Can I ask your thoughts on this USAAF Aerial Gunner Wing - Australian Made I originally sold this extremely rare wing back in 2012. It was purchased by a good friend in this field, a world renowned collector, expert and authority on World War Two Wings. Personally I was happy this was 100% genuine and bought it as such, but as with all collectors you have to decide yourself whether an item is genuine or not. I'd never doubted the authenticity but my buyer was 95% sure this wing was a 'modern piece', without question we agreed it should be returned to me. That was six years ago and ever since then it has been displayed in the USAAF section of my Museum. In that time I've also looked out for other examples of this wing on the market. To date, I've only seen one other. That was four years ago and it sold for a hefty price. So based on my assumption that, if this is a modern production piece then more than those two many more would have been made, I'm now showing it on my website to ask your thoughts. Do please ask for my pictures to be sent to you for closer scrutiny.
CAN YOU HELP ID THESE? Danish Naval Insignia removed from German 'Victory' Belt THESE ARE FOR SALE, I'D SIMPLY LIKE TO KNOW A BIT MORE ABOUT THEM BEFORE ADDING A PRICE. These came to me through a local dealer who "keeps anything with wings on" for me and were reportedly removed from a "Nazi Victory Belt". From my early research I now know that the two winged collar badges would have been worn by a Danish Naval Air Cadet. Can you possibly help me with any information of the other two badges? Please email -
Can you help me identify this insignia - Imperial German Air Force? This beautiful badge has been completely hand made. The rotating propeller is tarnished solid silver and the lettering appears to be gilt/possibly gold metal which has been 'fret cut' from very thin metal. Someone at sometime has gone to a great deal of effort to make this, and the original owner has obviously treasured it along with the rings and stick pin. Looking at the other items, Richthofen, Adler (Eagle) and Aeroplane Rings and the DRGM Rumpler Taube stick pin it is natural to assume the badge is German...but is it?
Capt. L.V Messenger OBE - Latest Additions to the Collection
Captain Thomas E. Franco, US Navy Torpedo Pilot 1942 - 1971 Captain Thomas Edward Franco enlisted in the US Navy at San Francisco in June 1942. He was designated a Naval Aviator and commissioned Ensign USNR, May 1943.....He continued to serve in the the US Navy for the next 30 Years!! As a member of Composite Squadron THREE, Captain Franco participated in the WWII invasions of Saipan, Guam, Palau and Leyte. He was also in the Battle of Samar and helped invade and occupy Honshu and Japan at the end of the War. For his actions as a US Navy Torpedo Pilot, Captain Franco was awarded the DFC, three Air Medals, The Presidential Unit Citation (for the Battle of the Leyte Gulf). and numerous other awards and citations. His US Navy Aviation career saw him take part in the wars of both Korea and Vietnam. This outstanding USN career is fully documented in the huge collection shown below.
CARDED & MINT! 1939 Luftwaffe 'Tinnie' - GRAF ZEPPELIN by 'ALPACCA' A rare and very nicely preserved Luftwaffe 'tinnie' still on its original "ALPACCA" retail card.
Carley & Clemence GSTP Pocket Watch & Boxing Memorabilia RAF Cranwell 1939-1940 A lovely group of items from the early years of WWII. CARLEY & CLEMENCE G.S.T.P Pocket Watch. A beautiful looking Military Pocket Watch in full working order and all matching numbers to case etc. The dial has taken a knock in the past and has been sympathetically restored, but only to the damage. The rest of the dial is excellent. "NA & AFI" Silver/Gold RAF Boxing Watch Fob - Hallmarked 1940 Raf Cranwell 1939-1940 Boxing Trophy. A cracking little display group - well worth researching.
CASED & UNISSUED!! Pair of French made 'Sports Goggles' - Heavily used by Luftwaffe Pilots & Aircrew This is one of twelve pairs of pre-War 'Sports/Flying' Goggles we've recently acquired. Made in France but used in very large numbers by the Luftwaffe right throughout WWII. All of the Goggles are 'new old stock', in their cases and could still be worn today. After 70+ years in their un-opened tin boxes there are some marks, and light sticking on the rubber cushions but other than that they are in excellent condition. Soft rubber, perfect lenses and strong elasticated strap. Some are slightly better than others but all are either wearable or very displayable.
CASED!! Pair of 'THEODORE HAMBLIN' RAF Pilot's Sunglasses/Goggles An original pair of very useable "Theodore Hamblin" Sunglasses/Goggles in their original case and in superb condition!
CASED!! WWII Japanese Flying Goggles by TGK....RARE MAKER!! A first class display pair of original WWII Japanese 'Cats Eye' Flying Goggles, made by "TGK" (rare maker). The lenses are not laminated, their is only a single lens in each frame
CHARMING!! Art Deco Framed WWII PP Portrait of an unknown ATA Pilot. Putting it very simply, this would make a wonderful addition to any WWII/Air Transport Auxiliary display. Sadly, I don't know who this handsome ATA Pilot was and there is no annotation on the reverse to help identify him.
CHARMING!! Royal Flying Corps Propeller 'Trench Art' Picture Frame The second of two Royal Flying Corps Propeller Tip picture frames. This example has an inlaid propeller worked into the Propeller Blade.
CHARMING!! Solid Silver RAF Powder Compact & Dog Tags to WAAF. A lovely little group of Wartime WAAF Memorabilia. The dog tags are to - "WAAF 2032846 S. ARNOLD" and are still on their pale blue silk ribbon. The solid silver RAF powder compact is hallmarked for Birmingham 1938 but is engraved as an end of War/Victory Christmas gift - "From PAT & EILEEN, 25-12-45". Possibly from the WAAF's sister's? the items are in their original, untouched condition and are real 'hairs on the back of the neck' items of Wartime memorabilia.
Chromed on Brass RAF \'Trench Art\' Wellington Bomber A superb Wartime study of the Wellington, mounted on a \"bakelite\" base. Wingspan 21cms x 15cms x 18cms High.
CIRCA 1910 - Very Early Aircraft Control Wheel - Handley Page Monoplane? This is the smaller of the two Aeroplane Control Wheels I now have to offer. As mentioned above, it is virtually impossible to say without contradiction what type of Aircraft this came from. All I can say is that it IS possible this was used in a very early Handley Page monoplane 11" in Diameter
CIRCA 1913/1914 - WWI Royal Fying Corps Control Wheel - Bristol Coanda? Slightly larger in size than the earlier Control Wheel shown below, this example is fully marked with two AID (Aeronautical Inspector Directorate) stamps, two triangular stamps "A32", and an embossed number which I believe is "13251". The general concensus of opinion can only state that this could well have been used in an RFC Bristol Coanda. 12" in Diameter
COMING SOON!! A Superb Collection of RFC & RAF Pilot Wings
COMING SOON!! An interesting group of Vet bring-backs - N.Africa & Italy
COMPLETE & FULLY OPERATIONAL!! G22 RAF Verifying Camera - BATTLE OF BRITAIN DATED!! One of the finest examples of a WWII/Battle of Britain Royal Air Force Gun Camera you will see! I've shown a picture of a G22 Camera fitted to the starboard lower wing an RAF 613 Squadron Hawker Hector. This is the very first G-22 I've had where both levers on the "pistol-grip" are fully operational.....pull the upper lever and the lens cover opens. Pull the rear knob and the lens itself operates and at the same time the image counter rotates. This allows the Pilot/Observer to view how many images remain on the film. The Camera also comes with a spare film holder and tools.
Complete Sword/Belt/Sash/Hanger etc for Regia Aeronautica WWII From the estate of a named General of the WWII Italian Air Force. Complete with the original Belt, Sword Hangers, Sash and very rare Regia Aeronautica Sword Knot. All of the items show signs of wear and are 100% Authentic World War Two items of memorabila of the Regia Aeronautica. The lower ranked Regia Aeronautica Pilot Uniform has no connection to the General's Sword etc. It is shown purely for display purposes but will be offered for separate sale soon.
Complete \'Joseph Buegeleisen\' BUCO Flying Headgear ....... THE HELMET - A Mint soft Black Leather Flying Helmet from the 1920\'s by \"Joseph Buegeleisen\" under the commercial title \"BUCO\". Very similar to the helmet used by the Flyers of the US Navy in the 1920\'s. THE GOGGLES - Also by \"BUCO\" and in Great Condition. The strap does have some elastication, the cushions are still reasonably soft and the Frames are Excellent. These look great when displayed together!
COMPLETE!! 1930's Art Deco Aeroplane Lighter & Music Box! This chromed art deco model may be familiar as a 1930's table lighter? but I am pretty sure not in its complete state! They are sometimes offered for sale as a table lighter but very rarely seen with its original musical base. As can be seen the overall condition is excellent. There are a few splits in the thin base but other than that 99.9% of the chrome is still in place. The lighter is still fully operational, as is the music box which is made so it only operates when the lighter is picked up. I can imagine that would be infuriating if every time you went to light a cigarette the damned thing started playing. Which is probably why I've never seen one of these with their music box, they were probably binned or thrown against the wall once the novelty wore off.....NOT THIS ONE!
COMPLETE!! 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger by SMF - ROSTFREI A very tidy and 100% complete 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger. This has seen dress wear but is still in excellent overall condition with positively no significant damage. It's not everday a Luftwaffe Dress Dagger comes with its original portepee and hangers exactly as worn. The Dagger and Hangers are marked as they should be with the Daggers handle being its outstanding feature, a lovely dark coulour and very tight original wiring.
COMPLETE!! Boxed Pair of RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles A fine boxed pair of RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles. Complete with spare clear lenses, de-mist cloth and box. The strap has seen better days but is still elasticated useable. Both pairs of lense are fine, and just require a clean.
COMPLETE!! Collection of Fighter Squadron Badges of THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN. The first point to make on this collection is that the badges are far bigger than the more familiar "Miller" lapel badges of WWII. I've pictured one of these alongside a rare Dambusters badge by "Miller" to show the large size (image 6) You may recognise one or two of these badges as they've long been sold individually on ebay, however, this is the full and complete collection of every Fighter Squadron to have flown in combat in the Battle of Britain. Each badge is hallmarked silver gilded in 22 carat gold and each has been sublimely enamelled with the Squadron Insignia. The collection comes in its original velvet backed surround and is framed. Personally I would have the collection reframed as it could look so much better. What would look truly exceptional is if this was framed along with the mint multi-signature print show below. That would make one very exclusive Battle of Britain display piece.
COMPLETE!! Creagh Osborne 1915 Radium Compass This is one very, very rare Creagh Osborne Compass. My research has come up with Aeronautical & Maritime use. I also read of these being used in the very first British Army Tanks. Although how a magnetic compass would work inside a metal tank?
COMPLETE!! Creagh Osborne Pattern 259 WWI Cockpit Compass This compass is a direct descendant of the 1915 type of Naval Compass shown above. The Pattern 259 was patented in 1913 and used by the Royal Flying Corps from 1915 onwards. It soon became the primary Cockpit Compass of the Royal Flying Corps throughout WWI. This example is in superb, complete condition. Ready for installation into your Instrument Panel or for solo display.
COMPLETE!! Early TypeG Oxygen Mask - Fully Wired/Loomed & Original TypeG Hose Very rarely does such a complete Oxygen Mask come to the market! I must point out that this is an earlier TypeG Oxygen Mask. Unlike the later production models (different rubber compound) the earlier masks are prone to deterioration around the edges. I believe this is due to a chemical reaction to the sweat produced when worn. The deterioration on this Mask has been stabilised and the rubber is now structurally very sound. This rare TypeG comes with its complete Loom with receivers, bell plug and dual impedence box. It also has an original and very rare TypeG Oxygen Mask hose.........the PERFECT TypeG for full display!
COMPLETE!! Luftwaffe Uniform - Captured NORWAY This listing incorporates EVERYTHING you see in my pictures.
COMPLETE!! Original WWII Aluminium 'CIVIL AIR PATROL' License Plate Holder I have owned the plate holder for over three years....and now, I've finally found an original plate to complete this unique display. An unusual and very scarce piece of Aviation COMPLETE with an original Civil Air Patrol ID Plate This is an original WWII period license plate holder of the US Civil Air Patrol. It is 100% authentic and in fantastic condition. It has its original makers mark showing it was made in Fremont, Ohio. Judging from the rust stains around the fixing holes it has also seen use in its time. Made from aluminium and measuring ten inches across this is a marvelous display piece in its own right. However I believe this could still be used today.......Willys Jeep anyone?
COMPLETE!! RAF Flying Helmet, Oxygen Mask & Flying Goggles A first class RAF Flying Helmet display complete with an exceptional condition and fully wired Ctype Flying Helmet in a good size 3! A post-War Htype Oxygen Mask also in very good condition and an excellent pair of MkVIII Flying Goggles.
COMPLETE!! Wartime RAF Battledress Blouse & Trousers - SIZE 16!!! It's not everday I can offer the opportunity to offer a complete Wartime Battledress in a size 16, and to one RAF Airman of World War Two. My pictures show this is in very good "display condition", as most of the wear and tear is at the back. Being a complete size 16 it is also large enough for the majority of today's mannequins.
COMPLETE!! WWI Royal Flying Corps Generator Propeller - Vickers Vimy Mounted on an oak stand with red felt base this would appear to have been a desk display piece. It's great to see it still has both hub fixings as you don't see that too often. The propeller is laminated and measures 20" long. There are no markings so I presume that as a generator Propellr it could have been used on any WWI Aircraft. I was informed it was from a Vickers Vimy so I'll stick with that.
COMPLETE!! WWII RAF Flying Helmet Loom - With 'impedance' Switch Box A good example of a Wartime RAF Flying Helmet Loom for the internally wired Flying Helmet. This comes complete with the rare Air Ministry Switch Box for selecting "High/Low" impedance whilst in flight. This came attached to a wartime 2nd Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet and Type G Oxygen Mask. The Helmet is in a poor state and possibly beyond repair (good for spares) but the Oxygen Mask will be made available soon.
COMPLETED!! RAF WWII Type D Oxygen Mask The best of the best in the world of reproduction Flying Headgear. Hand made by Stephen Silburn, it is impossible to improve on his workmanship and accuracy. This Mask is complete with everything you see in the pictures so is fully ready for display or wear. Please Note; Only the Mask and Hose are by Stephen. The Loom, Mic, Receivers and Connector are all original, period pieces......ALL THE WORK IN SOURCING, FITTING AND COMPLETING THIS MASK HAS BEEN DONE FOR YOU! See Code; 53735 for further pictures of this exceptional Stephen Silburn Oxygen Mask on display with the Silburn TypeB Flying Helmet which I'll be adding shortly.
COMPLETELY ORIGINAL!! Untouched, Early Battle of Britain Btype Flying Helmet As original a Battle of Britain Btype Flying Helmet as you will find anywhere. Never added-to, cleaned, polished, fed, restored or repaired. The sale is for the original Helmet as found, the Air Ministry "Gosports" and Receiver Cushions can be bought separately. Based on experience in handling Btype Flying Helmets I'm very confident that this is a mid/late 1930's/pre-War Btype. The '22C/66' stamp on the zipped receiver cover is definitely very early. The Helmet's shape and heavy padding to the crown are also tell-tale signs of a pre-War RAF Flying Helmet. There are no labels or stamps indicating a size, but I'd guess around a 2-3. This Battle of Britain Btype simply oozes character, it does show genuine wear but no significant damage. PLEASE NOTE: This Btype doesn't have receiver cups fitted, hence the picturing with "Gosports". However I am offering a very rare pair of early bakelite Cups with their original blanking plates above. These come from my personal collection, have never been on the market before and are perfect for this particular Helmet.
Could This Little Fella be the Most Unique Aviation Mannequin Anywhere? I've had this little guy sat next to a WWI US Army Air Service Pilot for some time now, and he is always the centre of attention to visitors, especially the ladies (true, not sexist). I've also had him displayed wearing his Father's WWI Visor Cap, various badges and medals and he looks even better the more you add! The expenditure required for my forthcoming Museum relocation might necessitate me selling him, so please let me know if you'd be interested in offering him a good home? My price includes the mannequin himself and all the clothing he is wearing. Everything but the boots I believe to be period pieces. The actual postage/courier cost will be determined once the location of his next home is established.
CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Since launching Bombphoons six years ago we have had the pleasure of supplying many, many exceptional pieces of Aviation Memorabilia to collectors the world over. Here is just a tiny fraction of the responses we have received from our customers. Hi Ian, I was just writing an email when I received yours! The items were so well packed I decided to wait until his birthday today to let him open them. Keith opened them this morning and was overwhelmed! He loves them. I am sure he will be on the phone soon to find out more about more about all three items. Thanks you so much for all your help and for packing them so well. He is really enjoying his birthday. I am sure he will be in contact soon. Thanks again, Karen - UK Ian and Caron, Just a note to let you know your package arrived here in NYC a couple days ago: in perfect shape: love the items, thank you!!! Michael - New York City Hi Ian, Just a quick email to let you know the BoB box arrived today and you are right the photos do not do the box justice the workmanship is excellent. Hope to purchase more items soon. Regards Mark - Australia Hi Ian, The goggles arrived in GREAT shape. They look fantastic on my most recent Roold flying helmet pick-up. I am away from home on business this weekend but when I return home I plan on taking a few photographs of the goggles with the Roold helmet. I will e-mail you the photos and the photos of my Imperial German crash helmets. I see many outstanding items on your website and look forward to my next purchase. Thanks for the goggles. Talk soon Dan. - USA Hi Ian, Wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for the ata badge, I am extremely happy with it, the letter is of authentication is also great. Please bear me in mind with any more ata pieces you aquire. Many thanks and fond regards Louise A - UK Hi Ian, Caron was a pleasure to deal with. She ensured the fragile item we’d purchased was beautifully packed, and kept me up to date on everything at all times. The description of the piece was very accurate but actually didn’t do it full justice. So nice to get something that is even better than you’re hoping for as we’ve all experienced the opposite when buying on-line. Thumbs up! Kind regads Tina Southall, Director - "GAMESYS", UK
De-Havilland Ash Tray and Bakelite Desk Set The perfect additions to the items below for a period Air Ministry Draughtsman\'s desk. I also have the \"evacuees\" case, with a pair of pyjama\'s, an empty AM washroll and two bakelite clothes brushes from this estate. It\'s as if the order was given to \"Clear your Desk\" and that was that!
Desperate plea by Stacey Family to find Family Medal Groups The solitary image you see shows the Distinguished Conduct Medal GV and 1914 Star Trio to 3/8074 Pte Ernest H. Stacey 1/Dorset Regt along with his sons framed WW2 group 5437919 (22530089) Pte Walter Stacey 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment. This grouping was sold by Lockdales Auction House in January 2018 (this year). Here is the link to the sale….. I have been contacted by Matthew Stacey, the Great Grandson of Private Ernest Stacey and Nephew of Private Walter Stacey. Matthew is desperate to reunite the items with his family and is wiling to pay a very good price to do so. He wasn't aware the items were at auction so missed this one opportunity to acquire them. If you can help Matthew in his plea , please email me at - and I'll put you in direct contact with Matthew.
Do you recognise this bronze Battle of Britain sculpture? Despite this being an incredible study of two Battle of Britain Pilot's "Scrambling", I can find no signature or makers mark anywhere on the piece. I've tried researching the sculpture but can find no other examples which could help identify the artist. Standing at 22cms and weighing an incredible 4.8Kg's the study is made in solid bronze (not hollow, and not resin). The attention to detail cannot be understated, the sulptor must have had a very knowledgeable Battle of Britain advisor, or was an enthusiast himself. He has even picked out the sprung elasticated sections and the vent horns on the MkIIIa Flying Goggles. No matter how many times or from which angle I've admired this, I still see just how well the artist has represented the scene....the movement in the two Pilots is perfect and accompanied by their facial expressions the artist has exactly captured the brief moments between hearing the order to "Scramble" to being strapped into their Fighter Aircraft. The Pilot running on the left was already at a "State of Readiness". He is wearing his Btype Flying Helmet, MkIIIa Flying Goggles and TypeD Oxygen Mask carrying the Loom in his right hand. In his left hand he is carrying his 1933 Pattern Flying Gloves. He's already strapped in to his Mae West and Seat Parachute he has a map tucked into his 1936 Pattern Flying Boots, which are also fastened, unlike his fellow Pilot.... The Pilot running on the right hasn't even had the time to fasten up his Flying Boots. He has picked up his Flying Helmet etc and these are in his left hand. With his right hand he is pointing skywards towards the enemy.
DOUBLE SIGNED! Original photograph of 'THE FATHER OF THE ROYAL AIR FORCE' Marshal of the Royal Air Force Hugh Montague Trenchard, 1st Viscount Trenchard GCB OM GCVO DSO (3 February 1873 – 10 February 1956) was a British officer who was instrumental in establishing the Royal Air Force. He has been described as the Father of the Royal Air Force
DUNHILL!! Royal Flying Corps Helmet Only the second example of an original "DUNHILL" I've ever found, and possibly THE most viewed type of WWI Flying Helmet. This example is in very good structural condition, the internal lining is missing and the leather is worn. Having said that, as you can see it ill still display extremely well and is also priced according to rarity and condition.
EAGLE SQUADRON badges - an Update. My sincere thanks go to my friends in the States, Greg Muddell and Scott Marchand for their help and expertise. Both Greg and Steve have informed me that both examples of my Eagle Squadron badges are copies. Scott informed; "Hi Ian,  Your ES patches are copies I’m afraid. They are a variety that cropped up in the 80’s and were sold at shows and many of the ES veterans gave them away with autographs etc.  Correct ES patches had a blue cast to the threads and are much flatter. That does not mean some variation can’t exist but they are not seen on verified authentic ES items or collections. Dave Marshall in San Diego was a very close to many ES vet and had a lot of original stuff and he schooled me in these to spare me some expensive mistakes should the opportunity to get an ES group come up." As collectors we all make "expensive mistakes" at some stage. To help you avoid making the same mistake I made when buying my 1980's ES Badges, I made I have attached the images sent to my by both Greg and Scott of authentic Eagle Squadron patches.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet - 'LIGHTNING' Zipped Cowl A most extraordinary style of early British Flying Helmet the likes of which I've never seen before!! There are a couple of pointers in this Flying Helmet as to what was to being developed in the next 10 years.... The buckled brow fitted to the iconic "S, and D Lewis 'RAF' Flying Helmet of the 1930's & 40's. The leather brow and central panel configuration, identical to that of the RAF 1930 Pattern Flying Helmet and the susequent TypeB RAF Flying Helmet. But really that is where any similarities end. This Helmet is a full "Cowl" Helmet as worn by the RFC and early RAF. To secure a tight fit to the wearers head it has a 25cm "Lightning" zip fitted to the rear seam. The actual Helmet itself is in brilliant condition. Made from lightweight brown leather and a soft blanket lining. There is some light corrosion to the poppers but they both work fine. A rare and highly unique Flying Helmet.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet - AUSTRALIAN FLYING CORPS by \'Stagg\' A very early \"Stagg\" Australian made Flying Helmet dating from the days of the Australian Flying Corps, Identical in design to the two \'naped\' Flying Helmets of the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service shown above. Again, the leather nape can be secured to the main body of the Helmet when not in use. This gives the Helmet the appearance of the RFC MkI Helmet. Good thick, dark leather with a fur and blanket lining. Sadly a lot of the fur has molted. Original early \"Stagg\" poppers. A really nice bonus is the Helmet carries the name R. Caldwell. The name \"Caldwell\" being the surname of the top scoring WWII Australian Ace - Clive \'Killer\' Caldwell DSO, DFC#.....I don\'t know if there is any possible family connection as Caldwell\'s father was a bank manager.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet - IMPERIAL GERMANY #1 A nice example of an early German Flying Helmet. Soft brown leather and blanket lined. This example has no peak, and no goggle loops. It does have original \'Prym\' poppers and an early, ornate \'Prym\' adjustable buckle.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet - IMPERIAL GERMANY #2 Probably dating to the early-mid 1920\'s, this German Flying Helmet is showing the first adaptations to becoming the standard Luftwaffe Flying Helmet of WWII. In particular the double-buckled chinstrap, this was a standard feature on most of the WWII Luftwaffe \"LKp....\" range of Flying Helmets. Good heavy, dark leather and a chequered blanket lining. No goggle loops or peak, and a short neck nape.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet - THE ROYAL FLYING CORPS An identical design to the \'Summer\' Flying Helmet above, but this time with the addition of a fur lining to the peak, cheek and neck. The leather is also slightly heavier providing even more protection from the cold at altitude (but not much). The poppers are made by \"S&H\"
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet - THE ROYAL FLYING CORPS #2 A fine example of the iconic Royal Flying Corps MkI Flying Helmet. Good, strong brown leather and almost all of its rich dark fur to the neck and peak. The blanket lining does show signs of wear but nothing too bad. The chin strap is a rivetted replacement.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet - THE ROYAL FLYING CORPS #3 This Flying Helmet has the identical leather panel configuration as the Royal Flying Corps MkI Helmets above. Made from a finer/darker leather and with a soft chamois lining and black fur trim to the peak and cheek areas. The chinstrap is the adjustable buckle type by \"Newey Bros\". The poppers too are by Newey and in fine working order.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet - THE ROYAL FLYING CORPS #4 A very similar Flying Helmet to the one above but with stitched open flaps to the ears rather than a poppered flap. A heavier, darker leather and blanket lining with a dark fur to the neck and peak. In such good condition that it stll has its original paper size label, showing a size 7.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet - THE ROYAL FLYING CORPS \'Naped\' Manufactured from the same \'Honey\' coloured soft leather and \'Camel\' blanket lining as the 1913 Royal Flying Corps flying suit. (See item No. 50973 Royal Flying Corps leather trousers). This is a top quality RFC Flying Helmet and again, as the first three early Goggle loops as yet.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet - THE ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE \'Naped\' I\'ve referred to this particular Flying Helmet as being to the Royal Naval Air Service for one reason, it is black!...Some early Flying Helmet manufacturers intentionally target marketed the more obscure black leather Flying Helmet & Clothing solely to the Royal Naval Air Service during WWI. Again, similar in design to the Flying Helmets above but with the addition of a neck nape. The nape can be secured back to the Helmet by means of two early \"Newey Brothers\" poppers. This does give the appearance of the issued MkI Flying Helmet when done so. The chin strap too, is an early Newey popper a patented adjustable buckle fixing. This Helmet also has the remains of its paper size label on the blanket lining, showing it to be a size 7.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet - U.S Army Air Service #1 An unlabelled WWI US Flying Helmet, possibly by Spalding Bros. This Helmet has a chamois lining unlike the previous Helmets with a blanket lining. It also has fitted early Gosport receivers and a short adjustable neck strap at the rear. There is a fair amount of verdigris to the inside of the poppers, but this is easily cleaned off if required. It is also named to an Airman named \"HON ?????Y\" very hard to decipher.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet - US Army Air Service, by \'Eisendrath\' Undoubtedly one of the earliest Flying Helmets within this group. This Flying Helmet is as basic, but as good as they come. What makes it even more special is that it still has its original makers and size labels. Made by \"Eisendrath\'s\", this is their \"Standwett Helmet\". The design is simple, a straightforward covering of the head. It does have three rivetted vent/ear holes but other than that it is a basic Flying/Motoring Helmet I would date to around 1910-1912. Made from a lightweight red/brown leather with a heavy, and quite coarse blanket lining. The chin strap poppers are by \"The US Fastener Co. of Boston\". I would consider this a real Museum Piece and a truly authentic piece of Transportation History.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet by 'FRANK BRYAN' Another style of British Helmet which seems to have appeared from nowhere. However, this beauty has undeniable points of reference.... not one, but THREE British Manufacturer's labels/marks. All three of these manufacturer's have a background of manufacture connected to the RAF TypeB 'Battle of Britain' Flying Helmet. "FRANK BRYAN" & "BEDNALL'S" were both makers of the RAF TypeB Flying Helmet. "BENNETT'S" supplied the standard "Bennett's Buckle" for both the RAF TypeB, and first pattern RAF TypeC Flying Helmets. The overall condition of this Helmet is excellent. Sadly the visor on the patented "Bednall's Peak" has split but could be replaced if deemed necessary. The leather is soft and without blemish. The soft blanket lining is perfect, as is the deep black fur around the neck area. Again, a highly unique and labelled British Helmet.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet by \'LEDUX\' #1 This is the first of three very rare WWI Flying Helmets made by the manufacturer \"LEDUX\". This example is made from exactly the same materials as the Royal Flying Corps clothing of the day. A thick honey-coloured leather and camel-coloured blanket lining. Although a relatively simple design this is one of my all-time favourite WWI Flying Helmets. The poppers are stamped \"Made in England\" and the Helmet carries an excellent \"Ledux\" label. In outstanding condition throughout.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet by \'LEDUX\' #2 Of all the Flying Helmets I\'ve ever owned, this is the only example I\'ve had which is fully fur lined. The Aviator who wore this \"Ledux\" Flying Helmet must have flown in some seriously cold conditions, but most did! Made from a heavy brown leather and lined in thick black fur to the peak, neck and nape and rabbit fur to the crown. In fine condition apart from the chin strap which has had a number of repairs. \"Made in England\" poppers and the darker \"Ledux\" makers label.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet by \'LEDUX\' #3 This \"Ledux\" Flying Helmet is Huge! one of the largest leather Flying Helmets I\'ve come across. Very similar in design to the \"Service Company\" Helmet above. Made from very fine, possibly \'kid\' leather and with a purple satin lining. Even the fur seems to be from a more exclusive animal (certainly not rabbit). Given the size and materials I have to think this Flying Helmet would have been made to order. An piece of fur is missing from on area but that isn\'t noticeable when on display. Other than that the Helmet is in fine condition. A nice \"Ledux\" makers label and again \"Made in England\" poppers.
Early 20th Century Flying/Motoring Helmet by \'THE SERVICE Co.\' of LONDON An unusual design of Flying Helmet and quite similar to one of the \"Ledux\" Flying Helmets shown below. Wherby the fur lined neck section can be fixied back to the Helmet bt means of early poppers. The top of the Helmet is made of six panels of fine leather coming from the crown and the square peak unusually has two poppers to fix it back. The lining is of gold silk which is quite extravagant, and then there is the makers label...\"The Service Company\" of \"High Holborn, London W.C\". - \"Service that Satisfies\". A most unusual early Flying Helmet from a very rare maker!
Early 20th Century Fokker Aircraft Instrument Panel Isn't this brilliant? I'm not sure what Aircraft it is from but I'm thinking an early Fokker sailplane/glider? I'd really appreciate any theories and help in identifying what plane this is from before pricing it.
Early 20th Century Japanese Flying Goggles - Curved Lenses An excellent pair of Japanese Flying Goggles, identical in manufacture and materials apart from the much rarer curved lenses. Which, incidentally are Excellent. The goggles are \'maker marked\' but sadly the gold leaf logo/lettering has faded too much to be recognised. The original headstrap is no longer elasticated but other than that, THESE VERY SCARCE GOGGLES COULD STILL BE WORN TODAY.
Early Brass & Enamel RAF Sweetheart Brooch
Early Brass & Enamel RAF/Horseshoe Sweetheart Brooch
Early Brass \'Trench Art\' RAF Sweetheart Brooch
Early Gold Gilded & Enamel Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Brooch In the shape of an RFC Cap Badge and in magnificent condition.
Early RAF Fleet Air Arm Flying Helmet
Early RAF Flying Goggles Mask with MkII Strap. A 1930\'s RAF Flying Mask in fine condition, great leather, fur & frames. The lenses have slight delamination to the edges. This pair of Goggles has the added bonus of an added Goggle Strap from a pair of MkIVb Flying Goggles which is AID stamped internally. The right side sprung elasticated section isn\'t good on the inside, however when on display this isn\'t so noticeable. I\'ve tried to show this on a 1930\'s \"S Lewis\" Flying Helmet which isn\'t on the website yet.
Early RAF Gold Gilded Sweetheart Brooch
Early RAF Silver, MOP & Enamel Sweetheart Brooch Cased, early RAF Insignia
EARLY RAF! Bullion RAF Pilot Wing Tunic removed, a great shaped early RAF Bullion Pilot Wing.
Early RNAS Black Leather & Fur Flying Helmet with Early Gosport\'s A cracking early pattern Flying Helmet - RNAS/RFC fitted with a very early pair of Gosport Receiver pockets. The chrome Leather is in beautiful condition, most of the Fur is in place and a good top Chamois lining...I really like this Flying Helmet!
Early Royal Flying Corps (MkI) Flying Helmet - OUTSTANDING! This is a gorgeous variant on the Royal Flying Corps MkI Flying Helmet, the very first officially designated Flying Helmet of the RFC and subsequent RAF. This example has a few variations from the recognised MkI...the later padded ear rolls haven\'t been added and this example is fully fur lined. The Helmet is in stunning condition throughout with just minor wear to the honey coloured leather. A REAL BEAUTY!!
EARLY TRIPLEX!! All original Royal Flying Corps 'TRIPLEX' Goggle Mask One of the finest and rarest early Triplex Goggle Masks of the Royal Flying Corps I've owned. The larger section frames certainly distinguish this from most Goggle Masks. The Mask displays superbly despite there being a fine crack in the inner laminate glass. Before the question of "Private Purchase" is introduced I've added an image of one of my postcards showing a group of "British and American Pilots on the Western Front". The Goggle Mask being worn by these Pilots have the same "Registered Triplex" gold leaf stamp as the mask I'm offering here. One outstanding feature of this Goggle Mask is that it still has almost all of its original fur in place!
EARLY TRIPLEX!! Royal Flying Corps 'C2' Flying Goggles - CASED & 1st CLASS CONDITION!
EARLY TRIPLEX!! Royal Flying Corps 'FWT' Flying Goggles - VERY RARE! These cased "Triplex FWT" are a bit special! Fully marked with the first/early "Triplex" Logo, these also have vented sides and and yellow tinted lenses. These very rare Goggles are in exceptional condition, even the original strap is still elasticated! I haven't seen another pair of these for ages!
EARLY TRIPLEX!! Royal Flying Corps 'TRIPLEX' Very Rare A.B AERO MASK!! These are a real 'find' in the field of Royal Flying Corps Goggles. An early commercial pair of the Triplex "Aero" Goggle Mask. These were privately purchased by RFC Airmen before they became the MkI & MkII Goggle Masks officially issued by the Royal Flying Corps. What is so intruiging about this pair is the fact they have a War Department stamp on the frame - "A /|". This stamp is familiar on RFC Issued Helmets, Clothing, Clocks etc but I've never come across a pair of Goggles carrying this mark. Some delamination to the lenses and the frames have worn through to the brass in areas. The leather is in great condition and the fur has been removed.
EARLY TRIPLEX!! Royal Flying Corps MkII 'TRIPLEX' Goggle Mask Excellent Gold Foil "Triplex MkII" Lettering and a mighty fine WWI Goggle Mask
EARLY!! 1937 Dated Luftwaffe LKpS100 Flying Helmet - BATTLE OF BRITAIN Incomplete and not in fantastic condition but as any collector knows, the LKpS100 is the one Luftwaffe Flying Helmet associated with the Battle of Britain. I hope my pictures show, that when on display this still looks the part. As soon as you see the domed aluminium reciever housings you know exactly what you're looking at.
EARLY!! Luftwaffe 'Double Zip' Boots - Can you help ID the manufacturer This early pair of "Double Zip" Luftwaffe Flying Boots are identical to those shown on page 148 of Mick's book on Luftwaffe vs RAF Flying Clothing. They feature the very best fittings including nickel silver buckles and zips. I'm trying to identify the maker, can you help? The barely legible label reads something like this - " Michel Seilbegnersden"
EARLY!! Luftwaffe Day Fighter Pilots Clasp Never cleaned, so superb, original patination. Non-maker marked but I am informed this is an early Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Clasp. Please note; The replica box is used solely for display purposes in my Museum and is not part of this sale.
EARLY!! Type B Tycos WWI US Army Aviation Section Altimeter It's worth noting this is the earlier TypeB Tycos Altimeter, not the later and much more "common" Type C. Its also worth pointing out the very low issue number of only 913. In excellent condition and. having kept this in my car as I travelled from the coast to our home at 1,000ft above sea level I'm confident this could still be airworthy.
Early/Pre War RAF Eagle Radiator Cap - Air Rank Officer\'s Car! A lovely \'Art Deco\' RAF Eagle Radiator Cap, nicely mounted on Onyx & Black Marble. In Very Fine Condition. Wingspan of 175mm.
ELEGANT!! Solid Silver, Enamel & Paste RAF Sweetheart Brooch - 1920\'s? A quite stunning RAF Sweetheart Brooch probably of the 1920\'s. In lovely condition, two or three of the tiny gems are missing but this is barely noticeable. Double stamped \"SILVER\" 6.5cms wide and a nice weight.
ENGLISH MADE! Solid Silver 'Spinks'? Polish Air Force Pilot Wing - STUNNING! A beautifully detailed solid silver Polish Air Force Pilot Wing., probably by Spinks of London. Made into a sweetheart brooch but there's no reason why this could not have been worn on a Uniform....saves putting a larger hole through the Tunis/BD Blouse.
EX-MUSEUM, Stunning Pair of WWI Officers Flying/Riding Boots I say 'ex-museum' as these boots have had zips added to the back to enable the boots to be fully opened for fitting on a mannequin. Obviously once displayed the zips cannot be seen. In superb condition these are perfect for display on a WWI Officers Mannequin. Size 7
EXCELLENT & LARGE!! USAAF Officer's Visor Cap by 'BANCROFT' A fine example of a 'Bancroft' USAAF Visor Cap in wonderful condition and good large and comfortable size of 7 1/2. The sweatband is loose in places but can easily be repaired. No mothing.
EXCELLENT & RARE!! WWII Luftwaffe Flak Badge This particular badge was the subject of discussion on the "Wehrmacht Awards" forum a few years back. The reason being, it has a rare 'ball hinge needle' fastening so my customer and friend wanted to ensure its is 100% Genuine. Selling on Consignment
Excellent Pair of 'OTO' - 'BREVETE' WWI Flying Goggles A first class pair of WWI Flying Goggles - Strap is no longer elasticated but these could still be worn today! The cushions are slightly out of shape but are still soft enough to form a good seal to the face.
EXCELLENT! - LARGE!! Luftwaffe LKpN101 Flying Helmet - Unusual Colour! There is one rather unique feature to this Luftwaffe LKpN101 Flying Helmet....just look at the leather colour of the loom and throat mic straps. I've never come across such a colour on any Luftwaffe Flying Helmet. There are a few 'nicks' in the netting but only 'nicks' and none too large that it affects the look of this rare "Netzhopfhaube". Other than that this Luftwaffe Flying Helmet is in extremely good condition. You will also note that this Helmet has been adapted to take both the two, and three point Luftwaffe Oxygen Masks.
EXCELLENT!! 'Private Purchase' Luftwaffe Leather Fighter Pilot Jacket. #1 There were literally dozens of styles of commercial Jackets worn by Luftwaffe Pilots in the early part of WWII. Many of these leather "sports" jackets were made in the occupied territories of France and Belgium. This rare example was made in Germany for the type of Luftwaffe Pilot who would only wear German made equipment (know what I mean?). The specific 'maker' label was removed many years ago for political and ethical reasons. Individually chosen and purchased by the Luftwaffe airmen they were suitably adorned with Shoulder Boards and Loops for Awards and Decorations. This is another such fine example and comes direct from one of the finest private collections of Luftwaffe/Wehrmacht/Aviation Clothing in the World! The Luftwaffe Insignia is from my own collection and not included.
EXCELLENT!! 1930 Pattern RAF Flying Helmet This is a superb example of the 1930 Pattern RAF Flying Helmet, the immediate predecessor of the iconic Btype Flying Helmet. I've added an original 1940 Frank Bryan Btype Flying Helmet (above) to show the similarities in these Helmets. Over the years I have owned two examples of this 1930 Pattern Flying Helmet, both of which have been fitted up with the relevant receiver cups and press studding to allow full use in the Battle of France and Battle of Britain. The sobor cushioned padding to the ears is not crystalised and still flexible. The tip of the chinstrap has frayed but an easy repair if deemed necessary. In excellent condition, this rare Helmet looks perfect when displayed with the prototype Air Ministry Flying Goggles shown below.
EXCELLENT!! 1930's RAF Flying Helmet by 'D LEWIS' - with Gosport Receivers.
EXCELLENT!! 1939 Battle of Britain Cockpit Clock - LeCoultre A superb example of the iconic 'Smiths' Battle of Britain "Time of Trip Clock as used in RAF Bombers. Dated 1939 this leCoultre clock still runs beautifully for the full eight days. It would still require a clean and service however to have the Time of Trip mechanism fully operational.
EXCELLENT!! 1939 Dated Battle of Britain Btype Flying Helmet - by 'WAREINGS' A small, but superb RAF Btype Flying Helmet dating to the Battle of France/Battle of Britain. Still with its original "WAREINGS" Label this also appears to have been reissued in 1941, so its certainly seen action. Overall in fine, worn condition with good leather and fine 'Bennetts Buckles'. The zips are fine and working smoothly. There is a tear to the brow band and the internal is quite grubby but overall an excellent Btype. There have been two extra poppers fitted, and the Helmet does come with its original Air Ministry cheek protectors and foam cushions. You may have noticed this particular Helmet on display with my TypeD Oxygen Mask, it really does look the business.
EXCELLENT!! 1940's 'LEONIDAS' (HEUER) Chronographe Wristwatch Quite simply a stunning 1940's Chronograph, fully working and in beautiful condition.
EXCELLENT!! 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet & Complete TypeG Oxygen Mask Further Pictures of 1st Pattern Ctype...
EXCELLENT!! 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet & Complete TypeG Oxygen Mask These are a wonderful pair of original early WWII pieces of RAF Flying Kit. Both are in superb condition and both carry a couple of unusual adaptations. The Ctype Helmet has had the Goggle Straps moved to attach the popper to the top Oxygen Mask snap. However it is the Oxygen Mask which has the more unusual adaptation. For some reason the top nose wire rubber retainer has been removed and replaced with a wooden version!! There is absolutely no deterioration in the rubber. When you consider the rubber of this mask is completely undamaged, very soft and still strong, I can see no reason for removing the rubber retainer and replacing it with a piece of wood!! but that seems to have been carried out and I must admit, it's quite clever! I will add that the wood seems to be very firmly stuck to the Mask. When and why this adaptation was done we'll never know but I think it's a canny idea. We're all area that these rubber retainers do split and tear, especially with badly stored Masks, so I suppose if a repair isn't possible this seems a good option. There is also a 'cut-out' for comfort around the nose, I've seen this done before but never a wooden retainer. The Helmet is in wonderful condition with an excellent 'Bennetts' Buckle. The leather is strong with no scuffing, tears or thin areas. It is very slightly dry and a small feed of "Effax Leder Balsam" would help. As can be seen, it is a size 2, and a good size 2 at that. Sadly I don't have the original Goggles which would have completed this headset. The MkVIII Goggles - Code; 53416 would be ideal. NB; If anybody out there ever has an attempt at this wire retainer adaptation perhaps they could let us know if it works?
EXCELLENT!! Boxed & Issued pair of RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles
EXCELLENT!! Boxed Pair of WWII Japanese Navy Pilot 'Cats Eyes) Flying Goggles A fantastic looking pair of original Flying Goggles of the Imperial Japanese Navy, in their original carry box. These have been subject to necessary restoration which has been sympathetically carried out to a very high standard by my good friend Lou Alkana. A great looking pair of Flying Goggles
EXCELLENT!! Caterpillar Club/Pathfinder Group - No.7 Squadron Direct from the family so therefore fresh to the market. Also, well documented in that this Flt Sgt was interviewed for the book "BOMBER BOYS". In the book he gives an incredible account of how his Lancaster was shot out of the sky by no less a Luftwaffe Pilot than Prince Heinrich himself. PLEASE NOTE; I have priced this group with the Air Crew Europe Star NOT being original. Overall it looks spot on, but on close inspection the tops of the "V + I" do not meet so I'm not able sell it as an original.
EXCELLENT!! D-Day 1944 'Zones of France' Silk Escape Map A superb example of one of the most desirable silk Escape Maps of WWII. The colours are still bright and the silk is still strong. For framing purposes the creases could easily be pressed out. Produced in March 1944 this Map was printed and issued in readiness for the D-Day Offensive by the Allied Forces.
EXCELLENT!! Early RAF Swagger Stick I'm not sure if the top is made of solid silver, or silver plated as if there were any marks they have long since gone. However there is no wear to the silver surface and this is definitely not the more common nickel plated top. Somewhat different to the more oft-seen bamboo caned swagger sticks and very eye-catching because of that.
EXCELLENT!! Framed 'Johnnie' Johnson photograph and medal display A really good quality display piece, incorporating an 8"x6" photograph of JEJ and an excellent display of his medal ribbons including rosettes.
EXCELLENT!! Framed Pair of 'Harrods' Photographs - ATA Pilot, Patrick Williams In a period 'trench art' frame, these are a fantastic pair of portraits. Taken in Harrods' Photographic Studio the frame can be reversed to show either of the portraits. The 'trench art' frame is a work of art in itself. A wonderful addition to any Air Transport Auxiliary collection
EXCELLENT!! Fully Wired 'EARLY JET AGE' Ctype Flying Helmet No pretence at being a "WWII Spitfire Pilot Helmet", this is a bonafide Ctype Flying Helmet from the late 1940's - 1960's. As used in the Gloster Meteor etc. In fantastic condition and I love the field made adaptation to the receiver cups to accomodate the wiring loom. The Helmet also has the loom extension fitted. The perfect Ctype Flying Helmet for displaying alongside the early Jet-Age Bonedome Flying Helmet's.
EXCELLENT!! Fully Wired Ctype Flying Helmet - WWII Fleet Air Arm/Coastal Command A wonderful display piece in a lighter 'chestnut' brown than the usual dark brown leather. This different colour really does stand out in an RAF Flying Helmet display. The receiver cups are 'fully packed' and this provides the perfect shape for this type of WWII Flying Helmet. It therefore looks exactly as it would have done 70 years ago. The right hand receiver cover has had a couple of repairs but is still strong enough for use. Other than that the leather is in very good condition with 99.9% of its top surface in place. Fully wired with original WWII Loom, Receivers and Bell Plug in great condition too. All ready to plug in your E, G, H Type Oxygen Mask.
EXCELLENT!! Gilded RNAS 'A' Wing - Royal Naval Reserve Officers Thought to have been approved for wear in 1918. This Wing comes complete with its original backing plate and gilded fastenings. The Wing itself is in superb condition and still has all of its original gilding.
EXCELLENT!! Group of items to RAF Pilot - 1938 Kings Cup Air Race History! My favourite type of Flying Helmet? Simple, the "LEWIS" type. Although they are primarily a 'between the Wars' Flying Helmet, you can bet your bottom dollar that every RAF Pilot would have worn a "Lewis" Flying Helmet at some time in their time in the RAF. I have over thirty different variations of the "Lewis" Flying Helmet in my personal collection. This one really does stand out as a 'special'. I cannot be 100% sure but there's a high possiblity that this early LEWIS Flying Helmet & matching LEWIS Flying Goggles were worn by RAF Pilot, Flight Lieutenant F. H Ferrand whilst flying a Percival Gull during the 1938 Kings Cup Air Race. The superb patination of the leather and overall wear to the Helmet and Goggles do show regular use. Accompanying the Helmet and Goggles is a superb quality solid siver cigarette case, named to Flt Lt Ferrand and dated 1938 - Royal Aero Club Kings Cup Race. In 1938, the June issue of Flight Magazine contains an image of Flt Lt Ferrand and the following information. "Flt. Lt. H. T. Ferrand (Percival Gull, No. 14).—Flying Mr. S. Kenneth Davies's entry, Fit. Lt. Ferrand is a serving R.A.F. officer with No. 614 Squadron, stationed at Cardiff. Twenty four years of age, he is an " A " licence holder and has 1,500 hours' flying experience. This is his first King's Cup race. Recreations are squash and golf." Although it didn't come with the group I will also include an original programme from that years King Cup Race from my own collection.
EXCELLENT!! Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Dress Dagger by 'CLEMEN & JUNG' - Etched Blade On Sunday 18th November 2012 I arranged to meet a couple of highly experienced dealers and collectors to have a few of my items assessed, this Luftwaffe Dagger, Badges etc. I had already learned that the subject of etched blades is a very contentious one and open to many different opinions. Some say "yay" and some say "nay" on etched blades. I have seen similar Daggers on sale through some of the top German Militaria dealers' sites so I'm happy to sell it as they do, genuine. What I learned on Sunday was this...the "CLEMEN & JUNG" Dagger is totally original. The knot on this dagger is the wrong type, this knot is for an army dagger. The etching is 'considered' to be contemporary and of the period. This conclusion was reached by the uniform age marks throughout the blade finish viewed through a number of dealers' eye glasses. So really, whether the Dagger is considered 100% original including the etching, comes down to whether you are a "yay" or a "nay" collector. The Dagger itself IS 100% Original.
EXCELLENT!! Luftwaffe AK39 Armbandkompass - Superb Condition! Fully operational and in first class condition.
EXCELLENT!! Luftwaffe Flying Goggles in original box & replacement lenses Apart from some minor paint loss where the frame has been rubbed by the nose piece these are in immaculate, fully wearable condition. The cushions are THE most supple I've ever come across on a pair of Model 306 Flying Goggles.
EXCELLENT!! Luftwaffe Nachtflieger AK-39 ArmbandKompass A very tidy, all original Luftwaffe Pilot Wrist Compass. Not quite of the standard of my mint example Code; 52651, but still an excellent example of this important piece of Luftwaffe Flying Kit.
EXCELLENT!! Original Black Framed Japanese 'Cats Eyes' Flying Goggles In superb overall condition but could do with the lenses being replaced (if desired). On first glance the current original lenses are perfect but I had to remove the outer glass because both were broken. So in effect these have only one layer of the original glass lenses, which I've taped to prevent movement and damage. Other than that these "Cats Eyes" look fantastic! Fully maker marked and 100% Original. Some wear to the silk nose section but fantastic black frames and superb cushions and strap.
EXCELLENT!! Original Imperial Japanese Aikuchi/Pilot Knife Knowing little to nothing about such pieces I have consulted other collectors on the authenticity of this rare Japanese Knife....."this is 100% Original" and a "very, very fine example!" If you're looking for one of these you will already know what I'm offering here, so I won't insult your intelligence by adding 'fluffy' details and stories about Kamikaze Pilots. Do please ask for further pictures to be sent for closer scrutiny.
EXCELLENT!! Original Pair of Royal Flying Corps Shoulder Titles A first class pair of original Royal Flying Corps shoulder titles. Grubby, but no damage and no mothing.
EXCELLENT!! Original RAF 'BATTLE OF BRITAIN' Btype Flying Helmet & MkIVb Flying Goggles Straight from a loft and in completely untouched condition. As you can see, the Helmet is still strong enough to be turned inside out, which is always a good sign. The leather could probably do with a treatment of Effax but I don't want to mess with these at all as they are in completely original condition.
EXCELLENT!! Original USAAF Officers Visor Cap by 'LUXEMBURG' A gorgeous fur-felt Cap by "Luxemburg". As you can see from my pictures the whole Cap is extremely flexible and in some peoples books it might be called a "true crusher". However the leather bill isn't the thin leather one piece "crusher" bill so I'm reluctant to call this a "true crusher" even though the bill is very soft. A great size 7.5 and in very wearable condition. There are a few very faint moth nibbles which can barely be seen at all and there are two small holes, one at the rear and one under the crown. These do not detract from what is one of the better USAAF Visor Caps I've had in some time. The bill shows great patination and genuine wear. It is soft and very flexible with no cracks to the supple leather.
EXCELLENT!! Pair of 'AMERICAN OPTICAL' Flyers Sunglasses of the 'AOPA'
EXCELLENT!! Pair of 'PP' 1936 Pattern RAF Flying Boots & Scarf As with any items on my website, whenever possible I like to keep items together if they were found together. This RAF grey scarf was secreted in the left Boot when I bought them. A high quality pair of private purchase 1936 Pattern Flying Boots. Very much wearable and not without a lot of character.
EXCELLENT!! Pair of Battle of Britain MkIIIa RAF Flying Goggles - Air Ministry stamped A cracking pair of RAF Battle of Britain MkIIIa's. Fully Air Ministry stamped, only minor/fine scratches to the original lenses and all springs are fully attached on the strap. The inside of the velvet cushions have crystalised somewhat but these could still be worn today.
EXCELLENT!! Pair of early E.B Meyrowitz 'Luxor No. 6' Flying Goggles
EXCELLENT!! Pair of Luftwaffe Flying Boots These are a rare pair of Luftwaffe Officer's Flying Boots. "Rare" in the fact that the huge majority of late-War Flying Clothing was of a much lesser quality than the earlier production. Often Luftwaffe Flying Boots of the late-War period were made of poorer leather and mis-matched patches of dyed, sub-standard suede etc. These Boots are far superior quality than the standard issue Luftwaffe Boots of 1944-45. They do have the later "Ri-Ri" composite zips, Ko-hi-Nor Poppers and pressed metal buckle, but the leather is superb quality, as are the eye catching 'gold' coloured suede top panel. The suede is the finest quality too. On close inspection it is plain to see that the ankle straps were probably removed at the time. There is very little wear around the leather where they once were. The original anti-slip soles are very worn and the Boots have been packed tightly with newspaper (Hungarian) for quite some time which has temporarily mis-shapen the foot areas. There are a few small areas where the sitching has come undone but on a Luftwaffe Manequin these would out-display almost any pair of Luftwaffe Boots you will find. I can't help thinking that given the high quality of the leather (once highly polished) these could well have been used by a High Ranking Luftwaffe Officer on the Eastern Front where that particular style was most popular in eastern occupied Countries. For the re-enactor - it wouldn't take much to have these Boots in wearable shape and, looking as good as they do it would surely be worth the small effort to really stand out.
EXCELLENT!! Pair of Original Luftwaffe Flying Boots Resplendant in black leather and black suede these are a fine pair of original WWII Luftwaffe Flying Boots. I think it's fair to say from the replaced, late-War "Ri-Ri" black plastic zips that these did see action. The "Original Willop" soles and heels are all present and in fair to good condition. The leather and suede all looks in excellent condition for age. The Boots do look as though they've been "Tailored" to wear with Jodphurs/Luftwaffe Breeches. They have a slimmer leg line rather than the bulkier fittted Boots A very attractive pair of Luftwaffe Flying Boots, perfect for display and potential wear.....size 8.
EXCELLENT!! Pair of original WWII Japanese Goggles In first class condition and guaranteed as 100% Original. Although the original strap is no longer elasticated these are still a very fine pair of WWII Japanese Goggles.
EXCELLENT!! Pair of RAF Battle of Britain MkIVb Flying Goggles. In extremely good condition with a top class pair of original lenses and the original Flip Shield. These show all the usual signs of age and wear and are still a very displayable pair of MkIVb's. It's certainly worth noting the rarer makers stamp of "William Stephens & Sons"
EXCELLENT!! Pair of RAF/Air Ministry MkVIII Flying Goggles A first rate pair of WWII RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles, fully Air Ministry stamped. Excellent lenses, cushions, strap and just a small amount of natural wear to the frames.
EXCELLENT!! Pair of Replica Royal Flying Corps 'Fug' Boots This is a one-off pair of 'wearable' Royal Flying Corps Fug Boots which I commissioned the manufacture of some six months prior to the opening my Museum. My plan was to work on and improve the original design then commission further pairs for the market, but the whole Museum thing took over everything at the time. The British shoemakers I commissioned still have the original details so I can still place an order for more. The obvious benefit to having a replica pair of Fug Boots is the fact they can actually be worn without the concerns of putting an original pair on your feet. This pair of replicas have never been worn so lack any signs of wear and tear. They could do with being 'worn in' but they still look great on display just as they are. UK Size 8
EXCELLENT!! Pair of WRAF Pictures in early Propeller Picture Frames A wonderful pair of original and very early photographs showing a very proud servicewoman of the Womens Royal Air Force
EXCELLENT!! Pre-1953 RAF Group Captain Uniform A very well tailored Uniform which surprisingly has no makers label and no owners name. There are two tiny, insignificant moth holes and a couple of storage marks, but other than that this Uniform is in excellent condition. The buttons are Kings Crown (pre-1953) and made by Firmin. All insignia and medal ribbons are original to the Uniform. There are four loops above the 1939-1945 medal ribbon, undoubtedly for an earlier ribbon bar. A very smart high-ranking RAF Uniform which as can be seen, looks wonderful on display.
EXCELLENT!! Pre-Early WWI Flying Helmet & Goggles A cracking early Flying Helmet & Goggles with a few really nice touches. The Flying Helmet has had "Wind Deflector" rolls retro-fitted which is something very rarely seen. The Goggles are a perfect example of early Flying Goggles. I particularly like to pre-formed leather shield, again something not seen that often. There are no labels or makers marks on either so I'm unable to determine the Country of origin, but I suspect French/British? Obviously these were private purchase items so I suppose they could have been worn by any nation. There is a small chip to the right lens of the Goggles and a couple of internal splits with some minor fur loss to the Helmet but other than that, for one hundred year old Flying Headgear they're in really good condition.
EXCELLENT!! RAF 'Prestige' Suit - Reproduction Not quite the exceptional standard and accuracy of the Prestige Suit shown below, but still a very displayable/wearable Flying Suit.
EXCELLENT!! RAF 'Prestige' Suit Reproduction Accurate in almost every detail this is the 'best of the best' in replica RAF "Prestige" Flying Suits. These suits are no longer manufactured so are now just about impossible to find. I have this example 'dressed' as that of a post-WWI Royal Flying Corps Officer complete with Air Commodore rank slides and an excellent copy of the RFC Pilot Wing. Neither of these are permenantly attached so can be changed.
EXCELLENT!! RAF Officer's Side Cap Missing one nut on the Cap Badge but otherwise in first class condition.
EXCELLENT!! RAF TypeD Flying Helmet - Fully Wired and a good Size 3!! A superb example of the RAF TypeD Flying Helmet, one of the best I've seen in some time. Fully wired with an excellent period wiring loom, this is also a very good size 3 - 22C/171. There are no rips, tears or weakness in the liner or the canvas outer, all poppers work fine and the original rubber receiver cups are as new. The 2nd Pattern Dtype was introduced in 1944 and specifically intended for use in warmer climates. So predominantly these were used in Theatres of War such as North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East
EXCELLENT!! Replica Battle of Britain Btype Flying Helmet & TypeD Oxygen Mask A first class replica Battle of Britain headset display suitable for display, and/or reenacting. The Helmet is a large size4 Btype made by Stephen Silburn and is in mint/unworn condition. I don't know who made the TypeD Oxygen Mask. The Btype Helmet also comes with an original pair of RAF/RCAF receiver cushions. The original MkIIa Flying Goggles are listed separately below.
EXCELLENT!! replica Luftwaffe Pilot Uniform - Including replica Insignia This Uniform has been professionally altered/tailored from a Bundeswehr uniform. It now has French Cuffs and the correct shape of a Tuchrock Officer's Uniform Ideal for re-enacting or static display. The Tunic is a 40" chest and the Trousers are a 32" waist. The sale of the Uniform also includes all of the replica Luftwaffe Insignia......everything but the belt.
EXCELLENT!! Royal Air Force Matchbox Holder A very good example of the late 1910's/1920's RAF Matchbox Holder
EXCELLENT!! Size3 1st Pattern RAF Ctype Flying Helmet A very tidy 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet. Very strong and supple leather with perfect stitching throughout. Unusually there are absolutely no stamps or labels anywhere on the helmet, other than the issue stamps on the receiver cups.
EXCELLENT!! Two Piece Luftwaffe Flying Suit
EXCELLENT!! Type D RAF WWII Flying Helmet A small sized, but superb WWII Flying Helmet with excellent receiver cups and very clean throughout.
EXCELLENT!! Wartime Pattern Htype Oxygen Mask - 1946 Dated. As they're more scarce than TypeG and TypeE* Oxygen Masks I've only ever owned but a handful of wartime Htype Oxygen Masks and without exception they've all been in poor condition, and that is what makes this particular early Htype Mask really stand is inexceptional condition. With the correct coloured rubber, 'flecked' cording, 'block' plug and brown chamois lining this is the full wartime pattern Htype. A real GEM!
EXCELLENT!! WWI Creagh & Osborne Aero Compass - Pattern 259 With roughly 90% of its original paint in place this is a first class example of this very early Aircraft Cockpit Compass. There is no corrosion on the dampening springs and the washers are in fine condition so the Compass body has no restriction in its movement. The compass dial operates freely however the dial securing pin would need reattaching if this was to be used. I do have it and the operation wouldn't be too difficult. As a static display however this is a real cracker!
EXCELLENT!! WWI French Air Force Bullion Wing & Lapel Badge An identical Bullion Eagle can be seen on page 350 of Philippe Bartlett's magnificent book on French Military Aeronautical Badges up to 1918. This type of Bullion Eagle was usually stitched to the Kepi, or Side Cap.
EXCELLENT!! WWI Royal Flying Corps 'Cowl' Flying Helmet This beauty may not be of the unsurpassable quality and condition of Code; 53066 but it is still a great example of the Royal Flying Corps 'Cowl' Flying Helmet, in far better condition than many of those I've seen recently. This 'Cowl' is in completely untouched condition with no repairs, replaced parts, waxing or polishing. It is complete, with its original chinstrap, brow strap, wind deflectors, and poppered flaps....all poppers are in place and all work. As so often happens a large part of the fur has molted but the internal chamois is in great condition and also has its original War Departments stamp. It's also worth pointing out that this rare Flying Helmet is also a good, large size.
EXCELLENT!! WWI Royal Naval Air Service Flying Helmet A superb early black leather Flying Helmet most often associated with the early Royal Naval Air Service...... Royal Flying Corps - Honey/Brown Leather Clothing & Helmets Royal Naval Air Service - Black Leather Clothing & Helmets In beautiful condition and fitted with the early "Newey" buckle and snap fastener fitting on the chinstrap. The nape of the helmet can be secured in the up-position by means of two further snap fasteners. A nice early Helmet, no goggle straps fitted, some verdigris around the ear holes but in fine, soft condition.
EXCELLENT!! WWII 2nd Pattern R.C.A.F (Btype) Flying Helmet - named! A fine example of the 2nd Pattern leather "Btype" Flying Helmet used by the Royal Canadian Air Force in World War Two. Wonderful soft (darker) chrome leather and clean, fully marked chamois lining. This also has a hevier padded crown...a very fine quality Helmet Please note; The first picture shows the true colour of the leather, darker than the usual light brown colour. Issued and Named to a Canadian Airman - "PRIEUR"
EXCELLENT!! WWII Fleet Air Arm Pilot Wing In superb condition
EXCELLENT!! WWII Fleet Air Arm Pilot/Commanders Uniform WW2 Pattern Fleet Air Arm Pilots Uniform worn by Commander S. M. Howard. In superb condition and complete with gold rank lace with Kings Crown Pilots Wings to the left cuff. To the breast, medal ribbons of 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Burma Star, War Medal and Naval General Service Medal. The interior pocket with original "GIEVES" makers label and typed name "S.M.Howard 8. 53." Complete with Kings Crown buttons. Both the Trousers and the Tunic have just a small amount of service wear. PICTURES WILL FOLLOW TOMORROW
EXCELLENT!! WWII Luftwaffe Pilot's (First Pattern) Armbandkompass I believe the strap is a replacement but this is in first class condition and fully working. A very, very clean example. I have another differing example of the first pattern (black) Kadlec AK39 Armbandkompass in stock. It is currently on one of my museum mannequins.
EXCELLENT!! WWII Polish Air Force/RAF Officer's Side Cap Some wear to this Cap, but no mothing. There is no liner fitted and it doesn't look as though the cap was ever lined as the size label is stitched to the inner. A good large size too, at 7 1/4. Although this type of Cap Badge is being cheaply copied this rarer Cap Badge is guaranteed as being 100% original.
EXCELLENT!! WWII RAAF Pilot Wings - Tunic Removed. A first class pair of full size WWII RAAF cloth Pilot Wings in great condition. These Wings came from a 1948 dated RAAF Battledress Blouse. I still have the BD in stock.
EXCELLENT!! WWII RAF 2nd Pattern TypeD Flying Helmet - With Full History A great example of the internally wired 2nd Pattern TypeD Flying Helmet, fully wired and in first class condition.
EXCELLENT!! WWII RAF Battledress Blouse - 1944 Dated and a Size 14!! Please note; My pictures bleach the colour from the Uniform. Actual colour is much darker.....better pictures will follow Apart from an almost invisible spot of mothing this is immaculate! If it hadn't been for that tiny area I'd have called it Mint! Made by L Harris Ltd. - 1944 The best WWII RAF Battledress Blouse I've found in over two years!
EXCELLENT!! WWII RAF Battledress Trousers - 1944 Dated and a Size 11!! Please note; My pictures bleach the colour from the Uniform. Actual colour is much darker. Apart from one or two insignificant area of mothing these are immaculate! Made by City Uniform Mnfg Co. - 1944 The best WWII RAF Battledress Blouse I've found in over two years!
EXCELLENT!! WWII RAF E* Type Oxygen Mask A great example of the RAF E* Oxygen Mask....all original with no restoration. A great display mask.
EXCELLENT!! WWII RAF TypeG Oxygen Mask - SUPERB CONDITION! One of the best used TypeG Oxygen Mask's I've seen in a while, with very soft and clean rubber (no cracks) and a very attractive Type 48 Microphone. A first class Mask, more than suitable for display or reenacting.
EXCELLENT!! WWII RNZAF 'Btype' Flying Helmet - NAMED - 2 Kills? A superb example of the New Zealand variant of the RAF Btype Flying Helmet. This has a superb Bennetts Buckle and is complet with chamois and leather cheek protectors. The leather is complete with no rips, snags or tears and both zips work fine. I haven't fed the leather, it is stiff and would soften but I prefer to leave this as found as it is named and I'm happy that the intenal marks are authentic. The Helmet has written in blue/purple ink the name "HEK COLLINS". Then beneath each donut is a Swatstika which might denote two Kills. As was often the practice, the internal makers label was removed.
EXCELLENT!! WWII USAAF Flying Headgear Display A first class WWII USAAF Display set-up. The Flying Helmet is the summerweight AN-H-15, large size and in excellent condition. This is matched with a pre-War pair of blue lensed "Seesall" Flying Goggles and the ensemble is completed with a type A-14 Oxygen Mask. The Goggles and Mask both show wear but still combine with the Helmet to make a superb USAAF Display.
EXCELLENT!! WWII Visor Cap, Pilot of the Regia Aeronautica A very large size Officers Cap of the Regia Aeronautica - Italian Air Force in WWII. Made by "CORRUZOLO" and completely untouched with an excellent bullion Cap Badge and side buttons. A couple of small moth nips on the top does not detract from the overall condition of the Cap.
EXCEPTIONAL & HUGE!! Luftwaffe Bronze Model of a Heinkel He111 A very rare, 'period' model of the Heinkel He111. The stand is not original to the Heinkel but does display it extremely well.
EXCEPTIONAL TRIO!! Air Transport Auxiliary Pilot's Notes - F/O R.W Ayres When it comes to ATA memorabilia I'm very fortunate to have handled and still own an extensive collection....but this is the very first time I've been able to offer all three of the most recognised ATA Wartime publications to one ATA Pilot. Here I have BOTH the 1st and 2nd Editions of the ATA Pilot Reminder Books together with the all important Ferry Pilot Notes of Flying Officer R.W Ayres. The ATA Ferry Pilot Notes are one of the best examples I've seen. Almost every page has a hand annotation and the Notes contain every dated amendment from the 20th April 1941 right through to the 8th of August 1945. This tells us that Flying Officer Ayres transported most every single/twin and four engined Aircraft the RAF used throughout World War Two!...the dog-eared condition of the Pilot Notes tells us these were carried on each and every one of those transport missions.
EXCEPTIONAL!! & VERY SCARCE!! Luftwaffe Pilot 'DROOP TAIL' Eagle Breast Badge by 'ASSMANN' Gauranteed as 100% Original this Luftwaffe Eagle is simply breathtaking! Although not marked I'm informed it was made by "ASSMANN" pre-War or very early-War. The very finest Luftwaffe Breast Eagle I've ever held. Made in solid silver, there are genuine traces of gold wash in the recesses and on the reverse of the Eagle. AS WITH ALL BOMBPHOONS MEMORABILIA, I WILL SUPPLY A LIFETIME GAURANTEE OF AUTHENTICITY WITH THIS MAGNIFICENT ITEM OF LUFTWAFFE INSIGNIA ON REQUEST. Believe me, these pictures come nowhere near to showing how just how good this is. It has to be held in the hand both to feel the weight, and see the outstanding quality!
EXCEPTIONAL!! 1918 Royal Flying Corps Large Photo Frame - Propeller Tip Description to follow
EXCEPTIONAL!! 1924 RAF Club Bridge/Cards & RARE!! Rule Book Here's another item you simply don't see every day in the world of Royal Air Force Memorabilia. Dating just six years after the Royal Air Force Club was founded (1918) in Piccadilly, London this is an exceptionally rare piece. Consisting of a blue leatherette box containing two sets of playing cards, both of which carry the Royal Air Force Club insignia, one blue backed, one white. Accompanying the box is an original 1924 copy of the RAF Club's "Rules and Bye-Laws". Just reading the booklet gives an amazing insight into the etiquette and social standings within the Royal Air Force in the 1920's. The box is in immaculate condition with the playing cards having just minimum wear. Both packs of cards are 100% complete and still playable. It's worth pointing out that the RAF Piccadilly Clubhouse was not officially opened and occupied until 1922, making these items particularly early in the history of this esteemed RAF organisation.
EXCEPTIONAL!! 1939 Dated/ BATTLE OF BRITAIN RAF Spitfire MkII Cockpit Clock A truly wonderful example of the iconic 8 Day MkII Cockpit Clock by S Smiths & Sons. I've shown the Clock as displayed in my Museum stood next to an original Spitfire Cockpit Mirror and alongside my Luftwaffe Fighter Cockpit Clock. This Clock is in superb fully operational condition and is a whole lot better than my pictures show...this is just about impossible to upgrade and will not disappoint!!
EXCEPTIONAL!! 1940 Dated MkVIIA RAF Course Setting Bombsight - BATTLE OF BRITAIN, FAIREY BATTLE! Very rarely seen as this earlier MVII A Bombsight variant and far more commonly seen as the later MkIX A. In immaculate condition this rare pre-War MkVIIA Bombsight, dated to 1940 and was used in RAF Light Bombers such as the Fairey Battle and the Bristol Blenheim during the BATTLE OF FRANCE and BATTLE OF BRITAIN. The Observer doubled up as a Bomb Aimer positioned directly below the Pilot in his cockpit. Still in its original carrying box this bombsight is in almost mint condition throughout and also has most of the accessories held in the box. I don't think you will ever find a better example of this rare instrument anywhere! Please Note; this is a very heavy piece so courier rates might not be accurate. Any discrepancies or pver payment will be refunded.
EXCEPTIONAL!! 1941 'Trench Art' Shell - The Polish Forces in Great Britain Without any doubt, a superb and original piece of Polish WWII Trench Art. Through my research I understand that even the shell casing itself is quite a rare early 75mm M18 Shell Case, dating from 1941 and made in Birmingham for the "Birmingham Metal & Munitions Co." The craftsmanship on the shell case is absolute joy to behold. Carried out very much in the style of WWI 'trench art' it depicts the insignia of the Polish Air Force as well as the 1st Polish Armored Division alternating with what I believe to be the national flowers of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The shell case stands 23cms high and is a most impressive , and highly unique WWII Polish display piece. As a collector and trader in WWII Polish Memorabilia I can comfortably say I've never seen the likes of this before.
EXCEPTIONAL!! 1943 USAAF A-11 Cockpit Clock, 'TEMPUS FUGIT'....P-51 MUSTANG? One of the very best "mounted" WWII Cockpit Clocks I've had. Superbly mounted on a bespoke carved oak mount. Aven the chromed surround has been specifically made for the USAAF Type A-11 Cockpit Clock. "TEMPUS FUGIT" (Time Flies) is obviously a generic term, however it is also a term associated with one specific P-51 Mustang. This 1943 Cockpit Clock is fully working and keeps excellent time. I wound it seven days ago and it is still going strong!
EXCEPTIONAL!! Battle of Britain period 'SIDCOT' Flying Suit & 1940 Flying Boots to one Airman I am very grateful to David S for trading with me for the actual Flying Boots which originally came with this Sidcot Suit. I'm now delighted to be able to offer them to you as they should have been sold in the first place (IMO). It's not every day I get the opportunity to offer a Flying Suit AND the Flying Boots worn by one WWII RAF Airman. The RAF Sidcot Suit is in truly exceptional condition! However as is so often the case the zips are stiff and the left leg zip would need to either be repaired or replaced. One extra rare feature of this Sidcot suit is its size....SIZE 6!! I've displayed this Suit on a modern 6' 2" mannequin with no fitting problems whatsoever. The Boots 'uppers' are also in wonderful condition, but the rubber sections have been subjected to heat. This has resulted in areas of distortion but these could still be worn even though the heat also cracked the soles. These items of Flying Clothing were worn by an Airman whose initials were "ADB". Whether it would be possible to identify the Airman? I would doubt it. To reiterate; This very large RAF Sidcot Suit is in truly exceptional condition!! It is without doubt the best I've ever had!!
EXCEPTIONAL!! Complete WWII USAAF 'rare' Flying Helmet, 'rare' Oxygen Mask & Flying Goggles A WWII USAAF Headset which is far from ordinary. Starting with the Oxygen Mask which is quite unusual as it is the A-10 "converted" and this is unusual in that it has been converted at some stage for use also by the Royal Air Force! The A-15 Flying Helmet is by "ZIP-A-BAG CORPORATION" itself a real Collector's Flying Helmet! as I've never seen another by this maker. A first class example of the USAAF Type AN-H-15 Flying Helmet. Fully wired, 1944 manufacture, Issue stamped and a large size A true "GEM" in the world of WWII American Flying Helmets. The Flying Helmet and Oxygen Mask are complimented with a first class pair of pre-WWII "Seesall" Flying Goggles often purchased by US Pilots of the Army, Navy and Marines for their comfort and "Rockglas" blue lenses. This pair are in extremely good condition. There are some scratches in the right lens which could be polished out but they don't really interfere with your vision when worn. The frames carry some dirt and verdigris but as can be seen, these are still a stunning looking pair of pre-War Goggles. The Cushions are firm, not so hard that they don't provide a very comfortable fit. All in all, a headset which is anything but 'run-of-the-mill' by anyone's standards.
EXCEPTIONAL!! Mid-Late 1930's, Pre-War/Battle of Britain Irvin Jacket - 151 Squadron Hurricane Fighter Pilot This is one truly exceptional Irvin Flying Jacket. Made by Irvin Airchute of Letchworth in 1938/1939. 151 Squadron was reformed on August the 4th 1936 at RAF North Weald from 'B' Flight of 56 Squadron, as a Fighter Squadron, flying Gloster Gauntlets. In December 1938 these were exchanged for Hawker Hurricanes, when the squadron came under Squadron Leader Edward Mortlock Donaldson. It operated throughout the Second World War, flying with Hawker Hurricanes, Boulton Paul Defiants and later de Havilland Mosquitoes, disbanding on 10 October 1946 at RAF Weston Zoyland. This exceptional, early Irvin Jacket has been in the collection of a good friend of mine in the States for the past 40+ years. He himself has an extraordinary military service history. The Jacket is all original and apart from the leather being fed it has never been touched.
EXCEPTIONAL!! Original ATA Bullion Pilot Wing One of the finest ATA Pilot Wings I've seen!
EXCEPTIONAL!! Pair of 1930's 'LUXOR No.16' Flying Goggles These French made "LUXOR" Goggles are just stunning! not only that, the condition is amazing too? The thick tinted lense are perfect. The cushions are the best I've seen on any pair of Luxor Goggles and the strap is still elasticated. As you would expect I've also pictured these Goggles with my Battle of Britain Btype (Christopher Foxley Norris') as these are exactly the type of Luxors bought by the wealthier RAF Pilots of the 1930's and the Battle of Britain.
EXCEPTIONAL!! RAAF 'Btype' Flying Helmet - Fully Fitted with Receiver Cups, Donuts & Cheek Protectors This is a brilliant example of the WWII RAAF 'Btype' Flying Helmet. Very rarely have I seen this type of Helmet fitted out with the exact same specification as the Battle of Britain RAF Btype Flying Helmet! It has the internal Receiver Cups required for use with a full communications loom/Oxygen Mask, internal donuts and cheek protectors! The condition of this Helmet can only be described as exceptional with superb soft leather and clean internal chamois. There are some storage marks but I would give the leather a quick treatment of specialist leather balm to clean these away if requested. Once that is done this will look even more spectacular! Curiously, there are a couple of moth holes in the chamois lining and a tiny nip in the leather, JEEZ, those Aussie Moths like their grub! However that doesn't prevent this from being a stunningly attractive RAAF 'Btype' I would say this is almost impossible to upgrade and is definitely the finest RAAF 'Btype' I've ever seen!
EXCEPTIONAL!! Royal Flying Corps Officer's Swagger Stick This is a wonderful RFC Swagger Stick, very unique in its appearance and quality of manufacture....far better than the 'norm'
EXCEPTIONAL!! Solid Silver & Enamel Hand Mirror - Royal Air Force, 1938 In stunning condition throughout and fully hallmarked for 1938
EXCEPTIONAL!! Sterling Silver WWI USAAS 93rd Aero Squadron Badge This is an stunning example of the insignia of the American 93rd Aero Squadron. The 93rd Aero Squadron was an Air Service, United States Army unit that fought on the Western Front during World War The Squadron was only active between 21 August 1917 – 31 March 1919, so this is one very rare piece of insignia.
EXCEPTIONAL!! Type 'G' RAF Oxygen Mask.....and I do mean EXCEPTIONAL!! Large sized and 100% complete, right down to the original black and yellow elastic retaining bands. Also, perfect rubber & lining. This is for the internally wired RAF Flying Helmets of WWII but by simply swapping the Microphone it could easily be set up for the external loomed RAF Flying Helmet.
EXCEPTIONAL!! WWI RAF Officer's 'Campaign' Wash Bowl - by 'SPODE' Here's something you might not have seen before. I say that as for years I've endeavoured to locate a matching water jug and my searches have never located a similar WWI 'Campaign' RAF Wash Bowl by 'SPODE'. This is the type of piece used only by very senior Officer's of the RAF whilst travelling on various campaign's and would be a very treasured posession indeed. The condition is exceptional with the only wear being to the gilded edge. The rest of the gilding, including the early RAF Pilot Wing are in superb condition. To top all that, there are no chips or hairline crack. and the bowl makes a satisfying 'ding' when flicked with the finger. A very rare RAF 'Museum Piece'!
Exceptional!! WWI RFC/RAF MkI Flying Helmet - 'REFEREE' by 'GAMAGES' of London One of the most enjoyable aspects of collecting vintage Flight Gear comes in the research. I was very fortunate two weeks ago to have found an original 1923 catalogue of the London retailer "GAMAGES". This 700+ page hardback book contains everything the 'well to do' Ladies & Gentlemen of the 1920's required to be one step ahead. Within the book there are wonderful sections on both Motoring & Aviation Helmets and Goggles. This MkI Flying Helmet I'm showing here is from that very store and is part of their "REFEREE" range of clothing.
EXCEPTIONAL!! WWI RNAS/RAF Visor Cap - A Real Khaki Gem! Made by Herbert Johnson of London some 100 years ago and a real beauty! Other than one small moth hole this is in outstanding condition and would be really hard to upgrade. The whole structure of this Cap is superb. Just look at the deluxe satin corduroy sweatband and lining. The patent leather strap and peak are also both in wonderful condition. I know I say it all the time, but no pictures could do this Cap justice, it has to be seen, held and examined to fully appreciate it.
EXCEPTIONAL!! WWII RAF 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet - SIZE 4!! This Ctype carries one of the finest Air Ministry stamps I've seen on a Wartime RAF Flying Helmet. To top that, it reads "REF No. 22C/452" - The all important "452" referring to the size 4!! and a very good size 4 it is too. The Helmet itself is in excellent overall condition with good soft leather (no tears or scuffing). The receiver cups are both soft and flexible and the Bennetts Buckle has its full leather covering. The chamois lining shows use but minimal dirt and wear.
EXCEPTIONALLY RARE!! 1946 Edition - Dutch printing of Guy Gibson's 'Enemy Coast Ahead' (In Zoeklicht en Afweervuur) This book is a very, very rare publication and a highly unique addition/display item for your "Guy Gibson" collection. This is a very scarce FIRST ISSUE of the Dutch translation of "Enemy Coast Ahead", "In Zoeklicht en Afweervuur" reads "In Searchlight and Fire Repellant" Of course since this first publication the Guy Gibson story has been reprinted many, many times but this is an original 1st Issue of which very few were printed in 1946. I also believe the signature inside may be highly significant but I have no further information on it so it really should be researched in more depth. The book's condition is good to very good. In all of my years of collecting this is only the second copy of "In Zoeklicht en Afweervuur" I've ever found!
EXCEPTIONALLY RARE!! RAF/Air Ministry Chess/Backgammon Board...NEVER SEEN ANOTHER!! I've never seen such a piece, so I'm currently researching this to ascertain if these were ever sent out to RAF POW's and whether they'd have been sent concealing Escape Maps and Compasses. The Board is more than thick enough to carry hidden "Escape" Maps and the Chess pieces could certainly have concealed miniature "Escape" Compasses
EXCLUSIVE!! Private Purchase RAF/USAAF WWII Flying Boots by 'HARRODS'!! Possibly modelled on the zip fronted 1940 Pattern RAF Flying Boots, these are so very, very special!! The shape and overall design of these boots leads me to think they could well have been commissioned by, and made for a USAAF/Eagle Squadron Pilot, as they do have a distinctive American look to them. The condition is exceptional, and these could easily be worn today. The sheepskin lining is missing in small areas but the leather is just about perfect. Size - 10.5 UK
Exclusive!! Solid Gold RAF Brooch by \'Thomas L Mott\' - 1920\'s A really stunning & beautifully detailed RAF pin Brooch by the early 20th Century World Famous Jeweller - Thomas L Mott. An Outstanding & Early Royal Air Force Cap Badge Brooch in Solid Gold!
EXQUISITE! Early Royal Air Force Wall Plaque At first glance this looks to be a wonderful, early handcarved wooden RAF Plaque which would have been on the wall of a high ranking RAF Officer of the 1920's...In actual fact, it is even better than that as this isn't carved, it is the finest piece of hand-tooled leather I've personally seen! Measuring 15" across the tooling would once have been gilded, so whilst it looks superb today, it must have looked incredible when it was first made. This is unique, stunning and very rare. To use a well worn phrase often asked by a number of our regular customers......"Where are you going to find another?" Another regular comment made by our customers is; "this is far better than it looked in your pictures". This is just such an example.
EXQUISITE!! Early Royal Air Force Desk Box. This stunning box has all the traits of an apprentice cabinet makers piece, especially looking at the "claw and ball" feet. Even the carved propeller handle is from laminate wood.
EXQUISITE!! Large Handcarved WWI Desk Box - RAF No.27 (Bombing) Squadron The second of two very similar handcarved boxes, both of which would have been imported from China during WWI. 27 Squadron formed at Hounslow Heath Aerodrome on 5 November 1915, soon being equipped with Martinsyde Elephant fighter aircraft, hence the use of an elephant for the squadron badge. This exquisitely carved box is made from a very dense tropical hardwood and measures 12" x 8" x 3" or approximately 30cms x 20cms x 8cms in new money. The majority of the box is in superb condition but it does show some signs of wear and tear.
EXQUISITE!! Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing - INCREDIBLE QUALITY & DETAIL!! PLEASE NOTE; The catch on this rare Wing is not the standard "C" catch and could raise understandable questions as to the authenticity of this RFC Pilot Wing. A recent visitor to my Museum was given the opportunity to examine the catch and Wing through a jewellers loupe. In his very experienced opinion this Wing is "100% Right". This full size Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing is an absolute treasure. The quality of manufacture and detailing in the Wing is exceptional. This is a grade above most every RFC Wing I've seen...a real pleasure to hold and admire!
EXQUISITE!! WWI Royal Naval Air Service Propeller Clock #2 - PAIR? Standing 18" tall this is the second of two very impressive, antique Propeller Clocks. I cannot say they are a pair even though the exquisite carving on both Clocks is identical. If they are a pair the likelihood is they would have been displayed in different rooms of an RNAS Officers Mess. Alternatively, one may have been fitted with a barometer in order to display both on one mantle. The design and craftsmanship put into this Clock puts it at the very top of WWI Propeller Hub "Trench Art". There is no doubting it was made for a specific room, or office as it's not a 'run of the mill' piece. The Clock itself is of the very highest quality in period timepieces. This Clock is by "Finnigans Ltd" (worth googling). The Propeller Hub is clearly marked for use with a 100HP Gnome engine or Clerget engine and also has a British inspection stamp. So this Propeller woould have been used in a single-seat Fighter Aircraft of the Royal Naval Air Service. Indeed it is actually marked "FIGHTER". I'm afraid no pictures can show these Clocks in their full beauty. They are quite stunning when seen close-up.
EXQUISITE!! WWII RAF Desk Model - VICKERS WELLINGTON Please study these pictures very carefully. The accuracy and detailing of this Wellington can only be described as exceptional....even the base is a work of art in itself, and just look at the detail in the revolving propellers. The model has a wingspan of 27cms and stands 22cms tall.
EXTRA LARGE/STUNNING!! WWII RAF Ofiicers Visor Cap - BURBERRY One of the finest RAF Visor Caps of WWII I've had the leasure to offer you. Not only is this of superior manufacture, by BURBERRY it is also an extra large size. I say around a 7 5/8ths, it's possibly the only WWII RAF Cap I've had which is way too big for my display head!. One tiny and unoticeable moth hole below the back brim, and very little wear to the clock and "Real Roan Leather sweatband. WWII RAF Visor Caps of this size very rarely appear, especially in this condition
EXTRAORDINARY FIND!!! Pre-WWI Retail Box of French 'OTO-LUX' Goggles I state pre-War as these Goggles are small, much smaller than the later productions when greater peripheral vision for faster Winged Flying was required. There are three pairs of "OTO-LUX" Goggles, still in their original green cardboard box for retail supply. The Goggles are a little dusty but are in stunning condition given they are likely to be 100+ years old. All three pairs are in in just about MINT condition with perfect lenses, collapsible sides, excellent grey leather and fur (different tones) and straps, which are no longer elasticated. Even the adjusting snap buckles, locating rings and catches are still fully gilded and they have the perfect gold embossed "OTO-LUX" Logo's still in place. I have never even come across this small a Goggle, let alone three pairs in their original box.......a "Collectors Dream!" Of course I could sell these individually but these are a complete piece of history and in my opinion should never be split up.
EXTREMELY RARE!! 'GAUNT' 1918 Pattern RAF Cap Badge A very rare variant of the 1918 Pattern RAF Cap Badge by "GAUNT". Similar in many ways to the version shown above but with a smaller Crown and different Laurels. The backing plate also has four ready drilled sewing/fixing holes. This very rare Royal Air Force Cap Badge is in immaculate condition!
EXTREMELY RARE!! 1931 Schneider Trophy Miniature by 'Elkington & Co. Ltd' Further pictures can be seen on Codes; 53234 & 53241 After further research and communication I'm happy that this is completely original, and an extremely rare, period piece.
EXTREMELY RARE!! Miniature 'pill box' escape compass - in original box! This is the type of miniature "escape" compass which was concealed in pencil' pend, pipes etc. It's not hard to see why these are so scarce, if this wasn't in its original box of issue I'd have lost it many times is miniscule! Please ask for pictures to be emailed to close in on detail.
EXTREMELY RARE!! Rolls Royce/Schneider Trophy 1929 Luncheon Menu Held at Grosvenor House, this Luncheon was held by Rolls Royce to thank their material suppliers in the manufacture of the winning engine of the 1929 Schneider Trophy. I don't imagine there could have been more than a maximum of 100 of these menu's printed for this occassion, and I certainly don't think that more than one or two could still exist today! This Menu comes complete with free splashes of gravy! isn't foxing and the Menu is in excellent condition. An exceptionally rare piece of Rolls Royce-Schneider Trophy memorabilia.
EXTREMELY RARE!! WWI Period 'STADIUM' 'Air Express' Flying Goggles....FRENCH MADE! This is a very scarce pair of authentic WWI 'Air Express' Flying Goggles, made in France by "STADIUM" Still in their original condition and with the original storage case. Incredibly the cushions are still perfect and still compress! Another interesting feature is the field made goggle strap extension...not something I've seen before.
EXTREMELY SCARCE!! 1917 Dated Royal Flying Corps 'FLYING' Jerkin by 'MILLER Mfg' The only example of an actual "FLYING" Jerkin I've seen. I've shown it here displayed with the summerweight RFC Single Breasted 'Under Coat'.
EXTREMELY SCARCE!! Air Ministry pocket Altimeter - 14A/507 As this wonderful early Aviation Instrument goes up to 20,000ft it is perfect for display with the "RANKEN DART" shown below. This beauty surfaced at a general auction in Northwich this September and apart from this ONE example I can find no other reference to it. The Altimeter is made by "Pastorelli & Rapkin" of London. It measures 47mm diameter and does seem to be fully operational. The silvered dial is in fine condition and the brass case shows perfect patination. The case carries a correct Air Ministry stamp and the serial No. 14A/507. A Very Rare Aviation Instrument Indeed!!
Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife with Wooden Handle This is not my usual fare, so I'll leave out any attempt at naive interpretation and valuation on this knife. Colectors of such pieces will already know far more information on this than I could possibly supply. I only bought this for my Museum as I was informed the wooden handle FS knife was used by Aircrew. It was, but not solely by Airmen. I did plan to have the scabbard attached to my very unusual 1943 Escape Boots Code; 52736 for Museum display, but never got round to it. All I can say is that there are no markings whatsoever on the knife Having looked for an appropriate valuation I've seen various upper and lower prices. So I will consider any reasonable offer for the knife, and do please ask for further images. This can only be sold to those aged 18 years and over.
FAKE AIR CREW EUROPE STARS - A message from Alan Thomas of Medals of England I am Alan Thomas, the well known UK coin and medal dealer. I've been a full time registered dealer in the numismatic trade since 1977 and a keen collector since 1957 ! My web site is widely known and advertised throughout the collecting fraternity and is viewed every month by many thousands of regular and new collectors all over the world. Ian Wilson and I have spoken at length recently about the ongoing and unacceptable listings of fake medals and clasps etc on eBay and other web sites. Mainly consisting of fake Aircrew Europe Stars and fake Battle of Britain and other clasps etc these listings are often worded in such a way as to guarantee that the seller knows full well the items are not genuine and is trying to catch out the new or unwary buyer. This is leading to great disappointment and financial loss for many genuine people who are often inexperienced but keen younger collectors, who, being the potential new UK collector base are being lost or put off entering the hobby. We feel as no doubt you also do that this situation cannot be allowed to continue. In about 14 days there will be on my web site, a new icon which will link to a new feature called 'The Fake Medal Forum' . My web engineers are currently constructing the new facility. Please keep an eye out for it's arrival on my web site home page. The new icon link will be positioned in the lower right hand side under our home page soldier picture. The new Fake Medal Forum sub-pages will have (a) HD comparison photographs of known copies and genuine medals and clasps. (b) Details and item numbers of fake medallic products or items with misleading descriptions currently listed on the Internet. The new Forum and site link is also soon to be advertised in the well known and Market leading publication MEDAL NEWS, the directorship of which are just as keen as the members of The Forum to ensure that genuine collectors are informed about fakes and are further helped in the avoidance of these time and financially wasteful purchases. I invite any collector having concerns about the authenticity of any items listed on the Internet to contact The Forum through the site e-mail link ( ) with details of any item which is either obviously fake or after notification by our members is still consistently described incorrectly or 'misleadingly' by the seller. On a personal note, I will tell you that my late Father was awarded the Aircrew Europe Star for service as a Rear Gunner Radio Operator in Bomber Command during World War II. I know what he endured to be entitled to it. For his memory and for that of the thousands of other RAF and service members who fought, died and won this and other medals we are determined that the sale of fake medals should not harm their legacy of our freedom. Please don't hesitate to contact me or Ian with details of listed fakes or any points or questions you may wish to raise. Good Hunting and Safe Collecting to You All. Kindest Regards Alan Thomas Medals of England
Fake MkII Flying Goggles - still being offered as 'original & rare' on ebay! Further to my earlier website listing - No. 51717 These fake MkII's are still out there and being offered as both "original", "in their original Air Ministry tin" (rubbish!) and "very rare indeed". I'm not saying don't buy or bid on them, just be aware that if they are being sold as "original MkII's", they are anything but! THEY ARE 100% FAKE, AND MADE TO DECEIVE! My first five pictures show the fakes - these are pure Fantasy! My second five pictures show original MkII Flying Goggles. Check out the unique 'MkII' Strap Set-up. If they ain't got that, they're NOT MkII's
FAKE ROYAL FLYING CORPS PILOT WINGS I've been sent two pairs of Wings, both of which were regretably bought by my customers on ebay as "original". These dreadful Wings couldn't even be called reproductions or copies as they neither reproduce nor copy any known "GAUNT" RFC Pilot Wing. It's also fair to say that "GAUNT" have never produced a badge of such dreadful quality......these are therefore FAKES!! I've looked and there are two pairs of these on ebay right now. I've added a few close up pictures to show you what one seller describes as a "superb finely detailed wing". A big thankyou goes out to my customers for helping to point these out.
FAKE!! - MkII Flying Goggles - FAKE!! If you see, or are offered a pair of 1940 Air Ministry stamped and labelled MkII Flying Goggles and think WOWW!! these are just too good to be true, well they are just that - TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!! - THEY ARE 100% FAKE! They will have a green elasticicated webbing strap beautifully stamped "1940" and with the "AM & Crown" stamp. The sides are in brown leather showing they are the old 'General Purpose' Goggles. They also come in a tin case with labels multi-stamped showing all of the above. I understand these were put together by an enterprising individual quite a few years back to capitalise on the demand, and high prices being achieved for ORIGINAL RAF MkII Flying Goggles. The tin case is actually old/new stock of childrens pencil cases of the time. At least one pair appears on ebay a month and I'm not saying you shouldn't bid or buy them, but please don't do so thinking they are Original MkII Goggles. They're not Replicas or Reproductions, they are out and out FAKES! designed to deceive!
Fantastic Retirement Present to RAF Sqn Ldr MBE - Silver & Crystal Whisky Barrel Over the years I've owned a number of presentation pieces to Aviator's of all kinds, but this has to be the Finest! This is a silverplate & crystal Whisky Barrel presented to Squadron Leader E Dodd MBE, from The Officers of 663 Air Op Squadron - Royal Auxiliary Air Force. On the Occasssion of his Retirement on May 1st 1954. I have only briefly tried to find Sqn/Ldr Dodd but with no success. However as a Squadron Leader with an MBE to his name he was undoubtedly an accomplished Airman who had served well and long in the Royal Air Force. The Whisky Barrel itself is a wonderful item. Made by Birmingham silversmiths "John Grinsell & Sons" it wouldn't look out of place in the finest collections of vintage silver. Standing at 20cms tall the lead crystal Barrel is 'secured' on its stand by two silver straps. The small tap is just right for pouring a small measure of the finest single malt Whisky. The Whisky being added to the Barrel through a corked silver stopper in the top, although a new cork would be required. A stunning piece with great RAF History worthy of further research.
Fantastic Trench Art RAF Spitfire - \'Victory Roll\'!!
FANTASTIC!! WWI Royal Naval Air Service carved wooden shield - STUNNING! More a work of art than a 'Regimental Shield'. The overall craftsmanship is wonderful, with the RNAS insignia being deeply carved into a concave shield with scrolls.
Fine Collection of WWII Insignia of the Royal Australian Air Force This is a really nice collection of WWII RAAF Insignia, including; RAAF O/R Bronze Forage Cap Badge RAAF Chaplains Badge by \'KC Luke\' RAAF Officers Forage Cap Badge by \'KC Luke\' RAAF Officers Badge for the Greatcoat or BD Epaullettes by \'KC Luke RAAF Leading Aircraftsman Sleeve Badges (mismatched pair), one by \'KC Luke\'
First Class 1930 Pattern RAF Leather Flying Helmet Superb! untouched 1930 Pattern RAF Flying Helmet This was the first officially designated RAF Flying Helmet. As can be seen, the design dictated the panel pattern for the later \"Battle of Britain\" Btype Flying Helmet. Indeed, if you check out item No. 50403 you will see that these Helmets continued to be used through the Battle of Britain and further into World War II. Some pre-War RAF Airmen obviously became attached to their Helmet and had them amended and re-fitted to accomodate the latest communication systems and oxygen equipment. A Scarce RAF Helmet in complete and unaltered state with, the leather is in excellent condition throughout. It is also a good size too, being at least a size3.
FIRST CLASS!! Pair of ALL ORIGINAL Air Ministry Issued MkIIIa 'BATTLE OF BRITAIN' RAF Flying Goggles In superb overall condition with original lenses. These do have a few scratches which could be polished out but I don't consider these too serious as these Goggles display beautifully. Both ventilation horns are still in place, fully Air Ministry stamped, and one of the best pairs of MkIIa's I've had in quite some time.
FIRST CLASS!! RAF Officer's Cap Badge In superb condition as can be seen.
FIRST CLASS!! RCAF Officer's Cap Badge In superb condition as can be seen.
FIRST INDEPENDENT POLISH PARACHUTE BRIGADE - Cupar, Scotland - 29th August 1941 This stunning solid silver Cigarette Desk Box is one of the most intruiging items of WWII/Polish History I've owned. It certainly raises a whole bunch of questions...... The box is maker marked for what I believe to be A&J Zimmerman and was assayed in Birmingham in 1935. Between 1935 - 1941 I've no idea of its history, but in 1941 it was presented to "T.F or F.T" with the following engraved message. "Many Happy Returns of the Day on your Birthday From Polish Soldier S.W Cupar, 29th August 1941" The FIRST INDEPENDENT POLISH PARACHUTE BRIGADE was officially formed exactly one month later a few miles down the road in Leven!! So, who was the Polish Soldier "S.W" and who was this presented to....the FIRST INDEPENDENT POLISH PARACHUTE BRIGADE is a subject I know very little about but I'm pretty sure the history of this box could well come to light, due to the enormous international admiration of this particular outfit. I have absolutley no doubt in my mind that everything about the box is 100% Authentic.
Flt Lt. John Francis Williams - 'ONE OF THE FIFTY' - 'THE GREAT ESCAPE' Better Pictures and Information on Code 52923
Forthcoming Auctions - a brief preview The pictures shown in the next few listings show a small portion of my collection. These and many, many more rare items of Vintage Aviation Memorabilia will be going to Auction in the next eighteen months or so. Paul Laidlaw (Laidlaw Auctioneers) and myself will be publicising the Auctions through the trade press and I will keep you updated through my website.
Forthcoming Auctions - a brief preview
French Air Force - Pilot Lapel/Sweetheart, Silver/Gold
FRENCH TEXT! Extensive Manual for the Avro Lancaster of the French Navy A huge post-War Manual on the Avro Lancaster as used by the "AERONAUTIQUE NAVALE" soon after WWII.
Fresh to the Market!! 1939 RAF Battle of Britain Btype Flying Helmet - Frank Bryan This Btype Flying Helmet has never been on the open market, it is untouched, completely original and exactly as it was when issued in 1939, and as authentic as the day it was no longer needed. A recent, boxed 'loft find' I'm confident on this occassion that the name inside is original. This Btype Flying Helmet has never had internal donuts fitted, nor has it had internal receiver cups. It has never been waxed, nor polished but is still in mighty fine condition. To summarise, this is a completely authentic Battle of Britain Btype Flying Helmet......need I say more?
FULL LENGTH!! Double Strapped - 'pair' Royal Flying Corps Leather/Sheepskin Gauntlets Personally I think these are the finest pair of WWI all Leather Gauntlets I've had, and in my humble opinion these have always been together. The darker pair have a honey coloured buckle at the wrist and a honey coloured strap at the upper arm. The honey coloured pair have a darker brown wrist strap and buckle. It is highly possible these were made by different manufacturers of the period and were once a very similar shade. However with hides from a different manufacturer's, their respective chemistry has caused them to age differently - look at Richtofen’s boots, separated by half a world they bear no resemblance to one another. (thanks Nigel) My pictures might foreshorten the look of them but they do come right up to the elbow.
FULLY PROVENANCED! Rare Group to pre-WWII Pilot of the Civil Aviation Service Corps & Civil Air Guard Dating 1937 to 1939 this very rare group of items belonged to Gavin Andrew Gardner. The group includes his CASC Membership Card, Air Ministry Pilot License and Pilot Flying Book. It also includes his unusual Civil Air Guard Pilot Wing, rare Sleeve Badge, Cap Badge and original CAG Buttons. The group also has five original photographs of him in his CASC kit. The Civil Aviation Service Corps was formed in 1934 by a few ex-Pilots of the disbanded Royal Flying Corps who decided to form a new Corps on a basis of "service to the cause of flying". G A Gardner's 1937 Membership Card show the CASC was attached to No.1 (London) Squadron. Much more information about the CASG & CAT is provided in the document supplied with this group.
FULLY PROVENANCED!! ATA Pilot Helmet & Documents From my personal collection, this ATA group came to me direct from the family of "FITZ" and is fully backed up with a full letter of provenance. The group of items not only include his original 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet, but also his full (handwritten)operational ATA record and his personal ATA Ferry Pilot Notes. These are fully annotated by "FITZ" himself at the time of his flying for the ATA. Genuine, provenanced ATA Pilot items rarely come on to the market and there is no disputing the incredible history behind Fitzgerald's War. Derek Fitzgerald flew many ferry operations from White Waltham with the ATA and went on to train many other Air Transport Auxiliary Pilots.
FULLY PROVENANCED!! Flying Helmet & Goggles of Flt Lt. J.F Williams - 'ONE OF THE FIFTY' See Code; 51623 for further pictures. In late March 1944 Flight Lieutenant. J F Williams was one of fifty men who were driven into a remote forest in (the then occupied) Germany and was murdered. He was the victim of a summary excecution by the Gestapo on the personal orders of Adolf Hitler. Flt Lt. John Francis Williams was one of 76 men who successfully escaped from Stalag LuftIII........"THE GREAT ESCAPE" One of my pictures is an original P.P picturing a young RAF Flight Lieutenant and his Wife during the Blitz. This handsome young man is one John Francis Williams RAF 106173. Flt. Lt. Williams trained as a Pilot prior to the outbreak of World War II and joined the Royal Air Force in June 1940 flying Hawker Hurricanes. Later, due to ill health he was transferred to 107 Squadron where he flew Douglas Bostons. On the 27th of April 1942 he was shot down by a Focke Wulf 190 whilst on a bombing raid over Lille Sequedon, France. On capture he was sent the the Luftwaffe run POW Camp - Stalagluft III. On the 24th March 1944, Flt. Lt Williams was one of 76 POW's to escape from Stalag Luft III in what soon became known as "THE GREAT ESCAPE"! Flt. Lt. John F. Williams was one of fifty Airmen who were recaptured soon after. He is now recognised as "ONE OF THE FIFTY". This 'Lewis' Flying Helmet and MkIIIa Flying Goggles were used by Flt. Lt Williams whilst training to fly the Hawker Hurricane with the Goggles probably being used in combat. This small group of historic items come direct from the family together with their written provenance. Flight Lieutenant John Francis Williams now rests in Posen Old Garrison Cemetery, Poland. Section "V", Plot VIII, Row C, Grave No. 3. This is a very reluctant sale but the funding required for the development of Theatre section of my Museum is astronomical. It's important to add that Flt. Lt. Williams' Helmet & Goggles are exactly as they were when his Goggle strap repairs, restoration or cleaning. NOTE; The portrait of Flt Lt. Williams is a photocopy of the original which will remain with the family. This is very difficult to put a price on so I'm opening this to offers.
Fully Provenanced!! MkIIIH Navigational Computer to Battle of France/Battle of Britain Hurricane Pilot - Flew with Ginger Lacey A TRUE PIECE OF RAF BATTLE OF BRITAIN HISTORY!! This RAF Navigational Computer was issued to and used by P/O Eric Gordon Parkin of 501 (County of Gloucester) Squadron. Pilot Officer Parkin flew Hurricanes with 501 Squadron during both the Battle of France & The Battle of Britain. He flew alongside the legendary Ginger Lacey. Indeed, Ginger Lacey's book "Fighter Pilot" has a picture of P/O Parkin's inverted Hurricane. The accident occured during the Battle of Britain when Parkin was returning from Hawkinge to Gravesend on July 31st 1940. Because of failing light Parkin undershot the runway and impacted into coiled barbed wire causing his Hurricane to 'flip'. P/O Parkin was badly injured, admitted to Gravesend Hospital and didn't return to his Squadron until February 1941. This rare piece of Battle of Britain Memorabila comes with typed, handsigned letter from the son of Eric Gordon Parkin. A very reluctant sale, having been offered a rare & complete set of four Fairey Firefly Prop Blades with Bearings and Hub, I'm afraid decisions like this have to be made. One thing I can be assured of, knowing my customers it will still be going to a very good home where it will continue to be treasured and displayed.
FULLY RESTORED!! Original Royal Air Force Aluminium Gate Plaque Having this very scarce RAF gate plaque restored meant it had to be done professionally. That meant stripping off the newly painted areas and working back through the paint's to discover what the original paint scheme would have looked like. What surprised us more than anything else was the existience of gold leaf on the Eagle and Crown. We also discovered various shades of original "RAF bluesand reds", including "roundel" blue and red and "azure" blue. This Plaque would have looked spectacular when it was originally hung. We sincerely hope you consider our restoration has done it justice.
FULLY WIRED!! RAF TypeE 'Tropical' Flying Helmet
FULLY WIRED!! USAAF 1944 A-11 Flying Helmet - VERY RARE MAKER!! The first of two outstanding WWII American Flying Helmets I'm proud to offer. Made by "CONSOLIDATED SLIPPER CORPORATION" A very rare maker! This is a magnificent specimen of the USAAF Type A-11 Flying Helmet. Fully wired, 1944 manufacture, Issue stamped, Large size and made by the "CONSOLIDATED SLIPPER CORPS". The quality of manufacture is exceptional in comparison to other Type A-11's I've seen. There is no doubting this is a real "GEM" in the world of WWII USAAF Flying Helmets
FULLY WIRED!! WWII RAF Type E Flying Helmet A mighty fine example of the Type E RAF Flying Helmet of WWII. Note; The Type E was was always issued with the four retaining straps and buckled goggle strap at the rear. Later issue Ctypes were then updated and fitted with that particular strap configuration.
FULLY WORKING!! WWII Hawker Typhoon Gunsight A very good example of the recognised MkII Reflector Gunsight used for the firing of Rockets from the Hawker Typhoon and other Rocket firing Fighter Bombers of the RAF during WWII. All components are fully operational. The front pad has deteriorated with age but is the orginal. These can be purchased elsewhere if you wanted to replace it. This example has been made to work. By adding three tripleA batteries the Gunsight can be shown with the smaller aiming ring in operation. An really excellent description of the Beamont Modification is given on this "WAR THUNDER" website link ; Please note; The listing is for the Gunsight only. The stand is used on my other Hawker Typhoon Gunsight in my "Beamont Display".
GAURANTEED ORIGINAL!! Nitsche & Gunther Luftwaffe 'Splitterschutzbrille' Flying Goggles With Czech made copies of these STILL being sold by some dealers as 'original' I do ask that you email me and ask for pictures you can zoom into to clearly identify this rare pair of 3rd Pattern Splitterschutzbrille Anti Splinter Flying Goggles as 100% Original. This pair come with their original carry case with cardboard insert. There are no stamps on the frame but I do give a 100% Lifetime Gaurantee of their full authenticity.
GAURANTEED ORIGINAL!! Nitsche & Gunther Luftwaffe Flying Goggles With Czech made copies of these STILL being sold by dealers as 'original' I do ask that you email me and ask for pictures you can zoom into to clearly identify this rare pair of 2nd Pattern Splitterschutzbrille Anti Splinter Flying Goggles as 100% Original.
Genuine Air Crew Europe Stars......a timely reminder It's infuriating to see the rising number of copy/fake Air Crew Europe Stars appearing on ebay again. These are often sold by unscrupulous sellers as "I don't know if it's genuine", or "make your own mind up" or "this came with the group but I can't commit to its authenticity".....I'm sure you all know the words these bandits use. The pictures show a copy being sold on ebay. Even though the seller was informed by a number of collectors early in the auction, there are no changes on the listing. If you're planning on bidding/buying on ebay please make sure you know exactly what the medal is. Go to Alan Thomas' excellent website "Medals of England" and go to his "Fake Medal Forum". There you can see all the points associated with the Air Crew Europe Star to help you identify a genuine ACE. If you're still unsure then contact Alan direct - It's Midday Thursday 29th October, and that £30 group of items has just sold for £164.99!!!!....boils the blood don't it?
Genuine Luftwaffe Fliegerblouse Insignia These pieces were in the pockets of the Fliegerblouse shown below. Whether they are original to the blouse is pure conjecture so I'm selling them simply as genuine items of Luftwaffe Insignia.
Genuine Shearling Face Mask - USAAF WWII? No markings on this so possibly \'theatre made\'. There is still some elasticity in the head strap. Displays great with a USAAF B-2 Cap as you can see. This is a vintage piece made from 100% genuine shearling.
Genuine Spanish 'CONDOR LEGION' Luftwaffe Pilot Wing Guaranteed as 100% Original I believe this to be a Spanish made Wing, probably made by ROKISKI. There are no makers marks and this is not unusual for such a rare Pilot Wing.
GENUINE WWI 'TRENCH ART' - Handley Page 0/400 - RFC Pilot's 'Charm'
GENUINE! 1944 RAF Lancaster Pilot Notes - Lancaster I, III & X - 49 Squadron Guaranteed as original from 1944, and not a modern reprint. Complete with all pull-outs, and in very good condition. This looks to have been issued to 49 Squadron.
GENUINE! F24 RAF Spitfire Reconnaisance Camera with Battle of Britain History FULLY STAMPED TO SHOW WHERE IT WAS DURING, AND AFTER THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN. The Williamson F.24 camera was the main air reconnaissance camera at the start of World War 2. It could be mounted in the wings of a Spitfire for low-level vertical imagery and also mounted in the rear fuselage for vertical and oblique imagery. The F.24 was also fitted into a centre lined \"slipper\" tank for forward facing oblique imagery. Another use of the camera was by Bomber Command who installed the camera into their aircraft for the taking of Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) imagery. At the height of the Battle of Britain the intense Luftwaffe activities in the South of England initiated the redeployment of 10 Bombing & Gunnery School of the Royal Air Force. 10 B&GS were moved from RAF Warmwell up to the \'safer\' areas of South West Scotland to RAF Dumfries...AND THIS CAMERA WENT WITH THEM! The 10B&GS began training bomb-aimers and gunners in Handley Page Harrow and Fairey Battle aircraft, before passing them on to Operational Training Units. Dated 1939 this camera would have used during that training of PRU Pilots, Bomb Aimers and Air Gunners both at RAF Warmwell and RAF Dumfries - pre, during, and after the Battle of Britain. As you can see, the Camera Case is fully stamped giving all relevant information relating to its History!
GENUINE! Pair of WWII USAAF Flyers Sunglasses - Green Lens The only marking I can find on these is "S C" stamped on the bridge. These are 100% authentic, not in perfect condition but still suitable for both wear and display.
GENUINE!! 'Late Arrivals Club Badge' - #1 100% Original
GENUINE!! 'Late Arrivals Club Badge' - #2 100% Original, comes with sand-cast RAF Officers Cap Badge
GENUINE!! 1920's/30's pair of Art Deco Aeroplane Bookends - NOT REPRODUCTIONS These are the real thing and not later production replicas, and these have been copied many times over the years. I gaurantee these to be 100% Authentic. They carry quite a bit of verdigris and age related wear. I'm sure that they would look amazing if polished, personally I like them just as they are.
GENUINE!! 1940 photograph of Edgar James 'Cobber' Kain & N Flying Officers N "Fanny" Orton and E J "Cobber" Kain of No. 73 Squadron RAF, standing by a Hawker Hurricane Mark I, between sorties, at Reims-Champagne. Orton left France with at least fifteen victories and Kain with seventeen. Copies of this photograph can still be obtained through the IWM..........This is an original 1940 'press' print!
GENUINE!! 1956 MkI Flying Helmet - 74 Squadron Meteor Pilot - NAMED for research Howabout this for a piece of early Jet-Age history? An oft-used phrase for many of my pieces is "Where can you find another?". That certainly applies to this wonderful Flying Helmet.
GENUINE!! 1957 Film Poster - 'REACH FOR THE SKY' - Douglas Bader I have two of these large posters and they came to me direct from the States. Both have been folded and kept out of the daylight. So the colours are still as bright and vibrant as the day they were printed. There are some repairable areas at one or two of the folds, but when professionally framed these will not be noticeable. Believe me, these will look magnificent when framed and hung. THESE ARE NOT REPRODUCTIONS. They are fully stamped by the various organisations involved in the release of "REACH FOR THE SKY". You have my personal guarantee of their authenticity.
GENUINE!! Air Crew Europe Star trio to RAF Typhoon Pilot
GENUINE!! Air Ministry Blind Flying Panel - 6A/1336 - 480MPH ASI - SPITFIRE & HURRICANE This is a rare and original Blind Flying Panel of the type used in many RAF Aircraft types of World War II. However, with an Air Speed Indicator going up to 480 miles per hour this was certainly used in the Spitfire/Hurricane type of Fighter Aircraft. UNTOUCHED!! This has never, ever been tampered with. The instruments are exactly as they were when originally fitted. I bought this with the intention of using the panel itself on my Typhoon instrument panel. However, the longer I've looked at it in its original condition I cannot bring myself to touch it. So I've decided to leave it exactly as it came from its Aircraft. This looks great as it is, but would also look superb if restored. Original, untouched BFP's rarely come to the market, especially 480Mph Blind Flying Panels.
GENUINE!! Brass RAF 'Pathfinder' Badge - Check this out! With every second RAF Eagle on a certain auction site being incorrectly sold with a "Pathfinder" reference it's nice to be able to offer what in my opinion is a 100% Authentic "PATHFINDER" Badge. This particular "Pathfinder" has been made for one specific purpose and I don't believe for one second it is a Sweetheart Brooch. If you refer to page 160 of Warren Carroll's book "Eagles Recalled" you will see why I'm happy to sell this an an Official Pathfinder Badge. PLEASE NOTE; This badge has NO connection to the Pathfinder group shown below.
GENUINE!! Luftwaffe General Collar Rank Guaranteed as 100% Original! Please note; the colour of the bullion in this items has been dulled by my pictures. The actual colour is much brighter.
GENUINE!! Metal & Enamel Airfield 'WARNING' Sign from 1954 In superb condition for an outdoor enamel sign. Not known exactly which Airport this is from but regionally it is from the Liverpool/Blackpool area. Measures 43cms x 28cms
GENUINE!! Pre-War Vickers/Supermarine Spitfire promotional brochure - OUTSTANDING!! This is probably the rarest and definitely the finest item of Spitfire literature I've ever seen! Dating from the very early days of Spitfire production this dual language brochure is simply stunning! It is printed on the very finest, heavy fibrous paper which has enabled this publication to remain in magnificent condition. The fact it has remained inside of its original card slipcase has also provided over 70 years of protection. This would look superb professionally framed to provide access to turn the pages occassionally. Add to it my original Supermarine case plate (50863) and you have one of the most unique and rarest Vickers/Supermarine pairings anywhere in the world.
GENUINE!! Pre-War Vickers/Supermarine Spitfire promotional brochure - OUTSTANDING!! For original pictures, description and price please put 52224 into the word search NOW REDUCED TO £495
GENUINE!! RAF Battle of Britain MkII Flying Goggles Really there is NO confusion over identifying genuine MKII Flying Goggles. Just look at the strap configuration......sprung leather covered sections and an adjustable short leather strap at the back easily identify the iconic original MkII Flying Goggles. This pair are missing their fur and do have a small crack in the corner of one lens, but they are still a very smart pair of original MkII Flying Goggles. You have to ask yourself why experienced website auction sellers continue selling cardboard boxed, standard General Purpose Goggles as "Unique & Rare RFC/RAF MkII Flying Goggles". My final picture shows the type of Goggles regularly being passed of as "rare MkII Flying Goggles" For New Collectors; Check the Strap & Dont be Fooled! I'm happy to forward on these pictures for future reference.
GENUINE!! Royal Flying Corps 'Officer of the Day' Arm Title This is the "Real mcCoy" which has the fully embroidered "RFC" in wool and not a later, printed example which were easier to copy.
GENUINE!! Sir William Rothenstein sketch of RAF Battle of Britain Pilot - Aston Down 1940 This is your opportunity to acquire a truly awesome and iconic piece of Battle of Britain history, a genuine William Rothenstein 1940 sketch. From my research the only other originals are either in the Tate Gallery, The Battle of Britain Museum or in exclusive private collections. What makes this particular sketch even more desirable is the fact that Sir William added a personal signature in ink, "sincerely yours Willy". As with all of my items I will supply a lifetime COA with this sketch.
GENUINE!! WWI Imperial German Pilot's 'Iron Cross' Ring An original WWI silver and enamel ring, probably worn on the little finger and made from German '800' Silver. Sadly the enameling has all but disappeared but to me that doesn't detract from what is a genuine WWI Imperial German Air Force Ring. As with all my items, unless otherwise stated I gaurantee their full authenticity.
GENUINE!! WWII Model of the VI DOODLEBUG The bronze Spitfire Spade Grip shown in my pictures is a full size replica. That should give some idea of the size of this model. Made from a white metal alloy this is an exceptional looking piece of German Memorabilia. I have tried to show the 'cut-out' 3D Swatstika. This feature leads me to think this is an original period German made piece. This would have sat quite comfortably in a Peenemunde Luftwaffe Office. The whole model breaks down into a number of separate parts and is completely screwed together. In other words, it isn't made from one piece. A very difficult item to price so I'm throwing this open to offers in the first instance.
GENUINE!! WWII Period handpainted 611 West Lancashire Squadron Plaque A wonderful original period squadron plaque. I cannot provide provenance to it being Battle of Britain period but the seller stated her Uncle Bill was with 611 Squadron at Duxford during the Battle of Britain. So, unable to confirm actual history but there is no doubt in my mind that this is over 70 years old. The wear to the paint, patination in the oak, original screws and wall hanger are a dead giveaway to the full authenticity of this wonderful Battle of Britain Spitfire Squadron Plaque.
GENUINE!! WWII Polish Air Force 304 Squadron Badge Only the second genuine example of this badge I've ever come across. This is a silver, multi-part badge with full enamel. No. 304 (Land of Silesia) Polish Bomber Squadron - 304 Dywizjon Bombowy "Ziemi Œl¹skiej im. Ks. Józefa Poniatowskiego. At the height of the Battle of Britain in summer 1940 304 Squadron flew the Fairey Battle, before moving on the the Vickers Wellington for the majority of WWII. Serving with Bomber Command, Coastal Command and Transport Command. A very rare Polish Air Force Badge
GENUINE!! WWII Spitfire Propeller Blade
GENUINE, NAMED!! Royal Flying Corps Pilots Goggles Ebay has a curious habit of throwing up one or two nice surprises, for example; The Flying Helmet & Google Mask of Ap Ellis were bought on ebay, but no mention of the owner was made when they were sold. These Flying Goggles have just provided another nice ebay surprise. They were bought just a week ago along with an original Lancaster Pilot's Notes and a 1941 Young Officers Guide to Air Force Law. On close inspection the base and side of the case have been named to an RFC Serviceman. No mention of the name was made on the listing. The name is only just illegible but I feel sure with some work and research the original owner could be identified.
GERMAN AVIATION HISTORY a UNIQUE Pair of Flying Helmets and Goggles of OTTO THOMSEN Otto Thomsen - 1895 to 1960. In 1922 Otto Thomsen joined Junkers as a Pilot, this appointment was at the request of Professor Otto Mader himself. He was also engaged in the design and construntion of early German wind-tunnels. In 1924 he worked at Fili as a Test Pilot and Trial Engineer, during which time he worked on the development of the Junkers H21 and the Junkers K30. From 1927 to 1933 Thomsen was the Technical Director of DEUTSCHE LUFTFAHRT GmbH. Of course, all this work took place at the time Germany was then under the Treaty of Versailles. This enforced many, and varied restrictions on the import and manufacture of Aircraft post-WWI in Germany, only allowing 100, non-armament carrying Aircraft. However, this did not stop the growing Aviation Industry in Germany. So in the mid-1930's Otto Thomsen launched his own Flying School based at Templehof Airport, Berlin......and this was where he would have worn these very Flying Helmets. I've been unable to find out exactly who, or how many Luftwaffe Pilots Thomsen actually trained, but it is well documented that Thomsen was the instructor of two female German Flying Legends, Elly Beinhorn and Hanna Reitsch (google). I have owned the summer Flying Helmet and Goggles for a few years now, and was delighted when the winter Flying Helmet recently became available on the market. Both Helmets carry Otto Thomsen's name labels. What is very interesting to note, is the camouflaged lining to the summer variant, as well as various illegible stamps. There is so much more to Otto Thomsen than I can write, suffice to say these are a highly relevant trio of pre-WWII German Aviation items.
German Luftwaffe/Afrika Corps Cap Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity..........WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!!
GORGEOUS!! Original, Early 'PHELPS' 1st Pattern Flying Helmet An absolute beauty, in the very finest polished leather. Only two Oxygen Mask poppers each side and a superb 'Bennetts Buckle'. One of the receiver cups had hardened and slightly split. I tried fitting a receiver into it and it split even further. So I've replaced both receiver cups with excellent 'new' examples. One of those Flying Helmets that need to be held in the hand to appreciate just how beautiful it really is.
GROTESQUE!! Inkwell Caricature of Louis Bleriot and the Bleriot 1, 'The Ornithopter' In the latter part of the 19th Century and early part of the 20th, caricature (not imitation) was the greatest form of flattery. You only need to google "Bleriot Caricature" to see what I mean. This came from France where I was informed it portrays the young Louis Bleriot attempting to fly his very first powered aircraft, the Bleriot 1, his "ORNITHOPTER", 1900-1901. "The Ornithopter's flapping wings resembling the heavy flapping motion of a large moth".....suffice to say, the Bleriot 1 was an a brave experiment in trial and error and a complete failure, but the rest as they say, is history. Given the fact this inkwell is cast in iron? (very brittle) it is an incredible survivor. I don't think the ink pot itself is original to the piece. Incredibly, the hinge is still operative and has no repairs. This is the earliest (and ugliest) item of Aviation Memorabilia on my website, a very rare find and quite unique.
Group Captain Augustine ap Ellis R.A.F, C.B.E The Royal Flying Corps MkI Flying Helmet, MkII Triplex Goggle Mask and the pair of Wine Coasters shown below perfectly capture the very first, and last days of the RFC/RAF Career of Group Captain Augustine ap Ellis R.A.F, C.B.E On display together they make a fine and fitting tribute to a man who dedicated most of his adult life to the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force.
Group Captain Augustine ap Ellis RFC, RAF - Silver presentation Wine Coasters to Officers Mess No. 34 S.F.T.S (Medicine Hat) Probably commissioned by Ap Ellis whilst in London as a presentation gift on leaving his Command at 34 S.F.T.S in Canada . Made by "Birks" and stamped "Birks Regency Plate", "Made in England". So, made by one of the worlds finest Silversmiths, and still in beautiful condition. You only need google Augustine Ellis to discover this man's Long and Esteemed Military/Flying History, both in the Royal Flying Corps and finally as Group Captain in the Royal Air Force as Commanding Officer of No. 34 SERVICE FLYING TRAINING SCHOOL - MEDICINE HAT, CANADA. Seconded as Captain on West Riding Div1 Signal Corps to the Royal Flying Corps as "Temp Major" on June 1st 1916. Ap Ellis continued to serve with the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force and rise through the Ranks. Promoted to Squadron Leader on 17th February 1922 Promoted to Wing Commander on 30th June 1923 Awarded CBE (Military) for Distinguished Service on Personel Staff Duties, Iraq Command 21st May 1925 Station Commander No.4 F.T.S RAF Sealand 22nd January 1931 - 23rd July 1932 Station Commander No.4 F.T.S RAF Abu Deir Egypt as Vice Group Captain 1935 First Station Commander No.6 F.T.S as Group Captain at RAF Little Rissington 1939 Commanding Officer at Medicine Hat No.34 S.F.T.S as Group Captain 1941-1944...........The black and white photograph shows Group Captain ap Ellis escorting the His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent - RAF Air Commodore around "Medicine Hat" S.F.T.S in 1942 The History behind "Medicine Hat" is, in itself a magnificent story in Aviation history. Commonwealth Pilots of the highest order were trained to the very highest levels of military flying at "Medicine Hat". It was undoubtedly THE most important RAF Station outside of Britain during WWII.......Group Captain Augustine Ap Ellis was the man in overall charge of ensuring the likes of F/O A.F.M. Maclean (Instructor), Reg Nutter (Instructor), P/O. A.A. Purkiss-Ginn (Instructor) turned raw new Pilots into the highly skilled Fighter & Bomber Pilots of the Royal Air Force in WWII.
Group Captain J A Sproule DFC RCAF The following pictures show Group Captain J A Sproule DFC RCAF as he escorts Prince Phillip on a Royal visit to CJATC Rivers in October, 1954. Pathe News clips can also be seen of GC Sproule on this link; This is the self same young Pilot Officer who flew his Armstrong Whitley over Germany on the very first RAF Raid of WWII. So much more has been written about this extraordinary Gentleman. Indeed his own words can be found in his own publication; "437 Squadron History". It's definitely worth researching deeper, an amazing individual.
GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC!! RARE 1920's German Pilot Statuette A very iconic study of a German Aviator. Reproductions of this sculpture were made and are still found on the market, but this is 100% Authentic!!
GUARANTEED ORIGINAL!! WWII Battle of Britain Poster Perhaps THE most iconic image reproduced from the Battle of Britain. However this poster is the real thing and very, very rare. I acquired the poster from the States. It is a "War souvenir" which was taken home and linen backed for preservation. I will supply a personal, lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with the poster.
Hand Carved early 20th Century RAF Tankard and Cigar/Cigarette Case These came from the same source and, although there is no History behind them, I thought they\'re better kept together...perfect for the post Christmas Dinner relaxation. The Cigar/Cigarette Case is beautifully made in carved fruit wood and carries early RAF Insignia handcarved into the front. The tankard has a brass/silver plated lining with a cracking pair of carved RAF Pilot Wings on the front.
Hand carved \'Art Deco\' Bi-Plane from the 1920\'s/30\'s A really attractive hand made model, acquired direct from a collector in France. This is extremely well made, with the tail brace made of Aircraft Aluminium.
Hand Made WWII U.S Airborne, Office Wall Hanging A most exquisite, hand made pair of U.S Airborne Para Wings. Made from multiple materials including what appears to be Parachute Cord. A very fine addition to any WWII Airborne Collection/Display. 24cms wide x 13mm high
HANDMADE!! 1936 Pattern Flying Boots by 'LEWIS LEATHERS' - Size 8 & MINT IN BOX! Made by "LEWIS LEATHER'S" still in their original box and have never been worn. The ultimate replica 1936 Pattern Flying Boots!
HARRODS!! Brown Leather & Sheepskin Flying Boots - Size 10.5! Why don't we see more items of Flying Clothing/Footwear made for "HARRODS"? After all when Lanoe Hawker designed the Royal Flying Corps Fug Boots he had them made by HARRODS. Yet these Boots are only the second item of Flying Clothing I've ever owned made by HARRODS! I'm attempting to research and date these as they do have a HARRODS serial number. The long front zip makes the 1940 Pattern RAF Flying Boot is the most similar in design. The narrower ankle would seem to be there to prevent the loss of the Boots when evacuating an Aircraft. This private purchase pair of Boots are as you would expect from HARRODS, the very highest quality of material and manufacture. I believe they still have their original heels and soles. Definitely worth researching and checking period pictures of WWII American Pilots. These would have cost a fortune to have made, my own thoughts are these could well have been commissioned by a US Airman.
Helicopter Helmet #2
Helicopter Helmet #3
Helicopter Pilot Helmets and Westland Dragonfly Cyclic (stick) These three Helmets and Cyclic were very kindly donated to the Museum by one of our long-term customers and now very good friend Steve T......"to do with as I please". Moving into Helicopter Memorabilia is diversifying too much, and although these make a fantastic display I've decided to sell them. As I know absolutely nothing about Helicopters I'm open to discussion about one, or all of the related items. The Cyclic is from a Westland Dragonfly and is Mint condition.
Help Identifying German Ring Maker?..... Please refer to German Eagle Ring - Code; 53448 The world of collecting can throw up the most incredible coincidences....I recently listed an exquisite German Eagle Head Ring which carries a makers stamp of "RD". Well, one of my German customers contacted me to show me a "Deaths Head" ring in his collection. This too is marked "RD" and 'long story short', I managed to prise it from his grasp. My question is; Does anyone else out there own such pieces marked "RD"? This "Deaths Head" ring also has the initial "W" engraved on the inside and below the "RD" is a mark which looks like the circular Swastika you would see on the pommel of a 1st Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger.
Highest Quality - WWII RAF Officer\'s Forage Cap This is such a well made Officer\'s Cap. The backing plate and screw fixings for the Officer\'s Cap Badge are actually inside of the Velvet Lining. The cap also has the very expensive \'multi-part\' Buttons where the Crown and Eagle are separate to the actual Button case. A couple of moth nibbles (pic 3) don\'t prevent this being a lovely Display Cap.
HIGHLY INDIVIDUAL! WWI RAF/ARF ID Bracelet to ID'd Airman As can be seen on my website I have a very large collection of RFC - RNAS - RAF gold and silver pieces. This, is the one and only ARF marked piece I've ever had! If you own a copy of the brilliant "EAGLES RECALLED" by Warren Carroll you will probably know the background to the "ARF" Pilot Wing. To quote Warren's first "ARF" monogrammed 'find'..... ......."We go back around fifteen years, when I purchased a small sterling gold plated Wing in Toronto, which had blue enamel letters with the odd monogram "ARF". I originally thought that they had made them in error. The Wing was hallmarked "Ryrie" who was a Toronto jeweller in business 1917." This ID Bracelet was also made by "Ryrie" and probably manufactured at exactly the same time. What is even more special is the fact the Airman is very easily identified due to the unique surname and multi-initials. GEORGE CHARLES FREDERICK ELY possibly wore this bracelet throughout his long and illustrious aeronautical career. He joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1917 after serving as an apprentice at Vickers. He then continued his Flying Service in the Royal Air Force. The London Gazzette mentions him as "Class A" Pilot Officer in 1931. On being demobilised he then joined Blackburn Aircraft, Ltd but was tragically killed in a flying accident in 1940.
HIGHLY INTRUIGING!! RAF Wall Plaque - Bomber Harris connection??? This wooden RAF Plaque raises one or two questions.... First, look at the RAF Eagle. I have never seen the Eagle represented as such in all my years of collecting. It has a very distinctive American stylised look. The font used in "27 MAY 1941" & "PER ARDUA AD ASTRA" also has an art deco American look to it. Second, the date - 27 May 1941, why this specific date? Well, on the 27th May 1941 the Bismark was finally sunk, but I don't think this has anything to do that meteoric event. Just a few weeks earlier, on the 14th May 1941 the second RAF Eagle Squadron - 121 Squadron was formed. Again I don't think this plaque has anything to do with that. However on that exact date, the 27th May 1941 (acting) Air Marshal Arthur "Bomber" Harris was appointed Head of RAF Delegation to the USA, Head of British Air Staff - Washington. This was of course prior to him becoming AOC-in-C of RAF Bomber Command in February 1942. In his role as Head of the RAF Delegation in Washington "Bomber" Harris was primarily responsible buying aircraft and arranging pilot training. He arrived in June 1941 and 10 days later found himself confering with President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the White House after Nazi Germany, on June 22, invaded the Soviet Union. IMHO this RAF plaque was made in the States and the date on this plaque is there for a specific reason......Do you have any further thoughts?
HIGHLY INTRUIGING!! Rare Flying Helmet by 'Abercrombie & Fitch' with RARE pair of 1918 'AVIGLAS' Flying Goggles This is one extraordinary Flying Headset which I believe have always been together so will therefore be offered together. Below I will explain why I believe these should never be separated. The Goggles themselves are an extremely rare pair of "AVIGLAS" Flying Goggles, patented on January 22nd 1918. The "ABERCROMBIE & FITCH" Flying Helmet is very typical of the type worn by American WWI Pilots, many of which bore the handwitten names and Squadron details of the Airman. This one however, has written on it, the names of four coastal towns in the United Kingdom.... FISHGUARD in WALES FALMOUTH in ENGLAND QUEENSTOWN in IRELAND AGHADA in IRELAND This raises a very important question.......WHY??? Well I have one, and only one theory.....these were possibly worn by an early trans-Atlantic Aviator!! The towns of Fishguard, Falmouth, Queenstown and Aghada are all situated on the East Coast of Ireland, Wales and England, so they could have been landing points of a Pioneering Aviator!! If that is the case this headset would be a highly relevant part of Aviation History and it would therefore follow that pictures of the Aviator wearing this headset will be out there somewhere. Both the Helmet and the Goggles are in excellent condition and I will be selling this extraordinary Flying Headset, but right now I'd like to find out a bit more about them and their potential history.
HIGHLY UNUSUAL 1941 Polish Desk Flag! This item has had me totally stumped for years!! mainly because it bears a silver plaque which says; \"TO RITA FROM ZYGMUNT 10-11-1941\".........why??? I can\'t see any Polish Soldier giving his sweetheart a Desk Flag as a sign of affection, I just can\'t see it!! So here\'s my more romantic theory;... ...\"RITA\" and \"ZYGMUNT\" were Military Code Names for British & Polish Military Divisions in some \'Covert Operation\'???.....far better than a \"Sweetheart Flag\" isn\'t it? Whichever way you look it at, It is an extremely unique piece of Polish Military Memorabilia and would be a great addition to any WWII Polish Display.
HIGHLY UNUSUAL!! Pair of 1943 Pattern RAF 'Escape' Flying Boots A pair of size 7 RAF Flying Boots the likes of which I've never seen before. On both sides of the right boot and the inner side of the left are strategially placed holes which look to have had small rivets through them. I've highlighted the holes in my pictures in the hope someone might explain the reason for them. They are not random and they're not accidental damage, they're there for a reason. My own assumption is that extra items of kit were attached to the outside of the boots? I have read of RAF Airmen carrying knives and small revolvers inside of the boot but these are the only pair of boots I've come across with the potential of carrying items on the outer. Any thoughts?
HISTORICALLY IMPORTANT!! Early RFC Pilot Wing Memorial Piece - Major Hebden Raleigh Those of you familiar with how I work will know I never automatically jump in and declare an item as genuine based on my opinion alone. In this case my quest for authentication was even more important than ever. Since acquiring this six weeks ago I've circulated detailed pictures to many, and allowed experienced collectors who have visited my Museum full access to the piece. They have all scrutinised the Wing etc using various magnifying implements. Without exception they have declared the piece as genuine. I now believe this RFC Insignia pre-dates the more familiar 'plated back' RFC Wing made by "GAUNT". I am now confident this memorial piece to the first C.O of 4 Squadron - Major George Hebden Raleigh is totally authentic Looking past the rather naïve sketch, what I'm offering is one of the very first Pilot Wings and Collar Badges of the Royal Flying Corps. I don't have any pictures showing Major Hebden Raleigh wearing this (or any) insignia, so I'm not in a position where I can claim these were worn by him. That claim is based solely on the authenticity of this Memorial piece. Bearing in mind Major Hebden Raleigh was killed as early as January 1915, I have to consider this to be very important in the history of the Royal Flying Corps and, No.4 Squadron RFC/RAF. For further pictures please see Codes; 53354 and 53370 and I will also send you pictures for your examination. EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT CONSIDERING ACQUIRING THIS PIECE OF AVIATION HISTORY I STRONGLY RECOMMEND A VISIT TO MY MUSEUM TO INSPECT THIS DISCOVERY FOR YOURSELF.
HUGE MONSTROSITY! Prisoner of War made Basketwork Aeroplane This massive aeroplane (2m wingspan) raises far more questions than I'm able to Homer Simpson would exclaim..."WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?........well I'm hoping someone can tell me? The only information I have is that it was made by Prisoners of War, but whose POW's? The roundels are French/Belgian and this causes more confusion! I'm hoping an expert on POW made memorabilia can shed some light? Judging from the remains of wire this was made to be hung from the ceiling. There are three two-pin bayonet bulb holders, but who made this, and where?
HUGE!! & ORIGINAL!! USAAF 'Crusher' Cap - Size 7 5/8ths - A True Crusher! This is Massive!! Very much wearable but not perfect. Far too big for any of my display heads. If worn by a reenactor no-one would ever doubt the authenticity of the oozes character!
HUGE!! Cast Alloy RAF model - HANDLEY PAGE VICTOR - Now fully restored! See Code - 51696 to see the condition of this model when I acquired it two years ago........and just look at it Now! This extremely rare Victor was one of three huge display models which were 'salvaged' from the RAF Careers Office when it closed in Preston, Lancashire. Since being rescued they have been stored in various locations and seemed to have been thrown around without due care and attention. I therefore took the decision to have them restored back (at some expense) to their former glory. I can say in total confidence, there can't be more than a handful of these RAF models still in existence, anywhere in the world.
HUGE!! Early RAF 'Trench Art' Dinner Gong - OUTSTANDING PIECE!! One of two of the largest and nicest made Trench Art items I've seen....the other example is shown below. This is the type of Dinner Gong used in an RFC/RAF Officer's Mess or Gentleman's Club. Beautifully made using all kinds of Ordnance and Lathe Turned Brass & Wood. Any dates have been removed from the shells so I'm unable to date this piece, but I'd guess at early 20th Century. It is missing it's original striker but that can be easily replaced. Polished up, this would look incredible! It stands a very impressive 36cms/14" High, and is 40cms/16" wide. It is also extremely heavy, so postage will be invoiced at cost once sent.
HUGE!! Luftwaffe Fliegerkombi in Superb Condition!! The mannequin wearing this Suit stands at 6' 4" tall. That will give you a good idea of just how large this Fliegerkombi really is. For further details see Code; 51233
HUGE!! Solid Silver RAF 1930 Sweetheart/Pipers Badge
HUGE!! USAAF Visor ('Crusher') Cap by 'FINCHLEY' - Size 8 1/4!!!! When I saw this Cap being offered for sale I simply had to buy it, more out of curiosity than anything else. After all, when have you ever seen a Vintage Military Cap of any Nation sized at 8 1/4? The vast majority of collectors seem to look for larger fitting items but this goes to the is MASSIVE!! big it fits nothing I have in the way of mannequins or display heads, so big I've had to photograph it on top of a mixing bowl. The actual Cap itself is a belter and in lovely condition. It even has its original makers specification label fitted. The Cap and peak are extremely flexible and could fall into the genuine "Crusher" category once the crown shaper is removed. The sweatband has come away in small areas but there is positively no mothing, tears, or damage. The internal circumference of this Cap is an incredible 66cms!
HUGE!! Vintage Chrome U.S Army/Air Force Eagle Car Mascot. Still with its original nut & bolt fittings (need releasing) and in extremely good condition, with just minor pitting to the chrome. At 16cms long and with a similar wingspan this huge U.S Eagle Car Mascot could only ever have been fitted to a huge U.S Car!
HUGE!! WWII Period B17 'Flying Fortress' Desk Model - AWESOME!! With a phenomonal wingspan of 35cms - 14" and weighing in at an ALMIGHTY 2.75Kg this Flying Fortress is one of largest, finest and most accurate WWII model of the B17 I've ever owned! Chrome plated brass on a typical art deco base there is positively no doubt in my mind that this is an original WWII piece. I will point out that I have had the props restored. I hope you will agree the restoration has been worth my while? This HUGE Flying Fortress is accurate in every respect, even down to the individual Gun Turrets being in place. The overall 'shaping' of the aircraft is magnificent. It does show wear commensurate with age but will still outshine almost any WWII Aircraft Model.
HUGE!!! WWII USAAF Officer Cap - by DOBBS - FANTASTIC COLOUR & NO MOTHING! Too big for me, this is one large Cap........... .....................*IT'S NOT A CRUSHER!!* It's a fantastic shape, awesome colour and a really beautiful cap with absolutely no mothing whatsover. Therust coloured fur-felt is fantastic. The leather sweatband is loose in places but the Cap is still very wearable. * I added "it's not a crusher" as I'm tired of seeing almost every single WWII US Cap on the web being sold as a "crusher"*. A genuine "50 mission crusher" has a no reinforcing and a one-piece thin leather brim, soft enough to fold down to nothing.
HUGE!!!!!!! ORIGINAL! 1969 Cinema Poster - 'La Bataille d'Anglettere - BATTLE OF BRITAIN' When I say "HUGE" I do mean "HUGE". This original 1969 French poster for "THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN" is simply breathtaking! My pictures actually fade the very vivid red's of the background. This measure's a massive 124” x 93” inch (approx. 320 cm x 240 cm) . To give you an indication of the scale my good friend Paul lay down across the top, Paul is over six feet tall. As with all large posters this comes folded and in four separate parts. The poster is in immaculate condition and is the ultimate "man cave" adornment.
HUGE, ORIGINAL!! Metal Plaque of No. 50 Squadron RAF Bomber Command Unless they come with a written label (oh yeah??) It's often impossible to date such items as this, but with this plaque I'm very confident this would date to the early months of 1940.....and I'll explain why. Fot the majority of its service No. 50 Squadron were based solely in Lincolnshire. However in January and February 1940 a detachment were sent to Lossiemouth for ops with RAF Coastal Command. This plaque came to me from Elgin, a town just a few miles from the Moray Firth seafront and RAF Lossiemouth itself. Now, having spent some time up in Lossiemouth I can say that it would be no coincidence for a Squadron plaque from Lincolnshire to appear all the way up in the Moray Firth. As you can see, this is not a generically made plaque which was then handpainted with the Squadron crest. This plaque was cast specifically for No. 50 Squadron. No. 50 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps founded at Dover on 15 May 1916. It was equipped with a mixture of aircraft, including Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2s and Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.12s in the home defence role, having flights based at various airfields around Kent. It flew its first combat mission in August 1916, when its aircraft helped to repel a German Zeppelin. On 7 July 1917 a 50 Squadron Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 shot down a German Gotha bomber off the North Foreland of Kent. In February 1918, it discarded its miscellany of aircraft to standardise on the more capable Sopwith Camel fighter.
HUGE, SOLID SILVER!! 1917-1918 Royal Flying Corps Cigarette Case - RIPON, 76 Squadron Pilot? Definitely one for researching, this very large silver cigarette case is beautifully engraved to someone with the initials 'J.N' who served with the Royal Flying Corps and was based at Ripon in 1917-1918. Ripon Aerodrome at that time was the headquarters for the newly formed 76 Sqn RFC 'Home Defence Squadron' flying Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2's and B.E.12's. Given this large case would have been extremely expensive and it carries RFC Pilot Wings I have to assume it was owned by a Royal Flying Corps Pilot. For you silver afficianados out there this case carries THE most desirable "Chester" Hallmark, dated for 1915 and made by "Colen Cheshire". So a really desirable piece for silver collectors as well as RFC Collectors. The case does have the usual dings and dents of a military Cigarette Case, but overall the condition is still extremely good. The Case measures 5" x 3.5" or 13cms x 9cms The box shown isn't original to the case but I will include it as it displays the case extremely well.
I thought you might like to see these pictures... The RAF Armourer loading the Mosquito (top right) and on the RAF Leading Aircraftsman Frank Clark. Frank lives in our village and called in to the Museum yesterday for the first time. A very sprightly 93 Year Old, Frank was absolutely delighted to have donned an RAF Side Cap and pulled on a 1945 LAC's Battle Dress Blouse for the first time in 70 Years, fortunately I have a size 16 BD in stock. Frank served with the Royal Air Force for five years 1941-1946 as an Armourer loading mainly Mosquitos and Typhoons..... What a Guy!!
I'm ALWAYS happy to discuss and negotiate the prices for ALL of my items Please remember, I always welcome the opportunity to discuss offers, trade, part-exchange and prices on my website items. Email me at and we'll work together to get you what you want. All the Best, Ian
ICONIC! WWII Period Desk Model of the Soviet Air Force 'VVS' - Yakovlev Yak-9 This desk model simply screams "SOVIET RUSSIA" in the 1940's. Hand carved and hand painted extremely well and in great condition. The base has had a mild attack of woodworm at some stage but that is now gone. Wingspan 27cms x 23cms long. An iconic piece of WWII Soviet Aviation Memorabila which would look superb displayed alongside a WWII Soviet Headset.
ID'D! Royal Flying Corps War Badge - 1915-1917 This is an original silver WWI War Badge to 3AM Reginald Arnold Sheppard 97437. Airman Sheppard was disabled out of the Royal Flying Corps through "sickness, paragraph 392 (XVI). His official badge No. B.109879 I don't believe this badge has ever been polished.
IIMMACULATE!! RARE Manual for the Hispano Suiza 20mm Cannon In superb condition this rare manual covers every aspect of the design, buil, purpose and maintenance of the iconic 20MM Hispano Cannon, most famously used in the Spitfire but also used in almost every Fighter & Fighter Bomber of the RAF during WWII. The cannon is also referred to as Birkigt type 404, after its designer Marc Birkigt This rare publication includes every single pull out diagram and photograph showing every detail of the weapon. Often with such rare publications you find some of the pull out disagrams have been removed for framing, not with this. There are innumerable detailed drawings and photographs in the 120 pages, too many for me to cover everything in this listing. The book is exceptionally clean with little/no foxing or fading.
IMMACULATE & VERY SCARCE!! Military Issue RFC 'TRIPLEX' A.B Aero Mask (Flying Goggles) WOW!! You just ain't gonna find a finer WWI Royal Flying Corps Goggle Mask! Air Ministry stamped on the frames, stunning brown leather (as new), perfect lightly tinted lenses, with original "STG" labels and perfect gold foil stamps..."TRIPLEX STG A.B AERO MASK". This is the only example of the Triplex STG Mask which is specifically designated as an "AERO MASK"
IMMACULATE!! 1919 Pattern RAF Visor Cap - with rare 'Slider' Cap Badge NAMED & DATED TO 1939!! COMPLETELY UNTOUCHED & ORIGINAL!! The finest RAF Cap I've had in ages....a genuine 1919 Pattern RAF Visor in immaculate condition, and complete with its Original and very rare RAF 'slider' Cap Badge. It even has its original size label "7". This is a real find and would be virtually impossible to upgrade!
IMMACULATE!! 1930\'s US Navy Leather \'Training Helmet\' with Gosports A Mint example of the 1930\'s US Navy Training Helmet. just look at the nickel \"double buckles\" to see how good this rarely seen Flying Helmet is!
IMMACULATE!! 1941 RAF/Air Ministry Boots PLEASE NOTE; these Boots are as rare as any pair of WWII RAF Flying Boots you're ever likely to see! After the War RAF Flying Boots continued to be treasured and used as Motorcycle/Winter Boots for years afterward. As was the case with this type of Air Ministry/RAF Boots, but these were used in all aspects of civilian life so finding an original pair, in this condition is almost unheard of. Personally I have NEVER seen another pair such as these! So, to this day WWII RAF Flying Boots continue to appear on the market, but when was the last time you saw an original pair of Air Ministry stamped RAF 'Parade' Boots? I have spoken with a number of dealers and experienced collectors about these and they appear to be only the third pair to have emerged in the past twenty years, and the only pair seen in this condition......they are almost MINT! Size 8 and with clearly defined Air Ministry & 1941 Date stamps to the leather inner sole which is tacked into the Boot. They have strong leather outer soles which have been covered with the softer "ITSHIDE" heel and soles. Impossible to upgrade even if you manage to find another pair. These are completely untouched and have not been polished or refurbished in any way.
IMMACULATE!! Gilded RAF Cap Badge A stunning example of a pre-1953 RAF Cap Badge.
IMMACULATE!! Pair of early Safety/Flying Goggles by 'Sellstrom' in Original Box & Spare Lenses Early 20th Century "SELLSTROM" Goggles in wonderful condition AND with a cased pair of spare, clear lenses.
IMMACULATE!! Pair of Luftwaffe 'Channel' Pants - RARE 'sand' colour, Pictures No.2 These pictures show the extraordinary condition of the original 'fittings' on these Channel Pants..... Every "Ri-Ri" and "Zipp" zip, every "Prym" popper, every piece of leather and stitching, every button and every buckle.....they're all in MINT CONDITION!! I'm confident, I could visit every Militaria Fair and website for the rest of my life, and I'll never find another pair of Luftwaffe Channel Pants in as good condition. At the risk of repeating myself, these pictures do not do them justice.
IMMACULATE!! Pair of Luftwaffe 'Channel' Pants - RARE 'sand' colour...Pictures No.1 Describing these as "MINT" would almost be an understatement. The condition of these original Luftwaffe Channel Pants is simply breathtaking, and neither words nor pictures could ever do them justice! Complete with their original suspenders these are as complex a piece of Flying Clothing as you will see. IMPOSSIBLE TO UPGRADE!!
IMMACULATE!! Pair of RAF 1943 'Escape' Flying Boots - Size 11!!! A very large pair of the 1943 RAF Escape Boots in wonderful condition throughout. The black suede sections are just! The only negative on these boots is on one zip there a couple of missing teeth. This is at the bottom of the zip so they can still be worn. Of course the zip could be repaired for minimal outlay.
IMMACULATE!! Pair of RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles Nothing I can add, just look at the pictures!
IMMACULATE!! Pair of WWII RAF Flying Sunglasses - Private Purchase These are a very fine quality pair of early private purchase sunglasses of the type later issued by the Air Ministry. As can be seen, these are in wonderful conditions and are still very much wearable today.
IMMACULATE!! Royal Flying Corps 'Cowl' Flying Helmet This is one of two RFC Cowl Helmets I'm selling to further fund the development of my Museum. Both are in outrageously superb condition so I make no apologies for my prices. These aren't just good rare Flying Helmets, these two example's are the absolute "creme de la creme" from my personal collection!! Please ask for pictures to be sent to your email for you to scrutinise just how good this Flying Helmet is.
IMMACULATE!! Royal Flying Corps 'Cowl' Flying Helmet - War Dept Issue! One of the very finest WWI Flying Helmets you will see! The leather of this Royal Flying Corps Helmet still shines as if it was new. The leather is strong, supple and stunning. The inner fur lining is also in amazing condition, apart from the internal brow area where the stitching has worn due to sweat contamination almost 100 years ago. One really nice feature is the 'two-tone' leather. The main body of the Helmet is a slightly darker 'honey' colour and the "rigger fitted' brow straps, headstrap and wind-deflectors are the more yellow 'honey' colour. The large buckle of the headstrap is still fully leather covered and the internal cords are immaculate. The small brow strap buckles are gleaming! The inner lining has one or two old holes and is fully "WAR DEPARTMENT" stamped. Even the cotton edging to the base of the helmet is in wonderful condition. This is one of those pieces that have to be held, and seen to be believed.....I'm extremely proud to say that I regularly receive messages from my customers who state an item is "far better than it looked on the website", this is definitely one of those items! Many Museum visitors refuse to believe this is 100 years old, and it's in exactly the same (untouched) condition as it was back then!
IMMACULATE!! Royal Flying Corps PP Flying Helmet - 'Robinson & Cleaver'? On page 134 of Mick Prodgers book you will see in that section 1904-1918 a Leather Flying Helmet which probably came from "Robinson and Cleaver". Looking at the panel construction and ear sections and, taking into account the lack of the peak it is fair to deduct this could be a very early Robinson & Cleaver Flying Helmet. Condition is A1, plus it is a huge size!
IMMACULATE!! WWI 'Western Electric' No.1-A Flying Helmet The very finest example of this rare 100 Year Old American Flying Helmet of World War One.
IMMACULATE!! WWII Control Yoke - Douglas C47 Dakota
IMMACULATE!! WWII Italian Air Force two piece Flying Suit - by 'Giusti' - AWESOME!! This is a large sized "Giusti" two piece WWII Flying Suit of the Regia Aeronautica in completely unissued condition. Complete with full removable liner suit this piece of WWII Flying Clothing is truly exceptional. Apart from a few moth nibbles to the cuffs and liner to the jacket this rare Flying Suit is in mint condition. There is absolutely no mothing to the Flying Suit itself. This type of Italian Flying Suit is an extremely rare piece of Aviation Clothing in itself, finding an example in this condition is a real bonus!
Immaculate/Cased Pair of Vintage \'WILLSON\' Flying Goggles These Goggles have never been out of the Box.
Imperial German 'Hard Shell' Flying Helmet I'm trying to find images of the period of this particular Hard Shell Helmet........can you help? I'm stating this is German based on the overall look and manufacture. The use of the hooks for the chinstrap is also an early German feature.
IN ORIGINAL ISSUE BOX!! 1/4 inch RAF Escape Compass A very rare RAF Escape Compass, the smallest made. Made to be concealed inside of the smallest compartments, Smoking Pipes etc. Uniquely this comes in its original box of issue! I don't think I've ever seen this box before.
INCREDIBLE!! 1917 Silver Plate 'Table' Cigarette Box to Hauptmann Schwartz - Officer of Imperial German Air Force - by 'WMF' One of the finest pieces of WWI memorabilia to the Imperial German Air Force I've had. This 'Art Noveau' cigarette box by WMF - "WURTTEMBERGISCHE METALLWARENFABRIK" is a fine collectors piece in itself, but add to that the rather significant engraving and this becomes an even more desirable item. The makers mark of "WMFM 1/0" puts this in the category of silver plated brass, which is the rarest and most sought after form of WMF fabrications. Some collectors focus only on WMFM made pieces. The condition is exceptional, only showing wear through the silver plate from use on the two top panels. The style and light weight of the piece would seem to dictate it being lifted by one finger in order to offer Hauptmann Schwartzs' guest's a cigarette. I would appreciate any help on the translation of the engraving?
Incredible!! Pair of French 'Turn of the Century' Aviator Goggles - 'THE EXPRESS' If ever a pair of Goggles warranted Museum display then this is that pair! They look amzing displayed with the Royal Flying Corps Cowl Helmet on the website. In their original, full colour box and in immaculate condition. This pair of Goggles are over 100 Years Old but look as though they were made yesterday!
INCREDIBLE!! Polish Air Force WWII 1940 'BATTLE OF BRITAIN' Pilot Wing My thanks to my friends who contacted me on this Wing. The information supplied has confirmed my thoughts that this PAF Wing could well be described as "THE HOLY GRAIL" of WWII Pilot Wings!!...... .....I've now had it confirmed that this Polish Pilot Wing was probably made in the "Latin Quarter" of Paris in early 1940, made for a Polish Pilot who flew for the Armee de L'air during the Battle of France! Therefore the probability is very high that this Wing made it to England post-Dunkirk and would have been worn during the Battle of Britain and throughout World War II. There is 100% genuine history to this Wing, as it ended up being owned by an identified RAF Fleet Air Arm Pilot straight after the War and this Wing came to me direct from his son. I will supply the details of the RAF FAA Pilot to the next owner of this Wing. Made in solid silver, the Wing carries some very unique engravings and marks. Hand engraved "1940", and with some obscure text which I cannot identify. What is most unusual is the silver hallmark of a Rams Head!!. This mark points to the area of manufacture being French Moroccan, hence "the Latin Quarter of Paris". In my own time collecting I've never seen another French made PAF Pilot Wing come on to the open market.
INCREDIBLE!! WWII 'Trench Art' American Firearm Display - Winchester, Tommy Gun, Pair of Flintlock Pistols PLEASE LOOK AT THE PICTURES BEFORE READING THE DESCRIPTION. If you decide to buy this and don't already own a jeweller's loupe, I politely suggest you buy one. If I tell you the Winchester Rifle measures just 13.5cms/5" and is made from twelve pieces of brass, bronze/copper you will understand why. Looking at this under a loupe emphasises the incredible accuracy in the making. The detail even goes down to the Rifle barrels being hollow. The shape of the butt is done to perfection. I've concentrated my pictures on the Winchester to show you the astounding accuracy of these miniatures. I've attempted to show the tiny rivets used to fix the three main sections of the Rifle together. The history related to me is the gentleman who made these served in WWII with the RAF as an Engineer at a Lincolnshire USAAF Airfield. After the War he worked in Barrow in Furness at the Vickers-Armstrong Submarine works. Each of these miniatures would have taken many, many hours/days to make. They are totally unique, and some of the finest quality examples of WWII 'Trench Art' you are ever likely to see. Three centuries of American Firearms. Do please ask for further detail pictures.
INCREDIBLY RARE! 1920'S Leather Flying Helmet by 'FORTNUM & MASON' The one, and only Flying Helmet I've ever seen from "Fortnum & Mason"!
INCREDIBLY RARE!! Handmade Aluminium Prototype Avro Vulcan made from Vulcan B1 Prototype Measuring 9" x 9", this very rare handmade model of the Avro Vulcan was made from the aluminium of a wing spar of the second Vulcan B1 Prototype. You will see from my images of the underside of the Vulcan, that this model is still in its original condition and has never been drilled to accomodate a base. A very rare item of Avro Vulcan Memorabilia.
INCREDIBLY RARE!! WWII Luftwaffe (field) Projector for training Pilots, Gunners and Flak Crews in Aircraft Identification. I have never seen the likes of this Luftwaffe projector before. Not only is this a very rare piece of kit, it is also in full working order, superb condition and complete with twelve totally original reels of 'official film showing hundreds of Allied & Axis Aircraft with each reel showing each country's Fighter & Bomber Aircraft at that time. It even has its original key and there are also spare bulbs and paperwork dating this to 1942. I believe the paperwork is a servicing document so this would probably date to earlier in the War. The unit itself is in a very clever large black box (FL. marked) and is completely transportable with its own in-built transformer. I can assume this was taken around the many Luftwaffe Units for training, rather than having the Units travel to attend updated Aircraft Identification sessions. I cannot emphasise enough just how good the condition of this is! This is a very heavy piece of Luftwaffe kit so courier charges may need amending post-purchase.
INCREDIBLY RARE!! WWII Luftwaffe (field) Projector for training Pilots, Gunners and Flak Crews in Aircraft Identification. For original pictures, description and price please put 52503 into the word search... NOW REDUCED TO £950
INCREDIBLY SCARCE!! 1918 Pattern RAF Cap Badge, by 'LAMBOURNE' of Birmingham As you can see below I am showing not one, but two different 1918 Pattern RAF Cap Cap Badges by "GAUNT". Both are highly collectable in their own rights, but this Cap Badge is by "LAMBOURNE" of Birmingham. These do appear from time to time and are a far harder to find then the "GAUNT" made badges. Although slightly dirty the all gilt insignia is in excellent condition with no surface wear. The metal backing plate is in excellent shape and carries the "LAMBOURNE" makers mark. Two of the prongs have snapped off and the original felt backing is no longer with the badge. Still a very desirable addition to any RAF Cap Badge collection.
INCREDIBLY SCARCE!! 1918 Royal Air Force Shoulder Title As I understand it these Royal Air Force shoulder titles were never official issue and were worn for the very briefest of periods in 1918 (I stand to be corrected in that information is wrong).
INCREDIBLY SCARCE!! Late-War Italian/Allied Air Force Flying Helmet, Oxygen Mask & Goggles This WWII Pilot Headset as worn by the Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force is very rarely seen, and almost never offered for sale. If you own a copy of the book "Regia Aeronautica Radiophonic Flying Helmets" by Alberto Spaziani it is well worth referencing this Headset on pages 59 & 60. THE FLYING HELMET; An incredibly rare Italian made Flying Helmet modelled on the Royal Air Force "E" Type 'Aertex' Flying Helmet. Sadly the headphone receivers have hardened over the years. Now these could be replaced but that is up to the buyer. The rest of the Helmet is in wonderful condition. I quote Alberto Spaziani..."The small number of flying helmets made in Italy compared to the quantity mass produced in the USA, Great Britain and Germany make those that appear in the collectors' field rare objects" THE OXYGEN MASK; There's not a great deal to add to what has already been discussed about this particular Oxygen Mask. This is 100% identical to that shown on page 59 of Alberto Spaziani's book. He describes it as " a G-I oxygen mask, modified in Italy and based on the "G" Type"....this is the one-and-only example of the Oxygen Mask I have personally seen!
Is the 'The First/Missing Link' in US World War One Flying Helmets?? Collectors of WWI Flying Helmets/Headgear will be fully aware of the excellent USAS "Western Electric 1-A" Flying Helmet. I still believe the "1-A" was years ahead of its time. Would it therefore follow that, if you have a "1-A" that you would have to have had a "Mk 1"? This rare Flying Helmet has identical details throughout, to that of the Western Electric 1-A ; Same leather & panel design Same liner material and design Same chinstrap & buckle maker Same goggle straps and poppers Same lace up design but half the length Same receiver cup leather but different design There is no label and on close inspection there was never a label attached. This might say more than an actual label being fitted. I'm not offering this Helmet for sale but I am very interested in your thoughts and opinions? Do you own such a Helmet? and is it labelled? This may just be the very "First Link" rather than a "Missing Link" in US Flying Helmets.
IS THIS THE ONLY MINT & BOXED SPITFIRE/MERLIN PISTON ASHTRAY STILL IN EXISTENCE? For further pictures see Item No. 52527 This was acquired two years ago. I placed it on my website and asked if anyone knew of another boxed example of this iconic period souvenir of The Battle of Britain. 24 Months down the line and no-one has managed to unearth another Spitfire/Merlin Ashtray still with its box.
It's Good to Share! - Jan Zumbach - Air Transport Auxiliary The pictures I'm showing here are from of one of my "Jewel's in the Crown". When the ATA was formed in 1940 the increase in demand for Transport Pilots was quickly recognised. So Pilots from all walks of life and from all over the World were sent to the ATA HQ, White Waltham. In 1941 many of these Pilots were accomodated at a Hotel/Hostel a few miles from White Waltham called "The Hocketts"...this is the 1940/1941 Visitors Book for "The Hocketts". There are over 700 Visitors who have signed this book. Almost anyone who was anyone associated with the ATA stayed at "The Hocketts" in 1941, but the one person's name I wanted to share with you is that of Jan 'Johnny' Zumbach. Jan Zumbach visited was a visitor to White Waltham in 1941 on at least two occassions - 05.02.41 - 01.03.41. On each occassion he was accompanied by other Polish 'Battle of Britain' Pilots. When time permits I intend to document this full book of 700 visitors to White Waltham in 1941. Once completed I will happily send a free copy to anyone interested in the Air Transport Auxiliary.
Italian Air Force Co-Beligerent Pilot Wing Measures 65mm across and made in gilt brass. A rare addition to any collection of Italian Air Force Memorabilia.
Italian Air Force, 1935-1943 Regia Aeronautica Pilot Wing This is another real beauty. Not maker marked but in superb condition. Please note; The pin is a replacement as it was missing on purchase.
Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force 'TANKBUSTER' Pilot Wing A very rare Pilot Wing as worn by the ACI - "Aviazione Cobelligerante Italiana". The ACI was formed in southern Italy in October 1943 after the Italian Armistice in September of that year. By this point the Italians had defected from the Axis and had declared war on Germany, the ACI pilots then flew for the Allies. The crews of the ACI were re-equipped with Allied aircraft and engaged in transport, escort, reconnaissance, sea rescue, and limited tactical ground support operations flying 11,000 missions from 1943 to 1945. Please note the term "limited tactical ground support operations"......these ACI "Tankbuster" Wings rarely appear on the market.
Italian Pilot - Religious Charm Measuring 45mm across this is a most unusual Italian Pilot Wing. The small charm reads "MADONNA DILORETO" A rare addition to any collection of Italian Air Force Memorabilia.
ITALIAN SILVER!! Six Napkin Rings of the Regia Aeronautica. - VET BRING BACK! Imagine if you will, The US Army/Air Force carry out a successful raid on a still active airfield of the Italian Air Force, the Regia Aeronautica. Some time later after the dust has settled, the 'spoils' are divided amongst the Officer's and Troops. Amongst the 'War Booty' is a large luxury box containing a large quantity of silver napkin rings. These are shared between the men, each man receiving a complete set of six to send home to the States! Apparantly that's how these came to be. There are six silver napkin rings, all numbered but not consecutively. Each ring carries the insignia of a Crowned, winged-propeller and the Italian silver makers name of "BROGGI". PLEASE NOTE; These pictures were taken over a year ago and the silver is now tarnished. We will polish (non-abrasive) them for you if you prefer them as they would be.
ITEM WANTED!! G45 Gun Camera Mounting Plate I've finally managed to acquire a Williamson Mounting Type29 (replica Vickers Gun) for the Williamson G45 12v Gun Camera. This came with a long lens G45 but is missing the essential Mounting Plate. Does anyone have a spare plate so I can mount the Camera safely to display in the Museum?
ITEMS WANTED!! Desperately seeking a WWI "WARREN"/"TAUTZ" hard shell Flying Helmet, and an original "Escape" Knife from the 1943 Pattern RAF Flying Boots.
Japanese Air Force WWII Life Saver There are no markings on this Life-Vest so I'm thinking it is possibly a reproduction?? Certainly some age to it so doesn't look out of place on an original Japanese Flying Suit.
Japanese Flying Suit #1 A 'Battleworn' example of the heated "Winter" Flying Suit. A lot of wear and tear but still very displayable.
Japanese Flying Suit #2 NAMED!! Japanese Pilot Winter Flying Suit - Makoto Ando Here's something not seen everyday. An item of WWII Japanese Flying Clothing still with its original name tag attached. Certainly I've never seen a named Flying Suit before. I suppose that if ever a piece of WWII Aviation Clothing is worth researching then this is this piece. In very good 'worn' condition.
Johnnie Johnson - A 'sneak' peview Thought I might show you the almost finished Johnnie Johnson display. These will be taking a special place in the Museum as the Mess Dress was owned, and worn by Johnnie Johnson on many very special occassions.
Kings Crown - Fleet Air Arm Bullion Pilot Wings - Immaculate!
KOREAN WAR! US Navy - US Air Force Throttle Quadrant - USAF F100A Super Sabre I believe this example is complete. It seems to have all original cables and plugs still in place. All buttons and levers click and move as they should.
LARGE COLLECTION!! of Technical Manuals from a 'BLUE STEEL FORCE' HP Victor Pilot A HUGE Collection of RAF Literature/Manuals all from "BLUE STEEL FORCE" Victor Bomber Pilot R.A Wightman. The 231OCU Canberra Folder is empty, but the other THIRTEEN manuals/folders are all complete and in superb condition. A very difficult collection to value and some documents may be of more interest to some, than others. I'm therefore open to discussion/negotiation on the collection as a whole or individually.
Large Sidcot Suits - Three Different Variants, Complete with Liners Each of these mannequins stands at least 6' 2" high, so if you're looking for large wearable, original RAF Sidcot Suits you know where to come
LARGE SIZE!! Luftwaffe LkP S101 Summer Flying Helmet - Full Communications and Very Solid! An excellent example of a 'used' Luftwaffe "Summer" Flying Helmet. All original and in first class condition throughout. The Helmet carries all the traits of having been worn but there is only very minimal wear to the structure. No rips, tears of seam failure in either the liner or the lightweight "summer" material. The communications are complete and in really good order too. All in all, a first class (wearable) LkPS101. One of the best I've had in quite some time with the added benefit of being a larger example. Regular visitors to my website will probably notice just how big this Luftwaffe Flying Helmet is when on this specific display head.
LARGE SIZE!! Luftwaffe LkP S101 Summer Flying Helmet - Full Communications and Very Solid! An excellent example of a 'used' Luftwaffe "Summer" Flying Helmet. All original and in first class condition throughout. The Helmet carries all the traits of having been worn but there is only very minimal wear to the structure. No rips, tears of seam failure in either the liner or the lightweight "summer" material. The communications are complete and in really good order too. All in all, a first class (wearable) LkPS101. One of the best I've had in quite some time with the added benefit of being a larger example. Regular visitors to my website will probably notice just how big this Luftwaffe Flying Helmet is when on this specific display head.
LARGE!! & NAMED!! Pair of 1941 Pattern RAF/Air Ministry Flying Gauntlets In superb condition with only minimal wear inside and out. Full Air Ministry issue stamps and named to a "T.N Hunter" A very good size 9 1/2.
LARGE!! 'CYMA' Military 'WWW' Wristwatch - 100% Original
LARGE!! Field Made - \'Lucite\' RAF Wall/Hangar Clock - Smiths \'Astral\' Movement A very unique RAF Wall Clock. Bought as being used in an RAF Hangar/Nissen Hut and I can certainly see that possiblity. Measuring 45cms square, the Clock could be hung at a height and still be legible for reading the time from a distance. The white \'lucite\' dial has hand painted five minute markers, large metal black hands with a circular centre section for adjusting and winding the Clock. The movement is a Vintage Smiths Astral movement of the type utilised in later RAF Sector Clocks. Having said that, there are servicing dates scratched on the back plate of 11/38 and 2/49 The Clock is fully working, and would make an excellent addition to a Wartime RAF Display.
LARGE!! Fully Wired Type E RAF Flying Helmet One thing I hadn't noticed when I bought this Helmet was the possibility of replacement receiver cups. They look so authentic that I've had this Helmet on display for well over two years without noticing, however the rubber seems too soft to be old, so please bear this in mind if you decide to buy this Helmet. This Helmet easily fits my largest display head with no stretching, so this is perfect for re-enacting or display.
LARGE!! Mid-Late 1930's, Pre-War/Battle of Britain Irvin Jacket - 151 Squadron Hurricane Fighter Pilot Further Pictures. Please Note; I'm a 42" Chest and this exceptional Irvin Jacket is too big for me all round.
LARGE!! Pair of heavy duty 1942 Luftwaffe Flying Pants Far too big for my mannequin so not shown off at their best, these are a brilliant pair of Luftwaffe Flying Pants! The condition is marvelous, with the heavy fur lining and even heavier grey leather showing no wear or damage whatsoever. Even the foot stirrups are still in place! All seams and stitching are solid and the "RITSCH" Zips and "PRYM" Poppers all work fine.
LARGE!! Pair of heavy duty 1942 Luftwaffe Flying Pants Far too big for my mannequin so not shown off at their best, these are a brilliant pair of Luftwaffe Flying Pants! The condition is marvelous, with the heavy fur lining and even heavier grey leather showing no wear or damage whatsoever. Even the foot stirrups are still in place! All seams and stitching are solid and the "RITSCH" Zips and "PRYM" Poppers all work fine.
LARGE!! Pair of Original black leather Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Gloves A superb pair of the shorter Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Gloves. In thick black leather, fine wool lining and adjustable wrist straps with correct grey "PRYM" poppers with ID marks. These have seen use but there is still wear left in them. They are also a good larger size.
LARGE!! RAF Group Captain Visor Cap A fantastic RAF Group Captain's Visor Cap with a late-War Officer's Cap Badge. Great size 7.5!
LARGE!! Size 14 RAF Battledress Blouse - Wartime Pattern - 1946 Shows signs of use but still in very good condition and could be worn today. Full and correct Wartime pattern BD Blouse and in a rare, larger size.
LARGE!! Size 16 RAF Battledress Trousers - 1944! Excellent pair of 1944 dated RAF Battledress Trousers in very wearable condition.
LARGE!! Size4 WWII RAF Ctype Flying Helmet & MkVIII Flying Goggles New to the market this Size4 2nd Pattern RAF Ctype Flying Helmet is in first class condition. More than suitable for display, the Helmet is also very, very comfortable to wear. Apart from wiping the lenses the MkVIII Flying Goggles are exactly as found and have always been used with this Helmet so I prefer to keep them together.
LARGE!! Wearable Size4 - 1st Pattern RAF Ctype Flying Helmet A rare, large sized 1st Pattern Ctype RAF Flying Helmet. Undoubtedly used early in the War as it has been fitted with extra poppers to accept the arms of the MkVa Spectacles. In excellent (used) condition and a very comfortable wear.
Latest Developments on Type G Oxygen Mask - Code 52531 - ITALIAN CONNECTION! Having recently purchased a late-War Italian made 'E'type Airtex Flying Helmet by "Giusti" I looked through Alberto Spaziani's book - "Regia Aeronautica Radiotelephonic Flying Helmets" and what did I find?? On pages 59 & 60 there are not only pictures and information relating to the Italian made 'E'type Flying Helmet but paired with the Helmet is the exact same Type G Oxygen Mask as my Code 52531, stated as "modified in Italy". No doubt, on receipt of the Giusti made 'E'type Flying Helmet these will make an extremely interesting pairing.
Latest MUSEUM Images We are hoping to soon have a bespoke website set up for the Museum in the near health issues have caused significant delays in many things this year, the website being the most relevant. Until the website is finally launched, I thought you might like to see a few pictures of the Museum as it is right now......still a bloody long way to go!!
Lead Figures - Royal Flying Corps Funeral - Cased & Hand Painted A magnificent and extremely rare Royal Flying Corps display piece! There are no makers marks to be seen anywhere on these lead figures and I\'ve hunted everywhere. I can find no other example of this set! You may also notice that I have commissioned a glass display case to not only present the Set at its very best, but also... dusting is no longer an issue.
LIEUTENANT WILLIAM HENRY BROWN..84 SQUADRON - Royal Flying Corps ACE! I'm very fortunate to own a fully provenanced 1914 Silver "Rolex" Wristwatch and Hip Flask, both of which were worn and used in combat by Canadian Royal Flying Corps 'ACE' Lieutenant William Henry Brown MC, Fighter Pilot of 84 Squadron - 9 Kills. Does anyone have any images of Lieutenant W H Brown on file I could use for display with these two wonderful items? I'd very much like to acquire hard copies if at all possible.
LIMITED EDITION!! Frank Wootton drawing - Guy Gibson's Lancaster AJ-G In its orginal frame and in mint condition, this is No. 237 of a strictly limited edition of 500. An uncomplicated charcoal drawing of Lancaster 'AJ-G' Flown by Guy Gibson on the infamous "DAMBUSTER" Raid. This particular Frank Wootton drawing fast became one of the most sought after drawings of "AJ-G". I think that can come down to the accuracy and simplicity os a truly wonderful study of "THE LANC" Caron is always highly praised for her packing skills so this will be especially carefully packed for safe transport to anywhere in the world, still in its original frame.
LINDBERGH?!! Early 20th Century Flying Suit - Specifically for Endurance Flying - EXTREMELY RARE! When I first acquired this Flying Suit I incorrectly thought that it had a serious fault. It seemed to me that the satin lining appeared to have shrunk, resulting in the outer suit not sitting correctly when worn. So, I took the suit to a seamistress who specialises in 19thC and early 20th Century Clothing with a view to having the suit repaired. However it turns out that this particular Flying Suit is exactly how the tailor had designed and made it! This Flying Suit has been specifically constructed to be extremely comfortable for long hours of sitting eg; "Endurance Flying".......The seams of the satin lining along the elbow and knee areas have been stitched using 'shirring elastic' so that they become slightly gathered within the outer shell of the that, when worn these areas of the suit then stretch and take shape over the knee or elbow area when sitting. The areas tailored using the shirring elastic also carry extra kapok padding for comfort. The back and front of the knee areas with the back of the thighs and up to the lower back, so the full seating area is padded. The back of the elbows and frontal areas also carry lightweight padding. There is a very famous group of pictures of Charles Lindbergh at Curtis Field in 1927. It looks as though his Flying Suit may have a similar construction as it also *ruches* (gathers) around his knees. * Ruching* ....the best example I can give of "Ruching" is the cloth covered elasticated sections seen on RAF Goggle Straps of the MkII, MkIII & MkIVb Goggles. The extraordinary design of the 'ruched' satin lining makes this is an extremely unique Flying Suit. So much so that I'm in two minds whether I should display it inside-out. The tailors' skills and amount of extra work that has gone into the making of this Aviation garment is truly exceptional!
London Aerodrome Hendon - A COMPLETE SET OF PROGRAMMES FOR THE 1912 SEASON! My friends, I present to you the most incredible Aviation publication I've come across.......this is being sold on consignment, and I can't tell you how proud I am to have been offered the opportunity to show you it. This is a very rare bound set of all 26 Programs for the 1912 season at Hendon. Hendon in 1912 was the home of the Grahame-White aviation company, and the Bleriot Flying school. It was in many ways the main center of the development and advancement of aviation in the UK. It was a far more active aerodrome than Brooklands in the late Edwardian era. From Spring until late autumn there were regular Air meets at Hendon, being very much one of the must do events of the time, in many cases attendances could top 100,000. Aviators that flew here and indeed are mentioned include the likes of Cody, Hammel, Latham, Hammel, Grahame-White and Bleriot to name but a few. This is an incredibly rare set, as far as I am aware full sets were only produced in 1912 and 1913 and then in very limited numbers, indeed I can find no other copies any where on the internet. As a bonus tucked/stuck inside the rear cover was a small alloy disc, marked London Aerodrome Limited and on the reverse 56. I have no idea as to what it is, possibly a token for an “aeroplane ride”? Any thoughts or information would be very welcome. I think it would be fair to say this is quite possibly a once in a life time chance to acquire such a volume from the very beginnings of aviation in the UK. I have over thirty pictures on file showing the amazing condition of the binder and its contents. Please ask to see them, you will be HUGELY impressed! The condition is second to none! SELLING ON CONSIGNMENT
LONG RAF SERVICE!! 1930-1960 RAF/RAAF Flying Instructor's Equipment Acquired very recently and saved from being split up, this listing includes the first pattern Ctype Flying Helmet, Gtype Oxygen Mask, 1936 Dated Flying Gloves and 1937/1938 Flying Manuals. This RAF Flight Instructors history includes being awarded the A.F.C (Air Force Cross) He was also one of six RAF Instructors sent to Australia in 1940 to refine the Flying Training Programmes of the RAAF. He became a highly accomplished RAF Pilot and Flight Instructor in the early 1930's. In the latter years of his long RAF career he was given command of RAF Portland Radar Station on February 20th 1953 when the station became fully operational. These come with detailed pre-War history of this RAF Pilot where he flew, and trained RAF Pilots in all types of 1930's RAF Aircraft, and family letters of provenance. There is still more research to be done however and who knows what else might turn up? The Pilot's name is L B Noyes. His Log Books are in the RAF Museum Hendon, so it will be possible to get full details of his full RAF Flying History before during and after WWII. I can tell you that he was initially trained at RAF Abu Sueir, Egypt with 4 Flying Training School. He qualified as a pilot in the fastest time for any RAF Pilot in that specific year, so a highly accomplished RAF Pilot hence his later RAF career as an instructor. He first flew the AVRO 504N and then graduated to further Aircraft including the Armstrong Whitworth Atlas and De Havilland DH9A. He was then posted to 30(B) Squadron in 1932=34, flying the Westland Wapitis in both Iraq and India. He also flew the Vickers Vimy 30B, Westland Wildebeest 30(B), Vickers Victoria and Hawker Demon. His further pre-War career included him flying, The Bristol Bulldog with 111(F) Squadron). the Hawker Audax, Avro Tutor, Hawker Fury I, Hawker Fury II, Hawker Hart, Hawker Hind, and Miles Mentor. Obviously he then went on to fly more advanced Fighter/Bombers using the Helmet, Goggles and Gauntlets I'm now offering you.
LOOKING FOR IMAGES - RAF Upavon Officers Mess/Bar What I'm showing in my pictures is a chromed Art Deco Firescreen. The badge on the front shows a bi-plane flying to the stars (Per Ardua Ad Astra). The reverse shows this is likely to have come from RAF Upavon. Given the overall style I'd say this is probably from the 1920's. Can I ask if anyone has any images from the inside of RAF Upavon which may show this insitu? The screen was in a pretty poor state when purchased, but having been thoroughly cleaned and sympathetically re-polished it is now quite an eyecatcher. However the polished chrome does make it quite difficult to capture at its best, but I'm sure you get the picture. As usual your help would be massively appreciated.
Lot of 12 Wartime Aircraft/Air Ministry Instruments - 1940-1944 Various boxed & unboxed Aircraft Instruments.....Ammeters, Milliammeters, Voltmeters.
Lovely, Silver & Enamel Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Brooch
Lt. William Henry Brown, 84 Squadron ACE with 9 Kills! It's not every day you're offered the opportunity to own two awesome items of Royal Flying Corps ephemera likely to have been worn/carried in full Aerial Combat by an RFC Ace!. What I have here is the Hip Flask and silver Rolex Wristwatch of Canadian "ACE" 2nd Lt. William Henry Brown. Both engraved to 2nd Lt Brown and with history of previous Royal Air Force owner. I will also provide my own letter of provenance on both items with a lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity. The Rolex is not currently working but could be repaired if desired. The waych is a good size, measuring 36mm plus the Crown making is 40+mm across. In the meantime, you can see 2nd Lt. Brown's Royal Flying Corps history on the superb website "THE AERODROME" - Please ask for further pictures.
Luftschutz Arm Band
Luftschutz Cap
Luftschutz Helmet
Luftwaffe Insignia Not from the Cap above
LUFTWAFFE INSIGNIA - AUTHENTICATION My friends, What you see below is a small selection of Luftwaffe Insignia I'm happy to sell as original. I'm not an authority on (anything) the subject, so I always present my Luftwaffe Insignia to more knowledgeable dealers/collectors/museum visitors than myself to have them authenticated. I've listed these as genuine, but if your opinion differs then please do let me know. I always welcome good, solid information about anything I offer you, and if I've got something wrong I'll rectify that immediately. Please email me if you want my pictures for your analysis and closer scrutiny.
Luftwaffe Officer's Cap
Luftwaffe Officer\'s Belt Buckle - For the Brocade Belt This has no makers mark. Because there is certainly some age to it, I am selling as an Original Piece. If you decide different, please let me know and I\'ll change the listing. By all means ask me to forward these pictures so you can zoom in and analyze the Buckle clearly
Luftwaffe Pilot Wing Silver
Luftwaffe Side Cap
Luftwaffe Side Cap - From 'BATTLE OF BRITAIN' by Richard Townsend Bickers I will supply my own copy of the Book and a Certificate of Authenticity with the Cap.
MAGNFICENT!! Early Royal Flying Corps Helmet with Goggles by 'DUNHILLS' This is the 'crème de la creme' of early Flying Helmets,.....and not just because of the legendary "DUNHILL" name, just look at the early leather covered buckle and lack of poppers/ ear fittings and goggle straps. This is one very early Flying Helmet which just screams "Royal Flying Corps"! The Helmet carries the "Dunhill" makers label on the silk top lining. The early Goggles have no makers mark but are extremely high quality and definitely of the early 1900's.
MAGNIFICENT MAN and his FLYING MACHINES!! Captain L.V (Buddy) Messenger OBE It gives me huge pleasure to share with you another Museum acquisition...shown here are the nine Log Books and associated ephemera of Capt. L.V Messenger OBE, known as "Buddy" to his friends. Captain Messenger initially flew 2,000 hours as Flight Engineer with Imperial Airways, until 1932 when he became a qualified Pilot. Subsequently he continued with Imperial Airways/BOAC and with the outbreak of WWII he flew with the Air Transport Auxiliary, ATFERO and RAF Ferry Command/Transport Command. You can see from my pictures he flew the Duke of Kent and the Canadian Prime Minister over the North Atlantic to and from Canada at the height of the North Atlantic hostilities. There is much, much more to the incredible story of Captain L V Messenger, before, during, and after the War...............
MAGNIFICENT WWI Propeller Desk Box of the IMPERIAL GERMAN AIR SERVICE More a piece of desk furniture that your 'standard' item of Propeller Trench Art.
MAGNIFICENT! 1918 Royal Flying Corps 'Victor Ludorum' Cup - SOLID SILVER! ROYAL FLYING CORPS "VICTOR LUDORUM", Fully Hallmarked for BIRMINGHAM 1915 and Maker Marked "AZJ" PRESENTATION INSCRIPTION READS: Victor Cup Ludorum 32nd Training Wing 1st April 1918 Presented by Lt. Col. W.H. Primrose.....Air Commodore Primrose Won by Captain E. G. M. Gilchrist R. A. M. C. DIAMETER OF BOWL: 14.5 cm DIAMETER OF FOOT: 9.5 cm HEIGHT: 12.5 cm (without wooden stand) WEIGHT: an Impressive 324 g of Solid Silver. As far as Royal Flying Corps Memorabilia goes this has to be top of the class.
MAGNIFICENT! Pair of Black Luftwaffe Pilot Boots These really do look the business and are a very fine quality pair of Luftwaffe Pilots Boots....not made from left-over materials. Original "Willop" Soles and good thick black suede with a perfect sheepskin lining. A couple of points to note; One zip has been replaced. It is so well done, that from just a few feet away it isn't noticeable. The cobbler even went to the trouble of adding a riveted leather tab. One seam has come away on the front. No problem on display, but if they were to worn as quick repair might be required.
MAGNIFICENT! WWII RAF \'Trench Art\' DOUGLAS A-20 HAVOC A Glorious Piece of WWII RAF \"Trench Art\" of a seldom seen subject - The Douglas A-20 Havoc!! As relatively few Havoc\'s were used by the Royal Air Force it is highly unusual to see such a model. I think it\'s fair to say that the pictures tell the story on this.....Far better than your average piece of Aviation \"Trench Art\"!!
MAGNIFICENT!! & CASED!! Pair of E.B Meyrowitz 'LUXOR No 16' Flying Goggles (BATTLE OF BRITAIN) An amazing 'find' in the world of Vintage Goggles, an original pair of "LUXOR No. 16" Goggles in their original carrying case. Probably dating from the 1920's these type of Luxor's continued to be used for years afterwards and were a prized and prestigious posession of a number of RAF Pilots through the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's. Famous for their quality of manufacture E.B Meyrowitz went to the "n'th" degree to provide comfort and practicality in their Goggles. The large cushions in their later Goggles show this perfectly, very soft and pliable. The larger lenses also provided the wearer with excellent all round vision. This is why this type of Goggle was favoured by many a Battle of Britain Pilot when the Air Ministry first introduced the rather cumbersome MkIVb's which superceded the rather "dangerous" MkIII & MkIIIa Flying Goggles. This wonderful pair of Luxors are in extremely good condition overall. The cushions are slightly mis-shapen through storage but are still soft and flexible to be worn. The nickel plated frames are immaculate and all fittings are original. The strap is no longer elasticated but these can still be displayed superbly!! What makes these rare Goggles so very special is the fat they come in their original aluminium carry case......I have never seen this case, anywhere!
MAGNIFICENT!! & CASED!! Pair of E.B Meyrowitz 'LUXOR No 16' Flying Goggles (BATTLE OF BRITAIN) An amazing 'find' in the world of Vintage Goggles, an original pair of "LUXOR No. 16" Goggles in their original carrying case. Probably dating from the 1920's these type of Luxor's continued to be used for years afterwards and were a prized and prestigious posession of a number of RAF Pilots through the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's. Famous for their quality of manufacture E.B Meyrowitz went to the "n'th" degree to provide comfort and practicality in their Goggles. The large cushions in their later Goggles show this perfectly, very soft and pliable. The larger lenses also provided the wearer with excellent all round vision. This is why this type of Goggle was favoured by many a Battle of Britain Pilot when the Air Ministry first introduced the rather cumbersome MkIVb's which superceded the rather "dangerous" MkIII & MkIIIa Flying Goggles. This wonderful pair of Luxors are in extremely good condition overall. The cushions are slightly mis-shapen through storage but are still soft and flexible to be worn. The nickel plated frames are immaculate and all fittings are original. The strap is no longer elasticated but these can still be displayed superbly!! What makes these rare Goggles so very special is the fat they come in their original aluminium carry case......I have never seen this case, anywhere!
MAGNIFICENT!! & COMPLETE!! Early War RAF Headset This is a fantastic RAF Flying Helmet display complete with all original and rare "PHELPS" 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet, TypeG Oxygen Mask & MkIVb Flying Goggles.......ALL THREE components in this display are in fantastic condition. 1st PATTERN RAF CType FLYING HELMET - 52362 This is a genuine "PHELPS" 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet. Easy to distinguish because of the black leather Goggle/Loom Straps and the alloy fittings of the "Bennetts Buckle". It does carry an "AID" stamp and others. In immaculate condition and given that the "PHELPS" Ctypes are rare and very desirable this is a really superb early War RAF Flying Helmet! GType OXYGEN MASK - 52206 The perfect TypeG Oxygen Mask, ready for the simple attachment to a 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet. Just pop the receivers into the receiver cups. The overall condition is extremely good with supple soft rubber. I have repaired a couple of splits in the wire holders using a tried and tested repair solution which is as strong as the rubber itself. The chamois lining is in great condition as is the complete loom (with rare impedence switch box) MkIVb FLYING GOGGLES - 52210 With almost 100% of the original paint remaining on the frames these really are an outstanding pair of MkIVb RAF Flying Goggles of the BATTLE OF BRITAIN period. For the first time ever, I've seen a pair of MkVIII type lenses still with their grey frames fitted to a pair of MkIVb Flying Goggles. The original sun-visor is in beautiful condition, as is the complete strapping arrangement. Inevitably the face cushions have hardened and deteriorated but that doesn't detract from a mighty fine pair of Goggles. As usual, these look even better in the hand than they do in my pictures. All three items are being individually offered for sale on my website, but as they have them set up in my own display I thought I'd offer them as a group as they really look the business together.
MAGNIFICENT!! 'Chestnut Brown' Chrome Leather 1st Pattern Ctype RAF Flying Helmet NOTE; THE CHROME LEATHER OF THIS HELMET IS FAR LIGHTER IN COLOUR THAN THE NORM. A BEAUTIFUL 1ST PATTERN C Type! The story behind this beautiful Helmet is, that family member who wore it in Mosquito's during the War then continued to wear it on his motorbike. To do this he removed the receiver cups and internal doughnuts, a common post-War amendment. However that didn't stop me from buying it.... ......I decided to buy this Helmet because I immediately saw its potential as a truly exquisite "Display Helmet"! My pictures simply don't do this Helmet justice, it is made from the finest light brown 'chrome' leather which is far better than any issued Ctype I have ever seen. It simply glows, and I've done nothing to improve its appearance. Put this Helmet alongside most any other Ctype and it blows them away! I have had a pair of reproduction receiver cups fitted but that is all. It is a size 1, and the absence of any doughnuts helps it display well. Add a loom, or just receivers or even leave it as is. It is still a beautiful 1st Pattern Ctype!
MAGNIFICENT!! 'Trench Art' Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Me262 I've been collecting "trench art" now for many, many years and in all those years I've never seen such a magnificent and unique piece of craftwork. This Me262 has been fabricated by use of heat and rivets to produce this extraordinary model. The sheet brass used to make the model appears to have been a piece of previously engraved/decorative brass. Believe me, you will never see another aviation model like this. There are no 'solid' pieces of brass, every section of the Me262 has been cut, folded, sculpted and fabricated to produce each section of this Messerschmitt. This includes the complete Fuselage, Wings, Tailplane, etc. Measuring approximately 7" x 7" this really has to be seen at first hand to fully appreciate just how awesome it is. Please note; The swastika base is in my own collection and not original to the piece, but is perfect for display with this model, so I've decided I will include it with the Me262.
MAGNIFICENT!! 'Trench Art' Spitfire - handmade from plywood - TRULY STUNNING! In my humble opinion, one of the finest WWII Aircraft Models anywhere in the world is a Hawker Typhoon known as "The Bread and Butter Typhoon". This can be seen on the fantastic website - I have repeatedly tried to buy this from Steve Remington but he understandably refuses to let it go. So, I was delighted when I was able to purchase a similarly manufactured model in this gorgeous "Bread and Butter Spitfire!" I cannot begin to imagine the high levels of skill, and the amount of time it would take to make a beautiful pair of Spifire wings to this level of accuracy.....and from a thin sheet on cross grain plywood! Somehow, the craftsman who made this has managed to turn the cheapest and most difficult to work material into one of the finest "Trench Art" Spitfire's I've ever seen. He has actually managed to capture the power and grace of this wonderful Aircraft out of plywood!! The stand is not original to the Spit. I quickly knocked it up for photographic purposes. By the way, if you have never visited "Collectair" I strongly recommend that you do. It is definitely one of the finest Aviation Memorabilia websites anywhere in the World!
MAGNIFICENT!! 1927 Schneider Trophy SUPERMARINE S.5 - by 'Lejeune' WOW!! What a stunner this is! Definitely made from either silver, or more likely silver plate. This is a real beauty, as well as being a very rare Supermarine/Schneider Trophy model of the 1927 SUPERMARINE S5. Very few signs of wear, so therefore in immaculate condition.
MAGNIFICENT!! 1929 Schneider Trophy SUPERMARINE S.6 A truly stunning display model of the Supermarine S6. Made from chromed brass and mounted on a chromed military shell which has been 'worked' beautifully to show this model at its very best. It's looks as if the plane's floats are cutting through the top brass surface at top speed.......very clever! There are a few very insignificant marks on the chrome but in the main it is totally immaculate. Especially when mounted on its mahogany plinth.
MAGNIFICENT!! 1930's Battle of Britain - Luftwaffe Leather Fliegerkombi One of the finest, and rarest items of genuine Luftwaffe Flying Clothing in my Museum. This is the early 1930's pattern Luftwaffe Fliegerkombi, the type guaranteed to have been worn in the early years of WWII, the Battle of Britain and The Blitz. The lining has seen better days but the leather is truly exceptional! No patching, scuffing, repairs or stitching, and ALL original "ZIPP" zips work beautifully. The majority of leather tabbed "ZIPP" pullers are in place but are missing from the right arm and both ankles, so have been replaced with wire pullers. PLEASE NOTE; I will be re-picturing this Suit on a second listing as current pictures do not show the Suit at its best.
MAGNIFICENT!! 1931 Schneider Trophy SUPERMARINE S.6B - ORIGINAL Rolls Royce Mascot! Clearly stamped "ROLLS ROYCE", this is as good as they come in the world of Schneider Trophy mascots. Mounted on a beautiful hexagonal black ebony and bakelite base this stunning aircraft is then displayed superbly in its vintage glass display case. This is the ultimate in models of the 1931 Schneider Trophy winning SUPERMARINE S.B6.
MAGNIFICENT!! 1942-1945 USAAF Large Wall Hanging from Rome Army Air Field It can never be said that I don't offer some rather special, and quite unique items of WWII Aviation Memorabilia. This large wall hanging is just such an item. Measuring 29" wide x 24" high this handpainted hanging has a very interesting group of twentythree signatures on the reverse, all bar two are female. I'd be very interested to hear any theories as to who the signatories were. Please Note; this is a heavy item so postage may differ from the cost produced by PC programme.
MAGNIFICENT!! 1944 Luftwaffe/Focke Wulf Desk Set For further pictures see Item No. 52047
MAGNIFICENT!! 1944 Luftwaffe/Focke Wulf Desk Set A truly awesome Luftwaffe Desk Set. Made from luxurious two-toned black and gold marble, the base measures 32 x 14cms. On the base stands a cigarette or pen holder and matching ashtray. Then, surmounted on the rim is a very cleverly marbled bakelite/wood ring. This has been marbled to match the base and is very well done. Within the ring is a white metal Luftwaffe Eagle and the crowing glory is a very accurate aluminium model of the Focke Wulf Fw190. Other than the date marking there are no makers marks to be found anywhere. Open to Offers
MAGNIFICENT!! Armee de L'Air 'trench art' model - POTEZ 630 - multi-part made, STUNNING!! In contrast to the more "artistic" look of the Potez Fighter Bomber shown below this model has a really aggressive look to it. Hand made, hand finished, possibly (and I say, possibly) from a crashed Aircraft. I say that as the cockpit lucite stand has undoubtedly suffered from serious heat damage at some time. The craftsmanship in this particular model is exemplarary. The profiling and shape of the wings is perfect. The aluminium has never been polished, instead it has been left with a brushed finish probably with meticulous use of fine emery paper. It's worth looking at the propeller detail too, it's not often you see that kind of attention to detail in period WWII model aircraft.
MAGNIFICENT!! Black Leather Flying Helmet & Black Fur Flying Gloves - WWI RNAS Pilot -1 Kill The Medals and Log Book of Flight Lieutenant F.A Giles were sold at auction in December of 2017. That sale provided me with excellent information relating to the Flying Helmet & Gauntlets I'm offering here. You can see the details on this link; I acquired these from a visitor to the Bowburn Militaria Fair when I was stalled out a few years back. Although I generally frown at non-provenanced 'named', 'loft find' items the fact that that visitor came from Marske on Sea gives me good reason to believe they were once the property of Flt Lt. Giles. Flt. Lt. Giles Flying career began just a few miles from Marske, at RNAS Redcar in July 1917. The black leather Flying Helmet is quite a rarity in itself, as it carries the makers label "STORMGARD", a maker I've not come across before. The black fur and leather gloves are typical of the period, with flared cuff sections to fit over the Flight Suit etc. This trype of glove/gauntlet are extremely difficult to find, but this is the first and only pair I've come across in black fur. The fact that both the gauntlets and helmet are black are also a very good pointer at being used by a Pilot of the Royal Naval Air Service. It is a well known fact that Airmen of the Royal Naval Air Service wore predominantly black clothing and accessories. This was done in order to differentiate themselves from Airman of the Royal Flying Corps who in turn wore mainly brown/honey coloured helmets, clothing and accessories, (see above gauntlets) There you have it. I don't have concrete provenance but I'm pretty confident these were worn by Flight Lieutenant Frederick Alexander Giles of the Royal Naval Air Service and Royal Air Force. Speaking of 'named' items.......did you see the Flying Helmet of Lettice Curtis being sold on ebay recently?
MAGNIFICENT!! Boxed Silver Dressing Table Set - 1939 This is one of the finest, unique Wartime pieces of Royal Air Force memorabilia we've ever had. Sometimes individual items appear on the market, the odd brush or mirror but this is the only Original, Boxed Set I've seen. In its original leather covered boxed, velvet and silk lined are a Hairbrush, Clothes Brush, Mirror and Comb. The three large pieces are all hallmarked for 1939 and maker marked by "Adie Brothers Ltd" of Birmingham. They each have a pair of silver & enamel RAF Pilot Wings and below that a guilloche enamelled RAF pennant. The comb is a later 'Adie Bros' replacement from 1941, but I'm sure a 1939 example could be found. The condition is exemplarary, with just a few minor dings to the silver. The box and lining's are also in wonderful condition. The bevelled mirror is complete and in great condition. It is worth noting that the inner section of silver frame of the mirror is individually hallmarked, such is the fine quality of this set. This is a real antique of the future and a very solid investment piece.
MAGNIFICENT!! Carved Oak RAF Pilot Wing - to Air Vice-Marshal CJQ Brand Measuring over 12" across this is a stunning piece of carved oak. Showing exquisite patination and in perfect condition. The wing is marked to Air Vice Marshall Christopher Brand KBE, DSO, MC, DFC (25 May 1893 – 7 March 1968) AVM Brand was a WWI "ACE" and the top scoring 'night fighter' of the Royal Flying Corps. During the Second World War, Brand was Air Officer Commanding No. 10 (Fighter) Group, 10 Fighter Battle Group, responsible for the defence of southwest England and South Wales. Brand actively supported Air Vice Marshal Keith Park, in advocating the use of small, rapidly deployed, groups of fighters to intercept the Luftwaffe raiders. Difficult to value as I have no provenance to this and have yet to find a picture showing the Wing relating to AVM Brand. He did retire in 1943 whilst commanding RAF Rundloe, so it may well have been a retirement gift.
MAGNIFICENT!! Carved Oak Royal Flying Corps Door Plaque One of the finest pieces of Royal Flying Corps memorabilia I've seen. I've described this as a door plaque because of the four holes which I assume to be where the plaque would have been fixed. Both wing tips have repairs but they are extremely good. The plaque measures 28 x 20cms and is so much better than my pictures can show.
MAGNIFICENT!! Chromed Brass Avro Lancaster - for restoration. Not ready for the scrapyard just yet! This Lanc has been superbly handmade and there is no doubt in my mind it was made with a specific purpose in mind. It certainly wasn't 'knocked up' in a hurry, that's for sure. It should and could look very special either by re-chroming or removing the chrome altogether. The accuracy in manufacture is there to be seen so it would be worth anyone's while to have this fully restored back to its former glory. I've handled many an original "Trench Art" Aircraft over many years. This one is different in that it weighs far more than it should for its size! When we've had customers visit us I've casually passed this Lanc to them. Their reaction is always one of total surprise when they feel the weight. I don't know why it should be so heavy.
MAGNIFICENT!! French Silver Coffee Pot - ROYAL FLYING CORPS, 4th ARMY AIRCRAFT PARK 1917 This week we've now taken you from the ridiculous (fake engraved silver), to the absolute SUBLIME, in genuine silver items! This solid silver Coffee Pot circa1910, is simply breathtaking as a stand-alone piece of French silversmithing by Albert Deflon. The pot stands at 25cms high and weighs an impressive 565 grammes. It is also in beautiful condition. However..... it is also one of the finest pieces of Royal Flying Corps silver tableware you're ever likely to see. Presented to an unkown recipient by; THE OFFICERS OF 4TH ARMY AIRCRAFT PARK R.F.C OCTOBER 1917 I wished I could tell you a great deal more about this, undoubtedly an RFC Officers Mess utensil of the very highest quality, but who it was presented to simply isn't known.
MAGNIFICENT!! G22 RAF/Air Ministry Gun Camera - Boxed and in Amazing Condition!! I have never seen a better example of this very rare RAF Gun Camera! The only other example I've had has been unboxed and every other I've seen has had the Gun Camera/AM details stamped into it. This one has a lovely Air Ministry brass plate rivetted to the top, which could point to it being a very early example. Even the rare base is in exceptional condition and is also fully Air Ministry marked. Prior to being superceded by the oft-seen F-24 Gun Camera, the G22 continued to be used in the early years of the War. This is a marvelous piece of British Military Aviation History from the 1930's which would be almost impossible to upgrade.
MAGNIFICENT!! German made 'Aero Leder Kleidung' - 'Aviation Jacket' Over the years I've been privileged to handle many private purchase items of flying clothing. This awesome Jacket is unique in that it was specifically made and retailed for the German Aviator. A black leather pilot jacket made as an "Aero Leder Kleidung" by a German maker named on top of the label . In other words the original label refers to it as an "aviation jacket " ! Its styling and cut is the German version of the typical French "Aeropostale" Jacket worn by pilots in the 20's and 30's, simply better tailored and of outstanding quality. These jackets were typically bought and used by NSKK pilots and by Luftwaffe Pilots serving in the Condor Legion in Spain . *****Selling on consignment from one of the finest private Military Aviation Collections in the World*****
MAGNIFICENT!! Gold and Diamond & Enamel Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Pin You will see from the this piece and the next four listings that I've raided my very top drawer of Aviation jewellery. All of these rare items are just that bit special but I consider this to be the best of the best. What I have here is an immaculate gold and diamond and enamel sweetheart brooch of the Royal Flying Corps.....this is a real GEM in every sense of the word and no pictures could possibly do this justice. In perfect condition!! PLEASE NOTE!! Despite my best efforts I don't have the skills to picture these in their true light and I guarantee nothing but 100% delight when these are in your hand.
MAGNIFICENT!! Green Leather Flying/Motoring Helmet - WWI Imperial German?? or early British Motor Racing Driver??
MAGNIFICENT!! Original Pack of WWI Royal Flying Corps playing cards. What can I say?? One of the finest items of authentic Royal Flying Corps/World War One memorabilia you are ever likely to see!!
MAGNIFICENT!! Original Propaganda Poster RAF Strikes on Germany up to October 1940
MAGNIFICENT!! Pair of 1939 Dated '1939 Pattern' Battle of Britain Flying Boots Untouched - unpolished, but still immaculate...and dated 1939! Size 7.
MAGNIFICENT!! Pair of RAF Issued MkVIII Flying Goggles An awesome pair of issued MkVIII Flying Goggles in truly immaculate condition.....just look at the strap as a measure of the condition of these. AS GOOD AS THEY COME!!
MAGNIFICENT!! Pair of Spanish made Luftwaffe Flying Boots - Condor Legion This is the one and only pair of Spanish Air Force/Luftwaffe type Flying Boots I've ever come across which were actually manufactured in Spain. The quality in manufacture is incredible. The finest heavy leather, suede, thick fur lining and top quality fittings. The zips are made by "RELAMPAGO" and the poppers by "LORD". Each Boot carries the Pilot's name which reads "AGUIRRE" Even if you manage to find another pair of these Boots it is highly unlikely they would be in this incredible condition.
MAGNIFICENT!! Polish Air Force Medal Group On Sunday 18th November I arranged to meet a couple of highly experienced dealers and collectors to have a few of my items assessed, this Medal Group and my recently acquired Luftwaffe Dagger & Pilot Badge etc. When this medal group was put into the hands of 'Chris', my Polish friend, his jaw hit the floor! This medal group is 100% Genuine. Chris explained that the Polish Cross of Valour is a 1920 variant and a rare medal in itself. He then described the other Awards as also falling into the 'desirable' category. At the same time trying to be none too enthusiatic, slowly adopting his poker face. Subsequently I've contacted a number of the Polish Military Associations in the hope the recipient could be identified. In the meantime, these are now for sale and I will consider any reasonable offer. I will provide a letter of authenticity with the group.
MAGNIFICENT!! Polish Air Force Medal Group - Unattributed but all 100% Original Group! See items No. 52004 & 51725 for details. These have been fully authenticated and valued at £2000....I'm now open to offers. Includes both the Full Size and Miniature Medal Groups.
MAGNIFICENT!! Polish Air Force Pilot Wall Plaque. The skill that has gone into the manufacture of this plaque cannot be overlooked. Hand carved, each section of the insignia is highlighted with the use of both brass and copper wires. The more you look at this the more you see and the more attractive it becomes. A truly marvelous piece of pre-War Polish Air Force memorabilia. From the same source, and probably the same maker as Item No. 52036 and looks superb alongside it.
MAGNIFICENT!! pre-WWII & WWII Luftwaffe Flying Suit - VERY RARE!
MAGNIFICENT!! Pre/Wartime' 616 Squadron Badge - 'TANGMERE WING' This is a mint condition 'KINGS CROWN' Blazer/Prestige Flight Suit badge for the legendary 616 Squadron - Bader, Dundas, Johnson, Smith - 'The Tangmere Wing', "Baders Bus Company". Made by "Tootal" and still in its original "Pyramid" box, uncut and immaculate! Made from the very finest Silk & Bullion Threads, the quality of manufacture is incredible. This is also the perfect addition to display with the two original Sir Alan Smith items shown below.
MAGNIFICENT!! RAF 1930 Pattern Flying Helmet - Air Ministry 1936 Dated Even before I bought this Helmet I had only one plan for it, to rescue/complete it. You see, when it was offered to me the holes for the Gosport/Receiver cups had already been cut in through the leather, sorbo, and chamois lining. However, no receiver cups had actually been fitted. Under those circumstances there is only one person who immediately comes to mind - Stephen I decided to buy the Helmet, buy the matching leather and send them off to Stephen to work his magic. I think you will agree, Mr. Silburn has done it again! This is now a stunning example of the 1930 Pattern RAF Flying Helmet. It has been 'rescued' in the best way possible and now looks incredible, exactly as it would have looked had the fittings been added in 1936 - 1945. Looking at the overall beautiful condition of the leather I hope you will agree, this Helmet has been worth my expense and the skills Stephen has used to save it.
MAGNIFICENT!! RAF 45 Squadron Officers Mess Mascot in solid bronze As with the RFC sculpture below, this is an exceptional piece of early RAF/Aviation Memorabilia. With the vast majority of my collection on the market I can always say "find me another" when it comes to establishing the rarity of a piece. However, this is at least one of a pair, as coincidentally, one of my good friends and long term customers also has an identical 45 Squadron "Flying Camel" in his personal collection. Gauranteed as 100% authentic.
MAGNIFICENT!! Royal Flying Corps Officer's *SWORDSTICK* - 100% Authentic Made in ebonised cane with brass fittings, this is a truly superb item of Royal Flying Corps memorabilia. At almost 100 years old I suppose it's inevitable the cane has split. This can of course be repaired if thought necessary. In all my years of collecting I've only ever seen a handful of Royal Flying Corps Swordsticks. Indeed, any WWI Officer's Swordstick is incredibly rare. A VERY DIFFICULT ITEM TO SHOW AT ITS BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHS
MAGNIFICENT!! Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force MkI Flying Helmet In outstanding condition, this is a first class example of the iconic Royal Flying Corps MkI Flying Helmet. The very first British Flying Helmet to be given an official issue number by the Air Ministry. Not to be missed!
MAGNIFICENT!! Silver Brooch with Serious Aviation History - 11 Squadron & Elizabeth Dacre MBE TD JP The name "Dacre" was carried with distinction throughout WWI, WWII and the later years of the 20th Century, and is a major part of Royal Air Force history. In 1951, Air Commodore G B Dacre and his wife presented the Dacre Trophy to the RAF, in memory of their son, Kenneth Fraser, who was killed on Mosquito operations over Germany in 1943, whilst serving with No 605 Squadron. The trophy is still awarded to this date, annually to the most proficient fighter squadron in the RAF. The Air Commodore himself was a Pilot with No.3 Wing RNAS as early as 1914....POW in 1916. The Dacre Brooch is the highest award any female Air Cadet can achieve. In 1979, Mrs Elizabeth Dacre MBE TD JP presented to the Air Training Corps the dress sword of her late husband, Air Commodore G B Dacre CBE DSO DL RAF to be presented to the “ATC Cadet of the Year.” With the advent of girls in 1982, Mrs Dacre presented the Corps with a diamond brooch mounted on a sash, for presentation to the best female cadet. This brooch was recently seen worn by Kate Middleton. The brooch I'm offering for sale is a unique, large silver depiction of the soaring Eagles of 11 Squadron. This brooch was commissioned by the Men of 11 Squadron in 1970 (E.E Lightning at RAF Leuchars) and presented to Mrs Elizabeth Dacre. Made by "local" St Andrews jeweller Alexander Taylor Reid the brooch is fully hallmarked for 1970 and carries a very rare Edinburgh hallmark. The brooch measures 5.5cms x 5.5cms. This is a highly exclusive piece of RAF Memorabilia!
MAGNIFICENT!! Split Steerhide 1/2 Length Aviator Jacket There are no zips on this Jacket, making it very difficult to date, but certainly dates from the early years of the 20th Century. Made from the finest quality "Split Steerhide" this is a real eyecatcher from the very top drawer. Externally it looks incredible, the leather shows years of wear and attention. I haven't treated it as it looks just right. So, on the outside the jacket is superb, but then you look inside and find the attention to detail just goes on....Mint Green satin lining around the shoulders for extra comfort, extra leather under the arm for strength and shape, and even a satin lined large map pockets on the inside. The high fur collar is double-stitched and buttons right up for protection against the cold in an open cockpit. The coat is also fitted with woollen knit 'storm cuffs'. This would have universal appeal to any early Aviation collectors as it wouldn't look out of place in a wide sphere of Aviation subjects both Military and Civil from ALL Nations.
MAGNIFICENT!! WWI Apprentice Piece FIELD GUN - FULLY OPERATIONAL! Although not Aviation related I simply had to buy this at a Militaria Fair earlier this year. Made by a young apprentice in the Sheffield (Steel City) as a test piece during WWI this large Field Gun is fully operational. Utilising hand made brass gearing the Gun can be smoothly raised and lowered. The Gun could also be fully rotated if a suitable turntable could be made. A very rare WWI item which is not only aesthetically very pleasing it is also great to play with! The whole Gun measures approximately 45cms in length.
MAGNIFICENT!! WWI Bulgarian Aviation Corps Wall Hanging EXTREMELY RARE!! Measuring a HUGE!! 2000cms x 1650cms this magnificent wall hanging is truly one of our finest, rarest and most unique items of Aviation Memorabilia. Given that Bulgaria has one of the worlds oldest and most active Air Forces I can only date this to the information given to me. I was informed that the piece was hung at the HQ of the "Vazduhoplavatelno Otdelenie" (Aviation Department of Bulgaria), and that the organisation was formed as early as 1906! I'm also told that the townscape at the bottom of the hanging is that of Sofia. It's also worth comparing this Eagle to the style of the Eagle sculptures which adorned the entrance of Bozhurishte Air Base in the 1930s and 1940s. It would appear that the tapestry is double-sided as the quality of workmanship is equal on both sides. As with all of my more unique items I'm always interested in hearing any futher information relating this.
MAGNIFICENT!! WWI Propeller Desk Box of the IMPERIAL GERMAN AIR SERVICE Propeller 'trench art' simply does not come any better than this! The overall finish and quality of carving makes this more a piece of desk furniture that your 'standard' item of Propeller Trench Art. The stylised curved propeller and wings would undoubtedly point to this being of Imperial German manufacture.
MAGNIFICENT!! WWI Royal Naval Air Service Propeller Clock #1 - PAIR? Standing 18" tall this is the first of two very impressive, antique Propeller Clocks. I cannot say they are a pair even though the exquisite carving on both Clocks is identical in style. If they are a pair the likelihood is they would have been displayed in different rooms of an RNAS Officers Mess. Alternatively, one may have been fitted with a barometer in order to display both on one mantle. The design and craftsmanship put into this Clock puts it at the very top of WWI Propeller Hub "Trench Art". There is no doubting it was made for a specific room, or office as it's not a 'run of the mill' piece. The Clock itself is of the very highest quality in French timepieces. The design and craftsmanship put into this Clock puts it at the very top of WWI Propeller Hub "Trench Art". There is no doubting it was made for a specific room, or office as it's not a 'run of the mill' piece. The Clock itself is of the very highest quality in period timepieces. This Clock is French made. The Propeller Hub is identical to that shown below but is not so heavily marked. The only legible (just) marking I can see, is "SOUPEARE" on the hub itself. I'm afraid no pictures can show these Clocks in their full beauty. They are quite stunning when seen close-up.
MAGNIFICENT!! WWII Free French Pilot Wing in Bullion - 'Clostermann' A very special WWII Wing of the Free French Air Force. Original Free French Pilot Wings with the Cross of Lorraine rarely come on to the market, I give my personal guarantee on the authenticity of this Wing.
MAGNIFICENT!! WWII RAF Chaplain 'Trench Art' Spitfire/Hurricane Propeller Tip A superb piece of original WWII RAF 'Trench Art' with the rare connection to the RAF Chaplaincy. This is made up of the propeller tip of possibly a Spitfire or Hurricane which has been stripped and the brass leading edge has been polished. It is mounted on two large pieces of Cockpit Glass (Lucite) and has a wonderful Lucite pair of RAF Chaplain Wings mounted in the centre. A truly extraordinary piece of RAF Chaplain Trench Art. Seldom are such specific pieces of WWII Trench Art seen!
MAGNIFICENT!! WWII Uniform of a Finnish Air Force Pilot Officer. An exceptional and extremely rare WWII Uniform of the Finnish Air Force. Please Note; I initially bought the Finnish Pilot Badge from the States as original, it isn't original. It is a top quality post-War Badge which certainly fooled me when I first bought it and looks perfect on display. Everything else you see in my pictures is "of the period". Other than a few moth nibbles this outfit is in superb condition.
MAGNIFICENT!! WWII US NAVY mk1 'LUFTWAFFE' Target Kite - Mediterranean Theatre It certainly can't be said we don't find some rather extraordinary and rare Aviation pieces, and these are no exeption! I was very fortunate to have found and rescued not one, but two of these US Navy Target Kites. Now, although they're not in perfect condition, there's no denying these will look fantastic on the wall of any "man cave". Of course in the right hands these could be restored as they are complete, but I think they're pretty spectactular just as they are. I don't have the "kite know how" to assemble them as they should be but as they are and measuring an impressive 60 inches by 48 inches (5ft x 4ft) they make a superb display piece and topic of conversation. My price is for one kite.
Major George Hebden Raleigh RFC - SPECTACULAR UPDATE!! Each stage of the vary careful opening of the frame was photographed, mostly in 'macros'. I now believe I'm showing you one of the very first Pilot Wings and Collar Badges of the Royal Flying Corps. Not only that, I'm now totally convinced these were the insignia worn by Major George Hebden Raleigh, the very first CO of No.4 Squadron Royal Flying Corps I took over thirty pictures, if you'd like them sent to you for closer examination I'd be delighted to forward them on to you.
MATCHED PAIR! Royal Flying Corps & Royal Air Force Car Badges by J.R Gaunt Two superb example of the original J.R Gaunt Car Badges of both the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Air Force. These display beautifully together as both are in such excellent condition and both show the same amount of wear.
Matching Pair of No. 8 Group Pathfinder Force Squadron Plaques - RAF Conningsby 1944-1945 An original vintage pair of WWII Squadron Plaques thought to have come from RAF Conningsby. RAF Conningsby was the home of two Lancaster PFF Squadrons of No. 8 Group from 1944 to the War end - 83 Squadron and 97 Squadron. It's obvious to see that both Plaques have the same amount of wear and fading. A safe assumption to say these have always been hung together.....they should therefore stay together rather than splitting them. The 83 Squadron Plaque has a number of signatures on the back, the 97 Squadron Plaque carries a stamp similar to an Air Ministry inspection stamp.
MATCHING PAIR!! 1930's RAF Propeller Desk Clock & Barometer - MEGA RARE!! Any seasoned collector of Royal Air Force memorabilia will know just how difficult it is nowadays to find just one example of these chromed brass Propeller find a matching pair is unheard of!
MATCHING PAIR!! WWII RAF Silver Sweethearts by 'SMITH & BOND' This is a unique opportunity to acquire a genuine matching pair of rare WWII RAF Sweetheart Brooches. Beautifully crafted in sterling silver, these RAF brooches were made by Canadian silversmiths "SMITH & BOND". Each brooch carries identical "SMIBO" & "STERLING" hallmarks. These would have been made to sell to the many British and Allied Airmen who were sent off to the RAF Elementary Flying Training Schools in Canada and America during WWII. The quality of manufacture is exceptional with superb detail to each brooch. The design is quite unique with both brooches made in heavy silver. Do please request these pictures to be sent to you so you can fully appreciate the detail of these.
MATCHING!! WWI Leather Trench/Aviators Coat & Flying Helmet - both by 'WAREINGS' Here's something not seen very often, an original "WAREINGS" Trench/Aviator's Coat. In the world of Aviation Memorabilia the company Wareings are probably best known for their manufacture of the RAF Battle of Britain Btype Flying Helmet. So it's nice to have found not only an early and authentic Wareings Coat, but it also comes with a matching Wareings Flying Helmet from the first days of Aviation. The Coat itself is in good condition structurally. It is missing its belt and one button. The leather was fed last year so is soft. There are many signs of genuine wear and tear but as far as a vintage leather coat goes it is one of the better examples I've seen.
MEGA RARE & MINT!! - RFC/RAF MkI Flying Helmet by 'KERRY HEADWEAR' of London & Sheffield Probably the finest example of a MkI Flying Helmet I've come across. You only have to note the colour match of the inside of the peak to the rest of this Helmet to see it is in as close to "mint" as you will see. Fully fur lined and with all poppers in pristine condition, this MkI can only be described as exceptional! To top it all this Helmet carries the makers label of the London company "KERRY HEADWEAR". I've never even heard of a MkI by this company, making this a truly unique RFC/RAF Helmet.
MEGA RARE!! 'Pilots of Fighter Command Captain Cuthbert Julian Orde was an artist and First World War observer & pilot in the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force. However, what he is best know for is his war art, especially his portraits of Allied Battle of Britain pilots. His sixty four drawings of WWII Fighter Command Pilots have become some of the most iconic images of the RAF during the Battle of Britain and World War Two. What I'm offering here is unique! This is the original pre-publication "PRINTERS COPY" of the book "PILOTS OF FIGHTER COMMAND". It is incredible to think that this copy was sat on a desk at the publishers - George G. Harrap and Company Ltd. It was at that time that final amendments had to be made and signed before before the book hit the printing press. I would imagine there would have been represntatives of Harrap's, the RAF/Air Ministry and of course Cuthbert Orde himself at that particular meeting. At that very time there were numerous changes happening within Fighter Command. Changes in Rank, Bravery Awards, Commendations, RAF Stations etc were occuring on a daily basis. The first hand-written amendment hits you straight between the eyes.....Air Marshall Sir Sholto Douglas was now - Air Chief Marshall Sir Sholto Douglas. We then see that Harry Broadhurst and Victor Beamish have their Ranks reversed and so forth and so on. There are also eight print 'proofs' of Pilots, I assume these were to say 'GO' on the proposed image quality. NOTE; they haven#t been stapled. As with the Eric Kennington items below, this is a unique opportunity to acquire a very rare and historical piece of WWII RAF History. A great investment!
MEGA RARE!! Aero-Art Products - Propeller Tobacco Jar - Schneider Trophy This is the one and only example of this "Aero-Art Products" work I've seen!
MEGA RARE!! Original 1930's 'LEWIS' Flying Suit - IMMACULATE!! As promised, here are pictures of the "LEWIS" Flying Suit after some incredible work by my 'leather people'. The leather has been treated with a tinted wax based balm. Not only has this brought it back to black in a sympathetic manner, but the leather feels like kid glove leather which will last for many more amazing job guys! My pictures may show it as a dark grey, but the suit is black with a capital 'B'. The only example I've ever seen of this outstanding piece of Aviation Clothing.
MEGA RARE!! Original RAF Btype Flying Helmet bakelite receiver cups & blanks. At first glance these seem quite insignificant pieces of kit, but this is the only original pair of early Bakelite receiver cups and blanks I've ever seen on the market. Any experienced collector of Military Flying Helmets will know just how 'special' these are. You can buy soft rubber replica receiver cups for a Btype Flying Helmet, but if you own a rare early Btype Flying Helmet such as the one below, then these are the only way to complete that Helmet with full authentication. Other than storage age these are absolutely perfect with no stress cracks or fractures. Also, the blanking plates still 'snap' into the receiver cups.
MEGA RARE!! RAF Gun Camera with VERY SCARCE!! Vickers 'K' Gun Mount This 12V G45 Gun Camera was actually used with this Vickers 'K' Gun Type 29 Mount during WWII. They aren't a 'put together'. This is one of the very finest exhibits in my Museum and not one I'm keen to sell, but 'needs must' when it comes to fund raising for the Museum. The price is for the Camera & Vickers Mount Postage/Courier charges to be arranged and confirmed post-purchase
MEGA RARE!! World War One Flying Helmet of the USAAS. Two very similar Flying Helmets; The Helmet on the left is a 1918 No.1-A Flying Helmet made by "WESTERN ELECTRIC". To seasoned collectors as instantly recogniseable late WWI American Flying Helmet. The Helmet on the right is not so recogniseable even though it is also undoubtedly made by "WESTERN ELECTRIC". I've shown this Helmet on my website for 12 months now and no-one has been able to show me another example. All comments I've had on this point to it being the predecessor of the No.1-A......after all, if a Flying Helmet carries the prefixed No.1-A, it naturally follows the should be a "No.1"! I now believe the Flying Helmet on the right to be that "No.1".
MEGA RARE!! WWI Royal Flying Corps 'shearling' Aviator Coat DESCRIPTION TO FOLLOW
MEGA RARE!! WWI USAS Pilot's Leather Mic Carrier/Mask This has to be one of the rarest items of Flying Headgear from WWI. Gauranteed to be 100% Original and came to me from possibly the finest source of Flying Headgear there is! What we have here is an original World War One Mic Carrier/Mask as used by the United States Air Service. Made from leather and chamois lined the mouthpiece acts as a carrier for an early microphone which is switch operated. The Mask is attached to the Flying Helmet by means of just one snap fastener on either side. The Flying Helmet would have then been retro fitted with the female section of the snap fastener. This WWI "Western Electric" Flying Helmet has has the fasteners fitted recently to show how the mask would actually have been used. There are two holes punched in the upper nose section of the Mask. It's not known for sure whether these were for a wire nose grip or purely for extra ventilation. The electric wiring terminal block is stamped "+ UND LAB INSP 3A250V" This rare piece of Flying equipment is in almost mint condition. An undoubted Museum Piece of the very highest standard! PRICE INCLUDES WWI FLYING HELMET & GOGGLES, READY TO DISPLAY.
MESSERSCHMITT - Original WWII B&W and Colour Postcards Produced my MESSERSCHMITT in Ausberg, these are three very rare postcards in just about MINT condition.
Military Binoculars
Miniature Regia Aeronautica Pilot Wing Made in gilt brass and measuring just 55mm this small Pilot Wing of the Regia Aeronautica matches the full size Pilot Wing in every detail. A rare addition to any collection of Italian Air Force Memorabilia.
Miniature WWII Czech Air Force Sweetheart/Lapel Pin
MINT & BOXED!! Prototype HAWKER HURRICANE by 'Diverse Images'
MINT & RARE!! post-War Soviet Flying Helmet - Fighter/Test Pilot with Display Head This post-War Flying Helmet is obviously modelled on the WWII Luftwaffe LKpN101 but, as with most Luftwaffe Bundeswehr/USSR post-War Flying Equipment it is notoriously difficult to ID unless you specialise in that area. The quality in manufacture is exemplarary and of the very highest standard, far higher than the average Russian Flying Helmet. The poppers are made by Nappa and the buckles and fixing are a high grade Nickel finish....... .......Since first showing this rare Helmet it's been suggested that, because of the very high standard of manufacture, this Helmet would have been specifically made for the top East German/Russian Test/Fighter Pilot's and prospective Cosmonauts of the 50's. This is a really cracking Flying Helmet! I think the reason it is unused is because of its small size. I will therefore include this smaller, top quality display head with the Helmet.
MINT & VERY RARE!! 1938 Copy of 'Hydraulic Actuating Equipment for Aircraft' - 'DOWTY' - Spitfire, Hurricane, Mosquito, Lancaster etc etc. I've had many rare vintage Aviation books through my hands over the years and many have been in excellent condition. This however looks as though it was printed yesterday! A very scarce book in itself this publication covers the required hydraulics for retracting undercarriage, tail wheels, bomb doors, gun firing gear, flaps, gun turrets, control trimmimg tabs etc. I cannot over-emphasise the condition of the beautiful 1938 publication, apart from creasing on the rear cover it is immaculate!
MINT & VERY RARE!! Goggle Strap for MkV Spectacles I think the pictures say it extremely rare piece of kit!
MINT - BOXED!! USAAF B5 Flying Helmet by 'Eastman' One of Eastman's finest ever products! Only taken out of the box for these pictures so in MINT condition.
Mint 1930\'s/WWII US Navy Leather Flying Helmet with Gosports \"Fresh out of the box\" and Impossible to Upgrade! An Immaculate Flying Helmet!!
MINT CONDITION!! 1945 POOSH-M-UP 'VICTORY BOMBER' Bagatelle Game This hangs on display in my Museum alongside the Battle of Britain "Sons of the Air Bagatelle" shown below. Poosh-M-Up "Victory Bomber" bagatelle. made by Northwestern Products, St.Louis, Missouri in 1945 and still as fresh as the day it was made!
MINT CONDITION!! French Made WWI RFC Sweetheart Brooch. This is a real find! These rare Sweethearts were purchased during the War in France and sent home to the wives and girlfriends of Royal Flying Corps Officers and Men. They were probably made in their tens of thousands yet very few survive today. Even fewer survive in relatively good condition with their Propeller. Had they been made in Gold or Silver an awful lot more would have been kept and cherished, so maybe a handful have survived in this condition! This is MINT, excellent gilding, superb detail and original rotating Propeller. This may not be a bejewelled 15ct Gold commissioned piece but it certainly is the "pièce de résistance" in Aviation/Royal Flying Corps Sweethearts!
Mint WWII USAAF A-8 Cloth Flying Helmet All complete and in 'As New' Condition. It also has its Original Fur & Leather Ear Protectors fitted. Size - Medium
Mint \'Monet\' \'Bundles for Money\' RAF lapel Wings
MINT! - NAMED! - HISTORY! - MkII Tinted Spectacles - 2nd Lt. RTR served with RAF under Air Ministry in May 1940! A very intruiging pair of tinted MkII spectacles very much worthy of some serious research as my brief foray into their history tell me; I. H Fryer was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Tank Regiment. It then appears that he was seconded to the Royal Air Force in 1940 whilst serving under the Air Ministry. He has actually added his name I H Fryer RAF. The Spectacles themselves are in totally mint condition. WORTHY OF FURTHER RESEARCH, IT COULD TURN UP A VERY INTERESTING PIECE OF WWII HISTORY
MINT! - SIZE 4!! RAF 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet - Canadian Issue BEAUTIFUL & RARE - The only way to descibe this outstanding 1st Pattern WWII Ctype Flying Helmet....even the Bennetts Buckle and chinstrap metal tip are still gleaming, as are the early twin oxygen mask poppers. Everything about this extremely early Ctype Flying helmet qualifies it as being British made, but when it came it being issued this Helmet was issued in Canada. I cannot emphasise enough the supreme condition of this Flying Helmet, everything about it is perfect. The only signs of wear are the deterioration of the ORIGINAL foams in the ear pieces. I repeat "ORIGINAL" as the foams aren't the oft-seen "new, old stock" foams, these have been in this Helmet since day one. The same applies to the original 'screw & nut' Oxygen Mask hook. A rare variation of the 1st Pattern Ctype and truly, truly immaculate. PLUS, it is a good size 4 too!
MINT! - UNISSUED! WWII Japanese Army Fighter Pilot 'Winter' Flying Helmet This is one of the finest example of the Japanese Army "Winter" Fighter Pilot Flying Helmet of WWII you are ever likely to see! Fully marked and in simply immaculate condition. Even the fur lining is perfect. A very unique coloured leather too!
MINT! - UNISSUED! WWII Japanese Army Fighter Pilot Summer Flying Helmet NEVER NEED TO UPGRADE! This is the finest example of the Japanese Fighter Pilot Flying Helmet of WWII you are ever likely to see! Fully marked and in simply immaculate condition. So good that it even has the original manufacturer's protection tape around the goggles straps and their poppers. A very unique coloured leather too!
MINT! Battle of Britain, 1940 dated RAF Officer's Cap - War Department stamp! WWII RAF Officers Caps simply don't come any better than this one, because this Cap was "issued" in 1940! yet is still in MINT condition. Strangely almost every RAF Officers Cap I've had has been a private purchase Cap. This one is different, this not only has its original issue and size stamp for 1940 it also has a War Department issue stamp on the inside of the leather sweatband! It has been kept in a drawer wrapped in tissue for many years, hence its oustanding condition. Apart from one nip in the brim (pictured) and a couple of 'age' cracks in the surface of the patent leather chin strap this is absolutely 100% MINT. Internal blue diamond lining and green vinyl underpeak...all the right signs are there to see. When will you ever get another opportunity to acquire a gauranteed 1940 dated RAF Officer's Visor this condition??
MINT! Cut Glass Decanter - 50th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain - Very Limited Production Run
MINT! Unissued RAF Black Plastic Cap Badge Impossible to upgrade this very rare RAF Insignia
MINT! Unissued RAF Cap Badge by J R GAUNT. STUNNING!
MINT!! & VERY RARE!! Early Flying Helmet by 'SLAZENGER'!! If you're one of the WWII Aviation collector's who has ever considered moving into collecting WWI or Inter-War Flying Headgear then this is the time to make that jump! this is one of the finest examples of a 'Pre-WWII' Flying Helmet I have owned. It's not every day that an example of a "SLAZENGER" Flying Helmet appears, and to find ANY Helmet in this condition is a real rarity! Made from the very best quality Leather to the very highest standards this beauty is in MINT Condition. You can even see how clean the threads are connecting each panel of leather. The 'Newey' poppers have only small amounts of verdigris and even the unique chinstrap is still elasticated. If you already collect 1910's,20's,30's Flying Headgear you have my personal gaurantee that this Flying Helmet will be as good as, if not better than any Helmet you currently own. The actual colour is a deep 'Bournville' Brown.
MINT!! - SIZE 4!! Type 'D' 'Tropical' RAF Flying Helmet A mighty fine example of the 1944 RAF TypeD Flying Helmet in MINT condition throughout! Fully marked 22C/972, SIZE 4 (the largest size)and as clean as a whistle, this is a real beauty. It can be seen that the loom (pink fleck) is complete but is not fully secured in the leather locating loops. IMMACULATE!! & FAR BETTER THAN IT LOOKS IN MY PICTURES!
MINT!! - UNISSUED!! Pair of 1945 RAF Battledress Trousers - SIZE 16!! Apolgies for the poor pictures, these are 100% better than shown and will not disappoint. Made by "E RAFFLES & Co. Ltd in 1945. Totally unissued so they still have their original hems which have never been shortened.
MINT!! - UNISSUED!! RAF Spitfire/Hurricane 'Turn & Bank' Indicator The PERFECT 'Turn and Bank' Indicator for any WWII RAF Blind Flying Panel. As used in all single seat Fighter/Fighter Bomber Aircraft of the Royal Air Force in WWII. This beautiful example is in MINT, UNISSUED condition. The Dial, Hands and Gauge Markings are all absolutely pristine. Any marks on the dial are on the inside of the glass. The case isn't rusted, it still has remains of the foam packing/storing material attached as well as the original cloth tape over the connecting hole. You won't ever be able to upgrade this gauge. The only problem with it is that it is so good it may prompt you into having upgrade your other Cockpit Panel gauges to match it. I've taken the best pictures I can but the reflections kept getting in the way
MINT!! - UNWORN!! Irvin Jacket by 'AVIATION LEATHERCRAFT' One of the finest quality replica Irvin's you can find, and his beauty has barely ever seen the light of day, so is in perfect condition! It is a small size, probably a 38" Chest These retail at a lot more than my customer's asking price, so this Jacket is a real bargain. SELLING ON CONSIGNMENT.
MINT!! 1940 'Wolf Willrich' print of Werner Molders - Signed by MOLDERS Himself! Please note; This is not the Wolf Willrich postcard of Werner Molders, this is the larger 6" x 8" mounted print and has the 100% Original & Provenanced Signature of Werner Molders. 1940, a time when Luftwaffe & RAF Fighter Pilots/Aces were the epitomy of courage and glamour on both sides of the Channel and the German propaganda machine was in full flow. Wartime Artists produced hundreds of images showing the Glory of the Reich. One of the most prolific of these was Feldwebel Wolfgang Willrich. Through his close friendship with Irwin Rommel, Willrich was able to secure a position in the OKH visual arts section of the Propaganda Department. In this position Willrich painted and drew numerous personalities and regular soldiers in all branches of service through-out the war. This particular image features a close up of Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross holder, Major Werner Mölders sitting in the Bf109 Cockpit of his personal aircraft "Pik As", (Ace of Spades), emblem visible on the fuselage. Nothing I can say could add anything to the Legend that was "MOLDERS". This signed print has been treasured and very well looked after for seventy three years, it is uncreased and undamaged. The ink signature is clear, as is the artwork. The print comes direct from the estate of a WWII Wehrmacht Soldier and this is fully authenticated and ddetailed in a signed letter from the German Dealer I acquired it from.
MINT!! 1940 Dated War Department Flight Test Helmet As seen on page 217 of Mick Prodger's Book. Although this type Flying of Helmet would have been made available to the ATA, Civil Air Guard etc they were quite often overlooked in preference to the comfort of leather private purchase 'Lewis' Helmets of the day. A large number of the WD Flight Test Helmet's still in existence carry the stamps of Aircraft manufacturers - Avro, Bristol, de Havilland, Handley Page etc. These were not RAF Helmets and were never procured by the Air Ministry but they were used during the War so are therefore an essential addition to complete a WWII Flying Helmet collection. This example is absolute Mint condition. It still has its orginal 1940 makers label and also carries the War Department stamp.
MINT!! 1941 Pattern Mae West Bladder - Wartime Dated! An excellent 1942 pattern bladder - REF 22C/72 Originally issued in 1945 then re-inspected and issued again in 1950. I full working order and no leaks.
MINT!! 1943 Issued RAF Silk Escape Maps - In their original packet of issue!! When it comes to RAF Escape Maps they don't come any better than this pair! These are both in MINT condition, PLUS! they come in their original 1943 waterproof packet of issue. The text on the packet states; "IF THIS PACKET IS FOUND, IT MUST BE HANDED IN TO THE NEAREST POLICE STATION AT ONCE!" Map 43A covers France (North West), Belgium (West & Central), Holland (Part of) - all at a scale of 1:1,000,000. Also on the same sheet - Pyrenees (East & Central) at a scale of 1:500,000. Map 43B covers German - Swiss Frontier at a scale of 1:300,000. Also on same sheet - France (South West), Spain (North) at a scale of 1:1,000,000. Map 43C covers Holland, Belgium (Except West Coast),Germany (West & Central), France (North East) at a scale of 1:1,000,000. Map 43D covers France (South East), Germany (South West), Switzerland (Except South East) at a scale of 1:1,000,000. Also on same sheet Belgium & Germany at a scale of 1:250,000. Of course I could have split the pair and issue packet, but I think these are important and scarce enough to keep together.
MINT!! A-11 USAAF Flying Helmet with 100% Original AN6530 Flying Goggles Two of the finest example's of WWII USAAF Flying Gear you will find. The early pattern AN6530 Goggles have the smaller vent tubes with its all original face cushion, still in excellent shape, flexible and clean with no cracks or deterioration. The A-11 leather Flying Helmet is in mint condition, fully wired and ready to wear if required. It is impossible to upgrade! You'd be hard pressed to find a better WWII American Headset anywhere.
MINT!! Copy of Guy Gibson's 'DAMBUSTERS' Log Book One of the most desirable of all RAF Publications this copy Log Book was printed in limited numbers and has become much sought after by collectors. I've been fortunate to have hunted out a couple of copies over the years but never have I seen a copy such as this one. The previous owner saw fit to have a a bespoke dust cover made for it so it is therefore still in mint condition. It's possible to see the sun damage to the dust cover but the actual log book is as fresh as the day it was printed. A real 'find' and a very solid investment.
MINT!! Gilt & Enamel 600 (City of London) Lapel Pin Obviously a well loved and cherished item, this rare 600 Squadron lapel pin is in exquisite condition.
MINT!! Handmade Mahogany Model - BOAC Constellation A gorgeous handmade model of a BOAC Constellation. In mint condition and still in its original box
MINT!! Handmade Mahogany Model - Imperial Airways EMPIRE Flying Boat A superb' large handmade model of the Empire Flying Boat In mint condition and still in its original box...
MINT!! Original WWII Aircraft ID Model - SHORT SUNDERLAND You may never see a finer example of this rare model. The condition is truly exceptional!!
MINT!! Original \'DESMO\' Royal Air Force Car Badge A mint example of the very rare \"DESMO\" RAF Car Badge, used on the Staff Cars of WWII Royal Air Force Air Rank Officers. Impossible to upgrade.
MINT!! Pair of 1930's-1940's RAF Cufflinks - By Lambourne
MINT!! Pair of size 5 - 1943 Issue War Department (Womens) Leather Ankle Boots - IMMACULATE! Although these boots carry War Department issue stamps they have never been actually issued or worn. They still have their original leather laces and hobnailed leather soles and heels. GAURANTEED as Museum Standard!
MINT!! Pair of WWI 'Style' Officer's Boots I have to say 'Style' as there are no signs of age whatsoever to these Boots. They are identical to the type worn by Officer's of World War One, even down to the Leather 'stub' at the heel for the wearing of Spurs. I've no idea of when these were made, or who made them. However, I can find no company making these today. These are perfect for Re-enactment, or as an addition to a Quality Military Manequin. Size - 8
MINT!! Royal Flying Corps Mess Dress Wing Put simply, this beautiful RFC Wing is in stone cold MINT condition.
MINT!! Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Brooch - in solid 15 carat GOLD! Royal Flying Corps Sweethearts simply do not come much better than this one! I don't think this has ever been out of the box. It was actually sold as being made of brass, but just looking at the pictures it told a completely different story. So on receipt I wasn't too surprised to see a very feint mark for gold. However I was very surprised to see not 9 carat, but actually marked "15Ct"!! If you look at the gold pin fastening you will also see that its curved shape follows the shape of the Brooch. The feathering detail is superb! Never out of the box, immaculate detail, never worn and indeed, never got as far as an Assay Office......100% MINT!
MINT!! Suede & Leather \'Cold Weather\' Vintage Flying Mask I\'m unsure of the age or nationality of this mask. It looks Early 20th Century, possibly American but there are no labels or stamps to positively identify it. It is in PERFECT condition! and these always add a whole lot more to any Flying Helmet display.
MINT!! The Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Collection This is a mint copy of the Luftwaffe Fighter Aces bound in a beautiful brown leatherette album. This unique book features profiles of 24 legendary fighter aces who flew and fought with the Luftwaffe during World War II. Each of the 24 portfolio documents was written especially for this book by the distinguished fighter pilot himself, and each document was individually signed by the featured legendary Ace. INDIVIDUALLY WRITTEN AND SIGNED PERSONAL HISTORIES Each Luftwaffe Ace personally wrote his own profile notes for this collection! Each document contains a rare, and sometimes unpublished personal wartime photograph, an accurate biographical description of the Ace's wartime activity and achievements, and notes on the aircraft he flew in combat, with his observations and choice of his favorite, and why. Each nominated the Battle Group or Squadron that was most important to him, with an explanation as to why he held this unit dearest in his memory, and each Ace relived the most memorable day of his career, telling us why it remained so vividly in his mind. Each Ace's own aircraft of choice is illustrated, complete with personal insignia, and to authenticate his personal profile document, each Ace INDIVIDUALLY SIGNED each copy in the edition. THE ACES - 3,074 COMBINED VICTORIES The highest scoring American Ace of World War II, the great Dick Bong, achieved 40 victories. Of the Luftwaffe Aces featured in this collection, 23 of the 24 achieved more victories than the greatest American Ace! While ten Luftwaffe Aces scored over 100 victories each and three scored over 200 victories each, the greatest Ace of all time, Erich Hartmann, scored a phenomenal 352 victories! Gallant, top-scoring, highly decorated Aces whose names are indelibly etched into the history books. Men who not only fought the great aerial battles of World War II, but who at great personal risk, took on their own incompetent High Command; men whom the world came to respect and today revere. Twenty-four legends whose day and night activities covered the entire spectrum of the Luftwaffe's fighter warfare from the Battle of Britain to the Balkans, from the Russian Front to North Africa, from Italy to the final defense of the Reich. The names in the collection form a veritable Roll of Honor: •Oberst Erich Hartmann - 352 Victories •Generalleutnant Gunther Rall - 275 Victories •Generalleutnant Adolf Galland - 104 Victories •Generalleutnant Walter Krupinski - 197 Victories •General Johannes Steinhoff - 176 Victories •Oberst Herbert Ihlefeld - 140 Victories •Oberstleutnant Walter Wolfrum - 137 Victories •Hauptmann Alfred Grislawski - 133 Victories •Generalleutnant Friedrich Obleser - 120 Victories •Oberstleutnant Ernst-Wilhelm Reinert - 174 Victories •Generalmajor Dieter Hrabak - 125 Victories •Oberstleutnant Walter Schuck - 206 Victories •Major Erich Rudorffer - 224 Victories •Oberstleutnant Gerhard Thyben - 156 Victories •Major Fritz Losigkeit - 68 Victories •Major Paul Zorner - 59 Victories •Oberst Eduard Neumann - 11 Victories •Major Martin Drewes - 52 Victories •Generalleutnant Hannes Trautloft - 57 Victories •Major Heinz Lange - 70 Victories •Oberst Hermann Buchner - 58 Victories •Generalmajor Joseph Haiböck - 77 Victories •Major Julius Meimberg - 53 Victories •Oberstleutnant Hans-Joachim Jabs - 50 Victories
MINT!! Vintage RAF Officers Leather Gloves by 'DENTS' A cracking pair of brown leather Gloves, made by "DENTS" and with "Original Prym" Poppers.
MINT!! World War One 'TRIPLEX' Flying Goggles - Cased & fully labelled!! As with the "DUNHILL" Flying Helmet below, these 'Triplex' Goggles are as good as they come. Certainly I've never seen a pair with their original 'Triplex' retail label still tied to the strap. Museum standard and extremely rare in this 100% complete condition. The perfect Royal Flying Corps partnership with the "DUNHILL" Helmet below.
MINT!! WWII Luftwaffe Pilot Gloves - Brown Leather/Double Strapped/Fully Stamped - STUNNING!! A fantastic example of the WWII Luftwaffe Gloves. In a rich red/brown leather, fully marked and stamped. I have a medium sized hand and can wear these. In incredible condition throughout!....IMPOSSIBLE TO UPGRADE!!
MINT!! WWII Oxygen Mask Hose In mint condition and with the correct Air Ministry stamped Mk IV Bayonet Fitting. Suitable for all WWII RAF 'G' & 'H' Type Oxygen Masks
MINT!! WWII RAF Officer's Visor Cap - RARE Retailer in Leeds Here's something you don't see every day. This beautiful RAF Officer's Visor Cap was retailed in Leeds, Yorkshire...home of 609 (West Riding) Squadron. 609 Squadron were formed at Yeadon, Leeds which is now Leeds and Bradford International Airport. The Cap is in beautiful condition with an superb heavily padded Cap Badge. Internal Circumference - 21" / 54cms
MINT!! WWII Sterling Silver & Enamel Glider Pilot Wing In beautiful condition!
MINT!!, NEVER FRAMED!! Battle of Britain Multi-signed Fighter Pilot Print This is not an unfamiliar print as every so often an example does come on to the market, but you can almost always be sure that because the signatures were originally done in ink, they have faded, some to almost invisibility...... ......not this example. This is in Mint, Unframed condition so as such, is as rare as they come. Correctly framed behind UV protective glass this will always be one of very, very few examples in mint condition! All the colours of the Spitfire and the signatures are still as vivid as the day they were signed. If you don't mind spending the money, this would be perfect displayed with the collection of Battle of Britain Fighter Squadron badges shown below. This is a very rare opportunity to acquire this MINT Condition. From the same source I also have a mint condition Robert Taylor "First of Many" signed by Douglas Bader, and "Achtung Spitfire" by Frank Wootton signed by Bob Stanford-Tuck and Adolf condition examples of these very early prints are impossible to find. Please note; any marks or creases are the protective cellophane wrapper and not on the print.
MINT, UNISSUED & FULLY WIRED - WWII USAAF A-14 Oxygen Mask As with the stunning A-11 Flying Helmet above, this immaculate A-14 Oxygen Mask also has the original aluminium security tag in place, and is also fully wired.
MINT-Unissued Medal - ROYAL AIR FORCE CADET BRIGADE - 1918 A very scarce solid silver medal to the Royal Air Force Cadet Brigade. Awarded to the first RAF Cadet's for Achievment in the very first days of the RAF around 1918. This example seems to be in cased, mint & unissued condition!...Don't Miss It!!
MISSING RFC IMAGE!! Royal Flying Corps CFS Officers Fourth Course Since first showing this image on my website I have received a number of messages informing me that this image has never ever been published! Indeed many seasoned collectors, enthusiasts, authors etal have never seen this image before! So is this the only existing example of this image? If you look at the link below you will see Courses 1,2 & 3 but not this image of Course 4! I have therefore decided not to reglaze or even touch the will be sold as is, in its original found state.
MkI RFC Flying Helmet & MkII Triplex Goggle Mask - With Incredible RFC & RAF History Group Captain Augustine ap Ellis R.A.F, C.B.E A magnificent piece of genuine Royal Flying Corps Headgear. Undoubtedly worn in WWI Aerial Combat! The Royal Flying Corps MkI Flying Helmet of 'Ap Ellis' is also a perfect example of how Flying Headgear had evolved in the latter years of World War I. The Ear Flaps and Wind Deflectors have been removed and replaced with a very early pair of "Gosport" Receivers. Note the early screw clamp still on the left Gosport receiver! It is also worth nothing the original 'honey' coloured leather below the fur lined peak. This Flying Helmet retains its makers label of "Geo H. Leaver & Co." It also has the all important name label of "A ap Ellis". An identical "A ap Ellis" label can be found hidden in the fur of the "Triplex" MkII Goggle Mask". Incredibly, I didn't 'find' the name label in the Goggle Mask until six months after I'd purchased the Helmet & Mask. This Goggle Mask is also one of the finest examples I've seen. It even carries the "A _ /I" Stamp on the frame...It's rare to find the broad arrow stamp, but rarer still to find the same "A _ /I" stamp as the Triplex gold embossing. The leather and fur are in exceptional condition, as are the tinted lenses....WONDERFUL!! You only need google Augustine Ellis to discover this man's long and esteemed Military/Flying History, both in the Royal Flying Corps and finally as Group Captain in the Royal Air Force as Commanding Officer of No. 34 SERVICE FLYING TRAINING SCHOOL - MEDICINE HAT, CANADA. Seconded as Captain on West Riding Div1 Signal Corps to the Royal Flying Corps as "Temp Major" on June 1st 1916. Ap Ellis continued to serve with the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force and rise through the Ranks. Promoted to Squadron Leader on 17th February 1922 Promoted to Wing Commander on 30th June 1923 Awarded CBE (Military) for Distinguished Service on Personel Staff Duties, Iraq Command 21st May 1925 Station Commander No.4 F.T.S RAF Sealand 22nd January 1931 - 23rd July 1932 Station Commander No.4 F.T.S RAF Abu Deir Egypt as Vice Group Captain 1935 First Station Commander No.6 F.T.S as Group Captain at RAF Little Rissington 1939 Commanding Officer at Medicine Hat No.34 S.F.T.S as Group Captain 1941-1944...........The black and white photograph shows Group Captain Ap Ellis escorting the His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent - RAF Air Commodore around "Medicine Hat" S.F.T.S in 1942 The History behind "Medicine Hat" is, in itself a magnificent story in RAF Aviation history. Commonwealth Pilots of the highest order were trained to the very highest levels of military flying at "Medicine Hat". It was undoubtedly THE most important RAF Station outside of Britain during WWII.......Group Captain Augustine ap Ellis was the man in overall charge of ensuring the likes of F/O A.F.M. Maclean (Instructor), Reg Nutter (Instructor), P/O. A.A. Purkiss-Ginn (Instructor) turned raw new Pilots into the highly skilled Fighter & Bomber Pilots of the Royal Air Force in WWII. So, from a raw Royal Flying Corps Pilot to Group Captain, and this Helmet and Goggle Mask were where it all began for Augustine ap Ellis THIS HEADSET WILL COME WITH A FULL LETTER OF PROVENANCE! See item 52129 for further pictures.
MkI RFC 1918 Flying Helmet & MkII Triplex Goggle Mask - With Incredible RFC & RAF History Group Captain Augustine ap Ellis R.A.F, C.B.E A magnificent piece of Royal Flying Corps Headgear. The 1918 dated Royal Flying Corps MkI Flying Helmet of 'Ap Ellis' is also a perfect example of how Flying Headgear had evolved in the latter years of World War I. The Ear Flaps and Wind Deflectors have been removed and replaced with a very early pair of "Gosport" Receivers. Note the early screw clamp still on the left Gosport receiver! It is also worth nothing the original 'honey' coloured leather below the fur lined peak. This Flying Helmet retains its makers label of "Geo H. Leaver & Co." It also has the all important name label of "A ap Ellis". An identical "A ap Ellis" label can be found hidden in the fur of the "Triplex" MkII Goggle Mask". Incredibly, I didn't 'find' the name label in the Goggle Mask until six months after I'd purchased the Helmet & Mask. This Goggle Mask is also one of the finest examples I've seen. It even carries the "A _ /I" Stamp on the frame...It's rare to find the broad arrow stamp, but rarer still to find the same "A _ /I" stamp as the Triplex gold embossing. The leather and fur are in exceptional condition, as are the tinted lenses....WONDERFUL!!
MOSQUITO PILOT! - Early Ctype Flying Helmet & RARE! MkVA Spectacles This is the headgear of Squadron Leader George Milner-Smith DFC. Please note; The listing is part of the listing above and includes the full Uniform, Side Cap, Flying Helmet MkVa Spectacles, Pictures and a full letter of provenance from the family and signed COA from myself. I have been asked to split various items but I can't do that, sorry. For full details see above listing
MOSQUITO PILOT! - Uniform & Side Cap & Flying Headgear......All Fully Provenanced Another very, very reluctant sale forced by recent events. Squadron Leader George Milner-Smith DFC, tragically Killed in Action flying in Italy, just one month before WWII ended. Having come direct from his family I've had the pleasure of owning the Uniform and Flying Helmet etc. of George Milner Smith for a few years now. In 2015 I had the pleasure of Museum visit of GSM's Grandson with his Wife and GSM's Great-Grandchildren. When his Grandson first say the display he reminisced of each Sunday when his Grandmother used to take out the Uniform every Sunday and carefully brush it down...a very poignant and emotional visit. I still haven't got to the bottom of why GMS is shown standing next to a Battle of Britain Hurricane of 242 Squadron. Please note; The listing includes the full Uniform, Side Cap, Flying Helmet MkVa Spectacles, Pictures and a full letter of provenance from the family and signed COA from myself.
MOST UNUSUAL!! Royal Naval Air Service Pilot Wing - 925 Silver Many of you will already be aware of my large collection of aviation related brooches and lapel pins. Here is a pin I've never seen before. Curiously the eagle is double hallmarked "925".
MOST UNUSUAL!! WWII RAF \'Trench Art\' Cigarette Case - 12 Squadron Jap POW? I\'m really puzzled by this item. It is a lead covered Cigarette Case with embossed and rivetted panels showing a Spitfire in flight, with \"12th SQUADRON\", \"RAF\", \"CIGARETTES\"...... .....but 12 Squadron flew Fairey Battle\'s, Wellington\'s and Lancaster\'s during the War, never Spitfire\'s. Then there is the inside, which has a Japanese Geisha Girl, an Emperor and the word \"Mischief\" scratched into the surface. I am reasonably confident it is an RAF POW piece given the materials used but I cannot explain the Spit!...Can You?
Much improved theory on the history of the Helmet & Goggles below. Massive thanks go to my good friend Rob from Cathay Pacific for his research on my Abercrombie & Fitch Flying Helmet & Goggles. Rob has provided the following theory.........: Good Evening Ian, I see that you're looking for any possible information with respect to the beautiful 'Abercrombie & Fitch' Flying Helmet and associated Goggles. Well... I've just spent about 30 minutes Googling and it maybe a lead and then again it may not, however all of those ports listed, appear to have had seaplane bases towards the end of World War 1. They were used to bomb German U-Boats towards the ned of the war. Indeed Queenstown (Aghada) was actually a US Naval Air Station in early 1918. Fishguard in Wales was also a seaplane base but Royal Navy. Falmouth in England was a major Port at the time and indeed, was a big staging point and departure Port for Ships as they set off over the Channel. If you run a word search through the attached document below of the 4 Ports, you'll see that all 4 were very active towards the end of 1918. 3 as seaplane bases (2 American Stations) and the 4th as a starting point for ships across the Channel. Could it be possible that the A&F Helmet and Goggles could be that of an American Airman stationed in Queenstown towards the end of 1918 (See page 186 of the paper, as the date of the Goggles 22nd January 1918 fits the time line). He may have simply written the names of Fishguard, Falmouth, Queenstown and Aghada simply because he had been to each place at some point during active service. Having an American Flying Helmet & Goggles and a USN Air Station fit the time line, along with corresponding active seaplane bases as written on the Helmet, could be just more than coincidence... Best Regards Rob 16/10/2013, at 1:37 PM, Ian Wilson wrote:
MUSEUM STANDARD!! RAF Type G Oxygen Mask - COMPLETE Put simply, this Type G Oxygen Mask is as good as they come - and is 100% Complete! I had visitors arrive at my Museum just as I started to take these pictures. I will be adding more, better pictures in due course.
MUSEUM UPDATE - Saturday 7th September We've had numerous enquiries on the progress of our new Museum of Aviation Memorabilia. Sadly the Museum is now running at least another six weeks behind schedule. This is all down to a courier company I employed to dismantle, transport and rebuild a 6.4m long ex-Royal Doulton Display Unit from Derby. I'd used this company before for "white glove transport" without problem, but on this occassion the two guys doing the work should have been wearing "welders gloves". My heart was in my mouth evey time they moved anything from the van to the Museum. In fact I continually looked around for hidden TV camera's as I was convinced the whole thing was a they made contact with every door frame and wall as they moved the 100+ large pieces of glass. In fact they had already managed to break two large blue tint mirrors in transit, and this mirror glass is no longer in production anywhere! We're now trying to find something similar to finish the Unit but this has put everything else on hold and we have now missed the beginning of the new School Term.
Museum Update 17.10.13 I'm getting there! The Tunic, Flying Helmet etc are from Squadron Leader G. M Smith DFC - Sqn Ldr Smith was born just a few miles from my Museum and where we live. Given the local connection this is probably the one and only item not for sale in the whole place. Sadly, Sqn Ldr Smith was killed in action just a few months before the War ended. In January 1944 he was posted to 256 Sqdn in Malta (Luqa). As the allies worked their way up Italy, the squadron moved to Sardinia and then on to Italy. The last entry of his log book is for 19th April 1945. It seems his ground crew rigged a rather Heath Robinson bomb release system to his Mosquito fighter. He set out to test it on an armed recce of the battle line North to the river Po. He was shot down while attacking two German vehicles and crashed near Ferrarra. The last entry in his log book records the flight in Mosquito A-Apple, HK508 “ Missing, presumed killed”. Such a short time before the end of the war. His navigator, F/O Wilmer, bailed out and survived. He is buried in the Argenta Gap War Cemetery. Squadron Leader George Milner Smith was Mentioned in Despatches twice (1942) and awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in 1944. If anyone has any related items they think would look right in this display I'd be delighted to hear from you.
MUSEUM UPDATE 21.09.13 As you can see from my pictures we're still in a state of organised chaos! The courier company I contracted to complete the huge Display Unit have messed me around for over two months so I've been forced to go legal on them and make alternative arrangements. THE GOOD NEWS is that within just a few days I managed to source a supplier of the "non-obtainable" blue mirrors, and they are being delivered this week. The bad news is that they cost a bloody fortune. However we now hope to be up and running by mid-October. I will keep you updated on the opening and the new Bombphoons promo video soon to be launched on Facebook.
Museum Update 28.12.13 I still have to transfer my Flying Clothing/Uniforms etc, but as it stands the main display area is almost complete.
Mystery ATA Insignia My first picture shows the ATA No.9 Ferry Pool at Aston Down. Five of the female ATA Servicewomen are wearing collar badges (Eagles), four of them also have a small breast badge above the left breast pocket. Three of the ATA Servicemen are also wearing the collar badges. My remaining pictures show what I believe to be the pictured insignia. Can I ask if anyone can elaborate on the Rank etc relating to this insignia? The silver breast badge is a similiar size to the civilian ATA badge. Please email if you can educate me further. My thanks in advance.
Mystery Aviation Insignia I'm trying to put a positive identification to this insignia/dress wear. When originally acquired I was informed they would have been used on a Military Aviator's Dress Cape. The long Eagle pin being used to fasten at the neck/upper chest and the winged propellers used as collar badges. They are beautifully made in gilt metal with no makers marks to help identify the country of origin. Have you seen anything similar?
Mystery LUFTWAFFE GRIP IDENTIFIED - 'GIGANT', 'CONDOR', 'Bv138' Huge thanks go out to my friend Ian Hodgkiss for identifying this Grip for me. Ian has informed me that; "It was fitted to the 'tall' HDL151 turrets in Condors, Gigants(!) and Bv138s." I think that without Ian's knowledge I'd have been searching for ever on this. Many thanks Ian.
MYSTERY SOLVED COMPLETELY!! Battle of Britain Bronze Sculpture - 'SCRAMBLE' If you were lucky enough to have commissioned one of these exceptional bronzes for your collection twenty five years ago then it's fair to say you made a very shrewed investment. Not only is this possibly the finest Battle of Britain sculpture you're ever likely to see, but these were only ever MADE TO ORDER! They were never cast in limited numbers as a "Limited Edition", they were strictly made to order. I quote from the promotional leaflet.... "SCRAMBLE is being issued in a single edition being made available only in the anniversary year. The first edition will be placed on permanent display at the Kent Battle of Britain Museum at Hawkinge. Another will become the property of the artist. Future castings will be made available by private commission only, and only through Franklin Mint Limited." I'm currently trying to ascertain just how many of this sculpture were commissioned and cast back in 1990 but I do know from experience these very rarely come on to the secondary market, which is hardly surprising. Without exception, every visitor has spent time admiring my own "SCRAMBLE" which is prominently displayed on a large plinth in my Museum. They are even more impressed when I invite them to actually hold the piece.....this is solid bronze! not mass produced cold cast resin made to look like bronze. The look on the visitor's faces when they realise the weight of this piece is always one of shock. No pictures can do this justice, whether it's seen from inches, or feet away it is exceptional, with every care taken to ensure the very finest, accurate detail. As you would expect from me, this ain't cheap, but I do guarantee you years of pleasure in owning this. I can also be pretty sure that this bronze will become (if it isn't already) one the THE most sought after Battle of Britain related antiques of the future. Priced at £1940, but open to a reasonable offer.
MYSTERY!! 1930's NSFK/Luftwaffe Flying Helmet from Braunschweig Glider Pilot School I've owned this Flying Helmet for some time now but only recently did I get the time to have a really good look at it and now there's one thing that really puzzles me...... looking at the leather it appears to be made of the type of leather I've only ever seen used to make Japanese Flying Helmets. Those of you familiar with Japanese Flying headgear will know what I mean. The leather has a very distinct texture and also has dark areas which can sometimes appear to be scorched area's. Unusually for German manufactured headgear ther are no makers marks anywhere on this Flying is very possible this Helmet was made in Japan and simply bought by a German Aviator. This unique Helmet is in the exact same condition as the day it arrived with me. It hasn't been treated, polished or messed with. It really does stand out in a Luftwaffe Flying Helmet display as my pictures come nowhere near to doing it justice.
MYSTERY!! 1942 RAF Sundial from Bridgnorth Area This wonderful item of RAF Memorabilia was discovered in 2004 and I'm trying to find out where this might have been used in 1942. Chances are slim but you never know. I think it's so unique that I'm also looking to have it fully restored. any Sundial experts out there?
MYSTERY!! French Pilot - Armee de l'Air Pilot Wing ' Trench Art' Having very carefully stripped this down in the hope of identifying this French Airman (none found) I can say that there is positively no doubt that this Wartime piece has been together since the 1940's. Someone has put a great deal of effort and skill into producing this exceptional item of original 'Trench Art'. So much so that the small photograph of a French Pilot appears almost insignificant, although I'm sure it isn't. The French Pilot Wing is made of two riveted panels of Aircraft aluminium and measures 510mm across! In total, roughly 30 separate components have gone into the making of this remarkable item of Aviation Memorabilia. The most intriguing element is the circular 'picture holder'. I'm not into ordnance but I'm pretty sure this has something to do with Rockets/Bomb Fuses?? A very unique WWII picture frame, to say the very least!!
MYSTERY!! Pre-War RAF Flying Goggles - Probable Manufacturers Prototype I have just one question, have you ever seen such a wonderful and interesting pair of Flying Goggles in your life?? These appear to be an amalgamation of the well known RAF Goggle types - The RFC MkI & MkII Goggle Masks, MkII RAF Flying Goggles and the iconic MkIII & IIIA RAF Flying Goggles.. The tear shaped laminated lenses lend their design in style to the earlier RFC/RAF Goggle Types, but just look at the very unique leather has just one sprung section as used in the RAF MkIII Flying Goggles The over-engineered strap also utilises the same nickel plated friction buckle you see on the MkII, MkIII and MkIV range of RAF Flying Goggles. Then just look at the complicated method of attaching the strap to the face mask These must have cost a small fortune to's no wonder they remained at prototype stage. The leather face mask is again hugely over engineered, with cheek, brow and temple areas being padded with sobor rubber. The same sobor rubber can be found used in the ear padding on the 1933 Pattern RAF Flying Helmet as pictured with these Goggles. The leather frame surrounds each have three brass mesh ventilation holes, again way over the top in design. Personally I have never seen such a wonderful pair of Goggles. There's no doubting they were manufactured by one of the companies who supplied the Air Ministry with the previously mentioned counterparts. A UNIQUE addition to any RAF Flying Goggle Collection. I'd love to hear from you if you can furnish any information relating to these.
MYSTIFYING!! Ten Solid Silver RAF Finger Bowls from 1935!....RAF DISPLAY TEAM? There must be some significance as to why these ten bowls were produced in 1935 to ten individual RAF Pilot's? As yet I haven't been able to establish what that could be. My brief research shows that one of the Airmen went on to become one gain 3 Kills during WWII, flying Gloster Gladiators. 1935 was a highly significant year for Air Shows/Displays etc.....were these ten RAF Pilots an RAF Display Team in 1935? The Pilots are as follows ; Sqn Ldr J.A GRAY, Flt Lt J.S NICHOLL, Flt Lt F,W. FELGATE, Flt Lt, W.I.H BURKE, Flt Lt W. St.J LITTLEWOOD, Flt Lt V.B BENNETT, Sdn Ldr J.K.R LANDELLS, Sdn Ldr, P.F CONNAUGHTON, Sqn Ldr G.H MARTINGELL, Flt Lt W.T.F WIGHTMAN.......Flight Lieutenant Wightman (Later Gp Capt.) an RAF Bi-Plane Pilot with 3 Kills to his name! This is a very unique and highly mystifying piece of RAF Memorabilia which would make a great point for discussion. All bowls are fully hallmarked for Atkin Brothers, Sheffield 1934/35.
NAMED!! Fleet Air Arm Pilot (Commander) Uniform WW2 Pattern Fleet Air Arm Pilots Uniform worn by Royal Navy Commander S. M. Howard. In superb condition and complete with gold rank lace with Kings Crown Pilots Wings to the left cuff. To the breast, medal ribbons of 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Burma Star, War Medal and Naval General Service Medal. There are loops above for another medal ribbon. The interior pocket with original "GIEVES" makers label and typed name "S.M.Howard 8. 53." Complete with Kings Crown buttons. Both the Trousers and the Tunic have just a small amount of service wear and no mothing whatsoever. Not researched.
NEVER SEEN BEFORE!! 303 ('Koœciuszko') Polish Fighter Squadron These pictures show the reverse of those shown above. The hand written annotations are mostly in Polish but it can be seen that they were taken in 1940 with 'Stanley Park, Blackpool' and 'Blackpool Aerodrome' being mentioned
NEVER SEEN BEFORE!! 303 (303 ('Koœciuszko') Polish Fighter Squadron TOTALLY NEW TO THE MARKET!! A very rare collection of 12 all original Photographs relating to 303 ("Koœciuszko") Polish Fighter Squadron. Now this group of pictures are most certainly worthy of researching and I imagine by a devoted 303 Squadron enthusiast. I would like to think there are one or two recogniseable faces in the football team, or maybe one of the Polish Officers and Airmen stood in the background. These have come to me direct from Poland and I believe the majority of these pictures will NEVER have been published, or even seen before. There are also two very rare original photographs which mention both Winston Churchill and General Sikorski. I have added pictures of the hand written annotations below. These might help establish more background to these very rare images of the legendary 303 ("Koœciuszko") Polish Fighter Squadron.
NEW Info On U.S Aviator Coat - Item No 52450 - 48 Many of my UK Customers might recognise the handsome chap modelling this coat in these pictures. My good friend Neil is a very popular trader on the UK Antique & Collector Fair circuit. Neil is 6' 2" tall and weighs in at a healthy 18 stone and with a 48" Chest...this stunning leather coat fits him very comfortably. My apologies to those who enquired about the size of the coat a year ago. It is obviously much larger than I originally thought. For further pictures and details see Item No. 52450
NON-ORIGINAL! RAF/Belgian Air Force Officer's Ceremonial Sword. This here is a real conundrum......although the Belgian Air Force sword belt below is 100% Original, this sword is not an official RAF Officers sword by Wilkinsons. I believe the sword to be an old replica (not Wilkinson's) of an RAF Officer's sword which has been 'decorated' with an early Belgian Air Force button, purely to display with the belt below. Having said that, the sword is well made and has the features of a "Wilkinsons" Sword.
NOT ONE, BUT THREE!! Different 'Tootal' Polka Dot Scarves in Blue!! A little something different to offer in the range of iconic "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" Pilot accessories, the BLUE Polka Dot Scarf.
NOW ON THE MARKET!! Incredible BATTLE OF BRITAIN Sculpture! Establishing a private Museum without accepting any form of external financial backing is difficult. It's not impossible but there are times when difficult decisions and sacrifices do have to be made. I'm therefore offering to the market TWO of my most treasured items from my personal collection......This amazing Battle of Britain sculpture, and my white RAF Ensign (below). This piece of British Elm was once the one of the bars in a Pub/Restaurant in Boston, Lincolnshire..."Bomber County", and just up the road from RAF Cranwell. The Pub was owned and run by an ex-RAF Vulcan Pilot and always had a distinct RAF Theme. A number of years ago this piece of timber started to warp and the customer's drinks would 'move' when placed on it, rendering the bar pretty useless. So, during a refurbishment the bar was removed and this huge chunk of Elm was placed outside. One day a paying customer asked if he could take the piece of Elm away, work on it and return it? The customer didn't explain his plans, but the proposal was agreed.......and an incredible NINE MONTHS later that warped piece of British Elm had been transformed into this Glorious BATTLE OF BRITAIN Sculpture. At almost three metres long it's impossible to say just how impressive this is. My pictures don't go anywhere near to showing the remarkable detail and individual carvings. By the way, the RAF Eagle is a solid piece of English Oak, which was once part of the Pub's cellar trapdoor. Visitors to our home always head straight for this and it's not difficult to see why. The accuracy and detail is simply outstanding! New pictures will be added soon, older pictures can be seen on item No. 51557 Please don't ask me how much I want for it, how can anyone possibly put a price on such a unique Battle of Britain piece? ALL SENSIBLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED. PURCHASE, PART EXCHANGE OR FULL TRADE.
NOW ON THE MARKET!! Original 1918 'WHITE' RAF Ensign With the probable exception of provenanced Battle of Britain Fighter Station Ensign's, I believe this to be one of the rarest RAF Ensigns in the World, and it is now available to the open market. As far as I'm aware this is possibly the only example of an original White RAF Ensign to be found outside of any of the major RAF Museums. Having said that I don't know if Hendon, Duxford, Imperial War Museum etc. actually have an example. POINTS TO NOTE: 1.- This is NOT a faded blue Ensign, it was made using a heavy duty white 'silk' in the background, RAF roundel and Union Flag. 2.- As you all know, I don't make any claims without first discussing things with more knowledgeable collectors/authorities. Last August I contacted the organisation Flags of the World and the forum discussion can be seen on this link; 3.- Although the Ensign is now framed and under glass for protection I'm quite happy to open the frame for closer scrutiny of the material, manufacture and authentication of the Ensign. Please don't ask me how much I want for it, how can anyone possibly put a price on such a piece of Royal Air Force history? ALL SENSIBLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED, PURCHASE, PART EXCHANGE, FULL TRADE.
NUMBERED!! Glider Pilot Regiment Cap Badge
OBSCURE!! RAF Officer's 'Jungle' Helmet "Jungle Helmet" is the only way I can think of describing this highly unusual piece of RAF headwear. It's worth pointing out that only when viewing my pictures did I then notice the feint lettering on the back of the helmet. At first I thought it was "C.O" but it might actually be "G.9"?? Perhaps those letters might help identify the location of where this hat was worn. As can be seen, the helmet is made from wickerwork with leather taps and rivets securing the webbing headband and chin strap. There is a fair amount of corrosion to the buckle and an unmissable covering of verdigris on the badge fixings, which looks like bamboo and wire. The badge is a bronze/copper colour and is a very curious piece of insignia in itself. I can tell you the RAF Eagle is the exact same size of the standard cap badge Eagle. Any thoughts?? All in all a very obscure item of RAF Headwear, not official issue but there may just be some images of this type of Helmet somewhere?
OFF THE ROLL!! Two 'Heavy' Luftwaffe Sports Vest Eagles Can anyone shed any light on these for me? These are two Luftwaffe Sports Vest Eagles, at least that's what they appear to be. These are very heavily embroidered in what appears to be rayon/silk and not the more usual embroidered cotton. The Eagles have a wingspan of 205mm. Are they simply a better manufactured Luftwaffe Sports Vest Eagle?
ONE AND ONLY!! Mint/Boxed Battle of Britain Spitfire 'MERLIN' Piston Ashtray These iconic ashtrays were produced just after the Battle of Britain to be sold in British pubs, clubs, newsagents, tobacconists etc for the local SPITFIRE FUND campaigns in all British cities, towns, and villages. Since World War Two they have become iconic Battle of Britain collectables and often appear for sale at auction etc. in various states of use and condition. This one is MINT! but that is not the main reason this is special......this comes in its original retail box! What is even more remarkable is the fact that until this boxed item appeared, no-one even knew they were even sold in boxes! This is UNIQUE! and is one of the rarest pieces of BATTLE OF BRITAIN memorabilia I have ever owned. So good is it that I've chosen to have it framed for posterity and to last for generations to come. For further pictures see Item No's. 52527 & 52962
One Man's WWII Signed Photograph Collection - I've recently acquired an incredible collection of 75+ signed, large photographs, all from the estate of one collector and are all in absolute mint condition. I did consider adding each photograph to the website individually, but this is one man's lifetime collection and I'd like it to stay as one. I will run through just a few of the signatories, I know I don't need to describe who they are..... .........Chuck Yeager - Bud Anderson - 'Gabby' Gabreski - Memphis Belle, Robert Morgan & Crew - Enola Gay, Paul Tibbets & Crew - Band of Brothers - Jack Lucas USMC - Doolittle's Raiders - Jack Broughton - Tex Hill, Dick Rossi, Don Lopez (Flying Tigers), Pearl Harbour Survivors, A couple of the more desirable signatures are duplicated but on completely different images. ALL of these are very collectable and would look superb displayed together. This is an incredible collection of some of THE most desirable signatures from WWII. At present they are in a file which has simply provided the very best protection of the photographs. They aren't displayed at at well, but in the right hands this could be hugely improved upon to create a magnificent collection. Personally I believe this collection deserves to be professionally leather bound and indexed for future generations to enjoy. MANY OF THESE SIGNATURES AND PHOTOGRAPHS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE! IN THE PAST THEY HAVE RETAILED AT £50 - £100 EACH. It is also impossible for me to show this off to full affect. To fully appreciate how comprehensive, attractive, and rare this is, you need to spend a few hours examining and enjoying it. Of course I offer a full, "no questions asked" refund if you aren't 100% delighted to own this.
ONE OF THE BEST!! Luftwaffe Pilot Badges by 'W DEUMER - LUDENSCHELD' On Sunday 18th November I arranged to meet a couple of highly experienced dealers and collectors to have a few of my items assessed, this Luftwaffe Pilot Badge and Dagger etc. This Pilot Badge was examined and scrutinised to the n'th degree.... It was described to me as the finest example of a Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge by 'W DEUMER - LUDENSCHELD' he had seen. His reason for stating this is not only the condition but the fact the maker/jeweller had gone that little bit further in the detailing. I was then made aware of the extra 'fretwork' carried out around the tail feathers and 'keyhole'. A detail he had never seen before, and he did gaurantee the Badge as 100% Authentic. So, having had this approved as genuine this badge is now for sale and I will consider any reasonable offer. Further pictures can be viewed on Item No. 51958 I will provide a letter of authenticity with the badge.
ONE OF THE BEST!! WWI Flying Helmet & Goggles Headsets I bought this headset described to me as "French WWI" and I've no reason to doubt that. There is a certain 'something special' about the Flying Helmet with its fitted wind deflectors and the Goggle shape and quality of manufacture. The Flying Helmet; A typical private purchase Flying Helmet of the early days of Aviation. Half lined in rabbit fur with the crown being in the typical blanket lining. It has an up/down fur-lined nape, poppered ear covers with the iconic deflectors being factory-fitted. It is missing its buckle for the chinstrap and it does show signs of actual wear......a cracking WWI Flying Helmet. The Flying Goggles, Never had a pair of these early "JBJ" French Goggles. The sides are actually woven fine wire! The curved lenses are perfect and all fur remains...these are real beauties! The 'CIGOGNE' Aviator Scarf Came as part of the dislay so it will stay as an integral piece of an excellent WWI Pilot Display.
ONE OF THE FIRST EVER! Aviation related Car Mascots from one of the very first British Aero Clubs! The Midland Aero Club was one of the very first private flying clubs in the country, was established on 3 Sept, 1909, with 100 enrolled members. It was only one of four such clubs in Britain of that year. It began with model flying and gliding contests at Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton, but graduated to full size flying by holding the first all-British six-day flying meeting in the country, from June 27 to July 2, 1910. This Car Mascot is thought to be one of the very first Aviation related Car Mascot's ever! PLEASE NOTE: The original revolving propeller was missing from the mascot so I comissioned a replacement to be made. This isn't permanantly fixed and was made purely for display purposes. It does rotate very easily and the polished brass will age in time.
One of the first ten RAF Pilots to fly on Germany of WWII - NOW OFFERED FOR SALE! What I'm showing here is the Full Dress Uniform of Group Captain J.A Sproule DFC Sep. 3rd 1939 - BRITAIN DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY. On the night of 3rd September 1939 the RAF made its first raid over Germany when ten Armstrong Whitley Bombers of 51 & 58 Squadrons took off from Leconfield. The ten Aircraft were flown by the very first 50 RAF Airmen to fly over German soil in World War Two......One of these fifty Airman was a young Pilot Officer, 39693 John Alexander Sproule. John Alexander Sproule was born on November 23rd 1917 (Brandon, Manitoba). He joined the RAF in March 1937 having already learnt to fly at Brandon Flying Club. He was placed with 58 Squadron at Boscome Down learning to fly the Armstrong Whitley. He then completed a full tour of operations with Bomber Command. After some time he was placed as a Specialist Navigation Instructor at St Athans (Wales) and Port Albert (Ontario), he started Trans Atlantic and Middle East flights with No. 24 Squadron, that flew Douglas Dakota’s. During D-Day he acted as Second in Command of the Airborne Invasion with No. 48 Squadron that also flew Dakota’s, pulling gliders. During Market Garden he was shot down on September 17th 1944 while resupplying Polish Airborne troops. During this action he was wounded but successfully achieved his objective. For this he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. His citation reads; “One morning in August 1944, Wing Commander Sproule led his squadron on a vital supply mission to France. While over the target his aircraft was hit by light anti- aircraft fire in many places. Although the aircraft had sustained much damage and the rudder was useless, a course was set for a landing ground which was safely reached. Almost as the aircraft touched down it collided against a tree. Even so, a successful crash landing was effected. This officer displayed exceptional skill and great determination in the face of most adverse circumstances.” In 1944 he was transferred from the RAF to the RCAF (Service number 89500). As Commander of No. 437 RCAF Squadron he also took part in the Rhine Crossing on March 24th 1945. He stayed with the RCAF until his retirement in 1969. It's not every day you are offered the opportunity to own something so special from a WWII Pilot who flew on the very first raid over Germany in WWII. Even more rare is for that Pilot to also flew in combat on D-Day, and to be awarded the DFC for his bravery.
One-Off! Copper Etching of Bob Stanford Tuck\'s Hurricane - by Robert Taylor Created as a one-off piece by Robert Taylor in 1980 to raise funds at auction in Jersey for the 40th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain. As well as Robert Taylor\'s drawing, Bob Stanford Tuck\'s signature has also been etched into the copper Still in the original frame, with a few light scratches in the copper surface. A very rare piece with the unique, and very early Robert Taylor artwork.
ONE-OFF!! Display Group to RFC Pilot & Subsequent RAF Air Marshall John Salmond GCB, CMG, CVO, DSO and Bar This is a wonderful trio of items from, and relating to Air Marshall Sir John Salmond. If you have never read this "SWIFTER THAN EAGLES" by John Laffin then I strongly recommend you do so. This book gives a very rare insight into him, and his parallel RFC/RAF Career with Lord Trenchard and other Air Rank Officers of the Royal Air Force. I'm offering a very rare 1st Edition of said publication. Also with the Book comes an original WWI Signature of John Salmond AND an original 1923 Solid Silver Cigarette Case 'signed' by the great Man himself. Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Maitland Salmond, GCB, CMG, CVO, DSO and Bar (17 July 1881 – 16 April 1968) was a British military officer who rose to high rank in the Royal Flying Corps during World War I. During the first half of the 20th century he was a senior commander in the Royal Air Force, serving as General Officer Commanding the RAF in France in 1918 and the Air Officer Commanding British Forces in Iraq in the early 1920s when he dealt with the Kurdish uprising and athe Turkish invasion. It was during that time in Iraq that he commissioned to be made, and presented this Cigarette Case to the Rigger of his Airco DH9 - Leading Aircraftsman T Hardie "in recognition of good work done". In 1923 J.M Salmond was General Officer Commanding the RAF in the Field.....Leading Aircraftsman Hardie must have carried out a first class job when working on Salmond's De Havilland to warrant such a gift. Having said that, Sir John Salmond was very much a Man who showed great respect for those around him..... ....I believe the perfect example of the respect he had for his men took place during the Kurdistan Campaign in 1923 when he and his Pilot Squadron Leader A G Jones Williams rescued a force-landed RAF Pilot in great danger of being captured. For that action Salmond was asked if he would accept a DFC for his gallantry. He said he would if Sqn Ldr Jones-Williams was was awarded one to.......Neither received the decoration. This solid silver Cigarette Case was commissioned by Salmond through 'Goldsmiths and Silversmiths. Co. Ltd.' of London. It is beautifully engraved to L.A.C Hardie and Air Marshal. Salmond even had the engraver do a facsimile of his signature in the, a very personal piece from the Air Marshal to his Rigger.
ONLY FIVE EXIST!! Stunning Silver Bullion 1942 RAF Commemorative Badge ONLY TWO LEFT!
ONLY THREE EVER FOUND!! - Named 1916 RFC MkV Cockpit Watch/Panel Clock - B.H 3774 From my research I believe there were only 661 of this type of MkV Cockpit Watch/Clock ever made, and to date only three have ever been found. This MkV carries the mark B.H 3774, no makers mark but posssibly made by "RECORD". To top it all it is also engraved to an RFC Airman "W EVANS 76504" - "1916 RFC" The stem has never been drilled for a loop and the watch is in fine working condition. The crystal shows signs of use but nothing too dramatic (see pictures) and the dial. hands and case are all in very good condition.
ORIGINAL & RARE! 1939 Press Photo - Alex Henshaw, Chief SPITFIRE Test Pilot This is certainly a picture of the legendary Alex Henshaw I haven\'t seen before. Gauranteed to be 1939 Dated, 100% Original and in wonderful condition. 8\" x 6\"
ORIGINAL & RARE!! WWII Polish Air Force Collar Rank Tabs - 'PLUTONOWY'
Original 'NOKEL' Heated Luftwaffe Flying Boots - Require serious restoration, but a HUGE SIZE 13!!! Back in the 'good old days', the brilliant Johnny Rotten spat out the words...."Gurgling Bloody Mess!!" and that is the only way to describe these Boots. They're in an awful state! However, in the right hands these could be restored, and if you take a size 13 shoe then surely they are worth restoration. After all, how often do a pair of WWII Boots of any nation turn up that Large? Especially a Heated pair by "NOKEL"?
ORIGINAL 'TOOTAL' Battle of Britain White 'Silk' Scarf The ultimate accessory for any WWII RAF Mannequin or Reenactor....
ORIGINAL 'TRENCH ART' - USAAF P-38 Lightning - Aluminium A very striking looking American P-38 Lightning. Has been painted silver at some point so does have a rather 'different' look to it. Nice to see the wheel bays and forward gun ports as part of the detail.
Original - MINT! Twin Pack of Battle of Britain Playing Cards - Still Sealed! This is an original twin pack of \"Waddingtons\" Playing Cards. Still in their original display Box and incredibly, both packs are still sealed in their wrappers. One section of the box has been repaired but still looks almost new! These date to the Battle of Britain period. Personally, I\'d never seen the likes before until we acquired a small collection of Aviation/RAF related playing cards from a private collector. A Highly unique addition to a Battle of Britain display.
ORIGINAL - WWII Spitfire/Hurricane Aerial Mast - Mounted on a bracket, ready for Display
Original 1943 Air Ministry Photograph - 'FIGHTER PILOTS OF MALTA' Obviously a staged "Scramble" on Malta judging by the smile on the Pilots' faces. A famous, and much reproduced photograph but this is an original period print, fully marked on the reverse. Size - 26cms x 20cms
Original 1953 Air Ministry RAF Wall Clock An original Air Ministry/RAF Wall Clock as seen on page 149 of Konrad Knirim\'s book on British Military Timepieces. In full working condition.
ORIGINAL 1970's RAF Binbrook Model -- EE Lightning of 74 Squadron Direct from one of the finest sources of Historic Aviation Models this large scale model of the English Electric Lightning is gauranteed to have been hand made/painted and displayed at RAF Binbrook, the home of the EE Lightning. The model is in superb condition, with no damage or missing isn't a modern piece from the Phillipines or the US. The display plinth isn't included, it is part of my Bee Beamont EE Lightning display and was only used for showing this model at its best.
ORIGINAL Air Ministry Flying Helmet Gosports #1 These were the large \'disc\' type of Air Ministry Gosports used primarily in the early \"Lewis\" Type of Flying Helmet. Clearly stamped with the A.M & Crown REF No 6F-154 In fine condition, period repair to one earphone & with a highly polished finish
Original Black Ju87 STUKA Recognition Model A nice example of the Black \'Plastic\' Aircraft Recognition Models supplied to the Royal Air Force and Royal Observer Corps throughout WWII. Approx 1/72 Scale Not perfect, but a rare model all the same and a very good price.
Original Chromed 1930\'s \'Cup\' Type (Gosports) by \'LEWIS\' These are IMMACULATE!! This pair of Highly Polished \'Gosports\' were the privately purchased goods of the 1930\'s, again through the likes of \"S & D Lewis\"
Original pair of Royal Flying Corps Side Cap Buttons Un-polished with excellent patination.
Original WWII Silk \'JAPANESE SURRENDER\' Front Page Souvenir. As this has been in its original frame all these years, it is still in beautiful condition.
Original WWII USAAF BANCROFT \'Flighter\' 50 Mission Crusher Cap The \'Real McCoy\' but I think the correct term for this \"50 Mission Crusher\" is \"SALTY\"? however, display it with the H-33 Headset and it still looks the business! I feel sure to cloth of this rare Cap could be restored for wearing, and it is a large size, but as a display piece it\'s fine. This is named to a USAAF Fighter Pilot, but that is to be ignored.
ORIGINAL WWII USAAF Cased \'Checkers\' Set - Complete! A \'Pocket Sized\' Checkers Set made small enough to be easily carried in the USAAF Flight also conveniently fits into the pocket if my A-2. A Brilliant re-enactors accessory and incredibly, it is 100% complete! and in excellent condition as can be seen.
Original \'BONKLIP\' Watchband - \'Looped\' on Original \'Bonklip\' Card 100% Authentic \"Bonklip\", not one of the later sub-standard copies....on it\'s original \"Firth Stainless\" card. The perfect addition to any Military/Pilot\'s Wristwatch.
ORIGINAL! 1941 Double Sided Cinema Poster \'A YANK IN THE RAF\' - Immaculate & Very Rare!! This extremely rare Wartime poster comes from the October 30,1941 Edition of \"Kinematograph Weekly\". \'Kine Weekly\' was a trade publication by Odhams. Not available to the public at the time, each weekly edition was sent to Cinemas across Great Britain from 1889 to 1971. The accompanying posters were used by the thousands of UK Cinemas to display the week\'s current offering. Of course, after that weeks showing the posters were simply thrown away, but not this one! One of the earliest of all War Movies, \"A YANK IN THE RAF\" was originally to have been called \"EAGLE SQUADRON\". The Spitfire scenes were of 602 Squadron, led by Sandy Johnston when they were resting in Scotland, early 1941 after the Battle of Britain. The poster itself is in amazing condition, double sided and still retains what little colour was added at the time. For an Original \'War Time\' Cinema Poster you would be hard pressed to find anything better than this example! Size 22\" x 17\"
ORIGINAL! 1969 Programme for the World Premiere of \'THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN\' Very rare!! Pictures to be added soon. The Programme is in Outstanding Condition!
ORIGINAL! Air Ministry 1936 Pattern RAF Flying Boots - With Amazing 'Secret Agent' History!! This is the second of two pairs of 1936 Pattern RAF Flying Boots, and these come with a handwritten note of their WWII wearer....Flt. Lt. J.V.J Gwinn......RAF "Secret Agent". I say "Secret Agent" as that is exactly how Flt Lt. Johnny Gwinn is described in the accompanying press cuttings from 1946 and 1982. EVENING TELEGRAPH, Wednesday April 7th 1982 "During the War, he carried out a number of operations as a secret agent behind enemy lines, working with French and Polish resistance groups. And he earned a number of foreign decorations for his exploits." After the War, John Gwinn went on to work with Amnesty International and the International Red Cross, "Wartime secret agent John Gwinn is still fighting for freedom - working to help political prisoners all over the world." THE GUARDIAN - 10th September 1946 "Flight Lieutenant J.V.J Gwinn of Ilford, who flew on operations and who, as a secret agent, parachuted over the continent on many occassions." "Special Duties Squadrons parachuted secret agents and supplies to 'reception committees of the French underground." For the past twenty years or so these Boots have been in the private collection of a Commander of the US Navy Reserve. I'm extremely fortunate that these have now come into my posession.
ORIGINAL! Air Ministry 1936 Pattern RAF Flying Boots - With Amazing 'SOE' History!! This is a quite unique pair of provenanced 1936 Pattern RAF Flying Boots, and these come with a handwritten note of their WWII wearer....Flt. Lt. J.V.J Gwinn......RAF "Secret Agent". I say "Secret Agent" as that is exactly how Flt Lt. Johnny Gwinn is described in the accompanying press cuttings from 1946 and 1982. EVENING TELEGRAPH, Wednesday April 7th 1982 "During the War, he carried out a number of operations as a secret agent behind enemy lines, working with French and Polish resistance groups. And he earned a number of foreign decorations for his exploits." After the War, John Gwinn went on to work with Amnesty International and the International Red Cross, "Wartime secret agent John Gwinn is still fighting for freedom - working to help political prisoners all over the world." THE GUARDIAN - 10th September 1946 "Flight Lieutenant J.V.J Gwinn of Ilford, who flew on operations and who, as a secret agent, parachuted over the continent on many occassions." "Special Duties Squadrons parachuted secret agents and supplies to 'reception committees of the French underground." For the past twenty years or so these Boots have been in the private collection of a good friend and customer who is Commander of the US Navy Reserve. I'm extremely fortunate that these have now come into my posession.
ORIGINAL! Air Transport Auxiliary (domed) Cap Badge The first of a rare pair of genuine gilded ATA Cap Badges. This is the domed variant, all prongs are intact and the gilding is in very good condition.
ORIGINAL! Air Transport Auxiliary gilded, Side Cap Badge - With Original Lugs The original Eagle for this rare badge was lost many years ago, so it has had to be restored back to its former glory. It's still an extremely rare ATA Cap Badge for the Side Cap as this size Cap Badge very rarely turns up in metal.
ORIGINAL! Air Transport Auxiliary gilded, two-part Cap Badge - With Original Backing Plate I don't think I need to say anything about this rare ATA Cap Badge, the pictures say it all.
Original! Battle of Britain - 1940 Luftwaffe \'RAID MAP\' - CENTRAL ELECTRICITY BOARD (NETWORK) 1939 - Dated 1940 - On the back of this map is a chart detailing individual generater output for towns all over England (34\" x 22\") (86cm x 56cm)
Original! Battle of Britain - 1940 Luftwaffe \'RAID MAP\' - Population ENGLAND: BEVOLKERUNGSVERTEILUNG 1931 - Population Distribution 1931. Printed & Dated in 1940. (33\" x 31\") (84cm x 79cm)
Original! Battle of Britain - 1940 Luftwaffe \'RAID MAP\' - Telephone Network GROSSBRITANNIEN UND IRLAND - FERNSPRECH UND TELEGRAPHENNETZ - Telephone & Telegraph Network. dated 1940. (47\" x 35\") (119cm x 89cm)
ORIGINAL! Battle of France/BEF RAF 'Trench Art' Brass Lighter Haven't seen one of these in years and this one is in fantastic condition with superb patination.
ORIGINAL! BOAC Pilot Cap Badge & 1960's Felt Pennant A nice pair of original BOAC items of memorabilia
ORIGINAL! Luftwaffe General Gold Bullion Wreath & Cockade For all the obvious reasons I tend to stay clear of German Insignia. This Luftwaffe General's insignia came with a number of pieces, but that doesn't mean it's genuine. I'm told it is authentic and am selling it as such, but if you know different please drop me a line and it will be immediately removed from my website without question.
ORIGINAL! Pair of boxed WWI 'Meyrowitz' No.3 Gogglette's as used by USAS The one, and only pair of No.3 Meyrowitz Gogglette's I've had. The only other pair I've seen are in the section "1904-1918 Early Flying Headgear United States of America" - page 151 of Mick Prodger's book. Sadly the cushion's are gone, but other than that these are a fine pair of exteremely rarae "Meyrowitz" Flying Goggles, especially in their original box
ORIGINAL! Royal Flying Corp Pilot\'s Fur Gauntlets These are the real thing!! Condition isn\'t perfect hence the price. The fur has thinned and one seam requires a repair. Having said that even now they still display well and are 100% Genuine!
ORIGINAL! Section of 'AFRIKA' Cuff Title For all the obvious reasons I tend to stay clear of German Insignia. This section of AFRIKA KORPS cuff title came with a number of pieces, but that doesn't mean it's genuine. I'm told it is authentic and am selling it as such, but if you know different please drop me a line and it will be immediately removed from my website without question.
ORIGINAL!! & EARLY PATTERN!! RFC/RAF Flying Coat - Circa 1916 My pictures also include an image of Royal Flying Corps Airman Humphrey Norman Loch wearing just such a Coat at Cramlington Aerodrome in 1916. Cramlington is just a few miles from where my Museum is based. This is the early variant of the iconic RFC Flying Coat as can be seen in the "Robinson & Cleaver" Shop Window of 1916. This example is in exceptional condition throughout. The stiffness of the leather is a good sign of first class stuctural stability. Not totally perfect but it would still be almost impossible to upgrade this RFC Coat.
ORIGINAL!! 'voided' WWII Italian Pilot Wing of the Regia Aeronautica. A fine example of an Italian WWII Pilot Wing. I've shown this Wing alongside a non-voided example between the Crown and Eagle. Non-maker marked, but guaranteed as 100% Original.
ORIGINAL!! - 1940/Battle of Britain Dated Cockpit Fire Extinguisher - EXCELLENT!! A superb, and very rare "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" display piece! In excellent condition considering it is made from polished copper. Also, easily identifiable given that all the stamps and transfer details are still in place. Likely to have been used in the Cockpits of early Wellington's, Hampdens etc. In case of a Cockpit fire these were held in brackets inside of the Cockpit. They were simply removed and the base was struck to quickly activate the Extinguisher. One word of warning; This has never been used and is therefore still full of what could be poisonous chemicals, possibly Phosgene. My thanks go to Andy Saunders for this information. It will receive extra packaging to ensure safe transit to its new home.
ORIGINAL!! 1937 Luftwaffe Wool Blanket - Superbly Marked & Mint!! This simply has to be one of the best accessories for any Luftwaffe reenactor.....imagine this blanket draped over your tent on a warm sunny day at Duxford! This would also make the perfect wall hanging behind Luftwaffe manequins. The blanket is gauranteed to be 100% Original, and in perfect condition....No mothing, wear or tears! 1800mm x 1400mm
ORIGINAL!! 1940 Battle of France photo - 'Cobber' Kain #1 This is the first of three 8" x 6" photograph's from the collection of the late Sqn Ldr Brotchie. He himself wrote the notes on the rear.
ORIGINAL!! 1940 Battle of France photo - 'Cobber' Kain #2 This is the second of three 8" x 6" photograph's from the collection of the late Sqn Ldr Brotchie.
ORIGINAL!! 1940 Battle of France photo - 'Cobber' Kain #4 The fourth of four very rare photographs from 1940, taken during the Battle of France. This photo measures 7" x 5" and is on thinner 'press' photographic paper.
ORIGINAL!! 1940 Battle of France photo - 'Cobber' Kain - #3 This is the third of three 8" x 6" photograph's from the collection of the late Sqn Ldr Brotchie. He himself wrote the notes on the rear.
ORIGINAL!! 1942 'AFRIKA KORPS' Desk Lighter A wonderful authentic piece of German "AFRIKA KORPS" memorabilia. In full working condition and guaranteed as original. PLEASE NOTE; This is in perfect working condition, but will be sent without fuel and flint.
ORIGINAL!! 1942 Pat Rooney Cariacature - RAF Fighter Pilot - 'SHOT GUN' What I'm showing here is an authentic and iconic image of a Royal Air Force Airman in WWII. This is an original Pat Rooney sketch/cariacature of an RAF Fighter Pilot (single engine fighter in background) who went by the nickname name of "SHOT GUN". I could be missing something very obvious here ao I ask, does anyone have any ideas as to who this could be? The pre-War skills in the use of a Shotgun were used to great affect by legendary Fighter Pilots such as "Johnnie" Johnson and "Screwy" Beurling but my limited research has not determined a Pilot using that particular nickname.
ORIGINAL!! 1944 (D Day) WAAF Cap A very nice example of an original WWII WAAF Cap. War Dept stamped and dated 1944. Made by S&P Harris of Glasgow. Size 6 7/8 There are just a couple of small moth nips but the overall condition is still very good.
ORIGINAL!! 1981 Robert Taylor pencil drawing of James Edgar 'Johnnie' Johnson CB CBE DSO** DFC** DL. Dating from 1981 this is an extemely rare ORIGINAL pencil drawing by Robert Taylor. The drawing shows Johnnie Johnson in the cockpit of his Spitfire, smiling as usual. This is in excellent condition and also comes with its original Robert Taylor labelled backboard. Recently professionally framed and including an original pen signature of Johnnie Johnson I will provide a signed Letter of Authenticity confirming this to be 100% Original. Robert Taylor is widely regarded as the world's foremost aviation artist. This particular drawing was made just a few years into his professional career making this one-off drawing a very sound investment for Aviation Art/Robert Taylor enthusiasts. Johnnie Johnson comment on Robert Taylor...... "As a fighter pilot who flew the types of aircraft that Robert Taylor paints so brilliantly I can only marvel at his ability. He paints more than just aircraft, he paints with spectacular reality the whole vista of the sky that is the world of the Fighter Pilot.” Air Vice Marshal Johnnie Johnson CB CBE DSO** DFC** DL.
ORIGINAL!! 303 ('Koœciuszko') Polish Fighter Squadron - Air/Ground Crew Photograph This photograph came to me as part of the group of pictures below relating to 303 ("Koœciuszko") Polish Fighter Squadron. However I can give no guarantee these Men are part of the Air/Ground Crew of 303 Squadron. One of the central figures is very highly decorated and wearing the insignia of an RAF Warrant Officer as well as a PAF Air Gunner, and Technical Officer. He is also wearing a larger, unknown (to me) Polish Military Badge on his left breast pocket. Again, research would be required to possibly identify any of the Airmen. A highly detailed photograph which if looked at with a jewellers loupe you can see the full insignia, Air Gunner, Technical Officer and PAF Shoulder & Cap Badges etc.
ORIGINAL!! BATTLE OF BRITAIN Newspaper WARNING!! GOERING ON 'MY RUTHLESS AIR FORCE' This is an incredible piece of Battle of Britain memorabilia, German propaganda warning the British public of what was to come, how right they were! Sadly for Goering however, the RAF were twice as "ruthless" when it came to Air to Air Combat. These double-sided printed/hand adapted posters were placed inside of the Newspaper notice boards announcing the newspaper's main headline of that day...once used, they were simply thrown away and replaced by the next days headline's. Incredibly this one has survived and I don't believe there will be another example anywhere! This comes gauranteed as 100% Original! and will also come with a lifetime Certificate of Authentication.
Original!! Battle of Britain Polish Pilot Wings - 'J Knedler' Gauranteed as an original Wartime piece.
ORIGINAL!! Group of Condor Legion Memorabilia Here I have an original trio of original period items all relating to the Condor Legion. I have a Black Wound Badge, a boxed Condor Legion Medal and an original copy of "La Legion Condor se despide". All three items are guaranteed as original period pieces.
ORIGINAL!! Handmade Lace - Royal Flying Corps Table Cloth. What a survivor! From the same source as the above items, this is an original lace tablecloth for an "occassional" table. The lace is beautifully made and incorporates images of Royal Flying Corps Aircraft and in the corners, an RFC Cap Badge. In one corner is embroidered a pair of Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wings. Bearing in mind this is made of lace, the condition is exceptional!
ORIGINAL!! Instructions Poster for the Hotchkiss M1914 Machine Gun Several hundred Hotchkiss M1914 s were manufactored to fire the 11mm Gras incendiary round making it a good choice for anti balloon missions.
ORIGINAL!! Irish Linen RAF/ARF Chairback Cover - EXTREMELY RARE!! This is an extraordinary item of very early RAF Memorabilia which would date from 1918, based on Warren Carroll's excellent write up on "ARF" Insignia - The First Issue of the Royal Air Force, page 66 of "Eagles Recalled". Made from Irish Linen this piece of cloth would have been used as a Chairback. A cloth draped over the back of an armchair to prevent the oils and greases from hair from contaminating the chair itself. The linen carries the embroidered logo "ARF", thought to be the first issue insignia of The Royal Air Force.
ORIGINAL!! Late WWI Wooden Generator Propeller by 'PARAGON' - DH4 A really nice example of the wooden generator propellers fitted to late WWI Aircraft such as the DH4. From my limited research the shape of this example leads me to think this was made by the American Propeller Company ("Paragon"). Fully stamped - '15" DIA - 2-10 FT PITCH'. There is also a smaller square stamp which I believe reads - 'A A37' This type of 15" Propeller was first introduced in 1917 and continued to be used into the 1920's. Untouched, uncleaned and 100% Original
ORIGINAL!! Luftwaffe aluminium Breast Eagle - by 'ASSMANN' In wonderful condition and marked with Luftwaffe Pilot's initials "OVH"
ORIGINAL!! Luftwaffe Flight Computer - System Knemeyer Dreieckrechner - 1941 dated ... An excellent early War LW flight computer marked as System Knemeyer Dreieckrechner, by C Plath Hamburg, DRGM 1383656, January 1941. This also has it's operator's initials of 'VK' scratched into it. Fully operational with all the signs of having been used in combat.
ORIGINAL!! M.O.D Model - RAF Transport Command DH Comet - HUGE - HEAVY - MEGA RARE!! This is something really special in the world of model Aircraft! An original model from the Ministry of Defense! Very much in the mould of the models you would see in Travel Agents years ago, this massive model was once used in the RAF Careers Office in Preston, Lancashire in North West England. Weighing in at over 6.5 Kilogrammes it is one very large and heavy model. Indeeed with a Wingspan of 720mm and a length of 600mm it is almost too big to fit on to my display table. Condition isn't perfect and I've shown the worst of the damage, but considering this has been passed from pillar to post for the past fifty years it isn't too bad.
ORIGINAL!! Model295 Luftwaffe Goggles by 'UVEX' A good pair of displayable "UVEX" Model295 Luftwaffe Flying Googles. These do show age and despite the fact the cushions are relatively soft there is some disintegration around the frame areas. I believe these have been repaired/glued and the repairs do appear to good strong repairs but please bear that in mind when buying. Displayed on a Flying Helmet they do look excellent.
ORIGINAL!! Pair of 'CUTLERS' Boots - Worn by Female Aviators at the beginning of the Twentieth Century As a stand alone piece of Aviation Memorabilia these make quite a unique display in themselves. These are an original pair of early 20th Century "CUTLERS" Boots, so often favoured by the early female Aviators right through to the 1920's/1930's. This pair would make a talking point in themselves as they are so petite and slender. The overall condition is extremely good. One Boot has storage wear at the back but other than that they a quite beautiful. They do still have the original "CUTLERS" label too!
ORIGINAL!! Pair of replacement Tinted lensed for the Luftwaffe 'Splitterschutzbrille' Flying Goggles - Nitsche & Gunther Something rarely, if ever seen on the market and these are guaranteed to be original and in excellent condition! Please see the pictures of the edges of the lenses. These are 100% Original and not rough made Czech made replica's.
ORIGINAL!! Polish Air Force Flight Engineer's Dress Dagger ...
ORIGINAL!! Polish Air Force Pilot's Dress Dagger
ORIGINAL!! RAF Airman's Wrist Compass - 6B/2593 - 1955 'Suez Crisis' In excellent, working condition and dated 1955. The original webbing strap has been cut down (de-commissioned) but this is a simple repair with the addition of a short leather section to the webbing.
ORIGINAL!! RAF WWII Battledress Trousers - Size10 An excellent pair of original WWII RAF BD Trousers in extremely good condition.
ORIGINAL!! RFC Cockpit Instrument Panel Watch Holder #1 In fine condition this very scarce RFC/RAF Panel Watch Holder has one remarkable extra feature. It is marked on the reverse "Stag Lane". Stag Lane Aerodrome was a private Aerodrome between 1915 and 1933 located in Edgeware, London, UK. The land for an Aerodrome in Edgeware was purchased by the London & Provincial Aviation Company during October 1915. The company used the aerodrome for Royal Flying Corps Pilot Training during the First World War. London & Provincial ceased flying in July 1919 after a dispute with Department of Civil Aviation, which refused them a licence. Stag Lane then became the main base of the de Havilland Aircraft Company Limited in 1920. Former wartime aircraft were refurbished in the early years, and the company designed and built large numbers of aircraft at Stag Lane in the 1920s and early 1930s. In 1934 the company moved to a larger factory and airfield at Hatfield Aerodrome, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. As you can see, the holder is in excellent overall condition with just one small kink in the mounting section. The glass is first class with just a couple of small scratches which could be polished out. The velvet lining has had repairs. A rare item in itself, but the Stag Lane connection makes this just that little bit special!
ORIGINAL!! Rolls Royce 'Merlin' rocker arm from a Battle of Britain Spitfire R6897 Superbly presented on a wooden plinth. With background history and Certificate of Authenticity.
ORIGINAL!! Royal Flying Corps Propeller 'Trench Art' Desk Box A wonderfully excecuted box with a firm fitting lid. Superb overall patination to the propeller and the brass handle.
ORIGINAL!! Solid Gold Royal Flying Corps 'Mess' Wing On page 124 of Warren Carroll's "Eagles Recalled" there is a picture of a gold Royal Flying Corps Wing. This Wing was owned and worn by Lt. Colonel Thomas Floyd Howlett, a Canadian Flight Lieutenant. in the Royal Flying Corps 1915. The Wing I'm showing here is the exact same size, shape and pattern of Flt Lt. Howlett...the feathering is identical in every detail. The only difference is that this wing has an extra gold panel which provides a dark background to the RFC Badge. Obviously this could just as easily be a Royal Flying Corps sweetheart brooch but this is the only other identical Wing I've seen, so not a commercially made "common" example. There are no markings for gold, but this has been acid tested and confirmed as solid 9ct Gold/
ORIGINAL!! Vintage Leather Coat by ROBINSON & CLEAVER This coat was 'rescued' by one of my customers in London. It came from the wardrobe dept of the English National Opera and was used in the production of "La Boheme". When it came to me it was in dreadful shape in that the leather was covered in every colour paint you can imagine. So it was either painted for effect on the stage, or it was actually worn by a stage scenic artist. I was in two minds whether to bin it, but given it carries a "Robinson & Cleaver" label I decided to have it restored as best I could. My leather people have done a remarkable job of re-colouring the leather I think you'll agree. The coat looks remarkable in comparison to how it did look. I have no idea of the age of the Coat, the project was completed for one reason only and that is the retailers name of "Robinson & Cleaver". My screen saver is still that incredible image of their shop display from "Flight" magazine in 1916.
ORIGINAL!! WWI Imperial German Pilot's 'Rumpler Taube' Stick Pin This is a real gem of a stick pin. I have to sell it a 'yellow metal' as I can find no marks for gold. If it is gold it is of a very high carat rating as the colour is exceptionally rich. A rare WW1 Stick Pin, in beautiful condition, and fully marked!
ORIGINAL!! WWI Royal Flying Corps Propeller 'Trench Art' Picture Frame A superb Propeller Tip picture frame from the Royal Flying Corps.
ORIGINAL!! WWI Royal Naval Air Service cloth 'Enlisted Man's' Cap Badge In used, but good condition
ORIGINAL!! WWII Belgian Air Force Cap Badge A very fine, gilded Cap Badge of the Belgian Air Force. This bears the Royal monogram of King Leopold III 1934-1951
ORIGINAL!! WWII Belgian Air Force/RAF Squadron Badge - 350 Squadron The very first Belgian manned Fighter Squadron of WWII. A total of 96 Belgian and 13 British Pilots flew Spitifires with 350 Squadron from 1941 to 1946. This badge is a rare duplicate from my own 2nd Tactical Air Force collection and is in excellent condition. These double screw badges are slightly larger than the contemporary "Miller" type of Squadron badge.
ORIGINAL!! WWII Belgian Air Force/RAF Squadron Badge - Belgian Technical Training School This badge is a rare duplicate from my own collection and is in excellent condition. These double screw badges are slightly larger than the contemporary "Miller" type of Squadron badge.
ORIGINAL!! WWII Chinese Air Force Pilot Dagger Knives, Daggers and Swords etc are not my area of collecting so I invite any thoughts on this. It certainly appears to be authentic and shows all the signs of wear generally associated with such a piece. Overall length - 40cms Length of blade - 25.5cms CONDITION; This has its original red 'bead' eyes which move when pushed?? The scabbard shows wear/marks and the locating pin for the brass tip decoration is missing. There is damage to one side of the celluloid handle and the blade has light pitting and marks. To confirm, I do believe this to be 100% Authentic but stand to be corrected if informed otherwise. I'm open to offers until I can put an 'accurate' condition related price to it.
ORIGINAL!! WWII German 1941 NSFK Poster! The colours on this scarce poster are as vivid as the day it was printed. Taken to a picture framer who know how to sympathetically mount such a print, this would look incredible! The main area of damage to the print is to the top left corner where a piece is missing. The rest simply requires flattening to frame it correctly. THIS IS 100% ORIGINAL & NOT A MODERN REPRODUCTION!
ORIGINAL!! WWII Hungarian Air Force Cap Badge - Gold Bullion This rare WWII Cap Badge does show age but is still in relatively good condition overall.
ORIGINAL!! WWII Luftwaffe Fliegerblouse Gauranteed 100% Authentic Luftwaffe Fliegerblouse. As can be seen from the pictures, the rank boards were once sewn in but have been removed. All purchase/trade offers considered.
ORIGINAL!! WWII Luftwaffe Wall Sign from Belgium Gauranteed to be 100% Original! A very rare Luftwaffe Wall Sign showing the way to the Kommandantur Luftgau Belgien Nordfrankreich in the region of Namur, where the panel was found this year. Please Note; This is an authentic \'Military\' Sign, The non-Military version was black letters on yellow.
ORIGINAL!! WWII RAF Officers Visor Cap - Good size and in IMMACULATE CONDITION! Made by "AUSTIN REED" of London, this is a superb RAF Officers Cap all round. The only negative is the damage to the internal "brylcreem" protector. Externally the Cap is in immaculate condition. No mothing or wear, a wonderful colour, mint chinstrap and buttons, and a deep maroon colour on the Kings Crown Cap Badge. To top it off the Cap is also a very good size. At least a 7 3/8 as it fits me quite comfortably.
ORIGINAL!! WWII Royal Air Force 'MIZPAH' Sweetheart Brooch
ORIGINAL!! WWII Royal Air Force 'MIZPAH' Sweetheart Brooch
ORIGINAL!! WWII US Navy M-450 'Summer' Flying Helmet & Goggles - COMPLETE! I emphasise the word "original" as this headset seems to have always been together....the Goggle strap "stitching in" making them an integral part of the Flying Helmet. This is the iconic M-450 'Summer' Flight Helmet of the US Navy during WWII, and other than the example shown in Mick Prodgers book this is the only complete headset I've seen. Condition is extremely good throughout with the rubber donuts still being soft. I haven't been able to identify the Goggles but the nickel plating and curved lenses show very good quality of manufacture.
ORIGINAL!! WWII White Metal RNZAF Pilot Wing
Original, Vintage 'All Silk' Scarf - Red and 'Gold' Polka Dot
Original, Vintage 'Sammy' Scarf - Burgundy and White Polka Dot
Original, Vintage 'Tootal' Scarf - Black and huge White Polka Dot
Original? Combat Report - Flt Lt. Colin Macfie - Baders \'Tangmere Wing\' Trading in WWII RAF Combat Reports can be a minefield, this is why I\'ve only ever bought and own ONE...this one. I bought this framed, removed it from the frame and had it examined...thus far it has been declared as 100% original. This was acquired two years ago with a full money back gaurantee, and I offer exactly the same. I will also pay the return postage if this turns out to be anything but 100% Authentic! 616 SQUADRON - Flt Lt C. H Macfie - 27th March 1941...see pictures for details.
ORIGINAL?? WWII Pilot Side Cap of the Free French Air Force I'm offering this Cap as it was sold to me. However my knowledge is limited to the apparel of the Free French Air Force is minimal so I'm open to any alternative opinions on this. There are also some items of insignia which I'm about to start researching
OUTSTANDING! Air Transport Auxiliary Bullion Pilot Wing - A REAL STUNNER! Locating and acquiring any Pilot Wing of the ATA is difficult enough at the best of times, but just look at this beauty! I don't think I've ever seen a better of of ATA Pilot Wings than these. I bought these as original together with a very rare Civil Air Guard Group - Wings, Sleeve Badge, Cap Badge, Buttons, Log Book, Pictures etc. So, these ATA Wings came from an excellent source and I'm happy to sell them as original.
Outstanding! Polish Air Force Silver Lapel Pin Another wonderful example of a WWII Sweetheart Pin to the Polish Air Force. Only 20mm across, but again of the very Highest Quality & detail.
OUTSTANDING!! & VERY RARE!! Original Polish Air Force 301 'Bomber' Squadron Badge
OUTSTANDING!! 'Pair' of early Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wings A wonderful pair of early Royal Flying Corps gilded Pilot Wings. A full size Wing and Dress Wing. As can be seen from my pictures the full size Wing has only partial 'panels' fitted on which to mount the pin, and the Mess Dress Wing has the complete panel.
OUTSTANDING!! 'SET' of Silver & Guilloche WWII RAF Sweetheart Brooches This is a wonderful "set" of all three silver & guilloche Royal Air Force sweetheart brooches. These do sometimes come to the market individually and, due to the detail, quality and beauty are always highly sought after....this is your opportunity to acquire all three in one collection and displayed in an original period box. All three are in excellent condition with no damage or chips to the exquisite guilloche enamelling. All 'silver' marked.
OUTSTANDING!! - WWI USAAS Leather Flying Coat & Helmet A superb 1917 "SPALDING" Flying Coat & Helmet with full provenance and associated ephemera. Rare item's of WWI Flying Clothing in themselves, but all the more remarkable is the fact they come fully (family) provenanced and documented.
OUTSTANDING!! 100% Original RAF Busby - Original Plume, Chinstrap & Exceptional 'FIRMIN' Cap Badge An excellent example of the pre-War Royal Air Force Dress Busby with all of the original features still present....the original ostrich feathers plume, original gilt and silver plume ring and one of the finest RAF Busby Badges I have ever come across. Made by "FIRMIN", this Cap Badge is an RAF collector's piece in its own right! It even has the original leather locating "pins" For some reason there has recently been an proliferation of reproduction/restored and 'made up' RAF Busby's on the market......this definitely isn't one of them! Not messed around with so exactly as an early 20th Century Royal Air Force Busby should be!
OUTSTANDING!! 1907 RAF 'WILKINSON' Bayonet - reissued in Mint 1941 Scabbard What I know about edged weapons could be written on the back of a postage stamp. I do know this is a 1907 fully marked RAF Bayonet by "WILKINSON". It was reissued as stamped on its pristine leather scabbard in 1941 . The handle is fully marked to the RAF and it comes with its blue frog . This was the year when Britain was at its low ebb and trucks were parked on runways ahead of potential landings by German gliders . The RAF prepared for the eventuality by having its own men issued with rifles and other infantry arms rather than rely solely on the Home Guard . This Bayonet carries many stamps and marks, please ask for further detailed pictures if required. SELLING ON CONSIGNMENT
OUTSTANDING!! 1920's Military Outfitters Shop Window Display - RAF Officer in Full Dress Uniform Is this, or is this not a truly magnificent piece of 1920's RAF Memorabilia? Hand made & hand painted this 1920's 'mannequin' stands 50cms high and is a work of art in itself. It is hand-cut from plywood and stands on a heavy chalkware base. The handpainting is done to give a 3D appearance and is extremely accurate. The RAF Ceremonial Sword looks particularly good. Just imagine this in the 1920's store window of the likes of London/Saville Row Military Outfitters such as Hawkes & Co. I have never seen another of these other than in pictures. Given the fragility of the plywood manufacture I doubt that more than a handful still exist anywhere in the World, if that! The base looks as though it was made so that different RAF mannequins could slot in to show the range range of RAF attire.
OUTSTANDING!! 1939 Luftwaffe/NSFK Trainee Pilot Ephemera - Future KC Holder? This wonderful trio of items include the 1939 NSFK Training Log Book of Friedr Vogelsang, a superb 1939 Pilot Award Plaque with Messerschmitt Bf108 and a chrome/brass model of the Messerschmitt Bf108. From my brief research, there were two Friedr Vogelsang's awarded the Knight's Cross, both served in the German Army during WWII. The Log Book of this Friedr Vogelsang is very brief and shows him training to fly in the single-seat S.G 38 Sailplane. I would say, this is very much worthy of deeper research.
OUTSTANDING!! 1939, Battle of France dated 'LIP' Cockpit Clock First thing to say about this outstanding timepiece is to ignore the speckles on what looks like the dial...the dial is actually in immaculate condition, the speckles are miniscule specks of dust on the inside of the crystal. These specks are barely visible to the human eye but have been picked up by my camera. Other than a tiny piece of lume missing from the minute hand this rare clock is in stunning condition. The rim wind is smooth and the clock keeps good time. Perfect for any Aircraft of the French Air Force and Naval Aviation during the Battle of France in 1940 and aircraft of the Free French Air Force (FAFL).
OUTSTANDING!! 1940 Dated - BATTLE OF BRITAIN RAF Officer's Side Cap A gorgeous 1940 RAF Side Cap with POSITIVELY NO MOTHING, NO DAMAGE and very little wear to it. Rarely do Battle of Britain dated items of RAF Clothing come to market, and almost never do they appear in such fantastic condition!
OUTSTANDING!! 1940 Dated Tunic/Uniform of the Finnish Air Force - Lieutenant Colonel Very much specialist collectors items, memorabilia relating to the Finnish Air Force is scarce in the extreme. Hardly surprising given the small size of the FiAF and more importantly their incredible success against the Soviet Air Force in booth "The Winter War" 1939-1940, and "The Continuation War" 1941-1944. It is documented that the FiFA shot down 218 Soviet aircraft during the Winter War while losing only 47 to enemy fire. Incredibly in the next three years the Finnish Air Force shot down 1,621 Soviet aircraft while losing 210 of its own aircraft during the Continuation War...... ....The FiAF did all of this under the most amazing circumstances. At their disposal at the outbreak of the Winter War they had a meagre 31 Bombers and only 17 Fighter Aircraft. These 48 Combat Aircraft were up against the 700 fighters and 800 medium bombers which were brought to the Finnish front to support the Red Army's operations. Then consider the fact the FiAF primary Fighter Aircraft was the Fokker D.XXI, 'supported' by the Bristol Blenheim and this makes their "Kill Ratio" of 218-47 even more fantastic. This Lt. Colonels Tunic is dated 1940. Likely to have been made in Germany and is in wonderful condition. There is mothing around the collar, but other than that it is superb! The extremely high quality of manufacture is typically 'early war German'. PLEASE NOTE; I have completed the uniform by adding a Sam Browne Belt, breeches and boots, these did not come with the Tunic. However, the leather Map Carrier is original to the Tunic, and this contains an original Finnish 1930 Map.
OUTSTANDING!! Black Leather 'Flyers' Coat. Looks the business does it not? This beautiful coat is Swedish made and is perfect for WWI Reenactors or a WWI Imperial German Display. The overall design of this coat is so appealing that the canvas version was actually copied by "Gucci" amongst others. Very heavy and made from superb quality leather and blanket lining.
OUTSTANDING!! Btype Flying Helmet - Almost Mint! This Helmet has been in storage for years so is in beautiful condition. However, it was stored flat which resulted in wear to the central leather panel and areas of the chrome leather coming away. I have had this professionally treated with leather binder and restored, so it now looks in first class condition! It is marked as a size 2 but fits larger than that, more of a three! As can be seen, it looks amazing on display. NB: I have a mint pair of MkIII Flying Goggles on their way which would look awesome with this superb Btype making a fantastic Battle of Britain set.
OUTSTANDING!! Collection of replica WWI 'SPA' Badges in solid silver. I've no idea who made these, or when? but they really do make a magnificent display.
OUTSTANDING!! Early Luftwaffe Pilot Wing - by B & N L. Berg and Nolte in Ludenscheid An excellent early Luftwaffe Pilot Wing, made by B & NL "Berg and Nolte in Ludenscheid" In magnificent, original condition, made from bunt metal and nickel. The crisp detail on this rarer Luftwaffe Wing is exeptional!! so please ask for my pictures to be forwarded so you can zoom in on this beautiful Wing. Please note; The replica box is used solely for display purposes in my Museum and is not part of this sale.
OUTSTANDING!! Early Propeller Bookends with very rare 'WESTMOORE' Decals A superb example of the craftsmanship that went into the making of early Propeller "Trench Art". The skill that went into the manufacture of the copper plating/riveting is second to none! The decal's are from a Chicago company, "WESTMOORE PROPELLER'S". I understand this to be an extremely rare Propeller decal.
OUTSTANDING!! Early WWII RAF Battle of Britain Pilot Headset - As I understand it this Helmet and Mask were only ever used on just a few film shoots/photo sessions, so are therefore in pristine condition. Both the Btype Helmet and the TypeD Oxygen Mask are by Stephen Silburn and both are large in size. They come complete with everything you see in my pictures except the display head. The Luxor Airex Goggles are from my own collection and I've added them as the perfect accompanying Goggles for this particular headset display. See Code 53795 for prices and further details
OUTSTANDING!! Group of WWII RAF Education Officer Insignia & Sweetheart A totally unique display of WWII RAF Education Officer's Cap Badge, Collars and rare gilt sweetheart brooch. I'm selling these as original as that is how they came to me (cherished and well looked after) and I'm not aware of this insignia being reproduced. Hopefully my pictures say it all as these are impossible to upgrade. Box not original and used solely for Museum display, but is included.
OUTSTANDING!! Handmade Model of the 1911 Deperdussin Monoplane
OUTSTANDING!! Large chromed model of the Short S23 C class Empire Flying Boat I have no idea who made this impressive model. Made in an 'art deco' style, this appears to be modern but I've checked everywhere and can find no evidence of this being produced by ANY manufacturer. Width (wingspan): 37cm (14.5 inches) approx Length: 28.5 cm (11.5 inches) approx
OUTSTANDING!! Leather Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots Jacket - by 'STRIWA' An absolute belter of an early Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Jacket......complete with pre-1941 Zip Fasteners and what I believe to be contemporary shoulder board loops and buttons, and inisignia loops. One very nice feature is the wear to the shoulder area which could denote harness/parachute wear. Made by the German manufacturer "STRIWA", with its original label and checked liner. Storm Cuffs are another nice feature of this wonderful Jacket. At this stage I think it's worth me mentioning that the collection of Luftwaffe Clothing and Insignia I'm currently listing came to me from a highly reputable collector from New Zealand. ALL of the items have been assessed over the years by fellow collectors or on the Wehrmacht Awards forum with very positive feedback on them.
OUTSTANDING!! Luftwaffe Model of Messerschmitt Bf110
OUTSTANDING!! Luftwaffe Model of Messerschmitt Bf110 - With 'free' Souvenir A GENUINE WWII PIECE. A superbly modelled Messerschmitt Bf110 "Zerstorer" and with it a most unusual Pompeii 'Charm'/Zip Pull. Up until last weekend I didn't have a clue what this 'charm' was meant to represent so it's been sat in a drawer hidden from the Grandchildren. I've now discovered the Flying Phallus was the symbol of the City of Pompeii. The Bf110 is bolted to a chunk of volcanic rock from Mt. Vesuvius and was reputedly made in conjunction with Hermann Goering's visit to Pompeii in 1942. Sadly there is no label attached to confirm this (tongue in cheek). Back to the actual Bf110, the detailing in this model is second top none, with highly accurate rotating propellers and engraved ailerons and rudders etc. The Prop Blades are perfectly proportioned in every respect. This is an authentic piece of WWII Luftwaffe trophy making which would have adorned any Luftwaffe Officer's Desk. The 'charm' may well have been used as a Jacket Zip Pull, but you'd certainly need B**LS to wear it.
OUTSTANDING!! Luftwaffe Officer Grey Leather Coat by 'HOHENSTEIN' Just look at the condition of this Coat, it is simply breathtaking! I think the key point to note is that these coats were private purchases and came in several versions/makers. This one has not had shoulder boards retrofitted and that is 100% correct: there are many pictures of LW officers wearing coats without boards . What is rare about this one is 1) large size : the military size label in the neck says 98 , it is about a 54 civilian . 2) removable liners are often gone 3) the quality of the leather : can be worn today ! This Coat is not only complete, it is simply IMMACULATE in every respect with the leather being the finest I've seen in years! This "HOHENSTEIN" will not disappoint! *****Selling on consignment from one of the finest private Military Aviation Collections in the World*****
OUTSTANDING!! No.5 Squadron Royal Flying Corps 'Honours' Painting This is the first of two paintings, both honouring the Battles fought in by two Lincolnshire based Squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps. ROYAL FLYING CORPS - 5 SQUADRON - 1914/1915 EBBLINGHAM - METEREN - BAILLIEUL - ST. OMER - POPERINGHE - MORBECQUE There is no doubting they are painted by the same artist, and I assume he was based in Lincolnshire. There is no signature or date so I don't know by whom, or when these were painted. There is also no doubting the signwriting skills of the artist as the graphics are brilliant! Measuring 30" x 24" approximately, the painting is done in oil on board, then varnished. It has been framed by myself purely to prevent damage to the edges.
OUTSTANDING!! Original Luftwaffe Desk Model of an Me110 With over 90% of the original paint finish this is an exceptional example of a typical WWII Luftwaffe Desk Model Wingspan 7"
OUTSTANDING!! Pair of 'Battle of Britain' size 9 RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots - Air Ministry As with the 1936 Pattern Boots shown below the leather of these boots is of the very highest quality. They do carry their original Air Ministry 1939 stamps, showing their large size 9. The boots have been resoled and heeled, but these are authentic period repairs. As below, these boots would polish up a dream and this is a job I quite enjoy doing (therapy) so if you'd prefer them polished I'd be delighted to do this for you.
OUTSTANDING!! Pair of Air MinistryRAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots Showing all the signs of interior cockpit use "rudder rash", this exceptional pair of 1936 Pattern Flying Boots are fully Air Ministry stamped and named. The name and service no. R Welby 754189 I haven't been able to identify. They are a good size 9, wide fitting and in great condition throughout.
OUTSTANDING!! Pair of pre-War French 'OTO' Flying Goggles - in Original Case!! The very finest late 1930's French Flying Goggles, privately purchased and used by the Free French Air Force, the Luftwaffe and indeed any Airman who could afford them. Aside from some drying around the nose section these rare Goggles are in immaculate condition and come complete with both the head (elasticated), and chin (non-elasticated) strap's. The nickel plating is superb throughout. the cushions are still soft and the chamois lining seems not to have been worn at all. The lenses too are excellent!
OUTSTANDING!! Pair of RAF MkIIIa 'Battle of Britain' Flying Goggles Simply, a pair of the finest, ALL ORIGINAL pair of RAF MkIIIa Flying Goggles I've seen in quite some time. All spring sections are strong and still correctly located. The original lenses have some surface scratching and slight distortion but nothing you wouldn't expect from goggles of this age.
OUTSTANDING!! Pair of RFC/RAF Officers Flying Boots & Socks, by J.C Cording & Co. These magnificent Boots would date from anywhere between 1910-1936. This was the period in which Edward VIII was titled "The Prince of Wales". The makers labels clearly states "BY APPOINTMENT - TO HIS MAJESTY THE KING AND H.R.H THE PRINCE OF WALES". In immaculate condition throughout....the pictures say it all!
OUTSTANDING!! Pair of WWI RNAS Propeller Clocks
OUTSTANDING!! Pre-War Luftwaffe Desk Model of the Messerschmitt Bf109 V1-V3 I acquired this quite recently as it is the perfect display model to accompany the items of Chief Messerschmitt Test Pilot, Wilhelm Stor, Code; 53871. This is a very early desk model of the Legendary Messerschmitt Me109. Most likely a model of the one of the 1935 Prototypes, V1, V2 or V3. This is 100% authentic and in original untouched condition. Period models of the two prop Bf109 are few a far between, indeed this is only the second genuine example I've seen. 9" Wingspan
OUTSTANDING!! Pre-WWI Motoring/Aviator Helmet - 'PARIS - LONDON' There can be no doubting this is the earliest "Hard Shell" transportation Helmet I've ever owned. I've never seen another and the condition is exceptional!! I've looked everywhere to locate another example of this Helmet, with no success.
OUTSTANDING!! RAF Group Captain Visor Cap - 'Moss Bros' A cracking example of an RAF Group Captain's Visor Cap. In beautiful condition throughout, no mothing or wear and just look at the heavily padded Kings Crown Cap Badge, the superb patent leather chinstrap and visor! From "Moss Bros" of Covent Garden - Size 7
OUTSTANDING!! RAF MkIa 'Bone Dome' Headset.
OUTSTANDING!! RFC/RAF 'Winged' Wall Clock - with early Cockpit Panel Clock It's not difficult to imagine this piece displayed with ANY RFC/RAF collection, anywhere! With a wingspan of 31" and 12" high this is simply beautiful, and a work of sheer woodworking craftsmanship.
OUTSTANDING!! Silver Bullion RAF 'Eagle Squadron' Badge
OUTSTANDING!! Silver, Enamel & Paste RAF Sweetheart - WWI - WWII I will take better pictures of the brooch in the daylight tomorrow. A unique jewellers piece, commissioned to the very highest standards! The enamelling and script of "PER ARDUA AD ASTRA" is simply brilliant. Made in precise multi-parts with exquisite coloured enamels and paste stones. There are a couple of stones missing but that doesn't affect the overall appearance of this stunner! The brooch is 40mm high.
OUTSTANDING!! Top Quality pair of early 20thCentury Flying/Motoring Goggles
OUTSTANDING!! Two-piece Luftwaffe Leather Flying Suit - with FULL HISTORY!! OPEN TO OFFERS - OPEN TO OFFERS - OPEN TO OFFERS See images below, and page 117 of "Luftwaffe Vs RAF Flying Clothing" to see an identical Two-Piece, Electrically Heated Luftwaffe Leather Flying Suit. To get a true feeling of the history behind this collection please go to the following link; It was a 1st Lieutenant Frank H Egner of the 808th Tank Destroyer Battalion who 'retrieved' this lot from a downed Luftwaffe Pilot. He packed it in a ration box and shipped it Stateside. Until recently the ration box has remained undisturbed for the past 70+ years! Hence the immaculate condition of this rare Luftwaffe Flight Suit. This box was part of a much larger collection of ephemera of Lt. Egner which was split up. Further information on the LT can be seen on this link; This listing is for one of the finest collections of authentic, captured Luftwaffe Flying Clothing/Ephemera you will see anywhere! PLEASE NOTE; This is very much a preliminary listing (no hurry to sell). There is a lot more information and many more pictures to be taken. OPEN TO OFFERS - OPEN TO OFFERS - OPEN TO OFFERS
OUTSTANDING!! Unissued? WWII Luftwaffe Officer Visor Cap - by EREL EXTRA PICTURES Please Note - Some of the pictures show the material of the Cap to be lighter than it actually is. The Grey is much darker on the top of the Cap.
OUTSTANDING!! WWI 9ct Gold Sweetheart - ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE A beautiful gold RNAS sweetheart brooch, clearly marked for 9ct Gold. I believe the pin to be a replacement but the early gold catch and gold mounting bar are original.
OUTSTANDING!! WWI Aircraft Generator Propeller with full Fittings! Very rarely do these small Generator Propellers appear still with their full brass fittings attached. This would make a superb display 'partner' with the HOLTS LANDING LIGHT switch shown below.
OUTSTANDING!! WWI Imperial German Pilot's Eagle, 'Adler' Ring Impossible to show what an outstanding piece of jewellery this really is. The detail through a jewellers loupe is truly extraordinary. Even the inside of the Eagle's beak and 'ribbed' tongue are exact. How this has been achieved is way beyond my imagination. What is so peculiar is that despite the incredible efoorts that have gone in to sculpting this ring, it isn't made of gold. In fact is made of bronze, which I believe was once gilded. As can be seen from my pictures there is a jewellers makers mark of "RD". I have yet to find out who this craftsman was.
OUTSTANDING!! WWI RFC/RNAS/RAF Four Blade Propeller Clock WWI Propeller "Trench Art" takes all shapes and forms. It also comes in many styles and uses. From Prop Blade picture frames to Prop Hub clocks and barometers. The vast majority of WWI Propeller "Trench Art" was made in the aircraft workshops. However some pieces were worked on and transformed by the very best craftsmen of the early 20th Century.......we're very proud to offer not one, but three such pieces of the very highest quality examples of WWI Propeller "Trench Art".
OUTSTANDING!! WWII Japanese 'Winter' Flying Helmet of the IJAAF A rare WWII 'Winter Pattern' Flying Helmet of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force. "Combat Worn" but in excellent condition and fully stamped throughout. An exceptional display Helmet of the IJAAF!!
OUTSTANDING!! WWII Large Aluminium Avro Lancaster Desk Model - INCREDIBLE DETAIL!! One of the finest studies of the Avro Lancaster I've seen and with a wingspan of 37cms it is also one of the most impressive looking models I've ever come across. Handmade in aluminium this has an extraordinary level of detail and accuracy, especially in the Nose, Mid and Tail Gunner positions. The propellers are totally original to the model but the aluminium base appears to be a later replacement. One of the tails has been broken and repaired at some point but this does add to the authenticity and age, rather than detract from the Lanc's appearance.
Pair of Sterling Silver USAAF Pilot Wings Unidentified maker, feathering to wings, clutchback, Full Size.
PAIR! of WWII RAF Officer's Mess Coffee Cups by Royal Doulton A pair of highly desirable RAF Coffee Cups and Saucers. One of the cups has a repair to the handle so the pair have been priced accordingly.
Perfect Replica - Spitfire Manual There is a really interesting story behind this particular facsimile manual. I originally sold it on ebay some six years ago. It is so good that I sold it in good faith as original. Then, two years ago the buyer contacted me and informed me the Manual is in fact a true replica of the original MkII Spitfire Manual. It is so good that it convinced me, the original seller and my subsequent buyer it was a very rare original. As my regular customers know, I give a lifetime guarantee of authenticity on ALL of my items, so I asked my buyer to return the Manual and I refunded him in full. The accuracy of this rare publication is exceptional, so good that it really is almost impossible to tell from the original. There are dozens of technical and photographic pull-outs which emulate the orginal in the finest degree. Every possibly aspect in the maintenance of the early Spitfires is covered in exceptional detail. The accuracy even covers the ongoing amendment sheets and "Oxford" laced binding. This will not disappoint!
Period Signed Hawker Typhoon Print - Gloster Aircraft Company From my personal Hawker Typhoon Collection Please see Codes - 53098 & 52864 for details of the incredible history of this unique wartime Frank Wooton print from 1945. This is an exciting, and highly unique item of Hawker Typhoon History, the likes of which you and I will never see again.
Polish Air Force Bracelet #1 The first of five rare Bracelets as purchased by the Airmen of the Polish Air Force whilst serving in Britain throughout WWII. This example was undoubtedly purchased as a sweetheart gift as it has the recipients name and date of birth engraved into it.
Polish Air Force Bracelet #2 Another superb 1940's silver bracelet, made for Polish Airmen serving with the Royal Air Force. These were purchased by serving members of the PAF and used as either Sweetheart gifts or as actual ID Bracelets. This is the second of five I have in my collection, each different and all highly collectable. One end of the catch is missing but with all the scrap silver on the market today a replacement would cost next to nothing and very easy to find.
Polish Air Force Bracelet #4 As each of the links on the bracelet is stamped with the Lion Passant it is fair to say this bracelet is of the very highest quality. Also, on very close inspection the Polish Air Force Quadrant appears to be made of very fine shagreen (shark skin). A real jewellers piece!
Polish Air Force Bracelet #5 There is no doubting that the Polish contingent in the Royal Air Force had a natural talent for Flying. There is also no doubt thay they also had a natural eye for things of beauty. This silver bracelet is one of a number of silver PAF pieces from the early 1940's I've had the pleasure of owning, and just look at the detailing in the Spitfire! The reverse is engraved "S.G.M Blackpool" (where else?) and has a scratched date of "29 -1- 44" This looks good on a man's wrist so could possibly have been used as an ID bracelet
Polish Air Force Gold & Silver Bullion Badge - 5th Aviation Regiment A rare, and original bullion badge to the Polish 5th Aviation Regiment. This is the only example I've come across of this rare Insignia.
Polish Fighter Pilots in France 1939 - Look at the Helmet Over the years I've acquired but a few of this type of Helmet, some fitted with Gosports. However, it has long been a topic of debate as to whether these French made hard shell leather helmets were indeed "Flying Helmets" of standard use. I've argued the case for some years now that these helmets were indeed worn by allied Airmen....hopefully now this newly found image of mine will give conclusive proof of their use in the air. This is a French, 1939 image of two Polish Airmen who had fled to France after the annexation of Poland in September/October of 1939. The image shows what I believe to be a French "Morane-Saulnier" Fighter in Polish Air Force markings. If you look at the Pilot on the right you will see he is wearing the exact same hard shell helmet. I believe this to be the "ARAILLE" variant. You can see both the "ARAILLE" and the 'ZINSZENER' on my website, Codes 52971 and 52972.
POLISH TEXT! 1943 Polish Air Force Manual for the Rolls Royce Merlin & Bristol Pegasus Aero Engines Printed in 1943 specifically for the Polish Air Force Ground Crew this 300 page Manual seems to cover all aspects of Aero Engine Maintenance for the Rolls Royce Merlin and Bristol Pegasus/Perseus Engines. A VERY RARE POLISH/RAF PUBLICATION OF WORLD WAR TWO!
Possibly THE most famous 'DUNHILL' Flying Helmet of WWI. Complete with Goggles, two pairs of RFC Wings and FULL PROVENANCE!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own possibly the best known "DUNHILL" Flying Helmet of WWI. Not only that. the Helmet comes with the original "TRIPLEX" Flying Goggles, TWO Pairs of Original cloth RFC Wings and the very finest provenance you could ask for in the field of Flying Helmet collecting. I cannot tell you how hard it will be to part with this group but business is slow with everyone right now and we all know that sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Please see page 132 of Mick Prodger's book. This incredible Flying Helmet and the Goggles were actually worn by Marcus Thurlow Wright RFC. It is instantly recogniseable because of the unusual addition of various "lucky charms" which were attached to the Helmet. Although Mick only showed Thurlow Wright's Helmet in his book he was also able to acquire his Goggles and two pairs of his original cloth RFC Wings. These also come with the finest, and most informative letter of provenance you could wish for. PLEASE NOTE; I will be removing the Helmet etc from my display case in order to take clearer pictures.
Pre WWI - Cased Flying Goggles - 'THE GOGGLETTE' No.3 - 'Lafayette Escadrille' The earliest and rarest pair of Meyrowitz Goggles we've owned. Look beyond the cushions and you have a fantastic pair of untouched Meyrowitz Goggles which I believe date to before 1910!! In their original leatherette case with perfect lenses and frames which I'm confident would clean up beautifully. What I particularly like is the engraved lettering "The Gogglette No.3" For a collector of pre-War Aviation/Motoring paraphenelia these are the Holy Grail in the world of Goggles. Incredibly these are the second pair of Gogglette No.3 I've found in the past twelve months. The other pair (51992) come in a retail box, rather than the carry case. The Gogglette No.3's were the first standard 'issue' Goggles to the USAS in WWI
PRE-RESTORED!! Original Royal Air Force Aluminium Gate Plaque To some collector's the word "restoration" is a swear word, and I completely understand that. However there are times when a restoration of an historic piece can also be deemed a "rescue"...this is just such an item. This only came on the market last month and some of you may just recognise it. Before being sold last month the previous owner decided it may be worth more if she repainted it. I have added some picture's of how it looked when I received it. I think you'll agree the resulting paint job by the previous owner was, to say the least - catastrophic! On arrival the paint was still tacky in places and there were even brush bristles still sticking to the paint. It wasn't a major decision for me to have it professionally restored......see above listing.
Pre-War!! 'KNEDLER' Polish Air Force Pilot Wing - 'Green Wreath' A particularly rare Pilot Wing of the Polish Air Force - 100% Authentic! This Wing came as part of a group of PAF Memorabilia from Blackpool (see other PAF items above). Unfortunately it hasn't been possible to identify or attribute them to once individual Airman, so on this rare occassion I've decided to split them. Coming from Blackpool it would appear that this and the other PAF Memorabilia were part of a collection rather than the ephemera of just one man.
Pre-WWI 'RUMPLER TAUBE' German Pilot 'Award' Inkwell - Richthofen, Boelcke 35cms wide, by WMF 1910 - 1915 More details & price to follow......
Pre-WWI / WWI 'Royal Flying Corps Balloon Observers' Goggles As explained below, it is now possible to positively identify the age of this type of Goggle. These were sold to me as "belonging to a Balloon Observer of the Royal Flying Corps". However that may just have been because the inner silk lining of the Goggles has a gold leaf Balloon printed on it. These display extremely well for a pair of Goggles 100 years old, they aren't perfect. They could be restored to their full glory relatively easily if deemed necassary.
Pre-WWI Aviator - Motorist Goggles One month ago I received a gift from a fellow enthusiast, a small package of publications relating to early Aviator/Motorist Clothing and Accessories. The earliest of all these catalogues and booklets is a 1904 Catalogue from the "GIBSON AUTOMOBILE Co." Of INDIANAPOLIS....this remarkable old Catalogue has allowed me to clearly define the age of some of the earlier Goggles within my personal collection and future website stock. NB; If anyone has any 'spare' similar catalogues/booklets I'd be delighted to buy them from you.
PRESERVATION FRAMED 'Bombing up Yorker' by Robin Smith - SOLD OUT! RAF WADDINGTON Air Show - 1999 You know how it is, the brilliant Air Display was over so it's now time to wander the Airfield viewing the trade stalls. Well, as I walked around RAF WADDINGTON in 1999 my eyes were drawn to a 'painting in progress'. I subsequently found out that the painting was "Bombing up Yorker" and the artist was Robin Smith. "Bombing up Yorker" is IMHO the very best painting to capture the true essence of Bomber Command in WWII. Robin has portayed "Y Yorker" in a bleak Lincolnshire skyline with its Ground Crew preparing her for one her 123 Missions, yes - 123 Missions! When I spoke with Robin that day I asked him if his painting was going into print and if it was, could I buy 'No.1' off the press? Robin confirmed that it was going into print and then politely informed me that 'No.1' always remains with the there and then I ordered 'No.2' A year later "Bombing up Yorker" went to press and, as promised Robin sent me 'No.2' off the press. On that day in 1999, for some reason I had my picture taken with Robin and the original painting of "Bombing up Yorker". When comparing the print and the original painting I noticed how much the original composition had been altered before actually going into print....a barrel removed, a bicycle added, Lancaster KM-Q and her Ground Crew brought closer. A large bomb trolley added and even the rainbow had moved in the sky. Robin and I continued to communicate and I have bought other 'special remarqued' prints from him. Check out Robin's website his work is incredible. My study wall is now totally devoted to the Hawker Typhoon and Tempest. This special copy of "Bombing up Yorker" does not deserve to be wrapped and put away in a loft. It should be on a wall, and that's the only reason for selling it. The print and frame are in mint condition.
PRIVATE COMMISSION? Early FRENCH Aviation Desk Tidy by I have researched the French maker's "DANKARMER" and thus far have only found mostly Art Deco, canine related sculptures of the 1930's. So where this wonderful item comes into the equation I really don't know. I would think it dates anywhere between 1920-1940? An early French Monoplane with a real Art Deco look to it.
Private Purchase - Black Leather Luftwaffe Trousers Fitted with early "ZIPP" zips and "STOCKO" poppers these make the perfect match when when worn/displayed with a blackleather Luftwaffe Flieger Jacket.
Propeller Trench Art - Ice Bucket from the Officers Mess, RAF Upavon 1918 \'The Birthplace of the Royal Air Force\' Upavon airfield was originally created for pilots of the Military and Naval Wings of the newly formed Royal Flying Corps (RFC) in 1912, and became home to the Army Central Flying School (CFS). Captain Godfrey M Paine, RN, became the first Commandant, with Major Hugh Trenchard being his assistant. Trenchard later became the Chief of Air Staff, and subsequently became known as the \"Father of the Royal Air Force\". Of course, on the 1 April 1918 the Royal Flying Corps became the Royal Air Force, and Upavon became Royal Air Force Station Upavon, commonly abbreviated to RAF Upavon. Accordingly, the former Army Central Flying School became Royal Air Force Central Flying School (RAF CFS). The RAF CFS became the centre of training of all RAF flying instructors. It is therefore appropriate to rightly refer to Upavon as the \"birthplace\" of the Royal Air Force. It is amazing to think that this beautiful piece of RAF History was there at the time and could well have been used by Trenchard himself. The Ice Bucket no longer has its lining and the lid has warped but it is still a spectacular display piece from the \'Home\' and the \'Origin\'s\' of the Royal Air Force.
Propeller Trench Art - WWI Ashtray
PROVENANCED!! 'Burberry' Flying Helmet & Unique Pilots Log Book to RNAS & RAF Pilot At first glance this looks like any normal leather bound early 20th Century is in fact the original Flying Log Book of RAF Flying Officer Frederick Alexander Giles. F.O Giles has had the 100 pages of his Log Book from 1921-1923 Leather & Gold Bound, along with the RAF Air Force List for 1923. Frederick Alexander Giles joined the Royal Naval Air Service as (prob) Flying Officer on July 15th 1917. Sadly we couldn't locate his Log Book from that period to this, but he did carry forward over 1,000 Flying Hours to this Log Book. This Log Book shows the three years in which F.O Giles undertook RAF Flying Instructor Training and actual Pilot Instruction. In that time he flew the Mono Avro, Vickers Vimy, Sopwith Snipe, 100HP Avro, Bristol Fighter etc. Log Books are extremely difficult items to describe as there is just so much information, especially for Flying instructors with so many RAF Tutor's and Pupil's...this Book could use some serious research. One nice addition is the very rare signature of Air Marshal Sir Patrick Henry Lyon Playfair KBE CB CVO MC RAF on one of the pages as F.O Giles' Commanding Officer. The price of £525 includes both the Burberry Flying Helmet and the Log Book of Flying Officer Giles.
PROVENANCED!! WWII Uniform - Polish Air Force/RAF Pilot This beautiful Uniform was worn by Polish Pilot Henryk Bartłomiej Konarzewski‏ Kpt / Flt Lt, born 01-07-1901, died 03-02-1980. The Uniform is pictured as it is displayed in my Museum. The Side Cap is from another Polish Officer (unknown) and the Polish Pilot Wing is a post-War "Panascuik". The hole for the Wing was already in the pocket so I added the Wing for display.
QUALITY!! Royal Flying Corps - Rifle Butt Cribbage Board Description to follow
Quiet Birdmen Wing No.1 To find out more on this organisation go to;
Quiet Birdmen Wing No.2 Founded in 1921 by World War I pilots, Members, called QBs, must be invited to join, and they join for life. Charles Lindbergh, Jimmy Doolittle, Eddie Rickenbacker, Roscoe Turner,Wiley Hardeman Post, Arthur Raymond Brooks, Robert George Fowler, Robert George Fowler, and yes, even Ernst Udet were all members of..... "ye Anciente and Secret Order of Quiet Birdmen". This is one of two original Quiet Birdmen Wings I've acquired. Cast in aluminium and measuring 14" across. A rare and highly unusual item of early 20th Century Aviation Memorabilia.
RAAF 458 Torpedo Bomber Squadron Plaque A quite unusual \'copper\' plaque, handpainted to 458 Torpedo Bomber Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force. No. 458 Squadron RAAF was a Royal Australian Air Force squadron during World War II. It was formed in 1941 in Australia, under the Empire Air Training Scheme. I would certainly date this plaque to the Squadron\'s early days. The Squadron flew various versions of Vickers Wellington bombers, first in Europe and later in the Middle East.
RAF Anti-Flak Goggles
RAF Beaufighter wooden ID Model - Polish Air Force \'souvenir\' It\'s impossible to say for certain how old this piece is, but it has been together for a very long time judging from the overall condition/fading to the Air Crew Europe Star ribbon. The Beaufighter is an original WWII wooden ID Model with a wingspan of 6\".
RAF Car Mascot - Circa 1918 This is the finest RAF Car Mascot I\'ve seen. Dating from the very first days of the Royal Air Force this Mascot would have adorned the Car of an Officer of Air Rank status. Possibly re-plated at some stage, but given it is almost 100 years old that is no surprise.
RAF CRANWELL, 1937 Yearbook
RAF CRANWELL, 1938 Yearbook
RAF CRANWELL, 1939 Yearbook RAF Cranwell closed in 1939 and didn\'t reopen until 1946. This was the final Yearbook before the outbreak of WWII. How the Royal Air Force would have fared in 1940 without the years of Officer Training at RAF Cranwell is anybody\'s guess. This is the third of the RAF Cranwell Yearbooks we have to offer, each of which grows with the sense that \"War is Coming!!\" Each of the Journal\'s is 300 pages full of information on the Royal Air Force of the day. Very informative and highly enjoyable to read.
RAF CRANWELL, 1945 Souvenir Programme, King George VI A very rare surviving programme to commemorate the visit of King George VI to the Royal Air Force College on June 13th 1945. Small tears to the top of each of the four pages should not detract from the scarcity of this Wartime Royal Air Force publication.
RAF CRANWELL, List of Graduates 1920-1952 A Superb \'Who\'s Who\' of Graduate RAF Officers from 1920 to 1952. Including the likes of Douglas Bader, Brian Kingcome, John P Nettleton, Peter le Cheminant and so forth. Each has a small record of their achievements throughout their career with the Royal Air Force. A superb piece of Royal Air Force Historical Literature
RAF CRANWELL, Original Hand Painted Wall Plaque In Extremely Good Condition and beautifully hand painted.
RAF E* Oxygen Mask A lovely example of the RAF E* Oxygen Mask.
RAF FERRY COMMAND - Original Tunic Buttons I did consider selling these separately but as this is a rare complete set for a Tunic it didn't seem right splitting them.
RAF FERRY COMMAND - Silver Lapel Badge EXCELLENT! Untouched Condition!
RAF Fighter Pilot - Squadron Leader G.F. Brotchie - 73Sqn - 7OTU - 111Squadron I am currently assembling a display based on one extraordinary RAF Fighter Pilot of World War Two; Squadron Leader G.F Brotchie 39708, 1916-1943
RAF HAWKINGE - 277 (ASR) Squadron Scramble & Supermarine Walrus
RAF HAWKINGE - 71 (Eagle) Squadron & a very rare picture of Art Donahue Two excellent pictures with a real American connection to the RAF in World War Two. The picture of of US Pilot Art Donahue is thought to have been the last ever taken. He was reported 'missing' in September 1942 when chasing down a Ju88.
RAF Hawkinge - EAGLE SQUADRON - Lt. Col C.G Peterson DSC, DSO, DFC These are two extremely rare photographs from the private collection of Roy Humphreys. The large single picture shows Lt. Colonel Chealey G. Peterson, the most Highly Decorated USAAF Airman in the \'tender\' age of 23 he was Group Commander on the US Army 8th Air Force. A veteran Spitfire Pilot of 71 Squadron, the now infamous RAF \"EAGLE SQUADRON\'S\". Lt. Col Peterson was credited with Seven Victories. The group picture shows Lt. Col Peterson with M Greenfield. Wing Commander A Linney and Wing Commander R C Wilkinson. All three RAF WWII Pilots flew with RAF Air Sea Rescue from RAF Hawkinge, which was appropriate given Lt. Col Patterson was twice rescued from the sea having been shot down. I don\'t know when these photographs were printed. They are on Kodak photographic paper so I assume they are later prints taken from the original US Army negatives. They are superb quality and I cannot imagine these are available anywhere else! If you view this link; You will see a similar picture in the September 1943 issue of \"Flight\" magazine, as well as an insight into the man himself. Size -
Raf Hawkinge - Royal Flying Corps - First Bessonneau Hangar - 1916 Size - 16 x 11cms
RAF HAWKINGE No2 - Spitfires of 91 Squadron
RAF HISTORY AT ITS VERY, VERY BEST!! - RAF Cranwell - Carved Oak Door Panel Architecturally salvaged, and thank goodness it was! I believe this exquisitely carved oak panel was the central panel of one door at RAF Cranwell. The history of military aviation at Cranwell goes back to November 1915, when the Admiralty requisitioned 2500 acres of land from the Earl of Bristol's estate. On 1 April 1916, the Royal Naval Air Service, Training Establishment, Cranwell was officially born. Then, with the establishment of the Royal Air Force as an independent service in 1918, the RNAS Training Establishment became RAF Cranwell. It would be presumptious of me to attempt to give a list of the RAF Pilots and Officers who graduated through RAF Cranwell but it would be safe to say that the likes of Bader, Kingcome, Barclay etal would have passed through the door which once held this wonderful oak panel. The panel measures 10" x 13". It is slightly warped but has wonderful patination in the English Oak.....WONDERFUL!
RAF Miller Squadron Badge - 207 Squadron
RAF MkVIII Goggle Strap Restoration........Your Thoughts Please. After many years of searching I've finally found a suitable elastic for the restoration of the often deteriorated MkVIII Goggle Strap. The Goggle Strap pictures with this pair of MkVIII Goggles has been fully restored and I'd like to ask your opinions as to whether you might be interested on such a strap? The metal sections of this strap were badly marked and corroded so were cleaned and polished. The leather sections were way beyond repair so have been replaced using a stock of glove leather. The stitching is all hand stitching and done with due care and attention using only extremely strong cotton threads. I would draw your attention to the quality of Julie's work. The elastic is all double-hemmed to prevent fraying exactly as the original straps were. Then look at the stitching detail to the leather...meticulous is the word. The leatherwork, cutting and stitching is all carried out by very new, and very able assistant - Julie. Julie and I are now considering offering this restoration service to our customers, whereby you send us your old strap and we'll send you a "brand new" strap identical to that shown.......whatdya think? There is a lot of work involved in just one restoration, so In order for us to price such work we would need to know the level of interest.
RAF Silver Medal - 1930 ROYAL AIR FORCE COLLEGE - CAMBRIDGE. In solid silver by Phillips of Aldershot. 1930 One Mile First.
RAF TRANSPORT COMMAND - Bullion Cap Badge One of the rarest RAF Cap Badges there is!
RAF TRANSPORT COMMAND - Pilot Wing One of the rarest RAF Pilot Wings there is!
RAF TRANSPORT COMMAND - Silver Lapel Badge EXCELLENT! Untouched Condition!
RAF TRANSPORT COMMAND - Solid Silver Menu Holders VERY SCARCE Transport Command Memorabilia
RAF WWII Flight Lieutenants Epaulletes
RAF WWII Flight Lieutenants Epaulletes by \'GIEVES\'
RARE & CASED Air Ministry Draughtsman/Designer\'s Set by THORNTON ..........A SERIOUS COLLECTOR\'S PIECE OF AVIATION MEMORABILIA!! As well as the case being Air Ministry marked AND DATED 1939, seven of the drawing implements are also Air Ministry stamped and dated between 1938-1940! The difference in dates points to this set being well used with pieces going missing/borrowed and replaced over the years leading up to the Second World War. In that period the rush was on in Fighter and Bomber Aircraft Design & can only imagine what Machine Designs these tools were used on in the lead up to, and during the Battle of Britain! The tools are in the main made by \"Thornton\". As a piece of WWII Aviation Aeronautica, quality pieces don\'t come much better or as authentic as this!
RARE & GENUINE!! WWII RAF Apprentice Piece - Short Stirling Bomber A fantastic and 100% genuine World War Two RAF Apprentice Piece.....a study of the Short Stirling heavy Bomber. When I was an apprentice Fitter & Turner at British Steel one of our examination pieces was a steel block 4" x 2" x 2" into which we had to machine and hand cut a perfect steel cross. This cross had to fit into the block at all compass points AND upside down to within a tolerance of five thousanths of an inch!! soon as I saw the base of this piece, the perfect squares and the flat filing marks it took me straight back to 1978 and my own apprenticeship. This is NOT one of the post-War cast and polished brass aeroplane's, all too often sold as "Trench Art", I once calculated that 80% of the "trench art" aircraft on the market are post-War castings....but this is the REAL THING. A genuine piece of WWII RAF History and one not be be missed.
RARE & ORIGINAL!! ATA Officer's 'two piece gilded Cap Badge 100% Authentic. The Eagle is missing one lug but that shouldn't detract from this very rare Cap Badge.
RARE - Miniature \'ARP\' Silver Lapel Badge
RARE Battle of Britain period LUFTWAFFE Bf109 \'MUTTERKOMPASS\' Fl 23331 This Master Compass compass was fitted to Luftwaffe aircraft such as the Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter, Messerschmitt Bf 110, as well as the Medium Bombers of the Luftwaffe As can be seen, it is in almost MINT Condition and is fully operational with it\'s damping fluid still insitu and very clean. I\'ve never seen a better/cleaner example of this fine Luftwaffe Display piece
RARE GERMAN FLYING HELMET TO LUFTWAFFE FIGHTER PILOT INSTRUCTOR With this Flying Helmet you have to look beyond its basic construction and take into account who actually wore it, when, and why. This Helmet may not have all the "bells and whistles" of some 1930's German Flying Helmets, but it was owned and worn by the German Flying Instructor - OTTO THOMSEN
Rare Luftwaffe JG 26 'Schlageter' Pin Collection Just a quick note to ask you bear with us in pricing the collection of JG 26 stick pins. I'm finding it impossible to find comparative sales of genuine Luftwaffe stick pins. If you require the pictures shown below to be sent to you for authentication please email me on bombphoons Thank you, Caron
RARE Pair of early - Private Purchase Flying Gauntlets with \'LIGHTNING\' Zips A very unusual pair of Gauntlets in that they are zipped as a pair of RAF 1933 Pattern Flying Gloves. The \"LIGHTNING\" Zips are an early zip so these may pre-date the official issue 1933 Pattern when the larger \"Lightning\" zip became a regular fitting on RAF Flying Clothing. The zips are stuck so may need a little lubrication, I don\'t want to try and force them. Medium in size.
RARE PAIR!! Original WWII RAF FERRY COMMAND Lapel Pins - Birks & Murphy This listing is for an original "pair" of Royal Air Force FERRY COMMAND Lapel Pins. Made in sterling silver and identical in all respects other than the makers marks, one by "BIRKS" and one by "MURPHY". Both in exceptional condition, beautifully detailed and excellent enamel. A unique opportunity to acquire both examples.
Rare Silk \'Sweetheart\' Handkerchief to The Royal Flying Corps Considering this delicate piece of embroidered silk is almost 100 Years old it has survived remarkably well. A scarce Royal Flying Corps \"Sweetheart\" Momento in Lovely Condition.
RARE VARIANT!! Lightweight Imperial Japanese Flying Suit & Original Belt This is one extremely rare item if WWII Japanese Flying Clothing. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the Suit shown above, in fact it is quite basic in manufacture. That might explain why so few examples of this Suit still remain. I am selling it complete with the original belt, another seldom seen item.
RARE! Brown Leather 1930's Flying Helmet by 'S LEWIS' An outstanding example of the 1930's Helmet by "S LEWIS". In brown leather and complete with its original Gosport Receivers. The leather is slightly dry and could do with a light feed of Effax balm. The chinstrap would need a small 'fix' if theis Helmet is to be worn, and there is no doubt this could still be worn today. A good size 7 1/8 as the original size label shows.
RARE! & UNUSUAL!! 1930's French Made Leather Flying Suit worn by Italian 'co-beligerent' Pilot This is one superb 1930's leather Flying Suit, French made but seems to have been used by the Allied Italian Air Force in the latter years of WWII. The Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force (Aviazione Cobelligerante Italiana, or ACI), or Air Force of the South (Aeronautica del Sud), was the Air Force of the Royalist "Badoglio government" in southern Italy during the last years of World War II. The ACI was formed in southern Italy in October 1943 after the Italian Armistice in September. As by this point the Italians had defected from the Axis and had declared war on Germany, the ACI pilots flew for the Allies. The ACI never operated over Italian territory, its objectives being always in the Balkans (Yugoslavia or Albania). This was to avoid any possible encounter between Italian-manned aircraft fighting on opposite sides. During the entire history of ACI, no encounter, let alone combat, was ever reported between ACI and ANR aircraft. The fact the ACI flew in the Balkans would account for the requirement of a leather 'cold-weather' Flying Suit which is very heavily padded. The suit itself is remarkably similar in design to that of Luftwaffe 'double' full length zip' Flying Suit of the 1930's. This rare example is in very good overall condition with the leather in 'worn' condition. The full length "Eclair" zips do require attention at the lower end and one puller is missing. All "Cuiras" poppers are in fine working condition. On the breast pocket is a very rare badge of the ACI..
RARE! Air Transport Auxiliary 'PILOTS REMINDER BOOK' - 2nd Edition A wonderful little hardback book (76 pages) which updated ATA Pilots on various flying techniques and procedures. Although this was an official issue publication it does provide a very lighthearted and humorous look at the role of the ATA Ferry Pilot.
RARE! Cased Air Ministry Vernier Calliper - Made in Germany in 1928! Quite a find!! Stamped to the Air Ministry for 1928 but "MADE IN GERMANY". "Farmer, Stedhall & Co." A fine quality engineering instrument and one which says everything about how the different Nations fared after World War One.
RARE! Circa 1910-1913 Aeroplane Control Wheels - Can these be positively identified? What I'm shown here is a very rare "pair" of early Aeroplane Control Wheels which I believe date to around 1910 to 1913. I'm pretty sure the one on the left pre-dates the Wheel on the right. The slightly larger wheel on the right carries a number of stamps - two AID (Aeronautical Inspector Directorate) stamps, two triangular stamps "A32", and an embossed number which I believe is "13251". What I'm asking is, is it possible to positively ID these two wheels as to which early Aircraft they have been used on?
RARE! Late War/1920's RAF Flying Helmet by 'S LEWIS' This is an early Flying Helmet by "S LEWIS". Privately purchased these particular Helmets very rarely appear on the market. This example is in very good/used condition. The poppers on the left all work fine, the poppers on the left flap are stuck, so I'm not going to try and force them open in case the leather is damaged.
RARE! Miniature Silver Polish Air Force Pilot Wing - 'Green Wreath' A beautiful and very rare PAF Lapel Pin/Sweeteheart with an enamelled green wreath. Part of the group of items associated with the PAF Pilot Wing ; 52744 and PAF Bullion Cap Badge ; 52729
RARE! Pair of Flying Gauntlets with \'IRVIN\' Lining! on Outside.
Rare! Royal Flying Corps Tie Pin - Maker marked in solid gold. A lovely WWI period Tie-Pin in bright yellow 9ct Gold.
RARE! Silver \'Trench Watch\' - With Air Ministry Stamp A very nice silver cased \"trench watch\" in working condition. I wound it yesterday morning an it is still running over a day and a half later. The inside of the case is marked with an un-identified silver makers mark of two inverted \"F\'s\", it is then marked \"925\" and the date letter \"g\" in a eliptical shape......the best marking however is an early Air Ministry stamp of \"A || M\". A rare internal mark I\'ve not seen before. The porcelain dial has a hairline crack and a mark just above the \"red12\". The hinge to the back of the case has come away and the back of the case appears to have had some (military?) markings/engravings polished out. The movement is an excellent quality 15 Jewelled Swiss Movement and although dirty is still keeping very accurate time.
Rare! WWII RAF Sweetheart Bar Brooch in 9ct White Gold! It\'s not every day that RAF Sweethearts in White Gold turn up and this is a real beauty! Even the security chain is White Gold....a true Jewellers Piece We have recently acquired a large collection of RFC/RAF Memorabilia and Insignia. The picture showing the RFC/RNAS/RAF Sweethearts shows the collection of the Solid Gold & Silver Sweethearts we\'ve obtained.
RARE! WWII SAAF Sterling Silver Sweetheart Brooch
RARE!! 1903 Silver Cigarette Case to Royal Air Force - Sergeant Major!! - No1 'B' Squadron Another piece of Royal Air Force memorabilia undoubtedly worth researching. After all, how often do you see a named item to a Sergeant Major in the Royal Air Force? The inscription on the front reads..... "SERGEANT MAJOR CHARLES NOTLEY PRESENTED ON HIS RETIREMENT FROM THE ROYAL AIR FORCE FROM THE OFFICERS AND AIRMEN OF NO.1 "B" SQUADRON" A very slimline case which is in fact hallmarked for Birmingham 1903 and made by "Deakin & Francis". It would appear that Sergeant Major Notley smoked 'roll-up's' The case is in beautiful condition given it is 110 years old. One dink in the front but exceptional otherwise.
RARE!! 1913-1914 Zeppelin glass souvenir paperweight - LZ17 'SACHSEN' A very rare and collectable pre-War Zeppelin souvenir. I state pre-War as when examined under an eye glass there are no military markings on the Airship, just the name "SACHSEN". Pre-War, Sachsen proved to be an extraordinarily successful ship for DELAG, and carried 9,836 passengers on 419 flights in civilian service. It was also the first ship to be commanded by Ernst Lehmann. With the outbreak of war in August, 1914, Sachsen was transferred to the Army as a training ship, still under the command of Ernst Lehmann, and the leader of the German Navy’s airship service, Peter Strasser, received his training from Eckener and Lehmann aboard Sachsen. Sachsen was later modified to incorporate bomb racks and machine guns and made numerous bombing attacks on targets in Belgium, France, and England. The ship was dismantled in 1916. The overall condition of the paperwieght is good, a number of age related chips but the original photograph is fine and extremely detailed when viewed under a glass.
RARE!! 1927 Schneider Trophy Car Mascot - SUPERMARINE S.5 - Boxed! Other than for display purposes this Car Mascot has never been used. It seems to have always been in its box so is therefore in mint condition!
RARE!! 1934 Dated RAF Breeches Size 20! - Great Condition If it wasn't for two small areas of moth in the seat of these pants I'd be describing them as "EXCEPTIONAL & MINT"!! and definitely "MUSEUM STANDARD"! Having said that, the largest of these holes is only 3mm across so a very simple repair if deemed necessary. Hopefully my pictures show how immaculate these rare RAF Breeches really are. Everything about them is "as new", even the brass "Smith and Wright" Buttons. To top it all they are also a "huge" size 20!! well....huge for those days. All the stitching is tight and the material is a rich RAF blue/grey in colour. My pictures have really dulled down the colour and appearance....the material is "as new".
RARE!! 1941 Pattern Mae West Inflation Lever & Fixing Ring Perfect for completing the look of your 1941 Pattern Mae West. Condition is excellent, the 'marks' are patination of the brass where the nickel plating has worn. Check out Code; 53595 1941 Mae West Bladder. I will fit the lever etc. if purchased together. Code; 53445 will show you these look when complete
RARE!! 1943 Luftwaffe - \'Aviation Pocket Calendar\' - Un-used A scarce, original Luftwaffe Pocket Calendar/Diary. Actually only about 20 of the150 pages make up the diary. The majority of the book is made up of Luftwaffe Flying Technical Details, Aircraft Recognition, Aircraft Navigation etc and numerous ads for the likes of Heinkel, Junkers, Dornier, Messerscmitt, Focke Wulf, Draeger, Arado etc. Condition is fine internally, The front and back boards are complete but the spine cover is missing. This shouldn\'t detract from a rare, Wartime Luftwaffe publication.
RARE!! 1950's RAF Projector with 36 Induction & Training Films - YES, 36!! Dating from post-WWII and thought to come from RAF Hendon, this vintage projector comes complete with an incredible 36 Induction and Training Films of the Royal Air Force. These films sometimes appear on the market individually or in groups up to four (maximum I've seen). So this is a very unique opportunity to acquire 36 of these films in one go AND, have the capability to view them. To give you an example of the contents the Battle of Britain morale boosting film contains 42 original period images, many of which are instantly recogniseable and come with full written details; 1; Map of Europe, March 1940 - 2;Map of Western Europe July 1940 - 3; Heinkel He111 - 4; Dornier Do.17 - 5; Junkers Ju.88 - 6; Junkers Ju.87 - 7; Messerschmitt Me109 - 8; Messershmitt Me110 - 9; Map, Dispostion of the Luftwaffe - 10; Map, RAF Fighter Groups and Radar Cover - 11; Radar - 12; Observer Corps Post - 13; Searchlights - 14; Hurricanes - 15; Spitfires - 16; Control Room - 17; Ground Crews - 18&19 "Ack-Ack and Balloons - 20; Rescue Squad 21; Channel Activities - 22; Stuka - 23; Map of Attacks of August 15th "Eagle Day" - 24; "Scramble" - 25; Combat Painting - 26 He.111's - 27; He111 on fire - 28; Vapour Trails - 29; Bob Stanford Tuck - 30; Group Captain Adolph Malan - 31; Douglas Bader - 32; Air Sea Rescue - 33; Map, 11 Group Sector Airfields - 34; Waves of Bombers - 35; Sequence, shooting down an Me109 - 36; He111 over London - 37; Damage to Oil Farm - 38; Tower Bridge - 39; Reminder of Phases - 40; Comparative Losses - 41; Fighter Production V Losses - 42; Churchill Remember this is only one of 36 original Royal Air Force films, all in excellent condition!
RARE!! 1st Pattern RAF TypeD Flying Helmet - Fleet Air Arm? A very rare variant of the externally wired 1st Pattern TypeD Flying Helmet. This example has been fitted with the zipped ear covers more usually associated with the Fleet Air Arm. The Helmet and Loom are both in first class condition and the Helmet is a good size 3.
RARE!! 1st Pattern! RCAF WWII Flying Helmet It's amazing how infrequently this early/pre WWII Flying Helmet of the Royal Canadian Air Force actually turns up...this is only the third example I've ever had. Totally based on the British RAF Btype Flying Helmet there were a few subtle differences. The main difference being in the leather chosen, the Canadian "Btype" was made in russett brown leather in comparison to the darker RAF Helmet. The Canadian variant had no Oxygen Mask fittings, these were retro-fitted. One other difference was the Canadian use of standard pronged buckle fastenings rather than the British 'Bennetts' Buckle....this 1st Pattern however, does have Bennetts Buckle type fastenings. At this stage I'd be describing this rare Helmet as almost "MINT" with a repair to one donut but, there's a zip fastener missing! I've no idea how that could have happened as the zip itself is perfect, a relatively easy repair however. Other than that, well just look at the pictures, a real beauty!
RARE!! Air Ministry stamped 'Clasp Knife' - 22P/11 - by G.I & Co.
RARE!! Avro Lancaster MkII Cockpit Clock - Needs work but comes with rare original mounting bracket & box. A very worthy restoration project which still displays well as it is. Very rarely is this MkII Cockpit Clock seen with its original mounting plate. The plate was used to situate Clock alongside the Repeating Compass at the very top the Avro Lancaster instrument panel. Another great feature is the fact the cushioning rubber sections are still in place too. There is some deterioration to the rubber but it hasn't hardened and is still useable. The Clock isn't working so would require attention. It is possible to still see the Air Ministry stamp and a small section of the yellow issue stamp.
RARE!! Boxed G45 'Spitfire' Gun Camera with Extension Lens
RARE!! Canadian Flying Helmet - WWI Royal Canadian Flying Corps? A superb early Canadian Flying Helmet with all the hallmarks of dating to the First World War. The first thing to notice is the curious leather ear pieces. Made from the same heavy leather and manufacturing technique used in WWI Gun Holsters etc. Internally they carry a short webbing strap and are stamped "PATENT APPLIED FOR". Strangely there are no holes to the ear through the Helmet itself....I'm completely ignorant to these fittings, any information would be appreciated. One thing is for sure...the "PATENTED" ear pieces didn't make it much further than this particular Flying Helmet. The snap fasteners are made by "UCF Canada" and as with most very early Flying Helmets there are no Goggle Straps. The chin strap is secured in place by means of a buckle/snap fastener arrangement often seen on Imperial German Flying Helmets of the day. At one time this Helmet would have been a deep red/brown in colour but that has faded over the years and can now only be seen under the short peak. The lining is your typical dark blue 'itchy' blanket lining.
RARE!! Civil Air Guard Pilot's Log Book & RAF Wing - 222 Sqn Spitfire Pilot shot down by Me109 1941 Sgt/Pilot William Basil Rudd 926682 was born 7/06/1918. He joined the Civil Air Guard on 26 September 1938 and went on to Basic Flying Training at Portsmouth Aero Club. He finally succeeded in being accepted as a Pilot with the RAF and flew Spitfire MkVb's with 222 Squadron. Sgt Pilot W B Rudd was shot down over France whilst on "93 Circus" on the afternoon of the 4th September 1941. He was flying the MkVb Spitfire - W3124, he parachuted from his Spitfire and was taken Prisoner of War. What I have here is his first Flying Log Book with just a few pages filled in and his "Call up Card" to report to the C.A.G at Portsmouth Aero Club on Sept 26th. There is also a very rare letter from the "Office of the Commission of the Civil Air Guard" explaining why the RAF cannot absorb members of the CAG at that time and, a pair of his much treasured RAF Pilot Wings. It would appear that W.B Rudd didn't take rejection easily and persevered to become an RAF Fighter Pilot. A small, but very poignant group of rare C.A.G items to a young man with the skill's and will to become a Pilot and ultimately determined to fly the legendary Spitfire with the RAF.....William Basil Rudd was one of the very 'Few' who actually succeeded in doing so!
RARE!! Cold War 'BLUE STEEL FORCE' C.G COMPUTER for the Victor B MkI My research with fellow enthusiasts tell me this is a very, very rare C.G Computer for the Victor B Mk1. Although this is named on the case to a J. Bowman, it does come from a large group of items pertaining to a "BLUE STEEL FORCE" Victor Bomber Pilot - Flt Lt. R.A Wightman. As can be seen, the computer is in almost mint/cased condition. A superb piece of Aviation Memorabilia which would grace any collection from the Cold War.
RARE!! Early Aircraft Engine Primer by 'The Lunkenheimer Company' The Lunkenheimer Company were primarily known as Whistle & Valve manufacturers, established in the mid-19th Century. This lovely Engine Primer dated 1913 was one of their early forays into the Aviation Industry. I'm afraid I can't tell you what type of Aircraft this would have been used in but as an early Cockpit Control it makes a very fine display piece. The stand has been used solely for that purpose. In excellent condition for a 100 year old piece of engineering.
RARE!! Early Aircraft Inclinometer by 'AIR ASSOCIATES Inc' A very nice example of a rare WWI Inclinometer, fitted in almost every aircraft of WWI. Therefore a "must-have" for any WWI Cockpit Panel.
RARE!! Genuine 'Trench Art' Hawker Hurricane 'Floatplane' - Multipart Construction A new kid on the block when it comes to original Aviation 'trench art'. Handmade in aircraft aluminium and from at least 12 separate components this portrays a very scarce 'bird' indeed. A Hawker Hurricane with floats.
RARE!! Gild & Enamel PAF Observer Wings - J.R Gaunt This is one of two \"GAUNT\" Gilded & Enamelled Polish Air Force Wings bought in recently from the same Polish Collection.
RARE!! Gilt & Enamel Polish Air Force Air Gunners Wing - by GAUNT An original and scarce Gilt & Enamel Air Gunners Badge by \"Gaunt of London\". Authenticated by two far more knowledgeable Polish Insignia Collectors than myself.
RARE!! Greek Air Force Pilot (Homage) Wristwatch by 'FORTIS' I've tried researching this particular "FORTIS" wristwatch but with no success. Perhaps someone can pass on some information about it? It is in very good (used condition) and working perfectly.There are a couple of shallow scratches on the glass which I feel sure could be polished out. The watch comes with the Luftwaffe type strap as shown and the box. Whichever way you look at it the watch is a real eyecatcher and as with any FORTIS timepiece it is of very high Swiss quality.
RARE!! Luftwaffe 'leg' Compass - Luftwaffe Nightfighter Variant This particular Luftwaffe AK39 'Armbandkompass' was adapted to wear around the thigh of the Airman. Judging from the verdigris from the brass engrained into the leather strap this adaptation was done quite some time ago. The overall length of the strap is some 82cms, enough to fasten around a thigh encompassed in a thick Fliegerkombi or Channelsuit and all that's worn beneath it. The 'Armbandkompass' is fully funtional and still has its fluid.
RARE!! Luftwaffe Control Column for the 'GIGANT' Front Gun Turret It took a fair bit of research to establish exactly what this was. Fortunately a couple of my contacts knew exactly where this column was situated. I've only carried out a very brief clean-up of the Grip.
RARE!! Luftwaffe Observer (Homage) Wristwatch by 'GLYCINE' If you google "Glycine Observer Watch" you will see the many positive reviews this watch has received. You will also see just how difficult it is to acquire one this particular wristwatch. Even the larger dealers in the finest quality wristwatches have been sold out of this watch for quite some time, and having worn this Glycine Observer it is not difficult to see why. As I know diddly-squat about watches it is worth reading the 2010 review on the following website - The box isn't original to the watch but I will include it in the sale.
RARE!! Movado 'Triple Calendar' Wristwatch to WWII RAF Pilot In itself this stunning Movado wristwatch is a rare timepiece. However this watch has a history as it was owned and worn by Long Serving RAF Flight Lieutenant P V R Fantini an RAF Airman who served in Africa, Egypt & Malta. The earliest record I've found on Pasquale Valentino Robert Fantini thus far is as an RAF Pilot Officer in July 1941. The latest is when Flt Lt Fantini extended his RAF service for a further five years in 1958. I do know he was commissioned as Flight Lieutenant in 1949. The watch itself is a superb quality museum piece in full working order, including the triple date function. The bespoke metal strap is a work of art in itself and when worn looks stunning. The strap carries Flt Lt. Fantini's ID details and theatres of operation. There is also a silver RAF 'plaque' which sadly has been polished over the years so it's almost impossible to make out the crest and motto. The crest looks to be a Dragons Head but other than that the rest is illegible. A very rare Movado, definitely worthy of serious research and a real talking point when worn.
RARE!! Multi-Signed Battle of Britain Print I 'rescued' this rare print some ten years ago and it has remained in my portfolio until now.
RARE!! Original ATA Flight Engineer Brevet - Bullion
RARE!! Original ATA Flight Engineer Brevet - Wool A very rare ATA badge indeed!...and in almost MINT condition!
RARE!! Original Luftwaffe NSFK 1938 Training Manual - Gauranteed Original and fully stamped to "GRUPPE 17" German Text - 62 pages - Excellent Condition.
RARE!! Original Luftwaffe NSFK 1939 Training Manual - "FLUGMOTORENFUNDE" Gauranteed Original and fully stamped to "GRUPPE 17" German Text - 88 Pages - Excellent Condition
RARE!! Original Luftwaffe NSFK 1939 Training Manual - "GERATEKUNDE" Gauranteed Original and fully stamped to "GRUPPE 17" German Text - 71 Pages - Excellent Condition
RARE!! Pair of Brown/Grey Leather & Suede Luftwaffe Flying Boots PERFECT FOR DISPLAY WITH A LUFTWAFFE 'CHANNEL FLYING SUIT. If you enter "Luftwaffe Flying Boots" into the website 'word search' you will see half a dozen pairs of WWII Luftwaffe Flying Boots of different patterns and periods of manufacture 1930's-1940's. As well as being one of the more "attractive" variants this pair of Boots are also one of the rarer patterns. Fully fur lined with a brown leather shoe area. The leg sections are in blue/grey leather and suede. It's worth pointing out that ALL the suede panels are matching, there was no 'make do and mend' on this pair of Boots. The soles are leather and have undergone a number of repairs during the conflict. I firmly believe these boots have never been touched since WWII. Because of the colour and style these make a perfect match with the grey/blue Luftwaffe Channel Suit...they even have the matching "RAPID" Zips, so often used on the Channel Suit. One extremely interesting feature to note, is the added riveted leather loop on the outside of each Boot. Perhaps for an extra ankle strap for securing the Boot to the Pilot on being forced to jump from his Aircraft. It may also be worth nothing that these Boots came with the Luftwaffe LkPS101 shown below. There are also three 1943 Luftwaffe Flares - ESN 7's which fire 3 white stars and 3 red stars.
RARE!! Pair of Bullion Pilot Wings - St. John's Ambulance! Something a little different for you Wing Collector's. An original pair of Bullion Pilot Wings of St. John's Ambulance. I've never seen another pair before so there can't be too many of these around. Defintely worth researching. Both the Wing and the Shoulder Titles have been removed from a uniform
RARE!! Pre-War Czechoslovakian Flying School Wing RARE!! Pre-War Czechoslovakian Flying School Wing Sadly the trade deal on this scarce badge fell through so it is now being offered for sale.
RARE!! RAF Knife from 1943 'Escape' Flying Boots I'm told this was "ground dug". Still displayable in its current condition.
RARE!! Rolls Royce 'Merlin' promo brochure from 1938 XVI-eme Exposition Internationale de l'Aeronatique (Paris Airshow) A very scarce Rolls Royce brochure from the 1938 Paris Airshow. In 1938 Rolls Royce were displaying their wares on Stand 53. Included in that display was the then little known Rolls Royce "Merlin" Aircraft Engine....... ......I wonder how many German visitor's picked up a copy of this brochure? Some foxing to the covers but internally very clean. A very rare, and historically relevant piece of Rolls Royce Merlin memorabilia.
RARE!! Two Part WWI Armee de L'Air Cigogne Breast Badge This is the rare "two part" private purchase Cigogne and not a leter production piece.
RARE!! Vintage Car Badge to No. 601 (COUNTY OF LONDON) SQUADRON A very scarce car badge made by the "BIRMINGHAM MEDAL CO." - "No. 601 (COUNTY OF LONDON) SQUADRON" "ROYAL AUXILIARY AIR FORCE" I know I don't need to go through the details of this legendary RAF Squadron of the Battle of Britain. I do recommend you visit my good friend John Wheeler's website
RARE!! WWII USAAF TypeA-3 Air Gunners Safety Belt by \'IRVING\'---\'MEMPHIS BELLE\' This is a piece of WWII USAAF Flying Equipment very rarely seen! Made by \"THE IRVING AIR CHUTE COMPANY\", in its Original Box with attached 1942 Inspection Label and Multi-date stamped and marked 1942/43/44. The Belt is in wonderful condition with the spring-loaded clip still fully funtional. Probably the best example of the use of the A-3 Belt is by USAAF B-17 Air Gunners in the Ball Turret of the Flying Fortress. This was their one and only life-line should the Turret be \'shot up\'. They may have been left hanging, but they \"were still attached to their ship\".
RARE!!! RAF Type \'G\' Sunglasses by \'ALGHA\' Excellent for display, with excellent Frames & Arms. However, not recommended for wear as the lenses aren\'t good enough for even general use. Stamped - /I\\ 22G/1398
RARE, CASED & MINT!! Pair of German Aviator's 'SUN GOGGLES' Made of bakelite, variants of these early "SUN GOGGLES" were worn by the Luftwaffe throughout the 1930's and into the Second World War...see the excellent picture of Luftwaffe Bomber Pilot from the Battle of Britain publication "SO FEW". Still in their original case these Goggles are in superb condition and are still very wearable with excellent tinted lenses. Structurally they are 100% with no cracks or breaks. The case does show age and wear but still snaps closed and opens with no problems. Very few of this type of 1930's German Goggle survive today, purely because of the fragility of the early bakelite/plastic frames.
Regia Aeronautica Insignia - Questions?? These pictures show three of my items of insignia to the Italian Air Force. Regretablly I've lost the information on the small Wing and the bullion oval around the Eagle of one RA Cap Badge. I bought these some time back and know the small Wing is a very scarce piece of Regia Aeronatica insignia, can anyone shed some light?
REMARKABLE!! One Piece 1930's Black Leather Fliegerkombi - DORNIER Test Pilot! OPEN TO OFFERS - OPEN TO OFFERS - OPEN TO OFFERS This is one amazing piece of German Flying Clothing. Made by "ROBERT STRAUSS" this very rare Fliegerkombi carries the stamp of the DORNIER 'Werks' and a small (never seen before) DORNIER Workers Badge which has been riveted through the leather. I've dated it to the 1930's based on the fact all zips are the early "Lightning Bolt" ZIPP type. The Flight Suit leather is in exceptional condition, as is the grey blanket lining. The main zip and sleeve zips work fine but there are some teeth missing from the leg zips. This is a highly unique/bespoke item of Flying Clothing, the likes of which I've never seen before. A difficult item to price so I'm open to offers on it. OPEN TO OFFERS - OPEN TO OFFERS - OPEN TO OFFERS
REMARKABLE!! Pair of 1943 RAF Flying 'ESCAPE' Boots Can I suggest you immediately go to picture 9. Not only are these boots in immaculate condition but they also have their original "ITSHIDE" heels and more importantly, their soles. Therre is one noticeable mark on the black suede (could brush out) but other than that these are just about perfect. The plush sheepskin lining is also present on the inner soles too! THESE ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO UPGRADE!!
Replica (Not Fake) 1920-1924 Canadian Air Force Pilot Wing - CAF Buttons in an original 'SCULLY' Box. This early Canadian Air Force Wing was sold to me as an original wing, but after a few authentication enquiries I was informed it to be a "Replica"....notice I use the word "Replica" and not "Fake". This Wing was never made to deceive. It is thought this Wing is one of a small number made in the 1960's for presentation/wear by early Canadian Air Force Pilots of the 20th Century. It is therefore a very rare Pilot Wing in its own right. Multi-piece made, it replicates superbly the Pilot Wing of the 1920-1924 Canadian Air Force. I believe the Wing and CAF lettering to be in silver, and the Maple Leaf looks to have a copper finish. I understand this replica Wing was presented to the CAF Veterans along with with a pair of original CAF buttons, so I have displayed this Wing in a similar fashion. I've even shown them in an original William Scully box. Even though this is a replica, it's a rarity in its own right. Indeed I've never seen another example.
Replica Luftwaffe Flieger Jacket (EASTMAN) Probably the finest replica Luftwaffe Flieger Jacket on the market....As you would expect from Eastman's, the attention to detail, and the quality of materials and manufacture is second to none!
Reproduction 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger & Hanger Acquired separately, the Hanger is actually quite a good reproduction but the Dagger is a cheap piece of crap! Having said that, from five feet away it \"looks\" not half bad. Certainly decent enough for a manequin, or perhaps re-enactment.
Reproduction Luftwaffe Flying Officer's Leather Boots An interesting pair of 'Luftwaffe' Pilot Boots to say the least! There is a fair amount of age to them and are of extremely good quality of manufacture so could still be worn today. The ankle and leg straps have been replaced/added at some stage to give the look of a pair of high quality Luftwaffe Officer's Boots and the effect has certainly been achieved successfully. These wouldn't look out of place on a top Luftwaffe Pilot manequin, in fact they would look pretty damned good. Size 8
Requesting assistance again - 'Draper & Maynard' Military Flying Helmet to 'H H FULLER' First let me thank everyone for their kind help over the years in researching many historic aviation items. We all know just how difficult it can be to put actual history to a piece which has been laid in a box for the past 70-100 years. One of the major benefits in having my website is that it affords me the opportunity to call upon my friends for help...and vice versa. What I have here is a WWI Flying Helmet of the US Air Service. Made by Draper & Maynard (see Code: 53202) this rare Helmet is so well marked I have to think it is quite possible the original owner could well be identified. The marks read from top to bottom as such; 7/5/18 - 7/17/18 CAMP DICK, DALLAS 7/17/18 - 11/26/18 "H H FULLER" BARRON FIELDS 3/9/18 - 22/6/18 PRINCETON N.J S.M.A There are also marks showing a US Pilot Wing and an abstract sketch. I then believe it says - "Enlisted 11/19/18 NEW YORK"
RESCUED!! Large, Heavy Building Plaque - ROYAL AIR FORCE BENEVOLENT FUND - Pre-1953 I'm really delighted to be able to show you this as it was probably heading for a skip if it hadn't been rescued at some stage. This RAFBF Building Plaque is one of a number of rare and obscure RFC/RAF items I will be offering throughout 2014. Due to the passage of time I'm unable to state exactly on/in which Building these items were originally situated but thankfully they have made it to me. This very rare Plaque was likely to have been on the wall of an RAF associated building which was supported by the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. The Plaque is cast in clay with a glazed front and measures 12.5" x 17". It weighs approximately two stone, so please bear the weight in mind if you do decide to buy it. I don't know how relevant this is, but there is marked on the reverse "No.4". PLEASE NOTE; If anyone from the RAFBF is reading this and feels the RAFBF could still use the Plaque I'm more than happy to donate it back to you. Simply email me at and we'll make arrangements to meet.
RESEARCHING! WWI Military Pigeon Service Medal - Kaiser Willhelm II I believe this to be a very rare silver medal of the Imperial German Air Service "FLUG" which relates to their use of Pigeon Message Carriers. I have been able to locate a medal used by the Imperial Navy and Army, but not of the Imperial German Air Service...see the following link. As always, opinions and information are gratefully received if you can educate further on this medal.
Restorer wanted for Shorts Empire Flying Boat. I don't think I've ever used the expression "as rare as hen's teeth" on my website even though a lot of my vintage items are just that, "as rare as hens teeth". This piece of Aviation Memorabilia is just that, and the rest.... This Empire Flying Boat Cigarette Dispenser is the only example I have ever found. Not surprising as it is reputed to have come from "Shorts" Offices in Rochester. If ever a piece of memorabilia demanded restoration then this is it. I'm happy to sell it as it is but I'm putting out a plea to anyone who has the time, skills and enthusiasm to bring this back to its former glory.
RFC Trench Watch -
RFC/Early RAF Leather & Fur Flying/Motoring Gauntlets An excellent pair of Early 20th Century, Leather palmed, Fur Flying Gauntlets still with their original size tag inside on the Blanket Lining. These fit me nicely so would be a medium size.
RLB Armband
RNAS Trench Art - Officer\'s Mess Dinner Table \'crumb catcher\' One of the finest pieces of \"trench art\' I\'ve seen in a while. Craftsman made, hand-planished Eagle of the Royal Naval Air Service skilfully created in copper with a brass and copper ringed handle. The patination on this piece is incredible. I don\'t think this has ever been polished or cleaned.....a real rarity!
RNZAF/RAF Battle of Britain Pilot Wings/Guinea Pig Club Group to F/O Fleming. See Code; 51623 for further pictures. AN AMAZING FIND TO A BATTLE OF BRITAIN HURRICANE PILOT & ONE OF THE VERY, VERY FIRST GUINEA PIG'S. A couple of years ago this group of items were sold on ebay by a lady who found them in the bottom of a sewing basket she bought in a general sale. All items were well pictured by the seller but for some reason they didn't attract the interest I fully expected to see. Maybe the reason for that was because the seller had incorrectly listed them as from a "Peter Fleming". I carefully studied the pictures and concluded that the Battle of Britain medals and Guinea Club Badge were definitely to a 'Fleming', not to "Peter" but to F/O John Fleming. So, imagine my delight when they the packet were a roll of name tags to "J Fleming" and "J.F", these weren't pictured in her listing. These are the type of labels which were sewn in to Uniforms, Flying Gear etc. 31695 F/O Fleming was flying Hurricane L2061 of 605 Squadron when at 12.30pm on the 8th of September 1940 he was shot down by an Me109 over Tunbridge Wells. Fleming bailed out and made a delayed drop at 20,000 feet, badly burned and seriously injured. His burns and injuries were so extensive that he was basically "left to rot" in the RAF Hospital, Halton. That was until he was 'found' by Archie McIndoe who transferred Fleming to East Grinstead where he became a true 'Guinea Pig' by being one of the very first Airmen to be given the Saline Bath treatment. Remarkably F/O Fleming returned to flying with the RAF! He was awarded the MBE in 1944 and even joined one of specialist teams in tracking down the German V1 and V2 Rocket Sites in France and Belgium. A TRULY REMARKABLE 'ONE OF THE FEW' This wonderful group of Battle of Britain memorabilia had lain in that sewing basket for goodness knows how many years? They almost became landfill, just imagine that!
RNZAF/RAF Battle of Britain Pilot/Guinea Pig Club Group to F/O Fleming. New Pictures and Information added to Item No; 52933
Royal Air Force - Bomb Aimer Brevet, Flat #2
Royal Air Force - Bomb Aimer Brevet, Flat #3
Royal Air Force - Navigator Brevet, Flat #2
Royal Air Force Swagger Stick - with Weapon?
Royal Air Force Walking Cane & Swagger Stick - Pair?
Royal Flying Corps - Gilded Enamel Sweetheart Brooch A lovely Enamel & Gilded brass Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Brooch.
Royal Flying Corps - Large hand planished Brass \'Charger\' A wonderful period display piece of the Royal Flying Corps! With a diameter of 36cms/14\" this is a very eyecatching and quite unique piece of RFC Memorabilia. I\'ve had this hung on the wall, below an Avro Prop Blade and it really does look perfect.
ROYAL FLYING CORPS 1913! Central Flying School - Officers Fourth Course I wanted to show you this prior to it going off to be re-glazed. Sadly it appears the original glass was recently broken so there are a few scratches to the photograph. This is a highly evocative image showing some the likes of Trenchard, Salmond etc at the very birth of the Royal Flying Corps. WHAT A PICTURE!! You can see the three previous CFS Course pictures on the following link;
ROYAL FLYING CORPS 1913! Central Flying School - Officers Fourth Course I have very carefully opened the frame of the photograph. It may be that because of the condition of the frame and backing board I will have to have this reframed as well as glazed for preservation purposes. As you can see, this extraordinary photograph of the Royal Flying Corps is 100% Original.
Royal Flying Corps Enameled Sweetheart Brooch Cased, I\'m not sure of the material. It is a \'Rose Gold\' colour but not marked..
Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing - Code A A superb droop wing Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing.
ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE/FLEET AIR ARM - Officer\'s Navy Rum Flagon. Bought at auction as a \"rare, early 20th Century Navy Rum Flagon\", this obviously caught my eye in the viewing because of the \"Winged Anchor\" Insignia. Navy Rum being a staple in the lives of ALL early Naval Service Personel of course. The condition is \"perfect\" with no cracks, chips or imperfections & no marks on the \"hand painted\" transfer print. The base has what was described to me as \"kiln splits, which were expected in the firing process\" There are no makers marks on the stoneware.
SCARCE! WWII Free French Air Force 'FFI' Badge - Numbered. Made by Arthus Bertrand and 100% Original. Numbered 294541. I understand these numbers are traceable.
SCARCE!! 'Gordon Aerotogs' Flying Helmet - Lafayette Escadrille? An extremely rare Flying Helmet indeed!! In fact, other than the example worn by Willis B. Haviland (N. 124 Lafayette Escadrille pilot No. 15.) I've never come across another example of this Flying Helmet in all my years of collecting. The only other mention of "Gordon Aerotogs" is that on the Charles Lindbergh 1927 Flying Suit at the Smithsonian Museum. As can be seen, the condition of this Flying Helmet is exceptional! with just one small seam separation and one 'split' popper. The whole popper fastener is still in place however and it still locates and stays.
SCARCE!! 'Sir Archibald Mcindoe' - 'Guinea Pig Club' Lectures Award Medal - in Solid Silver & Original Case Minted by the Royal Goldsmiths and Silversmiths "Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd" this rare medal was commissioned by The Guinea Pig Club itself. They were produced only to be presented to the speakers at the annual Mcindoe Memorial Lecture Awards so are of very limited numbers. This example is rare not only in the small numbers made, but (for coin/medal collectors) it is in mint, non-polished and non-engraved condition. I don't believe this has ever been out of its box since it was minted/assayed in 1996.
SCARCE!! Pair of very early RAF Flying / Fug Boots My thanks to Mick Prodger for graciously sending me the picture of Wing Commander R.C.M Pink CBE stood beside his 27 Squadron DH.9a "Ninak" Bomber in India, 1925. My good friend and customer Phil has informed me that he also owns a pair of these Fug Boots and they too were worn by an RAF Pilot flying with 27 Squadron in India. Phil also informed me that his pair, this pair, and a pair of these sold by Boseley's are the only three examples if this rare Fug Boot he has ever seen! The overall condition of these boots is excellent for their age. There are a couple of oil stains to the right boot and both heel areas have loose stitching. Other than that these are exceptional given they are approximately 100 years old.
SCARCE!! Pilot Wing of the Royal Flying Corps - 'Tropical Pin-Back' A seldom seen Pilot Wing of the Royal Flying Corps attached to its original pinned backing plate.
SCARCE!! Post-WW1 Pilot Wing of the Australian Flying Corps A very rare post-WW1 Pilot Wing if the Australian Flying Corps in very fine condition.
SCARCE!! RAF Jtype Oxygen Mask
SCARCE!! WWII Japanese Pilot Wings and Collar Wings - both in Bullion. An incredibly rare pair of WWII Japanese Pilot's Collar Wings in bullion. These came with their original Pilot Wing so will have tobe sold together. I can't split them, sorry.
Searching For Early 20th Century Images - BOULTON & PAUL Ltd. Static Air Display What I've pictured here is an early 20th Century vitreous enamel sign of "BOULTON & PAUL Ltd. NORWICH". Measuring 40" long, this is the type of sign seen alongside static Aircraft Displays promoting the makers of the modern Aircraft of the day. This dates to pre-1934 as BOULTON & PAUL Ltd became BOULTON PAUL AIRCRAFT Ltd in 1934. The closest match I've come to this sign is the graphics/font/layout painted on the tailplane of a 1918 BOULTON & PAUL Ltd P6 "X25"...these pictures can also be seen on the excellent website - Given Boulton & Paul Ltd's illustrious history of early Aircraft manufacture it would be great to put some background to this very rare sign.
SELDOM SEEN!! Silver Australian WOMENS AIR TRAINING CORPS Cap Badge - by STOKES This is a very scarce lapel pin of the Australian WOMENS AIR TRAINING CORPS. This is not a Cap Badge, it measures 45mm in width and is the type of rare lapel pin often presented to visiting dignitaries. In superb condition with perfect enamel and feathering to the Wings. The bend on the Wing tips is a very nice touch.
SERIOUSLY RARE!! Post-WWI Regia Marina/Aeronautica Pilot 'Honour' Wing Huge thanks go to my American friend Tom and his friend in Italy for the following information..... ....Before the creation of the Regia Aeronautica in 1923, the Italian Military Pilots came from the Regio Esercito ( ARMY ) and from the Regia Marina ( NAVY ). The former NAVY pilots were authorized by the fascist brass to hold their NAVY pilot wings as a honour badge on their new Regia Aeronautica uniforms.. Actually this is an honour badge formed by the original WW1 NAVY wings superimposed by the fascist ( FASCIO ) insignia. Tom's friend in Italy also supplied him/me with pictures of two other examples of this Wing....Shown in pictures 8&9 you can compare the other two and will see the example I'm offering is somewhat different/superior in manufacture in that it is jeweller made in many parts and the quality is exceptional! Measures 70mm across. This is one extremely rare Italian Pilot Wing!!!!
SHEFFIELD BRONZE - RAF Station Norton - SHEFFIELD BLITZ Barrage Balloons A historically important item of the City of Sheffield WWII Story...…"THE SHEFFIELD BLITZ". This is a very unique piece, most likely (given the very high quality in the casting) forged in Sheffield itself. Looking at the length of the fixing bolts this is obviously part of the "Main Plaque" for the newly named Norton Barrage Balloon Station in 1943. Originally appointed No 16 Balloon Centre on 1 September 1939 and was renamed RAF Station Norton on 1 June 1943. December 12th 1940 - The Sheffield Blitz – a savage Luftwaffe attack that killed 668 civilians and 25 servicemen, injured more than 1,500 others and left a tenth of the city’s population homeless. The first raid of the Sheffield Blitz involved about 280 enemy aircraft including Junkers 88s, Heinkel 111s and Dornier 17s and heralded a wave of explosives and incendiaries that fell on the city. Sheffield's steelworks played a major part in Britain’s war effort and made Sheffield an obvious target for the Luftwaffe. Sheffield’s Vickers factory was home to a 15 ton drop hammer – the ONLY one in the country capable of turning out Rolls-Royce Merlin crankshafts for the Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft. It also made components for tanks, as well as deck armour for warships and bomb castings..... ......Imagine if you can, The Battle of Britain without the Merlin Engine!! In the aftermath of the Sheffield Blitz, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited Sheffield and walked amongst the survivors to show solidarity with the city, while a short time later Winston Churchill arrived, delivering one of his trademark rousing speeches. As I said earlier, given the extra length of the three fixing bolts I believe this to be part of the Main Gate entrance sign. the quality of casting is second to none. This isn't "an off the shelf plaque", this is one of the finest RAF Plaques I've ever seen. It is certainly worthy of display in a Sheffield Museum. It measures 10" high x 8" across, and being made of solid bronze it is very heavy.
Silver 1916 Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Brooch - Fully Hallmarked A Beautiful example of a 1916 Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Brooch. Made by \"Adie & Lovekin\" Ltd and assayed for Birmingham 1916.
Silver Eagle on Oak Leaves A solid silver '3D' Eagle on Oak Leaves Any thoughts?
Silver Hawker Typhoon Paperwieight - Gloster Aircraft Company From my personal Hawker Typhoon Collection I've checked everywhere for a silver hallmark and there isn't one, so I assume this is (very heavily) silver plated.
Silver USAAF Senior Pilot Tie Clip An original WWII USAAF Senior Pilots Shirt Wing in silver. Probably adapted in the field and a fine accessory for re-enacting or mannequin.
SIZE 4!! - 22C/880 RAF Ctype Flying Helmet - 2nd Pattern/Wartime. Reputedly used in WWII by a Fighter Pilot of 41 Squadron who continued to fly with the Squadron and Royal Air Force for many years after the conflict and continued using his favourite Flying Helmet. This would explain the Nato Jack Plug..... ......of course this cannot be verified, but the manufacture and issue stamp do point to this being an earlier/Wartime 2nd Pattern Ctype. I have highlighted the leather surface in my pictures to show the Helmet shows signs of light wear but not of damage. A large size4 and possibly still airworthy.
SIZE 4!! Fully Wired 2nd Pattern CType RAF Flying Helmet. Complete, and in Excellent Condition! Very soft leather and stamped 22C/880........Size 4!
SOE 'Stinger' Ink Pen - The real thing?? Here is an item I know very little about...Having researched this I know what it is, or purports to be, and it seems to me to be completely authentic. What I don't know is if these have been faked/copied, so I rely on your knowledge to authenticate this piece. As an engineer I know just how difficult, and expensive it would be to correctly replicate the blued steel "stinger", but that doesn't mean this hasn't been done. I welcome your thoughts on this. Do please ask for my pictures to be sent to your email address. When zoomed in, the images do seem to authenticate the blade etc. Since asking for further information I've had a couple of positive replies. However I have had a very informative reply to the contrary from one of my customers, this is it, word for word; Good afternoon Ian, I have just been looking at the pen on your website and I have to say to say that whilst it looks period, the words 'pen' and 'brand' in English would make this highly unlikely to be of SOE origin. Great care was taken to have no english labels, no english writing, european cut suits and even triangular lace holes in French shoes, so I find it very hard to believe that the pen could be genuine. There are number of people selling fakes on the web at the moment, particularly concealed weapons with similar blades, such sales on eBay are often re-listed after the auction with 'amended' information. Keep up the good work with the shop and the museum!. Kindest regards, BW
Solid 9ct Gold - Royal Flying Corps Tie Pin A Quality RFC Tie Pin in 9ct Gold & Enamel.
Solid Gold RAF Ear Ring & Brooch Set. I use the word \'set\' advisedly as the Earrings and Brooch were made by different Jewellers. The Earrings carry the Goldsmiths mark \"JWB\" and the Brooch was made by Goldsmiths, \"J.G & S\". Both are solid 9ct Gold and are of the finest quality. The James Murray \'Retail\' box, I don\'t believe to be original to the \'set\'. It seems to have been utilised simply to display the pieces, and very nicely it displays too.
Solid Italian Silver REGIA AERONAUTICA Fiat CR32 - Spanish Civil War
SPECIAL!! Solid Gold & Enamel WWII RAF Pilot Ring I find it strange that very few RAF Rings were ever made. Brooches, Cufflinks, Tie-Pins, Squadron Badges, all of these have been made in various metals including silver and gold. Yet this is one of only a handful of gold rings I've ever come across. Check it out for yourself, and see how many you can find.
SPECTACULAR!! WWII Japanese 'KAMIKAZE' Flying Helmet If ever a flying helmet depicts the iconic image of the "KAMIKAZE" then this is the one! As can be seen from my pictures the leather of this helmet was once a wonderful maroon colour. Exposure to light for the past 70+ years has faded the leather in parts but this is still a magnificent and rare Japanese Flying Helmet. The overall condition is as good as I've seen on the few examples of this I've come across, it has all original buttons and ties and splendid golden fur throughout. Also' the silk upper lining is in wonderful condition. There are a few small areas of loose stitching but the helmet is structurally excellent!
Spitfire BFP - Air Ministry 'Direction Indicator' - VERY RARE!! Gold lettering variant! Whilst in the process of putting together my Hawker Typhoon instrument panel I searched for only the finest quality instruments. In my hunt I not only found two perfect Turn and Slip Indicators (Code: 51841) but I also found not one, but two of these very rare Direction Indicators for the Blind Flying Panel. If you're putting together your own Spitfire Blind Flying Panel and are looking for something that bit special, you couldn't do better than adding this.
Spitfire Escape Crowbar Full description to follow.
Spitfire Mirror First I must explain what is original, and what has been used to complete what is a first class Spitfire display piece. The bowl and mirror holder are both fully stamped, original Air Ministry pieces. They have seen use but are still in remarkable condition. The bowl still has about 85% of its original paint in place. The Mirror stalk is one supplied by Graham of Spifirespares, these aren't cheap but I can't sing their praises highly enough. Even the stamping is excellent! The original Mirror was not with the casing when I acquired it so I commissioned one to be made to suit and simply use blue tac to keep it in place. I also had a display stand made for the Mirror to display it correctly....I've added a picture of how I display it, with a Dinky Me110 on the Spit's tail. This looks far better than I'm able to picture it due to the reflctions showing the camera. I will add that this Spitfire Mirror came with the inevitable 'combat story' behind it, but I didn't believe it so I wouldn't expect you to. It's a fantastic display piece and that is good enough for me.
SPITFIRE Spade Grip from 'Kenley Spitfire' TB885 - Fully Provenanced! This genuine Spitfire Spade Grip is one of best known and most documented Spitfire Grips there is. "The Kenley Spitfire TB885" was described in 2008 as "what some consider to be the world's most famous Spitfire". This Control Column Top was removed during the late 1950's from the wreck of TB885 at RAF Kenley by a local resident. It was removed it from the dumped wreck not long before its remains were buried on site, although the wreck was again recovered in more recent years. This particular Spitire has gone on to gain great status through debates and discussions on various Aviation Forum's. The Spade Grip comes fully provenanced with a hand-written letter from one of the World's top Aviation Historians. For further pictures and history go to;
SPITFIRE!! Original MkXIV Spitfire Propeller Blade Again this was acquired for my Johnnie Johnson display in the Museum. However, at the time of purchase I was able to buy not one but two blades. So I am now selling the second
SPLENDID!! Early Royal Air Force Officer's Desk Box I've a feeeling this is possibly a Cigarette box for an RAF Officers Desk.
Stadium Goggles, a brief explanation for the less experienced collectors.. Put the word "Stadium" in front of the word "Goggles" and experienced collectors immediately think of the 1960's Motorcycle Goggles......Unfortunately, less experienced collectors are often fooled into thinking these are genuine WWII RAF Flying Goggles....this listing is for their benefit. "Stadium" became much better known from 1961 as manufacturers of cycle and motorcycle accessories, including “Stadium” goggles and crash helmets, with manufacturing sites in London, Birmingham and South Wales. commercial-director-reflects-on-stadium%E2%80%99s-100-years-of-manufacturing-innovation Sadly these Stadium Goggles are all too often incorrectly sold as WWII Flying Goggles. There are similarities to the RAF/Air Ministry MkVIII Flying Goggles but Stadium made their Goggles 20 Years after WWII. Regretably, one very well known trader is actually selling a pair of these 1960's Goggles as "WWI Flying Goggles". If you want to see an original FRENCH MADE pair of "Stadium" Flying Goggles, see below.
STAMPED!! Pair of Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe Officers Gloves Made of soft unlined grey suede this type of glove was often favoured by Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots as it gave them a 'better feel' on the aircraft control column. This unissued pair carry what I believe are Wehrmacht issue stamps rather than Luftwaffe issue markings. Medium in size.
STUNNING & VERY RARE!! RFC Pilot Wing - Multi-part/Gilt Metal - by 'J.A GAUNT' of London This is a Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing which should stir some debate so please ask for my pictures to be forwarded to you for closer scrutiny.....We've all seen those cheap copies of the RFC Metal Wing, indeed I've a couple on display in the "fakes and copies" section of my Museum (see Code 52891). Now, these copies had to be reproduced from an original, and I believe that what I have here may well be just that. This gilded RFC Wing is very finely detailed with the fixing pin mounted in two affixed plates. The Wing itself is the same size as the more familiar full-sized RFC Pilot Wing but is a lot thinner in manufacture. The fact the pin is mounted on separate plates is very important in pointing to it being an original. The manufacture of this Wing in multi-part construction surely would not be financially viable for a replicator. As I said earlier, this Wing is up for debate. I'm selling it as a rare original based on the manufacturing process and I certainly have never another example of this Wing being offered elsewhere. Thoughts and opinions are very much welcomed, as always.
STUNNING! Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing An exceptional, rare Pilot Wing of the Royal Flying Corps. Quite a unique Wing with the black stitching used to pick out the feathering detail. In superb/worn condition.....a real eye-catcher!
STUNNING! WWI RAF Officers Mess Ice Bucket - Propeller Hub
STUNNING!! 'Art Deco' French Armee de l'Air Desk Model - POTEZ 361 If I say so myself, there are some very rare and quite stunning Vintage Aircraft models both on my website and in my own private collection (Typhoon & Tempest), but very few come close to quality of this breathtaking model!! Made from polished brass, chrome, wood and even glass propellers, this is one of the finest period models I've ever come across. It really makes no difference what angle you view this from it is still one of the most appealing Aircraft models you will ever see!
STUNNING!! 'BATTLE OF BRITAIN' Spitfire MkII Cockpit Clock - 1938 Dated An absolutely beautiful RAF Timepiece. There is some lume missing from the number 2 in 12 and from the number 8 but that should not detract from this almost MINT example of this Spitfire MkII Cockpit Clock. Even with the missing lume, this is still the finest and cleanest example I have ever come across. It is STUNNING! The Clock is fully operational and 100% complete.
STUNNING!! 'Buttersoft' leather Motoring/Aviator Coat 'inner'. French made for 'HARRODS' There are a number of schools of thought relating to the grey area in the cross-over of Motoring and Aviation Clothing up to say, my opinion there is no grey area when it comes to pre-WWI manufactured Clothing & Kit. The vast majority of clothing from that era was privately purchased, and it would be several years before Flying Clothing was 'issued' to the Air Forces of the World. It's a fact that there are just a handful of recognised items of officially issued Military Flying Kit in those early days and this is why I take a much more relaxed point of view in early gear. It's not unreasonable to say that those wealthy enough to own an automobile would also be the only class with access to a Flying Machine. Nowadays we have to rely on period photographs and retail catalogues to identify the vast majority of Auto and Flying Gear. So when it comes to pre-WWI items of clothing and headgear I have no qualms in putting such a piece under one heading "Automotive & Flying". After all "D Lewis" continued with that phrase well after WWII. What I'm showing here is just such an item of clothing...and what an item!! This is an immaculate leather coat in stunning buttersoft leather. Please email me; and I'll send pictures for your appraisal
STUNNING!! 'D-Day' Silver Sweetheart Brooch - Polish Air Force Officer Was it sheer coincidence that this beautiful Sweetheart Brooch was gifted to "To Lily from Miki" exactly one week before D-Day on the 29th of May 1944? Or, did Miki know something? An outstanding Polish Air Force brooch in its own right, but the poignant date of its presentation really adds something very special to the piece.
STUNNING!! 'set' of three period brass plates - RFC, RNAS & RAF A wonderful display set-up which perfectly shows the amalgamation of the Royal Flying Corps with the Royal Naval Air Service to become the Royal Air Force on April 1st 1918. These items are all gauranteed as authentic pieces of WWI British Aviation Memorabilia.
STUNNING!! 'Sunburst' Propeller 'Trench Art' Prop Hub. One of the most attractively worked Propeller Hubs I've ever seen! The work on the base and inlaid "Sunburst" marquetry is just stunning... .....DON'T MISS THIS ONE!
STUNNING!! 1920's - 1930's 'Art Deco' RAF Propeller Clock This is just a bit special! I acquired one of these about five years ago at an Antique & Collectors Fair, the condition was nowhere near as good as this and it wasn't working. Back then I was still selling on ebay and, even though the clock wasn't working it sold for a crazy price, even for then! This time the Clock is working fine and the whole piece is in wonderful condition. There is little to no wear to the chromed propeller and the RAF Roundels are still very easy to distinguish. Two minor issues, the glass is loose and the ticking is bloody annoying! Somewhere in my collection of vintage RAF literature I remember seeing these RAF Clocks being advertised, but sadly I haven't been able to lay my hands on it to date this correctly. A rare & superb addition to any Royal Air Force display. 11" - 28cms across
STUNNING!! 1920's - 1930's 'Art Deco' RAF Propeller Clock This is the slightly earlier 'brother' of the chromed Propeller Clock & Barometer shown below. This time the Clock is working fine and the whole piece is in wonderful condition. There is little to no wear to the chromed propeller and the RAF Roundels are still very easy to distinguish. Two minor issues, the glass is loose and the ticking is bloody annoying! Somewhere in my collection of vintage RAF literature I remember seeing these RAF Clocks being advertised, but sadly I haven't been able to lay my hands on it to date this correctly. A rare & superb addition to any Royal Air Force display. 11" - 28cms across
STUNNING!! 1930's Deco Desk Model of the Junkers Ju52 An outstanding model of the Junkers Ju52, which is very much in an 'art deco' style. Very unique and beautifully made. Multi-piece craftsman made, and a real rarity! I've never seen another example of this Ju52. Please note; the base is not original to the model and two of the propellers are likely to be replacements. On receiving the model I immediately decided it deserved to be displayed in style, so I commissioned the base to be made. I hope you agree it is magnificent and certainly does the model justice.
STUNNING!! 1930's Luftwaffe/NSFK Sailplane Pilot Award This is the perfect accompanying piece of the 1940's NSFK Glider model shown below. The Sailplane represented on this rare award is identical to the Glider.
STUNNING!! 1937 Hallmarked - 1941 engraved WAAF's Silver Cigarette Case A beautiful piece of heavy silver (197g!!) with large engraved RAF Pilot Wings on top of very fine machine turned solid silver. This slimline (woman's) cigarette case was engraved as a gift from one woman to another.... "To my Darling Polly With All my Love from Isobel. August 3rd 1941" so perhaps from one sister to another on her Birthday? The case has a couple of knocks but really is still in wonderful condition. The RAF Pilot Wings are sublime...large and deeply engraved. The internal gilding has slight wear and all separate pieces of silver are engraved for 1937 and with the makers mark "A.W". It is of the very best quality, with a beautifully made piano hinge and catch. It also still has its orginal elasticated 'keeper'. Made by Alfred Nathan Andrews & Harry Stanley Andrews trading as A Wilcox, Nursery Road, Hockley, Birmingham.
STUNNING!! 1950's Chromed Jet Lighter - IMMACULATE CONDITION! An oustanding example of this 1950's Desk Lighter in the shape of a Jet Fighter. Other than the port wing showing very light wear this model is in mint condition. I don't believe it has ever been used and has 99.9% of its original chrome in place and still shining brightly.
STUNNING!! 9ct Gold RFC Pilot Wing - Mess Dress Wing A beautiful jeweller made Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing. An almost exact replication of the early WW1 metal RFC Pilot Wing in solid 9ct Gold. This rare Wing could have also been worn as a superior Mess Dress Wing.
STUNNING!! 9ct Gold SAAF Pilot Wing Badge A rare solid gold WWII Pilot Wing of the South African Air Force.
STUNNING!! Air Transport Auxiliary Car Badge In magnificent condition....the pictures say it all! Just the tiniest spots of corrosion which are barely noticeable.
STUNNING!! Art Deco Mantle Clock to Hawker Typhoon Pilot of 266 (Rhodesia) Squadron "STUNNING" is an understatement, this is of the very highest quality all round and must have cost the 266 Squadron Commanding Officer, Officers, NCO's and Other Ranks a small fortune at the time. It is without doubt the most magnificent 'gift' of the period I've come across. On Sunday January 10th 1943, seven Luftwaffe Focke Wulfs carried out a "tip and run" operation that killed 20 residents and injured another 27 of Teignmouth, Devon. The Focke Wulfs were returning home when they were intercepted by two Hawker Typhoons from 266 (Rhodesia) Squadron based at Exeter. One of the attackers was shot down 500 yards offshore by RAF Flying Officer John Small. I believe the cannon from that Focke Wulf is now on display in a Museum in Barnet. Flg Officer Small's victory of that day can be read in detail in the excellent book Luftwaffe Fighter-Bombers Over Britain: The Tip and Run Campaign, 1942-43 by Chris Goss. I'm not sure exactly when Flying Officer Small was married but he was certainly still an active Pilot at the time. The Clock is in full working condition and keeps excellent time.
STUNNING!! ATA Bullion Blazer Badge & Sundries to ATA Flight Engineer A wonderful small group of items relating to ATA Flight Engineer H.C Elliot. I must point you straight to the bullion ATA Badge, this is one very special piece of ATA insignia...a real stunner!
STUNNING!! Bullion Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing A real beauty in silver and gold bullion wire.
STUNNING!! Cased 'American Optical' Pre-War US Flying Goggles These rare A/O Flying Goggles are in immaculate condition and come in their original velvet lined case, they even have their original 1930's retail label. Overlooking a small crack in the corner of one lens, these could still be worn and, if they were to be worn the readily available lenses for the AN6530's do fit these Goggles. These pre-WWII Flying Goggles were based on the Wilson MkIV's and privately purchased by US Pilots of World War Two. Surely one of the most attractive designs of 1930's Flying Goggles of any maker and any nation. Almost impossible to upgrade!
Stunning!! Early 20th Century RFC/RAF Music/Jewellery Box A beautiful and quite poignant piece of RAF Memorabilia possibly dating from the 1910\'s-1920\'s. The musical movement still works and plays a delightful little melody.In the main, Box is in immaculate condition. I can only see two pieces of the marquetry ivory missing. These could be replaced if thought necessary. 16cms x 9.5cms x 6cms high.
STUNNING!! Fleet Air Arm Dtype Flying Helmet - 1st Pattern! - IMMACULATE!! A very rare Flying Helmet indeed, and one of the 'most attractive' British WWII Flying Helmets I've seen in a very long time. Fully rigged up to accept every RAF Oxygen Mask of WWII including the TypeD. The internal rubber receiver cups were removed for some unknown reason but other than that.....well just look at it!
STUNNING!! Gold & Silver Bullion RFC Observer Wing A beautiful example of this full dress Royal Flying Corps Wing.
STUNNING!! Gold and Silver Bullion WWII USAAF Shoulder Patch
STUNNING!! Hand Made 'Trench Art' Mascot of SPA 167 Cigogne de Romanet The second of three exceptional pieces of Armee de 'l'Air Memorabilia. A truly wonderful handmade desk mascot of the Armee de L'air SPA 3 "Cigogne de Romanet". Measures 32cms long x 20cms high and made from rivetted aluminium.
STUNNING!! Hand Made 'Trench Art' Mascot of SPA 3 Cigogne de Guynemer A truly wonderful handmade desk mascot of the Armee de L'air SPA 3 "Cigogne de Guynemer". Measures 19.5cms long x 11cms high and made from rivetted aluminium.
STUNNING!! Handmade WWI Royal Flying Corps VICKERS Machine Gun An outstanding piece of work is this. Totally handmade there must have been hundreds of hours of studious work went into this. The detailing is exceptional, with each cartridge having been hand turned on a lathe. The firing lever is spring loaded and does actually operate. The gun itself measures 26cms. Please note: I haven't described this as 'trench art' as I don't know how much age there is to the piece.
STUNNING!! Hanhart Replika Fliegerchronograph There were only 300 examples of this Fliegerchronograph made by Hanhart. It was very quickly sold out and is now only available on the secondary market. A very solid investment as well as being the finest looking Hanhart you can wear. This is my own watch and worn every day so a very, very reluctant sale, but on-going projects now require extra/urgent funding. Oh the joys of being a collector!!
STUNNING!! Irvin Jacket by 'EASTMAN' - MINT in BOX!! Never worn nor even displayed, so therefore in immaculate condition! A full description can be found on the Eastman website. Still in its original Eastman box. Marked Size - 42
STUNNING!! Item of RAF Hawkinge & BATTLE OF BRITAIN History There is no doubt in my mind that this is 100% Authentic and I do have a theory as to its place in Battle of Britain history. My theory is based upon the "OAK" design of this tobacco jar. "The Royal Oak" in Capel-le Ferne is just a few miles from Hawkingeand always had a long association with the RFC/RAF during both World Wars. Indeed there was an Airship Station right next to The Royal Oak as early as 1915. Then of course The Royal Oak was a frequent haunt of RAF Airmen for years afterwards. I had initially thought the presentee R.B Holt might have been the licensee of The Royal Oak in 1938, however my research shows that wasn't the case. Discovering who R B Holt was is now being researched further. The tobacco jar itself is a period piece, with its original "MINTON" china jar. Both the plaque and engraving are contemporary and I'm certain the whole piece does date to 1938. I'm convinced this gift to the RAF Officers of RAF Hawkinge is authentic. That being the case, just imagine this sitting on the bar of the Hawkinge Officers Mess during the Battle of Britain, and then consider just who would have pulled their tobacco from it.
STUNNING!! Luftwaffe LkPW101 Leather Flying Helmet - Early War! When it comes to WWII Flying Helmets few can match the early leather Luftwaffe Flying Helmets for build quality and aesthetics. This beauty shows those features in abundance! The (almost black) leather is faultless, as are the nickel plated fittings which still gleam as new. This example also has the shorter comms lead most associated with Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots who couldn't risk having the longer leads becoming snagged in the confines of the cockpit. The Helmet is also a very good size 58. VERY HARD TO UPGRADE!
STUNNING!! Luftwaffe Type I FKm Gravity Knife, (Fallschirmjäger-Messerby) by 'SMF' - 1937-1941 In great condition with only minimal signs of natural wear. There is a long 'scratch' into the blade, quite uncharacteristic of the knife, and it really does not detract from what is a superb looking example of this "non-takedown" Gravity Knife.....far better than my pictures show, and be assured, this will not disappoint! The nickel plating is in great condition, as is the wooden handle. All original markings are matching and clear and all mechanisms are tight. The 'marlinspike' is in mint condition and doesn't look to have ever been used. One of the finest examples of this rare WWII knife I've seen. Almost Impossible to Upgrade!!
STUNNING!! Luftwaffe WWII Flyer's Commemorative Badge - 'Flieger Erinnerungsabzeichen' by Juncker An original Luftwaffe WWII Flyer's Commemorative Badge, made by JUNCKER. In superb overall condition! The authenticity of this badge has subsequently been questioned by a friend/customer of Bombphoons. It is therefore "on hold" until the originality (or not) is confirmed. Ian Wilson . December 5th 2015
STUNNING!! Miniature Sterling Silver Lapel Pin - Polish Air Force Cap Badge An oustanding miniature pin the likes of which I've never seen before.
STUNNING!! Original & Large 1940 Photograph of ATA Pilot - Mona Friedlander There are many wonderful images of the women of the Air Transport Auxiliary. Many of these became iconic the moment they were published......THIS IS ONE OF THEM! A wonderful, original 1940 image in excellent condition! I have added an ATA Cap Badge to the pictures to give an idea of the size of this ORIGINAL press photograph.
STUNNING!! Original 1940 Watercolour - Battle of Britain/Churchill Book Cover/Illustration? I'm convinced I have seen this original watercolour in print, but I'm unable to remember where. Painted by Maud Cattle this is as patriotic as you will ever see. There is also a huge slice of propaganda within this incredible image. The artist has so far remained anonymous in searches. However I'm sure this particular image/artist name will mean something to someone. The image measures 13" x 10" and I've gone the whole hog in having it double mounted in blue suede and the very best gilt framing. The colours are still as vivid as the day this was painted.
STUNNING!! Pair of Original RAF Pilot Wings in Silver Bullion You may remember that last year I managed to acquire the padded variant of this Wing as part of an incredible Wing collection from Australia. This is the un-padded variant and is just as beautiful as the former. Full Size and in Superb Condition!
STUNNING!! Pair of pre-War 'American Optical' Aviation Goggles - Cased & Boxed *Static Display Only* A beautiful pair of AO "AVIATION GOGGLES", in their original leather case & box. Based on the design of the Wilson MkIV Flying Goggle. The great shame is the cushions have hardened. I've had them on display with other 'MINT' Goggles also with hardened cushions and these look incredible! Alongside similar Luxor's, Fischer's, Indian's, Willson's, and Seesall's they look amazing! I always put a positive slant on the hardened cushions...they're now highly unlikely to go sticky, crack, deteriorate and fall apart. So they will always display as goos as they do today. They are is such great condition that they even have the original American Optical strap label.
STUNNING!! Pair of pre-WWI Motoring/Aviator Goggles - Solid 14carat Gold Frames! The perfect accessory for the Helmet shown below and the only transportation Goggles I've ever seen with actual 14 solid gold frames.....Even the buckle is solid 14carat Gold! These come in their original leather case and it's worth pointing out that these are also extremely comfortable to wear.
STUNNING!! Pair of RAF (padded) Pilot Wings THE finest pairs of RAF Pilot Wings I've had in a very long time, just look at the shape, condition and colours. This example has three stitched on poppers. These were utislised to allow the Pilot to remove the Wing from his uniform if it was fequently used and subsequently put through the laundry. The oatmeal colour is just about MINT!
STUNNING!! Pair of vintage US Army/Air Service Officer's Boots. Made in England for 'THE MILITARY STORES' A really outstanding pair of brown leather US Officers Boots, perfect for adorning any vintage US Air Service/Army mannequin. These Boots are of the very highest quality, English made for "THE MILITARY STORES of CHICAGO & FORT BENNING"
STUNNING!! Pilot Wing Sweetheart Brooch - No.1 Squadron, Southern Rhodesian Air Force A real jeweller piece of silversmithing. Just look at the detail through this beautiful and very rare brooch.
STUNNING!! RAF - RAF BATTLE OF BRITAIN Art Deco Cigarette Box One of THE most attractive items of Battle of Britain memorabilia you will ever see, and in IMMACULATE condition!! Made in England, this cigarette box is made from enamelled and chromed metal with pure black bakelite ends. Given this is over 70 years old the condition is almost perfect. The only small negative is that one of the dome head nuts is missing, but could be replaced. One of those rare items which has to be seen and held to truly appreciate it.
STUNNING!! RAF 45 Squadron 'propeller art' Tobacco Jar An awesome piece of 45 Squadron 'trench art' utilising an early Propeller hub and nickel plated brass artwork. With this, the pictures say it all.
STUNNING!! RAF Officers Cap Badge A real "stand out" RAF Officers Cap Badge of the very highest quality and condition. The gold bullion wire and gilded RAF Eagle are still very 'yellow' in colour. All embroidery and velvet colours are also very vivid.
STUNNING!! RAF Officers Mess Tobacco Jar - Propeller Trench Art A very attractuve, and most unusual piece. This has been lathe turned from a very hefty section of laminated propeller. The 'barrel' has been made to accomodate what I know to be a silvery plated cover from an RAF Muffin Dish.
STUNNING!! RAF TypeG Oxygen Mask, With RARE 'High Altitude' Hose. A really beautiful WWII RAF Gtype Oxygen Mask which would be almost impossible to upgrade. On top of that, this Gtype is fitted with a very rare "High Altitude" Oxygen Hose. The nose wire and wire strap retainers are all perfect and the rubber loops have never been repaired.....this is as good as they come. Real "MUSEUM QUALITY!"
STUNNING!! RAF/Fleet Air Arm Ctype Flying Helmet A really beautiful leather Flying Helmet of the RAF Fleet Air Arm
STUNNING!! RFC/RAF Propeller Clock - Mantle Display Piece Made from the hub and blades of a WWI Sopwith Scout Propeller this is one lovely piece of WWI 'Trench Art'. The hub carries all the relevant stamps, including 'SOPWITH SCOUT'. The clock is from my own collection and is an early 20th Century 8 Day Aero/Auto Clock with a wonderful 'OCTO' movement. Although never serviced the clock is in fine working condition. The whole piece has been made with a 'flat back' meaning it was made to be displayed on a mantlepiece. I do think that at one time it had its own display on the top so I've shown a number of items from my collection which show just what an effective RFC/RAF display piece it is.
STUNNING!! Royal Air Force 'Full Dress' Pilot Wing Tunic removed and without doubt the heaviest padding I've come across. A real beauty!
STUNNING!! Royal Air Force 1920's Pilot Wing A very rare and early RAF Pilot Wing. Of the very highest quality this really is an outstanding early RAF Pilot Wing.
STUNNING!! Royal Flying Corps Cockpit Compass - TYPE 5/17 AIR COMPASS Probably made by Creagh and Osbourne, this is an exceptional WWI Aircraft Compass. As a static display piece this is simply outstanding!! However I'm sure that, in the right hands this could be made to be airworthy once again. When I bought this the whole unit had been polished and lacquered many years ago, age had taken its toll and it hadn't been well cared looked truly dreadful. So all the lacquer has now been removed and if this was to be repainted black (for panel use) it is just about fully prepped, just a fine wire wool is all that's required for a paint 'key'. All the screws, nuts, bolts and fittings are original to this very rare RFC compass.
STUNNING!! Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing with Medal Ribbons - Unresearched Before I was taken ill a few months back I showed this RFC Pilot Wing & Medal Ribbon on my website, see Code; 53766. Regrettably, since then I haven't had the time to carry out a comprehensive search on the original owner of these. So I'll now leave that to the next custodian. I'm pretty sure that a Royal Flying Corps Pilot who went on the serve and be a highly decorated Officer of the East Suffolk Police Specials should easily be identified with a small amount of work. You then have a rare Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing with provenance. As you can see, this Wing is a genuine heavy Wartime example and is a stunner and real eyecatcher. I cannot bring myself to remove the Wing and Ribbons from his Tunic so again will leave that choice up to the next owner.
STUNNING!! Short Sunderland in solid brass. Despite the numerous claims on a well known auction site, these brass models are NOT 'trench art'. They were produced after the War, at a time when there was a huge demand for commemorative RAF items of memorabilia. I believe the majority were made by companies such as "Bates of Birmingham" and in other West Midland foundries. These models are still highly collectable and are being increasingly hard to find. Well, the better quality ones are. BEWARE! some of the lesser quality brass models were made in India last week, but are still being auctioned with a WWII Cap Badge soldered on and being offered as WWII Trench Art!! This particular model has "RAF" cast into the base, this has nothing to do with the Royal Air Force but I do believe it stands for the "Royal Aircraft Factory".....I stand to be corrected on that one. This is what it is, a very attractive and vintage model of a Short Sunderland.
STUNNING!! Silk & Lace RFC Officer's Mess Table Centre In stunning condition this is a beautiful table centre which would have been used in the Officer's Mess of the Royal Flying Corps. My pictures say the rest.
STUNNING!! Silver & Enamel RAF 8 Day Travel Clock - GIEVES 1940!! The perfect item to display alongside the Vanity Set below. The clock doesn't appear to have been wound or used for years so would require a service as it isn't working. However, it is still an outstanding piece of 1930's RAF memorabilia and would be worth every spent on restoration of the clock. The rest is stunning! The silvered dial would look amazing with a clean. The blue guilloche enamel is perfect, as is the ornate solid silver frame. The frame carries a London makers mark "A.J" and is dated for the year of the Battle of Britain - 1940! The clock has a quality Swiss Made, 8 Day movement. The lume is missing from the minute hand and there is a small chip on the edge of the crystal but this is still one outstanding looking piece! Retailed by "GIEVES of BOND STREET, LONDON" - Quality!!
STUNNING!! Silver & Enamel Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Brooch A real eyecatcher in any collection and in supeb condition too!
STUNNING!! Silver & Gold Cigarette Case - WWII Belgian Air Force - Monogrammed 'JMW' A wonderful item and certainly worth researching. The case is fully hallmarked for the Birmingham Silversmith Samuel M. Levi and for the year 1937. I would think the Wing would have been a later addition to the case. I believe the Belgian Pilot Wing to be of gold and enamel with a section of the black enamel missing. I'd be very interested to hear if "JMW" can be identified. Slim enough to make a very comfortable business card holder for use today.
STUNNING!! Silver (plate) Desk Model of a Breguet19 - MINT/BOXED Without doubt a collector's piece for the future as I believe these were only ever gifted to Breguet customers who purchased the wonderful "BREGUET TYPE XX TRANSATLANTIQUE" chronograph wristwatch. This rare model is still in its original box so is in mint condition, and also has its original Breguet paperwork.
STUNNING!! Silver Polish Air Force Cap Badge I've mislaid my book on Polish Air Force badges so at the moment I'm unable to state the maker. As always I do guarantee 100% authenticity of this rare PAF Cap Badge
STUNNING!! Silver \'Filigree\' Sweetheart Brooch - RAF Full Size Pilot Wings The \'Filigree\' Style was prevelant in the late 1910\'s-1920\'s so this is a very early Royal Air Force Sweetheart Brooch. It is also the largest RAF Brooch we\'ve ever had. It is exactly the same size as a full sized pair of RAF Pilot Wings. Made in solid silver, the Jewellers work is outstanding! Although the pin may be a replacement the Brooch itself is in Perfect Condition!
STUNNING!! Solid Gold 'GARRARD' Wristwatch - Military Dial & Rare GP 'BONKLIP' Band. A gorgeous gold military wristwatch by "GARRARD" of the finest London jewellers since 1735. The watch has a real 1930's-40's military look to it due to the Military dial and 'blued' steel hands. It is also in full, working condition. To really set it of it is on an original gold plated "BONKLIP" wristband. Of course the "BONKLIP" was the wristband favoured by Airmen as it could be elongated to wear over Flying Clothing. The case is by "Dennison" and is in fully hallmarked solid gold. The movement is as you'd expect from the finest "Garrard" timepieces, a 17 jewelled Swiss Made movement of the very finest quality. No engraving or marking and sadly, no physical provenance but it did come direct from the N. Yorks family of a WWII RAF Officer.
STUNNING!! Solid Gold (French Made?) Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart Brooch The very finest in WWI Gold Sweetheart Brooches which is probably made in France as there are no British hallmarks. The brooch is jeweller made in multi-parts, denoting the very best quality. The feathering on the Wings & and detail/enamelling of the Crown and "RFC" are exceptional!
STUNNING!! Solid Gold Royal Flying Corps Signet Ring - 1916 I've owned many military rings over the years, some have been adorned in diamonds etc. but this is without doubt the finest by a long way. A plain, and relatively simple signet ring fully hallmarked for 1916 and retailed through Mappin & Webb. Unlike a Flying Helmet, this is the type of militaria you can wear every day. Plus, it is of such high quality it will be admired by all and envied by many. I've never seen another ring like this so I have to assume it was privately commissioned.
STUNNING!! Solid Silver 1931 RAF Trophy to 'Air Force Medal' Winner Beautifully displayed in an original glass domed case. Fully hallmarked for London 1931 and presented to Cpl S.G Wright AFM. Royal Air Force, Aden. Made by esteemed London silversmith Robert Pringle & Sons (London) Ltd.
STUNNING!! Solid Silver Albatros D.111 - Imperial German Air Service Beautifully displayed in an original glass domed case, this miniature silver Albatros D.111 is a stunning display piece. Fully marked 925 for solid silver. Other markings include a "Star 1/5 AR" - "MN 925 Anchor"
STUNNING!! Solid Silver Cap Badge of the Air Transport Auxiliary A wonderful example of the very rare silver ATA Cap Badge. This is a full size Air Transport Auxiliary Cap Badge which measures 60mm across and is complete with its original silver Eagle. Box not original and used solely for Museum display, but is included.
STUNNING!! Solid Silver RAF Air Gunner Brevet This is the larger of the two silver RAF Air Gunner brevets I'm offering.
STUNNING!! Solid Silver RAF Air Gunner Brevet One of two wonderful silver "AG" Brevets I have for sale. Each is as beautiful as the other and both are genuine period pieces.
STUNNING!! Solid Silver Rolls Royce 'souvenir' Spitfire Ashtray
STUNNING!! Solid Silver Royal Air Force Menu Holder - Hallmarked for 1930 On of my favourite sections of my Museum contains an extensive collection of Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force Silver & Silver Plated items.........THIS is one of the finest pieces within that collection!! Hallmarked for 1930, and made by H. Phillips of London. The quality of the silversmithing is second to none, this is a genuine "Jewel in the Crown"
STUNNING!! Type A-11 USAAF Bulova - RAF Issue Pilots Watch - 6B/234 A really fantastic looking Bulova A-11 but it doesn't work, so I'm selling it as "spares or repairs". The balance etc seems fine so I've no idea why it won't work. As you can see, the case, dial, hands, movement etc are all in exceptional condition and I do believe it has its original crystal. I'd go as far as to say this is one of the best WWII A-11's I've seen for overall condition.
STUNNING!! Very Large RFC Brass Tipped Propeller 'Trench Art' - Display Stand Standing at half a metre high this is an extremely eye catching piece. I would imagine the purpose of the stand was to display a Mantle Clock, or it's possible it was made to display a photograph of an RFC Airman.
STUNNING!! Vintage 4 Blade Military Propeller - ID Unknown?? A bit of a mystery this Propeller...undoubtedly made with with a Military purpose as it's stamped with the broad arrow. I've spoken with Bob Gardner and other collectors but no definitive use can be given. We think maybe for an early 'Target Tug' but we just don't know for certain. Either way, it's a beautiful piece of Aeronautical Engineering and as a display piece it is simply outstanding! plus, with a diameter of 24" display is pretty straightforward.
STUNNING!! Vintage Silver RFC/RAF 60 Squadron Badge Impossible to place an accurate date on this vintage Squadron Badge, it has the look and definite potential to date to the year of 60 Squadron's formation; One of the foremost fighter squadron on the Western Front by the end of the war, this squadron was formed at Gosport on 30 April 1916, departing for France the following month. Equipped with Moranes, which were soon found to be obsolete, it re-equipped with Nieuport 17s in August. These were used by the squadron until July 1917 when they were replaced by SE5s. Amongst the pilots who served with the squadron and later became 'aces', were 'Billy' Bishop (final score 72) and Albert Ball (44), both of whom also received the VC. The detailing on this outstanding badge is as crisp and clear as the day it was made.
STUNNING!! White Cloth Flying Helmet - 600 'City of London' Squadron A unique white cloth Flying Helmet of the very highest quality which is adorned with a superb, very rare and early 600 Squadron bullion blazer badge. The information on the badge was supplied by my dear friend Andy Cameron back in 2013 when I first showed him this helmet. If you have haven't yet visited and enjoyed his brilliant 600 Squadron Association website I strongly advise you do so.... The helmet itself is 'naped' and is beautifully tailormade for one individual Pilot, this has to be seen and handled to fully appreciate the quality of manufacture and materials used. There is no makers label.
STUNNING!! White Leather FAA CType Flying Helmet - AWESOME DISPLAY HELMET! PLEASE NOTE; This Helmet has been subject to renovation and recolouring of the leather. I'm fully aware this may not suit every collector but I consider having the work done was better than allowing it to decay in the future. My thanks go to my leather specialists for their outstanding work on this rare white leather Ctype. For the past seventy years this helmet had not been stored well. The white leather was heavily mildewed and dry and e all know the ultimate destructive effect this can have, so I took the decision to have the helmet professionally restored. I hope you will agree, the result is simply unbelievable! Not only does the helmet look exceptional but after a month of professional care the leather is again now soft, supple and still very strong with all mildew contanimination removed. No tears or scuffing. As a display example this is stunning!
STUNNING!! WWI Imperial German Propeller & Cockpit Clock - Markgraf und Tau - Junghans A wonderful Royal Flying Corps victory 'trophy'... I'm guessing. Unlike some items seen on ebay, there are no convenient labels nor inked writings to provide information on the who, what, where and when. So I'll just have to make an assumption that this is as I said, an RFC Trophy. The piece is made of a section of German Propeller by "MARKGRAF & TAU". What I particulary like about this propeller section is it seems to have been cut right through a damaged section, possibly bullet damage? Then you have an early Junghans Cockpit Clock which, although it does run I'm going to describe it as 'for repair' as the operation is intermittent. Again, my pictures come nowhere near to doing this piece justice. It really is quite a stunner!!
STUNNING!! WWI US Army Air Air Service 1918 Flying Helmet by 'LASKY & LEVY Inc.' A really beautiful leather Flying Helmet of the US Army Air Service in WWI, in immaculate condition. This is fully stamped for 1918 issue! Size 7 1/4. THIS WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE TO UPGRADE!
STUNNING!! WWI US. Air Service Flying Helmet & Goggles - as Lt. Col H E Hartney - US ACE & RFC Pilot What I'm offering here is the exact same type of "Spalding" Flying Helmet and Goggles shown in the accompanying picture. Both the Helmet and Goggles are in exceptional condition and display magnificently together. Full Pictures and Description's will follow. The picture is a portrait of Lieutenant Colonel Harold Evans Hartley, Canadian Militia, and Royal Flying Corps Pilot with No. 20 Squadron, 2015. Subsequently, following recovery in England after being badly injured through crash landing over Ypres in 1917 Hartley become Commanding Officer of 27th Aero Squadron and then overall Commander of the 1st Pursuit Squadron.
STUNNING!! WWII RAF type'E' (Tropical) Flying Helmet Fully wired and in immaculate superb throughout! Complete with very displayable RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles with the appropriate tinted lenses. One goggle strap on the helmet has been repaired at the tip and there is delam on the tinted lenses, but as can be seen, this is still one very impressive headset.
STUNNING!! WWII SAAF Silver Aircrew Wing A rare Wing in beautiful condition with perfect 'gouache' enamel.
STUNNING!! WWII SAAF Silver Pilot Wing A rare Wing in beautiful condition with perfect 'gouache' enamel.
STUNNING, EXTREMELY RARE!! Royal Flying Corps Belt Buckle Huge apologies for my incorrect referring to this as an RFC Nurses Buckle...I was completely wrong in that description and my thanks go to to Mike W. for putting me straight. This is an example of a Royal Flying Corps Belt Buckle presented to and worn by the wives of RFC Officers, but only whilst accompanying their husbands in the Officer's Mess. Made in gilt/gold metal and what I think are solid silver RFC collar sized badges. The condition is superb. There are some deflections in the gilt sections but nothing serious and little to no wear of the gilding. In attempt to authenticate this item I had the silver RFC Badge carefully removed for picturing. It was then carefully re-fitted. I will provide a certificate of authenticity on this RFC Buckle and it will be sent in the display box too.
Super Pair of 'SNUGFIT' WWI Flying Goggles A lovely pair of very RARE WWI Flying Goggles! All original, the cushions are still surprisingly soft but the top layer is in the process of slowly deteriorating. Magnificent on Display!
SUPER RARE!! 1915 RFC Pilot combined Compass & Wristwatch Fully hallmarked for 1915 this combined Compass and black dialled 'Wristlet' is a rare as they come! My pictures come nowhere near to doing this justice... Completely original and fully working this Watch/Compass timepiece is made in solid silver and is hallmarked throughout. The case carries a LONDON import mark which was used from 1906, however the date letter "U" dates the case to 1915. The case was imported through George Stockwell and also shows the G.S hallmark. I've carried out limited research on this very rare timepiece and I always seem to end up at adverts for the retailer "J.C Vickery" of Regent Street, London.....all of the peiod Ads show a white dial on this watch, the watch I'm offering has the Vickery's Famous "Black Watch". Please see this link on the excellent MILITARY WATCH FORUM; As mentioned earlier, this is in 100% original condition and seemd never to have been messed with. The movement would require a clean for regular use, there are a few marks on the crystal and some minor dings and dents in the case. The pin hinge of the compass case has been replaced at some point. If I was nit-picking this could be replaced to allow the compass case to snap shut. A VERY RARE WWI TIMEPIECE!!
SUPER RARE!! 1936 - WWII Japanese Army Rigid Shell Winter 'Tank' Helmet Very similar in style and almost identical specification to the leather Helmet worn by Japanese Army Aviation Training Units. If I'm honest, I did in fact buy this as a Flying Helmet and am indebted to my friend Mick P for pointing me in the direction of the excellent website - "White Tiger Military". where you can find out so much more about this helmet than I am able to offer. However, despite not being my specific area of interest there is no denying this is still one super rare helmet!
SUPER RARE!! Cap Badge & Collar Badges of 'THE FIRE SECTION' - Air Transport Auxiliary A very rare white cotton ATA Cap Badge and pair of silver ATA Collar Badges of the Air Transport Auxiliary "Fire Section". Without doubt, the hardest to find of all ATA Insignia.
SUPER RARE!! EPNS 'Posie Holder' From the Royal Flying Corps Club. Given the very brief existence of the Royal Flying Corps Club any marked pieces are exceptionally rare. Indeed, this is just one of a handful of items I've ever come across in all my years of collecting. A quite unique and highly displayable item of Royal Flying Corps memorabilia.
SUPER RARE!! Japanese Surrender 'souvenir' Sake Cup in original presentation box. This was described to me as a souvenir presented ONLY to those present at the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender on September 2nd 1945 on the USS Missouri on Tokyo Bay. The base of the box reads as follows; "Souvenir of Surrender September1945, Capt. ?, Lt. Robert L. Balfour, U.S.N.R" I've subsequently googled the one name I can clearly make out and there are anumber of articles on Lt. Robert L. Balfour being present on the deck of the USS Missouri that day. I may well end up with egg on my face having paid a lot for this but I've no reason to suspect I was sold anything but a genuine item.
SUPER RARE!! Late 1920's/1930's Flying Helmet & Goggles of the REGIA AERONAUTICA In my book, any piece of Flying Headgear of the Regia Aeronautica has always been deemed as a "great find". This pre-War Flying Helmet and 1927 dated "Protector" Flying Goggles is in my opinion a "spectacular find" Both the Flying Helmet and Goggles are in exceptional overall condition and considering the Regia Aeronautica wasn't officially formed until 1923 this headset has to be one of the very first types to have been worn by Italian Pilots flying under the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini.
SUPER RARE!! Matching 'DUNHILL' Lighter & Ashtray - BRISTOL AEROPLANE Co. - Bristol Blenheim Many of you will be familiar with the rare 'DUNHILL' Ashtray featuring a Bristol Blenheim. When I found this last year it was a real thrill! I'd remembered many years ago reading about some promotional connection between DUNHILL and the BRISTOL AEROPLANE COMPANY in the late 30's-1940's. So finding an original ashtray was a real buzz....but imagine my personal excitement at finding a matching DUNHILL - BRISTOL cigarette lighter. There was positively no doubt in my mind that these two very rare pieces of Aviation Memorabilia belonged together. I therefore spent a fair bit of money to unite them. I therefore make no apologies for my asking price. Most of our regular customers often say "where are you going to find another" on some of our rarer items......never a truer statement when it comes to this pair of BRISTOL AEROPLANE memorabilia. Not just "where are you going to find another" but, "where else would you find a pair?"
SUPER RARE!! Matching 'DUNHILL' Lighter & Ashtray - BRISTOL AEROPLANE Co. - Bristol Blenheim Some of you may be familiar with this rare 'DUNHILL' Ashtray featuring the Bristol Blenheim. When I found piece it was a real thrill! I'd remembered many years ago reading about some promotional connection between DUNHILL and the BRISTOL AEROPLANE COMPANY in the late 30's-1940's. So finding an original ashtray was a real buzz....but imagine my excitement at finding the matching DUNHILL - BRISTOL cigarette lighter a few years later. There is positively no doubt in my mind that these two very rare pieces of Aviation Memorabilia belong together. I therefore spent a fair bit of money to unite them. Most of our regular customers often say "where are you going to find another" on some of our rarer items......never a truer statement when it comes to this pair of BRISTOL AEROPLANE memorabilia. Not just "where are you going to find another" but, "where else would you find a pair?"
SUPER RARE!! Original Plaque/Badge of the Air Ministry Works Department An exceptional 'find', having never known of the existence of this plaque until this example appeared. I was informed that this type of Air Ministry plaque was affixed to the Air Ministry locomotives which transported supplies and aircraft around the country by rail. Due to the 'small' size I'm not too convinced by this theory. I'd be more likely to think these would have been attached to trucks and cars rather than the much larger loco's. It'd be great to find a period image of such a plaque/badge insitu. Size - 8" wide x 6" high...…...20cms x 15cms
SUPER RARE!! Pair of Lightweight 'Shearling' Aviator/Airship Crew Boots After my own hypothesising, and subsequent communication with Mick P, the theoretical purpose of these boots has been ascertained puely by the process of elimination. The boots themselves are made in thick furred 'shearling leather, and fastened at the knee by means of lacing.The sole is a very lightweight crepe and leather not disimilar to the Fug Boot, just thinner. So, given these were manufactured solely to be warm and lightweight an Aviation use is very high on the list of probable uses. The possibility of Motorcycle use is discounted due to their lack of structural strength. If you tried to kick start an early 20th Century Motorcycle in these boots you'd most likely break your foot. Another option is of an equine nature but again the lack of structural strength would make these less that suitable in stirrups. Our theory is that these could well have been made for Airship Crew (nationality unknown). The lightweight/soft crepe sole would have been ideal for walking on the Airship skin, and the reason for the thick shearling is self-explanatory given the extremes of temperatures endured at height. Please Note; the images give these boots a shortened appearance, they are fit highter on the leg than they look. These are an highly unique pair of Boots, so if you have any further, unexplored theories I/we would be delighted to hear from you.
SUPER RARE!! RAF 'WING' of the RAF Sailing Club A truly stunning and exceptionally rare piece of RAF Insignia. As you can see, this certainly adds a little colour to you collection.
SUPER RARE!! RAF sterling silver Sweetheart Brooch of RAF Balloon Command 1938-1945 Undoubtedly one of the rarest of all WWII RAF Sweetheart Brooches and I'm very fortunate to have found a pair of these. I have to think these were 'field made' as the casting is not crisp and the "sterling" stamp is somewhat indistinct. Again, the box is used solely for display and isn't original to the brooch. Need I add more?
SUPER RARE!! RFC Memorial Piece - with exceptional EARLY RFC Pilot Wing!! Every so often I experience a major dilemma when collecting authentic, 100 year old items of Aviation Memorabilia.....this is a dilemma I'm delighted to have! What I'm showing here is a 100 year old framed memorial piece to Australian born Royal Flying Corps Officer - Major G. Hebden Raleigh. Major George Hebden Raleigh was born in Melbourne on 30 June 1878. His pre-WWI Military History is outstanding and he gained his Flying Certificate at Brooklands in 1912. He was the very first CO of 4th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. The contents of this frames memorial to the Major contain his RFC Pilot Wing, and Collar Badges. I'm confident this frame has not been opened in 100 years and it still has its original flat glass cover. However my curiosity is getting the better of me. On examining the reverse of the frame I can see that the Pilot Wing has the round lugged fixings, and just look at the "RFC" on the wing. In particular look closely at the curved 'kicking leg" of the "R". This is a gilded RFC Pilot Wing I've never seen before and I personally believe it is worthy of much closer examination, by opening the fellow collectors can I ask you, what would you do? PLEASE REQUEST FURTHER PICTURES OF THIS TO BE SENT TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR CLOSER EXAMINATION.
SUPER RARE!! Royal Flying Corps Cuff Bands - by 'BURBERRY' I had heard of these before but until recently I've never actually found a pair until recently. These were worn on the cuffs of the Flying Coat to further prevent the cold air accessing the arms of the Airman. The condition of these is exceptional given the high probabitly of the leather straps breaking or coming away over the past 100 years. All straps and buckles are 100% original, as is the very early "BURBERRY" manufacturers label.
SUPER RARE!! Silver RAF 'SPITFIRE FUND' Badge I'm sure we're all familiar with the brass and gilt-brass examples of the iconic WWII badge of the "SPITFIRE FUND". These badges were sold everywhere and all proceeds went toward funfing the build of a new Spitfire. The badge is the exact same size and carries the same markings as the 'cheaper' variants, but this is the one and only example of a silver variant I've ever owned. Please note; the blue box is not original to the badge, I've used it solely to show off the badge at its best. The badge is stamped "SILVER" on the underside of the starboard wing. A true "GEM" in the world of WWII Aviation Badges
SUPER RARE!! WWI US Flying Goggles - USAAS - WILLSON This is one of the finest pairs of WWI Flying Goggles on the go...see page 151 of the 1904-1918 United States of America section in Mick\'s Book for a pair worn by a US Navy Ballon Pilot. Theatre adapted with a soft leather piece to afford protection from the cold for the nose. The goggles have canvas sides and a double hinge in the centre. The thick fur is all there, just a bit matted with use. The right lens is almost perfect but there is delamination to the left. The frames have a simple sprung mechanism for replacing lenses so that wouldn\'t be difficult. There is no elasticity left in the strap but that ain\'t surprising. As rare as they come for WWI American Flying Goggles.
SUPER RARE!! WWII Regia Aeronautica Summer Blouson Here's an item of clothing very rarely seen on the market. The condition isn't perfect but it does display extremely well. The original Pilot Wing will remain with the Jacket.
SUPER RARE!! WWII Regia Aeronautica Winter Blouson The only fault I can find in this wonderful Jacket is in the right sleeve lining requires a repair. Other than that, this Jacket could be worn today. It's worth noting the similarity in the back shoulder flap detail, it is exactly the same as the summer blouson shown below.
SUPER RARE!!---MINT!! Pair of WWII 'Bedgood' Flying Boots - Brown I've never seen a pair of WWII Flying Boots in such immaculate condition. These have barely been worn and this can be seen by the mint stitching throughout. Not to be missed!!
SUPER SCARCE PATTERN!! WWI USAAS Flying Helmet & Cold Weather Face Mask This is the second of two very rare pattern American Flying Helmets dating to WWI and used by Pilots of the US Army Air Sercice and Lafayette Escadrille. I've paired this with an ultra rare WWI cold weather face mask which would have been privately purchased. I think you will agree this makes one heck of a WWI American Flying Headgear display.
SUPER SCARCE PATTERN!! WWI USAAS Flying Helmet/Mask & Resistal Flying Goggles This is the first of two very rare pattern American Flying Helmets dating to WWI and used by Pilots of the US Army Air Sercice and Lafayette Escadrille. The fur lined Flying Helmet is of similar design to that shown below but this doubles as a mask as shown in my pictures. The excellent Resistal Flying Goggles are 100% original to the Helmet and in superb condition. The fur lined Flying Helmet is in gorgeous condition and carries not one, but two names - "A" or "H" . "L" "WOMACK" and secondly "S D RUSSELL". So it may well be possiblt to ID the American Airman.
SUPER SCARCE!! Air Ministry Stores Sign My pictures show show the only example of an "Air Ministry Stores" sign I've ever come across. It would appear the sign has been repeatedly over-painted over many years and did once used to be RAF Grey/Blue with White lettering. Having been over-painted it has then lain neglected and forgotten about for many years. My dilemma is whether or not to have it restored back to its original colour scheme.....what would you do? I've added pictures of my Vickers Armstrong/Supermarine plaque which I did have restored a few years back nor.
SUPER SCARCE!! US Army Air Service Propeller & Roundel Pin, 1918-1919 It's not too difficult to date this stunning silver pin, as the Red, Blue and White Roundel was only used by the US Army Air Service in Europe from early 1918 to 1919. I'm not too sure about the hallmark but I believe it could be French and the pin is also marked "Sterling". This incredibly rare pin is in amazing condition! It is also of the very, very highest quality...The propeller shape is exquisite, undoubtedly a jewellers piece and a real stunner! The box is not original to the pin but is included for your display purposes.
SUPER STUNNING!! Unissued? WWII Luftwaffe Officer Visor Cap - by EREL In my opinion, this stunning Luftwaffe Officers Visor would be almost IMPOSSIBLE TO UPGRADE!! This has the very bare minimum of wear and other than a small piece missing from the Diamond and a tiny break in the bullion.....this could be descibed as MINT!! For further pictures see; Code: 53184
SUPERB & COMPLETE!! Early War USAAF Personal 'Pocket' Luftwaffe ID Kit I have never seen anything like this.....scroll through the pictures slowly until you come to image No. 8....incredible isn't it? I've stated "early war" because of the lack of late WWII Luftwaffe Aircraft in this group, ie: Me262 etc. Not only is this incredibly rare, it is complete and all models are in mint condition! The box shows wear but the Aircraft are perfect! The information supplied with this is that it was used by USAAF Fighter Pilots and Air Gunners as their own personal ID Kit of Luftwaffe Aircraft. The detailing in the models gives me no reason to think this was not correct. The fact it has survived in this condition is incredible. A unique addition to any collection of WWII ID Models!
SUPERB & GENUINE!! 'Trench Art' RAF Asmara 1943 Pocket Lighter - named! This is the first of two genuine 'trench art' lighters handcrafted from Aircraft Aluminium. This example is named to an 'E M Spence', dated 1943 and made at RAF Asmara in Eritrea (Ethiopia). The following RAF Squadrons were based there at one time - 8 Sqn, 39 Sqn, 47 Sqn, 163 Sqn, 237 Squadron. A rare piece of original RAF 'Trench Art' from WWII. Again, worthy of researching. Fully functioning but would require new flint etc.
SUPERB & GENUINE!! 'Trench Art' RAF Nairobi 1943 Table Lighter This is an absolute belting piece of WWII RAF Trench Art! Made from Aircraft Aluminium (possibly Luftwaffe) a great deal of time and effort has gone in to producing a wonderful item. The engraving is first class, in particular the '3D' effect on the word "NAIROBI" is extremely well done. Fully functioning but would require new flint etc.
SUPERB & ORIGINAL!! 1935 Luftwaffe 'Fliegerdolch' - 'CONDOR LEGION' I've just been informed that this particular Luftwaffe Dagger is much less common than the mass-produced 1937 type as there were far fewer pilots in the earlier years of the newly formed Luftwaffe. These early Gothic daggers were often worn by Condor Legion pilots on their return to Germany in the early part of the Spanish Civil War This example of the Luftwaffe 'Fliegerdolch' is 100 % genuine and comes complete with chains and maker marked belt clasp. The non maker marked ( rarer ) blade is in very good condition. The cross guard does have some pitting in one spot . The scabbard and handle, both in fine condition and made from wood covered in blue leather. Designed by Goering himself on the model of medieval swords , these were carried by the first officers of the newly formed Luftwaffe, prior to the better known 1937 type . SELLING ON CONSIGNMENT - please ask for further pictures.
SUPERB & RARE!! Eric Kennington items - 'Drawing the RAF' - Signed by Bader, Lacey, Cunningham & Learoyd. PLUS!! Very Rare Pre-publication 1st Edtn with added colour plates!! Eric Henri Kennington RA (12 March 1888 – 13 April 1960) was an English Sculptor, artist and illustrator, and an official war artist in both World Wars. He is possibly most well known for his studies of RAF Airmen during the Battle of Britain. This is your opportunity to acquire two extremely rare pieces of Eric Kennington items. THE BOOK - "Drawing the RAF" - pre-Publish/1st edition with rare 'added' colour plates. This copy of "Drawing the RAF" is quite possibly a pre-Published copy as the colour plates aren't printed, they are actually glued into the book. THE PRINTS - Still in their original cellophane packaging, so therefore in absolute MINT CONDITION!! I believe the last set of "Jubilee Edition" prints in this condition sold at auction for over $1000. Produced in 1979, these have never been framed, never exposed to sunlight and still have their full and original paperwork, including the Certificate of Authenticity signed by Battle of Britain Pilot, Air Marshal Sir Dennis Crowley-Milling. This is a unique opportunity to acquire not one, but two rare and historical pieces. A great investment!
SUPERB & VERY RARE!! 9ct Gold Pilot Wing - 1914 Pattern RNAS - Hallmarked 1916, Hollow! The world of collecting can sometimes throw up the odd unexpected coincidence, this is just such an occasion. Last year I discovered a gilt & silver 1916 RNAS Pilot Wing - see Code 52847. This time I've gone one better and found a solid gold example. Referring to page 41 of "EAGLES RECALLED" on the 1914 Pattern Gilt Metal RNAS Pilot Wing, there is a similar hollow example in the middle of the page......this one however is made of solid 9ct Gold and fully hallmarked for 1916! Identical in manufacture to some of the metal Royal Flying Corps Wings of the day, the construction of the wing is in two pieces with the mounting plate having two small holes to prevent heat damage during manufacture. The backing plate carries a full hallmark for Birmingham, made by "William & Frank Rabone" and assayed in 1916. This is an extremely rare Officer's Pilot Wing of the Royal Naval Air Service, and another truly extraordinary 'find'!
SUPERB & VERY RARE!! 9ct Gold Pilot Wing - 1914 Pattern RNAS - Hallmarked 1916, Hollow! If you refer to page 41 of "EAGLES RECALLED" which shows the 1914 Pattern Gilt Metal RNAS Pilot Wing, there is a similar hollow example in the middle of the page made in gilt metal......this one however is made of solid 9ct Gold and fully hallmarked for 1916! This Wing is identical in 'hollow' manufacture to some of the metal Royal Flying Corps Wings of the day, the construction of the wing is in two pieces with the mounting plate having two small holes to prevent heat damage during manufacture. The backing plate on this gold wing carries a full hallmark for Birmingham, made by "William & Frank Rabone" and assayed in 1916. It was then retailed by 'Gieves Ltd' of London This is an extremely rare WWI Officer's Pilot Wing of the Royal Naval Air Service!
SUPERB & VERY RARE!! Gilded Silver Pilot Wing - 1914 Pattern RNAS - Hallmarked 1916, Hollow! One of the rarest WWI Pilot Wings I've had! Referring to page 41 of "EAGLES RECALLED" on the 1914 Pattern Gilt Metal RNAS Pilot Wing, there is a similar hollow example in the middle of the page......this one however is made of gilded silver and fully hallmarked for 1916! Sadly most of the gilding has been polished away but can be seen in places. It is definitely worth examining this Wing under a jewellers loupe as this shows the gold plating and the backing plate in excellent detail. The construction of the wing is in two pieces, both of which are hallmarked. The backing plate carries a full hallmark for Birmingham, made by "Pearce & Thompson" and assayed in 1916. The Eagle carries a simple stamp on the left Wing. This is an extremely rare Officer's Pilot Wing of the Royal Naval Air Service, and a truly extraordinary 'find'!
Superb 'AVRO' Prop Blade - Circa 1913-1915 - AVRO 504 My thanks again go to Bob Gardner of the brilliant website "Aeroclocks" for the following information; 1.26 x 2 = 2.53 and say 30 cm for the diameter of the hub gives a possible length of around 2800mm. This length, and the shape, suggests an early prop from a low powered aircraft. Possibilities are drg nos. Y31 and Y80 at 2740mm for the Avro 504 with the Clerget engine and Gnome engines of various power. c1913 to 1915.
SUPERB COLLECTION!! Insignia of 'BLUE STEEL FORCE' HP Victor Pilot A wonderful collection of RAF Insignia from the Cold War, all worn by "BLUE STEEL FORCE" Victor Bomber Pilot - Flt Lt. R.A Wightman. Included in this collection are; 2 Pairs of RAF (padded) Pilot Wings - 4 Flight Suit Squadron Badges to 80 Sqn, 2 Sqn, 100 Sqn, & 55 Sqn with sleeve badge - 2 Sets of Flt Lt. Shoulder Boards, 2 Sets of Flt Lt Shoulder Slides - 1 Gilded Officers Side Cap Badge. These would make a marvelous framed addition to any RAF Cold War Collection.
SUPERB CONDITION!! WWII Imperial Japanese Flying Suit This is one stunning looking Japanese Flying Suit, with he brightest, whitest fur collar I've seen. The only fault is in the lower leg zips which can be replaced relatively easily.
SUPERB DISPLAY!! Luftwaffe LkPS101 Flying Helmet with Goggles This early LKpS101 Summer Flying Helmet is in immaculate condition however I must point out, there are no headphones and the loom is a later addition, So on the surface this displays far better than the vast majority of other Luftwaffe Flying Helmets but these facts have to be taken into account. The Helmet itself is in mint - unissued condition and has superb nickel plated fittings associated with the superior quality of earl;y-War Luftwaffe gear. The liner and cloth shell of the Helmet are also immaculate! In fact this is the best condition LKpS101 I've seen in a long, long time. Coupled with a mint pair of the French made Goggles used by the Luftwaffe this is a really superb display.
SUPERB EXAMPLE!! Luftwaffe LKp N 101 Netzfkopfhaube Flying Helmet. This is a real BEAUTY!! Perfect cotton mesh and deep (almost black) brown leather. It also has the very short communications cord commonly associated with Fighter Pilots. I really don't think I need to say any more, the pictures speak for themselves....this will not disappoint!
Superb Pair of 1910's Motor/Flying Goggles by 'OCTOPUS' - in original box! Part of a large collection of 1910's Motoring/Flying Goggles which have recently come my way. These are quite special! The original box isn't in mint condition but it perfectly represents the packaging and graphics of the day. At a time before the advent of the official RFC Triplex MkI & MkII Goggle Masks, Pilots and Observers of the early Royal Flying Corps were obliged to purchase their own Flying Gear from the likes of the upper market department stores and specialist Aviator supplies stores such as "Robinson & Cleaver". It is strange to see that these "Octopus" Motor Goggles were "Guaranteed for Twelve Months".....this rare pair has actually survived for One Hundred Years!! The "LANCEGAYE" Glass Lenses have delaminated but other than that these Goggles are still in wonderful condition.
SUPERB QUALITY! Pair of 1930's NSFK/Luftwaffe Flying Goggles I've based my theory of German manufacture based on the strap. Any seasoned collector will know of the 'mesh type' elasticated straps use on both the Luftwaffe Nitsche & Gunther Anti Splinter Goggles and 1930's Luftwaffe Model 306 Flying Goggles. This type of elastication is synonomous with German Goggles. The quality of manufacture of this pair of Goggles is exceptional. Just look at the adjustable ventilation covers on the nickel plated surrounds. The cushions show staining but are still soft and flexible. There are general signs of age but they still display superbly and would be perfect with the LkPW/S 100 Luftwaffe Flying Helmets. I've shown these in their true condition. These are as authentic a pair of 1930's NSFK/Luftwaffe Flying Goggles you will see. The obvious similarity to the 1930's Luxor Goggles means these would not look out of place on an RAF Battle of Britain Flying Helmet display.
SUPERB QUALITY! Size 8 RAF 'Battle of Britain' 1936 Pattern Flying Boots A pair of size 8 Flying Boots of exceptional quality. The leather is some of the best I've seen on this type of boot. The inner stitched/stamped labels on the pulls have all been removed for some reason. These would have shown the manufacturers details or Air Ministry stamp as well as the size, see boots above. Other than the labels these are 100% authentic, just look at the tacked leather soles!! They are also very much wearable! These boots would polish up a dream and this is a job I quite enjoy doing (therapy) so if you'd prefer them polished I'd be delighted to do this for you.
SUPERB! + LARGE Pair of 1936 Pattern Flying Boots An excellent pair of 1936 Pattern Flying Boots with their original soles and heels. Some very light "rudder rash" to the inner of the right boot but other than that the leather upprs are fine. A good size too, Size 10!
SUPERB! Boxed Pair of Air Ministry/RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles - COMPLETE! An excellent pair of Air Ministry stamped WWII MkVIII Flying Goggles. Complete with spare tinted lenses and later Anti-Mist Outfit. The frames, leather surround, cushions, strap and Air Ministry box are all in wonderful condition. The lenses do have degrees of delamination but are fine for display. If you're looking for an original pair of MkVIII Flying Goggles for actual flying I do have a mint pair of clear lenses in my collection.
SUPERB! ORIGINAL! WWII Czechoslovak Observer Wing by 'PROVAZNIK' An outstanding example of the extremely rare pre-WWII Obserever Wing of the Czechoslovak Air Force. This beautiful wing is exceptionally detailed, with superb patina throughout. All three hooks are still present with no repairs. The rear is stamped PROVAZNIK, A SPOL, PRAHA VII and the front still shows signs of the original gold wash to the wreath and seal of the Czechoslovak crowned rampant lion. My pictures come nowhere near to showing just how good this wing truly will not disappoint!
SUPERB! Pair of BATTLE OF BRITAIN MkIVb Flying Goggles With almost 100% of the original paint remaining on the frames these really are an outstanding pair of MkIVb RAF Flying Goggles of the BATTLE OF BRITAIN period. For the first time ever, I've seen a pair of MkVIII type lenses still with their grey frames fitted to a pair of MkIVb Flying Goggles. The original sun-visor is in beautiful condition, as is the complete strapping arrangement. Inevitably the cushions have hardened and deteriorated but that doesn't detract from a mighty fine pair of Goggles. As usual, these look even better in the hand than they do in my pictures.
SUPERB!! WWII RAF Comforts Fund 'HARRY THE HAWK' by Norah Wellings It would be nigh on impossible to find a better example of this rare piece of WWII RAF History. He was introduced as a mascot for the Second World War depicting a Royal Airforce Airman and for every sale made money was donated to the R.A.F Comforts Fund to help the War effort. I do know that the 10" version of "HARRY THE HAWK" had a small felt parachute in his harness. This is the smaller and rarer 7.5" version and doesn't have a parachute in the pack. It does have every single label AND the original paper label. It also has the original "KIMPORI DOLLS" Label on the inside of the pack. This rare "HARRY THE HAWK" has been well looked after, wrapped in paper and kept inside of a homemade book box. If you wish to see just how exceptional this example is, please take the time to read the following link;-
SUPERB!! 'Propeller Art' Mantle Clock - with TOP 'Comitti of London' Movement This propeller boss has been 'flat backed' to allow it to be correctly displayed on the mantle piece. Just look at how it displays with the carved oak RAF Pilot Wing shown above. The movement is probably the finest (and most valuable) clock movement I've had in any Propeller Clock I've owned. The "COMITTI" movement had been serviced not long before I bought the clock, so you can be assured it keeps excellent time. Still making the finest quality clocks today, you can see more about "COMITTI" on the following website;
SUPERB!! 'Trench Art' RAF 'Sweetheart' Lighter A far superior example of an RAF Lighter, the type regularly made for friends, fellow Airmen and Sweethearts in RAF workshops. Given the daintiness and quality of manufacture I've no doubt this was made as a Sweetheart Gift. In beautiful condition and still functioning.
SUPERB!! 100% Original 1944-1945 Issue Luftwaffe Leather Flying Jacket See images below, and page 118 of "Luftwaffe Vs RAF Flying Clothing" to see a very similar variant of this Luftwaffe 'issue' Flying Jacket. What I have here is an original 1944-1945 Electrically Heated Luftwaffe Flight Jacket which has been 'period' tailored to make more of a lightweight "Summer" Flight Jacket. The electrics have been expertly removed, as has the heavier lining and fur collar. The result of these alterations is an authentic issued Luftwaffe Flight Jacket, but now similar to the private purchase Jackets as worn in warmer climates. The Jacket still has its original 'storm-cuffs' and late-War "Ri-Ri" plastic zips, identical to those on the Jacket shown above. It is possible to see where the electrical connectors once were on the sleeves, and also see where the Luftwaffe breast Eagle once was. The Shoulder Boards are 100% Original and are the sew-on type. The Jacket is in superb overall condition which could still be worn today. My pictures don't really capture the exquisite colour and patination of the leather, it's perfect! PLEASE NOTE; This Jacket is currently out on studio hire, but will be back in February 2017.
SUPERB!! 1917 RFC Flyers Coat - Canvas & Sheepskin DESCRIPTION TO FOLLOW
SUPERB!! 1920's - 1930's British Flying Helmet/Gosports & Goggles This deep brown leather Flying Helmet and "Triplex" lensed Flying Goggles have all the attributes of the "Lewis" Flying Helmet & Goggles of the period. In fact the Goggles have the same painted blue frames as you would find on a pair of Air Ministry MkII Flying Goggles and the same applies to the fur and cloth sides.
SUPERB!! 1920's RAF 'typeA' Flying Helmet - IMMACULATE & LARGE! First issued to the Royal Air Force in the early 1920's this is the iconic "Helmet, Cork, Aviation" Flying Helmet, better known as the "type A". See pages 26 & 156 of Mick's book for details. Because the TypeA Flying Helmet was finally superceded by the TypeD Flying Helmet in 1941 this example was probably one of the very last to be manufactured as it is clearly dated 1942 . The typeA Flying Helmet commonly thought to have beeng issued to RAF Airmen "East of Malta". This example has so much going for it...Date, Condition, Size and...Genuine History - It is named to a "G.W Titherington"...Geoffrey Wrench Titherington served in the Egyptian Army Service from 1919 to 1925. The rest of his career seems to have revolved around Middle East Military Politics until his retirement in 1942. I'm sure there's a lot more to discover about G.W Titherington. and he did have RAF connections which I've yet to research. It had taken me ten years to find another of these and I've now been very fortunate to have acquired two examples in the past twelve months.
Superb!! 1930's 'CONDOR LEGION' Luftwaffe Flying Helmet The overall design of this Helmet shows the early pattern of the WWII Flying Helmets of the Luftwaffe LKp100 series. The double buckle chinstrap and central leather panel is identical to the LKp100 & 101 Luftwaffe Helmets..."PRYM" Poppers. This 1930's "Condor Legion" period Helmet is in beautiful condition and also has the 'chequered' blanket lining often looked for in period Luftwaffe Leather Jackets.
SUPERB!! 1930's Luftwaffe NSFK Desk Model - Glider Pilot A magnificent, and very rare 1930's German desk model and photo frame of a German/NSFK Sailplane. This is all orginal including the bevelled glass picture holder. Wingspan - 29cms.
SUPERB!! 1930'S Luftwaffe/NSFK Dagger by 'PAUL WEYESBERG' A first class example of this early German Dress Dagger at a very good price. It's not possible to show all the details dagger collectors look for. So please ask for any close up pictures to be sent to your email. THIS WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!!
SUPERB!! 1930's Luftwaffe/NSFK Sailplane Desk Model - Glider Pilot A wonderful 1930's NSFK model, 100% authentic and in superb condition. The photograph is not original to the frame, I bought it specifically for this and it looks perfect. The Sailplane itself has survived well other than the expected ageing there is no damage and no repairs. It is an extremely accurate model. 11" Wingspan
SUPERB!! 1930's/WWII RAF MkII Goggle Mask with VERY RARE 22C/101 MkVA Goggle Strap! This is a pair of RAF Goggles from the 1930's you are unlikely to see the likes of again because of the rare Goggle Strap. This MkII Goggle Mask has been fitted with an Air Ministry "Newbold & Co. Ltd" Goggle Strap from a pair of MkVA Flying Spectacles. This Goggle Strap carries the provisional issue No. 22C/101! This was scrapped prior to production, when the MkVA Spectacles were allocated the issue No. 22C/156. This Goggle Mask is in fantastic condition and really does look perfect with my 1930 Pattern RAF Flying Helmets and "Lewis" Flying Helmets. If you check Mick Prodgers book, page 158 (RAF Between the Wars) you will see the excellent display these make together. I have pictured the Goggle Mask with a brilliant 1930 Pattern RAF Helmet which is about to go off and have its receiver cups refitted. This Air Ministry Flying Helmet is dated 1935 and when complete will be an awesome 1930's RAF Flying Helmet.
SUPERB!! 1938 RAF Btype Flying Helmet by 'BEDNALLS' This is a cracking pre-War RAF Issued Btype Flying Helmet, named to a Leading Air Craftsman - F Plain - 1096486. I've tried to find LAC F Plain but can find no record of him. However I'm sure he owned and wore this Helmet, as so often happens much further research is required......I wonder if he was in France? What I particularly like about this Helmet is the shape provided by the padding. There is so much of it around the crown of the head, much more that in any other Btype I've owned and this gives an almost dome shaped Flying Helmet. The Helmet has quite a luxurious satin (black lined) "BEDNALL" makers label. The Air Ministry stamp is barely visible in the leather but it is there. The liner carries an AID Inspection Stamp so this Helmet was definitely used by the Royal Air Force. The Helmet is a small size but displays perfectly well as you can see.
SUPERB!! 1939 'STERLING' Btype Flying Helmet with Type D Oxygen Mask This wonderful RAF headset were originally sold at auction in 1988 and have been together ever since that date. The fact that the internal cushions have hardened over the past thirty plus years is confirmation of that. Originally acquired as authentic the Dtype Oxygen Mask is in fact a very, very old replica. Stephen Silburn informed me that although the original looms could be acquired in the 1970's/80's, the actual masks themselves were impossible to find. Hence this very old replica. The Helmet is an outstanding Battle of Britain period Btype which has a wonderful patination to the chrome leather. It really is as good as it looks in the pictures. This listing is for the Helmet and Mask, the goggles are listed separately below. These came to me from a highly esteemed collection and I do have documented proof of their history.
SUPERB!! 1939 Dated RAF Spitfire 'Time of Trip' Cockpit Clock - BATTLE OF BRITAIN A beautiful and highly sought after pre-1940 RAF "Time of Trip" Cockpit Clock. This runs for over a week on one wind and keeps extremely good time. Not surprising given this is made by LeCoultre. There may be a speck of dust/dirt in the Time of Trip mechanism as it only runs for five seconds and then stops. It never fails to return to 12 and start again when the button is depressed so it will be a very easy fix. The Clock is mounted on an exquisitely worked section of laminated propeller blade which displays it beautifully. Bader would fly with no other Clock on his instrument panel.
SUPERB!! Air Ministry Issue RAF WWII 2nd Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet This is a very clean size 3, 2nd Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet. As you will see this is an original wartime pattern Ctype, denoted by the use of just two retaining straps at the rear of the Helmet. The later pattern Ctypes are defined by the use of four retaining straps along with the bucckled goggles straps. Still witn its original wiring loom and Air Ministry Receivers, this is also a good size 3 and is fully Air Ministry stamped and as issued. You can see just how good this 2nd Pattern is by viewing my other pictures of it on display, below.
SUPERB!! Armee De l'Air ZEPPELIN Trench Art Piece from Dijon Airfield (Souvenir Longvic) Since first listing this piece I've been informed that the base resembles an aluminium profilecommonly used in the manufacture of the Zeppelin, so it may well be that this dates to WWI. Dijon Airfield has one of the longest records of Military Aviation use, both in WWI & WWII. Dijon Airfield (Longvic) is one of the oldest of the Armée de l'Air, being established in 1914, having origins beginning in September 1910 as a civilian aerodrome. Units from the base fought in World War I. During World War II the airfield was attacked by the Luftwaffe on several occasions (10, 14 May) during the Battle of France.
SUPERB!! BATTLE OF BRITAIN - RAF Officer's Visor Cap - by 'HAWKES' The nicest early RAF Visor Cap I've had in for quite some time. All correct for pre-War/Wartime purchase, original leather chinstrap and cloth covered buttons, dark green underpeak, period Kings Crown all bullion Officer Cap Badge. PLUS to top it all off, a very desirable makers label of "HAWKES of 1 SAVILLE ROW"!! For some reason the original owner saw fit to cut out a section of the leather sweatband. Internal Circumference - 55cms/21.5"
SUPERB!! Battle of Britain Dated 1940 Btype Flying Helmet by Frank Bryan A very tidy Size 3 1940 Dated Btype Flying Helmet with the only negative being the leather covering on the Bennetts Buckle for the chinstrap. Most of the leather is insitu so the buckle could be repaired if deemed necessary. The leather and chamois lining are in extremely good condition, as shown on my pictures.
SUPERB!! Battle of Britain period (inter-base) Station Telephone This wonderful telephone is identical in every respect to the one shown in the Battle of Britain publication "THE FEW". The phone shown in "THE FEW" was used at RAF Debden during the Battle of Britain and as you can see, I use this one in my Battle of Britain museum display. This original vintage telephone is in exceptional condition and as you can see, it makes a fantastic BoB display accessory. Totally Original, untouched and unrestored!
SUPERB!! Brass Brooch of WWI Biplane A wonderful miniature brass biplane made from multi-part construction. Just look at the method of 'riveting' the Wing Struts! The propeller rotates and the brass has superb patina!
SUPERB!! Cased Display of the 'WOODEN WONDER' - deHavilland Mosquito! A really outstanding and unique desk top display of the most versatile aircraft of WWII - The de Havilland Mosquito. Everything shown in the pictures comes as part of the display and is included in this listing, and that includes the two very rare Mosquitos by 'Diverse Images'. Both are signed by John "Cats Eyes" Cunningham and are long SOLD OUT through the manufacturers. In the centre is what I believe to be a pewter Mosquito, possibly from Franklin Mint. These all come in their own bespoke display case.
SUPERB!! Collection of Luftwaffe Recognition Postcards and Photographs Approximately 50 Original WWII Luftwaffe Recognition Postcards with ten or so "real photos" from Southport. The postcards are from the likes of "THE AEROPLANE" and "VALENTINE'S. I understand there are a few very rare cards in amongst these, but I don't have the time to research them and list them separately.
SUPERB!! Complete ATA Officers two-piece Gilded Cap Badge
SUPERB!! Contemporary Royal Flying Corps 'Officers Mess' Wall Hanging #1 Measuring 600mm x 500mm this outstanding Royal Flying Corps wall hanging is embroidered in silk. The original thread colours are still as vivid as the day this was made. Incorporated into the frame is an original brass RFC 'trench art' Pilot Wing which measures 180mm across. I've had this framed in a contemporary style and my framers have done me proud. A stunning RFC wall hanging!
SUPERB!! Contemporary Royal Flying Corps 'Officers Mess' Wall Hanging #2 Measures 600mm x 400mm Superbly presented in a frame to match the RFC Wall Hanging above.
SUPERB!! Contemporary Royal Flying Corps 'Officers Mess' Wall Hanging #3 A beautiful, eyecatching wall hanging depicting both Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wings and the Royal Flying Corps Badge. GUARANTEED AS ORIGINAL WWI/RFC MEMORABILIA. The colours are still very vivid as you can see. Size - 20" x 16" or 50cms x 41cms
SUPERB!! Display Propeller Blade - Luftwaffe Ju88? Sadly, whatever details were carved into the base of this exquisitely made propeller blade have long since disappeared. So I'm asking if you can identify it before adding a price. The Blade stands at 1700mm high and is 31cms wide at its widest point. As can be seen, it is a three piece construction and stands on a base from another Blade from the same Aircraft. I'm hoping the weather soon improves so I can take it outside to take some decent pictures. It's a stunning looking Blade.
SUPERB!! Early 2nd Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet A very nice example of the earlier (Wartime) 2nd Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet. I do have complete looms and receivers available if required.
SUPERB!! Early American Aviators Wristwatch by 'ELGIN' A rare and very attractive timepiece from the early 20th Century. I say 'Aviator' because of the extended crown which can be operated whilst wearing Flying Gloves. The dial and blued steel hands are in excellent condition, as is the nickel plated frame. The balance/movement is in working condition but this watch would require a clean and service to have it fully running. At the same time the crown should be looked at as it tends not to stay in the winding position and springs to the adjusting position.
SUPERB!! Early Flying/Motoring Helmet - Made in Belgium, exported to the States This is one of two very high quality Flying Helmet's which were made in Belgium, and manufactured from the finest kid-glove leather and lined in a fine cotton lining Curiously there is no makers name but the label shows it was "Made in Belgium" and was made for the New York store of "B WALTMAN & CO". This example is complete with all straps.
SUPERB!! Early Flying/Motoring Helmet - Made in Belgium, exported to the States This is one very high quality Flying Helmet, made of the finest kid-glove leather and lined in a fine cotton beige tartan. Curiously there is no makers name but the label shows it was "Made in Belgium" and was made for the legendary Philadelphia store of "John Wanamaker". The Helmet would then appear to have been purchased and worn by on "P T THOMAS". Perhaps worth researching that name? There is no doubting the very fine quality of manufacture and materials used in this Helmet. Perhaps that might explain why for some reason the chin straps have been meticulously removed at some stage? Probably for some other strap?
SUPERB!! Early Gilt/Silver RFC Pilot Wing by 'GAUNT' There's no denying that when it comes to the first metal Pilot Wings of the Royal Flying Corps there is nothing to surpass this super rare variant made by Gaunt of London. Warren Carroll shows a similar Wing at the top of page 22 of Eagles Recalled. The only difference being it is stamped for "J R Gaunt, Montreal". My example is stamped " J. R GAUNT & SON LD, LONDON". The Wing is in stunning condition and still carries a light gilt covering. More importantly the Wing still has its original retaining loop which was designed to further locate the Wing to the Royal Flying Corps Tunic to prevent the Wing being snagged and pulled out of the garment.
SUPERB!! Fleet Air Arm - White Leather Flying Helmet - Large! One of the finest and rarest Flying Helmets of the 1940's. This beauty is in exceptional condition as you can see. The leather is dry which is not out of the ordinary due to the white finish. The Helmet is also a very good, large size with all zips and poppers functioning perfectly. These very rarely come on to the market so don't miss this opportunity to add it to your collection.
Superb!! Free French Air Force \'CIGONES\' Silver Badge The 1/2 fighter squadron \"Storks\" (escadron de chasse 01.002 \"Cigognes\" or l\'EC 1/2) was, and still is a French Air Force fighter squadron. This is a very rare Silver badge to the Free French \"CIGONES\" Squadrons
SUPERB!! Group of Ephemera to WWII USAAF 1st Lt. to Major - 'Crusher's', Medals & Provenance MAJOR HAROLD R. NICHOL US Air Force. This is certainly a group worthy of researching. As you can see, both Caps are genuine "Crusher's'. Neither have been stored too well and have developed creases etc. These will come out in time and really, with just a tiny bit of TLC these will look a whole lot better. Both "Crusher's" are named to Lt. H. R Nichol and were obviously worn early in his very distinguished career, most likely in the Second World War. Both Caps do show genuine wear but the only area of mothing is at the rear of the khaki "Airflow" Cap. Also included are a group of seven miniature medals PLUS his original Air Force Commendation Medal with First Oak Leaf Cluster complete with Citations. His Medal Group - Air Force Commendation Medal - American Campaign Medal 1941-1945 - WWII Victory Medal 1941-1945 - National Defence Service Medal - Korean Service Medal with Star - Armed Forces Reserve Medal - United Nations Korea Medal. As well as his Citations there is other paperwork which includes an important clue to his Wartime service in the USAAF, a "Shoe Purchase Certificate" dated 1944 from DAAF, Douglas, Arizona.
SUPERB!! Group of Royal Flying Corps Wings & Brooches These are not named so I'm in two minds as to whether to split them.....
SUPERB!! Hand Carved WWII USAAF Quartermaster Plaque What a wonderful item... Superbly hand carved, measuring 14" high. The pictures aren't great but this very rare Plaque is! WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!
SUPERB!! Handmade WWII Wooden Avro Anson
SUPERB!! Handmade, Silver Plate Desk Model of Supermarine S6B - Schneider Trophy A very well made and careful study of the Supermarine S6B. My price reflects the fact that at some stage the float legs have been damaged at some point and repaired. These repairs could certainly be improved on, but are not necessary. Having said that, this is a model 80 years old which still displays extremely well and has never looked out of place in my collection. The wingspan is 5" or 12.5 cms.
SUPERB!! Heavily padded RAF Pilot Wing - pinback An outstanding 'ten feather' RAF Pilot Wing, with possibly heaviest padding I've ever come across. Still has its original stitched on brass pin plate for easy removal from Battledress.
SUPERB!! Large B/W signed photo - GABBY GABRESKI A fantastic image of the legendary US ACE Gabby Gabreski. This is one of a huge collection of signed US Aviation photographs collected by a Gentleman over many years. Sadly he passed away a couple of years ago and this collection came into my posession. Many of these original images have been copied, scanned and reproduced so many times that the majority for sale are a very poor imitation. This US Collector amassed his collection at the time of publishing so the image quality is exceptional.
SUPERB!! Large colour signed photo - CHUCK YEAGER & BUD ANDERSON A superb image of "OLD CROW" & "GLAMOROUS GLEN". Handsigned by 'Bud' Anderson and 'Chuck' Yeager. It's worth pointing out that all of these signed images have been kept in protective folders so all are in mint, pristine condition.
SUPERB!! Large Copper/Silver Plate Drinks Tray - 1918 Royal Flying Corps As with the RFC Tantalus below the majority of the silver plating has been polished off this Tray. Again this should not detract from a wonderful piece of original RFC Memorabilia. I have been informed both the Tray and the Tantalus could be re-plated, but I'll leave that to the next owner.
SUPERB!! Large Model of the 1930's CAUDRON 640 Racing Plane - Handmade in Rosewood!
SUPERB!! Large Signed Photograph 'BUD ANDERSON' with 363rd Fighter Squadron
SUPERB!! Leather/Fur Luftwaffe Winter Flight Jacket - White! "Been there, seen this, flown that, and got the T-shirt!" This is one hell of a piece of WWII Flying Clothing. Everything about it screams "AUTHENTIC". It is even possible to imagine the white paint marks being as a result of a "new" 'Winter' camouflage being applied to an Eastern Front Stuka/Focke Wulf. As my pictures show, the Jacket isn't 'mint' but it is structurally sound and all original, including the loops for Rank Shoulder Boards. This Jacket is the perfect match for the late War Luftwaffe Flying Trousers I display it with......Code 52257 PLEASE NOTE; This Jacket is currently out on studio hire, but will be back in February 2017.
SUPERB!! Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Dress Dagger by 'CLEMEN & JUNG' - Etched Blade On Sunday 18th November I arranged to meet a couple of highly experienced dealers and collectors to have a few of my items assessed, this Luftwaffe Dagger, Badges etc. I had already learned that the subject of etched blades is a very contentious one and open to many different opinions. Some say "yay" and some say "nay" on etched blades. I have seen similar Daggers on sale through some of the top German Militaria dealers' sites so I'm happy to sell it as they do, genuine. What I learned on Sunday was this...the "CLEMEN & JUNG" Dagger is totally original. The knot on this dagger is the wrong type, this knot is for an army dagger. The etching is 'considered' to be contemporary and of the period. This conclusion was reached by the uniform age marks throughout the blade finish viewed through a number of dealers' eye glasses. So really, whether the Dagger is considered 100% original including the etching, comes down to whether you are a "yay" or a "nay" collector. The Dagger is now for sale and I will consider any reasonable offer. I will provide a letter of authenticity with the Dagger.
SUPERB!! Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots Black Leather Jacket - as worn by Hans Joachim Marseilles - made by 'AGA' A great example of the type of private purchase 'sports' Jacket worn by the Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot of WWII. This is identical to that worn by the Legendary Hans Joachim Marseilles and others. Double breasted, three flap pockets, storm cuffs and wrist straps etc. This jacket still carries its original "AGA" manufacturers label as well as a few indecipherable stamps. A number of the original front buttons have been replaced and the shoulder board buttons were removed at some stage. However the shoulder board loops are still in place. I did find a couple of the black buttons in one of the pockets. Of course, I cannot guarantee that this jacket was ever worn by a Luftwaffe Pilot but it is an orginal period piece with oodles of character....and suffice to say, it displays like a dream.
SUPERB!! Luftwaffe Flare Holder, Leg/Boot Strap - Reproduction? I'm selling this as a reproduction (just to be safe) due to its superb condition, but as a reproduction this is truly exceptional! I've never seen the likes before. The use of the period buckle, heavy canvas, heavy leather strapping and Luftwaffe Goggles Strap material tells me someone has gone to a great deal of effort to make this as authentic as possible. The machinery needed to stitch this together would have had to been way heavier than standard.
SUPERB!! No.29 Squadron Royal Flying Corps 'Honours' Painting This is the second of two original oil paintings, both honouring the Battles fought in by two Lincolnshire based Squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps. ROYAL FLYING CORPS - 29 SQUADRON - 1915/1917 ST.OMER - ABEELE - LE HAMEAU - POPERINGHE - LA LOVIE - TETEGHAM There is no doubting they are painted by the same artist, and I assume he was based in Lincolnshire. There is no signature or date so I don't know by whom, or when these were painted. There is also no doubting the signwriting skills of the artist as the graphics are brilliant! Measuring 18" x 27" approximately, the painting is done in oil on board, then varnished. It has been framed by myself purely to prevent damage to the edges.
SUPERB!! Original photograph of Werner Molders, signed! This is a very rare and original period photograph of Luftwaffe Legend - Werner Molders. The photograph has been mounted above a fantastic "Molders" signature in green ink/pencil? Below that is glued a typed title... "Molders - Unser Bester"......"Molders - Our Best". This appears to be one page removed from a collection of Luftwaffe signatures. I will supply a certificate of authenticity with this.
SUPERB!! Original WWI Royal Flying Corps Portrait, Side Cap and Shoulder Title Description to follow
SUPERB!! Pair 'Triplex' lensed 'LUXOR' Flying/Motoring Goggles
SUPERB!! Pair of 'named' RAF 'Battle of Britain' 1939 Pattern Flying Boots - Size 8 The name is "L A LAFONE", not a common name so I'm sure that with some diligent research it might well be possible to identify their original owner/wearer. In superb overall condition the right boot does show signs of * rudder rash *so often seen on period Flying Boots. Fully Ai Ministry stamped and in superb wearable condition. *rudder rash* is a term I've coined to explain the small area of wear on the inside of RAF Flying Boots. This wear would have occurred due to repeated rubbing against the Aircraft rudder pedals. If you look at 'framed' Spitfire rudder pedals you will see what I mean.
SUPERB!! Pair of 1939 'Battle of Britain' RAF Pilot Flying Boots These are the very first pattern 1939 Flying Boots with the webbing strapping. In good condition throughout although there is some lining loss down in the right boot which I should mention. These have seen some wear but are as strong and robust as the day they were made and will last at least another 70 years. If these were to be worn the missing lining might have to be addressed. Size 9....8 with thick socks.
SUPERB!! Pair of Gold Bullion/Padded ATA Wings Gauranteed as 100% Original.
SUPERB!! Pair of Luftwaffe 'Splitterschutzbrille' Flying Goggles - Nitsche & Gunther A first class pair of Luftwaffe Anti-Splinter (Splitterschutzbrille) Flying Goggles with tinted lenses. All original and complete with their case and original card liner. The headband has had repairs but is still elasticated in the central section. The tinted lenses are in excellent condition, just a few small marks but nothing to concern a wearer. The metal fittings do have surface corrosion but that is nothing out of the ordinary on original Nitsche & Gunthers. Not maker marked but I guarantee these are 100% original and are not a pair of the cheap and nasty Czech made replicas. Please ask for any further pictures to be sent to your email address for closer scrutiny. I'll be happy to oblige.
SUPERB!! Pair of original Air Ministry/RAF 'Battle of Britain' MkII Flying Goggles These really are in excellent condition. The light blue frames are in pristine condition with superb 'red' stockinette sides and fur. The sprung elasticated sections of the strap are all connected. There is some thinning of the leather covering but nothing too dramatic. The yellow tinted lenses are also in fine nick. Again, I emphasise that these are 100% genuine Air Ministry MkII Flying Goggles. These cannot and should not be confused with what is regularly offered on auction sites as MkII's.
SUPERB!! Pair of Original Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Gloves These fur lined, leather Gloves are a real 'find'. The reddish/brown colour of the leather is identical to the majority of original Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Jackets I've had. One amazing coincidence it that this pair of Gloves are almost identical to the pair which are part of the group of Luftwaffe clothing shown in Code; 53297. Both pairs have the adjustable wrist strap with unmarked snap fasteners.
SUPERB!! Pair of pre-WWI French Aviation Goggles #1 This is the first of THREE pairs of extraordinary survivors in the Goggle world. Although these are sometimes seen in pictures being worn by WWI Pilots, this style of one piece lens Goggle actually dates to well before the conflict. As can be seen, this pair are in supeb condition with a perfect curved glass green tint lens. The frames, sides and fur are also in unbelievable condition with just a tiny piece of fur which requires reattaching. The strap is in good condition but is no longer elasticated The inside of the goggle sides carry the familiar gold gilt Balloon mark.
SUPERB!! Pair of pre-WWI French Aviation Goggles #2 - NEW PICTURE FROM 1910 When I first listed these Goggles I was politely contradicted on my dating of them. I always welcome new information and constructive criticism so I had no problem with being advised this style of Goggle was more dated to the 1920's. This is not me saying "I told you so", I simply wanted to show this picture from 1910 of French aviator J MOISSANT BAIN wearing an identical pair of Flying Goggles. Sadly MOISSANT BAIN was killed in a flying accident soon after this picture was taken on December 31st 1910. ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION..... Although these are sometimes seen in pictures being worn by WWI Pilots this style of one piece lens Goggle actually dates to well before the conflict. As can be seen, this pair are in almost mint condition with a perfect curved glass clear lens. The frames, sides and fur are also in unbelievable condition. I believe the strap is a later replacement which is still elasticated. The only stamp on the frame is a small heart stamped above the nose.
SUPERB!! Pair of pre-WWI French Aviation Goggles #3 Although these are sometimes seen in pictures being worn by WWI Pilots this style of one piece lens Goggle actually dates to well before the conflict. As can be seen, this pair are in almost mint condition with a perfect curved glass, tinted lens. The frames, sides and fur are also in unbelievable condition. They also have their original strap which is no longer elasticated. The frames are stamped; DEPOSE & BREVETTE FRANCE (SGDG) & ETRANGER
SUPERB!! Pair of private purchase Doe Skin German Officer's Dress Gloves A top quality pair of Doe Skin Gloves of the type worn by Luftwaffe/Wehrmacht Officers. The twin poppers are marked "WILDER ECHT". Some very light mothing but none too serious.
SUPERB!! Pair of RAF Full Dress Pilot Wings - Full Size, Bullion. These are an outstanding pair of RAF Pilot Wings for the Full Dress Uniform in Gold and Silver Bullion. Heavily padded Crown in red velvet.
SUPERB!! Pair of RAF/RAAF MkIIIa 'Battle of Britain' Flying Goggles An amazing looking pair of WWII MkIIIa Flying Goggles with blue velvet cushions and a reddish hue to the leather strap. The blue velvet strip on the left side IS NOT damage. It has been period fitted to cover where the salvage end of the velvet material met on the cushion. I currently have no replacement lenses in stock but these can be acquired from Lou at "Weathered Wings". I will be looking to manufacture replacement lenses for the MkIII and MkIIIa Flying Goggles here in the UK in the not too distant future.
SUPERB!! Pair of WWI 'Air Express' Flying Goggles
SUPERB!! POW Trench Art Hurricane Brooch - carved from bone? This is a beautiful WWII RAF brooch which I believe has been carved from bone. It has a wingspan of 1.5" and is in the shape of a Hawker Hurricane. A superior example of the type of Trench Art jewellery which came from RAF POW's during WWII.
SUPERB!! Replica Japanese 'Cats Eyes' Flying Goggles As with the replica IJN Winter Flying Helmet below these replica Japanese Flying Goggles are just the thing for reenacting or display. Impossible to tell the difference on sight alone as the quality in manufacture is first class!
SUPERB!! Replica WWII Japanese Army (Winter) Flying Helmet. The perfect reencators Flying Helmet....identical to the original IJA Flying Helmet shown below, apart from the fact the fur around the forehead and eyes has not been trimmed back for use. I will leave that to the buyer. The manufacture of this replica is as accurate as they come. Every seam and panel is identical to the original below. Having said this is perfect for reencators, it definitely doesn't look out of place on display.
SUPERB!! Replica WWII Japanese Navy (Summer) Flying Helmet The finest quality and 100% accurate. First class, soft brown leather and velveteen liner.
SUPERB!! RFC Flying Helmet.. probably by 'ROBINSON & CLEAVER' If you refer to the bottom of page 134 of the 1914-1918 section of Mick's book you will see an example of this exact Flying Helmet shown with the "TRIPLEX" Goggle Mask listed below. Probably by "ROBINSON & CLEAVER" this outstanding Helmet carries an unusual/unknown label with the title "Shepherd Garment' - "Motoring & Aviation Equipment". A very early Aviator's Helmet, in wonderful condition and a real "FIND"!!
SUPERB!! RFC/RAF Observers Brevet in Silk and Gold Bullion A stunning Observer brevet which would have been worn by both the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Air Force. Similar examples can be seen in Warren Carroll's "Eagles Recalled".
SUPERB!! Silk Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing An original WWI period Pilot Wing of the Royal Flying Corps. The use of silk in the Wing feathering detail gives a look of different coloured beige threads being used. A very attractive RFC Wing
SUPERB!! Silver Bullion WWII USAAF Pilot Wing
SUPERB!! Trio of WWII Pilot/Observer Wings - Netherlands Army Air Service Three original WWII Pilot/Observer Wings of the Royal Netherlands Air Force.
SUPERB!! USAAF A-2 Flying Jacket by Sefton Clothing Company Many moons ago my good friend Stephen Silburn, owner of the Sefton Clothing Company manufactured one of the most sought after A-2 Pilot Jackets in the world. Stephen's meticulous attention detail was (and still is) second to none. So, when the "Talon" zipper company stopped manufacturing the WWII type zipper, Stephen ceased manufacturing his A-2 Leather Jacket's. Sefton's Vintage A-2's are still highly sought after, indeed they're now collectors items in their own right, this is your chance to own one for less than it costs to buy a new replica. This example is in fine condition and a great colour. A hole in one cuff and some light wear do not detract, indeed I believe they enhance the Jacket. I know A-2 Collectors are sticklers for the details so please feel free to ask for further detail pictures.
Superb!! USAAF HS-33 Headset with HB-7 Headband & Type P-23 Receivers An excellent WWII USAAF HS-33 Headset in first class condition. Fitted with the rarer \"Murdock\" P-23 Receivers. In such good condition this will probably still be operative.
SUPERB!! USAAF/USN Aircraft Panel Clock - AN 5741-1 This Clock has been working away perfectly on my desk for the past seven days, that's the good news. The less than good news is that in the main it is only constant when lying on its front. It will therefore only require a quick once-over to have it working correctly. All buttons and functions work perfectly. As you can see, it's a stunning looking timepiece. I've therefore priced it accordingly to take into acount the clean or service it might require.
SUPERB!! Vintage American 'Billy Boy' Cap of the 1920's It could never be said that I don't offer an eclectic mix of Aviation Memorabilia.......Variety being the Spice of Life! I think this little Cap epitomises the the American passion for flying in the 1920's. This is an original "BILLY BOY" cap complete with its original "AVIATOR" headband and badge. All in wonderful condition. A unique and very rare addition to a collection, and I will include the display head if requested.
SUPERB!! WWI 'Cigone' Bronze Letter Opener - In its original case, by 'FRECOURT' One of a number of WWI French Armée de l'Air desk accesories we've recently acquired which make wonderful additions to any Armée de l'Air collection.
SUPERB!! WWI Flying Helmet & Goggles (potentially) to US Naval Service Pilot An excellent WWI Flying Headset in itself but the markings on the Abercrombie & Fitch Flying Helmet have caused a great deal of debate. The general concensus of opinion is that these were likely to have been worn by a WWI US Naval Pilot. Below is just one of the reasons for such an opinion. Massive thanks go to my good friend Rob from Cathay Pacific for his research on my Abercrombie & Fitch Flying Helmet & Goggles. Rob has provided the following theory.........: Good Evening Ian, I see that you're looking for any possible information with respect to the beautiful 'Abercrombie & Fitch' Flying Helmet and associated Goggles. Well... I've just spent about 30 minutes Googling and it maybe a lead and then again it may not, however all of those ports listed, appear to have had seaplane bases towards the end of World War 1. They were used to bomb German U-Boats towards the ned of the war. Indeed Queenstown (Aghada) was actually a US Naval Air Station in early 1918. Fishguard in Wales was also a seaplane base but Royal Navy. Falmouth in England was a major Port at the time and indeed, was a big staging point and departure Port for Ships as they set off over the Channel. If you run a word search through the attached document below of the 4 Ports, you'll see that all 4 were very active towards the end of 1918. 3 as seaplane bases (2 American Stations) and the 4th as a starting point for ships across the Channel. Could it be possible that the A&F Helmet and Goggles could be that of an American Airman stationed in Queenstown towards the end of 1918 (See page 186 of the paper, as the date of the Goggles 22nd January 1918 fits the time line). He may have simply written the names of Fishguard, Falmouth, Queenstown and Aghada simply because he had been to each place at some point during active service. Having an American Flying Helmet & Goggles and a USN Air Station fit the time line, along with corresponding active seaplane bases as written on the Helmet, could be just more than coincidence... Best Regards Rob For further pictures see Codes; 52642 & 52643
SUPERB!! WWI German Generator Propeller - 'RESCHKE' - VERY RARE! In 1916 the The Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (A.E.G.) G.IV "Tactical Bomber" was introduced to the German Air Force. This heavy biplane incorporated such modern technology as onboard radios and electrically heated suits for the two man crew. Both the radio and heated suits were powered by means of small generator propellers. It is believed this "RESCHKE" Propeller is just such a prop. Measuring 50cms x 10cms this small propeller would have been strategically fixed to an Aircraft and would have provided just enough power to either run the radio or heat the suit. Fully stamped and still with both "RESCHKE" decals this is a wonderful example of a very scarce WWI Propeller. Unfortunately it has had a few knocks and has one poorly done repair. I have had it mounted it on a nice piece of English Oak to show it off to full effect.
SUPERB!! WWI Imperial German Pilot's Cane/Stick - Black Cross A very scarce WWI cane made of laminated timber which has been cleverly made to show the Imperial German Air Service "Black Cross" in the lamination at the top of the cane. The bottom tip is missing.
SUPERB!! WWI Leather & Sheepskin Jerkin - RFC/RAF Jerkin Sadly there are no longer any visible markings on this Coat/Jerkin to help identify the maker. There is no doubting this was 'cut-down' from a full length fur lined coat. This would have been worn by all military personel during WWI, but given the heavy sheepskin lining, it is the perfect item of extra clothing for RFC Pilots and Observers in open cockpits. This Gilet also makes the perfect addition to a Royal Flying Corps Pilot display, especially when worn with my early RFC Coat shown below. This is all orginal and of the early 20th Century period. The sprung fastenings are far superior to the standard button fastenings. It does show signs of wear, however it is 100 years old.
SUPERB!! WWI Propeller Trench Art to Australian Flying Corps MC Winner - KIA 1918 This is bit special in that it has a connection to the Australian Flying Corps. There is no provenance to it but I have no doubt it is 100% correct. The writing on the base states; "IN MEMORY LT H. TAYLOR MC AUSTRALIAN FLYING CORPS KILLED AUG 15 1918 ON CAMEL (AERO) What's also nice is the fact a small amount of green paint has been left on the base.
SUPERB!! WWI RNAS Visor Cap - with Chief Petty Officer Bullion Cap Badge
SUPERB!! WWI Royal Flying Corps 'Trench Art' Inkwell Another superb piece of authentic WWI Roral Flying Corps 'Trench Art'. This time made from laminated sections of timber and a WWI Shell Tip. The Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing carved into the base is extremely well done.
SUPERB!! WWI Royal Flying Corps (Inner) Leather Coat
SUPERB!! WWI Shop Window Display Piece for Flying Goggles This is the type of item used in the shop window of the likes of Robinson & Cleaver. If you have never seen that image I've added to this listing. A very inspring image for collectors of Aviation Memorabilia, from a 1916 issue of Flight Magazine.* This is a lifesize display piece which is perfect for displaying your very favourite pair of WWI Flying Goggles. * if you would like a copy of the Robinson and Cleaver shop window image I'm more than happy to supply one. Email and I'll send it by return.
SUPERB!! WWII Four Blade Propeller - Royal Aircraft Establishment - Target Tug Propeller Again I am indebted to my friend Bob Gardner of Aeroclocks for his invaluable information. Bob has informed me that, although these props are often sold as Auxillary Propellers from the Graf Zeppelin, they are nothing of the sort. It is in fact an auxiliary prop from a Target Tug aircraft designed by the Royal Aircraft Establishment and dates from around WW2. It was lowered into the airstream to generate the considerable power required to winch out, and particularly to winch in, 3-4000 ft of cable and a target drogue. Overall in good condition, a couple of chips to the side of two of tips. By the looks of it the bolts are original, a nice touch. There are numerous stamps but some are hard to read....roughly - "DRG CDP 0597.........T2 93 05/2..........2926 The Propeller measures 92cms, or 36 inches/3feet in diameter.
SUPERB!! WWII Japanese Army Flying Helmet - Fighter Pilot Pattern in dark Marooon Fully marked fur lined leather Flying Helmet from a Fighter Pilot of the IJA. In excellent overall condition with a good 99% of the fur remaining. As this is the maroon variant it looks fantastic paired up with the Imperial Japanese Flying Goggles - 52108 PLEASE NOTE; The leather colour os a deep marron, darker than my pictures show.
SUPERB!! WWII Polish Air Force/RAF 'Propeller Trench Art' Mantle Clock A belting item of WWII Polish Air Force & Royal Air Force Memorabilia!! Made from a laminated section of a propeller blade and decorated with the "checkerboard" and "roundel" insignia of both WWII Air Force's. In the centre is a beautiful solid silver Polish Eagle with the finest detailing. The Clock winds and ticks away nicely, so all in all this is a wonderful addition to a WWII PAF/RAF cllection.
SUPERB!! WWII Polish Air Force/RAF Officer's Visor Cap A wonderful WWII Polish Air Force RAF Officer's Cap by a very rare maker - "ROWAN" of Glasgow & Birmingham. The second of two Polish Air Force Caps I'm offering, neither of which are named so now worries in splitting them. Other than some 'blistering' to the green vinyl underpeak and one tiny hole this Cap is in exceptional condition. It does still have its size marked, which is 6 7/8.
SUPERB!! WWII RAF 'Special Ration' TYPE B tin. In excellent, used condition. The brown rust-like looking areas are not rust. They appear to be the remains of a boiled sweet.
SUPERB!! WWII RAF Delhi Display. A most unusual group of items relating to RAF Delhi in WWII. Starting with a very heavy, rare silver plated wall plaque of the RAF Indian Air Force. Personally I've never seen one of these and it really is a most attractive piece. Made in India in silver plated brass the Eagle has a wingspan of 23cms. Then there is a multisigned RAF Christmas Menu from 1946 signed by many RAF servicemen from all over the UK. The headset consists of a very rare 1st Pattern Dtype Flying Helmet which was made in India, Calcutta to be exact. Although not in relic condition the Helmet has suffered over the years, with verdigris and rust from the poppers being the major culprits. Having said that it still displays well and is a very rare Helmet in its own rights. The MkVIII Flying Goggles are in reasonable condition but the very early Type H Oxygen Mask is indeed in relic condition. As a whole this makes a very rare display and a fitting tribute to one of the Royal Air Force's more forgotten campaigns if World War Two.
SUPERB!! WWII RAF Fleet Air Arm Pilot Group Consisting of a rare, stamped Fleet Air Arm 1st Pattern Type C Flying Helmet, his original Air Ministry stamped MkVIII Flying Goggles and ALL of the accompanying FAA Insignia. There is no way to identify this Airman but I still feel that keeping these together is far better than selling separately. I'm sure that as a complete group they will better suit a Fleet Air Arm collector. Do please ask for further detailed pictures if required.
SUPERB!! WWII RAF MkVIII Goggle Strap We still have stock remaining
SUPERB!! WWII USAAF Pen & Ink Stand - Douglas Havoc..incl Solid Silver Letter Opener This just screams "Art Deco"! A piece of American Aviation memorabilia the likes of which is very rarely seen, especially in such fantastic, complete condition! Made in the late 1930's, early 1940's by "FOUNT-O-INK" of Los Angeles this is a most unusual method of delivering ink to an inkwell. The bottle of "Fount-o-Ink" is inverted and pushed into the cast bakelite holder and this maintains a constant reservoir if ink to the fountain pen. The pen is then either dipped or used as a fountain pen and filled. This comes with an original bottle of ink and its original pen. The pen would heen a new nib as it has corroded having stood in the well for seventy years. Also with this comes a solid silver "trench art" letter opener.
SUPERB!!1935 Bullion RAF Marksman Badge
SUPERB, LARGE!! 'Bancroft Zephyr' Visor Cap A lovely example of the Bancroft Zephyr "Pac" Cap. There are a few marks and a couple of small moth nips but this is still a really fantastic example of the lightweight Bancroft Zephyr "Pac" Cap. Complete, very wearable, comfortable and a great size 7.5!
SUPERBLY RESTORED!! 1940's Longines Military/Dress Watch
SUPERIOR!! 1930's German Sports/Flying Leather Jacket by 'WIESELTHALER' An outstanding item of 1930's German Sportswear. What I particularly like about this Jacket is that is has none of the often seen pretensions at being a Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Jacket. It is in completely untouched condition. It is the type of Jacket which only fellow enthusiasts immediately recognise as being "The REAL DEAL". Wear this to any aviation event and this WILL get second looks. The Jacket shows natural wear but no damage. The 'dog-tooth' check lining is complete with no tears or loose stitching. The all brass "RITSCH" & "ZIPP" zips all work fine and the leather laced sides are also in first class condition. The label reads - " MW - Wieselthaler - WIEN IV - BARNABITENG. B " What I like about this particular 1930's Jacket is the fact that it hasn't been messed with. There have been no attempts to deceive by someone adding loops, buttons or badges. It is what it is, simply a fantastic piece of Vintage German Attire of the 1930's worn by Aviator's and Sports Enthusiasts alike. There are none of the generic (and often faked) signs of a Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Jacket and believe me, this baby doesn't need them!
SUPERIOR!! Japanese Army Officer's Pilot Wing A Japanese Pilot Wing the likes of which you will very rarely see! The quality of manufacture is truly exceptional and quite individual, which leads to believe this was privately commissioned by a high ranking Officer of the Japanese Army Air Force.
SUPERIOR!! Pair of 1943 Heated Luftwaffe Flying Boots by 'Franz Baumgartner' - LARGE, Size 11!! I rarely, if ever use the word 'superior' but this pair of Luftwaffe Flying Boots are just that. These are the finest pair of Luftwaffe Boots I've had on a very long time. Perfect for display and if these were to be worn they might require some strengthening of the stitching to the zips in places.
Supermarine S5 Static Display Model - How Big Is Your Man Cave??
SUPREME EXAMPLE!! WWII British Glider Pilot Lapel Pin
Swagger Stick of USAAF/USAF Four Star General 'Gabe' Disoway Please see this link; There is nothing I can add to the illustrious career of General Gabriel P. Disoway that hasn't already been written - Pilot of World War II, Vietnam and so on.....but a brief outline shows; United States Air Force General and Air Power Pioneer and Advocate. At the close of his four-decade career he was Commander of the U.S. Air Force's Tactical Air Command, or TAC. A 1933 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, he commanded the 37th Fighter Group in Panama and, in the closing months of World War II, led the 311th Fighter Group and then the 312th Fighter Wing in China. After the war he commanded Air Training Command's Flying Training Air Force and the 12th Air Force in West Germany. Before taking charge of Tactical Air Command, he was head of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe. Recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star and Air Medals, the Chinese Cloud and Banner, the Chinese Order of Yun Hui and the Brazilian Southern Cross and numerous other International Awards. This cased Swagger Stick and Gen Disoway's own (draft, pre-published) copy of his autobiography have come direct from his Estate.
TAILOR MADE by 'GIEVES' - 1930's-1940's Flying Helmet - 'Bennetts Buckle' A Flying Helmet I've never seen before and a really striking variant. Privately commissioned and still has customer's order label stapled and stitched to the front. By "Gieves of London" and superbly made in off-white cotton with a satin lining and contrasting black leather Goggle straps and full 'Bennetts Buckle' Chin Strap. A really gorgeous old Helmet. As you can see from one of my pictures on item 52512 I do own an extensive collection of Flying/Motoring Helmets dating from 1900 to 1940. This is only the fourth example I've ever owned by "Gieves of London" in many years of collecting.
The 'ROOLD' Flying Helmet of Dudley Lawrence Hill - 12th Volunteer Pilot of the 'LAFAYETTE ESCADRILLE' This Roold Helmet came to me together with three unseen and therefore unpublished, period photographs of the Lafayette Escadrille’s Raoul Lufbery with the Squadron mascot’s ‘Whisky & Soda’. These photographs and Helmet came direct from the private collection of a Gentleman in the public eye but not in the field of Aviation History. He had himself purchased the Helmet of Dudley Hill in 1986 at a local military auction in France. The items at auction were all from the 1986 closure of a privately owned Military Museum which stood in Dieulouard next to Pont a Mousson, Verdun, France. The Helmet had always been displayed at the Museum as that of Dudley L. Hill and that information was confirmed by both the previous Museum owner's family and the Auction House at the time of purchase. Given the circumstances of my purchase and the absolute rarity of the photographs my personal experience in buying the rare and unique, I'm more than happy to place a lifetime COA on the Helmet as that of Dudley Hill.
The BEST WWII RAF Battle of Britain Sweetheart Brooch - EVER!!---'Paddy' Finucane DSO DFC** During the Battles of France and Britain and throughout WWII RAF Fighter Pilots were quite literally superstars!! They were individually idolised much as todays footballers and pop stars are. One of the most followed, and hero worshipped was Brendan 'Paddy' Finucane, one of only ten RAF Pilots from Southern Ireland who flew in the Battle of Britain. I firmly believe this unique Hurricane Sweetheart brooch was made specifically to show the owner's support of 'Paddy' Finucane. This is not made from precious metal nor semi-precious gems, and that is why I believe I have never seen another "Smamrocked" Hawker Hurricane.... Had it been made of pure gold and emeralds it would still have been treasured today, but this is simply gilded with paste stones. I believe this to be the rarest and finest of all Sweethearts I've ever had.
THE BEST!! Pair of boxed Luftwaffe 'Model306' Flying Goggles by O.W Wagener It's been quite a few years since I've seen a pair of Luftwaffe Model306 Flying Goggles as good as these. Even the box is in excellent condition. With just a minute amount of paint loss to the frames I can only refer to these as almost perfect. The tinted lenses and strap are immaculate and the cushions still retain their stiff flexibility with positively no cracking or deterioration. The best cushions I've seen for years! Curiously the spare lenses are also tinted but a lighter shade, so perhaps these would have been in the Meditteranean/North Africa Campaigns?
THE FINAL PIECE OF THE MUSEUM PROJECT These pictures show the final, and most important addition to my Aviation Memorabilia Museum........A working Theatre!! soon to be an Aviation Education and Entertainment Centre! I'm delighted to announce that I have now acquired the complete first floor of my Museum building. In the space of just twelve months I have managed to increase the floor area for my exhibits four-fold, with the Theatre having direct access from my Museum area. My intention in 2014/15 is now to commence working on the Theatre to ensure it complies with all Fire and Safety Regulations as well as being made as comfortable and interesting as I can for my visitors of all ages. The Theatre will be used for the sole purpose of entertaining and educating our younger generations in all aspects of vintage aviation, but focussing primarily on the roles of the young Men and Women who took part in both World Wars. I have many ideas on how to 'dress' the Theatre into a "hands-on experience" for the children and I'm open to ideas from everyone out there. For example; I intend to acquire mock-up WWII RAF/Luftwaffe Cockpits as well as a number of other larger exhibits for the kids to enjoy. Thus far my project has been completely self-funded through my website sales, no grants, no loans, no sponsorship. Now I know one or two collectors have the occassional gripe about my website prices, but some of my customers who have already visited the Museum agree that my pricing is more than justified once they've seen how their money has been re-invested. Unfortunately, no matter how much I charge for an item I know I can't do everything myself. So I now plan to contact the larger Commercial Aviation related Companies with a view to taking on corporate sponsorship. I'm also interested to hear from any other organisations/individuals who might be interested in offering sponsorship or their time/legal advice etc. Please email me, if you would like to discuss my project. Oh! and if anyone wishes to donate a Spitfire/Bf109 Cockpit??
The Finest Quality WWI-WWII Scottish Officers Boots - Made in Edinburgh - with RARE 'Sgian-Dubh' Adaptation An outstanding pair of Scottish, early Military Officer's Boots in beautiful condition throughout. Made by World renowned Scottish Shoemakers, JAMES ALLAN & SONS of Princes Street, Edinburgh this superb pair of Boots also seem to have been adapted for the Officer to wear the traditional "Sgian-Dubh" tucked into the right Boot. The 'Sgian-Dubh' being a single-edged knife worn as a traditional part of Scottish Highland Dress. The 'Sgian-Dubh' was worn down the right Kilt hose, or latterly the Boot. The right Boot of this pair has been adapted using leather sections to extend the circumference, allowing the Knife to be regularly worn without discomfort to the Officer. In exemplary condition, these are a very unique pair of Military Boots with a very strong Scottish connection.
The First RAF Veteran Visitor to the Museum Last week I had the huge pleasure of the company of Mr & Mrs. John and Muriel Linford when they visited my Museum. The hours we spent together were some of the most enjoyable I have ever experienced, and I'm very proud to say the feeling was mutual. John was a Rear Gunner in Liberator's and completed a full Combat Tour, with 25 successful Missions behind him. He ended the War with 37 Squadron carrying out Bombing Missions over Italy. Before we went upstairs we sat in the Coffee Shop below my Museum and John recounted a fantastic story of his first "meeting" with an Me262 Jet Fighter of the Luftwaffe. John and I also discussed his Flying Gear in detail. We then took the disabled lift up to the see John's face when first entering the room and 'meeting' my Bomber Command mannequin, well that moment will stay with me for the rest of my life. John and Muriel Linford live just a few miles from me. They are a wonderful couple, the absolute "Salt of the Earth" and I'm very proud to say they will now be regular and very welcome visitors.
The Flying Log Book of Squadron Leader James Harry 'Ginger' Lacey DFM & Bar As a full time collector and trader in Aviation Memorabilia there are times when I experience "that feeling". That feeling we've all had of complete exhileration that completely overwhelms you, and which is experienced by collectors the World over no matter what they collect. Well last night, Sunday 17th February 2013 I had "that feeling" multiplied one hundred fold when I first held, and read the Flying Log Book of the Legend who is James Harry "Ginger" Lacey DFM & Bar! I am immensely proud to have been personally approached by Min Lacey, daughter of "Ginger" Lacey with a view to initiate bringing her Father's Log Book to print for the very first time! Caron and I travelled down country to meet Min over the weekend and spent a delightful time in her company. We were also shown some of the more unusual items of ephemera Min has managed to hold on to over the years, but more about them at a later date. It would be huge understatement to say that Min is proud of her Father and one of her greatest wishes has been to have his Flying Log Book put into print for all to see. My intention is to produce a completely detailed facsimile of "Ginger" Lacey's Log Book of the very highest quality in a Limited Edition, along with a further publication for more general sale....there are numerous other ideas and suggestion's on the table but I wanted to ask you, the collector if you have any thoughts as to how you would like to see this publication? I know, one of the first question most are now asking is...Is the original "Ginger" Lacey Log Book for sale? This is under discusssion and may well happen, but again, more about that later.
THE ICONIC!! 'Battle of Britain' Blue Polka Dot scarf by 'TOOTAL' The ultimate accessory in completing your Battle of Britain display headset.
The Latest Museum Acquisition - Group Captain J A Sproule DFC What I'm showing here is the Full Dress Uniform of Group Captain J.A Sproule DFC Sep. 3rd 1939 - BRITAIN DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY. On the night of 3rd September 1939 the RAF made its first raid over Germany when ten Armstrong Whitley Bombers of 51 & 58 Squadrons took off from Leconfield. The ten Aircraft were flown by the very first 50 RAF Airmen to fly over German soil in World War Two. One of these fifty Airman was a young Pilot Officer, 39693 John Alexander Sproule. John Alexander Sproule was born on November 23rd 1917 (Brandon, Manitoba). He joined the RAF in March 1937 having already learnt to fly at Brandon Flying Club. He was placed with 58 Squadron at Boscome Down learning to fly the Armstrong Whitley. He then completed a full tour of operations with Bomber Command. After some time he was placed as a Specialist Navigation Instructor at St Athans (Wales) and Port Albert (Ontario), he started Trans Atlantic and Middle East flights with No. 24 Squadron, that flew Douglas Dakota’s. During D-Day he acted as Second in Command of the Airborne Invasion with No. 48 Squadron that also flew Dakota’s, pulling gliders. During Market Garden he was shot down on September 17th 1944 while resupplying Polish Airborne troops. During this action he was wounded but successfully achieved his objective. For this he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. His citation reads; “One morning in August 1944, Wing Commander Sproule led his squadron on a vital supply mission to France. While over the target his aircraft was hit by light anti- aircraft fire in many places. Although the aircraft had sustained much damage and the rudder was useless, a course was set for a landing ground which was safely reached. Almost as the aircraft touched down it collided against a tree. Even so, a successful crash landing was effected. This officer displayed exceptional skill and great determination in the face of most adverse circumstances.” In 1944 he was transferred from the RAF to the RCAF (Service number 89500). As Commander of No. 437 RCAF Squadron he also took part in the Rhine Crossing on March 24th 1945. He stayed with the RCAF until his retirement in 1969.
The MUSEUM OF AVIATION MEMORABILIA (Part I) is now open in County Durham, England. I'm delighted to announce that my MUSEUM of AVIATION MEMORABILIA (part I) is now open to all who wish to visit. I now feel I'm at the stage where I can welcome you to a comfortable enviroment where we can sit and chat at our leisure and you'll be free to wander around without tripping over boxes and exhibits. There are still a number of displays and exhibits to be completed, but with over 2,000 items already on display there is plenty to keep your interest. You will also see two pictures of the adjoining room....this is "part II" of the Museum. Part II will be displaying a huge collection of Flying Clothing and Uniforms. There will be a small seating area to accomodate, entertain and educate the visiting school children. PLUS as you can see, there is a huge "green" section. This can be utilised by anyone who wishes to put on their Flying Kit/Uniform and for their image to be professionally superimposed into a scene of their choice. Of course the school children will also be using this, so if anyone has any "spare" tiny Uniforms etc, I'd be delighted to hear from you. The official opening of the Museum will take place sometime in 2014 but for anyone wishing to visit now, the doors are open. So please call or email me to arrange your visit - I must also add that although some 98% of the exhibits can be bought on your visit, buying something is NOT a pre-requisite. Just come along and enjoy! PLEASE NOTE; Although the Museum is situated on the first floor there is full access for those who cannot use the stairs as we do have a lift suitable for wheelchairs etc.
The mystery of the 'Bednall's Peak' If you look at item No. 51017 you will see a highly unusual Flying Helmet made by Btype manufacturer "Frank Bryan". This rare Helmet has been fitted with a "Bednall's Peak". Up until last week I had never come across another leather Helmet which was fitted with a Bednall's Peak, but here is another example. This Helmet is very much in the style of Flying Helmets of the 1910's/1920's. The Bednall's Peak has been cut off but sufficient of it remains to show it was once there (the label helps too). The fact it was cut off would undoubtedly explain the fact that the invention, introduction and use of the Bednall's Peak was short-lived and an undoubted failure in Flying Helmet development in the early 20th Century. The idea looks a good one, but the Bednall's Peak would undoubtedly have flapped around in the wind and would probably have been ripped off the helmet if hitting speed in a dive. The label is marked "BEDNALL'S PEAK - PATENT 176638" Can I ask, do you have a Helmet fitted with this goggle peak? Do you have any records of the patent 176638? If nothing else, this might help put an accurate age to the two Helmets I've mentioned and shown.
The NEW Lewis Leathers publication - 'WINGS, WHEELS & ROCK 'n' ROLL' Ladies & Gentleman, let me introduce you to one of the finest publications I've seen in a long time.... For many years now I've collected items of Flying/Motoring Clothing by "D LEWIS" of Great Portland Street, Oxford Street, London. One of my prized posessions is my 1933 leather Flight Suit by "D LEWIS" (Code; 52406) and I have this displayed alongside my extensive collection of Air Ministry approved "LEWIS" Flying Helmets. So, you can imagine my delight when I was approached by Derek Harris, M.D of Lewis Leathers Ltd. and asked to assist (in a very small way) in his new book. This new book shows in wonderful historic images and editorial the history of "D LEWIS". It also explains the "S LEWIS" connection as well as assisting in the dating of all "LEWIS" products. Well, I've just received my own copy of the book and it is absolutely brilliant in every respect. If vintage flying, motoring and motorcycle clothing are your thing, then I cannot recommend this highly enough. You can obtain a copy by visiting their online store Tell them Ian sent you :-)
THE NORTH YORKSHIRE AVIATION COLLECTION ------Some Clarity Many thanks to everyone who has replied to my message below. At this stage I think I ought to clarify my intentions to you. 1. I am simply a custodian of the collection in the owners absence. 2. My sole intention is to 'rescue' the collection. 3. I am not buying the collection, and do not own any of the collection. 4. At this stage I am not in a position to sell any of the North Yorkshire collection. 5. Once removed from North Yorkshire the collection is going into secure storage, both at my Museum and at an undisclosed location. 6. The collection will be reunited with its owner in the future and will be displayed along with my collection in a brand new bespoke Museum of Aviation Memorabilia. 7. Once we know exactly what we have and what we will use, a large supply of surplus/duplicate items will then be offered to the market and other Museums. 8. The 'rescue' programme is expected to take at least another eight months due to the many obstacles described below. One final thing to clarify; The owner of this collection was quoted £50,000 to carry out the work I'm now trying to do, and believe me £50k seems a bargain from where I'm any help would be hugely appreciated.
The Positive Side of Mental Illness Please forgive my self-indulgence, but this section is also aimed at the many customers and friends who regularly talk about their (or someone they know) depression. I just wanted to take this opportunity to show there IS a positive side to mental illness. Depression, or bi-polarity has two extremes...the 'low' periods completely drain your energy, motivation and clarity of thought. Obviously, this isn't helpful when you're trying to run a Museum and a Website, but I do my best. However, the 'high' (or manic) periods are the complete opposite, you don't just feel "normal", you become excessively productive, full of ideas, and constantly latest "manic" period has allowed me to devote almost every waking hour to this Supermarine restoration can see the results of my efforts thus far, shown below.
THE RAF ON MALTA #1 This may only be a few inches across but in this case, size simply doesn't matter. Made from very lightweight aluminium (from downed Luftwaffe Aircraft) this is probably the finest piece of RAF/Malta related 'trench art' I/we are ever likely to see. The skill and craftsmanship in the hand/benchwork is unbeatable. It is almost impossible to detect the rivets used to fix the George Cross and Base to the Maltese Cross. Probably made a British serviceman stationed on Malta during the Luftwaffe Bombing Campaign. I've shown this to one of my Maltese customers and he had never seen the likes before. So this may not be big in size but it is a highly significant piece of WWII Malta Memorabilia which would take pride of place in any collection. The base and glass dome are not original to the piece. I had them tailor made to protect, and display this piece to full affect. They are included in the purchase.
THE RAF ON MALTA #4 This is the first of a collection of five original RAF Malta plaques, all hand painted and I believe to be 100% of the period. These are all unique and very rare items from the most bombed place on the planet during WWII.
The RAREST Luftwaffe Flying Helmet I've owned! Me163 Pilot!! Over the years I've had the very good fortune to have owned some quite extraordinary and very rare items of Military Flying Headgear......this is quite definitely one of the rarest! Before I go any further can I suggest you view this link; and then read Mick Prodger's "Bible" - the paragraph on page 77, titled "PROTECTION FOR ROCKET PILOTS" What is also so interesting is that this Helmet is named to an "Oblt Wagner"....could this be the actual Flying Helmet worn by Oberleutnant Gottfried Wagner who did fly the Me163 "Comet" rocket propelled Fighter?
THE RAREST WWII POLISH AIR FORCE PILOT WING ON THE MARKET!! There is nothing I can add to the history of the young Poles who managed to escape the Nazi Blitzkrieg in 1939, the resulting stories of Polish Air Force Pilots in WWII is stuff of legend. Their utter hatred of the German nation brought out the very best in these young flyers when in combat against Germany and the Luftwaffe. Their combat experience in both Poland and France proved invaluable when their skills were called on during the Battle of Britain and throughout WWII flying with the Royal Air Force . This is probably a "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity" for you to acquire an original pre-Battle of Britain, French/Moroccan made Polish Air Force Pilot Wing.
THE REAL McCOY!!! 1940 Dated BATTLE OF BRITAIN - RAF Btype Flying Helmet This is especially for those collectors who like their items authentic, completely untouched and EXACTLY as they were seventy odd years ago. Up until recently, this 1940 dated Btype had sat in a box in the loft of a house in Southampton. It is exactly as it was when stored all those years ago. It has the smell, touch and look of a 100% authentic Battle of Britain Flying Helmet. I'm showing it to you now exactly as it was sent to me...and this has seen heavy personal use and adaptations throughout the War. Still carrying its 1940 dated "Frank Bryan" label the Helmet was once fitted with the MkIVb Goggles attachments. These two features lead me to believe this Helmet WAS used during the Battle of Britain as the very cumbersome MkIVb Goggles were replaced by RAF Pilots not long after. The doughnuts have been removed and judging from the patination ie; wear and accumulation of grease and dirt I'd say this was an early adaptation by the wearer during the conflict. The Helmet carries a nice early Air Ministry stamp and both zips still work. The rubber receiver cups have deteriorated over the years, the tip of the well used Goggle Strap has gone as have the leather coverings on the much tugged Bennett Buckle loops. I have added a pair of cushions to provide the shape of the receiver pockets. The Helmet liner is greasy and grubby as you would expect. The actual leather of the Helmet itself is this Btype's most endearing feature as it is smooth and heavy. It is heavy with 73 year old leather protector and smooth due to handling and wear. This, my friends is the real McCoy!! A really awesome Battle of Britain RAF Flying Helmet which displays beautifully. I can also supply the gloss white Display Head if required.
The Smallest Royal Flying Corps Sopwith Camel in the World!! If I said "what a find" I wouldn't be joking, as this handmade piece of Royal Flying Corps 'Trench Art' has a wingspan of only 20mm and has probably been "lost and found" many times over the years!! Whether this tiny aircraft was made a Sweetheart or a Good Luck Charm worn by an RFC Airman we'll never know. What is so incredible is that the Wings, Fuselage, Tailplane etc have all been handmade from one piece of metal! The maker has also included a Wing Gun, and just look at the prop blade measures just 4mm in length, yet it is shaped just as the real thing AND the propeller actually turns!! The brooch is made from gilt metal. I've pictured it alongside one of my other RFC Trench Art Brooches in brass to show the difference in colouration. So, the smallest Sopwith Camel in the World and definitely one of the worlds smallest pieces of WWI Trench Art too!... Lets face is chaps......Size isn't everything is it?
THE SMALLEST WWI US Air Service UNIFORM IN THE WORLD!! I simply had to share these pictures with you. This is three year old Dylan Davison on his visit to my Museum this morning. I only recently acquired the Uniform from the States so his Family's visit couldn't have been better timed. Just look at the tiny gloves and integral leather Flying Boots, have you ever seen anything so awesome!!
THE ULTIMATE ITEM OF WWI IMPERIAL GERMAN AIR SERVICE MEMORABILIA!! WHAT A FIND!!....Please ask for pictures to be sent to you direct. That is the only way to fully appreciate just how awesome this truly is. Made by WMF (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik ) between 1910-1915 (pre-1916 "Luftstreitkräfte"). Thus far I have found two other examples of this outstanding WMF piece, one of which (pictured) was that of Manfred Von Richthofen which was auctioned by Hermann Historica twenty two years ago. Hallmarked : B- britannia-metal , Ostrich - 1900, OX-oxidized, 1/0-normal thickness of silver plated. Importantly this also carries a very early WMF hallmark, thought to have been made in or around 1912! These were designed and made by WMF to commemorate and honour the very finest and first German Aviator's.
THE ULTIMATE ITEM OF WWI IMPERIAL GERMAN AIR SERVICE MEMORABILIA!! WHAT A FIND!!....Please ask for pictures to be sent to you direct. That is the only way to fully appreciate just how awesome this truly is. Made by WMF (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik ) between 1910-1915 (pre-1916 "Luftstreitkräfte"). Thus far I have found two other examples of this outstanding WMF piece, one of which (pictured) was that of Manfred Von Richthofen which was auctioned by Hermann Historica twenty two years ago. Hallmarked : B- britannia-metal , Ostrich - 1900, OX-oxidized, 1/0-normal thickness of silver plated. Importantly this also carries a very early WMF hallmark, thought to have been made in or around 1912! These were designed and made by WMF to commemorate and honour the very finest and first German Aviator's.
The ULTIMATE RAF/WAAF's Powder Compact - Hallmarked 1940 and by 'ASPREY' An outstanding piece of WWII RAF Memorabilia. This solid silver RAF Compact is the very best you can get!! It measures 64mm square, but weighs an incredible 106grammes!! The internal powder tray isn't gilded, it is actually heavily plated in solid Gold!! It is fully hallmarked for 1940 and is stamped with the "ASPREY" maker mark "A & Co Ltd" and has the "ASPREY LONDON" mark clearly stamped below the London 1940 Hallmark.....even the frame of the powder filter is made of solid silver. As you would expect from an item retailed through "ASPREY" the quality of manufacture is simply second to none. The full length hinge is worked to such fine tolerances it is almost invisible. It also has its original suede lined carrying pouch....British extravagance at its very best!!
THE ULTIMATE!! Battle of Britain 'LUXOR 12' Flying Goggles Why "THE ULTIMATE"?....simple, these are the exact type of "Luxor's" worn by 19 year old Pilot Officer Keith Gillman on one of THE most iconic images of the Battle of Britain. Please note; the strap is a replacement but ALL other fittings are 100% original and I did ensure I found an accurate replacement for the strap so it does look right. The Luxor No.12's are in excellent condition and are fully wearable. The cushions are complete, a little stiff but have kept their shape really well. The frames and lenses are first class with just the odd tiny spot of delam on the lenses. An incredibly hard pair of Flying Goggles to find and only the third pair of Luxor12's I've ever had over many years These will not disappoint!
THE ULTIMATE!! in Battle of Britain souvenir's - a BOXED!! Spitfire Piston Ashtray THE ONLY BOXED EXAMPLE I'VE EVER SEEN! I've enjoyed collecting Aviation Memorabilia for a number of years now, and in that time I've seen a number of these superb "Spitfire Fund" ashtrays on the market. THIS, is the one and only example I've seen still in mint condition AND, in its original box! This has been on show on my website for twelve months and no-one has come forward with another boxed ashtray, ANYWHERE! I'm more than happy for this to take pride of place in our Museum and remain there forever, so I will only entertain serious offers for this unique piece of Battle of Britain history. Also, at the risk of sounding pompous, I will only sell this to a serious/known collector I can rely on not to have the box replicated, copied or faked.
THE ULTIMATE!! in WWII RAF/MALTA 'Trench Art' - Malta George Cross This may only be a few inches across but in this case, size simply doesn't matter. Made from very lightweight aluminium (from downed Luftwaffe Aircraft) this is probably the finest piece of RAF/Malta related 'trench art' I/we are ever likely to see. The skill and craftsmanship in the hand/benchwork is unbeatable. It is almost impossible to detect the rivets used to fix the George Cross and Base to the Maltese Cross. Probably made a British serviceman stationed on Malta during the Luftwaffe Bombing Campaign. I've shown this to one of my Maltese customers and he had never seen the likes before. So this may not be big in size but it is a highly significant piece of WWII Malta Memorabilia which would take pride of place in any collection. The base and glass dome are not original to the piece. I had them tailor made to display this to full affect and they are included in the purchase.
THE ULTIMATE!! MkII Spitfire/Hurricane Cockpit on!... This is the very finest example of a Battle of Britain RAF Cockpit Clock I've owned, and for many reasons.... This is a MkII Clock, not by "Smiths" but by "Richard & Co." If you google Richard & Co you will see nothing but the very best in high-end Carriage Clocks. This Military Clock by Richard & Co. is as rare as they come! This MkII is an extremely early example - 1937!! just look at the small brass mode switch! This MkII Clock was serviced/fitted by "RAF 13 MU" Maintenance Unit. RAF 13 MU were at RAF Henlow in the South East of England from 1938 onwards. In the main they worked on (and built) the Hawker Hurricane throughout the War but they also maintained the Spitfire, Mosquito etc. Finally, this MkII is in almost perfect condition and fully working. The marks you see on the glass are internal. If you've ever considered investing in a WWII RAF Cockpit Clock you won't find better than this beauty. Unfortunately my pictures really do highlight the dust inside of the glass, they come nowhere near to showing just how stunning this clock really is. If you buy it you will probably think you've received a different clock when you get your hands on it. You will find cheaper, but never better! This ticks every box you can think of, and then goes on ticking!! get it ? :-)
THE ULTIMATE!! Original Large WWII Squadron Wall Plaque to 242 (Fighter) Squadron - Battle of Britain/Douglas Bader The history of 242 Fighter Squadron is stuff of Legend, especially with 242 Squadron being Douglas Bader's very first RAF Command. I'm sure we've all seen "Reach for the Sky" and Bader's first impressions of the Canadian Pilots of 242 Squadron. The fact that 242 Squadron was a Fighter Squadron for such a brief time enables us to give a probable date of this plaque to between 30 October 1939 to December 1941. This Plaque was discovered in Britain and after December 1941 242 Squadron was in operation in Java to 1942, a brief period at RAF Turnhouse and then Algiers, Tunisia and Malta. Then on 15 November 1944 the Squadron was at RAF Stoney Cross as a Transport Squadron. The Squadron finally disbanded at RAF Lyneham on May 1st 1950. Then, on the 1 October 1959 it was reformed at RAF Marham as a surface-to-air missile unit with the Bristol Bloodhound. It was tasked to protect the V bomber bases until disbanded on 30 September 1964. This reformation ties in nicely with the fact that in 1961 this Plaque was repainted by 4254682 Senior Aircraftsman Marsden. This tells us that the Plaque had undoubtedly been with the Royal Air Force since the days of 242 Squadron being a Fighter Squadron 1939-1941, during both the Battle of France, and the Battle of Britain. All of this is pure conjecture of course, I have no way of proving this Plaque was used during the Battle of France and the Battle of Britain, but I will say my humble opinion this is 100% correct and totally authentic. The sort of age and patination of the wood and the paint would be almost impossible to fake. Somewhere out there will be an image of 242 (F) Squadron and this exact Plaque will be in that picture. I have so much confidence of the authenticity that I will put it in writing and give a lifetime money back guarantee on it. Please request as many pictures as you wish to be sent to you for closer examination. Or if you're up in the North East, come and visit us to scrutinise the Plaque. The Plaque is large and measures 26.5" x 16.5"....that's in inches! not centimetres.
THE ULTIMATE!! Pair of Royal Flying Corps Fur Gauntlets by 'DENTS' A bold statement saying "the ultimate" but I'll stand by that, especially when their next owner receives them. These cannot be upgraded. The palms and inner lower arms are made from the same honey coloured leather as the typical RFC Leather Coats of WWI. The heavy fur backs are of a brown and gold fur I'm not familiar with and the inners are fully sheepskin lined. The arm straps have very early copper poppers with the button covers reading "DENTS MAKE" These iconic Gauntlet Gloves go right up to the elbow and are seen in many, many original pictures of Royal Flying Corps Pilots, Gunners, and Observers. I've pictured them alongside a 'standard' pair of fur Flying Gloves to show their size. I have never seen another pair of this type of Gauntlet by "DENTS" and have searched for many years!
THE ULTIMATE!! Polish Air Force/RAF Poster of WWII - MINT! This is a 100% authentic example of (in my opinion) the finest Polish Air Force/RAF Poster of World War Two!.....incredibly, this example has survived in MINT CONDITION! and to ensure this remains in this condition I've now had it framed. Just look at how vivid the colours are, and the clarity still in the print. Most importantly look at the original WWII issue stamp - "DISTRIBUTED BY THE POLISH INFORMATION CENTRE" I will supply a lifetime Certificate of Authenticity to stay with this very rare Poster.
THE VERY FINEST QUALITY!! French WWI Propeller Clock
THE VERY FINEST!! 1940 Hallmarked RAF Silver Cigarette Case - 'GOLDSMITHS & SILVERSMITHS' When it comes to Battle of Britain dated silver, few items are as desirable as this wonderful gold and silver RAF Cigarette Case. You only need to read the pre-WWII RAF Cranwell Journals to see the association of the jewellers "Goldsmiths and Silversmiths" and the RAF to appreciate just how special this particular Cigarette Case is. The company Goldsmiths and Silversmiths are probably best known for their iconic Omega Weems / Air Ministry Wristwatch of 1940.
THE VERY FINEST!! Royal Air Force Pilot Wings Brooch!! - An Incredible 157 Cut Jewels!! I've been collecting, displaying and selling Aviation related jewellery for many years, and there is absolutely no doubting that this is not only the finest I've ever owned, it is up there with the very best I've seen, anywhere! Measuring a hefty 7cms across, this stunning piece displays an incredible 135 cut diamonds and 22 cut rubies!!....these are not 'bits' of diamond and ruby, each of the 157 stones is jeweller cut and I'm told there is one full carat of diamonds, I plan to have that confirmed. One of the rubies has gone and there is a lovely story behind that....the Officer who originally purchased this brooch flew with 22 Squadron Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force, and so had one of the 23 original rubies (from the least obvious setting) removed to display 22 stones. The "V" below the "RAF" signifies George the Fifth. This is useful in dating the jewel to pre-WWII as there are no other marks on the brooch. These pictures come nowhere near to doing this justice.
The Weirdest Pair of Vintage Leather Gauntlets in the World!! At the moment these aren\'t for sale. They will be offered for sale once I know definitively what they were used for??? They are British Made, with early \"Newey Brothers\" poppers. The patent No. reads 201450-22 on the wrist poppers. Is the \'22\' the year of the patent. Then there is the battery powered indicator light on just one Gauntlet..the right. This is operated by the circuit being closed with the connectors on the index finger and thumb being joined. The battery is housed in a leather pocket inside of the Gauntlet. My initial thoughts would have been that it was a built in indicator light for early motorcyclists, but surely there would have been a light on each hand? One of my contemporaries thinks he has read of a prototype pair of Aviators Gloves with a built in signalling light for morse communication between early, open cockpit Pilots. Fanciful I know, but my attention was drawn to the fact the name on the white area is \"WINGARD\" so this is a possibility. In fact, anything is a posssiblity with these.....any thoughts???
THESE ARE NOT FLYING GOGGLES!! Many moons ago when I decided to move on to collecting vintage flying gear my hunting at Antiques and Collectors Fair's changed focus. So, imagine my delight when I came across this very pair of goggles (pictured) at our weekly Tynemouth Collectors Fair. I really thought I'd found a "hidden gem", a rare pair of early RAF Flying Goggles and so glowed in that warm feeling of self-satisfaction, but that wonderful feeling lasted for.......just one week! because the following weekend I didn't just find another pair, I found THREE more identical pairs, all in mint condition and still in their compressed cardboard boxes. I subsequently discovered these were post-War surplus and one of the dealers had purchased a large box full at a local clearance auction. Hey-Ho! another bitter lesson learned for this young naive collector.....these were pre-Mick Prodger days. Back to the present day and I'm sure you can imagine how I feel when I see "educated" and highly "experienced" ebay sellers offering these exact goggles as WWI RFC Flying Goggles, or, WWII RAF Flying Goggles. One seller has actually had the nerve to sell these goggles described as both, within two months of each other! These are NOT Flying Goggles of any description.
Translation required - Can you help me with this? My pictures show engraving in a text I don't recognise, so therefore cannot easily have it translated. I'd really appreciate any assistance in translation. I've made an attempt at handwriting the text in the hope it might help. As can be seen, this is an identical WMF piece to Code: 53157 & 53174. An "Award" identical to that presented to Manfred Von Richthofen.
TRENCH ART! Pre-War DeHavilland Comet A lovely little brass model of the DeHavilland Comet. Shows a lot of age in the patina and general wear and tear of a pre-war Trench Art Model.
TRENCH ART!! RAF DeHavilland Mosquito - UNFINISHED!! Cast from WWII Aircraft Aluminium and Unfinished. A genuine piece of WWII Aviation Trench Art.
TRENCH ART!! USAAF P47 Thunderbolt \'The Jug\' - UNFINISHED!! Cast from WWII Aircraft Aluminium and Unfinished. A genuine piece of WWII Aviation Trench Art.
Trying to identify the background to this RAF Group with Horsa Glider A bit like a "needle in a hastack" I know, but this picture could help identify the recipient of my Polish Medal Group - Code's 52920 & 52004. I purchased the medals from an elderly Gentleman three years ago. Initially I was informed they were awarded to an Air Gunner of 302 (City of Poznan) Squadron, but as 302 Sqn only ever flew single seat Fighters I feared that was a case of 'Chinese whispers'. Sadly the Gentleman I bought these from is in very poor health, and in his move to a care home he came across this one picture. The picture shows a large group of RAF personel together with a number of Civilian workers. In the centre of the picture there are a number of RAF Pilots, the one I'm hoping to identify is the Polish Pilot, sat alongside a Pilot of the Glider Regiment. In the background, an Airspeed Horsa Glider. I have to think such a picture is none too common with RAF & Civilian personel in the same picture. It might therefore follow that this is a more significane picture relating to the Horsa Glider? I know it's a long shot, but does anyone out there own, or know of a similiar image anywhere? If the Polish Pilot could be identified, and further research showed that he was awarded the group I own, then this would be an outstanding 'result'.
Two HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT!! Wartime items to Sir Alan Smith CBE, DFC* - SPITFIRE Fighter 'ACE' & Douglas Bader's Wingman Born just twenty miles from our Museum in South Shields, Sir Alan Smith CBE, DFC* was one quarter of "Dogsbody" the four man Spitfire Wing incorporating Douglas Bader, 'Cocky' Dundas and 'Johnnie' Johnson. One morning in mid-March 1941 Britain’s most famous airman Douglas Bader walked into the dispersal hut at RAF Tangmere in Sussex and hand-picked the man he wanted to be his wingman. That man was Alan Smith, a sergeant pilot who became a fighter “ace” and was the last surviving member of a famed wing that consisted of himself, Bader, Johnnie Johnson and “Cocky” Dundas. Recalling the moment Bader first laid eyes on him, Smith once told an interviewer: “He got his eyes on me and said ‘What’s your name?’ “‘Smith, sir,’ I said. ‘Right you’ll do, fly as my number two and God help you if you let any Hun get on my tail.’”Smith never did. Although Bader was captured by the Germans five months later, Smith was not in the air on that fateful day in August. He had been grounded due to a bout of flu. Following his hectic spell with 616, Smith served as a fighter instructor, and in June 1942 was attached to the USAAF’s 31st Fighter Group to convert the Americans to fly the Spitfire. These two items relate to that period, and were awarded to Alan Smith at that time.
Two HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT!! Wartime items to Sir Alan Smith CBE, DFC* - SPITFIRE Fighter 'ACE' & Douglas Bader's Wingman This is a once in lifetime opportunity to own two wonderful personal items from the estate of Sir Alan Smith CBE, DFC* - WWII Spitfire Fighter Ace.....a very significant part of the story of the Royal Air Force in World War Two! I acquired these two items very recently. I don't think the vendor realised the incredible significance of the previous owner.....Sir Alan Smith CBE, DFC* , so therefore was selling them separately. I decided to buy them to keep them together. 1942 CZECH AIR FORCE AWARD from no less than A.V.M JANOUSEK himself!! 1940-1943 Large autographed Tankard from D.A.F.L This and the next listing show both items. They will only be sold together.
UBER RARE!! WWI 'SAVOY CHINA' Zeppelin - Complete with Original Propeller!!
UBER RARE!! WWII Luftwaffe Pilot 'classroom' Projector - Fighter Pilot & Air Gunner ID Training An awesome and extremely scarce piece of Luftwaffe Pilot/Air Crew Training Equipment. Even more exciting is the fact that this still works. This is hardly surprising given the fantastic condition it is in. Still in its original (fully FL marked) transport case. It comes complete with the actual rolls of film which show all the WWII Fighter, Bomber, Transport and Reconnaissance Aircraft a Pilot of the Luftwaffe had the possibility to encounter in the skies and on the ground. Each film highlights the Aircraft of just one country of both Allied and Axis Airforce's of WWII. The overall condition of the Projector, Transformer, Case and Films is exceptional. It is fully working but that does come with a WARNING...............When operated, the Projector Bulb generates an awful lot of heat, so if you decide to use it, use it with extreme caution. An outstanding Luftwaffe display piece! This is one large, and very heavy piece of equipment. As usual we are always willing to send to anywhere in the world, but please bear in mind the potentially high courier charge.
ULTRA RARE! 1940 Polish Air Force Cap Badge This is possibly the rarest of all PAF Cap Badges I've owned! Made in Blackpool in 1940 and cast in aluminium! Over the years I've been very fortunate to have found a number of extremely rare items of WWII Polish Air Force insignia. I was (and still am) very excited to have found my French made Polish Pilot Wing (52542), but this piece of cast aluminium made my pulse race just as fast.....other than in a book I have never seen another example of this 1940 Cap Badge! There is no doubting this was cast from a similar die to the more regularly seen PAF Cap Badge, but there are some differences in detail. Look on the reverse and you will see the embossed.."BLACKPOOL"....."XII"......"1940" You can also see the integral Lugs for the cotter pin. Some years back I owned and sold a gold plastic PAF Cap Badge (STANLEY), I believe this tops even that PAF Cap Badge. This is a very fragile item of insignia, and as you can see from my pictures, there are some stress fractures in the casting. It's therefore no surprise that this is the one and only example I've ever come across.
ULTRA RARE! 1940 Polish Air Force Cap Badge - further pictures & details I've received a number of requests for further information on this confirm, it is definitely aluminium and not lead. The standard PAF Cap Badge weighs 11 grammes This aluminium PAF Cap Badge weighs 5 grammes Also note from my extra pictures, the lugs are a cast part of the badge itself. The lead badge had wire lugs fitted post-casting. It has been suggested to me that this aluminium variant proved too fragile around the lugs, this would explain why there has never been another example found. If the aluminium lugs fractured during wear the badges would have simply been destroyed and replaced with the lead variant. All of this occurring prior to the "mass manufacture" in the UK post-1940. This is simply a theory and not guaranteed fact, however it does seem highly feasible. I certainly welcome any further information/theories on this highly unique Polish Air Force Cap Badge. I am now looking at pricing this rarity, but am open to offers.
ULTRA RARE!! - Pair of 'FULLFIELD' Flying Goggles - ULTRA RARE!! OUTSTANDING IN EVERY RESPECT! I suppose my "anorak" streak is showing when I get so excited about a pair of vintage goggles, but what the hey! these are brilliant! Nickel plated frames, ultra-soft and flexible cushions, laminated curved lenses, luxurious broad strap (still elasticated).... these are an extraordinary pair of Goggles. These could be displayed with almost every period and nation of Flying Helmet I have! Pictures could never do these Goggles justice!! AMAZING!!
ULTRA RARE!! American made 'LATE ARRIVALS CLUB' Badge, with Original 1941 US Press Photograph Just how rare is this? Made by "VANGUARD of New York" in solid silver this is an American made variant of the legendary WWII RAF "LATE ARRIVALS CLUB" Badge.....but that's not the end of it. This scarce badge now comes with an original 1941 US press photograph of the New York Bureau. The annotations on the reverse provides all the information relating to "THE WINGED BOOT" Here's a romantic theory linking the's quite possible the photograph went to press in New York and a Vanguard employee picked up on the story and they decided to produce their own badge for US Airmen.....pretty simple really! The Winged Boot itself is the same size as the larger RAF variant but this is made in two parts..the Boot and the Wing. I've scanned the reverse of the photograph for you, so both sides can be seen at the same time. I had planned to have this rarity framed for display, but as always time is against me.
ULTRA RARE!! Collection of pre-WWI Aviation/Aero Club Badges 1910-1912 This group are the earliest Aviation badges I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Dating from 1910 they cover some of the very first US Aviation Meets and Air Shows. 1910 AVIATION DAY - Los Angeles International Air Meet. Descibed by Gavin Mortimer in his excellent book "Chasing Icarus": as "The Seventeen Days in 1910 That Forever Changed American Aviation" 1912 'GORDON BENNETT CUP' - Held at "The Aero-Club of Illinois", Chicago. 1912 'AVIATION MEET' - Held at "Prospect Park" The Aviation history and details of these events are well documented and so they should be. However it's not so easy finding comparison prices for this very rare I'm open to offers on them.
ULTRA RARE!! Original WWI Royal Air Force playing cards Made identically, by the same makers as the RFC Playing Cards shown below....CHAS GOODHALLS OF LONDON. It is possible these are one of the very first authentic packs of Playing Cards to the Royal Air Force. As said, these are identical in every respect to the Royal Flying Corps playing cards shown below.
ULTRA RARE!! RAF/Air Ministry MkI Cockpit Watch Holder in its ORIGINAL BOX!! I've been collecting Aviation Memorabilia most of my life and I've NEVER seen an early Air Ministry Watch Holder complete with its original box. The Watch Holder is in perfect condition The Box shows slight damage to the back but given how rare it is finding a box in any condition is incredible. Overall the condition is extremely good when you consider the age of this cardboard box.
ULTRA RARE!! WWI Royal Flying Corps MkI Goggle Mask by 'GEORGE SPILLER Ltd LONDON' These aren't in perfect condition, but as a pair of WWI Flying Goggles they're worth their weight in gold. Finding an original MkI Goggle Mask by 'Triplex' is hard enough but to actually find a MkI Goggle Mask by "George Spillers" is almost unheard of. These can and do display fine as they are. The frames and lenses are in very good condition. The leather really isn't too bad (still shiny), but it is mis-shapen through storage. The main problem is the wire supports for the eye-pieces, these are no good and have come away from the sides through corrosion. A true specialist collectors piece.
ULTRA RARE!! WWII RAF Air Sea Rescue 'Airborne Lifeboat Suit' - 22C/912 Fighter Pilots and Airmen pulled from the English Channel during WWII would have been 'wrapped' in this type of suit to immediately prevent further heat loss. Thus preventing hypothermia and a subsequent inability to return to Combat Flying. Other than discolouration from 70 years of storage this incredibly rare piece of RAF Memorabilia is immaculate! No tears, loose stitching or loss of padding. A real 'Museum Piece' if ever there was one. Other than on the excellent website run by Gerry Crutchley I've never seen another example of this "RAF survival suit'. It's also worth a visit to Gerry's website to see the "Imposters" section. Gerry shows those dreadful fake MkII Flying Goggles in great detail.
ULTRA SCARCE!! Original WWII 'Belgian' Squadron Badge - *609 SQUADRON* - By the 'British Medal Company' It was hard enough finding a 609 Squadron Badge by "Miller", but finding one by "BMCO" (British Medal Company) was one of those 'hairs on the back of the neck' moments. I don't need to tell you Squadron Badge collectors just how rare this is. With 54 Pilots of 609 Squadron coming from Belgium the very first "Belgium Flight" was created within 609 (West-Riding) Squadron. One of the very finest Squadron Badges from my personal collection and in immaculate condition.
ULTRA SCARCE!! RAF Invalid Cup - GUINEA PIG CLUB This has to be the ultimate in rare RAF china! The type of cup used to help feed Pilots with serious burns to their face, inclusing the Pilots of the GUINEA PIG CLUB! This is the only example of this Cup I've ever seen and I give my personal gaurantee of full authenticity. As with other truly exceptional pieces I'm more than happy to provide a lifetime COA along with the cup on request. NOTE; I ask that you do not confuse this with the faked up 'transfer printed' "RAF HENDON" and "AIR MINISTRY" china pieces so often listed on ebay every week.
ULTRA SCARCE!! Royal Flying Corps 'RANKEN DART' (Displayed) One of the first, most inventive, and rarest Aerial Weapons....ever! Please Note; The display stand is a recently commissioned piece. The Ranken Dart is a difficult item to display well so I had this made to show it off more effectively.
ULTRA SCARCE!! Silver ATFERO Lapel Wing Ounce for ounce this has to be one of rarest silver Wings in Aviation collectables, indeed anything related to the "ATLANTIC FERRY ORGANISATION" is almost impossible to find due to its brief operational life in 1940, before then being assigned as RAF Ferry Command and subsequently RAF Transport Command. If you go to page 182 of Warren Carrolls excellent publication "EAGLES RECALLED" you will see images of the rare but familiar small silver lapel Wings of both RAF Ferry Command and RAF Transport Command. One Wing you don't see is that of (ATFERO), The Atlantic Ferry Organisation. These small Wings were made in Canada by the likes of "MURPHY" and "BIRKS". I've shown them alongside this rare example of the "ATFERO" Wing. This example is marked "STERLING". I've examined this Wing under a jewellers loupe and I'm still not sure whether it might have had a gold wash at some stage. I thought I ought to mention that. Box not original and used solely for Museum display, but is included.
ULTRA SCARCE!! Very Early 'Full Face' Aviators Goggle Mask A very early 20th Century Flying Goggle/Face Mask in excellent condition. One of the lenses is a replacement but that doesn't overshadow just how rare this type of Goggle Mask is.
ULTRA SCARCE!! WWII Japanese Pilot 'Cold Weather' Leather Mask I've pictured a few of my WWII 'Cold Weather' Pilot Masks most of which will be familiar to serious collectors of WWII Flying Headgear, but one stands head and shoulders above the others in terms of rarity as well as quality of manufacture.... .....this stunning maroon coloured leather Pilot Mask is fur and silk lined and in immaculate condition. Peronally, I've never owned a Japanese Pilot Mask, indeed I've never even seen another. I've owned and supplied many exceptional items of WWII Japanese Flying Headgear but this is truly outstanding and incredibly rare! Again, an incredible collectors piece. I have to think this was 'tailored' for a specific Japanese Pilot Officer as the quality in the leather, fur and silk would have been extremely expensive. The mask even has a chin section so the whole face would be comfortably covered.
UN-CUT!! - UNIQUE!! Gold Bullion Polish Air Force OBSERVERS Wing. Recently unearthed, and a PAF Wing I've never come across before. Of course, it could very well have been made yesterday in Pakistan. So I would welcome all comments and opinions on this unusual item of Polish insignia. Please note; I don't think for one second this was made in Pakistan yesterday! Some of you may well remember the gold plastic PAF Cap Badge I sold three years ago. This bullion Wing reminds me of that particular item of PAF insignia.....a unique one off! It's well worth comparing this Wing to Code: 50988 on my website....the discovery of this Observer Wing might well back up the theory these bullion wings were privately commissioned with one British WWII insignia manufacturer.
UNIDENTIFIED!! Gold & Silver Bullion Flight Engineer Brevet A most unusual Engineers Brevet in that the "E" is in green thread. This looks like the standard Royal Air Force full size Brevet for a Full Dress Uniform. The Gold and Silver Bullion are superbly excecuted but we have a green "E". I cannot establish where this would have been worn as I can find no record of it. I'm sure someone out there will know. This will make a unique addition to any Aviation Insignia Collection.
UNIDENTIFIED!! Inter-War Air Ministry Flying Jacket Can anyone help me identify this Air Ministry Jacket? The Air Ministry stamps and marks on the "DOT" zips lead me to think this is an inter-War Jacket?
UNIQUE & RARE!! RAF Padded Pilot Wing Have a close look at the 'curved sweep' feathering detail of the upper feathers!! I've never seen the likes before on a genuine RAF Pilot Wing, and I guarantee this is 100% Genuine!
UNIQUE - ONE OFF! Collection of Original Royal Flying Corps Blazer Badges From my personal collection, this is a unique display of Royal Flying Corps Blazer Badges collected by myself over many years. These are all original period badges, beautifully made in bullion wire, Each has been "fine pinned" to a cork board so as not to damage them with glue or tape. Even though the framing is basic this is one of the very finest display pieces in my Museum. However,my website pictures come nowhere near to showing just how good it is. Please ask for further pictures to be sent.
UNIQUE GROUP!! to Civil Air Guard Pilot, then 222 Squadron Spitfire Pilot, Shot Down and taken POW 04.09.41 For original pictures, description and price please put 52444 into the word search NOW REDUCED TO £925
UNIQUE MkI 'Bonedome' FLYING HELMET of a 'WESTLAND' Test Pilot This is undoubtedly one of a kind, an original 1950's MkI Bonedome of a Test Pilot from Westland Aircraft/Helicopters. This Helmet came to me in almost unrecogniseable condition but after a sympathetic overhaul it now looks as you see it. I have attempted to keep the restoration as true to the age of the Helmet as possible. I could easily have had very accurate vinyl stickers made of the Westland logo, but chose instead to have them handpainted as the original. The colours were professionally colour matched to the under paint of the original. The painter was also given instructions that I didn't want it looking like a pristine replica. I know many collectors dislike any sort of restoration but I hope you will agree that my decision to restore was the right one given its previous condition. I will consider any fair offer on this very unique Flying Helmet. The very first British "Bonedome' with a real history behind it.
Unique Silver & Tortoishell Royal Naval Air Service Sweetheart Brooch A stunning little Brooch - One inch in diameter.
UNIQUE! WWII RAF Radio Set - thought to come from RAF Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire. This is the perfect accessory for any mock-up RAF Office, Mess Room, Pilot's Hut etc. Sadly, due to Auction House rules and regulations the power cord has been cut so I've no way on knowing if this works. There are plenty of Vintage Radio Enthusiats out there so this could be made to be fully functioning. Thought to have come from RAF Clyffe Pypard in Wiltshire, hence the speaker cover being 'carved' "CP - RAF". RAF Clyffe Pypard was the home of 29 EFTS (Elementary Flying Training School) during WWII, mainly training RAF Pilots in the Tiger Moth. The Airfield closed in 1947 so there is a good likelihood this was used during Wartime. The radio seems to be complete and is in superb aesthetic condition. All valves are in position and all switches and dial operate smoothly. A unique piece of WWII RAF History.
UNIQUE!! & RARE!! Pre-WWII Compton & Webb Shop Window Sculpture Standing 17" tall this handcarved RAF Pilot epitomises the iconic public image of the RAF Pilot of the day. Tall, slim and handsome and complete with handlebar moustache. Made for, and used by the british service tailors, Compton and Webb. I can just see this in the window of a pre-War Uniform retailer in the 1920's/30's and 40's. The Royal Appointment label of Compton and Webb is to King George V. So this chap could date anywhere from 1918-1936. I know I say it quite regularly, but I've never seen such a piece over many years of collecting. I have pictured him alongside two other "shop window" display pieces. He is particularly well sculpted out of a fine grained softwood. Over the years he has developed a couple of grain cracks on the back, and has also acumulated a lot of marks and dirt. The paint colours have also faded over the years which in its way, is a good thing showing it has its original paint finish. This is definitely one of those pieces which is impossible to picture to emphasise just how good it is.
UNIQUE!! 'Custom Made' Pair of RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots - With History! A brilliant pair of quite unique 1936 Pattern Flying Boots by "BEDGOOD" of Melbourne, Australia....a superb addition to any WWII Flying Clothing Collection. Custom made with the addition of an ankle strap to keep the Boots firmly attached to the feet under any emergency circumstances. I've never come across a pair of 1936 Pattern Boots with this revision. These come complete with the history of a top RAF Master Navigator who served in combat with 576 Squadron (Fiskerton). These Boots were commissioned in Australia when the RAF sent him during the War to train RAAF Navigators in long distance water navigation. A size 6, but size shouldn't really matter as I don't envisage these to be used for anything other than display. A fascinating piece of WWII Aviator's footwear.
UNIQUE!! 'Double Wing' RFC/RAF Observer Sweetheart. I've never seen the likes of this Sweetheart before, and it's in immaculate condition too! Given the double wing design I'd say this is either a Sweetheart of the Royal Flying Corps, or very early Royal Air Force.
UNIQUE!! - Polish Air Force BULLION Pilot Wings - UNIQUE!! Found on ebay some eighteen months ago I have circulated pictures of this badge to a number of esteemed Polish Insignia Enthusiasts. The first thing to say is that, very much like the gold plastic PAF Cap Badge I have, this badge is thought to be \"unique\". In other words, it is NOT a commercially made reproduction, copy or fake. If it was there would have been hundreds on the open market by now....and there simply isn\'t. My friends in the Polish market all seem to agree the badge is probably a private commission from a Polish Air Force Officer. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY PLEASE. As with all our items, we offer a full, no question, money back gaurantee if these PAF Pilot Wings are not 100% Authentic.
UNIQUE!! 1913 'Trench Art' Royal Flying Corps Pocket Watch Fob When was the last time you saw a piece of Royal Flying Corps memorabilia dated 1913? Unfortunately, unlike some, none of the items I find ever come with handwritten labels providing "authentication" :-) proving a piece such as this is 'of the period' can neer be done. Authenticity on such a unique item can only be based on opinion. I've shown this to a number of people and the authenticity has never been questioned. So, if you decide to buy this (as I did) and on receipt you have a tiny doubt into its authenticity, send it back....pretty simple really. My opinion? I'm as confident as I can be that this is an original, period piece.
UNIQUE!! 1916 RFC 'Trench Art' Whistle - Zeppelin made from Gun Barrel!
UNIQUE!! 1917 Silver Plate 'Table' Cigarette Box to Hauptmann Schwartz - Officer of Imperial German Air Force - by 'WMF' One of the finest pieces of WWI memorabilia to the Imperial German Air Force I've had. Matching perfectly with my WMF 'Taube' Inkwell. It takes no imagination whatsoever to see these on the same desk in 1917. This 'Art Noveau' cigarette box by WMF - "WURTTEMBERGISCHE METALLWARENFABRIK" is a fine collectors piece in itself, but add to that the rather significant engraving and this becomes an even more desirable item. The makers mark of "WMFM 1/0" puts this in the category of silver plated brass, which is the rarest and most sought after form of WMF fabrications. Some collectors focus only on WMFM made pieces. The condition is exceptional, only showing wear through the silver plate from use on the two top panels. The style and light weight of the piece would seem to dictate it being lifted by one finger in order to offer Hauptmann Schwartzs' guest's a cigarette. My thanks go to Steve M. for his help with the translation; It says “Zur Erinnerung an unsere gemeinsame Fluge 1917” (the second word is abbreviated to Erg.) This means “To commemorate our flights together 1917”. If only we knew who Hauptmann Schwartz was eh?
UNIQUE!! 1919 Hallmarked solid silver Cigar Cutter - RAF Central Flying School - Churchill? For original pictures, description and price please put 51892 into the word search... NOW REDUCED TO £550
UNIQUE!! 1919 Hallmarked solid silver Cigar Cutter - RAF Central Flying School - Churchill? This is a magnificent piece of early twentieth Century Royal Air Force memorabilia with a unique "Churchillian" connection! Given that Winston Churchill was probably THE most celebrated cigar smoker of the 20th Century AND the fact he was most instrumental in establishing the Royal Air Force Central Flying School, this Cigar Cutter has a great deal going for it. When you consider that for years, Winston Churhill continued his Flying Training at the Central Flying School, Uphavon. It is easy to imagine him settling down in the 'mess' with an after-dinner cigar and brandy. The piece is fully hallmarked for the year 1919 and beautifully made by the highly regarded silversmith "Cohen & Charles". The cutter is in excellent condition, a few expected dings here and there but the engraving and hallmarks are still very clear and have not been over-polished. Certainly a great talking point and a truly marvelous piece of Royal Air Force History which is a genuine Museum item.
UNIQUE!! 1930's Concept Model? of the Hawker Hurricane? From the days of Leonardo da Vinci on to Camm & Mitchell through to the latest Virgin Space Cruiser, every successful Flying Machine has been developed from the drawing board of a highly imaginative designer. WELL JUST LOOK AT THIS IMAGINATIVE AND STUNNING MODEL!! I don't think there is any doubt this model is based on the first "two bladed" Hawker monoplane. Just look at the fuselage and wing shapes. However any similarities to the Hawker Hurricane ends there. Just look at the triple exhaust system, not too dissimilar to the Supermarine Schneider Trophy Racers. Exceptionally handmade from around TWENTY separate components in lightweight aluminium, bronze and a wooden base.
UNIQUE!! 1939 - Battle of France RAF 'Trench Art' - Hawker Hurricane's of No.1 Squadron I don't believe WWII Royal Air Force 'Trench Art' comes much better than this! A stunning pair of handmade aluminium Hawker Hurricanes mounted on what appears to be Rolls Royce engine rings, which are in turn mounted on a pair of bakelite bookends. To top that off, a simple, but poignant Christmas message to "James from Father. Vassincourt 1939". A UNIQUE PIECE OF ROYAL AIR FORCE - BATTLE OF FRANCE HISTORY!
UNIQUE!! 600 Squadron 'Night Fighter' Flying Suit/Blazer Badge When I say 'unique' I mean 100% unique when it comes to this rare squadron badge.......just look at the spelling of "AUXILIARY" & "LONDON"....on the badge they are spelt "AUXILAILARY" & "LONDN"! Either A dyslexic seamstress or the poor woman who made this badge must have had an off day. Have a good look at the reverse of this badge to see just how much skill, time and effort went into its manufacture. Now, imagine how the seamstress would feel when someone first pointed out the spelling mistake and said "Oy! you've spelt this wrong!"........"and this!"...GUTTING! No 600 is the only squadron in the RAF to have two official badges; 1; In front of an increscent, a sword on bend; The crescent moon represents the squadron's night-fighter activities whilst the sword commemorates the connection with the City of London; 2; The City of London arms, overflown by an eagle is shown on the Flying Helmet and Lapel Pin above also known as 'the dust-cart crest'. Thankfully the Squadron motto - "PRAETER SESCENTOS" ('More than 600') was spelt correctly. A highly unique piece of 600 Squadron history!
UNIQUE!! Battle of Britain RAF Spitfire Cockpit Headrest How many times have we said as collectors "if only this item could talk?"...well this is perhaps the ultimate piece to fit that question. This was sold to me as a "Ground Crew made" headrest from a Spitfire Cockpit. It was made for a specific Battle of Britain RAF Pilot to accomodate his smaller stature. I can't help thinking the evil "Chinese Whispers" have been around this piece........but if you look at the side elevation of the headrest and the side elevation of a Spitfire Seating & Harness arrangement it is highly possible this was made for exactly the reason given. After all, it is painted in "Cockpit Green" and the leather covered headrest cushion is that of an early RAF Single-Seat Fighter. It's certainly a unique, and highly intruiging item which looks bloody great on display and is a fantastic subject for discussion.
UNIQUE!! Box of RAF Handkerchiefs - Irish Linen by 'FORSYTH' How awesome is this! An original box of six WWII period RAF linen handkerchiefs. I've seen these for sale individually but have never, ever seen them in their original box, still ribboned and wrapped. The box says everything, a Hawker Hurricane and quarter RAF Roundel adorn the front, along with the title "AIR FORCE HANKERCHIEFS" Each handkerchief has an embroidered pair of RAF Pilot Wings along with the original paper label - "Made in Ireland". There is no date but I would put this around 1939/1940.
UNIQUE!! Bronze! Hand engraved RAF Plaque - 'Thorney Island' Thos of you who know me will be aware that I collect anything and anything to do with the Hawker Typhoon. Well, no other RAF Airfield has a greater connection with the "Tiffie" than the Battle of Britain station of Thorney Island. I bought this a few years back (paid a lot of money) and have displayed it ever since. However the 1955 date has always sat wrong in my personal I've decided to let it go. It is a unique bronze plaque, exquisitely hand engraved. In fact I'd go as far as saying it is the finest piece of engraving I've seen! The plaque is engraved on solid bronze but some ignoramus seems to have decided to clean it using wire wool. It would polish and the scratches could be removed but I can't say how many decades it would take for a bronze patination to become established. However you look at it, this is still a very attractive, one-off piece of RAF Thorney Island memorabilia which I feel will have greater significance in the collection of someone else.
UNIQUE!! Chrome on Brass 1930's Car Mascot - EARLY DESIGN Supermarine Type224 (Spitfire) Initially know at the Supermarine Works as the "Spitfire", the Supermarine Type224 could never be called a successful Aircraft. Ultimately RAF demand for it was completely dominated by the Gloster Gladiator. Of course the Supermarine Type224 was the initial monoplane design by R J Mitchell and this eventually evolved into the legend that is THE SPITFIRE! This highly unique Supermarine Car Mascot is probably a very early design of the Type224. I say this because of the unusual design of the tailplane and the thinner "Gull" wing shape. With a wingspan of 8" / 20cms this is one very attractive Mascot. The original Propeller and separate Spinner are in place and revolve freely. Must have looked great on a 1930's car bonnet. The overall condition is far better than I'd expect on a 'used' Mascot. There is some light thinning to the chrome finish and a number of expected stone 'dings'. However there is no pitting or flaking of the chrome.
UNIQUE!! G-45 'Spitfire' Gun Camera from 1944......with HAND OPERATED MECHANISM! For collectors of Vintage Aviation Camera's this is surely unique! This is the iconic G45 Cine Gun Camera most often associated with being fitted into the wings of WWII Fighter Aircraft such as the Spitfire & Hurricane. However, this example has been fitted with the most unusual clockwork mechanism, which allows it to be hand operated. The Camera is post D-Day date stamped November 1944.
UNIQUE!! Genuine Snakeskin Helmet & Goggles - 1920's Woman Wingwalker! There is no doubting that this is the most unique Flying Helmet I've ever seen! Made from genuine snakeskin and lined in violet satin, this certainly stands out in my collection. Unfortunately the only "history" behind this is word of mouth, no written or photographic documentation. Having said that, there are already a few collectors looking into the information given. This unusual Helmet was apparantly usd by a Wingwalker in the 1920's/1930's. I suppose that would help narrow doen the search for information.
UNIQUE!! Hand Made Aluminium Model of the De Havilland Comet I'm informed this came from Hatfield itself, and that certainly wouldn't surprise me. The unique design and quality of manufacture would not look out of place on a De Havilland designer's desk. The 'pointed' nose shape of this Comet would point to it being an early model from the 1950's My pictures do not do this justice, it's an outstanding and very eyecatching piece.
UNIQUE!! Hawker Typhoon Display - FIVE Original WWII Typhoons ID Models Collected over many years these are five original, and rare WWII Hawker Typhoon Identification Models mounted on a modern Airfix display stand.
UNIQUE!! Huge Artist Proofs - History of the RAF To give you some idea of the scale of the proofs I have pictured them next to our living room door....they are almost 1metre square!! This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity - These are the original Artists Proofs of the 1986 Royal Mail \"History of the RAF\" stamps. They were blown up from the original artwork as presentation and inspection pieces to the Royal Air Force to allow the relevant RAF Authorities to approve colours, shapes, Insignia, Aircraft & Markings before ever going into production. As you can see, these were done before the addition of the Queens Head and the various prices. It is also interesting to see where the artist has a added a blue watercolour wash to the tops of each design to give the appearance of sky & clouds...this was never used in the final production. I would prefer to sell these as a group, but you would need one hell of a big wall to hang them all!
UNIQUE!! Large Scale handmade MkXXIV Clipped Wing Spitfire Over the years I've collected all type of model Aircraft and still retain a good collection of 'period' models made in every possible material, brass, bronze, aluminium, wood, silver, lucite etc... This model Spitfire is undoubtedly one of the most individual aircraft I've come across due to its unique subject and size. I've stated MkXXIV based on the overall shape and more pointed spinner, but I could be wrong and stand to be corrected. I've no idea of this models history or why it was made. Wind tunnel testing (minus propeller) has been suggested to me. With a wingspan of 12" this is a large model, cast in aluminium and brilliantly hand finished. I've shown the model alongside another 'period' Spitfire model in 1/72 scale to give an idea of the size. PLEASE NOTE; the stand is a modern replacement, not original to the model but is included for display purposes.
UNIQUE!! Late 1930's Avro Tutor Desk Set A truly wonderful Desk Set from the late 1930's of the very highest quality. If you look closely at the landing lights of the model Avro Tutor you will see they are coloured semi-precious cut stones. Couple that detail with a wonderful radial engine and rotating propeller this is a a model I've never seen the likes of before. The Swiss Made Clock is also of very high quality and continues to work smoothly today. The Avro logo is not a transfer, it is actually hand-painted. You can just imagine this sat on the desk of one of the main designers at AVRO in the 1930's.
UNIQUE!! Leather & Fur (Winter) Luftwaffe Fliegerjacke - One of a Kind!! To the trained eye this is actually a 'tailored' leather one-piece Luftwaffe Flying Suit worn primarily on the Eastern Front. This has been cleverly adapted to be worn as a Flying Jacket, rather than the more cumbersome all in one Flight Suit. It is in wonderful condition with all original zips and poppers in full working condition. A very, very unique item of Luftwaffe Flying Clothing and I do have a pair of brown sheepskin Luftwaffe Trousers in stock which display perfectly with this Jacket.
UNIQUE!! Leather Flying Helmet by 'GIEVES' - NEVER SEEN THE LIKES BEFORE!!!! This very rare beauty raises more questions than answers and I don't believe we'll ever know some of the answers. Of the very few "GIEVES" Flying Helmets I've owned all have been undoubtedly pre-WWII, but this one is somewhat different to any "Gieves" Helmet I've come across. ALL of my previous examples of a Flying Helmet made by "Gieves" have been made to take the standard 'flat' Gosport recivers. However, these receiver cups WERE NOT made to take Gosports, they were undoubtedly made for use with the standard range of pre WWII & WWII Air Ministry telephonic receivers! You can see from my pictures just how snugly the receivers fit into the pockets. The Helmet is also fitted with an early Bennetts Buckle chinstrap and "Gieves" makers label. I think the only way to describe this is as a "Very Rare mid-20th Century Flying Helmet". Let's face it, this could date from as early as 1935, made at the same time as the first Air Ministry Btype Flying Helmet, with the poppered covers used as an alternative to the zipped ear covers of the Btype. A total mystery of a Flying Helmet, but what a beauty! The Loom and Receivers are not included with the Helmet, unless requested.
UNIQUE!! Original 1919 Model of the Royal Airforce Airship R34 Undoubtedly one of THE finest pieces of RAF Memorabilia to hit my website, and all the more amazing is the fact it it has survived in this amazing condition for over 90 Years!! I've only ever seen very old pictures of this model and wasn't aware of the existence of this original until recently.
UNIQUE!! Pair of 1920'S Officer's Flying Gloves/Gauntlets - 'FLEET AIR ARM OF THE ROYAL AIR FORCE' Part of a small collection of early Fleet Air Arm Memorabilia. I will be listing the insignia etc soon. These have to be THE most unique pair of Gloves/Gauntlets I've ever come across. It's not impossible to imagine an Officer of the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Air Force walking across the deck of HMS Hermes in the mid-1920's wearing these. Internally the Gloves are of fine brown leather, of the type worn by military Officers, and suitable for flicking switches and pressing buttons in a cockpit. Externally the gloves have an insulating leather and fur mitten covering, and this is closed using an early "LIGHTNING" zip.
UNIQUE!! Pair of WWII USAAF Pilot Flying Boots....made & retailed by 'HARRODS' of London Why don't we see more items of Flying Clothing/Footwear made by "HARRODS"? After all when Lanoe Hawker designed the Royal Flying Corps Fug Boots he had them made by HARRODS. Yet these Boots are only the second item of Flying Clothing I've ever owned made by HARRODS! I'm attempting to research and date these as they do have a HARRODS serial number. The long front zip makes the 1940 Pattern RAF Flying Boot is the most similar in design. The narrower ankle would seem to be there to prevent the loss of the Boots when evacuating an Aircraft. This private purchase pair of Boots are as you would expect from HARRODS, the very highest quality of material and manufacture. I believe they still have their original heels and soles. Definitely worth researching and checking period pictures of WWII American Pilots. These would have cost a fortune to have made, my own thoughts are these were likely to have been commissioned by a US Airman.
UNIQUE!! RAF 23 \'Fighter\' Squadron Silverware. Made by top London Silversmiths \"Carrington & Co.\" this is one of the more unusual items of Royal Air Force silverware. Certainly a piece for the collector of 23 Squadron memorabilia. This is a solid silver Spoon and Napkin Ring which seem to be a presentation piece to a 23 Squadron member with the initials \"P.J.R\". Bothe pieces come in a wonderful velvet & silk lined Leather Case. The napkin ring is beautifully engraved with the KC Badge of 23 \'Fighter\' Squadron. Formed in 1915 and sadly disbanded in 2009. The Squadron flew Blenheims during the Battle of Britain.
UNIQUE!! RAF Invasion Campaign Plaque - Second Tactical Air Force, post D-Day Large handpainted plaque measuring 41cms high by 31cms high. On this occassion I can quite definitely state..."Find me Another".
UNIQUE!! RAF Montage - Air Chief Marshal the Honourable Sir Ralph Alexander Cochrane, GBE, KCB, AFC, RAF. An magnificent and totally unique montage which has a connection to so many aspects of the Royal Air Force. The young RAF Officer in the centre of the 1924 RAF Cranwell Cricket team is no less than Air Chief Marshal the Honourable Sir Ralph Alexander Cochrane, GBE, KCB, AFC, RAF......WWI RNAS Airship Pilot, Commander of No.7 Group at the height of the Battle of Britain, and of course was Commander of the Dambusters Raid.
UNIQUE!! RAF Sweetheart 'VICTORY' Brooch - Solid 15ct Gold As you can see from the first picture we have acquired a stunning collection of Solid Gold & Silver RAF Winged Sweethearts.......this one in particular is somewhat different from the norm. A beautifully detailed 15ct Solid Gold RAF Sweetheart Brooch. From the style I would possibly date from the earlier days of the RAF. What makes this even more outstanding is the 9ct Gold enamelled pendant. A bit of a mystery at first but we've now discovered that the black enamelled sections are actually Morse dot dot dash = V for VICTORY! A TRULY EXQUISITE BROOCH WITH THAT LITTLE BIT EXTRA!
UNIQUE!! Royal Flying Corps Bullion Pilot Wing Without doubt the most individual looking RFC Pilot Wing I've come across. A Unique addition to any RFC Insignia Collection! As with the RFC Wing shown above, I don't think you'll find another.
UNIQUE!! Royal Flying Corps Bullion Pilot Wing The first of two privately commissioned Royal Flying Corps Pilot extremely attractive Wing! A Unique addition to any RFC Insignia Collection!
UNIQUE!! Silver RAF Chaplain Cap Badge/Brooch - The Jury is Out!! Until now I've only shown this badge to two of my customers and already have two completely different opinions on it.......1; a "field made" Chaplain Side Cap Badge - 2; a Silver Sweetheart Brooch. The badge itself measures 62mm across and is beautifully made in multi-parts with a central silver rivet. The feathering detail and detail of the Crown etc. is exceptional. It is engraved on the reverse with what I believe to be text from Iraq (I could be wrong). This detail is important as it could well help to date the badge.....the addition of the Crown also raises more questions, as do the Cap Badge type fixing lugs.... .....if this was "jeweller" made in Iraq as a Sweetheart Brooch then why would the jeweller use Cap Badge fixings and not the standard brooch fixing? I'm pretty sure any RAF Sweetheart of the day would prefer not to punch two holes through her clothing and have a cotter pin catching her undergarments. As I say, the Jury is out on this highly unique piece of silver. As with all of my priced and unpriced items. I'm open to offers for you to acquire them for your collection.
UNIQUE!! Silver Royal Air Force Locket/Pill Box/Powder Compact. One of the more unusual RAF Sweetheart items and a real token of affection! I believe this was originally made as a small pill box many years before 1918. The hallmark still needs to be identified but it is earlier than the 20th Century. At some stage this beautiful little box has been restyled by a jeweller who has then created a tiny powder compact complete with an RAF Sweetheart Brooch attached. I firmly believe this is a contemporary early to mid-20th Century adaptation and NOT a recent item which has been 'messed with' for todays market. I'm confident the buyer will agree on full inspection, especially when they see the tiny powder puff and mirror. A highly unique RAF Sweetheart piece.
UNIQUE!! Solid Brass Desk Model of the SUPERMARINE Type 224 Designed by R.J Mitchell as the required successor of the Gloster Gauntlet this Aircraft almost had the iconic name "SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE".....That's right, in 1933 Supermarine asked the Air Ministry to reserve the name "SPITFIRE" for this very Aircraft. However, because of the disappointing performance of the Supermarine Type 224 it ended its career as a target on a firing range at Orford Ness, Suffolk in summer 1937. That's not to say the Type 224 didn't serve a very important purpose. R.J Mitchell learnt so much from the failures of the Type 224 that his next aircraft design for the Air Ministry was indeed...the legendary SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE. This desk model no longer has it's original stand, which is a great shame as I can't help thinking this model would have been specifically made at Supermarine itself, possibly by a Supermarine apprentice....I don't know about you but I have never seen another model of the Supermarine Type 224 anywhere.
UNIQUE!! Solid Silver Short Sunderland Flying Boat - Fully Hallmarked! Unpolished and in need of some restoration to propeller blades and float struts. This rare piece would look amazing with just a simple clean.
UNIQUE!! Wartime Sketch of Douglas Bader I have just taken over thirty pictures of one of the finest items of RAF - Douglas Bader history there is! Regular visitors to my website will know that without concrete evidence or 100% conviction I never proclaim an item as "genuine". This morning I had a gentleman meticulously dismantle a sketch of the legendary Douglas Bader. The sketch is thought to have been drawn by A. R Dunn who was a Steward at RAF Duxford during WWII. A R Dunn was also a good friend of Bader's and it is known that many Bader/Dunn associated items were sold at auction back in's not known if this drawing was one of those items but I'm now convinced this is 100% authentic. I had hoped that on removing the sketch from the frame we would discover annotations or dates but the cartridge paper of the sketch seems to be pasted on to a board and the brown covering paper is also stuck to the board. I'm happy to forward all 30+ pictures to anyone interested in seeing the sketch being gradually removed from its frame. The chap who carried out the operation to dismantle the frame has recommended it be carefully cleaned and reassembled. It will then be placed in a secondary frame for display/conservation before being offered for sale.
UNIQUE!! WWI & WWII RFC Pilot's Police Tunic One of the most unique items of clothing I've owned and a wonderful piece of history from the first half of the 20th Century. What I have here is a pre-1967 Tunic of the East Suffolk Police Specials. "Special" being the operative word as this Tunic has the most attractive pair of silk Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wings along with the owners medal ribbon. The ribbons are his WWI 1914-15 Star, Victory Medal, British War Medal, WWII Defence Medal and Special Constables Long Service Medal with bars. I've checked everywhere for a name on the Tunic, to no avail. Having said that I'm confident that with just a little research this RFC Pilot can be identified given his unique military and civil career. I can say this chap was a tall, elegant individual. I will be selling this Tunic once my research is completed.
UNIQUE!! WWI Imperial German Air Service Badge - FL3/Propeller As yet I have no details on the origins of this propeller badge.
UNIQUE!! WWI RFC/RAF Tantalus by Mappin & Webb One of the most admired items I have on display. For some reason (and as the 1918 RFC Tray above) the majority of the silver plating has been polished off by a previous owner. However that should not detract from what is a very rare item.
UNIQUE!! WWI Royal Flying Corps (Canada, USA) DUAL Flying Helmets & RARE Gosport Communication Mask This is the first and probably only time I'll offer two Flying Helmets on the same listing. To find out why I'm doing so; Please page 20 "The Great War in the Air" section of Mick Prodger's book on Vintage Flying Helmets for an excellent picture of this Gosport Mask type in use. This Gosport Communication System is the VERY FIRST reliable system of "Air to Air" communications. Invented by Royal Flying Corps instructors Lt. Col. Smith-Barry and Major Parker at the School of Special Flying in Gosport, Hampshire, England. It's hard to know where to start in describing this highly unique WWI Pilot Set-up. I'm informed The Flying Helmet and Gosport Mask have always been together, and that this type of Flying Helmet is of Canadian manufacture. The second Helmet is of similar design and has identical 'conical' receiver ports. The panel design of the Helmets is very similar to that of later inter-War Canadian Flying Helmets so I'm prepared to commit to them being Canadian. The poppers are Canadian made, which is a bit of an extra pointer. THE "GOSPORT" COMMUNICATION MASK I don't know about you, but other than in period photographs I've never seen one of these Masks. This has a 'rigger fitted' strap arrangement and instead of the full six feet of rubber tubing it has a shorter length of tubing with a brass joint fixing at the end. So I suppose an extra length of hose could be attached if required for display purposes. This particular mask is named "Hartman Brooks" so it may well be possoble to identify the actual Airman.
UNIQUE!! WWI Royal Flying Corps Calling Card Wallet This is "SPECIAL" with a capital SP!! A Suede & Silver Plate Calling Card Holder to the Royal Flying Corps....I've taken a close up of the back of the RFC Badge to show the build up of verdigris, this case was period made for a Gentleman Officer of the Royal Flying Corps. The case is in beautiful condition and snaps closed as good now as it ever did. The suede is still thick and strong and if your current business cards fit this, it could still be used today. I must point out....Experience tells me this is NOT a "knocked up" piece of Royal Flying Corps Memorabilia so often seen on auction sites. You know the type of thing, a standard item of early 20th Century ephemera with an RFC/RAF badge stuck to it. I give my personal guarantee that this is a 100% contemporary piece of RFC Memorabilia
Unique!! WWI Royal Flying Corps Sweetheart - 110 Squadron Perhaps the most common design of all WWI Sweetheart Brooches, usually they say \"Mother\", \"My Darling\", or are personalised with the sweethearts name \"Doris\" etc....however, this is the only example I\'ve ever seen naming a specifically to the Royal Flying Corps & to an RFC Squadron. As well as being in the shape of RFC Pilot Wings. Made from heavy Gold Wire and Mother of Pearl, this is a real find!! In Beautiful Condition too!!
UNIQUE!! WWI/Early RAF Pipe Rack & Spill Holder A really beautiful piece of early Royal Air Force memorabilia. I can just imagine this fixed to the wall, next to the fireplace in any RAF Officers Mess.
UNIQUE!! WWI/Early Royal Air Force Propeller 'trench art' Pocket Watch Holder/Ash Tray A highly individual RAF Desk Piece made from a laminated propeller blade. The Pocket Watch holder doubles up as a desk ashtray. The ashtray fitted is from the dash of an RAF Staff Car, as can be seen from the bespoke silver plate 'cage' which holds the blue glass ashtray.
UNIQUE!! WWII 1942 Polish Air Force/RAF 'trench art' Wall Clock ... You would have to go a heck of a long way to find a better WWII Clock than this! Personally, I've never seen such a timepiece before. Made from multiple hand-worked pieces of brass and copper, the skills that have gone into the making of this clock are truly exceptional. Each had-cut/finished roman numeral has been countersunk and pinned to the dial (no solder/glue)...and there are 28 roman digits! You then have RAF and brass! Polish Officers Cap Badge fixed with nuts. The movement is a 1942 (inspected) Smiths Astral movement which was also used in the typical post-1942 RAF Wall & Sector Clocks. This would have looked amazing in its original, polished finish. I must admit, the temptation to bring it back to that state has gnawed at me ever since I aquired the Clock. The Clock is still fully functional and keeps great time. The dial of this Clock measures 12" / 30cms across.
UNIQUE!! WWII Desk Model of the V1 'DOODLEBUG' For further pictures see Item No. 52422 One of the finest represenatations of the V1 "Doodlebug" you're ever likely to see. The time, effort and overall craftsmanship which have gone into this piece could hardly be bettered. The quality of the benchwork in the 'fretted' Swatsika points to this being made for a very important client as this would not look out of place on the desk of Major-General Dr Walter Robert Dornberger in his time at Peenemunde. An exceptional and unique piece of WWII German Weapons ephemera!
UNIQUE!! WWII RAF Desk Piece - Spitfire & Letter Opener made from Cockpit 'Lucite' A wonderful example of the many uses made of smashed Cockpit 'Lucite' which was then used to make all kind of RAF 'Trench Art'. Mounted on marble this would have looked superb on any RAF Officer's desk.
UNIQUE!! WWII US Navy Pilot Sweetheart Pin - Four Genuine Diamonds! An absolutely stunning WWII US Navy Pilot Sweetheart. This small Pilot Wing has been adapted (drilled) to accomodate four beautiful hand-finished diamonds. The Wing has been drilled right though to allow the light to pass through from the back, showing off the diamonds at their very best. PLEASE NOTE; These are genuine diamonds - NOT diamond chips, paste, rhinestones, glass, marcasite nor zirconia
UNIQUE!? 1918 Pattern (metal backed) RAF Cap Badge....'Theatre Made' This is the first of four rare 1918 Pattern metal backed Cap Badges I'm offering. The other three are all maker marked but this one has been made "in the field" A very, very unique Royal Air Force Cap Badge from the very first days of the RAF. A highly individual addition to any RAF collection.
UNIQUE?!! Early RAF Car Badge for the Radiator Grille A highly individual RAF Car Badge for fitting to the radiator grille (Rolls Royce). I haven't come across another of these, and I do search for Aviation related Car Badges and Mascots. This looks even better when displayed with the two "Gaunt" Car Badges shown below. There are no makers marks which leads me to believe this was privately commissioned.
UNISSUED!! 1945 Dated Mae-West Bladder - 1941 Pattern In outstanding, and complete condition! I also have an excellent inflation lever in stock.
UNISSUED!! Complete RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles - Air Ministry Box & Stamp! These have never been out of the box for use! Totally untouched and uncleaned....even the box is in exceptional condition!
UNISSUED!! Original Mid-War Type E* RAF Oxygen Mask Complete with ALL fittings, in immaculate condition and including the original mint/wrapped Type48 Microphone Assembly. Please Note; The blanking plate on the TypeE* Oxygen Mask is very difficult to remove, so if you require the Microphone to be fitted please let me know. I haven't done this as I know some of you will want to use this Mask with a first pattern externally wired Flying Helmet.....whatever your requirements are just let me know as I have first pattern Flying Helmets & Looms in stock to complete an early War set-up.
UNOPENED!! RAF MkII First Aid Outfit For Air Crew In pristine condition and still has its original opening lugs
UNTOUCHED!! 2nd Pattern Type D Flying Helmet & Tinted MkVIII Flying Goggles A very displayable Type D Flying Helmet in 'as found' condition and complete with its MkVIII Flying Goggles with tinted lenses. The receiver cups on the Helmet are distorted through storage, the left being the worst of the pair. They are stiff (not hard) but with careful manipulation and a hairdryer they could still be used to accomodate receivers on an external loom. The Flying Helmet is a good size 3 and like the Goggles has not been touched, cleaned or repaired.
UNUSED!! 1941 Pattern Mae-West Bladder with Inflation Lever & Securing Ring This is a mint, unused bladder from a 1941 Pattern RAF Mae-West Life Jacket. Originally issued in 1944, this comes complete with its original Inflation Lever and very rare, original brass securing ring. The inflation lever has been bent slightly out of shape but it could be straightened if deemed necessary. The lever is secure in the bladder as the rubber is 'as new', but it is not fixed. So if a cylinder was to fitted that wouldn't be a problem.
Unusual - 'Lightning' Zipped Pair of early Officer's Boots A highly unique pair of early 20th Century Military Officer's Boots in that they have been retro-fitted with "Lightning" Zips at the top. Of course the exact same "Lightning" Zips are more often seen on RAF 1933 & 1941 Pattern Flying Gauntlets, RAF 'Escape Boots and RAF Flying Clothing including the 'Sidcot Suit'. Size 9 and still wearable.
Unusual Jagdgeschwader 71 (JG 71) \'Richthofen\' Display Piece A most unique item - A stained glass representation of the Squadron Badge of Jagdgeschwader 71 (JG 71) \"Richthofen\". I have included a picture of Erich Hartmann with a somewhat larger, but similar piece. There is some age to this and of course is quite delicate but it has survived in one piece even though there are a few cracks in some of the glass sections. It looks brilliant when hung up at the window with the sun shining on/through it.
UNUSUAL! Gimballed & Boxed Type P8M Air Ministry Compass - RAF Air Sea Rescue? I've never come across an Aircraft Compass such as this. Often associated with and named as a "Spitfire Compass" this example is on a single swing Gimbal and cased in a protective box with a clear lid for use within the box. It is worth noting that the box also has the type of Wedge plate for attaching and removing items within the Aircraft Cockpit such as a Fighter's Gun Camera Indicator. I did think that this had been used post-War in a private boat, but then it wouldn't have have been necessary to fit the Compass Corrector. The internal mounting bracket has been fitted with an Air Ministry Compass Corrector and curiously both the Mounting Bracket and Compass have been painted green! The use of the Gimbal clearly suggests use on water so perhaps this was used on RAF Air Sea Rescue Aircraft such as the Walrus? It could then still be used during a rescue when the Aircraft is actually on the water. The Compass still has its damping fluid and is fully operational. A very intruiging and most unusual use of the iconic "Spitfire Compass".
Unusual! Gunmetal & Silver RAF Sweetheart Brooch
UNUSUAL! Original ATA (Flat) Cap Badge/Mourning Brooch This is second of a rare pair of Air Transport Auxiliary Cap Badges I've recently obtained. Initially I thought the badge had been mounted on this strip of black ribbon purely for display purposes. However a couple of Museum visitors have offered the opinion that it is in fact an ATA Mourning Brooch made from an ATA Cap Badge. Considering it has a safety pin attached for wearing this opinion doesn't seem too unfounded. The Cap Badge itself is the flat variant with both fixing prongs intact. There's no doubt the ribbon could be removed if desired.
UNUSUAL! Swedish Air Force Insignia engraved on Runway Landing Light Quite an intruiging piece of Aviation Memorabilia this. A large glass ashtray made from a Runway Landing Light glass cover of the Swedish Air Force. What is so appealing about this is the fact it has been beautifully engraved with the Insignia of the Swedish Air Force....of course Scandanavian Glass is very highy sought after and collected the world over. The engraving has been signed by the Artist. I believe from my limited research that this would date to 1966, but I could be completely wrong about the year. Engraved glass is not the easiest thing in the world to photograph. The engraving on this piece is deep and beautifully isn't acid etched, it is hand engraved.
UNUSUAL!! 'Pair' of RAF Barrage Balloon Badges/Brooches. It's always intruiging when a "new" Aviation related badge/brooch appears from nowhere. Even more interesting is when an identical PAIR of unseen badges/brooches come fresh to the market. This raises the obvious question as to whether these are simple RAF Barrage Balloon sweethearts? or do you know anything different? PLEASE NOTE: The box is not original to the badges, just a great way to display them.
UNUSUAL!! 'Trench Art' Brass Spitfire This beautifully crafted Spitfire is unusual in that it was diplayed either on a stand or was hung from the ceiling, or perhaps a bespoke stand. I used to have this Spitfire on display with a Btype Flying Helmet and TypeD Oxygen Mask. It hung on the inside of the display case and looked fantastic. I don't believe I've seen this adaptation on a 'trench art' Spitfire before. It will be interesting to see if hanging 'trench art' Aircraft suddenly start appearing on ebay with RAF Cap Badges glued to them..AAAAAAAGH!!
UNUSUAL!! 14carat gold RAF Pilot Wing Lapel Pin by 'BIRKS ELLIS' It's certainly worth looking at page 33 of 'Eagles Recalled' to see a similar early Canadian made 'ELLIS BROS' Wing of the Air Instructor School. The jury still remains out as to whether this type of badge was a 'Sweetheart' brooch or a Lapel Pin worn by RFC/RAF etc Officers when not in uniform. This outstanding RAF Wing is also Canadian made by "BIRKS ELLIS" and is hallmarked for 14 Carat Gold. Excellent Condition
UNUSUAL!! 1918 Propeller Trench Art I must admit I'm none too sure of the actual purpose of this piece of Propeller trench art. Given the mighty fine quality of manufacture I'm sure there was a bespoke purpose, perhaps for mounting a vase of flowers? I just don't know. I've been displaying one of my WWI wooden Aircraft on it and that looks excellent.
UNUSUAL!! 1936 Cast Aluminum Ashtray - Yugoslavian Air Service I say 'unusual' as I don't believe I've ever come across a piece of memorabilia of the Yugoslavian Air Service! Their insignia is hard enough to find so this truly is, an unusual and very rare find. The ashray is rough-cast in (possibly) Aircraft aluminium, it measures 6" x 4". The whole piece is a wonderful design, featuring a cast Yugoslav Pilot Badge on one side and an Obsevers Badge on the other. At the front of the ashtray is a twin-prop Fighter Bomber and on the reverse is a Propeller. Cast into the base is the date - 1936.
UNUSUAL!! Early 'prototype' German Flying Helmet labelled 'D.R.G.M.a' A fully labelled German Leather Helmet which seems to carry markings for a prototype which never really took off. The Helmet has the makers label as well as a label stating; "D.R.G.M.a - ges geschutzt" ( 'proprietary.') This indicates that there is or was German patent protection on some aspect of this Helmet D.R.G.M. was used for "Deutsches Reichgebrauchsmuster". The additional "a" means "angemeldet" in other words a patent for this part. I can only assume the patent was for the peak to the Helmet......suffice to say, such a large peak would never have worked as flying in an open cockpit at any speed would have pulled the Helmet from the wearer's head. I'd be very pleased to hear your opinions on this peculiar German Helmet.
UNUSUAL!! Hallmarked 15ct Gold & Leather RAF 'Mourning' Bracelet A very peculiar piece of RAF jewellery, which I'm informed would have been commissioned as an item of mourning jewellery in the early 20th Century. Both the RAF lozenge and the buckle fixing are in hallmarked 15ct gold, and these are mounted on a black leather strap. This comes in its original black leather box and both the bracelet and the box are in immaculate condition considering they are almost 100 years old. Being 15ct Gold I would think this was possibly made in France and subsequently retailed in London.
UNUSUAL!! Late-War pattern RAF Ctype Flying Helmet - named to Woman of the Meteorological Office This is one Ctype Flying Helmet very much worthy of research. Named to "AVRIL JAMES, MET OFFICE" this is quite a rare Helmet given the small percentage of WAAF Flyers.
UNUSUAL!! RAF 'PATHFINDER' Vintage Bullion Breast Badges A couple of vintage badges I've never come across before. Does anyone have any knowledge of these?
UNUSUAL!! Royal Flying Corps Cane/Stick/Swagger Stick A unique walking stick length Royal Flying Corps"Swagger Stick" measuring 34" or 86cms. If you're my age (54) or older you will remember the schoolday fear of "THE CANE"!!!. Well, this is just like one of those dreaded weapons yielded by the more deranged of school teachers and masters. Please Note; this is not the easiest of items to picture at its best. In the hand, this will not disappoint.
UNUSUAL!! Silver RAF Ferry/Transport Command Badge/Brooch More experienced collectors will recognise this badge as a 'cut-down' Cap Badge of the RAF Ferry/Transport Command. Very much as the RAF Chaplain Badge above, this badge raises more questions as to why it is as it is......Sweetheart or temporary Side Cap Badge? Whichever way you look at it, this is a one-off and a highly unique addition to any collection.
UNUSUAL!! US Army 'cut-down' Tanker Suit Blouson - RAF 'EAGLE SQUADRON' Many moons ago I came across a brilliant picture of RAF "Eagle Squadron" Pilots. One of the US Pilots was wearing one of these Jackets with the high collar up-turned and looked so much cooler (and warmer) than the other guys in the Squadron. I therefore decided to recapture that look, I finally found an original WWII jacket and bought it, I also bought the repro insignia, pinned them to the Jacket and.............put them in a bag and box so "I could have them done later". Unfortunately "later" never came, so they are now on my website as a quite unique addition for an "Eagle Squadron" reenactor. Please note; The insignia is still pinned on the Jacket, not sewn on.
UNUSUAL!! WWI Imperial German Leather (Hardshell) Flying Helmet & Goggles From my personal collection this is a very unusual leather Flying Helmet. I've stated WWI Imperial Germany purely based on the style and manufacture. This type of Helmet was also in use well into the 1930's and wouldn't look out of place with the NSFK/Luftwaffe Glider items shown below. There are no identifying marks either on the Helmet nor the Goggles. The balaclava did not come with the Helmet & Goggles, it is from my collection and has been used purely to display with them. It isn't included in the sale.
US ARMY / AIR FORCE - V1 Doodlebug \'Sweetheart\' Bracelet - \'REIMS 1945\' I\'m sure this delightful piece of \"trench art\" could be researched. Showing a V1 Flying Bomb there is undoubtedly some connection to the V1 storage site at Rilly-la-Montagne. This site was actually an old Railway Tunnel west of Reims. So the bracelet could be part of a salvaged V1 \"Doodlebug\" The bracelet also carries the name of \"EWERY\" - \"38273049\" and his home town of \"VIRGINIA\"
US ARMY AIR FORCE 'Quartermasters' - Superbly Carved Wooden Wall Plaque An exquisitely carved large wooden plaque commemorating the role of USAAF Quartermasters in WWII. An extremely unique piece of USAAF History! AFRICA -12th AIR FORCE ITALY - 15th AIR FORCE ENGLAND - 8th AIR FORCE 182 - Q.M 1135
US ARMY AIR FORCE - MINT, BOXED P-51 Mustang Radio Aerial Still in its original box and packaging, this is an AN-104-A antenna mast. Made by Camfield Mfg. Co. Grand Haven, Millwaukee. Dated 1944 with a teakwood base and painted aluminium. A superb USAAF - Mustang display piece!
USAAF - EAGLE SQUADRON & USAAF/RAF patches - Little help Needed My pictures show two Eagle Squadron patches and an unidentified felt USAAF/RAF Patch. These were bought as original, and I'd like to think they are. However I've been unable to verify the authenticity of the Eagle Squadron patches and haven't yet been able to ID the USAAF/RAF patch. Prior to me offering these for sale I do need to have them authenticated, or not, as the case may be. Can anyone help?
USAAF P-38 Lightning WWII Sweetheart Brooch - 3D
USAAF P-51 Mustang WWII Silver Sweetheart Brooch - 3D
Very Early 1900's Aircraft/Airship Generator Propeller? Again unidentified, but there is no doubting this is a very early Propeller. Possibly French in origin and with a length of 39" it has the potential to be an early Aircraft or Airship Propeller, or a 'Test/Prototype' piece.
VERY EARLY!! 'Trench Art' Aeroplane - Radial Engined Monoplane This, is a real "GEM" in the world of handmade "trench art" Aircraft. It carries so much age and patination that I cannot determine exacty what metal it is made from. It does have a yellow hue, but in one area there appears to be white metal below the surface. It may look primitive but the rotating propeller is one of the best handmade props I've seen. All I can say is that this would be a real "STAR" in any collection of genuine 'Trench Art' Aeroplanes. How relevant it is I don't know, but it might be worth pointing out that it came from Germany.
VERY EARLY!! 1st Pattern RAF Ctype Flying Helmet A lovely example of the rare 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet. There is surface wear/colour lightening to the high points of the leather but that does not go through the chrome finish. The Bennetts Buckle and Strap are both perfect and the leather is soft enough to allow the Helmet to be turned inside out. I love the very early Air Ministry issue stamp on this Helmet. To top it all, the original rubber receiver cups are still as soft and flexible as the day they were fitted.
VERY EARLY!! RAF Officers Visor Cap - 1918-1920's? This is one extra special Royal Air Force Visor Cap with a number of unique features. The main feature being the soft corduroy 'brow band' on the inner leather sweatband. The cloth chinstrap buttons are the early 'domed' type and the black leather chinstrap is broad with the black colour faded in unexposed area, both of the loops have age damage which could be restored if thought necessary. The Cap Badge is the 1918 pattern RAF Cap Badge in bullion. The underpeak is a very thin green fabric. The particularly heavy rim padding is stitched in to the lining. This is a very rare and early Royal Air Force Cap. It is grubby but that helps in determining full, overall authenticity. From my very close scrutiny I'm happy that all is original and is completely untouched.....also, it smells fantastic!! THIS WILL DELIGHT ANY EXPERIENCED COLLECTOR!!
VERY FIRST/PROTOTYPE!? Internally Wired 2nd Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet I promise you, I have never seen a Wartime RAF Ctype Flying Helmet like this one. Please don't confuse it with the standard 2nd Pattern Ctype, or any other Ctype for that matter. It doesn't carry a 22C/877-880 Stores Ref No. as a standard Ctype. It is stamped; "7731 A.M"......personally I've never come across that reference No. perhaps you have? As a collector you may already have a number of of variants of 1st and 2nd Pattern Ctype Flying Helmets in your collection, but the likelihood is you won't have one like this. This Helmet prompts the serious question; Is this a prototype, internally wired 2nd Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet? Is it one of the very first RAF Helmets to be manufactured to accomodate an internal wiring loom....ALSO NOTE; the lack of an integral Oxygen Mask Clip! This Ctype is everything you would look for in a 1944 issued RAF Flying Helmet plus MORE!, brass poppers, no second loom straps, pointed brow section etc. It's also worth pointing out the length and shape of the leather panels under the chin strap.......VERY UNIQUE on ANY Ctype Flying Helmet. That extra length of the lined panel provides full cover under the chin for the elasticated webbing strap to sit on. I don't think I've seen this feature on any other Ctypes. On top of all that, it's an extremely large sits very comfortably on my head so at least a size 4! Believe me, this is one very, very rare WWII RAF Ctype!!
VERY GOOD!! Air Ministry stamped early RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles A very good pair of authentic Air Ministry stamped RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles. Some light delamination to the lenses and a few loose stiches to the nose section do not detract from a pair of MkVIII's which are better than the average. Supersoft leather and chamois lining with original and still elasticated strap.
VERY IMPRESSIVE!! Luftwaffe LKpW101 Flying Helmet - 1940 BATTLE OF BRITAIN Dated!! In almost mint condition this is a beautiful example of the leather (winter) Luftwaffe Flying Helmet. It is also a very good size 58, fits me. Even more desirable is the fact that this particular LKp W 101 carries an original, and very rare "LBA (S) 40" stamp. This is comething I've never seen before on a "101 Series" Luftwaffe Flying Helmet. The pictures say it all, a real beauty!
VERY INTRUIGING!! WWI RFC 'Victory Trophy' - 12 Hole Propeller Hub? Up until recently this piece of WWI Aviation Memorabilia was rotting away in a barn, caked in all kinds of gunk and about to be smashed up and burnt.....lost to history forever! Fortunately someone had the foresight to rescue and sell it. When I bought this it was in dreadful condition, but now just look at it!! Two weeks ago a wreck but now, a really beautiful piece of Propeller "Trench Art"....However, I now need to identify the possible source of this Propeller and Hub Mounting Plate before moving it on to its next home. As you can see, the plate has twelve mounting holes. There are no marks, stamps or scribbling to help put a date or manufacturer to it. I'm assuming the purpose of the piece was to adorn the walls of a Squadron Room.....a "Victory Trophy"??.. but what from? A 'mystery' piece but 100% authentic and well worth the money and time I've spent in rescuing it.
VERY LARGE!! Pair of Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Gloves Made in very fine quality black leather and lamb fleece, these are a superb pair of Gloves as worn by Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots. Very large is size and in superb, worn condition!
Very Large!! WWI RNAS Silver Sweetheart Brooch - 85mm! A Jewellers Piece, the likes of which I've never seen before. This finely detailed "Sweetheart" has a wingspan of 85mm, I've shown it alongside a "large" RNAS Sweetheart from my own collection to give some idea of the size. The size of a pair of full size Pilot Wings! A VERY RARE & UNIQUE R.N.A.S BADGE!
VERY POIGNANT!! 1941 Polish Spitfire - RAF Kinloss - 19 OTU A totally authentic item of early WWII 'trench art'. In the early years of the War the skies around Kinloss on the Moray Firth were humming with aircraft engines of all types. From the Spifires of 609 Squadron to the Whitley's of Bomber Command. In 1941 RAF Satellite Stations had to be added to handle the huge number of Aircraft and Men in the area. Accommodating the vast number of trainee allied Airmen from many nations became a huge problem, with many of the Aircrew being billeted to live with local residents in the area. All of this would explain the existence of this beautiful Wartime piece as it seems to be a gift from a Polish Officer to the couple he lived with during his time on the Moray Firth. The inscription reads; "NA PAMIATKE, PANSTU GILBERTSON, OFIAROWAL POLAK W. ANIOLA, KINLOSS 10.5.1941 I believe this roughly translates this to being a 'gift' from a Polish Officer "W. ANIOLA" to a Mr And Mrs. Gilbertson as a a thank you for providing him accommodation in 1941.
VERY POIGNANT!! Large Bronze RAF 'Tribute'/'Memoriam' Wing. When we set up Bomphoons three years ago, this one of the first items to be listed. Not for sale at the time because I feared it may have been recently removed or stolen as the fixings looked freshly cut. So I asked if anyone was aware of such a theft. I'm pleased to say that despite a number of you networking my enquiry this hasn't been reported as missing or stolen so I'm now willing to offer this for sale. Again from my personal collection, this is a solid bronze RAF Pilot Wing measuring 10" or 25.5cms across. I have shown a published picture of this type of Wing used on the headstone of a Battle of Britain Pilot. This picture is in the excellent publication "The Battle of Britain, Then and Now". There is no doubting this heavy bronze Wing has been exposed to the elements for many, many years, just look at the patination. It doesn't necessarily follow that this example was used on a headstone. It could also have been used on a "Tribute" Plaque. I say that as I also have an aluminium example which I was informed was used as an RAF adornment. The detailing on this heavy castings is exemplarary, a truly awesome piece of craftsmanship. This is the only example of this Wing I've ever seen on the market and the likelihood of another being offered for sale is virtually nil!
VERY POIGNANT!! Large Bronze RFC 'Tribute'/'Memoriam' Wing. From my own collection, this very rare Royal Flying Corps Wing in bronze is a superb item of RFC Memorabilia. Used as either a Memoriam or Tribute adornment this is a very scarce piece indeed. The main difference between these bronze Wings and the bronxe RAF Wing below is that these Wings have not been exposed to the elements. This leads me to think that it was used as more of a celebratory Royal Flying Corps piece. Measures 9" or 23mm across. 100% Original and very Unique!
VERY RARE - 'Salute to the Few' - 25 BATTLE OF BRITAIN PILOT Signed Profiles - Limited to only 200!! Tom Neil, Kenneth MacKenzie, Paul Patten, Kenneth Lusty, Peter Rich, Billy Drake, Roy Ford, Gordon Sinclair, Archie Winskill, John Ellacombe, David Cox, Norman Hancock, Ben Bennions, Herbert Green, Alan Burdekin, George Cecil Unwin, Peter Parrott, Christopher Mount, Arthur Monatgu-Smith, Hugh John Beazley, Richard Summers, Wilfred Skinner, John Anderson, Eric Wright and Stuart Rose.
VERY RARE - 1930 Pattern RAF Flying Helmet - WITH RARE MAKERS LABEL THE forerunner to the iconic Battle of Britain \"Btype\" Flying Helmet and this can be seen in the panel design & manufacture of this rare \"Bussey\" Flying Helmet. The helmet is fitted with three buttons to affix a leather face mask for open cockpit training. One of the buttons is of the early Royal Observer Corps. The helmet shows just light signs of general wear but is still strong and wearable. A good size 4 too even though it says 2 on the original \"Bussey\" Label. Page 158 of Mick Prodgers Book This is the ONLY example of the 1930 Pattern RAF Flying Helmet I\'ve seen with an actual maker\'s label. REDUCED TO ONLY £225!
Very Rare WWII Wooden Model - Japanese \'Ohka\' Kamikaze Flying Bomb A very scarce & unique wooden WWII Model. I don\'t think it\'s an ID model as the inclusion of the metal framed Cockpit, Seat and Pilot would tend to rule that out. I\'ve never seen the likes of this model, bought in the United States is all I can tell you. My thought are that is is Japanese made and probably a Vet \'bring-back\'. The MXY-7 Navy Suicide Attacker Ohka was a manned flying bomb that was usually carried underneath a Mitsubishi G4M \"Betty\" Model 24J, bomber to within range of its target; on release, the pilot would first glide towards the target and when close enough he would fire the Ohka\'s rocket engines, one at a time or all three in unison, and guide the missile towards the ship that he intended to destroy. The Ohka pilots, members of the Jinrai Butai (Thunder Gods Corps), are honored in Japan at Ohka Park in Kashima City, the Ohka Monument in Kanoya City, the Kamakura Ohka Monument at Kenchô-ji Kamakura, and the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.
VERY RARE! 'Presentation Copy' of 'RECOLLECTIONS OF AN RAF CHAPLAIN' - Signed by Author A wonderful book written by R. G Chaffey Moore, "CHAFFEY". Chaffey gives a unique insight into the role of an RAF Chaplain in the 1939-45 War. He served with the Royal Air Force in many Theatres of War during World War Two. Not an easy book to buy in hardback format and especially in this condition. Apart from some light fading to the spine the book is in excellent condition, but that's not all......... ......this is one a very few "Presentation Copies" where "CHAFFEY" has signed it to Kitty in 1989. There was a lot more to being an RAF Chaplain with the Royal Air Force in WWII than you would imagine!
VERY RARE! - ORIGINAL! Luftwaffe Stickpin - Luftwaffe Spanish Cross All of these rare stickpins are guaranteed original and I will supply a lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with every one.
VERY RARE! - ORIGINAL! Luftwaffe Stickpin - Silver Mickey Mouse from 1930's The character of Mickey Mouse was 'adopted' by the Luftwaffe in the 1930's, most famously by Adolf Galland. This particular pin was originally part of a "Condor Legion" pocket display (as pictured). This is an original 1920's silver pin by "Disney" themselves. I've tried my best to picture the makers marks on the reverse. From my research this is an incredibly rare item of Disney memorabilia in its own right. Given its size and ease of loss/damage this is hardly surprising. All of these rare stickpins are guaranteed original and I will supply a lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with every one.
VERY RARE! - ORIGINAL! Luftwaffe Unit Pocket/Lapel Badge - 4./JG26 This pin came to me from a most reliable source and was originally acquired from the estate of the late Theo Lindemann, one-time Staffelkapitan of 6./JG26. Because of the patination on the brass of the Tiger head it's very difficult to picture the detail. A quick wipe with brasso wadding would clean this, but I'll leave that to the next custodian. All of these rare stickpins are guaranteed original and I will supply a lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with every one.
VERY RARE! - ORIGINAL! Luftwaffe Unit Stickpin - 1./JG26 Obtained from a most reliable source, this 1./JG26 Eagle pin was originally acquired by its previous custodian from Gustav Kemen himself back in the 1960s. Unteroffizier Kemen was shot down and taken prisoner during the Battle of Britain - August 14th 1940. All of these rare stickpins are guaranteed original and I will supply a lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with every one.
VERY RARE! - ORIGINAL! Luftwaffe Unit Stickpin - 2./JG26 This pin came to me from a most reliable source and was originally acquired from the estate of the late Theo Lindemann, one-time Staffelkapitan of 6./JG26. This, in turn came from the estate of Oberleutnant Martin Rysavy who was killed in action on the 2nd of July 1941. The pin itself is made from heavily tarnished silver, and it's very difficult to picture the detail without actually cleaning the pin. All of these rare stickpins are guaranteed original and I will supply a lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with every one.
VERY RARE! - ORIGINAL! Luftwaffe Unit Stickpin - 7./JG26 This pin came to me from a most reliable source and was originally acquired from the estate of the late Theo Lindemann, one-time Staffelkapitan of 6./JG26. All of these rare stickpins are guaranteed original and I will supply a lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with every one.
VERY RARE! - ORIGINAL! Luftwaffe Unit Stickpin - 9./JG26 This pin came to me from a most reliable source and was originally acquired from the estate of the late Theo Lindemann, one-time Staffelkapitan of 6./JG26. This very rare Staffel pin is handmade with the most remarkable detail. The 'jewelller' who made this must have worked under magnification and with the finest of tools to have made such an amazing piece. All of these rare stickpins are guaranteed original and I will supply a lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with every one.
VERY RARE! - ORIGINAL! Luftwaffe Unit Stickpin - STAB III./JG26 This pin came to me from a most reliable source and was originally acquired from the estate of the late Theo Lindemann, one-time Staffelkapitan of 6./JG26. All of these rare stickpins are guaranteed original and I will supply a lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with every one.
VERY RARE! 1935 Royal Air Force War Manual Parts I & II, Plus RAF/Army Co-operation 1940 All three from the same source and complete! Not only that, they are in superb, fully conserved condition. Only the lightest foxing to a few page edges, the rest of these rare RAF Manuals are the best I've seen....very well looked after! All three Manuals give the perfect insight into the Royal Air Force operational strategies and principles leading up to, and incorporating the first years of WWII. This set have come to me as part of a highly desirable collection of Royal Air Force Memorabilia from 1918 - 1945. With some more very unique items to follow over the next few weeks.
VERY RARE! 1940 RAF Sweetheart Brooch by 'Trifari' - STUNNING! Rare find, and listed in the book "Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry" by Marcia "Sparkles" Brown, with a photograph on page 191 (from 2002, valued at $250.00), this beauty is signed by Trifari on the edge of the right wing with the high T of the Crown Trifari symbol. It always nice to own a collectable piece of jewelry that is shown in a book like this one. In 1940 Trifari obtained the exclusive rights to the Royal Air Force emblem. Trifari then designed this rhodium plated pin set with quality rhinestones in the eagle's wings and enamelled leaves surrounding the RAF letters; worn by thousands of women who had loved ones in the war, all proceeds from the sale were donated by Trifari to the British War Fund. Very slight wear to the green enamel on the leaves, but otherwise in perfect condition. Rhinestones are deep set, all are present and look to be original. This is guaranteed as an original 1940 "TRIFARI" Sweetheart Brooch, not a copy.
VERY RARE! 1950's Handley Page Victor - RAF Wind Tunnel Model I was recently very privileged to have been visited by a remarkable Gentleman, an ex- BOAC & RAF A&AEE Pilot. On his visit he picked up this model of the Victor and without hesitation informed me of its use as a Wind Tunnel model. Incredibly he had actually used these models during his service. I explained about the fact the three large, heavy models I have came from an RAF Careers Office in Preston and he told me they were all three ex-Wind Tunnel models which, having served their purpose at RAF Boscombe Down A&AEE they would then have been repainted and used for all kind of display purposes. From the same source, I also have a Handley Page Hastings and a DH Comet, both just as large and as heavy as this Handley Page Victor. I will picture those as soon as possible. For further pre-restoration pictures of this Victor please see Code: 51696
VERY RARE! Battle of France 'Blind Flying Panel' from Armee de L'Air Fighter - Caudron C.714 Made in Paris 1940, this is a very rare "Blind Flying Panel" from a Battle of France Fighter of the Armee de L'Air. The maximum speed of 440Kmh suggests it is from a Caudron C.714 but the same basic shape was also fitted to other French Fighter Aircraft of the late 1930's such as the Morane-Saulnier 406. As you can see I have had the Instrument on display with my Armee de L'Air "LIP" Cockpit Clock. My intention is/was to have had the mount painted with both French and Polish Air Force insignia as the exiled Polish Air Force extensively flew the Caudron, eg; On May 18, 35 Caudrons were handed over to the Polish Warsaw Squadron - the Groupe de Chasse polonaise I/145, stationed at the Mions airfield. Apart from some paint loss the instrument is in superb condition with all gauges operating correctly.
VERY RARE! Boxed, Silver RAF Vanity Set 1939-1940! Every so often an individual brush, or the mirror from this RAF Vanity set comes on to the market, but I don\'t recollect ever seeing a complete set such as this being offered. Made in Silver by Adie Brothers Ltd, and fully Hallmarked \"P\" for Birmingham 1939-1940. The comb is possibly a replacement but is also by Adie Brothers, and hallmarked for 1942. The original fitted, silk and velvet lined box is in lovely condition as you can see. there are a couple of small \'dings\' to the brushes and mirror but nothing too noticeable. This is a truly Stunning piece of Battle of Britain dated RAF Memorabilia! The perfect Chrismas Gift for the WAAF in your life.
VERY RARE! German Desk Model - Pre-War Luftwaffe/NSFK He111 It's well worth examining the period photograph I've added to this listing. I believe this was taken in an NSFK Officer's Room...look to the top right and see the two NSFK Glider Models....this Heinkel is mounted on an identical 'cloud formation' stand. This original Luftwaffe/NSFK model is/was silver plated on what I believe to be bronze and not brass. I say 'was' because a lot of the silver plating has been polished off over the years. The marble base has also taken a few knocks over the years but that only adds to the authenticity of this very unique He111. The piece stands at 16cms tall and has a wingspan of 14cms.
VERY RARE! Late War RAF CType Flying Helmet with RARE Air Ministry Stamp! Fully Wired, Superb Condition & a good Size 3! It's not every day I come across a 2nd Pattern RAF Ctype Flying Helmet carrying a full and correct Air Ministry Stamp. To top it off, just look at the receivers! An extremely rare pair of RCAF Receivers!! Stamped A Crown M - 22C/879........Size 3. A unique and rare Wartime Ctype & Receivers!
VERY RARE! Original WWI Visor Cap - ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE Chief Petty Officer I don't think there's anything I can, or need to say about this WWI RNAS Cap. The pictures speak for themselves.
VERY RARE! Pair of 1915 'MEYROWITZ BROS' - 'ALBEX' Night & Day Goggles - Cased! - Howard Hughes?? The one, and only pair of "ALBEX" Night & Day Goggles I've ever seen. As with all early 'Sports' Goggles these were developed for the relatively new fads of Driving and Flying. Promoted by "MEYROWITZ BROS" the earliest advertising I've found for these particular 'ALBEX' Goggles dates to Albany, 1915. However I have also found reference to Howard Hughes in their history?? The optics on these yellow-tinted goggles are incredible. They are the highest quality ground glass. The top portion of each lens is thicker than the bottom part and keeps bright sunlight out of your eyes. The nose and side pieces are made of soft leather. The temples are made of flexible metal that slip snugly over the ears. Very comfortable. The goggles come in a leather-covered metal case that snaps open and shut. Inside the case the goggles rest on a soft brushed fabric. This pair are in their original metal (covered) case and are in almost MINT condition!
Very RARE! Polish Paratrooper Silver Sweetheart Brooch! Never seen the likes before so I'm assuming this is a one-off Jeweller's Commissioned piece. The brooch is un-marked. My Pictures Cannot do this Brooch is of multi-piece design, highly detailed and incorporates the Crowned Polish Eagle, The Rose of England and the Thistle of Scotland. It is the Thistle which leads me to think this is related to the Polish Para's of WWII as they were trained in Scotland. Have no doubts, this is a rare and stunning brooch!
VERY RARE! Royal Flying Corps Pilot sculpture by 'RRH' or 'RAH'? Before putting a price on this I'm hoping to identify the sculptor as this is a piece I've never seen before and is quite a special study.
VERY RARE! Sterling RAF Observer Brevet by 'BIRKS & ELLIS' - No.6 Bombing & Gunnery School This is a very scarce Canadian made Observer Brevet lapel pin made by "BIRKS & ELLIS". No.6 Bombing and Gunnery Schools was established in 1941 and based at Mountain View, Ontario. A superbly detailed "BIRKS" pin, very similar to the rare "ATFERO" pins, also by "BIRKS" shown below.
VERY RARE! WWI RNAS Leather Flying Helmet with Full Face Leather Goggle Mask Traditionally, World War One airmen of the Royal Naval Air Service wore black leather flying kit to differentiate themselves from the airmen of the Royal Flying Corps. The RFC airmen wore the honey coloured leather flying kit. What I'm offering here is an early 'naped' black leather Flying Helmet. Accompanying this Flying Helmet is a very rare full face (cold weather) Face Mask, possibly made by "D Lewis". Both the Helmet and Mask are in very good condition. The elatic sections of the mask are no longer elasticated and qould require a couple of repairs if deemed necessary.
VERY RARE! WWII P-51 Mustang Flight Charts - Provenanced to 8th Air Force Fighter Pilot A small, and seemingly insignificant publication, but take into account its rarity and the fact it was carried and used by 2nd Lt. Paul C Keller in combat over Europe then this little booklet becomes very significant indeed!,3551777 This small booklet would have been carried in the Flight Suit pocket of a P-51 Mustang Pilot. Relatively simple to use, there are three flip-over celluloid clear sheets, each of which can be placed over the "ENGINE OPERATION" graph to show the best Fuel Consumption, Airspeed at 20,000ft and Range at 20,000 ft. A rare opportunity to add something pretty special to a USAAF Display.
VERY RARE! WWII Polish Air Force Bullion Cap/Breast Badge - Large Variant in MINT Condition! A really beautiful example of a WWII Cap Badge of the Polish Air Force as worn in service with the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain - 1945. I have in my collection a few pictures of Polish Airmen wearing not only a bullion badge on their cap, but also of the left breast pocket. This particular PAF Cap Badge is slightly larger than most. It measures 7cms tall wheras the Cap Badge shown on the RAF Visor Cap measures 5.5cms tall. As can be seen, this stunning Polish Air Force Cap Badge is in almost mint condition and could hardly be improved.
VERY RARE! WWII RAF 263 Squadron Display - RARE brass Westland Whirlwind & 1940 Squadron Plaque I don't know about you, but I don't think I've come across a brass Westland Whirlwind before and this example has been superbly hand finished. The Wing shape, and overall aerodynamics are superb! This rare model is accompanied by an original cast metal and hand painted plaque for 263 Squadron. The plaque is from RAF Drem and is 1940 Dated. With only 114 Whirlwinds ever produced it's not surprising that models such as this are so rare. Of course 263 Squadron were the only RAF Fighter Squadron to have flown the Whirlwind throughout its operational history. I have polished to Whirlwind and replaced the Propeller Discs which had long since gone. The screws for the replacement discs are original to the Whirlwind.
VERY RARE!! 'LIP' 'Type Courant' Armee de L'Air WWII French Pilot Watch. As you can see, this looks fantastic on the wrist so I've been wearing this watch off and on for the past year. The admiring comments and questions have been endless. As you can see, it looks fantastic on the wrist and is in full working order. Made by "LIP", the same company who made the very accurate cockpit clocks for the Armee de L'Air in the lead up to WWII.
VERY RARE!! 'Biddles Ltd' - Battle of Britain/Churchill period print! A TRUE MUSEUM PIECE! For original pictures, description and price please put 52223 into the word search... NOW REDUCED TO £450
VERY RARE!! 'Biddles Ltd' - Battle of Britain/Churchill period print! A TRUE MUSEUM PIECE! I can only imagine that very few of these prints still exist, as this is only the second example I've ever seen in fourty years of collecting. This is guaranteed as 100% Original, of the period and definitely not a reprint. Printed by the company BIDDLES Ltd. of Guildford, Surrey and hung in RAF Offices and Buildings as a reminder of the hugely motivational speech given by Winston Churchill on August the 20th, 1940. If I remember correctly the only other example I've seen of this handwritten, handcoloured print had been reframed and was faded and 'wrinkled'. This example is in almost MINT condition, in its original period frame (never removed) and still has its original hanging chain which also has traces of regulation green paint on its links. This is a true "Museum Piece", worthy of hanging in any RAF/Battle of Britain display or recreated RAF Office for that real touch of authenticity. I'd rank this alongside my boxed Battle of Britain/Churchill 'RR Merlin' Ashtray in terms of rarity.
VERY RARE!! 'Chester' Silver 1937 RAF Cigarette Box Made by WILLIAM NEALE Ltd and very desirably hallmarked for Chester - 1937, this is a wonderful, chunky solid silver RAF Cigarette Case. The enamel is in perfect condition, the RAF Pilot Wing is worn with polishing and there are a number of dings and dents commensurate with a well used Cigarette Case from 1937. However the case is structurally sound and very heavy for its size - 5.5" long x 3.5" wide x 2" deep. One other nice feature is the case is also stamped on the base by its top Liverpool retailer - 'John Bagshaw & Son". As mentioned, it is also a very rare piece of "Chester" Silver!!
VERY RARE!! 'Composite' Air Ministry Gosport Receivers THE PERFECT MATCH FOR THE RAF 1930 PATTERN HELMET SHOWN BELOW. These are the very rare early composite Air Ministry 'Gosport' Receivers. In excellent condition and made from an alloy outer with a rubber inner which 'snaps' nicely into the rubber receiver cups in the pre-War 1930 RAF Pattern Flying Helmet as well as the later Btype, Ctype, Dtype & Etype Flying Helmets. Fully Marked - A.M & Crown REF No. 6F-154
VERY RARE!! 'LIP' 'Type Courant' Armee de L'Air WWII French Pilot Watch. As you can see, this looks fantastic on the wrist so I've been wearing this watch off and on for the past year. The admiring comments and questions have been endless. You will also see that this rare timepiece looks fantastic on the wrist and is in full working order. Made by "LIP", the same company who made the very accurate cockpit clocks for the Armee de L'Air in the lead up to shown below.
VERY RARE!! 'Pear Drop' - 'TRIPLEX STG' Flying Goggles with Tinted Lenses. These are an extremely rare pair of "TRIPLEX" Goggles! Strap is no longer elasticated but these are still an exceptional pair of very scarce Goggles.
VERY RARE!! 'Schneider Trophy' type, 'TRESS' Flying Helmet As worn by 1929 British Schneider Cup Pilot Flying Officer RLR Atcherley and most RAF Pilots who flew in the Scheider Trophy Races throughout the early years of the competition. At a time when Schneider Trophy Aircraft were reaching incredible speeds in excess of 300mph the "Tress" Flying Helmet was most suited to 'open-cockpit' high speed flying as it had the 30 inch "wrap-around chinstrap" which ensured the Flying Helmet remained in place when the Supermarine S.6 reached a top speed of 328mph during the 1929 Competition. Many pictures can be seen of the "Tress" Flying Helmet being worn in competition flying but very few examples remain today. I've pictured this "Tress" Flying Helmet with a pair of the correct "Luxor Airex" Flying Goggles, but as this pair were owned and worn by a polit of the U.S Marine Corps they are being sold separately.
VERY RARE!! 'Trench Art' Desk Model of a silver plated Spitfire on Floats - 'NARVIK NIGHTMARE' ? A most unusual desk model of the much studied Supermarine Spitfire, beautifully crafted and with the addition of two rounds of ammunition as Floats. When I bought this it was described as "chrome plated", but it is in fact silver plated. It is worth checking out the following, excellent website for further details on the "Spitfire on Floats"..... Free standing on an oak plinth this would look outstanding no matter where it was displayed....a Real Stunner!!
VERY RARE!! - CANADIAN MADE?? Air Transport Auxiliary Lapel Badge A most unusual ATA Badge, and one I've never come across before! I'm convinced this is of Canadian manufacture, made either by "BIRKS" or "MURPHY". This is only my opinion of course, but the method of manufacture, detail, and colour of enamel is exactly the same as the more familiar WWII RAF "Transport Command" and "Ferry Command" lapel badges. As I said before, I've never seen another example of this badge. I'd be very interested to hear from anyone with more information.
VERY RARE!! 100% Original 'HOLTS LANDING LIGHT' Switches for WWI RFC 'Night Flyers' In perfect working order, this is the perfect "extra" for fitting to any WWI Royal Flying Corp aircraft instrument panel. Any aircraft required for 'night flying' that is. This switch was used in conjunction with the Holt's patent magnesium landing light. The flares could be ignited separately via this double switch in the cockpit. Instructions issued in 1916 state 'In use, the flare on the opposite side to that on which the pilot usually looks out on landing, should be lit. There is further, excellent information on The Aerodrome forum. Picture '8' shows the Holt Flare System, see top middle of this picture for a period image of the switch plate. Both starboard and port switches are still 'sprung' and work perfectly. Also comes with its original instrument panel mounting plate!
VERY RARE!! 1915 Dated Brooch - Royal Flying Corps - Gold Faced, by 'Adie Bros' - 1915!! A very early Royal Flying Corps brooch. Made by Adie Brothers of Birmingham and fully hallmarked for 1915! The backing of this multi-part brooch is in silver, with the face of the RFC Insignia being in gold. A real 'find'!
VERY RARE!! 1916 Aviation 'Safety' Helmet - 'Warren' Helmet by Tautz & Co. A most intruiging and undoubtedly unique Helmet. Unique in the fact this Helmet was clearly used by either "SUNBEAM AERO ENGINES" or the "SUNBEAM MOTOR CAR COMPANY". I'm not going to speculate on that one even though it can clearly be seen on the label that this Helmet was in fact manufactured & retailed as an Aviation "Safety" Helmet. A true "Museum Piece" if ever there was one. There is no longer any chin strap but the shell of the Helmet is structurally very sound indeed. The internal leather has suffered over the years but it does still have its original makers labels from "Hobson & Sons" of London. Very pleasing to the eye but I doubt if I'll be wearing this and throwing myself head first at a brick wall as 'Mr. Warren' did to show the effectiveness of his Helmet.
VERY RARE!! 1916 Hallmarked 'MAPPIN & WEBB' RFC/RAF Chaplain. This is one of the finest pieces of historic memorabilia to an RFC/RAF Chaplain I've come across. THIS IS DEFINITELY WORTH RESEARCHING AS I'M SURE IT COULD BE ATTRIBUTED. I say that it could be attributed based upon the dates asociated with the Squadron's named. There is no doubt it would require some research as it is hallmarked for "Mappin & Webb" 1916. So obviously purchased post WWI and engraved with the RAF Chaplain Wing and the five different Squadron's at later dates. The named Squadrons do ask more question's than they provide answer's... ....51 Sqn, 21 Sqn and 75 (NZ) Squadron's were all formed between 1915-1916 and all disbanded in 1919. Now this is where the curiosity rises, as 487 (NZ) Sqn and 464 (AUST) Sqn weren't formed until 1942. I can't help thinking this probably belonged to one RAF Chaplain who served with each of these Squadron's in both WWI & WWII. If that is the case it should be highly likely to identify the RFC/RAF Chaplain. I have absolutely no doubt the piece is 100% Authentic. It does show wear but the silver is still very, very thick, it hasn't been subject to too much polishing. It measures 21cms in diameter by 1cms high. The silver is very high grade and it weighs an impressive 315 grammes. A Wonderful, Highly Unique and Very Scarce piece of RFC/RAF Chaplain Memorabilia.
VERY RARE!! 1918 Issue RAF Pilot Wing, with Green Wreath and Red Crown! See page 58 of "EAGLES RECALLED". A scarce RAF Pilot Wing, indeed the first I've owned.
VERY RARE!! 1930's Luftwaffe Model - Messerschmitt Bf108 Taifun How rare is this?? An original 1930's model of the Messerschmitt Bf108 Taifun. The Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun was a German single-engine sports and touring aircraft developed by Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (Bavarian Aircraft Works) in the 1930s. This aircraft was adopted into Luftwaffe service during World War II, where it was primarily used as a personnel transport and liaison aircraft. The aircraft involved in the Mechelen Incident was a Bf 108. Production of the Bf 108 was transferred to occupied France during World War II and production continued after the war as the "Nord 1000 Pingouin". This model is more than likely to be of pre-War manufacture.
Very Rare!! 1930\'s Austrian Luftstreitkräfte 1936-1938 Pilot Cap Badge
Very Rare!! 1930\'s Austrian Luftstreitkräfte 1936-1938 Pilot Wings
VERY RARE!! 1937 Dated Luftwaffe Flying Gauntlets/Gloves - Fully Stamped and Maker Marked These had seen minimal use so are therefore in excellent condition! and fully dated for 1937!! A superb example of the mid 1930's Luftwaffe Flying Glove/Gauntlet. Multi-stamped and with a makers stamp which is not quite fully legible.
VERY RARE!! 1939 Dated 'LIP' Type14 - Armee de L'Air WWII French Cockpit Clock - Battle of France/Battle of Britain The "LIP Type 14" is one of the finest and rarest Cockpit Clocks of WWII. This example is in wonderful aesthetic condition and is currently ticking away quite nicely, so the movement and balance wheel are fine. However it will require work for it to run as it should, hence my lower price. I had planned to have it mounted and displayed alongside the French 'Potez' Fighter Bomber shown above, but time is against me at the moment.
VERY RARE!! 1940 Dated Air Ministry/RAF Engineer's Scribing Block It could never be said we don't offer some of the more obscure Royal Air Force items from the Battle of Britain. This is a "Moore and Wright" Scribing Block, use by the top RAF Engineers on the higher precision projects undertaken in RAF Workshops during the Battle of Britain. In excellent condition with just very minor surface corrosion....this could still be used today. An extremely unusual and rare RAF display piece.
VERY RARE!! 1941 USAAF Type A-10 Flying (Boots) Shoes Probably the hardest to find of all WWII USAAF Flying Boots. As you would expect from this type of Boot there have been a few repairs but these still display superbly. They could actually be worn as structurally they are very sound. Designed in 1941 and worn primarily for wear by USAAF Units in Alaska very few pairs of these still exist due to the extreme conditions of use.
VERY RARE!! 43 Squadron 'Fighting Cocks' Ashtray - RAF Leuchars Officers Mess A most unusual piece of RAF History, probably dating to the 1960 onwards. The information I have on it, is that this was 'rescued' from RAF Leuchars back in the 1980's when they were having a clear-out. The Fighting Cock is cast in a heavy white metal and has then had a gilded bronze finish applied. It looks as though it was once glued to a base. The base is missing but that does enable us to see the maker marks "MOD DEP" "F.C". MOD referring to the Ministry of Defence and FC possibly referring to the "Fighting Cocks" The piece stands at 20cms high and is 24cms long.....a superb addition to any 43 Squadron collection.
VERY RARE!! A MINT, PAIR of solid silver Battle of Britain signed plaques Finding just one of these very rare solid silver plaques four years ago was exciting for me, but to find two, in mint condition and in their original boxes is incredible!...see 52770. It's amazing to think these rare plaques are already 35 years old!.....In a further 25 years we will be celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. I firmly believe these two plaques will be one of the most sought after 'Aviation Antiques' in 2040. So, by investing in these you not only get 25 years of pleasure in viewing them on display, you can also be assured that these will also appreciate in value. As collectors we are simply custodians of history. In time to come we will all be moving/passing on our collections to others, who in turn will be preserving the memories of days gone by. The previous owner of these two silver plaques has been fully aware of the care which should be given to such important pieces as these are in mint/boxed condition. The plaques are fully hallmarked, solid silver! they were reproduced from an iconic pair of Battle of Britain prints signed by a multitude of BoB Fighter Pilots in 1980 (see list). If you are fortunate enough to also own the two original prints then these are the perfect addition. For that very reason I won't split this pair, sorry.
VERY RARE!! Air Transport Auxiliary Ground Staff Breast Badge - in Silk! A small and quite insignificant looking piece of insignia, but an extremely rare badge of the ATA. ATA Ground Staff.....issued only to ATA Motor Transport Drivers. Making this one of the hardest ATA Badges to acquire and fully guaranteed as 100% Authentic.
VERY RARE!! Air Transport Auxiliary Silver Lapel Pin - NUMBERED!! In MINT condition, this is one of THE most sought after ATA badges. This is the rare, prestigious silver and enamel lapel badge variant of the silver lapel pin worn by civilian workers in the Air Transport Auxiliary. There is a tiny area in the green enamel where the pigment hasn't taken. This is not damage, this occured during the enamelling process.
VERY RARE!! ARP Lapel Badge for The TOOTAL polka dot scarf has become synomomous with WWII/Battle of Britain Pilots. It appears that for some collectors and reenactors a WWII RAF Pilot outfit is incomplete without a TOOTAL scarf. I have bought and sold dozens over the years and do use them myself on my Museum mannequins. So I was extremely pleased with myself when I finally found another Wartime item associated with the name "TOOTAL". Tootal have been in business since 1888 This cracking ARP lapel badge is in polished white metal and white enamel. Made by Thomas Fattorini of Birmingham it is in superb condition.
VERY RARE!! Art Deco 'Zeppelin' Silver Cocktail Shaker Made in the early 20th Century to commemorate the "Golden Age of the Airship", this stunning Silver Cocktail Shaker is an amazing piece of Art Deco Airship Memorabilia. Apart from some light tarnishing it is in almost MINT condition. I believe these were made in very small numbers from copper, and then very heavily plated in High Grade Silver both inside and out. This is Gauranteed as 100% Authentic and is NOT one of the chrome plated reproductions of the 1960's which appear on the market from time to time.
VERY RARE!! Authentic, Early 20th Century 'G.H. BASS & Co.' Leather 'Aviatrix' Flying Boots In 1918 "G.H. BASS & Co" of Maine became the official Flying Boot supplier to the US Army with their famous Style 773 Moccasin Aviator Boot. What I'm offering here is the iconic ladies "Aviatrix Flying Boot" also made by G.H Bass & Co. This style of high leather boot is regularly seen in early images of Women Aviators but this is the only authentic pair I've seen by G H Bass themselves. When they came to me they were a bit beaten up and very dry. All I've done is to clean and nourish the leather, I haven't had them resoled or restored. They still look excellent given they are probably 100 years old. If they were resoled they'd certainly be fit to wear. PLEASE NOTE: The Boots are brown not black as some of my pictures show. This 'mocassin' style Boot is also shown on page 32 of the early "SPALDING AVIATORS EQUIPMENT" Catalogue
VERY RARE!! Boxed and Bagged 'EAGLET' 1920's Flying Helmets by 'D. BUEGELEISEN' An outstanding piece of Historic Aviation Memorabilia! This is an original "EAGLET HELMETS" retail box from the company "D. BUEGELEISEN". Finding an original 1920's box is a nice enough 'find, but this also contains three "EAGLET" Helmets, all in pristine condition. Incredibly, one of the Helmets is still sealed in its labelled packet! The box has had a few knocks in the past 90 years but is structurally sound.
VERY RARE!! Boxed Pair of 1920's US Flying Goggles by 'D BUEGELEISEN' MINT 1920's Box and Goggles from the same source as the Eaglet Flying Helmets below.
VERY RARE!! Bullion RAF Transport Command Cap Badge
VERY RARE!! Cast Aluminium Door Plaque - RAF Henlow A pre-1953 Kings Crown Plaque, likely to have come from RAF Henlow. Measuring 10" tall this is a stunning casting which has then been highly polished.
VERY RARE!! Chrome/Brass Model/Lamp of De Havilland Albatross - Only 7 Ever Built! Considering there were only seven examples of the de Havilland DH.91 Albatross ever built between 1938-1939, this is one of the rarest RAF Models I've ever seen. Only TWO ever saw service with the Royal Air Force during the War and in 1940 the first Albatross named "FARADAY" was brought into service with No.271 Squadron, flying between Reykjavik and Great Britain. Check this link on the very brief RAF history of the DH Albatross. A Beautiful & VERY RARE Aviation Model - This has been re-wired but by me! I am not a qualified electrician so this would need to be done again as I'm not able to send this as 'wired and working'.
VERY RARE!! Circa 1907, French Airship Captain Silver Pin - 'La Republique' This also has to be the earliest Aviation related Pin's I've ever had, and what a beautiful item too! The pin represents the French Airship - "La Republique" and by all accounts this badge was only allowed to be worn by French Airship Captains to identify their lofty status. The attached picture of "La Republique" is dated 1907. The detailing on this pin is incredible, even down to the roped/panelled section of this Airship. There is simply no comparison between this, the real thing and a modern reproduction which is still being sold today. The pin also has the very early 'shoot bolt' securing for the fastening pin. Given the incredible amount of detail it might surprise you to learn this is only 4cms long. I gaurantee this as 100% Original and is the only original example I've seen for sale.
VERY RARE!! Early Leather 'DUNHILLS' Flying Helmet/Liner? A most unusual early "DUNHILLS" Leather Helmet and not a Helmet I can find any reference to. I'm considering the possibility that this has been used as a Helmet Liner which could have been used in conjuction with the 'hard-shell' Flying Helmets such as the "Warren" or the "Roold" Flying Helmets. It can be seen there are two poppers in front of each ear. I'm thinking these used for retro-fitting the tubular leather wind deflectors as and when required? They weren't used for ear flaps as there is no fixing popper on the opposite side to secure a flap. The ear holes appear to be a theatre amendment with internal flaps fitted. A most peculiar and quite unique "DUNHILLS" Leather Helmet, which raises more questions than it answers.
VERY RARE!! EARLY WWI 'Pattern 259' RFC AERO COMPASS - 'Base Stand' Variant Totally original and very early issue Royal Flying Corps Aircraft Compass - "Pattern 259". In completely untouched condition and with a low/early issue number of 2281.
VERY RARE!! Eastern Bloc - Early post-War Flying Helmet ?? This beautiful Flying Helmet raises more questions than answers. The only other example I can find of this specific Flying Helmet was discussed on the excellent "Wehrmacht Awards" Forum back in 2005. In mint condition there is no doubting this is an almost exact copy of the Luftwaffe LKp N101 WWII Flying Helmet. I'm not going to hypothesise or speculate over this Helmet as I myself know nothing about it, but I'd be delighted to hear if any further information has surfaced since 2005?
VERY RARE!! English Electric Lightning signed cover - Incl. Sir Freddie Page From my own collection this 1999 cover is signed by four of the most important people involved in the Aircraft Development at English Electric Aviation.... Roland Beamont CBE DSO DFC FRAeS (EE Chief Test Pilot). Jimmy Dell OBE (EE Chief Test Pilot). Johnny Squier (EE Chief Production Test Pilot). Sir Freddie West (CEO of English Electric Aircraft Division 1959) There's nothing I could add to what has already been written about the Men above. My intention was to frame this rare cover for display with the Roland Beamont EE Lightning Plaque, but again I haven't got round to it.
VERY RARE!! French Bronze Car/Desk Mascot - SPA103 Cigogne de Fonck This is a recent purchase from France and was decribed to me as follows; WWI - AVIATION CIGOGNE DE FONCK ( SPA 103 ) BRONZE POUR DECOR-BUREAU A VISER SUR SUPPORT. BRONZE GRAVURE FINE, BIFACE DIMENSIONS : 22 x 17,5 CM It is again, a wonderful bronze Aviation sculpture. I'm none too sure whether it is a Car Mascot or just suitable for adorning a desk. Because of the heavy/dark patination to the bronze it is quite hard to show the fine detail on the piece.
VERY RARE!! Grey Leather Breeches - Luftwaffe 'Elite' Jet Fighter Pilots A fantastic pair of Luftwaffe leather breeches, of the type worn by the "ELITE" Luftwaffe Jet Fighter Pilots of the late War period. The great shame is that many years ago the leather was dyed black. The only untouched area of the leather is below the flap and this shows the glorious Luftwaffe Grey as it was. This colour change was undoubtedly carried out an awful long time ago as the patination and wear in the leather shows the original grey and leather colour below that. A scarcely found item of Luftwaffe Flying Clothing.
VERY RARE!! Lapel Pin of the Air Transport Auxiliary - Numbered & Pristine! It has often been wondered the significance of such pins, 'date of issue' etc. I'd like to show you a picture from my ATA own collection of No.9 Ferry Pool at Aston Down......sat in the front row is a Gentleman wearing exactly this type of ATA lapel pin. This is one of a few ATA photographs I have in my collection showing this pin being worn. I'm not sure exactly when this particular Ferry Pool picture was taken but there is little doubt that it's during the War. This silver pin is in immaculate condtion with the detailing as crisp and clear as the day it was made.
VERY RARE!! Large BATTLE OF FRANCE Photograph - 87 SQUADRON 'Scramble!!' This is an original photograph of 87 Squadron, In September 1939 No.87 Squadron became part of the Air Component of the British Expeditionary Force and moved to France. On the day the German invasion of the west began the squadron moved to Lille, but after ten days it was forced back to Merville, and then four days later across the Channel to Debden.
VERY RARE!! Luftwaffe 'CONDOR LEGION' Commemorative Plaque A very rare 1938 Plaque made of silver on copper to commemorate the Spanish Civil War and the "CONDOR LEGION" of the Luftwaffe. Highly detailed showing a Luftwaffe Eagle, various Aircraft and a Luftwaffe Flak Gun, all above a map of Spain...on either side are two bombs, the one on the left states "ESPANA UNA GRANDE LIBRA" and the one on the right "ARRIBA ESPANA". The top right of the plaque shows a section of the "fasces", a bundle of sticks featuring an axe, indicating the power over life and death. Before the Italian Fascists adopted the fasces, the symbol had been used by Italian political organizations of various political ideologies. At the bottom reads the inscription "IM KAMPF UM EIN NATIONALES SPANIEN 1936 - 1938". There is no doubt this has been removed from a stand/wooden plaque and when first made it would have looked pretty spactacular. Years of wear and ageing can be seen but this is still in remarkable condition.
VERY RARE!! Original & Large 1940 photograph of Gerard d'Erlanger, ATA Founder WHAT A FIND!! Perhaps the most famous image of the founder of the Air Transport Auxiliary, Gerard d'Erlanger. This is an original period photograph, in excellent condition and a good large size at 10" x 8" I have added an ATA Cap Badge to the pictures to give an idea of the size of this ORIGINAL press photograph.
VERY RARE!! Original 'sand cast' RAF 45 Squadron silver badge Being very similar in manufacture to the iconic "Late Arrivals Club" badge, I have no doubt this was 'theatre made' for the Airmen of 45 Squadron.
VERY RARE!! Original 1930's RAF Drum Major's Ceremonial Mace of 33 Squadron No. 33 Squadron was formed from part of 12 Sqn at Filton on 12 January 1916. It carried out home defence roles against Zepellin attacks for the remainder of WWI and was disbanded in 1919. The Squadron was then reformed in 1929 as a Bomber Unit but went on to fly Hurricanes in 1940, Spifire 1X's in 1944 and the Hawker Tempest in December of that year. This rather unique RAF Mace is engraved to "No.33 Bomber Squadron Bicester" and not No. Fighter Squadron. So it's very safe to assume this would date to the 1930's. It would of course continued to have been used by the Squadron right through the 1940's and onwards. The condition is not mint as you can see, but this is the type of memorabilia on which you'd expect to see many years of wear and tear. A good polish of the silver would improve the appearance no-end. However I don't believe the aesthetics is all that important as this is a very rare piece of 33 Squadron history.
VERY RARE!! Original Car Badge - ATA ASSOCIATION - J R Gaunt.
VERY RARE!! Original Pair of WWII Polish Rank Collar Tabs - Lance Sergeant Here is a piece of WWII Polish Insignia very rarely seen on the market.
VERY RARE!! Original Polish Air Force silver 307 Squadron Badge Please note; this is not a mass produced copy made yesterday. Most likely made for a 307 Squadron Veteran this is an original, jeweller made item of Polish Air Force Insignia. You will see an identical 307 Squadron badge being used on the excellent website by Wilhelm Ratuszynski. No. 307 (City of Lwów) Polish Night Fighter Squadron (Polish: 307 Dywizjon Myœliwski Nocny "Lwowskich Puchaczy" ) was a Polish night fighter squadron formed in Great Britain on 24 August 1940 following an agreement between the Polish Government in Exile and the United Kingdom. It was the only Polish night fighter squadron fighting alongside the Royal Air Force during World War II. 307 Squadron is named after the Polish city of Lwów, and nicknamed "Eagle Owls", hence the badge design.
VERY RARE!! Original RAF/Army Air Corps Glider Pilot Helmet One for the afficianado's, and I don't think I need to say much more. This Helmet is precisely as it came to me. It does show signs of genuine wear and the loom is exactly as it would have been worn.
VERY RARE!! Pair of 1930's 'TRIPLEX' Flying Goggles These are only the second pair of the 1930's "Triplex" Flying Goggles I've ever found!! The condition if this pair is actually very good, they are very much a display pair of Goggles. The cushions are still complete and very flexible with positively no hardening or deterioration. One section of the rubber is out of shape through storage but that's no great problem.The lenses have delaminated and the left inner has a fine crack, again this could be addressed if deemed necessary. The strap does still have some elastication left in it. You can see an identical pair on page 185 of Mick Prodger's book.
VERY RARE!! Pair of Model 306 Luftwaffe Flying Goggles - Marked 'FD 652' A most irregular pair of Model 306 Luftwaffe Goggles in that the cushions are Luftwaffe Grey in colour and , the frames are stamped "FD 652". These are all original and have never been touched. This can be seen by the front of the frames where almost all of the dark green paint has worn and we now seen heavily patinated brass. This brass finish looks fantastic against a very dark pair of original lenses. Both cushions are very soft and flexible, however the surface of the right cushion has a crackle finish which isn't easily flaking. What is most unusual is the colour, usually black in colour this pair are 'Luftwaffe Grey' The strap is the original strap and has no elastication left in it. I suppose it could be replaced, but could also be simply clipped at the back for display purposes and these do look exceptional on display. I've tried to find a reference for the "FD 652" stamp, but with no success. I'd be delighted to hear any information on these rather unique Model 306 Goggles.
VERY RARE!! Pair of RAAF 'Bedgood' Black Leather Flying Boots A brilliant pair of quite unique 1936 Pattern Flying Boots by "BEDGOOD" of Melbourne, Australia....a superb addition to any WWII Flying Clothing Collection. Custom made with the addition of a 'fitted' ankle strap to keep the Boots firmly attached to the feet under any emergency circumstances. I've never come across a pair of 1936 Pattern Boots with this revision. These come complete with the history of a top RAF Master Navigator who served in combat with 576 Squadron (Fiskerton). These Boots were commissioned in Australia when the RAF sent him during the War to train RAAF Navigators in long distance water navigation. A size 6, but size shouldn't really matter as I don't envisage these to be used for anything other than display. A fascinating piece of WWII Aviator's footwear.
VERY RARE!! Pair of RAAF 'Bedgood' Brown Leather Flying Boots This is one extremely rare pair of WWII Flying Boots. Condition is not perfect as the surface of the leather around the foot area shows wear. Having said that these would certainly be wearable as the structure is sound. NOTE; The Luftwaffe type instep strap.
VERY RARE!! Pair of RAF 'Signaller' Sweetheart Brooches A highly unique pair of RAF Sweetheart Brooches the likes of which I've never seen. I've no idea how these were manufactured but they are handmade and quite stunning Sweethearts from an RAF Signaller to his partner. It's interesting to note the large curved Signaller brevet being worn above the right breast pocket. I'm not sure if this is because it is a mirror image?
VERY RARE!! Pair of RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles - Fully stamped 22C/930 A most unique pair of RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles. When I first saw these I automatically thought these were "Private Purchase" MkVIII Flying Goggles...but these were actually issued to the Royal Air Force!! These carry an RAF issue stamp and a War Department arrow with 22C/930 on the leather nose bridge. It's very rare that these fawn leather MkVIII Flying Goggles appear, and I've never seen a pair fully RAF marked. On top of all that they are in immaculate/wearable condition! It will be a long time before you see another pair of these carrying these specific, and genuine issue stamps.
VERY RARE!! Pair of RAF/Air Ministry (inter-base) Candlestick Telephones These are an original pair of 1920's - 1940's Candlestick Telephones often seen in vintage RAF pictures and films. Rare to find as a matching pair and even rarer to find used by the Air Ministry. Totally Original, untouched and unrestored.
VERY RARE!! Pair of Royal Doulton RAF Coffee/Espresso Cups & Saucers Over the years I've collected many examples of early RAF Chinaware and silverplate Cutlery. I've had various sized coffee cups but these are the only two examples of the small sized "espresso" cups I've found. All four pieces are in extremely good condition with no cracks, chips or crazing and all four are correctly marked with the Royal Doulton Bone China mark. If collect early RAF China & Silverware and you're missing a specific piece then let me know, as I might have a spare in my collection.
VERY RARE!! RAF 'Battle of Britain' Chaplains Chalice - Solid Silver & Hallmarked 1940! A wonderful, and very scarce piece of Battle of Britain History. This 1940 RAF Chaplains Chalice is in immaculate condition with just a few marks showing use. There are NO dings or dents and the shape is perfect. Made by "F S & Co." and fully hallmarked for 1940. Please note: the display stand and dome are not period pieces. I had this specially commissioned to display the Chalice to full affect. I think you will agree, it looks superb!
VERY RARE!! RAF 'hinged' Sweetheart Button It would have been extra special if I'd have been able to describe this as a unique "Escape Button"....but really, there is nowhere to fit a compass so I'm describing it as a Sweetheart Button. Having never seen one of these before I don't know if it would have been worn by an RAF Airman on his Tunic containing his wife's picture, or worn by his sweetheart. Either way its a very interesting and quite unique RAF piece. This is exquisitely made, by one very talented individual with the tiniest of hinges and catches. The button is by "CHENEY" of Birmingham. Just a thought for any of you reenactors who get grief from your better half. Stitch this as the top button on your RAF Tunic with your good lady's picture close to your heart. If that doesn't get you in the good books then I fear divorce may well be on the cards.
VERY RARE!! RAF 1941 'Mae West' Inflation Lever & Cylinder Probably THE most elusive piece of original WWII RAF Flying Kit. In all my years of collecting I've only ever seen a handful of these come on to the market. This beauty just happens to be one of the very best examples I've seen....Air Ministry stamped and complete with the 'necked' cylinder. This has been used so is inert and contains no Co2. I can therefore send this to international destinations.
VERY RARE!! RAF Air Gunner Association lapel badge. Gauranteed Original, a very hard Badge to find. No wear or damage.
VERY RARE!! RAF/Air Ministry Wall Telephone This is an original 1920's - 1940's Wall Telephone often seen in vintage RAF pictures and films. In exceptional, untouched condition and a very rare piece of RAF History. I have only ever seen one other example of this Air Ministry telephone, and that is on the wall in my Museum.
VERY RARE!! RFC Cockpit Switchbox by 'A.P LUNDBERG & SONS' Dating to around 1915 - R.F.C. FIRST WORLD WAR AEROPLANE COCKPIT DASHBOARD LIGHTING SWITCHES. Marked with the War Department arrow and "A" R.F.C. Aviation mark. A bank of 6 brass switches with an anodised brass faceplate marked:- A-/I MARK III AEROPLANE DASHBOARD LIGHTING A. P. LUNDBERG AND SONS LONDON N. The switches are marked OFF - ON AIR SPEED COMPASS ANEROID REV. IND MISC ACCUMULATOR ON No.1 ON No.2 All 6 switches operate correctly and the front of the brass chassis is twice marked LEKTRIC REG'D TRADE MARK. The front panel measures 133mm x 75mm and the wooden case is 41mm deep. This is an exceptionally rare switchbox from the instrument panel of a WWI Aircraft of the Royal Flying Corps. The only picture I've seen is on Chris Balm's excellent website;
VERY RARE!! Royal Air Force Xmas Calendar from 1918 - in MINT CONDITION! Every so often a piece of memorabilia turns up which simply amazes me! This is a 1918 Royal Air Force Christmas Calendar for the coming year of 1919...and it's in MINT condition.....the screen printed colours are as bright as the day this was made. This probably down to the fact it's obviously been kept out of direct sunlight and that it's also been under glass for some time. The glass has obviously protected the black velvet from any moth attacks and the 1919 Calendar itself has been protected from the atmosphere so there is no foxing or discolouration. An incredible find! I doubt I'll see another.
VERY RARE!! Royal Flying Corps ID Bracelet - To an American Pilot. This is a most unusual ID Bracelet. It shows a period pair of Royal Flying Corps wings and Aircraft and is engraved to what I assume to be an American Pilot. Having said that, I haven't yet been able to find the details of the Airman...... " C W DE HAINE".........."U.S.A"..........."1291597" There is no question of this being anything other than genuinely engraved at the time.
VERY RARE!! Royal Flying Corps Matchbox Holder The RAF Matchbox Holders (above) are superb pieces of early RAF Memorabilia. They do appear from time to time so it's fair to say they are not uncommon....unlike this! This is one of only two examples I've ever seen of this type of 'period' matchbox holder, a very rare and original holder of THE ROYAL FLYING CORPS!
VERY RARE!! Schneider Trophy Jigsaw Puzzle - by CHAD VALLEY A very rare and unique addition to any Schneider Trophy collection. Given this is 80years old it's not surprising there is a piece missing but I'm told that this could easily be remade and this would certainly be worth doing.
VERY RARE!! Silver Brooch - \'DOWTY\' Propellers by \'DIEGES & CLUST\' A beautiful and very scarce \"DIEGES & CLUST\" Brooch.
VERY RARE!! Silver Model of the 1927 Supermarine S5 Schneider Trophy Racer I've added these pictures of this very rare Supermarine S5 in order to show the tarnishing on the silver surfaces. I'm still unsure as to whether this particular model is of solid silver or silver plate. If it is plated then the plating is very heavy as there are no area of wear anywhere on the aircraft. Given it was made by renowned manufacturer A. E Lejeune it is possible the model is solid silver. Any Schneider Trophy enthusiast will be fully aware that models of the earlier S5 are very few and far between in comparison to models of the S6 & S6B and this is one of just a couple that I've ever come across. To see just how good this is and to see the original (super shiny) pictures of this model please go to Code; 53388. As always I am open to offers on this very rare piece of Aviation Memorabilia
VERY RARE!! Silver RAF 274 Squadron - Hurricane/Spitfire Squadron An incredibly rare WWII Badge with the distinct advantage of being able to date it. After The Battle of France, 274 Squadron served in North Africa as a Fighter Squadron until 1944. It then returned to Europe where it joined the 2nd Tactical Air Force flying Tempests. I've looked through an eye glass at the back of the badge and it is lightly scratched - "274 SQDN, DESERT RATS", I can also make out "KABUL" scratched on the top. This is impossible to se with the naked eye. It is also marked for sterling silver. The badge does show signs of wear, but is still in good condition. A very rare RAF Squadron Badge - 'Theatre Worn' in Africa. From my personal collection of 2nd Tactical Air Force - Typhoon/Tempest Squadron Badge where I have a duplicate available.
VERY RARE!! Southern Rhodesian Air Force Cap Badge A superb, gilded example of a very rare Cap Badge of the Southern Rhodesian Air Force.
VERY RARE!! Very High Specification! Flying Goggles - MIRA? Spanish/Luftwaffe An extremely unique pair of Flying Goggles of the very highest quality of manufacture and materials. I'm pretty sure they're of European manufacture due to the fittings such as the strap adjuster and strap loops from frame to strap. Looking at the three link chain bridge I'm hazarding a guess they could be made by "MIRA" as MIRA used that specific fitting on their Flying Goggles used by the Luftwaffe. They have the full cushions as fitted to the issued Luftwaffe Model 295 Flying Goggles but these also have the luxury of an added velvet edging for extra comfort. Of all the early full cushion goggles these are certainly one of the most comfortable. The condition can only be described as IMMACULATE!! I can find positively no issues and I suppose this comes down to them being in their case...forever! There are no maker marks anywhere at all on these Goggles, or the case......any other opinions?
VERY RARE!! Vintage 'Visionaire' Goggles - Luftwaffe Windschutzbrille Desert Camo?? These Goggles are so rare I can find out nothing about them. Very much in the style of Luftwaffe Model295 Flying Goggles made by the likes of "Uvex" and "Auer". The hinged lid case is identical to the "Deyer" Case found with 1930's Model295 Luftwaffe Flying Goggles The case, goggle frames and strap fitting have all been hand painted in a desert sand colour which was common practise by the Luftwaffe in North Africa. The strap covering and rubber cushions have deteriorated with age but are still in one piece and flexible As I say, I have no information on vintage "Visionaire" Goggles and I really would appreciate any information on them. I'm only putting the Luftwaffe connection on them because of the similarity to Model295's and the hand painted desert sand finish. I have nver come across another pair of these goggles anywhere!
VERY RARE!! Wartime dated 'H' type Oxygen Mask - February 1945 For a Wartime dated Htype Oxygen Mask the condition of the rubber is incredible! Grubby, but no deterioration and amazingly - NO CRACKING! All original, completely untouched, and in great condition. A first class example of a Wartime "H" Type Mask.
VERY RARE!! White Dial MkIV.A RFC Cockpit Watch/Panel Clock A wonderful Royal Flying Corps MkIVA Watch in extremely good condition. Made by "ETIENNE & CIE", an identical model can be seen at the bottom of page 394 of Konrad Knirim's superb book on British Military Timepieces. The stem has never been drilled for a loop and the watch is in fine working condition. As you'd expect from a 100 year old timepiece the case shows wear but both hinges work fine. The crystal, dial, and "blued" hands are all in superb condition.
Very Rare!! World War One \'Victory\' Cane - 1914-1919
VERY RARE!! WWI French 'Car Mascot/Desk Model' Bronze 'Cigogne' SPA26 I already have a similar style bronze piece on the website, item No. 51625 "SPA103 Cigogne de Fonck". This example undoubtedly takes the design of the SPA26 Cigogne. I don't believe the design is coincidental. I don't know if these are Car Mascots or simply made to adorn an Officers desk. It looks to have been silver plated at some stage but now is almost all down to the base metal. This is either bronze of brass with 100 years of patination. Either way it is a wonderful looking item. It stands at 10.5cms high and is 20cms long. The Wingspan measures 22cms.
VERY RARE!! WWI Imperial German Air Service Pilot's 'Cowl' Flying Helmet Showing its age but still very displayable and very rare indeed. It's worth looking at the Imperial Germany, 1904-1918 section of Mick Prodgers book. There you will see a none too dissimilar Flying Helmet to this one at the top of page 138. Although this early Flying Helmet is structurally sound it does show signs of age. The poppers and buckles have corroded over the years, so they would need some careful cleaning to have them operative again. It would be great to have them working again, just to see the full cowl effect of the Helmet. There are a few cracks in the leather but it is still soft and flexible. The chequered liner has faded but still none to bad as far as the material goes. This example was made in Finland who played a small and "varied" role in WWI leading up to the 1918 Finnish Civil War. A rare Helmet indeed and thankfully still very much in displayable condition.
VERY RARE!! WWI RNAS Pilot Wing - French made by 'FIX' in Solid Gold As my picture shows I'm very fortunate to own a nice collection of WWI Private Purchase Pilot Wings as worn by the French/Allied Airmen of the period. Many of these beautiful Wings are featured on pages 350-351 of Philippe Bartlette's super publication of French Military Aeronautical Wings up to 1918. A lot of these pre-1916 private purchase Wings were made by French jewellers "FIX".....this is the one and only example of the type of "FIX" Wing worn by Pilots of the Royal Naval Air Service in early WWI. You can see from my comparative pictures the smaller size of this RNAS Wing in comparison to the French & USAS Wings made by "FIX". The Wing is made up in multi-part 'hollow' construction, similar to that of my 1914 RNAS Wing - Code: 53540. It is also exactly the same size. PLEASE NOTE; A lot of these French Wings, Badges and Brooches have been copied and are sold as such by an American manufacturer. All of the badges shown in my collection are original period, pieces.
VERY RARE!! WWII Blue Leather RCAF Pilot\'s Money Belt - with \'Caterpillar\' Waterproof Zips Here\'s something you don\'t see everyday! A very scarce WWII Pilot\'s Money Belt to the Royal Canadian Air Force. Made from fine blue leather which has the RCAF Badge embossed. Double buckled and with \"Nu-Zips\". These close fitting zips were designed to give as much waterproofing as was possible at the the time.
VERY RARE!! WWII French Presentation Item to the Allied Air Forces 1940-1945 PLEASE NOTE; This is not a commercially made piece, These stunning ashtray's were specifically made as presentation gifts from the French People/Government to Officer's of The Allied Air Forces in World War II. The very heavy, high grade carat gold plating emphasises the unique nature of this item. The design depicts the heavy allied bombing campaign and destruction of Berlin by the image of the "smashed Swastika"! This has the design (DEPOSE) number of 3707 and is only the second example I've ever found.....this should not be missed.
VERY RARE!! WWII Japanese Navy Air Force Bomber Navigator's Sextant In superb condition and in its original carriage box this is a very scarce Japanese Navy Air Force Sextant of World War II. I've attached a couple of pictures of this type of Sextant in use.
VERY RARE!! WWII Japanese Pilot tin Ashtray souvenir! A very unique item which I\'m led to believe is a Vet \"bring back\" along with the Japanese Swagger Stick above and a few other bits and pieces. This does show signs of wear as you can see, but it does still show areas of the original gold paint on the Pilot.
VERY RARE!! WWII Japanese Pilots 'SENNINBARI' (thousand knot) Cap A traditional and 100% original Japanese Senninbari Cap. The only marks to this are sweat marks from use. Looks great displayed alongside 51474 The Japanese Kamakaze 'OHKA' period wooden model
VERY RARE!! WWII Polish Air Force Cap Badge in plastic- 'T1' - By A STANLEY & SONS Undoubtedly one of the top three of the rarest of all Polish Air Force Cap Badges. Just recently I was discussing this very badge with a fellow collector and he remarked that he had paid £1600 for his on ebay back in 2008. I remember that he outbid me! That was ten years ago and since then I've only seen five more examples.
VERY RARE!! WWII Polish Air Force Cap Badge in plastic- 'T2' - By A STANLEY & SONS Under a loupe there seems to be only once difference between this and the PAF Cap Badge above, and that is the die number. This is "T2" and the one above is die number "T1". With the naked eye this example is a less bright silver in colour.
VERY RARE!! WWII Polish Air Force Pilot Wing - Comparative Pictures Also see original listing - Code; 50988 I have added these pictures to show the differences in size/shape/feathering/threading to the bullion Polish Observers Wing below. The intention being to show these have not been made utilising a modern computer manufacturing process.....
VERY RARE!! WWII RAF Silver/Plate Beer Tankards - EIGHT!! all to 149 Squadron! It's not unusual to find these RAF Tankards from WWII in singles or pairs, indeed I have an extensive collection myself. They were either bought or presented to RAF Airmen of WWII and hung over the bar in the Officer's Mess. They were there ready to be filled (and emptied) on the Airman's return from his latest Mission. What IS unusual however is to find not just one, but EIGHT tankards, all to the same Squadron......but that's not the end of it, as these RAF Tankards are all to 149 Squadron. This is the Squadron who were most featured in three of the most famous RAF WWII propoganda films - The Lion Has Wings - 1939, Target for Tonight - 1941, and Journey Together - 1943. The Tankards are as follows; 1. "To THE OFFICERS 149(B) SQ. from FLT LT. D. E. DAVIES DFC, AFC, RAFVR, Sept 1940 - March 1941" This is solid silver, fully hallmarked for London. 2. "THE OFFICERS No 149(B) SQUADRON from FLIGHT LIEUT A.T.H WILLIS 12-4-37 to 10-2-38". Silver plate by Alex Clark of London. 3. "PRESENTED TO THE OFFICERS 149 SQUADRON by FLT LT. I H BUTLER DFC, and F/O H.J SHIELD DFC - R.N.Z.A.F - August makers mark 4. "FROM TWO PIG ISLANDERS F/LT L J DRUMMOND D.F.C - F/O G.A. PATRICK Feb. 1943 5. "TO THE OFFICERS OF 149 SQUADRON from WING COMMANDER P.L. CHILTON - 1945 The last three carry the 149 Squadron Badge and are all in E.P.N.S and all by the same maker. All of the Tankards have the expected dings and dents but all are in useable condition with little/no wear to the plating. My final picture shows the Airmen of 149 Squaron at RAF Mildenhall prior to a Bombing Raid. These eight Tankards are an extraordinary example of Wartime RAF Memorabilia and this is a one-off opportunity to acquire such a large group of Tankards.
VERY RARE!! \'Trench Art\' WWII Spitfire in SOLID \'BRIGHT\' STEEL! Collectors of Aviation Trench Art will be fully aware of the various material\'s and methods used in the construction of Trench Art Aircraft - Brass is probably the most common, chromed on occasion. Aircraft Alloy\'s, Lucite, Wood, Bronze and Copper were also utilised by RAF Groundcrew and Apprentices in the making of all types of WWII Aircraft. This Spitfire however, has been cast, hand worked and highly polished out of Bright Steel....being an ex-British Steel Fitter & Turner myself, I know only too well the amount of work and skill which would have gone in to complete this piece. This is more than likely to be an RAF Apprentice piece from WWII. The Spitfire taken its fair share of knocks over the past 70 years but would still adorn any office desk or trench art collection. This Warbird has a wingspan of 14cms.
VERY RARE!!! Original Deck of ROYAL FLYING CORPS Playing Cards. Made by De la Rue & Co, this is an incredible pack of Playing Cards in their original RFC carded box! The Deck is Complete, and in Beautiful Condition. De La Rue first introduced their "Pneumatic" range of Playing Cards before World War One, so that might give you an idea of the actual age of this Royal Flying Corps deck. I understand from the Playing Card fraternity that these are a very scarce pack in their own right, especially in this condition!
VERY SCARCE! Silver Sugar Bowl from RAF UXBRIDGE & Silver Spoon from HOTEL CECIL During the Great War, the Hotel Cecil was requesitioned for the war effort in 1917, and the first headquarters of the newly formed RAF took up part of the hotel from 1918 to 1919. A green plaque was affixed just inside the outer entrance to the building in March 2008, which proclaimed: "The Royal Air force was formed and had its first headquarters here in the former Hotel Cecil 1st April 1918. Below it is a brass plate stating: This plaque was unveiled by the Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy to mark the 90th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force." This small spoon is the only item I've had/seen with a Hotel Cecil connection and combined with this early RAF Uxbridge bowl they make a cracking, useable piece of early RAF Memorabilia. Imagine every morning using these for your your first coffee of the day.
VERY SCARCE!! 'DINKY' RAF Aeroplanes Set No.61 - US Made in 1940! One of the rarest Dinky sets as this was the last set made before production was banned due to the War effort. The "Dinky Toy History" refers to this set as "scarce". Not surprising when you take into account that three aircraft in this set were particularly vulnerable to metal fatigue, hence most example have now started to crumble away in part. It is also worth noting the rare US label and the date of manufacture.....MAY 1940. This is totally original apart from one end of the box which has been replaced. I've never owned one of these sets but have always admired them, and now I have this on display in my collection I understand why. As an original Wartime dated piece of memorabilia it is quite superb. If my funds weren't being focussed on the Ginger Lacey project I'd be buying this myself. I'm selling this for a freind on a non-commission consignment, so I believe there is movement on price.
VERY SCARCE!! - Royal Flying Corps Flyers Leather Jerkin I've only ever come across one other example of this item of Flying Clothing - Code: 52806. The good thing about that example is that it carried the makers label describing it as; "FLYING". Please email me; and I'll send pictures for your appraisal
VERY SCARCE!! 1930's RAF Flying Helmet (AUSTIN REED) & MkII Air Ministry Goggle Mask (Wm STEPHENS) Named to the same Airman below and I also have some further items of his, 1st Pattern Ctype with TypeG Mask. In all my years of collecting and trading I've only ever owned one other pair of these specific Goggles....a real find and a magnificent 1930's RAF Display pair.
VERY SCARCE!! 1940 Pattern RAF Heated Gauntlets - Battle of Britain use! Very rarely seen, these 1940 Pattern Heated Gauntlets were very much an interim solution to the dreadful problem of frostbite being suffered by RAF Aircrew at altitude. Introduced in July of 1940, at the very height of the Battle of Britain this pair actually carry the stamp of the Air Inspector Directorate showing these were issued at the time. These were only used until the type D System of electrically heated clothing became available to the RAF so are very easy to the Battle of Britain itself! Initially these were popular with RAF Aircrew, but only for a very short time, as serious burns to the hands were an all too regular occurence. They were quickly withdrawn from manufacture and issue, hence the rarity and difficulty in obtaining a pair. Both "EVERHOT" Pouches are in place. There are a few repairs but nothing too significant A superb display piece and a real talking point of any RAF Display.
VERY SCARCE!! Air Transport Auxiliary Flight Engineers FERRY PILOT NOTES - with RARE Flying Boat Supplement!! PLEASE NOTE: Not only is this COMPLETE but it also includes the extremely rare Flying Boat Supplement for Class VI ATA Pilots and Flight Engineers. Finding original Ferry Pilot Notes for ATA Pilots is a hard enough task, but locating the ATA Flight Engineers abridged edition is almost impossible. Indeed this is the one and only copy I've ever had! What makes this 'find' even more special is the fact that it has been used and amended right throughout the War PLUS it is named and hand annotated where required. What is also nice is the handwritten list of Ferry Pool telephone numbers at the back. There is also a handsigned letter from the Air Transport Auxiliary HQ at White Waltham giving permission for the Ferry Pilot Notes to be returned to the Airman in October 1945.
VERY SCARCE!! Belgian Air Force - 1/I/3, 1re Escadrille 'Dragon Doré' Formation Badge - 1940 The first of two Belgian Air Force formation badges relating to 3° Regiment Aé: 1/I Dragon d'oré (Golden Dragon), This badge of 1/I/3 Dragon d'oré also comes with a miniature medal trio by Spinks. The pin on the medal holder is broken but still with the group.
VERY SCARCE!! Belgian Air Force - 5/III/1, 5e Escadrille 'Hirondelle' Formation Badge - 1940 5/III/1 was a reconnaissance squadron, equipped with Fairey Fox III's biplanes. It was attached to Army Corps III and Liège Fortress. On 10/05/1940 the unit had 10 aircraft. The Axis History Forum 2003 has a superb source of information, on the following link;
VERY SCARCE!! Both Volumes I & II 'Aeroplane Instruments' published in 1940 A very rare pair of books from the 1940 Aeroplane Maintenance and Operation Series. Both are in their original dustjackets and Volume I carries the stamp of the Air Inspector Directorate. This pair of books cover all Smiths, Sperry, KBB, KBB Kollsman Instruments and extensive cover of the Smith Automatic Pilot. Rare books in their own right and invaluable sources of information for the restoration/maintenance of all WWII Aircraft Instruments. Each book is 130 pages of superb diagrams, pictures and details on all the instruments used to keep the WWII Warbirds in the air.
VERY SCARCE!! Early Royal Flying Corps/RAF Flight Suit - Tropical/Desert This is the only unlined WWI Flight Suit I've personally ever seen! and I can gaurantee this is not a lined Suit with the lining removed. This Flying Suit can probably be dated to pre-1920, for two reasons - 1; All of the fastenings are buttons, there are no zips. To the best of my knowledge the first zip fastenings being used in 1920 by the US Navy. 2; The name tag reads "REGIMENTAL No."....This is a very unusual feature on any kind of Flying Kit and does point to very early manufacture. Also, if you look very closely at the name tag there appears to be a makers mame of "J COONEY", this is to be researched to determine the country of manufacture. I've also yet to attempt researching the name and number of the owner, but I do know that the early No. of "19213" would point to "A Cooke" joining the Royal Flying Corps direct from civilian life, in 1916. The artwork on the suit's map pocket is somewhat unique.....It shows a pint of frothing beer and the phrases - "PRO BONO PUBLIC HOUSO", and what appears to be further pseudo Latin phrase - "SEDUCEM ET SHAGEM"..........I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions from the artwork. So there you have it, a very early and rare pattern RFC/RAF Flight Suit.
VERY SCARCE!! Gold/Silver ATA Pilot Wing Sweetheart Brooch
VERY SCARCE!! Leather/Fur Luftwaffe Winter Flying Jacket - Polish made!! I don't know about you but I've never seen an item of Luftwaffe Flying Clothing with a Polish makers label. I've also never come across a brown leather Luftwaffe Winter Flying Jacket such as this one. All the winter Flying Clothing I've seen has been in suede. Apart from the waist pockets this is the exact same style, and has all the same features as the Luftwaffe Jacket shown above. It has the Map Pocket, Storm Cuffs, Oxygen Mask Loops etc. I'm pretty sure the main zip is a replacement. The leather is superb quality This is quite a unique items if Luftwaffe Flying Clothing, and if you're a specialist collector of WWII Pilot Apparel it's one NOT to be missed.
VERY SCARCE!! Original RAF Instrument Panel MkI Watch Holder - MINT CONDITION! An absolute "must have" on the instrument panel of a WWII Fighter such as the Spitfire. Very hard to find, especially in good condition...almost impossible to find in MINT condition as this example is. Still soft, flexible and useable with no hardening, cracks or splits. In other words......"AS NEW"
VERY SCARCE!! Original WWI Royal Flying Corps playing cards The first of two packs of original WWI Playing Cards of the Royal Flying Corps.
VERY SCARCE!! RAF 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet by 'PHELPS' - Excellent Condition. A rare early 'two popper' 1st Pattern RAF Ctype Flying Helmet by "PHELPS". This seems never to have been worn as the leather and internal chamois are in superb condition. The receiver cups are stiff, they are flexible enough to accept receivers but the left cup has split. I must emphasise the word 'split'...not crack are break, they aren't that hard. Given that the "PHELPS" Ctypes are rare and quite desirable this is still a really excellent Flying Helmet!
VERY SCARCE!! RAF 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet by 'PHELPS' - IMMACULATE! This is a genuine "PHELPS" 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet. Easy to distinguish because of the black leather Goggle/Loom Straps and the alloy fittings of the "Bennetts Buckle". This is one of two "PHELPS" 1st Pattern Ctypes I currently have in stock. The other is probably earlier in that it has only two Oxygen Mask poppers and also has its makers label. This example has three poppers and no label was fitted. It does carry an "AID" stamp and others. In immaculate condition!
VERY SCARCE!! RAF TypeG Flying Leather!! On a rare occassion I come across an RAF Flying Helmet I'm not familiar with. This is just such an occassion and I'm now hoping someone can supply some information on this Helmet. Identical in manufacture to the blue mesh Type G "inner" Flying Helmet of the early Jet Age. There are no identifying serial numbers or stamps on the Helmet, but the generic, internal padded Receiver Holders are dated to 1964. Before seeing that date I did wonder if there were an 'intermediate' Helmet between the WWII Ctype and immediate post-War TypeG?? Incredibly I have two of these Helmets, they came from a London Clearance Company, but other than that there is no background to them. Neither Helmet has been wired and neither have been worn. The only marks on them are from long-term storage.
VERY SCARCE!! Royal Flying Corps Officer's Car Grille Badge - from destroyed Zeppelin Yet another rare item of Aviation Memorabilia from my own collection. I acquired these Wings a number of years ago with the vendor informing me of their manufacture as a unique RFC Car Grille Badge, specifically made to order for a high ranking Officer of the Royal Flying Corps from the salvaged metal from a Zeppelin. Very romantic I know, sadly there's nothing to back this up....but it does sound good and quite possible. How "unique" it is I couldn't say, but I've never seen another stylised RFC Wing casting as this before. There is a fair amount of wear to the Wing, understandable given where it would have been fitted. It is made of a very lightweight alloy, which would certainly back up the Zeppelin story. This measures 9" or 23cms across.
VERY SCARCE!! Spare Lens Kit for the RAF MkV & MkVa Spectacles Please note: This listing is for the Leather Cased set of SIX pairs of Lenses and Everclear Compound. The Spectacles shown are in my own collection and currently not for sale.
VERY SPECIAL!! RAF 45 Squadron - Bert 'Bomber' Harris Memorabilia An incredible piece of metal! as this adaptation to the Vickers Vernon was actually designed by "Bomber" Harris himself, almost twenty years before he commanded RAF Bomber Command in WWII. The text on the reverse of this reads; "Crest of Vickers Vernon J7142 45 Squadon R.A.F Hihail IRAQ c/o W/C Roderick Hill 1924-5 Captain of Aircraft - F/L P E Markland AFC" "Cover of Bombers Port Hole - underneath Pilot in prone position Modification by W/C Bert Harris" The rest of the text is very difficult to read but I can see it is signed and dated 1923. The design of this early bomb bay hatch and modification of the Vickers Vernon was made by Wing Commander "Bert Harris" and of course, "Bomber" Harris was also known by the amiable nickname of "Bert". This is THE most unusual and unique item of RAF Memorabilia I've come across in many years!...A REAL ONE OFF!!
VERY SPECIAL!! RFC MkI private purchase Flying Helmet by 'S Lewis' WITHOUT DOUBT THE EARLIEST LABELLED "LEWIS" FLYING HELMET I'VE SEEN!!! The company names of "D LEWIS" & "S LEWIS" are synonymous with Flying/Motoring Clothing of the early 20th Century....Collecting "LEWIS" named clothing and headgear of the period is one of the best ways of assessing the progress and development of Aviation Clothing and Headgear there is. I will soon be showing pictures from our 'Museum' displaying twenty or so, different types of "LEWIS" named Flying Helmets. However, this Helmet is the "CREME de la CREME". This "LEWIS" is a typical private purchase Helmet used by the Pilots and Observers of the Royal Flying Corps 1914-1918 and subsequently the Royal Air Force in the 1920's. I've never seen an RFC MkI Flying Helmet by "LEWIS", the early "LEWIS" makers label is also a very unique item.
VERY SPECIAL!! RFC MkI private purchase Flying Helmet by 'S Lewis' WITHOUT DOUBT THE EARLIEST LABELLED "LEWIS" FLYING HELMET I'VE SEEN!!! The company names of "D LEWIS" & "S LEWIS" are synonymous with Flying/Motoring Clothing of the early 20th Century....Collecting "LEWIS" named clothing and headgear of the period is one of the best ways of assessing the progress and development of Aviation Clothing and Headgear there is. However, this Helmet is the "CREME de la CREME". This "LEWIS" is a typical private purchase Helmet used by the Pilots and Observers of the Royal Flying Corps 1914-1918 and subsequently the Royal Air Force in the 1920's. I've never seen an RFC MkI Flying Helmet by "LEWIS", the early "LEWIS" makers label is also a very unique item.* My Special Thanks go to Derek Harris of "Lewis Leathers". Derek informed me that "I think it's certain that the helmet is ex WW1 surplus RFC, S Lewis seem to have got their start in the clothing trade in buying military surplus clothing items, re-labeling and selling them to the customers who frequented the area of Motor Row (Gt Portland St) in the early part of the 1900's." *This Helmet/Label will be in the Lewis Leather Historical Publication due out this November.
VERY USEFUL!! RAF Backpack Parachute - Post-War
VERY USEFUL!! RAF Seat Parachute - Post War
Vintage Aviator/RFC/RAF Wrist Compass Identical to those long-strapped RFC Wrist Compasses I've sold in the past, but this example has no identifying/maker's marks or stamps. This is in superb, original condition with only the dial showing its age.
Vintage BATTLE OF BRITAIN - RAF 43 Squadron Plaque & Rare Veteran\'s Tie This is an early metal cast Squadron Plaque to the Famous BATTLE OF BRITAIN - 43 Squadron \"Fighting Cocks\". Also included is a RARE pre-1953 Veterans Tie. Ironically the tie was made in Post-War Germany! Both items are in beautiful condition given their age. They came from the house clearance of a 43 Squadron RAF Veteran....sadly the chaps who did the clearance were only interested in where their next pint was coming from, rather than who this Gentleman was and what he gave for his Country!
Vintage Battle of France/Battle of Britain Squadron Plaque - 87 Squadron - Hurricane\'s An original Vintage Plaque - Hand painted and in Excellent Condition!
Vintage Generator Propeller - Fabric Covered, possibly German WWI Another Unidentified Flying Object....possibly a German WWI Generator Propeller. Covered in Earth/Camo coloured painted fabric it has a diameter of 22" and is clearly marked - "F3747 51539/3"
Vintage Leather 'Cold Weather' Flying Mask. In MINT condition, the finest quality, and a perfect accessory for the "SLAZENGER" Flying Helmet below.
Vintage Wooden Model - de Havilland \'Airco\' DH2 Wingspan - 40cms, Length - 33cms
Vintage Wooden Model - Pfalz Flugzeugwerke Wingspan - 42cms, Length - 32cms
Vintage Wooden Model - Royal Aircraft Factory SE5 Wingspan - 35cms, Length - 27cms
Vintage Wooden Model - Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter Wingspan - 46cms, Length - 32cms
Vintage Wooden Model - Sopwith Triplane - 1917 Royal Naval Air Service Wingspan - 33cms, Length - 25cms
Vintage \'British Jaeger\' Car/Aircraft Clock A gorgeous example of the 1920\'s \"Jaeger\" Car Clock (black dial) which was also fitted in Vintage Aircraft Cockpit\'s. Serial No. 23970 In Full Working Condition. Ideal for use or display in a prop hub for example.
WANTED! Model of G.C Peter Townsend's Hurricane - Kings Cup Air Race 1950 What my pictures show here is the original Entry Form used by H.R.H Princess Margaret and her Pilot - Group Captain Peter Townsend C.V.O, D.S.O, D.F.C. Also shown is an original list of entrants for the actual race. Handwritten by G.C Peter Townsend this is one unique piece of not only "Aviation" but also British "Social" History. If I don't move this on I plan to have it framed and displayed with a model of "Last of the Many" PZ865, G-AMAU, King's Cup Air Race 1950 in the correct colour and markings as flown in the race. Does anyone out there have such a model they'd be willing to sell/trade? Preferably 1/48th or a larger scale.
WANTED!- Signature of Ralph Cochrane - Dambusters Commander I have a customer in New Zealand looking for the signature of; Air Chief Marshal the Honourable Sir Ralph Alexander Cochrane, GBE, KCB, AFC, RAF. This is to complete an extensive collection of RAF Commanders Can you help?
War Office Binoculars
WARTIME! Luftwaffe Desk Model 100% Wartime Original with large sections of original paint. The model has been stripped of its insignia so I have to think this was a "Veteran Bring Back"
WELL REFERENCED! Japanese Kamikaze Pilot's 'Tanto' Suicide Knife Having been inspired to find my own 'Tanto' by the wonderful 1980's book - "AERONAUTICA" by Tony Marriott-Smith, this 'Tanto' is very similar to that shown on page 47 of said book. If you don't own a copy I recommend trying to find one as this book has been inspiring my collecting for many years, and I hope one day to write a similar publication. Mr. Marroitt-Smith describes the knife as such; "Japanese 'tanto' Dagger carried by Kami-Kazi pilots who would committ seppuka as they dived onto the target ship. The blade is mounted in 'shira-saya- mounts of wood." I am informed this particular Tanto/Aikuchi was likely to have been made between the Wars, probably utilising the tip from a damaged blade of a Japanese Sword or Naginata. This would complete any Japanese Pilot Mannequin when hung round the neck ot tucked into the belt. I've tried to picture the wavy line of the blade which highlights the fine quality of the original blade, but my camera can't distinguish it.
What a find! This model came to me in a really dreadful condition but it didn't take an expert to immediately see that this wasn't made by guesswork. The accuracy in the fabrication was all too apparent, it was obvious this magnificent Supermarine Aircraft had been professionally built for a specific purpose. Also obvious was the fact that the paintwork was so amateurish it must have been done later, perhaps to use it as a child's toy? That theory would not only cover the slapped on paintwork, but would also explain the many bumps, dents, scratches, weld breaks and extensive corrosion. It took me only one week of deliberation to make the decision to restore the Aircraft......that also coincided with me coming out of a lengthy, and major period of depression..... on below.
What can be achieved in only 1,000 hours This is exactly 1,000 hours into my restoration of this Supermarine Aircraft and I've made some extraordinary discoveries, most special being the "MAEE" marking on the underside of the port Wing. Please note; this has not been plated, the finish is a result of endless hours of hand-polishing! There is a LOT more to this story, more of which will be revealed in the coming months.
Who was 'DIAVOLO DICK'......French Aviator 1910? This intruiging and wonderful early 20th Century oil painting has me totally perplexed! Can anyone pour any light on the identity of the aviator "DIAVOLO DICK"? THEORY No. 1 Your mystery Aviator, may well be Richard “Dick” Farman, (elder brother of Henry, founder of Farman Aeroplane Co) Certainly looks a little like him, why the use of Diavalo Italian for Devil I am not sure?? THEORY NO. 2 Although Richard "Dick" Farman did fly, his role in the Farman company was in more of an adminstrative capacity. Henri Farman trained as a painter in his early years, at the École des Beaux Arts. A long-shot but perhaps this is a 'mickey-take' picture of his brother pained by Henri Farman himself. That might explain the familiar but sarcastic name of "Devil Dick"?
Wonderful PAIR of Royal Naval Air Service Sweetheart Brooches. When I recently acquired these it was requested that as they were always worn together - they remain together. So, here they are...still together. The larger of the pair is a handmade \"Trench Art\" Sweetheart, made from \'Cockpit Glass\' and cleverly done so a tiny picture of an RNAS Petty Officer and his Sweetheart can be seen. The second is made from Sterling Silver, and in Fine Condition!
Wonderful pair of WWI Propeller 'Trench Art' Desk items - RFC / RAF These are a lovely pair of early Desk Items, most likely made for an Officer of the Royal Flying Corps, or early Royal Air Force. These were bought separately (two months apart), but from the same source. They were undoubtedly made by the same person and are very fine pieces. The metal inlay on the top of each piece is a particularly nice feature. Unfortunately one metal cover for an inkwell is missing but a replacement could be made. Dating from the early part of the 20th Century, possibly 1910's given the inkwells and pen holder likely to be for a long 'dipping' pen.
WONDERFUL! Pair of Large Studio Portraits of early RAF Pilot! A stunning pair of large studio portraits taken in my area of Newcastle upon Tyne at the James Bacon Studios. Still in their original photographers folders. Although there is foxing on the folders, the images themselves are absolutely perfect!
WONDERFUL!! 1920's RAF 'Trench Art' Desk Tidy/Pen Holder This is a bloody gorgeous piece of RAF Memorabilia. A cast 'art deco' shaped aluminium base onto which are rivetted two (hand made) brass pen holders. The front has a beautifully engraved plaque displaying an early RAF Pilot Wing. This has wonderful age and patination to it. Polished up, it would look outstanding on any modern desk, but would look even better on a mock-up RAF Office Desk Circa 1918-1945. "Chinese Whispers" told me the aluminium base was cast from a downed Zepellin. I suppose that's possible but will never be proven as it wasn't marked as such.
WONDERFUL!! 1920's RAF Carved Wooden Box containing Six Wooden RAF Napkin Rings Possibly from the RAF (Officer's Mess) in the Far East in the 1920's. An exquisitely carved wooden box which has inside of it six handmade napkin rings, each of which displaying the RAF Eagle and Crown from button tops. The craftsmanship in the box is sublime with an early carved RAF "PER ARDUA AD ASTRA" Badge carved as its central feature. The napkin rings are slightly less ornate, but no less attractive. A unique piece of 1920's RAF Memorabilia.
WONDERFUL!! Authentic WWI 'Trench Art' Belgian Pilot's Strong Box When I first viewed the images of this wonderful box I thought it was of cabinetmakers quality. Well it is, but this certainly wasn't made in a cabinet makers workshop. This is WWI "Trench Art" of the very highest quality! The timber isn't the finest Brazilian mahogany, it is actually stained pine. The type of timber stored by the shed load behind the lines and used to make WWI "duckboards" etc. for the trenches. The stunning hand embossed Belgian Pilot Wing is made from sheet brass, just as you'd find in the WWI 'scrap piles'. The 'strong box' is actually made from hand worked sheet alloy. The lining isn't the finest velvet, it's actually tent canvas, again as used behind the trenches. The box also contains the original mirror, which was once framed to the inside of the lid. Inside of the strong box is an empty pack of WWI cigarettes and a leather bound matchbox holder with an "H" monogram. How original these are to the box it's impossible for me to say. The 'strong box' hinges have their pins broken and I suppose they could be an easy repair if deemed necessary. One other excellent feature of the box is that it has its original key which still operates the lock. As any experienced collector will know, any early Belgian Air Force memorabilia is ridiculously hard to find, indeed this is the one and only piece I've found which is adorned with the Kind Albert WWI Pilot Wing.
WONDERFUL!! Early Royal Air Force Car Mascot in brass. A charming, early brass Car Mascot of the Royal Air Force. I'm not one of those who believes such pieces should look old and grubby. I believe they should be returned to the condition in which they would have been originally used. This would look even better with a good, non-abrasive clean & polish, and I'd be only too happy to do this for the buyer. Please note: Only the brass sections are original to this mascot. The wooden base and the green section have been utilised purely for display purposes.
Wonderful!! Early War Brass Model of a French Breguet Aeroplane This superb model has the makers initials (TP) on the base, so it could be a commercially made model and possibly not a piece of \'trench art\'. Either way, it is an outstanding and very early Aviation Model with superb patination. Both the tricycle Wheels and the Propeller turn. The plinth is a modern display base but will be included if wanted. Wingspan 24cms x 20cms Long
WONDERFUL!! Poignant RFC Memorial to just One of Thirty Nine RFC Pilots Before you go any further on this listing please refer to this excellent link; I have owned the original brass memorial plaque to RFC Cadet Howard Hooten for quite some time now. I'd always been aware that he was one of thirty nine RFC Officers and Cadets who had died whilst flying training at Fort Worth, Texas. Until now I'd never found a suitable way to display the plaque. That was, until I bought this unique Royal Flying Corps sculpture shown. I sincerely hope you will agree that my efforts do honour the memory of those thirty nine RFC Airmen.
WONDERFUL!! RAF Compact (GIEVES) & Lipstick (ELIZABETH ARDEN) - Both Silver & Enamel Two stunning Silver & Guilloche Enamel "essentials" from a ladies handbag. RAF COMPACT The powder compact was made by London Silversmiths "James William Benson" and was retailed through "GIEVES". There is some damage to the top right of the guilloche enamel but this still displays beautifully. Importantly the compact does still retain its original mirror, mesh AND very rare goosedown puff! Both the base and top are fully hallmarked for 1939! Gieves have also engraved their details on the inner base. RAF LIPSTICK I'm lead to believe this is an extremely rare Lipstick by "ELIZABETH ARDEN". There is natural wear to the area where the lipstick was wound
WONDERFUL!! Royal Flying Corps/RAF Bible & Sweetheart Box - VERY RARE BIBLE!! A gorgeous collection of RFC/RAF memorabilia from WWI. The box itself is possibly silvered copper but to be honest, I haven't a clue what this is made from. It could be tarnished solid silver (heavy), it could be bronze, it could be anything..but brass, it isn't brass. Inside of the box is an RFC silk sweetheart envelope containing a studio portrait of a Royal Flying Corps Airman in his maternity tunic. There are other photographs in the box of the same Airman in Egypt. Then there is a very rare copy of THE "AIR SERVICE" TESTAMENT. I did consider splitting these as there isn't a name, the box is itself an extremely nice piece of early RAF 'Trench Art', personally I've never seen a copy of "THE AIR SERVICE" Testament before and some of these pictures are extremely good, especially the one of the three Airmen in their hut.
WORKING!! 1930's Pilot's 'Telemetre' Wristwatch - 'Basis Sports' These 1930's Pilot's wristwatches were very much at the cheaper end of the private purchase market. This would probably explain why so few have survived. They have absolutely no redeeming features other than they work and they are fit for purpose. The movement is Swiss Made but this ain't no Rolex, Omega nor Longines. The dial is exactly what you would expect of an Aviator's wristwatch. The buttons at the side - the top button stops the second hand, the lower button restarts it. I believe that's referred to as a "slip-chronograph". The watch is fully working and it is of of the period.
WORKING!! Japanese Fighter Pilot 'SEIKOSHA' Clock - Army/Navy Pilot It's only my opinion but I think that no Japanese Pilot mannequin looks 100% complete without his "SEIKOSHA" Cockpit Clock hung around his neck. This is quite an unusual example of the iconic Seikosha Clock, as it carries the Army Air Force issue metal plate but was painted in Navy Air Force grey. The great news is that clock is still in working order, the balance is fine, PLUS, it also has the oft-missing brass dust plate which protected the mechanism. However the clock will require a clean and service to have it fully operating smoothly. At the same time the screws which hold the brass plate and winding bezel will need replacing as they are missing. Another piece of good news is that the clocks number stamps are 100% matching, this is exactly as it was made and has not been tampered with. There is general wear to the paint but the dial is in exceptional condition with almost 100% of the lume paint still on the dial and there are no cracks or chips to the crystal.
WORKING!! Royal Flying Corps/RAF Gun Camera - THORNTON PICKARD MkIIIH In 100% Original/Untouched condition and complete with very early RAF Inspection Stamp to handle. The lens looks perfect! Never cleaned, polished, restored or repainted PLUS the mechanism is still working smoothly...and no seizing!
WWI - 1918 Boxed Compass - Monogrammed to RAF An interesting little WWI (pocket) compass made by; \"FRANCIS. MFG. Co. No. 4294 1818 It also has the Broad Arrow to the corner. It is also monogrammed on the other side \"HSM\" - RAF37TS\" The fixing pin on the spring latch is snapped but can be repaired. Other than that the compass is in lovely, working condition. The box is 7.5cms square x 2.5cms deep....3\" x 3\" x 1\"
WWI 1918 Dated RFC/RAF Trench Art Clock from the RAF Engine Repair Station, France
WWI German Flying Boots discovery......Something to share............ An incredible discovery in the world of WWI Imperial German Flyers. After I'd acquired them I laid them flat with the leather German Flight Trousers you see on Item No. 53252....just look at the dark 'wear' mark across the top of the right leg!! It coincides exactly with the 'cut out' at the top of the Flight Boots. This dark mark would also match the strapping on the early German "Heinecke" Parachute.
WWI Officer's Boots with the most AMAZING History!! - Soldier, Magician, Author & High Priest! If you google the name of owner of these boots you will come across THE most incredible history. Colonel Charles Richard Foster Seymour Esq. had a long and illustrious Military History. He fought in both The Boer War and World War One and was subsequently posted to Iraq and Russia. His active military career finally ending in 1930, but that isn't the end of the story..... ...Colonel Charles Richard Foster Seymour (Kim) also had more than a passing interest in Magic and The Occult. He even wrote some pretty mind-blowing books on the subjects. I suggest you google him to discover more. The Boots themselves are a fantastic pair of the finest quality three buckle knee length Officer's Boots. The Boot's wooden trees have brass plaques showing the makers name - "Wildsmith & Sons" of London, and the owners name - "C.R.F Seymour Esq". If these aren't worth hours/days of research, I don't know what is!
WWI Royal Flying Corp Pilot 'illuminated' Leg/Wrist Compass - 'CAPTAIN CHETWYNDS' You can see from the pictures that this rare Compass once had a leather extension added to the strap for use on the leg of the RFC Pilot/Observer. Patented in 1906 by Captain Louis Wentworth Pakington Chetwynd (b. 15 December 1866, d. 18 April 1914 these were originally designed for use on the wrist by Officers of The Admiralty, but were later found perfect for night navigation with the Royal Flying Corps. The overall condition is extremely good with everything still in place but the damping fluid. The compass dial markings still look mint but the inner glass isn't clean so can distort the images.
WWI US Army Air Corps Flying Helmet Sadly the label has faded with use, but this Helmet does have the look of a WWI \"Spalding\" Flying Helmet.
WWI US Army Air Service Uniform NCO's 'Summer Weight' Uniform An original WWI Uniform of the United States Army Air Service made by "The House of Kuppenheimer" This Insignia shows three "Overseas Stripes" denoting eighteen months Active Service in France. The Uniform is in very fine condition with all original Insignia, Buttons and Fastenings in place.
WWI USAAS Flying Helmet, Goggles, Neck Protector & Photograph - possible ID?
WWII 'Trench Art' RAF Spitfire Bracelet A Real "ROUGH DIAMOND" of a find. Handmade from nine gold Spitfires which do appear to be solid gold with no plating wear or tarnishing. However due to the soldering on the reverse it is impossible to see any possible hallmarks. The RAF 'snap to close' clasp is something I've never seen before and a really nice piece of jewellery in itself. There is no doubting this is handmade, somewhat crudely in the world of jewellery. But it does still look beautiful and is highly unique! In all my years of collecting RAF/Spitfire memorabilia I have never seen another bracelet like this one. Making this a very rare piece which would stand out in any Spitfire focussed collection!
WWII Free Czechoslovak Air Force 1939-1945 Medallion & Medals The identity of the ow