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Don’t miss this new book called: Reinhard Heydrich Iron Heart. The Author is a personal friend and will send you a signed copy, post free. Just send £15 to PayPal Email with your address, and it will be sent out to you the next day. Here is a quick summary of the book: SS General Reinhard Heydrich former Head of the Gestapo died 72 years ago and remains the only Senior Leader assassinated in WW2. He was known as The Butcher of Prague, The Master of Death and The Hangman; and described as The Most Evil Man of the Third Reich. This book reveals new first-hand evidence that will explode some of the myths and stories about him. Hitler called him ‘The Man with an Iron Heart’, but do you know why? Find out whether Canaris was actually a friend or foe, and the secrets of the real relationship between Heydrich and Himmler that spanned eleven years. You might be surprised to learn who was controlling whom in the RSHA and why a small silver bell with Heydrich’s name on it, had me chased by armed guards in Prague in December 2013. Heydrich was Acting Head of State in Czechoslovakia for just 8 months, but his vision of ‘New Europe’ has affected the Europe we know today. All this and more is revealed in a ‘Serious Case Review’ style investigation with myths busted and secrets uncovered from first-hand information about the man with an IRON HEART…. You can keep up with Tina’s ongoing research on her blog: and on her Twitter feed: @Whizzywords
NAZI RALLY / DAY BADGE Very Well Marked to Rear scarce badge
1934 DATED NAZI RALLY / DAY BADGE Very Nice Condition Dated 1934
1936 DATED NAZI DAY BADGE In lovely condition A rare & very hard to find Nazi party rally day badge
1942 NAZI RALLY / DAY BADGE Marking to Rear M9 / 16 Rare Badge
3 MIXED CIGARETTE PACKETS 3 Mixed packets price is for all 3
ACTIVE SERVICE WW2 BIBLE DATED 1942 FEMALE OWNER Nice condition used by a lady could be ATS ???
AIR MINISTRY FORK Well marked & used
BETWEEN WW1 / WW2 GERMAN MESS TIN Dated 1928 & Marked W.P.L. 1928 Used early in WW2 by all German Units complete with its original lid and Named to Bartl Seitz .... only a small amount of green paint left on tin nice early item
BLUE BREAD BAG STRAP Nice Condition Leather stamped 3
CANADIAN PARA WING Metal Canadian Para Wing
CASED MOTHERS CROSS IN BRONZE Nice Mothers Cross in Bronze complete in its original Case a few scuffs to outside of the case which is fully maker marked to the inside Alfred Stubbe , Berlin .. complete with its Ribbon
CURRAHEE WE STAND ALONE SIGNED BY US PARATROOPERS IN NORMANDY 2004 Currahee ! signed by 8 US Paratroopers in Normandy in 2004
DISPLAY HEAD Nice condition
EMERGENCY RATION TIN WW2 NORMANDY FIND In as Found condition still has faint markings to rear of tin now getting hard to find
FALLSCHRIMJAGER BOOK KRETA 1942 Kreta Book in as found ie Used condition ( book spine is loose ) but other wise overall ok book is getting harder to find Dated inside 1942
FRENCH TIN PLATE TOY TANK Nice Condition tracks missing
FRENCH TROPICAL SUN HELMET Nice overall condition & complete with Badge to Front Makers Stamp to the inside chin strap broken
LUFTWAFFE OFFICERS DAGGER 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Officers Dagger in nice condition with a really nice patina Complete with its scabbard .Dagger is fully maker marked & overall no damage is present A really nice untouched Dagger & fresh to the collecting market coming direct from a family of the Tommy who brought it back from Germany at the wars end
LUFTWAFFE OFFICERS DAGGER 1st PATTERN Nice Untouched 1st Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger in nice unmessed with condition Maker Marked PAUL WEYERSBERG & CO SOLINGEN ...Overall condition is as found & uncleaned
LUFTWAFFE WOOL BREAST EAGLE Really nice Condition Wool Breast Eagle
MEDICS BAG RECENT SPEC Very nice Condition Medics Bag complete with sealed contents Pack nice item and Ready to be used
NAZI 1933 DATED RALLY / PARTY DAY BADGE Super condition N.S.D.A.P 2ND JULY 1933 scarce & hard to find badge
NEW BOOTS HAIX HIGH COMBAT BOOTS Haix Size 8 New & Boxed High Combat Boots
OLD CIGARETTE PACKETS 3 Old Cigarette packets different types all are empty
PACKET OF WW2 HOBNAILS 1942 DATED Packet of Hob Nails complete in original packet of issue & 1941 dated hard to find like this
PAINTED MESS TIN WW1 Picture Painted Mess Tin showing a WW1 Picture painted by a local artist
PAIR OF GERMAN GLOVES Nice pair slight mismatch pair
PAIR OF WW2 PERIOD SPECS Nice condition nice original item
REPLICA MP40 Replica MP40 Complete with strap Fully working Action cocks and dry fires In overall lovely condition complete with its magazine
REPLICA STEN GUN Complete fully Working Cocks & Dry fires complete with its Magazine Nice overall Condition
RUSSIAN GAS MASK IN ITS BAG Good overall condition filter missing
SCARCE WW2 MUNITIONS WORKERS CAP WW2 Munitions Workers cap marked CC41 with a nice label to the inside seen in lots of photographs being worn by ladies in war time factory work ...A scarce item to find
SINGLE PANZER EPP In Very Nice Condition
SOUTH STAFFS BADGE Nice used condition Removed from a tunic
US 101st BADGE Black Edge post free
US 101st BADGE Green Edge ............postfree
US WW2 TIN RILFE BORE CLEANER Used condition wear to paintwork on front of tin contents still present
WINTERSCHLACHT Im OSTEN ( EASTERN FRONT MEDAL ) Complete in its Packet of Issue Medal in Good condition ring is stamped & complete with its ribbon & also its packet of issue which is a little used but overall a nice set
WW1 GERMAN POST CARD German Medic Post Free
WW1 NORTH STAFFS CAP BADGE Nice condition 1 pin missing
WW1 US M1918MAGAZINE POUCH Maker marked and Dated mint condition
WW2 BRITISH / CANADIAN JACK KNIFE & LANYARD 2 Blade type used by Canadian Troops in Normandy Maker Marked & Dated complete with its Lanyard
WW2 BRITISH AIRBORNE TOGGLE ROPE Nice Condition & Complete Untouched
WW2 BRITISH AIRBORNE TOGGLE ROPE Original WW2 Para Toggle Rope complete with no damage
WW2 BRITISH DESPATCH RIDERS HELMET 1942 Mint Condition Dated 1942 maker marked BMB Size 6 1/4 no damage complete and untouched
WW2 BRITISH TIE WW2 British Neck Tie .....Post Free in the UK
WW2 CIGARETTE PACKETS 2 Different Cigarette packets ...( empty )
WW2 EMERGENCY RATION TIN In Used condition ( empty ) Fully marked to rear
WW2 GERMAN WEHRMACHT RADIO CARRYING BAG FOR THE KLAPPENSCHRANK RADIO Very Rare Carrying Bag For a Klappenschrank Radio Fully Maker Marked & Dated 1941 & In mint condition complete with all its leather fitting & straps mainly used in vehicles to save any extra damage to radio a rare and hard to find item of WW2 German kit
WW2 GERMAN ARMY PHOTOGRAPH Showing Steel Helmet original framed
WW2 GERMAN ARTILLERY RUCKSACK Complete & In Mint condition all fittings & straps present & Poncho / Zeltbahn straps still present to front nice untouched item
WW2 GERMAN BALL OF STRING Made From Paper nice rare Item
WW2 GERMAN BOX LID WITH NICE LABEL NORMANDY FIND Box Lid Only...... found this summer lid has been repainted.... but inside has a really nice label
WW2 GERMAN BREAD BAG STRAP Nice condition maker marked & dated to strap
WW2 GERMAN BREAD BAG STRAP Nice condition complete in Blue
WW2 GERMAN BREAD BAG STRAP In Blue nice condition RB numbered & dated strap
WW2 GERMAN CAMO GAS MASK TIN Nice Camo Tin complete with Straps metal end clip on short strap is marked OLC . The inside of the tin has at some time been repainted Grey ?? Outside shows a very nice Tan camo paint over the Dark Green original issue colour Mask is missing All Straps are present shows use but nice item overall
WW2 GERMAN EASTERN FRONT MEDAL Nice condition a few stains to ribbon
WW2 GERMAN GAS MASK IN Nice overall Condition ( mask missing ) has at some time been White Washed still has traces left on tin Makers Mark present to inside of lid A.A 1936 Short pull strap still on tin . A nice early Tin
WW2 GERMAN K98 BAYONET & TROPICAL FROG Non Matching Numbers Bayonet with Wooden Grips Overall Bayonet in good condition shows no damage nice clean blade with Makers Markings Tropical Frog in nice used condition remains of Markings to rear of Frog now getting harder to find
WW2 GERMAN MG GUNNERS POUCH Nice Overall Condition undated but complete with all Belt Fittings & Steel loop . Front Rivets are again missing ?? A nice combat used item
WW2 GERMAN SPOON & FORK SET ( FOLDING TYPE ) Nice original set Folding Fork & Spoon
WW2 GERMAN VEHICLE HANDBOOK Rare Item WW2 German Vehicle Hand Book dated 1942 condition is as found & used but complete 350 pages first published in 1939 super rare book if you have a vehicle amazin amounts of info for all types of german vehicles
WW2 KREIGSMARINE AMMO TIN WW2 Kreigsmarine Ammo Tin complete and in very nice overall condition 85% paint work no overall damage Markings to one end k.a.s.41M .All clips working scarce item
WW2 ORIGINAL COLOURED PHOTOGRAPH OF A FALLSCHRIMJAGER Nice Original Fallschrimjager Coloured Photograph 10x8 unframed showing para badge nice item
WW2 PARATROOPER TOGGLE ROPE Nice Condition and complete ..Original WW2 issue
WW2 PERIOD GLASSES Nice condition complete with original case
WW2 PERIOD GLASSES Complete in original case
WW2 PLASTIC NORTH STAFFS CAP BADGE Slight damage to front of badge no doubt from being worn hence lower price
WW2 RAF CAP BADGE WW2 RAF CAP BADGE Kings crown brass made badge in very nice overall condition pin back fixing a very nice badge
WW2 RAF SIDE CAP RAF Side Cap complete with its R.A.F.Badge to side and a Full Name Tag to the inside & Dated 1940 a couple of small moth nips but overall nice used condition Also a nice large size 58 / 59
WW2 SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS CAP BADGE Complete still Attatched to its Correct Tartan Backing
WW2 SOUTH STAFFS CAP BADGE WW2 SOUTH STAFFS CAP BADGE In very nice used condition which came locally from a south staffs veterans family
WW2 US ANTI DIM CLOTH In its original tin complete & untouched
WW2 US ARMY CARLISLE LARGE FIRST AID DRESSING BOXED Mint Condition Boxed fully maker marked hard to up grade
WW2 US BANDAGE Boxed US ..WW2 Bandage mint condition
WW2 US BINOCULARS 6x30 Combat Binos condition is used but very clear optics complete with original neck strap
WW2 US FIELD DRESSING US WW2 Field Drrssings .....price is per item
WW2 US GOGGLES M-1943 Wind & Dust Goggles used a lot in Normandy by the US Paras overall nice condition & dated 1943 fully marked
WW2 US PRINCE ALBERT PIPE & TOBACCO TIN In used condition front a little faded empty tin
WW2 US RANK ARM BADGE Single only used condition post free item
WW2 US SERVICE PRAY BOOK DATED 1943 A little grease stained from field use dated inside 1943